Death Knight

Jun 23 Blood Or Vengeance? I have been playing both since coming back to legion. The reactive style of self healing is extremely useful for solo questing and a lot of fun in Mythic +'s and Raids. But for some reason I cannot decide on which I should put more of my time into to really gear up to start progressing on harder content. I love the mobility of the DH, feeling like a crazy SOB jumping into a pile of enemies. Whilst giving into my inner demons to take on the hulking form to be practically unkillable. But I also love the DK health pool size can be the largest in the game with some abilities running, and their grips where they can bring an entire room to them. Both are so much fun, I am just looking for your reasoning why you play each class? And how you think they are doing in Mythics and raids so far? PS. DK iLevel is 884, and DH iLevel is 862Glazod10 Jun 23
Jun 23 Legendary chest - blood I was so gracious to have this drop as my first legendary on my alt. Soulflayer's Corruption. I see it increases the damage of blood plague 100% and healing. I think I'm looking to far into this. But blood plague now does double the damage it use to and heals for that same double amount over 24 seconds? Yes? See I think I'm looking to far into this.Irishe3 Jun 23
Jun 23 Blood challenge down And all it took was a damage buff to bring us in line with the other tanks. I used prydaz and KJBW and standard M+ build with tremble before me obviously. Used my full Unholy set of gear so I would have 58% mastery for the extra attack power. I had an one attempt a couple before the one I won where I died and it was korvas 1v1 against kruul and korvas got kruul to 76k health before kruul cast annihilate and killed korvas. LITERALLY one auto attack or if I had anything crit one more time any time I was alive fighting kruul. That was pretty soul crushing but I figured if I could get him that low I could win, and I did within the next 15 minutes. I'm pretty happy getting it yesterday, as a personal challenge I wanted to beat it before getting tomb geared because by then it would just be way too easy. Last one to go is frost, it's the one i care least about so maybe ill wait to get tomb geared to make it pretty easy XDHaascheat5 Jun 23
Jun 23 Mark of Blood I'm trying this talent out just to clear that up first. Q? If I'm doing 5 man and the boss is only attacking me. I cast MoB is that 3% heal going to me since I'm the target??Nomadfenrir5 Jun 23
Jun 23 Just got back to the game What does frost dk do best with now for relics? Last time I played blast radius was the best hands down but I seen it got nerfed (sucks for my 3 ilvl 900 BR relics). Also is haste and crit still good or does mastery beat one of those two? Thanks.Sunwolf0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Fallen Avatar down! Sorry guys, only one I recorded during H ToS progression. Downed him in 4 pulls. Will have a video of Kj on Sunday if we down him that day. :) Jun 23
Jun 23 Mastery stacking Frost DK? I was trying it out and the damage seems very consistent on a dummy. I have over 60% mastery and would swap between 3 legendaries, the helm, the wrist, and the one that reduces Sindragosa's Fury cooldown by 50%. Would go from 56%-60% mastery, 18%-21% haste, and 17%-19% crit. Howling blast with rime procs was doing a steady 850k up to 1mil damage without crits, Breath of Sindragosa was doing 210k per second without any str boosts active, and Sindragosa's Fury was doing well over 1.4mil without crits or str boosts. Thoughts on mastery stacking frost? Maybe it'll be good with T20 4pc as well?Meganada1 Jun 23
Jun 22 Unholy rotation / advice? Hey all. For most of Legion I've been playing frost, which is a fun spec, but I get the feeling like I might enjoy the playstyle of unholy a bit more. That being said, I was wondering what the general rotation is for Unholy spec? I find myself very often running out runes/runic power, so I figure I have to be doing something wrong. And is stat priority for unholy still Str>Mastery>Haste? Any other advice is more than welcome. Thanks in advance.Eindrake11 Jun 22
Jun 22 How to properly AOE as Unholy? So I have a question: Let's say I'm facing a big pack of short lived adds (like a regular trash pull). Which of the following options would be better for on demand AOE burst? - Plague + DnD + Epidemic x3 + spam Clawing Shadows without wounds. - Plague + DnD + use all runes on spamming Clawing Shadows without wounds. - Plague + DnD + put wounds on one mob + spam Clawing Shadows. I suppose the last one has more DPS potential, but considering it also requires 3 or 4 GDCs to prepare before I can start bursting wounds, most trash is dead by that time. And on the same topic, if I'm facing a group of longer lived adds and I want to weave Epidemic into my AOE rotation, when should I do it? Plague > DnD > Epidemic x3 > put wounds on one target > Clawing Shadows? Thanks!Strigidae2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Minion Keeps Setting Itself to Passive Fresh 100 Unholy DK. My minion keeps setting itself to passive every few minutes. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks.Daahktor6 Jun 22
Jun 22 Unholy or frost? Just getting back into the game and I'm wondering which spec is better to raid with? And if unholy is behind frost is it a big difference?Wileightobis28 Jun 22
Jun 22 Unholy shoulders Is the bonus from these multiplicative or additive? I'm trying to understand why these are considered so strong now. With the 4pc and AotD I get it, but before getting the 4pc wouldn't just another DC be as good as the shoulder proc regarding DA? I'm not thinking of apoc at all at the moment, just trying to understand them a bit better. For example if DA and apoc CDs don't line up, I could go ahead and use DT after apoc and just spam DCs for DA to get the same results as the shoulder proc with DT?Horrorpops2 Jun 22
Jun 22 Sudden doom procs With the recent buffs to death sudden doom procs take priority in the rotation? Obviously during DA you want to spam as many DCs as possible, but what about otherwise? Does it matter if you're UF or CS?Saintfurion1 Jun 22
Jun 22 unholy bis relics? unholy bis relics?Furyofblood2 Jun 22
Jun 22 So, with the 4p having been nerfed Would it be better to drop a couple tier pieces for other pieces w/ higher ilvl?Conser7 Jun 22
Jun 22 Frost in ToS Started leveling this guy to 110 as a new alt possibly and was just wondering how frost is looking for 7.2.5 in ToS? I've heard mixed things from this sim and that sim so wanted to ask you guys how you think ToS is looking for frost with the changes, new tier, and scaling. Also, hows the rotation at 110 with gear? Is it fluid? Little downtime? Reliant on procs still (last time I really played in WoD there was a lot of waiting on procs)? Overall how do you guys like it compared to other melee you've played? Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate itXdeathsbane13 Jun 22
Jun 22 Forst Dks OP Does anyone remember this guy? He used to troll the DK forums every once in a while about how "OP" frost DKs were. Used to me me lol everytime.Antinax1 Jun 22
Jun 22 What more proof do you need? Frost is garbage now. you need to buff it. you over nerfed it. thank you.Denethros23 Jun 22
Jun 22 Legendary drop rate is crazy My unholy DK has been 110 for well over two months. Admittedly I did put him down to focus on getting flight for my hunter for 2-3 weeks but I've been 110 of 7+ weeks of active play and a grand total of 1 legendary. I've done the daily WQs (literally every day), 2-3 raids, 2 mythic dungeons, and numerous heroic dungeons and one stinking legendary. Certainly someone can tell me I need to run more raids or mythic runs and I would normally agree (people who play more than me should have more/better stuff faster) but I have other characters who picked up 2-3 in their first week after hitting 110. This is so frustrating.'s petty. I know. Apparently it's been annoying me enough recently to come here and whine. I'll shut up nowThreedays3 Jun 22
Jun 21 Should I worry that much about Legendaries? Right now I have Kil'Jaden trinket and Belt. I am fine with them both. I honestly don't like the "Leggo" grind. Is there really THAT much of a difference between them? Im not a mythic raider or anything. Are the two I have "ok" legendaries?Roggthar2 Jun 21
Jun 21 I thought I had a unique xmog, but... I see now that Manarri is trying to steal it. You're still missing the belt. Also, that weapon xmog doesn't go well with the armor.Conser22 Jun 21
Jun 21 UH Tier 20 set bonus question So I have two questions... about these descriptions. ... ... 1st Question - The way the description reads I would think summoning 8 ghouls with AoD would have this 15% damage buff last for 24 seconds, but for me its only lasting 3 seconds.... Why is that? 2nd Question - Technically speaking shouldn't this buff be applied with the ghouls summoned from Apocalypse as well, since they are "Army of the Dead" also? Anyway I was just wondering... Thanks!Draith4 Jun 21
Jun 21 Still bothers me ... About our new LOW REZ POS class mount. I would have killed for an updated flying version of our Death Charger. Another dragon. A quest that awesome leading to such a disappointment in a mount. It saddens me.Blightryder26 Jun 21
Jun 21 UH stat prio. Just wondering what I should be aiming for as my main stat? I know to use SimC and Pawn and all for individual weights, but about to drop some gold on a crafted set and was curious as to what kind of items I should aim for. Thanks in advance for the advice!Chthonic9 Jun 21
Jun 21 Death Screamers: New Legendaries Are the Unholy legendary gloves "Death Screamers" available to be looted? They are not on the loot table located in the Adventure Guide. Thank you in advance!Duxe2 Jun 21
Jun 21 You tried and you failed! So, you make me walk slow. So, you nerfed my smashy smashy spec. So, you then turned around and tried to nerf howling blast. We've been told we are in the gutter now. I feel it is time we rain icy death upon these fools and harvest their souls! Who's with me? P.s.funny since the patch I enjoy spitting on things haha.Kaktar13 Jun 21
Jun 21 Blood or Frost for PvP? Which spec? I tried Unholy for a good ammount of time. I understand 100% that I need to play much much more to get the grasp of Unholy but I just was not feeling the spec. So for PvP how are the other 2 specs, specifically Blood?Hornshift5 Jun 21
Jun 21 yay finally so 5 hours later and many headaches later i really hate the demon hunter NPC he should be deleted D:< i finally did it woo got my mage tower weaponLemura2 Jun 21
Jun 21 No leg shoulders or helm? Guess i cant play unholy then.. the dps boost these legendaries provide are insane and change your whole playstyle. Guess ill stick to my other classes with their good legendsries? Sucks cos unholy is so funDrayner17 Jun 21
Jun 21 Unholy Frenzy why this talent on some build buf the pets?Furyofblood1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Imp Mother Challenge? Can somebody link me to figure out how to get this quest line or something? i can't seem to figure out the basis of it.Istutter8 Jun 21
Jun 21 How is Blood holding up in 7.2.5? I was playing a Vengeance tank but I am tired of feeling squishy in higher difficulty fights and I am thinking of falling back on this guy and leveling him up. The first tank I ever played was a Blood DK back in Wrath (Horde-Orc) then I sidelined the class on Legion launch. I am curious to know if they are a lower level tier tank as people claim or not. I do not want to be a benchwarmer, a strain for healers to keep up, etc and I am sure not going to go to a druid so where do we sit? Can we self heal efficiently for WQ? Are we Ok in PvP? How does the class feel now, clunky and broken or smooth and fun? Most importantly how are we doing in raids? I ask both from tank perspectives and any healers that may see this. Thank you for any help and happy hunting.Warmane8 Jun 21
Jun 21 frozen pulse frozen pulse? is it still good or is breath really the go to now? just coming back from a 5 month break and seeing a lot of breath build and that's my least favorite. so was just curious if FP can still be viable?Haíl3 Jun 21
Jun 21 Class Hall mythic + cache Hi, I've just started doing mythic + dungeons from about a week ago, and from what I've read there should be a mythic + cache for me to collect from in the class hall? I can't seem to find the cache. I managed to complete up to a +7 if that has any relevance. Any help would be appreciated :)Magicmills2 Jun 21
Jun 21 Runes of Darkening from ICC? Is it true you can get the Runes of darkening for the hidden Frost DK skin from running ICCRosscoe12 Jun 21
Jun 21 At 110 with 4 followers and I can't find where I lost the quest line to get more. Anyone got a suggestion on how to pick it up?Runewielder5 Jun 21
Jun 20 7.2.5 Unh Dk talents I'm curious what talent combination Unh folks are running now that 7.2.5 is live. I've been playing with UF/SI/DA and it seems good, but want to see what other combos are working for folks.Demonek6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Blood: Max health What is the highest health pool you've ever had? While running Archway +2 when I somehow hit 48 million health but I think it must have been a UI error. I sit at 5.4 million unbuffed plus 10% from a priest and whatever 3 death strikes with rune blade out would have given me.Mâtâlîn4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Frost Pvp viability Is frost Pvp viable? I play Uh and havnt played frost since 6.2. Mainly going from a 2s prospectiveWildmachine6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Started blind, how am I doing? (Questions) I started a Tauren DK, and he is level 96 so far. With this character I have no knowledge about how Death Knights work, let alone how to tank effectively as one. I have a question about opening pulls on AoE. I usually put DnD, then Blood Boil, Marrowrend to get some bone shield stacks going, Heart Strike in the DnD so it cleaves a bit. Then just kinda of keep using Blood Boil, tab targeting to something to dump my rune power with Death Strike. Rinse and repeat. I'll throw down an extra DnD if I get the proc and the mobs are still at decent health. I understand the defensive cooldowns, so no problems there. But is this how I should be playing?Shadowthor9 Jun 20
Jun 20 Trying out blood dk Haven't played blood dk since wod.. A lot has changed since then yes.. My question is, what are the bis relics for bood? And legendaries? I just got the spec specific ring thinking that might actually be one of the top ones? With a lot of good utility to the double defence traits. Another question is trinkets what are some good trinkets to use? I know i should aim for at least 1 dps trinket.Yagirl1 Jun 20
Jun 20 DK 79 Twink Bad or good idea? I have a lvl 75 DK and I dont want to reach lvl 110 with it, so I am thinking of making him a twink. Are the twinks working out right now? Is 79 a good lvl to twink a DK? I would really appreciate your suggestions, cause I really didn't find anything on forums or google. Thank youSublimación1 Jun 20
Jun 20 DK Mobility. How does Blizz think this is ok Watching this Arena Cup, I have no idea how blizz can honestly defend the DK mobility in PVP. There were a few matches where the DK was slowed the entire match. And that is not an exaggeration. This design is simply indefensible...Toxxys24 Jun 20
Jun 20 Unholy feels great now! I am loving it. Running DA with SI and a CoF, DA and apoc seem to line up within a few seconds of each other, with a DT in between. I've only ran a clear of H and N NH so far, but it's really, really nice to press death coil and not have it feel worthless, or just be fishing for wounds with it on the odd occasion runes are down. My damage is way, way up. If they could just fix black claws I'd be pretty damn happy with this spec.Horrorpops16 Jun 20
Jun 20 7.2 Class Mount Colour Change? *Source* Good news - Some class mounts will change colour/texture when you are in a different specialization. ... Source - I posted on Death Knight forums because ours would be the sickest.Zarvardios6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Is DK worth it to play for Frost spec alone? I realize that playing one spec alone runs the risk of being gimped if it gets nerfed to the ground..but I really only have an interest in frost. Tanking is a bit too much for me to handle, and unholy seems very hectic. I love Frost from what I have played so far, which actually is only a few levels in the starting zone, but it seems really fun! So, with only playing the one spec, pretty much exclusively I suppose, is it worth it to even play a DK?Kasoon12 Jun 20
Jun 20 Dark Simulacrum Could quite possibly be the most satisfying ability to use in pvp. Especially when you catch that healing cooldown and they think they have your number and you pop it.Seronaar9 Jun 20
Jun 20 One handed swords on back. I know this has been bought up a few times, but I was wondering if we could possibly get a comment on this. Swords being on the side just looks meh. Being a Goblin they drag through the ground, and look insanely big to be carrying on the side for almost all classes. I was just wanting to know if you guys are looking at the possibility of changing it where they are put on the back at some point. Or if it's not really something you are looking at.Tinyreaper5 Jun 20
Jun 20 Corpse Explosion Macro! If this is already out there, apologies. I just figured this out and I'm elated! /targetlastenemy /cast corpse explosion If you just killed something, this macro will reselect the dead target and cast Corpse Explosion in one key stroke. I have mine looking like this (it was the only place I had room for it): #showtooltip /targetlastenemy [mod:shift] /cast [@target,dead] corpse explosion; mind freeze Enjoy! :D [edit]: whoops, macro fixed.Pushßutton2 Jun 20
Jun 20 New to Blood Knight and loving it Everything about this class feels great. I feel like a a life draining indomitable force so walking his way clean through the heart of the legionRuma9 Jun 20