Death Knight

Nov 28 Unholy DK: Battlegrounds, useless pet? I've been testing unholy in rbgs, i usually play blood or frost depending on the map. Short story: I used to play aff lock a few months ago and dotting ppl to death was actually kinda cool, sadly the gameplay was super boring and I decided to reroll. So now I find myself surprised and confused, im almost top dps in every rbg with unholy, this doesn't mean im good, but all im doing is dotting people with Outbreak (Virulent plague), spamming clawing shadows (after applying festering wounds) and spamming a lot of death coils too. I love the gameplay, i love the visuals of my dots, i've notice that Wandering plague has a nice visual (i rarely use that talent tho, deals no dmg). BUT my pet dies so quickly that i don't even bother in summoning that thing anymore, the dmg it does is not even relevant and i love playing without it. I haven't tested unholy in rated bg but can someone tell me if the pet is actually relevant? other than having double grip + stun(abomination talent) is actually relevant that !@#$ty zombie? I rather have my 5 sec stun.Vládimir4 Nov 28
Nov 28 Your ideal Horseman? As I was doing the DK campaign, and collecting my horseman, a few things stuck out at me that actually kind of bothered me, and thatw as 2 of the 4 horseman, Inquistor Whitemane, and Nazgrim, the only reason they were chosen was because of popularity. However, I am more than ok with Thoras and Darion (just thought it was dumb the way they did Morgraine) In place of Whiteman and Nazgrim, I would have chosen Admiral Taylor and since we can not get Tirion Fordring (I personally think he will be a undead paladin, leading the way for undead paladins in the game.) I would have chosen his son Taelan Fordring. Darion Morgraine Thoras Trollbane Admiral Taylor Taelan Fordring Who would you have chosen?Aerisot21 Nov 28
Nov 28 New Tier gear Is it me or do the new tier bonuses really suck compared to ToS tier bonuses for frost?Xartanum6 Nov 28
Nov 27 How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies Just started a DK for the first time since Cataclysm. I get to this quest, How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies, and essentially hit a roadblock. This quest is so dated and poorly thought out. Not only do the enemies die if you hit them more than a couple times, but it isn't explained that you need to smack the same guy until he talks, rather than what you expect in this game where he'll either talk initially or not (or at least that's what I thought would happen). This isn't obvious because after they initially deny to tell you information, they start attacking again. So you start attacking again. Then they die with no further dialog. Repeat this about 40 times and you'll see why I was so frustrated with this quest. Either this quest needs reworking or it should be explained in-game that you need to wait for the enemy's chat bubble to disappear before you hit them again. And even then, you have to contend with other players being jerks and killing your target while you're interrogating them. I hate this quest. I finished it after looking it up, but it's a really bad quest. You can't skip it.Lothkarr3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Quick legendary question i main unholy but due to having the legendaries i need i offspecd frost and got the seal of necrofantasia. i guess my question is, since frost no longer uses bos is this ring viable at all? do you still use obliteration, or one of the other two talents. i just mess around on frost but semi intrigued. thanks!Morghoulis1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Champions equipment - best choices I'll try to be brief & to the point. In my mind the best equipment choices for our champions: (1) Memento of the Lightforged (Increased success chance by 30%) (2) Exalted Xenedar Hammer (Increase success chance by 50% for missions >8 hours) (3) Sanctified Armaments of the Light (Increase success chance by 50% for missions <8 hours) (4) Azurelight Sapphire OR Vial of Timeless Breath (Lets group them together since both increase success chance by 40% for missions >8 hours) So my doubt.. till now I'm going with (1),(2) & (4) in the available slots. Simply because most of the missions worth doing are well over 8 hours. It theoretically gives me an increased success rate of 120% !! Since I have no way of verifying this, I just wanted to ask what others are doing. Is there any cap on how much equipment can raise the success chance of a mission? Would it be better if i replace my (4) with a (3)? Option A: 1,2,4 : 120% (>8hr), 30% (<8hr) Option B: 1,2,3 : 80% for both Option C : 2,3,4 : 90% (>8hr), 50% (<8hr)Shaitaan9 Nov 27
Nov 26 What ever happened to the new DG animations? I thought they looked really really cool what ever happened to them? does anyone know?Teuk4 Nov 26
Nov 26 Unholy weapons in Battle for Azeroth Anyone know with our artifact weapon going next expansion, will we be able to duel weld as unholy as we aren't limited to the 2H artifact?Baztat1 Nov 26
Nov 26 What unholy changes do players want to see? I want to know what changes people thing unholy should have in Battle for Azeroth. If any changes at all. From the sounds of it. We are losing all artifact abilities and traits. So remember we will not be able to use apocalypse to pop 6 wounds and get 3 runes back. We will get less free death coils and a ton less runic power. I feel the lost of artifacts will hurt us a lot. For me I want festering wounds and Wraith Walk go bye bye. Buff up the damage from VP with it eruption and SS/CS to level out the damage we lose from losing festering wounds. Give us back out passive movement speed bonus. Set up plague strike to live up to it name and effect out plague. Maybe plague strike can cause our VP to erupts on use. Then spread to any enemies that are not effected by our plague on use as well.Daemonette29 Nov 26
Nov 26 Ghoul/abom color? I just picked up my DK again for the first time since WOTLK. I remember, or at least think I remember, that back in WOTLK the color of your ghoul was random. Now, however, my ghoul is ALWAYS the grey/blue one with green eyes, and my abomination is always the greyish one. The other day I saw someone in a BG with a purplish abomination (like this and it got me thinking what it is that the color is linked to. Is it a racial thing? Someone suggested to me that it might be based on artifact skin/color, but I just tested that out now and I was still just getting the same ghoul and abomination as always. I only have the first two skins unlocked right now, but I switched between every color I have available and still got the same abom and ghoul. Thanks.Volsung3 Nov 26
Nov 26 BoS is #1 On a single meme normal fight. Nov 26
Nov 26 trouble with blood plague i got a iron socket with a 16% increases to Blood Plague damage but i cant find the spell Blood Plague any idea's where it is?Findson4 Nov 26
Nov 26 Race for new DK (Blood Elf or Undead...) I know Orc is the go to, but all my chars are orcs (warlock, warrior, hunter). I kind of like the Blood elf (prefer male, I don't want to play female), and I kind of like the Undead... I've been stuck for 2 days deciding. I looked at their animations/set armor appearances; looked at all the transmogs on US and EU servers... I just can't decide. What race do you suggest? I'm on the fence leaning Blood Elf, I could name him Baelnorn after the D&D elf liches, idk.Doomreaver15 Nov 26
Nov 25 delete 1Maulnaakk38 Nov 25
Nov 25 Rate that Mog! Old post hit max limit. Here is a new one.Phoebium500 Nov 25
Nov 25 Leveling a DK? Which spec is more fun? I was thinking Frost as it seems to have a really easy rotation but Unholy thematically is more fun to me.Badkoala2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Frost DK Qs Hello everyone, I have a few Frost DK questions and I was hoping to get some real answers. I know this is dangerous to ask on the forums here -- but I am going to roll the dice and take a chance: Question 01: What Runeforge should I use on my main and offhand? Do I go both razer ice? Or Razer ice main and the +str proc one offhand? Vice versa? And why, please. Question 02: Why all the Frost DK dislike in Arena and BGs? I must be doing something wrong since I dont feel super OP or anything. I feel roughly about as strong as my Enhancement shaman. What is it that makes Frost DK nasty in Arena/BGs? Question 03: Where is my artifact weapon skill? All I seem to do is get 2 icy dagger thingies following me around. Cant see the dmg in my dps log anywhere. Anyone know where it is? Or am I 100% off mark here? Thank you for your help! GillGillt5 Nov 25
Nov 24 BfA- Two Handers and One Handers w/ Off Hand Now that we get to ditch our artifact weapons, Blood DK (and Unholy I think, might have to check later...) will be able to equip a one hander with an off hand item once again. Question is, I wonder if it'll be viable. Maybe we oughtta convince blizz to make sure some of the off hand items have strength on them for DKs. Just thought I should start some discussion on this topic.Frostynade10 Nov 24
Nov 24 Death and Decay macro. Is there a macro i can use to just drop D&D at my feet without having to click the ground?Relicus43 Nov 24
Nov 23 Buffs/Nerfs to T21 Death Knight: Dreadwake Armor Frost 4-piece bonus now deals 210% weapon damage per tick (was 420%). Unholy 2-piece bonus now deals 35% of direct damage (was 25%) from Death Coil over 4 seconds. Hmm, Maybe it will still be unholy throughout Antorus?Akusalol18 Nov 23
Nov 23 Stayin Alive How do you stay alive as a Frost DK while leveling? Like, maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I feel super squishy. I end up slamming down Death Strike about 80% of the time just so I don't die. Is it better at 110? I'm interested in PVP and am trying to pick between a few classes, but FDK just seems... meh while leveling at least. I know it's great in PVP, just curious about survivability.Lincolnius7 Nov 23
Nov 23 Why aren't there more goblin DK? With the top DK PvP complaint being lack of mobility, I'm wondering why there aren't more goblins with rocket jump. Can anyone clarify?Drutang34 Nov 23
Nov 23 frost or unholy pve which is bestXflip8 Nov 23
Nov 23 Blood DK World PVP Has anyone tested the new World PVP as a Blood DK? I am curious to see if it really affected our survivability or if it's practically the same, just lower damage.Choobster5 Nov 23
Nov 23 Tier 21% Hey Guys For Frost and Unholy do we know what our damage % increase will be in Tier yet?Blythyie5 Nov 23
Nov 22 How to use unholy I recently got tired of frost dk and want to try a new spec But how do I use unholy, never ever used a pet class, i've always been the lone wolf Of course I'm also going to try blood But want to see which spec I enjoy before switchingLunnaya3 Nov 22
Nov 22 Sigil slot for 8.x for those of you who played in wrath and cata do you have any desire to see these return after they dropped it in MoP and brought it back in legion for relics for our weapons. sigils like Sigil of the Vengeful Heart Item Level 226 Binds when picked up Sigil Relic Requires level 80 Equip: Increases the damage done by your Death Coil and Frost Strike abilities by 380. this time however maybe Scribblers or Enchanters and make starter sets and or alternatives to raiding while they also drop from raid bosses for the raid happy crowd. or should they just die in a dumpster fire where they belong. thoughtsKrissignacia4 Nov 22
Nov 22 Dk question How good is unholy? Is it a fun spec How good is blood? is it fun also Reason i'm asking is that, well now i'm completely bored of frostLunnaya1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Runes of Darkening from ICC? Is it true you can get the Runes of darkening for the hidden Frost DK skin from running ICCRosscoe13 Nov 22
Nov 22 The Frost Problem Is frost overtuned for how simple it is? I see this argument made for bm hunters all the time, but frost is just as simple.Luscion8 Nov 22
Nov 21 Why is blood boil such low priority? In the icy veins guide and everywhere else I've read, blood boil is basically just there to apply AOE disease. However, it appears to have one of the highest base damages of anything a blood dk can do. So my question is: "what am I missing?" Compare it to heart strike: HS 203% damage (Weapon damage + 20% AP) = 2 weapon damage + .4 AP BB 375% AP AP it's equal to our strength. So on my character, for instance, my average weapon damage is 7364 + 24782 strength. So I calculated average heart strike his for 27525 vs blood boil which averages 92932 (before applying disease). It's highly likely that my math is just incorrect. I just re-subbed so I'm trying to learn the game again. But at least from what I'm seeing here, I'm better off making sure I never have 2 stacks of blood boil. That should be a priority even more than just making sure diseases don't drop off.Goodarthas5 Nov 21
Nov 21 PSA - Only Chance to get Deathbone Recolor! I just wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder that during this WoW anniversary, Azuregos is walking around and drops the Unmelting Ice Girdle, the only belt in the game that matches the Deathbone Recolor. I highly recommend, even if you don't want it now, to run it on your plate characters and bonus roll. Some day, you may regret missing out on it (again)! Links: Nov 21
Nov 20 T20/21 OP? So, I would like some input on the possibility of using t20 and t21 for frost. I have been frost, stuck with frost even when we we're 2nd from the bottom (according to sims), and will continue to play frost. I for one, will think it will pull ahead of Unholy in Antorus. Now, I don't know if or where to find sims from t21 gear, or if thats even possible at this moment. I was thinking of trying a 4 piece t20. These pieces would need to be mythic titanforged of course, and use a 2 piece of the new t21 gear. Now, that is assuming that the 4 piece bonus of ice cicles or whatever it was (I can't remember exactly what it was), but it doesn't sound to promising. But what does sound promising, is the 4 piece t20 combined with 2 piece t21. I think it would have the potential to have a huge amount of damage. I guess the thing is, for the last 6 months, I've been trying to squeeze every little bit of damage that is possible, while refusing to go Unholy. Thoughts anyone?Mònty6 Nov 20
Nov 20 Is Unholy far superior to Frost? Because I really like them both, but I prefer Frost. If there isnt a huge difference, id rather play thatWorldwartyr20 Nov 20
Nov 20 What to play in Classic? How about some light discussion. DK mains, what do you plan on playing in Classic? Something with a similar play style or something completely different?Baerfist23 Nov 20
Nov 20 Blood DK PVP Viability. The title pretty much says it all. How are blood Dk's in PVP? Instanced and otherwise. I main unholy, but am leveling another DK for the opposite faction and am considering trying Blood. So how is Blood performing in WPVP/BG's/Arena? I know it's a tank spec, but how is its damage? My rudimentary understanding of Blood spec is that, as far as tank specs go, -some- would say it's not as heavy on damage mitigation or self-heals as they might like, although that's mostly from a PVE point of view. Is Blood PVP fun? Do we do mad deeps? 8D All joking aside, I'd appreciate any insight on this that you can offer. Thank you.Namtaga16 Nov 20
Nov 20 Mythic+ and Raids What is better for both of these? Frost or UH?Aevirent3 Nov 20
Nov 19 PvP as Blood I love it. I also love all the crybabies that come with it! It’s fantastic!Blace8 Nov 19
Nov 19 LF a blood DK for 3s Looking​ for a blood dk who wants to run 3s. Please have 2k arena experience. Add me for more info or leave battletags. Weebs#1346Blindweebs2 Nov 19
Nov 19 Modifier Macro - keybind for CAPSLOCK Universal PVP macro.. Keybind your Capslock as a modifier instead of ALT Check out how to set it up here ...> Learn the Macro here ...> Let me know what you think!Deeath0 Nov 19
Nov 19 FS vs GS for M+ What should I be taking for M+ if I dont have the class ring?Seungsta1 Nov 19
Nov 18 Why can't DK be every race like Monks? I'm kind of lost on this one, Wondering if anyone had an answer. The reason why i'm asking this is because of the New Allied Races that were announced. Apparently the new races can travel to panderia and learn how to punch and kick with the best of them, but when it comes to dying and being reborn as a death knight, well I guess the no one ever died after cataclysm? The first DKs in lore were souls of warlocks put into dead bodies of stormwind knights by gul'dan, they were pretty much destroyed. Next came like the lich king, but then again it was dead bodies used for his resurrection of the DKs, unlike gul'dan's dk, these ones possessed unholy strength. Also with these ones, some mortals just gave of themselves tempted with immortality and the promise of power like i.e Baron Rivendare. It just seems like to me DKs are getting snubbed, I'm pretty sure with the coming wars and everyone jockeying for power, don't you think the new lich king, or atleast the acherus ones would be running around and gathering some more powerful and skilled fallen warriors, heck we even went to try and make Tirion Fordring a DK. I guess my last question is, Doesn't blizzard want my money? I'm pretty sure there would be a interest across the board from the DK community in having some new blood come into our ranks.Frostform58 Nov 18
Nov 18 Death Coil usage. I have a few questions about how death coil should be used. 1. Should you wait until you are full runic power to cast death coil? Or should you cast it on cooldown? 2. If we get the instant death coil proc, should we use it right away even when we aren't pairing it with dark arbiter? 3. Is there a point to using it instead of death strike when we aren't using dark arbiter? Thanks.Conflagreat2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Giving DK another shot I haven't really had fun on a DK since the end of WotLK, ever since they stole blood dps away from me and left me salty. I really tried to stay into it post cataclysm changes, but it just felt ugh to me, and i just couldn't do it anymore. But lately i've been finding myself getting increasingly bored of Havoc DH (chaos strike spam isn't fun, kids), so i've been poking around other classes on the class trials, some were fun, but none were really for me. And then i looked at this guy, who i made to invasion grind my way to 70 in blood spec so i could make my aforementioned DH on this server during the pre-patch, and thought "why not? I was looking for a spec with more depth than Havoc demon hunter, but not totally complicated and cumbersome (i cannot multitask). So really, a simple spec that isn't boring to play. Apparently frost is the spec for me. I've been having a blast thus far. While it is simple, it's not the same flavor as havoc, in which you spam one button and use other buttons on cooldown. Frost has procs, i love procs, i've missed procs, life isn't worth living without procs to spice things up. My only gripe is the abhorrent lack of mobility. Wraith walk is nice, but it's on wayyyyy too long of a cooldown for what it is. Like it is a struggle to keep up with groups in dungeons because literally everyone has a mobility button on a wayyyyyyyyy shorter cooldown than wraith walk My favorite part is how i only like the one spec, and won't constantly be switching between them trying to decide what to gear for, like i was with mage.Averse2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Wtf death strike animation?! I was just admiring how gallant my transmog is on wowhead when I turned on animations. Specifically, I turned on "Death Strike." CANNOT. UNSEE. BALLERINA. I must now make a ballerina transmog.Goodarthas7 Nov 18
Nov 17 DK 79 Twink Bad or good idea? I have a lvl 75 DK and I dont want to reach lvl 110 with it, so I am thinking of making him a twink. Are the twinks working out right now? Is 79 a good lvl to twink a DK? I would really appreciate your suggestions, cause I really didn't find anything on forums or google. Thank youSublimación3 Nov 17
Nov 17 BIS Legendary with new set Hi everyone, As the grind continues to find our lovely legendary shoulders, I happened to find the helmet. Thankfully, only three left to find, however, I am curious.. Anyone know, or have a best guess, what will be the BIS legendary combo with the new set?Respeck2 Nov 17
Nov 17 Ulduar vs ICC When Blizzard announced Black Temple as the first Timewalking raid (which also included a special transmog for DHs) I got excited for a possible Frostmourne drop from LK. Now that it's been announced that Ulduar will be the next Timewalking raid, it seems unlikely for a return to ICC. I've heard Ulduar referred to as the best raid created in game. I'll admit the design looks impressive but I personally have fonder memories of ICC. If Cataclysm had been released before people burned themselves out running Icecrown, would Ulduar still reign as the top raid for Wrath?Afterlífe80 Nov 17
Nov 17 UH PvP talents So I want to buck the trend and give UH a go in pvp, but I'm not sure what to run. So far I'm trying out this: All will serve (the no cool down on summons seems right?) Pestilent Pustules Clawing Shadows Asphyxiate Corpse Shield Infected Claws DA Opinions? Thoughts? Should I just play Frost, certainly seems easier, but UH seems like a lot of fun :)Cèowulf6 Nov 17
Nov 16 Talents for PvP? What do? I’m trying to get a better understanding of which talents to pick for arena on the main talents. Which gives better damage or just out right better. The first tier is definitely hard to figure out on my own through testing.Zingfer2 Nov 16