Death Knight

Nov 5 More hood tmogs for dk pretty plsSeigward0 Nov 5
Nov 4 Worlds & Warcraft 5e I have a problem. Over the years, I've burnt out on WoW's gameplay. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Instead, I've picked up 5th edition D&D, and gotten really into it. The problem is that I still love WoW's universe and lore, moreso than D&D's. The solution? FULL HOMEBREW CONVERSION, MOTHERFLUXER. I've been working on and off for a long while now on homebrewing a WoW -> D&D conversion, complete with rebuilds of WoW's classes from the ground up for 5e's rules and mechanics. However, my familiarity with each class in the game isn't quite up to the task. To that end, I'm asking around for players of each class to answer some questions to help me figure out how to capture the core of each class and spec. I'm especially eager to hear from longtime players who may remember older versions of their class. What I'm looking for: * Defining themes... * Iconic abilities... * Defining mechanics... * Personal favorite aspects... * ...for the class overall... * ...for each spec individually... * ...both past and present.Lokka1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Running speed Hi, Frost or Unholy, what are you ways to run faster than the forsaken 100%? Thanks!Shaldos5 Nov 4
Nov 4 Heart Strike needs to hit more targets What if there's 103 enemies and Blood Boil is on CD? Buff plsReidelia3 Nov 4
Nov 4 Race Change: Need Advice Howdy all, so i used to be an altaholic but fel in love with Warlock again...dont give me that look, im in the right forums. long story short is, im finding i am getting all my daily chores done faster and faster leaving me with some spare time to work on an alt. That alt is one of you lovely murder machines! My DK has been human for so long, i feel they need a makeover, iv been leaning on Orc or Tauren, but i cant decide...Whay do you all prefer? factoring in racials and aesthetics, what do you think is a nice combo for an Unholy/Frost DK?Kristiara9 Nov 4
Nov 4 Still not capable of doing Mage tower I don't get it, how many times do people do it until they make it... its just insane how you get punished for every mistake and just so many mechanics I don't understand #feelsbadmanZabuzar10 Nov 4
Nov 4 How good is blood dk I like Frost, but since i'm playing it in 7.3. It doesn't feel right anymore. I love the animations and the idea, believe me. but seems to me that it became way to complicated from what it needs to be. It just feels Awkward and not as fun I know some of you might say "Why don't you switch to Unholy then?" Simple answer: IDK how I feel about having pets and a ugly green and brown dragon as a mount :) So i'm going to give blood a chance, and hey who would not like the vamps right?Lunnaya23 Nov 4
Nov 3 Agatha Is there a recommended ilvl to accomplish this, without wanting to repeatedly slam your face through your computer screen?Heartx24 Nov 3
Nov 3 Frost DK Artifact Ability Hey Everyone, I'm a returning player and I am curious about the Frost DK artifact ability. In videos I've seen it's a flying dragon that breaths ice, but all I seem to have is passive swords that float around me and occasionally hit my enemies. I did Google it, but didn't get any clear answers - so I'm "taking it to the streets" as it were, haha. Thanks, ~GlazeGlaze3 Nov 3
Nov 3 Trinket Question Would a strength trinket w/ a usable haste buff be more beneficial than the alchemy trinket for blood? Both are ilvl 935. Other trinket is a 930 str/haste stat stick. I mostly do mythic + 10-15 so I'm trying to increase dps since surviving isn't much of an issue.Kessar0 Nov 3
Nov 3 UH PvP Stat Priority? As the title says.Joredn2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Unholy rotation feels wrong Hi all, I started playing unholy and I really love the litteral army your bring in every fight. But Even though I nearly have the required icy veins haste ( 18,71% instead of 20%, but close enough ) I am always starved for runes. I open with outbreak, then a festering strike or two, depending on the amount of festering wounds. Then, even if I get a sudden doom proc or two, I click two or three times before I can scourge strike, as I am out of runes after the first, and it seems to be progressively worse when the combat advance, I find myself waiting the equivalent of a few global cooldowns before I can start the rotation again. Is there something I am doing wrong, seems like the runes in frost come back way faster, but I prefer unholy :) CheersHansem5 Nov 3
Nov 2 Leveling 100-110 Im leveling a new DK to 110 right now I like unholy but it seems frost is much more op and pushes out good dps for single and aoe targets. Does unholy get better or should i stick with frost whilst leveling?Feltharion11 Nov 2
Nov 2 Blood DK Legendaries Question So, I just got Shackles of Bryndaor, and I also have Skullflower's Haemostasis, Rattlegore Bone Legplates, Acherus Drapes and Prydaz, and I want to make sure I'm using the correct ones. Last time I checked Skullflower's Haemostasis and Shackles of Bryndaor are the best choices for most content, and Acherus Drapes is good for some Mythic+ affixes. Has any of this changed recently or can I use these 3 most of the time? Also, if I equip Shackles over Acherus Drapes I lose a little bit of ilvl, is the legendary better than a bit of couple points of ilvl? Thanks for the answers and sorry if the questions are dumb.Alaanthis17 Nov 2
Nov 1 Unholy Vs Frost PvP HEy guys. Just coming back from a break. I was wondering what is better atm? I know everyone will say play what you like, but what do people think?Bìde8 Nov 1
Nov 1 Okay why is wandering plague still so bad This is criminal that unholy DKs have not been allowed to have any meaningful customization in honor talents since the release of legion. Two lines of some of the most pointless if not the most pointless choices in the entire game. The talents are comically undertuned and extremely boring, on a spec that's otherwise pretty well put together. Besides the seemingly bi-monthly nerfs to crypt fever, the problem talents haven't been touched even once. It's really shockingly considering how much work they've done to templates and talents that they don't at least adjust the numbers and let them actually be choices. Let's go over the bottom two lines of unholy honor talents Crypt Fever - Obviously has been way too good at points. Against rdruids it used to be a free win, back a couple seasons ago. They've toned it back several times accordingly, despite the meme it has become. Pandemic - This ability is fine, and kinda boring, but whatever. It simply scales up in power with how many people there are indefinitely. So in RBGs it's very strong. In 3s it's kinda meh. On average, you can get 2 people standing next to each other. So it's a double proc of crypt fever for 1 rune. Nothing you'd go out of your way to proc for sure, but it's there. So fine. Pretty awful single target, I would adore a redesign for hitting harder when less targets are afflicted with diseases, but I'm 99% sure that would never come. At least I'm providing ideas rather than just complaining. Wandering Plague - The most interesting and also most garbage talent in unholy's toolkit, and probably the most garbage in the game currently. Will do approximately .1% of your total damage when taken. Ticks for 10k. Its mechanic is setup in an interesting way, but then butchered with how it was implemented. They gave it 4 stacks, and every time it's dispelled or ends, 1 stack is removed and it jumps. Making it pseudo "dispel-protection" and difficult to remove. However, it's applied so easily those stacks don't matter and will literally never come into play. Everytime you press outbreak for 1 rune, which is a lot, it's reapplied. Who cares if it jumps on dispels, it's never going away anyway. And it ticks, quite literally, for 10k. This ability has a cool mechanic implemented terribly and does comically low damage, so it's a dead talent. And it has been since the beginning of this expansion, what a waste. I would make it harder to apply, and scale up the damage. Then the stacks matter and the talent matters. Unholy Mutation - I guess it's an annoying slow. I generally find myself talenting into this in RBGs for kicks and then regretting it because it keeps me in combat for an eternity with nothing I can do about it. The damage it deals breaks CC and keeps you in combat, so they literally put a trade-off on a poorly applied PVP talent SLOW. WHY does that need a trade-off? Either take off the damage and just make it a boring PVP slow, or amp up the damage, so it's like another pseudo-dispel protection and has some almost meaningful impact on rot. So poorly designed. Reanimation - Well, the zombies don't have the "totem-protection" in that they can die to literally anything. Not just targeting them down and doing 1 damage, ANY STRAY AOE that does 1 damage. AND if they die, they don't use their effect. AND their effect is on DR anyway. So in 3s, with all the damage being oozed out of everyone, they'll probably proc once in 40 games. And that one proc does like 400k damage so that's a solid 10k damage per game. There's so much you could do to make this talent not the worst in the entire game. Give it totem protection so it actually takes some awareness and will proc more. Make it do its damage where it dies, so if stray aoe kills it away from the group, they're still fine, but if it kills it next to the group, they'll take the hit. Or change neither of those things, and make the stun off the DR. It'll still proc once every 40 games, but when it does, you'll have a pretty powerful window. Probably. Necrotic Strike - The only well designed unholy specific PVP talent. Has good interactions, everybody loves it, not completely overpowered. A good talent. A powerful talent. Interesting to use and how you might change up your rotation from time to time. So, yeah. Everything is horribly designed besides necrotic strike. So, there's literally no choice. It's a buzz-kill considering some number tuning and a second or two of thought could completely fix both lines, but it's never even been touched. I'm absolutely not saying "unholy is underpowered give it more damage" believe me, these talents are so comically garbage that even buffed they would probably create little impact. Just a positive customization change would be nice after going through the entire expansion with no choices at all. Probably too long a post for anyone to read, but god I couldn't hold it in any longer. It's common information at this point, but then why doesn't blizz do anything? TLDR; Wandering plague is garbage. Almost good concept implemented terribly, less damage than caster auto attack with staff. FIX. (Also the rest of the unholy honor talents are boring and trash too, besides necrotic strike.)Flarkness8 Nov 1
Nov 1 Transmog Daggers Blizzard can we please transmog dagger looks with our DKs? everything is like twice the size of my hobbit like body. Dagger looks for Gnomes!!!!Bobbleheadz11 Nov 1
Nov 1 Death Grip vs Mobility spell Basically we have to make a choice between speeding ourselves up or yanking a target to us. Could be just a small speed boost that shares the cd with Death grip.Diathanatic4 Nov 1
Nov 1 Obliteration? I've been using the talent obliteration for some time now, and I've been struggling with understanding how to use it properly. I'll be needing to hit 3 keys that all have procs that you would normally use first without obliteration. You'd want to use the obliterate proc, if you don't you'd be wasting a crit You'd want to use a howling blast proc for that free damage and refresh of DoT You'd want to use your frost strike to stop yourself from going over runic power But I can't seem to use obliteration without missing one of these Help?Julytalk5 Nov 1
Nov 1 DK Blood Legendary Combos & Sockets Just got the Prydaz, but now which one should I use? I had; Rethu's and Soul of the Deathlord. Which ones should I use and also what sockets? I mainly play Blood for open world PvP, but do switch over to unholy for dungeons and raids. Thanks...Nosokroxx1 Nov 1
Nov 1 M+ Choices Do you guys sorta swap it up during the different affixes? I got some thoughts on what seems good to use and well it would be nice to get an opinion on say avalanche vs ice cap and perhaps when to use frost scythe as you can't swap once a m+ started. Also Sindragosa seems great just would lose out on some ST I suppose but do we always take that :) ? Thanks just got my DK to 110 :)Gypsy1 Nov 1
Oct 31 My Unholy Spec Transmog.. thoughts? Feedback welcomed :)Smållpöx9 Oct 31
Oct 31 Ghoul Bugged? Is this happening to anyone else? Or can anyone explain why my ghoul is constantly exploding? Oct 31
Oct 31 Artifact challenge blood dk, help :( Everytime I get to phase 2 the little DH always dies to adds (the ghosts) , either him or velen but mostly the DH, I always try to use G.Grasp to save them but either the internals keep knocking me away nonstop or kruul spawns that green pool and is just too many things happening at the same time:( I know is a dps check, what would be the ilvl required and btw I only have 1 legendary. My best attempt was kruul at %16 :lVladimìr4 Oct 31
Oct 31 Frost DK theme song You're welcome.Knomonk4 Oct 31
Oct 31 I do miss The bright Glow in are eye's i wish they would bring it back.Apocalypseqq7 Oct 31
Oct 31 I Finally..... Created a DK. Whoo! So first, I am a Feral Main, which basically equates to being a flying pad paw baddass cat. I'm also sparkly and cute, so in short, I'm awesome. Thing is, kitty must have a alt for reasons, so after much deliberation I decided to play a DK. Not only do you guys look cool, (not as cool as sparkly kitty) but, I also like the whole theme you guys have, plus I hear your Legion quest story line is the best. So DK it is, and I'm excited! Also side note - I was going to go Frost, but never knew Frost used 1 handed swords, and I dislike that immensely, so for now, I go Unholy instead.Winterys6 Oct 31
Oct 31 Unholy DK thoughts (from pvp perspective) Now most DKs in pvp roll frost because of its 4 buttoned brainless design. However, there are some pvp DKs who roll unholy because some people like more brainwork while playing their class, including myself. Now I think unholy at the moment is really viable in pvp, I think the spec design is absolutely well-balanced especially compared to frost. The honor talents especially having necrotic strike back is very well designed. However I'd just like to throw out there that, death coil used to be able to heal our pet and now it doesn't, it 's now only an attack ability and yes it restores energy to our pet when we use it, but there's a tiny issue with missing out on healing our pet. Most UH dks like to use Corpse Shield, which transfers 90% of dmg taken to us to our pet, now, assuming most DKs macro Corpse Shield with their pet's huddle/protective bile ability, the dmg transferred to our pet is still massive because they really do not have a whole lot of health, and if our pet dies during the 10 seconds of this ability, we can't summon it again for another 30 seconds, yes even if we're using the All Will Serve talent. Not having a pet is a HUGE disadvantage for Unholy, and not many healers in pvp (especially arenas) are smart enough to heal our pet because in this xpac, damage is so crazy right now that the healer's job is hard enough to top off their party member(s). So having back death coil heal for our pet again for utility would be absolutely golden.Snowscream55 Oct 31
Oct 30 Festering claws why? Why am I seeing more and more unholy dks pick this talent over the one that quickens the cooldown rate on empowering your pet. Seems like you’d want to have that ability to empower your pet controllable especially when dark arbiter is off cooldown. Some one please explain this new talent choice being more and more popular?Krolabar5 Oct 30
Oct 30 frost pvp Could I run double razorice for a shattering strikes spec or would I still want fallen crusader on off hand?Taylorgangxo4 Oct 30
Oct 30 Finally fixed my favorite guy I know the food can’t be used in raids. Glad I gave raids with the guild up. Bear tartare has changed my life! Made my dk so much better in WQ.Kaktar0 Oct 30
Oct 30 New DK PVP Tips I have read some guides and what not but would like some thoughts on how you would play generally in casual PVP. I would assume it would be a good idea to get some FIrst Aid skill. Any tips for just starting out in random BG. I am doing ok but would prefer to also know a bit more about what works/doesn't if someone can help out. ThanksGypsy2 Oct 30
Oct 30 More Death Knight Cosmetic options We all love to customize our characters and be as unique as possible -and the glyphs we have do justice. The simple color changing options are great. But I want more. Maybe even have the glyphs be rare item rewards like for warlocks with their Fel Succubus. -More minion glyph skins: Ghosts, Skeletons, A permanent Abomination skin (Personally, I'd go with a ghost) -Color changing glyph for our Death Grip: Blue, Green, Red -A Remorseless glyph for frost death knights, slightly tweaks the effect adding blood or disease to it; Something similar for howling winter as well --To go in a different direct for Remorseless Winter/Howling Blast: an added lightning storm effect or larger shards of ice -For Blood Death Knights: give blood plague an alternate animation such as green bubbles, or solid black tentacles with a bright red outline -Blood boil/ death and decay too could have a similar alternate oozy/bubbly green slime animation or a Granted all classes need more cosmetic options, I am simply familiar with DK's the most. Blood and Unholy specs are not flashy in the least bit (the effect of the spells). If blizzard doesn't want to update them, minor cosmetic changes should be the route to go. (Frost DK's have some of the best visual abilities in the game.) At this point, Id rather have blizz send out a cosmetic update to all classes and have new content focused around that instead of higher ilv gear. What do you guys and gals think?Vargheist20 Oct 30
Oct 30 Death Grip Question I've started playing DK again. I thought death grip used to be reset if you killed someone that yields honor. Is that no longer the case?Chappo2 Oct 30
Oct 29 Coolest class/race for Death Knights Opinions? Oct 29
Oct 29 Dancing rune weapon deals only 20% dmg Hey guys, yesterday was in the dungeon and the dancing runic weapon caused damage, like my character (1.5m dmg from the death strike crit) and the dmg rune weapon as well, today went into the game and DWR now deals only 20% of the damage of my character, wtf ?Docheminema9 Oct 29
Oct 29 2x Razorice or Razorice + Fallen Crusader As the topic states. For Frost Is it better to run one of each or run both Razorice? I know it used to be better to run one of each for Frost, but I haven't played DK in a couple expansions so I wasn't sure if that was true anymore. Thanks for the input.Noralaé4 Oct 29
Oct 29 Hungering Rune Weapon rework plz Hungering Rune Weapon should last for 15-20 sec and be on 2 min CD instead 3Lextoth2 Oct 29
Oct 28 UH Xmog Suggestions? Looking to faction change my unholy death knight soon. Was wondering which of these you guys preferred and/or if you have any suggestions? Undead: Tauren: Oct 28
Oct 28 Question about holding DA for procs. Does Dark Arbiter and Army of the Dead take a snapshot of your stats when summoned, or does their stats change dynamically to the player’s procs such as fallen crusader, concordance, etc.Skillmaster2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Frost DK Stats What should my main stat priorities be? Ive been recently just equipping items based upon IL and not paying much attention to stats. Ive noticed, I have a ton of mastery. I know mastery is good because of the passive frost damage increase, but 50%+ seems like too much. What are some easy ways for me to balance out my stats for some more DPS. Feel free to check out my stats on my armory. Any input would be awesome.Lichrune4 Oct 28
Oct 28 cold heart question how many stacks should I wait to use cold heart I just got it today and don't really know when to use itßlight20 Oct 28
Oct 28 Blood DKs: Can we solo normal/hero Nighthold? As the title says, can we solo lower tier raid like Nighthold in normal or heroic?Vladimír5 Oct 28
Oct 27 Returning dk Hey, took a long break from the game and I'm interested in maybe picking up my dk again, problem is I have no idea about the state of dks or which dps spec, if either, are performing well..was hoping to get some insight on how both specs are performing in general raid/m+ wiseDigitals2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Black Claws causes a problem When executing an opener, I have to use my Army of the Dead along with the Gargoyle and Dark Transformation, quickly inflict 6+ festering wounds on the target, and then use my Apocalypse ability. Well.... Easier said than done when the Black Claws ability bursts 1-3 festering wounds a split second before I use Apocalypse, meaning I don't get the full amount of damage and amount of minions to spawn upon using the ability. The only option is to use Apocalypse before using Dark Transformation and it slows down everything, not to mention my legendary is very reliant on a proper opener because its damage counts on Dark Transformation being perfectly and promptly executed very soon after casting Army of the Dead and Gargoyle, every second makes a pretty substantial difference in damage every moment I delay Dark Transformation to summon more minions with Apocalypse to receive the full bonus. Also not to mention, it's generally really annoying having Apocalypse get messed up this way. I hope that you guys consider a hotfix for this soon.Malgroth12 Oct 27
Oct 27 Sell me on deathknights. Pitch me a reason to swap im on the edge.Abezethiboû30 Oct 27
Oct 27 Fix our frost talents. Fix Glacial Advance so it doesn't get stuck on pebbles and it's actually worth taking. Fix Icy talons so it's not a pain in the !@# to keep up. Fix Shattering strikes and its counter-intuitive design. Fix Hungering Rune Weapon so it's not useless in every PvE scenario. Give us actually interesting talents and not just Freezing Fog, Obliteration and Runic Attenuation. Please make frost fun to play! I'm tired of Obliterate being 40% of my actions and the only reliable way of spending runes.Bricktor8 Oct 27
Oct 27 How do I deal with Demon Hunters? What do I do against Demon Hunters in a WPvP scenario? It feels like I can pop all my defensives when I encounter one while world-questing and I'll still get melted down in ~10 seconds. Not complaining but genuinely curious.Joredn14 Oct 27
Oct 27 DK aliance race. so, i want to create a blood DK to solo things(warlords and some current content) and kill on normal bgs, and i need to my dk be cool, because i cant play if my class/race look ugly/strange. first question : blood DK can solo mythic 1 ? second question: in your exp what race combo with dk are the coolest? (i need big weapows, and some race have little weapows like female draenei). thnks in advance and sorry for my inglish, its prety rust.Removevidas28 Oct 27
Oct 27 Enhanced debilitating infestation It seems to me that in almost all situations for pvp, sludge belcher and asphyxiate are far superior to debilitating infestation. In pve, the aoe slow does not really matter. So, in order to make debilitating infestation more competitive with the other talents, here is a redesigned and enhanced version of the talent. 1. It still slows for the same effects as before. 2. When you cast outbreak on an uninfected enemy, your instant doom will proc. 3. When you kill an enemy, the cooldown on Wraith walk is reduced by 15 seconds.Shadaver4 Oct 27