Death Knight

Jun 15 Unholy's Vilebrood Vanquisher I've retired this drake already. It's not all bad mind you, some parts of it are actually quite nice, it just doesn't really work for me. Complaints: -The green energy makes me think of fell, not unholy. My blood elf's eyes are blue but my drake is green? -The armor is the same colour as the metal used extensively by the legion. -no spine spikes, tail spikes, or armor spikes, all around less aggressive looking vs a Frostbrood Vanquisher. -I don't understand the swords or the gnome sized coffin, both seem needlessly "edgy", and less practical than just more spikes. -Why wasn't the new Duamyr/Nythendra model chosen as the base to work off of? The decay on that model is beautiful! Compliments: -The cast animations and dismiss animations are pretty badass, it's much cooler to summon my mount than to mess around with some item in my bag. -The quest line was actually quite interesting, I especially liked wandering through the blizzard at the start. -A nice nod towards the wrath of the lich king opening cinematic with a bit of a personal twist. -Two other more deathknight themed colourations that I can use on my alternate specs. Suggestions for the future: -Stop trying to make unholy the "green" spec. Use more black, purple, and even red. -More spikes, more armor, more spiked armor! -Ditch the sword/coffin edgy for the sake of edgy. While on the other hand... -Double down on the throne of skulls idea, I think there is something there. Overall decent mount, if I did not have other skeletal drake options I would probably be riding it.Tsalera24 Jun 15
Jun 15 ToS Trinkets Looking through the loot table, and I was interested by the Vial of Ceaseless Toxins, the drop off the lady naga boss, and was wondering if anyone had tested it out? The shadow damage in the effect looks like it could be good, but I also thought Terrorbound Nexus would be good because of the shadow damage, and that obviously wasn't the case lol. EDIT: For Unholy.Cleavìn0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Alch Trinket @900, BDK? Any thoughts for a BDK? Lots of vers and proc seems to proc as much as CoL according to Skada buff tracker, over the course of a mythic+. 1180 vers 7591 str for 15 secDethjack2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Return after 9 month hiatus My ilvl is 860, only have legendary boots, all my artifacts have all the three main traits and most if not all of the rest 3/3 (now its up to 4 right?) Anywho, how much have i missed and what do I need to do to get back to a competitive character? How hard is it to get pathfinder so I can get flying? Besides just trying to raise my ilvl in general i think i'm going to make flying a top priority as it will just make everything else faster and easier. Just keep doing world quests and getting my emissary boxes? Is withered training still a thing? How much playtime do you think will be needed to get all caught up to at least start progressing in 7.2.5?Bamahotpockt3 Jun 15
Jun 15 crafted belt vs unh leg belt should i still use crafted belt over the unholy legendary belt, i simcraft it and the crafted one simmed like 8k higherFotmidiot1 Jun 15
Jun 15 Unconventionally Making The DK Better I'm not entirely sure what 7.2 has in-store for us DKs, but after finally hitting 110 I have a few ideas I'd like to share with the community and hopefully someone at Blizz might find at least 1 of these suggestions to be a good idea. If you do not like any of these ideas, I encourage you to leave constructive criticism and not just be a jerk. ------------------ 1. Mobility I'll spare you any long explanations. Our mobility is simply...bad. The suggested changes below I personally do not feel that they "break" the class fantasy that Blizz is going for. Generally speaking, DKs can remain slow when in non-combat situations, but these proposed changes can really help us live-up to the DK's supposed reputation for being a force to be reckoned with. Some changes that might fix this issue: BLOOD Bone Shield - extra effect Every time a charge of Bone Shield is lost, the Death Knight gains 5% movement speeds for 8 seconds, both the effect and duration stack up to 25% increased speed and 30 sec duration. FROST Rime - extra effect Every time Rime procs, the Death Knight gains 20% movement speed for 8 seconds (does not stack). If the Death Knight leaves combat while the initial effect is still active, the effect's duration is extended by an additional 15 seconds. UNHOLY Sudden Doom - extra effect When Sudden Doom procs, the Death Knight gains 0.5% movement speed for every 1 unspent Runic Power, up to a maximum of 35%. Lasts for 8 seconds or until the Death Knight reaches 0 Runic Power. Resets (but does not stack)when Sudden Doom procs again. 2. Some fun changes and Quality-of-Life GENERAL Path of Frost - extra effect Fall damage is reduced by 40% and an additional 5% for every 1 second a Player with this buff is falling, up to 75%. BLOOD Death Strike - additional effect (making them more competitive in progression Raiding) For 3 seconds after using Death Strike, 5% of all healing received from other Players is added to an additional absorb shield (up-to 4% of the Death Knight's maximum Health). This additional adsorb shield only absorbs damage from attacks that deal more than 9% of the Death Knight's maximum HP. After the 3 second absorb window, this effect lasts for 5 seconds. FROST ... I can't think of anything here. Sorry! UNHOLY Dark Transformation and Summon Gargoyle/Arbiter - These abilities should NOT be on the Global Cooldown. It takes 3-4 GCDs just to pop all UNH cooldowns - that's way too much. Summon Gargoyle - Cooldown changed from 3 min -> 2 min Dark Arbiter - Cooldown changed from 2 min -> 1:30 min Defile - This ability should not be stationary - it should follow you instead. Undead hands reach up from the ground (much like the first 1-2 seconds of the summon ghoul animation) in a radius around you, clawing at all enemies they touch. Actual effect numbers and duration is unchanged. Blackmourne13 Jun 15
Jun 14 Frost 7.2.5 Legendary BiS? As things stand, I currently have the necro ring and the bracers equipped. In my possession I have the belt, legs and the KJBW. My issue is that I can't seem to decide between the bracers or the belt to supplement my BoS build. Which one is better in the long run?Blackscythe6 Jun 14
Jun 14 new leggy ring i just got this bad boy to drop woo so a good testing subject would be scorp bracers/deathlord seal of necro/deathlord bracers/necro what would net the highest?Nânâ6 Jun 14
Jun 14 Frost Scythe Please make this deal 50% oblit damage when it strikes 1 target and 25% oblit damage at 2+ targets.Wardfury8 Jun 14
Jun 14 New Tier...matching boots are a world drop... So the boots that match the new set...are a world drop... I just can't >_<Galand5 Jun 14
Jun 14 How Many of You Have Unholy Determination Did you kill everyone in that Ruby Sanctum?Dreadcaptain60 Jun 14
Jun 14 Crypt Fever buff but no Necrotic Strike? I remember seeing a blue post on dk forums that necrotic strike was supposed to be receiving a buff for 7.2.5 along with crypt fever but patch notes do not even mention it. Only crypt fever. Hopefully it gets put in one of the next hotfixes.Ðishonored6 Jun 14
Jun 14 Why Blood DK? I love to tank, and have just recently gotten my Blood DK to 110. I'm still getting a feel for the character in raid environments. And I feel that sometimes my self heals don't cut it. Even if I have good up time on my bone shield and use my cool downs. I still take these huge chunks of damage. So I want to know more about the spec. I am asking you how is Blood? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Why do you play it? P.S. Also have a 110 Brewmaster, and wondering if it might be a better option for Dungeons and raids?Glazod5 Jun 14
Jun 14 Order Hall??? I read that some of the other classes order halls have some "unique flavor" portals in Druids and Sparring ring in Warriors. So my question is, what "unique flavor" does our Order Hall have?Beldairr17 Jun 14
Jun 14 Crypt Fever Bug Did some battlegrounds and duels and I noticed a weird change with crypt fever. Whenever the effects procs, crypt fever removes a festering wound from the target. Assuming this a bug since crypt used to never remove wounds from an enemy before this patch. Also, this totally screws up unholy's rotation due to most of your wounds being removed from crypt fever.Samsonight5 Jun 14
Jun 13 UH DK Flaw? Im concerned about this design. First I'll describe 2 passives then I'll ask a question related to my concern. Runic Corruption has a 1% chance per Runic power to put runes on a 100% increase recovery rate. Sudden Doom procs from auto attacks and makes Death Coil free, stacks up to two times now. Does Death Coils from Sudden Doom proc count as 35 runic power towards Runic Corruption?Spòóky4 Jun 13
Jun 13 Dark Transformation with Legendary Shoulders Hello, So, I have the legendary shoulders and have been using Dark Transformation in the opener following the activation of Apocalypse and then holding Dark Transformation after it comes off cool down until Apocalypse is up again. Here is my question, do the ghouls from Apocalypse count as Army of the Dead for the Legendary shoulders? Or am I better just using Dark Transformation on cool down, especially considering the buffs to Dark Arbiter?Àsche11 Jun 13
Jun 13 Instructor's 4th Lesson Nerf I definitely feel this nerf was necessary. It will still likely be BiS but it won't be requirement to perform well as Unholy anymore, especially with the buffs coming up in 7.2.5. Big relief to know I will no longer be tied down to chasing after 1 legendary just to utilize my spec competitively.Malgroth19 Jun 13
Jun 13 DPS Trinkets for Blood Hello, I recently made a blood DK alt and I'm now at the point where im doing keys that require dps output from the tank. I know that the buff to blood damage will help, but I'd still like to target trinkets that would help. Any suggestions?Martenluther10 Jun 13
Jun 13 New PTR Necrotic strike buff Here's the change to Necrotic strike they made. Unholy Honor Talents (1) Necrotic Strike A vicious strike that deals 100% Plague damage, and converts 1 Festering Wound into a Necrotic Wound, absorbing the next (600900 / 100 * Attack power) healing received by the target. So it went from 600% to 900% Here's the source. Jun 13
Jun 13 dk stats are the stats staying the same as 7.2Fotmidiot0 Jun 13
Jun 13 are all DK's horde? every dk forum post or comment has been all horde, is wow now 90% horde or something?Skórri37 Jun 13
Jun 13 Frost DK DPS in Tomb 7.2.5 I main a Ret Paladin and am looking at Frost DK as a potential switch for tomb. How is their damage output going into tomb? I haven't been able to do any testing on the PTR as a Frost DK for myself. I am looking to me more competitive in DPS. Ret feels like an uphill climb and just wondering what the grass is like on the other side of the fence? Thanks friends!Eldunari7 Jun 13
Jun 13 Blizzard Lied to Death Knights, Again. I remember back at BlizzCon where Blizzard said they would let Death Knights resurrect themselves with Raise Ally, This actually changed the game with me deciding to keep on leveling a Death Knight. When will they implement this feature? I do hope it is tomorrow.Dëàthbringër4 Jun 13
Jun 13 DK mount scenario easy to brake In the ending scenario for the DK class mount. I ended up go across the water not on the land and I found the spot where the undead are running around and kill some before the a ran over the land that triggered section to start killing them. This lead to me not having filled up the bar enough before all of them were dead. I ended up having to hearth out of the scenario log out then go back to the area in northern northrend to redo the scenario from the beginning. I feel like this was an easy mistake to make. Wouldnt it just make more sense for the undead to respawn until you have enough? seems like and easy way to fix the issue. Just a heads up.Slightilo7 Jun 13
Jun 13 DK Tips? lately been Getting back into WOW using my main DK but What i been noticing i have be rather squishy even with Blood spec on Pve Is not to much trouble but mobs to take time to kill But PVP I get bear mangled and just mangled in general Is there a Good pvp or pve tips i could use Or what specs or abilities should i lean onto more?Krewsr4 Jun 13
Jun 13 Transmog Gear and Raids I just started playing wow again and I never had a chance to do any raids before so I was wondering what are some of the good old ones I should do and ones that drop cool Frost DK transmog gear?Lichuran3 Jun 13
Jun 12 Unholy seeking help Hey guys, noob dk here. I'm seeking help about what to use as talents. I looked online, but I think the builds I find is only for well geared people with a few legendaries under their belt. Soul Reaper. I have a very hard time figuring out how and when to use it. If I aim for 3 stacks, I get rune starved and feel like I can't do anything else. I just need a bit of help, if anyone would have anything to show, I would really appreciate it. I love the spec and would love to learn how to play it properly. Thanks in advance!Acamo6 Jun 12
Jun 12 So how is Blood damage now on PTR? I've read a lot of interpretations of the aura changes and the flat damage buffs - no matter what, we're looking to gain some dps in 7.2.5 How does BDK dps feel on PTR now? Where are we on the list of tank dps?Corebot6 Jun 12
Jun 12 Frost 7.2.5 Can anyone who's played the ptr tell me how frost looks? I would think we are close to the same I understand the HB nerf but the 3% across the board schould help a little. Any feed back?Divinekhaos1 Jun 12
Jun 12 10 Weeks & Counting.. What's the longest you've waited for an xmog piece to drop? I'm convinced that the plate helm from Ji'Kun in H ToT is a myth at this point..Erogance8 Jun 12
Jun 12 Tier 2 + Leg Bracers I am one of the lucky few whom has the instructors fourth lesson bracers. Can anyone tell me if that makes the talent pestilent pustules a better choice than blighted rune weapon for me in 7.2.5?Blightmare3 Jun 12
Jun 12 Oh joy. Oh joy.....another f'ing frosty drake mount.........Laaguna16 Jun 12
Jun 12 Not seeing ... DK's use their new class mount. I have my own thoughts on why this might be. Curious to hear yours. I will say this ... taking the mount out of it ... the quest line was at least awesome.Palerìder17 Jun 12
Jun 12 DK Frost or Unholy So that, which do you recomend? which is better for you? I don´t know which one to choose.. help!Thiryel39 Jun 12
Jun 12 Blood DK Buffed - 7.2.5? I read the wowhead notes and it shows we are getting a 15% buff to our healing and damage. Is there any truth or what is the deal?Untouchable12 Jun 12
Jun 12 The Forgotten Theme of Death Knights Recently, and particularly with controversial 'Unholy Determination' Feat of Strength, I've noticed a common misconception about the historical flavor of death knights. Many players seem to view the class as belonging to amoral murderers that kill without remorse or consideration - and while there are certainly death knights who fit into this category, there's much more to the Ebon Blade. It's easy to see where this misunderstanding about the Ebon Blade might come from. During the starting experience at the Scarlet Enclave, death knight players are utterly malicious in their destruction of the Scarlet Crusade, even slaughtering civilians. NPCs comment on and celebrate emotional deatchment and wanton killing - especially when the player character kills their former friend. However, the Ebon Blade was still an instrument of the Scourge at this time. They were pawns, not people. Once they were freed by the Light of Dawn, we began to see new facets of their identity. Death knights were still vicious and pragmatic, but they were no longer just emotionless killers - and for all their ferocity, the Knights of the Ebon Blade had their own sort of chivalry. It was different from the honor one would see from a paladin, of course. Death knights were ruthless to their foes. They would break their bodies and their wills. They would destroy or defile all they held sacred. However, the Knights acted on behalf of the world of the living - even if they had no place there. Even if the people of Azeroth would never understand or appreciate the lengths they went to. Even if they were damned. They worked beside the Argent Crusade to protect a world they had already died for once. As Highlord Mograine is fond of saying, "We know much about sacrifice." This theme is echoed again and again in the class campaign, even as the Ebon Blade's methods grow more extreme. Before the attack on Light's Hope, Darion laments that it has come to this, but resolves to do whatever it takes to protect Azeroth - even if it further damns him. The heart of the Ebon Blade has always been sacrifice - fighting for the salvation of others while holding little hope for your own. The Ebon Blade is about doing what's necessary, not what's right. The Ebon Blade is about finding redemption in damnation. TL;DR: All you hyper-edgy DKs need to stop pretending you're Coldsteel the Hedgeheg.Rimeblade21 Jun 12
Jun 12 Ebon Knight Frostreaver How do you get them, i finished the research but cant find where to train themAsurawolf15 Jun 12
Jun 12 Unholy DK Change Suggestions I accidentally posted this in General Discussions... Let me start off by saying that I haven't played my Unholy DK since I realized that they were very sub-par in almost every aspect. Every 1.5 minutes though... you get to do something finally cool (and damaging)! My main gripe about this spec, and many other specs, is the very lackluster mastery behind them. What I'm going to preface all my suggestions/explanations with is going to be my suggestion to the change in Unholy's mastery. Instead of the current "Increase your shadow damage by yawn%", How about something actually Unholy? Something interesting and dynamic. "You have a X% chance to summon a minion from the Army of the Dead for 8 seconds whenever you burst a Festering Wound." Also, tacked onto the end of the effect, should be something that reads: "Your pets deal X% more damage." To refrain from this getting crazy out of hand, the numbers would honestly have to be pretty low, but not TOO low. Maybe a baseline 4-5% to start out, and then a generous amount of mastery rating required to increase the percentage. Maybe the "ceiling" with higher gear should be roughly 18-20%. This would make Unholy an ACTUAL "pet" class. Most of Unholy's damage comes from its pets via Army, Apocalypse, and their ghoul/abomination. Doing this can open up so many more options for talent choices and creation. Now, I'll get into what I think would be some pretty cool changes to the talents that would actually offer diversity among Unholy DKs. All Will Serve. Boring and rarely picked. With the mastery I stated above, you could actually make this a FUN talent that also has potential to be GOOD. This would also make it a pretty popular leveling talent. All Will Serve - "Whenever you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, you summon a minion from the Army of the Dead that lasts for 8 seconds. Whenever an Army of the Dead minion expires, the cooldown of your Army of the Dead is reduced by 1 (maybe 2??) second(s)" That last tidbit on the talent suggestion stems from my absolute HATRED of our main DPS cooldown being on a 10 minute cooldown. Maybe this whole post stems from that... Who knows. On to the second tier of talents... Epidemic in my opinion should also apply a singular stack of Festering Wound to every target it hits. Epidemic is also rarely taken. If it applies a stack of Festering Wound, then the AoE potential of Unholy actually becomes something similar to that of an actual Epidemic. Outbreak -> Epidemic -> Death and Decay -> Scourge Strike. Obviously, the number of uses would change, but, the actual damage output would be necessary due to the mastery I'm suggesting. The third tier. I would like to make a point as to how this mastery would completely change the effectiveness of Castigator vs. Clawing Shadows. Unholy Frenzy is almost never chosen... But with this new mastery!! Unholy Frenzy - "When a Festering Wound bursts, you gain 100% increased attack speed for 2.5 seconds, and while under this effect, your auto attacks cause your Virulent Plague on the target to erupt." This provides it a pretty considerable damage increase and could make it actually compete with the other 2 talents in this tier. The fourth tier is disappointing from a design standpoint. We don't have a stun and our mobility sucks, so for PvP we have to lose some damage in our upgraded minion. Dumb. The fifth tier is a typical utility tier, not much I'd change. Well, I'd make Lingering Apparition baseline for DKs in general, but, I'm greedy. Tier 6: Necrosis is bland, imo. I feel like it should be changed to a usable ability that is given to your pet. Maybe something to the effect of a DoT that is applied that also debuffs the enemy. Maybe an additional 5% damage from the DK and his minions? The final tier is pretty cool to me as is, but, I'd like to see Defile do something different since, again, it's rarely chosen... Defile - "Defile the targeted ground, dealing X Shadowfrost damage to all enemies over 10 sec. Every 1 second, if any enemies are standing in the Defile, your minion's attacks infect their target, increasing the Death Knight's Shadow Damage done to the target by 1%, stacking up to 20 times and lasting 5 seconds. While you remain within your Defile, your Scourge Strike(Clawing Shadows) will hit all enemies near the target." Also, on a PvP note, Unholy should have an Honor talent that applies a disease that slowly saps movement speed from the target and gives the sapped speed to the DK. Just something I'd like to see. I realize I don't have all the numbers set in stone and a lot of these suggestions would make certain Legendary items under/over tuned. But Unholy needs SOME type of change! Not just damage increases... those are boring! ;) Thanks for reading!Enfexion0 Jun 12
Jun 11 Last Minute 7.2.5 Unholy DK Nerfs..... Wtf blizz. This sucks from a PVP perspective. Buffing Dark Arbiter duration, but nerfing its damage? When I tried bursting with Dark Arbiter and dumping runic power, I was able to get more Runic Power spent and faster pressure in the 15 second window by using Death Coil (30rp) than by using Death Strike (45rp). New Death Coil (45rp) is going to be harder to empower the Val'kyr so it already won't have quite as much burst directly from Dark Arbiter, and on top of that you're going to nerf Dark Arbiter damage by 24%? I guess this means we HAVE to use Soul Reaper. I thought adjustments were supposed to be made so we aren't pidgeon-holed into one talent. (Yes, Defile is garbage for pvp, because this is World of Burstcraft and it's the only way to ever land any kills in competitive pvp, by taking a healer by surprise and chunking off an enemy's health while healer is cc'ed.) Also, raising damage and resource cost of Death Coil but nerfing Sudden Doom proc? I feel like overall, even with the 5% blanket damage increase, nerfing stuff to this extent negates MUCH NEEDED buffs.Salanar7 Jun 11
Jun 11 unholy wrists Anyone know when the change to the wrists from 1-3 to 1-2 were put into place. i heard the wrists nerfs were put into place when the new rings were put into the PTR. but i can't find that change.Vizantius5 Jun 11
Jun 11 Blood Leggos for Tomb progression? I've got all but KJBW. Thinking Belt and Prydaz?Freshenough1 Jun 11
Jun 11 Epidemic, is it viable? I switched up my build and took up epidemic. On trash the talent is brilliant. On bosses? I think I've forgotten how to play without it and I am pretty sure I am underperforming (even for Unholy). Anyone else dabble with it recently this xpac? Is it a worthwhile option in that tier?Threedays10 Jun 11
Jun 11 Soul of the Deathlord for Unholy Right now the bis legendaries for unholy are the bracers and KJBW. In patch 7.2.5, ¿the new ring gonna be a bis legendary for unholy?Sétesh7 Jun 11
Jun 10 Does anyone else... REALLY miss death grip resetting on kbs?Horrorpops3 Jun 10
Jun 10 So what did I do wrong? Since Warrior class Hall seemed like a bad joke to me, I tried boosting a DK to 100. Oh look at all these lore characters I know and love standing around, now this is a class quest! Got sent to get my weapon. I enter Icecrown as Frost to do the scenario, and I'm almost dead every fight, against every mob. Do I have to pop every cooldown to just survive normal mobs now? Is there something I missed? I'm wearing the lvl 100 boosted gear. Maybe I should've gone Blood DK just so I survive.Kubone12 Jun 10
Jun 10 Red dragon Flight extinction Red Dragon Flight becomes extinct tomorrow!Deydrania6 Jun 10
Jun 10 Patch Soon I'll be missing the first two weeks of the season but you guys need to avoid destroying the ladders for a minute or two so I can have fun before they nerf us. Good luck everybody for this season and the start of next !Zingfer2 Jun 10
Jun 10 Mage Tower Challenge UH Okay, so to add to the various ways people have done this. Took ~12 attempts. tl;dr: iL904, using Death March and KJBW in a nearly-full-AoE talent set (Ebon Fever but I think Bursting Sores might have been better since the imps and are often right on top of her, Pestilent Pustules, Clawing Shadows, Adomb, Spell Eater [AMS up on every time], Infected Claws, Defile). Mats: Prolonged Power, Barracuda Mrrglblgrl (was too lazy to go buy snails to make Platter), augment rune. No drums. Did a standard pre-pot Army/DT/Gargoyle opener. (I actually think, though, given how hectic the last 5-10% is, that it might be worth considering armying+second pot on her last teleport. The first phase is a cakewalk compared to later.) Details/comments: I do recommend watching a video of someone's attempts/kill so you have an idea of pacing when you first step in. That helped me enormously and is the reason I got it done so fast, along with what are IMO the best pair of legendaries which let you maintain consistent, high DPS on the boss while still getting the adds down. I would make yourself some fuming imp macros, because those little twits are what made me take 12 attempts. I could have done it in way less if I'd had better macros to deal with them early on. Something like... /tar [exists,nodead] fuming imp /petattack /use [mod:alt] Hook; [mod: shift] Smash DBM will not warn you in any noticeable way. You can probably make a weak aura to BBW "Run away, little girl!" if you wanted, there's probably a way to detect them. Don't forget about your Abom's Hook and stun abilities those times when she puts out 2 of the little jerks. If you are not in range of Agatha and your pet is she's going to melee him and since Blizz thinks it's totally hysterical that we can't heal our pets she will kill him if you don't get back in range quick enough. -.- This was annoying as hell. Using KJBW: I used it at open to deal with the initial wave of smoldering and after that I only used it to deal with fuming imps or huge waves, or, if she was shielded w/Imp Servants and Apoc or Defile were still on CD. I don't recommend using it for regular rotational DPS. Use it situationally, it's extremely powerful in this encounter when used correctly. If you are in a cleave/AoE spec like I was you basically don't need to target her hardly at all, just throw down Defile and kill imps, she'll get hit by the bouncing Clawing Shadows plenty, and your disease and Dragged to Helheims will do the rest. (I think I should have considered being Bursting Sores because of this, tbh.) There is a choke point in the cave where it's very easy to get squashed flat by a boulder because you tried to shimmy through and got hung up on Blizz's shiny advanced high-def terrain. Never, ever go in there if a center bolder is on approach, you *will* get stuck at that skeleton or the rocks and unless you have AMS and IBF up and/or are at full health you'll die. Just chill out and wait for it to pass and ranged DPS the imps. In fact, when she swaps side, if there are imps left where you are it's totally okay to linger and kill them and heal up with Dark Succor procs. The first fumers will spawn at her, and they'll have a nice long walk to you, giving you plenty of time to chains and kill them. (Obviously this doesn't apply if she's shielded and casting that thing you need to interrupt, so be careful about how long you chill out killing Umbral/Smoldering.) Good luck everyone!Grimdarque3 Jun 10
Jun 9 How much dps lose to get away from BoS to Ob. Looking at some wow logs seems pretty significant. Anyone compared for kicks?Rhenblade5 Jun 9