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1m Why even bring a feral A BM hunter pet will do more damage and contribute more to the group.Unlivable19 1m
2m Resto question, or is it me and is haste bad? So Ive been leveling up my druid with the plan of being healer. Been running some regulars and gearing up for heroics and I just noticed that no piece of gear has any impact on max mana or mana regen. With 0 gear on I have 100k mana and 4k mana regen. With a full set of gear including 7% haste I have 100k mana and 4k mana regen. Doesnt this make haste functionally worse than all other secondary stats? Crit, mastery, and versatility increase rate of healing as well as total healing. But haste would only increase the rate. Since haste doesnt appear to impact mana regen does this mean it is our lowest priority stat? ThanksTrastrin2 2m
2m Newest DPS "Sims" http://www.simulationcraft.org/reports/PR_Raid.html updated dps rankings for ilvl 340Toffletrig14 2m
4m What exactly does feral do here? >low damage >no cc, literally none >auto-attacks for days >awkward rotationMaldicey2 4m
5m What About Boomy? I'm leveling up my druid at the moment as Feral (yeah, I know they're garbage at 120). So far so good because my leggos are still in effect at level 114. I wanted to play my feral druid, but since they are dumpster fire of a spec I'm wondering how boomy is doing? Are balance druids any good at 120? This is for PvE.Odyn3 5m
10m Trouble with resto? Take prosperity Noticed a lot of people struggling with the resto changes (myself included) and have seen quite a few people taking abudance/cenarion ward for pve. Imo....these are straight trap talents. Currently, swiftmend is the strong, direct heal you need to keep tanks up, or heal a dps below 10%. This may change in the future as tanks become more geared and dps doesn't stay in fire (lol cmon like that'll happen), but currently trash and bosses can hit undergeared players like trucks. The prosperity talent changes swiftmend from a 1 time usage every 25s to having 1 swiftmend up every 11s. It heals for the same amount as Cenarion, but allows you much more flexibility in when to use it, and abundance, even with germ, only provides at most 60 percent crit and reduced mana cost, while still healing like a wet noodle. You can play around with later talents to your own desire/need (obviously SotF makes the most sense, but with Cult you have an extra HoT to trigger increased mastery direct healing), but make sure to take prosperity in 5 mans if you're having trouble.Fedras12 10m
14m Please read the druid forums (Feral is dead) Hey, somebody over there must know. Feral is literally broken atm. Hunters pet out damage them. Astral affinity druids that cast out damage the actual abilities. Auto-attack is our #1 damage. I cant list enough problems. Seriously, go to the druid forums. Its a minefieldReason11 14m
22m Leveling as a Druid is horrendous. I have leveled tons of toons throughout the past 14 years and I can tell you this is the most trouble I've EVER had leveling. This almost reminds me of leveling a shadow priest in vanilla. On average mobs take 10-15 seconds to kill as Balance. I have to cast at least 5/6 solar wraths on ONE mob. And Starsurge and Moonfire/Sunfire do so little damage. It's disheartening seeing people next to me a killing things WAY quicker. I leveled a warrior to 53 two days ago and it was soooooo much quicker. Why are druids so weak? (Feral is just as bad)Windsx0 22m
25m I feel as though I'm kind of committed As the title says at this point I feel like I've already invested too much time (and luck) into this character to reroll. As such, I was wondering if you guys have or could direct me to any builds that make things marginally less pawful? Any help is appreciated thank you.Cattitude1 25m
25m Read the Druid forums! This should be seen as an emergency by Blizzard. Seriously, you have people legitimately cancelling their subscriptions because of the depressingly low and inexcusably bad DPS output of Feral Cat druids, from veteran kitties and veteran WoWers as a whole, from the lack of a blue response to ANY posts in the Druid forums, from no hotfixes and no attention to the class despite repeated feedback going all the way back to F&F Alpha (with no change all the way up to release). I don't want to change my main. We should not have to change our mains just to keep from being booted or excluded from runs. This is something your foresight as the foremost MMORPG developer should have tackled well before things got to this point. Resto druids are doing more damage than Feral. EVERY class and spec can do more damage than a Feral cat druid. Tanks, healers, heck even BM hunter pets are doing more damage than Feral druids are, currently. More than two mobs, and we are most likely dead. Our energy regen is abysmal and we have no talents to boost it. You have us pidgeonholed with our talent system such that we pick to either do marginal AoE, or below average single target. Even with a perfect rotation we are bottoming out across the board compared to tanks and healers, and of course ALL other DPS specs. This isn't a whine, this isn't a cry, this is depressed feedback to an emergency situation. If you aren't going to hotfix us, then at least respond to ONE of the many posts in the Druid forums. It's just utter silence.Meowfurion30 25m
26m Feral just isn't viable (or enjoyable) Feral needs some attention!!! 323 Item Level here doing about 7k single target and a little more AOE. - My tank spec does more damage than feral in every instance - Low level characters do more damage than me (first hand observation) - Other equally geared players are much more powerful Competitive issues aside, it feels terrible to take ages to kill random quest mobs. It's faster (and safer!) to use Guardian. Many others can just instantly blow up mobs or pull 3-5 and burn them down. My crystal ball says: nobody will be taking me into mythic dungeons and I will be sat in raids during progression. Please help us.Puntnig24 26m
29m Rerolling For the first time since Vanilla, I will not be maining feral this expansion unless they fix the specc asap. I have very rarely been kicked from dungeons, and when it did happen it was due to a clash of calling out jerks and being kicked. i have never been kicked solely on performance until BFA. I know my rotations, I know what I’m doing. And I’m so far down in DPS that I get kicked from every group I get in through LFG. I’m 320 Ilvl and when I see my DPS, hell I would kick that also. I have been kicked from 3 heroics today after waiting in queue like a good boy. One of the kicks wa straight out the gates when someone said « lol feral » kick this guy, he will drag us down. The sad part is, he was right. I will be dusting off my retribution paladin because I like the ability to tank or dps ( mainly dps ) with the option to tank. I always stuck with feral through thick and thin, ups and downs. But now I feel I will gimp myself of any progress if I stick with it, and the expansion is not even a month old. I hope this get fixed before or during the first raid tier. If not, my favorite character will be left on the shelf. I know this is just another complaint post among so many others, but they are well deserved...Demonstrasza9 29m
34m FERALS! Post on the *customer support* forums It is actively monitored more often than these ones. Enough of an uproar and hopefully we can get noticed. If you care about Feral, open a post up!Reason13 34m
35m Balance Help Hey friends. Is balance super weak right now or is it just me? Single target has always been a weak spot for boomkin, but I just can't seem to keep up with literally anyone. I'm probably only push 4k dps on a good day, popping celestial alignment bumps it a bit, but then i'm literally done. It feels super bad and i'd almost rather just stay as a bear 24/7. Does this improve with azerite traits or something, or am I just wasting my time?Flashlight2 35m
39m Guardian similar damage to feral...lol I am doing 5k to 7k dps at ilvl 326 as guardian (which is by some estimates the lowest dps tank) and ferals in our pugs are doing similar dps (if not lower). Feral needs a 15% to 20% buff to dps, or the ability to drop healthstones or summon or something useful.Syp0 39m
1h Predator Greetings my fellow cats, I have been messing around with different builds I think I may have something here. This is for just m+ and not single target. I know this doesn’t change the fact that we need a lot of tuning, but this may help for now. I saw an azerite trait that increases damage of the next 4 Shreds by X after Tigers Fury. I got another piece with the same trait. So I changed my talents to Predator, Soul of the Forest (or Incarnation if you energy regen is a better), Brutal Slash and Moment of Clarity. Focused to increase Crit and Vers. Idea here is to move away from bleeds and focus more on direct damage, specially Shred. Crit also gives more combo points. Opener would be Rake on the biggest mob in the pack followed by Thrash (to put a dot on all the mobs) BrSlash 3 times (or till 5 cb) and Rip. Move to the next big mob and by this time you probably will be low on energy. Hit Tigers Fury and Shred away to 5 cb and FB or RIP. When a low HP mob dies u can TF again because of the talent Predator. And so on. Keep BrSlash on cd. I have done only 2 heroic dungeons and I can do like 8k to 9k dps. My gear is very low and my crit and vers are not that high. I probably can do more. May be a geared feral can check this out and let us know. Thank you for reading.Lathorius11 1h
1h Snake race rumor So, its rumored that the snake race in Vul'dun will be the next Alliance race. Do you think they might be a druid race? Alliance have 1 less druid race tahn Horde, so if Horde get vulperan, Alliance would get a new race that could work well with being a druid. Plus the snake druid forms would be really neat.Nephelina1 1h
1h fist weapons guardian i dont understand why in the last expansion the guardian used fist weapons as its legendary. now on this expansion they cant use them. come blizz keep it straightTickles1 1h
1h Guardians - trouble holding aggro? I've never had this much trouble keeping aggro. Yes, when we pull stuff everyone is on a different target, but it has never been this bad before. I'm spamming the heck out of everything I have and I'm barely able to hold on and heals is basically mana-tanking 3 DPS on trash mobs... am I the only one?Fdo31 1h
2h Kimbul Druid Form I would actually roll a feral druid if it looked as badass as Kimbul. Being a loa I'm surprised they didn't go with something similar for the Zandalari druids (sabertusk looks so derpy). Cat and Bear form in general could stand to be a little more intimidating in stature, what do other people think?Hecs2 2h
2h Aquatic form slow? Aquatic Form's tooltip says: "Your Travel Form Increases your swimspeed by 100% and allows you to breathe underwater" But there's no way aquatic form is 100% in water, it feels more like 50%, people I'm leveling with leave me in the dust when they get on water walking mounts, there's no way it's 100%.Panhu5 2h
2h Feral REALLY is That Bad(It's Not Just You) Hello, my name is Kilmeister and I've been playing a druid since the beta. I leveled my beloved druid all the way to 120 and even did a round or so of WQs. At first leveling was slow, but my legion legendaries seemed to mask my problems and it wasn't too painful leveling to 116. I had just assumed that all other classes were taking this long to kill mobs. After that I began to notice that seemingly every other class was running around killing mobs in a few seconds while I was sitting there going through multiple full rotations. I eventually realized that feral was in fact totally broken, so I took measures... One 110 level boost later I had a green geared warrior. The difference in damage is like not even in the same league. The bleeds on my crap geared warrior were higher than my legion equipped druid's 5 point FB!?! I wasn't running any meters, because I really don't care, but I'd say my green gear warrior was immediately doing at least 4x damage that my druid did at same level if not more. The group quest which I had done previously slowly in bear form took at least 5+ minutes to kill the elites. I redid a few of them with my warrior and they are all dead in under 45 seconds because I have yet to have been able to use colossal smash a 2nd time. I've never been big on damage meters, mostly because I've primarily been a tank since TBC, and being low on a meter has never bothered me. However, for the first time ever (I actually even killed Kel'thuzad in vanilla as a feral) I just felt disheartened to play it. I hope the emergency hotfix in something soon, but for now I'm happy leveling my warrior until then. TLDR: The Topic! This is just my story.Kilmeister33 2h
2h Druid Races Was expecting more races to be available to Druid. Only 4 still(allied races are just reskins). Pandaren maybe? neutral race to keep the sides even?Utalawo4 2h
3h Do I suck at feral or something? I quit around before the time Legion came out, so a few days ago I was level 100. I hopped up and spec'd resto before BFA came out so I could hit 110 in queue's quickly. Before I quit, I was playing 2s as Balance. I decided I was gonna hop to Feral for the first time ever. I can't kill !@#$. I quested my Arms warrior 100-110 with a breeze, killing mobs left and right. But I have to single target mobs as a Druid and it takes forever to kill anything. Maybe my rotation is wrong? I'm opening with Rake, and spamming Shred for combo points and using rip/ferocious bite when I hit 5 each time. I wanted to main my Druid for BFA but I might hop to my Warrior.Druid9 3h
3h Imput from druids who also lvld other classes Hey all. From what I've been reading here there's this underpowered feeling among druids. I relate to that, but wanted to ask druids that also leveled other classes something. Is the "combat time" on other classes significantly shorter than with druids? Not asking about dungeon/group dps (I know that is important), just regular mobs in the world. I ask because this is the least powerful I've felt since vanilla. Regular mobs take waaay too long to kill leveling. Named quest mobs more so (and no, not talking about silver or gold elites). I understand the scaling that come with leveling and the secondaries, but while leveling, this is the worst I've felt. So, are other classes really better off or the scaling hits them just as hard? ThanksMenisco35 3h
3h Not sure which path to take... Leveled this druid (balance) to 120 and did literally everything (a nation united). Primarily wanted this druid cause I like doing RBG's, but I got on my DK and enjoy playing blood very much so far. However, I'd like to have the choice of going DPS, and lots of topics on the DK forum are hardcore complaining about DK dps specs. Feel like I might not be able to get into RBG groups. I also have a 110 warrior, but I wouldn't tank on him, and I stopped playing him in legion because RBG groups never wanted warriors. I did thoroughly enjoy the warrior as well, though, and I keep hearing that they're good right now. Not sure which path to take...Callmedaddi1 3h
3h Feral save (pls) Just leaving my +1 here. I've seen roadkill do more damage than this spec.Reason16 3h
3h Bear on Cat hate crime Yes as a fellow Druid I’m sorry but I did it. The Hate crime, this is the story. As a cat I found it hard to out dps tanks and with all the issues with Druid dps I went bear tank, This is where the hate started, I joined a heroic dungeon and we have to Druid dps a cat and boom. We cleared to first boss and both druids dps was low, now the boss kill. The other dps was more than 2x higher than the druids. That’s when it happened the hate crime. I just left the group. I don’t blam the druids because my cat dps is just as bad, I just did not want to be slowed down by the low Druid dps, Then I log out and leveled my Ret to 112 and rolled everything I passes, so I’m so sorry to the druids. RIP cat Luv u long time RetDannybear0 3h
3h Why remove displacer beast? It feels really awful in PvP right now to no longer have that blink. It was pretty integral to the kit for both balance and resto. Wild charge is much more situational and the travel time gives the enemy player excellent tracking and easy reaction time. Could you at least lower the cooldown of Tiger Dash or stop it from being connected to Dash? I'm sure PvE'rs don't care, but I'm not sure why you've just given up on PvP as a whole. PvP feels so clunky right now, targeted immediately (nothing new), but no way to really escape.Subtlebee5 3h
4h How do you unlock all the feral forms? I know the fire forms are from a toy drop in Firelands, but what about all the other alternate druid forms?Nephelina1 4h
4h Druid Forms & Weapons in BfA I'd first and foremost like to express my thanks that Blizzard has made the attempt at allowing us to utilise our hard earned Legion forms in the new expansion. I was really looking forward to doing so (Some of the Legion forms are amazing!) and I appreciate that some effort towards achieving this end has been made. That said, I have to admit I find the current implementation to be a bit of a !@#$ty compromise and the results are pretty disappointing. I expected better. I'm not sure if there are technical limitations involved that make the process of decoupling the forms from particular weapon types impossible, or if there's some other design decision at play here that I'm not comprehending, but the idea that these form appearances are still tied to a specific weapon type in a post-Legion environment doesnt make much sense to me. These appearances are now firmly in the realm of cosmetic transmogrification changes. I don't think they're really intrinsically tied in with an object the way they were as part of Legion's story development and thus im not sure why we really need to have them bound to those weapon types in perpetuity as we upgrade our new equipment and leave our actual artifacts far behind. Furthermore, the fact that I'm forced to use the actual base appearance for a particular artifact if I want the relevant form appearance is pretty horrible. I didnt use these base artifact appearances in Legion because I thought most of them were aesthetically unimpressive. I was able to transmog them to a weapon of my choice and still get to use the druid form attached to them. With this new system however, Im forced to use the base artifact appearance If I want any of the associated forms and I cant transmog the weapons themselves. This effectively results in a system whereby I can either have the weapon appearance I want *OR* the druid form appearance I want, but not both. This wasn't what I expected at all, and I'm of the opinion that its not really an adequate solution and isn't up to the standards I would ordinarily expect from Blizzard. I realise there are any number of matters that may take priority at the present time, but I'd really like to see this system revised and improved in short order to allow for more flexibility regarding weapon and form customisations for druids. Thanks very much.Anaerys28 4h
4h Feral Form Xmog I have unlocked the Mage Tower Challenge form ... but when I goto the artifact dropdown at the Transmog guy ... it only lists the 4 colors of Moonspirit. It doesnt seem to have my Mage Tower Challenge form. Is this broken or did I do something wrong?Swiftthistle5 4h
5h Why haven't you jumped ship? Why do you still play Druid given the state its in right now? For me it's for a few reasons. 1. Druid was the first class I played back when I started in BC so it holds a special place for me. 2. I have always loved the fantasy of shapeshifting into animals, not many mmos have this aspect. 3. All of my reps are tied to this tune.Elaurthann32 5h
5h Feral DPS needs a buff I just finished leveling some on my survival hunter and it's ridiculous how much easier it is to play and how much more damage it does than Feral.Multke5 5h
5h Feral sub money is broken yes Feral sub money must be broken for blizzard, why ? 1. Slow motion energy bar 2. Bad single target dps 3. Bad aoe damage 4. Did I bring up that slow motion energy bar. #Meowsadkitty Please blizzard my wife would love to keep paying you to keep me playing this game to keep me out of her hair, but if her plan does not work she will just unsubscribe me. #blizzkeepmywifehappy ;)Dannybear6 5h
6h Unsub, talk with your wallets. Literally spent 15 mins just going through forums, the amount of feral posts/overall druid posts is staggering. Beta, Pre-Patch, Launch there is literally mountains and mountains of posts, indicating these problems before the game even launched. What purpose did beta serve??????? Pure radio silence. I'm pretty convinced the dev team consists of three people while 90% of the budget (this number also must have been incredible small, considering we essentially payed 50 bucks, excluding game time, to play a malfunctional game) went into making art/trailers/graphics/videos what have you. The standard reply of "well the same people don't work on everything" isn't really plausible to me at all, if were taking the rate of changes or lack-thereof into account. When we look at the development changes that have been made... I'm not seeing anything significant... Especially considering more then half the classes play the same way or worse, significantly worse in most cases... with no new talents, removed abilities... Honestly what the hell is going on, actually don't even tell me whats going on. Playing gw2. Paying 50 dollars to beta test a "complete" game.Hydroxine10 6h
6h Class Chats: Druid [Machinima](Finally Done!) Hello! I’m posting this on behalf of Strausin, as he is currently unable to post it himself: ...Yliaa0 6h
7h Balance Boomy and Restore Resto Both specs feel bad and are making it difficult to enjoy the game as a Druid. Clearly I'm not the only one that thinks this. Please bring us back into the game :(Soloheal14 7h
7h Warmode Talents as Balance Just curious, what are you guys running for your warmode talents? Currently I am struggling vs any melee, as they tend to just shut me down, any advice is appreciatedOwlbearcat4 7h
9h Balance/Restoration In-depth comparison guide I am creating this to create a topic on which we compare the damage output of both Balance (Moonkin Form) and Restoration(Balance Affinity). I have broken down the tooltips of my druid who is currently 332 Item level. Note that the stats I show are not the best stats as I am focusing on Item level and is not the subject of the post. Balance- Moonkin Form Crit: 12% Haste: 8% Mastery: 23% Versatility: 8% Starsurge: 10,832 Lunar Strike: 3,719(Single) 1,227(AoE) Solar Wrath: 2,917 Moonfire: 2,065 (Cast) 11,505 (DoT) Sunfire: 1,194 (Cast) 8,430 (DoT) Restoration- Balance Affinity Crit: 10% Haste: 8% Mastery: 10% Versatility: 8% Starsurge: 8,827 Lunar Strike: 6,179(Single) 2,162(AoE) Solar Wrath: 4,078 Moonfire: 2,035(Cast) 8,246(DoT) Sunfire: 1,412(Cast) 6,645(DoT) Comparison- B(Balance) R(Restoration) Starsurge: 10,832(B)- 8,827(R)= 2,005(Balance Advantange) Lunar Strike: 3,719(Single) 1,227(AoE)(B)-6,179(Single) 2,162(AoE)(R)= 2,460(Cast)(Resto Advantage) 935(AoE)(Resto Advantage) Solar Wrath: 2,917(B)-4,078(R)= 1,161(Resto Advantage) Moonfire: 2,065 (Cast) 11,505 (DoT)(B)-2,035(Cast) 8,246(DoT)(R)= 30(Cast)(Balance Advantage) 3,259(DoT)(Balance Advantage) Sunfire: 1,194 (Cast) 8,430 (DoT)(B)-1,412(Cast) 6,645(DoT)(R)= 218(Cast)(Resto Advantage) 1,785(DoT)(Balance Advantage) Through the comparison of numbers we can see that Solar Wrath/Lunar Stirke do a significant more amount of damage as Restoration. But the argument comes up with the empowerment bonuses (Though Restoration is granted these through Balance Affinity, the mastery for balance changes this). With a mastery of 23% we can see Solar Wrath doing an additional 23% more damage, this still has them slightly behind the baseline of Restoration by only adding 670 more damage. This is even more prevalent in Lunar strike only adding 11.5% bonus, equaling 427 (less than what Solar wrath is adding). Though are DoT damage is where is should be, the Restoration druid is only slightly behind. I am not sure if the mastery is built into the tooltip for Moonfire/Sunfire, but if it is the damage from mastery is pitiful to only keep us 15-20% ahead of our healing counterpart. This put me in a strange predicament, for soloing I was able to kill single targets quicker as resto, and have more survivablity. Or be Balance and have the ability to kill more mobs but at a slower pace. I wanted to get some feedback from other's thoughts on how the tuning should (or shouldn't) be changed.Misuse2 9h
9h Any other Rdruids have Seabreeze? Feels like dead item. It doesn't proc from heals at all. Whys it on the healer loot table?Whatkarnt3 9h
9h Restoration Talents What talents are you using for dungeons? I've found myself using Propserity, Tiger Dash, Balance Affinity, Mass Entanglement, Soul of the Forest, Spring Blossoms and Flourish. I was using what Icy Veins suggested, but it simply wasn't working for me, I was having trouble bringing the group back up from heavy damage. I'm also considering dropping Flourish for Germination to help out. Just curious what's working for other restos out there =)Ellwindris2 9h
10h Best PvP talents for Guardian WPVP? Since feral is such a dumpster fire right now I have been running WQ and other content as a bear. I want to rek as much as possible in wpvp, so I'm wondering what set up and PvP talents I should take.Kaelwyn1 10h
10h Den Mother PvP trait Den Mother Pvp trait keeps dropping off in Wpvp at random times. Mostly just after combat with players and then remains off and does not reactivate.Duskreaper2 10h
11h Transmogging Legion Forms? So I figured out how to transmog to my Legion Artifact forms, however, it won't let me transmog to specific colors of each different form. Is there a way to change between colors? I really prefer my white werebear to the brown one...Empowerments2 11h
12h New to Resto druid PvP. Need advise thanks! Hi guys, decided to main a restore druid in BFA. I plan to mainly do 3v3 arenas. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction. Some questions i have: -general strats and mindset to adopt -healing rotation -surviving burst -kiting Hope to hear from you guys :)Harorororo2 12h
12h Resto to start? I want to try different things so I am thinking healing, is resto more "complex" then the other heal spec's? I hear HolyP is pretty advanced.Damaskinos8 12h
12h Swiftmend needs a lower CD Pretty simple. 25 seconds is a long time. It should be 15. And the prosperity talent should not have a second charge but still reduce the CD. I'm finding in dungeons at present (granted this may not be the case with higher ilvl) that I have my HoT's up on the tanks and have to cast (occasionally spam) regrowth on them to keep them up. A lack of reliable direct heals kinda sucks. Or bring back HT and make it so it's healing scales with the number of HoT's on the target.Apothusx6 12h
14h Feral just isn’t good at all How has this gone through all of beta unaddressed? Competing with tanks and hunter pets in terms of damage is something that should NEVER happen. Our DPS is so sorely undertuned for both ST and AOE, and even BrS doesn’t help that much. And of course it shouldn’t be hard to forget our super crappy energy regeneration that leaves us with excruciating downtimes. I know this is just another complaint about Feral, but we are in such dire need of buffs that this can’t be left alone. Buff Feral Blizzard.Maxkitty5 14h