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38m Lylirra do you even read the forums? Ive read through about every druid post in this forum and haven't seen any serious answer to any posts about equalizing the druid vs other classes? any reassuring comment on the subject?Nimowei0 38m
2h Guardian Druids - PvP God Tier? Once Zandalari become available, my plan is to roll one and make him Guardian spec for a couple of reasons. 1. An old guildie of mine SWORE by guardian druids in battlegrounds back in Legion, saying that he JUST. DIDN'T. DIE. I really dig the idea of being this unkillable engine of destruction. 2. Because of Zandalari druid forms, rolling a Zandalari Guardian Druid is the closest I can get in-game to becoming Godzilla. So my question is - Are Guardian Druids really as powerful as my buddy claimed? Because if I could play as a literal kaiju in BGs, that'd be great.Jakkø8 2h
2h Healing Mythic Healing Mythic is getting abysmal ever since everyone is staying far away from any druid spec..getting refused for groups only for gear score comparison to a paly , or priest applicant with a slightly close score is getting infuriating ( don't believe me?? queue up as druid ) ..blizz get you're !@#$ together and boost classes who need it instead of nerfing the one's OP to equalize the game..for f*()&s sake...Nimowei0 2h
3h Feral DPS really is aweful So been playing Zybak tank in pvp alot lately doing pretty good there. Decided to try feral again hoping all the buffs made it playable. But I was always lowest on DPS and so squishy found myself in bearform alot just hoping I wouldn't die, so I compared the DPS on a 122 level target dummy and found this. Feral - 5k Moonkin - 6k Gaurdian - 5k Guardian with feral affin - 5k Guardian with moonkin affin - 4k I didn't use incarn just to see what the true steady dps was. And wow, Feral is the same as guardian with feral, or just simply guardian. And that doesn't even include the rot damage brambles provide. So bascially why would you ever do feral when you can do the same dps with all the survivability of tank spec? Seriously, how can Feral be this bad, there is litterly no point to ever play it. And to make it even worse, all my azerite traits are geared for feral, this should not be happening.Moonyfish29 3h
3h Rdruid is depressing - We somehow do less HPS than Disc Priests in pvp now - Our kill contribution potential is easily the lowest of any healer - It doesn't even feel worth taking cyclone in most situations - Rshamans can spam purge us while we get trained and still maintain excellent mana Unless all you do is spam M+ it feels like you're gimp in all other forms of content. Why were the nerfs so heavy handed?Whatkarnt10 3h
4h What race for pvp? Need help picking For cosmetic purposes and pvp?Austeri5 4h
6h Blizzard, Please fix Guardian Druids Guardian druids are in a really bad place at the moment. In all the years I’ve played guardian this is the first time I’ve seriously considered that I will have reroll and play something different in order to be competitive. In mythic+ I cannot fathom why you would bring a guardian if you had a choice of a monk, demon hunter, blood DK or paladin – we lack any form of utility outside of a group speed boost. I cannot understand the reasoning in allowing a single class to dominate mythic+ / challenge modes for 3 expansions in a row, while anyone unlucky enough to main a guardian druid is practically forced to consider playing another class entirely. In raids we are at the least capable, but again I cannot see why you would consider bringing a guardian to progression if you had the option of another tanking class available. Blizzard seem to have moved away from bring the player, not the class and moved to bring the player, on the class. At some point blizzard will undoubtedly change some modifier on our abilities or stats (Increasing our damage output or reducing our damage taken, magic or physical) – this NEEDs to happen, however changes must not stop there. The tool kit of guardians is seriously lacking, and I think giving us a single new ability, or altering the way a current one works could have some big improvements on groups overall desire to bring a guardian. Fix frenzied regen, either make is scaleable so there's a degree of skill involved in the timing of its use. Or an even more radical idea, make it cost 30-50 rage and have it operate in the same manner as deathstrike (minus the damage). Would make tanking more interesting by having make a choice between a heal, or damage reduction. Search through the long list of no longer active guardian abilities and bring one of them back. A second interrupt / silence in faerie fire. A DPS cooldown a la ROTS. Magic mitigation – something most tanks aren't overly fantastic at anymore, give us a weak mark of ursol to give us a slight magic damage niche. Utility spell such as an AoE stun (just tweak the way incap roar works), heck maybe even give druids Mark of the Wild again. Of course I don’t want every single one of these abilities given to guardians, but even a single one of them may make us slightly more attractive as a realistic tanking choice while pushing higher end raids or mythic+.Ben54 6h
6h rejuvenation and uldir I was looking at world of logs to see what all the cool resto druids were casting in Uldir and I notice rejuvenation is in the top 3 for nearly all of them. Are they just spamming it on everyone or is there some ability/talent that makes it spread?Finnikdruid5 6h
6h Guardian Bears Unbalance Hi, I am monk tank all the way too level 41 so I do have the experiences. All peoples who are playing this game knows only bears tanks is good. When I join group for monking tank, only players let me heal or dps and tell all to let the bears tanking on the mobs. Blizzard needs to take off the bears lots utilities like roaring at bosses for best threatening and iron metal skin fur that makes them too good defense against all the damages type. Please Blizzard listens to your players and make others tanks better as bears tanks, like monkins and palldin and warrior protection and others that are not the best bears. Only bigger nerfs to the bears damages and threats and utilizing will make the game even balanced for all the other players. Tyy for fixing this good games.Evologix2 6h
8h Blizz, u dun messed up. - Stuck with a 340 azerite headpiece for damn near 6 weeks. - Blizz finally gives us another way to obtain better azerite gear (Emissary quest rewards up to 370). - I get an Emissary Quest for a 355 azerite piece. - Hooray! Its a 355 headpiece! - ....literally worst azerite traits known to man on it. - Do some quick maths. ...355 is dps downgrade to 340. - Slowly place 340 headpiece back on with tears streaming down my virtual cow face. - I hate you Blizzard. I really do. 360-375 pieces all over my body yet you force me to keep this trash 340 item. Your fixes suck and do nothing more than piss us off even further.Decepticow12 8h
9h Druid Trainer... WTF for? Hey there, fairly new and lovin' it! I'm a druid (currently set at restoration) and from brief searching the trainers are supposed to give you quests or something. Every time i encounter a Druid Trainer, all they say is "Welcome, my brother. If you are here to train, then I would be delighted to train you!"... nothing else. I'm only level 16...i stoopidly purchased a 110 character with no experience, so i've started from scratch. Is it because of my level? The trainers i'm with in Darnassus are 40-60... Any help would be awesome! Thanks AmoebaHsannajib3 9h
9h Update treant form model please Would like to look like a bfa resto druid instead of bc. Thanks.Naturez5 9h
9h Balance getting nerfed High noon and Power of the Moon are being nerfed into the ground. As if things aren’t tedious, slow and terrible enough in this god forsaken expansion, they feel the need to savagely nerf a mid to bottom tier DPS spec as well. I can’t see why anyone would even want to play a Druid at this point. Guardian is trash. Feral is trash outside of pvp and they are getting nerfed to death in pvp. Now balance is going from trash single target and decent at aoe/cleave to just garbage for both. I really believe they just want everyone to quit playing wow at this point. They are now the Apple of MMORPGs. Once great, but now garbage due to complacency and incompetence.Merikeeganky43 9h
9h Does ANYONE like Sabertooth at 15? I'm just curious. Does anyone like the idea of moving Sabertooth to level 15 and replacing it with an AoE Rip talent at 75? I feel like quite a few people run Lunar Inspiration, and are not going to drop it to continue to run ST, which is a HUGE quality of life nerf. I also feel like Bliz just doesn't care. I'm not going to rant and scream "Bliz doesn't listen to feedback" because honestly, they do, but they have a habit of deciding what they want for a spec and going against the community. In other words, they stick by unpopular decisions. This seems to be one of those times.Sultriss78 9h
14h 'High Noon' Balance Druid trait I noticed that at level 112, this trait adds 900 additional damage to the 500 initial damage of Sunfire. Does this trait still scale well at 120? If so, could you stack 3 of them and spam Sunfire all day for crazy AoE DPS?Chaóselement5 14h
18h Guardian druid possible ideas So, I havn't played much of my Gorrilla Bear in BFA but I have been given feed back to what is happening to Guardian tanks. Short and sweet they are getting destroyed. Yes Guardian is suppose to take more damage than lets say a warrior, pally and BM because they are the "Big Balls of health" tank. Currently though, the amount of damage they are taking is too much. I suggest a few things to make them take slightly less damage than what they are currently: 1) Make Ironfur cost 40 rage (down from 45) 2) Bring back the Artifact ability that affected Moonfire and make the target do 3% less damage to the Druid 3) Scrap the Lunar Bean talent and give us Rage of the Sleeper as a talent.Baâl0 18h
19h Druid Mage Tower artifact Skins As someone who played a Restoration druid through most of legion and put up with all the time gate-ing of content and rep grinding etc, it would be great if blizzard would allow those of us who could never get the mage tower artifact form not just for druids but for all classes. At the time the challenges were available to do, they were made for players who were willing to put up with the timer on the tower, the difficulty of the challenges and had the item level to do them, now that the level cap has increased I believe people should be able to try to attain them, It doesn't seem like too much to ask in my honest opinion, thank you.Lycans4 19h
23h GIVE ME BACK MY EXPLODING MUSHROOMS You and I both know those things did WORK on ppl back in the day - (PvP/PvE both at one point), and would add a lot more depth..and you know they'd look amazing when they exploded...my logic is undeniable.Shnagglepuss6 23h
1d unstoppable druids in pvp. you cannot stop a druid in pvp from chasing or escaping EVER. it's a massive imbalance, to be pretty much immune to snares and roots through the simple pressing of a button. a button that has no cooldown, and no cost. let me give you a scenario i just encountered: me, a frost mage, was under attack by a feral druid. this druid was relentless. no matter how many times i slowed him with frostbolt, cone of cole, frozen orb, or blizzard, or rooted him in place with frostbite, frost nova, or glacial spike, this druid just shifted out of it. like it was nothing. i froze him in place probably 15 times during this fight, and he shifted well over 50 times, running away or chasing with that feral charge move. no matter how much i slowed him, he was never slowed for longer than half a second. no matter how many times i froze him in place, he just broke out and leaped towards me at full speed. this kind of over the top mobility is such a stupid design, vs. a frost mage as well. who cares if this is how it's been since vanilla; it breaks the game. fairness > fantasy, when it comes to pvp. note: this is not an invitation to criticise me or the druid i fought. druids already move 30% faster than everyone else while in cat form- i think it is time that shifting endlessly to get out of snares and roots had a down side. how about a 3 second cooldown on a form once it is exited? or a ramping mana cost, so that shifting 3-5 times within 15 seconds means the druid cannot afford to shift again until they get some more mana? perhaps give shifting into a form a 2 second channel, so that shifting is no longer instant? you know, like it takes 2 seconds to actually finish shifting into a form, rather than instant? any suggestions? btw: i'm not gonna check this thread after i post, so go ahead and flame and taunt as much as you like; i won't be here to see any of it.Fleshdoll43 1d
1d Feral feels squishy as hell Just dueling a fire mage at 366 gear. Or even in a BG my health drops instantly now. Did something change?Jimmynitro3 1d
1d Feral says Goodbye Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again. i have 8 days of game time and as feral is my heart and soul and right now it feels like its being ripped from my body.. i went from mythic raider to no one wanting a cat dps in there raid/ mythic +s .. im done trying to tell BLizzard how i feel so Goodbye have fun... PS no you cant have my 500k goldJetiam3 1d
1d leveling feral with all the talk of how bad feral is atm . Is leveling feral that horrible ? is it doable ? I'm currently playing my feral in pvp at lvl 112 atm, should I just level through bg's ?Mothamonker10 1d
1d Resto Druids VS. Grievous Hello my fellow druids, I did my first M+ for the week (+7 Snake Temple) and, holy hell, did I ever feel the pain. Despite not having run anything more than a +8 this expansion, the 6-8 dungeons I have completed did not feel anywhere as tough as this one did. I am curious how are some of my healer comrades dealing with this affix as druids. I run Prosperity for the double swiftmend in this case... But that's about the only change I can think of to help me in this case as I usually run with Cenarion Ward. Anybody know of, maybe, any traits or any tips on how to deal with this affix as a druid. I am using cooldowns almost as soon as they come off cooldown to be able to not have to sit down and drink mana after every pull from spamming regrowth to try and push people above 90% to clear stacks. Sorry for the poorly formulated post and thanks ahead for any advice! (I feel like people are going to be avoiding resto druids this week like the plague)Tizano15 1d
1d keep lvling ilvl (new lvl120) w/upcoming 8.1? With the 8.1 announcements today from Blizzard and changes to obtaining gear, does it make sense for someone who is like lvl 320ish to keep doing dungeons, pvping, etc? (new player) ThanksZenn2 1d
1d Guardian Druids getting buffed? Just read on the monk forums that protection Warriors and guardian Druids we're supposed to be getting buffs does anybody know what kind or anything? In the same post I read that monks and death Knights we're getting NerfsKozyx9 1d
1d Autumn Leaves has got to go Long time resto druid, first time posting in the forums. I've stuck with resto druid as my main since I started playing back in 2006. Through all the ups and downs (30% tree form movement penalty I'm looking at you) I've found resto a viable healer. While I'm not about to change, BfA has, for the first time, made really really bummed out about playing resto druid. The removal of Healing Touch (and Nourish) is one reason for it (it was pure fun to get its cast time down to 0 seconds in M+ using Abundance and Germination in Legion), but the main reason I'm so frustrated is because of the Autumn Leaves Azerite trait. It's one of the "best traits" for raiding (which I'll be focusing on because its just completely useless in M+), but the glaring issue I have with it is that AL discourages resto druids from healing. When two (and at one awful stage, three) of my gear pieces had AL on it, I made an attempt to adapt to it to take advantage of it by getting rid of any talent that potentially placed a hot on the target. I thought this would be a simple change of game play, but when tried it out I constantly found myself stressing over whether or not I should throw out a Regrowth or Wild Growth. I spent so much time worrying that I was losing the AL benefits. In the middle of a fight I was trying to work out whether the trade off between extra initial healing would outweigh the loss of AL. It just wasn't fun. A healer's instinct should be to heal. Especially a resto druid, with our mastery, more HoTs should always be better than less HoTs. AL goes completely against this, it is completely counter-intuitive, it makes you second guess your decisions, it feels wrong. IMO, it should be removed completely. I'm now running with Fungal Essence and Rampant Growth (pray for me), and while it's obviously not ideal (I'm honestly running Prosperity now), I'm at least able to focus on healing rather than panicking about AL.Adrasyn3 1d
1d Beating a rogue in a duel Is this just impossible? He always finds me in stealth, and I never find him. He is immune to dmg and cc with cds my roots breaks right away so i can't get away my only cc he just trinkets instantlyJimmynitro8 1d
1d Savage Roar? Do people genuinely enjoy this as a finisher even with +energy Regen or can we FINALLY let it die? I get that it's gameplay but now's the time if we want to aim for better gameplay over the same old slice and dice.Dewclawz16 1d
1d Resto Nerfed in BGs in BFA I played resto extensively in legion, only swapping to boomkin for the last 6 months or so because I got bored. I played boomkin into BFA because they buffed it so much, but have now gone back to resto and man is it trash compared to how it was before. Maybe I need to learn to play better, but in BGs I simply cannot keep people alive when they are being focus-fired. In legion, with abundance and nourish I could spam healing touch and keep people up even with a tremendous amount of damage coming at them. Not so anymore. Regrowth is simply not powerful enough. Even if it doesn't get interrupted--which it usually does--it is just too weak and too slow to keep someone up in a BG when they are getting focus-fired. I usually end up at or near the top of the healing meters, but I think a lot of it is pad healing from spreading regrowths around on people who aren't really in danger of dying. At the end of the game, my high healing doesn't really reflect the fact that I let a lot of people eat it because I just couldn't nuke heal them. I could see druids being good in arena, but man are they trash at healing BGs compared to their old selves.Friendbears4 1d
1d Tranq and Autumn leaves nerf on Ptr No compensation either.Whatkarnt21 1d
2d Guardian changes Can anyone break this down for me? The way its written I cant figure out exactly what they are doing ...Furby20 2d
2d Make typhoon baseline ability balance needs more ways to get away from people. The current ones are ineffective when just about every class has a slowdown of some sort . It would improve the class a fair bit and make it funner to play. It seems like ability a balance druid would already have without having to use a talent point on it .Change this out with something useful in place on the talent tree . Whoever designed the talent trees now must have been drunk .Patchy5 2d
2d Dear blizzard Dear blizzard we actually like the gameplay of feral in pvp right now please dont destroy it, feral already is one of the lowest population spec in pvp right now what do you want more? The first row talent changes is a huge nerf for us. We need both li and st. Li because feral is too damn squishy, its the only combo generator we have while kiting and its the only talent that goes well with bt(ff and moc are bad) since our procs can be purged and stolen. St because w/o it we will be stuck rebleeding everyone again and again, considering how energy starved we are that just bad. Its not like bleeding everyone is rewarding anyways kotj is bad. And also kotj, rip and tear, tooth(forgot the name) are just bad and not viable pvp talents.Bleedya0 2d
2d Feral 8.1 Did I misread mmo champion, or is there another flat 8% damage increase incoming? If so, incredible how far off the mark Blizzard has been with feral this expansion. Glad that, for the first time ever, I leveled an alt first.Gilgaland21 2d
2d Fangs of Ashamane form not changing Hi, I'm fairly new to WoW but I recently did the druid quest for the fangs of ashamane to get the cat form change. I finished the quest line and during the exiting cutscene I saw my cat form change to the Ashamane form, but when I got out it's reverted back to the regular form. I have the fangs equipped, but my form doesn't update. I tried relogging and restarting the client and also changing my spec from feral to tank but no help. The only issue I'm seeing that concerns me is the artifact itself says "Legacy Item: Effects are inactive." So, I'm wondering if that's the problem. If that is the problem, why are the effects inactive? Or how do I make them active? Any help would be appreciated!Ashtrocity7 2d
2d Best Idea For Resto DRD Spell--AMAZING! So, what i've been wanting since MOP is a healer, most logically a resto druid at the moment, to have a spell which functions similar to the MOP Warlock spell Malefic Grasp. For those who don't know, Malefic grasp was a channeled spell, maybe 3-4 seconds long with 4 or 5 ticks i believe -- the ticks themselves did no base damage or anything, instead it ticked a percentage (%) of all your current dots on the target, totally separate from, and in addition to their normal dot ticks. What i REALLY want to see is this spell mechanic applied to a HEAL for a HoT-based healer spec! Imagine having 2 rejuvs on a target with lifebloom, perhaps regrowth HoT or wild growth also. Then you channel a spell, maybe looks similar to Soothing Mist.. that, on every tick, will proc 35% or something of the normal tick of each HoT. Can you imagine tank healing with this mechanic? Would be totally game changing... AND NEW! What do you guys think? By the way, bring back Malefic Grasp -- the way it WAS in MOP. Thanks! PS. I would like GENESIS and HEALING TOUCH back! No clue what you guys were thinking on the removal of those. They surely were NOT button bloat or redundant. I was actually thinking last xpac that they could implement this spell i posted about originally IN PLACE of HEALING TOUCH (and perhaps even Regrowth, too -- making them a TOTALLY UNIQUE SPEC which uses HoTs and a channeled spell to boost them). Also, you could consider adding a more mana intensive HoT for druids that lasts less time, maybe 8 or 10 seconds, heals for substantially more, and has a short CD or a quick cast time? I don't know. I've got ideas for days , and looking for work :] PSS. Lifebloom should be castable on two people per druid, BASELINE. The way it is now, it's essentially a lot like Shaman's Earth Shield was for them -- which you guys REMOVED for awhile completely (rightfully so, except for the anti-cast interruption). That way you can use the one not on the tank or yourself, plus one for some extra burst HoTs on a raid member. Cenarion Ward makes me want to shoot myself. Can you make it trigger the HoT instantly instead of upon taking MORE damage? HEY RAID MEMBER AT 1% hp, take this Cenarion Ward ! Good luck! If you don't like that, then perhaps change it to a HoT absorbtion shield that triggers onCast(), anything but the way it is now.Zerkin11 2d
2d Is scaling while leveling just bad? At level 15-30, I felt like a god. I know how to tank... Im in heirlooms with enchants, and it felt normal. I was tanking and it felt like I was experienced. I wasnt "pro tier", but held aggro and did my job. Now at level 52, I cant even hold aggro well in Deadmines and SFK. I could pull and self heal at 25, and at 50 I'm scared to pull more than 4 mobs. What the hell is with the scaling system? Or is it me?Toxîc2 2d
2d 10k-14k dps balance? Hi to all the balance druids doing the titles dps. What talents do you use? What rotation do you use? I know people will say oh go to dreamgrove etc. But there is no help to tell us how to get that high dps... Much needed help ty.Zurnia7 2d
2d New Early Spring PvP Talent + Photosynthesis? ... Anyone know if this will apply the blooming effect from Photosynthesis to all the Lifeblooms?Kitteh1 2d
2d sdfTreespeaker0 2d
2d Resto Druid PvP question...help! So I was checking the 2v2 PvP ladder, looking at the Resto Druid talents and all seemed normal... until I looked at the top 2-3 Resto Druids. I was taught that the two primary specs are as follows: Prosperity + Soul of the Forest (for maximum Swiftmend value) Tree of Life + Cenarion Ward -or- Prosperity (for burst healing) Now most of the Druids on the Top 50 2v2 ladder were defaulting to Prosperity + Soul of the Forest. Except the Resto Druids at the very top of the ladder! They were going... Cenarion Ward + Cultivation And I'm like what the actual !@#$? Have I been mislead my entire life? Is Prosperity + Soul of the Forest, which seems so damn good on paper, actually not the optimal build? Or are the top Druids speccing into CW+Cultivation to counter some esoteric countercomp %^-*? Please help, this is driving me up a wall. 1) Is Prosperity + Soul of the Forest a legitimate build for RDruids in high level PvP? 2) When the hell does should an RDruid spec into CW+Cultivation?Gholbine3 2d
2d Resto Arena spec question Can you get away with taking focused growth and stacking 3 blooms or is it impossible not to oom within 3 minutes? Maybe you can in 2s if you were lucky enough to drink as often as possible?Derrickhenry5 2d
2d resto traits (raid) Is there basically anything worth equipping over Archive? I'm using a Rampant Growth because it was a 45-level bump over the LFR Archive, but anything less and I'd probably just have sighed and banked it. I'm still not sure if I should have anyway.Sevaryn2 2d
2d Paralysis by Analysis - Help with AZ traits Just how valuable is the Uldir traits (Archive of the Titans/Laser Matrix). My main objective is raiding (4/8 heroic) and Mythics (M11 is my highest). I've got more pieces of 355/370 gear than I can handle right now, and I just can't handle all the options. Helm - 370 with Waking Dream - 355 with Laser Matrix - 340 with Autumn Leaves Shoulders - 355 with Archive of the Titans - 370 with Waking Dream Chest - 355 with Autumn Leaves Raid size is between 12 and 15 usually, so Autumn Leaves (AL) may not reach it's full potential, but still pretty good. I like the idea of running AL with 2x Waking Dream, but according to Icy Veins, they don't stack as well as you'd like. Plus, my 2 x 370 pieces both have Waking Dream. Or, I consider the 355 pieces, and mix them up. As you can see, there's a few possible combos, and I don't know how to quantify things enough to figure out the best setup. I've heard talk of various sims, but not only am I not sure which one to use for healers, I don't know how to use them overall. Any tips on how to quantify this so I can make an informed decision would be greatly appreciated.Captjacksprw1 2d
3d Importance of leech for PvE druid? I am a feral druid. I do strictly PvE content. Mainly WQ quests, LFG raids and regular mythic dungeons. (No mythic+ content, no regular raids, certainly never PvP content.) How important is leech to someone with my playing style? I have four different blue iLvl325 items with leech on each of the items. I also have replacements for these four items, the replacement items are iLvl340-370, but have no leech on any of them. When I am wearing my four leech items, my leech goes up to 8%. So, typically speaking, would a feral druid like me be better off wearing four purple items iLvl 340-370 with no leech, or wear four blue items iLvl325 and have a leech of 8%?Pineclaw5 3d
3d What are the mastery buffs?? I can't find a thread or anything about the specifics of the mastery buff.......i see ppl arguing about how big or small of a buff it is, but NO ONE is saying what the buff actually is. I'd appreciate any help, thank you. EDIT: I found it on the front page of MMO-Champion, if anyone else was having problems finding it.Wildflöwer0 3d
3d Feral PTR PvP is bad Everyone I've seen from ptr has mentioned how much damage FB is doing. This is really bad for feral pvp because FB is an instant burst finisher. Blizzard is not going to let us instantly nuke 1/2 of a clothies hp into the ground. You KNOW this. They just hit taking ferocity w/ a 50% nerf. If the only upside in PTR feral is big bites we are without question going to get DESTROYED by the nerf bat. If it were RIP we'd be fine because they have plenty of time to react as the ticks go. But it will never happen with FB. If big bites are truly the name of the game ferals need to stop this before 8.1 hits. We need changes that aren't essentially going to be reverted via hotfix 2 weeks later. Please.Eclypze49 3d
4d Guardian Druid looking for Feral Advice I play Guardian all the time and have little experience with Feral. I am looking into DPSing as feral. With only 3 out of 9 of my azerite traits helping my DPS and both trinkets being DPS trinkets, I can only do 8.6K DPS to the raid dummy with no buffs. This is incredibly low for someone in in 370 gear. My rotation, while not perfect, doesn't seem like it should cause that much of a DPS drop. My talents don't seem like they have a problem either as I am using omen, lunar inspiration, Rip/rake boost and Savage Roar. I feel like I should at least be able to pull 15K dps raid buffed minimum in this gear. Any idea what I can to do to fix this?Exdragon1 4d
4d Help me reach my sim DPS So I simulated this toon and it said 12.7k dps. Only problem is when I keep a Bloodtalons/TF RIP, bt rake, thrash, and moonfire, on my target with BT bites I only see 9k. I'm not running a weakaura so its possible I'm refreshing to early but does that account for the 3k missing dps? Worse is at some point I get energy starved and drop to 8k. By the way this is vs raid dummyEclypze5 4d