2d Moonfarespam: The Moonkin Guide (7.3.x) ... ... ... Please “Like” ALL the pages of the main guide! (Helps the guide stand out in searches.) How to get advice/help: 1. Read the entire guide! Make sure that your armory reflects that you have done so (have generally correct gems, enchants, talents and glyphs). 2. Make a post on your druid (or provide an armory link) while logged out in your Balance gear and spec! 3. Give information that is relevant to your problem. Descriptions of your rotation, raid make ups, combat logs, extenuating circumstances... the more you tell us, the better our advice will be. Be sure to provide specific examples. 4. Be polite to the people helping you. Even if you disagree with them, they took time out of their lives to help. Being rude or defensive will make it less likely that people will want to help you. General Notes: As World of Warcraft is an ever-evolving world, all the information in this guide is subject to change. As gear, encounters and game mechanics change, so will numbers and assessments of talents, items, etc. I will be updating this as much as possible when new information comes out, but if you find anything that is inaccurate, incomplete or simply missing, please let me know in a reasonably polite way. I am not attempting to misinform anyone on purpose, but it's very possible I missed something, or even that I just mistyped it, or that the scary real-life-monster has delayed my updating of the guide. Feedback is always welcome, but trolling is not. I - Table of Contents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#1 II – Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#2 III – Artifact & Legendary Items http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#3 IV – How Astral Power Works http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#4 V – Stats & Stat Priorities http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#5 VI – Gear, Enchants & Consumables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#6 VII – Spells & Rotation http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#7 VIII – Advanced Rotation Tips http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#8 IX – Macros and UI http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#9 X – Current Tier Tips, Videos & Streams http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#10 XI – Frequently Asked Questions http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#11 XII – Fury of Elune (Advanced) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#12 Change Log: 2017, March 31 – Guide updated to 7.2.x changes. 2017, February 24 – Spotlight updated. 2016, August 26 – Guide updated to reflect changes. 2016, July 15 – Guide officially complete. 2016, July 15 – 'Section XII' completed. 2016, July 08 – 'Section III' completed. 2016, July 08 – 'Section X' added more streamers. 2016, July 07 – Guide uploaded to US forums 2016, July 07 – ‘Section III’ is now based on Artifacts and Legendary Items 2016, June 26 – Guide Started.Cyous314 2d
Dec 13 Druid leveling guide for Legion (v. 7.0) The 7.0 Legion leveling guide is available on my blog: http://www.restokin.com/druid-leveling-guide/ Druid Leveling Guide v7.0 Originally, v.1.12 was posted by Jaegor, Feral Druid, Dark Iron<US> Updated and maintained post-2.1 by: Lissanna, balance/restoration druid, Elune <US> Druid leveling guide – Feral and Balance are recommended as solo specs for questing. Introduction: This guide is for new druids starting out at level 1. It is specifically geared towards build construction for PvE leveling from 1 to 100. The first thing to understand is that feral is the most efficient talent specilaization for solo leveling, especially early in your leveling process with a new character. Feral druids level in cat form, and attack their opponents up close in melee range using attacks with Energy as a resource and combo points for big finishing moves. Balance druids can level solo perfectly fine, even at lower levels before you get access to moonkin form. However, you will have to drink more often. This is still a good option if you enjoy being a caster, where you can hit them with damage spells. Group leveling: If you are leveling up in instances, sometimes you want to be a tank (a guardian druid focusing on bear form), or a healer (a resto druid focusing on using healing spells). Keep in mind that it will be significantly more difficult to solo quest as a resto or guardian druid. Keep in mind that you can have more than one specialization that you play. After level 10, you can freely change between specilizations (such as swapping between feral for solo questing and guardian for tanking in dungeons). Table of contents (v 6.0) Level 1 to 10 (all specializations) & how to choose your specialization. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#2 Feral (cat) Leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#3 Balance (moonkin) Leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#4 Restoration (healing) leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#5 Guardian (bear tank) leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#6 General FAQ. COMING SOON!Lissanna47 Dec 13
Mar 15 Resto PVE Healing Guide for Legion (v 7.0) Restoration PVE healing Guide – v. 7.0 - Based on Level 110 end-game for Legion. A short ‘survival guide’ designed for level 100s on patch day available at: http://www.restokin.com/2016/07/resto-druid-legion-survival-guide-for-7-0/ 7.0 Spell Changes for resto druids New Mastery: Harmony • The Draenor mastery ability was removed & replaced with a new mastery for Legion. • This new mastery instead increases your healing done by ALL spells for each HOT on your target (e.g., rejuv, lifebloom, wild growth, regrowth’s HOT portion). So, having 2 HOTs on the target will heal more than 1 HOT on the target. Then, 3 HOTs heal for more than 2 HOTs, and so forth. • SEE section on mastery (LINK HERE). Spell and Ability Changes Removed abilities: • Nature’s Swiftness, mark of the wild, soothe, and genesis are gone. • Dramatically reduced access to baseline off-role damage/utility abilities (NOTE: see the section on level 45 affinity talents for how you can get access to damage abilities for soloing via talents!). • Cyclone: Now only available as a PVP talent at 110. • Most “major” glyphs have been removed (instead, these effects have been baked into abilities, changed into talents, or removed). New abilities: • Innervate has returned. Now allows all spells cast for 10 seconds to be mana-free (usable on yourself or others). • Revitalize: This is now a mass resurrection spell available to healers. Returns all raid or party members out of combat (revive is 1 person out of combat, rebirth is 1 person in combat). This basically replaces Mass Res, which was taken away from non-healers. Modified abilities: • Swiftmend: longer cooldown & larger effect. Swiftmend also no longer requires a HOT for you to be able to cast the spell (though due to interactions with the new mastery, HOTs on the target will make it heal for more). • Teleport Moonglade: Will eventually be replaced with Dreamwalking as you level in Legion (gives you access to a larger set of portals to various places). • Efflorescence: Wild Mushroom has been renamed Efflorescence – place a mushroom on the ground to heal targets standing nearby. • Lifebloom is no longer refreshed by direct heals. • Note that minor glyphs (largely impacting cosmetic appearances) are still available as either glyphs or tomes. You apply minor glyphs to the spells themselves, or learn shapeshift forms such as tree form, rather than using the old glyph system. Table of contents: 1. healing part 1: Description of spells 2. Healing part 2: Mastery 3. Healing part 3: Artifact Weapon 4. Resto: Talents 5. Resto: Dungeon & raid healing strategies 6. Resto: Stats and Gearing 7. Consumables, Gems, and EnchantsLissanna81 Mar 15
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Druids: Please Read! Welcome to the Druid forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the druid class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct (http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct) and guidelines (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15252595157) before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
1h Regardless of my feral suckage... What spec are you using for 2s, 3s and BGs? Finding myself stuck in 1v1 matches (more than you can imagine) and of course getting pwned with my current spec: Blood Scent, Wild Charge, Balance Affinity, Bash, KoTJ, BS and MoC. No doing enough damage to stop crazy warlock damage, DKs, DHs, Rets, Monks and well, pretty much everything. What talents are you using to live in 1v1 PVP scenarios (I know Blizz doesn't balance 1v1, even though it happens quite often)?Lothlòria4 1h
3h Void Elf Druid for the love of god There are SO many people who want Void Elf druids and I don't understand why we can't make this happen. I know the lore surrounding the druids and their affinity with nature vs. the Void Elf's affinity with the void, but you could make it work with a slightly altered story line unique to the Void Elves giving them an altered path towards druidism. Void Druids would be AWESOME.Skatch24 3h
3h Is it me or feral suck in pvp The title said it allBoombloom44 3h
4h Best Druid race Thinking to create a Druid character, which race will be the best for Druid?Nolvan28 4h
4h How accurate is Icy-veins? Apparently, I'm the designated healer for my group (Resto Druid of course, I just like posting on this toon =) )and I went to Icy-veins to check specs and it recommends 2, 2, 3, ?, 3, 1-3, 3 I was told by a friend that using Prosperity and Soul of the Forest was better than using Cenarion Ward and Cultivation. Also, which 90 talent would be better? I currently use Germination. I also tend to have severe mana issues...something I'm trying to learn to deal with. (I would link my Druid but for some reason the Armory is stuck with her in her feral gear / spec..)Aerylea12 4h
4h [Spoilers] Next Alliance Druid Race Supposedly, saw this post from a fellow drood on general: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761896924 Spoilers in the thread, so be warned.Beerhaus2 4h
6h Weekend mog thread part 2 The previous thread hit its limit so lets get a new one going! Rate the mog above you.Druidicus86 6h
11h Done healing. Scaling is wacked. So I play a restor Druid. I’ve also played priests, shamans, paladins so I know a bit about healing, However post 7.3.5 patch, healing in dungeons is not fun as resto Druid. What I’m finding is that many times damage incoming on reasonable pulls out strips all my hots and cooldowns and my one mana efficient heal is slow and barely does any healing. I find myself dropping all my cool downs and still the tank goes down. Tonight was the last straw. Healing a group, scrambling at times, near end tank goes down, I keep rest of group alive...barely. Then the tank says.. ‘was the healer healing?’ Long pause...then ‘hmmm maybe my armor isn’t that good’ that was it for me. I love scrambles here and there but every fing fight. No thanks. Bottom line the scaling in dungeons is not right. It’s out of balance and I’m for one done with healing till I see a fix announced. My 2 cents.Silvaris39 11h
14h Grassroots Druid - Glyphs for old Balance! Now that I feel Blizz is starting to really pay attention to cosmetics... PLEASE let us have a glyph that changes Sunfire to Insect Swarm, Solar Wrath to old green Wrath, and maybe even Starfall to Hurricane. WoW doesn't have a pure nature-feel damaging caster class and I'm leveling up old characters and seeing all these classic druids with wrath and hurricane and faerie fire and it just hurts, Blizz. =( (Also, some different Moonkin forms would be nice! Arrakoa? Harpy, even? Or simply wings and horns and such like Malfurion???) What do you guys think? Edit: While we're at it, this isn't glyph related, but how about making entangling roots more useful? Right now it dispells immediately with damage, whereas a priest or warlock's fear will last a good 2-5 seconds with dots still going. I'd take an instant cast or a higher damage threshold!Garwington7 14h
15h Trouble with Resto in dungeons 100-110. I'm very new to druid, and especially new to resto. I'm having an extremely hard time in normal dungeons just while leveling. I feel like none of my heals do anything. I have trouble keeping just the tank alive in a fight against trash mobs, let alone the rest of the party. Also, is it normal to use 30-50% mana in just a trash mob pull? I feel like I'm always starved for mana, while doing almost no healing at the same time. I generally try to keep Lifebloom and 2 rejuvenations up on the tank during any fight, plus cenarion ward when off CD. Even with all of this, I end up spamming regrowth on the tank, but it only heals for like 5% hp unless it crits. With all of this going on, the tank is still just getting chunked to dead, along with the rest of the party. I feel like I'm doing something completely wrong, or missing some huge ability synergy that will make my heals feel strong. I hate to put blame on the tanks, but I feel like I'm doing everything I can, yet my heals still feel nonexistent. Help :(Mimsi1 15h
16h Symbiosis 2k18 With all this talk of class identity going around, the only spell I could ask for back is symbiosis. It was such a fun and unique spell that was a huge benefit to the Druid and target alike and I was insanely bummed when it got pruned. Having it back for BfA would not only give Druids the “uniqueness” Blizzard apparently wants every class to have, leaving “bring the player not the class” behind, but it would also perfectly match the class fantasy again. Druids being so attuned to nature and life, able to create a symbiotic link with another player provide great benefits. I’m not even asking for the full spell back. Maybe a shorter duration and a tweak to certain spell effects to reign it in. Also other Druids can let me know what your favorite class was to link with. Mine were Mages, Paladins, and warlocks for Ice Nova, Divine Shield, and Soul Swap respectively :DMurkury2 16h
17h PVP - What’s Feral Druid opener look like? So what’s everyone opening with for most pvp encounters? Is anyone using Incarn and TF while in stealth for the damage bonus on rake and rest of rotation or is that too wasteful? Do you change it up based on caster or heavy armour targets? Whats your PVP spec? Just looking for some tips and advice after returning to game after a long time. Thanks!Mishipeshu21 17h
17h Archdruids Lunarwing not working on my alt As the title states! hit 60, made sure i have all current flight training/licenses visited Skycaller Faeb in moonglade I did get the notification in my chat window that i have learned passive effect archdruids lunarwing and still in current default flight form No i dont not have anything glyphed in my travel form spot This whole druid did not get a class mount is kinda disheartening when i have alts at lvl 15 riding awesome kungfu tigers and flying swirly elementalIndycysiv9 17h
19h Historically, have druids ever been bad? I decided on plating this druid as my main alt. I may continue with it as my main alt in BFA or maybe even switch to druid main. I'm having a blast playing the druid and it's such a versatile class I feel like I can do anything. Have they ever been bottom rung at anything?Valadus17 19h
20h Boomies need a snare. If demon hunters are able to get a ranged kick and slow with all of their obnoxious mobility, there's no reason boomy shouldn't have some sort of snare. I know you can get one with the honor talent but who is going to pick that overt deep roots/clone. If we're not getting a slow in bfa we should at least have shifting taken off the gcd again so I can actually kite melee w/o having to rely on bash and displacer beast.Grìz3 20h
20h Official Moose-kin Request Form I hereby certify that I officially request that the one druid form that my Highmountain brethren do-esth have which has not antlers, but horns, be granted a form appropriate to the standards set upon those forms that crawl or fly but not walketh upright (or flap!).Crazyhoof25 20h
20h [Suggestion] BfA: Moonkin Forms Just throwing it out there as I'm curious what others think. I included a "TLDR" at the end. I myself love the Moonkin form, and while others pine away and strive for ways to escape it even further than what Glyph of Stars allows, I'd like to go the other direction. Now, the logic in Legion for the Boomies not getting the same shifted form model varieties of the other specs was often based on the fact that we could "see [our] artifact weapon". Fine. Let's leave that there for now. This is about the future. Let's look ahead! Again, my opinion only, I think the Scythe of Elune was a beautifully done artifact weapon as far as visual appeal. However, transmog options aside, in BfA, the "you can see your big special weapon" decision for no Moonkin varieties within each race is dramatically weakened-if not entirely eliminated-with the removal of these artifacts. Following all of this logic, has the way been paved for a realistic chance and opportunity for introducing some visual options for our lovely laser chickens? Especially given all the rendering and modeling work we are seeing in BfA alpha already. It may be the right time. I myself, as a start, could settle for using existing assets. Allow me the use of the "Incarnation" armor look as my full-time form. Allow the full time presence of those armor skins to serve as a basis or opportunity for us to maybe add our own variety through basic color-changing options for those-again-already existing assets. This would, admittedly, be a small step toward more visual flexibility, and wouldn't require as much work and time as (much preferred and widely requested) drastically different skin options. But it would be something. A start. "But what about the Incarnation ability visual?!", some may ask. Well, maybe focus that more on the "Chosen of Elune" aspect and maybe a brilliant moon beam shines down on us from the heavens, as though Elune herself is displaying her "chosen warrior" for all to clearly notice during that big beautiful damage cooldown. Who knows? We could replace it with a million different ideas. This is something I'd be glad to debate down the road maybe as that debate becoming necessary would mean we snagged us some full time armor, and maybe even some coloring variations. I would see that as a most welcome "problem" to have. TLDR; "Seeing artifact weapon for Moonkin" excuse for no form variety goes away with Legion. Can we maybe use "Incarnation" armored look full-time with perhaps coloring options for variety?Xyndra4 20h
1d So Full Moon is removed in BFA. I know it is Alpha and still early in BFA but.... I can guarantee, that I will retire from WoW. For you to remove this spell is just wrong, haven't you done enough pruning, cuts and nerfing from Boomkins already over the past five years?Fenril26 1d
1d Sunfire falling off early Just started playing the druid again recently and I noticed with nature's balance sunfire will just randomly fall off well before the timer expires. I've seen it drop with over 14 seconds left on the duration before. I thought I was just poorly managing the dot at first but after watching it carefully it was clearly just falling off early. My only guess would be that nature's balance is not working correctly, and although it "appears" to extend the duration, in reality it's not. Unsure though, sometimes it does last reasonably long until it just decides to drop, so I guess nature's balance sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Anyway, is this just the way of life for a druid? Seems once I get better legendaries I can just not use this talent, but I googled the issue and it seems someone put in a bug report well over a month ago. Am I missing something or is the ability really just bugged right now?Fiascoe7 1d
1d progress to werebear? coming back to the game i burned my 110 boost on a tauren druid, and want to persue that werebear as my first real goal of the game. im currently looking up guides but i have been gone since mists, so if you guys can afford the time to paraphrase or give some context that would be great! thank you in advanceBroeknhorn3 1d
1d Shapeshifting to Moonkin from Travel Form Why I can't shapeshift to Moonkin the same way I can to Cat from Travel Form? I need two global cooldowns to go from Travel Form to Moonkin. Is this a bug?Tyragoon7 1d
1d Wildhammer Druids - Please & Thank you Just a simple request (from a player of WoW since Beta) to the Blizzard Development team to please add Wildhammer Dwarven Druids to the game as a playable race/combo please. Thank You, Sperling (Formerly of the Brotherhood of the Beard.) p.s. Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns on how to make this happen.Sperling4 1d
1d Need help with restoration druid Hi guys, Currently level 44 and trying to do some resto druid healing but having so much issue with keeping tank alive. I am currently running abundance and renewal traits. So I am always keeping lifebloom and rejuv on the tank and spam healing regrowth (healing touch when possible) and swiftmend when tank is really low. Am I doing something wrong? I have an easier time when healing with holy priest as the healing abilities do so much more.Myzzti6 1d
1d Sabertooth Question I’ve read various answers on this and with all the changes always happening I wanted to get a current answer. My own testing on a dummy suggest that when I FB a target that had a buffed rip it applies a weaker version of rip. This leads to situations where I have 5 combo points and would like to FB but then realize my buffed rip still has a long time on it. Is this working as intended?Mishipeshu8 1d
1d Feral and rogue players Can you give me pros and cons between feral and pref assassin rogue? I’m tryin to decide which of the 2 to focus as a main.Darius18 1d
1d Resto Druids going Oom fast? In Antorus heroic im having the problem that im getting Oom low on mana very quick. Resto druids are having problems with mana these days? For example the priest healer was at 85% mana when i was at 3% in the same moment of a boss fight in last phase. Wild Growth and Eflorescense are very high mana cost spells and with high usage.Mortursula7 1d
1d Guardian Druid macros What are some macros that you guys use to enhance your gameplay experience? Also, can I macro thrash and swipe together so that I thrash when its off CD and then swipe when it’s on CD? Any reason not to do this since Mangle is top priority and otherwise its Thrash and Swipe to fill unless you get a GG proc or Mangle proc?Xannas5 1d
2d 950 ilvl boomkin, very low dmg...help? Hey guys, Was hoping someone would be able to help me out. So i have a tauren boomkin thats been my main for most of legion. I started doing mythic+ runs a couple months ago and currently at 950 ilvl w/ soul of the archdruid & oneths instruction (or w/e u call it) legendaries. I never used addons but recently got recount to see how my dmg is. Ive been just barely beating the tank in damage which is very embarrasing. Im running mythic +13,14,15 and everyone i play with is relatively close in ilvl. My talents & netherlight crucible paths are all input from icy veins and im following my rotation exactly. Im not sure what else could be the issue! Are addons like elvui and weakauras that im reading about what i need? I really hate playing with too many addons or any at that but i really want to be up there like i should be considering my gear is up to par. Hope someone can help thanks!Solanaris14 2d
2d Resto druid any good pvp? title...Meatballzz23 2d
2d Fury of Elune in BfA? Just curious is this talent being carried over to BfA? It seems to be by far the worst talent in the entire moonkin talentkit. It is extremely niche and pulls from the the other talents, as the talent required changes to keep it going for a reasonable amount of time causes significant drop in DPS and if the target moves it causes a further drop in DPS. In addition, I think I have personally used it maybe 3 or 4 times this entire xpac and it has always resulted in a massive dps even on fixed bosses. Anyone else have experiences with this?Nightevel1 2d
2d I am complete t(h)rash. UPDATE #2: I ended up just continuing to gear up until about 950 equipped and then lol’ing through it in one try. Used no CD’s in P1, finished it with 3 orbs and 1 infernal up, then used drums/incarn to burst Kruul and chain-stunned him with bash & orbs. Leggos I used were Luffa and Soul. Thanks to all who contributed input! UPDATE: I'm pretty reliably making it through P1 now. I logged out in my Guardian gear...I'm MS Feral so don't judge me if the secondary stats are off. Armory hasn't updated for whatever reason. I've found a pretty good rhythm for getting through P1. I just needed to learn a bit of patience and not miss ANY interrupts on Drain Life. In hindsight, that was my biggest problem early on. I got Kruul down to about 13% once, the rest of my deaths have been around 40%. As a Guardian druid. I can tank M+ just fine, but the Kruul encounter is infuriating. I know the drill, I've watched multiple video guides, read numerous text guides. I know to use Bear Tartare, flask, pots, I use Luffa and I'm messing with others to find the best second one. I can't even kill Variss! I tried at ilvl 905 and after half a dozen tries was just like "NOPE!" and came back at 935, super pumped to try again. I'm ilvl 935 equipped and can't even get past P1. No clue what I'm doing wrong. I've tanked 5man content and the occasional raid since Vanilla (didn't tank raids until Wrath) and often had people compliment my tanking ability. This has been a pretty significant hit to my Druid ego, lol. Anyone have any nuggets of wisdom to pass on? Agatha was a piece of cake compared to this.Bærkat28 2d
2d Bring back Glyph of Guided Stars In previous expansions, there was a glyph which caused Starfall to only deal damage to targets that have your Moonfire or Sunfire on them. I would like to see that return to the game, because I'm tired of pulling extra mobs through walls/floors in Mythic +. In dungeons like Lower Kara and Court of Stars I spend more time worrying about my starfall positioning than I would like to.Merrio0 2d
2d Feral feels slow and weak I feel like this is more of a me problem rather than a spec problem. I'm keeping my bleeds up, trying to align rip with tiger's fury and blood talons procs but I'm only hitting maybe 700k dps top on raid bosses (most of the time 650k). Is this a gear barrier? Anyone have any general advice for me?Valadus14 2d
2d Feral Mage Tower Challenge - Agatha Hey guys, I am posting once again about Agatha. I decided to level up a lot and get stronger. I have now reached ilvl 934 with 2 legendaries and an artifact level of 72 and I am still struggling / failing hard. I am at the least getting through the first stage but unfortunately by the time I get to the second phase I am all but dead. I use regrowth and Survival Instincts for the 50% damage reduction but its not enough she just smashes me to quick. I know the mechanics, I know the priority in which I should kill the imps and I am well aware of how to do AoE damage but for some reason I just start losing health far to quick and cannot sustain it. Please watch this video of my attempt and tell me what I am doing wrong because after a total of 34 tries at killing Agatha I have honestly lost my patience. I don't understand why I am finding this so hard, I have destroyed other ferals in PvP with the challenge skin who have completed this, I have a very sufficient ilvl, healing potions and the talents suggested to me from forums and guides and youtube videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwd7rOhZfV8&t=21sStocklin20 2d
2d Skysec's Hold or Dual Determination? 950 Guardian druid, looking for which leggo would be better for Heroic Antorus fights. I have Ekowraith as my first legendary, and would like input on which leggo would be better for which fights. Currently I'm running Dual simply because of habit(And it being my first ever legendary, have a soft spot for it)Sachtat20 2d
2d Ferals- how are you using Jungle Stalker? Prowl once during combat: This never works as I always have some kind of dot on me. Anyone find any useful ways to utilize this?Mishipeshu4 2d
2d Kitteh/Prowl Macro Hey folks. I scoured the net looking for a one button macro for shifting to kitteh and using prowl that would work for 7.3. It took several days, a lot of crying in my sleep, and then I saw it. I found part of it accidentally in another person's macro. The problem was the syntax. I could not find a macro on these forums that worked, so I apologize if someone else has posted something similar elsewhere. /cast [noform:2] Cat Form; [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl; [form:2] Prowl; [combat] Cat Form The macro shifts you to cat, and then uses prowl exclusively unless you're in combat, then it will activate cat form to switch you back to caster. This is pretty close to how the macro I used in TBC worked. I hope this helps out some of you who've been looking for something usable like this. Now go has gud fite! :D Edit: I Realize I messed up the macro somehow. Here is the correct version: /cast [combat] Cat Form; [noform:2] Cat Form; [nostealth,nocombat] Prowl; [form:2] ProwlFiteclub10 2d
2d Are "Old" Races Getting Unique Travel Forms? The newer allied races have updated and specialized models, where the older races only have stag form or a 10 year old cheetah model! If all of the older races don't have their own specialized form, this is a lame cash grab by blizzard. I personally don't like that my druid has the same travel form as every other druid in The Dreamgrove, but I don't feel like paying for a race change to fix that.Leshiye7 2d
3d Highmountain travel form Hi all, I seriously doubt anything will change, especially seeing as feral in stealth never got our 'prowl' walking back when for some weird reason it was taken away but here goes. I have been leveling up this toon (my 5th druid) and up until lvl 80 was using my eagle which is adorable (it has moose horns xD) and I went to moonglade to enable the new travel form so a buddy can ride on my back, which did nothing to my form. I was still in eagle form but they were then able to ride on my back. Up until I bought faster flying at 80 and now I have the crappy generic tauren owl form. Please let us keep our eagle form and let peeps still ride on our back, I loved having that and had I have known faster flying would change me to the owl form would not have purchased faster flying. I thought it was a neat little perk as our moose/land travel form is different I thought this was just a cool difference as well.Uurso0 3d
3d New Cat Form Idle Animation Growl So now, when idle while in Cat Form, your character will periodically emit a very loud growl. While in stealth. Seriously, did nobody see this as a problem?Khatos28 3d
3d Boosted Resto Druid, confused on how to heal I haven't played WoW since 2011ish, so sorry if this is a dumb question. Came back and decided to use my boost for a Resto Druid. Got to 102, got my Resto artifact. The problem I'm running into is my healing abilities seem suuuuper low for the people I'd generally be healing at this point (33k over 15 seconds for Rejuvinate, 40k for Healing Touch..) When the tank I'm healing has 2000k+ health this is pretty useless. I thought that Armor in legion is supposed to transfer over to other specs in Legion? Or should I get all new gear for my Resto druid? Or am I just doing something totally wrong?Druuish6 3d
3d Druid vs Warrior Hello all, I am wondering which character to make my main for BFA and the future, I have a level 110 Gnome Warrior and a level 110 Troll Druid and I don't know which one to choose, what do you guys think I should do? -BloopyBloopy8 3d
3d A shoeless world So when is will the Horde druids be able to wear shoes? Nightfallen some day?Kynawrath4 3d
3d GIVE US NIGHTBORN DRUIDS PERIOD!!! NO EXCUSES THAT IS ALL DO IT!!! I don't care about your excuses druids already turn into manasabers when we are in sarumar I don't wanna hear about it doesn't fit lorewise. I have been a druid main since WotLK and I have always refused to transfer my main druid to horde bc I dont want to be a freaking troll or cow, I have a secondary druid horde that i keep up but he can never be my main bc of these limitations. I do not give AF about zandalari trolls or highmountain tauren, you stick a diamond in a pile of !@#$ and you just have a %^-* covered diamond GIVE US THE GOOD STUFF GIVE US NIGHTBORN DRUIDS NOW!!!!!!!Slash32 3d
3d How Alts Get Druid Class Mount Druid ALTS Class mount.... Ok, after earning this class mount on my druid I was frustrated trying to figure out why my alt druid lvl 100, could not use or see the class mount in the mount journal. I have the class mount on my hunter and my lowbie hunter can use it just by going to the mount journal and selecting it, so figured the same would be for my alt druids. Per blue post, the druid class mount was removed temporarily from the mount journal while correcting some issues. For those that are lvl 100 and have received the Dreamgrove teleport which replaced your Moonglade teleport, just go to dreamgrove and go outside where all the portals are and take the portal to moonglade. Once in Moonglade, go to where Loganar the druid trainer is standing , then look up on the roof of the building behind him for Starcaller Faeb. She is up on the roof, because you have to know how to fly in order to use this mount. Once you enable the class mount with her, it will replace your flight form. I hope blizzard corrects this, because this is not a "mount" it is a flight form. Some of us paid a lot for the glyph of the Sentinel & may still want to use it. You can return here and enable/disable this flight form appearance at will. Also worth noting that the druid class form, can carry a passenger. Blizzard is aware of the issue here, and claims to be working on it. ~per blue post. Hope this helps those of you Alt birding! Happy Questing.Elfinzat8 3d
3d Poor bears Bursting taking a flat 10% of health off per stack Bear defense is partially based on having a very large health pool vs other tanks which have a lower health base but more self healing and mitigation The more health you have as bear, the more you lose to bursting.Syp3 3d