Nov 10 Resto Druid PVP Help List of questions here for my Arena Resto Druid Alt. 1. What's my best azurite traits right now? 2. What's the opener from stealth? Hit CC off bat? or get position? 3. How do we throw DPS while resto druid? (Assuming we cant DPS like Disc) 4. How do you counter Mage when they spam poly and you need to toss a heal? (already chilling in bear form) 5. What special PVP talents would you use for special situations/comps? whats optional? 6. Whats our Main Comps to run? Tried RMD, was great, but the team wanted a disc after we were killing it......Thorawne7 Nov 10
Nov 10 Daze and and Guardian affinity. Man, I wish guardian affinity included the immunity to daze. QoL thing I know but I hate when I am farming the loop in Tiragarde Sound in BG queues as a healer and the constant daze chain in certain areas. I mean, I wont die, but it just gets annoying >.< On a side note druid farming is best farming. I love being able to shift to catform and jump off places that others can not!.Geistekrank8 Nov 10
Nov 10 Druid Call to Arms Cult of Elune is Requesting any and all available Alliance druids to join our War Party! What is a War Party? A horde of Alliance Druids grouped up with War Mode on, hunting down Horde! Imagine a raid of 40 Druids prowling around killing each and every Horde we come across both in our territory and in Horde territory! Our war party's have always ended up with multiple large groups and or guilds of Horde hunting us down! Earn lots of honor with 200+ kills! Have a blast for a few hours Earn your "Horde Slayer" Title Need to know: Cult of Elune hosts a War Party every Sunday night @9pm (est) Sunday 9pm! We are on Stormrage server however any Alliance on any server can join in on the fun! Our War Party's last from 2 to 4 hours and are casual aka come and go as you please! About Cult of Elune We are the worlds largest Druid only Raiding guild! However we don't just raid, we are a gaming community with hundreds of members. We have many fun events every week! PvP, Mythic/Keystone teams, Transmog farming, Achievement runs... We have a dedicated committee that does nothing but plan and host fun events! Such as our weekly :Where's the Druid", Monthly Transmog contest, Lawn Darts, Cats v Stags, Scavenger Hunts, Druid Parades (as seen on Reddit)and more! Interested in seeing what we are all check out our You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCav0r6gAZmILlNW4Uoi2WOg?view_as=subscriberBigbadwuff17 Nov 10
Nov 10 Balance Talents So, my hubby decided to join me in my journey in M+, he's a far better healer than I am, so I decided to swap to Balance. I checked Icyveins and I'm still not sure which talents to take. Warrior of Elune or Force of Nature (Currently using Force) Incarnation or Starlord (Currently using Incarnation) Fury of Elune or Shooting Stars (Currently using Fury) I kind of look forward to communing with the stars once more.Sunwhisper6 Nov 10
Nov 9 24% crit, critting much less. Did Blizz fudge the crit numbers for feral? My crit rate is 24% but I am actually critting on average between 13-18%. Where'd I lose 6-9% crit from? Check, only shred is critting close to 24%. The rest are WAY WAY WAY below my crit rate. So I guess our crit % only applies to shred?!Lothlòria1 Nov 9
Nov 9 No Moonkin form balance druid. Hello druids of Azeroth, I have come to ask you if you ever raided without mookin form on, I know that the shapeshift form only give you incredible good advantages but it gets so... Boring after a while, it's either being a fat chicken, a ghost, a cat or a bear, the only way I could ever play just as my character is as resto, but then again, I am quite tired of healing. So, anybody notice how much of a loss your 10% less damage was?Elthunis27 Nov 9
Nov 9 Conquest bugged? I get on everyday, do rated 2s mostly/only and cap to 500, turn in for reward, then repeat all throughout the day. It's stuck at 0/500 now, is this a bug or is there a cap limit of how much conquest I've earned in total that Im not seeing?Xvalentina3 Nov 9
Nov 9 druids Wow Classic Hey guys, Strictly a pvp question, how were druids compared to shamans in vanilla? Was boomkin and elemental almost the same? I only played resto in vanilla and never really experimented too much with the dps specs. How was feral?Maphan15 Nov 9
Nov 9 Newb rdruid here Newb too druid, havent played one since vanilla. I have so many hots I'm having a hard time keeping track of them. Is there any addons good for tracking them? I really dont wanna use weak auras so if there are any alternatives that anyone could reccomend that would be cool. If weakauras is my only option then RIP me. Thanks!Equals1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Leader Of The Pack Blizzard just give us pve’ers this. Yes the certain little tiny tweaks going on in 8.1 are cool but this would shut a lot of us up. We would be more viable in any raid and mythic+’s and actually compliment groups. The only reason some of us still manage to get into pug raids is mind boggling, but I’m greatful that people take a chance on me. Just Do ItPerifery8 Nov 9
Nov 9 [Resto] On Fungal Essence trait Fungal Essence (370 ilvl): Swiftmend causes your Efflorescence mushroom to burst, healing a nearby injured ally for 8942. Just a question, if we have this trait in two AZERITE pieces, it gonna heals 17884 on the same person or it can gona heals 8942 on two different people (same person in this case is just a possibility)?Aspis2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Rolling my first Druid! Transmog questions! Hi! I've been playing WoW since 2004, mostly on a Warrior, but sometime during Legion I just hit my exhaustion point with that class. Still love then, but I need something new. I'm really interested in Druid. They seem incredibly flexible and convenient with all their shapeshifts. But I'm hesitant to try maining one for one reason - transmog. I'm a transmog junkie, I love collecting new appearances and I mix up my look almost every day. As far as I know, only Restoration druids really get to show off their transmog, though Balance druids *kind of* can but in a translucent blue form. So I have a couple questions! 1. Are there any 'workarounds' for showing off your transmog as Guardian or Feral? Specific toys, potions, and such? I remember during WOD there was a potion that changed you to the opposite gender for a short time and bear/cat druids could use that to appear humanoid while in those forms. I don't know if it still works though. Also, along the same lines, is there a way to be balance without the blue translucent effect? 2. More generally, do you guys and gals feel that the reduced transmogability of druids is worth putting up with? Does the flexibility and uniqueness of the class make up for it? Thanks for reading!Blyte7 Nov 9
Nov 9 clearcasting takes me out of cat form? at first I thought it was one of the azerite traits, but after removing all my gear, clearcasting seems to be the issue. Whenever it procs I get taken out of cat form, anyone else experiencing this bug?Whoismoe13 Nov 9
Nov 8 New Travel Form: Manasaber Druids needs a new Travel form: Manasaber from Suramar City or even a new Cat form: Manasaber. Really need an update.Audrella0 Nov 8
Nov 8 More race options for Horde Druids? I think its about time for another Horde race to be made available to roll as a Druid that is not a Troll or a Tauren. Thoughts/opinions welcome. What race would you like to see be playable as Druid.Cöwmmander25 Nov 8
Nov 8 Help with Balance Druid Hi folks, I've leveled primarily from vanilla thru Draenor as Feral. In Legion, leveled as Guardian, and leveled as Feral again in BFA, though I have switched back and forth. Balance has always intrigued me, but never gave it a real try. So have been messing with it off and on, which has been expensive with the azerite gear. :) Have watched vids, cast 2 solar wrath, then moonfire and sunfire, and so on. Single or double targets are fine, but when I get to 3 or more, I feel overwhelmed and though normally I survive, just feels way different than when I do the same as guardian and feral. Granted, guardian is going to be different, its a tank, but feral, I would expect to be close to the same, and dont feel like it. Maybe just need to do better at making sure all dots and such on all the mobs, like I do with feral. Normal with feral, get all my dots on one, then switch to the next. Where I really notice it, is taking on silver and gold dragons. Fights seem much harder, and have even died a few times, and thats why I need help, cause I know I should not be. Thanks for the help folksCõnal1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Feral and Guardian skins still available? As someone who didbt play druid in legion and now mains it I want to go back and get some feral skins and maybe guardian. Are they still obtainable and does anyone know which would be fastest to obtain. Not looking for all but maybe couple nice ones if possible.Justdruid5 Nov 8
Nov 8 Worth it to main a feral in BFA? Is it worth it trying to main a feral in legion? I love druids but more specifically the feral spec. But from what I've seen, their dps seems incredibly sub par, sort of seems like even If I did get to max level I would be struggling to find a group that would accept me. Any max level ferals that would like to help me make a decision?Nysely14 Nov 8
Nov 7 Feral or Assassin Was thinking of making a druid but I always see deals jumping in and out casting moon fires or heals. Just seems like a lot of shifting. Is this the case? Also how does it compare to sin in terms of pvp? Looks like it's out damaging rogues in raid currently.Crookedmán14 Nov 7
Nov 7 Do missed finishers still cost energy? I've been having troubles vs rogues and demon hunters where I go to maim them... but I miss because they have evasion or else wise up. My combo points still seem to be there, but there's too much happening for me to register if my energy stays or not, or if it's just the gcd screwing me over. Sometimes I wish it would just burn the points and let me get that regrowth off.Skydas3 Nov 7
Nov 7 Stage 4 - Cleansing the corruption Any tips on how to complete this stage (Resto Druid)? I'm supposed to keep the 3 druids healed while they kill Destro. I don't think they do any damage and I end up dead from the agro.Chaneyjr49 Nov 7
Nov 7 Resto druid still good? Hi guys, recently came back from mop and I loved healing on my resto druid in raids. Just want to know how they are doing right now. Do they have issues with mana? Are they viable? Thanks.Carpediemn17 Nov 7
Nov 7 [Suggestion] Guardian adjustments Since it's generally agreed that the latest round of buffs on the PTR were a step in the right direction, though not quite enough to bring us up to where we need to be, I came up with a few ideas. (if this looks familiar to anyone, it's because I posted them in a Druid discussion on MMO-Champion yesterday) 1. Frenzied Regen should be off the GCD This speaks for itself, but with it already being a rage-limited ability, there's really not a good reason to restrict its use with the GCD. I can't count the number of times I've gotten into a pinch and hit the button only to find that it didn't actually go off due to GCD and that's not a fun feeling. 2. Bring back the old Infected Wounds. (Maul and Mangle cause an Infected Wound in the Target. The Infected Wound reduces the movement speed of the target by 8% and the attack speed by 3%. Stacks up to 2 times. Lasts 12 sec.) Infected Wounds used to be a talent in the old combined Feral tree and I feel its return would help us both with the lack of a slow/snare in M+ as well as providing some additional utility in the form of mitigation for both us and our co-tank. While having the snare on Thrash the way we did in Legion would obviously be more ideal, this passive ability would force us to tab Mangle/Maul to apply the slow in packs which seems to fall more in line with the goal Blizz has for tanking this expansion. 3. Give back Berserk (the original version with the fear break) Druids are noticeably the only tank without an offensive cooldown this expansion. Berserk was our first, and originally had the added bonus of breaking fear. While Rage of the Sleeper in Legion was an excellent offensive and defensive cd, it seems the intent in BfA has been to reduce the number of defensives we have so this would allow them to maintain that philosophy while still giving us a much needed offensive cd.Fenrirulv3 Nov 7
Nov 7 8.1 feedback for feral I dont think the 8.1 buff for ferals will be enough to make ferals viable for pve, raids and m+. They didnt even give us survivability in pvp knowing how much damage other classes does right now in the game. Do they think we will be able to cast cyclone if we get trained hard? Whats the use of 5 rage per dmg if we dont go bear affinity? Bear affinity isnt really that viable compared to resto affinity. We need more st and utility for pve, we've suffered and have been ridiculed enough for being a feral. We need more survivability in pvp cause other classes are dealing too much damage, have you not seen fire mages one shotting people? Is that even healthy gameplay? Or rogues dealing too much damage despite having so many cc's?Bleedya23 Nov 7
Nov 7 Lunarwing Form Question I just came back to WoW after a long absence and I went directly into BFA. I was reading online about Lunarwing Form and went searching for more information. Is it only obtained as part of pathfinder? Will I never be able to get it unless I go back to Legion and do all the extra stuff I didn't do as part of the pathfinder achievement?Moondell4 Nov 7
Nov 7 What happened to mark of the wild? I saw that mark of the wild was showing up at the BFA preview at blizzcon, it's even mentioned in several places on WoWhead, but I don't see any evidence that it exists in the pre-patch. Did they decide that sooth was 'enough' utility for druids? In contrast to monks/demon hunters getting a flat 5% damage buff for the group?Mikoshi16 Nov 7
Nov 6 Lively Spirit. Let me begin by saying that nerfing the trait is not what I am suggesting. What I will however suggest is that you bring other azerite traits up to par with what Lively is capable of. Situationally it's not good, Innervate should be there for the convenience of the healer. That however is just my personal opinion.. I'd like to see Streaking Stars brought back up a little bit, of course not where it was formerly but at least to a point that it could compete with Lively. Or just give us another comparable option? I have two 385 pieces with Lively that rots in my bank, I like the idea of interactive traits but this I disagree with it's very existence.Eks8 Nov 6
Nov 6 The importance of QoL I'm curious about others' opinions on the importance of quality of life aspects to a class - specifically druids. We seem to sacrifice a little in terms of melee power compared to others, even our fellow leather wearers, for our lone abilities to instantly shift into travel forms. Maybe I'm completely off here - regardless, your thoughts?Shiftworthy0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Is leveling as bear faster or balance? Thanks Does anyone know if leveling as bear faster or balance? Thanks looking to speed level a druid from 110-120Nomi16 Nov 6
Nov 6 Blood mist talent bug? I noticed that the trait Blood mist procced berserk will just disapear if I'm not in cat form when it procs. I'm using it in resto, before it didnt seem to proc at all in resto but now it does, but it seems to disapear.Hapablap0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Is travelform the same as mount speed? At one point I thought ground travel form was as fast as ground mount speed, is this no longer the case?Jealme10 Nov 6
Nov 6 Couple Macro Questions Greets, I'm a returning feral and have a couple questions for you friendly forum druids. 1. Back in the day I had a macro that dropped me out of cat form then immediately back into it for the purpose of breaking slows. This appears to be broken now. Is there a working method to do this or did we just get pooped on at some point? 2. I apologize if this is basic or anything, but I'm not too experienced writing macros. Can someone help me out with a macro that casts regrowth on me normally, on 'target of target' with the ctrl key modifier, and on my focus target with the shift key modifier. If you can include the check that keeps me from shifting out of cat form when predatory swiftness isn't active that would be great, if not I can probably figure that part out from old macros. 3. Last question, I promise! What is the best current site for serious druid theorycraft-type information, both pve and pvp? I've checked out a few I remember from the old days and the information there seems pretty lackluster. What's that one source of druidic info that you just can't live without? Thanks!Phunkenstein4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Highmountain Tauren Moonkin https://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2018/september/DruidOwlBearHMTauren2.jpg Idk why but I'm excited for this. I love my HM TaurenMahkahe2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Leader of the Pack is back https://ptr.wowhead.com/talent-calc/druid/feral/c61M/Zwq/5DZ/5XL And cyclone wooo, Now just put back sabretooth or make moonfire baseline and we good.Darkombra6 Nov 6
Nov 6 Balance druids with the treant talent in M+ It's annoying as hell for tanks when they just pop it on CD. Similar to hunter pets with taunt always on.Rubmykeg39 Nov 6
Nov 6 Make Early Spring as an azerite trait The new Early Spring buff makes Wild Growth an instant cast (same as before) and applies lifebloom to each target if you heal 5 targets (new). So the new Early Spring changes adding LB look really interesting, with some cool potential with one of our top tier talents photosynthesis, except we'll never get to use it. It's a pvp talent, so its not in PVE. This has to heal at least 6 people to proc the LB, so it won't trigger in 2s/3s. This is really only usable in RBGS. However, this would be INCREDIBLE as an azerite trait and gets to what I believe traits were meant to be originally. This would proc in raiding (and could in m+ if you made it only need to hit 5 targets), and would SIGNIFICANTLY open up the opportunity of building our talents around our traits. Currently, flourish is basically mandatory for raiding, with germ/flourish for m+. Having this as a trait would actually meaningfully alter gameplay to the point players would have to choose between flourish and photo in raiding v germ/photo in pve, which is what the trait system was MEANT to do. This is a prime example of a trait that would actually fix the system, by making the choices between traits meaningful, having the traits synergize with our talents, and adding cool gameplay mechanics. We have major issues in raiding due to the fact we are so reliant on tranquility, our hots don't heal for enough, we can't blanket rejuv anymore, and we just don't have enough hots to toss out. If WG procced LB on 6-8 ppl, that suddenly means we have strong multi-HoT raid healing, especially with photo (since wg/rejuv would increase LB photo procs). Or you could choose to flourish the LB/WG combo for extremely strong HoTs + the direct healing bloom at the end. So this would make WG+LB+rejuv almost our new" spot" heal on low hp ppl with some strong burst healing. And again, makes picking photo v flourish a significant choice. It would also increase our mastery for regrowth/swiftmend heals. So we wouldnt be as dependent on tranquility, as it would be equally as powerful with using this trait correctly. And then spring blossoms v 2 min tranq adds another choice as well. I think this would be a simple fix that would make the class feel smoother outside of tree form/tranquility, add a lot of fun play style choices, and put rdruid in a great spot.Fedras2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Feral 8.1 stat priority Is Haste still going to be king?Ulfednar4 Nov 6
Nov 5 Fix to one of guardians glaring issues okay so we all know one of the biggest issues with bear druids is the fact that despite our relatively good group utility and support we never actually get a chance to use them (well maybe in low level pve and in pvp)because we are required to stay in bear form or risk getting 1 shot like a rogue with 2 much health. I see many people suggesting that we should just be able to use it all while in bear form. While that would fix it I feel like that would take away from our shape shifter feel, My favorite moments as a druid is getting off my supportive spells be it saving a teammate in M+ or pvp and then quickly going back into either moonkin or cat form. So to preserve that feeling I propose a new passive be added to guardian druids (and possibly guardian affinity but tbh I feel like it would be better to keep it guardian only). The name I thought of was ursoc's protection, what this passive would do is allow you to keep your defensive benefits (increased health, armor and threat) aswell as any ongoing buffs (FR, ironfur etc...) for a few seconds after leaving bear form. This passive does not let you use any spells or abilities that require bear form but it does give you a safe window to use any utility that you cant otherwise use while tanking. so what do you guys think?Deshawndae8 Nov 5
Nov 5 Druid macro question Any macro masters out there in the druid community was wondering if you could help me! What i want to do is make a macro (if its possible) so if i hit the key when im in travel form it will send me to boomkin form, but if im in boomkin form it will send me to travel form, is this at all possible? Cheers in advance!Reemius3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Guardian Bears Unbalance Hi, I am monk tank all the way too level 41 so I do have the experiences. All peoples who are playing this game knows only bears tanks is good. When I join group for monking tank, only players let me heal or dps and tell all to let the bears tanking on the mobs. Blizzard needs to take off the bears lots utilities like roaring at bosses for best threatening and iron metal skin fur that makes them too good defense against all the damages type. Please Blizzard listens to your players and make others tanks better as bears tanks, like monkins and palldin and warrior protection and others that are not the best bears. Only bigger nerfs to the bears damages and threats and utilizing will make the game even balanced for all the other players. Tyy for fixing this good games.Evologix12 Nov 5
Nov 5 Druid DPS Are druids good at DPSing and healing?Emorrot3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Bear Form Moonkin / Resto Needs to be a cooldown, being able to take drastically reduced damage at will as a caster is ridiculous.Cmetrollin8 Nov 5
Nov 5 Boomkin/ele in 8.1? So I want to make a KT Human after the patch and I’ve narrowed it down to boomkin and shaman. I’ve never really played a druid before but boomkin looks really interesting to me. The shaman forums seem to be mourning the class in its entirety even up to the 8.1 changes, so I’m a bit apprehensive about boosting one. I like the idea of dropping stars and moons and whatnot to deal damage to people, and I’ve heard the dot mechanic is kinda similar to shadow priest but with more utility. However, I’m not interested in playing feral guardian or resto. But I do enjoy playing enhancement and rsham occasionally. How is boomkin looking for 8.1? The boomkins in my raid group do pretty decent damage on most of the fights, and they look like a lot of fun in pvp. I was wondering if you guys think it’s a worthwhile endeavor to focus on boomy or if I should roll shamanSlimeseason5 Nov 5
Nov 5 Feral vs rogue How to counter a rogues opener as a feral? If you can beat rogues, what's the secretSummonn6 Nov 5
Nov 4 Best Comp for Balance 3s? Title says it all, currently started playing druid again as my alt since Wrath. Looking for tips on a solid comp to hopefully climb in rating. Currently only 1600cr but hoping to push at least to 1800-2100.Chlorisa3 Nov 4
Nov 4 Why are wow devs so bad.. spec changes Why can't you stop spec changes when porting or entering bgs arena.. it's !@#$s up all the time!!!!!!!!Jimmynitro2 Nov 4
Nov 4 Guardian Health The last xpac I was truly in was MoP. So feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I recall being Meaty Meatball back then. Like our health was even above the other tanks. Am I remembering this wrong or did ppl get mad that bears had more health than their tank and they changed it?Illionus6 Nov 4
Nov 4 Guardian in M+ Is guardian in a good spot right now? Started leveling my 110 over the weekend through dungeon finder and he’s fun tanking but don’t see many Bears high m+ keys on my main. Can’t decide between this toon or my 110 Brewmaster. I’d only be doing high M+ keys once geared 10+Mooing20 Nov 4
Nov 4 KT > Zand for pvp? New racials out: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769638638 I'm torn. Was gona race change my Tauren to Zand for the sweet cat/humanoid forms.. but Z racials seem lame for pvp. Kt seems good.Leadbelly6 Nov 4
Nov 4 How to fix druids. (Resto) So everyone loves feeling like a hero right? Paladins are having a great time smashing the other team and healing their own team at the same time, and I think mistweavers love being kung fu masters and punching people to full health, except i think they are a bit sad atm because they die if they jump in the middle of 5 people to punch get stunned and die, but hopefully they'll be able to punch them and heal their teammates while stunned so they can be happy too. Anyway. Here's my idea for druids: The tier 45 talents for restoration should be changed, in addition to what it does feral affinity should change Shred to Shred of The Forest, Rake of Elune and change ferocious bite to Teldrassil's Bite. Each healing their own teams for 200% of the damage dealt (to match monk's abilities). Something similar should be done for balance afinity too. Maybe mirroring how priest damage works. So that eventually they can not use any of the healing abilities and just deal damage and feel like a hero. Maybe removing tree of life if they do that, for balance purposes. But again, rapture is good too, so idk, maybe tree can stay. Anyway guys. I wanted to run this idea by the druid community first and see what you guys think. Thanks. I just wanted you guys to know I love you all.Smugpug10 Nov 4