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1m Wpvp/world quests spec I have an ungeared druid and I know feral and guardian are dumpster fires, but what are people using for world hijincks? I'm looking for some suggestions from other druids as I am new to the class and this xpac appears to present some challenges for us.Wolfendef0 1m
6m It's time to stop the druid favoritism 3 expacs in a row now, this class has been obviously catered to by the devs. It's time to let this class not be top tier in every single role for all of it's specs and make it actually balanced. Druids have been so obviously catered to these past 3 expacs that the second they're not a top tier class in every single role they start spamming forums and blog posts and twitter and reddit asking for buffs. You created a monster, Blizzard, and only you can control your monster you created. Stop buffing druids to obscene levels. Make them BALANCED. Drop druid favoritism, it's not fun for other classes. https://i.imgur.com/rxZWPMX.png https://www.arenamate.net/?region=&realm=&rating=2500&ladder=3v3&faction=Shiyoakemi21 6m
7m World first mythic ghuun - Boomkin #1 dps Mad props to Lorgok from Method who pulled top dps in ghuun fight while having to do last orb. Putting boomkins on the map. Included clip of the last 30 seconds of kill for dps chart https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedBeautifulPeanutItsBoshyTimeTenderloins20 7m
11m Feral vs other melee as alt Hi Folks, As I start to catch up on my main (this guy), I'm really looking for some form of a versatile melee dps that's fun to play. I enjoy mobility, solo ability, and survivability. Ferals seem very strategic, but so do rogues. I like the idea of having tons of different spec variation, but I'm really looking at melee dps since I have this mage. Can someone help me understand a few things: How does feral feel? Fun? Powerful? PvE? PvP? Is the rotation enjoyable? How do you feel versus rogues? Any other random insights would be appreciated. I'm all over the place.Khairo0 11m
15m R Druid will make you look like a poor healer I feel like I've reached a low point in my Restoration Druid career. I've played R druid since Cata so I've seen many ups, downs, and the evolution of the class. But unfortunately after healing a raid for a guild I recently joined for the first time, I left with a bad taste in my mouth. After progressing through the raid a decent amount we had some friction with Mythrax. The raid had wiped before I could even properly utilize a tranq flourish combo. Resulting in dismal healing numbers than usual which consequently led to the guild leader having to whisper me about my "poor numbers". I tried to explain that I was unable to use my most powerful healing combo but my pleas fell on deaf ears. The bias towards other healers during this raid was a contributing factor also. I was competing against two monks and a priest which has already put me at a disadvantage. To add to that, both monks received a blessing of wisdom to restrict their mana spending even less. Meanwhile every time I use innervate to assist another healer they are pushed even farther ahead of me in numbers. If I truly wanted higher healing numbers I would have used tranquility and tree form every time it was available, but as a rational healer I like to save those spells for when the raid takes big hits. I assumed the guild leader would have understood the niche I would fill as an R druid but his lack of overall knowledge of the class was apparent. If anyone else has had a similar experience or has any advise for my play style I would be glad to hear it.Orkaydin15 15m
24m Kul Tiran moonkin form https://www.wowhead.com/news=287341/patch-8-1-ptr-27826-new-druid-form-models-kul-tiran-moonkin Oh my.Purrdominate7 24m
46m Bottom Tier Everywhere wtf? Why is druid near bottom tier in all of its specs? Like how the f does the design team rationalize that this approach is fair to paying druid customer?Djwhiplash10 46m
46m Healing Mythic+ I'm hoping to get some feedback to improve my mythic experience. I seem to be having difficulty keeping people alive in mythic+. I have a priest and paladin similarly geared and can heal though +4 keys easily. However, I seem to struggle keeping people alive on my druid with +2's. I feel like my hots tickle people. I can blast a whole party to full health with 3 globals on my paladin. It takes 5 globals to give everyone in the party a rejuvenation that ticks for 1600. Can anyone provide any tips or suggestions to improve my performance? I saw some guy earlier do Atal'Dazar+15 so I know druid has to be viable. I know my gear is crap but I'm working on it. I did notice a huge improvement in fluidity once I got some haste pieces.Arkiva19 46m
55m 10k DPS on Zek'Voz as Feral How is everyone claiming Feral is bad DPS? I was 3rd in highest in raid, and 2nd most damage done. I used to pots battle potion or anything fancy. Given this was raid finder so maybe you can ignore the lower half of the DPS meter as players who did not give a !@#$, but we aren't in that poor of a state. even in the AOE sections I was ranking somewhere in the middle. I'm not sure my ilvl was that much more than most players either. Inspected a bunch and the top 5 were all 350+ ilvl. The only thing that pisses me off is the fact I had to equip a blue head azerite piece for "Wild Fleshrending". This crap needs to be nerfed 30%, and those 30% need to be baseline. Azerite traits are the biggest weakness to feral IMO. https://i.imgur.com/qyoFEWL.png (DPS droped to ~9500 as I screen shot a little late)Silia10 55m
1h Resto raid healing....feels awful So, currently rdruid is honestly pretty unfun, and maybe even bad, in raiding. Of course we have tranquility on 2 minutes with flourish......but that's really about it. Our HPS numbers , which are already 4th out of 6th after hpriest/ mw/ disc, are inflated due to tranquility. Our job in raiding healing is really to toss rejuvs on everyone and hope other healers can bring everyone up. At best, we are supplementary healers to the other healers. During a raid, what are your main healing spells? Rejuv, wild growth, and tranquility, with regrowth being only really cast in tree form or when its a free cast. Tossing a rejuv is really just a spot gap measure for other healers to do the actual healing. Because in those situations, you can either toss a rejuv on everyone (which doesn't heal for anything, becomes mana costly over time, and can't keep a dps up alone by itself) or toss a few rejuvs out (missing the raid) and regrowth spam for neglible healing on one person. Of course a wild growth cast can help, but its also super mana intensive and doesn't heal for that much. So there's no real way to bring multiple low dps up in an quick or efficient way. Of course we have tranquility and flourish, which is a very strong combo, but hpriests bring stronger aoe heals with more consistency, and we really shouldn't be built to raid around 1 spell combination. I compare this to when we had instant healing touch through abundance, so we could hot AND instant spot heal people, making the spec fun and efficient. I'm not going to stop playing rdruid, but I think a lot of our issues are covered up in a raid comp due to other healers being present. I honestly think they need to rework the spec again, or add azurite talents to make it so either rejuv spreads to other people immediately, giving us time to cast regrowth on people that need it, or regrowth becomes a much lower cast time like that had with old abundance. Or make it so swift mend actually does something in a raid setting.Fedras39 1h
2h Resto isn't fun this expansion (to me). I've always been a restoration druid, and been pretty darn decent at it. I'm one of those people that scrutinize logs like crazy and run sims and love to check my meters compared to others that run raids and such like I do, and usually I stack up really well. I've always been proud of that. This expansion healing just feels wrong. I was wham-baming through Mythic + last expansion, and this one healing a +5 is just awful. I want Flourish to not be a talent. I want Nature's Swiftness and Healing Touch back for that oh-sh*t combo. Nourish even, hell. SOMETHING other than Regrowth and Swiftmend I can spam in bad situations. Raids feel a bit lackluster as well. I know this was more than an expansion ago, but does anyone else miss the ability to explode the mushroom for a good heal? I don't know. It feels clunky and it's just not really that fun. Outside of the Tranq+Flourish combo I'm not feeling very powerful at the moment. Maybe it's just gear. Not sure. I also hate looking at logs and seeing Resto under performing against disc priests and monks most fights. We're not really represented on many charts at the moment.Melfuriah8 2h
2h How the F did feral not get buffed today HOOOLY ^&^%^*%&... maaaaaaaaaaam effin blizzard FFS...Screenshot30 2h
2h Guardian Vs Vengence is like night and day... I just made a horde DH (so i could get horde mounts/pets/etc) I off main a bear. 110-120 and non dungeon/pvp/raid content: DH can pull 2-4x as much as bear (could prolly knock it up to 6x if used Meta), not use a single Active Migitation/DR, AND kill every target faster, AND come out of fight at full health.... WTF did the balance team do to bears? a DH tank using nothing but Fracture,immo aura, and Spirit bomb is a better open world tank AND dps than a Guardian druid.... How did this get let through??? Someone please tell me that Guardians atleast are better dungeon tanks, because if not I am going to be extremely bothered :(Lockedheart7 2h
3h Tried Fungal Essence build in +10 WM This week has terrible affixes. Quaking, Teeming, Fortified. Quaking prevents you from spamming Regrowth on the tank. So I tried out Soul of the Forest for stronger Wild Growths/Regrowths after Quaking hits. I also have a lot of Fungal Essence azerite gear (lol) so i gave it a try in my +10 Waycrest Manor. Talents: Abundance/SotF/Spring Blossoms/Flourish. It was fun. Stacked Fungal Essence felt like i was casting 2 Swiftmend's at the same time. It also heals more than the HoT from Growth Tending (correct me if im wrong). Since in dungeons everyone is basically standing in your Efflo, the conditional of the trait wasn't a big deal. As everyone knows... Waycrest Manor (and Tol Dagor) has severe wall and floor aggro bugs. Yesterday we were doing +10 WM and clearing the trash pack before the Giant Tree boss when suddenly out of nowhere a group of mobs came rushing out of the doorway from the other side of the plaza. I laid down Efflo and pre-Rejuv'd everyone. Quaking debuff started and I couldnt cast Regrowth. Tank popped cooldowns, we got hit by quaking and 2 DPS and myself were hit by Soul Bolts since not all of them was interrupted. I Renewal'ed myself, then Swiftmend one DPS and Fungal Essence healed the other for the same amount. After Quaking the tank was dangerously low. I had the Soul of the Forest buff from the Swiftmend and casted Regrowth which critted the tank for 127,000 HP (stacked Mastery gear) In a span of 2 seconds everyone went from sub 20% hp to FULL. And i still had Flourish and Tranquility (which i used in that cancerous double, or triple mob pull). We all survived and it felt so good. lll try it in more dungeons but it seems to work well with this weeks affixes where a lot of unavoidable hard hitting damage goes out that needs instant spot heals. Prosperity for 2 Swiftmend stacks synergizes better with Fungal Essence but 120,000 Regrowth crits just feels so good. PROS: - Great spot healing (Fungal Essence) - Constant AoE heals from Spring Blossoms - Easy on the mana due to Abundance - Big tank heals from Mastery, Abundance and SotF CONS: - Tank may take more spikey damage due to 1min cd IronbarkPaoweedr7 3h
3h Bear druid is the worst 5 man tank by far 0 kiting ability 0 self sustain 0 aggro 0 cool ways to cheese mechanics By far the worst tank in m+, even worse than warrior which is pretty incredible. Can't even bring skill in the eqution because Guardian druid is so pruned you can't even play like a god to make up for the specs weaknesses. You are 100% at the mercy of your team and their abilities.Justthegrip63 3h
3h Guardian Druid 3v3 Guide I've always like to run obscure specs and try out wacky strategies. So far I'm the only Guardian Druid I've seen in arena so far at 2k+ so I figured I'd make a video showing off the potential power of Guardian Tanks. I'm still figuring this out myself and experimenting with different team comps. In this video I was playing Guardian/Arms/Hpal. https://youtu.be/e1lBWk2oM2s P.S. I'm always looking for new people to play with. I'd love to try playing with a Moonkin, Fire Mage, or something else wacky. If you're interested drop your Btag below!Zybaktv17 3h
4h Give ferals clone back. Enough is enough blizzard give ferals clone back. The joke has gone on long enough.Waggs3 4h
4h Earthen grasp nerf.. Soo what is the point of earthen grasp anymore.. It now puts your root on a 15 sec CD (Not 10 like it states in tool tip) for it to be undispellable but still can be Cloaked,Vanished, Freedomed, Shapeshifted, Reverse Magic, bladestormed, etc.. Never have I wanted to root a melee to just sit by him, I am kiting. And taking this so a HEALER can't dispel him over being able to spam roots is not a trade off I'd ever take.. Turn is into a damage bot more blizzard thanksNokzy16 4h
5h last played rdruid in wotlk. wat happened i got on a druid for the first time in forever and i have no healing touch, no nourish, lifebloom doesn't stack, or have the mana restore function, no natures swiftness, treeform is a cooldown, wild growth has a cast time, the only spammable heal is regrowth it seems really bland now.Js6 5h
5h Druids, do you like your class fantasy? Hey guys. Recently BFA has been quite disappointing to me, I've been maining my mage, but still, this character, Elthunis, has a special place in my heart, I leveled him primarily because I wanted the druids mage tower appearances(which I got it, yay) but then I met great people, in legion I had a guild which I absolutely loved, unfortunately the guild broke and we all went our separate ways, nonetheless, like I said, I love this character, but the class fantasy... I've always liked warriors, I like armors and the sound of metal clanking, so if you don't mind, is there a way for you to tell me what do you like about the druid? What do you like in the lore, class fantasy, gameplay, etc?Elthunis30 5h
6h Kul Tiran or Zandalari whats your pick Going to change my Druid to KT, something about the fat humans speaks to meZalthor13 6h
6h Tips for resto in raids please Did a normal uldir last night. It went well but I’d like more tips on mana conservation and heals. I basically spent most of the time blanketing the raid with hots while mixing in tranquility and ToL. I tend to run out of mana fast though. What do you guys doDruidbot8 6h
6h Feral energy It seems like feral energy doesn't regen fast enough. When I do my opener I can barely get to 5 CP before I rip. The spec just feels extremely slow right now. it feels like i spend more time waiting for energy than using abilities. Is this a gear issue or is it the outlook for the spec?Evergreene3 6h
10h feral help can you guys look over my stuff from normal uldir this week and give me pointers? https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/gre%C3%A9nlee?mode=detailed&zone=19#difficulty=3Greénlee9 10h
10h What professions do you like for your druid? I have skinning and leather working, but i'm not sure if they are the way to go or not. I'm considering engineering... or looking into jewelcrafting or inscription or something. I like the combo of skinning and leather working, but maybe i should just look to get the gold to purchase the armors from other leather workers? What professions do you enjoy for your druid and why?Dørje13 10h
13h Blood Talons and Refreshing Dots Simple question, if i have a blood talons boosted rip/rake on the target, and refresh it either by recasting it or using Ferocious bite, does it lose the damage boost it had from blood talons or simple reset itBrëlla6 13h
14h Downed Ghuun! We downed Ghuun today on normal and 2 heroic bosses, seeing 8-10k dps on bosses using 2x wild fleshrending SR and MoC. That's with runes and flask. I know any other class would do better with the same ilvl but I'm happy we downed him and started on heroic progression.Brokenclaws2 14h
14h Question about possible bugs 1. My Starsurge and moonkin are same keybind (spam moonkin form, and immediately able to hit same buttom for Starsurge). Sometimes, I enter moonkin form, cast starsurge, and then get reverted immediately back in regular form. Is the GCD screwing me up? What I guess happens is that my bar changes to Moonkin (thus my spell icon for Moonkin is swapped to Starsurge) BEFORE I'm actually in Moonkin, and hitting starsurge is canceling the completion of the initial GCD. *note: may be same for other forms/specs but I don't really want to go test 2. My travel form out of combat is still slower than mounts. Is there something I missed?Ozmataz2 14h
15h Legion skins How do I change into the old legion skins? for feral and guardianDerrickhenry1 15h
17h Keybinds for swapping forms Heya. I have just started playing druid and I was wondering what style of keybinds everyone has to quickly swap forms. So farm i have just had a couple of keybinds for it but nothing serious but im going to start doing some PvP and want to be able to swap in and out as fast as possible and thought I would ask around for everyone's methods.Snoozedrood16 17h
18h Best Talent setup for max dps in Mythic+ I did a Sim of different talents and this is what I got. The 2nd line is my current setup. Is the first setup the best one for Mythic plus? https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/aEgXPD2Ygo7PMLoktpnZGcMahkahe1 18h
19h What Stats are Simming Highest for Resto? I've seen so many people with all different stat priorities.Ceejaé6 19h
21h World content as restoration. Hey guys, I would like to ask, you healer mains, while soloing world content, how do you do it? Do you pick specific talents? Switch specs? Because if I told you that healing was never interesting to me I would be unfortunately be telling a huge lie, but for whatever reason, I like to keep things simple, for an example, if I play druid in WoW, I want to play something that resembles a druid in other games like Dragon Age(Usually elven related specs for mages) or Skyrim(Druidism mods), and the same applies to the specs, I kinda hate the spec switch if I am to be honest. Also, my bad if past 2h from now I stop responding, I've cancelled my subscription, I feel like taking a break from the game, it hasn't been fun to me this last couple of weeks. Edit: Also, other reason that I love restoration is the fantasy of the spec, because it's the closets spec that we have that connects to nature, I guess, balance feels out of place with the space stuff like Solar Wrath and Lunar strike.Elthunis14 21h
22h How's Boomkin at the Moment? DPS charts show bottom of barrel, but then I see a thread on how awesome they are in M+. I'm debating which 110 to raise to 120 next, as it's not a small time investment. Thanks!Auriga31 22h
22h The druid Skin Transmog system sucks I'd eat a live baby if I didn't have to transmog my Polearm into my Ashamane Daggers just so my Cat/Bear can have a different skin from the 2004 defaults.Rizzu2 22h
22h Guardian Druid - best Azurite traits? What do you all feel are the best Azurite trades for Guardian druid for raiding?Kozyx7 22h
23h Guardian snap threat Hello fellow druid tanks. I am coming to you with a question. My guild is working through MOTHER on mythic, and while i have been able to do my job until now, my threat is quite a bit lower than the other tank. One area where i am having issues with, is snap threat. During MOTHER, when we cross over, sometimes i can pick up adds just fine, but others when the DPS go extra hard on them, it becomes such a huge issue keeping threat on all of them. What are you guys doing to counter this? how are you all increasing your snap threat? or threat in general?Grumdino11 23h
1d Balance moonkin terible pvp Balance druid is the worst pvp spec I've ever played . You are a sitting moonkin. All your escapes can be countered easily and are pretty worthless. I am gonna have to put this class down and play my DH for arena . This spec needs a massive rework.Patchy21 1d
1d Simming Streaking stars Are SimulationCraft and other sim programs correctly performing the rotation during Celestial Alignment when SS azerite trait is taken? Does anyone know? Starlord sims higher for me, I am wondering if this is why? Thanks!Peek13 1d
1d Glyph of Cheetah Bug Hey all, I posted this in the Bug forums too, but wanted to bring more attention to it. Currently, glyph of Cheetah overwrites our Stag Form too. It didn't function this way in legion. Because the Stag Form pull out was so people using Glyph of Cheetah wouldn't lose their utility from the mountable form. This is a pretty significant bug because we are losing utility from it. Stag Form is very useful to carry players over orbs in Temple of Sethralis (you can wild charge jump over the maze orbs). It also has other uses too. A glyph should not be punishing in this way. This effects all specs so hopefully we can get this fixed! Here is the bug forum post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20768877096?page=1#post-4Sunoco15 1d
1d Guardians Am I doing something wrong? Im really not trying To make this a QQ thread. I tried a Freehold 7 this morning and was slaughtered. Then tried a Waycrest 5 and i was being destroyed. Some non boss abilities were one shotting me. Hell last week i was i was doing 9s. Prior week (with fortitude and 840 ilvl gear) i was doing 4s. WTH am i doing wrong? It really feels like the higher ilevel i get i do less damage and struggle more. Anyone else?Worsaw20 1d
1d Balance Druid Help I really nice some advise. My dps was pretty good just a few days ago but it has really took a nose dive idk if we got nerfed or what. my stats are.. 17% crit 15% haste 21% mast 3% vers (yes ik my haste needs to be higher) talents are.. Warriors of Elune, Starlord or Soul of the Forst for dungeons, Twin Moons, Fury of Elune Rotation is : FoE, 2x solar wrath then dots and etc.Naturesfear3 1d
1d Gearing for other specs? Good day, druids. I've not played since the end of MoP. I returned and I'm still learning all the changes to the game. Does gear now change to match your spec? If I quest around as Feral but decide that I want to do a dungeon and switch to Resto or Guardian, I no longer have to have a separate set of gear for those specs? Thank you in advanceGreyhide2 1d
1d Question on the Feral changes in 8.1 Is this supposed to be a rework or buffs? Lvling one and finding it fun. ThanksSwansdk3 1d
1d 110 Newb I'm a totally green to WOW. I played a few characters to lvl 20 before deciding to pony up the cash. So now I have a lvl 110 character with no real experience. Since I'm sure you are mostly all veterans, can you tell me what would be the first things you would want to get, or do as a Balance Druid to get started in WOW at level 110. Things like, is there certain gear I have to have, and how to you get it in WOW? Is it RNG, do they drop from certain dungeons? Are artifact weapons a must, or even still obtainable, (I just learned of their existence yesterday) are there a serious of quests I have to do for other things? It might be the most basic stuff, Just hoping for some direction, so I can overcome my newbie-ness. And what does M+ mean? Thanks in advance!Quind4 1d
1d RDruid in arena Just hit 1500 What should I do in 2's and 3's? I have no footage. I play with a warrior. -Pillar hug -stay hotted -bash clonex3 -one cooldown at a time -entagle roots meleePlutosaurus5 1d
1d Horde Druid Raid Team Druids only (+18) We will be starting Uldir on Normal Friday & Saturday Nights @8PM est Min ilvl will be 325, Discord Required This is a casual fun raid group, No Druid Left Behind! Join the community if interested: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/nlyg9ReieLY?region=US&faction=Horde\ Sonni#1234Elunette86 1d
1d Best Horde DRD Race? For Guardian/Resto mainly. Just curious, with all the new Races available to Horde I’m not even sure which all can be Druid’s but does anyone know or have a prefference as to which Race would have he best racials for a Tank/Resto druid mix? Thank you. Also I’m boosting my Druid finally, thanks for helping me with my decision a few weeks back.. I’m very excited to play and be apart of the dream! Haha. But quick question for you guys if anyone is nice enough to give a helping hand, are there any great websites for guardian/Resto Druid tips and advice, on talents, traits, PvP talents, leveling, tanking, etc!? I know Ravenholdt exists for rogues and it’s very useful... Or at least if I Level as Bear as many of you recommended, what would be the best talent setup and PvP talent set up for leveling Bear 110-120 and what azerite traits should I try to focus on? Any other suggestions I would welcome thanks! EDIT: Oh yeah, and most importantly , Rotation as well? Thx!Vittu3 1d
1d fandral's seed pouch 72 kills/weeks in, am I killing the right fandral staghelm? firelands norm 25? Heard at one point it was bugged with loot specs, always specced as feralDewclawz7 1d