Dec 19 Moonfarespam: The Moonkin Guide (7.3.x) ... ... ... Please “Like” ALL the pages of the main guide! (Helps the guide stand out in searches.) How to get advice/help: 1. Read the entire guide! Make sure that your armory reflects that you have done so (have generally correct gems, enchants, talents and glyphs). 2. Make a post on your druid (or provide an armory link) while logged out in your Balance gear and spec! 3. Give information that is relevant to your problem. Descriptions of your rotation, raid make ups, combat logs, extenuating circumstances... the more you tell us, the better our advice will be. Be sure to provide specific examples. 4. Be polite to the people helping you. Even if you disagree with them, they took time out of their lives to help. Being rude or defensive will make it less likely that people will want to help you. General Notes: As World of Warcraft is an ever-evolving world, all the information in this guide is subject to change. As gear, encounters and game mechanics change, so will numbers and assessments of talents, items, etc. I will be updating this as much as possible when new information comes out, but if you find anything that is inaccurate, incomplete or simply missing, please let me know in a reasonably polite way. I am not attempting to misinform anyone on purpose, but it's very possible I missed something, or even that I just mistyped it, or that the scary real-life-monster has delayed my updating of the guide. Feedback is always welcome, but trolling is not. I - Table of Contents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#1 II – Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#2 III – Artifact & Legendary Items http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#3 IV – How Astral Power Works http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#4 V – Stats & Stat Priorities http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#5 VI – Gear, Enchants & Consumables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#6 VII – Spells & Rotation http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#7 VIII – Advanced Rotation Tips http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#8 IX – Macros and UI http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#9 X – Current Tier Tips, Videos & Streams http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#10 XI – Frequently Asked Questions http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#11 XII – Fury of Elune (Advanced) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745626938#12 Change Log: 2017, March 31 – Guide updated to 7.2.x changes. 2017, February 24 – Spotlight updated. 2016, August 26 – Guide updated to reflect changes. 2016, July 15 – Guide officially complete. 2016, July 15 – 'Section XII' completed. 2016, July 08 – 'Section III' completed. 2016, July 08 – 'Section X' added more streamers. 2016, July 07 – Guide uploaded to US forums 2016, July 07 – ‘Section III’ is now based on Artifacts and Legendary Items 2016, June 26 – Guide Started.Cyous311 Dec 19
Dec 13 Druid leveling guide for Legion (v. 7.0) The 7.0 Legion leveling guide is available on my blog: http://www.restokin.com/druid-leveling-guide/ Druid Leveling Guide v7.0 Originally, v.1.12 was posted by Jaegor, Feral Druid, Dark Iron<US> Updated and maintained post-2.1 by: Lissanna, balance/restoration druid, Elune <US> Druid leveling guide – Feral and Balance are recommended as solo specs for questing. Introduction: This guide is for new druids starting out at level 1. It is specifically geared towards build construction for PvE leveling from 1 to 100. The first thing to understand is that feral is the most efficient talent specilaization for solo leveling, especially early in your leveling process with a new character. Feral druids level in cat form, and attack their opponents up close in melee range using attacks with Energy as a resource and combo points for big finishing moves. Balance druids can level solo perfectly fine, even at lower levels before you get access to moonkin form. However, you will have to drink more often. This is still a good option if you enjoy being a caster, where you can hit them with damage spells. Group leveling: If you are leveling up in instances, sometimes you want to be a tank (a guardian druid focusing on bear form), or a healer (a resto druid focusing on using healing spells). Keep in mind that it will be significantly more difficult to solo quest as a resto or guardian druid. Keep in mind that you can have more than one specialization that you play. After level 10, you can freely change between specilizations (such as swapping between feral for solo questing and guardian for tanking in dungeons). Table of contents (v 6.0) Level 1 to 10 (all specializations) & how to choose your specialization. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#2 Feral (cat) Leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#3 Balance (moonkin) Leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#4 Restoration (healing) leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#5 Guardian (bear tank) leveling. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747334536#6 General FAQ. COMING SOON!Lissanna47 Dec 13
Mar 15 Resto PVE Healing Guide for Legion (v 7.0) Restoration PVE healing Guide – v. 7.0 - Based on Level 110 end-game for Legion. A short ‘survival guide’ designed for level 100s on patch day available at: http://www.restokin.com/2016/07/resto-druid-legion-survival-guide-for-7-0/ 7.0 Spell Changes for resto druids New Mastery: Harmony • The Draenor mastery ability was removed & replaced with a new mastery for Legion. • This new mastery instead increases your healing done by ALL spells for each HOT on your target (e.g., rejuv, lifebloom, wild growth, regrowth’s HOT portion). So, having 2 HOTs on the target will heal more than 1 HOT on the target. Then, 3 HOTs heal for more than 2 HOTs, and so forth. • SEE section on mastery (LINK HERE). Spell and Ability Changes Removed abilities: • Nature’s Swiftness, mark of the wild, soothe, and genesis are gone. • Dramatically reduced access to baseline off-role damage/utility abilities (NOTE: see the section on level 45 affinity talents for how you can get access to damage abilities for soloing via talents!). • Cyclone: Now only available as a PVP talent at 110. • Most “major” glyphs have been removed (instead, these effects have been baked into abilities, changed into talents, or removed). New abilities: • Innervate has returned. Now allows all spells cast for 10 seconds to be mana-free (usable on yourself or others). • Revitalize: This is now a mass resurrection spell available to healers. Returns all raid or party members out of combat (revive is 1 person out of combat, rebirth is 1 person in combat). This basically replaces Mass Res, which was taken away from non-healers. Modified abilities: • Swiftmend: longer cooldown & larger effect. Swiftmend also no longer requires a HOT for you to be able to cast the spell (though due to interactions with the new mastery, HOTs on the target will make it heal for more). • Teleport Moonglade: Will eventually be replaced with Dreamwalking as you level in Legion (gives you access to a larger set of portals to various places). • Efflorescence: Wild Mushroom has been renamed Efflorescence – place a mushroom on the ground to heal targets standing nearby. • Lifebloom is no longer refreshed by direct heals. • Note that minor glyphs (largely impacting cosmetic appearances) are still available as either glyphs or tomes. You apply minor glyphs to the spells themselves, or learn shapeshift forms such as tree form, rather than using the old glyph system. Table of contents: 1. healing part 1: Description of spells 2. Healing part 2: Mastery 3. Healing part 3: Artifact Weapon 4. Resto: Talents 5. Resto: Dungeon & raid healing strategies 6. Resto: Stats and Gearing 7. Consumables, Gems, and EnchantsLissanna81 Mar 15
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1d Balance in casual pvp Sup guys, how are you doing against melee in instanced pvp? Currently thinking about leveling a lock or a mage because atm i can't do anything against melee in bgs/2s. I play without a healer. The only way i can survive a little is by running like a mofo and dealing 0 damage. I am always the main target. Do you think Locks/mage would be better for solo pvp ? Or maybe im just bad. Thank you!Belgarox10 1d
4m The Disappearing Sunfire. Since the patch I've noticed that Balance Druid's spell Sunfire, the dot portion, will randomly fall off the target with time remaining. It has been able to be reproduced, as well as others within guild stating they have the same issue. This is what I've been able to find out / reproduce: 1. The DoT, when applied by itself, will not fall off. 2. The DoT can be refreshed with Wrath with no problem. 3. Issue only occurs when a normal rotation, or a combination of spells are cast on the target. 4. The fall off has occurred with various time remaining, 24 sec downwards. All testing was done on raiding dummies, as I am unable to raid; due to the frame rate bug... but that's another post! Anyone else notice this yet?Sulfete5 4m
17m Balance Affinity: Bug or Working as Intended? Guardian with Balance Affinity: Enter moonkin form and leave as you wish. Great for staying armored while mounted. Can hit ranged targets unhittable via melee. Yada yada Restoration with Balance Affinity: Enter moonkin form and leave as you wish. Great for staying armored while mounted. Can do ranged damage while armored. Greater array of damage spells. Etc etc Feral with Balance Affinity: W.T.F.? A 1 1/2 minute cool down upon entering moonkin form? Why?!?Mcgoo7 17m
41m Favorite Druid Spec? What is your favorite Druid Spec? What makes it stand out?Minotauros5 41m
1h Flight form animation So they fixed the new bird and broke the old one? Does anyone else see that? Myself and another druid were messing around. He was showing me how he sits like a chicken now and I found my regular flight form no longer sits.....just flaps.Emooly1 1h
5h Combo Point/Energy Overflow So I picked my druid back up and got her to 110, and this time around I decided that I'd play feral as my main spec instead of as offspec like I normally do. As I start gearing her up though I do have one question that's bothered me while leveling--what is the best way to handle CP/energy overflow? For example, let's say I'm starting a fight either on a dungeon or raid boss. Prowl -> Rake -> build CP for Rip -> Rip -> build CP -> FB, etc. What happens is a lot of times I'll end up with 5 CP before it's time to refresh Rip, but using FB will set me back because I don't have Tiger's Fury to quickly get another set of 5 points for the refresh. If I don't refresh Rip or use FB, I end up sitting on 5 CP and not wanting to overcap on energy, I use Shred. Is this an effective use of my GCD? Most of my energy and combo point using experience comes from playing a rogue, and you never wanted to cap energy or waste combo points. Does it matter that I am effectively wasting my CP by spamming Shred until it's time to refresh Rip? Or should I cap my energy, refresh, and then continue as usual? Based on what I've read, Feral is much more "mental" than rogue, in that you have to plan ahead, but I want to make sure I'm not doing something really wrong in the meantime. Thanks!Shinespark6 5h
5h Feral drood clunky? I haven't played feral much of legion, switched to fury warrior a little bit back. however i hopped back on my feral with the talents that used to be good Aka Blood talons and I had savage roar ( which i still realize is BIS for single target ) The overall rotation was way more fun when i switched to omen and brutal slash. Both blood talons and savage roar just are not fun and feel very clunky imo Thoughts on this?Alpha12 5h
5h Feral DPS help look at my stuff, look at my rotation and tell me what i can improve, or what I should look for. My rotation Rip Shred Shred Rake Ashamane Thrash Rip Shred Shred till 5 pts then FB hit tigers fury as soon as its up and keep it going, and I use incarnation when I can. I try to keep all three bleed techs up that i can, at the very least i keep up Rip and Rake I saw a parse for a 5 min session today at 1.8 mil. what am i doing wrong, what can I do better? any help appriciatedRegnon16 5h
11h 7.3.5 Malorne Well, this new 7.3.5 patch has made Malorne, in The Dreamgrove, stiff like a statue again. I was so happy to see him alive with fluid movement in 7.3.0. Now, it's back poor Malorne looking like a monument.Kaldorei3 11h
15h Mage Tower 4th Tint unlock broken Update 11/16 Still broken UPDATE 10/5: I now have all appearances unlocked for my artifacts (Guardian, Feral, Balance, and Resto)... EXCEPT the 10 dungeons for restoration. Still bugged, still unable to unlock the appearance. I'll be updating this thread until it gets fixed, since awareness seems pretty low. I want to put this out here for awareness to other druids. I have completed ALL 4 of the mage tower challenges on my druid. After I completed all 4 and unlocked the new artifact appearances, I ran 10 unique dungeons to get the 4th tint. Upon completion of 10 dungeons, the Guardian, Boomkin, and Feral tints unlocked, but the Resto one did not. I reported this 4 separate times until a GM was finally able to reproduce the issue on Blizzard's end. They submitted it as a bug, and I did as well. The first 3 submits were not helpful, I was directed that I didn't unlock it in the first place, that I needed to clear my addons, etc. If this has happened to you, please submit this as a bug.Grakus25 15h
17h Nightborne Druids Disclaimer Alright I'm gonna start this post off with the disclaimer that I don't claim to be a lore expert or anything even remotely close to that. I openly admit I'm mostly just salty that I can't be horde and do night elf flips in raid and have a mog that actually shows my boots. That being said lets get this post rolling. Players feelings on the idea. I've read a lot of posts and taken into account how some players and druids feel on the lore and background of the idea of Nightborne druids. I've seen a lot of mixed reactions on things such as druidism and magic not really mixing lore wise. I've Seen some people excited about the idea of a night elf model on horde side and how gear and animations look with it. I would like to address both sides of the page with this post. Why and how. • Now through my brief readings of lore posts for and against this topic the single largest argument is that there isn't any lore for magic and druidism to make Nightborne druids make sense. • With that argument I'd like to turn your attention to tauren paladins and priests who learned to wield the light through reverence of the sun. So it seems to me they are just druids that learned to use the sun and become some sort of Aztec sun warrior archetype. • Now could the Nightborne not learn druidism in some sort of similar story line? Through the teachings of Elune and subsequently Cenarius in worship of the moon. Elune tried to keep everyone away from arcane magic I'm sure she would be like and good deity and welcome back her subjects with a life lesson Jesus style And through this some of the Nightborne could easily learn druidism at least to my understanding. • I have already seen some small hints of druidism from the Nightborne via the Masquerade buff as a druid and the Nightborne cat form skin. Also from High Botanist Tel'arn in Nighthold. Now I've seen the argument made that the Botanist simply abused plants with arcane magic to make them conform to will, but that sounds kinda moonkin like to me does it not? druids aren't all naturalistic to full and most use arcane to at-least some degree. Final points and remarks. • This is just my personal view of how the role of Nightborne druid could work and it may differ from yours. But I ask you this if its not your thing why not fight for the little druid? Why not fight for the druid or druidess that likes feet or cute shoes. Fight for those horde druids who have felt persecuted and relegated to looking at plane un-fun hooves or ugly split-v toes for years now longing and waiting for the chance to have normal feet and boots and not feel required to leave the great horde to do so. Because one day you might need the little druid to stand up for you. • That my friends is why I think Blizzard should allow Nightborne to be druids.Youngtreesus27 17h
17h Healing LFR is boring.... Anyone else having this issue? I heal on my Monk and it's way more engaging than Druid. I'm basically just spreading Rejuvs and using wildgrowth. When things go bad I'll pop tranquility and that's pretty much it. 5 mans are a lot more fun but raids are just a tough grind for me. Am I supposed to be doing something else?Duo8 17h
18h Guardian Druid how much Vers for Mythics? Highest I have ran is 18% Vers and lowest being 6%. Currently sitting around 10% and curious what everyone else is aiming for? Is there a soft or hard cap? Not having issues doing 15-16 keys on time, but looking to push further.Tasmania5 18h
18h Highlord Kruul Gearing & Encounter Advice Editing this thread as there have been new developments in my gearing/preparations Hey guys, I’m currently preparing to take on Kruul in the tank challenge. I understand that once BfA hits, this quest and thereby the artifact skins will forever be gone, so it’s my top priority over the next few months. I understand that Luffa Wrappings and Ekowrath are highly recommended for this fight, but I have neither one. I do have Dual Determination, which I got off of the armor tokens that you can buy for 650 Veiled Argunite. However I’m not sure that this legendary ring provides the kind of instrinsic benefit that’s necessary for the Kruul encounter. So here’s the question: is it possible to “farm” Luffa and Ekowrath ? Could I potentially save up enough Veiled Argunite every week to take 2-3 shots at buying the bracer token for example ? Is there a better way to go about this ? Are these 2 legendaries absolutely necessary for the encounter ? Thanks in advance !Tenmonkan58 18h
18h Mage Tower So finally after about 115 attempts I was able to beat Kruul for the bear appearance and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s probably the only appearance I wanted to get other than Feral, just because both appearances look so badass. How many attempts did it take some of you guys?Shifthappnzz27 18h
19h Shapemender Did this buff just came back now? Any one else got this buff again? The one that gives vers if bear, mastery if cat etc.Moonnarch4 19h
19h LF DRUIDS for Machinima (NAMES CHOSEN) --UPDATE 1-- Thank you everyone who volunteered their characters to be a part of my upcoming Machinima ! The names I've chosen are posted below, in no particular order. Those who have been picked will be either be the focus of interview-type questions, parts of shorts skits, or (as in all Class Chats Episodes) participants in the song-and-dance number. (This is the largest cast to date!!) The Cast: Name - Server Bebbit - Emerald Dream Hawk - Aggramar Rollthebones - Tortheldrin Kydoime - Turalyon Bracken - Moon Guard Arrol - Emerald Dream Nayoren - Trollbane Skinwalker - Echo Isles Thythouromeo - Aegwynn Taurmoonator - Ysera Ber - Emerald Dream Sagewolfe - Proudmoore Oxo - Emerald Dream Creole - Trollbane Jarkkani - Ysera --OP-- Hello ! Strausin back again with another Class Chats casting call! This time around I'm looking for DRUIDS If you're wondering what this is all about here is the previous episode: Hunters https://youtu.be/2xAZdohHAP0 So post below for your chance to be in the newest episode! Post as your character that you'd like used, I will not use armory links, thanks ! DISCLAIMER: By posting here you're giving me permission to use your character as I see fit. (There has been issues with people complaining as to how their toons were used, and this is here as a result)Strausin52 19h
20h Cannot Spend Artifact Power Despite my level I've only just entered Legion in the last weekish. In Dreamgrove I go to the building where the class hall quartermaster is and head to the book in the back. Despite the fact my ap power bar say I have enough artifact power to unlock 7 traits, I am unable to DO anything to spend them. I cannot click on the book to open up my weapon (no option to do so), I'm carrying around a life artifact piece that I had gotten but could not yet equip and I'm right clicking on it to open my weapon panel. Each time I open up the panel it says "You must be at your class hall forge to upgrade this weapon" and yet I'm standing right in front of it. I have searched Wowhead and there is no "specific information" that helps with this problem. Am I doing something wrong or am I in the wrong spot or?? I've nearly torn my hair out trying to figure it out. Thanks!Nawaushee4 20h
21h Make Lunarwing usable non-flying zones. I'm not asking to use travel-form indoors, I'm asking for the class mount we were promised and not the flying form glyph you threw at us. This is ridiculous.Davyd0 21h
21h Lunarwing Sitting Animation Why didn't it go live with the patch? ;(Uzumati5 21h
22h Mythic 15++ Tank Defensive gear or DMG gear? Lately I’ve had an interest in improving my output in high level mythic pluses. I can push Mythic 15s +1 but I usually stop at 16. Generally my strat has been to wear my luffas and pants, then as much vers as possible with one stat stick and one usable trink (usually the dinner bell for more vers or one of my Antorus trinkets) I’ve done a bunch of simming with Ask Mr Robot and according to my simming using pridaz and the chest makes me the toughest me I can be. As far as highest dps luffas and pants win out over the back and galactic guardian. It should be said that i mostly spend time doing heroic raid content so my best experience comes from that. My question is: Is it best to wear our best defensive gear or try for a higher dps output in mythic runs? Do we choose ilvl over tier? And if so to what extent? I have 4 of the T20 (a few 920 but mostly 915) set but I’ve been using 2 set from T21 and high level vers gear. I have all legebdaries for bear. All input is appreciated equally. I came here months ago when I swapped from priest to tank and it greatly increased my parses. It should be noted that what I’m wearing in my armory is my healing gear.Baloou10 22h
23h New bug or change in mythic+ Eye? Hi, I ran a +11 and a +13 Eye yesterday as guardian and found the 4 mobs around the last boss (the casters) were now immune to skull bash (or it did nothing). You used to be able to interrupt a few of their casts, like polymorph or the storm thing. Now skull bash just does nothing. Anyone confirm?Syp0 23h
1d feral dps requirements? What would you say is the current average dps to expect per fight for feral in a mostly single target boss fight in normal and heroic Antorus? I seem to fall in the range of 950k to 1.2m depending on how many times I have to drop bad stuff away from the melee zone or run away from laser hands. On trash I can hit 1.7m dps or so if there are quite few targets to bleed/slash. That seems good enough for normal pugs, as I find myself around 7th out of 14 dps, but what about heroic? I don't want to get kicked for low dps if there is something I can do. I could tank, but I am not getting much experience tanking Antorus as our guild has two dedicated tanks. I pug tanked 9/11 normal and it went fine but I have tanked zero bosses on heroic. All of my gear and legendaries are tank oriented, which I know makes feral a little less than ideal.Syp14 1d
1d Druid overview? im a noob xD So I'm a new player and I started with a sub rogue and have been enjoying it thus far. I haven't experienced any endgame content yet so things could change but I intend to have the rogue be my main. I've given some thought into the alts I want to make later on, and ele Shaman and havoc demon hunter will likely be my next 2. Over the last couple days I've suddenly had a spark of interest in playing a druid as well. I would love to see a brief overview of the different specs for druid, there strengths/weaknesses, any potential similarities to the specs I mentioned above, and how fun each druid spec is relative to eachother. ThanksIstealthl9 1d
1d Guardian HP nerf in 7.3.5? My HP dropped ~200k. Same gear, spec, etc. Anyone else notice this?Asimov5 1d
1d Can I get attached to this form? http://prntscr.com/hzjnpb Of course I can, but I'll be so sad when/if it changes.. so my question is; does this form stay forever or will cat form change as I level up my druid? He's such a pretty kitty, I'm considering making a plushie out of him!Kersare7 1d
1d Feral Hidden Artifact Bugged? Hello everyone, today i've gotten my screech towards Feralas. Being an enterprising Druid I jumped right in! However that was roughly an hour ago. I've exhausted all my options searching, searching with Tomtom, referencing screenshots and then heading there, and looking for bug reports. Every coordinate on where it's supposed to spawn it hasn't! Is this a bug? I've been trying to find it to no avail, and it's really starting to tire me.Keurig2 1d
1d Rideable Cheetah Form I went to do the Argus box with my GF when we got on and she always rides me in Stag form (separate button than travel form since I have cheetah glyphed). It kept turning me into a Cheetah and I was confused thinking it was bugged and she wouldn't be able to ride me. She said wait a second and she hopped on me while I was in cheetah form. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it's pretty nice since I rarely get to use cheetah form since I'm basically her mount. Here are some examples. When we first found out: https://gfycat.com/MeanAmusingGibbon I got a tauren to ride me to see how it looked: https://gfycat.com/PoisedPoshAzurevasespongeAhuatok1 1d
1d Druids got a flight-only Glyph, not a mount! Thallia2960 1d
1d Claws of Shirvallah Please bring this back as a glyph. We're getting to keep our artifact forms in BfA, so I'd like to see these make a comeback. I understand that some people didn't like the forms, but many others did. So let's give the option to the players! Thanks in advance! For those who don't remember: http://i.imgur.com/6JEfV0e.pngRhysfelwr33 1d
1d Cannot remove Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon Title says it all. I tried the Chameleon glyph but decided i didn't like it since I cant see changes in appearance when I upgrade the weapon. You are supposed to be able to remove glyphs with vanishing powder, but when I try (use the powder then click the spell) it just changes me to bear form. Submitted a ticket but got back a form letter reply that they could not remove an active bug. Anyone else have this issue or know how I can remove this glyph?Farri4 1d
1d Best feral druid names! Just thought of something funny thought I'd see what other people could come up with. Okay. A Feral Druid Named Williams. (Pharrell Williams) "Pharrell" = "feral" WilliamsCarnage51 1d
1d Switching specs in Flight Form Is there any reason this incredibly aggravating limitation exists? We can change specs in any and every form except flight form. Is there any reason that switching specs can't drop flight form automatically? Or simply make it work like herbing, where you have to be on the ground. The way it works now with the error text is a huge aggravation that is easily fixable.Ferches13 1d
1d Feral/Resto Gear Hey everyone, After leveling this druid alt and then leaving her behind for a little while, I decided I want to pull her back up and possibly have her as a second or third main in BfA, but I'm having some issues. As I'm sure you can see, my gear is a total disaster. I love playing a healer, but I have a hard time playing resto during my everyday questing/WQ rotation, so I mostly play feral for world content, and heal for dungeons/LFR. But since this is one of 10 alts I have, I just don't spend the time on her to get two full gear sets that are above 900 ilvl. I just started Argus on her and want some advice before I dump all my Veiled Argunite into gear that turns out to be useless for what I'm looking for. So the ultimate question is: is there any gear that I could use, as one set, for both specs? When I'm buying relinquished pieces, should I do it in my feral or my resto spec? Or, should I just put in the time, farm twice as much Argunite, and just buy two separate sets? Thanks!Sylanora2 1d
1d Feral - Versatility/Mastery - DpS I seem to be at a bit of a DPS plateau and not sure if it’s my stats, the need for better energy management or just messing up rotation from to time. I’d like to get a better understanding of desired stats a feral druid should be aiming to achieve Unless I've misunderstood when using the Incarnation build versatility would be your priority Stat. Exactly how much versatility should I aiming for? Balance seems to get their mastery up to 100%, is that the target? What is acceptable? Currently I'm at: 29% Crit 17% Haste 58% Mas 21% Vers Talent findings: Blood Scent/ Incarnation = Incredible Burst, energy hungry. In short burst I can get up to 1.7 to 2 mill on single target, like a low mythic boss or the start of a raid single target fight . Then I’ll trickle down to 1.1-1.2 million on longer fights. Varimathras is a good example here. After Inc and Fury are down I go energy poor and it seems like forever I have no energy. Predator/ Incarnation = Over All not bad Dps - Used with a lot of Bosses with Adds In short burst I can get up to 1.3 – 1.7 mill on single target. Then I’ll trickle down to 1.1-1.2 million on longer fights. Varimathras is a good example here. Energy not too much of an issue. Predator/ Soul of the Forest = This reduces dps 100-300K usually on long fights and kills burst. Available legos are Luffa, Sentinel Boots and the Cinidaria waist.Pravanisman9 1d
1d An Impossible Foe - Agatha Hey guys I need help, desperately. I have had 23 attempts (spent 2300 Nethershards) trying to kill this !@#$%. I understand the mechanics, I understand the priority of the imps and I know how to keep applying damage to everything. I am still failing... I can not withstand the amount of damage coming from her, when those purple arcane ball things hit me they just destroy my health like no tomorrow. I have an ilvl of 904 and health of 4.2m but no matter what approach, what talents I try and what buffs I use I can not kill. I don't even come close, I don't even get her to 50% health. My burst damage and bleed damage is up there as being pretty dam high, my artifact is on level 70 and I have obviously unlocked all traits. Why am I failing so hard at this? I have watched plenty of videos on youtube and read guides but no one seems to be taking damage like me, I can't even heal myself faster then what I end up taking damage. Are there any other tips I can try? I'm beginning to think that healing and stopping DPS is a bad thing to do and on top of that I am thinking that Balance affinity is a ^-*!ing waste as my best try was my first try using guardian affinity and being able to regenerate my health on a regular basis. Please wtf can I do to kill this @#$%^, I have had enough -*!@ing around.Tholdelan22 1d
1d Pure Guardian survival, this is best? I know the guide says Elize is way down at #7 on survival but... I have Eko, Elize, Dual Det., and luffa. Elize plus luffa seem ok except you really want to take incarnation over GG because it takes a very long time otherwise to get 5 stacks going, especially on trash. Now what if you were to wear Eko + Elize? Not only would you have two huge stat pieces (big armor and stamina) but Eko would give you 4..5% more damage reduction and Elize's would give you 4% more damage reduction after you have applied 5 stacks of thrash (if you take rend and tear). This would become much easier to do if you take incarnation as you can get that damage reduction rolling in about the first 10 sec of fight. So, ultimate survival legendary combo becomes Eko + Elize's at 8.5% additional damage reduction, physical or magic. Thoughts?Syp1 1d
1d Why no Void elf druid? Q: Any new druid forms for the new Allied races such as moose for Highmountain or Zandalari trolls? A: New druid forms on the way! Horde is going to get 2 new races to play druid on WITH NEW DRUID FORMS. Alliance.. gets.. nothing. There is no reason that a void elf couldn't be a druid. They can be a monk.. That is nature magic. Mage? Arcane magic... So stupid.Grimpaw150 1d
1d Weekend mog thread part 2 The previous thread hit its limit so lets get a new one going! Rate the mog above you.Druidicus31 1d
2d Macro not quite working? Just recently got back into PvP, and I'm loving it. I've had a macro for my feral rattling through my brain for a while now to be a better flag carrier, but when dry running it, It keeps breaking down. I'll share the iterations I've tried below, but the problem is the same. GOAL: While in any form but cat, switch to cat. While in cat, switch to bear. If in bear, cast frenzied regen.Frenzied regen just. won't. pop. Both versions below take me through cat, bear, cat, THEN trying to use FR. once I cycle through at that point, they tend to trap me in cat while FR fails. Anyone want to give this a shot? Is there some issue I'm overlooking? My only guess is that forms behave differently than spells, giving them some strange casting priority, since even a castsequence didn't work. Or maybe these do work and FR only casts if damage is taken? That doesn't explain why it shifts me back to cat and will give me the error message on the next click. V1, the original, that I could drop into the same slot on all forms (yes the third line is long hand): #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Frenzied Regeneration /cast [stance:0][stance:1][stance:3][stance:4] !Cat Form /cast [stance:2] !Bear Form V2, macro just for cat and bear form, while all other forms could just have cat form in the same slot: #showtooltip /castsequence !Bear Form, Frenzied Regeneration, !Cat Form If we get this to work and you think you can use it, I won't fight you for it.Beefyspatula7 2d
2d What exactly is an Owlbear? Aside from an abomination from Hell, these things don't seem to be the spawn of Ursoc or any other Ancient.Thaenlan4 2d
2d Best feral guide? Decided it's time to level my druid for real. I acquired his balance artifact some time ago, but now I want to play feral. Where is the best feral guide to follow? Is icyveins good enough? I know rogues have ravenhodlt, is there an equivalent for druids?Denarius4 2d
2d Balance M+ Legendaries Hello! Which Legendaries do you guys recommend me to run Mythic Plus? Currently, the best setup for me is LatC + SotA with the Incarnation talent (switching to OI + SotA on boss), but I can be wrong. Occasionally, when I need to burst large packs next to the boss in a specific dungeon, I use IFE + LatC with the AoE build. I see good Balance Druid players using the Single Target build with IFE + OI even in a dungeon with a lot of trash to clear. Is that the best setup?Tobes2 2d
2d Mage tower question: Guardian I'm at about 219 ilvl, don't have those chest/wrist legendaries because 3 legendaries have dropped but Blizzard loves trolling me all the way through. How do I deal with the specters that get summoned? I use Incapacitating Roar to stop them, then try to burn them down with Thrash. However, I can only ever get off about one thrash, followed by roar, than maybe one more thrash if lucky. And, while 2 thrashes kills them sometimes, sometimes 2 live and bomb me to death with the boss. Sometimes I can't even get off a thrash before the roar and 1 thrash is simply not enough. How the hell do I deal with the ghosts? It seems like RNG bs as you try to get lucky with multiple thrash procs or that YOUR WORTHLESS HEALER will drop an orb so you can roar thrash, then grab the orb and thrash again. I can't get through phase one because every time those ghosts always catch me by surprise. Am I missing something? A hidden mechanic? They just spawn, run to me, and immedietly cast "Go F Yourself" explosions. They don't hit me or anything. Just blow up.Valdruen5 2d
3d guardian and feral forms Wouldn't it be cool if you were the balance of power glowing bear and then when you changed forms you were using the challenge mode feral skin? I am crying inside at the thought of being a blue ghost bear and then a blue ghost kitty. Without changing specs, I mean.Liger1 3d
3d How can I Macro Starfall? Does anyone use any type of macro to put down starfall centered on current target, on mouse, or on player? Can starfall be put into a macro like this? Was looking to possibly have alt modifier center on player, shify modifier center on current target, and no modifier would be just /cast starfall.Rashwho4 3d