4d How is Lady and the Child? I'm curious on how good Lady and the Child is for Balance Druids? I have my primary alt as one and just got it and I'm not to keen on its power. I'm hoping its good because I have the belt too and that is absolute dog !@#$.Àscern5 4d
4d Guardian Drops I know the stat weights for bear are typically Vers>=mast>haste>crit. But pretty much every drop I have been getting above 885 is crit haste. To keep my versatility at around 10% I have to keep my lower level gear equipped. If I throw on my newer items, my crit goes up to like 33% and vers goes to 3...Is this just an incredibly long streak of crap drops or is that just a thing now? It seems kind of ridiculous that my heal spec got geared up to be almost better than my bear now, completely by accident while playing guardian—with loot set to guardian.Gutenworgen2 4d
4d Soul of archdruid question (resto) So if this is a new alt, and ive now picked up my second legendary as the talent ring for druid, and i have 4 pc t20, is it viable to swap cenarion ward to prosperity? I have a slight tendancy to forget about cenarion ward anyway.Kwasou3 4d
5d Sunfire mouseover macro not working fix! If you Sunfire mouseover macro wasn't working, you have to add the word solar to it. Took me forever to figure out what was wrong, but this is how to fix if anybody needed it. #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Sunfire(Solar)Thorawitz1 5d
5d Simcraft shows negative haste weight(Boomkin) Any idea what to make of this? https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/8iYMuzU3q2i7ZyfDf64H85 My own Simcraft program has the same result, as expected. There's this weird dip at around 9000 haste rating and I don't really know what would cause that: http://i.imgur.com/avYx760.png I feel like it's more likely to be some quirk with the program's handling of the legendary helm than any actual breakpoint. Does anyone else use the helm and feel like testing it?Raymano0 5d
5d Brutal Slash So this is going to sound kind of stupid, but how does one use this ability correctly? Do you use all charges at once? Or weave in other abilities between each charge? I've tried using Brutal Slash in fights like Hajatan and Mistress Sassz'ine and I'm rubbish with it. I do far better with Blood Talons. Same with Mythic +. I do better with Predator procs and Blood Talons. When I did the Mage Tower Challenge, again I tried to go with Brutal Slash, but found I always got further using Blood Talons. I beat the challenge at ilv 906 using Blood Talons, so just goes to show how rubbish I am with Brutal Slash. :P Thing is, my parses are terrible, and I want to do better. For the two fights in ToS that are more AOE centered, is it better to use Brutal Slash? Or should I just keep at it with what I am used to using Blood Talons? People may say "but you only do Heroics so who cares" blah blah. It's true. I'm from a little guild and as we don't have the numbers for mythics, we just do heroics which is fine for me. Thing is, I love my cat, and have enjoyed the learning process to playing a feral kitty for legion. Of course, I don't think I'd ever make it to the 95th percentile, but that's ok, I'm no god kitty. I Just get a bit disappointed when I think I did ok only to see I didn't at all lol. - Hence the question of perhaps using Brutal Slash for the two big AOE fights in ToS.Yvarhna4 5d
5d Newbie friendly Druid spec? Hi there. I was wondering what's a good newbie spec? thxKejunwen1 5d
5d Anyone not use T20? (Resto) So since the T20 isn't really that great, is anyone not using it? I know a lot of people are saying that T19 4pc is still best, but I only had heroic level T19 and pretty much none of it upgraded, so it was a huge loss of stats to keep. I feel like the extra 30ilvl overall is going to make more of a difference to my healing than the 4pc would. So at the moment, I'm not using any tier. I have 4 pieces of T20 in my bags, but it just seems like it's nto worth using since most of the pieces I have that fit the same slots have titanforged or warforged for me. I also had a hard time trying to adjust my healing style around swiftmend. Pretty much I'm just wondering if anyone else is just ignoring the tier sets right now like I am, or if I'm missing out on some potential without them.Unya15 5d
5d Ferals OP please Nerf us now, Blizzard! Yes! We are soooo good that we need to be nerfed right into the ground! Every thing about us is just perfectly balanced, except for our competition! This is definitely not using reverse psychology, to lie about our current state to see if saying the complete opposite of what we actually want will get any results... unlike asking you to make us at the minimum useful and rewarding us with less than what we had before... ahem In conclusion: I Love Blizzard; Please Nerf Feral!Kokakoala3 5d
5d Treant Form Spells Why aren't we able to bind spells to treant form? I really want to stash all my healing spells on it without affecting the rest of my forms ;-;Waternebula1 5d
5d Moment of Clarity for Energy issues? I'm currently bouncing between my specs to figure out what to play when I don't feel like tanking. And since I can more or less get away with using the same gear between guardian and feral (not exactly, but close enough), I'm working with feral. My question is: Would Moment of Clarity be a valid talent to take if I'm having energy issues? I find myself out of Energy very often and having to refresh my bleeds and savage roar before i can even move my finger over to Ferocious Bite. Icy Veins says 'Moment of Clarity is not worth taking in any situation' but fails to explain why, which leads me to take that advice with a grain of salt and take it to help me out in the overworld and the occasional 5-man (not yet in heroics or mythics yet). Also, any advice on keeping up Energy just in general? Aside from making sure to hit Tiger's Fury whenever it's up.Tyaia2 5d
5d Can you proc ranged trinkets w/ Balance aff? As titled, I'm wondering if having a 15-20 yard range on mangle/ swipe/ cat stuff lets proc trinkets/ pots like Deadly grace or sentinel trinket. Given that vial of ceaseless toxins used to be strictly melee instead of spec based, I've gotten really curious about trinket proc. In that sense, does moonfire proc old war and do 14 yard cat/bear stuff proc deadly grace? And do they lock each other out?Kurorai2 5d
5d Guardian mage tower challenge Did any of you manage to complete it without Luffa? I think I have decent gear and legendaries to start working on it, but I don't have that particular one.Theodorus22 5d
5d boomkin or feral? decided to make a new druid main used to exclusively play resto but im done with healing for now gets really boring outside of instanced content like questing and even in pvp imo. can't decide which one to main though. i love casters but i hate how boomkin seems to play with the whole lunar phases never gotten to that point yet though so i can't say much i just been reading about it. i've only played it in WoD and cata. Feral i haven't really mained either i just like how there skins look overall plus i wouldn't mind playing a melee class either i never mained a melee before. i hear they kind of suck right now especially in pvp but getting a rework or something in 7.3 any help? only will be 1 and will likely offspec resto for when i am bored.Lethadox5 5d
5d Would you feel better about the class mount i have looked for a straight answer using the search and couldnt find one. But last night i was talking with some other druids in my guild and were wondering once we are in argus will our class mount work as ground mount or will we be only class unable to use our mounts. And someone brought up idea of if you are able to fly shifting in to lunarwing but if not maybe them giving us a cool stag for form update like Malorne type of stag glowing and all for those who have completed the class mount quest? or are most people just looking for something to ride on as class mount?Jabloopy14 5d
5d balance rotation help in pve and pvp im currently only lvl 13 but i am wondering when i use star surge it procs extra dmg on solar wrath and lunar strike but for pve do i always want to spend those procs or do i only use say one? such as if it's aoe fights i use lunar strike proc only or ST i only use solar wrath? also in pvp how would i use these procs? so far i've been trying to use up both of them before using another star surge lunar strike takes pretty damn long to cast and im usually dead by then since it's low level stuff. just wondering want to practice for higher level content. so far in pvp im just spamming solar wrath procs instead of both and seems to be getting down health bars fasterLethadox3 5d
5d PVP talent - Ironfeather Armor I have a question about this talent. I had not played my balance druid since the nerfs and was curious what his armor would be. So I went to the pvp training dummy in Org and noticed that when Ironfeather armor was selected my armor was actually lower than when using the other two talents. Am I misunderstanding the talent? It seems like it should increase your armor by an additional 25% but it seems to be lowering it? Just curious if anyone else noticed this.Zok3 5d
5d Which appearance do you use? Just out of curiosity, I'd be interested to know what people seem to like to use the most in terms of appearances for our druid forms? I personally like using the black bear version of the hidden artifact.Earthenscent15 5d
5d Boomkin Pawn String? Just wondering what the boomkin pawn string is....can't find one other than at noxxic, which I don't trust.Arithawn1 5d
6d Can I get into PUGS as feral I came back from a long break and everyone is saying how bad feral is. Is it so bad that its hard to get into groups on a feral now? Id play it again but thats my only concernBigmoneyz8 6d
6d hotkeys missing when shapeshifting in combat? Trying to level my boomie now and it seems that if I enter combat in cat form and then shift to moonkin while in combat I'm missing most of the buttons on my main action bar (the one that changes when you shapeshift). The buttons only reappear after I'm out of combat and shift out of and back into moonkin. Is this a known issue/is there a solution to this? I vaguely recall something like this happening before, though I've hardly played this character since Cata so I'm not sure if I was experiencing the same issue then or not (I hope something like this hasn't been plaguing the class all those years).Retfyre9 6d
6d [7.2.5] Mage Tower (Kruul) Guide & Assistance Greetings fellow druids. I don't typically post on the WoW forums but have been thumbing through recently and have noticed a lot of discussion (mostly heartache) about the mage tower and thought, why not post to see if I can help. I have completed the Kruul (mage tower) challenge 3... yes, THREE times. Once for myself, once for my sister, and once for my friend/guild mate. - Kill 1 Character Stats: ilvl 906 (pre-nerf: 7.2) / Legendries: wrists & legs / Trinkets: Blood Thirsty Instincts & Tichondrius Fang - Kill 2 Character Stats: ilvl 911 (post-nerf: ToS 7.2.5) / Legendries: wrist & legs / Trinkets: Animated Exoskeleton & Ravaged Seedpod - Kill 3 Character Stats: ilvl 909 (post-nerf: ToS 7.2.5) / Legendries: chest & waist (NO LUFFAS) / Trinkets: Animated Exoskeleton & (I can't remember but it was an Agi/Vers trinket) In quick summary, I've done this challenge three times, on three different toons, pre and post nerf, with and WITHOUT Luffa's. This is certainly a challenge which has taken me several thousand shards worth of practice but once you get the feel for when things will be cast and abilities you have to manage, you'll get it. Try not to rely on add-ons TOO much and you'll start to gain "muscle memory" for when you'll need to interrupt, move out of nether stomp, stun, incap roar, and hit your SI in time for that 3rd or 4th Annihilate; standard "raid awareness." I have experienced the frustration first had (x3) and I know where you are coming from :) I've literally died ONTOP of orbs, been thrown off the platform by either eyes or an infernal so many times I've lost count, or Velen dies to Nether Storm b/c I couldn't get to him in time. I cannot tell you how many times I died to stupid sh-t or shat my pantaloons everytime I hit phase 2. Here is what I learned from the mage tower and I hope this will help you in your endeavors; I aim to make this a QUICK one-look guide. There are much more in-depth guides out there if you would like to research it further; the information below is aimed for those whom already attempted it: Setup: 1. Food: Bear Tartar (movement speed buff) 2. Flask: Thousand Scars (Agility) 3. Defiled Augment Runes (not necessary, but it helps) 4. Pot: Potion of Prolonged Power 5. Drums of Fury (Bloodlust - Leather working) 6. Healthstone (if you have a lock friend) 7. Goblin Gliders (this helps if you are quick enough to click it and glide back to the platform if knocked off) 9. Brazier of Awakening (toy - free BR every 30min) 10. Trinkets: 1 DPS, 1 Survival or 2 DPS trinkets 11. Macros: Make an interrupt macro for both Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul. You can make one macro to interrupt both (This helped IMMENSLEY). Key bind to an easily accessible mouse button if available: /target Inquistitor Variss /cast Skull Bash /target Highlord Krull /cast Skull Bash Druid Talents: 15: Brambles 30: Guttural Roars 45: Balance Affinity 60: Mighty Bash 75: Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc 90: Guardian of Elune 100: Rend and Tear Dealing with Adds in Phase 1: * Note: Always keep the adds on the edge of the purple pool as close to Variss as you can w/o gaining stacks that way Variss is getting hit w/your [THRASH] ability - First set of Nether Adds: [INCARN] will still be up; Spam [THRASH] until the adds get to you, hit [BARKSKIN] and any CD trinkets you may have, spam [THRASH] until adds are dead - Second set of Nether Adds: Pop [RAGE OF THE SLEEPER] - Artifact Weapon Ability - for this set then spam [THRASH] to get them down - Third set of Nether Adds: Pop [INCAP ROAR] and by the time the adds come-to, pop [BARSKIN] and spam [THRASH] until dead - Rinse & Repeat - Using Healing Orbs (When to / When not to): - Don't be afraid to use orbs; if you're low on health or absolutely need an interrupt, use them or you'll die - Save at least 1 orb for phase 2, if you go into phase 2 without an orb, don't panic Velen will cast one soon - Try NOT to hit an orb while you're at full health; I say "try" because Velen likes to pop orbs right in front of your path of travel and I would hit them while at Full Health -.-; - If Velen casts & stacks orbs on top of one another (my personal favorite) try to get close to the edge of one and start nudging your way into the orb until you hit it; hopefully this will only pop ONE orb and not both * Remember to use [MAUL] on Variss when you need to burn rage as we no longer have [MARK OF URSOL] to spend our rage on. You'll be spending rage on [MAUL] and [FRENZED REGENERATION] during P1 Here's what P1 looks like.. Phase 1: *Note: If you're attempting this WITHOUT Luffa's, pull Variss to Velen by pulling Variss with [MOONFIRE] and move to the edge of the platform (where you teleported to as you entered the challenge) until Variss is sitting ontop of Velen. Velen will pump out A LOT of dps on Variss - Pop [POTION OF PROLONGED POWER] - Pop [INCARNATION: GUARDIAN OF URSOC] - Spam [THRASH] just outside of the pool to hit Varris but not gaining stacks (this helps w/survival and this is also where Balance Aff. comes in) - Pop 1-2 [MOONFIRE] as eyes spawn - Interrupt (Drain Life) using [SKULL BASH] - Hit Variss with [MAUL] if high/max'd on rage, otherwise use [FRENZIED REGENERATION] - First Set of Nether Adds (see above for all sets): Continue to spam [THRASH] until the adds get to you, hit [BARKSKIN] and any CD trinkets you may have, spam [THRASH] until adds are dead - You'll be getting low on health at this point, pop [FRENZED REGENEARTION] inbetween Variss's casts. REMEMBER, don't be afraid to use a health orb if you're low health or about to die, even if you can't synq it with adds - Inferno will spawn next, make sure to hit it with [MOONFIRE] and kite, all the while spamming [THRASH] and [SWIPE] - Rinse & Repeat o Remember to hit eyes with [MOONFIRE] o Remember to avoid infernal smashes o Remember to dump rage into [FRENZ REGEN] & [MAUL] o See notes above for Add Management Phase 2: - Depending on the amount of damage you're doing in Phase 1, you'll hit Phase 2 with [INCARNATION] still on CD (between 1min-40sec left) - Kite Kruul and adds until [INCARNATION] is off CD - Once [INCARNATION] is off cool down, pop the following: o Potion of Prolong Power o Drums of Fury (Bloodlust) o [INCARNATION] o Spam [THRASH] - Interrupt (Twisted Reflections) -- VERY IMPORTANT -- If he gets this cast off, the pull can be salvaged if you can get to an orb ASAP and cleanse it off Kruul. If he goes above 30% health due to ticks from this buff, scrap the run and let Velen die via adds that way you won’t lose your food buff -or- end the misery sooner by jumping off the edge to restart (and try not to throw your computer out the window ;) ) - Maintain 1-2 stacks of [IRONFUR] during the entire fight, especially for (Annihilate) - Kite Kruul and adds around the platform - Avoid (Netherstomp) - use [STAMPEDING ROAR] - Eventually you'll get use to when he goes for a jump and can pop [STAMPEDING ROAR] ahead of time to avoid it entirely - Pop [FRENZIED REGEN] when additional healing is needed - Use (Healing Orbs) when low on health - Avoid purple lines coming across the platform - Use [MIGHTY BASH] as often as possible; especially while Kruul’s casting (Annihilate), this will buy you some time - Use [INCAP ROAR] as often as possible; ideally, when Nether adds spawn - Rotate your CDs for Nether adds like in Phase 1 (1.BARKSKIN 2. RAGE OF THE SLEEPER, ETC.) - Use [SURVIVAL INSTINCTS] *only* for stack 3 & 4 of Kruul’s (Annihilate) - The best advice I can give for P2 is to lockdown Kruul as much as possible. I was a tauren druid each attempt so in addition to [MIGHTY BASH] and [INCAP ROAR] I also had [WAR STOMP], all of which were ALWAYS on CD - Rinse & Repeat If you'd like to see all of the above in practice, I recorded one of the attempts (Kill #2). I forgot to record the "WITHOUT Luffa's" kill (bummer :|). Eventually I'll make a video with commentary when I get the chance. Video: https://youtu.be/whq90SnlBMw I hope this helps... feel free to comment below or hit me up in-game if you're in need of additional tips/tricks or if you'd like to vent to a fellow druid who had several sleepless nights and internal brain hemorrhages all thanks to this challenge ;) Good luck Archdruids, Spiritwolff-KalecgosSpiritwolff8 6d
6d Druid only Guild Recruiting Cult of Elune;   an Alliance Druid only Guild on US server Stormrage. We are recruiting all specs for all time zones.   Website: http://cultofelune.wowalliances.com/   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCav0r6gAZmILlNW4Uoi2WOg   The corps group of our guild has been playing since Vanilla and or BC with a few from Alpha/Beta. We are a mature group with an age spanning from 20's-70's, with the majority of us in our 30's-40's.   Our guild is open to recruitment for all druids of all levels whether you are a serious or casual player, a whole family of druids, a main or an alt, we encourage you to get your friends to make druid alts to so they can come and hang out and enjoy the fun to! We have recruited many players from other realms! Some have transferred, boosted, or rolled a new druid and leveled up. If you like this idea but you are on another server and would like to join us, if you create a druid on Stormrage we will help you establish yourself. We can assist with bags, gold, dungeon runs etc.   What does the Cult do?   Currently we are 4/9N ToS and have AOTC for NH, ToV, and EN (2/7M). (not bad for a guild of only druids) We currently raid ToS on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 11pm Server time (Eastern Time) We have several groups who run Mythic dungeons every week and are always willing to bring under geared members to help them get some upgrades.   The Cult's Ethos   We offer a great family friendly, helpful, mature environment to hang out in while you either just want to quest, run dungeons, achievements, mount hunting, pet hunting, LFR, PVP, end game raiding (when possible) and all old content. We would like to create the guild that you want to log on to hang out with and just have fun!   We also offer an alt guild for our members who have non Druids on our realm! With this once a month our weekly raid is open to Friends and Alts whether they are on our server or not (just have to be Alliance)!  Bigbadwuff57 6d
6d Druid PVP Advice How can a balance druid hold their own against another player?Kapen0 6d
6d [Balance] Looking for Advice on mediocre DPS Hey, As the title states, I have taken several breaks from the game. Each time I come back, I am worse than when I left, despite the increasing gear score. I have tried several different specs and several different legendary combinations without luck. I am open to any and all advice/criticism. Please help me not suck anymore. Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/zuljin/elliya Most recent logs: Desolate Host, heroic: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m71h9tQBqk3wMJAr/#fight=8&view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=33 Maiden of Vigilance, heroic: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m71h9tQBqk3wMJAr/#fight=19&view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=33 Maiden of Vigilance, normal: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m71h9tQBqk3wMJAr/#fight=25&view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=33 Fallen Avatar, normal: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m71h9tQBqk3wMJAr/#view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=33Eyriena26 6d
Aug 13 Feral Class Balance Rogue: -highest single target dps, easy rotation -high AoE dps, easy rotation -can do both high aoe/single target in one spec -best survivability, good soaking, immuning (cloak,evasions, feints,vanishes) -best crowd control; blind, sap, cheapshot, kidneyshot, garotte silence Warrior: -high single target dps, easy rotation -high AoE dps, easy rotation -can do both high aoe/single target in one spec -good survivability, defensive stance, high armor, last stand, die by the sword ect -aoe stuns/aoe fears Feral -low single target (2nd to last), challenging rotation (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statistics/13#dataset=100&boss=2032) -mediocre AoE dps, challenging rotation -forced to respec multiple talents to be able go from single target to aoe (bad for mythic+) -very squishy, no immunities, low self healing, melee range -cc- where is cyclone? Bash 50 second cooldown only 5 seconds Normally, there are pros and cons for each class.....but currently other classes have advantages in every category?Talason65 Aug 13
Aug 13 How strong is t20 for bears Still in the learning process of gear vs gear, but if you have 2 p of the 885 set (helm and legs) how is it comparing with lw 900's? Also curious on stats, I know I need to scale back on the versa and mastery someone was mentioning my crit and haste is too low. I know one of my goals is aiming for challenge skins, so I want to gear accordingly to it and eventually work my way into normal + tomb unless that needs done first. I been absent from pve world with everything going on in rl, and most of my friends quitting wow. Now trying to get back into swing of things and first time tanking since bc.Valdrenolf0 Aug 13
Aug 13 Boomkin PvP Talents in BGs Suggestions? I keep dying with Renewal.Barazanala7 Aug 13
Aug 13 Druids and Action Bars My question to you guys, is how do you control the action bars ever changing when switching forms. It gets annoying and always causing confusion and issues since spells such as regrowth is not usable in all forms. Isn't it annoying?Untouchable12 Aug 13
Aug 13 Ferals and Weapon Enchants Is it a bridge-too-far to ask that our weapon enchants (illusions) have a diminished effect on the feral claws? Same could be done for guardian druids too. Nothing super crazy but, I think it'd be cool to have a bit of Thunderlord or Mongoose lightning on my pawzies.Halden3 Aug 13
Aug 13 BOOMY DPS i should be puting out more dps my mobs dps is good my boss dps sucks any help would be nice thxJetiam10 Aug 13
Aug 12 Guardian Mage tower question do you need tank trinkets for this, or will dps trinkets be fine?Yagura1 Aug 12
Aug 12 Moonfire VS Sunfire So I'm starting a druid and I was wondering what is the points of having 2 so similar spells as a Balance Druid? I mean, since there's no more the eclipse mechanism, why Blizzard kept Sunfire as a Moonfire but doing nature damage?Brahnos8 Aug 12
Aug 12 Guardian DPS What should I typically be doing for DPS in about 925ish gear in ToS boss fights? I primarily focus on defense but I do weave in a few Mauls here and there when I can.Tòòthbrush21 Aug 12
Aug 12 Artifact Power Points drop rate Druids have 4 specs compared to others which have 3 and DH which has 2 but for some reason I seem that the artifact power drop rate is the same. Is it me or do we have it worse when it comes to getting AP due to having more specs? IUntouchable5 Aug 12
Aug 11 Tanking Help Hi everyone! This is the first druid I've ever leveled, and from reading the forums, I decided to go bear spec to level and PvP, and I did a few dungeons for quests while leveling but not many. I really want the legion dungeons artifact appearance. I plan on doing as many on normal as possible, but that's not an option for all of them and I'm especially nervous to tank the ones available at only heroic level. In the past, when I tell the group I'm a new tank, they're fairly nice about being patient with me but I know that won't be the case in every group, so I'm basically just looking for tips to get this done as painlessly as possible for both myself and the groups I'm in. I'm not in a guild, and I don't have a group of friends to play with to do this in a friendly environment so I'll be relying solely on pugs. Are the tips in the adventure guide sufficient for knowing what to do on each boss, or should I look deeper into the fights? Are mechanics as simple as "don't stand in the fire" and "face the boss away from the group"? I main a WW monk and am fairly used to getting out of the way of mechanics at melee range, but have never paid attention to what the tank is doing at those times. Is there anything extra I should keep in mind/be aware of that I wouldn't encounter as melee dps? Thanks!Noríleiria2 Aug 11
Aug 11 Balance: Turn off blessing of the ancients? Hi everyone, as several guides have stated, blessing of the ancients is a talent that ought to be picked in some instances, but I have yet to find a way to turn off either blessing entirely. I can switch between anshe and elune all day long, but I'm kinda tired of being fluorescent 24/7 is there a macro that will force it to turn off, and that way I'll be able to just cast it when i want it on to do damage? Because right clicking the buff isn't doing anything.Metroboomkin70 Aug 11
Aug 11 Druid any fun? Hey, how are druids ? Mostly interested in feral/guardian. Don't care about numbers, more on if the gameplay is any fun. Blizz has really removed the depth to warriors and a bunch of other classes imo so they become stale quick to me. Considering leveling a druid nowJügga12 Aug 11
Aug 11 Guardian T21 Forgive me if there is already a thread about this, I looked briefly and didn't find one. I realize these may be placeholder values, etc. But Prot Paladins for example got a full redesign on their T21. Just wondering if these terrible bonuses are final Is it just me or does the T21 seem extremely lackluster? I just checked a really long (bad) log of a Sisters of the Moon mythic attempt. 10 min 25 seconds and no kill (RIP). However I had 50 Gore Procs altogether. Perhaps that is low? I am pretty sure my rotation is fine so I can't be missing out on too many chances at extra procs. Granted a few of the 50 procs were refreshes, so I didn't use them but given the wording on T21 it seems like the 2pc would still benefit from it. So in a 10 min 25 second fight I got 50 procs. That is 25 seconds off Barkskin. ALMOST one third of its CD. In 10.5 minutes of constant fighting. Given that, I have no idea how this is remotely viable. Perhaps something in the range of 2 seconds per Gore proc? Even that is only 100 seconds so you'd get somewhere around 1.2 extra Barskin casts in a 10.5 minute fight. Even that seems underwhelming. Now onto the 4pc bonus. 5% extra healing received for 20 seconds after Barksin fades. Not a bad idea but again the value seems very low. And given that the 2pc is supposed to prop up the 4pc even more, what with the extra 25 seconds off of its CD over a 10.5 minute fight... Well underwhelming seems to the most fitting description. You could have it simply be 5% Mastery for 20 seconds after Barksin fades and it'd still feel inadequate. Why not something fun / different. For example, 2PC is the same but at a greater value. 3-5 seconds off Barkskin CD per Gore proc. 4PC: During Barkskin the effects of Brambles / Bristling Fur / Blood Frenzy are doubled/tripled. Or After Brambles fades you get X% more health for X seconds. Or flat mastery/vers, etc. Granted my suggestions may not be great. I just feel that the current iteration of T21 for Guardian Druids is supremely lackluster and I hope it gets tweaked/fixed. I'd hate to have this be my final tier set for Legion as its mostly pointless atm.Xenodruid19 Aug 11
Aug 11 Relic of Sovereign Past So I'm a newly capped Druid, doing all my newly capped chores. I've got my balance weapon upgraded to 41 ranks. I've got 850+ in nearly all my slots, collecting Blood of Sargeras to upgrade pieces after I get a couple legendaries. I've got world quests unlocked, and broken shores WQ too. Yet, despite everything I've done I still don't have a 3rd relic slot and I can't even figure out what to do to get it! All my other characters the 3rd relic slot just sort of happened on its own. On this guy I don't know, I just can't figure it out. I don't have a category named Druid Campaign on my quest log. I only have 2 followers and they've done all the jobs on the job board. Yet I don't see anyone with a ! anywhere in Dreamgrove? It seems like whoever is supposed to start the quest line for the 3rd relic slot is being stubborn or something. I'm hoping someone here ran into the same thing and can point me in the right direction. ---edit--- Oh, I unlocked all druid weapons as well. Albeit only the balance weapon has any AP on it so far. ---edit 2--- OK, it appears I've stumbled onto the right path. I randomly happened upon a quest giver in Val'Sharah, I knew some random quest giver out in the world couldn't possibly have anything to do with the druid campaign, but I decided to do the quest anyway. Low and behold, it turned into a short chain of quests with the final turn in located back in the dream grove! After turning it in I was able to pick up 2 quests, and those quests are listed under druid campaign. I can't believe the druid campaign relies on your randomly stumbling upon a quest giver out the world. That's so strange.Peoplefood1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Paladin/Monk/Druid and self sustainment I like all three classes due to them being tri-spec. Healing/tanking/DPS with druid becoming more appealing due to having dps be either ranged or melee. My question is that out of all the classes, which is more self sustaining as far as tanking, pvp, and pve. Also, your thoughts on why? My sense is that Druids Guardians are better than Prot and Brm although Brm has that smoothing inc damage mechanic.Untouchable9 Aug 11
Aug 11 Dreamwalk, Unnanounced Change? It seems Dreamwalk has been changed to longer port you to your previous location from the Emerald Dreamway. However the Monk Zen Pilgrimage still works in that manner. What gives? That was a nifty part of my immersive class fantasy.Azhurea0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Travel form options Could you make it an option to use your big !@# class mount, or bird. I did the quest, but i dont like the mount. Make it a mount, or put in an option to hid it.Purplechops3 Aug 11
Aug 10 is this feral pvp? So the class description says "take on form of a great cat to deal damage with bites and bleeds" So when does this great cat form happen? cause if i even come near the thought of staying in cat form in pvp, i just flop dead. and a 200k ferocious bite seems lack luster when seeing some the damage going around. i have specd into the guardian affin and better bearform with pvp talents and even in bear form warriors and rogues and dhs just slaughter me. Guess it may just be me thinking back on days where feral could be in catform in bgs and with lack of changes coming to pvp template was just wondering is this it?Hexcellent20 Aug 10
Aug 10 Blessing of Elune Buff Need help urgently. I was parsing poorly for ST fights today and I checked my logs. To my horror, for all the fights that I specced BOTA, my toon wasn't buffed with Blessing of Elune (based on the buff section in WCL). Do I have to manually toggle it? I assumed it is on whenever I changed talent from SS to BOTA as my toon would have changed colors to a bluish tint with the buff icon above. Please help! :(Eiki4 Aug 10
Aug 10 Double jump flight form? I've been playing around with a couple very simplistic keybinds and macros and all that for raiding purposes, but I'm wondering if anybody knows of a way to make shifting something similar to a demon hunter glide. Basically, if you're in the air and hit the space bar again, it'll register and launch you into flight form. Is this possible?Hushkawnek4 Aug 10
Aug 10 Which followers to deactivate? Hey guys, what would be the most optimal followers to have without Moroes or Meatball?Ramzi0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Anyone don't use the astral glyph? I prefer the moonkin form than the glyph.Feelzbrah33 Aug 10
Aug 9 Ferals- the joke of legion ive given up on this spec trying to make it fun again it died when legion came out and they took away half my abilities. They even took away the sound savage roar used to make like wtf?? how is that gonna better the game??? Everyone says oh wait til next season Ferals gonna be OP..yeah theyre buffing our dmg ferals will still be the squishiest thing in the game and get globaled by DH auto attacks. As hard as i try i cant even compete with other melee in this game so im done trying if blizzard doesnt care about feral why should i.Mopfèral31 Aug 9
Aug 9 Drape of Shame still a thing? I've been running most of my raids in ToS with a t19 2pc and a t20 4pc set, which has been workin well. However, I just got a +15 titanforged Drape of Shame (930 iLvl), and I'm wondering if the flat stat increases + the passive (+5% healing on crits) make it worth giving up a set bonus. Equipping the cape and changing out the other set piece results in about +2 iLvls +1000 Stamina +500 intellect +2% crit -2% haste Given that I'd likely be giving up the t19 2pc set bonus (since I don't have mythic Nighthold set gear), is the cape still worth it?Atsashoh4 Aug 9