1d New to balance Hey guys. Im fairly new to balance Druid and the guild I'm in needs range. How are Balance? Is the rotation difficult? Any suggestions and advice I should Need to know?Jonteshifter0 1d
1d (Feral) ST. What is it going to take for us To be competitive on a (Max) ST basis? In other words, what changes can be done to raise the ceiling on the amount of DPS we can pull in a given fight? 4 days later, our max feral parse on ST bosses in NH is 593k. Krosus, a fight that 'should' favor us, we sit at 572k DPS max. And I'm talking about 890++ level ferals out there. You're telling me that when I go from 885 to 895 ilvl, my DPS will increase by about 30-50k with 'average' RNG? that's ridiculous.... improve bleed scaling? Improve dmg on ferocious bite and shred significantly (4set takes care of that, I suppose)? Have our trinket work with incarnation for that+4pc tier make us shredders?Xinlul11 1d
1d Balance Aoe Build Does anyone have a good fluid rotation for an aoe build? If so what does it look like and what talents are you using?Moonulotian11 1d
1d overnerfed boomy Give us Single Target buff god damn. (pvp)Canadianowl0 1d
1d Brutal Slash Brutal Slash should have no cooldown, but the damage should be lower, so we can compete in mythic+Fdruidchamp0 1d
1d Elize's Everlasting Encasement vs. Pulverize Quick question: what is the better tier 100 talent choice to go with the legendary guardian pants; rend and tear or pulverize? I went with rend and tear but just want to double check.Aureil2 1d
1d Kicked for low dps on my druid Blizzard has nerfed my class so much that I'm the first one kicked for low damage when we wipe in a heroic or LFR. I'm disgusted with how this game has come down to, "Pull 400k dps or you are worthless!" I don't even know what's good for 840 ilvl but I clearly missed the train now that everyone is 880+/50+ traits and expects 400k single target. I wonder what I should reroll to because I don't want to be stressed out over a damage meter on a video game. I can't get gear to raise that number if I'm kicked constantly and can't get a legendary to drop.Gandryna11 1d
1d Feral pvp fights Just wondering what my fellow druids think concerning what classes they crush in pvp (includes wpvp) and what classes they don't. I'll start. I personally hate fighting affliction locks. They're squishy but their damage and healing is insane. I love fighting warriors. All my bleeds + thorns = no more warrior.Desaroot1 1d
1d Weekend Mog thread, rate the Mog above you!!! Keeping Druids looking good!Skeletear23 1d
1d Guardian in NH so I'm here to get some opinions on a couple of things. 1. the lack of vers/mastery gear in NH I believe its 1 piece not counting the tier chest. 2.tier set bonus seems underwhelming 3.Trinkets/I have the Stam trinket from the first boss the !@#$ ton of HP is nice but the effect seems underwhelming was wondering if M EN trinkets will still be BIS until mythic NH comes out I cant imagine ever using the Gul'dan trinket and the Crit and prevent death trinket effect seems very good except its crit which is weak IMO.Funny10 1d
2d which legendaries? (tank) hi all, I am struggling to decide which 2 of the following 3 legendaries to equip for the purpose of mythic+ runs. Prydaz - the downside is no versatility on it. but the amount of incoming damage it blocks is quite substantial so I'm almost certain I want to stick with this as 1 of the 2 I equip. Skysec's Hold - I love love love having a failsafe to Frenzied Regen. my healer says it makes his job easier. however when using the boots, I am seeing more overhealing from the added healing as well as from my healer (despite having an ability macro telling my healer when I'm healing myself). I did install a weakauras for FR % this morning that may perhaps help me to improve my timing on usage. Elize's - I feel these would give my group a little extra dps on trash (which we struggle with, we excel at boss dps) which could help. I take Rend and Tear instead of Pulverize when wearing the pants, which gives a little bit more dr on the tyrannical bosses this week. dps-wise when NOT wearing the pants, I take Pulverize. because Pulverize is not off the gcd, I feel I'm losing globals maintaining the buff that I'd otherwise be using to swipe and help aoe trash mobs down. granted this isn't a lot, but I feel anything even a tiny bit extra dps wise will help us on trash. some of my issues can very well be player error related (I admit I am not perfect and do make mistakes). if anyone has further input on positives and negatives of these choices that would greatly help me, as well as if there is a for sure above and beyond definite "pick this!" option. I do not as yet have the legendary bracers or this would be an easy clear-cut pick for me. lol I do have the logs from our m+ runs last night, using a Prydaz + Skysec's Hold combo. we did not have our assassin rogue available so instead brought a guildy dk for our first 2 runs and a pug shaman from our friends' list. if any comments for dps, Tristañ and Lunatide are our 2 regular dps. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pBT6WMaf74dGPkH2Lilywind3 2d
2d Druid Healing Sites The Resto druid healing guide. When I look at the stat order for raid healing it lists Haste number one and goes down the order, then it references Mr. Robot as a good reference. When I go to Mr. Robot for Max raid healing it Reduces Haste to 8% and crushed Mastery saying mastery is number 1 stat. I have looked at virtually every guide this expansion and all of them are all over the place. Does anyone have a very accurate site they use. I for one stack Haste, Crit, then mastery and I am getting crushed by Shammy healers and most others. Not used to being in the back of the pack. Also BIS gear I look at sites and they are also all over the place. Mr. Robot doesnt even list any tier for bis while wowhead lists most of it being the best minus the chest. But when I look at the tier gear it goes against our supposed stat priority too. Almost every piece of tier has a crap ton of versatility on it. I believe this tier is the most confusing ever for resto druids. Ive been a resto druid since Naxx and this is by far the worst time I've had. So if anyone can link me some sites that Don't contradict each other it would be greatly appreciated.Geomas3 2d
2d We trust /simc? I tried it out for the first time last night in conjunction with Pawn. It wasn't impressed with some of my gear choices. It told me several items I have in my bag were upgrades. The problem is that it dropped my haste from just under 30% to 25% in lieu of mastery and, in some case, versatility. I have read several comments from people saying something to the effect of "get your haste to 30% and you'll be good". Simc, even after making the changes it suggested, still weighs haste as one of my lowest stats, if not the lowest. It now feels that I should be doing 377k in it's 5 minute "Patchwerk-style" fight, up from 340k. What's the story?Dirtyboi8 2d
2d Gear Sharing Between Specs? Which two specs are closest as far as gear sharing is concerned? Boomy+Resto? Bear+Feral? I'd like to focus on two specs without having to have two completely different sets of gear.ßulletprüf3 2d
2d sotf + stellar drift st? if im running these 2 talents for boomy mythic+ should i be using starfall or starsurge single target aka bosses? the tooltip for starfall shows it doing nearly 100k more dmg than starsurge but you dont get the empowerments you get from starsurge... BUT you do get the dot empowerments from starfall, should i be spamming starfall single target or keep with starsurge?Alex8 2d
2d I just got to 98 Boomkin I kept myself away from this class because I don't like orange color and the class icon(That's dumb? Yes) but heck, Boomkin is so nice and sweet to play, it's the most versatile caster at least at this level. How is it at cap? Does it scale well? I heard it stacks mastery, does the artifact Moon skill scale with mastery?Sietten5 2d
2d New Boomkins models?? Hey Blizzard, You seem to have plenty of time on your hands to create new models such as DK minions for 7.2. When are you going to "Make Boomkins Great Again" with new models for us? We only been asking since CATA and I am sure the DKs didn't even ask for those new models for their pets. PS, not that anyone ever uses the Force of Nature talent because it is so underpower and lame, but are you ever going to update that model?Fenril4 2d
2d A terrible night in H NH as a feral Just finished H NH raid tonight. Very bad feeling. I did all my best, swapping talent for each boss, running around chasing adds, hitting keyboard like crazy, but my damage was at bottom as if I didn't do anything. Sometimes I was too eager for the damage and died too early. The raiding group they didn't blame me, but I didn't ask for any loot tonight. I know my performance is not good enough to compete with others. Their gear level up is more useful to the raid progression. The worst thing is 5 roll coin for 5 AP..... What a night.Formtranser4 2d
2d The Bladefist So I'm doing a series of transmog grinds for fist weapons to go with my tank, however, I am a bit confused about some of the wowhead info. I want, specifically, the Bladefist, both versions. http://www.wowhead.com/item=29348/the-bladefist http://www.wowhead.com/item=113591/the-bladefist&bonus=0#dropped-by However, despite both being fist weapons, it says in wowhead that one only drops for Balance and Resto class while the other doesn't drop at all for druids at all. I don't understand. Druids use fist weapons, so how come those two items have specific class orientation drops? Especially when Guardian is more prone to fist weapon use. If I farm the two bosses on my guardian, will the fists drop? Or do I actually have to be in Balance role for one and screwed on the other?Valdruen1 2d
2d Is Unstable Arcanocrystal really OP? I currently have 865 Unstable Arcanocrystal from world boss Jim, I have quite a few trinkets from 875-885 in my bag, non of them can replace this 865 one. I load my char in AMR then click this trinket, the only upgrade for this is 895 Brinewater Slime in a Bottle from M Heyla. even 910 legendary is a 13k dps drop. is this one really the 2nd best in game?Eightdiagram6 2d
2d Feral Druids, Blizzard doesn't like feral. Blizzard, you really need to buff feral, you are killing our spec. You legitimately fixed every class but feral druids in the last hot fix. Please do me a favor and balance the game you ruined.Focusbank20 2d
2d Dream of Cenarius Am I the only resto druid out there really missing this old talent? I feel like it would have real application in mythic plus and even on certain raid bosses. I wish blizz would give it back to us instead of putting us back into the cookie cutter healer that can ONLY heal category.Mieriel5 2d
2d Predatory swiftness bug? anyone else not getting the aura for predatory swiftness anymore?Scepticism2 2d
2d Balance! This question might have been asked before but do Balance druids have a haste cap and if not what are the target percentages for our secondary stats. Right now i have %15 crit %33 haste and 54% mastery.Kìtana2 2d
2d Rate the Druid Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Root142 2d
2d Why do i only have 20%crit in full gear Why do i only have 20% crit in full gear? i cant generate combo points?Fdruidchamp1 2d
2d Did Blizzard forget druids exist? Can't even remember the last time I saw a blue post in here. We've been through multiple hotfixes that didn't include even a mention of druids except for blanket DPS nerfs. The new lead Ion Hazi-wtf (not worth my time to learn that name), doesn't seem to have clue one about the game in general, much less the druid class specifically. Considering the horrible state feral is in, it's shocking how many blue posts there are on other class boards and nothing happening here at all. What the hell happened to the mythical class balance teams. Do druids even have one? I've been playing my druid (feral spec mostly) since day one of vanilla, and while it's always seemed like we took a lot of abuse and neglect, in all that time it's never seemed this bad. To be just flat out ignored particularly in light of how bad feral is, I'm jus speechless.Skerrit8 2d
2d Ion Hazzikostas .. I'm calling you out. https://youtu.be/KE0Wr9Hdrdw?t=1885 Fix feral! "single target like _no_ other"Bostarus20 2d
2d Was feral's pvp template nerfed? Feels like I'm doing WAY less damage than I used to right now in bgs. Before I was able to top damage meters almost every bg and now I'm lucky to get out of the dead center. What changed?Desaroot6 2d
2d 7.1.5 Feral Saw this on FB and had to share. http://imgur.com/a/qZuFN /laugh /cryTallyswift3 2d
2d Blizzard just killed boomkin pvp -75% mastery.. what in the !@#$Treesaiyan47 2d
2d Rip and Tear? So I'm messing around with Rip and Tear. It works pretty well for an opener in bgs, but I'm trying to figure out how to use it in wpvp. Since it's a pvp talent I can't use it till after I'm engaged in pvp. Yes, I'm on a pvp realm, but it's still grayed out until after I attack. Seems bad design for an opener to be that way. Any ideas?Toomanyalts3 2d
2d What should my top heal be? I'm getting into resto for the first time since Wrath and a lot has changed. I've been practicing my rotation and my top heal is always different in each dungeon. Sometimes it's rejuv, sometimtes regrowth, sometimes wild growth. I don't seen to have a consistent heal style. I think my rotation is ok, but still a little unsure about it. What is the 'proper' resto rotation for mythic+ dungeons?Tallyswift5 2d
2d SotF vs Incarnation for Balance Icy Veins recommends Incarnation, and says that SotF is non competitive no matter the situation. I've been running SotF and I find it great to stack Starfalls in seconds, because my biggest problem before was the aoe ramp up time. However, my single target DPS is not that great. For any of you going with Incarnation, how is your aoe? How much does the regular cost of Starfall bother you? For the record, currently I'm only running regular mythics and +2s. ThanksStrigidae5 2d
2d PvP template, buff crit please Can we please get our template crit at 30%? Seems incredibly reasonable to me since we're so reliant on crit. I have like 40% outside of instance PvP afterall. (down from like 46% before the patch)Sultriss0 2d
2d Please look into ferals qued some 3s tonight....all 5 games has a feral and they were doing like 200k dps, can we please have 1 patch where feral isn't God tier at everything? It's not fun to play against and ruins PvP. It's probably the same in PvE all my friends complain about how broken they are.Xxchadxxz5 2d
2d Dual Spec artifact help Just a quick thanks in advance to anyone who provides feedback. I'm gonna outline my logic and if anyone can provide feedback to put me on the right path that would be awesome. I'm in the process of leveling my Druid to 110 (currently 104) with the ultimate goal of playing Resto for endgame content. However, even though several different resources have said you can level and do WQ's as Resto with Affinity talent, I really dont like it. So my idea was to dual spec balance (primarily because i like ranged DPS and have some exp playing it in the past) for the grind to 110 and also to be able to do my WQ's endgame. Then i could switch on over to Resto when i ran dungeons/raids etc. So basically Resto to do the fun stuff (mythic's and raiding) and Balance to do the "chores" (WQ's, farming etc) Question 1: Does anyone see a flaw in my logic? Question 2: Since I did get the Balance artifact weapon, what is the best way to go about distributing AP between both artifacts? A little info for question 2, I have the upgrade to AK level 20 waiting for when i hit 110. Also, i only need the Balance weapon to be strong enough to make the "chores" easier to do, primarily WQ's. I'm not really hell bent on unlocking all the traits for the Balance weapon. So which one should i level up first? Should i split it evenly? Is there an optimal path that exists out there for what im trying to do? Thanks again for the help!!Hellean4 2d
2d At least buy me dinner first.... Seriously?!?! I've finally got to the point with feral where I just can't take it anymore, so I'm trying to swap over to boomkin. The thing is, that you need boomkin legendaries. I haven't seen a freaking legendary drop in three months, and it doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon. So not only did we get done over with feral, but now we're doubly screwed because we'll never see the boomkin legendaries we need to do any damage as a boomkin. If you're going to screw us, at least buy us dinner first.Brokendome9 2d
3d Tier Set Bonus Resto Set How much value is the 2pc tier set compared to higher ilvl items. Got the shoulders and chest only 875 replacing a 895 crit/mast shoulders and 880 crit/haste chest. Does the 4k mastery warrant wearing it or wait until I have all 4?Woodwin12 3d
3d Energy capping! I have been practicing and trying to be best I can be at the feral rotation and my current spec is what I am most comfortable with right now. That being said I was wondering about energy capping when you are pooling energy. I use to main a rogue in previous expansions and I know energy capping as a rogue is a dps loss. I find myself capping energy while waiting to refresh a rip or SR. Is this a huge deal as feral? I am still not great with the feral rotation but every raid I am getting better. I was able to pull around 290k dps on dragons. I know that is not great but I am proud of it because I am seeing an increase. The hardest thing I have had to learn is to slow down. Thanks in advance for any help.Bizkitts6 3d
3d Simcrafting Guys, What good programs have you been using for simcrafting your toon? I know a lot of them are not up to par yet with 7.1.5 Thanks <3 Tek RAWRTekathan1 3d
3d Want to Re-roll but cant stand tree form. So, I want to try a range caster and Druids are fun. Looks like Balance is in good place right now, but I cant stand running around as tree. My question is, how come I see some balance druids appear to be in a ghostly non tree form? I know there is a glyph to make you starry and transparent, but how do you retain your race form? Is it a quest or something. Have googled and can't seem to figure it out. ThanksSlashedu5 3d
3d To Those Complaining About Feral In NH https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/1nq8XNjVfY4QcdWw#fight=1&type=damage-done&source=11 I was using the build that is in my armory. Everyone complaining, what builds and rotations are you using? I was doing ST rotation on skorp until the adds came out, thrashed and burned BS stacks, then back to boss until BS was up again.Frilhesdee16 3d
3d Convergence of Fates doesnt work with Incarn It's been reported multiple times since the PTR, and Blizzard has not made any statements as to whether or not this is intended. Would be nice if we could get word from Blizzard on this. I've talked to a lot of druids the past few days who didn't realize it wasn't working, just wanted to share with others.Dinosawr0 3d
3d Lady and the Child AoE help plz Hi, I got Lady and the Child last night. I was able to sneak it in right before the 940 upgrade lol. After getting over the initial disappointment of getting another seemingly lackluster legendary, I tried to figure out a way to maximize this. I haven't tried the new AoE spec yet so I took my happy !@# to the 3 training dummies to try it out. Admittedly, the effect of the double moonfire is pretty cool. In the course of trying to settle into the rotation, I stumbled upon something that surprised me. The second moonfire hits a random target, so I would typically have to moonfire the center dummie only 2 or three time for the other two to both get hit. One time, it kept hitting the left one only so in the course of spamming moonfire over and over to try to hit the right one too (I guess I could have just targeted it, but whatever) I noticed that my dps went through the roof. This was right before bed so I haven't exhaustively tested this, but it seems to me that if you keep sunfire up, roll your moons for the bump in AP, hit starfall when you can, then the best way to maximize the rest of your "rotation" is to simply spam moonfire over and over. Like I said, this is my first time with the new AoE spec so I would welcome any feedback. What do you guys think the best AoE rotation is? I'd love to read a guide and all of that but everything is so outdated its hard to find reliable information.Dirtyboi7 3d
3d Intimidating Roar Meant to post this here instead of GD: Tooltip Reads: ... The mobs do not cower. They do not behave as if disoriented. They are feared. They flee away, sometimes picking up other mobs. This is very problematic for tanking. It looked like this talent change was going to be a very helpful upgrade to Inc Roar. It's not. It's actually worse. This is NOT what we wanted, you bufoons! All you had to do was make the effect not break on damage. Why was that so hard?!? Why do you have to tease what should be a useful ability and then make it something else? Make it a disorient. Or make it a Bear Stomp with a stun. Something other than a fear that just throws the pull into more chaos.Skruffles29 3d
3d I'm doing it guys I'm going full Hunter-crying spam. Tempted to jump into their forums like they did ours. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752677257 I'm not going to rest until we get a word back. This isn't OK. Posting in our own forum apparently does nothing. I'll post more tomorrow when it's not 3am so people see it all.Caelus27 3d
3d Guardian charge? I just activated (undeleted) my Druid which I haven't played in almost 5 years now. I barely played the first month of WoD and got my Druid to level 100, but that's about it. I did play quite a bit of MoP though and really enjoyed tanking as Guardian (was always Resto/Boomkin prior to MoP) before having to quit due to work. A lot has changed since I last played my Druid. The servers just reset, so I've barely played for an hour so far... just got my Guardian artifact weapon a minute before the servers went down for maintenance. I know I'm extremely rusty, but it seems like a lot has changed since I last played. Did Guardian Druids lose their baseline Charge ability? Am I blind? The only abilities I saw in the spellbook were Skull Bash (interrupt with a short range charge) and Wild Charge (talent). I used to remember charging all over the place and using Thrash/Mangle to pick up mobs. Also, can anyone recommend a good website/guide or YouTube video for Guardian to help a very rusty player out? I plan to power-level through dungeons to 110 and then gear up as quick as possible so I can tank M+ dungeons for my guildies since we never have a tank and then build my offsets as well.Syclone2 3d
3d NH Balance Help Hello, I just finished my second night of raiding and we've only managed to down 4 bosses. We killed those 4 yesterday but we've hit a roadblock with Etraeus. I have done poorly on two of the bosses we killed. Trilliax and Anomaly. The other two add fights I did decently on even though I feel I could do better on them as well. Especially on Skorp since our tank ran the boss through the group and I took an Arcano Slice to the face and died. With that said, what should I be doing differently to help up my dps? Is my gear good or should I try and shift stats some? Should I be taking different talents? How do you help cope with the heavy movement on Trilliax and Anomaly? What little tricks do you do on those fights to take advantage or help mitigate mechanics?Larissia3 3d
3d Final 7.15 Feral patch notes! So we overall look to be simming very close to what we are at live now (1%) damage increase roughly or so it looks. Basically I see a lot of positive in this. 1. Our relic choices have opened up which is nice and really needed to be fixed with the slight nerf to RIP now. 2. From the official notes OoC has not been touched... unless they forgot it. Which either way I think would be fine. 3. With most of base abilities being buffed it would be seem as our aoe would be helped slightly as well. Give this patch a B rating for Feral. Let's here your thoughtsCatboyclura18 3d