6d Frenzied Regen netherstomp damage Why doesn't frenzied regen recover netherstomp damage? It's a huge part of P2 damage, and with Mark of Ursol gone we have no way to mitigate and no way to regen.Boomshats4 6d
6d How much Haste should Balance Druids have? Title says it all..... How much Haste should Balance Druids have?Braynd13 6d
6d Cult vs ToL I know cultivation is pretty standard; it procs automatically, leave and forget, extra stack of mastery, every top logged druid runs it, etc. However, I've been debating Inc: Tree of Life - esp as a back up healer/additional healer situation. The reason I'm debating taking ToL: - Extra CD - Rejuv spam mana saver - Extra wild growth targets - more healers, less health drops What am I missing that makes cultivation SO much better? Is it dumb of me to want to take tree in a 20 man?Bluebearry2 6d
Jul 21 Resto Druid ptr animations I'm not trying to complain, but I honestly don't notice much of a difference with our particle effects. Flourish is visibly enhanced as is regrowth, and wild growth does look prettier. Other than that though, I honestly don't notice much of a difference. I was hoping for something more flashy like the priest animations.. Holy cow those look amazing. All it seems we got was altered casting animations and slightly enhanced particle effects. Life bloom could cause the target to glow in a green aura that bursts with petals for the bloom effect Swiftmend should cause way more leaves to shower down, considering its our only burst spell. Wild growth, would love a ton of particles here. Iron bark could use some love Effloresence needs changing, it's supposed to be a flower not a mushroom. ID honestly love a flower petal in the center, around it causes tons of green energy and blooming flowers. Maybe it's just me, but I feel underwhelmed compared to Resto shamans and holy priests.Shartah2 Jul 21
Jul 20 WeakAura for Mangle/Gore This problem has plagued me for a long time but i finally figured this out today and figured i would share. I wanted a WA that would show Mangle when its available, desaturate while its on cooldown, and glow when Gore would proc. This is the same type of thing for warriors when shield slam gets reset. Feel free to import the WA below and play around with it. dStDeaGArcTlrkTnvkMPeLzJ40K6MQu6Zs1TvrxMYorv7f2TG9lr1prfnmPKFlQ)sLAOsOgSkvnCQYbLGoLibhteNtKIfkrwQeWIrLA5c9qvQ8uLLPQ65inrrIMkktMQA6exuKkxvc0ZKsDDjTrvbJtczZQW2LIpIkKhtftJk57QKrksQrHkuJwvA8OcoPivDlvHUMQOZRQCysETijFdvYibmmn4tA)N0(jgf7pTUsBslStmFmFWW810uSgCeDJHPcFy1Ge19UfbdJ(MV4mGrFZxfsUuFuiykhr3ySOU3T4TzFd8TWKOU3TiyyYNNHrfLuPy1G1ybbtvLmwLAUPV5lodOeM1ybb7UCM4NVcLFFXXCpAuA53ZXZZiKuaRsn3038v3XhLWQuZn1ZieE1PHsy038fNbm6B(QqYL6JIfnfzEgHWRonSBvHoXWOEgHWRonW3UDAs4ccgjR8bdtueli)GHDwjIgmiqWefXccyyNvIObdcemhIIsbdJQdDIHLYcuW0NsiyrLJbg2zLiAWGabZxFCODQe5dmSZkr0GbbcwmtmWWoRerdgeiyvQ5M6zoOeMxJNOiwqad7SsenyqGGDOCeDoag2zLiAWGabJ6zoGHr1HoXaFBiyvQ52HOOuuccgh484GAcEW1ZwTlIlxpB98NlUC5QfoE85pw066CG95zyANCat7JDRk0jw53)JP891Iohue3su37wKcg4tadtI6E3IGHjFEgMQgvy0k3wJfKvpo0CaZ9DfoM7XkSammRXccwQnfrEXcQtJcg4tW4OC0GGr9mcj9(uWGGrRCBnwqkoAhAoGTItxzLHvdAbZJO(SiMVXD94G95zyPoDLv8dfSmiy1Ge19UfbdceiyH6jlQ7Dlsb)p2hNhhutWdp(8Vfx)f5kn)j3CtBxfveoE01ny6GwCtfvumFWNG5Kd(ArNduWaFcyyoVMtQadtI6E3IGVfwJkQvCtmSC4UCM4NVcynks1aFcemNxvOBuWaFcyynks1qjmVy2ZIYhMVrvsnQedceiG)hmmNxZjvGHjrDVBrWNG1OIAf3edJ(MVWAuKQb(eiyoVQq3OGb(eWWAuKQHsyEXSNfLpSojFbbceiyo5mXpFfqjiynGpX1FceaaBearzio1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Balance Artifact Trait: Stuck In Combat The Balance artifact trait, Circadian Invocation, is keeping you stuck in combat when it drops for everyone else (even your opponent). Contribute to the discussion here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757597901Crazyhoof1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Jagged Wounds vs Sabertooth I hope I don't get flamed for asking this. I understand that jagged wounds would mathematically fast track all my bleed damage. However, I find that I seldom have the energy (especially in single target encounters) to maintain my rips, shreds, rakes, etc. Sabertooth obviously doesn't provide me with any utility for building energy, but I'm curious whether a steady stream of FB might somewhat compare with the damage that jagged wounds would otherwise do, especially given its recent buff in 7.2.5. Are there any other druids that are also experimenting JW vs ST? Is it always so clear cut -- that JW is better in most given situations? At the very least, I feel much more comfortable using ST, for whatever that's worth.Edola12 Jul 20
Jul 20 Balance AoE Filled up my Restore artifact so I started on Balance. I'm uncertain on how to AoE effectively, mainly due to Starfall costing 60 power. By the time I get to that number I feel that my teammates would've already kill the mobs half dead. Could use some advices on this. :3Maplesong9 Jul 20
Jul 20 SotF vs Cult Hi guys, i would like to know which talent you consider is better with my current gear/talents. I'm using doble swiftmend+spring blossom with 4 T20 + 2 T19. Check my armory for further information. Thanks in advancePåranoid2 Jul 20
Jul 19 Movement not Stacking So I macro'd "Dash" and "Stampeding Roar" together, because neither have a global cd, but when I macro'd and use it, I see Stampeding pop out, and Dash on my ability buffs, but they aren't stacking? I don't see the Stampeding Roar ability buff but I see it pop on my head, plus I don't see a movement speed difference after a few seconds when it should end. And when I was using the talent "Displacer Beast" (Tier 2) I also didn't see them stacking either, it was only Dash really.Wildkitty3 Jul 19
Jul 19 7.2.5 trinkets is there a trinket list? i see medallion and arcano ranked #1/#2 but everyone is using whispers/arcanoAdoptedkid2 Jul 19
Jul 19 How to obtain my class mount ? I have part 1 and part 2 of the acheivements along with exhaulted rep with legionfall , but I'm lost , where do I go who do I talk to ? I've looked all over Dalaran, broken shore and dream grove, there are no New quest for mePuurfection3 Jul 19
Jul 19 Glyph of Sentinel bug I put this glyph on my travel form before the class mounts were released and now I can't remove it. I've tried vanishing powder and it doesn't work. Anyone have any insight?Cheesybred2 Jul 19
Jul 19 Need help-broke bear tanking macro So I'd been using this for years now. #showtooltip /castsequence reset=5 Thrash, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, Moonfire ,Thrash, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe Last night, I accidentally hit the macro while in cat form as I was applying some AP to my kitty daggers. Now, whenever I'm back in bear form, the macro stops at the Swipe portion and tells me I need cat form. I redid the macro using a click on the swipe from the bear part of my spellbook, same problem. I even tried Swipe (Bear Form) but that failed (the macro did nothing). Not sure if maybe I needed like [Bear Form] instead of ( ). Any ideas how I can get this macro to once again use just the bear version of swipe? It actually has a different spellid than the cat swipe and for the life of me, I can't understand how this broke since I've used it for years and it's even been hit a few times while in cat form.Druidicus17 Jul 19
Jul 19 Huge Feral Buffs!!!!!! 7.3 We have a number of changes to Feral Druids coming soon. The general goals of these changes are: 1. Reduce (but not necessarily displace entirely) the dominance of the big three complexifying and powerful talents: Savage Roar, Jagged Wounds, and Bloodtalons. Each of those talents is (on live) winning by a large margin in terms of throughput against other talents on their rows. 2. Balance out the power level of the last 3 talent rows, allowing more talents builds to be viable. 3. Increase the skill floor and reduce how punishing it can be to error when playing the rotation. 4. Compensate for power-level-reductions of talents with baseline damage increase to the spec so that at the highest level, performance isn't really affected, but the bottom of the spec is brought up. The most major changes: All damage done increased by 33%. Jagged Wounds reduced to 20%. (down from 33%) Savage Roar duration increased by 50% at all combo points. Damage bonus reduced to 15%. (down from 25%) Bloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 25%. (down from 50%) Looking back at the development of Feral Druid in Legion: when Savage Roar was moved from a baseline ability to the talent tree, in order to bring the power level of the ability closer to most talents (+25% damage to everything for a long duration is far stronger than most talents are), rather than reducing its damage bonus, its duration was significantly shortened instead. This contributed greatly to the overconstrained and overly punishing Feral rotation that you see on live today. Additionally, Jagged Wounds was added as a new talent, reducing the amount of free combo points Ferals had available to finishers such as Ferocious Bite (which was basically pushed out of the rotation entirely). Both talents probably would have been fine on their own, but taken together (because they were the strongest) at the live tuning values led to a more pressured Feral rotation than we felt was right. Additionally, a few talents are being rearranged in the talent tree: Jagged Wounds moved to lvl 75 row. (from lvl 90 row) Savage Roar moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 75 row) Brutal Slash moved to lvl 90 row. (from lvl 100 row) Elune's Guidance moved to lvl 100 row. (from lvl 90 row) The primary gain here is moving Brutal Slash to a sort of multitarget/AOE lvl 90 talent row along with Sabertooth (which can be well-utilized in a sustained low-target situation), giving the lvl 90 row a solid talent for dungeons. For now, we want to go with an arrangement that keeps Jagged Wounds, Savage Roar, and Bloodtalons on separate rows so the current most common live build is still possible. Other less major changes include quality of life and tuning adjustments to some talents to balance out the rows: Prowl cooldown reduced to 6 sec (down from 10 sec) for all Druid specs. Rebirth is castable in all forms, and consequently, is no longer affected by or consumes Predatory Swiftness. Sabertooth damage bonus to Ferocious Bite increased to 20%. Incarnation: King of the Jungle energy cost reduction reduced to 50% (down from 60%) and only allows the use of Prowl once. This it to balance out that talent row with the new Jagged Wounds and to reduce the frequency of Rake stuns in PvP while still allowing Incarnation: King of the Jungle to function as an effective Vanish. Moment of Clarity now causes Omen of Clarity to trigger twice as often and increases the damage of the affected abilities by 25%. This is to better space out what is essentially a large energy proc and reduce slightly the impact that a single talent has on the resource income and pacing of the rotation. Elune's Guidance cooldown reduced to 30 sec (down from 45 sec) and combo points granted reduced to 5 + 5 over 5 seconds (down from 5 + 8 over 8 seconds). Overall, with these changes, balance for the last 3 talent rows and consequently overall should be better in general. We expect the current most common build/playstyle of Jagged Wounds + Savage Roar + Bloodtalons to still remain one of the strongest builds, but it should no longer win by a huge margin over other competing talent builds and also should be a little less strenuous to play.Hyukin131 Jul 19
Jul 19 Bear Stat/Trinket question I recently fully dumped my DK for Bear/Feral. I pretty much only tank M+ and LFR (some old raids like EN) And was wondering what Trinkets would be DPS trinkets for Bear? Agility stat sticks? or are some actual DPS drop Trinkets worth farming for on my Bear? Also, I see a lot of Bears stacking like 20%+ Vers, is that just because they don't want to die (I know that's part of it) or is Vers also really strong main stat for damage? Right now I'm trying to Prioritize Vers/Crit/Haste/Mastery. Because most of my gear is from Feral though I'm at like 30+crit 20 haste 9 vers 16 mast. I'd like to drop my Crit to about 20 and get Vers in the crit roll spots. or is the high crit better for DPS?Mörßîd1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Feral Regrowth in PVP Anyone else notice our healing hasn't scaled with the larger HP pools in PVP since season one? In season one, our healing was very powerful and i could save my teammates if i spam healed them. In season two, our healing was weaker but still i could save my teammates with resto affinity if the other classes didn't have a mortal strike debuff. In season three, my heals (regrowth) does absolutely nothing in arenas. Sometimes i get low and run behind a pillar and it takes 10-15 regrowths to top myself. i feel like they should look into buffing our healing ability. The game is funner when we arn't just damage bots and we have to make decisions when to offheal or do damage. ThanksTalason14 Jul 19
Jul 18 How much ilvl to replace resto t19 4pc? Im currently leveling my resto druid and have read everywhere that t19 4pc is very good still. Im sitting around 895 equipped and have two t19 peices at 890 and the rest at 875. I cant seem to get higher level t19 pieces at the moment. I got a bunchbof other gear that is 900+ from ToS that i can replace the other two pieces of the low level t19 set witch. Should i keep the t19 4pc even though two of the pieces will only be ilvl 875 for the moment?Liianna3 Jul 18
Jul 18 From feral to rogue Greetings all, My main is a druid, and I used to play feral a lot. I read a lot of the comments about feral here, and posted some of my own. I finally decided to boost a rogue, level him and see what life is like on the other side of the stealth fence. It's good, I must say. I started playing Sin, then Outlaw, and now I have settled in with Sub. I still have more artifact power needed for this spec, but I'm getting there. Sin works great in BGs as you can fling poison everywhere if you talent for it. Outlaw is good but a bit much with all the button mashing for me, and Sub is just amazing once you get used to it. If you are still frustrated with feral, give rogue a try. You will miss bear form at first but then you will get used to the rogue's tools. I have played feral a few times since getting this rogue levelled up, but it feels sort of clunky and I miss vanish, blind, etc. The rogue toolkit is great, and feral needs an overhaul to match it. Don't get me wrong here, I still love feral and I will go back to it someday. I am hoping that Blizzard fixes some of the problems ASAP. But for now I am happy with being a rogue.Nutfuzz4 Jul 18
Jul 18 Anyone don't use the astral glyph? I prefer the moonkin form than the glyph.Feelzbrah17 Jul 18
Jul 18 Soul of the Forest vs Savage Roar Will SR be the only option in order to do competitive dps or will SotF have any viability in pve? They buffed Soul to give 60 energy rather than the 30 it used to give so I'm hoping I'm not locked into SR due to it being significantly better. Are the differences marginal or is it pretty significant?Cheshire11 Jul 18
Jul 18 Swipe/Thrash Animation Tweak Not sure if I am the only one that is bugged by this but I would love to see the swipe and thrash animations fixed to follow the actual direction you swipe in. Currently the claw lines only go counterclockwise, but when you swipe/thrash with your left hand/paw the animation should travel clockwise instead of counterclockwise. This is far from a big deal by any means but with the time they took to put into the animations, unless I am missing some game breaking issue that would prevent this, this seems like a silly thing to overlook.Cubcakes0 Jul 18
Jul 18 Healing Touch I rarely use Healing Touch, find it too slow for emergencies and by the time I finished casting my HoTs had already healed more than half of the amount I intended with HT. Is it only good for oom, or should I try talents associated with HT and see how it performs?Maplesong9 Jul 18
Jul 18 Hidden Feral Artifact Appearance I've heard how to get the hidden feral artifact appearance but I'm having some trouble how to get it. I know you need to have artifact knowledge level 4 (which I have) and need to hear a screech coming from one of the portals in the Dreamway. Now last week, I heard one of these screeches but I ignored it because I had no ideas what it was or what it was for. Now I'm not hearing any screeches anymore? Did I mess up? Is the owlcat stone still on the other side or the portal? I've looked for it but I can't find it anywhere and I'm really confused now cause I've heard you will get one screech per day but I haven't heard one since....help?Lesliea16 Jul 18
Jul 18 Please Take a Look at FERAL DRUID Give feral some love, loving the 30% damage increase to Ferocious Bite but please take a look at the class and see what can be done to help us in terms of Survivability. Thanks. EDIT: Definitely don't mind where the damage is at right now, though I have heard a lot of people complain of this aspect in PvE. I would love some sort of support on the survivability side personally. I try to play the kiting game as much as possible and in 1v1 it's pretty easy to control fights but for group fights it's nearly impossible sometimes. Dodge or Parry would be epic, cats are supposed to have cat like reflexes and I don't see it right now.Olfis102 Jul 18
Jul 18 Who here is a loyal Balance main? Just wondering who here have stuck with Balance before they became as powerful as they are right now.Feelzbrah27 Jul 18
Jul 18 Suggestion for Protection of Ashamane Although I get what they were going for when they made the Protection of Ashamane artifact trait, in practice it leaves much to be desired. For one thing, it forces you to be overly conscious of shifting out of Cat Form if you want to use it effectively. It also feels like you're being constantly penalized for using your other forms for any reason: shifting out of roots and snares, manually casting heals, roots and dispels, using your mount or Travel Form to reach a destination faster, etc. If you shift out of Cat Form while not being attacked for any reason, you just wasted a defensive cooldown that you might desperately need in the next few seconds. In addition to all this, it feels like you're being penalized for shifting into Cat Form. Doing so while Protection of Ashamane is active cuts its duration short, making the simple act of breaking a root and reverting to your main form more arduous than it should be. To top this off there is the current state of Feral, defense-wise. Honestly, if there is a form that needs protection its Cat Form, not the other way around. So, with all this in mind I would like to suggest the following change to Protection of Ashamane: ... Feral cats have a 150% movement speed after counting the bonuses from Cat From and Feline Swiftness, so that would give them a 15% base dodge. This could be further enhanced by using speed boosting abilities and items. Using Dash, our greatest movement increasing ability, would increase that to a 25% dodge for the duration. Of course, this also allows enemy counterplay by using movement impairing abilities to reduce or eliminate this defense altogether. But it also makes the intuitive reaction to this, shifting out of Cat Form and shifting back as soon as possible, both significant and rewarding rather than punishing. Thoughts?Khatos7 Jul 18
Jul 18 Druid Healer - Help I'm choosing a healer class and wanted your help. You could cite the druid healer advantage and disadvantage (good and bad side). What is missing in druid toolkit? What do you love?Ukiel5 Jul 18
Jul 17 State of Resto in ToS. Resto Druids in decent progression guilds (along with basically every single top 50~ parse for healing done in every ToS fight for both Heroic and Mythic) are still HUGELY preferring using 4pc T19 over 4pc T20, if any T20 at all, for a few reasons. 1) 4pc T19 is still stupidly strong when combined with Germination and the legendary Shoulders. While other classes had their T19 bonuses nerfed to encourage moving on, Resto didn't. It feels odd that a nerf would have almost been welcome. 2) 2 and 4pc T20 are awkward at best, going against our traditional play style and forcing us to keep Swiftmend on CD, as well as placing huge emphasis on Effloresence. 3) A lot of fights in Tomb are incredibly hostile towards Efflorescence due to constant movement or the raid having to be spread out for most of the fight. Strats can change this but you're hard pressed to change your raid's strat for a boss JUST so suit your Efflo, or may just not be feasible depending on raid comp. Honestly when we first saw the T20 Resto bonuses the whole discord assumed they were placeholders and would just be replaced with something sensible. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and now any Druid with decent-ilvl T19 pieces is forgoing potentially tens of ilvl just to hold on to that 4pc. Even our simulations basically say "stick with T19 until mythic T20 at least". I know chances are slim that the bonuses will be changed, but can we at least get a dev to acknowledge that a lot of us really hate the way RDruid is playing in Tomb right now, particularly if you don't have the high ilvl T19 pieces to warrant staying and went to T20 for the ilvl?Huvud37 Jul 17
Jul 17 [A] 8/9 H <Oathbound> NEED RESTO DRUID Hello and thank you for taking the time to inquire about our available RAIDING positions. The CORE team will be comprised of 20 team members we feel are reliable and ready to complete mythic at our own pace. FILL-IN POSITIONS are 10+ team members who will be able to raid Normal & Heroic alongside the CORE, as well as, having the opportunity to join the core team should the need arise during a raid. You must have a MINIMUM of 52 Artifact Traits in your weapon and a 900+ EQUIPPED Item Level to enter our Raid Trial period. Below you will find a list of Classes and their Specs that we are currently interested in for filling our CORE. Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage Balance/Feral/Restoration Druid Affliction/Destruction/Demonology Warlock Havoc Demon Hunter Shadow/Holy Priest Frost/Unholy Death Knight Assasination/Outlaw/Subltety Rogue Retribution/Holy Paladin Arms/Fury Warrior Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk Elemental/Enhancement Shaman Marksman/Beastmastery Hunter With that being said this DOES NOT mean that any and all players are discouraged from inquiring about joining. We would like to, at the very least, urge you to whisper an officer and have a talk with us about joining the team. We are always looking to fill up our FILL-IN POSITIONS. A few basics that I'd like to go over before going further is our progress at the current time. We are currently 9/9 Normal Tomb of Sargeras, 8/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Skilled players are a great asset to any strong Guild and we are constantly looking for people to join our team as we work together to complete the most content available to us. <Oathbound> relies heavily on our family atmosphere and we feel strongly about putting the team as a whole above any one person. We use Discord to communicate with our Guild members and all team members are REQUIRED to be in Discord with a WORKING MICROPHONE to participate in raids and events. <Oathbound> is an ALLIANCE Guild on the US Server Sargeras. The Guild raid times are 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. SERVER TIME taking place on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday nights is our Heroic farm night. Friday and Sunday is what we call "YOLO Raid Night" where we farm AP from Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, and Nighthold Heroic (these raids are highly encouraged to be utilized by ALL of our Guild members.) Saturday is when we do our Guild Events (essentially mini games & events we hold to bond with our team members while having the chance to win prizes.) For further information please contact a member of our Guild Recruitment Team with any inquiries, questions, and/or comments: Riscatto#1858 Caluuss#1366 LigerZero#1494 Pookiepox#1718 You may also fill out a Guild Application at https://goo.gl/forms/Ps7UsOdtr2XmKovC2Withhfries2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Druid travel form This is my first time leveling a druid. I can't find anything definitive/recent about the druid travel form, and the in game details are vague. What is the ground and water travel speed at level 18 when you get travel form? What does it increase to and what is the flight speed when it ranks up? What are the existing glyphs that will increase these speeds? Will travel form ever be as fast as mounted speed? I appreciate any answers! As I said, I couldn't find anything recent (within the last 6 months), and what I did find, they contradicted each other, so it got confusing...Vanelia9 Jul 17
Jul 17 Need help with forms I am level 20, starting Druid. I am having trouble with keybinding my forms, any help? :o I mainly don't know what to keybind them toFalize4 Jul 17
Jul 17 How does a boomy win against a DH? They seem to keep up with me no matter what. I cyclone, travel form away then they leap to me. After that, I blink, they leap to me. I root, it breaks, they run to me. I can either juke and full cast a full moon and die or sit in bear form and spam moonfire. My dots may as well heal him. I have no pressure damage. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!Kreyygasm9 Jul 17
Jul 17 Modifier and mouseover macro list Hey guys. Wow some how lost all of my macros yesterday, on my druid only, and I had to remake all of them. So I made a back up list and figured I would share it. It's all of my mouseover aND Modifier macros for all 3 specs. Enjoy! #showtooltip /cast [nomod] /cast [mod:shift] /cast [mod:Ctrl] #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,help] R; [help] R; R #showtooltip /target mouseover /cast #showtooltip Cat Form(Shapeshift) /cast [nomod] Displacer Beast /cast [mod:shift] Cat Form(Shapeshift) /cast [mod:Ctrl] Dash #showtooltip Cenarion Ward /cast [target=mouseover,help] Cenarion Ward; [help] Cenarion Ward; Cenarion Ward #showtooltip Nature's Cure /cast [target=mouseover,help] Nature's Cure; [help] Nature's Cure; Nature's Cure #showtooltip Essence of G'Hanir(Artifact) /cast [nomod] Essence of G'Hanir(Artifact) /cast [mod:shift] Flourish /cast [mod:Ctrl] #showtooltip Healing Touch /cast [target=mouseover,help] Healing Touch; [help] Healing Touch; Healing Touch #showtooltip Ironbark /cast [nomod] [target=mouseover,help] Ironbark; [help] Ironbark; Ironbark /cast [mod:shift] Efflorescence /cast [mod:Ctrl] Tranquility #showtooltip Innervate /cast [target=mouseover,help] Innervate; [help] Innervate; Innervate #showtooltip Lifebloom /cast [target=mouseover,help] Lifebloom; [help] Lifebloom; Lifebloom #showtooltip Moonfire(Lunar) /target mouseover /cast Moonfire(Lunar) #Showtooltip Celestial Alignment /cast Celestial Alignment /use Potion of Prolonged Power #showtooltip Regrowth /cast [target=mouseover,help] Regrowth; [help] Regrowth; Regrowth #showtooltip Rejuvenation /cast [target=mouseover,help] Rejuvenation; [help] Rejuvenation; Rejuvenation #showtooltip Rip /cast [nomod] Rip /cast [mod:shift] Ferocious Bite /cast [mod:Ctrl] Savage Roar #showtooltip Starsurge /cast [nomod] Starsurge /cast [mod:shift] Starfall /cast [mod:Ctrl] #showtooltip Sunfire(Solar) /target mouseover /cast Sunfire(Solar) #showtooltip Swiftmend /cast [target=mouseover,help] Swiftmend; [help] Swiftmend; Swiftmend #showtooltip Thrash /cast [nomod] Swipe /cast [mod:shift] Thrash /cast [mod:Ctrl] #showtooltip Wild Growth /cast [target=mouseover,help] Wild Growth; [help] Wild Growth; Wild GrowthRainchild0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Feral druid powershifting macro! Hey I just recently hit 100 and I'm planning on playing feral in PVP. I was told that the powershifting macro is very key. I recently found a couple but none of them work. If anyone has one that works for them please post! Thanks in advance!Sudeikis11 Jul 17
Jul 17 Ashamane's Bite (Bug?) So... I was just DPS'ing in BT, and I noticed I proc'd an Ashamane's Bite (2nd Rip) on the target at the exact moment Rip fell off, and something amazing happened... The Ashamane's Bite became permanent. It had no timer, but it WAS ticking... And ticking, and ticking. It never ended, not even when I applied Rip again. I'm not 100% sure that's why it happened, but that's when it happened. Abuse while you can (or at least, try to see if you can figure out what's causing this and abuse while you can).Solushunz6 Jul 17
Jul 17 Impeccable Fel Essence So I have often heared impeccable fel essence is the best of the best legendaries for balance druid and I finally got it last night and I don't think that is true now that I have it. I actually did a lot less dps on my fights even tho I swapped out things like the legs or the talent ring for fel essence. The one fight I did better than previous weeks was the Kiljaden normal fight. Is there some special trick besides using celestial alignment/incarnation when its up? Or is it just a lot of hype over a legendary that actually isn't that much greater than other legendaries...? I'm basing my opinion on my Warcraft logs.Kimmiroa6 Jul 17
Jul 17 Still no Ashenvale portal? I couldn't find a topic on this that wasn't a year or more old, so I wanted to ask... am I missing something or did we really not get an Ashenvale portal in the Dreamgrove? With the class campaign supposedly over, we still don't have it? Anyone know what's up?Thallia16 Jul 17
Jul 16 Hots timer addon Hey guys, just decided to play again. Just looking for an add on that keeps a timer and track down CD on Hots, Eff ect. Thank you in advance! You can also recommend other addons to that you guys like!Jhaz3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Why do I die so much as feral? I rolled a feral druid. Used my boost. I am questing at 100 and I die just questing. My Regrowths I get in cat and survival instincts are not enough to keep me alive. Does it get better? or am I just paper for the whole expansion. I'm using stuns, Rehealing between mobs cant figure it out.Wanoth5 Jul 16
Jul 16 Balance druid in PvP is mindnumbingly boring. There is said it. Zero AOE, Starfire is useless (yet warrior of elune and owlkin frenzy wont work with wrath which does more damage than starfire which doesnt makes sense). What are we supposed to do? mindnumbingly spam wrath and starsurge?Rodvey27 Jul 16
Jul 16 Boomkin Talents for TOS I was wondering what talents you are using for bosses in TOS?Basarax11 Jul 16
Jul 16 Boomy PvP Lvl 90 talent help Hey guys, Which lvl 90 talent to take in pvp for boomy? Shooting Stars seems good if I have my DoTs up on everyone to keep the Astral Power rolling. But in 3s I'm not too sure. Astral Communion seems good for my burst but can only use it every 1 min 30 secs or so. But I get about 2 starsurges out of it. And Blessing of the Ancients looks like its ok. Especially since I'm spamming Wrath a lot. What to choose? CheersPerrshing3 Jul 16
Jul 16 arena comps hey guys what comps work best with feral atm? for 2's and 3's. ik 2's isnt usually a go too bracket but a friend and i like to do it for fun.Greénlee2 Jul 16
Jul 16 Just dying horribly to rogues. It's back to the ol' feeling of having a class that just owns you regardless of your effort or practice.Suul9 Jul 16
Jul 16 Earthwarden This talent shows to be quite the best option on askmrrobot, why is everyone taking GoE when SotF and EW seems to sim better. Also what do you think of Lunar beam.Furryfetiche6 Jul 16
Jul 15 Glyph of Sunlight (Idea) With the Blessing of the Ancient talent, we have access to Elune (moon) and An'she (sun). However, with the Glyph of Stars, we're pretty much stuck to being blue-ish everytime we activate Moonkin form. I was wondering if we could have a glyph with a more sunlight effect for us who would want to keep a yellow-ish tint on us permanently. TL:DR: Glyph of Sunlight would be like Glyph of Stars, but more like a Solar version.Kyrinix0 Jul 15
Jul 15 My Fellow Night Elf Males Ask not why the developers' attention was recently turned toward "accurate" stealthed cat walking and adding an idle roar sound - ask why upon dying with weapon unsheathed, it'll lay under our bodies, but sticking up at an awkward angle to the right. Not flat upon the ground as in days of yore. Call me nitpicky, but they fixed fishing rods being held crookedly yet left this one alone? Both issues appeared with Legion. Just seems odd that they're taking the time to add spiciness to the cat but leaving other seemingly minor (yet in reality WILDLY INFURIATING AND RUINING MY EXPERIENCE errors in place.Tekumseh3 Jul 15
Jul 15 Question about Druid Class 'Mount' So, I'm leveling my first druid to 110 and her, as a character, kind of has a 'can transform into a small poofy owl and hoots a lot' which made the sentinel glyph PERFECT. And the druid class mount is going to absolutely ruin that. Is there currently a way to toggle the form on/off?Ashton4 Jul 15
Jul 15 Sunfire/Moonfire not visible for friend? I'm leveling with my brother and we're both playing moonkins... however, neither of us can see eachothers moonfire or sunfire hitting the enemy. We're able to see them if we duel eachother, but not when targeting the same enemy. Anyone know if this is a bug? Or working as intended? I've searched and searched but can't find an answer to this. Thanks for the help! PS: We're both level 19 NElf druids, if that helps.Ygdras4 Jul 15