Dec 28 Fine. Don't give us Velf druids. Give us Human Druids and Dwarf Druids. Some humans have an affinity for nature magic. Wildhammer Dwarves clearly have a connection to nature magic. Do it, Blizzard. Horde and Alliance will be equal on druids again. The lore will make sense. Everyone wins.Vidaar0 Dec 28
Dec 27 Lunar Inspiration Bug? Is the lunar inspiration bug pulling out of kitty form still a thing? Recently picked up feral druid and running into the issue but couldnt find any recent posts about it.Conditioner1 Dec 27
Dec 27 Twink runs realm blackhand Twink runs 2k per dung or 10k per level which ever you prefer ^-^ lvl 101 dh ilvl 843 realm is black hand add my battle tag crazymage#17408 be on blackhand server for gold transfers ^-^ lvl 100-110Nevaellidor1 Dec 27
Dec 27 Timewarped Warorged vs Artifact? So I'm a Troll Resto Druid and i just got Staff of Trembling Will Timewarped Warforged. The item lvl is 895 and it has 13k Intelligence. Compare to the Druid artifact with 5k intelligence is it better to run this item? Or does the benefits of the artifact traits outweight the higher stat of this item.Datnasty1 Dec 27
Dec 27 No Were-bear dance?! Blizz!!! Come on!!! Worked my tail off for this wicked form and no /dance animation?Grayhorn4 Dec 27
Dec 27 Glyph of Flight Form I had this idea for a Glyph just spawned in my head near noon. Technique: Glyph of Flight Form Teaches you how to make Glyph of Flight Form Glyph of Flight Form Minor Glyph Use: Teaches you this Glyph Your Flight Form becomes viewed as a Gryphon(Alliance)/Wyvern(Horde). Glyph Synergy: Glyph of the Stag: Allows a friend to ride on your Flight form Sell Price: 10 silver Requires: Druid Requires: Level 25 Reagents: Glowing Parchment, Lotus Ink(3) Requires: Inscription(600) Requires: Level 90 Paired Among: Technique: Glowing Parchment Teaches you how to make Glowing Parchment Glowing Parchment Crafting Ingredient Sell Price: 1 copper Reagents: Light Parchment, Mystery Ink(5) Requires Inscription(580); Technique: Lotus Ink Teaches you how to mill Golden Lotus and make Lotus Ink. Lotus Ink Sell Price: 1 copper Reagents: Lotus Pigment Requires Inscription(575) These three Techniques are found Simultaneously in: Scibe's Lost Case <Right-Click to Open> This is found exremely rarely by fishing in sea waters. and More Commonly(But still Highly unlikely) in Shipreck Debris Mystery Ink would be sold by: Big Keech <Rare Antiquities> Please, Tell me your feedback on this. It would be amazing if these were added to WoWKeetaywolf10 Dec 27
Dec 26 Little Guardian advice needed Hi guys, I just got a 955 neck from the class hall chest with 3057 stamina, 2809 crit, 1287 mastery. I currently wear a 935 neck with 2537 stamina, 1969 vers, 1658 mastery. At ilvl 950 I have 12.167M hp, 21% crit, 23% haste, 18% Mast, 19% vers, 10% avoid, 24% dodge. I mangle the target for 680,000 If I put on this new neck, my ilvl goes to 951 but my health goes down to 12.14M, crit 28%, 23% haste, 16% mast, 14% vers, 10% avoid, 26% dodge. I mangle the target for 648,743. It sounds like wearing the 20 ilvl lower neck is better overall, for both defense and offense? Kind of disappointed if true.Syp3 Dec 26
Dec 26 The Cat that could not Meow. Dear Blizzard, As someone who loves Feral and has raided as one since my first subscription, I am very disappointed that I can not /meow. For months now I have been sitting in the Dreamgrove trying to /meow, but I always get told to go get help. My only two options were to /purr and /bark. I sat there on my bridge in the Dreamgrove learning to try and communicate with others and have finally mastered the ways of barking as a cat but it has made me a 'Unique' Feral Druid in the Dreamgrove. Druids daily come and stare at me, yell at me for barking and tell me Cats do not bark. I have tried to explain to them that I simply can not meow, I can purr but well, that only happens when someone pats me. I like pats =^.^= Other Druids even start to question if Im actually a Cat!! They start to think that I am a Dog and that makes me sad. Blizzard, please help me in learning how to /meow. I no longer wish to be bullied by other Druids but if I cant /meow and get bullied for /bark, how else am I meant to call out to my friends? I see Bears /growl and /roar at each other and I see Boomkins /chicken, but for poor old me, I can only /bark :'( I sometimes leave the Dreamgrove to explore Azeroth and visit the wonderful cities, such as Dalaran. I can help but get so excited that I start to /bark! But when that happens, people start to stare. It's bad enough that Im an outcast in the Dreamgrove, I dont want to be one in the rest of Azeroth too. :( Please help me Blizzard...Bbltransfmnz7 Dec 26
Dec 26 Off-spec legendaries when initial new spec When swapping specs and beginning to work on a 2nd specialization, do you usually leave the legendaries you have for the main spec equipped until you receive legendaries for the 2nd one? Currently main feral and have the head piece and gloves, but no other legendaries for feral or any other specialization. Looking to start working on the Gaurdian spec. Thank you,Doubledog1 Dec 26
Dec 26 Guardian Artifact Challenge: B- But How? Can anyone explain to me how this works? I'm not complaining, it's a challenge, it should be challenging, I accept that. There, it's out of the way. SO.... I typically get anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute in, and the nether monsters kill me. The eyes I'm actually able to deal with fairly well, I heard a lot of people say they were the problem, but I'm finding them fairly easy to moonfire down and move on. These little tentacle bastards though. You can't really kite them it doesn't seem like, and if they get to me, I'm dead in half a second. What's the deal?Delthras50 Dec 26
Dec 26 QuestionablyEpic.com Mythic Plus Guides Greetings Druids! http://questionablyepic.com/mythic-plus/ If you are like myself and haven't delved deeply into Mythic Plus, here is something you may find handy. It's a guide for each Mythic with a little virtual walkthrough and a breakdown for each trash pack and boss. It is a resto druid site, but it does have tips for other classes/specs and a general breakdown. With raider.io becoming the norm, maybe it will help people gain a little confidence for building their own groups. It also has a breakdown of consumables to carry as well as tips for group composition. Also, breakdowns for affixes and some addon suggestions. This week is "easy" week, so Good luck out there all! Get those +15 forms!Vhale1 Dec 26
Dec 26 Gnome Druid! Lets try this again boys for the new xpac! Where my gnomes at :D http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/parkersmith33/media/bWVkaWFJZDoxNTUxNzI3NTM=/?ref=1Biifur14 Dec 26
Dec 26 Can we please get a flight form glyph? It's getting frustrating not being able to swap into flight form after combat ends, jumping off a ledge into stag form and dying at warden towers.. At least the separate spell would grey out and let me know I cant shift into flight form for like 5 seconds after combat.Subparcat4 Dec 26
Dec 26 Seeking Guardian Trinket Advice Hey everyone, Working on getting my Druid here some nice trinkets. With relinquished hand in’s I’ve received two agility trinkets in a row. I was confused at first and even reached out with a ticket as to why I kept getting Agi. GM’s stated that while Stam was the preferred, Agi was on the table because its still a good trinket for Guardians. Can someone take a peek at my gear and let me know if these trinkets are ok. My guess is that they’ll be good for if I want to do more DPS but I’m just looking for a bit of advice. Thanks!Rhothren2 Dec 26
Dec 25 Where do I recruit daughters of cenarius? I've completed the research tree and now I can supposedly recruit daughters of cenarius but I can't find out where to do this. Any help? Edit: For some reason I thought it was a bonus for completing the tree but it's rather a talent in the tree that I did not choose. >_<Cennaria10 Dec 25
Dec 25 Resto Challenge Artifact Skin Can someone explain the dot the boss puts on you in stage six? I don't understand, the dot one shots my party everytime? I understand that it does damage equal to your current hp? I tried letting myself drop to 5-10% and tried to hover around there for the fight but it doesn't do anything I still instantly lose the challenge on the first dot? I can't even get the boss to 90% before it says I've lost. Am I missing something important here?Eraelith4 Dec 25
Dec 25 Forced out of cat form I see this mostly in PvP when I'm in resto with feral affinity. I'll be fighting in Cat Form and will be forced out to human form and looks like I'm spamming Moonfire, even though I'm actually spamming "Cat Form" trying to go back to cat. Either it won't let me back into Cat Form or as soon as I get into Cat Form it pops me back out to human form and more Moonfire. I've been trying to figure this out for a long time and just living with it. But hopefully it's something known and easy to solve.Carrigan3 Dec 25
Dec 25 feral screeches for Hidden Hey am i doing something wrong? i have 2 of the 3 screeches and can't seem to get the last one. I got the first 2 day after day and now its been almost 2 weeks and i havent heard the last screech and i've been checking every day. I know i have to leave the druid land and then teleport with the druid class hall dreamwalk, and wait 15 seconds, but nothing has happened is there anything i need to do?Gothian6 Dec 25
Dec 25 Resto Druids HELP! Hey guys I need some help with my heals, for some reason I am having a really hard time keeping up with the other healers in my guild (pally, shammy and priest) but my gear isnt that bad or far from theres. So im curious as to what I am doing wrong. I am currently sticking with 4 set T20 bonus although I have much higher ilvl T21 in bags but only have 2 set right now. Is it worth breaking the 4 set for that 2 set with higher ilvl? Also in regards to trinkets I have Carafe at 970ilvl along with Arcano Crystal 910ilvl and Promises at 900ilvl. I find myself still using Promises a lot over all the others even tho they are higher ilvl. Is this also hurting my heals? Thanks in advance for the help and advice i look forward to seeing what people think!Sÿphn5 Dec 25
Dec 25 Guardian Help/Tips Okay so I decided to go with Guardian to give it a try since I really enjoy Tanking, and I am noticing something very weird. It seems no matter what I try and do I am sooooo squishy. Leveling of course. I have played most of the Tank specs in the game and this is by FAR the most squishy of them all, so it seems. Essentially I rolled a Guardian Druid for the purpose of everyone (from my POV) saying it's the "highest" survivability health pool wise, and I can't understand how this is even possible at my current state or see this. Any tips would be nice, thanks!Bigboydruid10 Dec 25
Dec 24 Why does my Feral Druid feel weak? My druid feels really weak in dungeons and in pvp Idk what it is but I always seem weaker than anyone else, idk if I am missing anything and my gear is fine. Feral Druid btwUpdag5 Dec 24
Dec 24 Human Druids plz Can Blizzard please make Druids be playable by humans. If not, make some type of a glyph that will allow me to play a druid as a human.. Reverse the Worgen Curse glyph or whatnot. Thanks :)Booter26 Dec 24
Dec 24 Can I switch back to old flight form? Is the only way to get out of that ugly new flight form to use the glyph of the sentinel? Or can I go back to the normal swift flight form? I don't want to use glyph of the sentinel as I use glyph of the cheetah for bgs cause I hate the stag.Pangsoo16 Dec 24
Dec 24 What's this druid form? I notice sometimes I think it's a feral or a guardian spec druid that shape shifts into this big gorilla yeti looking thing??? What is this? I checked all the druid glyphs but didn't see anything that would be related. Thanks for the help.Zalayna11 Dec 24
Dec 23 Most fun ranged class? I'm picking WoW back up and i'm trying to decide what class to play. I'll mainly be doing PvE with some PvP. I think I've decided to play a ranged class since raids are usually melee heavy and ranged are always wanted more. Fun is subjective, but I would like to get other people's opinions on what ranged class is most fun to play! Thanks for any help!Shrimlol6 Dec 23
Dec 23 Balance using legendary cloak for AOE? When did this become a thing? Noticing people using cloak all over aoe parses.....what did I miss?Plethora7 Dec 23
Dec 23 Balance Trinkets Is there a list with the best Trinkets? I didn't notice anything like that.Tobes2 Dec 23
Dec 23 BfA Classes Why do the Horde get another druid class but the Alliance dont? If Worgen who are basically human can be druids its about time that humans can be too.Punknpie42 Dec 23
Dec 23 Pounce How cool would it be to have a heroic leap ability? I know feral are already pretty mobile, but have like a pounce ability usable from stealth that does a small stun or fear.Simbá3 Dec 23
Dec 22 Boomy t20 2 piece Is it worth going back and doing tos heroic for t20 or should I just focus on getting t21? Right now my character is simming 1.15 mill dps st but I feel like that 30% extra crit damage on starsurge will help bring my st dps up.Grìz7 Dec 22
Dec 22 Gearing moonkin and resto Hey guys, I decided to create a New character. It Will be a druid and I want It to be resto and moonkin. Other than leggos, the gear for both are too different or can I use most of the moonkin gear in resto and vice versa? Thanks in advancePsychøø2 Dec 22
Dec 22 Oneths ! Hey all, Firstly i know this has been asked somewhere before but i cannot seem to find it. I finally had oneths drop for me 2 nights ago off portal keeper !! So now I am chasing a good weak aura to track my oneths procs as it can be a pain in the !@# to keep checking my buff bar for if i have had a proc yet. Thanks in advanceOverlrdtrump1 Dec 22
Dec 21 Barkskin is now brown splatter?? Seriously... it looks like someone splattered me with poo. Like they used the same crappy effect as Shadowform and made barkskin this weird poo splatter. Can I please have my non-poo version of Barkskin back?Thallia11 Dec 21
Dec 21 Why pay a feral druid over a rogue? To me they just seem like worse rogues? What are the benefits of playing a feral in PvP if rogues also have the dot damage and what seems to be stronger single target finishers? Im just wondering I can't determine what to play in PvP. Thanks!Momau43 Dec 21
Dec 21 The Dark Titan's Advice Everyone still unhappy with this leggo? When I initially acquired this leggo it seemed pretty lackluster and sat in void storage but after the buff and using it the last 2 months or so, it's really grown on me. I know that it tends to overheal but I seem to get at least 2 extra blooms sometimes up to 5 extra blooms and seeing those 2 mil crit blooms when they are actually needed is pretty satisfying. My lifebloom is usually my number 3 or 4 heal now with this leggo. Now, I'm not the best resto or anything and I'm sure I make some mistakes here and there with my heals in a raid setting but we're not here to discuss me :). We're talking about ADTA! I've been using this leggo with Sephuz Secret, which I hate that a "not a resto specific" leggo is like 2nd bis for us. I only have the gloves which are super situational and the boots which might be ok for progression? I was using Tearstone but I hardly ever get any procs from it and the most I've seen was 2 rejuv's I think. I'm really hoping to get Velen's next and I'll probably still keep running the belt leggo with it if I get it. Call me crazy I guess. Anyways, out of our current leggo's what do you guys think really need looked at and maybe buffed/reworked and why? P.S Sorry for long post but I'm really sick, bored, laying in a hotel room bed, and missing a wedding reception going on right now lol.Walderfins7 Dec 21
Dec 21 Improving my Resto Druid HPS Hello I am looking at ways i can improve my raid healing..I am 953 ilvl currently. I have been reading guides and am not sure what I am doing wrong I feel like my HPS is a lot lower than it should be. I posted my logs below I do not have any videos or anything. I just recently swapped spring blossoms talent when i was running germination before so going to try and see what that does. Trying to get into mythic raiding eventually and feel like I am missing something. Any advice is appreciated. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/alleria/raiynRaiyn5 Dec 21
Dec 21 Bear/Cat forms in BfA Has Blizz said how they are managing this? Guessing Guardian and Feral will be going back to stat-stick poles/staffs/etc. in next expac. If our artifact forms are linked to gloves or dags will we be able to still use the cool forms we worked for in Legion? What about the challenge forms? I am currently close to finishing my Were-bear then moving to glow-kitty. I really don't want to go back plain jane forms in BfA. Thoughts?Grayhorn6 Dec 21
Dec 21 What are some macros every Druid should have? Post them below!Drust25 Dec 21
Dec 20 restro druid burst healing? hi all im leveling my restro druid and im wondering... i noticed it's great at aoe healing but i'm having a hard time healing single target or doing burst heals. for example if im in a random bg and im with the fc and they're taking heavy dmg, how do i maintain their health? the dots don't tick enough health to keep them up, alongside using defenses and emergency heals. any suggestions? same thing with dungeons?Prodoom7 Dec 20
Dec 20 How do I turn off feral roar sound? I just started playing feral again after a long absence, and I noticed my murder kitty is making roar noises frequently. How do I turn this off? I looked for something in the controls but can't find anything. Thanks if you can advise me.Destru5B1C876 Dec 20
Dec 20 Tanking Trinkets So I am pretty new to bear tanking. I am looking for a few tips on the BiS trinkets for survival. I have a decent selection in my bag. If you could pick any two trinkets which would you choose? I have Patheons and Alchemy Stone atm. ThanksSluggìsh2 Dec 20
Dec 20 Resto druid sites Since EJerks shut down their site, I have been bouncing from one site to another looking for resto druid information. Stats weights and BIS and any other thing I would be interested in reading about. The problem is every single site out there had information in conflict with another site. It seems I can go to 3 different sites and get 3 different BIS lists or stat priorities. Anyone out there have a very GOOD reliable site.Geomas2 Dec 20
Dec 20 Weekend Mog thread, rate the Mog above you!!! Keeping Druids looking good!Skeletear500 Dec 20
Dec 20 Druid Form Appearances I was wondering going forward do you think that Druid forms will get new appearances like they did in Legion with Artifacts? (Yes I know that we won't be having artifacts going forward, just asking about the possibility of brand new appearances) Thanks :)Bräveheärt2 Dec 20
Dec 20 Werebear dance and sleep Does the /dance and /sleep not work with the werebear form?Moonnarch7 Dec 20
Dec 19 Chris Farley Moonkin Dance Party! Some of you younger Boomies may not know this, but our epic dance moves were inspired by the late great Chris Farley. Let us honor his memory today in the best way we know how.... IT'S A CHRIS FARLEY MOONKIN DANCE PARTY! When: Tonight December 19th 11:30PM EST Where: Taronn Redfeather's Dance Academy in the Dreamgrove NO GLYPH OF STARS, let your freak feathers fly! We will be listed under Dungeons and Raids/Premade Groups/Custom as FARLEYKIN DANCE PARTY. All Druids in Moonkin form welcome. *If an Alliance Druid can help organize things on your side it will be greatly appreciated.Oakmor0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Best Guardian honor talent choices? Hello, i have been looking everywhere for the best and recommended honor talent choices for guardian druids for pvp, but i have not found any information, what would you guardian druids recommend?Daffodil1 Dec 19
Dec 19 Will WereBear Guardian exist after Legion? I've been wanting to work towards getting the werebear / Grizzlemaw Artifact Appearance still be available after Legion ends? I haven't managed to get any of the good guardian legendaries yet, and I don't want to start a hard grind if it's just going to be taken away with the new expansion. Thanks!Lykhanis18 Dec 19
Dec 19 Campaign quest Bug please help When doing the campaign quests, you have to go to each of the stones and pick up a quest from each of the aspects. Essence of Regrowth Essence of Balance Essence of Ferocity Essence of Tenacity by the time i got around to the Essence of Regrowth I had too many quests and couldn't pick it up. Now i can't get the quest giver to show up again. Does anyone else have any issues with this?Luzzaklek15 Dec 19
Dec 19 i hated druid but now that i'm leveling through legion as a restro druid (is this a bad idea, should i go dps for easy leveling?) and im seeing the class hall and quests, im like damn, this beats everything. so cool. druid ftw.Prodoom4 Dec 19