Jul 7 Mage Tower I'm not sure how to do this I've been watching videos and know the abilities but it just seems like the toolkit doesn't work. Once that first infernal drops I'm basically dead on every attempt from that and inquisitor's damage that I can't mitigate without ursol now. If I use an orb I don't have enough for later. Any of you have tips I'm going nuts I've done so many attemptsBamfcity10 Jul 7
Jul 7 The Rage Game Hi guys, I could use some feedback regarding rage management with the new tier being released. Currently im using skysecs , two piece from NH and 4 piece from ToS , My beef is that trying to manage stacks of iron fur yet have enough rage to dump into +20 Fren Regen is becoming a hard pressed balancing act. I'm either rage starved for Fren regen or low on IF stacks. Should i be ignoring the 4 piece bon us and just focus on defence or should I be more aware of the nature of incoming damage and save rage for magic based attacks for larger Regens. And suggestions? I know Frenzied Regend is now supposed to be largely damage reactive but timing rage in order to reduce Frenzied regen cooldowns seems overly complicated.Diddems2 Jul 7
Jul 6 Feral Talent question Hey guys with my current talent setup could someone tell me on average how much lower my dps would be compared to a feral with the optimal build? if my dps overall isnt that much lower ill be fine with it but if im like a crap ton lower then ill prob just forsake this toon :(Greénlee6 Jul 6
Jul 6 [FERAL] Ghost of the Pride Mother Does anyone know where I can start working towards this? There isn't anything I could find on wowhead or YouTube at the moment. Thank y'all.Liahkana7 Jul 6
Jul 6 Feral, 4T20 dps lower than 4T19 Finally got my 4T20, but surprisingly find out that it did around 80K dps lower than 4T19 on M1 of TOS. This is the first time in my 10 years WOW that gears in new content are dps worse than the old ones. Good jobs for screwing Ferals in both mechanics and gears. Cheers.Formtranser9 Jul 6
Jul 6 how do ferals deal with explosive? every time this affix has come up ive just went balance cause it seemed so much easier for killing the orbs. can you rake and get bleed resets off them with predator? or do you have to just spam shred and auto attack? can i go feral for explosive or am i going to be useless and want to tear my hair outAlex18 Jul 6
Jul 6 Is it worth trying to chug along as Balance? I mean I love my Boomy and I have mained him since WotLK but man they are so dependent on the stars aligning tat it is painful to play. They need specific legendaries to do anything. And Haste and mastery by bucketfuls I mean my mage is 850 and he out dps my boomy who is 885 easily. In pvp you are screwed if any melee notices you and you don't have a healer around or a few pillars to hump. After WoD I just don't feel like putting much effort into this gimped class. Which is sad because I have months and months of played time on him. I loved my boomy. Just my favorite class that I have lost faith in due to neglect and non passionate developers.Foolhardier3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Leveling Moonkin Hello folks. I've been away since few weeks after launch. I leveled my warlock since my guild needed one but since I'm not raiding anymore, I've been thinking about leveling my Druid. How is leveling as balance spec? Is feral still preferred leveling spec?Ishinomoto3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Feral arena tactics So I tried feral not long ago in arena and I just couldn't get my head around what exactly our primary role is? spread dot pressure? or single target focus now with the 5 point FB? Healer pressure? Peels? CC? Also, I'm getting largely put off feral due to our extremely poor defences, and not been able to shift like we used too without that horrible GCD. Every game I was always, ALWAYS the focus target, spending most of my time in bear form. This is not fun, If I wanted to be a bear id spec guardian. Is this normal? A little help from pro ferals would be great. cheers.Darkombra24 Jul 6
Jul 6 NPC to change the form for alts? ... So where can i find this npc without having to go to the dream grove?Shartah3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Balance CAST animation update? I know balance Druids just got spell fx updates, but do you think they'll update the casting animations for moonkin and balance of stars forms?Guljito7 Jul 6
Jul 5 Energy Starved and Bottom of the Pack. Wtf. Wth am I doing wrong? (other than dying) I have been over several guides, trolled the forums, joined the druid discord and I'm still feeling sub par compared to other classes/boomkin. I burst really nice on some fights then it drops off severely. I've played feral since Vanilla and this xpac is the only time that I've felt frustrated with my class. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/sargeras/arashiookami What I have on is the best I have for ST/AOE according to SimCArashiookami9 Jul 5
Jul 5 The state of resto PVE? Hey everyone. So I currently raid a resto druid. From what I've researched and read, it seems currently that 4T19, darkmoon deck promises and leggo shoulders are all currently the most viable things to be running. Seeing as out of my 4 pieces of tier 19, the highest ilvl I have is only 905... and with my guild not going back to mythic NH anytime soon... I wondering if tier 20 has ANY viability because of the higher ilvls. I u understand you basically have to have 4T20 to even consider using it, which I have 3 of 4, will it be worth swapping out my tier 19 for tier 20 once we progress further into mythic, as the ilvl of those pieces will be much higher than any of my current tier 19. I'm seeing so many mixed comments about what to use, even at heroic gear tier 20. I just currently feel some what useless to my raid group as a healer even using tier 19. I understand that atleast one class has to be quote "the worst healing class". Please let me know what you think, as I'm currently thinking of rerolling because I don't feel like I'm worth bringing to a raid. Thank youTwiggysmalls7 Jul 5
Jul 5 Why do Worgens need to turn? In feral worm why do they need to turn into a cat? I mean Worgen form is the druid's most powerful form and they can pretty do feral stuff just fine. WHy not just let them stick to their base forms if they are worgen instead of turning into a cat?Feelzbrah6 Jul 5
Jul 5 Rate my mog thread! You know what to do...Moonbreeze21 Jul 5
Jul 5 Racial bear form with artifact? So I was doing a PuG normal ToS run and our other bear tank was using the racial bear form even though he had the artifact weapon equipped. I wanted to ask him how but he left and went afk for dinner before I could get an answer. Does anyone know?Farora4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Stage 4 - Cleansing the corruption Any tips on how to complete this stage (Resto Druid)? I'm supposed to keep the 3 druids healed while they kill Destro. I don't think they do any damage and I end up dead from the agro.Chaneyjr28 Jul 5
Jul 5 PVP tuning changes [no Feral yet] Apparently not yet complete, but have little hope for Feral survivability improvements. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20757266254Zoidy7 Jul 5
Jul 5 Prosperity vs Cenarion Ward? Can someone explain to me why Prosperity is currently considered a !@#$ talent and Cenarion ward is better? With all of our new tier bonuses being centered around swiftmend... why would it not be logical to prefer to cast more swiftmends? I get that our tier bonuses are crap, but why not make the best of them and use prosperity? Cenarion ward just doesn't seem that great to me. Am I missing something here?Elüria11 Jul 5
Jul 5 Guardian Stats Forgive the question but forum searches and google searches just always seem to bring up the same thing, vers >= mastery, haste, crit. That's fine but I don't know what %'s I should be shooting for. Even just back in WoD stat conversations used to be "get x stat to y% then focus on z stat" Now its just these stat hierarchy's. I have been prioritizing verse/mastery gear but I feel my crit is too high and my haste is way to low. As ironfur isn't a charge system I can understand that haste isn't as valuable for a bear as say a prot warrior but is there a sweet spot? Im sitting at 18% crit, 8% haste, 17% mastery and 19% verse.Malvera4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Thisalee Crow spamming shape change sound Am I the only one experiencing this? When I'm in flight form (the new lunarwing form) and I'm on the ground then Thisalee Crow every second poofs in a cloud of smoke but never actually shifts into flight form. But at least it makes the sound effect... over and over and over... Is it just me?Aqueas26 Jul 5
Jul 4 Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em! Let me at 'em!Mondays5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Can druids fly in legion without pathfinder Dumb question but can you use owl travel form to fly and do quests without the pathfinder achievements?Dlanod2 Jul 4
Jul 3 Mastery is now greater than haste for Resto? Haven't really focused on my druid in a while. Getting back into her as a raider and really didn't focus much on this last patch. Went to a couple of websites and one of the sites lists Mastery as the end all be all for raid healing and the other lists Haste. The one that lists Haste, lists Mastery only for mythic runs as the stat to have. Any healing druids have an answer for this?Yareli5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Druid mount & Argus Hey look argus is a no flight zone... guess which class won't be using his new mount for an entire patch ! Blizzard has me rolling in tears Kasster15 Jul 3
Jul 3 Thisalee and Flying is unifinished I was happy to obtain flying at last. My bird form was once again relevant. I was saddened to experience my new beloved follower in the flying experience. Thisalee apparently does not know the bird travel form. Although I have a bird "companion" my bodyguard continuously appears mid-air and makes some comment like "Let me at em!" and then falls to the ground. It's just incomplete. I wish more thought had been put in to this aspect.Suul5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Hand disabilty - Low APM/simple option Hello, Due to a minor disability with my hands, I am looking for a relatively low actions-per-minute, easy rotation option for PvE play. I almost exclusively play solo PvE, no PvP at all. I may want to try some world bosses and world quests at 110. I prefer melee over ranged. Some people have suggested trying a Bear Druid as an option. I don't want to be a tank for a group, but since I'm mostly solo anyway, I guess it doesn't really matter. No one would care if I showed up to a world boss and played a Bear as DPS, right? Would this work for my needs, or would the DPS output be too low even for what I do? Also, does this option have a distance closer that can be used frequently? Is there, perhaps, a better melee option? Thanks for any help!Walderson11 Jul 3
Jul 3 Resto druid sure feels weaker than ever Hots are kind of bad this season. It's been a while (maybe lich king) when some comps just murder people and I don't think its healable. Class is fun, cyclone + bash is still OP, but dang hots just don't cut it. Un-nerf Overgrowth maybe. Give swiftmend 2 charges by default. Give us faerie fire. Something!Suul1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Druid as alt but not question Druid qol question. Where do you put your off spec gear? I am gearing a boom and a resto, similar but different. What do you with gear if you like alts that are the same room?Moö1 Jul 3
Jul 3 How does ATTACK POWER affect Feral Druids? So I understand that with Feral Druids that their main stat is Agility. This stat directly affects how much dmg your abilities do. But what about ATTACK POWER? I am picking up a lot of items now that have no agility but instead have ATTACK POWER. These items are also around 10 - 20 ilevels ahead of my currently equipped gear. I have noticed that when I switch between two items (for example one that has 20 agility for one that has 30 attack power) my abilities actually drop in how much dmg they deal. Can someone pls clarify what attack power actually does for feral druids or if they even benefit them at all. Tnx PS couldn't find any forums that answered this question specific to my class, so thats why i created a new topic.Khaldrake4 Jul 3
Jul 3 Working Hard On Balance Need Guidance Could someone look at my spec and tell me where/what i should be working on?I have been trying to practice my rotation on dummies but no idea where my dps should be ,i need a goal to shoot for. I try to start off when full moon,solar wrath,lunar strike,fury of elune,chosen,starsurge,SW,LS if empowered,moon,star surge,work in my trinket,keep up dots,cool down,moon star surge SW,LS and just try to keep it going.I used to be a clicker and am getting comfortable with now using keyboard binds. I leveled mainly as guardian but i found i really like balance,i know they aren't top dps but i find the class and spec really fun. I am in a really nice guild full of good people but i want to be able to carry my own weight and not just be pulled through,so i haven't really done any dungeons.Been working hard on getting flying,order hall stuff and getting my ilvl up as well as trying to learn the class/spec. I think i am about as far as i can go with gear for not running instances,so my next step is to learn them and not be a boat anchor! Thanks!Chawaqa3 Jul 3
Jul 3 hello what legendary should i use i have 3 legendaries that are decent to pick from, i just got the 100 energy ring and my other 2 are the wildshapers clutch and kiljaedens burning wish, is the energy ring good still? should i not even bother wearing it over the other 2 i have? would like some input from anybodyAlex3 Jul 3
Jul 2 Resto T19 vs T20 For many Resto Druids out there they know how strong the T19 4p bonus is. It focuses on increasing the healing of a spell that's already consistently our #1 heal. Now that Tomb has released and we've started to test the T20 set bonuses it's become clear that it isn't necessarily any better than T19. This is because it centers around two spells that are very situational and not consistently used. Even with the buffed up ilevel the healing we lose is fairly significant because Rejuvenation provides so much of our healing. Germination (talent) also buffs up our healing even more further impacting how much healing we lose by switching to T20. The fact alone that we even have to question if T20 is even worth the upgrade really sucks. In many cases it just isn't worth switching to T20 which just feels horrible when you're the only one who doesn't use the shiny new tier. Ultimately I think Blizzard needs to revisit the Resto Druid T20 set bonuses and either buff them or center them around more consistent spells.Empowerments9 Jul 2
Jul 2 R.Druid or R.Shaman? Hello all. I've been getting more and more interested in healing lately and i'm having a tough time deciding between these 2 classes. I have a 110 druid and an 83 shaman and eventhough the shaman is lower level, im still having fun healing on it, just as I do on the druid so I think I just feel healing is fun overall atm. Any advice/help on the 2 classes that could help me decide?Trilithôn6 Jul 2
Jul 2 New Boomkin Legendary Was snoopin' around the internet when I saw something about a new Balance legendary called Radiant Moonlight and I haven't seen anyone talk about it yet. It's a cloak with hast and mastery, and it allows you to cast Full Moon one more time before it becomes New Moon. What this means is that your moon cycle is now New Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon, Full Moon and then back to New Moon. I believe the charges stay at 3. Here's the Wowhead link: http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=151800/radiant-moonlight&bonus=1502:3530#comments What do you guys think?Lynker5 Jul 2
Jul 2 New Set Bonus Anyone else worried the new set bonus will make us fall behind in aoe dps? I feel like our new setbonus will be bad for mythic+!!!!Talason2 Jul 2
Jul 2 Resto Druid 7.2.5 in PvP/Arenas Why are we so crap in arenas now? There's almost no resto druids in high-rated arena matches. I'm mainly watching on Twitch and I see nothing but resto shammies & MW for 2200+ MMR, no resto druid... What's going on? Please fix resto druids? Thanks for nerfing overgrowth and reducing our heals by 4%, and nerfing Iron Bark honor talent. Thanks again, TomJaynewong8 Jul 2
Jul 2 Bear challenge! [x] Completed! 3/4 3/4 challenges done. I read a lot on how to do these so now hope some of the things I did or reading about my xp may help you. It took me so long to get this one done because I main boomy>>>>feral>>>nothing>>>nothing>>>>>>>>>>>>>nothing>>>>meh guardian>>>>resto ^^^in that order. Anyway, challenge is really, really, really hard now if X<910+il w/o Luffa, legs or shoulder from what I saw. We have less armor and no 20%[?] magic reduction[?]. It took me almost 70 attempts. Tried at: 920 IL: no go 7% versa double dps trinks 917: No go 8% versa double defensive trinkets 912: No go 6%versa 4 piece [NH]+2[TOS] putting me at 903 il, 11% Versa, w/ Luffa+shoulders=yes go! All my gear had versatility. Only 3 that did not were 1 trinket, shoulders and wrist. Trinkets were [890] bloodthirsty and tank trink from EOA [880] Giant Ornamental Pearl. Phase 1: I just hit prolonged, engaged boss with moonfire and stood on outskirts of aoe, then hit Inc and spammed thrash w/ spam of moonfire on boss and macro that hit eyes w/o me manually targeting them. I only ran in to interrupt boss or disorient when possible to not gain a stack. I did this to save up Velen's healing porbs. I had only 2 of the aoe-ing elemental mobs up ever. Kited 'em nonstop around boss aoe, never running in other than to int. Phase 2: I saved 3 orbs for when 2nd phase kicked in. I used a old war+hero+Inc to kill adds, saved Rage of The Sleeper as my 'oh shoot' button. Kited Kruul for days while spamming moonfire [shoulders hit x2 targets] and thrash like crazy. Almost died because I stayed in green aoe for like 2 sec. Also, got knocked back x3 by ignoring aoe mob. Thankfully, I had charge up all those times. Also, stunned Kruul to hold debuff stack longer. He only got me to 130% increased damage taken. I dont know if thats only once or twice he cast it on me. Overall, DPS was 963k Thats aoe dps not st lol My st is like 400-600k 1 thrash relic, 1 reduce defensives time and 1 increase duration of defensive's. Goooood luck, dont give up!!!~Packofcrows0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Bears, crit doesn't give dodge? Was just looking at my character page and noticed that my crit tooltip no longer said that crit gives dodge, instead when I mouse over Agility it says that Agility gives dodge. Am I reading wrong?Oxlee3 Jul 2
Jul 2 agatha challenge this challenge is the baine of my existence cant get the required legendaries and they throw a ST class into a AOE challenge and how can we have the energy regen while doing aoe rotations that we lack the damage of STColdpaws9 Jul 2
Jul 2 Balance DPS still mid-pack? Was thinking of making a boomkin to have a ranged dps for raiding. I've seen warcraftlogs with balance looking pretty high up there, but all over these forums I hear them being referenced as "mid-pack". Could care less about being top DPS but still would be cool to get an idea of where they actually stand, from people who actually play the class. I don't have anyone in my guild who plays balance so I thought here would be a good place. Thanks for all the info!Bogeranski6 Jul 2
Jul 2 So, Resto Druid Mana (lack thereof): Discuss? Am I alone in STILL dealing with mana issues? It seems like druids are the worst when it comes to mana regeneration. Granted my main is a Holy Priest, and while the mana regen on that toon isn't award-winning, it's no where near as bad as my druid. If it's a me thing, that's fine, I'll find a workaround, but I'm curious to see if this is a unique case or more widespread within the resto druid community. Last night, I healed with two other druids, a shaman and a paladin. On almost all fights, by 50-30% of the boss' health all three druids were Oom while the paladin and shaman where near full mana. Traditionally the first thing asked for is logs, unfortunately I don't have them. I do check my overhealing regularly and for most fights it was not even in the top five. Not an expert @ resto but I am a competent healer. Looking for advice, commiseration, solidarity, refutes, all that good stuff (heh)! Thanks guys, hope you're enjoying 7.2.5Llorien11 Jul 2
Jul 2 Feral BT Question Hello all I'm running bloodtalons on my feral and have regrowth macroed into a short 3 spell castsequence after my 5pt finisher but I find in arenas that I'll cast my finisher and pop off an instant regrowth and gain bt but I'll continue to try to cast a second full cast regrowth rather than moving onto the third spell. Trying to full cast obviously kicks me out of cat form and is pretty annoying. It does not happen on training dummies outside of arena and only happens about half the time during them. Been looking at this for 2 days and can't figure it out. Thanks in advanceMíkehockertz3 Jul 2
Jul 2 Glyph of Stars removal? I've been trying to research on my own to find a solution, but I haven't been able to find one that works. I've recently picked up my Druid again, and due to the alternate forms that the Moonkin can assume in Legion, I'd like to remove my Glyph of Stars from him. I was told that Vanishing Powder is the only way. The problem with that is that in order to use the Vanishing Powder, I have to click on my Moonkin Form icon in order to make the powder work (yes, I very carefully clicked on the little purple triangle in the corner of the icon). When I click on the powder, the pointer turns into the little blue hand icon, and I try and click on the Moonkin Form icon to complete the removal. Unfortunately touching the icon activates it, essentially putting me into Astral Form. If I click on the icon again, it asks me if I want to to remove Glyph of Stars. I click on YES, and then I get an error message that says, "You can't do that right now". I assume it's because the glyph is activated at that point, and that I can't remove it while it's active. I've tried dozens of different times and different angles to click on the icon and not activate it so that I can remove it. I also tried submitting a ticket regarding this issue, but because it doesn't really fall under any of the cookie cutter categories that allow you to submit the ticket, I've been unsuccessful trying that as well. The closest the ticket system has to it is a Character/Gameplay issue, but that's as far as I get. Is there a way to submit a ticket by bypassing the categories? I'd really like to get this resolved. Thank you.Tamatöa3 Jul 2
Jul 2 New tier set mmo-champion has the Argus tier sets out. Druid one looking amazing!Elbowin14 Jul 2
Jul 2 Agatha what am i doing wrong? Hated to make another topic with a couple nearby but out of anything in this expac i want to be a glowy kitty best thing for druids since sliced bread (fire kitty) lol I need tips from players? I've watched videos, i've read guides, i've spent 10k nethershards and i get it if it were easy there would be glowy kitties everywhere. ---- On pull 1.) Agatha> Rake>shred> savage roar > TF *Imps spawn* 2.) Rake each imp (by 3rd energy drained) Thrash > 1-2 Brutal slashes. TF > Savage roar. * 2 servants spawn + suicide bomber* 3.) Run bomber to an edge while they are already healing agatha from my 1 rake 1 shred when do you have time? 4.) Typhoon the 2 healers > rake > thrash > (energy starved) > SR > 1-2 slashes. 5.) My only time to get agatha down a bit, bubble comes. AF > Bubble pops interrupt. Now heres where i get rick rolled everytime. (1-2 slashes remaining) 6.) 2 bombers 3 umbral imps and 2 healers pop out. The vidoes i've seen the imps spawn underneath agatha nice and pretty like my imps spawn like on the compass (one up the ramp one near the lava and one against the wall) by the time i can find the middle to reach em all they teleport and i waste a thrash and slash. when they spawn all over the place what can you do? If i try to run the bombers out the umbrals nuke my a** if i try to thrash>slash it all i get nuked by bomber and umbral Ok imps are down, bombers gone...but no energy no brutal slashes the 2 healers have a party healing agatha back to 70-80% health and it begins again. TL:DR I feel completely energy starved and what times can you even think about attacking agatha with imps spawning all over the place?Wolfofdark2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Empowered Artifact Traits For Off Spec Please I leveled as a guardian but i want to be able to also off spec as a balance.Guardian spec is all good. But i need to get the extra set of empowered traits(the 5 extra) i have 35 points in traits,those are all filled,i have all 3 power relics filled,i have artifact knowledge of 40. I have been to broken shore,khadgar has nothing,dalaran,khadgar has nothing there either,dreamweave druids,where i got all of my artifact weapons also has nothing.I looked around violet hold in dalaran and nada.Also looked in secret bar... Does anyone know what the quest is or where to get it,i have looked everywhere i can think of.By chance i checked my quest log under artifact and it just shows a dungeon quest to kill a bossChawaqa9 Jul 1
Jul 1 Simulating Stat Weights Hey all, Upon hitting level 900 at last (I'm fairly casual), I was kind of disappointed where my DPS was sitting at. I've been using the stat weights provided by Icy-Veins, which is, of course, Mastery>Crit>Vers>Haste. I reached 80% Mastery, 28% crit, and something along the lines of 10% Vers and 8% haste. I was concerned that I was maybe exceeding my soft caps for Mastery, especially since I've been noticing that the most of my damage during fights was from Shred, not Rake, but I couldn't find anything anywhere, so I went to Ask Mr Robot to simulate. And AMR suggesting a highly different set of stat weights...Crit>Ver>Mas>Haste. http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/62ff1e146a71425f9b364301dbd48a94 I'm just unsure what to do at this point. I made myself some 900 Crit/Vers gear to swap in, and ran sims, and could hardly see a difference. I'm not sure if I'm just messing up the sim, or if I'm missing something obvious...Any help would be appreciated.Jesentra3 Jul 1
Jul 1 No longer getting directions So I have gotten the message about Hinterlands, Feralas and Duskwood. However when I got the Hinterlands message I could not find the stone....even with tomtom helping direct me...it was not there. So I skipped out and after a bit I got the message for Feralas and Duskwood and found the stones there. Now I am not getting any messages for the past 3 weeks. Anyone else notice this? Or have an idea.Trïstan5 Jul 1
Jul 1 Need advice for gearing feral When I equip my t19 4 pc I end up with 22% crit, 27% haste, 9% versatility, and 56% mastery. When I drop my set bonus I end up with 31% crit, 15% haste, and 61% mastery, and about 1k additional agility. I'm wondering if balancing my stats like this is worth losing the 4 pc bonus. I'm using pounces+ sotf ring.Hammur1 Jul 1