Oct 11, 2012 Bring the balance back to balance...please For the most part, I'm ok with the current form of balance. I'm fine with our AoE being nerfed to hell and back, and I'm even getting the hang of this awesome talent called Symbiosis. (Yes, as a DPS'er it would've been nice to have something to increase damage, but I won't lie, stealing AMS or Cloak of Shadows, or Unending Resolve is very nice for certain encounters). My issue lies with the lack of balance in eclipse. In cata, solar was heavily favored due to shrooms/dots. With the removal of ISS, you've balanced our dot damage so that one eclipse won't favor the other, you've also balanced our aoe in terms of solar/lunar with Hurricane/Shrooms and Astral Storm/Starfall. All very awesome. But there's just one problem....Our single target is suffering from a pretty severe lack of balance. Wrath is, on many fights, 10-15% less damage than Starfire, and even under Starfall/Starsurge on certain encounters. Part of this is, I'm sure due to using incarnation in Lunar, and popping C/A right after and continuing a lunar rotation, but I think Wrath is just too weak right now. With the passive "set it and forget it" damage we gain from starfall every Lunar, it seems like the logical thing would've been to buff the Wrath co-efficient and nerf Starfire's so that we can maintain the balance between Arcane and Nature damage. The new balance play is fun. I like the cool-downs, and I'm learning to be ok with Symbiosis. What I'm not ok with is the significant loss of damage from being on a solar eclipse. Our damage is nerfed enough in a non-eclipse state, it just doesn't seem like it should be doing so much less damage in Solar than it is in Lunar. As of right now, it's very clear that we're extraordinarily mediocre. Very middle of the pack (meanwhile, ele shamans and spriest blow right past us). I think the simple solution to bring us in line with the rest of our "hybrids" is to buff wrath just a tinsy-weeny bit. Unless your goal was to make balance, balance all specs, in which case I should alert you to the simple fact that very few balance druids like the feel of cat dps, and would prefer that rotation/cool-down not be apart of our standard damage.Owlkapwn4 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Lifebloom? Should it be used on non tanks? So we got this handy new glyph Glyph of Lifebloom and its great because it allows you to maintain a 3 stack of lifeblooms and instantly switch it to other targets. My question is, in a raid scenario, is it worth it to swap lifebloom to non tanks in order to pick up the raid. I know lifebloom is really efficient and saving mana is all skill based now. So I was wondering it this was something to do. The typical wisdom is that you roll lifebloom on the tank during the entire fight, and in the instance when you have Incarnation going you use Lifebloom as your general hot on everything that's taking damage. But with our new found ability to instantly swap a full stack of lifeblooms, could this be a new efficient way to heal single raid members without blowing 9k mana on a rejuv. Just wondering what other resto druids thought about this.Sunflwwr1 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Leather Specialization? Does this still exist? Because I was considering using the blue PVP cloth set to fill in for my crap gear since hitting 90 (as I wanted spirit/haste)? I've only come back to this character since MOP so I'm wondering... a) Is Leather Specialization still a thing? http://www.wowhead.com/spell=86104/leather-specialization#comments Because I can't find it in the General tab of my spellbook. b) Is the leather PVP set (crit/mastery) more beneficial to me (in my current PVE 5 mans) than the cloth set (with spirit haste) Thanks :)Adoette1 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Feral PvP, Need Help!! Hey Guys, I often Heal for pvp and I would like to play Kitty now(Competently) but I feel like I am WAY less damage than everyone else? Am I doing something wrong? I play Kitty PvE pretty damn well but I can't seem to grasp Kitty PvP, Can I please get some help from good feral PvP'ers? I feel like we are way underpower atm =\\\Kritten1 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Druid Pvp Shoulder's Bugged dont know if its just me or maybe just our race but the druid pvp shoulders i got today seem to be just be hovering and wont equip right. I noticed it earlier, logged off, came back later and they are still like that. it might just be nightelfs or is that how it is suppose to be? Any1 else having this problem?Resin1 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Thanks Blizzard There's nothing better than Typhoon as a cat in bgs. I literally think I've given myself a hernia from laughing so hard during AB and Eots this past week. Pretty sure at this point you could make me do 0 damage and I still wouldn't re-roll. P.S. Divine Sheild and heart of the wild is the second greatest thing. Hows that burst working out for you now hunters/mages/warriors/whatever the heck else is "OP". P.P.S. I dont care that this is the most useless thing you've ever read.Capnscrubs1 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Addons and DoC I've been trying to figure a few things out this morning, and stumbling as I go. This might be better put in the Addon/Macro but I'm kind of hoping some of the theorycrafters like Tinderhoof or Leafkiller can set me straight on how things are being calculated first. So I'm trying to get something like BadKitty with DoC, but I also want the ability to see the "strength" of the applied rip and rake. ie: if it was buffed with SR and/or DoC when it was applied. Preferably with the option of extending this to TF and trinkets. Originally, I imagined there's 2 ways to do this - use UnitDebuff API to gather data on the selected bleed - watch the combatlog and filter it for coinciding events like DoC charge(s) being lost when rip or rake is applied and noting the timestamps for SR being applied/refreshed/falling off I don't much like the second option as it seems inefficient and somewhat clunky. I just imagine it being a resource hog and susceptible to timing issues. So looking at the first option, my inclination was that item [14] of UnitDebuff would give me a number showing the current strength of say rip. And indeed it's the same number displayed in the tooltip when you hover applied rip on the target. However, this tooltip value doesn't seem to function very well. If we consider the 4 scenarios... -- no buffs, ticks for 9249.........tooltip: 6598 -- only DoC, ticks for 11560......tooltip: 11374 -- only SR, ticks for 12023........tooltip: 6598 -- SR && DoC, ticks for 15029...tooltip: 6598 I can see that rip is ticking for what appears to be the correct amounts. But the tooltip gives back completely bogus numbers... I mean, with both it's ticking for twice what the tooltip claims ? What's weirder is that it appears to update roughly correct with just DoC... but if SR is up at all it defaults to some kind of base value of 6598 (if I account for mastery, it does match with the 9249 value) So looking at this, I'm not sure if the tooltip is just bugged. Or if there is some mechanic in place with SR. I recall people pointing out that in execute, FB refreshing wasn't causing rip to take a new snapshot as we'd normally expect. And here, if this is a mechanic (and not just tooltip error), it would appear that the SR modifier is not actually attached to the rip itself. That would make some sense since the mastery isn't applied either, but it's really strange that the DoC modifier only gets applied to the tooltip when SR isn't up? I suppose I should have tested this last night to see if the value of rip changes as SR falls off, but don't have access right now and just trying to brainstorm a bit.Paulbathehut7 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 balance druid pvp is pathetic sorry blizzard but it s not fun are u want to tell me , that it s FUN? all we can do is to stack dots and multiple targets wow, sounds like lot of FUN so u got honor points set, u got some conquest points set pieces, and guess what u still suck as balance druid ijust love the fact, that every almost everyother class is dancing around, throwing on me their stuns, silences, snares, etc and i can just sit there and watch myself die i even removed mushrooms slowing effect from talents, and solarbeam, because guess what? it s not helping, and what we re ? gardeners? oh we cant do 2v2 , barely 3v3 .. so yeah thank u so much, so much frikkin fun here it s awesome, that u cant beat certain class, unless he s afk, that s just awesomerrrr guess 9.1 million people doesnt give u money, u need for fixing and balancing PVP oh i know, i should play feral, or other class guess what , then remove druid from this game ok? WIN-WIN PS-please dont give us more nerfs in MoP, that will work! somuch funNightpavs86 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Boomkin leveling questions Hi, I've just come back after about 2+ years and am trying to level my 80 boomkin. I've read the above sticky for PVE boomkins but still have some questions. Should I worry about reforging anything right now, since I know I will be replacing it all as I level? Also, the numbers listed in the guide don't really state when I want those numbers, are they for starting raids at level 90, or are they what you want to achieve after getting raid gear? I'm a little overwhelmed with all the changes that have been made, especially with MOP, and feel like a complete noob again. Also, are there any other guides besides the sticky above, or any websites that any of you would recommend?Kilvarough3 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Ferals viable in 3's? Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on ferals in arena. Haven't played my druid since early cata and was wondering if ferals were able to get up there in the 2k+ ratings.Mcfearless0 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 As a boomkin, how do you feel about aoe? I feel the Aoe is really low compared to before. Im not sure if its because Im not raid gear or what but how do you all feel about AOE right now?Chikko16 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Symbiosis bug? I was playing 2v2s with someone today. Symbiosed them before the match. Match starts, deterrence is still on my bars. When I need to use it, I try to activate it, only to see that it has suddenly turned back into the symbiosis spell. WTF?!!! It was there the entire match, until I needed to actually use it. I have NEVER had that happen before. What the heck is going on? Unrelated: Please drop the long cast time for symbiosis, and make it castable in combat. It's totally unnecessary for it to be a 5.5 second cast. Plus in arenas, it takes a LOT of time out of preparing for a match. If I'm facing double DPS and need to change two talents, re-macro, find a spell in my spellbook, AND cast symbiosis, I'm barely ready to stealth by the time I get all of it done. Come on. :| Also, I don't know any other class that has a completely useless level 87 spell if they aren't in a party with other players. Give us some kind of passive ability when it's not active, maybe? (For doing dailies and fending for ourselves in the rare case of world pvp, etc.)Oakpaw10 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 How long to fix Swiftmend bug? Blizzard, Swiftmend has been bugged since the release of 5.0. How has this issue not been resolved yet?Tly10 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Balance druids bad at PvP already? I always blamed my bad gear when I got killed a lot but I realised that I was in full PvP gear and I still wasn't doing exactly 'good'. That's when I thought that i couldn't play WoW very well but I checked the leaderboard every once in a while to check my score and i NEVER saw a balance druid do good in battlegrounds. Is it just me or did the expansion kill balance druids completely?Bloodslain5 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Balance and Eclipse In raid content the eclipse system really isn't bad and actually keeps things fairly interesting. In PVP and leveling or farming though it really feels bleh. I am struggling with trying to level my lazer chicken but every time I do and begin killing things I realize how the eclipse system just isn't fun. Leveling as a balance druid is dreadful. I have a hunter I switch between to level and every time I go back to the druid I realize how slow and clunky the playstyle is for a balance druid. I am not complaining about being broken and actually was very excited after seeing some of the changes to balance survival for pvp. But non-raid pve and pvp really is not very enjoyable (pvp being the eclipse mechanic). I still love my balance druid, just killing some time between attempts in levelling it.Twinsen3 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 I'm a bad tree - help me be not bad So I have a resto druid, who I decided would be my main toon for MoP. I got him to 90, and started doing BGs and heroics. I was flipping through my spell book, and I noticed I have healing touch. It wasn't even on my bars, so I decided to do some testing with it, and really didn't find it to be of any use. If I need a heavy heal, I hit regrowth; it's fast, and since it auto crits I get the added benefit of living seed. If I need a light heal, I use nourish. It's slow, but almost mana neutral. So of what use is Healing Touch? I can't imagine we having a healing spell with no purpose, so help me find what it is so I can use it most effectively.Gruklaar7 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Symbiosis great, or the Greatest? Honestly, it's getting to the point where I can't imagine how I played without it. Tanking: Spell Reflect from warriors, Bone Shield from DKs, Elusive Brew from Monks, Lightning Shield from Shamans, Consecrate from Pallies.... Just naming the best uses (imo) there... PVP wouldn't be the same without Feral Spirit or Bubble. Wolves add to my burst in a meaningful way, and bubble is great for surviving those extra few seconds when defending bases or mine carts. As for what we give... DPS Shamans getting Solar Beam helps a ton when faerie fire is on cd, Disc Priests and cyclone is very "wat", I'm sure DKs enjoy the mushroom, as I see one out lots... Although I'm not sure how much others appreciate it. Anyone else wanna show their love in this thread?Yzara43 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Resto + engineering + helm + trinket = wtf? Yeah, this is weird. I'm nearly 600 eng. Which means if I make my helm and the trinket, that's 5 cogwheel slots. and There are only 4 stats on cogwheels that benefit my class. Haste, spirit, mastery, and crit. So I'm thinking there's not really a point in using both the helm and the trinket and I'll have to choose one or the other. I'm guessing I should just make the helm and not use the trinket since the helm is higher ilvl? What do you guys think?Morehots6 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Boomy and resto pvp Seriously ENOUGH of F* druid i cant slow i cant root i cant do !@#$ its anoying as f* and ive had it that %^-* needs a nerf its not normal that they can get out of snares and roots on demand like give it a passive 20sec cd or something like the pally freedom cause its getting on my nerves they just cat form or travel form and theyre out plus it gives them time to heal and everything thats kinda OP and i seriously belive it should be nerfed chain of ice or icy touch/howling blast they laugh at me and i dont want to spec into asphixyate to be competitve cause they're the only class/spec that can do that blizz give me a shoutAkylmar14 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Disorienting Roar vs. Mighty Bash [Arena] Im weighting the pros and cons for Disorienting roar and Mighty Bash and i'm not quite sure which to choose for playing resto in arenas. For my CC rotation I typically will do Displacer Beast for a free pounce, then cyclone twice, then disorienting roar, (and then typhoon if possible). I'm wondering if I should use Mighty Bash instead of Disorienting Roar, because of whether or not the Mighty Bash would DR with the Pounce. Any help would be great.Mojotree4 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Resto PvP - Macro Incarn. to Nature's Vigil? So I just hit 90 and picked my last talent. I went for nature's vigil, because burst healing is great in BGs, where I plan to spend most of my time. Both Incarnation and Nature's Vigil are 3 minute cooldowns, meaning they line up perfectly. Does it make sense to macro them together? When I hit incarnation, I can start slamming out instant regrowths, with 100% crit chances. That heal gets converted to damage against nearby targets. Outside of Incarnation, I have to cast them, meaning I get less of them, meaning I do less damage. Thoughts?Gruklaar3 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 [Feedback] Displacer Beast Well, I just found out that, even though this talent supposedly puts you into stealth, it doesn't actually affect mobs. They still see you, and they still run up and melee you. Sure, I understand it not removing dots and things like that, so if you have damage ticking on you it would pop you back out of stealth. But even if you DON'T have any damage ticking on you, the stealth doesn't actually do anything. This makes this talent completely 100% useless in PVE in all situations. I suppose it MIGHT have some limited PVP applications (assuming that players can't see through the stealth). Other than possibly in PVP, the stealth application is useless though, so it's basically just blink.Mogrigg12 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Sick of Balanced Druids I am so sick of having to compete with Balance Druids for gear. I have had my bracers, belt, and leggings jacked in a heroic because the Balance says "We use spirit too". Spirit is like 6th or 7th on the stat priority list for a Balance and they are actually going to argue that they should get equal priority for spirit gear as myself? WoW needs to fix this problem, because I am seriously close to going back to SWTOR if I have to deal with these issues everytime I group with a Balance Druid.Celticia25 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 11, 2012 Switching factions - Troll or Tauren? Hi all, I had a Tauren Druid pretty much since launch day. I went Alliance for a few months but honestly felt like a bit of a traitor - once Horde, always Horde! So I purchased a paid faction transfer and am wondering if Trolls really do have it going on, or if I should become a walking hamburger once again. The Berseking trait does seem pretty hawt, but there is nothing like a good War Stomp. Thoughts are welcome before I push the button - thank you!Belfy13 Oct 11, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 ...how a gaurdian must gear. There are so many fervent beliefs about how a gaurdian must gear. I have looked at people's armories. I find the variety of stat preferances great. Druids are awesome. Some of us pumping everything to dodge. Some go for a balance of crit, mastery, hit and expertise. Some pour on the crit and mastery. It is a loss when sometimes our druid discussions get lost in personal epeen. (Is epeen even a word - I don't care) It is great we have so many choices we can make and have it work. If how you set up your gear is working and not stressing out your support then all is well, for now. Right? If yours works really great and another druid, whos gear is setup very different from yours, claims to have a great setup, neither one of you may be stupid. Figure out why it works, talk about it and make us all better. The only trolls I care for are the Darkspear Trolls. Like I said, I have been peeking into armories. Looking for gear level, stat mods, and where guardians are tanking. I have found Arielle's and Wens's to be my favorites because their verbage has garnered much praise and respect from many of us druids. Since my progession through the various stages will be slower than alot of you. I feel tracking the gearing changes at different levels and following the well blazed trail should lead to a job well done. My goal is tanking decently enough for my friends to get gear while we enjoy ourselves. For some sick reason I sometimes run pugs. I have some specific questions about modifing gear. What stats would be safest for pugs? (no raid level gear and gear for the worse case) (My worst was a disc priest healing in pvps reforged to crit. Would stacking dodge have helped?) How would you mod your gear stats for Sha of Anger? What worked well for me was mastery and crit. (I had a holy priest keep me around 75%, and yes I was rolling all my CDs while tanking sha and keeping adds off my healer. Other tank was chasing rest of adds)Fervus11 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Name that talent/spell So I was in Dread Wastes fighting the scorpions (natural hostile mob)for a quest, along comes a druid and I guess charms it and then runs off with it. I was thinking charm woodland creature, but I thought that was critters only(maybe) but also it was now fighting with the druid again mobs. I am guessing I am either missing something or the charm woodland creature is bugged?Därkpaw2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Looking for a Wild Charge macro. Basically I want it to do these things. If targetting an enemy, it charges to the enemy. If targetting an enemy, and ravage is available (due to 4pc pvp set), it will use ravage. If targetting a friendly, it cancels form and charges to who I'm targetting. I know to charge to a friendly I'll have to hit the macro twice, since once it will cancel and the 2nd it will charge, but I can't figure out how to make it so if I'm targetting a friendly, it cancels form.Help5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 What new proc UI effects would you like? Personally I would love to have one for when Predatory Swiftness procs: checking for the specific buff every time I do a non-5-point finisher is annoying, and it would be doubly handy if the UI was something that grew smaller or faded over time as the timer ran down. It's especially important for Druids that choose Dream of Cenarius to make the most of the Damage buff it gives.Daystar4 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 HoTW nerfed? Can't seem to find any topics on this, but ever since I logged in this morning, my HoTW wraths have been doing 50k less damage than before. I don't really mind since it was kind of stupid just spamming wrath for 100k+ DPS, but I don't appreciate the 'stealth' nerfing. Before - Wrath 160k+ on target dummies with 476 caster staff, 110k with agility staff. After - 117k with 476 caster staff, 70k with agility staff.Crkx1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 New Druid Healer Anyone have any suggestions on leveling my druid healer? I have a full set of Cloth BOA's and a few other pieces that might help, but i wan't sure if i should just use the cloth right now even though he is a druid, or wait to get full leather boa's ? Just looking for ideas/opinions/or suggestions (: thanks!Nopally0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Symbiosis is kind of lame I was really pumped for this spell, but once I got my druid to 87, I am realizing it is not as cool or good as I thought it would be. Firstly, the cast time is long. TOO long. It makes it a huge pain to cast on people in dungeons and I can imagine in bgs. In dungeons so far, I have been switching my Sym targets depending on the encounter; the cast time makes it tought to do that well. Our lvl 87 spell requires us to be grouped to get any benefit whatsoever. I have been questing primarily solo. In order to take advantage of my new spell, I need someone else to help me and agree to let me use it. Perhaps this will be less of an issue at higher levels. It would be nice if it did something when not being grouped. Is it true that the player you cast Symbiosis on can cancel any time they wish? (I have not tested this). If this is true, this needs to change. Thoughts?Cathom32 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Boomkin mana tip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBRSOZXjt0oCosmosise2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Heart of the wild I may not be able to log into the game for a few days and I was wondering if the 6% passive section of the level 90 talent heart of the wild is totaled from base int or total current int.Varietypack2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Force of Nature I havn't really played a lot since MoP came out (I don't even have the expansion yet) and I have a small question about Force of Nature. The tooltip says that the treant's capabilities vary by specialization. What do they do for each specialization now? Especially, do they help healing in any way for resto druids? I never really liked messing with the ToL cooldown, and I'll be happy to have an alternative talent. Thanks for any help!Warry1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Moonkins look like Furby. Right? Yep.Zuhalo7 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 How can i record my arenas matches ? Hello guys im realy looking to improve this season and maybe get above 2.2k+ ...im new to this game more or less cuz ive never been doing constant arenas or serious ones... I want to record my matches to see what i could have done better,what i could had react faster like ennemies cds etc. and what i need to do next time to improve in skills and experience... so If anyones has good realy good tips for a friend moonkin pvp player or anything that i could use to record my arenas matches, it would be great. thxCarnassials9 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 how are ferals/boomkin supposed to pvp? it seems like they both suck really bad right nowCatwomán5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Resto PVP help Hey guys searched through a couple of pages and couldn't find anything so i thought i'd ask for some help, or even a point in the right direction to any guides for resto PVP at 90. I check the AreanaJunkies page but their guide is only applicable for Cata. It's gemming/chanting that im most interested in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Francobegbie4 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Resto Druid PvP Set Is the Restoration Druid PvP set suppose to not have a 2 set bonus, and have 3 4 set bonuses? http://www.wowhead.com/itemset=-600 If this is working as intended, I would like to know why every other class/spec gets a 2,2,4,4 set bonuses and not us.Ravenshade2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Swiftmend getting stuck very annoying... is there a macro workaround or something for this? thanksZoidscow5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Dash bugged out? Not going full speed? Dash says it's a 70% increase. I did the math and it's only giving a 36% boost. (For me at least.) My normal speed is 144% with cat form and Feline Swiftness. When I dash I go 196% which is 36% faster. STampeding roar says it gives a 60% boost....and it does. I go 230% with that. So what gives? Why is stampeding roar going faster than Dash? Anybody else experiencing this problem?Brbwithflag6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Starfall Glitched? Anyone else notice the starfall glitch? The tooltip says "You summon a flurry of stars from the sky on all targets within 40 yards of the caster that you're in combat with" The ability is back to BC style and is hitting everything. I first noticed when I was killing virmen at my farm and all of the sudden i'm being destroyed by halfhill guards. Turns out my starfall hit one of the alliance in the market. This is really screwing us over in dungeons and challenge modes and such. Having to not use a major damage ability that is passive damage and reset on every lunar eclipse because you might pull, that's a big gimp for us.Móònrise16 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Suggestion to make druids fair So I was healing away in a battleground when something familiar happened. CHARGE Melee 10k MS 38k, strike of opp 6.5k OP 24k Crit, strike of opp 6.5k Dragon Roar 136k Melee 16.5k HS 48k, strike of opp 10k Execute 69k, 26k overkill You died If the people at blizzard think this is justified because it has a 1 minute cooldown heres my suggestion make the ursoc stun crit for 136k. To make matters worse I actually spoke to this warrior and the idiot had this to say. They better not nerf Warriors! We got our dmg cut by 20% last patch! By that he means 3 abilities were scaled back by 20% 53% resil 43% armor "was in bear form and no he didnt colossus smash why bother" I'm ready for the L2P BS now. If I play better they can't auto crit 1/3 of my health away right?Tycusfindlay31 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Is Guardian viable for 85-90 questing? I started level at launch and I noticed some bears gathering up mobs while my feral kitty self focused on a few mobs without dying. I reach Townlong Steppes and the fudges just hit hard. Sure, my gear is a bit outdated seeing how I'm keeping up with two whole different specs, but I'm just starting to wonder what the heck I am doing wrong. I attract mobs like moths to light and I cannot keep myself up on "group" mobs since my realm is "dead" considering 90% are gone three days after launch. I'm soloing by myself since I couldn't come on at times to level up with others. Dungeons are slow and they hardly give a lot of experience - enough to be decent though. Long story short... A friend suggested I should go Guardian. "You might not be able to kill fast, but you'll have more survival." I usually kill fast so I can be hit less. If bear form means I can take some stronger beatings I'll go for it. I leveled a Guardian before so I can easily slide into tanking and using bear form. The question is...How efficient is it and will I be able to handle the two level grind?Solarbeam14 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Symbiosis Bug>Feral Spirit? So is it bugged? Feral Spirit for feral druids are pretty lame atm. Druid wolves are stupid(wont attack unless we got hit), have no pet bar or skills, and hit for 120 - 300 on lvl 90 geared Pvp players. Is that intended? We get a 100% funcioanal bubble from pallys, a 100% funcional dispersion from priests, why cant we get an identical copy from shammy wolves? Blue please.Dredmal5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Guardian PvP in 3s? - ZooCleave I was curious if anyone was using this setup for Guardian PvP for 3s: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#dyeN|jytcM Guardian Druid BM Hunter Mistweaver Zoo Cleave Guardian Druids have Berserk(3min CD) for Burst DPS. Heart of the Wild will let them Cast Rejuv in Cat Form and increases their kitty form DPS AND you already have the 20% passive increased healing in kitty form from a glyph. Force of Nature gives you a 2nd Barkskin for you and ur team. You can ravage outside of Stealth once every 30 seconds. And if you're ever being focused, you can go into Bear Form and still pump out better damage than any other spec in bear form while massively increasing ur survival in it. You have Survival instincts(another great survival CD). Two Stuns, Two Silences, and 1 Knockback. Mangle slows. etc etc Seems solid to me...Zcer2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Confused, Balance DOT Breakpoints, Help :( I was looking at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtT3sAEBV2QfdEtWeThnVWx4X3NoT29ZRGJjbkxjS0E#gid=0 for my haste breakpoints. I'm assuming I go by the percentages and not the "haste rating"? I only ask because the number that shows up when I hover over the percent in my character screen isnt anywhere near the number I see on the spreadsheet for the corresponding percentage...Jamesmarcus2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Feral vs BM Hunter Arena- Advice Given/Needed Hey there guys, I just wanted to make this post real quick to get some input from the druid community on things that can be done in the current state of PvP to either counter or at least live through the obscene burst BM can put out. I'll start with the things I do that have worked for me and the things that haven't. Still trying to find a healer for 3s so unfortunately this is feral/mage 2v2, which I'm more than aware is a very unbalanced bracket. Still, I don't honestly believe a healer would be able to heal me through this. (after SI/Skin are down) http://i48.tinypic.com/34i4bch.jpg This doesn't even show the 75k Kill Command. http://www.twitch.tv/kalsqt/b/335061795 --> Video My general strategy: My mage novas hunter out and poly's him. If it doesn't force trinket we go hard on his pet and try to kill it as fast as possible. If he trinkets I pounce him and get Rip up before he can pop stampede. Once stampede is popped I instantly go bear form and pop Barkskin. I nova them from Symbiosis and my mage rings them to keep them off me for 8 seconds. I run out of LoS preferably around a pillar or of the sort and shadowmeld, knowing my mage can block if they swap to him. We try to wait out Stampede via kiting and CC on the zoo while trying not to get CC'd by the hunter's partner. How it usually goes down: My mage novas the hunter out, and manages to get a poly off. The hunter trinkets and I open with Pounce and get bleeds up. His partner either opens on me if a DPS or starts to CC my mage if a healer. Hunter pops Intimidation and zoo at the same time keeping me from being able to CC the zoo. In the ~1 second it takes me to trinket (Human reaction time and latency) I'm already forced to bear and sub 20k HP. At this point I nova and the hunter or his partner finishes me off before I can get to a pillar. A few things I noticed I can do differently: -Bash on his partner if it's a DPS partner. -Spec for Ursol's Vortex or Disorienting Roar to stop the pets. -Pre-SI (tried a few times) to help mitigate some of the obscene damage. I'm by no means a new player to PvP, but I"m not god either, having only recently achieved 2k last season. Advice/opinions my druid brethren/sisters?Kals2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Binding [Relic of Niuzao] onto Savage Defense Good or bad? Relic of NiuzaoGhold5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 resto pvp questions for red, do I gem pure int or int/pvp power? for yellow do I gem resil or something else? which is the worst secondary stat crit or mastery? what glyphs should I use?Ravenkeeper5 Oct 10, 2012