Sep 30, 2012 Hit vs Expertise? Hello, So, I've never played a toon where Hit and Expertise were actually important, and I also read something about Expertise changing in this expac (something about 3% for Parry then 3% for Dodge?), so I was wondering if someone could clarify how they work. Basically, I'd like to know what the caps for each are for a guardian/feral druid, and how I should be gearing for those. Like, should I just go for the Expertise cap before thinking anything about Hit, or should I try to keep them both equal, or are they both worth the same whilst ever they're both under their respective caps? Thanks.Klissa3 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Talent Points My talent point at the moments is Balance Damage. I had Restoration for a bit, but I didn't like it. What works the best for a druid? Should I be Feral Damage instead?Dalrunsarir0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Feral macro's Ok i have looked and looked and i have a question about feral macro's. Do u descent players have them hotkeyed? or do you mouse click them? reason i ask is that my hotkeys are crazy at the moment and i dont know which ones to take off for my macros.Sneekerz8 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 rdruid pvp level 75 talent Im town between vortex and the bear stun in arena, charge-> stun -> cyclone is an AMAZING cc chain for kill attempts, but the ability for kiting with the other one is pretty amazing as wellJeromebaker0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Travel Form Speed I feel they should make Travel Form speed the same speed as your current trained mount speed. When in PVP they can make it so travel form is still at 40% that way it doesn't change for PvP. They can also make it so while in combat travel form is only 40% like it is now. I really don't see why a change like this couldn't be made. They made travel for look a lot cooler now, and I feel it would get used a heck of a lot more if this change was made. Where in the Forums would I make a suggestion like this to Blizz?Kaldira4 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Questions (dps/tank) I have a level 40 druid who haven't played in while and might go back to him. I was looking at the talents/spec last night and picked both feral and Guardian and some of the talents were cool like Savage Roar This is mainly for 85-90 dungeons/raids (pve) Feral: - How is the DPS on trash and bosses, as well AOE damage. - I remember reading somwhere that Druids get armor on the pet, mine doesn't....why is that? - Is the rotation/priority still the hardest in the game? - PVP----How are they when it comes to PVP, any good?. Yes I know it depends on the players Guardian: - When I tank I only do dungeons, how are they in dungeons?. I have a 85 protwarrior (not geared) - Is it gear dependent for a druid tank. I remember gearing a Warrior was really gear dependent Leveling: -I might start on a new server, how are they when it comes to leveling, can I solo elites that are maybe 2+ levels higher?.....without BoA's. If I don't start on a new server I will have the BoA Chest+Shoulders+helmJshadows0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 What news of endgame pvp? So have any of you druids hit 90 and jumped into the battlegrounds? How's it feeling? I'm hoping to play resto once I finish levelling, but if it's a complete waste of time I'd like to know ahead of time, so I can move on to another alt. Thanks!Gruklaar2 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Lvl 80 haste Anyone know how much haste a lvl 80 Druid would need to get an extra hot tick?Flud0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 I don't care, going 2p feral w/resto 100% runspeed is too awesome and I will gladly sacrifice some stats and 30s ironbark for it!Weepea3 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Symbosis ? Please hi Can someone please explain plain symbiosis to me And proper use for it Thank u xoxoxRecdogg4 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Is it just me? I'm trying to level up my druid, so I can be a resto druid in pvp. Obviously questing as resto isn't going to work out well, so I went boomkin because I had no agility gear. I feel absolutely worthless in world pvp. Just god awful. I put up my two weak dots on classes, which they ignore, and then try to cast something. The operative word is try. I get CC'd like nobody's business and get wrecked. Is there anything else I can do, other than simply run away like a !@#$%?Gruklaar4 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Feral PvP talents question I'm torn between Soul of the Forest and Incarnation right now. Currently I'm rolling with SotF and I think it's pretty good. Even with it I feel a little energy starved. But I care only for PvP and Incarnation seems like it must have amazing burst, yet it can only be used once every 3 minutes. Which do you guys think is better for PvP?Khorra4 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 PvP While Leveling Anyone have any fun experiences they would like to share? I am leveling as Feral and exclusively with my girlfriend on her Fire Mage. We’ve been playing together quite a while and have developed a great deal of synergy when dealing with pesky Alliance. I’ve had some solo adventures with folks upwards of 4 levels ahead of me and pulled out some nice victories. However, mostly it’s a game of me bleeding/controlling targets while Joanrivers blows them up. Effective entertainment! Anyone else have a special partner in crime they are rolling with as they tear through all the red targets?Hanharr15 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 faerie fire not tagging? Ok, so I'm resto and I've been questing as resto, in kitty form, switching treants for ToL in dungeons. My problem is when I try to pull a mob at range with kitty form, Faerie fire doesn't tag it for me, so another player can (and almost always does) take the mob. I can't tell you how many times I've not even noticed this happened until I either didn't get quest credit, or I wasn't able to loot. It's frustrating, especially with the sheer volume of people questing right now. Also... faerie fire does do damage, at least according to the tooltip. I keep forgetting to check my combat log to verify. Anyone else notice this??? I've been thinking about posting on the bug forums, but I thought I'd check here first in case someone here knew why this was happening.Nikavin9 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Balance gets biggest crit as CATFORM wtf? so i went catform and clicked heart of the wild and got a 182k crit on ferocious bite on a dummy in ogrimar, i cant even come close to that with starsurge. This is in caster gear btw... mangle crits for 55k and rake ticks non crit for 16k so initial hit and 16k x 5 rake is like 95k dmg -.- thats cool and all but somethings wrong here...Zmora8 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Druid tanking, heroics/challenge modes twitch.tv/fteneq Going to be doing this whole tanking this for a few. Maybe longer. Tune in and have fun!Warstehdruid0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 New to playing druid, need some guidance.... My druid is feral spec, and it seems to me that all the abilities I have are cat. My entire action bar is filled on cat form, yet on bear form I literally have two or three abilities. Will this even out at all as I progress? I do like mostly playing in cat form, but I'd like to be able to tank and heal sometimes too. Should I just go for the balance spec? Will that give me a decent amount of options for all my shapes, so I can play each role decently? Sorry for all the dumb questions. I'd really appreciate an experienced player's input.Awwyiss3 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Macro help plox. I'm trying to Macro: Nature's Swiftness and Healing Touch for feral so i can have an auto proc for the buff Dream of Cenarius. (witch then you use a Rip or Ferocious Bite and do crazy amount of damage. I'v trieded the following: /cast Nature's Swiftness /stopcasting /cast Healing Touch. /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast Healing Touch. /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast [target=mouseover] Healing Touch and even /cast Nature's Swiftness, Healing Touch None of these seem to work in cat form. I was wondering if anyone knew why or could come up with a solution!Züpper4 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Astral Form shapeshift noise... Why do I gobble like a turkey when I enter Astral Form? I can imagine the training now: "Ah, young Druid, you have chosen to follow the path of Balance, but you seek to become one with the stars and moon rather than embodying the form of a Beast of Elune." "This is admirable, however, you must understand the Moonkin Union is a very powerful organization with trained lobbyists working 24/7 to sway multiple high-ranking Archdruids before each Circle policy meeting." "Therefore, I must have you sign here, here, and... here... Social Security number also... swearing you will always try to imitate a Moonkin noise when accessing your ability to shoot small suns at people. Failure to comply will result in Omen eating you while you hibernate."Cole0 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 leveling Bear or cat? Which one do you think will be better for leveling in MOP and why?Athol25 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Balance-PVP(druid)-feedback/bugs/problems Please take a look here is the few pages on it and support the thread! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6759326176 thank you!@Zmora0 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Quick boomkin stat priority question. I just dinged and I plan on gearing up after work :) Last I knew it to be int > hit cap > crit > mastery > haste Any input would be nice, thanks!Zimis5 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 HELP - Boomkin PVE Hey guys, I am a Resto Druid, and I have been for quite sometime. In leveling to 90, I have recently started playing Boomkin a lot more, and am actually enjoying it. However, I seem to be doing terrible DPS (8k-11k). Since I am just leveling, this normally wouldn't bother me, but I am planning to play Boomkin in Heroics when I am queuing with our Holy Pally. I am mainly confused because it doesn't seem that my DPS has gone up with the improvement of gear. When messing around with Balance at 85, in ~380 ilvl gear, I was pulling the same DPS. My rotation: Sunfire (Maintaining at all times) Moonfire (Maintaining at all times) Wrath to Lunar Starfire to Solar *With the appropriate cooldowns when needed I've read the Moonfarespam thread, and have been trying to follow suit. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.Novoulious10 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Your favorite Symbiosis spells? So far I've used really only used Consecrate, Bone Shield, and Life Tap personally since most of my dungeon runs have been with the same people. Consecrate is awesome on big pulls and bosses with adds. AoE threat is somewhat lacking for us and this makes it so much easier. Bone Shield is nice to have, I think a druid/dk tank/ot combo is going to be a really great tanking setup this tier. I think so far Life Tap is my favorite though, at least in 5 mans heroics. If you have a good healer rage generation is a non-issue.Atroxx14 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Healing I am a reasonable new druid only playing for 3 months this is my main and i want to know some statagies for healingXyrter3 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 New MoP Travel Form My main's a hunter and all i've ever wanted was stag pet but blizzard decided to do me one up. Instead of the lame cheetah my druid actually gets to be a stag awesome enough to be one of Malorne's buddies.What do you guys think? For The Horde!Dreamhoof1 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Foreseeable Feral DPS Hey guys, Has anyone else seen the front page of Simulation Craft? Under Raid Test Dummy Results? It shows ferals as being just shy of arms warriors; putting us at a respectable number 2 spot. I realize that this is very speculated data, but what are your thoughts? Could there be any truth to this?Ceryshen9 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Shred - Yellow border? After the maintenance came up, Shred has a yellow border around it now on my toolbars. I've relogged, reloaded, disabled my 2 addons (recount/npcscan) and still.. it has the border. Why?Cloudbomb2 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Macro Help I'm trying to create a spammable macro that will enable me to quickly shift to bear form to use Faerie Fire (combined with glyph Fae Silence) and then shift back out. Here's what I have so far: #show Faerie Fire /castsequence [stance=1] reset=15 Faerie Fire, !Bear Form; [stance=0,2,3] reset=15 Bear Form, Faerie Fire, !Bear Form As you can see, if I'm already in bear form it should cast Faerie Fire and then instantly shift me out. If I'm in any other form, it should shift me into bear form, then cast Faerie Fire and shift me out. Problem is as of now it doesn't work. Anyone know what I need to correct?Maxyueh3 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Savage Roar is Dispellable/Spell-Stealable? ///Polekat2 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Can a Feral Druid Tank? Can a Feral Druid tank in bear form?Nourishderp14 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Help with a helpful macro In the interest of saving keybinds I use a macro that will stealth me if I'm not in combat and if I press it again while I'm in stealth it casts pounce. It reads as: /cast [nostealth, nocombat] prowl /cast [stealth] pounce I want this macro to make me stealth in combat if I'm in King of the Jungle Catform. How would I set it up?Ashstar5 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Why Archaeology is great for druids. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kargath/Sillyturtle/simple Look at that spear. Second Pandaren solve. Heroic level quality and usable at 85. Ya'll jelly. <3Spacelobster5 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Resto glyphs and talents. What are you using? Just wondering what everyone else is using and why? I've been going a bit back and forth on mine and would like to get some others inputs.Shiftshaft1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Incarnation overwriting Savage Defense? At first I thought it was a glitch with my class timer addon, but I noticed last night that Incarnation is in fact removing the Savage Defense buff when you pop it will SD is up, wasting both a charge of SD and the rage you spent to put it up. Am I missing something? Surely this can't be intentional.Atroxx1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Resto: Underpowered? I'll be blunt. What the hell happened? I just ran Shado-Pan Monastary on heroic, and it felt like I was healing Tank-Death Oomastary. It seems like our heals are underpowered. At 85 I was fully heroic geared, clearing 8/8 weekly and healing was not a problem. Now it seems health pools have doubled, but heals haven't increased in potency at all. Granted, this is extremely early on in the patch, it seems like a bit of an oversight. Anyone who wanted to convert to druid healing will no doubt be put off at its current state.Fetchepics17 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Savage Roar as a haste buff So, I'm throwing out the idea that Savage Roar should be a significant haste buff, instead of a flat damag buff. This would still make it mandatory in terms of sustained damage and long-term cp generation, in pve and pvp, but wouldn't be as punishing for bleed applications. It would also be far more interesting overall since it would probably have knock-off effects on our "rotation" (ie. potentially being able to use FB more often), and possibly provide more survivability in PvP. It would also introduce a larger element of randomness into our damage via OOC procs, which should make Blizzard happy, since they love randomness. Direct damage abilities would have to be adjusted appropriately to account for the buff being active. The total potential dps shouldn't be changed and should be kept inline with what's appropriate compared to other classes. Hence, if we get a haste buff allow for more direct damage attacks and more white attacks in a given time frame, the damage done by those attacks has to go down. It has some potential negative consequences in fights where we can't maintain good uptime, especially where energy capping was more likely, but should actually make target swapping less painful. I also think a haste buff on energy would make the class more fun to play for many. Maybe not to the point where we become fully gcd-capped, like when berserk and bloodlust are active at the same time (although FB usually solves that), but there's a lot of room in energy regen now before that can happen that would still result in an experience with less downtime. Speaking of berserk, something would likely have to be done with it, as we probably would fully gcd-cap with berserk and bloodlust active with SR being a haste buff.Baezle4 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Anyone else love Resto Druids in BGs? God it's stupidly fun right now. I never wanted to be that healer who could just sit there, spam heals, and never die. The aspect of HoT and Run for ur life was why I tried Rdruid :D Now I feel like I can run around the map and no one can catch me :D:D:D still squishy as hell thoZcer0 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Symbiosis cast is too long Symbiosis needs to be revised. The cast time is too long for one. If its not going to be used in combat then it should have an instant cast. Almost every time I go to cast it on someone there has been a pull made so we are in combat or the person I'm trying to put it on has LoS'ed me. The idea of the move is great but it should be revised to be more practical. If it was usable in combat that could solve the issues too.Theeye3 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Symbiosis - mage clones The mage clones do likee noo damage even in eclipse state i really liked the idea but when they did little to nothing i got sad :(Kashmoneh13 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Symbiosis sticking to more than 1 target? So, it might just be a bug, but last night me and 3 friends grouped up to kill a rare and I had just hit 87, so I messed around with symbiosis while they were in the area. We had me, a priest, a rogue, and a hunter. I used symbiosis on them in that order, and stuck with hunter (because I love play dead) yet everyone else still had the buff, as well as the spell I granted them. I still only had play dead, which is fine, it'd be silly if we could get 10 new spells just by casting it on everyone. So, is anyone else able to do this? Is this intentional? I guess it gives a raid/party more utility (depending on which classes you have) if you can grant them all a spell and take one yourself, but it does kinda kill the "you have to chose who you share spells with" part of it (which is meh anyways).Evilholyguy2 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Feral druids Thanks for wrecking ferals blizzard! Now all you little cry babies can stop your crying about ferals. WAHHA WAHHA WAHHA!Kuurol19 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Help! My Druid is wearing almost all cloth! Nothing is geared for the Druid! If you trade up to leather on gear you may gain armor but you loose spirit & intellect which is very important to the balance Druid. The same is true of the weapons the Druid can use, if you want more damage you have to give up spirit or intellect. If I go with the leather like she's supposed to wear she will loose all of her spirit & intellect so my Druid is geared like a mage, priest or warloc now :( Is any one else having this problem? Is there a way around it?? Please, give me some advice or fix this... even just a little would help.. I'm getting very frustrated!!! Thank you.Chrysalyss17 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 What Are Your Thoughts On A Pandaren Druid? I, personally, think it would be awesome! I can just imagine it, now... cute little white and black kitties and bears running all around. Even, though - pandas are obviously bears. Besides the point, all of the other animal races (only two, but still) can play as Druids. I am planning on making a Pandaren Hunter on the 25th; yeah, not a Monk. I was just kind of bummed when I found-out that they cannot be Druids, however... I love my Worgen Druid, so it is all good. I am just really curious as to what all of your opinions are. Oh, and this is discluding the lore behind Pandarens. I understand that is probably the main reason for them to not be able to play some classes - just thought it would be pretty sweet.Brittanimal19 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Guardian max threat opening rotation How should I open for the biggest threat lead? I have Incarnation (and Berserk of course); sometimes they will be on CD from previous pulls of course. So far (in the level 85 normal dungeons) I take pretty much no damage, so it's not a priority to get debuffs or mitigation up, just maximise threat. Last run, an 86 warlock's Wrathguard kept pulling aggro off me (I watched it on Omen, it put threat on faster than I could).Autumni4 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Stats question Int of course is stat #1, but now is it Haste then Crit as the next priorities?Thorsis2 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Stupid Newbie Question Hey all. I realize that I suck at this game, utterly and terribly. That said, can someone tell me what armor I should pursue? I am a balance druid, interested mostly in fast leveling.Afrikashox3 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 Pvp Talent I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm not sure which talent I should choose from the Level 90 choices for PVP. Any suggestions?Surlain0 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 [Guardian] Unhappy Leveling So Far Hi! So I'm almost certain this has been brought up, but I'm unable to find the thread so I wanted to ask how everyone else was feeling: How has your leveling pace been? I'm finding with the Vengeance changes I'm struggling. Not one-on-one, thank goodness, but the kind of damage we're currently putting out makes me feel like I'm doing my damage in glue. I'm aware that Ghostcrawler has talked about how Vengeance should be reserved for tanking higher end bosses but even when I've gathered up a series of mobs to grind them down (subbing my longer single-target damage for overall damage while relying on my higher survivability to get me through the increased incoming damage) I'm still not hitting any kind of noteworthy Vengeance amount. I guess I'm disappointed. I remember when proper AOE grinding became possible as a bear in 3.0 suddenly made questing as a tank a lot more effective (not to mention gratifying) and I remember gleefully cackling madly in 4.0/early Cata where our damage was far too high... but now I feel like leveling as a bear has taken a big step back. We're not as bad as we were in BC, but.... yeah. This has me really disappointed. Anyone else feeling mediocre in the questing department?Eberron9 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 * [MoP] Druid Tips & Tricks * Thought it would be a great idea to share your tips and tricks for the mighty continent of Pandaria! Feral: King of the jungle allows you to stealth in combat, which is very useful for getting away from gankers or escape bad pulls. Coupled with Shadowmeld/Flight form it would be very handy for a quick flight escape. (Also makes 'Displacer Beast' talent less desirable). Feline Swiftness (15%) + Stampeding Roar (60%) + Travel Form (40%) gives 8 seconds of 250% movement speed in combat - perfect for outrunning gankers, or catching up to mounted players. Would be improved with speed enchants / pvp bonus. Force of Nature (Talent) can be useful for soloing old content, where you need to reduce debuff stacks, or need to migrate fears/stuns.What are your tips & tricks for playing druids? :DMargrett1 Sep 28, 2012