Jul 15, 2012 Alamo quote on the "Perfect Expansion" Just wanted to share a fun little quote taken from an interview in 2005 from The Ten Ton Hammer. http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/26744 ... So here's hoping we get another Alamo thread this year!Other6 Jul 15, 2012
Jul 15, 2012 horde druid races so im thinking about making this guy a horde moonman and i was wondering cow moonman or troll moonman?Undakadajr7 Jul 15, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Feral or Guardian Leveling? I have read that Guardian is putting out decent dps in beta. I wanted to know if anyone had opinions on weather or not it would be better worse or the same to level as guardian as opposed to feral. To narrow it down do not account for dungeons just questing.Yebonstine4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 So this is what it's like to have fun in PVP I'm a casual BGer which will garner some laughs i'm sure after what I have to say. I don't do much arena on any of my guys. I've done hundreds of BGs on my arms warrior and hadproblems with being kited and damage upkeep. I honestly didn't roll my Druid for PVP I just liked the idea of being a tiger. But now seeing what it's like to stealth at will, open with a good stun and bleed while saving my charge for their inevitable escape is fantastic (instead of an opener with Warrior and then followed up with a frustrating heroic leap). So what if they get some distance from me? I just hit them with a five point combo rip, they're half dead already. Lets see I have Stampeding Roar, Darkflight (worgen racial) and Dash to close the gap if needed anyway. Oh you want to focus me? I have ACTUAL defensive cooldowns holy smokes! I have barkskin which can be used when stunned, I have survival insticts, I HAVE BEAR FORM with another stun! I love to lolenrage regen against poor death knights who don't know better. I'm still working on cycloning and rooting and how to fit that into the situation but so far so good. My Druid is my first DPS alt to hit 85 so I'm not sure if Druid's are just that awesome at PVP or Warriors need a little help. I'm sure excellent PVP players can make a Warrior sing, but man I just want to have fun and the Druid is doing it in spades! Kitty fans should consider themselves lucky to have such a fun PVP class! Note: Also wanted to note that I love the passive way infected wounds works. On my warrior I literally have to hit hamstring as part my rotation and thunderclap to get the same effect. (50% movement speed reduction, 20% slower swing speed reduction)Koopo8 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Need gear help. Heey all, if you can take a look at my gear, enchants ect. and tell me what to add/improve on for me to be a better healer . Please and thank you :)Greenbuds2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Feral vs Balance dps I'm just gonna get straight to the point with this one. Which spec currently pulls more dps in DS right now?Repttar6 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Fury of Stormrage usage? Just wondering if anyone uses the Fury of Stormrage talent in the resto tree. I've heard of some healers taking it because of being bored with healing so they do some DPS in 5 mans. I enjoy Smite Healing on my Priest, and I think it would be fun to dps while healing. I know it's more a PVP talent, but I don't see many PVP resto druids using it either (not that there are many PVP resto druids anyway). So if you're using it, can you please comment and say why you took it?Pickergirl4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Boomkin Youtube Montage! Hi :) I made a boomkin youtube montage out of about an hour of 2s and 3s. If your bored and like some big crits check it out! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ziXqNSarZs&list=UUHCYOqY6hswZBugnulYuKYw&index=1&feature=plcpZibble5 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Barkskin Macro Help Hi, im looking for a macro that will cast barkskin and swiftmend if A. i have no target B. target is myself C. target is hostile and only cast swiftmend if the target is friendly/mouseover hopefully this will be a good time to use barkskinSebastian1 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Dear bear druids.... Why won't you die?Kimerian8 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Quick gear questions So I just got my armor token for Deep Earth Legwraps. But I've got the Obsidian Arborweave Legwraps 2-piece bonus and the mana seems like something I really need. Should I hold on to it for a while? At what point should I replace it? Theoretically, if I got a LFR armor token, so I had one normal mode T13 piece and one LFR T13 piece, would I get the 2-pc set bonus?Heartsings0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Trinket Question Of the 2, which is the better trinket for bears... normal Indomitable Pride or RF Soulshifter Vortex Thanks!Aayla2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 How do I prepare myself for level 80+ ? I have noticed that a lot of people are saying things like "get cata gear nubs" or "damn they have cata gear" to everyone in PVPs. I know what Cata gear is, but these statements only scare me more about what leveling from 80-85 holds as well as raiding/heroics and even PvP. I know already that I don't have the best gear and I'd be slaughtered and laughed at if I went into a Raid like.. this. I PvP in Feral and Dungeon in Balance. I am wondering if any of you guys have any tips for Boomkins in Raiding and Heroics as well as Feral in PvP. Are we good at raiding and heroics? How will I get the better gear, and where do I look for it? Where should I get rep so I can buy their gear? What do people expect, and what is the 'minimum' requirement for my stats, armor, dps, etc..? Just things like that. Any answers and tips are appreciated. I just don't want to freak out during raids or something. I want to be at least average so I won't be denied raids and everything. Please help! Thanks.Elodie6 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Need help with moving in pvp as a feral! Ive been noticing the way good ferals move while attacking in pvp, it seems to help them alot. Im not sure how to do that, ive tried doing the same thing but its not like how ive seen others do it. Somebody please explain it to me. Do I have to use the mouse, the keypad or both? And what setting is the camera suppose to be in?Kanamii4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Feral beta stealth speed If you are a night elf feral druid and have glyphed prowl, you now go 150% speed in stealth without taking feral swiftness if you have enchanted your boots with speed. On live we currently go 149% out of stealth. 1.15*1.15*1.08*1.05=1.50 (cat form * pvp set bonus * boot enchant * NE stealth racial) I wish they'd rework the first tier, but this is still pretty cool.Predatoria2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Boomchicken Anyone dislike the balance form looks? I don't mind it sometimes, but with the upcoming glyph of the treant that makes us look like the tree druid form from LK, I wish something similar would be implemented for balance's moonkin form. I mean, it'd be cool to see myself as a caster from time to time. I want to see my gear. Anyone have similar opinion or opinions why they probably won't do this?Bruaiga24 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 haste cap if i pass a haste point at my ilvll should i reforge to mastery? or keep reforging to haste? please helpEmmale4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 TWP – Bear Round Table Beta Edition! Hello Guardians! It’s that time again. At 7pm PST on Friday the 13th of July we will be re-starting the TWP Round Table series. Our first specialization to look at is Guardian. Who is on the panel? Me (Arielle) – Writer for TiB / host of TWP. Fasc – Author of BearCAD. Has a pair of boots named after him. Hinalover – Author of Rawr.Bear and Rawr.Cat. Wenselaas – 8/8H. Has participated in all of the raid testing to-date on Beta. Conducted his own tests in Firelands and DS as well. Buraan (EU) – 8/8H. Guardian in the EU community. Has done lots of testing in dungeons. Tinderhoof from the Fluid Druid may or may not be joining us as well. The first half of the show will be a look at the current design of Guardians and our existing talents and abilities. As always the second half will be an open Q&A session with the community. If you have a question you would like us to answer, please feel free to leave it below. Hope to see you there!Arielle29 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Are resto druids very gear-dependent? I recently maxed out a resto druid and have been struggling to keep people topped off since I started doing heroics. I had zero trouble healing in normal dungeons from 15-85 in pretty much any circumstance, but the huge health pools at max level really strain my HOTs. Naturally I have a much easier time when DPS is good and fights don't last very long, but I often stack 4 HOTs on a tank and still have to pump them with Nourish to keep them alive. It's very likely that I'm doing something wrong, or that the normal dungeons were so easy that I developed bad habits. I'm starting to gem and enchant my 378s to give me every advantage but perhaps it's just my play style. I'm ilvl 372 now and I rarely go oom but am still having trouble with raw HPS output. Any general advice that will help me or do I need to give more info? p.s., here's my woof woof http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/earthen-ring/Asterope/advancedCinnabon13 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Resto in Mop How does resto look in mop?Hazeleyed76 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 A little help on Feral Lookin for some help with Feral PvP. Does our dmg ever come close to that of a rogues? I know that we are are a hybrid but I have yet to see a feral druid open up on someone and have them laid to waste like a rogue does. I had a rogue backstab crit me for 58k (no I do not have much resil yet just got 85 with my druid and working on it). I have yet to have any feral druid do that to me and have been killed by ferals just as often it only takes longer. The druid versatility is awesome but right now the pvp dmg just doesnt seem to be there, if I am going to play stealthy to get the drop on someone I should be able to open up a can of whoop !@# just as a rogue does, shouldn't I?"Friekee4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Balance pvp I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. if i get almost any melee on me I get blew up in like 3.5 secs and locked out if i try to hard cast.. I shift to travel run away heal but I always end up losing 1v1 is something wrong with my gear maybe? any advice would be helpful.Devilisheyes2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 No fall damage as a druid if some of my fellow druid's didn't know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ_Cah56_zYCosmosise3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Valor point question for bear tank Okay so im gearing and up I have enough Valor points to buy something. I was thinking either the belt or the trinket. The belt seems like the best upgrade but i recently found Riplimbs Lost Collar for cheap and could upgrade my belt with that and get the trinket, but im not sure. Also if you could look over my gear and check and see if anythings terribly wrong, that would be very helpful. Thank you P.S Just got my chest enchanted and hasnt shown up on the armory yet.Hawtss5 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 I'm attacking a rogue, but they dodge most Even with no evasion up. What do?Murkaran2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 LF some Feral PvP assistance Hell Druids! So, here's what's going on, I don't play this alt much, and I don't PvP a whole lot... which you might've gathered from inspecting my character. I'm looking to fix both of those, but aren't really sure how to go about it, right now I'm still building up the Feral PvP set while playing my horrid horrid PvE Boomkin (Trinket/Shoulders) I'm just looking for a rundown, how do you feral PvP? I've looked at sites like Noxxic about spellpen and expertise caps and such, but I'd also like to gather as much information as I can from the druid community regarding specs/reforges gemming and all of that jazz :) I'm not sure if it makes a difference... but I think it might, I'm looking to play Feral (cat). Thanks for any help guys!Rakna2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Do I really have to reset all my action bars? I'm not using mods of any sort, and I just dual spec-ed. When I am on Bar 2, and go into cat or bear form the bar doesn't change to my cat or bear bar, It doesn't go blank, it just stays the same. Please someone tell me this is user error, and I do not have to reset all my action bars every time I change spec. thanksKayenna11 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Does anyone play four specs? For a long time it wasn't to hard to do spec 1 cat/bear as long as you had the appropriate gear and then spec 2 resto and switch to moonkin whenever bored. Now I"m out of luck and will have to choose. I don't want two druids so if I can't find something inventive I will just have to make up my mind. I"m wondering it anyone is currently playing all four specs and do they have any plans for panda since we will be split into four specs. Is there macros that help you set up your specs or something. I thought I heard this mentioned somewhere. Anyway any hep/ideas from people who play many specs is welcomed. :)Sarasha11 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 I feel worthless as a cat in dungeons With all the other class AOE. How can I be viable in these groups?Cowmändo20 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Top 5 favorite Druidismistic spells. Sunfire Rejuvenation Lifebloom Cyclone Tree of lifeAnucent11 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Boomkin question! BiS 3101 haste... Is this not worth it? Im looking at BiS gear and it drops me down to like 2800 haste :/. I have the BiS bracers, but im not equipping them because i lose the 3101 haste cap(and they only give like 6 more int than the crafted ones :/). I'm always refreshing dots with NG up, and my dps seems to be very solid. Any thoughts?Bullshifter1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Whats your Boomkin pvp stat? Personally, i like haste. I'm able to get 24% haste in boomkin form for some crazy dot and spell damage. I know theres mastery and intellect boomkins out there also, what do you guys use? im interested in seeing whats the most popular stat.Muppetman1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Audit Me Just looking for some tips on this toon regarding my Spec/everything. This is my alt never been a Healer before only DPS (Both my DPS are 8/8 Heroic). Anything you can tell me to help me out with druid healing would be great.Relaxbro6 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 I Have No Idea Hi! I'm a feral druid. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what weapons I should equip. I was looking for agility/stamina combo in a one hand weapon plus a held in off hand item. Does anybody have a good idea as to what weapons/off hand? I'm pretty good for armour, I was thinking a Deep Earth set when I get a higher level. Thanks all!Aspernia11 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Bear leveling, decent? Hi there! Like the title says I am interested in Bear tank leveling. I just made a new fully heirloomed druid since they are the only class I haven't tanked with yet and was wondering if they were as fast/fun to lvl through dungeons as the other tanks were? I am just looking for maybe someone who has recently done the same to give me some input, thank you :)Brios8 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Are feral druids overpowered in arenas? Hi, I recently found out my druid couldn't shapeshift out of movement impairing effects anymore. I initially thought it was a bug but, unfortunately I was told they made it a resto talent sometimes ago. Now my question is, are feral druids that overpowered in arenas for such a nerf to take place?Barbellcurls41 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Bears in MoP Would anyone mind directing me to a brief summary of how bears are changing in MoP? I'm particularly interested in the changes in the priority list, after reading this quote: ...Anota2 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 If anybody's interested a video of me a friend capping conq, not the most skilled players http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOirdqVB8vI&list=UUoVO2frM7DfP8GbwzSHXoOQ&index=1&feature=plcpCosmosise0 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Im confused Blizzard has anounced that you can not fly until lvl 90 witch i think is cool so we can look at more of the game. but what about the druids what happens to the flight forms? can we use it at lvl 60 and 70?Blaztraz6 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Macro Help Looking for a way to cast faerie feral everytime it is off cd and i press mangle. lf no ui errors or sounds thanksJohnglenn1 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Would Ret/Boom/Shaman be any good? I'm pretty inexperienced in arena, although i consider myself a good player outside of my lack of experience, and I was wondering if this comp would be able to go very far? It seems like it could, sort of like a watered-down Lock Shaman Ret. Boomkin provides a lot of pressure and CC while the Ret is offheals and main damage burst, assisted by myself when going for a kill. Any ideas? Thanks :DOedipus1 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Balance or Feral WTF I have been asking on trade chat and guild chat and everyone says feral is for pvp but according to this website http://www.worldofwargraphs.com/stats-bestplayers-11-0-1---0-0-0.html nearly all of the top pvp druids are balance???Forhashy3 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Bring back tree form... Ok Blizzard i understand giving resto druids tree form as a CD but come on couldnt you have left tree form alone and gave us a few healing cds instead. I don't think its right for a couple of reasons... 1) Being able to shapeshift is half the fun of playing the class making tree form a CD while a nice cd to have doesn't do it justice. Every druid I know and talk to hates that it is a CD. Every other druid spec has to be shape shifted but now cause we are healers we have to be different. 2) Which brings me to my next point every single piece of druid tier is ugly. And by ugly i mean not even wanted to transmog too soo Blizzard can keep making awful Druid tier and we can all just keep ignoring it because we are shapeshifted 3) The Dance... come on 4) Its not completely a buff or balance issue because for one in pvp it just switches the cc that can be done to us but it doesn't eliminate it anyone who did arena in BC knows that warlocks were the bane of our existence Blizzard nerf tree form give us some healing cds and correct one of the biggest mistakes ever made. If you agree please post on this and keep this thread close to the top so they can't ignore us!Lotsahots2 Jul 12, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Feral PvE Gear for PvP Hey guys. Was curious if there were any specific things from heroic DS that would benefit a feral druid over the T2 pvp gear. Besides heroic kiril, are there any other notable pieces that would help a feral druid perform in PvP? I would appreciate your help. Thanks.Spy11 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Nurturing instinct for bears I was curious if nurturing instinct actually affect the effectiveness of frenzied regeneration. It is a healing ability yea? Does anyone know anything about this?Kanuah10 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 rest.. what second spec? just went from feral bear/balance to cat/resto wanted to be a resto cuz of mop and i always wanted a healer, should i keep cat as my pvp and questing class or switch to balance again?... resto is for dungeons and raidsGrazley2 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 RBG mop issues feral vs boomkin hello im writing this thread to discuss the state of mop in feral vs boomkin in RBG settings As it is right now any competitive comp will choose a moonkin over a feral always because of not only high damage but also because of solar beam. Solar beam in RBG is arguably the second most powerful ability outside of smoke bomb, its so good that some 2400 teams are even running double moonkin so that they can blanket a big area with solar beam. This is specially the case in flag games where u can use solar beam to force the flag carrier and its healers to jump from second floor, and in many cases put smoke bomb into a solar beam on top for a GG. when the talent system was announced, i was hoping that they would consider putting solar beam in it since without it, no feral will ever be in a competitive rbg team. so i propose that they make typhoon baseline for boomkins and put solar beam in its place. what do you think?Rozer8 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Moonkin form should... let you cast wrath while moving... :)Thasdindar3 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Balance In MoP I've recently started reading more and more about balance in mop, being a feral MS myself, and i'm 100% sure i'm making the switch from feral to Balance. The mobility provided from a disengage is insane! And combined with urol's vortex makes it impossible for most melee classes to close distance, and on top of that typhoon or the upgraded faerie fire (basically concussive shot now) really helps to keep unwanted melee classes at bay. In addition, balance druids (i have a geared pvp balance OS), have very little problem with most casters, their only downfall being melee. But now with that problem mostly removed, are we going to see the most powerful pvp class from balance? Your thoughts would be good druids!Urukhai6 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Almost Bis'd... Your Thoughts? I am missing a heroic ring and the heroic maw. Anyone have any recommendations they could make or would suggest - please be as picky as possible - but state your reasoningWoodiey10 Jul 11, 2012