Jul 30, 2012 LF Resto Druid PVP Arena Guide - know any? If someone could link me a pvp arena resto druid guide, 2200-ish id be very happy!Neffariz1 Jul 30, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 LFR T13 vs Valor Gear I looked around, but was unable to locate anything, (though I'm sure it's been discussed more than once)..... I only do LFR, (and of course LFD HoTs), so my options for T13 only go up to the 384 stuff. While the set bonuses are indeed awesome, I wonder just how awesome for someone in my position. I have basically all 397 leather on, and find that the drop in stats is pretty hefty if I switch it out to the T13 stuff. Since I'm obviously not pushing content any time soon, should I just stay with my 397 gear, (which is what I'm leaning towards), or take the major drop in stats? I don't think the cat or bear bonuses make up for the stat loss, though bear FR is pretty sweet, especially in LFR at times, haha. Thanks in advance.Moodiculous0 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 Resto Druid Main Hand Question! I just healed my first Heroic Dragon Soul today. I got aton of loot from a 6/8 Heroic run. I have a question as to which weapon I should be using. Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony I just got this from my run earlier today and I have been using Maw of the Dragonlord. Just need to know which one I should be using.Relaxbro7 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 MoP resto druids and Arena I heard ppl say that resto druids are gonna be viable again. I know they are getting a ton of fun CC and escape mechanism but will HoT's be able to pull it's weight in fast switches? Cuz there will be moments when you get switched on with no HoTs and with the crazy bursts at in x.1 patches, im afraid we will get blown up just like on live or even worse. Thoughts?Sofakingpro13 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 [ECLIPSE] Time to finish this. So, I was testing out the Balance Druid rotation on the ptr after the most recent patch... and while it's not entirely horrible, it could still be better. The changes made to our DoTs in this build reminded me of two things: 1. Eclipse is still annoying. It felt as if it were getting in the way; I was having more fun trying to keep both 'fires by critting with their respective nuke. Which leads me to... 2. An idea concerning the Balance rotation I recall trying to throw around a little, probably during mid Wotlk. That idea being, make the relationship between our nukes and DoTs provide the same dynamic that the current Eclipse does "artificially". What was the point of Eclipse in the first place? It was to get us to use more than one spell with a cast time, right? Well, I think the devs have taken Balance way off track. Our rotation shouldn't be built around a mechanic that tells us specifically and forcefully what to cast. That's the epitome of lazy design in my opinion. Even if it is a subtle difference, as one could argue that we're ultimately "forced" into doing whatever increases dps, no matter what rotation the given spec has going on. But there's also the fun factor (which, granted, is very subjective in the first place). I don't know about you guys, but Eclipse is just one step too far across the line of un-fun for me. Un-fun when there's no need for it to be like that. Which is disappointing, because I've always loved the idea of a nature spellcaster. In WoW's case, the design team seems intent on taking the word "Balance" quite literally when it comes to how they function, as we can see with all the effort to make sure both schools of magic play out equally in the rotation. I think it can be done better, though. When I thought of taking Balance literally, the first idea that I really liked was using the DoTs as a way to incentivize the casting of both Wrath and Starfire in such a way that all 4 spells come out roughly equal (which obviously can be adjusted however is needed, it might even be a good idea to give a little focus to one nuke, probably starfire) in percent of overall damage. The question being, how would we do that? Expanding on the idea of critting to extend the length of the DoT, I was thinking Starfire crits could extend Moonfire, and two or three or so consecutive Wraths, hit or crit, would extend Sunfire*. Each time the extension happened, the damage of the DoT would be increased, probably up to a cap. My thinking behind this would be to make extending Sunfire easier, so there would be a slight focus on casting Starfire. To avoid too much RNG, which the Wotlk version of Eclipse suffered greatly from, Starsurge would extend and give damage to both DoTs. I’m not really a numbers guy, so I have no idea what it would take to hit the sweet spot with this rotation, but I think the general idea is clear. Of course, there are still some issues to be worked out with it, but I’ll leave that for later discussion. I’m not sure who’s idea this spell was, so sorry for not mentioning you, but I would also like to work in the player idea of Aurora, which was originally meant to be a mobile damage option channeled spell that is untied from Eclipse. In this case, it would be a channeled spell usable while moving that “froze” your DoTs at the current duration with the increased damage you had already worked into them from casting the nukes. It would still technically be ticking, but the duration would not go down while you were still channeling the spell. Aurora obviously would do low enough damage to never make it worth it to use while standing still. I was also thinking the Celestial Alignment could be used as a short cooldown to instantly bring Moonfire and Sunfire up to max damage. But who knows? This is just one idea I’m trying to present coherently at 5:30 in the morning. The possibilities are endless, and the point is that currently Eclipse falls short in the innovation category. All I want is for my favorite spec to get away from this limiting mechanic. But anyways, thanks for your time. Let me know what you guys think about the current condition of Balance Druids. *If they’re giving us another DoT again, it might as well be Insect Swarm again for flavor purposes. >_> And one last note, I couldn’t make a thread without mentioning moonkin form. With the new glyph of treant, I don’t see any reason not to do the same thing with moonkin form. Instead of having one major glyph to heal in moonkin form and one minor glyph to hide moonkin form with astral form, just get rid of the form and make it a minor glyph too.Cognostic1 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 too less spirit? hi all, i'm just questioning my spirit. is there a "recommended" number to reach? i don't go OOM often, but just feel like it's low. i know i'm a bit above the 2005 haste cap, but meh. any tips on my toon will be appreciated ;-) (i'm raising rep atm for shoulder enchant)Druîd5 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 Where to read up on Moonkin PvP? I've looked here, mmo champ, AJ, but haven't found much.Wtbgoodname3 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 5s Arena Not necessarily related to druids, but...I wasn't getting any level in the Arena forums. We're a very casual team (ignore this toon's gear though). My guildmates want me to join their 5v5 arena team. No one has much experience. We have: 1. Ret Pally 2. Disc Pries 3. Fire Mage 4. Hunter (not sure of spec) I have a shaman, mage, and druid at 85. Will any of their specs be a useful addition to this team? If so, which? Resto Sham/Druid? Moonkin? Frost Mage? Thanks,ZooZoology4 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 29, 2012 Mop Druid pvp set bonuses released Item - Druid PvP Set Balance 4P Bonus Your Astral Communion ability can be used while moving. Item - Druid PvP Set Feral 4P Bonus Once every 30 sec, your next Ravage is free and has no positional or stealth requirement. Nothing for resto showed up, but it looks like feral got their free ravage back!Morff3 Jul 29, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Resto Druid good enough for DS Reg? Is my Restoration Druid set good enough to run 10 man Dragon Soul regular? If not what should I improve on? Already know about the shoulders and rings.Evolution9 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 most stereotypical druid I made it my goal to have the most stereotypical druid possible, taken quite a bit of gold and farming, but so far I believe I have succeeded in my self Challenger. Tier 1 Transmog: check Guardian of Cenarius title: check Little Fawn companion: check pic here of it all together -- http://i49.tinypic.com/1zwckrn.png Thoughts? Anything else i can do to make myself even more of the generic druid i strive to be? If anyone else has gone as far as I have to make them self more druidic then the actual druid NPCs love to see what you came up with as well!Animaru22 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 feral cat gear help Hey guys, So I have this wonderfully derp-tastic mind and i just can't wrap my head around what the best kind of gear for me is. I've bee told its strength and stamina or agility and stamina. But when reading other posts its seems like it's been agility. So barring jumping onto the AH and spending thousands of gold I dont own, is there anyway I could improve my gear or my overall char to be as pve and pvp efficent as possible? (I normally pve but occassionaly jump onto the battlegrounds) (I also have no idea how to link stuff to the forum, so please let me know if I need to link my armory to y'all)Zelice13 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Leveling Tactics Hello fellow druids. I just returned to WoW a few weeks ago. I leveled a mage from 80 to 85, was easy of course. But I am trying to level a druid as my main. I was wondering what is the best path to take to level fastest. Bear tank in dungeons, Resto in dungeons, or questing? Any other suggestions? Druid tips appreciated also as this is my first.Jovon3 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Your Druid theme song? Something you PVP/PVE with to get the blood flowing? I'm kind of a RP in that I get into my toon's role. Mine is "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"- The Tokens. Fitting especially since this guy’s real name is Lionspride back when he was just a wee cub...Reclawed20 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 [MoP] How are bears looking in mop As the title says I'm wondering how bears are currently looking for raids. Cause DKs are just to stale for me now so doing something new and finally decided on either a warrior or bear (after like 3 weeks xD) anyway how are they standing up to warriors and other tanks I'm general. Edit: just thought about it now how are they looking DPS wise?Velthore1 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Bear Tank Trinket Question Please. Hi all was wondering if I could get some help on a trinket question. I currently have two trinkets that I can't seem to decide on. Tia's Grace vs Skardyn's Grace Most sites I have seen all list Tia's Grace I am assuming because of the Stacking function, but Skardyn's Grace comes with a constant and guaranteed agility. Given the choice of both of those, which is the better choice and why please, I like to understand why I do something The other trinket I use is Arrow of TimeGrizzly2 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Feral Druid PvP (MoP) I've been looking through other forums on Feral PvP in Mists of Pandaria. I am a Feral Cat Druid, and I don't PvE, I just PvP. I understand we are getting nerfed very badly, for we have our -15% movement speed and if we want to keep our 30% movement speed, we need to throw out our wild charge, which is essential to PvP. Movement speed is one of a Cat Druids signature traits. I heard there was a boot enchant for speed to get us up to 24% speed, but what about the PvP set bonuses? Will that still be a 15% bonus? That would bring us up to 30% speed, but then, what about the boot enchant + PvP set bonuses? I was just curious because now that we have lost Survival Instincts and Bear Form, movement speed is all we have left to survive. I have heard druids can multiply PvP set bonuses and boot enchant speeds with dash to move 225% total. Is this correct?Hakkat5 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Any Resto PvP guides? I'm thinking about dropping my feral spec for a PvP resto spec and going double resto, I was curious if there were any recommendable guides for general pvp?Alrauyne3 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Old tree form. I have been thinking, and I realized after all this time in cata, that the main reason i made a druid was to heal in tree form, because i thought trees were THE sweetest thing ever. But since cata came out I've just adopted to feral since I also enjoyed that as well. But I was also thinking, why dont they remove the old treant glyph and add another spec. for resto's that is similiar to the worgens two form? What was the main reason for the change anyways? Has this ever been brought up before? And if so, where?Stevebags15 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 Make boomkins viable 1v1.. We get destroyed by everything. Maybe I'm just noobing it up, but gearing up a boomkin sucks unless you have a group of people or a good pocket healer. We need something better than moonfire while moving. Elemental shamans can cast while moving, why cant we? Fire mages can cast scorch while moving. We have a couple of things, but it's not enough. I feel as though we can't kite very well. Any tips or input?Beastlymane14 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 28, 2012 stats for druid feral/tank??? Created my frist druid, not sure what stats to stack on. Went Feral for cat/bear form, want to focus on tanking. Any suggestions?Schnicktick1 Jul 28, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Looking for someone to advise a Resto Druid He's a good guy, experienced player, but he seems to be having issues. H Ultrax, we can't 2-heal with him healing, but if we switch him out for our shammy healer, the healing is just fine. Meaning, it's definitely not the *other* healer(pally). This is the healer: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/grizzly-hills/Moogan/simple If there's anything about his build that could be an issue, let me know. Otherwise, I'd like to get an experienced druid to speak with him about strategies, if possible. He's a good guy, but we *have* to get him doing better as a healer or we're going to have to replace him, and I don't want to do that if I can find some way to avoid it. Would anyone be willing to create a throwaway toon on grizzly hills and talk with him? I could return the favor, although the only class I know deeply is prot warrior :)Rvalue8 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Are Boomkins still good for pvp and pve? Just came back to the game and lvling my druid....noticed i haven't seen hardly any balance druids. I seem to do alright in both pve and pvp, but what should i expect at 85?Jerau1 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 MoP Moonkin How is Moonkin dps looking for MoP? Currently have an 85 druid, and am most likely main swapping to ranged in MoP.Bluenyte1 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Question about dps/logs I was wondering why when I look at the top feral dps on WoL, melee is their 2nd highest damage dealing spell. As where mine is rip 2nd rake 3rd and then melee. Is it my rotation, or could it be lag. Could use some help pls. Here is my log http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/zxmfrso2rdc0johl/details/9/?s=801&e=995Phillycat4 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Lvl 14 Druid Twink Questions Hi guys, I have been getting bored of my high level characters recently and have been dabbling in low level BGs and having a blast. I have been playing rogues and hunters with full BOAs mostly and just running round being a douche for the most part. However, i'm always impressed by the well played druids that i come across and would like to roll one. So, i have a few questions: 1) Does turning off your XP put you into BGs with only twinks? 2) Any suggestions for gear over and above the lvl leatherworking set with BOAs and chants? 3) Should i stop my xp at level 10 when the crit/haste scaling is whack or should i be aiming to be lvl 14 and twinking? 4) Any other sweet tips? Chur, SkySkypig10 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Travel Form should be usable indoors This is one of those mechanics that is outdated. Pretty much the only time that the restriction even applies is in towers or flag rooms in battlegrounds and all it does is cut out one of our "defensive" abilities unnecessarily. You can't even argue that it makes sense logically, it's a shape shift form, magic doesn't care whether there are a few slabs of wood above your head or not. If nothing else, at least make it more responsive when going outside. It can take up to 3 seconds before you are able to use it, but you can use mounts instantly. Where is the logic in that?Aowl13 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Typhoon - How does it work? Hello druids! I'm hoping that someone can clear up my confusion about this spell. ... So as we can see, it is a 30 yard range. This, I assume, means that anyone within 30 yards will get hit by the spell and take damage. The part that confuses me is the knock back. I am unsure about two things. How far the knock back is, and how the knock back is applied. I have read that the knockback is 20 yards, but the information was pretty old, so I am not sure if that is still the case. As for how it is applied, I will be assuming a knock back of 20 yards for my example. Lets say there is me standing still. An enemy is standing directly on top of me. I use typhoon and he: a)gets hit for the damage and gets knocked back 20 yards. If the enemy was 10 yards away, would he: a) get knocked back 20 yards from his position (30 yards from me)? b) get knocked back 10 yards from his position (20 yards from me)? Now bringing in the maximum range into the question.... If the enemy was 15 yards away from me, would he: a) get knocked back 20 yards from his position (making him 35 yards away form me)? b) get knocked back 15 yards only, (making him 30 yards away (max spell range))? c) get knocked back 5 yards from his poisition (making him 20 yards form me)? Now bringing in the 20 yard range knock back into the question.... If the enemy was 25 yards away from me, would he: a) get knocked back 20 yards, making him 45 yards away from me? b) get knocked back 10 yards, making him 30 yards away (max spell range)? c) take damage, but not get knocked back due to him being farther than 20 yards from me? Depending on how the knockback is calculated, it could make the max range to knock someone away anywhere between 20-50 yards. Depending on the distance between me and the enemy when the spell hits them, and how the knock back is applied. TL;DR I guess a clearer way of stating this without using the example is: a) the spell hits anyone within 30 yards, knocking them back 20 yards from that location. (50 yard max distance after spell is cast, between me and target) b) the spell hits anyone within 30 yards, knocking them back 20 yards from that location, up to a maximum of 30 yards from me (the caster). (30 yard max distance after spell is cast, between me and target) c) the spell hits anyone within 30 yards for the damage, and anyone within 20 yards gets knocked back 20 yards from the casters location. (20 yard max distance after spell is cast, between me and target)Mawu7 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Easiest spec for leveling up? Im new on the game and im rolling a druid and just wanted to know the easiest spec for leveling up a druid doing quests solo. Thank you!Mirobi14 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Whats good? Whats a good rotation for Bear and cat form?Isham1 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 More kitty dps? I do around 25-40k dps depending on the fight in n-DS. Is this normal? I feel like I should be doing a little bit more for some reason. I have my rotation down, although I do catch myself letting certain buffs drop (but only for a second or two). Normally on dots you dont clip them, but with T2 bonus this is ok to do correct? (rip) Should I drop some mastery and go into crit/haste? I find that I have a "dead" period where I cant use Tf or berserk. Maybe I am using berserk at wrong time? lol Gear wise, I am just waiting on n-DS gear to drop to change from raid finder.....and my legs are gonna be replaced with the DS pattern ones.Hordedruid4 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Need resto druid addon advice. Hello, I recently geared my resto druid for pve raiding. The first issue I noticed was that with the standard WoW raid frames, tracking my HoT durations was difficult. I need suggestions on a good resto druid HoT timer addon that will let me track HoT durations on my raid members. I prefer something simple, I'm not really interested in addons like Grid or Healbot. Thanks in advance!Addiction15 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Balance Druid MOP Pvp, you in or out? Just getting some conversation going =D. Are you going to be playing balance druid in MOP? Why? Or Why not? (PVP Convo)Maxaheal31 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 MoP Boomkin Oneshot Heal-to-full Guide If you play a boomkin, listen up. If you are about to die in PvP and you want to do what ret paladins did all cata, read this. Healing touch in boomy usually does around 50k healing. Now with nature's swiftness, it does about 65k. Use, if you are low on health use 1. Nature's Swiftness (gives instant cast on heals, cc and increases that heals effectiveness by 50%) 2. Incarnation (increases nature and arcane spells effectiveness by 21%) [heals are nature!] 3. Natures Vigil (Increases healing and damage by 20%) 4. Healing touch. I have 148k health and it crits for around 130k. And after you do this use Trinket, Racial, Celestial Alignment, and burst them down. Have Fun BoomkinsColdzone6 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 dat drood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWacqps-GGM&feature=BFa&list=PL4CDDF137231FB6CBQuad2 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Bears and Trees in MoP: Nature at its best? Sup guys. I'm a casual player and use LFD a lot, and have decided to go tank & healer for quicker queues. I like the idea of both tanking and healing, and am currently leveling a warrior and priest. Druids, though, fill both rolls and I may be able to save my time and just level a druid instead. How are bears and trees looking in MoP? I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me a perspective from 5-mans and 10-mans. Thanks.Chayzee1 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 Bear question - caster mobs My first druid, so I'm still gearing and learning. One thing I haven't gotten the hang of is dealing with casters. All my other tanks can make them come to me with ease, but I'm having trouble on my bear. Skull bash has minor successes, but doesn't offer the control I would like. Is there something better I can be doing or is this just something I have to live with as a bear?Manbearwolf9 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012 lol@treeformsize just about the only good thing about the treeform they added in, in cata http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn208/xX-NeXuS-Xx/kenchiitheraidboss.jpgKenchii7 Jul 27, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 MoP Balance or Feral MoP PvP Title says it all, which druid spec is currently the best for pvp in MoP. Havent really done much pvp and looking to get into it for mop.Nalath6 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 How good are boomies at arenas etc I know they are really good at BGs and such but are they good for arenas? sorry i'm a nub :)Elweena4 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 Boomkins in Heroic DS = Inferior Spriests. Its sad really. what can a boomkin do that an spriest cant do better? tranq?? well we have divine hymn on the same cd that is arguably slightly better, not only that, our passive group and self healing can be gamebreaking in intense hps situations, and defensive cd-wise, barkskin is NOTHING on dispersion. And thats not even looking at the dps side of things, which is sadder still. Multi dot? Oh yeah we got that too, and we even get a powerful bis trinket this tier that further boosts that (cotc), although for us our multi-dot capabilities arent balanced by a low single-target dps potential. Burst dps? Boomkins loose this one hands down, no more needs to be said. Aoe dps? Sure, maybe thats the one place spriests can best a boomkin(lolOP shrooms), but with cunning and mind sear, we don't lag far behind, and like i said, aoe dps is barely a factor(if at all) in heroic ds. So sure, maybe a capable boomkin is perfectly acceptable in heroic ds, but an equally geared and skilled spriest is by a huge margin a superior choice. i dont remember the last time a spec was so hopelessly beaten in every possible way by another. blizz should've done better. only reasons at all you might want a boomkin perhaps is if you miss 8% magic debuff or motw, and let's face it those situations are unlikely ever to arise, even in 10 mans edit: this isn't a troll thread, think of it as more of a lament. personally i find boomkin one of the most fun specs in the game but i hate that it would cause my raid team to suffer if i switched classes like that because of the way blizz designed it to be be basically, as i put in the topic name, 'Inferior Spriests'.Kirtrazzul8 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 Thorns Evening all, Does anyone know what boosts the effect of thorns the most? Int? Agility? Anything at all? Cheers, SkySkypig5 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 Number of time i have extended the rip. How i can track the number of time i have extended the rip? Can track with addon TellMeWhen?Dacoo0 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 i have no idea how to play kitty feral ok i just hit 85 and i want to go feral but i dont know how to play it as cat form when ever i do i always just hit random buttons and have no idea what they do so can any feral druid help me? I have played as bal tank and resto but i forgot how to play kittyLeresistance10 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 Delete please (Got my answer) Edit: Found my answer. Please delete!Emaya2 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 What debuffs overwrite Mangle I read something in another thread a few minutes ago and it got me to thinking. Very often in 5 mans and in raid finder (havn't been in real ds yet) I find my mangle not on the target. I assume it's getting overwritten. What are the other debuffs from other classes that overwrite / do the same thing. If I can find them out I can add them to my needtoknow mod and not worry about constantly trying to put mangle up. *EDIT* Just looked over the talent trees on wowhead. Found only Hemorrhage from rogues and Blood Frenzy / Debuff Trauma from warriors. Answered my own question and mod is setup now.Tetryon0 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 castsequence insect swarm, moonfire/sunfire I'm posting this in a couple of different places since I had a lot of trouble finding something to work for me. I got the idea from a priest having trouble with tab buffing people. #showtooltip /target mouseover /castsequence reset=target/combat/5 Insect Swarm, Moonfire This is great for mouse over doting fights with alot of adds or in pvp. It will set your mouse over as target and do insect swarm moonfire/sunfire no matter the eclipse state. When you mouseover a new target and click it will set them as the target and do the rotation again starting with insect swarm. It will automatically reset out of combat or after 5 seconds also. Then for just regular no mouseover #showtooltip /castsequence reset=target/combat/5 Insect Swarm, Moonfire so if you don't want to use mouseover this will do the same thing on your target. It will reset after 5 seconds, no combat, or if you have gone to a new target. Only problem will be if your not hit capped and try to spam the same target missing insect swarm. You would have to switch targets and hit it again if insect swarm missedLawlessdruid3 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 MoP PVP Resto Glyphs Succinctly, I believe needing two major glyphs to have lifebloom be functional in pvp (blooming and lifebloom) is too heavy a cost. Could the glyph that shortens the duration and disables the refresh also incorporate the target switch mechanism? Or just make the target switching feature baseline?Polluxx2 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 boomkin macro help hello guys i need help about a macro for skullbash as a boomkin.... i need a macro that would shift me in cat form from ANY other form (its include caster form and boomkin etc)... thx in advance guysCarnassials3 Jul 26, 2012
Jul 26, 2012 I'm not a Kitty, but a question - Hit/Exp cap I'm the raid leader for my guilds progression group and we have this one Feral Druid that isn't doing as good as he should be.. I know he's capable of it, but for some reason it's not there. One of my friends, a highly accomplished raider with full 8/8 HM experience, claims it's because he's not Hit/Expertise capped. Everywhere I've read, the guides claim that's not a problem or concern with Kitties. My other friebd, a Feral Druid herself, claims that those caps were what fixed her DPS problem (and she pulls good numbers, no doubt). So tell me, oh wise Druids of the Druid forum, is that the issue? Also, are there any guides I can read to help me learn the Druid rotation so I can help my guildie out?Layke41 Jul 26, 2012