Sep 5, 2012 Predatory Swiftness proc icon ferals unite! Why do feral's cat's not have this yet? It's the most important proc we get yet we still don't have an icon on our screen when it proc's. We have to use some outside monitoring addon to track this proc and right now that addon kills all memory usage and makes the game unplayable in pvp (well at least for me, makes me pull like 2 fps). This should have been the 1st thing you added to the game when you redid everything b/c more so now then ever cat's in pvp have such low survival rate in pvp and heaven forbid that we think we have a PI proc and don't and end up in human form. All our cc and heal's are dependent on this proc and yet we don't have an icon for it. WHY? I could really care less about my omen of clarity proc I want to see my PI proc. Please do what you can to fix this, 1 old druid that's tired of not having the right tools built into the game to play effectively. Bump if you agree sticky if u really want to see something done.Thickun10 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Feeling Squishy or Just Me? Hey all, haven't had the time to get my Cata Feral Gear yet, since I got my went for the Cata Resto first. I been using my old season gears, and was wondering how ferals are. I get ROFLPWNED ATM, just tryng to see if its cause my gear, or what? I dont want to farm out a full set just to be let down. So main point, should I gear my Druid for full feral or just leave him as my healer Char? I got a Pally, Warr, DK, Mage, and Druid. Just looking for some insight so I dont waste my time.. Feral is def one of my fav PvP dmg class but I want something that will be viable.. Thanks everyone, SouthSöuth2 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 I Love Moonkin Transmogs! MOONKINS ONLY! Post your AWESOME Starform Transmogs here :P LET US CELEBRATE THE BEAUTY THAT IS THE GLYPH OF STARS! So Happy!Boomzilla5 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 who are the best boom/resto pvp video makers? I've found that when learning to play a new class, it helps me to watch other people play, I guess I'm kind of a "monkey see, monkey do" kind of guy. For instance, I would watch Reckful videos to learn to play rogue, and Snutz videos to learn to play my lock. I'm not trying to be a hardcore fanboy, I just learn more from watching than from reading about what to do. Recently I've picked up this druid that I've had sitting around for a while, and i decided to try out balance and resto in pvp, so far I'm enjoying it a lot, but I know I still have room for improvement So my question is: who are some of the best balance and resto druid pvp video makers? Preferably someone who makes videos constantly, and is likely to make vids in MoP, although I can probably learn from Cata videos as wellKiruid8 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Anyone else having Rejuv. Problems? Seems like every other cast im having to cast rejuv on a target 2 times before swift mend will go off. When i try the first time its like the target doesn't have rejuv on them the button just lights up like invalid target!Supernuts1 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Guardian Druids -VS- LoS Leveling up my druid I figured it would be quicker if I spec'd tank. I've been doing fine up till 48, when casters get involved. I've been pulling LoS around corners and such, but how come we don't have a ranged silence? I don't want to complain about class, but.... I'm hardly able to get hunters to turn off their pets agro ability and mages from pulling with frost nova, let alone mark caster mobs for silence. I think the fairy fire ability to slow the enemy was intended for pvp purposes but it would be just as useful to make it a silence.Helpherre5 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Impale hurts me now... a LOT.. ? Can someone tell me why Impale on Heroic Madness hurts me so badly now? Before the patch, I could use Barkskin+Frenzied Regen and I'd take maybe 60% damage. Now, Barkskin+MightofUrsoc takes me down to 5%. Hell, when I use Dream on the first platform, it takes me down to 10-15%. I hypothesize that the Savage Defense change is the culprit? Since I can no longer mitigate damage with the old SD, I take the full damage now? (which can't be dodged, making the new SD useless here)?Ot3 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Savage Defense So, i'm wondering as to why Savage Defense was removed as the Druid's Guardian mastery and replaced with such a useless mastery, armor increase. It seems to me like, not to sound insulting, that it was just a filler because they couldn't come up with anything else. Since this was removed, i'm also wondering why Blood Death Knights got to keep their Blood Shield?Sardrex6 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Guardian seems to be behind in practice Comparing some numbers versus other tanks in heroic DS and I'm always #1 in damage taken by a good 10-15%. Anyone else seeing this?Nourah4 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Gear question So, now that we don't get Savage Defense from critical hits anymore, do we need to use a different primary stat? Will Stamina become more important than Agility? I've noticed a rather small difference in survivability since the patch, this may be due to the new Savage Defense method.Sken0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 What I would like to see... I think it would be cool if there was a glyph that turned the cat form of a druid into a wolf instead... I think it is rather weird for a Worgen to turn into a cat, but maybe there is some lore reason I just don't know about or something else that prevents that.Genry3 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Up to date equations? Can anyone point me to updated equations for cat damaging moves... things like: Rip Damage = (#*attack power + #bunnies) etc... Wowhead is giving strange results... like spell power or gibberish. And I want to calculate the value of PvP power versus agility. thxClay0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Shrooms still not worth it:( atleast in my opinion...pvp speaking. Reso speaking lol. 9k heals on three cast..no thanksAeropostle50 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Can you still stack druids in stag form? Anyone know if this is still working? need to know asap.Wildlight6 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Replenishment and perma tree form Thank you for the Perma-tree form, I really missed it. Unfortunately, now I'm really missing Replenishment. I just did a raid finder to see where my heals are at on my druid. Not bad, could be and have been a lot better and the thing that was preventing me from doing more was going OOM. I'm pretty good about watching my overhealing and this did not seem to be the case. Yes, I have innervate but that only gives me 10% of my base mana. I wondered if I was having more problems than others but when I looked, all other druids in the raid were OOM too. On my Shaman, which I ran earlier, I have Mana Shield, Mana Tide Totem and Telluric Currents, all which provide me with more than enough mana and far more than Innervate. Total Mana Gained from 2nd half Raid Finder Disc Priest 1 - 483,061 Mindbender; 310,435 Rapture; 37,500 Hymn of Hope Disc Priest 2 - 336,600 Mindbender; 149,599 Rapture; 33,723 Hymn of Hope Shaman - 1,292,000 Telluric Currents wont bother with the rest, no point Druid TANK - 355,200 Lead of the Pack My Druid - 141,933 Innervate; 66,000 (3) Concentration Potions; 8463 Hymn of Hope Why would you want a healer with no ability to regen their mana? Spirit isnt cutting it and I do have spirit on every main gear piece I have. *edited to insert the numbersSyredris11 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Rogue or Feral Druid PvP Which is better at the moment for pvp. a feral druid or rogue?Creations1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Threat Problems? I'm leveling my guardian druid through dungeons. He's level 72 and I'm currently experiencing mild threat problems. It could just be that the dps are all hitting random targets that I'm nowhere near or maybe I'm just bad. Is anybody else experiencing threat issues on their guardians or am I all alone? Before 5.0.4, I could pull a big group, swipe a couple of times, go grab a subway sandwich and I'd still have aggro. Now, I feel like I'm fighting to keep aggro every step of the way. I also have a pally tank and a dk tank but the guardian is the only one experiencing this issue. Any help would be appreciated.Kaeravek1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Feral PVP Want List - Nothing Crazy 1. Remove Glyph of Pounce and make the range increase baseline for ferals. -We don't have a 10 yard range sap to stop/catch people. 2. Create a minor glyph to reduce the Prowl cooldown or make it baseline for ferals. -Rogues have 6 second stealth cooldown with a glyph cooldown reduction to 2 seconds. Prowl has a 10 second cooldown. 3. Remove Glyph of Savage Roar and make it baseline for ferals. -Since SR is now a requirement to keep up at all times it's a requirement to have the glyph. There is no option here to choose other glyphs. 4. Create an Incarnation action bar - Pretty self explanatory. Keybinding, macroing, and/or manual action bar swapping is a little much considering Druids don't have a stealth action bar. 5. Combine Shred and Ravage into one ability. -This is if #4 isn't addressed. Since no feral would use shred while stealthed and ravage cannot be used while unstealthed (unless using Incarnation of course) they should be combined into one ability. This new combined ability would have all the same conditional requirements, but simply uses the Ravage part when stealthed and Shred unstealthed. (This ability would automatically use the Ravage part during Incarnation) 6. Remove Glyph of Prowl and make it baseline for ferals. -If Blizz wants ferals to be more like rogues (i.e. no bear mode) then give us some of the perks a stealth should have. I understand I have compared a lot of these changes to rogues and I understand each class is supposed to be unique. However, I believe some of these changes could be made without a major fuss. *Yes I know I basically asked to remove all current glyphs for my own personal gain! -SaltyFilthybeast9 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Druid stacking is OP in 10-man raids My 10-man raid is having major problems with feeling like we're forced to stack druids. I don't see how any other group combination can perform quite as well as one that stacks a lot of druids, and I consider this to be a major issue for MoP. Proof: http://imgur.com/a/I53yYDreyo52 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Boomkin in 5.0.4 Hey guys, how are you liking the Boomkin changes in 5.0.4 PVE/PVP wise? I have a 39 Balance Druid on hold since Cata because i heard how UN-VIABLE their pvp was, so i would just mess around on him every now n then and i would love it if i could use him at lvl 90.Snøwblind30 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Resto Druids need Savage Roar I think that we should get a nerfed version of roar; maybe make it so when we use it the CD on NS is reduced .5 sec per combo point spent. /umbrellatearsPanthra2 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Leyara's Locket Ever since 5.0.4, druids aren't able to use the locket to transform without breaking shapeshifting. Since druids can't benefit from transmogs and there's not interesting glyph so far to change the feral form, I would like to know why this has been changed. Also there should be a glyph to make your feral/bear form like incarnation.Arcades6 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Druid lvl 60 talents I love wrath of nature but I think its pretty inferior to incarnation in pvp. I know the numbers may be balanced for pve but it is possible the treants can get a buff that would make them for viable for pvp. For example the treants have the ability to see through smoke bomb and heal through it or when they die they root people in place? idk, just casting healing touch for resto druids is pretty lame.Eileens0 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Renewal vs. NS+HT? Since Nature's Swiftness now lets us use abilities in all forms, what advantage does the talent Renewal have over macroing Nature's Swiftness and Healing Touch? It heals for more, has a shorter cooldown, and Nature's Swiftness has more situational use (NS+Rebirth, NS+Cyclone, NS+Hibernate). So, what purpose does Renewal serve? Note: I don't want NS nerfed. :(Farechild3 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 I am loving the new druid changes Thankfully, now I only have to level to 6 to get my banker 25% move speed.Briansue3 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Thoughts on the new feral druid. I just wanted to know how everyone feels about the new abilities for the feral spec. I myself at first was devastated that I had to stealth to get a ravage off. Later I've combined some sweet macros for my toon and I do pretty sweet amount of damage in raids, bg's, and whatnot. I especially want to know how everyone feels just sticking to kitty and not being able to off tank sometimes when it was needed. I think it's ok, but I do miss my bear for defensive purposes. Any feedback would be fun and great to hear from fellow feral druids :)Demolishonkl25 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Feral/Guardian ability macros, dim icons When i make macros for druid abilities that have their own cat and bear version, i.e. Mangle, or Swipe, or Thrash, the macro icon is always dim (as if i can't use the ability) as opposed to lit like a normal useable ability how can i convert a simple macro like the following to actually show its icons properly lit in bear form? #showtooltip /cast [mod] Swipe; ThrashLanark5 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Is Guardian a viable leveling spec? I ask because I'm tanking dungeons and also want to quest, and am finding Guardian good for rounding groups of mobs up and mowing them down. Or would Feral be quicker whilst I'm questing?Strolle1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Farming Old Content: Feral vs Guardian I've been playing a druid since late BC. I mostly play Resto, but I've always leveled as feral and I love soloing old content. However, since 5.0.4 I haven't been able to find the proper spec / rotation to do so effectively. As feral I can kill packs of mobs relatively quickly, on par with pre-5.0.4 but it's a fight to stay alive. As guardian I have a higher survivability but my dps is laughably low so it takes forever to kill anything. pre-5.0.4 I would pull packs of 30+ mobs in a BC heroic for instance and I would pretty much stay full health and would do solid DPS. Now I struggle. Does anyone have any suggestions for spec / rotation to help get back to where I was at? Or has 5.0.4 ruined the days of feral druids dominating old content?Altonzar0 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Best resto pvp glyphs? What are you guys using?Hexxin4 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Why beefier melee as resto? I totally wish for more power in the casting aspect then in melee aspect. Even though melee attks hit harder then they did, still a waste of time really.Infact, it seems we do about the same casting Wrath,Moonfire vs Bear or Cat melee when going O. Been nice to have a powerful AoE but on long CD...no more then 3min. Especially when grinding as resto. I know "why grind resto"...sometimes BG ques only give me time for lil grinding,no time to switch, regen etc. But ofcorse this is super personal prefrence. To each his own, so glad to surviving again...Aeropostle7 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Does displacer beast break stuns? ??Dudemanchu16 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Quick guide to feral PVP 5.0 Stealth, pounce, shred, shred, OOOOO....frost mage has targeted ur frozen and hit for 38k, pally has stunned you and shocked you for 46k, you are now feared by a lock and dotted up, Pop all your Cd's....RUN AWAY before you die, oops.....u died! Any questions?Satress9 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 5.0 Druid Travel Form Stacking (Glitch) Just as the title says in these videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-j71cuigtM&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eii9uumUzY&feature=plcpMojolol25 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Switching from feral to boom So since the patch hit, ive been having alot of problms as a feral druid. especially 1v1, i can win a few but its always close. Im thinking of going back too boomkin for pvp. Any thoughts?Glitches1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Guardian Problems! Mastery for Guardians puts us the worst tank in the game. We reach Armor cap. Pleas for the love of simcraft put it back as a crit based absorb shield. via every GuardianScathách15 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 mark of the wild is horrible i want mark of the wild to do something like in vanilla.Ryrain1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Moonkin spells Missing My spells are missing, both on raid bosses and on target dummies. Yes I am hit capped. I have been having this problem since MoP hit and I am starting to think that I am alone on this. I have yet to find another moonkin that has been having this problem. Thoughts?Hàrm1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 5.0.4 Resto Haste cap? Is the haste cap still 2005?Progo1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Feral's dps Is it only me or feral dps seems kinda high right now? I havent really raided with my kitty since the patch but from what i've seen on the dummies, my 397 ilevel kitty does more dmg than this 407 ilevel OS enhance shaman. I know enhancement is kinda low post-patch but still. Are kitties that op or is it only enhance that sucks real bad?Taurhen3 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Lag spike when activating Incarnation Is anyone else getting like a quick 1 sec lag spike when activating Incarnation for Feral? Might just be me, but just wanted to be sure.Starhs1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 PvP power for feral? My PvP set is all BIS, gemmed (mostly) AGI, and I'm doing great, but I wonder, would PvP power be an upgrade from AGI? I haven't seen any information on it. 50 PvP power gems are easy to get from honor right now and it would be no big deal to switch over, I just have no idea if I should. In addition to not being sure if it would up damage/healing, I'm wondering how much dodge I would lose under the new system.Gremel7 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Ursol's Vortex not working in duels? Is anybody else experiencing this? My Ursol's Vortex won't ever work 1v1 for some reason.Desiration8 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Another silent speed nerf? Yesterday, I found out that we were not able to run at +240% speed as before (which was a little bit rediculous - faster than a mount). Yesterday we were at 195%. Today we're at 169%. What's next?Traumax3 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 dots Is there a easier way to target adds than targeting each one?When the tank aggros they are all bunched up and I sometimes click on the same one trying to apply dots,wasting lots of time.Firesign6 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Prowl CD Change Due to feral losing some survivabilty (aka bear mode), I think it would be a nice perk to see the Prowl cooldown (10 seconds) reduced to more like a rogue's (6 seconds). Rogues can even reduce that down to 2 seconds with glyphs!Jungleballs10 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Gearing up for Balance i'm gearing up for PvP as boomkin and i wanted to know what gems should i get for my gear?Danzx2 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Shifting help I just started playing again and have this issue that when I am in a form other than human, I can't shift into another form without cancelling back to human first. Example: Shift into bear. No other shifts are possibly. Shift back to human. All shifts are possibly. No addons while doing this or macros. Any help appreciated.Stunty5 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Heirloom bear tanks Stop wearing caster heirlooms to tank then blaming the healer for not being able keep you alive against trash. Stop being !@#$ing lazy.Hellmarch0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Soooooooo? Feral PVP I have 5 85 all for reg bg's pvp / arena all decent cata geared, Im a decent casual pvper. Last night I did a few bg's in feral and man I have to tell you I just started laughing terribly. Is this a joke? Am I on MTV punked? I was getting eaten alive by everything.....The playstyle is horrible.....hit hit hit bleed...run for your life. you have NO chance of living at all in cat period.....casters blow you to pieces before u can get anyone down to 75% health....Utter garbage just plain garbage! What the hell happened? ya ya ya learn to adjust, BS if adjusting u mean staying stealthed the whole time until you spot someone AFK then good luck. This toon is dead for now!Blackgenesis25 Sep 3, 2012