Jun 16, 2012 Lowbie Healing - NB vs. ET Hey guys, I got a quick quesiton. I just hit level 43 on my baby druid and wanted to know which would be more valuable for lowbie dungeons. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Mendelevium/talent/secondary That's my talent set so far (though I'm still in my feral gear, I DO have a resto set I've been piecing together). I have 2 points left and can't decide between Nature's Bounty or Empowered Touch. I know both will eventually be required, but I wanted to know which would be more valuable to me to begin with. I want to get these talents right before I start queuing as a healer.Argentium12 Jun 16, 2012
Jun 16, 2012 What is the problem with Restoration Druids? I always here how they are completely terrible in PvP and PvE. Is this true? I remember back in the days they were amazing. What exactly did Blizzard do to them?Spiderveins21 Jun 16, 2012
Jun 16, 2012 Resto Druid MoP PvP Healing Hey everyone! I was playing the beta to decide what my new healer class is going to be. I thought I had it down to 2 classes: Resto Shaman, Disc Priest. But before I got off I tried out a Resto Druid. Oh wow they seemed actually.... Not squishy! What do you guys think? Are Resto Druids going to be good for MoP?Jshunk4 Jun 16, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Treants How is treant correctly pronounced?Maeltiem11 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Tree form I would like to request that resto druids be given their tree form back. I know we can use it as a cooldown, but it isn't right that every other spec for druids has a form that they can freely change into. From a pvp standpoint it would help somewhat because every other druid spec cannot be polymorphed. I have spoken with several other resto druids on this topic and they all agree. They would even be willing to have their healing spells nerfed while not in tree form so that their healing spells in tree form would not be buffed. Please bring the constant tree form back.Cambros56 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 LFR and weapons I'm sorry if this has been asked, but I hit the search bar with no results. I've been running LFR for a few weeks now and can't pinpoint what the weapon is for balance druids. Is there a staff or am I supposed to go dagger + offhand? I know I'm supposed to grab intellect weapons, but I don't see anything that I've ever rolled on give me a role bonus. Thanks in advance for any feedback!Bloudewedd6 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 For pros & those in/following the beta... When I got back into WoW a few months ago, I noticed Balance Druids in arenas - especially 2's - were almost non-existent. I stubbornly play mine anyway with little success. I'm not great with the class, so I was hoping someone could explain to me in some detail why Balance seems so hindered in PvP. Compared to my shaman, I feel like my druid has less survivability/toughness, less burst, less control, and perhaps most important (to my play style at least) less mobile dps. When I look at all of our great control spells, however, I start to doubt my observations. It seems like we should be masters of surviving. But in fact I've noticed balance is the first to die and rarely tops damage. What is wrong with the class, or what am I doing wrong? And finally, are these class concerns like mobile dps being addressed in the beta? Please help! Thanks!Kraden1 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Feral pvp question Is it normal for a feral with my gear to not be able to even scratch a full cata resto shaman's or holy paladin's health? It's really starting to make me think that im doing something wrong against them, but against other dps class specs, my damage is fine.Oatman9 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 What do druids get? I'm not asking for you to tell me all the talents a druid is getting in mop, but what cool/new/amazing/improved moves are druids getting in MoP? I'm seeing all of these classes getting some awesome looking moves, improvements and everything, so what are we getting? It's starting to get really frustrating for me, cause i'm trying to master feral druid pvp, but at the same i'm getting wrecked, even though i'm well geared. I am on the verge of choosing a new class, i won't lie. Anyway... Please and thank you for the help :)Notmyfault11 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 would be nice if moonkin can beat rogue i am getting really desperate earning my own experience in pvp how this class is weird compared to others like doesnt matter what i do, rogue who knows to push few buttons, stomp me to the ground without any problems, no matter if i have barskin, roots, cyclone, trinket, frenz.regen, bear form, thorns, nature grasp, treants, mushrooms anything i am very sad, and i am not getting, why all we can bal.druids can get is nerf, i have 13 pieces of pvp gear and i dont feel any difference, while other classess have stuns and silences, we have what exactly? cyclone making target invulnerable? mushrooms which u have to place on ground , same goes for treants? aoe silence, which is like 99perc of time easily avoidable, roots which will break so easily? i am seriously getting depressed, and if there s some way how to get honor points back for gear i bought, i will really reroll, because this is no fun at allFeyna34 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 MoP Druid NERF 6/13/12 How does everybody feel about the nerf to Wild Charge Now being just (Fly to a nearby ally's position) from its recent form where we had multiple things like Wild Charge Unlimited range Requires Moonkin Form Bound backward away from your enemies. Can only be used while in combat. and all the other forms. Personally I am EXTREMELY disappointed as a boomy because this meant more mobility and was just wat we needed . But all and all think this talent is still okay but obviously not as good as it was going to be. what do you all think about this?Luckyshotz16 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 What would you guys think of this glyph idea? I was flying around cloning stuff for some odd reason and I come acrossed a glyph idea! It might sound stupid but I think it would be cool and helpful in some cases. Have it so when you cyclone something maybe it could clone a second target within like..5 yards for half of the duratation. I know it might sound stupid but I just though i'd share and see what you guys would think :PInteractive3 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 MoP Force of Nature I haven't played the beta on my druid yet, so what do the Treants do for every spec (since every spec is different)?Kendo2 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Resto Druid Vs Disc Priest in MoP Hey, i mained a resto druid through wotlk, and ditched it for cata as i didn't like many of the changes. Iv decided that healing is in fact for me and tossing up between a resto druid and discipline priest. I enjoy both their play styles and so far the changes for each for MoP. I was wondering what some more experienced healers than myself thought of the changes and which class they would recommend out of the two to be my main. Thanks for any help.Cyhi3 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Restoration Druid (PvP: Seeking Advice) Hello guys! My name is Alphonce and I am wondering if there is anyone who has been 2kexp+ in 3v3/5v5 this season as Restoration who might be able to help me out. To get started and to explain my situation, i am very well rounded with my class. I don't keyboard turn nor back peddle, don't use any healing addons what so ever. I have over 20+ Key binds, and a bunch of simple macros. I use my spells to the fullest potential as much as i can, such as hibernating shamans in ghost wolf, feral druids, rooting melee, bashing healers, and last of all, NS cloning to get that last CC off to land a kill. I want to cover my game play of how i normally play so that you (Anyone really) can help me improve =D. (Currently have no specific comp this season, but have gotten to 1650) When the gates open, i start out stealthed, prior to stealthing however, i have natures grasp up to save a GCD down the line. I clone a Dps before cloning the healer to relieve as much pressure as i can, and/or hoping to make a dps pop his trinket. After that, i stack 2 lifeblooms, rejuv (cause of the .5 GCD) then my last life bloom. I am wondering if i should get all 3 LB up first? Or Rejuv up first? Or if i'm doing it correctly. After the opener, depending on who their going on, i will clone a dps like before, if my partners are full hp or near it, with LB+Rejuv, i will attempt to clone a healer. Also at the same time i am making sure i don't allow my self to be caught in the open to get CC'd or hard switched to. Assuming i can't reach their healer, and the off-target is on full DR for clones, should i tell my partners to hard switch so i can clone the non-dr'ed one? Or should they keep the pressure up on him. For another instance, what should i do if they hard switch to me and, i pop tree. Do i have spam regrowth till i'm full hp? Or do i spam it till i'm at a comfortable amount of hp then apply other HoTs? If one is melee, do i use my GCD to roots him? Or do i use Natures Grasp (Assuming its not on CD)? Now, i know how to play those situation out, but i'm wondering if there's a better way to them. Like getting CS/SL full duration, then going bear to bear-bash someone. In that case, do i want to bash a dps or a healer? These are the things that i really need advice on, like i said, i can play out the situations, but how i do it might not be the best, and i'm aware that it's always different with how many variables there is I.E. different comps and such, but a general idea would be nice :D Also, i use my shadow meld to my fullest ability to, to avoid CC/Get clones off. Oh and if anyone know's how to post a screen shot online or somthen so i can show u my setup it'd be nice x), i also have fraps, but it lags of my sh*tty computer sometimes, so i can't risk it doing 3's, but maybe i could do 2's and get a vid xD. P.S. I am vocal when it comes to cloning and getting CC'd. "XXX in full clone!" and "I'm in a full hoj need peels!"Alphonce0 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 balance trinket question i recently picked up will of unbinding from spine an was wondering which trinket to swap out for it im currently using insig and bottled wishesAtróphy8 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Balance Druid DPS? Well, I've recently leveled a druid to 85, specced into Balance and Restoration, and I wish to know Around how much DPS I should be pulling. Caels is the name, on the Khadgar server. If there were any well experienced Balance druids out there that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.Caisc9 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Fun Professions This might sound weird but my favorite part about WoW is making gold through professions. I like the challenge of leveling something up and then working to make something cool. My endgame goal is really to pvp and farm/craft. What gathering/crafting profession do you enjoy the most? Which combination makes the most gold? Could I make more gold by doing herb/inscription , herb/ alchemy, mining/JC? the bonuses from the professions aren't as important to me than the ability to sell something consistently on the AH. I like the idea of doing mining/jc to get and cut gems but it could also be fun flying around in form gathering for herbalism. I was debating doing two gathering professions, but i really do like leveling up a profession. Thanks in advance! I look forward to getting back in the game!Axedarko2 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Noob Addon Help I was wondering if anyone had a list of some useful/necessary add ons for playing as a feral druid. I currently have zero add ons and I am not really sure what I am looking for. Thank youAxedarko9 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 what happens when ferals duel http://i.imgur.com/yOMNV.gifCatwomán5 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Armor for druid cat/bear forms? Does any one else think it would be pretty sweet to have bears and cats in armor? Don't get my wrong I think the new templates are freaking awesome, but I still wish I could see what my awesome armor looks like while I'm in my primary forms. I mean every other class gets to look at the awesome designs that are available, but I can't really enjoy mine while in cat or bear form.It makes sense, there's armored bears and cats already in the game.Trollionaire4 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Feral Rated bg Question Quit WoW right before the release of of rated bg's. I'm currently gearing my toon and getting ready to start with some low cr. However after talking with a few exp rgb leaders I'm getting the same answer, "Feral's just don't bring anything that another class can't do better" lol. Now that's the story of my life been playing Feral since vanilla so I am used to it. Now I consider myself a fairly good pvp'er, not god's gift to pvp but am pretty good. As much as I /love me some Feral I really want some competitive pvp. So here's the question's and I know some can't really be accurately answered right now with mop changes coming out. Do you think we could have a stronger presence in high rbgs in mop? After 6+ years of wow I'm sure I know the answer, but thought I'd ask some peeps. Right now I think I will gear another toon in some honor gear and get a bit of cata before mop release. And keep my Feral for some occasional bg hero play :) Thought's? My current options for a quick switch are. Mage, Lock, Hunter, Rogue, DK and Shaman(only interested in Enh though, I know, I know. :{ )Nekcra10 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Faction change Troll druid or Tauren druid i can't decide @_@ (Tank and resto healer)Lemonie4 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Tanking stats What are reforge stat priority for tanking because I get way too many different answers on my server to know for sure. So far I can tell dodge is most important but after that I can't tell if I need mastery, hit, or expertise help me if you can.Ardethbay3 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Mighty Bash WTF!!! Taking an Ability that's been around forever and turning it into a talent is total FAIL!!!! I see they wanted to make it fun so you can cast in Resto/Boomkin/Cat but, that's what glyphs are for. Don't remove a CORE ability. I was thinking that swapping Typhoon and Disorienting Roar would make Tier 5 more interesting for Boomkin and Feral but then realized that Feral would have to choose bash and then realized that I can no longer go bear bash/clone anymore like I have been doing for 2 years now. This idea was MIGHTY STUPID! Replace with something like Thunder Clap or Ice Trap or SAP! Plenty of ideas to choose from but what ever you decide please bring bash back as an ability!Ragesrevenge21 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 What are some underused Resto transmogs? I recently respec'd my bear spec to resto and I'm relieved to know I can still play it and I'm enjoying myself. I know it seems early go mog, but I figured, what the the ? Why not start putting one together now? The current set is my feral one - aimed for a feral/rugged look. I figured it matched my fur color :P and I like to blend. On to the point: What are some not-so-popular mogs perfect for a worgen druid healer? I like the color blue and I'm eying the Druidic Helmet of Second Sight . I got the Nordrassil shoulders and the bird one too for raid tier. Anything with an animalistic feel to it.Solarbeam9 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Returning to Druid PvP - Any changes? Returning to wow after about a year wondering what notable changes have occurred since I last played. I mostly PvP but any notable changes to talents, glyphs, abilities, etc would be nice to know. Also any links to current cookie cutter pvp builds would be a helpful place for me to start. When I left feral was ok though i didn't play it, moonkin was still laughable but at least somewhat fun in bgs, and resto was the easiest healer to kill in pvp though still viable of course. Thanks in advance.Rhastamon3 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 feral charge get rid of the los then we don't have to worry about los issues.Solerun11 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 balance rotation question Hey all, I just specced into balance as my offspec and after reading over the guide i'm a bit confused.. Single Target Opener When starting at FULL neutral (arrows on eclipse bar point both ways) To go to solar eclipse IS -> MF -> starfire til eclipse -> wrath -> starsurge To go to lunar eclipse IS -> MF -> wrath x2 -> starsurge -> wrath til eclipse Once you've reached your first eclipse, follow the rules for DoT refreshes and CD usage as outlined above. Ok so.. 1. Should i go for solar or lunar eclipse first? What's the difference? 2. After I get to eclipse what then? I mean i know you're supposed to use buffed nukes but idk what those are yet. 3. maybe i'm an idiot and overlooked all this in the guide and i need to go reread idk. if so i'm sorry to waste your time reading this.Earthsea3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 new druid form i think druids should get a new form, i really want a murlock form. that would be awesome.Vykul10 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Set Bonus Question As seen in my profile, I am currently sporting the Firelands four-piece set and loving the Swiftmend bonus, along with wearing the 397 Valor helm. Last night, in LFR, I won the helm token (two of them actually, no I didn't keep it, I gave it to someone else in the raid). I now have the LFR gloves and helm. At this point, it does not seem worth breaking my four-piece, both from the set bonus and stat loss from the helm swap. My question is, at what point is it worth breaking the old four-piece for the new one? Is the LFR four-piece even worth swapping out?Ntah1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 I want to see S12 already! Hurry up !! Hehe :) I want to see how it looks already!....Yes I am impatient at this moment!Interactive0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Hai Ohai there! im mentalcow and ima boomyMentalcow8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Bear tanking - am I doing it right? Hey all, so far I've chosen to respec from feral cat Dps to bear tanking, I haven't yet had a chance to try out my tanking only recently respeced. My questions are, is my gear gemmed / socketed correctly? I know there's still some enchants needed to be taken care of and gear upgraded. And two should I be worrying about my Dps?. On a heroic target dummy I can do about 10k Dps I don't think I have the rotation down pat as of yet, but as far as tanking 5 man heroics should I be okay considering?. I've read most of the guides on offer just afraid to try and fail as of yet. Thanks for any advice :)Mïlkshake3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Basic class guide? Hello all. After taking a three year break, I am ready to come back. I have decided to play a new class, I want to start playing druid. The one problem is I know absolutely nothing about the class. I am using a res scroll so my character will start at 80. Does anyone know of any videos that explain the basics of playing as a Druid (preferably feral since my goal is to pop one day). I read over the pvp guide and I think it's currently out of my league of understanding. Thank you very much!!!Tylerdurden5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 DS Trinket questions Guild is very casual, 8/8 on farm, We've just gotten interested in heroics and we've downed H-Morchok without too much fuss. I prefer use-trinkets so i can have them when I need. Until now, i've been using Stay of Execution(no reforge) and Fire of the Deep(no reforge) My ideal upgrade is a Wrath of Unchaining to replace the SoE, but apart from that i have no idea what to get or if i should stay with Fire of the Deep. On top of that, Soulshifter Vortex Dropped tonight and the other tank had it so it was given to me by default. My main question: After looking over various BiS lists, which trinkets would be viable? Should I stay with Stay of Execution or use Soulshifter Vortex instead? Not too worried about it due to it being the end of the expansion and all, but i'm running out of non-heroic upgrades to work withVorem1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Starting a Druid- What Race??? Hi this summer I want to start leveling a druid. Only problem is that I dont know what race to be. I dont care if its alliance or horde, I dont care about racials. I just want the best looking race for a druid. Here are my thoughts about each race. Worgen- Big fan of werewolves plus wolves are my favorite animal. Night Elf- In my opinion thier the most fitting race for a druid. Plus I love purple. Tauren- My favorite race lore wise and I love Native American culture. Troll- Thire jamaican accent. What do you guys think my race should be for my druid?Cocobeard14 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 It's Feral Time with Professor Suedama! Hello, Feral students. I've been called in to help assist you in your new PvP endeavors. I know these things. After all, I am a professor. Now, I've been noticing an adequate amount of complaining around here. It's alright: professors get sad about these things, too, but I have tenure, so I don't much feel like leaving. I implore you, students, to stick around with me. You wish to know how to 1v1 after 4.0.6*, yes? I can help you with that: again, I'm a professor. *All strategies were developed fighting players ranging from 2k+ to Gladiators. Let's start off with the elephant in the room: Mages. Now, those silly Arcane and Fire Mages shouldn't be much of a problem for any of us. But we don't care about Arcane and Fire, do we? We care about Frost. Let's keep these sections broken into bullet format. -Don't trinket the first Deep Freeze. Use Barkskin. -Keep Lifeblooms on yourself while rooted. The Mage will either Spellsteal and waste tons of mana healing you, or they'll try to power through your LBs. The first reaction is the best, but the second also works. -Wait until snare DR and a trinketed Deep Freeze to throw your Berserk out. -Use FC Bear to gain distance/force blinks. -Hardcast Cyclone. It doesn't matter if you're Counterspelled, esp. if you juke it. Cyclone is a very effective method of closing distance. -Use most PS for heals. It can be used for Cyclone if terribly necessary, but the health boost is better more often than not. Frost Mages are going to be much harder now: of this there is no doubt. Edit: I feel as if the section that warranted the largest amount of importance was accidentally left too succinct. Against Arcane Mages, you want to beware their burst. They fortunately have a shiftable Slow instead of the snares, so they'll be the easiest to deal with. Fire will have far too many stuns to try to hardcast Cyclone, but they don't have a lot of snares. Counter their Blazing Speed with Dash and use Berserk on them early enough. Don't let them Pyroblast you (duh). Frost is an insanely hard fight, esp. against a good Frost Mage. Remember to only use Lifeblooms/Healing Touches. They'll heal you if they SS Lifebloom, but not if they take Rejuv. I find that it's silly to target their Mirror Images or Elementals. If they RoF, literally Dash in the opposite direction unless you're right on top of them. Make them chase you away from their safe zone. PS heals, I find, are better than PS Cyclones, but Cyclones have their place if the Mage has trinketed. They'll allow you to get off a lot more overall healing and give you a distance closer as well. I can't think of anything else atm, but I'll throw something in if it comes to mind. Now onto the slightly smaller elephant: Hunters! We're fortunate enough to be able to mitigate physical damage, students. We really are. BM Hunters will be far less difficult than MM/Surv Hunters, but this list applies to all three equally. -The opener is useful but not entirely irrelevant. If the Hunter lets you Pounce them to start a fight quickly, they likely have a Freezing Trap at their feet. Trinket it and get your bleeds on as fast as you can. If they're Camo'd, find them and get your bleeds on as fast as you can. Just... You know... Get your bleeds on as fast as you can. -Get out of your Cat Form, students. When you have the bleeds on, use a PS heal and get into Bear Form. Keep Lacerates and Bear Mangles on the Hunter. -They're going to root you. A lot. You're going to charge a lot. Use Skull Bash as a "short" distance closer and FC(Bear) as a "long" one. -When Cat bleeds fall off, now is the appropriate time to use Bash. Shift into cat while they're stunned to get up your bleeds again. Use Surv now if you feel like they're going to trinket it. -When they're sufficiently low from bleeds and you're kept alive with Rejuvs and Bear Form, FC them (now without their trinket) and Manglespam with Berserk! -You had better have a /cancelform macro for when they cast Scare Beast (or use Skull Bash to interrupt). -Be quick with re-targeting during their FD. It's even better if you stun them during it, because that's funny. -If you have even a little bit of opportunity, you can Hibernate/Cyclone their pet. It prevents Master's Call, and that's kinda cool. Otherwise, keep the pet rooted with NG to cut down on some of the damage. -If you don't have Thick Hide/Natural Reaction in your spec, get it. We're actually pretty alright against Hunters. The Thick Hide buff has made Bear Form nearly unkillable, and our Double Charging* makes us pretty difficult to peel, even with roots on us. Just don't let the Hunter rip away at you in Cat Form. This is imperative: you must only try to Bleed them with Surv up or during CC. *Double Charging-Using Skull Bash and Feral Charge:Bear in alternating fashion to keep on a target with aoe slows (particularly Desecration and Frost Trap).Suedama178 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 What spec should i go? I am currently leveling my second druid, cause i love them sooo much and they're MY class :). My first one is 396 ilevel resto druid and 397 ilevel feral druid. the feral spec is pvp and the rest spec is pve. Resto is my favorite spec in the game, nothing compares to how much fun it is. so any suggestions for this druid which spec to go? Keep in mind MoP and everything. I do wanna pvp at 85, same with pveing, any suggestions? Please and thank you for the help :)Notmyfault2 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Hey you cool beta druids I've been following you topic on the beta class forums and you got kind of quiet lately. So you know what Blizzard did? Gave cow horns to the Troll Moonkins! Got to keep you guys awake some how! :PHonsharo4 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Powershift Macro Help! I would like to make a macro where holding alt will cancel my form while not holding anything will cast !cat form.... at the moment i have this /cancelform [mod:alt] /cast [nomod:alt] !Cat Form wich works great, however, here lies the problem. Under Menu>Interface>Combat i have my focus cast key as alt and because of it i cannot use the cancel form line. Is there any way i can fix this?? i wanna keep my focus cast key as alt but also have holding alt cancel my form when macro is pressed.. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!Omnishock3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Druid Tank Questions I want to pre-cursor the following questions with the fact that I've read the stickies, visited a couple of Druid tanking blogs, TankSpot, etc. and still have some questions. I was formerly the druid known as Resto but as I've healed for a couple expansions (and DPS'ing is boring) I figured I'd go back to tanking as that's what I called home in Classic. I wanted to roll with my Druid as opposed to my Warrior, as I've always loved seeing bears in raids, the larger HP pools, and the mechanics just seemed plain fun. I've only tanking a few equivalent level instances and mainly been healing to get my tank set (see Armory) but figure I'm ready to enter LFR and possible DS 10/25 Normal. Here are my questions: 1. How do you folks handle ranged/caster mobs when pulling trash? As a DK one could DG or silence, as a Warrior you can silence with Throw, and as a Pally I believe Avenger's Shield interrupts. Am I missing/not using an ability? I often attempt to charge the caster, but sometimes its not possible as they will pat towards the back and aren't immediately reachable - with DPS jumping immediately not much set-up time. 2. Can someone please explain Pulverize to me. It appears from the instances I've run the past couple of nights, that you want to build Lacerate to 3 before using Pulverize (which has no CD and is always available) and then re-stack to 3, rinse repeat as the stacks clear once Pulverize is used. 3. What addons are folks using to keep track of the dots/debuffs we have on our target? I used Threat Plates to see what's going on, but constantly watching that damned little picture at the top of the screen, instead of my surroundings, is counter-intuitive to tanking. 4. I'm in full 378, so basically I assume I'm ready for DS, but what actual stats does one want? I feel like my Stamina pool is low (although that's not really the focus anymore) at only 171k. Armor is at 50k and Dodge at 40%. What are the actually targets to reach? Where should you be at before Normal, and then Hardmodes? 5. There is a great deal of similarity between a Druid Tank and a Warrior Tank, however I feel that with all the similarities, Warriors seem to come out ahead on mobility. Personally, I'm fine with things as they are, save I'd like to actually have an Intercept as an added option. 6. Feel free to critique my gem/enchanting/reforging. I will note that I am aware I only did the blue gems. In 378 it seems a waste to spend 500g per gem for easily replaceable gear. I also chose some of the "lesser" enchants as well in specific spots where cost was high and the chance of an upgrade likely. Thanks.Ibuntu5 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Tanking 10 man Hey all After a very looong break i came back to wow I been gearing up in heroics Am I able to tank 10 man yet Any suggeestions always appreciatedRecdogg6 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 level 70-80 balance druid rotation whats the rotation like for killing stuff as balanced between 70-80. never played it before and im not sure what the rotation is like.Cosmoo3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Heads up troll balance druids They've decided that all Horde balance druids have to look the same. In the beta, our antlers are already gone in favor of the tauren's cow horns. Make sense? No.Moonmojo10 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Any idea's? So, when I'm fully buffed, I have 185k mana in my resto gear/talent tree. I was wondering if I should take out of Furor and put 3 into Genesis. It's less mana, but more healing done, or does losing Furor just ignore the fact that I put into Genesis?Luosid0 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Nature's Grasp Why oh why is this now at 52? I enjoy getting dumped on by melee and having to run around in cheetah form moonfiring like a boss to keep out of range. I also enjoy getting rooted and blown up Was this somehow game breaking in lower brackets or something? I guess the better question is why cant I roll a fotm and be happy with itSindoral7 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 ima lazy bear tank needing help i use a macro.. seems like as soon as someone else attacks i lose threat can someone suggest a better macro that has all the attacks i need to win, should i be tabbing through mobs to get lacerate stacks up?Elrigbi3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 boomkin pvp in mop how good is it? good or are they just free honor kills like they are in cataclysm?Sevenstormz4 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Boomkin PvP - Has Anyone Tried Stacking Dodge Dodge, Parry, or Block?Sarthe5 Jun 12, 2012