Nov 13 Efflorescence glyph, please Just tossing this out there, since I (hopefully) can't be the only one unhappy with the new Efflorescence appearance... Yes, it's got shiny new particles, and yes it looks nice in it's own right....but I most definitely prefer the former graphic/particles to the new ones. And hopefully I'm not alone in that I would be ecstatic if you could just add the simple fix of giving us a glyph option to change the appearance back. I have been druid-ing for many years now, and when development first implemented the former appearance in place of the old (ancient hah) original simple green circle, I immediately fell in love with the design. So much so in fact, that I actually have it tattooed on my arm. So yes, perhaps I am a little biased here...but as a forever fan of the prior art design, I hope this request for a glyph addition doesn't fall on deaf ears. Especially considering this would be a relatively simple implementation for the development team. And more glyphs are always a good thing, considering Inscription doesn't get enough love these days.Emeron5 Nov 13
Nov 13 Druid forms for Alt Druids Has there been any word as to whether or not our other druid chars on the same account will get the skins also? Like other's will get their weapon skins.Clirak5 Nov 13
Nov 13 Imp Mother's Challenge - Feral Skin 7.2 Do we know when we will be able to start this quest for the new Feral skin?Deciuss17 Nov 13
Nov 13 Screech Reset for hidden feral artifact skin So everyday on your first teleport to Dreamway you have the chance of getting screech. If you don't get a screech you have to try again the next day. At what time (Pacific Time Zone) does the day reset?Whyzord2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Druid Bear doesn't have a dance So...with the new challenge artifact...why do bears no longer have a dance... Like what gives blizz?Nokura2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Is there still time? I have a druid at level 40, but I want to try to get as many artifact skins as possible for the high mountain or Zandalari troll I want to main for the next expansion. Is there enough time?Bogrik7 Nov 13
Nov 12 Feral dps So I play with brutal slash and moment of clarity because I find it to be easier and more fun for me, however, I’m running into issues with my rotation and was hoping the pros on this page could help me. I’m a fresh 110 and I know my stats and gear aren’t where they should be but simming says I should be at 606k dps when I’m hitting 400k if I’m lucky :(. I open with: Prowl Rake Tigers fury Incarnation Artifact ( usually having to shred or brutal slash once more to get 5 combo points ) Rip After this I use brutal slash and shred until 5 combo and hit ferocious bite, using more brutal slash during aoe encounters. Now, my rake is usually about to run out at this time so I refresh this however it doesn’t have tigers fury or any other buffs on it. When my rip is about to run out I usually have about 6 or so seconds remaining on my tigers fury. Now I have read that it’s best to let rip run out and wait for tigers fury to re apply rip but I feel that I should have my bleeds up at ALL times.... also, should I re apply rake when tigers fury is back up even though I had just re applied it shortly before? Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!Ordrac7 Nov 12
Nov 12 Best ‘basic’ gear stats? So I ‘THINK’ ive settled on an alt and Im gonna play a Druid, however since itll be my alt I wont be able to put in a bunch of effort for multiple gear sets with each spec’s stat priority. So what would be the best stat priority to go if Im wanting to play all the specs a bit and not focus on one?Crucifixiôn4 Nov 12
Nov 12 Full moon removed? Looking at the info looks like the artifact moon spells are being removed in 8.0 Battle for azeroth.Serithin19 Nov 12
Nov 12 Will WereBear Guardian exist after Legion? I've been wanting to work towards getting the werebear / Grizzlemaw Artifact Appearance still be available after Legion ends? I haven't managed to get any of the good guardian legendaries yet, and I don't want to start a hard grind if it's just going to be taken away with the new expansion. Thanks!Lykhanis17 Nov 12
Nov 12 Can you get casts off at higher levels? I seem to have trouble getting my casts off. While leveling, my DoTs kill things before I can get more than 1 or so solar wraths off. In Dungeons I never, ever get to do anything more than DoT on everything aside from bosses. Even if I stock up enough AP to cast Starfall...the tank moves out of it. This has prompted me to start looking at other classes because I dislike not every getting to use most of my spells but I like Druid to much. Instamount is great and Balance is the only class I have really enjoyed since WoD MW Monk. So can I actually get my spells casted at high levels? Edit: Unrelated but apparently in the new update apparently the horde gets Kalimdor. Does this mean no more Moonglade? I like teleporting there to sell stuff after Dungeons. It's really pretty.Cythil2 Nov 12
Nov 12 bring back claws form werecat was removed with the start of legion but now guardians get werebear. personally I would really like to play as a saberon again hopefully with a new model. with the mythic plus dungeon system staying being able to cast cc w/o leaving form would also be a big helpTyja6 Nov 12
Nov 12 No New Alliance Druids - Not a QQ Post E: Nevermind -,-Accrue1 Nov 12
Nov 12 7.2.5 patch notes In case people were unaware. /sigh Druid Balance Stellar Drift now increases Starfall’s damage by 50% (was 60%). Starsurge damage increased by 11%. Feral Ferocious Bite damage increased by 30%. Soul of the Forest now causes your finishing moves to deal 5% increased damage and grant 5 Energy per combo point. Guardian Healing from Frenzied Regeneration and Skysec's Hold is no longer increased by Mastery: Nature's Guardian. Galactic Guardian’s proc rate reduced by 30%. Gore is now also activated by Maul. Ironfur now increases armor by 65% (was 80%). Maul damage increased by 650%, cost increased to 45 Rage (was 20). Maul is now on the global cooldown, and has no self-cooldown (was 3 seconds). Maul damage not increased in PvP. Mark of Ursol removed. Rage generated per melee swing reduced by 14%. Restoration Damage of all abilities increased by 25%. The healing done by all Restoration healing spells has been decreased by 4%. Cultivation healing reduced by 16%. Mastery: Harmony now increases the healing done by Mark of Shifting.Stroganof42 Nov 12
Nov 11 Best looking/casting animations/racials decided to reroll my druid healer to a new faction/server since im not raiding and wont get very geared to raid or know how to play when antorus comes out. will be playing Alliance and im stuck deciding which race would be best to roll as. Nightelf- shadowmeld, more difficult to hit, that day and night function which i honestly dont know how the hell that works especially in dungeon/instances. Worgen - more crit im guessing 1%?, another sprint. i will be resto main OS balance. which of these 2 races would best fit a PvE/PvP player trying to push mythic raiding, Mythic+, some PvP maybe rated idk yet seeing on how active pvp is on this pve server. if you say Nightelf which gender is nicer to look at gear wise and casting animations? i have a NE male druid it looks very annorexic imo casting animations were okay. i love to look at my gear thoughLethidoxi1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Prep for Classic Wow As many of you may have started playing long after launch I thought I would offer a public service post on things to think of as a druid in the early days/months/years of World of Warcraft. 1. Guardian Druids - If you try to tank anything in bear, you will die and be laughed at. Bear Druids cannot tank, not even a little. Forget the idea you are a tank. In Vanilla wow Bear druids were at best bad dps, at worst a complete joke. (in a raid our main tank went down and I dropped into bear to try to buy some time and I was kicked from the guild for "being ridiculous" 2. Feral druids are great at running away. That is all they are good at and trying to kill anything is useless. If your in a fight run away and you will being using our super go-to power. Hint - Run next to a Hunter and maybe someone will thing you are his pet so you can live longer. 3. Balance Druids can DPS. Not well, you will be in the lower third of dps. You will not really be needed for anything but your in combat rez. But you can run away very well. 4. Resto - This is the only viable druid spec in vanilla. It is an incredible mobile healer with incredible throughput in pvp an pve. Near unkillable and you can always run away. To sum up : Go Resto- Run away.Wanoth13 Nov 11
Nov 11 Balance mage tower question How do you deal with a hand coming up on the other side of the map and you dont have solar beam up? I dont have enough time to kill it if its on the opposite side.Zhulafotm3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Resto Mage Tower I am a guy who is all down for a challenge.... Watching this dumb !@# rogue get one shot after 10+ minutes into this dumb $%^ challenge is getting old..... I way over gear this for my alt spec but the fact that one shots are what make this a "Challenge" is -*!@ing retarded lol.... Blizzard seriously......Pewpewswipe10 Nov 11
Nov 11 Need help with the Resto Mage Tower Hey all, you guys gave me some good, much appreciated advice back when I was doing the Guardian Druid challenge. I now have 3/4 Druid skins unlock and I'm working on the 4th. I'm having trouble in what seems to be a less problematic area for most people. I've managed to clear the first section, and have made it up to the second to last section with ease past the quite tricky first phase. I'm now struggling with the second last phase where you need to heal the ghosts up before they get absorbed by the boss's bubble. I just cannot, for the life of me, get them healed up while keeping my party up at the same time. That rogue chick gets absolutely shrekt even when I have all my HoTs up on her, and I can't keep spot healing her and the others while still trying to heal the ghosts. Even with all the guys HoTted up and a healing mushroom on the ground, I can't heal all three ghosts up to full. I just can't. I've tried every combination of cooldown pops, every combination of HoTs on the ghosts as well as spot heals.... I just cannot do it and it baffles me how everyone says it's easy. Any tips or hints? Should I try and get another restro specific legendary/will that help?Rajadd3 Nov 11
Nov 11 I am loving being a druid! So i finally got my bear to 899 and i seem more stable the my war or pally witch are both about ilvl910. But what i like most is this community. Alot of the other ones i follow and this community is by far the most helpful so thank youMoetankin4 Nov 11
Nov 11 What about this. Druid form xmog. What if, say, us druids get a mechanic like the mages do with the book for ancient dalaran? What if we could explore the serpentshrine caverns and find a tome of druidic research? for a cosmetic form of a snake? or explore the firelands for a book for fandrals scorpion form. Theres lots of lore friendly forms out there, and even if they are cosmetic, id love them :P thoughts below! And YES i understand that we get more skins in legion. but id enjoy just a cosmetic form much like our tree form is cosmeticCaticinaa13 Nov 11
Nov 11 What makes you special? As a play both Priests and Mistweaver only, I have very little knowledge about druids as healers. I was just wondering what makes druids (along with paladins) the usual choice for groups that one to push 20ish keys in Mythic+? What kind of tools do you have and how does your healing style make you so optimal for that kind of content? I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me understand that :-)Avedostra3 Nov 11
Nov 10 Boomkin Trinket Question Hello, I am wondering if there are any specific trinkets that I should aim for as a balance druid. I was using Whispers in the Dark (the trinket off Gul'dan) and Tarnished Sentinel Medallion (the owl off Sisters of the Moon) but after the nerf to Whispers I'm wanting to replace it but I'm not sure what to replace it with. Is there a specific trinket I should go for or will whatever work? Any help is much appreciated, thank you!Rubyslays3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Need Mage Tower help ilvl 938 and Luffa and still can't do it. pathetic I know. Phase 1 is a cake walk, get to phase 2 every time. Problem is I feel like I'm always missing the twisted reflection interrupt because kruul is healing. Does skull bash work or does it have to be the stun? Need a recommendation as I'm not using a weak auras because i don't know where to copy and paste it from an external site. Does Twitch/curse have an add on that will help me with a spell countdown? While I have luffa, I've also suffered every other unlucky leg pull. I have all of the gaurdian ones accept Chest, pants and boots. (which i've seen as basically the best ones in that order after Luffa) I've been trying with pyradaz alot as my second but would sephuz's actually be better? I use all consumables, have watched every walk through video there is, im fine with the fight and moving, I really just believe that I'm missing this interrupt. Lowest I've gotten Kruul to is like 26M health left which is terrible, always seems like phase 2 is over before I know it. Thanks!Bundxurage9 Nov 10
Nov 10 I'm worried (another mage tower rant, srry) It really bums me out that I don't think i'll be able to get the roidbear skin before the deadline. I have tried countless times to do this challenge, I have a slight physical handicap (hand surgery on both which caused restricted movement) that plus i'm just straight up not a very good player, I can't do it, I just can't move my hands fast enough. However I have made progress, i've got the first boss down to ~30% so it's something. My questions are, do you think that before the cutoff, they may make it a little bit easier? OR will there be a way to earn them in the next expansion? I've read and watched almost ever guide that there is, and they are really really good, I'm also wondering though, has there been any new ones in say the last month or so that I might have missed that may help out more? I mained a wearbear druid in D2, and I have loooonnggedd for one in WoW ever since, I just HAVE to get it. My next step is to get 3 thrash relics, having a little bit of a tough time getting groups, but it'll come in time.Rholf4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Does feral stay squishy at end game? I'm currently a level 89 feral and I feel like I'm fragile in dungeons. Does this get better at end game? Will I be able to do open world content and raid without getting wrecked?Teagahn12 Nov 10
Nov 10 Dear fellow druids It has been brought to my attention that in the new Xpac . they will be taking away the artifact weapons ok ? but what does that do when we click the tree for the cool looking colors for are Feral and guardian form ? will those be gone too ? i busted my butt to get all 4 artifact weapons and the colors just to have them removed ? this makes no since to me Does any one know the out come of this ?Fyaina9 Nov 10
Nov 10 Feral Challenge Quest not showing up? I've done all the other artifact challenges and I've never seen the feral option available. I go to the mage quest giver and there is literally nothing there. Why isn't it showing up? Do I have to do something?Kíttystar2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Balance Druid Stat Priority I have seen three different priorities from three different sites. What is the correct answer on this?Nixtran5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Purple Challenge Mode Feral So when you're in a certain part of high mountain or doing the sharptalon falcosaurs world quest, your color changes with the lighting. Just gotta say, I really love the blue-purple color and wish so hard for a cat skin that exact color.Liger3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Why do you play druid? Just curious what you all like about druid. Thinking about making one as my third alt.Zyqtahg30 Nov 10
Nov 10 8.0 Guardian tank huge nerf? According to WoWhead: Current : Frenzied Regeneration: Heals you for 50% of all damage taken in the last 5 sec over 3 sec, minimum 5% of maximum health. 8.0:Frenzied Regeneration: Heals you for 25% of maximum health over 5 sec. 36 second cooldown. 2 charges. 10 rage. Thoughts?Yoiki20 Nov 10
Nov 9 World tree burning I am a druid before I am horde. So I feel really torn about how to react to the burning of a world tree.Spikenox15 Nov 9
Nov 9 Resto artifact quest impossible at 110? For stage 4, Destromath fight. I've read countless guides watched countless videos for the resto druid artifact weapon quest line. They all are done at lvl 100. I finally have time to get my resto weapon, but I'm now level 110, ilvl 846. However, the weapon is of course the very low ilvl 750 staff you get from the previous stage. I've healed before and it doesn't appear I would have any problems keeping the npc's alive. However, I get boss aggro after 5-10 seconds and it NEVER DROPS. The tank is useless and never taunts the boss or adds. The boss 3-shots me. If I rez, the boss immediately runs for me. How do I have aggro through death? Is aggro bugged, or is scaling of this quest so far off at 110 that the few hots I have ticking through death give me immediate aggro upon rez? Something isn't right. As is, this is impossible to complete. Any help is appreciated.Groogz15 Nov 9
Nov 9 Druid Cat/Bear/Moonkin Armored Forms Can we please get a glyph to gain those forms as permanent animals forms?Vidaar0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Astral Form - Revamp pls I would like to see Astral Form changed to look more like the current Shadow Priest form. You can clearly see the character model, the gear, and all of the colors. Meanwhile, there is this magical aura layer lingering all over you. Anyone else agree? or disagree! There may not be a dislike button anymore, but you can still tell me how you feel! This is a safe place!Vidaar4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Feral Druid weapons - Xpac Hey all, I posted this in the general discussion tab too. I doubt I’m the only one, but I’m real curious on what weapon we will be using! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759261825#1 Can we get a confirmation on what weapons feral Druids will be using in the next xpac? We currently dual wield daggers. Is this going to continue? Or will feral swap back over to 2H maces, staves, and polearms? An advance notice on this will help with those of us who like xmogs. For us, we can either stop attempting for dagger xmogs or continue. Or look at other options. Also, if we are swapping off of daggers then ferals kinda loosing out a little in terms of loosing part of their artifact appearances. (But can’t complain too hard because we keeping our form for xmogs I assume)Jk4 Nov 9
Nov 8 Resto - how much haste/mastery? I have always heavily stacked haste and given it priority in gear selection. I try to shoot for pieces that have both haste and mastery, if not, haste gets the nod. Currently I'm sitting at about 33% haste and about 14% mastery and I'm wondering if I should be working towards a better balance.. If it matters, I do mostly 5 mans and some raiding.. Thanks in advance!Coberne21 Nov 8
Nov 8 i want to hide my druid shape-shift bar i want to hide my druid shape-shift bar with out having to have a addon is there a way to do thisJeted3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Druid form bug Okay, so. On my druid I've been working on, I've noticed that for SOME REASON whenever I switch my forms, it'll put on either the armor I just swapped out for better gear OR if I didn't have any armor in that slot, it'll just take it off completely. What's going on and does anyone know a fix for it?Jimangi1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Guardian Druid Legendary choice Hi guys. So I got real lucky and got both the prydaz and frenzied reg boots in the same day. I already had the passive 75%inc chest piece. Which legendary combination is better for harder content?. Which would you go for?. I am really addicted to the chest movement passive combo. Thanks for the advice.Kaedas1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Teeming+Necrotic Hello, I have been trying harder keys on my guardian druid and I have always had problems with Necrotic, specifically dropping stacks of it mid boss fight or mid trash pack pull. This week is teeming plus necrotic which is a nightmare, any tips for guardian tanks this week? Should i use Intimidating Roar talent to drop stacks?Verpa3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Artifact Abilities Any word if they're dumping New Moon?Nathian4 Nov 8
Nov 8 Critters and Druids I think because of the history and lore Druids have of Druids being champions of Nature and protecting the Nature itself and the wildlife that lives there, we as Druids should NOT be allowed to kill critters in game as it goes against everything we believe in.Fattheresto3 Nov 8
Nov 7 Mythic+ Resto help plz!! Hello, I'm just coming back after a little break and want to get into Mythic+ running because raids take too long and i get bored lol. Are there any good guides targeted at mythic resto druid healing? everything i see is about raiding. Also I have a new H pally too, would i be better in the long run running him instead? I'm just more comfortable on a druid but i know in time id feel the same on a pally. Thanks in advance for any advice. Also if i want to tank them is Bear good or is it worth leveling a DK? i Hear they are hands down best for Mythic runs. thank you :)Melkia5 Nov 7
Nov 7 Boomkin RBG I am reading some forums on skillcapped web site stating that the best rbg comp includes affliction lock but not boomkin. Boomkin might not be best for high rated rbg but are they viable? Are they benched in high rated rbg?Serithin0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Guardian Druid Mage Tower Questions Alright, I've been getting REALLY !@#$ty RNG when it comes to gear, so much so that I'm at about 33% crit (or 8000 from gear). Which is waaay too high I'm sure. I've tried looking it up, and my stat priority, shown below is pretty self explanatory. Also, I am fully aware my trinkets are crap (gotten by RNG and previous ones were 880, and probably worse). Armor>Versatility>Haste>Mastery>Crit but stat priorities don't really refer to how much more of a stat I would need. So my first question is, if I'm planning to do the mage tower, what would me stat ranges look like? For example, Crit 1000-3000 from gear. I'm already aware of the buffs and enchants and mechanics of the fight, but I feel like my stat weights are all over the place and I would appreciate some help. My second question is, At what ilvl range, is something with the wrong secondary stats (like crit) still an upgrade, aka, say an ilvl 890 item with Versatility and Haste versus an ilvl 910 with Crit and Mastery, would that still be an upgrade because of all the stam and agility I'm getting? My last question is, should I just trash a bunch of pieces for like 885 gear with better stats, and then rebuild from there only substituting when I get a true upgrade? Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help me out. In regards to skill, I am confident that I can complete it, got phase 1 to 22% before I ran out of time and nethershards (20-30 attempts) at ilvl 905 without the luffa wrapings, which I now have. I'm just stressed that my stat weights might bring me down.Albarthas2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Boomy stat priorty? What's the boomy stat priority? I have 3 different answers from 3 different sites lol. Just trying to figure out what kind of trinkets I should be looking for.Bearistic1 Nov 7
Nov 7 Why Aren't Nightborne Druids? Given their lifestyle and attire, they really look like they should have the ability to be druids. Even though they have a dependence on the arcane magic from the Nightwell, it's still something from their earth. So in my mind, it would make sense that at least some of the Nightborne would have become druids and break off into different ways of living. Considering they were all there for at least 10,000 years and civil war and such. Also, the Nightborne resemble much of the Night Elves and I just want to be beautiful! :,( Druids need love too!Moona14 Nov 7
Nov 7 Feral Earthen Grasp DR id I have tried 236023 and 235963 in gladius and it still doesnt show the dr in arena....PLEASE HELP!Envisionx0 Nov 7