Jun 8 Can We Solo Ra-Den? As the title says. I'm trying to take care of old, unfinished business in Pandaria, now that I outgear the place. However, I can't figure out how to survive Ra-Den's Fatal Strike... I've tried using the active mitigation talents I know of as a bear, and none work. Any advice or experience on how to do this? Is it even possible as a bear? Thanks.Taleranor26 Jun 8
Jun 8 Guardian Druid 'bugs'? Guardian Druid imo is the best it's been since the game released. Saying this though I have come across a few things that may be bugs or are inconsistent with similar abilities. Intimidating Roar Talent: essentially this is as useful as the untalented version as it still breaks on damage. When released intimidating roar either didn't break on damage or had a very high damage threshold. The problem was that it caused the mobs to run away which made it dangerous to use in mythic plus where the talent was most useful. Adjusting the ability so that it keeps enemies rooted and doesn't break in damage will give us choice on what to pick on that line opposed to the current choice of wild charge or gutteral roars. Earthwarden: this talent is sadly never picked because guardian of Elune is more flexible. Earthwarden did appear to have some interesting synergy with the trait positive outlook though as in theory the extra thrashes would give you extra Earthwarden stacks. After testing I can confirm that you do not get extra stacks from thrash procs. Allowing thrash procs to trigger Earthwarden would make the talent at least compete with the other 2 on the tier. Overrun: why does this have a max range again? Jokes aside though why is this on the gcd? It's just a little clunky with the gcd as you can't cast anything for a sec after reaching your target. On the topic of things on the gcd, is it possible to have some of our utility spells off the gcd such as stampeding roar, mighty bash, typhoon and disorienting roar? Would make the play style much smoother (this kinda goes for utility for other classes too). Apparently there's an issue with galactic guardian and moonfire in general generating little threat. Unable to confirm that but it's something that has been floating around. I know there may be some technical barriers to changing what I've written above but if that's the case please just tell us and then we're not all left wondering if it's been forgotten about and can therefore suggest other options that may be possible and not get hung up on that which will never work. Does anyone have anything else that feels a bit off about the spec or QOL changes that could be implemented? I've been playing bear for 10 years and, as I said before, it has never felt better. Looking forward to many more years as a bear.Doomclaw13 Jun 8
Jun 8 Class Mount For the love of !@#$ing god, can you please unlock the racial bound skins and let us %^-*ing chose? I'm absolutely tired of having a brown god damn !@#$ing bird. I would be willing to pay a fee, similar to the barber shop, to change it's color. To have to change race, so pay $25 just to get a different color is absolutely ridiculous.Mizudaisho0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Feral is squishy now? Played my feral druid after months logged off on him and he had a very hard time surviving against mobs, to the point where I couldn't progress in the 7.2 Order Hall Campaign quest due to the lvl 111 mobs killing me faster than I could kill them. Don't recall this before, did something change or am I missing something? Note: made a longer post with more detail before this but it vanished when I clicked Create Topic so here we are.Frosthoof24 Jun 7
Jun 7 feral simming pretty high 7.2.5 looks interestingLameboi11 Jun 7
Jun 7 New Form Not Usable in Dungeons So. I know this is minor, but it actually makes me super upset. All my friends can mount up on their new form in dungeons, but if I try to go travel form out of combat I get the old stag. I have no way of showing off the new form to friends in raid. After all this work, , and I can't even use the mount half the time. Its silly.Shinrael3 Jun 7
Jun 7 Balance Check Hey guys, Decided to switch to give balance a try. Granted this is gear I've gotten while tanking, I just want to make sure I have the correct set-up/rotation. If someone wouldn't mind giving my logs a peak I'd appreciate it! Gul'Dan LFR: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nDFgB3QN4M7dVZw8#view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=23Aureil7 Jun 7
Jun 7 Esprit (10/10M) wants YOU in our ToS M Team. Hi Friends, Esprit~Thaurissan is a Casual +8 GMT Singapore based Guild that is looking for the below mentioned classes to enhance our Mythic Raid team for Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 10/10M, 7/7M and 3/3M ! If you are one of the below classes , we highly encourage you to apply and join the very welcoming and friendly team. We raid Wed Sun Mon - 830pm SG time and we are looking for the below main classes: Guardian Druid MW Monk Holy Paladin Hunter (Any) Shaman (Any) Moonkin Mage All other classes and casuals welcome to apply. Add me on bnet @ pewpewpew#1884Ketupaat2 Jun 7
Jun 7 What is this Transmog? http://i45.servimg.com/u/f45/17/25/93/34/foofmo11.jpgMooirna1 Jun 7
Jun 7 How much DPS should a balance druid have Example, level ilvl 830 Heroic dungeons + Mythic Single target = ? End of dungeon totals = ? With average gear, nothing really done to min max stat priority and I able to constantly hit between 100k-130. ( I sorta feel that extra 10 ilvl to 840+) will greatly improve and shouldnt worry too much about the numbers now unless everyone is on the same playing field. Comparing to other classes who are ivl 840 + with better gears ... I see them ranging from way above ... to just barely ahead. But yet I am being told the DPS is low but this is coming from others who actually dont play a balance druid. Looking to improve as much as I can, anyone able to provide what kind of numbers you guys are pulling .Akkor14 Jun 7
Jun 7 Balance Druid, Worst Design PvP I've been balance since late Wrath early cata til now. Just a few days ago I drop it due to lack of shroomsleep for snares, heals, obligation to spam starfall, ect.. not the point of this post. I don't ever actually give up on Boomy. So today I started testing stuff out of PvP target dummy in Org that sets in place templates and nerfs stats. Here's the issue.. Wrath hits harder than Lunar Strike (let's be honest, they're weak) BUT Moon fires initial hit hits harder than an empowered Wrath (which adds on to the crazy of Wrath hitting harder than Lunar Strike) by quite a bit, even worse with Cresent Moon talent you hit even harder.. So Wrath>Lunar Strike, Moonfire initial hit>everything but Star Surge and Full Moon. What kind of design is this, I feel it's okay for MF to hit that hard, but Wrath and LS and SS should be buffed. TLDR; Full Moon>Star Surge>Moonfire initial hit (with or without Cresent Moon talent)>Empowered Wrath>Lunar Strike.Spòóky14 Jun 7
Jun 7 Druid class mount not class wide I have a priest and a pally who each got their class mounts. If I log onto any other priest or pally on my account, no matter the level (20 and up), i can use the mount on them also. I've logged onto my other druids after getting the druid class mount and can't find a way to use it since it's a form. Am i missing something?Voodoochíld4 Jun 7
Jun 7 New Owl Form: No Perch Animation?! I honestly didn't really like the new Owl form, especially given that we only get 1 color by race while everyone else gets 2-3 color variants but whatever. I get to carry a second person and even better, I get to see what it's like to be a giant owl perching on my favorite buildi--- NOPE. There's no perch animation. You just hover there. I am legit outraged over this little tiny insignificant thing but man is this the most disappointing vanity form I've ever seen in the 12 years of this game. Blizzard, please, at least let us perch on stuff.Frozenclaws18 Jun 7
Jun 7 Recommendation: Druid Travel Skins Hello, Would it be possible to put an option in the game that allows druid to choose which skin of their travel forms they have visible? Currently, there are 3 possible skins for the flight form, but once you have progressed to the next one, it is not possible to go back and use the old ones. I would like the ability to switch between them, like what all players are able to do with their mounts. Please take this into consideration with a future patch. Thank you.Sytherlin5 Jun 7
Jun 7 Macro for Lunarwing Mount. Somebody suggested posting this over here, hey Druid people! If you play BGs, this is probably necessary since the Lunarwing isn't a ground form: #showtooltip /cast [nomounted,flyable] Travel Form /cast [nomounted, noflyable] (ENTER NAME OF GROUND MOUNT HERE) /dismount Cheers.Noxliria5 Jun 7
Jun 7 NPC to change the form for alts? ... So where can i find this npc without having to go to the dream grove?Shartah1 Jun 7
Jun 7 No toy or additional thing for concordance? druid get nothing for concordance? How did blizz not input something for every class?Elbowin7 Jun 7
Jun 6 Why so few Worgen druids? been wondering why more Alliance choose NE over Worgen. Is there a greater advantage to being a NE over Worgen in PvP? (or pve for that matter?)Wreckingball171 Jun 6
Jun 6 Glyph of Treant form and breaking roots. The fact that treant form cannot does not grant immunity to polymorph effects is one thing, but why does it not break roots? Would that be over powered? I think the answer is no and here is why. Travel form costs 3360 mana -- Can only be used outdoors Treant form (Glyph) costs 3360 mana Cat form costs 2220 mana Since cat form costs less mana, makes you faster, and makes you immune to polly, that makes it more efficient to use cat form to break roots when indoors. Glyph of Treant form is a minor and purely cosmetic glyph that many druids are rather fond of. Allowing it to break roots would allow this cosmetic glyph to be used in PvP and it would provide NO further benefit to healers aside from them looking like a tree. Let me know if I have overlooked a reason that Treant breaking roots would overpower the resto spec in pvp.Herbull11 Jun 6
Jun 6 Glyph of the sentinel not working? Xandrel2 Jun 6
Jun 6 No way I am ever giving up raven form... Huge let down to wait 11 weeks to get the new flight form. I will always use the old raven form (super small and agile flight). Was the new form not supposed to be a separate button in the UI? Thought I read that in the PTR, etc?Trønder0 Jun 6
Jun 6 Just a heads up if you can't see new form You'll need to use a Vanishing Powder if you are unable to see the new flight form in effect. I completely forgot I used a glyph forever ago and was wondering why I couldn't see the new flight form, lol.Xandrel1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Archdruid's Lunarwing Form This isnt a new form? it just overlaps our current flight form... i wanted the choice, of using my regular flight form, or using this new one. why couldnt it be a new form... Not to mention that it doesnt have a /sit or /mountspecial animation, however my owl form with sentinal did...Theboomkin0 Jun 6
Jun 6 No more Teleport: Moonglade for Legion toons? I guess waiting through an extra loading screen is fun and engaging content.Soulofursoc43 Jun 6
Jun 6 Order hall talent: reclamation This talent is suppose to give a chance to receive armaments or equipment for followers upon mission completion. But the proc rate seems incredibally low or non existant to me. Leveling up followers will be a lot slower compared to classes that can place work orders for these items Not sure if its because i use the phone app to do my missions Anyone has the same experience?Namooste22 Jun 6
Jun 6 You are flying. i am trying to respec whilst in flight form. For some reason, I am not allowed to respec whilst in flight form. Fine. Let me go to the ground and respec. Apparently one must be close to the soil before one respecs. Asking why is forbidden. Anyway, I'm on the ground now, so I respec. "You are flying". ???????????? I'm on the ground, though... Fine, let me manually get out of flight form and—yup there we go! FINALLY. If we can't respec in the air, fine. Whatever. That is stupid, but ok, sure, dsfasdadsadsads. BUT BUT BUT When I go to the ground and try to respec, can you PLEASE automatically dismount me? For some reason I thought that the game used to do this. Am I wrong? Legion is melting my mind. Just let us respec in the air. thanks in advanceDye18 Jun 6
Jun 6 fps drop when shapeshifting anyone else get a ~10 fps drop when going from bear to cat to boomy etc. just noticed thisPlethora2 Jun 6
Jun 6 Unstable arcano crystal for balance So I have a 925 whispers in the dark and an 885 metronome. I got a 875 arcano crystal from withered Jim and it is simming 11k above my metronome. I'm having a hard time trusting the sim, when I play it feels a lot slower and clunky. Is an 875 arcano crystal really better than an 885 metronome after the stat squish? Also am I the only one that feels like balance is pretty far behind on ST DPS?Tompetty4 Jun 6
Jun 6 Weakauras for Resto Does anyone have a weakauras suite for resto druid available?Jambi5 Jun 6
Jun 5 Make Shapeshift Gender Specific Any plans to change the appearance of Shapeshift forms? When I am a female character, my shape shift form always appears masculine. The bear has a mane, the cat has a mane and the elk has large antlers. Gross. Please make Shape Shift Forms Gender Specific. Thanks :)Adwila21 Jun 5
Jun 5 Restoration Help I'm still kinda newish to all the changes and with the new versatility stat. I've read up on icy veins but want some feedback on what I should be prioritizing in stats and gear as kinda a fresh 110.Flou6 Jun 5
Jun 5 Discovered Warcraft logs and i need help So I'm middle of the pack for most fights except Elisande and Guldan. According to Warcraft logs I'm below average for those fights. Anyone got suggestions on ideal talents and way to play these fights?Kimmiroa0 Jun 5
Jun 5 Best part about being a Druid now.... ... is joining a BG while in flight form, and then falling to my death when I exit. :( gg/Blizzard.Braynd11 Jun 5
Jun 5 Fire Kitty Animations Can we get some updated animations for Fandral's Seed Pouch? The fire kitty looks super beautiful but without the new animations it just feels odd.Giraffe2 Jun 5
Jun 5 New bear advice? Alright like a slight introduction, i've been healing since WoTLk to present day. After 5 expansions I still love healing....But kinda want to do something new and after playing around with tanking i find it fun but kinda need some pointers for someone who's only ever healed to get me in the right direction and icy veins can only tell me so much :) . Just wanna be the best bear i can be :c Problems- 1.) Compared to healing/dps feels like I need to watch 500 things on the screen at one time, my health, my rage, what enemy is on my healer/dps and how to get em off, what cds to use at what time so sometimes i just take lucky random guesses and start taking insane dmg blowing through all my cds trying to regain ground. 2.) Enemy damage, Physical? Magical? Not sure if this one's just by experience but I understand if they are casting magical if swinging physical, right? Bosses i can look at the journal and see what types of damage they'll use but throughout the dungeon what does this group do magical or physical, Ursol or ironfur and pulverize how much ironfur to lap before i'm outta rage to even pull out ursol? 3.) Mythic affixes- As this week is Sang/Griev/Fort I won't go past a lv 6 atm till i can get a grip of sanguine i'll tank the group till i start hearing the sound of enemy death and i'll start to back peddle the mobs with me everyone yelling to get them out but of course casters/archers will stay stuck in it and without a deathgrip i can't really do nothing bout it and more hate on me like what can i do? Majority of the time with my constant backpeddlin i'll run into another pack of mobs and if i go my teams direction i get more yelling so i feel in a lose lose situation. Other than that I feel like i just need to keep tanking as every group has said keep tanking and like healing it'll come naturally.Wolfofdark8 Jun 5
Jun 5 how do you get armor tokens? How do you get your order hall guys upgraded to ilvl 900? As a druid, I just don't see any way to get the armor upgrade tokens aside from the extremely rare chance to see them as a reward from a mission. There has got to be another way to get these. My hunters main class hall guys have been 900 ilvl for months so I don't understand. Note: druids DO NOT have a class hall upgrade that allows you to just make them. Reclamation from the class hall upgrade don't seem to be working at all as I do not get any from this. I am seeing a lot of really good mission rewards come and go and that is not fair at all. One I got recently will give me about 50 mill artifact power and I will never be able to do it before its time runs out. My main guys are still siting around 860 ilvl and I have been 110 for about 14 days according to my /played Are druids getting the short end of the stick here?Gilither7 Jun 5
Jun 5 Guardian Leggos So with the upcoming changes, it seems we'll be a little more reliant on cooldowns like Survival Instincts as well as on Frenzied Regen. With that in mind, would Leggos like Dual Determination ring (SI gains 1 charge and recharges 15% faster) and Skysec's Hold (FR heals for additional 12%) be increasing in value? I know people have flocked to the Bracers and Pants (yaargh moar damages!), but for survivability, maybe Dual Deter and Skysec could be strong. The Prydaz neck seems pretty nice for a mini-bubble every 30 secs. Or the Archimonde's Hated Reborn trinket for an on demand bubble with a little bonus reflect damage. What do you guys think?Skruffles16 Jun 5
Jun 5 Image of Kalec I can't for the life of me find this guy in the Dreamgrove, I have all the requirements that he should need to pop up, but I can't find him. Went to azuna no ? or ! at him, so I don't know what part of the quest I'm on T_T helpZula3 Jun 5
Jun 5 Balance Artifact Powers I was on the last power -- Concordance of the Legionfall for 49,000,000 artifact power. I earned the power, and it said a new trait was available. But when I click on the seed of ages, it shows me with 49,939,000 artifact power and it will not let me spend it on the power. What do I need to do? Thanks for the help!Akibah4 Jun 5
Jun 4 Feral DPS: I suck now I've been maining Feral since Cataclysm. With constant improvement, by HFC I was consistently in the 85th-99th percentile for my iLevel. Now, in NH, I'm 45th-70th. 75th if I'm lucky. Frankly... it's embarrassing. My two glaring issues: I have low crit, and I still don't have the Ailuro Pouncers. It's poor luck. Last night, I got Cinidaria. :( What a bummer. My question is this: Are these two things enough to bring my DPS from the 85th (in HFC) to the 45th percentile? How much of a DPS increase are the Pouncers? I've done all the research I possibly can, I've asked top-tier Ferals for anything I might be missing in my rotation, etc, and I can't find anything that I'm not doing. I've considered that many fewer people played Feral in HFC than they do now. I still don't see that dropping me so far.Caelus4 Jun 4
Jun 4 Druid Campaign Well so far i have maxed hunter, demon hunter, mage, shaman, warrior, paladin and this druid. and my hunter was my 1st and i did every quest in every zone i did everything that legion offered with 0 things remaining to do up to my progression level. each and everyone of these classes at 110 instantly had their class campaigns available to them when i got to 110 except this druid. i completed every single campaign on broken shore to get power unbound achievement. and i did "A Falling Star" quest from khadgar but there is still no advancement for druid campaign. after i finished "A falling Star" and the exodar scenario Khadgar gave me Goddess Watch Over You quest where i need to get tears of elune. but because i didnt do any zone quests on this alt i have to do i believe all the quests in val'shara. but i didnt have to do this on any other class. whats missing here?Tiegres3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Lvl 45 Talents best for Guardian Okay what's the best pick for a Guardian?? I know no matter what I chose it's personal preference and i just found out you have to shape shift out of bear to use the abilities given. K I got that part. What about the passives which is going to be more helpful for raiding whenever I get there. Yes I've been looking at people build for guardian alot go with Balance Affinity enlighten me how does that help. I understand Restoration Affinity is basically a HoT.Nomadodin2 Jun 4
Jun 4 question about gearing is my gear good enough to do normal nighthold? i'm not sure about my trinkets. i am not BiS stats or anything but i just want to pug normal.Cosah3 Jun 4
Jun 3 Feral relics in nighthold Are any other ferals going to be using any of the nighthold relics? Or are you just going to get stay with your Rip relics. I'm not going to use any of the nighthold relics just because none of them increase my rip damage.Angelxdruid3 Jun 3
Jun 3 Feral 7.2.5 Discussion As someone who's mained Feral since WotLK, I have an overall adept feel of the spec. I've taken a hard long look at the changes to Feral in 7.2.5 and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. I'd love to hear all of your opinions about the upcoming changes too, good or bad. At first glimpse, it may not look like we're getting a buff or a nerf, and that's right, we aren't. At least not directly... Imagine what our numbers would be like with the ToS 4 set bonus. +2 energy every time rip does damage is a welcome quality of life improvement, but the 15% increase in rip damage and the +8 sec duration can help us use FB more often and focus on other parts of the rotation without having to worry about rip falling off as much, not to mention increasing our DPS in the process. Regarding the changes to Soul of the Forest, despite the reduction to the energy refund, it is still there, and will likely stay noticeable, but the main thing about this change is the 10% buff to finishers (Most notably rip and FB). For damage, SR is obviously going to stay superior to Soul of the Forest, but for those who have the legendary ring, they will get Soul of the Forest anyways, while still being able to take SR. This should allow the rotation to become slightly easier, while still giving us a massive damage increase. The 15% increase in rip damage from the 4 set bonus coupled with the ring's 10% bonus to finishers will increase rip's passive damage by 25%. Add that together with SR and BT and that's going to double its damage. Don't forget that increasing the damage of rip affects the Ashamane's Bite trait too, as it inherits all of the originals damage. I know a lot of people don't like Feral's rotation right now. I personally don't mind it that much, but I couldn't agree more that we need a slight rework that makes the spec feel more active and rewarding. However, it looks like it's getting quite the indirect buff in 7.2.5. Anyways, what do you guys think of these changes?Maxkitty31 Jun 3
Jun 3 Horde druid races so ugly, lol I want to be able to play BGs without getting curb stomped in every single one, like the rest of my characters who are horde, so I want to faction transfer to horde but damn the races... Either a giant cow or a hunch backHåibara18 Jun 3
Jun 3 Druid glyphs Are glyphs bugged for Druids? I had a couple of issues with them today; bearform hair color one and sentinel owl one. Any experiences Y'all have had would be useful. Tl;DR Please tell me how to not make my glyphs dissappear.Thundenarus2 Jun 3
Jun 3 Tank vs rogue in open world pvp? Open world does not scale like bg/arena's as far as balance between classes. Tanks seem to be much harder to kill because of their 3+ Million health. In open world how does a tank do against a rogue in a 1v1?Serithin12 Jun 3
Jun 3 Don't shift out of flight form when we log. Simple enough, don't shift us out of flight form when we log out and back in.Fortó18 Jun 3
Jun 3 Feral haste Does anyone know the haste cap for feral? I'm at 34% I'm cat form which puts my cat attack speed at .75. I'm curios if I enchanted ring to mastery or crit if that would squeeze a bit more dps. Thanks in advance for the help.Funkzilla1 Jun 3