Dec 20 Hunter Macro Guide **5.1 Edit* It seems that with the Launch of MoP there is considerably less need for macros, less weird bugs/game design issues that made macros a necessity as opposed to just a nice to have. But I just wanted to tidy up and update this guide a bit with the stuff that I still find useful. ******************************************************************************************************************* The purpose of this guide is to list hunter class related macros that I use and that have been found useful by others. This is a mix of both PvE and PvP macros and how you choose to utilise them is up to you. Furthermore, I am hopeful that if a specific macro you require is not included, you will be able to deconstruct the macros in this thread to create something for your specific requirements. Most of the commands are easy to adapt and only require some logical thinking. ****DICSLAIMER**** THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE WERE NOT CREATED BY ME. IF I AM ABLE TO, I WILL PUT A BRIEF ATTRIBUTION NOTE NEXT TO THEM BUT NO PROMISES, SO DO NOT HATE, PARTICIPATE. Also, just keep in mind that this guide is aimed at people who are not overly familiar with macros or people who have never used macros at all. It does not contain any ground breaking information or some amazing macroing sKeElZ. What are these macros you are talking about, good Sir??!! Essentially macros allow you to perform several actions at once, in other words macros are good for automating certain aspects of the game. However, you cannot macro together abilities that are both on the Global Cooldown - the 1 second window where your buttons become shaded out after casting an ability - nor can you have complex conditionals as in, if Hunter's Mark is still up cast Serpent Sting; otherwise cast Hunter's Mark. WoW macros are designed to assist your gameplay, not automate it To make a macro type in /macro or click on the macro button in the main menu. Copy paste the text I included in the guide into the boxes. Then drag the button from the macro menu onto your action bar. A basic macro that you can try to start out using macros is something like #showtooltip Hunter's Mark /cast Hunter's Mark /petattack this will cast hunter's mark on the target and send your pet to attack it. Leave the icon as the red "?" and it will change into the ability icon based on what your write at the start of the macro. --- Misc Things Just a brief explanation of some of the commands used in various macros, if you are not interested, you can just skip to the next section. *** /use 10 – is an Engineer only (or for somebody else who can have an on-use effect on their gloves) command that uses the glove tinker. ( *** If you are interested in using item slot IDs in macros you can find the IDs at Useful for rocket boots or on-use PvP Trinkets, meaning that you do not have to update your keybind/macro and it will work with any season PvP trinket or belt. *** /stopcasting /stopcasting For some reason hunters require two of these commands in their macros. This command is mainly used for interrupting the cast of Steady/Cobra Shots, so it is a good idea to include it in all of your instant spell macros. *** /cancelaura – cancels any named auras aka buffs that you currently have on you. The macros below use it to break hand of protection and deterrence but it can be used to cancel any named buff, eg Bladestorm. *** #showtooltip – displays the ability tooltip and also the icon if you leave the macro picture as the red “?” symbol. *** /use is the same as /cast and will use an ability or an item. *** As you will see some of my macros utilise modifier keys. Depending on how I have the ability keybound I use different modifiers. Modifier commands available are [mod:alt] | [mod:ctrl] | [mod:shift] I trust the above are self-explanatory. [nomod] and [mod] [nomod] is a conditional command used if you want something to be cast when no modifier key is pressed and [mod] is the reverse, meaning whenever you press any of the three modifiers it will use that instead. General Hunter Macros #showtooltip Track Humanoids /run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes() do local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo(i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return SetTracking(i, active == nil) end end An absolutely brilliant macro that allows you to switch between different types of tracking via a keybind again. This one turns Track Humanoids on and off. #showtooltip /cast [flyable] Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher; [noflyable] Venomhide Ravasaur This is my mount macro. I guess a macro like this is nowhere near as useful as it used to be now that we can fly around Azeroth, but it still comes in handy. Replace the Icebound drake with your flying mount and Venomhide with your ground mount. /click ExtraActionButton1 This will click the big button that appears on your screen during certain raid encounters, quests etc. I prefer this method to having to use my mouse to click the button. /console set cameradistancemaxfactor "7" This command roughly doubles your camera zoom out distance. #showtooltip Misdirection /cancelaura Misdirection /use [@focus, raid][@mouseover, raid][@pet, nodead][]Misdirection /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); /stopmacro [@focus, nohelp] /e Strlder has cast Misdirection on %f! (Source: ). This macro casts misdirection on your focus if a focus is set, if no focus exists, it will cast it on your pet or mouse over. Great for soloing or raiding. #showtooltip Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Furious Howl(Special Ability) /use [pet, nodead] Roar of Courage(Special Ability) /use [pet, exists] Heart of the Phoenix(Ferocity Ability) /use [nopet] Call Pet 2 You can do multiple things with a macro like this. It is obviously a pet dismiss macro, but you can also use it to precast various pet buffs in arena (whilst dismissing it in the same time), instantly summon your pet of choice and use it to cast heart of the phoenix if your pet dies.Strlder270 Dec 20
Feb 2 Hunter and Pet - Soloing Guide Updated 7.15 Hello everyone! Today I’d like to make a detailed thread here to help anyone who’s interested in soloing content, this goes for those who are new to it and veterans soloers! With that said, please keep in mind that this guide will not go into great detail for individual encounters, it is intended to help those who are looking for ideas on how to defeat certain content alone. Also, if anything stated in this guide seems wrong or needs editing, please feel free to say so! So with that said, let’s get started! Contents! 1) Hunter’s Pet 2) Specialization\ 3) Talents 4) Flasks, Items, and Various Stat Allocations 5) Rotations. Macros, Videos, and Play Styles. ----------- Hunter’s Pet ------------ As someone who wishes to solo content, the first thing you need to take a serious look at is your pet as well as your pet’s spec! This is about as important, if not more important than your own spec when it comes to soloing content. Let’s take a quick overview of the pet specs. Ferocity – The damage dealing spec. Tenacity – The tanking spec. Cunning – The utility spec Ferocity In Terms of Soloing – Ferocity is rarely used for any 5 man, 5 man heroic, or raid tier content in terms of soloing. For any questing purposes, ferocity works great for making mobs die faster and will be tank enough just like the other two specs to handle any incoming damage. With that said, I have seen for very difficult fights (fights that are pushing the extreme limits to the hunter class) ferocity pets used for their Heart of the Phoenix ability. With that said, I would not recommend using a ferocity spec pet outside of questing. Tenacity In Terms of Soloing – Tenacity is the go to spec for soloing purposes. The reason for this is because tenacity spec’d pets are the only ones who are crit immune, they receive extra healing from the hunter, have the most armor and health, as well as having Last Stand for defensive purposes. For questing it may make things a bit slower, so I’d recommend using a Ferocity of even a cunning pet unless the quest mobs are doing serious damage to your pet. For any 5 man, heroic 5 man, or raid content, tenacity spec’d pets will and should almost always be your pet’s spec of choice. Simply put, your pet will take too much damage to tank for you otherwise. Cunning Pets in Terms of Soloing – I personally have not seen many cunning pets used for soloing purposes. They will work fine for any quest related soloing content, however I’ve never seen one used to push the limits of the class nor have I seen one used effectively for general soloing needs. With that said, cunning pets are the only one with Roar of Sacrifice, so I’m sure there will be a point where someone finds enough use out of a cunning pet simply for that ability to push a soloing fight to the extreme. With that said, I would not recommend a cunning pet for most soloing purposes. Now that we’ve gone over each of the specs a bit, let’s talk about your actual pet. With so many pets out there, it’s hard to choose sometimes right? So I’ll briefly talk about which pets are typically going to be your go to pet. The Spirit Beast (BM only) – A tenacity spec’d Spirit Beast easily makes for one of the best pet picks out there for a BM hunter. These hard to find beasts will have access to Spirit Mend which can be used to heal either yourself or your pet. Spirit Beasts - Spirit Beasts are a good choice for fights that will involve a lot of damage to the Hunter but NOT your pet. They will be tanky enough for most fights, however they will not be able to endure tank heavy fights. The Turtle / Beetle / Shale Spider / Basilisk / Crab – A pet from any of these families is easily one of the best choices for soloing purposes. Simply put, each of these pets have an ability to reduce all damage done to them by 50% for 12 seconds on a one minute CD. Any of these pets are by far the best tanking pet for any hunter who is not BM. They are also the best pet for BM hunters for any heavy damage fights for your tank (your pet!). Qullien / Clefthooves - These two are both beast mastery only pets and should be consider. I don't recommend them as much as any of the pets with the 50% damage reduction, however their ability is also good, especially if you are new to soloing. Upon hitting 40% health a clefthoof will take 50% reduced damage for the next twelve seconds. A quillen is similar, however the damage reduction is only 30% for 8 seconds but it will also heal the quillen for 3% of its health every second for the full duration of the ability totaling to a 24% health regen. These two are easier to use as you don't have to worry about their abilities since they are passive, however their abilities are also on two minute cool downs and cannot be actively used by the hunter. Foxes and Monkeys - Both foxes ans monkeys have an ability to increase their dodge chance by 30% for 10 seconds. They would possibly be a stronger option however this ability is also on a two minute cool down which makes them a weaker choice. Still, being able to potentially avoid damage for a short period of time should be an option to consider. Other Pets – Sadly, most other pets just don't have what it takes to survive very long in dungeon or raid content. Making Effective Use of Other Pets - While many of the other pets will not be used so much when it comes down to tanking or damage purposes for soloing, it is still a good idea to keep some of these other pets with you. The reason for this is so before you begin a difficult encounter, you can quickly summon these pets, use their buffs and dismiss them in favor of your tanking pet. This on average can give you about 50 seconds or more of extra stats at the start of a fight. Keep this in mind if you're working hard on an encounter, and you're close but you just don't quite have the damage. This will most likely make up that difference. For more information about the other pets that you might find useful for your soloing needs, check out --------------- Specialization ------------------ So let’s talk about the hunter finally! Let’s go over the spec’s very briefly. Beast Mastery (BM) – This spec focuses on giving your pet more damage and threat in terms of soloing. BM also lowers the cool downs for your pet’s abilities than that of the other two specs. BM however lacks any self heals outside of your artifact traits unless you choose to use a spirit beast. Overall, a BM hunter is an excellent choice for soloing. Marksmanship (MM) – This spec focuses mostly on the hunter doing damage through his or her ranged attacks. MM has in the past been the default soloing spec however due to its extreme emphasis on the hunter, with almost zero focus on their pets as well lacking any threat generation for their pet, MM become the weakest spec to try and solo as. Survival (Surv) – Surv as of Legion is the first true melee spec for hunters. Surv can have good results for soloing world quests / various world content no problem. However surv does not bring many survival tools for your pet or yourself. In addition it lacks any way to hold thread on a target that cannot be effected by your pet’s growl. Surv’s reliance on Flanking Strike can become incredibly difficult and often dangerous to the hunter to maintain. In addition, due to survival's strict rotation and talent choices, dps will take a heavy blow if you wish to solo properly as surv. The main benefit to survival however is the self healing made possible through raptor strike (more on that later) and their passive ability survivalist. The spec you choose to play and solo as is of course, up to you. However, I’ve found that the hunter spec should and will vary depending on the type of content you’re doing, as well as specific boss encounters. So keep in mind each spec’s strengths and weaknesses when deciding which type of content you plan to solo.Lazyguide10 Feb 2
Jan 26 Workaround to greyed out action bar issue. For anyone who has had the greyed out action bar issue on your hunter I found out that it may be related to certain pets. Apparently any pets that have the ability to stealth, when they go into stealth it causes a bug that is causing your action bars to grey out as if on cool down. If you change pets in go to one that doesn't stealth, the skills reappear off cool down and the issue should not return. Have tested on my wife's hunter with a non stealth pet and has not had bars grey out on her in 5 hours. Possibly stealth related issue.Akheela50 Jan 26
Dec 19 Hunter PvP Guide [Legion Updates in Progress] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.0 Legion Hunter PvP Guide [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Challenger Qualk here with the fourth installment of my Hunter PvP Guide series, The Legion Hunter PvP Guide. Some of the things in here will be copied from my old guides (what is still relevant) but most of it is going to be newly written. As always, please respond with constructive criticism and let me know if you disagree with anything or I missed anything. I hope this is just as useful to everyone as my last guide was! Table of Contents: I. What’s new in 7.0? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] II. General Rules and Tips [UPDATED FOR LEGION (Marks only)] III. Talents [UPDATED FOR LEGION(Marks only)] IV. Pets [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] V. Gearing Up [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VI.Enchants and Stat Priority [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VII. Macros [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VIII. Arenas [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] IX. Addons [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] X.Random Tips and Tricks [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XI. Works Cited, Helpful Links [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XII. A Hunter's Guide to Fighting Demon Hunters [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XIII. Class Specific Strategies [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XIV. Qualk's RP storyQualk299 Dec 19
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17m at 840 ilvl What kind of sustained DPS should be expected for BM? Right now, I'm hovering around 190kKeycius2 17m
22m Rate the Hunter Name Rate the name above you on a scale of 1-10!Tail243 22m
33m Rate the Hunter Mog On a scale of 1-10!Grin75 33m
35m Trinket Question Ok so I have an 860 Haste Eye of Guarm 1421 Agility + 1016 Haste and a 865 Twisting Wind, which trinket has more of an impact on damage?Bojangaló0 35m
1h BM Pet Specs I was told I should be running a Battle Res pet and a Bloodlust pet. As I'm BM I have a Quilen for Battle Res, and a Core Hound for Bloodlust. I picked two exotic pets for their extra abilities. I am also running a Spirit Beast because I like it, a Carrion Bird for PvP, and a Water Strider for questing. My question is, what Spec should each pet be?Razari5 1h
1h Is Marksman fun? I want a new character for Tomb. I'd like to stick with ranged dps. I've never played Hunter because I don't like pets but now that MM has Lone Wolf I'm interested. Are they fun to play? Is the rotation interesting?Masazumi0 1h
1h Help: iLvl vs Set Bonus (BeastMastery) Trying to figure out what the 2 set piece bonus is worth as far as dps goes Have equipped BM Set Chest/Back (875) And sitting in Inventory a Chest/Back both 885 with better stat prio Pawn telling me equipping those is a combined 13% upgrade - but simcraft doesn't do so hot with trinkets/set bonuses sometimes. Any advice, any way you guys have figured to value the t19 tier bonuses? It'd be so much easier if I had any idea how much dps a single dire beast even did.Swalewalker2 1h
3h Best BM Trinkets? I currently have the below Trinkets and cannot quite figure out which ones are the best to use. - 895 Entwined Elemental Foci (EEF) - 880 Convergence of Fates (CoF) - 885 Nightblooming Frond - 850 Bloodthirsty Instinct (for the life of me, I can't get the mythic to drop.) I know I should be using Bloodthirsty once I get a mythic version of it, but what about the other trinkets? What does everyone thing are the best? Currently I am using EEF and CoF because thats what some guild mates think. But is EEF really that much better than Nighblooming Frond? I can't really see it on recount so I have nothing to compare it to.Adathorand9 3h
3h Why do I get disliked for liking SV? It seems that whenever I speak positive of Survival I get plagued with dislikes. I know a lot of people hate change but I just don't understand the hate.Ironmiketysn50 3h
3h Buff Question So does the 25% run buff that I get from Windstrider stack with the Trailblazer run buff ? So 25% from Windstrinder then the 30% from Trailblazer for 55% run buff out of combat? Trying to see if I should take Trailblazer or Posthaste (run buff on disengage) while I am level to 110. Thank you fellow hunters.Gizbott2 3h
4h Rotation/Priority Questions Should I ever being using Piercing Shot or Aimed Shot out side of Vulnerable? Every once in a while I hit an unlucky streak with no Hunter's Mark, but I may get a Lock n Load proc. I assume I should use it if it's going to run out and I haven't gotten a Hunter's Mark proc? Outside of Vulnerable, are you just spamming Arcane Shot?Zarynjyn2 4h
5h Why not try this out Blizzard Make a pathway option maybe around level 15 for BM and SV hunters to either choose Melee or Ranged weapon abilities and that will give players a choice whether they want to be Melee or ranged no matter what class they want.. obviously MM has be ranged.Ketjaro1 5h
5h Please Fix Titan's Thunder+Dire Frenzy ASAP! As we all know when you choose dire frenzy,Titan's Thunder would turn into a new version and boost your next DF with 5 powerful thunder strike.This would be a very nice burst ST damage,but it's bugged.There's about 50% chance this 5 extra strike cannot hit the target,it sometimes can't even hit a dummy! When this bug happens,it would be at least 1.5-2m Dmg loose.This combo has been bugged since Legion launched,but nobody cares about this bug since Dire Frenzy is not a good choice in the past few patches.Now things changed and BLZ buffed DF several times,I believe it's time to fix this bug. I'm a player from CN server and I got really annoyed by this BUG for several month.I spent $20 just to post a topic here to get some response from the Devs. Fact is I'm surprise to see nobody here talks about this obvious bug and there's no Blue post respond to this bug.I'm gonna bump this topic everyday until we got a FIX. Update 2/22 ... Thanks to Ranthae's test,we can now understand how it's bugged. Update 2/25 ... ... Thanks to Miian‘s video,we can see the failure mechanism clearly.For hunters still confused about this bug you can watch this video and test on your own. Please test and report it!I think the more this bug is reported the sooner it would be fixed.Also please tweet the Devs if you can.I'm glad to see it's growing popularity.Pnew57 5h
5h Really need help: Low DPS mm hunter I know you're probably tired to hear the same story over and over, but I've been studing raid logs, rotations, different talents and nothing helps. Seems like my dps stopped increasing at the point of 870 ilvl, although now I have 886 gear score. I make same 270-300k regardless of the place. NH, EN myth, key dungeons-all the same. I'm using regular rotation everyone uses, watch my target to have Vulnerable at all times, I don't shoot without it. True shot always has 10 stacks on my target. Flasks, potions doesn't help at all. First I thought my mastery was low, so I changed a lot of higher lvl gear to the lower gear but with higher mastery. Dummies proved dps got even worse, so mastery was not a problem, besides I've seen a lot of hunters with lower mastery who made a lot more dps(400-500k at least).I've also changed an addon from recount to skada, nothing has changed. I always choose the best place around every boss so I don't have to move much. Again makes no difference. People've been wispering what was wrong with my dps and I don't know what to say. Like I said after 870 ilvl something went wrong. By the way, I've changed factions twice at that time (from alliance to horde and back). Probably I am making some really stupid mistake, I hope someone can point out what exactly i am doing wrong.Pussum6 5h
6h MM Spec for PVP What talents are people having success as MM spec? I'm playing around with talents and haven't found a setup I'm happy with. Thanks!Wrayith33 6h
7h Useful One macro for Caltrops and Steel Trap Most useful macro I've ever come across. Let's you make 1 macro that will change (tooltip/icon/cd included) based on your talent selection. #showtooltip /use [talent:2/1]A Murder of Crows;[talent:2/3]Snake Hunter This is an example of a macro that will switch between a murder of crows and snake hunter for a survival hunter, based on their talent selection. the numbers in the [talent] bracket refer to the row, and the number in that row respectively. So in the first [talent] bracket, "2" refers to "row 2", and "/1" refers to "choice 1" in that row. You can add all 3 choices if all 3 choices offer an active cast. Passives don't do anything. If you want to add a target modifier, I'll give another example down below. #showtooltip /use [talent:4/1,@cursor]Caltrops;[talent:4/3,@cursor]Steel Trap This will switch between my caltops and steel trap talent, both of which will be cast at my cursors location, and not force me to use the targeting reticule that would normally pop up once ive activated either ability. Video exmaple:îxx2 7h
7h Anyone else play this spec? Lone Wolf True Aim Posthaste Patient Sniper Binding Shot A Murder of Crows Sidewinders Just started playing this alt, i mostly play it for fun during downtime. After playing around for the week i have decided this is my favorite spec. I like how it's ST focused yet gets it's AOE from sidewinders instead of voley/explosive shot etc. I just enjoy the rotation compared to others i tried, and i find the damage is great for ST and AOE. Wondering if anyone else runs this and if the stat priority might be different as i'm not using the icy veins recommended spec?Verkley3 7h
7h MM minimum amount of haste My current MM hunter has only 5 percent haste. I know for hunters haste is a relatively bad stat but can you have too little haste?Starbuxs4 7h
8h 7.1.5 MM killed this game for me To start, WoD and 7.0/7.1 MM was some of the most fun I've ever had on this game. I was so excited to raid The Nighthold, and then I saw the patch notes. The changes to Sidewinders and Sniper Mastery made them unusable together, leaving no other single target choice for that tier. Sidewinders doesn't have the focus generation to make it to the last window the the new SM, and explosive shot doesn't even hit some bosses because of hitboxes. I loved this game. I have almost 74 days played at 110 across 2 hunters. Around 500 Mythic + dungeons completed. I hate playing this game now. I'm so depressed that I stopped raiding Mythic and don't even want to raid Heroic anymore. I thought this was exactly what you said you wouldn't do when you pigeon-holed us into being one spec with artifact traits and legendaries.Adabesi9 8h
8h Marked shot bugged in BG's Anyone else notice that proc for Marked Shot will light up in a BG, but you can't cast it? "Invalid Target" or something? I notice it A LOT when I am spamming multishot in a BG, and get the proc for Multishot to trigger Marked Shot, but then can't cast marked shot. I noticed it more when there were a lot of minions, like fel imps from a demo warlock. I don't have the imp targeted, but it won't let me cast marked shot, because the multi shot hit the imp? Not sure, exactly, but it is a big problem when you can't cast your highest priority spell...Shadethistle16 8h
9h Owlcat Spirit Beast. With the new Feathermane family becoming tameable, who else would like to see a Spirit Beast version of some of them? Would like to use one without losing my self-healing ability when i'm BM :/. Plus it could look really cool (give it a blue fire glowy mane or something).Griever1 9h
10h The Mantle of Command should be baseline BM! BM is in a much better spot for mythic progression atm than what it use to be, but blizzard Please Fix these legendaries, The Shouhlders + belt are pretty much a MUST have like Getting another 4piece bonus, They should be baseline BM. To think that people could go through the entire Tier progression or even expansion without getting these Shoulders or belt is a bit insane.Vexea22 10h
13h Admit your "Huntard" Moment. Ok, Let's hear it. You know you've done it. You've laughed and denied it. What is funniest Huntard moment. Mine has to be composed of two things. Leaving Growl on or having a stray arrow start a boss fight. I guess in some ways, us hunters can be a Leroy without knowing it.Goldenseal61 13h
16h BM looking to improve. just seeing what i can do to improve i feel like my dps is low for my ilvl, any tips, critique is all appreciated! thanks in advanceRainar5 16h
17h Noisy Hunter Pet: Pandaria Yaks? The new Oxen pet family is super appreciated, but has anyone else noticed that the yaks tamed in Pandaria make a ton of ambient grunting? At first I thought it was a bug with some ability auto-casting, but after turning them all off it persisted. Then I thought it might be an issue with the Oxen family as a whole, but the Stormheim type don't have the same noise issue; it seems to be just the Pandaria ones. Has anyone else had a problem with pets like this?Luckyfoot5 17h
17h BM hunter with low dps needs help I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help if you can. My sustained dps over the entire raid is 418782 My ilvl is 885. Agility: 30.153 Crit: 28% Haste: 20% Mastery: 61% Ver: 4% 47 AP ranks purchased. Shot rotation on pull: Potion of prolonged power Aspect of the wild Murder of Crows Dire Beast Titan's Thunder Beastial Wrath Kill Command Cobra shot. Back and forth between kill command and cobra shot. Then whatever comes off cooldown. I admit that sometimes I'm standing there with everything on cooldown and sometimes I'm standing there with no focus. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Moob19 17h
19h CAN WE PLEASE FIX HATI!! i disengage post haste buff... oh cant do anything with hati, she is still 200 yards a way trying to figure out left foot right foot left foot right foot . Why is it so hard to jsut buff hati speed is it going to break the game if she walks faster than a passing snail? hunter dream isnt to have a retarded pet who sits beside you and licks her c*u*n*t, all the while your main pet is out fighting. LIVING THE HUNTER DREAM!!!Glytch4 19h
19h HCT LXIII: Dogs and Cats working Together! Well, I capped the last so here's the new. Muffinus tweet about pet AI: editing this seems problematic grrrGuillotaur190 19h
20h Butchery and PVP I just really started playing this toon and doing BG's. Maybe it is my item level but Butchery seems to be my hardest hitting ability. Its only BG's but its hitting for like 350-450k sometimes more and doing like 40% of my damage. Mongoose is critting for like 250 maybe. Does this change as my item level goes up or is butchery really supposed to be this powerful compared to our other abilities? It just seems absurd that a spam aoe that doesn't even need a target is our my biggest burst ability.Pressli1 20h
21h Little rant about the changes. So. These new changes seem to be, for the most part, an attempt to stealth-nerf Marks Hunters whilst at the same time giving buffs to BM and Survival. Allow me to elaborate. And yes, I full well acknowledge that is probably going to be whiny and I apologize. First of all, the Patient Sniper nerf. First of all is the fact that each time you use marked shot, it instantly resets the stacking damage bonus back to 100%, requiring approximately...four-six seconds to reach 150% again. The old Patient Sniper was a flat 150% damage bonus from Vulnerable for six seconds. What this has done is that it has rendered any and all burn phases with Trueshot to be, at the very least, lacklustre. As it used to be, you could either spam the almight Rl'yeh out of Arcane Shot/ Multi Shot then Marked Shot and repeat like a maniac. Gave some great AoE or single target. I recall consistently critting above one million with marked. These days...I'm lucky to break 700k. In both instances without food, flasks or pots. The change also drastically screws our Aimed Shots for the simple reason that the artifact trait that shoots wind arrows at the enemy has a VERY low chance of lining up with the 150% peak. Before, if it happened then it would always hit the 150%. The chance of it proccing remained the same but...yeah. One potential fix would be to change the debuff so any more Marked Shots would refresh the duration but keep the damage bonus at its peak. So it could be...Arcane Shot --> Marked --> Aimed x 2 --> Marked and then repeat as you see fit. I have been playing a hunter since will before Draenor. Actually, I played one during Vanilla. And this is one of the few times where I recall eyeing Marksmanship with disgust rather than glee at the challenge. I've found that the only way I can make any reliable impact is to conserve my focus somewhat after using Marked Shot then hitting the enemy with a Piercing Shot right as it is about to expire. Yeah it nets me a 2.6 million crit but I'd happily trade that for a more consistent Vulnerable. It's gotten to the point quite frankly that I am now beginning to go after the Survival weapon purely because this change has killed my love of Marksmanship more thoroughly than Princess Diana in Paris. Speaking of which...anyone got a spatula? Cheers BryBryllani1 21h
21h Glyph of Lesser Proportion question If I use it on a pet in Slot 1, does the glyph shrink whichever pet currently occupies that slot or just the specific pet that was in Slot 1 at the time it was applied? I've been looking for details about how this glyph gets applied before I commit any gold to it. Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks in advance. :)Gwendrazzley1 21h
22h MM Single Target get better? Hello all, started playing my MM Hunter alt after getting AOTC on my main last week. I really enjoy MM and have been killing it in M+. To be honest i'm surprised at the kind of numbers it can pull off on AOE, as i was keeping up for very brief moments with my 900+ buddies. When it comes to ST however the damage was quite lackluster. I did switch some talents around and improved a bit. Just wondering how the ST is once you get to a decent Ilvl / Legendaries /set bonus etc?Verkley3 22h
23h SV Artifact Quest Bugged Stage 10 I am on the Hunter Survival Artifact quest and it is completely bugged out on me. I am currently on the stage where you are suppose to kill Dakarr. I am in the scenario on Stage 10 where it has you place a trap in the mists to Catch Dakarr so you can damage him. This is not a hunter trap, but a clickable trap in the mists. I clicked on the trap and Dakarr was caught in it, I DPS'd him down some and he ran off. However the quest did not update. So now the trap is gone, Dakarr is gone, the Male tauren that is with you is gone, the female tauren is till there but I cannot proceed. I have tried re-logging, exiting the game, reloading my UI, even pulled one of the crocs in the water and let it kill me and nothing resets or progresses the quest. I am unable to abandon the quest either. If I hearth out, I wont have a way back in. I have submitted a ticket, but the average response time is 24+ hours. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Here is a link showing the mist is gone, where the trap should be per the mini map. . UPDATE: I managed to use Eagle eye and find Dakarr hiding in a cave in the mists and target him and then send in my pet to pull him out of the mists. I then killed him, however I am still stuck on stage 10 and cannot progress in the artifact quest line. Screenshot showing the kill: his body despawned before I could get one of it. UPDATE2: I logged out and did other things for a while and when I logged back in I was back in Dalaran where I was able to speak to the Spirit Eagle again. The quest had reset and I had to do the whole Scenario again, which is annoying, but at least I was able to finish the quest this time. On a side note, it's really sad that the estimated time for ticket responses is over 22 hours. Especially when experiencing a bug that halts all progression entirely such as I have. I have had this happen twice now on 2 separate characters, and each time I have had to figure out some convoluted way of resolving an issue that shouldn't even be in game.Tagwon6 23h
1d Pet attacking while on Passive Pet Bug? Pet attacking while on Passive and Follow with nothing targeted. With the talent Dire Frenzy. Select a target dummy and walk just past it facing away. Hit Dire Frenzy and walk away from dummy. Deselect target and hit pet passive. Now walk back to the same target so you pet get very close. Pet is solo attacking with it's Attack or white hit.Herity1 1d
1d Blood Elf Survival Hunter - PvP So i'm thinking of rolling a BE for Survival Hunter. The silence looks good, but i'm wondering how much focus is generated with it? Is the Focus generation good a game changer for the BE? ....or maybe Orc for PvP?Vult1 1d
1d Explosive Shot I'm still new to this talent . Can anyone tell me how to use it ? like It move so fast and really easy to missVnhunter6 1d
1d Dev Q/A today I'm currently at work (unfortunately just like the last Q/A) but I figured I'd make a thread about it for discussion purposes. I know several of us submitted questions, hopefully some of them will be answered.Lazyguide22 1d
1d Constructive Proposal Re: MM MM since 7.1.5 feels really bad. So bad I’ve gone BM. I want to be able to go back though, quite badly. Recently Lore said that while we will not be getting a complete overhaul before we are done with legion, and that they were looking at ways to improve Vuln in the mean time instead. I don’t know if blues are reading these posts or not but I figured I would post my constructive 2 copper here rather than just complain. That said, I have to start by outlining what I believe the issues to be. My complaints are entirely mechanical. The damage is fine, but I feel like they took a minor problem (cookie cutter spec) and turned it into a bigger problem by changing patient sniper to effectively shorten the Vuln window to the last 4 seconds. Sure they improved the marking targets proc rate (which actually even further nerfs sidewinders cause its just not up often enough to use anywhere close to all of your mt procs) and now you can really have basically 100% vuln uptime but it doesn't matter because you DEFINITELY won’t have the focus to just squeeze as many aimed shots into each window as your haste allows so you have to Arcane -> Aimed -> Aimed. When the first global of each vuln window is dedicated to arcane then the window effectively becomes everything left (meaning it doesn't actually play like 100% uptime), THEN because of the new patient sniper each second of each vuln window is inherently more important than the last so the last 4 seconds of the window ARE the most critical of the window with the last two seconds being still more important than the first 2 (of the last 4). Secondly, some of the talent tiers have at least one talent that is almost purely single target or multi target, in the same row as other talents that are set up for the opposite type of encounter. This creates a false sense of talent choice. In practice this means that you identify for each fight if it is an aoe fight or a single target fight and you switch back and forth between a couple different cookie cutter builds depending on that choice. This is not so bad for progression because you will be wiping a lot and you might only switch once in a raid night, if at all, but it is REALLY obnoxious for farm content (which we have to do a lot of right now to keep our bad luck protection rolling). Players who want to maximize their output and minimize their time spent on farm content will switch back and forth between the different builds for trash and different bosses, but aren’t presented with compelling choices when they do so. Lastly, there is the issue of MM mobility. Hunters are ranged, yet we are not casters and should not lose HUGE amounts of damage every second that we have to move. Before I get into the proposal I want to state my goals for these changes. These are not the exact goals that I would personally choose, but I believe these to be in line with Blizzards stated goals. This list of changes therefor does not represent my idea of a perfect design for MM, just one that is good, and in line with my understanding of Blizzards goals. My understanding of Blizzards goals based on communications to the community are, in no particular order… 1) Improve and preserve talent choice 1a) Where possible, allow players talent choice between options that provide a passive or very easily managed talent which has a benefit, and harder to manage talent that provides a somewhat larger benefit. (numbers tuning will have to come into play here too) 1b) It’s desirable for different talents to be better for different fights, due to fight mechanics 2) Maintain class fantasy of the Marksman: “Master archer or sharpshooter who excels in bringing down enemies from afar” 3) Allow MM hunters the ability to opt out of Lone Wolf (I actually think this is contrary to goal 2 but Blizzard seems to have ruled in favor of the people that want this, so it’s a goal) 4) Improve Vuln, not scrap. No overhaul for this expansion. Obviously these are just suggestions for mechanical changes, numbers tuning would be required. Talent changes Row 1) -Make Lone Wolf baseline -Add a talent that allows you to use call pet, but lose the Lone Wolf benefit Row 1 notes: See goals 1 and 3. Right now there is NO choice in this tier. Lone Wolf is correct for EVERY situation, this improves talent choice from 0 to 2 talents while still meeting the requirements of goal 3. Row 3) -Remove Farstrider -Remove Trailblazer -Add “Run and Gun” – Aimed shot can now be used while moving but does (Smallish number)% less damage -Add “Aspect of the Pack”- Replaces Aspect of the Cheetah. Increases the movement speed all friendly players within 10 yards by 90% for 3 sec, and then by 30% for another 9 sec. Row 3 notes: See goals 1, 1b, and 4. This change preserves this row as a mobility row while improving talent choice from 1 option to three options, also provides situations where different fight mechanics and raid compositions will change the relative value of these talents. Goal 4 is met by allowing us and option to move during vuln windows if the fight dictates that we choose "run and gun" Row 4) -Move Explosive shot to Row 6 (Murder of Crows moves to Row 4) -Remove Sentinel -Add “Serrated Arrows”-Your ranged attacks and abilities cause the target to bleed for an additional X% -Change Patient Sniper to “Patient Sniper”- Increases the effect of Vulnerable by X% and increases your maximum focus by Y -Tune this row so that in a patchwerk style fight Murder does slightly more damage than Serrated Arrows and Serrated Arrows does slightly more than Patient Sniper Row 4 notes: See goals 1, 1a, 1b, 2, and 4. This and row 6 are where the biggest changes occur. Goal 1 is accomplished by turning this into a row where all of the talents are good (if properly tuned) single target increases. Goal 1a is accomplished through the tuning as MoC is another button to push and should be a greater increase than the two passives, while Patient Sniper gets the lower damage of the two passives because the Extra Focus makes executing the rotation without capping focus easier. Goal 1b is accomplished because subtle differences in fight mechanics (like an add where you can reliably get a reset of the cooldown on MoC) make different talents better choices for different fights in a compelling way. Goal 2 is maintained by removing sentinel (which feels more BM anyway), adding Serrated Arrows that cause jagged cuts (thus the bleed), and maintaining Patient snipers focus on Vuln damage while restoring is Focus improving aspect (A patient sniper is very focused and takes advantage of their opponents weakness). Goal 4 is achieved by making patient snipers Vuln increase constant across the duration of the vuln window greatly improving how vuln feels to play with. Row 6) -Move Murder of Crows to Row 4 (Explosive Shot moves to Row 6) -Tune Damage so that, in clumped multi-target situations, Explosive Shot does the most damage, Barrage does slightly less than explosive shot, and Volley does slightly less than barrage Row 6 notes: See goals 1, 1a, and 1b. Goal 1 is accomplished (if properly tuned) by making this an AoE focused row with no large ST advantages and real compelling choices for AoE fights. Goal 1a is accomplished through the tuning (Explosive Shot is clearly a skill shot and should have a fairly significant delta over Volley which is passive, while Barrage is another button to push but not a skill shot so it should fall between the other two. Goal 1b is accomplished primarily by the differences in how the AoE damage is delivered (Barrage and Explosive Shot are bursty while Volley is sustained, Barrage has a wide AoE while Volley and Explosive Shot only clumped adds). Row 7) -Buff Sidewinders- Increase its Focus generation and add “Marking Targets procs grant 1 charge of Sidewinders” (or at minimum a SIGNIFICANT cooldown reduction when MT procs) Row 7 notes: See goals 1, 1a, 1b, and 4. Currently Sidewinders is not really playable this would fix that adding another viable choice to this row. Goal 1a is met in that all three of these talents are easy enough to use to acceptable effectiveness, while rewarding forward thinking positioning or cast sequencing with higher damage. 1b is achieved by the different functionality of the three choices. Goal 4 is accomplished by giving us an option to play without Arcane/Multi Shot spam (the marking targets reset is CRITICAL to this option). I actually think this row is VERY well designed in general, I just think Blizz overdid the nerf to Sidewinders then compounded it by buffing the crap out of the Marking Targets proc rate making it so you just lose way too much by going sidewinders over Arc/Multi spam. Obviously these are just suggestions for mechanical changes, numbers tuning would be required. Thanks for reading my wall of text. Please let me know what you think. Please also keep it civil and constructive. I am annoyed and angry about the current state of MM too, but the constant, childish, vulgar, thoughtless, uneducated !@#$%fest is not getting us anywhere. I understand this isn’t likely to get a response either but it’s at least more pleasant to read. :)Zenrusho0 1d
1d I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I just cannot seem to pull the DPS that other MM Hunters are pulling even after weeks of praticing various builds and rotations. It seems like the DPS should be great but then the action starts and after the pull I can't seem to keep up. I'm pretty sure of the roattions when I look at wow logs and see other hunters specs who have a similar ilevel but I am still about 100k lower on certain fights. With the obvious exception of "git gud" does anyone see in the logs where I've messed up? There just aren't any good MM hunters I can ask in my guild, they're all BM. 1d
1d Video of Direfrenzy/titans thunder Here is a meh quality video i made. You get the idea when I explain it. I start off in range to show it does not proc then I move to Melee range it procs! Cheers dudes/dudettes. Lets get this seen by the devs! 1d
1d Hi-Explosive trap as MM After beating the world boss today, I learned Hi-Explosive trap for about 5 seconds, and the unlearned... What is going on here? 1d
1d Helbrine, Rope of the Mist Marauder Why haven't you revised this legendary Blizzard? This legendary could be nice if it had a cool down or you could use it anytime (even if you reduce the amount of the buff). Imagine you are in a fight and you are low on Focus and on Mongoose Bite, you could use those 2 secs to go far away and then use Harpoon to get the buff. I mean.. I do believe there are many things that you could do to help this legendary and improve its dps output.Karugarte2 1d
1d explosive trap change What are peoples feelings on the change to explosive trap. I liked it when I was able to press the button and it through the trap in front of me. If anything, I would like the ability to toggle between placing the trap in front of me and throwing it at a location.Rustyus6 1d
1d Leg boots - talent priority? Hello, Just got the legendary boots today and Inwas wondering if it changes any of the talent picks so that they're taken in every situation. Also comming from shadow priest, we have wich is the site everyone uses for the latest and greatest info. Is there such a site for hunters?? Thanks!Néfron5 1d
1d BM after hotfixes well I was wrong I called these changes a nerf. man was I wrong just played an EOTS and I beat a couple of dh's and and enhance shammy 1v1 two classes that just wiped me out before and even when my pet was off screwing around half way across the map I could still do damage. its just 1 game but all ready its looking upDieyoung21 1d