Nov 11 Change Sniper Shot to a Stance! For the upcoming pvp talent changes, please throw us a bone as MM here for a talent. Sniper Shot would be great and all, but its huge focus cost, low damage, long cast, and the like make it hard to use. The further problem is, it prevents us from getting a big hit with AiS in since its a damage shot. So why not make it a stance? A stance, pinning you to the ground until cancelled, but increasing your range, like a sniper. this would like MM's post up in battlegrounds as well as world in order to lock down locations and punish targets moving through.Chestius4 Nov 11
Nov 11 BM dps hit Single Target Numbers - Even though it was never spoken about! Noxxic has proven that BMs got a slap to the face! Instead of BMs being middle of the pack, now we're 4th or 5th from the bottom... Blizz, really guys?! You don't speak about the changes, yet you make them. As for the pet, they have been bugging more. I noticed a post just made about this pet bugging issue. Another player tried to counteract their commented with, "Who, what, when, where, how, and why?" It's an obvious and we've watched the pets bug out multi times. Blizz... You have issues creating a X to Y axis path for our pets to follow, and you downed BMs dps even more... I don't care if it's a, "You let the pet do the work," class. You still have to hit the buttons to make the pet do all the work. It's like a Demo lock... Even frost mages have got this hit pretty hard. If you're using pvp as your choice of dps gain or loss, get your heads out of just pvping and think about pve as well.Looksquirrel12 Nov 11
Nov 11 Hunter DPS crappy So I was raiding last night I’m only doing around 8-9.5k most of the time as a beast mastery hunter. I’m hitting too dps of about 10k most fight which I’m item lvl 345. My question is I’m seeing people do like 14-16k consistently while I tend to taper off very fast. Is that normal bc my friend is doing like 12k damage all the time?Johnnyloko8 Nov 11
Nov 11 Unable to Tame Iron Juggernaut Pet Unable to Tame Iron Juggernaut. I used the Mech Bond Matrix, and I can track Mechanical Pets but when I placed down my Verdant Green Iron Juggernaut Pet it will not let me tame it. I continue to get an error "Create is too high level for you to tame" EDIT: I was not an engineer before but I am now and I have the same issue. Anyone have any input that might be useful.Hansoloed29 Nov 11
Nov 11 Favorite Hunter Races What are your favorite races when playing a hunter? Just looking for some friendly feedback, personal opinions and such!Drovas44 Nov 11
Nov 11 WHAT DECIDES HUNTER PET DAMAGE? I caught 5 pets. All cats. They are all the same level. They all have random attack damages. What's up? What's the deciding variables? Why is a white lion weaker than the starter pet? I thought all pets of the same kind were supposed to have the same stats with BFA??? Dungeon found bat has lower stats than lv1 found bat. CONSISTENCIES FOUND; Rare Spawns are always weaker. Dungeon captured are always weaker. All pets of the same name always have the same stats.Daunt11 Nov 11
Nov 10 Hunter Abilities Specifically Hi-Explosive trap and Bursting shot in random battlegrounds. Is anyone else having a problem with these two spells performing terribly? They are kind of important and to have them work less than half the time makes a person think, "what's the point?" Sure it could be lag, but everything else seems to work including dragons breath on my mage. Maybe these two spells need some tweaking to be more effective to compensate for lag? Am I the only one playing wow to have this issue? I have even tried using slows before these spells and it helps in some circumstances but still pretty bad. It's like Gnome'ish engineering back in the day...Frontiersman3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Can you tame Mechano-wolves twice? I tamed Rush and Treble last night, but I want another Rush so I can match with beast mastery Animal Companion. I've been trying to look for both of them this morning, but I am finding no oil-spills whatsoever. Anyone know?Bezee1 Nov 10
Nov 10 My pet is blind or stupid or glitched I've just started doing Uldir and I have noticed a REALLY irritating issue: at random times throughout the fight I start getting messages that my pet is "out of range of target" or out of line of sight...when the little bugger is attacking the boss. This knocks my dps into the crapper. It does not seem to matter which pet I'm using. Sometimes dismissing and re-summoning on the fly will solve the problem (until it happens again on the same fight). To quote Nicholas Cage what in the name of Zeus' butthole is going on?Higgsboson6 Nov 10
Nov 10 MM two target cleave Have any MM hunters noticed that Aimed Shot sometimes bounces to a second target without trick shots active? Anyone know what causes this to happen? Does it hit an additional target when you crit?Straferr13 Nov 10
Nov 10 taming Ok I notice I don't have taming of animals on survival at all. No spell in the book. None in any new levels? is this correct. Because in bm I have taming but no beast lore. Beast lore only in survival. Is this normal or something wrong. In marks I have both. which makes no sense to me. thank youGutjob2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Steady aim not working? How do you track if steady aim is stacking? I got pauldrons with stead aim trait selected, but when i spam steady shot 5x, then aim shot, my aimed shot dmg doesn't increase..Marionette1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Survival Mongoose Bite rotation With full focus outside of lust/hero windows, what kind of rotation are you doing of monoose bite and kill command to get the most 5 stack mongoose bites in? I've been doing mb mb mb kc kc mb mb then alternate between kc and mb, but I'm only getting 1-2 strike in. Any suggestions to cram more in there?Nemesîs6 Nov 10
Nov 9 Darkmoon Deck Fathoms Looking for opinions on this trinket. Icy Veins shows it as best in slot. I will be raiding Normal Uldir for the next several weeks at least so I may not see an upgrade if I were to acquire this trinket for a while. Currently on my server the trinket goes for 175k. Raidbots shows this trinket as a 3% upgrade for me. How have your experiences been using this trinket. Is it worth the cost? Thank you for your time.Kotex6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Hunters Leveling this hunter is a blast. I love changing pets. I love going survival and tearing things up in melee/range and bursting hard. I love going BM and playing with the raid boss Thok As my pet. The Tmogs are decent. I like how as survival there are 2 legitimate builds with talents and traits. On my rogue there’s a cookie cutter build. Makes it easy but boring. Doing skirms is so fun as Surv. I feel like a troll sometimes lol. My last skirmish was like this: Warrior charges in. I tar trap disengage. he charges again. I maim and I net him. i sprint away. he charges again just to run into my explosive bomb. He gets knocked back. All while I’m smacking him with ranged mongoose and pet knocking him down. he decides to burst? Net, frozen trap. Oh he trinks, i turtle. !@#$ is fun yo.Chiptheripa1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Growl Be honoest, how many of you intentionally leave it on out of spite?Abhimanyu5 Nov 9
Nov 9 Pack Alpha bugged ? Got curious and switched to the talent animal companion now that I have two pieces of it on gear. 426 + 426 = 852 increased auto attack damage for the main pet while using animal companion ? However while sicking them on a target dummy both pets are attacking for 657 a piece, the main pet does just as much as the second pet. Is this working as intended or am I just stupid lol? Sorry for your time.Nohomobro4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Silver cobra tame For any ally who would like to tame the silver cobra pet that only spawns from a horde quest, I have a horde toon that can help out with it. This pet here: Just send me a message and we'll see if we can get together for it.Jazzimus12 Nov 9
Nov 9 Please.. make MM great again I read the patch notes for MM in 8.1 and it's a STEP into making MM somewhat great again. I wish it was a LEAP though. Marked shot should have never been taken out the game. Rapid fire is a weak attack and just overall fail. We were better off keeping marked shot. Also it shouldn't take 10000 years to cast aimed shot & a 3 min wait for trueshot when SV & BM CD is a whole minute lower............ Like really who said that was a good idea? We didn't ask to be a freaking sniper class. We need MORE mobility in PVE/PVP like in legion.Frista23 Nov 9
Nov 9 Turtle shell is a lie Was doing wintergrasp just messing around, was getting hit by a cannon, hit my shell, it didn’t deflect anythingYazsnargae3 Nov 9
Nov 8 Multiple Feign deaths? I've started seeing various hunters in bgs somehow pull off multiple feign deaths in a very low time span. Is there an azurite bonus that affects the cd or what?Solva3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Pack Alpha Removed? Can't find it on the PTR at all. Seems Dire Consequences might have replaced it?Gunshy1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Aimed shot is the issue with MM Aimed shot is tied to too many modifiers/procs. It makes the spec unreliable. It completely breaks MM's ability to burst specific amounts with timing. Most of the time you will get half decent procs, a large minority of the time you will get horrible procs and a small minority of the time you will get godly procs. Aimed shot varries from 30k-100k crit damage with my spec and gear. That is ABSURD! At least I can keep rolling the dice on my rogue :''( What I want to add is that if aimed shot had reliable damage, people would complain less about wanting to cast while moving. People would feel less terrible about standing still and casting aimed shot if when they did, it mattered.Insanium11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Vudoh question if anyone uses it. Quick question, is there a way to target people with left click and cast mend pet if you click your pet?Tortu1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Hunter dps So I’m currently playing my BM hunter and he is item lvl 335 and I’m doing around 8-9k on average sometimes dips around 7k. In the beginning of a fight I hit around 10k. I attached my raidbot sim to see if anyone can help me with this in case I’m doing something wrong. I know when I level my gear up it should be a lot higher but at the moment is my dps where it should be. Usually in raids I’m normally around 6-7 in dps rank out of 25 people but it jumps around all the time I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m seeing people stay consistent 1-4 in dps all the time but I go from 5-12 bouncing back and forth is that normal? I have 2 +40 gems for haste on 2 of my items. My crit is 21% mastery is 32% and haste is 11% Nov 8
Nov 8 Beast mastery dps So I’m currently playing my BM hunter and he is item lvl 335 and I’m doing around 8-9k on average sometimes dips around 7k. In the beginning of a fight I hit around 10k. I know when I level my gear up it should be a lot higher but at the moment is my dps where it should be. Usually in raids I’m normally around 6-7 in dps rank out of 25 people but it jumps around all the time I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m seeing people stay consistent 1-4 in dps all the time but I go from 5-12 bouncing back and forth is that normal? I have 2 +40 gems for haste on 2 of my items. My crit is 21% mastery is 32% and haste is 11% Nov 8
Nov 8 Pet PvP Confusion Have you guys tried this yet? It only works in random BG's with !@#$% obviously, but it's still fun. Use animal companion talent and have two Pterrordaxs out. They are very large and the companion one will fly. The flying one totally obstructs vision of those it is attacking or people trying to target you. Take it one step further and name both of your pets the same name as your toon. Then summon a large battle pet like Etheral Soul Trader and change his name to yours as well. When I feign death, if I am in pvp 1v1 they enemy always has a rough time targetting it seems as they are always wailing on my pet instead of me lol.Alerka0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Literally only one fix needed Just make it so Aimed shot can be cast while moving and you've fixed the whole entire spec. Come on.....Squeaktoy12 Nov 8
Nov 8 Binding Shot glitch? Hi all, So not sure if this is a blue post or what, but wanted to see if other people have seen this pop up. A few hunters I have talked to have said that they have no idea or they have seen the issue as well. So here's the official wording - "Fires a magical projectile, tethering the enemy and any other enemies within 5 yards for 10 sec, rooting them in place for 5 sec if they move more than 5 yards from the arrow." Now I have seen, time and time again, when a mob is pulled out of the "circle" they aren't just rooted, but in fact are stunned. I've seen mobs not cast anything, not attack, just stand still when they get pulled out of that circle. Other hunters have seen similar things when somebody does something like a typhoon or something similar to knock the mobs out of the circle - again, stunned. So my question is - if a mob is pulled out of the circle, is it a root or a stun?Hornreaper1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Just picked up a spear... some questions Hey guys. Just got a couple questions from a relative survival newb. I leveled a bit as Surv but went back to BM (which i've been for many, many years on my nelf) as i got near the cap. This is my only 120 so far so i've been focusing on getting the questing achievements, rep, etc. out of the way on her (hence why she is only 341 so far). Anyway, i've had a 340 bow from warfronts for awhile but was never able to get a good spear to try out surv again (i hear good things). Today, the emissary gave me a 340 spear so... lets give it a shot. I'm enjoying the change in pace really (new things are fun :)) and the spec definitely feels decent. I've read icy veins and am working on my rotations etc. So... just a few questions... mostly talent based lol. I'm seeing two builds ahead of me... and i'm curious on thoughts for my game play (think: open world, 5 mans, lower mythic and LFR). 1: poison build - Viper's Venom, hydra bite and tip of the spear. Aoe poison darts that reset and get stronger on raptor hits. Kinda fun. Tip of the spear is there because mongoose feels more... focus starved (more on that in minute) so it is a more passive option. 2: Bomb build. - Title is misleading because it is less focused but still interesting. - Alpha predator, guerilla tactics, mongoose bite - More (and stronger) kill commands feeding more focus so more mongoose bite spam. Guerilla tactics takes over for the aoe loss from the above build (and feeds into the fact that i love wildfire infusion regardless of build lol). Looking for any tips between the two :) and as an aside: Murder of Crows vs. Bloodseeker. - As BM i'm mostly used to Murder... but bloodseeker looks interesting too. Just looking at tips :) ty guys. This should be fun to dabble with :)Skysapphire1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Command pet? Is it by default on my pets action bar or do I need to keep it on my own action bar?Störmblëssed0 Nov 8
Nov 8 BM hunter now part of bottom DPS Blizzard nerfs us on first week of heroic uldir and now here we are. I still don't get why Blizzard nerfed BM hunters so quickly. It has always been said that BM is great at the start and scales poorly and now it shows. I thought Blizzard had metrics or their own simulations to figure this out but guess I put too much faith in them to get it right.Videre70 Nov 8
Nov 8 Anyone else feeling a DPS loss this week? Mythic + dps in dungeons is down 2 - 3k ... Simulation is showing 800-900 dps less.... Did I miss a nerf, stealth nerf, change? My gear hasn't changed in 3 weeks and I'm at a loss.Cömanche17 Nov 8
Nov 7 BM Hunter PvP: Am I playing it wrong? Hello fellow hunters, I'm a BM Hunter. Only played MM when leveling until 80 or so then changed to BM and never switched back. Never tried Survival, I feel I'm not that good of a melee player. Recently I started playing some Arenas with some friends. Even though I'm just starting, I really feel like my DPS isn't there. My gear isn't the greatest but it's okay in my opinion. I would like to ask firstly what traits should I have. ATM in my Arenas gear I have 2 Feeding Frenzy and 1 Archive of the Titans. It's the best I could get in 370 gear at least. The thing is I have no burst at all, maybe that's not the point of BM, but how am I supposed to kill people in 2's? Should I try and learn Survival? Is it really that better? I'm really disappointed because even though I know I can improve a lot of things, sometimes I feel like I'm doing things right but also losing because of the lack of dps. Thanks a lot for any tips and help.Lithium14 Nov 7
Nov 7 Stable Slots Needed I know there has been several postings over about stable slots. How many does it take to get stable slots. Why cant blizzard setup the stables like the mounts, toys, and battle pets? I want to go pet hunting for rares and elites. I have no room at all in my stables for long time. I want to have fun playing WOW.Lunamaria0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Current state of BM PvP in all forms Rant inc, with the multiple nerfs to BM damage the only place I find success over playing survival is dueling/WPvP and that's only with kiting and eating when the opponent is CC'd. The damage is simply too low I feel like (might be because gearing? feel free to correct me if it is) bestial wrath can be outhealed by many classes fairly easily unless I pop everything with it.. had a DH take about 70k off my health in eyebeam opener, then live through full burst (dire beast, BW, trinket, 2x AotW trait) and come out with more health.. half the time I'll maxrange a fury warrior or ret pally and can't dent their health because our sustain took a big hit..frustrating Can we hope to see any changes to BM damage in 8.1? I have heard they're not too hot in PvE either..Kiteflyer18 Nov 7
Nov 7 Another new ptr build Sniper shot still doesn't work. Priests new greater pyroheal works though. !@#$ this game. How can we test this crap this hasnt worked on any ptr patch.Mofuggaz0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Intimidation Mechanics Really Wonky? Hey all, I just switched to hunter and have been really enjoying survival quite a bit. However, I have one thing I don't really get, which would be intimidation. I've done a little bit of testing with it and I've found a few things: 1) If you use intimidation when your pet is attacking a target, it gets stunned. Thats all good. 2) If I use my macro /petattack /cast intimidation on a target that my pet is not attacking, two things can happen. Either A) my target is close enough to my pets target and my target is stunned or B) my target is farther than like 5 feet and my pets target gets stunned. Even if i wait a second for my pet to start targeting the new target and run over if I press intimidation too quickly and my pet is closer to its old target than my target, the old target gets stunned. This seems weird and bad. Am I misunderstanding something or is there a good macro to fix this nonsense? Thanks.Grumpff7 Nov 7
Nov 6 Reason(s) Why We Need Old Survival Cus I want it.Puunjii53 Nov 6
Nov 6 Was there a single ranged hunter at blizzcon? Didn't see any if the pvp tourney don't think I saw one in the mythic+ thing either. FeelsbadmanMofuggaz6 Nov 6
Nov 6 How are survival hunters right now? I have been leveling a hunter up for quite sometimes now.Feelzbrah70 Nov 6
Nov 6 Why do you like Survival in PvP? Just hit 120 on my alt hunter and trying out survival. Everyone on here says "they are loving survival" or some version of that. I'm curious what your favorite thing is about it? Being melee, you are usually up front and get blown up pretty fast before you can blow your burst. And you can't do much without your 2min cd of coordinated assault. Even with it, it's just a spam fest of mongoose+KA lots of small dmg instead of doing big D damage like warriors' mortal strike. I love bandages and net, but being in melee more than offsets that. Am I missing something?Murusc11 Nov 6
Nov 6 Coolest Dino Tames Are there any named or unique Dino BFA pets that are tamable? I just got the dinomancy tome from MoP but was having trouble finding any unique/named to tame.Grimthar4 Nov 6
Nov 6 I feel like I can't kill anyone BM PVP Do I just suck on my hunter? I can't drop healers past 3/4 health blowing all my cd's, my pet hits like a wet noodle too, any tips?Jubilees7 Nov 6
Nov 6 MM in casual PvP How exactly does Marksmanship fare in open world PvP and casual battlegrounds? I often hear people talk about how bad it is in PvP, but most of the people talking about PvP are doing so in the context of arenas in the higher ratings. Being a fairly casual player myself, I may jump some people in the open world or queue up for a BG if I'm in the mood, but I have no intention of doing it on a "serious" level. Will I have a good time as a MM hunter, or is it just so bad that nobody can win with it?Calderon15 Nov 6
Nov 6 Squishy I feel very squishy in arenas. Any tips on what I could be doing wrong? ThanksLilshotz1 Nov 6
Nov 5 What is the state of Hunters right now? Im a returning player who is leveling a hunter as a main... before I start getting used to a rotation through the leveling experience Im wondering what the state of the class is. anything i should look out for, any specs vastly out preforming the other? I mostly solo but I would join groups once I get leveled and geared. I dont do instanced PvP often but I do enjoy world PvP quite a bit. Just interested really in hearing the masters of the classes opinions on its current state.Wildhardt3 Nov 5
Nov 5 BfA Tameable Pets ... *Confused* I was leveling in Tiragarde Sound and I wanted to start using a local pet. I had a quest to kill Boars so I Dismiss my legion pet and Tame.... "Not Tameable" flashes up! What its a A BOAR, not a rare not an elite, its A BOAR! So whatever I kill it and move on. On the other side of the river I have a quest in the middle of a pack of grizzly bears, dismiss .. Tame .. You guessed it! "Not Tameable". So did the Tameable guy at Blizz quite or what!??Travelerr13 Nov 5
Nov 5 Pets appearing at 80% Health My Arcturis Spirit Beast is appearing at 80% Health EVERY time that I summon it. It has not dots, poisons, etc on it. This is happening on both of my Hunters. Anyone else having the same issues?Kesash3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Survival Hunter or Outlaw Rogue? I love the look and feel of both. I am not a fan of the ranged hunter specs and on rogue Sub appeals to me but I prefer Outlaw. As a hunter I like collecting pets and the ability to solo lots of content. As Outlaw I am not a fan of roll the bones but I love slice n dice and stealth is a really fun mechanic for me. I love the grappling hooks both use but rogue has an arguably better one. My friends want to run mythic + as a monk tank and healer so I'm thinking rogue would help with gearing and the overall utility of the group. My friends are only on with me occasionally though and don't care what I play. I plan on doing RBGS and Arena, raiding doesn't appeal to me a whole lot but I've never really tried it to know. As far as skill goes I find hunter easier to play effectively but I'm sure with practice I could handle rogue. I really don't have the time to play two toons so is anyone able to sway me one way or another? Edit: I'm posting this in both class forums.Ðyne16 Nov 5