1d Hunter Macro Guide **5.1 Edit* It seems that with the Launch of MoP there is considerably less need for macros, less weird bugs/game design issues that made macros a necessity as opposed to just a nice to have. But I just wanted to tidy up and update this guide a bit with the stuff that I still find useful. ******************************************************************************************************************* The purpose of this guide is to list hunter class related macros that I use and that have been found useful by others. This is a mix of both PvE and PvP macros and how you choose to utilise them is up to you. Furthermore, I am hopeful that if a specific macro you require is not included, you will be able to deconstruct the macros in this thread to create something for your specific requirements. Most of the commands are easy to adapt and only require some logical thinking. ****DICSLAIMER**** THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE WERE NOT CREATED BY ME. IF I AM ABLE TO, I WILL PUT A BRIEF ATTRIBUTION NOTE NEXT TO THEM BUT NO PROMISES, SO DO NOT HATE, PARTICIPATE. Also, just keep in mind that this guide is aimed at people who are not overly familiar with macros or people who have never used macros at all. It does not contain any ground breaking information or some amazing macroing sKeElZ. What are these macros you are talking about, good Sir??!! Essentially macros allow you to perform several actions at once, in other words macros are good for automating certain aspects of the game. However, you cannot macro together abilities that are both on the Global Cooldown - the 1 second window where your buttons become shaded out after casting an ability - nor can you have complex conditionals as in, if Hunter's Mark is still up cast Serpent Sting; otherwise cast Hunter's Mark. WoW macros are designed to assist your gameplay, not automate it To make a macro type in /macro or click on the macro button in the main menu. Copy paste the text I included in the guide into the boxes. Then drag the button from the macro menu onto your action bar. A basic macro that you can try to start out using macros is something like #showtooltip Hunter's Mark /cast Hunter's Mark /petattack this will cast hunter's mark on the target and send your pet to attack it. Leave the icon as the red "?" and it will change into the ability icon based on what your write at the start of the macro. --- Misc Things Just a brief explanation of some of the commands used in various macros, if you are not interested, you can just skip to the next section. *** /use 10 – is an Engineer only (or for somebody else who can have an on-use effect on their gloves) command that uses the glove tinker. ( *** If you are interested in using item slot IDs in macros you can find the IDs at Useful for rocket boots or on-use PvP Trinkets, meaning that you do not have to update your keybind/macro and it will work with any season PvP trinket or belt. *** /stopcasting /stopcasting For some reason hunters require two of these commands in their macros. This command is mainly used for interrupting the cast of Steady/Cobra Shots, so it is a good idea to include it in all of your instant spell macros. *** /cancelaura – cancels any named auras aka buffs that you currently have on you. The macros below use it to break hand of protection and deterrence but it can be used to cancel any named buff, eg Bladestorm. *** #showtooltip – displays the ability tooltip and also the icon if you leave the macro picture as the red “?” symbol. *** /use is the same as /cast and will use an ability or an item. *** As you will see some of my macros utilise modifier keys. Depending on how I have the ability keybound I use different modifiers. Modifier commands available are [mod:alt] | [mod:ctrl] | [mod:shift] I trust the above are self-explanatory. [nomod] and [mod] [nomod] is a conditional command used if you want something to be cast when no modifier key is pressed and [mod] is the reverse, meaning whenever you press any of the three modifiers it will use that instead. General Hunter Macros #showtooltip Track Humanoids /run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes() do local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo(i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return SetTracking(i, not active) end end An absolutely brilliant macro that allows you to switch between different types of tracking via a keybind again. This one turns Track Humanoids on and off. #showtooltip /cast [flyable] Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher; [noflyable] Venomhide Ravasaur This is my mount macro. I guess a macro like this is nowhere near as useful as it used to be now that we can fly around Azeroth, but it still comes in handy. Replace the Icebound drake with your flying mount and Venomhide with your ground mount. /click ExtraActionButton1 This will click the big button that appears on your screen during certain raid encounters, quests etc. I prefer this method to having to use my mouse to click the button. /console set cameradistancemaxfactor "7" This command roughly doubles your camera zoom out distance. #showtooltip Misdirection /cancelaura Misdirection /use [@focus, raid][@mouseover, raid][@pet, nodead][]Misdirection /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); /stopmacro [@focus, nohelp] /e Strlder has cast Misdirection on %f! (Source: ). This macro casts misdirection on your focus if a focus is set, if no focus exists, it will cast it on your pet or mouse over. Great for soloing or raiding. #showtooltip Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Furious Howl(Special Ability) /use [pet, nodead] Roar of Courage(Special Ability) /use [pet, exists] Heart of the Phoenix(Ferocity Ability) /use [nopet] Call Pet 2 You can do multiple things with a macro like this. It is obviously a pet dismiss macro, but you can also use it to precast various pet buffs in arena (whilst dismissing it in the same time), instantly summon your pet of choice and use it to cast heart of the phoenix if your pet dies.Strlder277 1d
18h Hunter and Pet - Soloing Guide Updated 7.15 Hello everyone! Today I’d like to make a detailed thread here to help anyone who’s interested in soloing content, this goes for those who are new to it and veterans soloers! With that said, please keep in mind that this guide will not go into great detail for individual encounters, it is intended to help those who are looking for ideas on how to defeat certain content alone. Also, if anything stated in this guide seems wrong or needs editing, please feel free to say so! So with that said, let’s get started! Contents! 1) Hunter’s Pet 2) Specialization\ 3) Talents 4) Flasks, Items, and Various Stat Allocations 5) Rotations. Macros, Videos, and Play Styles. ----------- Hunter’s Pet ------------ As someone who wishes to solo content, the first thing you need to take a serious look at is your pet as well as your pet’s spec! This is about as important, if not more important than your own spec when it comes to soloing content. Let’s take a quick overview of the pet specs. Ferocity – The damage dealing spec. Tenacity – The tanking spec. Cunning – The utility spec Ferocity In Terms of Soloing – Ferocity is rarely used for any 5 man, 5 man heroic, or raid tier content in terms of soloing. For any questing purposes, ferocity works great for making mobs die faster and will be tank enough just like the other two specs to handle any incoming damage. With that said, I have seen for very difficult fights (fights that are pushing the extreme limits to the hunter class) ferocity pets used for their Heart of the Phoenix ability. With that said, I would not recommend using a ferocity spec pet outside of questing. Tenacity In Terms of Soloing – Tenacity is the go to spec for soloing purposes. The reason for this is because tenacity spec’d pets are the only ones who are crit immune, they receive extra healing from the hunter, have the most armor and health, as well as having Last Stand for defensive purposes. For questing it may make things a bit slower, so I’d recommend using a Ferocity of even a cunning pet unless the quest mobs are doing serious damage to your pet. For any 5 man, heroic 5 man, or raid content, tenacity spec’d pets will and should almost always be your pet’s spec of choice. Simply put, your pet will take too much damage to tank for you otherwise. Cunning Pets in Terms of Soloing – I personally have not seen many cunning pets used for soloing purposes. They will work fine for any quest related soloing content, however I’ve never seen one used to push the limits of the class nor have I seen one used effectively for general soloing needs. With that said, cunning pets are the only one with Roar of Sacrifice, so I’m sure there will be a point where someone finds enough use out of a cunning pet simply for that ability to push a soloing fight to the extreme. With that said, I would not recommend a cunning pet for most soloing purposes. Now that we’ve gone over each of the specs a bit, let’s talk about your actual pet. With so many pets out there, it’s hard to choose sometimes right? So I’ll briefly talk about which pets are typically going to be your go to pet. The Spirit Beast (BM only) – A tenacity spec’d Spirit Beast easily makes for one of the best pet picks out there for a BM hunter. These hard to find beasts will have access to Spirit Mend which can be used to heal either yourself or your pet. Spirit Beasts - Spirit Beasts are a good choice for fights that will involve a lot of damage to the Hunter but NOT your pet. They will be tanky enough for most fights, however they will not be able to endure tank heavy fights. The Turtle / Beetle / Shale Spider / Basilisk / Crab – A pet from any of these families is easily one of the best choices for soloing purposes. Simply put, each of these pets have an ability to reduce all damage done to them by 50% for 12 seconds on a one minute CD. Any of these pets are by far the best tanking pet for any hunter who is not BM. They are also the best pet for BM hunters for any heavy damage fights for your tank (your pet!). Qullien / Clefthooves - These two are both beast mastery only pets and should be consider. I don't recommend them as much as any of the pets with the 50% damage reduction, however their ability is also good, especially if you are new to soloing. Upon hitting 40% health a clefthoof will take 50% reduced damage for the next twelve seconds. A quillen is similar, however the damage reduction is only 30% for 8 seconds but it will also heal the quillen for 3% of its health every second for the full duration of the ability totaling to a 24% health regen. These two are easier to use as you don't have to worry about their abilities since they are passive, however their abilities are also on two minute cool downs and cannot be actively used by the hunter. Foxes and Monkeys - Both foxes ans monkeys have an ability to increase their dodge chance by 30% for 10 seconds. They would possibly be a stronger option however this ability is also on a two minute cool down which makes them a weaker choice. Still, being able to potentially avoid damage for a short period of time should be an option to consider. Other Pets – Sadly, most other pets just don't have what it takes to survive very long in dungeon or raid content. Making Effective Use of Other Pets - While many of the other pets will not be used so much when it comes down to tanking or damage purposes for soloing, it is still a good idea to keep some of these other pets with you. The reason for this is so before you begin a difficult encounter, you can quickly summon these pets, use their buffs and dismiss them in favor of your tanking pet. This on average can give you about 50 seconds or more of extra stats at the start of a fight. Keep this in mind if you're working hard on an encounter, and you're close but you just don't quite have the damage. This will most likely make up that difference. For more information about the other pets that you might find useful for your soloing needs, check out --------------- Specialization ------------------ So let’s talk about the hunter finally! Let’s go over the spec’s very briefly. Beast Mastery (BM) – This spec focuses on giving your pet more damage and threat in terms of soloing. BM also lowers the cool downs for your pet’s abilities than that of the other two specs. BM however lacks any self heals outside of your artifact traits unless you choose to use a spirit beast. Overall, a BM hunter is an excellent choice for soloing. Marksmanship (MM) – This spec focuses mostly on the hunter doing damage through his or her ranged attacks. MM has in the past been the default soloing spec however due to its extreme emphasis on the hunter, with almost zero focus on their pets as well lacking any threat generation for their pet, MM become the weakest spec to try and solo as. Survival (Surv) – Surv as of Legion is the first true melee spec for hunters. Surv can have good results for soloing world quests / various world content no problem. However surv does not bring many survival tools for your pet or yourself. In addition it lacks any way to hold thread on a target that cannot be effected by your pet’s growl. Surv’s reliance on Flanking Strike can become incredibly difficult and often dangerous to the hunter to maintain. In addition, due to survival's strict rotation and talent choices, dps will take a heavy blow if you wish to solo properly as surv. The main benefit to survival however is the self healing made possible through raptor strike (more on that later) and their passive ability survivalist. The spec you choose to play and solo as is of course, up to you. However, I’ve found that the hunter spec should and will vary depending on the type of content you’re doing, as well as specific boss encounters. So keep in mind each spec’s strengths and weaknesses when deciding which type of content you plan to solo.Lazyguide32 18h
Sep 18 Workaround to greyed out action bar issue. For anyone who has had the greyed out action bar issue on your hunter I found out that it may be related to certain pets. Apparently any pets that have the ability to stealth, when they go into stealth it causes a bug that is causing your action bars to grey out as if on cool down. If you change pets in go to one that doesn't stealth, the skills reappear off cool down and the issue should not return. Have tested on my wife's hunter with a non stealth pet and has not had bars grey out on her in 5 hours. Possibly stealth related issue.Akheela52 Sep 18
Sep 9 Hunter PvP Guide [Legion Updates in Progress] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.0 Legion Hunter PvP Guide [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Challenger Qualk here with the fourth installment of my Hunter PvP Guide series, The Legion Hunter PvP Guide. Some of the things in here will be copied from my old guides (what is still relevant) but most of it is going to be newly written. As always, please respond with constructive criticism and let me know if you disagree with anything or I missed anything. I hope this is just as useful to everyone as my last guide was! Table of Contents: I. What’s new in 7.0? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] II. General Rules and Tips [UPDATED FOR LEGION (Marks only)] III. Talents [UPDATED FOR LEGION(Marks only)] IV. Pets [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] V. Gearing Up [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VI.Enchants and Stat Priority [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VII. Macros [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] VIII. Arenas [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] IX. Addons [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] X.Random Tips and Tricks [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XI. Works Cited, Helpful Links [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XII. A Hunter's Guide to Fighting Demon Hunters [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XIII. Class Specific Strategies [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] XIV. Qualk's RP storyQualk300 Sep 9
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Hunters: Please Read! Welcome to the Hunter forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the hunter class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
12m Im enjoying Hunter I'm currently leveling as MM and I have to say its a fun playstyle Idk what the complaint is about? Its kinda of saddening to come to the hunter forums and see everyone QQing about the class, but then again its the same on every class forums but thankfully the people on these forums that are QQing about the class make up a small portion and there are people out there just enjoying the class and don't have to come here to cry. However, I do have to say I'm enjoying my time leveling this hunter. I mained it in MOP and it was okay I enjoyed cata hunter more when I first leveled a fresh hunter to 85, and right now its cool I cant wait to hit 110 b/c I have a full set of unsullied gear. I kind of wish there was some positivity around here but I guess that's wishful thinking. Anyways, ill go ahead and end my rant with a favor, those of you who enjoy the class mind just giving me some tips for when I reach max level? I know where to go I'm talking about like avoiding common mistakes hunters make and also some pvp advice would be nice. Thank you =pXremo21 12m
24m Stable Slots Full Stable Full... I am not deleting any more of my hard earned pets. No matter what new pets are introduced, unless we get the long overdue stable slot expansion I'm not taming.Threewolves17 24m
46m Another ARE YOU KIDDING ME Legendary Rant Listen. LISTEN PLEASE, SOMEONE AT BLIZZ PLEASE TAKE NOTE. We wait, we grind, we keep going and going in hopes of getting a BiS. We keep going, and going, and going. This is stupid. This has gone from being tolerable to killing the game for me. Ive gotten literally every single legendary available to MM hunter (EXCEPT TWO), have played it since release (Vanilla) and of course since Legion dropped as well, and this is so stupid. Why oh why would I get every single MM legendary, including the cross overs, before I could ever get the gloves or the ring? No, I'm mired in mediocrity continuously wondering how fun it would be with either of those legendaries for months upon months now. Why cant we just pick one after getting 10? Like... get a list we can grab from? This is beyond absurd. I hate this game. Getting Zevrims, Celerity, and then Shadow Hunter's Mask back to back to back really took the wind out of my sails. Screw you all, screw your "rng works" because it clearly ostracizes people and creates anxious and angry players, obviously. You'd think this have been addressed already, and yet I feel every day like Sisyphus - that boulder crushed this guy's spirits.Grundletime12 46m
3h ELE Sham is Everything I wish MM was. 15 second disengage Baseline knock back (that isn't buggy) Great mobility Insanely fun play style of instant casts Dmg with ice fury and storekeeper and very very high proc rate of lava burst Much higher than lock and load Multiple spells and ways of doing dmg Other than just hit sidewinders spam AS Lots of utility stuns,roots,slows,hex,purge,dispel off heals Has pets All in all it has ALOT Of buttons and doesn't feel over pruned like MM. I'm having insane amounts of fun playing my ELE but fantasy wise I miss my Hunter i wish the devs could give us more of this play style. Make MM fun and rewarding againSürval18 3h
4h What is the best early level BM pet? First time playing a hunter and was wondering what the best earlier level pet is to have. Right now i've got the bear instead of the wolf and it seems to be a lot better, but are there any other good choices?Ganzwolf12 4h
5h Surv Hunter Stat Priority There is conflicting information between wowhead and icy-viens for what stats are best for surv hunter. For someone more casual and doesn't want to keep checking simulators, what are the general stat priorities for surv hunters?Ebbnflow8 5h
5h Rate that Transmog (For Hunters) I'll start it up. Rate the transmog of the person above you. 1 to 10Braesh462 5h
6h To All Hunters: Stand Proud Right now the class is amidst a pretty rotten mess. That much is rather clear. Our "Fantasy" is alien, our specs are ostracized, and our voices feel silent. But don't give up yet. Stand proud for not giving up on your class, even when it feels like Blizzard did. Keep fighting guys.Chestius66 6h
6h Is MM really that hard? I keep seeing people talk about how difficult it is to perform a peak efficiency as MM. As someone who has never played a hunter at current tier, whats the deal? Is it really that demanding?Headthrash48 6h
8h Soloing Mythic Hymdall advice So I'm going to start by saying Hunter is not my main, I'm not the best hunter in the world but not really bad or anything. I wanted to tame Fenryr while it's still current as a personal challenge for myself, as I was getting bored of my main. That being said I can not get passed the first boss. I keep mend pet up every time it comes off CD and misdirect every time it's off CD but my pet can not seem to keep aggro. I've tried both Corehound and my Turtle and while I notice most people use Corehounds for lust mine seems squishy and my turtle does better. But it will still drop aggro, that is the biggest thing killing me right now. Both pets are in tenacity spec. The lightening does kill me sometimes but I feel like I got that down fairly well. In fact usually when I die to lightening it's because my pet has lost aggro and I can't escape both things. I also understand I don't have the best legendaries for this but.. Whathca gonna do? I only got my first legendary today even though I've been playing this toon like non stop for quite awhile. Any advice on talents, pets etc etc I'd greatly appreciate.Kogen3 8h
9h 4th Annual WHU Hunter Meetup @ Blizzcon! Bruh..its so close...cant wait for the..... 4th Annual Hunter Meet-up @ Blizzcon 2017! This year, not only do you get to see all of the beautiful faces of the hunter community, but as an added bonus, we will also have freebies including Lanyards and FIDGET SPINNERZ! ***We will be hosting the Hunter Meet-up @ the Hilton behind the elevators where we were for the 1st and 2nd Meet-up aka extremely close to the bar :) on 11/2/2017 11PM --Until !!!!!*** I can add those attending to the Google Doc, just send me a message on twitter @msmologan . I do have the sheet locked to protect its integrity, thanks for understanding! Name: Character Name: Guild: Faction: Region: See you all there!!Föxy1 9h
9h Survival as ranged for 8.0 TLDR: make survival ranged again (dots + traps) If blizzard wants to redeem themselves for what they did to hunters and convince me to start playing again they should just scrap the entire idea of a melee 'hunter' for survival at least, and make it a ranged spec that deals with poisons and traps again, that's the way it should be. The whole idea of having a melee hunter frustrates me dearly, and I do not want to play marksman even though it used to be another viable long ranged class. I will not speak for Beast Mastery as I have never been a fan of it, but if Blizzard really wants to go with the melee style, why not make BM melee or at least close range? It makes more sense than making survival melee. To recap, Legion has been a very disappointing time for dedicated hunters in the past, Blizzard can make things right for us in upcoming expansion.Sabron50 9h
14h Windburst use? When exactly should I be using Windburst? Just on CD, no other considerations? Or is there more to it?Zarynjyn1 14h
18h Some help 1.) I went all the wayway from argus to ashenvale for some fungus for my pet food. Then I feed it and it says "the food is low level for your pet". Is there any " high level" fungus I can buy? 2.) Also , I had the shadow hunters mask drop and wanted a mog hat suits it. Any tips? Ty in advance:)Handanor5 18h
19h 50% heal I'm surprised I don't see more Draenei hunters around. Gift of the Naaru + Exhilaration = 50% (30% immediate, 20% in 5 seconds). Use this and feign death in PvP and you'll heal yourself up without getting hit for a few seconds. It's really neat. I use a macro which does (Gift of the Naaru + Exhilaration + Roar of Sacrifice) for a 50% heal, crit immunity and 20% dps absorption to me pet.Lucciono12 19h
19h How did Survival turn out? I haven't played since the first month of launch. Good for anything? Gimmick?Codeblocks123 19h
22h Does hunter have these things? I have been informed that the class I would probably most enjoy is Hunter because it is like bards in other games. Even after reading some online info, I still haven't really found answers to if Hunter has what I am looking for, so I had a few questions. 1. I hear that Hunter has battle rez and heroism through pets. Is this correct? How difficult are those pets to acquire? 2. How are your movement abilities, run speed buffs, etc? 3. I hear survival is very difficult. Is this still true? I think that's is. Thanks for any insight.Rylen18 22h
23h HCT LXIV: Infiltration Complete Assuming direct control.Firekatkid264 23h
23h Current DPS maximization So I've been attempting to sim myself as high as possible using multiple simulation programs and addons while referencing forums. My first problem is that all guides point to the t19 2-set which is no longer a 50% increase to dire beast/stomp damage and is a 10% main pet damage increase, effectively nerfing the massive benefit it provides to the zoo build. The problem here is that ALL FORUMS are referencing this bonus to this day. Even current forums are referencing the previous benefit that changed around 7.2.5 and now provides a benefit to DF as well and I haven't seen one reference to what were applied to the talents (if any) after the change either. I'd like to know what effects and changes have been applied to these talents, if any, because the stomp build is currently simming higher than it should be compared to frenzy even with my 118% mastery/ 30% crit. My stat weights are currently a little bit off as haste is my number 2 no matter what I go for but I misunderstood the guides at first and have gone crit/mast above all else. Currently working on fixing this once my ilvl raises a bit and I can get some more consistent simulations or advice. Overall the difference is about 30k between builds, but stomps burst without cooldowns is more consistent. With 2 or more targets stomp wins. Before the "L2P!" crowd comes in, these are simulations. Also in actual play synchronizing cooldowns is simple and I don't screw that up either... this is beast mastery after all. We're about as hard to play as vanilla fire mages.Khaoti11 23h
23h I LOVE MY melee Hunter. The best thing Blizzard has ever done for this class is bring a real ranger style swordsmen spec to the Hunter class.Argosy17 23h
1d BM/MM in 7.3.5 and Beyond! Hi, I have really enjoyed leveling this hunter in legion. But I am conflicted about focusing on MM or BM come Antorus. I want to be able to do some mythic raiding if possible and want to make sure I am doing the best I can. So MM or BM? BM - I enjoy the tankiness of the spec in open world combat. I feel like I can handle anything. That said I find the rotation slows down on longer ST fights where sometimes I feel like I am just waiting. Hati as a second pet is fun and the mobility is great. MM - Love having something to hit every GCD. I enjoy that Aimed shots with vulnerable on feel like strong hits. This spec sims higher dps. However I play hunter partially for pets. Some of which throughout my career I put a lot of effort into getting like Skoll/Loque. Also concerned if MM can handle open world Argus easily. I played a frost mage before and Argus Elites were no joke. So for someone doing Heroic/Dash of potential mythic raiding along with M+. What spec would you recommend to focus on? Note I never plan to pvp :)Greyborn14 1d
1d BM spec for 7.3.2 Just curious if anything is on the horizon for BM for 7.3.2 as far as bringing our "potential" dps in line with most other classes?? I'm seriously considering changing to MM because of the significant difference in output potential between BM and MM... but should something happen to BM in the next patch, I'd rather stay in my current spec. I've been racking my brain... running sim after sim, trying to improve my dps but I feel I've hit a wall...Moonsindar25 1d
1d Call Pet Macro I'm looking for a simple macro to make it easier to call pets, lets say using "c" calls a pet, using Shift-C calls another pet, and Ctrl-C Calls another one. All different pets, but in one macro. Is this do-able? Thanks.Zeds5 1d
1d Play Dead macro? Hey guys just came back to WoW (stopped at start of nighthold). But I'm recreating all my macros because I uninstalled and deleted WoW. Everything is working except my FD macro with Play Dead.. #showtooltip Feign Death /cast Feign Death /cast Play Dead I'm pretty sure this was all I needed, but my pet does not play dead, I shift clicked the names of the spells in (so there is no typos in it), I FD but pet does not. I'm assuming I just forgot something, can someone help me out here? Thanks team!Nateshot6 1d
1d Hunter Looking for Entertainment Hi everyone, I am a returning player who have not played Wow for a while. I decided to comeback and play as a hunter as it is a class that I never played before. However, I am not sure which spec should I choose. To make things clear, I really do not care which one is the most performant, but what I do care is about which one is the most enjoyable to play and will give me a fun experience (if any ^^) regardless of their stats and numbers which frankly, I barely understand. So I am asking you fellow hunters for any advices, suggestions, rationale, pros and cons etc, that could help me decide, knowing that I used to be more of a pvp (especially Bgs) guy and like dynamic style of play. Thanks for your help Ps: I apologize for any mistakes or lack of clarity, as English is not my first language.Mouks3 1d
1d True Aim and Soul of the Huntmaster I noticed a strange bug and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, or can duplicate it. While using SOH/LnL and the Warbelt on the Bombardier's Training Dummy, I cannot get True aim to stack from aimed shot. If I spam arcane and get the stack to 10, then switch to multi, instead of arcane, 50% of the time i can keep the stacks with aimed, the other 50% the stacks fall off. Also, if I have stacks of True Aim up, as soon as I get a LnL proc the stacks instantly disappear. This happens with the Bombardier's Training Dummy, or anywhere there are multiple dummies. if I use multi and aimed on the Raider's Dummy, I can get the True Aim stacks just from aimed.Beleriend6 1d
1d Worth it to farm... ...LFR for 2p T19 as BM? Looking to raid soon and I won't be doing Nighthold anytime soon so LFR is my option. Wondering if farming the LFR set is best or just running Dire Frenzy.Svenska4 1d
1d leveling my hunter faster how do I level my hunter faster in pveBanderen6 1d
1d Best Numbers Hunter Spec I’m thinking of leveling my 100 hunter and want to raid and do mythic plus without hearing “please raise your dps,” “for your gear level your dps is atrocious,” and other unmentionable comments. I’m not a beginner and have played a variety of classes but know some classes/specs can crank out way higher dps, healing, etc for relatively less work. Any comments relative especially to endgame hunter dps numbers with the least complicated mastery required would be much appreciated.Featherheart2 1d
1d Dismiss Hati without dismissing my pet?! Seriously is no one else upset about this? I've been looking high and low for SOME indication that I'm not the only person thoroughly pissed that I just randomly have this pet that I didn't ask for thrust upon me that I can't even unsummon when I'm not in combat?! Seriously? And it wouldn't be so bad, I would just switch to marksman, if my main pet wasn't a F****ing EXOTIC. I don't want this extra wolf following me around ALL the damn time!Flashtrigger43 1d
2d Surival Hunter Mage Tower can't hit xylem So when xylem goes into the arcane phase where theres a bunch of him summoned you have to make your way over to the real him to stop that phase. Ive done it on my frost dk, havoc dh, and arms warrior. But now on survival he stays stuck in that invisable phase. i can walk right up to him and cant hit him or get him to stop that phase. Ive tried sprinting right to him, didnt work. harpooned him as he did it, didnt work. went the slow way and kill a couple of his clones and made my way to him and still cant touch him. Please Blizzard fix this bug. This is really annoying that i can't get him to transition back. This has worked for me for other characters so i know its not a me problem lol but actually a bug thats going on. Please Fix!Darthlegion17 2d
2d Help me out please ! Heya guys , I'm looking for a little help here . I'm switching over to this character from my main and for whatever reason my DPS as MM is lackluster . Opening burst as BM is well over 2.5 Mil and I can sustain generally comfortably over a mil , but when I switch to MM my DPS fluctuates pretty badly . Some fights I can sustain at a mil , others dips as low as 800 . I don't really think I'm screwing the rotation up badly as I pay ALOT of attention to the vulnerable windows . I'll probably show up as BM on the armory but I can tell you as MM my stats are somewhere around 32 crit , 15 haste , 23 mastery . I have ZERO MM legendaries so I'm sure that plays a role and I don't exactly have great BM legendaries as you'll see if you look at the armory . Would you guys mind tossing me some tips or advice and what I need to be doing please ? I'd much rather play as MM , but can't justify the large dps loss .Dobyns1 2d
2d Cunning Pet (Crane) for Raids -surv hunter So I know everyone likes ferocity pets for raids as a surv hunter due to their attack speed and higher dps, but I find the crane cunning pet to be very useful due to roar of sacrifice (20% dmg reduction for 12 secs) and the battle-rez. What do you think and what pet do you use in raids as a surv hunter?Ebbnflow5 2d
2d Question about legendary items I’m in BM spec and just got the Mantle of Command. Since it’s a BM legendary specifically, would it best to set my loot spec to one of the other hunter specs? And hope for one of the good cross spec legendaries? Or just keep it at BM? Thanks for the help.Dorã2 2d
2d Huntress Kasparian's Armor This may be a little far-fetched, but looking back at previous bosses with models utilizing playable races, they have all typically worn armor obtainable in-game. Huntress Kasparian, a new boss in Tomb of Sargeras has some seriously cool looking armor that I'm sure a lot of hunters would like to get their hands on. Would this be possible? A rare drop? A challenge quest? Thoughts?Ariha8 2d
3d Lock n Load and PvP The tool tip doesn't mention it but it does less damage than the regular Aim Shots. Roughly half the normal damage. I've played with Black Arrow but neither feels like it's amazing enough to take.. I feel like i'm missing something. Is it better to take Black Arrow just for the 'bleed' purpose or the half dmg instant aim shot? I do bg's mostly but I might start doing arenas again. Thanks!Cover16 3d
3d Need help with a all-in-one Hunter Pet macro Macro is almost finished but I can't seem to get PetActionButton to work. It will either unassign the spell and put it in my cursor to assign again or do nothing at all. Am I missing something? Any advice would be much appreciated. #showtooltip /petattack [nomod,pet,harm] /petfollow [nomod,pet,noharm] /cast [mod:ctrlalt,pet] Dismiss Pet; [@pet,pet,dead] Revive Pet; [mod:altshift,nopet] Call Pet 5; [mod:shift,nopet] Call Pet 2; [mod:ctrl,nopet] Call Pet 3; [mod:alt,nopet] Call Pet 4; [nomod,nopet] Call Pet 1; [mod:ctrl,pet] Mend Pet /click [mod:shiftalt,pet] PetActionButton5; [mod:shift,pet]PetActionButton3; [mod:alt,pet] PetActionButton4Buldur4 3d
3d Tamable Kuchongs Hi i always have been irked by the fact since pandaria those amazing creatures the kuchong((Basically silithid collosi in mantid form)) weren't tamable and still arn't. Id throw a wad of cash and my wallet to have one i mean theres no excuse as to why you cant have one. They literally use the same skeleton as the silithid colossus and they are silithid in a way lorewise just a different kind. Id give some of my most prized pets for one kuchong. Not a spirit beast kuchong, Not a diamond encrusted one...just a simple kuchong and slap it in the silithid category. Please blizz hear my pleas T_TVarnus1 3d
3d Beast Mastery DPS Advice I've lost track of how many times I've gone digging for how to maximize my DPS and in the past month or two, the game seems to have gotten away from me. Where I used to top the damage and dps number in instances I did, now I'm struggling to hold a solid middle and for a DPS-only class, that just seems unacceptable to me. I have the following legendaries: Apex Predator's Claw Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish Vigilance Perch War Belt of the Sentinal Army Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Call of the Wild Soul of the Huntmaster The Mantle of Command Parsel's Tongue I've been swapping them in and out trying to stumble into a good or at least better combination than I'm using so what's on my Avatar in the Armory isn't necessarly what I'm wearing now or intend to wear. As equipped as I write this, I'm sitting at an iLvl of 925 with my Artifact at 949 and I can't seem to climb above 600k on DPS. It seems that two months ago I was doing more damage than I'm doing now, but I don't recall seeing anything about nerfing BM Hunters in the notes anywhere and I don't know what has happened. I'll be glad to provide any data you need from me to help me tune this, but I've seen references to "combat logs" that I'm not sure how to access, so if it involves that, please link to or provide an explanation of how. Thank you very much in advance. Edited to add: Ignore the missing gems and enchants - I'll fix that when I find out what legendary pair to use. I've been replacing gear from the vendor on the ship and haven't caught up yet with filling gem and enchant slots yet.Ehiztari24 3d
3d LF Hunters for new Machinima!! Hello ! Strausin back again with another Class Chats casting call! This time around I'm looking for HUNTERS If you're wondering what this is all about here is the previous episode: Death Knights So post below for your chance to be in the newest episode! Post as your character that you'd like used, I will not use armory links, thanks ! DISCLAIMER: By posting here you're giving me permission to use your character as I see fit. (There has been issues with people complaining as to how their toons were used, and this is here as a result)Strausin51 3d
3d Retired three DPS after playing BM Hunter After 12 years of this lovely way to kill time. BM Hunter makes me keep playing. Mained Shaman since vanilla, and only recently stopped since 7.2 and rerolling on a RP (alliance heavy) server (MG) I first started with a NELF Rogue. Outlaw? Hell yeah, until that went to !@#$. Then Prot Pally, Then Fury Warrior. At last BM hunter. About the same ilvl as the last three, but pulling 200-400k more DPS on average. Not sure what my point is here, but god bless BM Huntards.Cruelmoon5 3d
3d Refractive shell or Dark Sorrows? The choice between a 10 second 300k damage ward and 186k damage that does a shadow burst is proving a tough one. If I choose dark sorrows it can lead to a 14% increase in marked shot. Any thoughts?Wigertoods5 3d
4d Hati is worthless. This pet is a useless piece of crap. I actually have to command it to attack or it just sits there doing nothing, while my main pet is chomping away. Was Hati designed to be stupid? /quackDuckypoo34 4d
4d Best spec for RBGs? What's better for high rated RBGs? I'm assuming MM for team fights but what about base sitting? MM or BM?Nayruin4 4d
4d Advice hunter or lock Hi guys pretty simple question here but just lvld my hunger up finally to 110 was my main raiding class in wod. But have to choose between hunter and lock. I like the unhindered mobility of bm hunter but the aff lock self healing is really nice. So thoughts as to which one would reward best gameplay moving into antoris. Thanks guys for helpDorã8 4d