Sep 6 Hunter Macro Guide **5.1 Edit* It seems that with the Launch of MoP there is considerably less need for macros, less weird bugs/game design issues that made macros a necessity as opposed to just a nice to have. But I just wanted to tidy up and update this guide a bit with the stuff that I still find useful. ******************************************************************************************************************* The purpose of this guide is to list hunter class related macros that I use and that have been found useful by others. This is a mix of both PvE and PvP macros and how you choose to utilise them is up to you. Furthermore, I am hopeful that if a specific macro you require is not included, you will be able to deconstruct the macros in this thread to create something for your specific requirements. Most of the commands are easy to adapt and only require some logical thinking. ****DICSLAIMER**** THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE WERE NOT CREATED BY ME. IF I AM ABLE TO, I WILL PUT A BRIEF ATTRIBUTION NOTE NEXT TO THEM BUT NO PROMISES, SO DO NOT HATE, PARTICIPATE. Also, just keep in mind that this guide is aimed at people who are not overly familiar with macros or people who have never used macros at all. It does not contain any ground breaking information or some amazing macroing sKeElZ. What are these macros you are talking about, good Sir??!! Essentially macros allow you to perform several actions at once, in other words macros are good for automating certain aspects of the game. However, you cannot macro together abilities that are both on the Global Cooldown - the 1 second window where your buttons become shaded out after casting an ability - nor can you have complex conditionals as in, if Hunter's Mark is still up cast Serpent Sting; otherwise cast Hunter's Mark. WoW macros are designed to assist your gameplay, not automate it To make a macro type in /macro or click on the macro button in the main menu. Copy paste the text I included in the guide into the boxes. Then drag the button from the macro menu onto your action bar. A basic macro that you can try to start out using macros is something like #showtooltip Hunter's Mark /cast Hunter's Mark /petattack this will cast hunter's mark on the target and send your pet to attack it. Leave the icon as the red "?" and it will change into the ability icon based on what your write at the start of the macro. --- Misc Things Just a brief explanation of some of the commands used in various macros, if you are not interested, you can just skip to the next section. *** /use 10 – is an Engineer only (or for somebody else who can have an on-use effect on their gloves) command that uses the glove tinker. ( *** If you are interested in using item slot IDs in macros you can find the IDs at Useful for rocket boots or on-use PvP Trinkets, meaning that you do not have to update your keybind/macro and it will work with any season PvP trinket or belt. *** /stopcasting /stopcasting For some reason hunters require two of these commands in their macros. This command is mainly used for interrupting the cast of Steady/Cobra Shots, so it is a good idea to include it in all of your instant spell macros. *** /cancelaura – cancels any named auras aka buffs that you currently have on you. The macros below use it to break hand of protection and deterrence but it can be used to cancel any named buff, eg Bladestorm. *** #showtooltip – displays the ability tooltip and also the icon if you leave the macro picture as the red “?” symbol. *** /use is the same as /cast and will use an ability or an item. *** As you will see some of my macros utilise modifier keys. Depending on how I have the ability keybound I use different modifiers. Modifier commands available are [mod:alt] | [mod:ctrl] | [mod:shift] I trust the above are self-explanatory. [nomod] and [mod] [nomod] is a conditional command used if you want something to be cast when no modifier key is pressed and [mod] is the reverse, meaning whenever you press any of the three modifiers it will use that instead. General Hunter Macros #showtooltip Track Humanoids /run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes() do local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo(i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return SetTracking(i, not active) end end An absolutely brilliant macro that allows you to switch between different types of tracking via a keybind again. This one turns Track Humanoids on and off. #showtooltip /cast [flyable] Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher; [noflyable] Venomhide Ravasaur This is my mount macro. I guess a macro like this is nowhere near as useful as it used to be now that we can fly around Azeroth, but it still comes in handy. Replace the Icebound drake with your flying mount and Venomhide with your ground mount. /click ExtraActionButton1 This will click the big button that appears on your screen during certain raid encounters, quests etc. I prefer this method to having to use my mouse to click the button. /console set cameradistancemaxfactor "7" This command roughly doubles your camera zoom out distance. #showtooltip Misdirection /cancelaura Misdirection /use [@focus, raid][@mouseover, raid][@pet, nodead][]Misdirection /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); /stopmacro [@focus, nohelp] /e Strlder has cast Misdirection on %f! (Source: ). This macro casts misdirection on your focus if a focus is set, if no focus exists, it will cast it on your pet or mouse over. Great for soloing or raiding. #showtooltip Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Dismiss Pet /use [pet, nodead] Furious Howl(Special Ability) /use [pet, nodead] Roar of Courage(Special Ability) /use [pet, exists] Heart of the Phoenix(Ferocity Ability) /use [nopet] Call Pet 2 You can do multiple things with a macro like this. It is obviously a pet dismiss macro, but you can also use it to precast various pet buffs in arena (whilst dismissing it in the same time), instantly summon your pet of choice and use it to cast heart of the phoenix if your pet dies.Strlder279 Sep 6
4h Hunter and Pet - Soloing Guide Updated 7.15 Hello everyone! Today I’d like to make a detailed thread here to help anyone who’s interested in soloing content, this goes for those who are new to it and veterans soloers! With that said, please keep in mind that this guide will not go into great detail for individual encounters, it is intended to help those who are looking for ideas on how to defeat certain content alone. Also, if anything stated in this guide seems wrong or needs editing, please feel free to say so! So with that said, let’s get started! Contents! 1) Hunter’s Pet 2) Specialization\ 3) Talents 4) Flasks, Items, and Various Stat Allocations 5) Rotations. Macros, Videos, and Play Styles. ----------- Hunter’s Pet ------------ As someone who wishes to solo content, the first thing you need to take a serious look at is your pet as well as your pet’s spec! This is about as important, if not more important than your own spec when it comes to soloing content. Let’s take a quick overview of the pet specs. Ferocity – The damage dealing spec. Tenacity – The tanking spec. Cunning – The utility spec Ferocity In Terms of Soloing – Ferocity is rarely used for any 5 man, 5 man heroic, or raid tier content in terms of soloing. For any questing purposes, ferocity works great for making mobs die faster and will be tank enough just like the other two specs to handle any incoming damage. With that said, I have seen for very difficult fights (fights that are pushing the extreme limits to the hunter class) ferocity pets used for their Heart of the Phoenix ability. With that said, I would not recommend using a ferocity spec pet outside of questing. Tenacity In Terms of Soloing – Tenacity is the go to spec for soloing purposes. The reason for this is because tenacity spec’d pets are the only ones who are crit immune, they receive extra healing from the hunter, have the most armor and health, as well as having Last Stand for defensive purposes. For questing it may make things a bit slower, so I’d recommend using a Ferocity of even a cunning pet unless the quest mobs are doing serious damage to your pet. For any 5 man, heroic 5 man, or raid content, tenacity spec’d pets will and should almost always be your pet’s spec of choice. Simply put, your pet will take too much damage to tank for you otherwise. Cunning Pets in Terms of Soloing – I personally have not seen many cunning pets used for soloing purposes. They will work fine for any quest related soloing content, however I’ve never seen one used to push the limits of the class nor have I seen one used effectively for general soloing needs. With that said, cunning pets are the only one with Roar of Sacrifice, so I’m sure there will be a point where someone finds enough use out of a cunning pet simply for that ability to push a soloing fight to the extreme. With that said, I would not recommend a cunning pet for most soloing purposes. Now that we’ve gone over each of the specs a bit, let’s talk about your actual pet. With so many pets out there, it’s hard to choose sometimes right? So I’ll briefly talk about which pets are typically going to be your go to pet. The Spirit Beast (BM only) – A tenacity spec’d Spirit Beast easily makes for one of the best pet picks out there for a BM hunter. These hard to find beasts will have access to Spirit Mend which can be used to heal either yourself or your pet. Spirit Beasts - Spirit Beasts are a good choice for fights that will involve a lot of damage to the Hunter but NOT your pet. They will be tanky enough for most fights, however they will not be able to endure tank heavy fights. The Turtle / Beetle / Shale Spider / Basilisk / Crab – A pet from any of these families is easily one of the best choices for soloing purposes. Simply put, each of these pets have an ability to reduce all damage done to them by 50% for 12 seconds on a one minute CD. Any of these pets are by far the best tanking pet for any hunter who is not BM. They are also the best pet for BM hunters for any heavy damage fights for your tank (your pet!). Qullien / Clefthooves - These two are both beast mastery only pets and should be consider. I don't recommend them as much as any of the pets with the 50% damage reduction, however their ability is also good, especially if you are new to soloing. Upon hitting 40% health a clefthoof will take 50% reduced damage for the next twelve seconds. A quillen is similar, however the damage reduction is only 30% for 8 seconds but it will also heal the quillen for 3% of its health every second for the full duration of the ability totaling to a 24% health regen. These two are easier to use as you don't have to worry about their abilities since they are passive, however their abilities are also on two minute cool downs and cannot be actively used by the hunter. Foxes and Monkeys - Both foxes ans monkeys have an ability to increase their dodge chance by 30% for 10 seconds. They would possibly be a stronger option however this ability is also on a two minute cool down which makes them a weaker choice. Still, being able to potentially avoid damage for a short period of time should be an option to consider. Other Pets – Sadly, most other pets just don't have what it takes to survive very long in dungeon or raid content. Making Effective Use of Other Pets - While many of the other pets will not be used so much when it comes down to tanking or damage purposes for soloing, it is still a good idea to keep some of these other pets with you. The reason for this is so before you begin a difficult encounter, you can quickly summon these pets, use their buffs and dismiss them in favor of your tanking pet. This on average can give you about 50 seconds or more of extra stats at the start of a fight. Keep this in mind if you're working hard on an encounter, and you're close but you just don't quite have the damage. This will most likely make up that difference. For more information about the other pets that you might find useful for your soloing needs, check out --------------- Specialization ------------------ So let’s talk about the hunter finally! Let’s go over the spec’s very briefly. Beast Mastery (BM) – This spec focuses on giving your pet more damage and threat in terms of soloing. BM also lowers the cool downs for your pet’s abilities than that of the other two specs. BM however lacks any self heals outside of your artifact traits unless you choose to use a spirit beast. Overall, a BM hunter is an excellent choice for soloing. Marksmanship (MM) – This spec focuses mostly on the hunter doing damage through his or her ranged attacks. MM has in the past been the default soloing spec however due to its extreme emphasis on the hunter, with almost zero focus on their pets as well lacking any threat generation for their pet, MM become the weakest spec to try and solo as. Survival (Surv) – Surv as of Legion is the first true melee spec for hunters. Surv can have good results for soloing world quests / various world content no problem. However surv does not bring many survival tools for your pet or yourself. In addition it lacks any way to hold thread on a target that cannot be effected by your pet’s growl. Surv’s reliance on Flanking Strike can become incredibly difficult and often dangerous to the hunter to maintain. In addition, due to survival's strict rotation and talent choices, dps will take a heavy blow if you wish to solo properly as surv. The main benefit to survival however is the self healing made possible through raptor strike (more on that later) and their passive ability survivalist. The spec you choose to play and solo as is of course, up to you. However, I’ve found that the hunter spec should and will vary depending on the type of content you’re doing, as well as specific boss encounters. So keep in mind each spec’s strengths and weaknesses when deciding which type of content you plan to solo.Lazyguide55 4h
Feb 4 Workaround to greyed out action bar issue. For anyone who has had the greyed out action bar issue on your hunter I found out that it may be related to certain pets. Apparently any pets that have the ability to stealth, when they go into stealth it causes a bug that is causing your action bars to grey out as if on cool down. If you change pets in go to one that doesn't stealth, the skills reappear off cool down and the issue should not return. Have tested on my wife's hunter with a non stealth pet and has not had bars grey out on her in 5 hours. Possibly stealth related issue.Akheela54 Feb 4
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22m Rate that Xmog v2 Last thread hit cap. @gunshy: dig the black dragon scale look though I’m not sure the gloves fit perfectly. Bow and helm look great with the set though. 7/10Lekai361 22m
44m When Will Hunter Pets Get Unbroken? I say unbroken because they were working fine in Legion, and you reverted back to the old way of how each pet family fits into a niche and can't swap out of that niche ever. Which we moved away from for a reason, Blizzard. And that reason was to allow hunters to express themselves with their choice of pet in any given circumstance. Ferocity is ridiculously OP as far as soloing content goes, even better than tenacity pets. If you were trying to cater to the raiding crowd since only certain pets had certain abilities needed for raiding then this was the wrong way to go about doing it. Just go back to pets being able to swap between all three roles, with a few talent perks in each skill tree. So the raiders can have bloodlust or a battle rez or whatever it is they need, and people can otherwise just use whichever pet they like the most and that they feel best represents them and their hunter. Win-win.Marthok0 44m
1h Did BM get a stealth nerf today? Doing some Uldir and doing about 2-4k DPS less per boss than i was before today.Moozartt49 1h
1h BM dmg..... Raid last night the BM hunters at 355 ilvl (same as me) top dmg abilities were: Smack - 28k crits Pet auto attack Kill command. 28k passive crits. Im leveling my hunter right meowMercader21 1h
1h MM is dead what is going on? I have mained hunter since s6 and it has always been my main. I remember the days when we had aspect of the viper and viper sting. I remember the days when classes weren't pruned to the point an infant could play them. Whoever pruned MM failed as a class designer. When I logged into my hunter and looked at the specs I was disgusted. I couldn't play MM and I hate BM and now SV is a freaking melee spec. So I rolled a warlock/warrior first but I WANT my class back. We need Chimera shot back and we do not need a split shot version. Not only is this newer version of chimera shot that they implemented dumb, but it breaks cc in arena. We need a wotlk single shot version. Whatever happened to serpent sting? I remember if active chimera did bonus damage. I remember aimed shot not being casted and doing decent damage. Now it feels like a lot of work for no reward. S9 comes and aimed shot was what won you an arena. I don't understand why these specs are so forced unto one ability these days. Destro = chaos bolt, MM = Aimed shot. I don't know about other classes/specs but these are the two I play. Back in the day destro damage came from conflag/incinerate perks and of course cb did decent damage. We also need killshot back. Why was this even removed and pruned from MM? Literally the spec is beyond boring at this point and 100% resident sleeper. Seriously I want my spec/class back...this is sad Blizzard. I expected better. From a time where hunters made sense: 1h
1h HCT LXVI Less Stable Slots NOW! Just kidding, if you believe I actually want less stable slots, I have a bridge I can sell you. I got tired of waiting so sorry Cabbie. Also this is post 13,500. I should take a forum break.Natesanders289 1h
1h What the F*** is up with our loot chests! Why the !@#$ are our loot crates constantly dropping crit gear for MM?!?Insanium6 1h
2h BFA BM Hunter PVP Guide [Macros & Tips] Intro Eh, haven't seen a Hunter Guide for BFA yet so figured I'd list some out for tips/macros as a lot of things seem out of date. Forgive the formatting for now as I was using a notepad. As of right now, this guide will be for BM mostly and plan to update/rename it for other speccs later. I used to main BM in Arena back in Cata and going back to maining a Hunter again this expansion, so a lot of these macros might be older or could be "cleaner" but doing a lot of copy and paste for this for now. I'll update the grammar/spelling later. I use shift as my focus macro (for example f standard target, shift+f for focus) so you can change/replace things to alt/ctrl if you want. Also alot of this stuff is preference for playstyle, if you are a new/still learning you can go without a few things. I do recommend keeping your pet passive for PVP. I also recommend your pet's dash autocast off, but you can probably get away with it on autocast for bgs/world pvp. Arena1-3 macros are better to get used to for in arena as it allows faster actions more multi-tasking, but standard focus macros are very multi-functional for pvp/pve (I use both). The Focus Macro This is my bread and butter focus macro for practice/world/random pvp/pve. I'd put it on a comfy bind for ease of use. What this does, is it puts a enemy target (only enemies) on focus when you mouseover them. If you hit the macro again hovering over no targets, it clears/removes the focus. As said before, you still will want to have target 1-3 and focus 1-3 for arena (can target flag carriers though for bgs...), but thats through the Key Binding's tab in game nowadays (under targeting). /focus [target=mouseover,harm][harm] /stopmacro [target=mouseover,harm][harm] /clearfocus Burst Macro With trinkets back in the game, this will use either your of your on use trinkets, (13 top one, 14 bottom). Can bind stuff separately if you want. I'm running aspect of the wild on a separate/non-macroed bind. #showtooltip bestial wrath /cast bestial wrath /use 13 /use 14 Attacks More my personal preference to start attacking again at nearest stuff. This is for a little bit faster targeting/attack. #showtooltip arcane shot /startattack /cast arcane shot #showtooltip Multi-Shot /startattack /cast Multi-shot You want your pet on passive. Since you can do alot of pet management with BM, I found this useful to have your pet start hitting your wanted kill target and less risk of it hitting something else. Also I use alot of /petfollow macros on my pet for defensives (you'll see below), so this would kind of be my pet reset/go back to killing. #showtooltip kill command /petattack /cast kill command Petattack/Control With intimidation being melee based CC, I recommend a pettattack focus macro to send your pet after its focus or arena targets to setup a stun->trap if your partners can't help with the setup CC, you can do focus concussive as well but the stun requires less precision. You also will probably have to spam this to get your pet to start moving to its intended target and be careful of the interaction of any macro you have /petattack in (kill command). Intimidation can be left without a macro, just use it as is when need to stun its current target. You can also use Spore Cloud/Spirit Shock for dispelling too. Think of this more as its focus command, since you want your pet to not stun your current target with this macro. You can put /cast dash in there to get your pet moving faster. Side note, forgot to fully test the arena 1-3 of this, should work though and I'll update as needed or just remove this line. /petattack [target=focus] and/or /petattack [target=focus] /cast dash For petattack in arena, you can put a /cast dash in there if you want. Personally this may be a bit overkill on pet management though. /petattack [target=arena1] /petattack [target=arena2] /petattack [target=arena3] Pet Move Need your pet to eat some CC or position it faster? Dash it over there with this macro (attempting to have pet try and eat enemy traps, results may vary...) /petmoveto /cast dash Trap macros I put stopcasting more for when swapping to MM. Stopcasting is put in there to stop any channelling to get your trap out faster/instantly. Legion added the new @player macro so if you want, you can have traps be dumped at your feet too. Honestly, probably better to just get used to targeting it instead, but listed the macro if people want them. #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast [@player] freezing trap #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast freezing trap #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast [@player] tar trap #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast tar trap Counter Shot Your kick macros. Not much more needs to be said, stopcasting isn't needed as it should automatically stop any channel you have going. #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] counter shot /cast [nomodifier:shift] counter shot #showtooltip /cast [target=arena1] counter shot; #showtooltip /cast [target=arena2] counter shot; #showtooltip /cast [target=arena3] counter shot; Concussive Shot Standard concussive shot bind/focus. I recommend it since you can land a lot of traps without a prior cc by just slowing the target, often you want to be close to the target due to the land time as they can run from it. You can run cast Arena1-3 for this as well (forgot to list for now). #showtooltip concussive shot /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] concussive shot /cast [nomodifier:shift] concussive shot Defensives Outside of canceling the summoning of a different pet, this is more useful for MM on stopping channeling in order to dodge an attack/cc faster. #showtooltip feign death /stopcasting /cast feign death Same thing as above, faster turtling. Also you want to have a cancelaura for it too when you're safe and need to start dpsing again. I recommend putting the cancel aura on a separate macro to prevent accidentally ending it early via spam. #showtooltip aspect of the turtle /stopcasting /cast aspect of the turtle /cancelaura aspect of the turtle I used to do alot of pet swapping in Cata arena (like 4 spirit beasts of different speccs). Though theres no pet swapping in arena anymore (unless BFA changed it, didn't test yet), swapping to different pets in world/random pvp can still be useful. The first macro set is for pet defensives to be used on yourself. I like putting pet follow with it to make sure the pet would get in los to work on me. The second set defensive abilities to be used on players/partners. I'd combine both a target player and mouseover into one, so kill two birds with one stone, the macro would target a specific player in arena, and for world/random pvp it could be used on friendly targets on mouseover. For my personal practice I had this bound on F4 for the player1 and mouseover, F5 for just the player2 (don't need a mouseover for second player macro unless really want to or just practice with what bind is comfier for you). You can also add a /cast dash in these if you want. Oh yea, just replace my name with yours from the first macro unless you are my twin. #showtooltip roar of sacrifice /petfollow /use [help] roar of sacrifice; [@Èh] roar of sacrifice /use [help] roar of sacrifice; [@Èh] spirit mend #showtooltip roar of sacrifice /use [help] roar of sacrifice; [@player1] roar of sacrifice /use [help] spirit mend; [@player1] spirit mend /cast [target=mouseover, help][help] roar of sacrifice; /cast [target=mouseover, help][help] spirit mend; #showtooltip roar of sacrifice /use [help] roar of sacrifice; [@player2] roar of sacrifice /use [help] roar of sacrifice; [@player2] spirit mend Movement Eh, my personal freedom, just replace your name instead of mine in the brackets. #showtooltip Master's Call /petfollow /use [help] Master's Call; [@Èh] Master's Call Freedom for your partners in arena and mouseover for elsewhere, like the sac/spirit mend macro above. #showtooltip Master's Call /cast [target=mouseover, help][help] Master's Call; /use [help] Master's Call; [@player1] Master's Call #showtooltip Master's Call /use [help] Master's Call; [@player2] Master's Call Stings: Figure I'd put in sting macros if people want to copy and paste. While listed further below, in general for arena; Viper Sting can be very strong vs a Rdruid, Spider Sting can be run vs anything with at least one caster dps and Disc Priests, and Scorpid Sting can be useful on a pure physical (outlaw, feral, ww, warriors). #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] viper sting /cast [nomodifier:shift] viper sting #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] scorpid sting /cast [nomodifier:shift] scorpid sting #showtooltip /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] spider sting /cast [nomodifier:shift] spider sting Recommended Pets: Hyena, Devilsaur/Carrion Bird, Spirit Beasts/Spore Bat, Scorpid. In general, play to what you need. If you dont have a mortal strike, go with that pet as a priority. Otherwise use a pet with dispel (spore bat/spirit beast). I prefer Cunning pets for arena and swap to Ferocity ones for healing/leech in bgs/world pvp. Outside of the Spirit Beast with its strong heal right now, I don't find Tenacity pets as useful. BM Standard Talents First Row Killer Instinct is probably the best choice right now, Dire Beast could be useful on an immobile target but I don't think its worth the extra bind right now. Animal Companion is a dps loss and unreliable. Second Row Chimera Shot is the most damage/useful of all the talents here. Third Row Nature's Mending or Camouflage. Both can be useful, Camo is less useful vs a DOT heavy team in arena, but can be good for openers. Mostly preference on this but I like Camo more when running Survival Tactics. Fourth Row Murder of Crows is the best damage/burst option here. Fifth Row Posthaste is the most useful in general, as you want the extra mobility with it from kiting to CC. Sixth Row Stomp is best option, people can run out of stampede. Seventh Row Aspect of the Beast in general is the most useful here. Though Killer Cobra can be more burst. PVP Talents Trinket Gladiator's Medallion I'd argue is the most useful for all races now. Magical Three... Just going to list what I think will be the most useful options. Wild Protector-Good damage reduction that can be used about baseline. Survival Tactics-Cleaning DOTs saves a dispel and the damage reduction can save you. Useful vs alot of teams. Dragonscale Armor-Can be useful vs DOT teams, probably a strong pair with survival tactics Spider Sting-Good against any caster team as well as for Disc Priests Viper Sting-Great vs Rdruids Scorpid Sting-Useful on a pure physical damage class to help against burst, though only few classes fall under this nowadays. Hi-Explosive Trap-Any arena/bg with a Y-axis can get use from this. Roar of Sacrifice-Strong in almost all situations to stop bursts. Dire Beast: Basilisk-Find an immobile target that needs bursting, this will help a lot, otherwise it can be kited easily. Dire Beast: Hawk-Still modest cleave which can probably have more use in BGs. Racials In general racials are a bit more balanced right now for this expansion, so you can mostly pick what you want, I'll include a few that I personally would/wouldn't recommend though. Alliance-About anything works, however, Worgen probably has the least use due to snares which cripple the sprint (Posthaste sort of helps when paired with this though). Skip Pandaren too due to its DRs. Dark Iron may have the potential for the highest burst at the risk of misusing the trinket. Horde-Take your pick but Orc is probably still going to be the best with stun reduction and extra burst. Nightborne is pretty weak right now. Skip Pandaren as well. Conclusion Thank you for your time and hopefully you all find use from this. Again, I'll try to update as needed/wanted or if people want to contribute. Just figured I'd get a start on this.Èh7 2h
4h Hunter pet issue question Has anyone else had an issue on Mother where your pet will not cross through the barriers with you? I am literally having to dismiss and resummon each time I cross a barrier?Owlbaer4 4h
4h Survival AoE, do you think its fun? I was wondering how the community felt about Survival hunter's AoE. Do you guys think its fun? Me personally, I find it very hectic and un-fun. I much prefer the talent Butchery, but when compared to what Hydra's bite and Latent Poison has to offer, I can't justify picking it in terms of damage output. Though maybe as you get uldir azerite gear, that'll change. I just really dislike being so focus starved during AoE situations and not fully being able to capitalize on latent poison stacks. So let me know what you guys think.Rukstorm12 4h
4h Best BM Hunter Pet We can look here for all the pets, and pet abilities in the game I want to compare the most commonly used pet, to the one I think is the best but nobody seems to use. That is the Spirit Beast vs the Chimaera. With a Spirit Beast you get 1.) Damage Reduction (Survival of the Fittest) 2.) More HP (Endurance Training) 3.) A dispel (Spirit Shock) 4.) A heal (spirit mend) 5.) If you get the spirit owl, a flying pet WIth a Chimaera you get 1.) Leech for both you and your pet (Predator's Thirst) 2.) A bloodlust (Primal Rage) 3.) A slow (Frost Breath) 4.) a damage cleave ability (Froststorm Breath) 5.) They are all flying First, Flying pets are always better than non-flying pets. Even more so if you pvp, do bgs and get the mogu temple map. I've found the lifesteal of Ferocity to easily beat the increased life, damage reduction cooldown, and spirit mend heal - the lifesteal just seems to grant me way more suitability and healing. Plus for those "huntards" it's one less thing to manage. The bloodlust ability is nice if you are lacking a mage or shammy in mythic+'s The slow is good in pvp But the main thing; Froststorm Breath. I've taken a look and it seems to be the only pet in the game with a damaging ability, at the very least the only one in the Ferocity tree and I am sure of that. I ALWAYS hear people say "your dps doesn't change depending on your pet", yet here is this pet, that nobody seems to be talking about, or using, that has this pretty amazing ability that straight up increases your damage. I'm not sure about this though, if it triggers the anchor tricket - probably not. Why would one not want a pet that just does more damage than all the other pets? You can keep it up all the time as well, the pet just has so much focus and regens so fast, the ability barely even does anything to the pet's focus bar. Don't get me wrong, the dispel is great and all, but the damage is even better imo. Currently, I'd recomend any BM hunter to try out the Chimaera - a very easy pet to get as well, just go to outland; thousand needles. 4h
4h So when are BM & Surv PVP Hunters gtn nerfed? huh? Clearly half the Dev F team are hunters. The favouritism is clear as day.Propheto39 4h
4h That moment when you wipe on a raid boss And you see a BM Hunter switch to MM for the second attempt after he sees you do top DPS as one lol.Shadøw10 4h
5h Ninja buff? for MM Hunter? Warcraft logs now showing Hunter mid-high dps? Blizzard payed them? Or ninja buff? Or did Warcraft logs wiped the database starting over? Or maybe Hunters are now geared enough to compete in dps?Hayted22 5h
5h Glyph of Bee swarm For the Murder of crows ability. i'll just leave it at that.Sathrago20 5h
5h Elemental Overhaul, Marksman Untouched? How could you possibly justify making such an overhaul to a spec that is actually functioning (especially in PVP) at a very viable level compared to a MM Hunter, but leave MM Hunter completely untouched at the bottom of the barrel? How do these things still happen after 14+ years of experience and lessons learned developing and modifying this game? Honestly, I’m not exaggerating when I say that a decent amount of the user base actually has better balancing ideas and fixes than the developers themselves. It’s so embarrassing.Nayrowns29 5h
5h Steady Aim = No Bonus Damage? Am I just imagining things? I swear I see no difference between no steady aim stacks and 5. Right now i Have 2 azerite pieces with it and 7k bonus. Yet it does nothing to show increased numbers.Aluvanna1 5h
6h R.I.P. Aspect of Pact I've not played since TBC and to roll a hunter and NOT have this group speed buff is sad. I think the level 45 Talent Trailblazer is a bad compromise.Spookyduke3 6h
7h Quick PSA for all my hunterbros: You can all completely ignore anything Bepples says. His words are worth less than dirt.Squishie17 7h
9h @marksman hunters We can now get 3x steady aim trait now that warfronts have unlocked. #we shall rise now, inc 90k aimedshot on clothys.Tassili23 9h
10h Lol @ MM hunter. What's going on here? Are the developers too busy resisting trump on twitter and attending diversity workshops to do their damn job and fix this spec? What the hell is going on here?Steppenwolf16 10h
10h Having a main-alt for Hunter Hi im considering rolling a hunter as a main-alt, i like the idea of having a bow but im seeing on the forums that MM is bad for endgame? And when I was leveling, my Resource seems to run out a lot will that happen endgame? TY!!!!Yanà0 10h
11h What hunter pets for PvP? BFA 8.0.1 I haven't played hunter since MoP and was pretty active in PvP. I just remember Roar being very strong and you wanted a wolf pet. What is it looking like now for both BM and Survival? Probably mostly going to play survival but curious as to what y'all think. Thanks in advance ^^Vanilluh3 11h
11h Best Alliance hunter race? Looking to either faction change or make a new hunter on alliance. Heard panda hunters are good, or human. Any ideas? Cheers.Clamgar13 11h
11h Which Azerite trait for BM ? Just got my necklace, can't decide which Azerite trait to pick as BM for the first quest. Is there a best in slot Azerite trait for BM ? Was torn between the one with the kill command perk or agility gain when in beatial wrath. Then I wasnt sure if I was overlooking any other traits that are more crucial than I realize.Greenmonstr5 11h
12h AiS 178k was my new highest today with 1 trait no gimmicks just execute phase self buffed.Thegarry5 12h
13h How do I use Latent Poison? This is my first expansion maining a hunter and so far I LOVE survival. Most of the builds I see online recommend using Latent Poison, however I am not exactly sure how I should work it into my rotation. Since using Mongoose Bite clears the stacks, am I supposed to wait for them to build before using it? That seems like it would be an overall dps loss due to down time where I am not using Mongoose Bite. Also if I am supposed to wait for stacks, what should I be using in the mean time? Any skilled Survival hunters feel free to comment on my talents/Azerite traits as well, I am really trying to improve my performance in Mythic +, although I am typically doing just fine with my current build. Thanks in advance!Derpes6 13h
13h Survival Azerite trait help If you have a choice between 1 Latent Poison or 1 Wilderness Survival, which one is better? My helm and chest are pretty much irreplaceable due to the Ilevel but I have two ilevel 340 shoulders. One has latent poison the other has wilderness survival. My current build revolves around spreading SS with hydra's bite and consuming latent poison on each enemy by target swapping. If I switch to wilderness survival I should go guerilla tactics since I won't have latent poison anymore, correct?Mokgerah2 13h
13h Hunter TMog: Need inspiration Post your mogs. Mine is trash and I am having a hard time finding one that looks good on a human.Assistance23 13h
13h Guide: Farming Steady Aim Traits I keep seeing people think Skullripper is the only way to get helmet with the Steady Aim trait on it. That is false. Here's all the fixed location of where you can get Steady Aim from Head, Shoulders, and Chest. This is speaking only with drops in mind, not from WQs or Emissaries. Head Skullripper Warfronts(Depends on which faction has control) Chest Zek'voz - Uldir Viq'Goth - Siege of Boralus Shoulders Mogul Razdunk - The MOTHERLOADE Unbound Abomination - Underrot Skullripper has a chance to drop a 370 version thus increasing its effectiveness in Steady Aim. Also completing the WF quest that guarantees a 370 is another option. These two ways are the only way to get a 370 helmet with Steady Aim on it. If you want to farm a higher ilvl version for chest and shoulders, I suggest doing a M+ that drops the loot you seek and hope RNGeezus gives it to you. But make sure you don't finish a M+ that's higher(Or completed with a better time on the same number.), otherwise you're screwing yourself out on Azerite gear you're hunting for. So if you finish a Underrot or The MOTHERLOADE run that was a 8, don't do 9 or 10 King's Rest or any other dungeon that doesn't offer this trait.Shadøw2 13h
15h Old LFR available? So, I have 1 LFR achievement I want to do. Does the Dragonsoul raid still have LFR ability? I have the entire thing except Madness. Only pre-mists raid I dont haveJatarri2 15h
15h newplayers STAYAWAY BM difficult/tedious A few people say "oh bm is so easy" hah well they obviously havnt played since legion. Let me try to save a few people some time before they waste their level boost. Barbed shot is one of the most unrewarding tedious mechanics ever introduced into a class. You never feel rewarded or see much improvement from keeping up your 3 stacks. Its just a "feel bad button" oh i lost my stacks better start again. Constantly having to manage kill command on a short cooldown too long to just spam, and too short to relax and only have to press it now and then. Complex rotation of multiple abilties. When your aoe you have to constantly manage the multishot beast cleave literally every 3 seconds, and multishot hits like a wet noodle. constantly managing 9 instant casts, and the immensly tedious barbed shot mechanic. to play the class optimally you need multiple addons. Oh yeah, and its not gonna be fun. One of the most unfun characters I have ever played in this game. I regret boosting my hunter immensly. The playstyle is fine for just questing, but if you wanna do equal dps to other hunters in groups you literally have to just stare at your weak auras and play whack-a-mole with all your many tedious instant short cooldown abilities, and managing the frenzy bar also. People that say beast mastery is simple are really messing up new players thinking of playing hunter. its a non fun, and non rewarding spec, insanely hard to play compared to 75% of all other specs. The rotation is a HUGE chore, and making me hate playing this game. I literally just stare at my weak auras and try to cast my abilities in the right aura constantly, its not fun, its not fun at all. At least remove barbed shot frenzy dev's nobody likes it. And marksman? Trash in PvP, and trash on fights with movement. Ranged hunter is dead, or is completely unfun and difficult to play. I got a 375 heroic warforged bow and i dont even feel excited about it, I just absolutely hate playing ranged hunter now. Ill try survival for a bit, or maybe ill just delete my hunter. What a waste of time.Satoshornotu17 15h
16h Make Marks PETLESS and VIABLE i think it would be very interesting to make marks a petless class, or at least offer a talent to make no pet and severely upgrade the damage and also make it viable. what do you guys think? marks used to be alot more popular then BM before bm was made insanely OP so i think people in general like hunters for the bow aspect not the pet aspect.. thoughts? i have always loved hunter for bow/range but hate controlling/having to deal with a pet.. i just want to be a solo range/bow guyRvmethlabz31 16h
16h 385 azerite helm Thanks blizz. Probably cant get any worse lmao.Environ4 16h
17h Wildfire Infusion castsequence macros broken? Alrighty so Ive been experiencing this for awhile but I am getting sick of it. Basically if you have the Wildfire Infusion level 100 talent, you cannot castsequence the ability. For example, if you have the following macro for say a burn phase... /castsequence reset=1 Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike It casts the wildfire bomb but does not progress to the next ability. I know this because if you have a macro like.. /castsequence reset=1 Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike, Wildfire Bomb, Raptor Strike, Raptor Strike it will cast the first two raptor strikes.. then when it hits wildfire bomb.. it gets stuck. and until the macro resets it stays stuck on Wildfire bomb (whichever it is at the moment) Is there a fix for this I dont know about? is this a known issue?Galdryn5 17h
20h Survival Hunters: How are you? Hey guys, looking to level up my old hunter main as survival. How are you guys liking the changes and feel of the spec now? How are you feeling in PvP and m+? Thanks guys!Funpolice37 20h
23h GCD/input delay I’ve been struggling with a few issues, so I’d like to get some info here if possible. Firstly, I’ve been suffering from severe input delay, roughly a half-second (equivalent to playing at 200+ ping), on all my ability inputs. Trying to snipe a last quarter second Frenzy refresh or on-CD Kill Commands are nearly impossible, so I have to refresh Frenzy early to guarantee the spell will activate in time. This obviously is not optimal. I also suffer from moderate GCD delay. Abilities that are ready sometimes don’t work until another quarter second or so. I’ve noticed someone posted saying there was an apparent GCD delay with hunters awhile back in the waning days of Legion, but I haven’t seen anything about it since. I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing this nowadays. And finally worst of all, I regularly have Kill Command inputs completely ignored. The spell will light up, GCD will go off, but the ability will not cast until I fire something else and hit it again. This is also obviously not optimal. These problems haven’t happened with my DK that I’ve noticed, which is why I wonder if it’s a hunter specific issue. I need to do some more testing on that though. However, the kicker is that I also have a modem with a Puma 6 chip in it. I discovered just a couple hours ago that this chip is super buggy, to the point of causing a big lawsuit, so I’m going to try and get a replacement from my ISP. The thread I found this info on indicated that it could be the cause of my dropped inputs. I do also sometimes suffer random disconnects, random internet drops, and my ping spikes all the time, to the point of unplayability if I join, say, a WQ boss on OCE realms. If no one else is having any of these issues, I’m going to assume it’s the modem to a certain extent. I’ve already tried dropping my settings, and I typically have over 100 FPS and an average of 38-45 ping when it’s not spiking, so I’m fairly confident it’s not my machine. Pinging out from the CMD prompt on two different machines hooked straight to the modem show high average ping and spikes over 100ms as it is. Appreciate any info fellow hunters can offer - at the least confirmation that there isn’t some kind of class issue. I ran a search on the forums for hunter input delay and didn’t see much recently.Reload6 23h
1d Stomp vs stampede Stomp or stampede for arenas. Feel like stampede and dire basalisk are nasty together when your teams rotating stuns. But everyone takes stomp in guessing for cleaveVarrege1 1d
1d Which specialization? Which hunter specialization is the best right now or which one do you prefer? :*Imadlife1 1d
1d Pet stuck annoyance Can we get a fix for the areas where pets get stuck all the time? e.g. Taloc , Last boss in Siege, possibly more i can't remember. or an ability to instantly dismiss/teleport our pet to us (on a cd) to avoid future inconveniences which will happen.Gungrave3 1d
1d Show off you Hunter!!!! Embrace the FIRE!!!!! 1d
1d whoever desinged mm failed first off you have to account for all the movement ranged has to do in a raid. and how fluid it plays. both of these fail so bad there is no words for it. other then to call it garbage. every ability has to be move while cast non interruptible or instant cast. ( all melee ability are instant cast with global cool down.) try using that design for ranged as well and it will not suck so bad and you won't get post like this. i hate that you killed my favorite spec sense vanilla and i can't play it because it's so poorly designed. it was the worst dps in legions no need to keep making it suck. just fix it. i have posted many times exactly how to easily fix it if you can figure it out. be more then happy to help.Warbringers67 1d
1d Epic bm hunter and survival pvp movies Are they any reminiscent of the cobrak's of yesteryear? Im debating internally whether bm hunter mechanics are sufficient for encounters that appeal visuallyMarionette0 1d
1d Beginner BM hunter - need macro assistance Hi all, I've decided to roll a BM Hunter this expac for class fantasy reasons/would like to try DPS, and naturally don't want to learn any bad habits (i.e. become a Huntard). I'm looking for advice specifically to controlling our pets/macroing commands. What macros are essential to playing the spec optimally? So far I've found: #showtooltip Kill Command /petattack /cast Kill Command Once I cast this macro on my target, will my pet continue to attack the target irrespective of any attacks I make against adds/other enemies? Will it continue to attack the target until it dies? If I was to cast this macro on an add, will my pet move to the new target and cast kill command? Additionally, once I have my pet set to it's appropriate target, should I be using mouseovers to target adds and to prevent my pet from switching targets when I activate /petattack & Kill Command once it's off CD? I haven't started playing yet, so I imagine it will all make a bit more sense once I get playing - really what I'm looking for are the essentials to get me started. Any info would be really appreciated... Alytha.Alytha6 1d
1d SV questions So I am planning on maining Survival for PVP, but has anyone else that's playing so far seen that they're passed up on for mythic/raids bc they prefer range over another melee? Have you all just been off-spec BM and so PVE content that way? Thanks.Orphios1 1d
1d Noob to survival Hey guys I have been a long time MM hunter, but with the current build I dropped it. I've never really liked the BM play style of being my pet's cheerleader. I leveled as SV and then when I hit 120 missed range and figured I would give BM a try and I'm just not really enjoying it. However I had a blast leveling with SV so I'd like to go back to that. Point of post is to get some input on Azerite Traits / Talents for SV. I feel like I have a good grasp on my rotation but would like to go more into tuning my stats. Thanks in advance. Also bring back MMCainnoss3 1d