3d Mechanical Bits Feeding my pet, especially as a treat for a job well done, or to refill its health, has been one of my joys as a hunter. Now I also get to be a gnome and as a bonus collect the awesome mechanicals; however, there are no "mechanical bits" and copper bolts are too low for a level 100 pet and I am unable to mail gearspring parts to my hunter for food as it is soulbound! What do you feed a level 100 mechanical? Mine are starving /cry.Rabbitsfoot13 3d
3d Finally Starting to feel like a melt machine.... Granted xpac is pretty much over but I made it through without to many issues. I do use buffs, fel focuser, runes, food w/ bacon to extend and Argus light buff when solo'n elites. I have some more work with gear but anyway, feeling purdy strong. The titanforged mana-shard drop today was pretty awesome ;-) The Antorus trinkets suck. Gonna run some M+ 13 and up later tonight, see how far we get. Anyway, just making a post for non leet players like myself who are wondering if it gets better.Blaylock0 3d
3d Kindred Transmog Hi! So i started playing league of legends recently and I love kindred, has anyone thought of a decent trasnmog that would resemble kindred from LoL at all?Apanduh0 3d
3d Current Hunter Stat Caps So, I've been looking around trying to figure out what the current stat caps are, and can't seem to find them. I'm thinking Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, Versatility here. I vaguely recall haste having a 6-7% cap, and I'm wondering if that's still true or not.Kurisu1 3d
4d SV not holding up in WPvP, do not go In my recent Stormwind hunt, I looked at the "metrics". Mongoose Bite--the only relevant ability in our arsenal--does 200-300k(the low stacks, higher stacks a bit more) at my ilvl of 913. My ilvl is low but it's a mathematically correct 913 according to Mr. Robot. Despite the optimal stat balance, it still doesn't perform. More than likely, Blizzard must not have tuned up SV's damage appropriately and for right now and possibly the rest of the expansion, Survival has got to be the worst melee spec in MeleeCraft. I stuck with SV just about as long as I've stuck with MM. I gave it all the love I could, despite I understand it's a very controversial spec in principle. From a PERFORMANCE standpoint, let the record show SV does suck in open-world, especially now with the new base resilience hotfixes. Bad design and concept is one thing; performance that doesn't save your heinie in the thick of urban fighting is another! You're better off doing MM or BM. Don't waste your AP, choice relics, and gear currency on SV. I wish I had the connections on the Horde side to get through M+'s and raiding, but it's a solo op since I actually main Alliance. Any SVs who are raidgeared are welcome to rebut me if they have better metrics in open-world. But even if they do, it wouldn't help me in my unable-to-raid-or-do-M15+ situation. To think I could stand toe-to-toe better as MM in melee too, hah.Zerkhal6 4d
4d Survival changes in BfA I wanna preface this with:Stay on topic and be productive - we get it, some people just don't want it to be a melee spec anymore. Thats not what this is about. So. Ive been thinking this for a while now but, ALOT of what survival hunters do is all over the place. I havent seen another spec with as many blatantly useless talents or with so much of its power budget spread around in such an awkward way. It feels like 4 people worked on new Survival and none of them agreed on what to do. You can spec for Mongoose bite spam yeah, but there are so many traps in the talent tree that trick you into thinking maybe something else is viable. Ive been pvping as SV since the expansion dropped and well... It sucks. I'm not legendary at it, but I am more or less dedicated to the spec. Everything you could hope to achieve as SV is theoretically possible - but itd be easier literally anywhere else. So heres some changes I figure would tweak the spec a bit, since theyve said Survival and Demonology are most likely to get bigger changes in BfA WAYLAY So this.. Has basically no support in spec aside from having the ability. In pve you dont need its benefit solo EVER, in dungeons no one slows down to let you 'get ready' or cook your traps as it were and in pvp good luck getting anyone whos not a straight up idiot to stand on a trap you deliberately didnt hit them with unless you have a DK backing you up. I figure you change waylay to a buff that generates on some arbitrary condition to show your waylaying the opponent. If you crit an enemy you have slowed get waylay - then your next trap comes out with the appropriate buff. This changes the tactical decision from 'ignore this passive exists' to 'do I use this waylay to hit the warrior and use a normal frost trap on the healer or do I waylay the healer woth frost trap and burst' etc. CAMOUFLAGE Again. Garbage. You cant use it in combat because youll never get your pet to drop attack fast enough to be able to 'vanish' with it. The healing is negligible since if your in an arena your probably opening with it just for stealth. Its basically just for avoiding mobs while questing, and it breaks on interacting with most things so its crap for that to. Make it useable in combat, double the cooldown to 2 minutes, and make your next trap count as having waylay when you use it. Bam. Thats the class fantasy. The hunter stalking its pray with well timed traps. The Predator. STICKY BOMB Just.. So useless. Isnt a stun. Negligible knockback. The timer after cast makes interrupting with it hard. Just make this talent so its knockback attempts to push enemies into the nearest trap. Or do damage. Or have a stun. Or do ANYTHING. RAPTOR STRIKE The sv hunter power budget is so spread out that you can rotate between traps, dots, mongoose bite and flanking strike and almost literally never cast it. Make all the talents that effected this work with flanking strike and then get rid of it. OR make it so it clears your mongoose bite stacks for big damage. Its not like we have a viable execute and were losing Talonfury next xpac anyway so well have literally no ability that interacts with those stacks. DIAMOND ICE This PVP talent literally invalidates steel trap as a normal talent. the two are incompatible, and no warning is given on either one on mouse over. Most other specs that have the ability to change an ability will see this type of change mentioned in the talent. If you have caltrops then the Tar Trap talent talks about those instead of tar trap for instance. The thing with all of this is that a Survival Hunter cant outfight any other melee without being genuinely smarter than them. Youll never beat someone else numerically, not if their competent. And thats fine. Our strengths lie eslewhere. When the warriors bursting I want to disengage into tar or frost trap and just avoid him till his buffs fall off. I want to confuse mages trying unload on me by disappearing and peppering them with traps. DONT force me to sit on my enemy praying for arbitrary charges of something I can only keep rolling with gear and not skill. Mongoose bite is such a vast portion of what we do that applying any amount of your time budget to other things in any kind of content is a loss and that SUCKS. It doesnt feel smart, I dont feel like an elite trapper, I feel like a discount fury warrior. So... Thats MY thoughts anyway. What about you guys? And try to keep it constructive. None of that 'turn the spec back to how it was' stuff.Wiltonis6 4d
4d spirit fox needs to dance! So, this is a little thing, but foxes have the ability "trick" and they dance. but why doesn't the spirit beast fox also know "trick"? I want to dance with my little buddy!Stringcheeze2 4d
4d Hunters.... Really? *Head Desk* So... this is the first time I have posted anything on the WoW forums, but I decided that it finally had to be done. And, let me pre-face this with the following... Ehem... Not ALL hunters that I have come across are this... huntardish. There are some wonderfully amazing hunters I have had the privilege of playing with. Now with that being said, I continue to my point: How daft are the majority of your community??? How can the greats stand alongside these bumbling bafoons that call themselves hunters? I have been power leveling this Blood DK for the better part of the the last week, and in doing so, I have come across a LARGE number of hunters who firmly believe that because their pet is specced for Ferocity, they don't have a taunt. >.> <.< What? I kid you not, on SEVERAL occasions, especially in 100+ content, I have run into hunters who have taunt active, so I politely ask them to turn it off as any tank would. Sometimes I am met with silence and I have to ask so many times my face is literally red by the end of the run or the group kicks them. But roughly 3 out of 10 hunters would GENUINELY say back to me: "My pet is specced dps bruh. It doesn't have a taunt." Now, how in the world would they come to that conclusion? Well, I think I know the answer. Not once did they stop to think "Gee, maybe I should go through the PET tab in my spellbook and see if the pet bar is MISSING anything." I made myself a level 100 trial hunter and confirmed that the growl spell was NOT defaulted onto the pet bar! So, people just assume that it doesn't exist! Holy... cow... Now, I don't know if Blizzard was trolling when they did this, or if they simply did not predict the shear stupidity of a good sum of their player base, but either way, it's a thing. So I ask of you, good hunters on the WoW forums, please take a moment to go through your guild member list, find your fellow hunter, and please make sure they are aware that even though their cat is in a DPS spec, that IT STILL HAS A TAUNT! Thank youRaìvyn26 4d
4d Rate the Hunter Name Rate the name above you on a scale of 1-10!Tail378 4d
4d Survival and Antorus. As a survival hunter how do you feel the fights treat you? Personally most of the fights felt like they didn't exactly punish me for being survival, although I definitely had troubles maintaining good dps on Aggramar, Argus and Kin'Garoth. I'm pretty sure Aggramar and Argus are just a git-gud issue for me, but on Kin'garoth it takes so long for my pet to reach the adds after I get to them that I often lose half of a mongoose bite window before I get even a chance at procs.Gulrumn18 4d
5d LEGION MM BEST USE! I dunno about you but I love using wow to fall asleep at night. pressing 3 buttons over and over arcane shot, aim shot,mark shot really puts me to bed. I'm saving a fortune on NyQuilSurval0 5d
5d Ignore the haters, hunters ARE fun I started playing this game back in 2007. I've played every class and race available. The most important thing I've learned in all this time is to play what is fun for you! Despite all the jokes and name calling people say about hunters (hunTARDS, wannabe Legolas etc), despite always being called a noob or class with no skill. It all boils down to one thing - I will play what I find enjoyable. That for me happens to be hunter. Doesn't matter if there are more hunters than you can shake a stick at, I pay $15 a month to play a game. For all you new hunters out there, ignore the haters. If you enjoy hunter, play it. If not, don't. Don't let the opinions of others bring you down because we know why we play this class and if others don't understand than it's their problem.Lundra11 5d
5d Panthara tame sucks On hour two of trying to find another piece of talbuk meat because the tame failed I tried. This is bs. Shouldnt take longer to tame a pet than it took me to do the challenge appearance.Bear10 5d
5d Cute Hunter. And the award goes to me.... Thank you.Peepz17 5d
5d Sim help i'm trying to decide which of two rings is better for me using pawn. When I sim my character with ring #1, the stat weights change and pawn tells me that ring #2 is better. When I sim my character with ring #2 , the stat weights change to that when ring #1 is displayed as an upgrade. Simcraft tells me which ring gives most DPS theoretically and so I think I'll go with that one but I was wondering what others think of pawn and if using it to choose upgrades is useful or just more confusing?Moon2 5d
5d Tome of Hybrid Beast? The NPC in class hall doesn't show it like she does on PTR. Does she only show it if I got 1 point in concordance of legionfall? Is there a new req of a sort to get it?Kumorihanta9 5d
5d BM Mage Tower Issues Hello fellow hunters, I started trying my mage tower artifact challenge and after a couple close tries I decided to wait a day to try it again. And after a day I'm having issues with my pet keeping aggro. I have tried many different pets and different pet specs and I always end up tanking the boss. And yes my pets taunt was always on. Anyone else have this issue?Kopitar6 5d
6d Tome of the Hybrid Beast lvl Requirement I am confused at why after achieving both colour variations of my class mount as well as the tome of hybrid beast on my main my lower lvl hunter is able to use all colours of the mount but when I purchased a copy of the tome and sent it to her it says lvl 110 required. I don't feel there should be a lvl requirement on the tome since it is the equivalent of another mount (beast mastery). Is there more clarification available for this?Jadienne1 6d
6d Fury of the Eagle bug? I remember last week I was able to activate FotE to lengthen the timer on Mongoose Bite, then interrupt it with regular MBs. This is no longer the case as of last night, where interrupting FotE would lose the 4 seconds I gained from it. Bug or intended change?Fãrhaven9 6d
6d MM hunter lock n load i have been noticing for quite awhile now sometimes when i am casting aimed shots my lock n load procs, if i finish my aimedshot cast i lose focus and lose 1 instant cast of lock and load proc, if i dont finish the cast and move right away started shooting then i just wasted all the time i spend casting for no reason, can anyone confirm about this lock and load thing?Xc2 6d
6d A bit of help pls Can anyone take a look at the below logs and tell me what i'm doing wrong? On both fights, according to sims, i should do at least 1.2-1.3 m and i'm not even close to that. My aimed shot seams to hit way lower than in sims, but i don't think is just unlucky with the crits ThanksMatumba3 6d
6d Can't get the BM mage tower quest? Is there some reason why I can't get the mage tower quest for BM? I can see the Surv and MM ones but the BM one isn't there and I haven't already accepted it either.Badkoala6 6d
6d BM t20 4P all through antorus GG blizz how do you think this is ok that t21 4p is so terrible that t20 4p is going to be the to go build with only 2p t21, nothing to look forward to with a new tier, infact we have to go back and farm old tier still for titanforge. Small indie company i guess...Cries19 6d
6d Is Astral Alchemist Stone worth it ? Does it provide decent dps ? Its main stat is versatility, which is horrible for BM hunters. In order to equip it, I had to give up a decent trinket with 2500 agility and 1500 mastery.Elinndel2 6d
6d Need help on legendary.. just start to gearing up this hunter,got myself parsel's tongue+call of the wild,should i go for zoo build or frenzy...Bownbone3 6d
6d T21 is dog crap...but wait there's more... Beast Mastery T21 4P Bonus – Kill Command now reduces the cooldown of Aspect of the Wild by 2.5 seconds (was 1.5 seconds). When both Convergence of Fates and Hunter T21 Beast Mastery 4P are equipped, the value of the 4-piece set bonus will be reduced. A nice way of saying, "Take off CoF or else".....thankfully the set bonus is still utter crap so I can keep my 925 CoF equipped until something better drops.Arithawn12 6d
6d Lack of unique bear models? Beside the spirit beast one and the diseased ones there isn't any cool unique models, in cats we have stuff like Sambas and Skarr, Terrorpane and the tortos model for turtles, Gib the Banana-Hoarder for monkeys, Karkin for crabs, we have the fel wolf, but we don't have a single bear that stands out.Innerrage0 6d
6d SPriests buffed, despite being a top DPS With logs coming in for Antorus, it seems that BM (and SV, but I play BM and I know about that more) are right where it was predicted... at the bottom of the list. Odd that a spec performing well gets a buff this late into the patch cycle, and the Hunter class as a whole hasn't seen a mention anywhere (other than the occasional nerf, or the slap in the face that was the Rodent pet family) to fix our broken DPS. Hey at least we aren't Outlaw rogues, but then again at least Rogues have Sub, a spec that is actually doing quite well. What's our best? MM and it's only marginally better? This is a joke. Edit: most recent rankings: Reminder: this is just a general guideline for how specs are doing. It is not the end all be all of how YOU perform. Just because you're doing better than the average doesn't mean that the spec is fine.Ruiner20 6d
Dec 7 Track Humanoids Is there a way to marco Track Humanoids on and off?Dakrym0 Dec 7
Dec 7 Second Artifact weapon quest giver As of 7.1.5 patch there is no longer, at least as hunter, the quest giver for a 2nd artifact weapon at Trueshot Lodge. The quest giver is no longer down at the fire pit. How do you try now for a second artifact weapon?Bullshooter4 Dec 7
Dec 7 Survival is the MOST fun I have had in WOW Whenever I started Legion I played a Demon Hunter because it was new and flashy. Got fairly geared with him but he got boring. Four button rotations tend to do that for me. So then I switched to Destro Lock, my main in most of the previous expansions. I ended up getting the Lock to about 940 iLvL and once again the spec became very boring and dull even though I was putting out good numbers. I wasn't really having too much fun and slowly started to get the burnt out feeling. Then I decided to give Survival a try. I wanted to try it out because of all of the negative feedback I see on the forums about it. I wanted to see if it was truly as bad as everyone said. I immediately fell in love with the playstyle. I love complex rotations because it gives me something to master and work on. It is very rewarding mastering the rotation and doing competitive damage in raids/mythics. Now I can respect people's opinions when they say they wish the spec was Ranged again, however I have a question for those who say that. Have you really given Survival a chance? Have you geared it up, done your research, and really invested in Survival? Or have you played it just a bit and couldn't get the melee hunter taste out of your mouth and decided it was trash and needed to be burned? I have never once, in my time playing Survival, currently iLvL 940, felt like this spec is trash or I cannot compete with others. I hope they never ever ever ever get rid of the melee survival spec. It will be my main for the foreseeable future.Stacktrace19 Dec 7
Dec 6 Petition to Bring Back Range Survival One of the larges issues of Legion is the lost of one of the most loved Hunter specs that being old ranged Survival. This is not and argument over Hunters are a range only class as I do like to play the new melee spec; however, this change has cost many players the lost of their spec and caused a imbalance in the ratio of melee spec versus range specs, which which has cause a great and reasonably understandable dissatisfaction in the Hunter community. Blizzard needs to hear why Hunters played old Survival over Beast Mastery or Marksmanship and how it played differently than either of the two, since it was Blizzard's idea that the spec played all to much the same. A thread full of "it was our spec first now give it back" will get a over look; though, if Blizzard sees a thread full of passionate players who just want to have fun and once again play the spec they grew to love through the many years maybe someone at Blizzard will finally take notice of this mistake. This is the time to take action and say your voice let Blizzard know that Survival needs to be returned to its roots they need to know before the next expansion.Ogdenir29 Dec 6
Dec 6 Pets That Look Like Hati? So we lose Hati. That's sad. But it seems inevitable. BM will have to return to being one-trick ponies like the other hunters. But what I want is the Hati look, especially the darker electrified wolf look. Are there tameable electric wolves in the game?Punchinjudy3 Dec 6
Dec 6 MM PvP vs Melee A lot of the time in arena melee will focus me so I spend most of my time kiting, using Sidewinders/Marked Shots and not getting many Aimed Shots off, is it ever a good idea to stand there to get Aimed Shots off while getting beat on? (obviously not when they've got CDs rolling)Critcobain8 Dec 6
Dec 6 #Hunters4Hati I say those of us who liked this lovable mutt start trending #hunters4hati to voice our displeasure over losing Titanstrike for some worthless piece of crap weapon and Hati. Maybe if enough hunters or anyone who liked Hati helped get this trending Blizzard may reverse their decision and allow us to keep our weapons if we choose if you want to get rid of it be my guest. I still say give us a quest with the choice to do what we want with it.Legionkiller22 Dec 6
Dec 6 My sims for BM I got my 4 piece T21 last night and spent a ton of time simming combos of Leggos and rotating from 4-2, 4-0, 2-4. The closest I could come to DMG from ToS was a 4-2 main 4 ToS. They really need to do something the way it currently is. We will fall farther behind once classes figure out the encounters. We have a decided advantage early in any raid due to our movement, that will last all of 2 weeks and "BAM" to the bottom again we go. Hell we aren't even top now. We aren't in a horrible place by any means but that comes down to the individual player more than spec OP. Please devs don't let us be on the bottom the rest of this xpac, we haven't even been top yet.Hydrosdreem34 Dec 6
Dec 6 Squishball Hmm would it be a terrible idea to move the damage reduction from Aspect of the Turtle to maybe after using Exhilaration give the 30% damage reduction for like 5-6 seconds, and I'm not asking to change how Exhilaration functions still only usable on its current terms just literally moving the dmg reduction from turtle to Exhil. To sorta help with their survivability in arenas? Just seems like every other class does way too much damage for hunter to live long enough through anything once trinket turtle is down hunter is dead next go and other times you die before you can blink. Pet Sac is nice and all but its not very helpful at all. Feel like adding some sort of dmg mitigation somewhere other than Turtle would be helpful and wouldn't make them too powerful just bring them up to the level of other classes in defensive terms. Good or Bad Idea? Would it really make too strong? I really dont see that being the case.Krytek0 Dec 6
Dec 6 Advise on stats/re-gearing or re-rolling I'm current crit > mastery > haste, unintentionally. I had /simc-d my profile and thrown it in raidbots to create a pawn strings and so it's made me crit-dominant. I understand that mastery is the best for an MM hunter but I'm not entirely sure what I should do atm. I'm 941 and crit dominant. Should I spend gold on some obliterum and gear to gain more mastery while I get tier gear? I'm pretty lost on what I should do tbh, what are the options.Hephaestús0 Dec 6
Dec 6 Why are hunters so popular? I have my own opinions, but I'm curious what others think. Why is the class so consistently popular, regardless of expansion or power level? Even back when playing a hunter was a bit of a chore (carrying stacks of ammo, keeping pets happy by feeding them), they were the most common class. So why is that? Are there reasons that could be translated over to other classes?Root50 Dec 6
Dec 6 does mm bow not give movement speed anymore? nvmDmitriÿ0 Dec 6
Dec 6 Fenyr solo HELP So I've been lusting after Fenyr ever since I saw the good boy. Finally I got my ilvl up and thought it'd be easier, only to realize in 7.3 they buffed him a !@#$ ton. Rip me. I just killed Hymdall, so now I'm starting to dip my toes into the real fight. Most everything online about the fight is kind of outdated because of the buff. He has more health now and is faster. I read the first phase is supposed to be easy, but it hasn't been for me? My pet isn't keeping aggro and I get chomped to bits. Does anyone know why this happens? Misdirect and feign death do nothing. I'm using a turtle and he is in tank spec. If you have any advice/know why he keeps pulling onto me it would be much appreciated.Relinestia2 Dec 6
Dec 5 Forgo BM Tier bonuses completely? (M+ idea) Logged on today, excited to see we were getting buffed. Read what was being buffed and rolled my eyes... So back to things we can actually control. I've been wondering lately if its going to be better this tier just farming M+ for titanforges and not chase after T21/Titanforged T20? We would end up with a very high I'lvl with fully itemized stats and (I'm hoping) doing quite alright. Just a thought, It's probably what I'll be working towards. I honestly cant be !@#$%ed trying to mythic pug ToS like N/H last tier and I really do hope that when people start crunching numbers, this idea comes up comparable to the alternativesAhoymate4 Dec 5
Dec 5 Sidewinders vs. Trick Shot Hi! I'm having some issues with my DPS during single target raid bosses. Every guide I see says sidewinders is not a viable talent for most fights - but I can't seem to get a hang of the rotation without it. I find myself having a hard time keeping vulnerable up because of how much I need to spam arcane shot until hunter's mark procs, which brings my DPS down. When practicing on raid dummies, my DPS is reliably about 100-200k higher with sidewinders than without. My DPS spikes high with trueshot and then drops back down to around 800-850k on most fights - with 930 item level I feel like I should be doing better, according to sims. I'm still trying to work on getting my tier set + more mastery gear together as well. I'd love any advice regarding whether I should stick to sidewinders or try to get used to the arcane shot rotation. I'm following icyvein's rotation guide pretty closely so not sure what's going wrong. Any advice is welcome! Am I just garbage at hunter or...?Casilla17 Dec 5
Dec 5 Kin'garoth and trap placements Just got to Kin'garoth last night and after a few encounters later I realized that I CANNOT place my traps below this guy like in Immersius. It has to be between the green aura and the edge of the platform circle. Holy batman. It makes this fight unnecessarily hard as sometimes I'll miss an explosive trap or worst my steel trap as I've accidentally placed them too far out of the platform. Worst encounter for me, not looking forward for the Mythic version where he gets more annoying.Rylienz3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Dec 4 balance changes Seriously. No changes to our dmg. A nerf reverted to BM 4p T21 and MM can do more rng dmg with their 4pc. No changes to SV, BM or MM base dmg. Just god damn awful.Mezasu21 Dec 5
Dec 5 Survival Hunter Logic? Not trying to troll, I love survival hunter, just some things about Survival don't make sense to me, but would be easy enough to change. Please note I'm mostly speaking from a PvP point of view, but some of these changes could be beneficial to PvE as well. These are just opinions, obviously, but I think these changes would make Survival more fun, and diversify it from BM/MM. 1. Why does Survival have the same defensive CD (Aspect of the Turtle) as the ranged specs? Almost every other melee's defensive CD allows them to continue attacking (Evasion,Die By the Sword, Astral Shift, Ice Bound Fortitude, ect...). Aspect of the Turtle is great for ranged who need time to get create distance, but doesn't feel right on Survival. Maybe bring old school deterrence back which boosts dodge/parry, and give it an honor talent to reflect spells? Just one idea. 2. Traps are kind of wonky to use as a melee. Again they make sense as ranged, because you know a melee is going to run towards you, and being ranged you have better positioning to throw traps. Personally I love steel trap and its waylay effect, but traps don't truly really feel logical or effective on Survival. 3. What is with Fury of the Eagle??? It's weak. It looks silly. I almost never use it because I can crit for 1.2mil with a 6 stack mongoose strike, or I can tickle them with Fury of the Eagle and invite them to CC me. I really think this skill should just be a single attack somehow, Survival uses a spear, maybe a charged spear thrust that consumes the stacks with a bonus for both the number of stacks (1-6) and the duration remaining on the stack buff - that way the goal is to actually use the ability ASAP (key work possible) instead of avoiding it because mongoose strike is better. 4. Survival isnt BM. Survival should have a Lone Wolf talent option like Marksman does, Survival is not BM, the pet should not be a mandatory component to Survival's game play. There should be a Lone Wolf talent that reworks Flanking Strike and Mongoose stacks to function without the pet. Maybe a double strike called Wolf Strike, and basic attacks and/or bleed tics have the chance to give a Mongoose Strike charge. Again, just one idea. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?Lostwoods27 Dec 5
Dec 5 Pet Slots As a BM hunter i often see myself looking for those new rare pets that blizzard launches, every patch and expasion we are getting more and more rare pets, but we have had very few pet slots to store them for a long time. Me and some guildies, we are having to delete some of those rare pets to get others that are even harder to get just because we're running out of space. Here's my suggestion: Make hunter pets storage just like the battle pets storage. You have a list with all the locked and unlocked pets and you can just collect them. OR Make a list with all the pets you have and remove the storage limit. It's a simple improvement that will make thousands of hunters more happy.Progunner11 Dec 5
Dec 5 What about Survival going Tank? You know what? I'm deleting everything I've written in this sub-forum (except for the EotB part, because I do miss that). Everything, good and bad, that happens to the class is on you, because when people who play the game, instead of playing the forums come with ideas, good or bad (not talking about myself, I've been reading tons of threads, and all of them account to the same), the second you see one detail you don't like you pop The Beast Within and viciously attack. I know you won't care, but neither will I. I'm satisfied I tried to do something, but I'm not gonna be a part of this community. I have enough !@#$ IRL to put up with this nonsense GLHFSuej38 Dec 5
Dec 4 MM T21 fix idea! Not sure if anyone had the same idea but here it goes. 4pc: Marked Shot has a 50% chance to fire an Empowered Marked Shot. Empowered Marked shots deal 25% increased damage, if Empowered Marked Shot would hit more than one enemy its damage is reduced to 15%.Manuredps0 Dec 4
Dec 4 Balancing BM for normal and lfr raids Because you really start to notice just how terrible BM in as soon as you step into Heroic and up. Can you please fix us? We've been in such a sad state this entire expansion. I was hoping that we'd be at least decent in Antorus.Raydann0 Dec 4