2d SV M+ 7.2.5? Non-Existent? Or, No? Dusting off my hunter, and thinking of doing m+. Looked at a number of servers top rankings on the site, and seems while hunter is nearly on every team -- it is either BM or MM. Any SV doing M+ at all? I probably bothered to look at 50 to a 100 players. While certainly player choice must factor in here... it does not look good. Anyone get far in M+ as SV, or other comments? Normally, been doing dungeons and m+ as combat rogue, feral, or guardian.Lawblood3 2d
2d MM Hunter DPS Problem Hey there. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give. I have played a hunter as my main since Cata. I raided competitively for the tail end of Cata and through MoP and WoD. I am not the most amazing hunter you will ever see but I was good, and had pretty solid logs. I had to take a break at the beginning of this expac and recently returned. TLDR; my dps sucks. I have been reading Azortharian's guides, I spent 4 hours going through my logs, and simming myself and I can't find the problem that's causing/contributing to my low dps. I'm hoping that someone can help me out here. I'm not sure if it's talents or if there is something in the rotational priority that I am just not understanding. I'm not going to change specs. I tried BM and I can't stand the focus regen and melee has no appeal for me. (I'm Vhalla in the logs) I am aware that I made mechanical mistakes in the encounters. I'm looking more for where I am going wrong in my rotation. Your help is greatly appreciated my fellow hunters!Vhalla2 2d
2d Mobile Stable Master First id like to mention I dont main a huntr but i feel on some LVL a connection to my hunter almost as much as i do my main class. Ive always felt ever since Classes and pets gave raid buffs where Hunters should have a Mobile Stable master. The Mobile Stable Master would work almost like the Goblins Mobile Bank access where Hunters can access the Stables any where. They could even make this where we have to do a questline when we hit the LVL to be able to tame pets.Celticlore0 2d
2d Class Hall mini buff? In the druid class order hall they can click on a statue of Malorne and receive a buff? Does hunters have something similair?Yaakova5 2d
2d Explosive Trap 7.2.5 buff So the range of the ring around the trap has been increased but ive seen bosses inside of the rings radius and not setting off my trap. FOR THE ONLY MAJOR BUFF WE GOT IT SHOULD OF BEEN DONE RIGHT BLIZZARD! SURVIVAL HUNTERS DESERVE MORE ATTENTION TO THE SPEC. THIS IS OUTRIGHT ANNOYING TO TREAT SUCH A FUN SPEC SO POORLY WHEN IT COMES TO PATCHES. Changed our 4set then nerfed it by 20% out of 30% and then ontop of that nerfed the !@#$ out of our current tier 2 piece and 4 piece and then TO NOT EVEN DO OUR EXPLOSIVE TRAP CHANGES CORRECTLY? THIS IS A SHAME! SHAME ON YOU BLIZZARD FOR HONESTLY GIVING SURVIVAL NOT A SINGLE DROP OF INTEREST.Dadåwg4 2d
2d Petattack I use a few macros, if I have /petattack on them will my pets get confused?Mayzee1 2d
2d MM crit issues.... I have a 35% crit chance as MM and i have way too many strings of non critting aimed shots during trueshot window. The srtifact trait that gives +50% crit dmg during trueshot + 2pc bonus of +15% more means if i dont get crits my dps is gutted. Why do they do this to us? Even at 35% crit chance i find my dps being 200-300k less than BM with bad rng. Redesign the trait so during trueshot we simply deal 30% more dmg. That would make it so bad crit rng doesnt kill our dps. BM is just way more reliable.Merced2 2d
2d Volley Recently resubbed, giving the Volley talent a try, and I constantly find myself forgetting I need to activate it all the time. Why is it not just defaulted to always being on? I know it's something I should remember to do, or notice is not actually on, but c'mon, it just seems like something that should be defaulted to being on rather than off.Syvalla2 2d
3d Mantle of Command Question 7.2.5 What is the proc chance of Mantle of Command in the ptr and do you think it will be as good as the other legendaries in 7.2.5?Roxxic37 3d
3d Best Pets for Hunter in Stable The basic, non-exotic hunter stable at level 100 is: Cat/Hydra/Tallstrider — +550 mastery buff Bird of Prey/Boar/Porcupine/Ravager/Stag — +3% versatility buff Wolf/Raptor — +5% crit buff Dog/Gorilla — +5% stats buff Hyena/Sporebat/Wasp — +5% haste buff Bat/Dragonhawk/Wind Serpent — +5% multistrike buff Bear/Goat — + 10% stam buff Serpent — +10% spell power Carrion Bird/Riverbeast/Scorpid — 25% healing debuff (mortal wounds) Crocolisk/Spider/Warp Stalker — 50% movement speed reduction Nether Ray — Blood Lust/Heroism Crane/Moth — battle rez BM pets you should REALLY consider taming: Spirit Beast — targeted HOT Water Strider — water walking Rylak — slow fall Core Hound — DOT to melee attackers Chimera/Worm — AOE damage What about Exotic Pets do we got enough space to get every ExoticMyrvalis5 3d
3d ALL I NEED IS ONE BAR........ Hi all,I am looking for a health bar for my pet,nothing more nothing less,I have no need for the picture,focus,pet frame the blizz ui offers,i have that hidden and am looking for something along the lines of Power Tracker but for a pet health bar, simple and light weight to keep my ui minimal .Threefelony2 3d
3d Tier 20 I got the chest, cloak and legs tonight from ToS. I can't keep 4-piece T19 and use 2 of the T20 because I have MoC. Is it worth giving up 4 piece to use 2?Snizard17 3d
3d Plea to to the Hunters A short while ago I made a post in the general forum called "Plea to Blizzard on the stable size" It is a post I made in hopes that blizzard will increase our kennel size. I should have probably posted it here but as they say hindsight is 20/20. What's important is that I need help getting more support behind it. I really do hope Blizzard will see it and increase the size of our kennel, but this will require that it stay at the top and get enough support. So I ask of you fellow hunters, please support the post and let's hope blizzard hears our pleas. Here is the link With over 3360 pets out there 50 slots just aren't enough. Good luck and happy hunting.Holelotabull18 3d
3d Dread Ravens So any word on dread ravens being tamable yet?Shontae4 3d
3d 7.2.5 BM PvP - Beast Mastery PvP template agility has been reduced by 5%. - Separation Anxiety has been redesigned: +Separation Anxiety increases your pet's (and Hati's) movement speed by up to 50%, and damage taken reduced by 25%. Effect only occurs when your pet is 20 or more yards away from you, and scales up to your pet at 50 yards away. -The Beast Within's Bestial Wrath cooldown reduction has been reduced to 10 seconds (was 15 seconds). -Wild Protector reduces damage done to allies by 10% (was 15%). -Go for the Throat has been removed. -Dire Beast: Hawk replaces Go for the Throat. -Dire Beast: Basilisk replaces Dire Beast: Hawk. -Interlope replaces Misdirection: +If your pet is within 10 yards of your Interlope target, the next hostile spell will be redirected to your pet. Once this occurs, your pet will redirect the next 3 seconds of hostile spells. +Interlope's cooldown begins when the aura is consumes. Look like they try to force me to play survival after destroy MM and BMVnhunter44 3d
3d My MM Hunter DPS Problem So I have been playing my hunter since vanilla and generally done ok to well dps wise on my hunter. I have been looking at my logs from Heroic Night Hold last week, and my numbers from Tomb of Saregras last night (no logs unfortunately) and come to realize I must be doing something wrong. I have linked the log in this post, looking for any suggestions on what I am screwing up. I have been going off the guides on icy veins. feel free to chime in with suggestions. About the only thing I wont try is switching to a different spec (.ie im staying MM). thanks for any advice.Brandtt11 3d
3d Class Design Q&A Over on Reddit Today If you got any questions to ask, this might be the time. Got mine up there. ...Ranthae14 3d
4d BM boots- pointless? I got these last week. I'm trying to understand when/if these are ever worth wearing over the shoulders or bracers. Since almost every build uses the kill command talent (resets on cobra shot during BW, can't remember the name of the talent), and since both t19 and t20 center around making BW last longer, wouldn't the BM boots basically have no text the bulk of any fight?Khimtorr2 4d
4d There is 1 BM hunter above 2K RIP Sigh.Galavant41 4d
4d why did you break the Wolfhawk mount? i had to stop playing WoW for a couple of days but before that i got my new favorite mount the wolfhawk i log back in jump on my mount and see that someone has beat the snot out of it the lower teeth are stretching like they are attached to the upper ones the right wing is twisted and the rear legs are still all weird i know this is an old issue that has been with the wyverns/windriders for years but nows a good time to fix it at least the hunter pet version is unaffected by thisCainwolffang12 4d
4d Need Lalathin? Hello. I have set up a lalathin taming group with the name Taming Lalathin! I'll be knitting and chilling. Come get cher loud, green hippogryph.Baoyuxiao2 4d
4d Honest question I've never been able to get a straight answer for this. Does Beast Cleave, effect Kill Command? Or is beast cleave ONLY auto attacks.Azarìa1 4d
4d Something blizz can see (For BM PvP) I've whinged about it too much. I'm having 5/10 fun as MM in PvP (I've been BM since Cata as well) If we really add up these nerfs 15% agil PvP template nerf (10% template and 5% across the board on top) 30% mastery nerf 20% Armour nerf Execute removed PvP Talents gutted + Whatever else I know I'm forgetting. Surely blizzard have felt this change has demolished BM royally in PvP. MAN can you feel it, it wasn't a tone down, or a happy-medium match up with everything else tuning, we've been thrown in front of the bus. Period. ALL top PvP players are agreeing and feel our pain. And yeah bla bla "Good, BM is a horrid class bla bla" - Honestly for me I played BM before it was 3 button spec because of Pets and mobility, I loved the feel of the game play. I'm about to ding full Artifact weapon completion in the spec that made WoW a playable and enjoyable game for me from day go. It just seems there is 0 acknowledgement that maybe ^ said nerfs (all 50 of them) were a TAD too much.. ? Blizzard have reverted some pretty, for the most part, IDIOTIC nerfs before (removal of traps start of Xpac) If we can make enough noise around simply, "BM PvP" then surely they'll at least see this and address it? It seems they don't take individual posts seriously. I just really really cbf waiting a whole season until they go... oh woops, what about BM? Let's giver 'er a quick buff. All it takes is a CLOSE look at the PvP Talents. Dire Basilisk Dire Beast Hawk Interlope Interlope isn't a BAD idea (10 yards is kinda stupid though) But have a GOOD look at the other two... KEK The most random useless talents ever. It looks like they ran out of ideas and just picked some random !@# world pets to fill two slots and were like: "Hey wouldn't it be funny if we gave BM like a super slow $%^ fkn lizard that you can literally walk away from 5 yards and by the time it gets to you the CD is up. Or a Hawk that looks vicious but is basically an angry robin attacking air in a particular AoE that you can walk out of?" Try bring back go for the throat, but make it 25% or 20% not 30%? Or bring back a more 'tame' Kill shot exclusively for BM PVP only. Just pls do something. We hate your Lizard and hawk.Galavant15 4d
4d How to do Mage tower BM? im having a lot of trouble with the eggs as i can't burst them so 1 or 2 turn into worms and also interrupting felbursts. this one isn't too hard as i keep forgetting to use certain things. im kiting the worm to the rocks and staying out of everything but it's mostly the damn eggs. my ilvl is 894 and im spec'd into ST. my pet eventually dies because im focusing too much on the eggs and forgetting about felburst. get the boss down to about 75% and end up dead. im running corehound in tenacity and only 1 point off on my artifact for cordonance . im watching a video from i guess a few months ago the guy is just 1 shotting the eggs.Lethadox16 4d
4d TOS warcraftlogs I always knew there is a discrepancy between the combat logs (recount) and warcraftlogs. However, is it possible to see a 150k to 200k different between them. On the Maiden fight last night my recount shows my DPS at 1.1+ million but the Warcraft shows 950k. I don't remember sitting idle other than running toward the boss during the phase change. I'll try to link a picture of the recount later. Just curious if anyone else is having this issue. ThxDreadheart7 4d
4d Hunter Professions? So I just started a hunter and just leveled to 110. I haven't started any professions, but I was planning on doing so soon. What professions would benefit me most being a hunter. My ultimate goal is PVE seeing as PVP seems not appealing to me seeing as I have to level to get honor talents that at this point others will already have which to me would make PVP not really balanced for me. Do harvesting professions offer any benefit these days other than to farm mats to sell/level? Thanks in advance.Devilina10 4d
4d Low Level Hunter Solo Dungeons? Title says all. Could a low level BM hunter with a tank spec pet solo dungeons? As in, at level 15, for example, could a Hunter solo Ragefire Chasm?Tikali11 4d
4d 0rder hall Hi, my BM hunter has a order hall requirement to do a battlefield.. I don't PVP is there a way to get around this? Thanks for any help.. it's the last quest that Tactician Tinderfell has listed.. I've done all the re st..Elfiona6 4d
5d The Answer To Illusions on Ranged Weapons I opened a GM Ticket explaining the situation with Hunter and Illusions, we finally have a reason why. GM Response: GM Ticket: Syntharous Good evening, This is Game Master Syntharous at your service. I appreciate you taking the time to get back about this. The ultimate reason why the Demonic Tyranny enchant can't be applied has nothing to do with a bug or a UI issue. It can't be applied because illusion and weapon enchants cannot be used on any ranged weapon. In order to have it work for a ranged weapon there would need to be some changes made to the game by our development team. We Game Masters do not work on the game in this capacity, so you'd want to approach this as a suggestion. I see that we already have a forums post from you, so you did what's necessary to voice these concerns. At this point it would be a matter for our development team to discuss and then implement. While I can't speak for them, my understanding is that the more unique shape of a bow or gun would complicate the particle effects used for the rest of the weapons in the game. Having said that I don't think that it's an impossible feat of engineering! Thank you for getting in touch with this feedback, we will pass along our own internal reports and you've already hit this from the other end with the forums suggestion. Keep fighting the good fight, and I wish you a fantastic weekend out there. /saluteZizx12 5d
5d Nevermind 1234567890Quendi1 5d
5d Breaking up Tier 19? So I got a couple of neat upgrades in ToS, but it's hard to break up Tier 19. When, if ever, should I? Because it hurts not to use 910 gear. >_<Baoyuxiao1 5d
5d focus maxumim so i would like to know what is the most focus a hunter can get i want to know due to the fact i once saw a guy with 140 focus and i want to know what the max isScherbeh1 5d
5d Bestial Wrath bug. Hey all, It appears that if you cast Bestial Wrath while currently being affected by the buff, you will then trigger the cooldown of the new BW, but the buff will not be refreshed. Would be nice to have this issue fixed. ThanksAriha0 5d
5d A Little Focus... please I'm a reasonably new player to WoW, have been playing for about 2 weeks trying out different classes, races and whatnot. I think I like the hunter best, but was wondering is there a way to increase your "Focus" resource? I've seen around that we used to use mana (which I expect would increase with intelligence) I find the 100 focus just isn't suiting my play style. Also, is "Steady Shot" the only Focus boosting skill we have? I find it really annoying in instances when you're trying to rack up some nice DPS and you're out of Focus and have to try to get some back by using this slow as hell shot. Any tips appreciated P.S: I suck at BG, but its fun as hellÐêejay12 5d
5d Certificate of Ownership When the last time anyone used one of these, or sen someone selling them in the AH? Have a couple in the bank for just in case moments.Ogdenir4 5d
5d MM vs BM Sorry if this has probably been beaten to death, but can someone give me a rundown of the two? New hunter here. I gotta say, I'm not really feeling BM. I just feel like a cheerleader and not a fan of how clunky it is to swap between targets due to the pet. I leveled to about 60 as MM and enjoyed it more, although everything died in 2 hits so I didnt really get a fair assessment of the spec. I feel like the vast majority I see are BM. How does marksman compare in BGs and in PVE? I don't plan to play this character too seriously but at the same time I'd hate to be like my Windwalker and try really hard only to get pitiful results in comparison to my other characters. Thanks in advanceFalizz19 5d
5d What add on you guys using for gear compare? So I am trying to see what people are using to give them an idea what items to where for max dps output. I have a bunch of stuff in my bags from Tomb but not really sure what to change out. I cant use pawn cause pawn does NOT factor in set bonus. I go to ask mr robot and put in best in bags and its not reading right because its telling me to use ONE of my two new set peices and not both and without the set bonus the other peice is not an upgrade. Any help that would avoid me running one peice at a time raidbots which might take all day.Nightsnipér1 5d
5d Legendary BiS Beast Mastery Need some advice got Mantel of Command today from H Nighthold, but I have Call of the Wild and The Apex Predator's Claw and like to know which one of the two I should switch out for MoC or is MoC not as great as it use to be? Is the Mastery more important or the aspect cool down higher priority?Ogdenir13 5d
5d 3 BM Lego's With the NEW RAID (TOS) and changes to BM .....what would u guys suggest? Mantle Of Command , Call of the Wild ( I do have mythic CoF ) or Roar of the seven lions belt I been reading alot of threads, and still haven't really gotten an answear , so if you guys had all 3 of those lego's , what 2 would u use? Hanali3 5d
5d MM crit rng frustration. Im kinda getting over it. If i dont get a string of aim shot crits inside the true shot window my dps is horrible. The difference between a crit and non crit Aimshot ia massive atm for me a crit inside trueshot is around 2.5mil and non-crit is about 350-400k. I have too many openers that only have 1 crit inside them and its pissing me off. They need to rework the +50% crit dmg in trueshot trait.Jackfaust2 5d
6d Feathermane pets Hello hunters! I know my question might sound stupid but i've been away after three months in legion and i just came back.I saw you can tame fearhermane pets and was wondering how you can do it? Thanks in advance.Fàlkor2 6d
6d [The Nighhold: Love Tap] is up can anyone confirm that we can tame the corrupted hippogryph yet ?Vnhunter7 6d
6d MM PVP Coming back to my hunter after a break. From a PVP stand point, Is sidewinders still the go to talent? I prefer Piercing shot & Explosive Shot and wanted to know if it's viable. I mainly do 2v2, BG, and RBG. Thanks,Revo4 6d
6d Dungeon story Wanted to share a funny little story from a CoEN +10 my guild did tonight. Just to give some background our DH tank is very proud of his high healing and ability to solo a lot of content. We were on the second boss, just talking having a good time. First our warlock accidentally steps out of the circle and gets clubbed, but the druid healer brezzes. Then the druid healer gets hit by a mechanic (think it was a book) and dies, so I brez with my pet. Then everyone in the party dies to something (once again think it was books) except me and the DH tank. The boss is just under 10% at this point. Luckily nearly every cd I had was coming up, so I go ham but the DH tank dies. He immediately says in discord "alright wipe it up" like usual. At this point I just think... all of the damn solo content they put hunters through over the years, from Rhok'delar in vanilla to hunting all over a continent for pet quests (Gara) or facing down bosses needing to use all of your skills (Fel Wolf in Tanaan) and I realized... this is the moment I've been trained for. I use my pet taunt, pet dies pretty soon but just buying time. Next I misdirect to Hati, also dies fast. Boss comes after me so I disengage, get some damage in then turtle and rez my pet. Keep getting damage in, pet dies again but Cheetah away. Boss melees me to 1% hp, I Cobra Shot which crit and overkilled the boss by ~1000 damage. The party goes nuts in Discord. It was pretty funny overall and just made me appreciate all of the "challenge" tames and content Blizzard has given hunters over the years. Just happy to be a hunter right now.Persìes0 6d
6d Fratricide Got up this morning before maintenance to see if Skoll was up. Found him at his most north western spawn point, so I switch to BM to tame him. Find that I have too many pets, so I summon and abandon one of them before trying to tame Skoll. Didn't realize Hati was still out and on assist when I hit the tame button. Skoll auto attacks me, Hati one shots Skoll. Think I'm gonna play my rogue for the rest of the day.Edara12 6d
6d Barney is Love, Barney is Life Just had a thought. We need an Arcane Purple Devilsaur Spirit Beast named Barnabus. With the Manasaber outline effect. Like stat. That is all.Flintlox2 6d
6d Unstable Arcano Crystal When I sim myself the UAC always comes out as the best trinket to use. I have many other trinkets including COF and Foci. Been trying to get a BTI, but never happened. Does this make sense for an 860 UAC to sim the highest? Actually the UAC and Foci simmed the highest, but I didn't want to lose the CoF proc.Mayzee5 6d
6d Thanks for destroying BM Hunters in PVP It's feels so worthless in arena now, as if it was just completely shining in arena you nerf them into oblivion. Whatever happened to trying small nerfs to find a good medium. It's just unplayable now, not fun. I know it doesn't matter but I sure feel like not resubscribing and no you can't have my stuff.Help9 6d
6d BM Hunter Issues Focus/Damage So i decided to jump on my hunter after the 7.2.5. patch as my guild is progressing on Mythic Elisande. I found 2 issues with with my build since pre 7.2.5. 1) I have lost approx 100k dps with no gear changes using belt and shoulder legos with t19 tier and tried both BTI with CoF and CoF with Foci. 2) I also constantly found myself starved of focus whilst outside of BW. In summary the 2 charges in DB or DF have done nothing to the class in regards to assist with focus regen. The idea that BM should have had the 2 charges as baseline was correct however the issue of focus starving has still not been addressed. I think if the shoulders dmg stacked that same way that the attack speed does when using dire frenzy it would work out ok thus the focus regen is compensated with the damage buff instead. It is something you can not have up 100% of the time but more so around 70-80% of the time i think this would improve the rotation and make you plan more around dmg output rather than focus regen.Hanidel20 6d
6d Survival Hunters Hello all, I have been playing the new SV since pre-legion. I love it as a spec and think it is way more fun than the other 2 specs (which yes I have played). However, I dearly regret this choice as a raider. Blizzard's constant promises to make SV better have all fallen short and never pair up with Marksman. I have stayed with SV this entire time and I feel like it was all a wasteful grind. I have 7 points into Concordance and all but the 2 new legendaries. I am thankful to my guild for letting me play this spec but with the undeniable MM 4 set, legendaries, and talent changes it seems to be better. The allure of farming AP again and legendaries for a new spec is a huge turn off. I would prefer not to change but I feel like I have to now with MM in the top and SV in the bottom (based on sims and logs). In NH as SV I was about middle of the pack because of the 4 set I believe. I know through logs that in NH the rankings for mythic were about MM > SV > BM with no major differences but it seems like ToS has widened this gap. My general review for SV based on the most recent raid is great burst aoe but mediocre st. Now I don't think the aoe needs to be changed at all (if anything I think it could be sacrificed for a better st). The complex rotation is fun but, in my opinion, I feel like it should be more rewarding in the damage department. Reaching 6 stacks of moongose bite and spamming that !@#$ is almost better DPS than our artifact power. The 2 set from NH gave us the ability to have almost unlimited moongose bites (unless you somehow got really unlucky) and then the nice extra damage from the 4 set. But now that we are losing this with the ToS gear I feel like these things should become a passive baseline. The NH set was good for aoe and st where as it feels like the ToS 4 set will be heavily based on st while specs like MM and BM don't have that issue. Also MM (marked shot, explosive shot, and multishot) and BM (volley) already have better st along with good if not better aoe/cleave that cost minimal focus and a simple rotation. Now I know MM is plagued with minimal movement but the legendary gloves and ToS 4 set almost make up for this. BM and SV are great because they are not hindered as much by this movement. I am well aware that today SV got a 3% damage increase to all abilities but I feel like this was meaningless and still does not match up to what MM does. On another note, I feel like Blizzard only caters to MM? Is this because MM is the more popular raiding spec while SV is widely unpopular? If that is true, why hype everyone up about a melee hunter and then complete ignore the spec? Why could Blizzard not have made a 4th spec for hunters while keeping the old SV (as many people liked that).Rushia24 6d