Mar 15 Ranged DPS Hello Hunters, I'm looking for a ranged DPS class to play to be my 5th 110 as I have all melee toons up to this point. I am mostly interested in PvP, being effective and able to survive. Being able to just blow people up would be nice too but no required lol. I may dabble in PvE but not really concerned with topping charts, just would like a semi-fluid rotation. What are your impressions of the class and what are your favorite specs? Thanks!Runhide8 Mar 15
Mar 15 Gara questline How did hunters find the quest line and the parts for Gara that were all over WoD, before flying even perhaps, in the first place (i.e., before the vids and webpages)? I remember watching a YouTube and then doing it, but I have always wondered how hunters would have gotten that quest in the first place or even remotly where to go get all those parts in the quest line? It was like I just walked over to that Shaman in Shadowmoon, something took place, berries I think, and away we went (and it did not take long with flying and Wowhead maps with all the locations). Anyone know how blizzard intended for hunters to get that questline (or was it always just to randomly stumble on it) and remotly where to go for the parts?Huntersson4 Mar 15
Mar 15 Survival WeakAura Suggestions? Now that my Hunter is geared enough to start running things like M+, I wanted to start working with the more optimal talents (Mostly making the swap to Mok'Nathal) and setup, and I could use a recommendation on a WA setup to use. Mostly I'm looking for something just to help me watch my DoT uptime, along with Mongoose and Mok'Nathal stacks, but I'll take any recommendations I can get at the moment. (Note: I don't use LUI)Janendi1 Mar 15
Mar 14 New hunter. How should I gear? Hey all! I'm returning to WoW and new to the hunter class and I'm looking for some advice. When I go for gear upgrades should I go for mastery or agility. Like is it worth it to lose iLvls for an upgrade to my mastery or should I stick with higher iLvl? This is for regular gear not necks, rings, or trinkets. Thanks for any help in advance!Uxar9 Mar 14
Mar 14 Loot table showing items not accessable So for the NH raid my loot table shows the availability of two trinkets, the nighblooming frond and the Fury of the burning sky. Forgetting that all the hunter gear is stacked with versatility and horrendous set bonuses, progression for the MM hunter is locked behind obtaining the Fury trinket. This item is not dropping for either myself or any other marksmen hunter to the point where even using a bonus coin when the nightblooming frond drops from teh boss can proc ANOTHER nightblooming frond trinket on bonus rolls. Is this an intended glitch or a way to drive players from a certain class and spec. After a 5 year break from wow it is pretty ridiculous to experience this in a game with such a declining playerbase (to the point the numbers arent even discussed in my shareholder handouts) and with competition from F2P games with much more equal and fair looting systems. It goes beyond RNG to a certain point and hits bug status. Just hoping to clarify this before cancelling my subscription and going back to PoE or LOL. Im not paying $20 a month to play a video game that puts a path to progression behind one item youve made unavailable for a specific range class.Orangejuiced4 Mar 14
Mar 14 Class Hall Armor Racks I have a question for the hunter population! Does anyone happen to know what armor goes on the armor rack directly to the left as you enter the Trueshot Lodge? I know the 10 armor stands around the forge are; T1, T2, AQ-40, T4, T5, T6, T7 10m, T8 10m, T9 Gold (Old Triumph points) and T10 Gold (Old Frost badges). Anyone have any insight or firsthand experience as to which armor set goes on this stand? I know it's not your Class Hall Armor, I've got the full set and it didn't populate. My guesses would be either the DMF set, the upcoming T19 (But then where would T20 go?), or the Pand-land Challenge Mode set. So I guess what i'm basically asking, any hunters out there w/ either the full DMF or MoP CM set see armor on the stand directly to the left upon entering the class hall?Zehntin4 Mar 14
Mar 14 Glaive Toss Can we get Glaive Toss back? Even as a glyph to reskin Throwing Axes? I just really liked the animation, and it felt cool using it being a nelf. That's all.Nyaesa12 Mar 14
Mar 14 Sticky Bomb I'm new to the hunter class, trying to figure out a use for sticky bomb, has anyone found one?Kurrock2 Mar 14
Mar 14 Hi-Explosive Trap Can we make this not do damage, please.Milkboyx2 Mar 14
Mar 14 more little updates for dire frenzy This is for 7.2 Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator) Beast Mastery Dire Frenzy will now additionally cause your pet to charge up to 25 yards toward the target. I for one am glad it will now charge the enemy! Now we just need titans thunder working properly with dire frenzyMiian20 Mar 14
Mar 13 Survival Hunter Dps I am currently working on gearing up a survival Hunter alt and was wanting some advice from an experience survival hunter. It is my understanding that way of the mok'nathal is currently the highest damage talent from the first tier. I find the rotation a lot more difficult when using this talent. Is the dps difference between using this talent and not using it really that huge?Intrepidos3 Mar 13
Mar 13 On the Trail Blizzard please make on the trail count for terms of engagement, its so annoying not being able to reset harpoon while doing low level !@#$.Bjoramier5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Surv Hunter Hey know it's a lame question to ask but how are Survival hunters performing in nighthold? just came back from the game after a break and looking for a fresh start and surv hunter seems appealing, can they compete with demon hunters and rogues atm? and do they scale well with gear? any input appreciated.Hvitserk4 Mar 13
Mar 13 bm hunters have to un/resummon pets too much there are many instances in the game where i have to unsummon and resummon pets. this is unfun and feels like a waste a time, it's even worse since mythic+ we're trying to go as quickly as possible. other problems include aggro issues, and randomly dying these include: in maw of souls, 1. after killing first boss the pet is trapped in the cage about 50% of the time 2 before helya fight or else she blows my pet back and it gets stuck at wall, 3. and again middle of the fight when she blows us back again. 4. sometimes my pet get stuck at random times, i assume its when the holes that spawn directly beneath them? Black rook hold, while my pets dont get stuck on anything, 5. my pets randomly get killed repeatedly during the last boss. Court of stars, 6. most groups will skip the first construct on the bridge, well i have to unsummon pet before crossing the river or else my pet runs through the mob. Darkheart Thicket, 7. most groups will make a short cut jumping up a rock and branch and stuff, then jump down to the floor at the bottom, rip pet users.. 8. after the dragon boss we have to jump down to go through the tunnel, pet stay at the platform where boss is, have to resummon Halls of valor, 9. pet cannot attack mobs being tanked on the table in the halls, 10. pets will just randomly body pull the big pat walking around in the halls. sometimes pets just jump behind a mob to attack it, this sometimes put it in random awkward positions and maybe body pull the big pat. neltharion's lair 11. after rokmora, and going down the waterfall/fish barrel part. some groups like to skip mobs in this next area hugging the wall. i can hug the walls but pets dont, and have to unsummon or it will body pull random stuff return to karazhan, 12. unsummon before jumping down to fight moroes (common route) 13. unsummon before jumping down spots, to get to nightbane after killing curator 14. unsummon pet before jumping down in area after killing curator, if you didnt skip the mobs here and fought them, you have to unsummon/resummon again before the mini boss before shade of medivh (seriously do your group a favour and skip the big pat and bats here) 15. after mana worm, sometimes groups want to jump down and skip the worms on the sides. gotta unsummon pet unless u want it to pull all the worms. 20. iunno how i forgot about this one, the chess board.... arcway 16. if unfortunate and we have to go left, lots of mobs are often skipped between the demons areas and general xakal (boss) pets can randomly body pull mobs, must unsummon. or some cc's that dont put you in combat 17. during last boss and its 2nd phase (where you run back to the boss killing elementals) well some tanks decide to skip some of the mobs. well my pets WILL body pull them if they decide to skip anything. 18.19. in the last area before the last boss (spider area) there are two jumps that have to be made, thus i have to : unsummon pets, jump down, resummon pets, kill spiders, unsummon pets, jump down resummon pets and continue. you can kinda of see why mm hunters are very happy to pick lone wolf talents dont you? when i play on my havoc demon hunter, it's such a relief i dont have pets do deal with during my dungeon runs. maybe it's just hard to code pets to interact perfectly with the environment and not get stuck randomly or for it to just jump down areas with you. one thing i do wish blizzard did was make it so pets cannot body pull in dungeons and raids, communication can help here, but often ppl pug, and groups just want to go gogo, no time to type sometimes. and ppl dont even read chat pro tip, if you have a druid in your groups, there seems to be many dungeons where they can go travel form. ask them for a ride in areas you need them. when you ride them it auto unsummons your pets, and auto summons your pets when you get off the druid. its awesome. is this a problem that has persisted since vanilla? why havent these issues been addressed? hati doesnt help the situation.Mchuntington34 Mar 13
Mar 13 @ Devs - Got my first Legendary! What excitement - finally get my first legendary and the screenshot says it all! (I mean its not like I'm a ramping dot class that does virtually no damage in the first 10 seconds of an encounter, right? RIGHT?) A+ Game Design.Comps2 Mar 13
Mar 13 [To Tame the Beast] I can't figure out what I am supposed to do here? I cover myself in the leyworm entrails at the Den, but no Felhound Fledglings show up, just manastalkers. The video I watched just showed the guy walking towards the den and one spawning... Am I doing something wrong?Hunturrdurr1 Mar 13
Mar 13 Trueshot Lodge Innkeeper Could we please get an innkeeper here? Most other classes have an instant, or near instant port to their class halls. I've just started my hunter but It's already very annoying having to take a flight path to the class hall. Thanks.Daslow30 Mar 13
Mar 13 cunning or ferosity for pvp hunter pet? im leaning towards ferocity for boars speed, and the other movement impairing effects.Lettucehead5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Haste and Animal Instinct Is there a reason why Animal Instinct Cooldown reduction decreases with the more haste we have? With no haste Flanking Strike, Mongoose Bite and etc, has a chance to be reduced by 3 seconds, however with any amount of haste, the cooldown provided by Animal Instinct is reduced lower than 3 seconds. Am I missing something?Kurrock2 Mar 13
Mar 13 Dire beast whistle sound added today? Did blizz just do a hotfix to add a whistle sound to Dire Beast today, or am i losing it?Hazerd5 Mar 13
Mar 13 All Things Hunter I've played this game since the very end of BC, and have always been an altoholic. Never satisfied with a class, and end up leveling another one. Even now in Legion I have a few level 110. I have come to realize that Hunter is my home. I absolutely love all 3 specs of this class. I love the versatility with Pets, I love taming new ones in down time, and I love the entire flavor and feel. I'm not a mythic raider and I'm not a gladiator pvper, I'm just a casual player who enjoys the game in all aspects. I've come here to the Hunter forum to try and incorporate myself into the pack. I've been a lone wolf for too long.. and need to be with the Wolfpack. I am hoping you will accept me with open traps, and that we can talk about everything Hunter. Cheers to you all!Shotflex9 Mar 13
Mar 13 What's the best hunter pet in Legion? I couldn't find any stats for this BM PVP/PVE . Anyone know? Thanks!Torromania85 Mar 13
Mar 13 Getting Booted from N NH Hi guys, I recently returned to WoW a few weeks back. I have been trying to do Normal Nighthold, but I keep getting booted after a few bosses down. I'm pulling 360 - 380k DPS - I'm not sure if this is too low for my gear. I got my rotation down pretty good as BM is easy to master. However, am I doing too low DPS for my gear? I really don't know what to do since I cannot do normal night hold with this ilvl. I don't have anywhere else to get upgrade other than lucky rolls.Waterstrider5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Anyone using two sets of gear? I play Beast Mastery / Survival and to have the maximum dps out put requires me to switch out parts of my gear. BM main stat is Mastery which means I want armor with the highest mastery: however, SV wants more haste. Using Pawn Spellblade's Gemmed Signet is a 13% to BM over Ring of Frozen Magic which on the other hand is an upgrade by 19% for SV, so if I am playing BM I want to wear SGS, but when I switch to SV I want to change to RoFM for best dps, and this goes for other armor items that have higher mastery or haste. Then there are Hunter's Legendaries, which are designed for a specific spec and require to be switched out when changing from one spec to the other. Is armor switching common among other hunters or has anyone found a good mid/max set that save them time, or have you just stuck with one spec?Maleficus11 Mar 13
Mar 13 Change Kill Command animation to Taunt I think kill command would look less silly if instead of swinging our bow with one hand our characters did the default taunt animation for our race. The taunt animation looks more like a yell anyways.Nightbeard1 Mar 13
Mar 13 BM PvP Pet and Talents Hey guys, I know that BM is probably the worst hunter PvP spec atm but I still have been enjoying it greatly, so with that in mind I was hoping a couple more experienced BM PvPers could help me out in maximizing my play. For the sake of context, I am generally a pug hero and my main concern is performance within random BGs. First off, is spirit beast still the preferred pet for spirit mend or has the astronomical amount of self heals necessitated a devilsaur for mortal strike debuff? And also, what spec should my pet be? I've mainly been running a cunning spirit beast for the spirit mend + roar of sacrifice combo. As far as talents are concerned, I'm not really sure how to go on a lot of the tiers. I've generally been running Dire Stable - Stomp - Posthaste - Blink Strikes - Binding Shot - Murder - Stampede. It's been working alright for me but I've recently been seeing a lot of hunters running way of the cobra / killer cobra, and/or bestial fury + barrage. Anyway, if anyone could contribute some educated insight to this topic I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!Zarava5 Mar 13
Mar 12 The hunter TAX Warning! English is not my first language please do not read if you do not like mistakes I am soory! Hey guys im here to talk what me and my friend jokingly call the HUNTER TAX! Ive read around the hunter forum about alot of people getting into pug group or leader of group whispering them like ooh we dont take hunters, 95% of hunter player sucks ect ect. So what me and my friend say is that you have a 10 ilvl requirement hunter tax when pugging. Again that is just things I have seen in the forum. I never personnally experienced this, I am a fairly geared player 898 equipped i think so I guess this happens in pug for lower mythic plus or some lower lvl content wich I usually get auto accepted because of my Ilvl. But i am not here to feed the Ilvl requirement QQ that every casual *spit on the ground* is (probably rightly) mad about. Im here to see if any of you that make pug group often has any insight on this. Ive been a hunter for a long time, ive been a BM hunter for a long time. And right now BM is probably the easiest spec in the game so you know noob magnet. So i think I actually have this hunter tax mentality because the only time I will pug a hunter is to laught at them doing mediocre dps with the same gear as me (Its even better when they have the F#*$*# shoulders). Kidding aside is it a common thing you guys think about? On a side note I would also like to get your opinion on subpar classes for mythic plus. I think its not a secret but alot of spec suuuucks for M+ like Ferals or Outlaw wich is more about rng. How do you guys feel about accepting them in a m+ group? (here I guess I am more talking to the 15+ guys because lets be honest if a key is under 10 class spec doesnt even matter its bing bang boom done). From my personnal experience when I get a Feral they are really not bad! But then again feral is the hardest dps spec so maybe only super good players regulary complete 15+ with feral spec.Padum7 Mar 12
Mar 12 Legion & Hunters Hello, I was just wondering how have hunters been this expansion? I mained this char from cata thru draenor. I 'm planning on transferring a character to a friends server who started playing again and im strongly considering this one. Are hunters still good/fun to play or would i be better off with a mage or something?Armando5 Mar 12
Mar 12 Hunter BM Have you ever thought Hunter BM would fit better with (2 one hand melee) than survival? (It reminds me Rexxar as BM) BM artifact would fit better in survival, and a new weapon for BM 2 one hand.Arkoll19 Mar 12
Mar 12 Survival Hunter Trap Macros Does anyone have macros that would drop caltrops and ET at our feet on cast? Basically setting ET back to how it was pre 7.1.5? Thanks.Daleandchip9 Mar 12
Mar 12 Beast Master's can change Hati's appearance Beast Master's in Legion are now able to alter Hati's appearance to a pet they have. This is the part where I complain about people getting what they want right? Nah, I'm happy for everyone c: So what pet/Hati combo will you be running with?Leorina64 Mar 12
Mar 12 pets help plz armored rex i can not get past the first boss help would be apreciatedCraccin4 Mar 12
Mar 12 Essence of Pure Spirit For BM hunters like me who have done (or are currently doing) Mimirion's quest "A New Invention" to change Hati's skin into a pet you own, is anyone else having extreme difficulty getting the Essence of Pure Spirit to drop from the Seabound Mystics in Highmountain? For those who have no context, there are four items to obtain to finish this quest; each item drops from a mob in a different zone of the Broken Isles. They are supposedly "uncommon" items, but they dropped for me in about 10-20 mins of farming each mob. However, the last mob that I need, the Seabound Mystics, hasn't dropped the item to finish the quest. Not only are Seabound Mystics on a phased spawn time (Meaning that they have a chance to spawn every hour, on the hour), making them incredibly hard to find without realm hopping, but this item, Essence of Pure Spirit, has made NO appearance to me. I realm-hopped last night and grinded for about an hour with no luck. This morning, I killed these mobs for about two hours with no luck. I've killed almost 200 Mystics with no drop, which seems absolutely absurd, but maybe its supposed to be challenging. I don't want to complain, but I feel like my time is being wasted; these mobs don't drop anything of value besides this quest item (Aside from the occasional silk, in which I will only get 1-3 pieces every 10 or so mobs), so I feel like I'm being useless in this quest. No skinning, no herbs nearby, not even rep for killing them. So my question is; to you BM hunters who have done (or are doing) this quest, what was the trick? Have you had better luck than I have? Or is this a bug and I need to submit a ticket?Feyrre57 Mar 12
Mar 12 class hall bonus items on my priest and druid I get bonus items that help with world quest but I cant find any in my hunter hall, do we get them? and if so can you tell me where? thanksVeloly4 Mar 12
Mar 12 How to track Beast Cleave? Hey guys, I've noticed when I pop multishot there is no indicator or buff icon showing how long I have left on beast cleave, is there a system option I'm missing or maybe an addon you guys can recommend to help me keep track of it?Thebighunter11 Mar 12
Mar 12 Pet specs keep changing for BM hunter. Anyone else notice this issue after the patch? My pet which I normally have set to Ferocity automatically changed to Cunning with the patch. I changed my pet back from Cunning to Ferocity and logged off for the night. I log back on and my pet is back to Cunning.. Has anyone else noticed their BM pets changing specs?Phelony9 Mar 12
Mar 11 Not enough crit for BM? So, I'm just curious, I run about 88% Mastery, 17% Haste, 2% Vers and have 13% Crit (coming from Artifact) Not including the baseline of 10%. So my question I stacking to much haste / mastery and neglecting crit just a little to much? Or do you think it's fine. Cheers.Sgtcritoris5 Mar 11
Mar 11 Survival legendaries question I was fortunate enough to get Call of the Wild to drop for me today. I was previously using Frizzo's and Nesingwary's. Which should I replace? With NH being so aoe heavy I was thinking Frizzo's might be better to keep on. Any help would be appreciated.Giga3 Mar 11
Mar 11 4 Piece for BM Hey Guys :) I just got my 4 piece for BM, so heres my question ... Is the BM 4 piece worth it, if it means a big item lvl decrease? like the cowl ..its 875 ilvl ( normal ) and my helm it replaced was ilvl 900 mythic .....( in the next week or two, ill be next for heroic versions of my tier pieces, i do have 2 heroic pieces, shoulders and cloak, but with me having legend shoulders, i had to get gloves/or helm, and gloves arent dropping atm lol ) So should i keep the 4 set and take the lower ilvl, or wear 3 pieces and my 900ilvl helm?Bahgtru6 Mar 11
Mar 11 how long has pet ai been totally retarded and who made it this wayPreso25 Mar 11
Mar 11 Shadow Hunter > Survival Devs should have made a Shadow Hunters instead of a Survival Hunters, from the idea of Sylvanas HotS, much like Demon Hunters are based on Illidan. Just my opinion.Phay42 Mar 11
Mar 11 Survival hunters NEED MISDIRECT!!! We generate too much aggro to not have misdirect. I am constantly pulling aggro off my tanks and it would be really nice to bring even more utility to the utility hunter spec. This would improve the Survival hunter gameplay TEN FOLD!Dadåwg38 Mar 11
Mar 11 Pet Spec keeps reverting Good morning everyone, This morning I noticed that whenever I place pet abilities on my pet bar, whenever I either log out and back in or dismiss and resummon the pet, it will jump to whatever it's default pet specialization is. I've heard that sometimes weird things happen with The Apex Predator's Claw, which I have. Just curious if anyone knows how I can add pet abilities onto the pet bar without them reverting back to their default spec every time I swap them. Thanks!Adomine10 Mar 11
Mar 11 Glyph of arachnophobia is disappointing. So, I love spiders! I also happen to have inscription on my main so when I looted glyph of arachnophobia I was actually hard pressed to start leveling my hunter, go BM get a hati spider and just be all about spiders! So I made the glyph sent it to my hunter, currently level 60 in hellfire and used dire beast about 6 times before i finally threw a spider at someone, while running around mindlessly killing mobs to see what the proc rate was I guess it as somewhere between 1/2 to 1/4 of a chance of proccing spiders, the rest of the time I did the usual boars, two headed vultures and ravengers. Yet when spiders did proc there were so many different types that could pop out! So as someone who loves spiders, I have to ask, why doesn't this glyph just proc different spiders 100% of the time?Tsalera13 Mar 11
Mar 11 New legendary, more questions. Help me! Hi guys, first of all soory for all the mistakes in my post, english is my secondary language dont be too mad! Okay so i got a new legendary today i got Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish(DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT NO SHOULDERS STILL). Now the question is do I use it? when? where? in what situation as a BM hunter. Let me say that I consider myself a better than average BM player, I have around 1000 and 950 all star point in both normal and heroic NH. I got these scores and raided NH with the BM ring and the BM boots exclusively. Now should I use my other legendary? Well I have sephuz and Prydaz too i heard prydaz is better than the boots for AOE simply for the stats wich make sense but never tryed it out for skorp for example. Now I did some basic reshearch looking at logs and icy vein. Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish looks better than the ring actually for AOE and aoe burst phase like there is alot in NH. So should i switch my ring for all of these fight in NH? Should I use it in single target? Now second wave of question. If I do use it wich trinket should i replace? I do currently have A 885 Bloodthirsty and an 890 Foci wich are the only trinket I use, I usually dont switch them in beetween fight. The only other notable trinket I do have is an 880 Urn and a 870 chrono. My common sense tells me to just remove Foci since its ony 5 ilvl over Bloodthirsty. Any idea suggestion? While we are at it I wont make a second post only for this but if any top tier BM hunter want to take a look at my logs and give me any tips it would be greatly appreciated Mar 11
Mar 11 hero pet What is a Hero Pet and where do I find one?Christalee2 Mar 11
Mar 11 Hunter Campaign Hey guys im at the part of the campaign where you get sent to highmountain to do a quest for the dwarf Hemet Nesingwary. I completed the quest now i do not have anymore hunter campaign quest from him or from my class hall i was wondering what to do next? Also is the quest aiding our allies a side quest or is it a main part of the hunter campaign? when i turn it the required items the quest just pops up again.Aceventora8 Mar 11
Mar 11 Survival Lone Wolf Flanking strike is extremely clunky and does not work a good portion of the time. What do you guys feel about giving Survival Lonewolf. Maybe make camouflage baseline and adding Lonewolf to the 75th tier. Also maybe when Lonewolf is picked, give the hunter all the pets abilities, like from the Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity tree. I feel it would be a cool play style and we wouldn't stack mastery anymore. Let me know what you guys think.Kurrock16 Mar 11
Mar 11 I have a crane with Brez. Can I use that as survival or do I really need to be BM to use that feature?Foxycub2 Mar 11
Mar 11 Yup, it happened - I got the boots. As the title says today I got the legendary boots. Have to say pretty happy about this (still think the legendary drop system is terrible but it is nice to get the boots). Also have the gloves so honestly rng has been pretty good to me - have 4 legendaries, healing helm, marked shot ring, gloves and boots. Honestly, its kind of a relief more than anything else. I was running LFR, Normal and heroic for both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold, and LFR and Normal for ToV, every single week along with doing my daily cache so now I can relax a bit because honestly that was a bit much - and yes I only had myself to blame. I would like to get pyrdaz (the shield neck in case I am spelling it wrong) but its not the priority that I felt the boots were.Starbuxs10 Mar 11