Nov 6 Looking to make a Hunter Hey all, I'm looking to start making a hunter, but I'm curious as to how good is survival spec in a pvp or even a pve setting? Thanks in advance for any feedback!Daspin3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Low level marksman hunter! Mowing down mobs with scatter shot + Mark shot is really satisfying in the old world so far! Also the single target rotation is satisfying; i really feel the impact of my attacks!Keeledor4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Funniest Pet Names lets hear em'Herpdedurp238 Nov 6
Nov 6 Doesnt a 4th spec make the most sense ? Wouldn't 4th spec for hunters make more sense and what we have now? What I'm talking about is restore survival Hunters to ranged. Then add a mele hunter spec that borrows abilities from the other 3 specs where necessary and that makes sense? This way everyone wins we keep the melee Hunter without removing a range spec from the gameAlystrial12 Nov 6
Nov 6 MM Hunter Stat caps So i was wondering about stats. i know on icy veins it says Mast>hast>agil ect. well i have a 880 ring currently that has Crit haste on it, but i have a 860 ring that give Haste/Mastery and give more haste than the 880 gives and of course has mastery instead of crit. im kinda at a lost on which one i should use tho considering it would be a 20 ilvl downgrade using the 860 ring. HELP!? lol Also regarding the stat caps. i was reading about a soft cap on haste what % does that soft cap start on haste and does mast have a cap i should know about?Xylehuntard9 Nov 6
Nov 6 Get those Teldrassil rares now if you are level 110 and don't have the rare pets from Teldrassil go get them now. I'm looking at you DuststalkerSikviki6 Nov 6
Nov 5 Funny pet names With all the new pets to tame, and a bunch of people coming back to WoW, I just thought it might be a good idea to make a thread on funny/cool pet names. Just list off a few to give some people a few ideas. Bird - NeedsSeeds Turtle - Sheldon/Sheltered Crab - Eugene Seagull - MINE Be creative!Right15 Nov 5
Nov 5 Hati is worthless. This pet is a useless piece of crap. I actually have to command it to attack or it just sits there doing nothing, while my main pet is chomping away. Was Hati designed to be stupid? /quackDuckypoo35 Nov 5
Nov 5 500k dps heroic raid/mythic dung max I have a question: My MM Hunter seems to only pull around 500k DPS in raid and mythic dungeons. I've looked up multiple rotations and tried them all, but to no avail. Also when i get new items (I'm currently 920) nothing seems to change. What am i doing wrong? How can i fix this? Do you mind linking me a guide if you have one handy that you think could solve my woe that would be nice. Is this a L2P issue? If so please give me some pointers. Thank you!Metamademe6 Nov 5
Nov 5 New Raid Buffs. GG hunters Other than the unknown for Shaman every class brings something valuable to the raid. Instead of bringing back WOD lone Wolf buffs they have hunters aspect of the know the buff that everyone in the raid yells at the hunter for having it turned on during the raid?! I know it’s early but I hope it changes. Here's a full list of the buffs each class provides. These were taken from playing every class at the BlizzCon 2017 Demo! Death Knight: Vampiric Aura Party and raid member within 40 yards steal life from their targets, increasing Leech by 5%. Demon Hunter: Demon Speed Party and raid members within 40 yards are infused with demonic speed, increasing haste by 3%. Druid: Mark of the Wild 200 Mana, 40 Yard Range, Instant Infuses a friendly target with the power of the wild, increasing their Versatility by 3% for 1 hour. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected. Hunter: Aspect of the Pack Party and raid members with 40 yards take on the aspect of a pack of cheetahs, increasing movement speed by 15% Mage: Arcane Intellect 200 Mana, 30 Yard Range, Instant Infuses the target with brilliance, increasing their intellect by 5% for 1 hour. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected. Monk: Legacy of the Emperor 20 Energy, 40 Yard Range, Instant You extol the words of the last emperor, increasing mastery by 54. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid member will be affected. Paladin: Devotion Aura Party and raid members within 40 yards are bolstered by their devotion, increasing armor by 10%. Priest: Power Word: Fortitude Infuses the target with vitality, increasing their Stamina by 10% for 1 hour. Rogue: Expose Armor Your [generators] expose weaknesses in the target's armor, increasing Physical damage taken by 5%. Shaman: Unknown Warlock: Curse of the Elements Your damage curses the target, increasing magic damage taken by 5% for 1 min. Warrior: Battle Shout Increases the Strength or Agility of all raid and party members within 100 yards by 5% for 1 hour.Hàiden16 Nov 5
Nov 5 Can Hati at least be renamed ? With the change of skin please ? Or just leave it as your "pet's _name guardian." I know I was overwhelmed with the change of designation of the porcupine to rodent, I hesitate to ask for anything else, but my suggestion makes sense. I had to change to marks as a lifelong BM player. I cannot go around with the white glob. Nothing spells Noob more then having hati out. At first, I thought it was awesome. Then I learned you could not control it, and pet pathing is as terrible as always and you cannot dismiss it. It is forced on you ! Throw the name change behind a glyph if you wish.Ishkhara1 Nov 5
Nov 4 Worlds & Warcraft 5e I have a problem. Over the years, I've burnt out on WoW's gameplay. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Instead, I've picked up 5th edition D&D, and gotten really into it. The problem is that I still love WoW's universe and lore, moreso than D&D's. The solution? FULL HOMEBREW CONVERSION, MOTHERFLUXER. I've been working on and off for a long while now on homebrewing a WoW -> D&D conversion, complete with rebuilds of WoW's classes from the ground up for 5e's rules and mechanics. However, my familiarity with each class in the game isn't quite up to the task. To that end, I'm asking around for players of each class to answer some questions to help me figure out how to capture the core of each class and spec. I'm especially eager to hear from longtime players who may remember older versions of their class. What I'm looking for: * Defining themes... * Iconic abilities... * Defining mechanics... * Personal favorite aspects... * ...for the class overall... * ...for each spec individually... * ...both past and present.Lokka0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Return of tranqshot Title more or less says it. I got to play the Battle for Azeroth demo yesterday. While next to all the talents and abilities were the same I did see we got tranqshot back. Signs of good things to come? I mention it here because it seems no one was talking about it.Upbeat7 Nov 4
Nov 4 Hunter Quivers So now that we will be getting weapons in the new expansion, i really hope they keep making bows come with quivers. what do you guys think? want them to keep making new bow/quiver combos or you couldn't care less?Rigormortus4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Mythic dungeons How many mythic dungeons can you do per week ? I thought that after one mythic dungeon per week, the bosses don't drop anything. Please confirm.Elinndel1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Ferocity or Cunning for pvp Hi. For BM pvp, is it better to use a ferocity pet for the damage increase (for me 10% increase of crit is huge, and there is also 19% increased damage and attack speed) and to use the honor talent sting to counteract the critical strike damage of meele, or do you still use roar of sacrifice on a cunning pet ? I know the honor sting against melee does not affect casters and can't be used in a stunlock. But once again the extra damage from ferocity seems nice. I do random bgs and world pvp. Thanks for the advice.Elinndel7 Nov 4
Nov 4 Gearing through PVP? Hello all, just wondering if it is possible to gear up by just doing pvp?Thuredon4 Nov 4
Nov 3 Haste useless for BM ? How is reducing the cooldown of Kill Command and Dire Beast / Stomp or Dire Frenzy a dps increase when they do about as much damage as Cibra Shot ? To significantly reduce the cooldown of Bestial Wrath you need at least 25% haste. It seems a much better investment to focus on crit as a secondary stat, after mastery. Can anybody knowledgeable comment ?Elinndel13 Nov 3
Nov 3 Pet Stats Back in my day, Hunter pets had their own tab in the stats window and one could analyze their individual DPS, haste, crit, etc. Is there a way to bring this back through an AddOn or something? Thanks in advance!Alsol2 Nov 3
Nov 3 ''A new invention'' quest... I still miss the essence of pure spirit and I just want to make sure i'm not missing something. Each time i log the first thing i do is fly to the blind marshlands to check the mobs. Always soldiers or officers. I leave to do other stuff then come back 1 hour later, still soldiers. I do that over and over, always soldiers. Haven't seen a mystic in 4 days. I don't mind the supposed low drop rate as long as i can actually kill some ! Am i doing something wrong ? Do i need to clear all the soldiers for the mystics to spawn ? Is it just a case of bad luck ? Thank youZargot4 Nov 3
Nov 3 the 2 other talent instead Lone Wolf viable? for raiding? i was thinking steady aim but not sure, i like having my petBeastcain28 Nov 3
Nov 3 Misdirection Display Issue Not 100% it started with 7.3.2, but is anyone else having an issue with Misdirection displaying as if it's on CD (dimmed icon) even when it's not? I have tried placing it on multiple bars, both my normal macro for it, as well as direct drag and drop from spellbook, always looks dimmed. Anyone with that problem, or perhaps a fix for it?Dracaenia1 Nov 3
Nov 3 Hunter PvP Which spec is currently the go to for hunter in BGs? I am Solo Queuing.Taleryn4 Nov 3
Nov 3 is surv even worth it to level? Do high end M+ groups/raids even take survival hunters? i feel pvp wise they are in a decent spot but pve wise i just dont kno. any ideas?Carakon5 Nov 3
Nov 3 How would you go about fixing Survival Survival is an interesting spec but it has some serious flaws that need to be changed. These are just a few changes I would make to make Survival more fun. 1) Raptor Strike needs to be removed. This spec has too many abilities on short CDs to need a filler spell. 2) Increase both the CD and Damage on Flanking Strike. 3) Change Explosive Trap into Hand Grenade. Make this a targeted ability that does damage to the target and enemies around it by about 8 yrds. 4) Make the level 60 talents have no DPS component. Instead that needs to be our CC row. 5) Carve needs to be able to spread Lacerate if an enemy is affected by Lacerate. These are just the ideas I could think about but I would love to hear from others on the topic.Teså52 Nov 3
Nov 3 Seeking the elusive pvp mm hunters I didn't have much hope for MM and had been rolling BM for a while. Recently gave mm another shot and think I have it at a place where it's at least fun in battlegrounds... maybe even viable. Looking for other MM hunters that pvp. Hoping to get pointers.Oshosi5 Nov 3
Nov 2 4th Annual WHU Hunter Meetup @ Blizzcon! Bruh..its so close...cant wait for the..... 4th Annual Hunter Meet-up @ Blizzcon 2017! This year, not only do you get to see all of the beautiful faces of the hunter community, but as an added bonus, we will also have freebies including Lanyards and FIDGET SPINNERZ! ***We will be hosting the Hunter Meet-up @ the Hilton behind the elevators where we were for the 1st and 2nd Meet-up aka extremely close to the bar :) on 11/2/2017 11PM --Until !!!!!*** I can add those attending to the Google Doc, just send me a message on twitter @msmologan . I do have the sheet locked to protect its integrity, thanks for understanding! Name: Character Name: Guild: Faction: Region: See you all there!!Föxy8 Nov 2
Nov 2 Does Marksman Hunter get... better... Levelling up this toon right now. On level 87 as of writing this, and been doing a bit of PvP. (Been levelling this super casually as I have 6 alts at 110). I have a max level mage that I play as arcane casually in PVP and it's super fun. There are clear burst windows, good mobility, tools to escape/snare etc. It's enjoyable. I like the ranged DPS compared to my usual healing/meleeDPS. But I feel as MM that I have to do a ton of work and don't really do any of the damage damage; like I am a glass cannon that someone forgot to load with ammunition. If a warrior or frostDK gets on me for 5 seconds without having defensive CDs up, I am 100% dead. But I feel I have to kite them for 30 seconds or more just to dent their HP bar. Does it get better? Does the work to kite as a hunter pay off in damage? Is it more fun than mages (if you have played both, insofar as ranged DPS)? Just feels right now... yeah. Like a lot of work for zero reward where I can jump on one of my other alts and actually impact the game one way or another. Thanks! (Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I am not trying to say MM hunters are bad, or throw shade, or anything... I am simply trying to find out whether it's worth continuing to level it to 110 and use it for PVP or if I should just put it on the backburner.. that's it. No offense intended to any of you hunter mains, as I know pre level 50 honor the classes are not well balanced<3)Eligby7 Nov 2
Nov 2 Hunter Pets Families and Ability Breakdown Pets without Utility Abilities (Purely Cosmetic) Bat Bear Bird of Prey Boar Dog Dragonhawk Goat Gorilla Hydra Hyena Mechanical Oxen Porcupine Raptor Ravager Scalehides Serpent Sporebat Stag Tallstrider Wasp Wind Serpent Wolf --- Shield Ability Basalisk Beetle Crab Shale Spider (EXOTIC) Turtle --- Dodge Ability Fox Monkey --- Heal Debuff Ability Carrion Bird Devilsaur (EXOTIC) Riverbeast Scorpid --- Slow Debuff Ability Chimaera (EXOTIC) (Ranged) Crocolisk Slithid (EXOTIC) Spider (Ranged) Warp Stalker --- Revive Ability Crane Moth Quilen (EXOTIC) --- Blood Lust Ability Corehound (EXOTIC) Nether Ray --- Slow Fall Ability Feathermane Rylak (EXOTIC) --- Stealth Ability Cat Spirit Beast (EXOTIC) --- Pets with Unique Ability Not Mentioned Yet EXOTIC (Except Shale Spider and Slithid) Clefthoof Direhorn --------------------------------------------- ABILITY LIST Shield - Reduced damage taken by 50% for 12 sec. (1 min CD) Dodge - Increased dodge chance by 30% for 10 sec. (2 min CD) Heal Debuff - Reduces the effectiveness of any healing received by 25% for 10 sec. (6 sec CD, 8 sec CD for Devilsaur) Slow Debuff - Reduce movement speed by 50% for 6 (5 for Chimaera) sec. (10 sec CD, 15 sec CD for Warp Stalker) (Range 25 yds for Spider, Range 30 yds for Chimaera) Revive - Restore dead target to life with 60% health and 20% mana. (10 min CD) Bloodlust - Increases haste by 30% for all party and raid members for 40 sec. Anyone receiving this effect is unable to benefit from similar effects again for 10 min. (6 sec CD) Slow Fall - Slows fall speed of both itself and hunter for 30 sec. (No CD) Stealth - Slows pet's movement speed by 50%. 1st attack from stealth has 20% bonus to damage. Lasts until cancelled. (10 sec CD) UNIQUE ABILITIES Reflective Armor Plating - Deflects all spells cast in front of pet for 6 sec. (30 sec CD) (Direhorn) Thick Hide - Below 40% health, 50% reduced damage taken for 12 sec. (Auto, 2 min CD after activated) Froststorm Breath - AOE damage ability over 8 secs all enemies in 12 yds. (8 sec channeled) (Chimaera) Molten Hide - Damage enemy when hit ability. (Passive) (Corehound) Feast - Feast on Humanoid or Beast corpse within 5 yards, healing for 20% of max HP and restoring 20 focus over 6 sec. (1 min CD) (Devilsaur) Stone Armor - Below 40% health, takes 30% less damage and regenerate 3% of max HP every 1 sec for 8 sec. (Auto, 2 min CD after activated) Spirit Mend - Heal ability over 10 secs that can target anyone friendly, including pet and hunter. (30 sec CD) (Spirit Beast) Surface Trot - Allows hunter and pet to walk across water. Damage will cancel effect. (No CD) (Water Strider) Burrow Attack - AOE damage ability over 8 secs, pet generates no threat while casting. (14 sec CD with 8 sec channel) (Worm) --- Yeah there's a break down of all Hunter Pet family abilities and brief descriptions of abilities. A few abilities while nearly identical have minor variations like the duration of Chimaera slow effect or the CDs or ranges of some of the abilities. The damage and Spirit Mend ability were left vague since description scale based on level and use a math equation and figured I didn't need to get that detailed. I wanted to repost this on my main Hunter character and clean this up and update the post I made here. Hope it helps everyone to find that perfect Hunter pet if you don't just want them for cosmetic effect.Lierenzhu4 Nov 2
Nov 2 What weapons can survival hunters equip? So many Wikis with wrong information. If anyone can answer this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.Lenox16 Nov 2
Nov 2 Dps help Hey kids, I decided to come back to my hunter after many years of this toon being an alt, he was my first toon so I want to go back to my roots. I was never marks and have always mainly been bm. I haven’t really raided but he is my highest ilvl toon. I took him into heroic kj and unfortunately, I didn’t perform to my expectations. I want to improve before T21, I was hoping everyone could look at my armory (as I don’t have logs yet) and let me know how bad my stats are, and what the rotation should be. I’ve tried to go with icy veins but experience from other hunter helps. Sorry for the long post, thanks guys and gals.Imothep1 Nov 2
Nov 2 BM Challenge Artifically Extended? To any hunter out there that complete the BM challenge. Do you feel the first phase is artificially extended? Seems like if I go too crazy and push too fast it is game over as I pull threat from my pet. Do I just need to take it down a notch and let the pet do all the work while I interrupt heal pet and kill adds? Edit: Just did an attempt like that and it really went a lot better only issue I had was I have no healing legendary items. So even a minor screw up costed me big time but I will keep at it with this strategy. Got further then ever before.Phroto18 Nov 2
Nov 2 Thoridal, The Stars Fury <3 So I hung with a buddy who come to find out plays Wow. We were shooting the breeze and he mentioned you can tmog the Legendary Glaives on a Demon Hunter? That's awesome for them, but will we be able to Tmog our legendary awesomeness that fires the awesome arrows anytime soon or no? Not a rant or a cry cry thread, just looking for a quick anwser from some of you that are in the know. Thank ya kindly. **edit, so I see they updated the animation. Lots of speculation on why it was updated that has nothing to do with good news for tmog. I understand the speculation reasons.Blaylock4 Nov 2
Nov 2 All In One Pet Macro Couldn't find a proper macro to manage all my pet abilities so I had to make my own, hope you guys like it :). It is branched into 9 other macros and always displays the tooltip for Mend Pet. Put every branch in order from left to right into either your ActionBar 4 (the left one) or 3 (right one, you'll need to change every MultiBarLeftButtonX text in the macros for MultiBarRightButtonX though). They can stay hidden, you don't need to activate RightBar 1 or 2 on the Interface menu. Keep in mind that this macro is best used on a mouse button as there's a lot of modifier keys. So here's what it does: * nomod, player has hostile target: pet attacks * nomod, player has no target: pet follows player * nomod, nopet: call pet 1 * mod: shift, nopet: call pet 2 * mod: ctrl, nopet: call pet 3 * mod: alt, nopet: call pet 4 * mod: alt + shift, nopet: call pet 5 * mod: ctrl + alt, pet: dismiss pet * mod: ctrl, pet: mend pet * mod: ctrl, pet dead but hasn't disappeared yet: revive pet * mod: ctrl + shift, pet dead and gone: revive pet * mod: shift, pet: uses pet skill from branch 4 * mod: alt, pet: uses pet skill from branch 5 * mod: shift + alt, pet: uses pet skill from branch 6 Note 1: Pets that have two active special abilities (Chimaeras, Spirit Beasts, Devilsaurs and Foxes) will have problems if you're using Cunning or Tenacity, because I put those extra abilities on Branch 5 along with some of these specs' spells. Shouldn't be hard to change that. Note 2: The shift key has a lot of spells that you'd normally just let in auto-cast, I like it this way so I can use them myself but you can easily switch it with the shift + alt one if you prefer.Buldur2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Mok'Nathal Is WotM really important for DPS? I enjoy the playstyle but absolutely hate maintenance buffs. If I run Animal Instincts is it a huge loss or just a 5% loss?Loriah7 Nov 2
Nov 2 Nerf Survival nerrf them blizz pls why is a 5 second cooldown hitting me 300k blizz pls nerfFlyandexotic8 Nov 2
Nov 1 Survival Hunters, Pumpo build question. Hey, hey! So, I'm playing around with Survival for funsies after playing as BM for the expansion. I'm crap at it, but it's different and fun and I'm enjoying the change. I just got the legendary Frizzo's Fingertrap and read up on the 'Pumpo' build that is discussed on IcyVeins here - From the IV page - "The main idea of Pumpo is to use the Frizzo's Fingertrap to essentially remove Raptor Strike and Lacerate from your general rotation, and instead using Carve to apply both of those DoTs at once, as well as to multiple targets." So here's where my confusion comes in. I'm not getting a lacerate dot from using carve. I'm getting the Serpent Sting buff but no lacerate. Am I supposed to put lacerate up first myself and then use carve to keep it up? It doesn't mention anything like that on IV though. When I use carve it will refresh lacerate, but it doesn't put it on the mob initially. Am I reading this whole spec wrong? What am I missing? Any insight is appreciated, thank you!Shoonasasi5 Nov 1
Nov 1 I just found out tonight That hunters have a melee spec. I looked into it and it looks fun. Is it viable in PvP at all? Mainly random bgs and arenas but I like to keep the possibility open for slightly more comparative play.Excelor7 Nov 1
Nov 1 Is it me... Or has pet AI improved since 7.3.2? Specifically with the Argus teleporters and dismissing pets. My pets don't disappear when I use a teleporter anymore, and Hati is dismissed every time I dismiss my pet (he would lag behind a few seconds if I quickly dismiss and re-summon a different pet).Bamboohunts2 Nov 1
Nov 1 Magria noo!!! So I decided today that I was going to farm one of the two spirit kitties in Mt. Hyjal. So after 6 hours of camping Magria spawns, awesome. Take my Armor off and start taming......then out of no were a Druid flies down from the sky, moonfires, flies away. I wish once we started the tame other couldn’t mess with it. Here is hoping that whenever they update the stable they also potentially add something like that into the taming process. Well back to the hunt I guess, good luck hunters!Drekstar5 Nov 1
Nov 1 Ruined Pets to sum it up. All pets had abilities -Abilities removed All pets Have Buffs -Buffs Removed to replace abilities Some pets have abilites but only 3 of them are useful and most require you to be either bm or a high level. Pets should get their abilities or buffs back, the only 100% important pets to have is the core hound(haste),nether ray(haste),moth(rez), crane(rez),Quilin(rez), & Spirit beasts(heal) or at least buff the ones with pretty weak abilities(Chimera & Worm mostly). I miss the abilities especially the Basilisk's Stone gaze(stun) I don't see why blizzard had to do so much them when the pets were perfectly fine. o̶r̶ ̶b̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶e̶y̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶Fèrril0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Silence Traps for Hunters To a friendly neighborhood developer, A kind word about goblin engineering. See friend, demon hunters are yesterday's news... wings and horns are the hype of yesterday while we're looking towards beyond and into the void! But there's plenty to learn from yesterday's old news. I'm talking about the TRAPS of TOMORROW! Now if say, an ingenious inventor and a crafty hunter were thinking with their noggings it'd be clear as day! Take the speaker off Sonic Environment Enhancer mixed with the high-powered short amplitude from a Shockinator, BOOM, you get localized thunderclap to deafen anyone in a small portable reusable (and resellable!) package with a short recharge time say a minute or two gathering static under the wings of your wolfowlbear-potamus... (Nature, you're weird but we'll talk). Sure it may play a little tune, say the Mechatorque Menagerie or Song of Battle of your choice, but that's just the way to please the domestic audience while not in combat. Always have to be ready to entertain. We get rid of the Demon part and keep the Hunters part and we're in business with an ability perfect for PvE or PvP. Whatdya think? Silencing Speaker Trap for hunters, standard arming delay with audio queue, an 8yd AoE on a 2 min cooldown.Goblnfreeman2 Nov 1
Nov 1 What's the best hunter pet in Legion? I couldn't find any stats for this BM PVP/PVE . Anyone know? Thanks!Torromania107 Nov 1
Oct 31 SV artifact ability aBurritoj0 Oct 31
Oct 31 How to gain movement speed. I've noticed a lot of other players in are much faster then I when it comes to running and such. I was wondering what is best way to gain movement speed so I don't fall behind in a dungeon or raid party. I'm a newer player so I don't have a lot of knowledge of the different ways to go about it. I am a level 110 Blood Elf Hunter Beast Mastery Specialization. ilvl of 882 currently. Thanks in advance for your input, it's appreciated.Mystikrave7 Oct 31
Oct 31 T19 still bis Well tier 19 is still going to be OP for BM into the next tier (based on sims) And it looks like 4p t20 will be bis for MM until very high ilvl replaces it. Wonder why WW gets t20 nerfed with buffs to compensate but we don’t? I understand from a play style perspective WW monks are unhappy losing the fluency t20 adds to its spec - but at least for t19 for BM it is 100% numbers as it has no impact on BL play style. You’d think in that case blizzard would be more than happy fixing the bonuses and compensating with a buff.Waylander8 Oct 31
Oct 31 Oh God, WHY?! I tried survival... ... and I think I actually like it better than marksman -_-. In fact, there is no doubt I like it better - the stacking of mongoose bite, the multiple buffs/bleed to manage, and the oodles of explosives and caltrops just make it a joy to play. It feels like a combat engineer (minus the requisite SMG); so much more intricate and fleshed out than the other two specs (and especially MM, which, frankly, is a joke compared to WoD's incarnation). I know that this is the "bad spec for bads," but I can't help it - I feel increasingly like I'm not going to be able to continue with MM. Please help D:Hinalle39 Oct 31
Oct 31 Hunter Neglect Just a theory: I think hunters have been nerfed to the point of people choosing other classes because blizz wants more balanced diversity of classes and hunters were too populating.Threewolves1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Way of the Mok'Nathal duration Buff I can ask for a lot things for Survival hunters, but if Blizz can buff the duration on Way of the Mok'Nathal from 9 seconds to like 15-20 seconds, i'll be okay. I guess it'll make it less painful for me to keep it up xD.Varaxeus8 Oct 31
Oct 31 Best for bm pvp : dire frenzy or stomp ? What is best for bm pvp ? Dire frenzy or stomp ?Elinndel6 Oct 31