Jul 3 More Stable Slots? Will this ever be a thing? My stable is getting pretty full just collecting rares and there are way more rares than stable slots........Reven1 Jul 3
Jul 3 7.2.5 Comprehensive Marksmanship DPS guide: As many of you know, Marksmanship hunters received some major gains in damage output with the introduction of 7.2.5. Marksmanship is a very difficult spec to master in that the spec varies so much due to a wide array of factors including build, legendaries, and type of fight (in regard to how many targets). Since I’ve been asked by a few people to explain the way the spec works, on top of the fact that we now have so many raiding hunters, I’ve decided to write up this guide to attempt to cover all areas of the marksmanship spec; particularly areas that icy-veins doesn’t really touch on (plus I’m alone in the office and there is nothing for me to do). Where to begin…. I’ll start with what is called the meme build, my favorite marksmanship playstyle. Meme hunters are incredibly versatile…. we can dps while moving, we arguably have the strongest burst and sustained AoE in the game, and we can still manage to put out very decent single target (pending gear and rng.) Meme hunters typically have two playstles, (1) the original explosive shot build without T20 2 set, and (2) the T20 2 set style. What separates meme hunters from “regular” hunters is the choice to opt into piercing shot (extremely hard hitting, instant cast, automatically cleaving beast of a shot which benefits from the vulnerable debuff), and the prioritization of marked shot over aimed shot. The traditional meme build is my go to AoE spec, and like I mentioned earlier, is entirely dominant… and is easy to play “correctly.” With that said, mastering the meme build is actually not too easy, and depends so heavily on timing. The go to build would be Lone Wolf, Lock and Load, Posthaste, Explosive Shot, Binding Shot, Volley, and Piercing Shot. The key to mastering this build is maximizing proper use of explosive and piercing shot, as well as the hunter’s ability to line up trueshot with aoe or periods of increased damage output. Depending on gear, T19 2 set – legendary boots – and coF in particular, trueshot is on about a 1 minute cooldown, granting around 25-30% uptime if used efficiently (each saves around 30 seconds on TS cd per cycle). More times than not, you’ll want to use trueshot as it becomes available, but timing is very important to consider. If you know that there will be cleave incoming, or if you have piercing + explosive shot on cd, it would serve you best to hold trueshot for those periods of time. For example….using trueshot with ANY cleave is so powerful that I’d hold off on trueshot for around 30 seconds on gul’dan P2 to have it up for empowered eye cleave. Another example is if trueshot comes off CD while piercing shot and explosive shot have over 15 seconds on CD, I typically wait until both ES+PS have around 12 seconds remaining to get them off while trueshot is up. The reason I do this is because trueshot increases critical strike damage by 50%.....turning a 6.5 million piercing shot crit into a 10 million crit – 3 million explosive shot into a 4.5 million explosive shot. This is why we are absurd aoe…lining up trueshot with adds and piercing+explosive shot. Rotation: No T20 2 set. Initial opener with meme build is very straight forward. You’ll want to 1: Prepot at -3 seconds until pull, 2: Windburst (applying vulnerable) followed immediately with trushot, 3: Explosive shot (preferably from far away), 4: Piercing shot (hope to god it crits), 5: detonate explosive shot in close proximity to target. (The detonation is not on the global cd, so I typically watch it and smash my bind as it’s about 2 yards from target), 6: Rotate between arcane shot to apply hunters mark, and marked shot. Interrupt this sequence only if you get a lock and load proc (consume the 2 aimed shots right away), 7: Phase into regular rotation. Rotation: 2 Set T20. 2 set tier 20 grants 15% increased critical strike damage for 6 seconds from casting aimed shot consecutively. This changes things. 1: Prepot at -3 seconds until pull, 2: Windburst (applying vulnerable) followed immediately with trueshot, 3: Aimed shot x2, applying the 6 second damage buff (if lock + load procs, skip #s 4+5) 4: Arcane shot followed by marked shot (re-apply vulnerable) 5: Arcane shot x2 6: Piercing shot (should be able to get it in with less than .5 seconds left on 2 set buff) 7. Explosive shot from far away, re-apply vulnerable with a marked shot, 8. Detonate explosive shot, use x2 arcane shots, 9. 2 more consecutive aimed shots to regain the buff for last seconds of trueshot, 10. Finish CD cycle with the typical arcane/marked shot spam, stopping only for lock and load procs, 11. Phase into regular rotation. Notes: (1) If there are 2+ targets, replace arcane shot with multi-shot. (2) If there are 3+ targets, don’t do step 9 without lock and load. (3) If there are 3+ targets and you don’t have 2 set T20, lock and load no longer has priority over marked shot spam. Burst AoE: 1: Windburst, trueshot 2: Multishot, marked shot everything, 3: Launch Explosive shot, as it flies use piercing shot on furthest away target, detonate ES on the group, 4. Marked shot Spam. Note: This is what makes the difference between a pro MM hunter and an average MM hunter. Ability to switch to adds the split second they are engaged, and hitting all of them with marked shot, max focus piercing shot, and a close proximity explosive shot in a 2 second window. If timed perfectly, the explosive shot + piercing shot + optional legendary trinket, should hit the adds all at once - bursting upwards of 10 million dps. In regard to 2 set T20, it is situational as to whether or not you’ll get the 2 aimed shots in to activate the +15% critical strike damage. Let’s say that the adds will melt fast, don’t worry about it unless you get an early Lock and Load proc. If you know the adds are going to be up for a while, I’d recommend utilizing the 2 set buff as much as possible. I guess the rule of thumb would be to ask yourself if the adds will last longer than the 15 second duration of trueshot, if so, activate 2 set buff. Pro Tip with T20 2 set: if you anticipate adds coming, get off 2 aimed shots immediately before the spawn. (even if you don’t have vulnerable it’s worth it.) Regular Rotation: No T20 2 set Pretty straight forward. Maintain vulnerable debuff on target, consume focus using aimed shot, consume hunters mark procs as quick as possible, make sure to use piercing and explosive shot on cooldown (unless trueshot is coming soon), windburst on cooldown. Big thing to note is to avoid capping focus. The more focus you spend, the shorter the CD is on trueshot. With that said, lets say you consume a marked shot and you get off 2 arcane shots and then an aimed shot, vulnerable will fade after you get the 1 aimed shot in. That doesn’t mean that you should just spam arcane shot if you’re max focus… you’d be better off casting an aimed shot without the vulnerable debuff and then hit a few arcane shots until you can marked shot and repeat the cycle. Explosive shot is another option for when you don’t get a marked shot proc since it doesn’t benefit from vulnerable and can be used whenever. Regular rotation revolves around the vulnerable buff and your current focus level. If you get a hunters mark proc after you shoot off a marked shot, you can just repeat the process if you’re at low-mid focus. A lot of the time you will be spamming cycles of arcane/marked, arcane/marked, etc., but this changes with your focus level. To spend focus on aimed shots, you pretty much have 3 options with each cycle of vulnerable. More specifically, you have time to cast 3 things within the vulnerable duration each time you apply vulnerable using marked shot. Following marked shot, you can either do arcane shot 2x followed by 1 aimed shot, or arcane shot x1 followed by 2 aimed shots. Windburst applies vulnerable for about 2 seconds longer than marked shot does, granting you the ability to add 1 cast to both arcane or aimed shot (so you can cast either arcane shot x3/aimed x2 or arcane shot x2/aimed x3.) Utilizing windburst properly is an excellent way to stabilize focus if you’re starved, and provide a strong burst the next time you marked shot. For instance, say you’re at like 0 focus after windburst, you can arcane shot x4/aimed shot x1 and be left with like 90% focus by the time you hit your next marked shot, allowing you to get 2 aimed shots in during that vulnerable cycle. Keep in mind, you’ll be using explosive shot on CD (very low focus cost and not vulnerable dependent), as well as piercing shot. With piercing shot, I typically pool up the focus needed the previous vulnerable cycle, then use the piercing shot immediately following a marked shot. Since piercing shot will consume all of your focus, I typically just spam arcane shot until I get a marked shot proc to rebuild focus. Consuming lock and load procs take priority while vulnerable is up as well. Other than that, be prepared for adds when they’re due to come out, know how long your remaining CD on trueshot is at all times, and repeat the above instructions. Regular Rotation: T20 2 set Playing meme build with the 2 set actually makes meme marksmanship fairly difficult. You really need to watch your focus. Without 2 set, I mentioned that you’ll find yourself repeating arcane/marked, arcane/marked, etc., quite often, but placed more emphasis on what to do when you’re not doing that. The reality is, without 2 set T20, you’ll be spamming marked shot most of time (and this is not the best single target dps, by any means.) With the tier 20 2 set, the marked shot spam is waayyyyy less frequent, and is only optimal with the 2 set buff active (after casting 2 aimed shots consecutively). Your main objective with the 2 set is to get as many vulnerable cycles with 2 consecutive aimed shots as possible, 2 maximize the buff’s uptime. Since the buff is very short, marked shot spam works great because you’ll get in 2 arcane/marked cycles during the 6 second window, and rebuild focus while you spam marked shot. With that said, you’ll want to pool your focus to around 80-90 every cycle that you don’t use 2 aimed shots. Here’s how the sequence will work. (Starting from 80 focus): Marked Shot, Arcane Shot, Aimed Shot, Aimed Shot, deal any damage you can. There are 4 options to deal any damage you can. One would be to use explosive shot, followed by another marked shot, activating a new vulnerable cycle. Another would be marked shot spam if you get lucky on procs. Piercing shot is also an option, but for this, you’ll need to marked shot, and get off arcane shot x2 before shooting the piercing shot off. Another would be windburst followed by arcane shot spam, into a marked shot to enter a new cycle. What you chose depends on what you have lined up, but one thing for certain is that you will be focus drained. Since you will be focus drained, regardless of what you do during your 2 set buff, you’ll need to rebuild your focus during the next vulnerable cycle. More times than not, I’ll use a marked shot followed by arcane shot x4 so I can reactivate the x2 aimed shot buff the next cycle and repeat. This is maximal buff uptime, and this is what a pro hunter will aim for every time. Aimed shot x2 is 100 focus out of your total 130. This is why 2 set meme and marksmanship in general is difficult. If you don’t play it right, it’s very easy to waste the quick 15% crit damage buff with arcane shot spam. My rule of thumb is to get at least 1 powerful ability in (preferably 2+ of them) during the 2 set buff, each time. Keep in mind, lock and load makes the process much easier, and allows you to cast another 2 aimed shots, reactivating the buff. Gear/Situation Recommendations: Meme build marksmanship does not use 4 set T20 or 4 Set T19. The best thing you can do is sport the 2 set T20, 2 set T19, and 2 set Arcway/Cos all at once. You want at least 2 sets to be activated of the 3, T20 2 set being the strongest. As far as legendaries, boots are a must. Other than boots, cloak and belt are very strong, but my personal preference is the Burning Wish. I absolutely love KJ. It gives you so much additional damage via its massive stats, and the on use aoe orb’s damage is always a crit, which means T20 2 set and trueshot increase its damage exponentially (literally 2 million each target). This is the god aoe method, idc what anyone else says. Prior to ToS, belt was probably the best legendary. Now that 2 set T20 requires you to use aimed shot frequently, belt becomes weaker because you can’t pool up 20 stacks of the buff. It’s still very viable, but I’d prefer the trinket/neck any day. The bosses I’d use meme build on are… Demonic Inquisition, Harjatan, Mistress, Sisters, Desolate Host, and of course, 100% of mythic +. Any time there is substantial cleave or aoe, I’d go with this build. Aimed Shot Marksmanship: Pure Single Target (4 set T20+2 set T19) In regard to single target, marksmanship is disgusting with the right gear. The problem is that gear, rng, and mastery of rotation is sooo important to your success. It’s so easy to find yourself slipping if you mess up a single cycle of vulnerable, and legendary ring is required to consistently parse in the 95th + %. The optimal spec for T20 single target is as follows… Lone Wolf, Lock and Load(True Aim), Posthaste, Patient Sniper, Binding Shot, Murder of Crows, and Trick Shot. (If you have legendary ring, spec True Aim since you automatically receive lock and load). Like meme build, proper utilization of focus and vulnerable debuff = success, but in this build, it’ll break you if you can’t do it right. Meme build allows you to fail since you can always resort to marked shot spam, but with this build, you need to get your aimed shots in during vulnerable, and you need to keep the 2 set buff up as much as possible. If not, you just won’t compete, and you’re better off with meme build for single target. Another thing which makes this more difficult is that you need to get aimed shots in as close to the end of vulnerable as possible, due to the buff that patient sniper grants vulnerable as the debuff wears off. Opening Rotation: 1: Prepot into windburst, pop trushot. 2: Cast a murder of Crows, 3. Wait 1/3 to half a second (pending lust), 4. Aimed Shot x 3, 5. Arcane Shot, Marked Shot, 6. Arcane Shot x2 (3 with lust), 7. Aimed Shot x2 8. phase into regular rotation. Lock and Load changes this a bit, but it typically works out this way every time….2 cycles of vulnerable with aimed shot x2 while trueshot is up. This is because you don’t want to cast marked shot while vulnerable is up with patient sniper. You want to time your last aimed shot to land the damn millisecond vulnerable is about to fade away for massive aimed shots. Another thing to note about 2 set is that the set buff activates the second that you cast the second aimed shot, granting that aimed shot the 15% damage buff, so by properly conducting the rotation, you’ll benefit from the buff virtually every vulnerable cycle. Regular Rotation: Almost identical to 2 set meme build rotation minus the need for piercing shot/explosive shot. It’s all about getting as many vulnerable cycles as possible with 2 aimed shots. With that said, managing focus and have an instinctual understanding of vulnerable is key. You’ll typically rotate between a high focus vulnerable cycle by using marked shot or windburst followed by 1 arcane shot, and 2 aimed shots. Make sure that if you use marked shot, cast arcane shot then wait 1/3 of a second before casting the 2 aimed shot to maximize patient sniper buff. Next cycle you’ll build focus back up to repeat what you just did….. marked shot, arcane shot x4. This changes however, and you need to trust your instincts as to when the next lock and load is coming. For me, lock and load serves as a focus relief and a quick dps burst. With L&L you’ll use a marked shot, and get off at least 3 aimed shots during that vulnerable (you can get off 5 following a windburst). Again…it all comes down to getting back your trueshot as quick as possible, never capping focus (which is impossible if you’re doing single target build correctly), and maximizing vulnerable (avoiding to waste aimed shots when vulnerable isn’t up). Gear/Situation Recommendations: You’re going to want to pair the 4 set with an additional 2 set….either T19 or CoS/Arcway. I’ve seen high parsing hunters using both sets. As far as legendaries go, the gloves, boots, and ring are by far the strongest. Unfortunately for me, I use KJ’s at the moment to maintain 4 set and 2 set, since those are a must. Gloves/ring sims highest for pure single target, but boots and gloves or boots and ring is really good too. The legendaries also don’t really change up your playstyle or rotation, only difference is with the gloves, allowing you to cast and move. Bosses for this build are as follows: Goroth, Maiden, Fallen Avatar, Kil’Jaeden Conclusion: That’s pretty much all there is to marksmanship as it is right now. It takes time to master this build. By no means will you master it in a day… or a week… or even a month. It’s very damn instinctual, and you need to make judgement calls regarding your aimed shot timing all the time. It’s a lot to manage when you need to deal with moving and avoiding mechanics all the time in practice. With that said, don’t be discouraged. It’d make me so happy to see more of our hunters transition to marks as it eventually leaves the other two specs behind (unless some nerfs come out which I doubt because blizz loves marks).Booreck6 Jul 3
Jul 3 Taming Pets/Rare Spawns: Enough is Enough I truly try to avoid coming here to post with an 'axe to grind' - I really do. But having played this game for 12 and a half years, I don't think there is any 'system' I am more frustrated by, or more tired of, than those in place for hunters and taming pets. Specifically - I am referring to a few things: the fact that another hunter (or any class) can interfere with a tame up to and including killing the pet, and why it is considered acceptable to attach ridiculous hours-long respawn timers to pets in a world where Cross realm zones exist - exponentially increasing the amount of hunters 'competing' for them. Blizzard has said repeatedly that they want us to be excited to see other players: that was one of the core reasons of adding Cross realm zones to begin with, to create the sensation that we are one of many in a bustling, busy world (of Warcraft). But constantly funneling hunters into these small areas, for hours at a time, waiting for rare spawns that can easily be killed, peeled off a hunter attempting to tame, etc... these things create some of the most consistently adversarial/hostile situations that I've seen in literally a dozen years of playing this game. It astonishes me that after all this time, there are still so many ways to grief hunters who simply want to tame pets. There simply has to be a better design. Blizzard, I know hunters who have played since before Wrath that still don't have Loque'nahak. They've either never come across him, or had other hunters kill Loque to prevent them from having the tame. Wrath launched 9 years ago. It should not take 9 years of playing a game to track down a hunter pet - nor to design a system for taming one that prevents a douchebag/griefer from being able to ruin that tame. And the argument that its worked for this long is hardly an argument... just because something has been the way it is for a long time doesn't automatically mean it is right, fair or well-designed. Forgive the repeat of my topic title... but enough is enough. Edit: apologies if this topic posts twice. Nothing happened the first time I went to post it, so I tried again.Jaecelynn53 Jul 3
Jul 3 Quick Question About Artifact Power Hey guys, at what point does artifact power become trivial? What I mean by that is that I just upgraded my artifact to level 57 and it says the next level is 2.5 billion artifact power....LOL How high as anybody gotten on their artifact and when it gets into the billions is it really worth it or is it better just to sell the AP tokens at that point? When 20 million AP tokens can be vendored for 100 gold I calculated that you could get 12,500 gold for enough tokens to equal 2.5 billion AP power......LOL So is one more check mark in congruence worth almost 13,000 gold?Pragus4 Jul 3
Jul 3 Request: Hunter T21 Naga Helm I know these are not done, but the base of how they are going to look is. At first, I didn't like how the armor looked, but the naga details got my attention and now I cannot wait to get my hands on that set. However, I feel that something fundamental about the past tier hunter is being overlooked here. That is the helm. If you take a look at our past tier helm involving a "creature", the stalker sets and what not. The helm always represents such creature. In this case though, that seems to be exclusive to the mythic tier. I know mythic tier is suppose to look way more epic than the normal/heroic/LFR, but please, have those tier helm resemble the naga creature just like the tiers in the past.Waterstrider5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Dire Frenzy stacks Pretty simple request...can the dire frenzy stacks show on my character buff bar instead of my pets, so that I don't need an add on to track them? Thanks!Shadethistle8 Jul 3
Jul 3 Has anyone tried this ? Curious how this would work .. i used aotb for a while in NH and had some good results stomp owtp leggy boots aotb instead of kc Any input is welcomeBøwjackson3 Jul 3
Jul 3 You're not that complex YEssus. We BM doos minuses and plusses on wit our fingers, and dem MM and SURVsees doos harderz Algeebruhs and Equashions, so dem gets the BIG piece of chicken!Ramßow33 Jul 3
Jul 2 Mantle vs Apex Claw Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places but why is Mantle of Command still considered better than Apex Predator's Claw? They both ostensibly provide the same 5% damage buff, but the 5% buff from Mantle doesn't stack (at least the tooltip doesn't appear to stack) and the ring allows access to other useful stuff. Looking at my logs the buff from Mantle has approximately an 80% uptime for me on the night I reviewed - should I be holding a charge of Dire to maintain 100%? I feel like that could focus starve me. Obviously Apex is 100% uptime no muss no fuss. Thoughts?Isd5 Jul 2
Jul 2 Old focus mechanics Would anyone still rather go back to using Cobra Shot to generate focus instead of Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy? Personally I don't want to go back. It's really fun now with the 2 charges to just get to cast stuff off like crazy instead of having to throw in a couple of boring 2ish second casted shots that don't do much damageYaldrik4 Jul 2
Jul 2 Returning hunter, advise please (logs) Hi! I'm dusting off my hunter for ToS, previously played a resto druid in Legion. I'd appreciate some comments as I'm still painfully rough around the edges. Below are some raid logs - a few have pretty bonehead moves that caused me to flop over early; something I've rarely done when I was healing which tells you how rusty I am. I've read through Icy-Veins, am on the Hunter discord this is my general approach: - Spec'd to Trick shot with a mastery build (looking into crit + Piercing Shot), Lock and Load was a bit easier to handle right now but I'm also looking to Careful Aim. - Open with Windburst and I try to keep it on CD unless I'm anticipating needing to force Vulnerable for a key mechanic like Cleansing Protocol on Fallen Avatar. I'm not great at balancing this type of need versus just using it enough- I'll hit the target dummies later today but can anyone clarify if jamming it on CD and risking not having Vulnerable up on LnL is better than holding it and ensuring more Vulnerable Aimed Shots? - My rotation/priority is to ....basically, span the crap out of Arcane to stack focus, get Vulnerable up then get as much Aimed within the 6 second window. - I use TS + trinket with Hero if I know when it's coming >/= mechanic priority > early/often as possible when pugging because who knows when it'll go off. I switch out trinkets based on single target versus AoE (legendary). I have crap legendaries but I'm almost to upgrading the 2nd. Anyways, that is the extent of my plan. I'm creating WA to help me better see Vulnerable split seconds, glove proc, and maybe a few more if I spot any on TSL discord. Other basics like gems and Artifacts are in progress today. Thanks! I'd never done Sisters before- stupid lucky not to die. (old NH)- hard to post pug logs because so many had geared players while I was farming gear but here's some. Jul 2
Jul 2 Mecha Bond Imprint Once you use this is it account wide or only for that specific toon?Ayarja7 Jul 2
Jul 2 Suggestion: Addition for Addie's mount Hey everybody, Has anyone ever noticed that Addie's goat mount has an empty basket in the back? you know what would fit perfectly in that basket? Blizz lets make it happen...bonus points if they make it so that when Addie dismounts she has her regular pet and the puppers out as well with the tag <Addie's Doggo> or something cute and annoying.Tinymcshorty0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Explosive shot physical damage? I hadn't used hunter in a while, so I forgot how explosive shot works. I'll just explain it real quick for anyone who is ever confused also. Explosive shot deals magical damage based on the proximity to its initial explosion.Furrlex0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Misdirect to Focus Target Maco Not Working For some reason it stopped working for me. Can someone test to see if it is working at all please? Here is the macro I wave been using. If anyone has a working please let me know. #showtooltip Misdirection /cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] Misdirection; [target=pet,exists,nodead] MisdirectionMyk4 Jul 2
Jul 2 Troops in the field I can not complete the order hall mission Troops in the Field. Anyone know why ?Ellindell1 Jul 2
Jul 2 Sidewinders - Aggro the World CUBIC 50X50 So yesterday my guild and I decided to do a +15 Lower Kara, no problem. I said hell, I'll bring the AoE Dps and decided to try Sidewinders for good times sake. After pulling the First pack of Coin Tossers - the entire instance including spiders starting teleporting on us and #*%@#@%@@* our group. We were dead in a few seconds. Okay maybe a bug? Proceed to use sidewinders again and got hit by the Flash Bangs from the mobs below. After we wiped about 4-5 times due to sidewinders pulling random mobs in the instance throughout the instanced - I respecced back into the TrickShot/PS build. All in all - how come this isn't fixed yet? These are FLOORS FFS. Sidewinders apparently pulls everything in a 50 x 50 (not just left and right, but up and down!) Anyone else laughing their asses off while the group wonders wtf is going on? Had a similar issue back at the beginning of the expansion in Eye of Azshara pulling seagulls from the air. But this was hotfixed at some point. Let me know what you guys think. -ZlexZlex10 Jul 2
Jul 2 @yosqe Hey man was wondering what comps you're having the most success with this season as MM. It's hard for me to really figure out whats good only playing with strangers from LFG. I tried rsham cupid the other night it seem ok not sure if it was just us or if the comp isn't the best. also do you use volley in arena ? i saw it on your skills.Surval0 Jul 2
Jul 2 BM needs to be made harder They really need to make BM harder. Why would anyone want to play MM or Surv when they can achieve the same/greater DPS at 1/10 of the effort. The BM rotation is literally send in pet, press Dire Frenzy every few sec, press Kill Command every few sec, occasionally press Multishot or Titan Thunder, that's it. Plus all instant cast so can cast on the move. In the meantime Surv has to press like 10+ buttons within a span of a few seconds AND have to do it in a certain sequence to maximize damage. Keep Mok'nathal up, maximize mongoose buff, keep lacerate up, use flanking strike on cd, explosive shot on cd, etc. I'm ok with BM having majority of damage from pets but they should make the hunter responsible for more of the damage rather than pressing 2 IWIN buttons that does like 90% of their total damage. No other class has so little active time, it's even worse than it was in WoD and previous xpacs. It's like a rotation for 8yo kids. Zero nuance and zero skill involved.Salamandros53 Jul 2
Jul 2 Will the zoo build fall off? I been seeing a lot of zoo builds, and using it right now since it seems to be good for me. But I'm not sure what build to focus on, I do have a 910 and 915 t19 tier pieces, but I don't want to focus on zoo stats then a month later need to be focusing on a standard frenzy stats. Should keep focusing on zoo or should I focus on frenzy build for later down the line?Trollinhobos2 Jul 2
Jul 1 BM hunter AOE help. I'm having an issue with finding what is the best rotation for cleave fights in ToS. Do you guys usually spam Multi-shot with DB procs in between or should we follow azor's strategy and simply use multi to keep beast cleave up? running the cannon spec btwBlackfuego8 Jul 1
Jul 1 1.1mil sim but cant do it... On the raid dummy. I cant stay above 900k for long enough but my sim says 1.1mil after 300 seconds? BM is easy to play so i have no idea what im doing... No self buffs at all.Merced8 Jul 1
Jul 1 How do you change Hati's color? Friend of mine is wanting to know and I cant find anything on it. Anyone know how to do it?Shockwithme19 Jul 1
Jul 1 best specs? whats the best spec for pvp?Scherbeh3 Jul 1
Jul 1 Healing Shell Hi. I just activated the relic that activates Healing Shell, but I have à text in red that says "No active links". What does that mean ? ThanksEllindell3 Jul 1
Jul 1 Dire Beast or Dire Frenzy? Forget about damage, focus regen, AoE. Which do you prefer or rather which do you enjoy using more? I ask this since in the Q&A today blizzard stated that they are leaning towards dire frenzy being baseline in the next expansion. Personally I prefer Dire Frenzy. The attack speed bonus gives me something to keep track of and upkeep. Having another way to keep my pets on their target or reach a new target quickly is also extremely nice.Yaldrik34 Jul 1
Jul 1 Versatility stat high on gear for hunters ?? What is up with all the versatility ??? All the gear I have gotten from any broken isle or Tos has taken mastery down and is high on vers as far as I know Hunter stat prios haven't changed ..... or have they and some one just forgot to tell us lolRenjazka1 Jul 1
Jul 1 Survival needs love! Way of the MN should be baseline. Also the stacks should tick off one by one instead of losing all 4 at once because you had to do a mechanic . That way you still have to keep refreshing it, and pay attention, but it's not so punishing when you have to move or when something happens to interrupt your rhythm. Put a talent like evasion, or die by the sword in it's place, something to help with survival. Cheetah needs to be 1 min CD min at least. Turtle needs to heal. And they probably need some kind of all around damage buff to keep them solid dps.Malcommurry31 Jul 1
Jul 1 Bursting out then collapsing below standards? Hey All If you take a look at my toon and based on a sim I should be around 930k. I have a macro setup for my opening of a boss pull and come out around 1.5 mil and then as the fight goes on and on I dip down to between 700 and 800k. I feel like my gear and stats keep going up but my dps stays the same. Is there something I should be working on rotation wise. Here is what I go with... Anytime Bestial Wrath is up hit it. Go with the non sttop cobra shot and kill command while its up. Dire Frenzy up and titans thunder or crows up always use right away. When filling time with Cobra I dont use unless 90 focus or more. What I am missing here. what can I do to perform better I should be higher.Nightsnipér9 Jul 1
Jul 1 860 Arcano crystal Anyone still using it. I use cradle and UAC, which still sims the highest. I have 4pc T19 still and use cannon build. Anyone else finding this?Mayzee5 Jul 1
Jul 1 867ilvl BM, where should I be? I did 430K dps on a single target boss and 685K on an aoe boss. 1. Where should I be in terms of raw numbers? Is that even average? 2. i dont have flasks, buff food, enchants, or gems yet. How much of a difference will that make? 3. Is it holy writ that I go Marks over BeastMastery?Honeypigg1 Jul 1
Jul 1 Beast counter I love seeing the procs so I can toss those beasts out at the target. I'd love a beast counter. Anyone how to do this on weakauras?Mayzee1 Jul 1
Jul 1 im no math wiz But in the last global cooldown tournaments no bm hunters had any strong comps and were barely used as they werent that competitive at high end arena. Yet like 8 nerfs at one time happens after that. Bm pets equal around 75% of a hunters damage. Mastery percent equals to that pet dps %. So you nerf roughly 25% of bm total dps? Then also crows affected so u nerf crows as well pretty hard. Plus roughly 5% to 10% agility nerf. Take away execute at same time. On a spec that was not represented at the top of the ladders you must have hated it pretty bad for this many nerfs. And i didnt even list all the nerfs.Thuperduper3 Jul 1
Jul 1 Sim not taking into account Mongoose Fury? Been running sims for survival and they are all recommending more crit, then mastery/vers and finally haste for me. I am almost certain this is wrong, and suspect that the sims are not correctly taking into account the increased damage from max Mongoose Fury stacks, but I'm not sure how the intelligent the algorithms are. I'm pretty sure hitting 6 stacks is far and away the most important aspect of playing survival. I have been aiming for 30% haste and 12% mastery. Play style seems good at those numbers. I have a hard time hitting 6 stacks consistently once I drop to 25% haste and 10% mastery. Any input of simming survival?Comendi4 Jul 1
Jun 30 Troll Racial & Trueshot I did a search and couldn't find this covered in detail but I apologize if I missed the thread. Do my fellow troll hunters macro our Berserking racial with Trueshot? The cooldowns and durations dont line up so I haven't been doing it, but I don't really know when to fit it in the rotation. (PVE) I realize its just a racial bonus so its not gonna have a huge impact, but I still want to use it effectively. Any advice or strategies from my fellow troll hunters?Humperdinck3 Jun 30
Jun 30 MM Hunter AOE Trinkets questions Hi, I know the trinket spreadsheet for single target damage but is there one for AOE? I have so many trinkets and don't really know which to choose. I have CoF 880, Foci 905, Terror from Below 900, Ruby 905. Fury of the Burning Sky 890, Tarnished Sentinel Medallion 920 and Spectral Thurible 915 Simcraft tells me to take Terror from Below and Tarnished Sentinel Medallion for single target and the low 880 CoF with Spectral Thurible 915 for 6 Targets. I hate that Spectral Thurible has versatility on it but it sims fairly high. What would you choose and what is your opinion of Spectral Thurible?Ammerr1 Jun 30
Jun 30 Trap Macro for PvP Hey everyone, so I'm leveling a hunter and I've been watching some streams. When the streamer traps, I don't see an indicator (the green Aoe one) or anything. It's almost as if it's a tab target and not a skill shot. I've even slowed it down to 0.25x speed to see if there was an indicator. Is there a macro I'm missing, does the ability change at higher levels. So confused lmaoTrashdump7 Jun 30
Jun 30 Hunter T21 Icons. T21 Spoilers. For those who want to look at the icons, Hunters get Naga themed armor for T21. Jun 30
Jun 30 Hunter set idea!! Picture the hunter from Jumanji yeh? With that helmet with thr little spike on top. Now add a scope over 1 eye and some cool shoulders. BoOM sick looking hunter. Pls dont make me look like a naga :(Merced4 Jun 30
Jun 30 Secondary Stats? So I'm quite new to these end game shenanigans, always leveled a character to end game and found something else to play. I've researched to find that Marksmanship needs Mastery > Critical > Haste > Vers So let's say I've got a pair of 875 legs with Mastery on them, and I manage to find an 885 or 890 pair with...Haste and Versatility..Do I choose the higher ilvl with more agility? Or stick with my best secondary stats on the lower ilvl?Viincent4 Jun 30
Jun 30 First night of Heroic ToS Logs Interestingly, MM is ahead on total damage. But BM actually pulled ahead on boss fights. Survival is in a terrible spot. Feel bad for anyone playing SV right now.Khardros26 Jun 30
Jun 30 Please bring pet abilities back In PvP, I miss old faerie fire on wasp and bleeds on cats and stun on ravager and so on... Having various pet abilities and pet talent tree really added another dimension to hunters and made PvP much more fun. Now we are all forced to 'always use the sporebat'.' Please bring the pet abilities back!Abitrusty8 Jun 30
Jun 30 No wq autocomplete? I use the wq autocomplete on my characters for the PvP wq so I can get marks of honor just got my hunter to 110 so I could get more marks each time a quest appears but the tier that is supposed to have the autocomplete instead has a seal of broken fate seller do hunters not get a autocomplete like warriors and warlock? and if so any other classes eithou it you know about?Gruela5 Jun 30
Jun 30 Hunter pet Collecting So i truly love playing my Hunter and taming all the cool and exotic creatures there are in WoW. I was wondering what the chances are of making it so that you are able to have more pets in the stables? Either by giving the stables more storage tabs or by making pets kinda like mounts or your toy box where you can continue to collect them. Make achievements for taming certain ones and for getting a certain number of pets. Thoughts please.Deynestia2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Best legendaries Which are the two best legendaries for a mm hunter for raids now? I have: Ullr's Feather Snowshoes, Soul of the Huntmaster, War Belt of the Sentinel Army, MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer and Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish. ThanksTarron2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Quick Roar of Sacrifice question I was doing the Black Rook Rumble wq today and I was just looking over my recaps after death logs and the final blow to me was from myself. "Your Roar of Sacrifice hit You 72k Nature. (9K overkill)" You died. Is this correct or am I missing something?Tank0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Would you recommend Survival? I like the idea of having an animal companion and I want to try a dps class. Would you rec Survival, or Hunters in general at this point? I'd be doing Mythics and raidsUnbeatabull47 Jun 30
Jun 29 Druid Tier 21 the best Hunter tier in 3 xpacs Can someone please explain to me why the Druid Tier 21 set is the best looking hunter set in 3 expansions?? And why the person in charge of Hunter tier sets thinks we want to look like a damn fish.... This is the second tier set we have gotten where we are basically turned into fish people. I feel the druid set goes against their entire class lore of protecting nature and such and goes perfectly with the hunter lore of tracking down and hunting creatures. I just makes no sense. /rantHollwyn8 Jun 29
Jun 29 Famous Hunters and Our Bad Tier Sets Looking at Alleria's new model and the tier set for 7.3, I was reminded once again about how much I dislike Hunter tier sets in almost every patch. Hunters want to wear leatherish looking armor and have hoods and cloaks, you know like every other famous WoW hunter. But we get these strange things that look so out of place with anything that resembles a hunter. I don't get it.Brocksley1 Jun 29
Jun 29 Any BM's tested Sentinel medallion yet? The trinket drop drom Sisters? It looks amazing. Buffs cobra shot dmg? Check Benefits from our mastery? Check It being a guardian is insane for our class (or seems insane) Anyone got it and crunched the numbers?Merced4 Jun 29