Sep 3, 2012 Chimera Shot low damage? For some reason my arcane shot keeps out damaging my Chimera shot even though the text says Chimera should be stronger. Am I missing something or is the damage bugged?Cadmian0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 What are your #'s looking like? I have been running some Dungeons & Raids this week on my (Main) Hunter & (Alt) Mage and have noticed that a dramatic DPS difference in the two. I used to destroy my Mages DPS on my Hunter but now it seems its the other way around. Anyone else notice some Classes got a Huge DPS increase while we got left behind until Mist is released?Breezyod5 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Spirit bond floating combat text I would like to see the heals that i am getting from spirit bond. Does anyone know if rogues can see the amount that they get healed when they use recup? It just "feels" better seeing that you are being healed rather than already knowing.Spééd0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Gems for PVP? I want to gem my Hunter for maximum damage in PVP. I know that obviously PVP Power is intended to be the better choice than Agility, but a lot of things have been buggy this patch (not complaining) so I'm not sure whether the values are accurate yet or not. Should I be gemming Agility or PVP Power for maximum PVP damage?Roycer8 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Camouflage not working Is anyone else's Camouflage not working right? Almost every time I try to re-camouflage within 1-2 seconds after my current spell expires it uses my CD but the spell does'nt work and I am stuck with no camo for a minute while I wait for the CD to expire again.Silversorrow11 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Petition to get misdirection at lower lvls I'm sure to has been brought up before, but I think it's time to revisit Blizzard's reasoning for making misdirection a level 76 ability. I've recently leveled up a hunter to 81 pre 5.0 so I know most people (like myself) want to be at the top of the damage meters when they join a 5 man dungeon. With the new talent tree and MM hunters being able to get fervor @ 60, hunters can fire off 5-6 multi-shots in as many GCDs. DK tanks like myself can drop a death and decay and maybe get off one blood boil before all the mobs except for the one I'm targeting run right past me. I think Blizzard should reconsider moving Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade to at least level 60, if not lower.Junglegina3 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Pet auto attacks don't work My pet will no longer use its abilities automatically, for instance tail spin (on fox) used to work when it attacked. I have to manually click the pet icon for its ability to get it to work. Bite is the same.Miaeki0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Why the double CD on Camo? I came out of stealth and immediately tried to re-stealth but it just incurred the cooldown without me actually going back in stealth. Also, I've noticed that after clicking camo in combat with no dots on me at all and my pet not attacking, camo will just.. "Fall off" for no reason.Weissy3 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 So, Growling... I've been having issues with Hunters having their pet's growling and whatnot on in pugs. Is there anything on the UI that will show me if the Hunter's pet is growling, or do I need to ask the Hunter when I notice his pet pulling aggro?Tyani3 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Hunter abilities and animations Hi all, we all know that hunters have very few animations so I would like to know if you think our shots should have more "effects" similar to how Chimera looks compared to what we have now. Each shot a different color and what not. Also does anyone else notice our mastery proc does the bow attack animation regardless whether you are using a gun or xbow? Is that a bug or just lack of attention to it? Also as our abilities go, do you ever think we have way too many abilities? Often times I feel like my hunter just has a bunch of stuff that he would be beter off without or would be better if changed into something else. I am not to familiar with how others classes work but compared to a paladin I can say we have what seems to be 3 times the abilities that they do. While that may be due to us having a pet, still the sheer amount of option we have could use a lot of streamlining. Thought fellow hunters.Atharun0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 34 focus from steadyshot really. thats good !@#$Yourmomsbbc1 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 BM Hunter Macro - High burst DPS for 5.0.4 Hi all! DirteeZ here! Today I made a video demonstration on my favorite macro for BM Hunters using a ferocity pet in patch 5.0.4. I learned of this macro a long time ago on the net but have slightly tweaked it by adding the Ferocity pet ability Rabid. This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only and I am not implying I'm awesome at the game. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and any questions you have. Also, if you like, please subscribe to my channel as I will be posting more videos soon! Thanks and I look forward to hearing your feedback! The link: Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 PVP power? i noticed that blizz has changed my spell pen gems to "PvP power" Gems. My question is since spell pen appears to be gone altogether now is "PvP Power" gems better for pvp than agil gems? or should i take out the blue pvp power gems and put in agil gems?Greênarrow0 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 3, 2012 Few Questions Why does my pet seem to die constantly like 10 times a dungeon for no reason?. Also asking for a level 85 friend why his does too and whats the best marksman rotation now and talents please? ThanksStephensgirl5 Sep 3, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Possible to transmog tier 10 gear? Ashsgrove1 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Did petattack/petfollow change? So annoying.. I am not sure if this is caused by a macro or what, but I find myself constantly having to retarget my pet to my current target (I mostly PvP btw). It's soooo frustrating especially since I am BM, our pet is crucial and I find it sitting right next to me at times, I could scream. Then I have to send it out again, etc... Maybe it's the pet assist that changed? Seems to happen when I am after someone, if I retarget the pet instead will come back to me, even though I am shooting at someone else. I use this good 'ol 1 key pet macro, which was working perfectly fine pre-5.0: /petfollow [target=pettarget,exists] /petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] Anyone else experiencing similar behavior?Rezwalker9 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Aspects on the GCD Hey just wondering if this was intentional or a bug. Some one told me it was a bug and would be changed back but wasnt a reliable source by any means. Just curious, please reply if you know any relevant information.Wieser1 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Rotation and spellflash help. This is my first and only toon. I just finally hit 85 like 3 days ago. Since the patch my spellflash is not working but some say theirs is. Can you tell me exactly which one to download? I have deleted and reinstalled it several times to no avail. Help? Thanks!Arkamedees0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Bows are backwards. Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet but our bows are facing the wrong way on our backs. When they sheath the bow, the string should be facing the left hand, not the right. Its confusing how this actually made it to live considering how easy it would be to fix.Topshot3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Dire Beast summons a white rabbit? I was in Escape from Durnholde on my lvl67 Hunter using Dire Beast when ever it was up. The amazing thing was I summoned a white rabbit TWICE during the instance. I was freaking out about it. My other summons were a wolf, a tiger and a devilsaur. Can anyone confirm summoning a rabbit with dire beast?Pamah23 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 All Major Hunt PvP Issues in MoP Super Thread This is a thread of all of the MoP hunter issues that have been discussed over the past few days on these forums. Many of you have seen how strongly I feel about these issues, and I will tell you the only reason I feel the way I do is because I love this game and the hunter class. If these issues are not addressed, especially the first one listed, I may not be playing MoP. No matter how much nice stuff we are getting, and we are receiving many pretty eye catching things, I cannot accept our class's skill cap and general design being changed in such a negative manner. Reasoning behind these issues These issues listed either 1. Create a lack of choice between possible options 2. Destroy main mechanics that define our class 3. Puts a class that already has horrible arena rep 2200+ in a bad position Concussive Shot and Expertise In MoP a baseline spell for PvP and kiting in general, concussive shot, is being taken out of the game. To "replace it" in MoP they are making hunters take a MAJOR glyph to combine the unglyphed version of concussive shot that we have now with one of our most common spells, arcane shot. This is a huge issue for PvP hunters and hunter kiting in general. Also because our min range has been taken away hunters now need to have expertise. Issues in bullet points 1. It costs 20 focus to put a slow on a target. If a hunter needs to slow a healer coming into a fear he needs to sacrifice potential damage done to the kill target. 2. Expertise prevents us from always getting slows since it is impossible to get expertise capped for PvP, which can totally screw us over. 3. Blizzard thinks we will love this because we will be able to put slows on multiple people at once but doesn't understand how hunter PvP works.Solution Hunters got expertise from not having min range, and then the glyph so we could always still get slows out in pvp (concussive shot is now on a 6 second cd) What needs to happen is for expertise to be taken away, and if min range being kept in is needed to keep "balance" then so be it.Level 75 Talents These talents seriously lack any utility. Though they may be buffed in the future with damage I suggest that "A murder of crows" disarms the target. Stampede The cooldown of this needs to be reduced to about 8min with a minor damage nerf. When used in arena you should still be able to use all of your pets' moves but not more than 2 of the same moves.... for example 5 monkey blinds going out at the same time would be insane. Glyphs Glyph of Camo: needs to be buffed up to about 35% slow This makes Camo pointless in combat. Someone would only need full stealth camo in combat to stop melee damage. A 50% slow makes it impossible to stop melee damage unless you disengage, but a hunter can avoid melee damage by disengaging and using normal Camo anyway. Glyph of Icy Solace: Needs to be turned into glyph of scatter shot For Hunters to land traps without a massive amount of skill...and luck we need to stun the target we are trapping. There is no point in having our traps take off DOTs when we will be unable to trap our target in the first place...because DOTs will break our stuns. Opposing players could also use traps to clear DOTs on themselves making the glyph completely counter productive If they made the glyph, glyph of scatter shot, then we would be able to trap effectively without worry about DOTs.Making Certain Abilities Baseline Silencing Shot: This ability needs to be something acquired through normal leveling and not a talent. It dominates its section of our talent tree and very few people will take anything else for PvE and PvP. It could be replaced with a suggested knockdown trap/ability which slows the target. Entrapment: This passive ability ,that is now specifically for survival hunters, is vital to make snake trap worth the time it takes to put it down. This is the case for both PvE and PvP, I bet alot of you remember how useful it was during the magmaw fight.Design Philosophy Issues Right now Hunters are a very unique finesse based class. Much of our damage output and reduction is based off of good positioning and leading the target. In MoP we are much more RNG based because of expertise and therefore have much less control. To combat this they have given us more heals so we are beefier. In general blizzard intends for us to not have guaranteed control, like we do now, over our target. This makes our class have a MUCH lower skill cap and floor, and as a result makes us much less enjoyable and viable in PvP. Thanks for Reading Thank you for reading, and if you feel as negatively about these issues as I do then please be as vocal, and mannered as possible. . TL;DR Our design philosophy is being changed in a negative way IMO.Darkråi107 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Spirit Bond broken? I'm soloing TK and noticing it randomly turns on and off but is rarely active for more than a second or two. Is anybody else having any problems with it? It turns on out of combat and stays on but falls off in combat.Shotsoskill6 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Looking for some Hunter Macros Hello, Since 5.0.4 hit alot of my old macros have not been working. I know they changed how aspects work a bit so now you have to manually switch them (which I do in PvE but not in PvP) is there a nice one button macro you can use to switch between Hawk and Fox? Also, Ive notice my old trap macros not working either.... I used to have 2 of each traps key bound, one set to launch my traps and the 2nd set to place them on the ground... now it seems i must constantly be toggling trap launcher on and off and its really clunky in a PvP setting where you have to be on the move and react so fast... Thanks!Kamasutrra0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Got my first spirit beast today.... ...well actually i got my first three. I was able to tame Ban'thalos with the help of my mage friend and as i was hearthing back I saw Ankha. After i forgot to take off my gear and got one shotted i successfully tamed. Than i desided to check the other spawns and was lucky enough to tame Skoll. Just thought I'd share this with you and to break up some of the qq threads going around. And also i dueled a mage who i beat twice once as Arcane and once as Frost and afterwards he called me a noob for using spirit mend, so i was wondering if using that i actually frowned apon i guess. I personally dont think so since its one of the two heals we can have.Furvus6 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Recommended leveling glyphs (1-85) Haven't played for a couple of years, and considering that I barely knew anything about hunters, I'm even more lost with the latest changes ;) That being said, which glyphs would you guys recommend for leveling a hunter? I've been reading and it seems that one of them might be Glyph of Mending? Which others? This is while leveling as a BM (seems that it's the most oriented leveling spec of them). The hunter is currently @ Lv. 21.Gahlok3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Pet problems and the BM hunter I'n not liking the new feel of BM. Here's some observations: Pet moves so much slower. As hunter we need to put damage on target quickly. We're expected to be a class that switches targets fast, but for the most part we're too dang slow because our pet's speed has been beaten HARD with the nurf bat. PLZ bring back BM pet speed buffs!!! I'd even let you take away the Kill Command range issue for our old pet speed. BM pet health is extremely weak. It feels as though you smashed pet abilities only to overload BM hunter abilities. The added abilities would have been nice if you'd of made them pet abilities and not overloading my cast bar with more crap than an the old Aff Lock. All this leads to a class I enjoyed playing but now not so much. Unfortunately I know these words are worth less than the paper they'll never be printed on. And I'll probably get a few posts from people saying how stupid I am for rolling a hunter anyways.Polycarpp11 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Feeling rather weak 5.04... There's been a lot of changes to hunter functionality that I like, but I feel pretty weak right now. I was crit for 50k with a rogue's ambush and then blown up. Mages are chaining pyros that are critting for 40k+. Warriors? LOL they are unkillable bleed machines. Healers are of course untouchable. Even ele shamans are dropping lava bursts faster than I can do anything. I just generally feel that while hunters got some improvements in 5.04 everyone else is doing way more damage than we are.Errow26 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 LnL and Explosive shot I haven't mained a hunter only played casual on them since I started wow back in late vanilla but i've always been suspicious that improper use of LnL could be a dps loss. When using LnL and explosive shot is it a dps lost just to fire 3 shots back to back? is it better to fire 1 wait for it to fall off and then the next etc?Elighn2 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 been a while Im looking to read up on the hunter changes with as much detail as possible, what sites would you all reccomend i visit for the "best hunter info" out there? Besides these forums, of course. Thanx again Hunter Community ;) -UconnUconn0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Rifleman Transmog Set? Hey guys, wanted to tap all of your collective wisdom real quick. Just logged back in, noticed that when you go to create a hunter, it initially displays your character in the Dwarf Rifleman set of armor (leather w/ chainmail and some green) before you begin your customization. I was wondering if this set of armor is available to pick up to transmog, if so where can i find it? looked all over the internet and couldn't find anything, hoping you guys can supply an answer!Bullsaye5 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 weapon chains as far as I was aware we should be able to put weapon chains on our bows/guns now. for some reason I am unable to. is this a bug or am I just failing hard?Holtzmann3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Ideas to reduce binding bloat? I'd like to try and get people to come up with ideas to help reduce binding bloat. Blizzard stated they wanted to reduce this growing issue but it seems MOP is only making it worse. I'm already at 42 macros and climbing :( -Blink Strike auto on the pets abilities. This gives people who care to control the option to turn it off. -Widow venom tied to either class specific shot or ideally arcane shot. -Glyph Marked for Death baseline Edit add. Heres a macro for post patch when we get are aspects back to normal. This is with the theme of saving keybinding space and it helps use dire beast and spirit mend on cd #showtooltip Arcane Shot /startattack /petattack /petattack /castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null /cast Arcane Shot /petattack /cast Dire Beast /target Redlight /cast Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability) /targetlasttarget /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 254/255 characters so you wont be able to fit anything else it in.Redlight5 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Bow model on back.... ....of hunters. How are they looking on beta, since we loosing our melee weapon i expect to see a cool looking quiver and a epic looking bow like Legolas in LOR movie.Havoczqt23 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 What am I missing? So, I've been playing my MM hunter since the patch. Disregard my gear. I only have what I have b/c I needed those to get into instances. Anyway, I can't get any type of decent dps during trash mobs in dungeons. My aoe (multishot and the fire trap thing) does almost no damage. I'm getting like 5K dps max. Single target bosses are fine though. I've maxed out at around 12K dps. But I'm generally worthless when I can't use my Rapid Fire and theres more than 2 enemies. Since Rapid Fire is a 3 minute cooldown I only use it for bosses....just to be sure it will be available.Callmepep1 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Armoured Raptor -Now a Hunter Pet Soooo who else ran into Drakk and grabbed their armoured raptor off the 3rd boss?? Named him Antitrolls. Hehee . The trolls in BGs kinda dont like that name and the fact we can now tame another of their factions mounts. Guess they should have a tameable ram mount for em in MOP.Darkwren0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Weekday or Weekend H DS grps seeking... Guild: Reborn Heroes Realm: Stormrage, Alliance Raid times: Weekday: Tues, Wed, 6/8H 8-11pm EST; Weekend: Fri, Sat 2/8H 730-1130pm EST Seeking: 1. Mage or Sham (weekday grp) 2. Hunter (weekend grp) 3. All classes are strongly encouraged to apply About us: Reborn Heroes is a guild built by a good group of people who know how to have fun but also know how to progress at the same time. We seek like-minded individuals who show up to raids, shows loyalty and dedication, and is willing to help out others as needed within the group. These are 10m CORE groups pushing MoP hard when it is released and expect attendance or notification of absence. We supply guild bank repairs, food, potions, and flasks for each raid. About you: ~ Courteous to give an ample time announcement if you will miss a raid ~ Great sense of humor and has fun ~ Come focused and prepared to accomplish the guild goals ~ If you derp, you must be able to take constructive criticism but we won't belittle you ~ Keep up-to-date on your toon and how it applies to content Website: Please contact me (Fonderi) in game via realid: Fonderi#1315Fonderi1 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Pet choices post- nerf Discuss! I was playing around with my usual wolf and cat pets and realised their abilities also took a major nerf. At the moment Ive pulled out a hyena for PVE Surv spec but would like others feedback on what they have found re pet dps.Darkwren2 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Turn T60 into a non-Focus DPS tier A lot of us are talking about how many more Arcane Shots we're putting out and how crazy the T60 talents are for it, especially Thrill of the Hunt. A lot of us would rather hit harder, especially given that the amount of Arcanes we're pumping out now is interfering with our normal rotation, prompting unorthodox methods such as using Multi-Shot to refresh Serpent Sting as Survival rather than shooting it again or casting a Cobra shot. So why not make that tier all about direct damage increases rather than damage increases via Focus? Fervor The Hunter and his beast enrage, gaining a 20% increase in critical strike chance for 10 seconds. This ability may not be activated while Bestial Wrath is in effect. Dire Beast Summons a powerful wild beast to attack your target for 15 seconds. Each time the beast does damage you gain a 5% increase to damage, stacking 3 times and lasting 8 seconds. Thrill of the Hunt You have a 20% chance when you fire a ranged attack that costs Focus or Kill Command to increase the damage of your next Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot by 30%, stacking up to three times. These are just examples that I've thought about and tried to balance out a bit, although I probably didn't do a very good job at balancing. Another idea would be to make them all passives, seeing as how many people are talking about how many keybinds they have to have now. Anyways, anyone have any thoughts? Like it, hate it, love it, abhor it?Meila1 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 @ontap ilu man cant believe you're still going.Airlin0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Question about Targeting With the addition to the new glyph Fetch, I was wondering if there is a setting I can turn on or off that will make it so when I kill an NPC or Player, it won't deselect itself. This would make using the glyph incredible streamline. Thanks for the help, guys :DZaknimar2 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Bestial wrath and rapid fire. why? so, everything i am reading about BM hunters says to not use BW and RF at the same time. that this is actually a dps lose. can anyone explain to me why using an ability that increases your ranged attack speed, at the same time you gain an ability that makes you do more damage is a dps lose?Nyteryder3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Deterrence and cancelaura I think it is a lot to ask of a new player to have to know about cancelaura to have Deterrence be a usable ability. Maybe make a minor glyph "When you attempt to attack while in Deterrence, your Deterrence is canceled and you attack."Jancy17 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Arcane shot hitting hard Okay, my hunter is lvl 61 and is doing 50%+ of the dps using only arcane shot, heres how. -Spec into BM for the 120 energy -Talent into thrill of the hunt. This gives you 30% chance to make arcane shot free with every shot -Mark the target with Hunters Mark -Spam the hell out of arcane shot The tool tip for arcane shot is not very accurate and it hits way harder than Kill Command. Tool tip states AS should be hitting for 850, but it's hitting for constantly 1200 or higher at lvl 61. Has anyone else found other things like this with this class?Gangrened3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Lock and Load 5.0.4, 3 ES immediately? When lock and load procs, will casting all three ES in a row prevent the second tick of the previous ES from working? Should we wait until the ES debuff has ended before casting the next one?Kylerw11 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Purple spider Any suggestions on where to find one? Would appreciate it, thank you.Aqune3 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Anyone having issues with kill shot? My kill shot bugs out sometimes and it wont let me arcane shot or kill command. As fast as i spam the button the yellow words kill shot keep refreshing over and over....Redlight0 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 I need to find a video (Hunter) Hi guys, I play WoW for long long time now (first beta of Vanilla WoW) and I played lot of toons. I am looking for a video and I need your help ;) The video itself is very old and I can't find it. What I remember 1- PvP video of Vanilla WoW lvl 60 hunter 2- Gear tier 1 (Giantstalker amor ) 3- The hunter was a FEMALE tauren 4- Pet was a white owl 5- the pvp video was 80% in AB 6- Music was something like evanescence (not sure) If anyone can help me to find it, I thank you (:Spiritmilk2 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Anyone know what the new lowbie pvp spec is? Just wondering because Explosive shot hits like a wet noodle nowStabynarwhal2 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Very fragile pets after patch So I'm assuming this goes away at least somewhat when I hit 85, but right now my pets are extremely fragile. It was this way before I hit 80 and went to Hyjal, but now that I'm out there it is even worse. Essentially I cannot fight a mob without mend pet on. If I do the normal "Misdirect, send pet in, dps" type of thing, the pet will be at 15-20% health by the time the thing dies, unless I blow CDs (in which case it is 50-70% health). I have my pets as tenacity, which helps somewhat, and I have the pet heal increase glyph. Before I had that I couldn't even take on more than a couple mobs, even with the heal up, as they'd simply crush the pet and come roaring after me. Prior to heading to Hyjal I was, essentially, in full heirloom gear. For most of my leveling I'd used a tenacity pet or occasionally a ferocity pet specced into the self heal. I NEVER had issues even close to this until the patch. It is almost as though the pets have no armor. You can literally sit and watch huge chunks of health going down the moment the pet gets to the mob. Is this the norm for leveling hunters? Or am I bugged out? I wanted to check here before I post in the bug report forums.Arroow52 Sep 2, 2012
Sep 2, 2012 Latest Update (Exo shot still sucks) (Credit: MMOchamp) Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator) The mechanic changed, but it's no longer affected by Master of Beasts. Bug. Murder of Crows should also benefit. Mostly I'm focused on the numbers, but I do want to comment on the AoE pet nerf. The particular thing I want Blizzard to focus on is that BM hunter AoE should be balanced around normal pets, beast cleave, etc. and not around the assumption that a BM hunter would bring an AoE pet (no hunter I know of does). That’s exactly how we feel as well. We had been balancing BM AoE with Beast Cleave as the primary AoE method, and were thinking that the AoE pets would be a small boost on top of that if you went with them. However, as we recently noticed, the AoE pets over doubled your AoE DPS. The sheer damage that a Stampede of five Rabid Chimaeras were able to put out was, in a word, absurd. These changes should bring them back in line with where we intend them to be; a small boost over the other pets for AoE damage. Additionally, we’re going to revert the more expensive focus costs of Froststorm Breath and Burrow Attack and instead go with 10 focus +5 focus per sec, and change Froststorm Breath to scale with the pet’s melee haste and crit, instead of spell haste and crit.Ívy5 Sep 2, 2012