Oct 15, 2012 Is stampede useless now? I'm asking because i heard that they nerfed stampede. How much dmg does it do now compared to what it used to do? Also, are there any other nerfs?Garouk10 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 NPC SCAN OVERLAY mine has not updated yet NPC scan goes off all the time but not the overlay is there another program i can use for panda content.Yourmomsbbc2 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Explosive Shot Buffed? Did explosive shot get buffed recently and we were not told about it. I was screwing around at the target dummies and notice that my number one damage ability was the dot from it. I know after the pre launch patch that was not the case it was usually number three or four. I leveled and have been running BM since Mist went live so I haven't been keeping track of survival's damage. Any thoughts on this.Kyndenar13 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Need help with Elegon 10m Normal So, I'm doing pretty much fine until we hit the spark phase. In our raid I'm the only one on my spark and I am having a hell of a time getting them down. It turns into a case of being a serious struggle unless LnL is up. Are people doing their normal rotations for the spark or saving CDs or what? I know my rotation and everything, just seems like unless I hit that phase with LnL and DB up I can't handle it.Pengalor1 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 To People Complaining About BM Burst While i'm not a Swifty fanboy, this video contains some good information. BM Hunters placed 7TH on the burst damage scale (not including the warrior with 5 stack TFB in the beginning) in the video. Worst of all, a RESTO DRUID came in less than a second slower in kill time. People need to find other things to complain about.Euthqt3 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 need advice, bm or surv? whats spec should i bee at my gear level? is my main.. im liking bm but its feels low in dps and im not sure if i should stay bmBriteyes6 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Remember ammo? LolZerô18 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Stampede vs. DPS Which of the following gives the most dps: 1. Stampede with 5 different pets? (All with Rabid on auto/other cooldowns) 2. Stampede with the Glyph of Stampede (And would you need to have Rabid on auto, or would you cast Rabid before or after you use Stampede)? 3. 5 of the same pets without the glyph? (Main pet would have Rabid off auto, while others on auto. This might be the same thing as point 1, but my brain can't compute right now). Does anyone know or should testing be done? I'm trying to think when I should use these cd's. Cheers,Idoggs1 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Just got slap by lvl 90 reality DPS. Hey all, As I said just ding 90 (BM Specked) a couple of days ago and boy I am having a hard time with DPS.. Started going to regular dungeons and got into some heroics (after using honor/ justice points), but wow.. ppl doing 50k to 80k damage in heroics, and even more on regular , and I'm only doing about 27k avg and only 32k when i have all my cool downs.. ouch Reforged Hit/Expertise loosing haste in the process, and wham!!! focus starved, and cobra shot takes forever to cast... reforged got the haste back, what happens, missing shots regularly, of course, not in the regular dungeons, but still damn!!!. I know , get better gear, LTP all that, and there's also that possible ghost Nerf that everyone is talking about, but pls ...just some advise, that's all I'm looking for. Check My armory stats and let me know.. I do read and got a shot rotation pretty pat down and using all of BM's cool downs regularly. But I do feel like we are very behind when it comes to PVE DPS ... But again some advise or Info on whats going down would be greatly appreciated.Bornnj4 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 BM Pet the "King of Monsters?" This is not another bm is op omg nerf stampede thread! In your honest opinions do you think a bm hunters pet is still the "king of monsters?" In other words can your pet kill a dk's ghoul 1 on 1, warlock minion, etc. My rule is I turn everything on autocast and let them attack each other. No healing from the owner or using specials. I then duel with healing from the owner and specials. Either way I want to find out if the bm hunter pet is number 1.Raygar1 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Honor points Were do you spend honor points? TY llilIlil3 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Hunter Camouflage I was wondering... why can't Camouflage become a stance for Hunters? I has a 1 minute cooldown and a 1 minute duration, what means that when it ends you can cast that again. So we are just having the job of clicking it and opening a small chance of being targeted. If we have now a glyph which allows us to stealth forever, why not turn Camouflage into a hunter's stance like Stealth for Rogues and Prowl for Druids?Hawnsic3 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 LF Ban'Thalos the Owl on CRZ Hello all! For the past seventeen hours, I've been logged in on my hunter at the spawn location of Ban'Thalos in Mount Hyjai. I have yet to see the bugger spawn. I was hoping some of you might be on a low population server and therefore might have him up, alive and well. I also understand there is high demand for this pet and thus I was hoping out of kindness, someone would invite me to their realm so I may tame. Let me know if there's something I can do for another in return. Best, Csoto.Csoto8 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 BM Hunters hitting 45k bites and more!{PVP} I would like to remind people These screenshots are done with Full Resilience from the perspective of a 7x Gladiator Hunter (5.0.5 PATCH). [Posting for him, as he is European and doesn't have Access to american forums he has a nerf post started on EU as well) Blink strike does 500% more dmg than it's supposed to: Also provided Arenajunkies thread that all this was based off.(Clicking links outside of Battlenet is at your own risk, I won't be held liable.) Here are a couple reason why BM Should be Nerfed View the following Images, taken by someone At 2400 pvp rating[Currently] from Arenajunkies PVP Community forum. <------{Match Lasted 8 seconds, he did 800k more Damage the all other players, In 8 seconds of the combat} The following Images, show how Rediculous it is for an Experienced Hunter to play BM, and how much easier it must be for the Average Player to play.(Not just Completely easy per se, more Drape nut sac over keyboard hit random keys = PROFIT)Âmaterasu98 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 PvE shot rotation Thread I've been having some slight DPS issues this expansion, compared to all the previous expansions as in my DPS is not where it should be (could be a lack of gear thing) and i think my old shot rotations are to blame? As both BM and Surv i use Glaive toss, Dire beast/Murder of crows off CD, Explosive shot (with TnT procs) off CD, and as BM i use KC off CD.. And my overall DPS is just about 10-20k LOWER than all the other classes in the raid. I'm just curious if things have changed and i'm doing something wrong now. My guild is currently trying to kill Elegon 25m and hitting enrage timer with 4-5% left is crushing : / Has the Surv or BM rotation changed drastically? EDIT: Please only serious posts with helpfull advice or questions...Alvarie3 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Question about the nerf to Stampede Is the cooldown going to be lowered to like 3 minutes to compensate for the burst nerf?Atras4 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Hunters are worst DPS class! All class comaprison in full heroic gear/perfect play. All class comparison in full normal gear/perfect play. Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 MoP Hunter PvE Gear Guide Listed below are the iLevel 489 pieces available for Hunters. They are obtained from: boss drops in Mogu'shan Vaults rep with The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, and The August Celestials: purchased with Valor Points at Honored and Revered Ring quest reward from 'Shadow of the Empire' (at Exalted with The Klaxxi) Chest quest reward from 'The Final Power' (at Exalted with Golden Lotus) These pieces (and their heroic versions) constitute the majority of the best currently-available gear. See the link at the end of this post for a list of all gear available at all levels, including: iLevel 496 Tier Hands and Legs from Sha of Anger iLevel 496 gear from Galleon iLevel 463 – 476 items from Heroics and other Pre-Raid Sources If you find this info and format helpful, please request Sticky status for this thread – thank you. (If there's enough interest, this will be replaced with 496 gear when Heart of Fear & Terrace of Endless Spring are released.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Head Emperor hit / haste Dreadeye Gaze -valor- hit / crit Hawkmaster's Headguard Neck Spirit Kings exp / haste Amulet of the Hidden Kings -quest- crit / mastery Delicate Necklace of the Golden Lotus -valor- hit / crit Choker of the Klaxxi'va Shoulder -valor- hit / haste Windwalker Spaulders Back Feng exp / haste Arrow Breaking Windcloak Spirit Kings exp / haste Arrow Breaking Windcloak -valor- hit / mastery Blackguard Cape Chest Stone Guard exp / crit Stonefang Chestguard -valor- haste / mastery Breastplate of the Golden Pagoda Wrist Stone Guard crit / haste Stonemaw Armguards -valor- haste / mastery Tiger-Striped Wristguards Hands Emperor exp / haste Grips of Terra Cotta -valor- hit / mastery Sentinel Commander's Gauntlets Waist Gara'jal hit / mastery Fetters of Death -valor- haste / mastery Klaxxi Lash of the Winnower Legs Spirit Kings crit / haste Subetai's Pillaging Leggings -valor- crit / mastery Locust Swarm Legguards Feet Feng exp / crit Wildfire Worldwalkers -valor- hit / mastery Steps of the War Serpent Ring Feng crit / mastery Feng's Seal of Binding -quest- hit / crit Seal of the Windreaver -valor- hit / haste Anji's Keepsake Trinket Elegon mastery / agi proc Bottle of Infinite Stars trash haste use Jade Bandit Figurine -valor- haste use Hawkmaster's Talon Ranged Emperor exp / crit Fang Kung, Spark of Titans ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For complete gear tables for all classes and item levels, see the MoP PvE Gear Guide on Wowhead: Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 Heroic Stone Guard DPS inquiry 10 man. 2 hunters. Both of us are consistently on the bottom for DPS on this fight. We are both BM spec for the fight. We are pretty much top for the rest of the instance. Any tips/suggestions?Mezasu10 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 15, 2012 cat stats was wondering y on my pet i see his spell damage and not his crit of my cats special abilities is spiked collar, and he does 0 spell damage. also is there a way to figure out my cats crit chance.Salmondave0 Oct 15, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Season 10 Armor Gone? I'm looking to collect the rest of my Season 10 purple pvp pieces for transmog but I can't find who sells them now. Anyone know?Kastion0 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 I need some imput from high end hunters(PvE) My dps is not where I would like it to be. First let me start by saying "Play BM its higher dps" isn't something I want to hear, Yes, I am aware BM is simming as top dps, No, I don't have any interest in playing BM unless I am 100% forced into doing so. I know I can do better numbers then I am. I was hoping to be holding down roughly 60K+ on every fight and I'm having trouble with this, I was hoping maybe Magnolia or one of the other top tier hunters around here might be willing to glance over my logs and see if I have a specific area I can improve upon, or perhaps something I am doing wrong. I am open to any constructive criticism or suggestions about how I can do better. I am going to omit my spiritbender logs because I went in every single totem and the logs do not work right in that case. I am also aware the tanks are not doing anything they should be with epicenter on fang, working with them to get it right, I also missed quite a few BA/Explosive opertunities on Feng because of Epicenter. I guess I need to work on that but, without further to do Stone Guard Wk 1 52146.7 dps Stone Guard Wk 2 51412.1 dps (Died) Feng Wk 1 49430.3 dps Feng Wk 2 54087.3 dps Spirit Kings Wk 1 50093.7 DPS Spirit Kings Wk 2 50674.8 DPS Female Dwarf says I should be able to do 66009.44 DPS but I'm not seeing it. This will be the first time I haven't been able to pull close to or exactly around what female Dwarf says I should be able to. Again, anything that might help me out here please feel free to let me know, any and all help would be appreciated.Earthroot32 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Hunter pets need buff badly I was not around for the OPness of what people said got nerfed, but I cant simply arena when a warrior can roll my pet in 5seconds, and a mage can kill it in a deep freeze. BM pets are the heart of our damage, and I never had a problem with my pet dieing before, but heart of the phoenix is just too long of a cooldown. My pet simply got deepfrozen, then died in a shatter. I dont think this is intended. Why would you want our pets to be killed so easily for, as i see there is no resists anymore. It is impossible to get a 5sec res off after heart is gone. What am I ment to do.Magz3 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Motheran, still tameable in larva form? Is the elite moth Motheran still able to be tamed in larva form? If so, how would you go about doing so? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!Eutopia1 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Hunter or Pally? Scroll of Resurrection So my friend just sent me a scroll of resurrection and I haven't played since WOTLK. I have a 80 hunter and an 80 pally. I was a pretty powerful tank/healer on my pally and moderate/ok dps on my hunter. So after getting resurrected I have the opportunity to change to my friends server and faction, but I don't know if I want to transfer my pally or hunter. The toon i transfer will become my main since i want to play with my friend. What do you guys think? How have the classes changed since WoTLK and what do you think I should know now that there has been 2 expansions since I've last played? ThanksOirin4 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 For the Pet collectors How do you let go of your rares. I find it fun to tame pets and use them every so often. I've finally going to level my hunter in mop and trying to decide who to let go, because I really like the new tiger models, I've decided to let go of the blue fox, the white carrion bird zar. The thing is I just can't see letting go of the basin pets, loque, king and aotona. I've or any of my spirit beasts I mean i've fought other hunters for them. I might not use Ghostcrawler much but I had to have guild mates help me in taming him (fought ally for him). On the other side i had ally help me tame deth in MF. I know they aren't real or anything but you get somewhat attached to the pets you tame, they are like your trophies to show others. How do you chuck your trophies away when u actually spent time finding them.Shearwater2 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 MM pvp seems fine to me ... I won't BS you and tell you MM is as strong as BM, but playing MM holds my interest much longer than BM does now. I wouldn't play it if it was garbage or anything, but it seems perfectly decent in pvp right now. And there's reason to hope it might actually get buffs instead of having the nerf bat hanging over its head. The main thing I hated about MM in the past was piercing shots breaking my cc, but that has been fixed. So I think MM is a good option right now, if you find yourself bored with BM. Nothing wrong with playing BM either if that's fun for you.Arrowset4 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 CRZ and Spirit Beasts Not sure if anyone else has addressed the issue, but it's gotten to the point where I can't find a spirit beast for the life of me after days of searching. Every time I check out spawn points they are being camped by hunters and their friends from different realms. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of the features of CRZs and the world pvp can be fantastic, but competing against nearly every hunter from all the different realms for a handful of mobs is exhausting.Muffindiver11 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Where do I guy a mount? I've visited a pet trainer but he didn't have any mounts for me to buy. I've also trained my pet and I thought I would be able to ride on my dragonhawk after I've completed all the quests from this trainer guy but at the end I ended up with another pet which I don't mind but I still can't ride on my pet :( Any suggestions/ideas?Forysthia7 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Stampede CD doesnt reset from Readiness I just came back to WoW and slowly catching up with the new changes. I use the Stampede Ability but its cd doesnt reset when I use Readiness. CD of Glaive Toss, Crows, Dire Beast, Rapid Fire, etc. resets when I use Readiness. Is it a bug? Pls update me. Thanks.Priscillah3 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Hunters Lament (for huntards everywhere) We know we suck It makes us sad But the abuse we get Just gets us mad It's Blizzard's fault They nerfed us good We used to be cool Back in the hood. Vanilla? we pawnd ur arses Cata and Lich King? Dps was top of the meters BC, baby, we lead the pack Then those bastard monks Stole all our attacks. So leave us be Ignore our losses Don't kick us from parties You ain't our bosses. We will come back fighting All shiny and new With Kill Shot burning And Pets brand new! :)Ivoryflame6 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Battleground bugs? Hi guys, before I go post in the bug forum I wanted to ask you all if you notice this bug or if its just me. When in bg's I notice my humanoid tracking is not working, outside of instanced pvp it works fine, but inside and bg or arena its not working, wpvp fine also. One other thing probable bad design but, when rezing in bg graveyards why do hunters spawn with no focus? My casters have full mana on spawn so this seems bugged to me with our resource not coded to spawn at full? Anywho if any other hunters notice this let me know, if not and it all works fine for you then I am bugged lolToxarís0 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 lvled up and my pet lost 100.0 dps??? So at lvl 87 my pets dps was 2.773 but when I hit 88 it's now 2.674. So like since when does leveling make your dps drop??Maugrim3 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Haste plateaus Could anyone enlighten me what the new haste plateaus are?Strlder1 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Im not seeing it. I see all this crying about how hunters suck and worthless. Honeslty i dont see it. At 461 i was 2 in dps in LFR on all 3 bosses,and now being 467, in heroics i have not had 1 person beat me in dps on a boss fight. Im just curious on what Dps other hunters are doing on boss fightsDrkhunter6 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 So post "balance" -Stampede was absolutely 100% OP (uberly) but now the damage is kinda bad. The rabid nerf is 100% of the reason for this. Hitting a target dummy at most i see 7k normals now. For pvp you factor i pvp power/pvp resil that number is gonna drop even lower. Taking my numbers adding 30% pvp power (around average) and then 55% resil (also around average) the damage drops to around 4k. So for a 5 min CD its a bit worthless in the dps area. Stampede'd pets heal cut to 1/4, eh people that knew how to use this ability weren't using it for the heal. -Root nerf was needed. It was a bit OP. -Deterrence nerf. Meh w/e not a big issue. But hey while you were coding deterrence you couldn't make it do its job? Plenty of stuff is still pushing through it. Guess that would be too much to ask while you are inside of the program for that spell. I can understand nerfing our burst. I'm 100% for this. It was out of line (quite hilarous...). I do think making a 5 min CD worthless was a bit far. But where is our sustained damage? You don't think this isn't going to have any PVE ramifications? Or that doesn't matter? I'm still on board with nerfing readiness whenever you figure out that it is the reason hunters have too much on demand burst. It shouldn't reset dps CDs. Far too hard to balance damage/burst around a CD like that. Remove DPS from readiness (could possibly lower its CD being that is has no DPS value) then adjust SUSTAINED DPS so that HUNTERS (not just BM) can be balanced through class mechanics. You could bump dps on main shots (because right now arcane shot is neck and neck with them) and/or serpent sting (which many hunters including myself don't even use in pvp, and for pve its only used because it auto refreshes. If it didn't auto refresh it would be a dps loss...). For the love of baby kittens tie MS effect to something. Arcane Shot preferably. I remember GC specifically stating hunters use too many keybindings. Then we got more. Help us out. Open to suggestions and the inevitable qq of people that rely on back to back BW to win.Saari8 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Any reason to keeping old melee weapons? Checked my 85 hunter who was my main. Saw a lot of sad stuff in her bags. Some 20+ old weapons, typhoon(YOU WILL BE MISSED QQ), a buncha polearms, etc. Is it time now to just sell them all and free up bagspace? Also, whats best spec for leveling? Havent played hunter in forever.Capucine2 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 WTB Spirit Beast Spawn Any Spirit Beast spawn found, I will pay you 8k to let me tame it. Hochep#1309Malen7 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 What should my DPS be? Fellow hunters I need help. I just started running heroics...and have now been in three. I've been dead last in DPS in all three, and by a large margin in many cases. Heck, the tanks are out DPSing me. So, my question is, based on my spec and gear, about how much DPS should I be pulling on boss fights and on trash? I'm trying to determine if my low DPS is a L2P issue or a gear issue or a class/spec issue? I suspect it's a combination of 1 & 2, but will help me to know about how much DPS most think I should be doing so I see how far off I am, or not. Any help would be appreciated. I'm logged out in the gear I'm currntly using.Grimmlock16 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Hunters after nerf I'm thinking of making a hunter, i've played on before but i was just wondering if they will still good pvp and pve wise if bm gets nerfed, will blizard buff the other specs? i dont want to play hunter because its "OP" i just like the playstyle of it. thanksShockdocta6 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Is it me, or are pets really buggy? Every time i send an attack command, it takes about five times of spamming the attack button for my pet to actually attack. Not only that, but the commands just seem like they are all buggy. My pet gets lost more often than last expansion, and other weird things.Spééd5 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Rare pet farming question I've been searching for some rare pets and I notice a lot of people say stuff like "8 or 10+ hour respawn time". Does this mean that I have to kill mobs in the area where the rare pet spawns and he'll spawn randomly (but not before 8-10 hours since he was last killed)? Or does it mean that there is one spawn specifically for the rare mob and after 8-10 hours since he was last killed he will spawn.Ragil1 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 What would you change about Hunters So I wanna know what all of you would change about Hunters. I would change the following: 1. Change it so that you can still place traps via trap launcher while disarmed or in Deterrence. 2. With the Glyph of Explosive Trap I would add to it the removal of the shared CD between Explosive Trap and Black Arrow. 3. Camouflage should last indefinitely and only trigger a 1 min CD when used in combat. 4. Glyph of Tranquillizing Shot should remove 2-3 buffs in addition to what it already does since when we use TS we are pretty much spamming it. 5. Silencing Shot Baseline. Put a passive talent in its place that removes the shared CD between Frost and Freezing Trap. 6. Reduce the CD of Wyvern Sting to 30 seconds (DR with Freezing Trap). 7. The entire level 75 tier and Stampede should scale with RAP. 8. Remove Readiness and adjust are CDs appropriately (this will help with BM burst). 9. Change MM mastery to increase the damage of Piercing Shots by a %. 10. Change Careful Aim for MM. Maybe when you crit with Aimed Shot all of your attacks bypass 100% armor (50% in pvp). 11. For PvP Survival either needs more burst (change LnL for this, maybe increase the damage of Explosive shot by 10% stacking per application of Explosive shot on them) or Survival needs to be able to multi dot (change Black Arrow for this). 12. Aspect of the Hawk should increase ranged attack speed by 15% (20% with the talent Aspect of the Iron Hawk) buff/nerf our damage accordingly. That's my list of dream changes. What are yours?Rocknrule4 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 BM PVE Mastery or Crit. Which one is more important?Razzeil18 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 14, 2012 Survival nerf They nerfed the damage on Black Arrow and Improved Serpent Sting. Is this going to make a big impact in PvE and PvP? My hunter is not yet 90 which is why I ask. P.S. Sorry if I'm delayed at noticing this.Kueen6 Oct 14, 2012
Oct 13, 2012 Thank you Blizzard for this Thank you Blizzard. This is the most fun I have had in WoW ever. Glyph of Explosive Trap Whoever made that deserves a raise.Earthroot13 Oct 13, 2012
Oct 13, 2012 Pet Attacking while in camouflage I've started to noticed that sometimes wile I'm in camouflage, my pet will just run off and go attack a mob that is close by, and without me giving the pet any input. The mobs wasn't attacking me or anything, the pet just decided it wanted to run off and attack something it seems. Has anyone else noticed this ?Adamsavage1 Oct 13, 2012
Oct 13, 2012 the nerf to rabid nerfs kill command, lynx rush, blink strike, dire beast, our pets short cd main melee attack which was a big portion or our overall damage, and stampede. if they would have nerfed lynx rush, the one shot talent, hunter would have been fine. the problem is that people don't understand that kc and lr aren't going to show a hunter shooting you, so they assume our pets just blew them up with no effort on our part. i feel like if they would have added a gun shot and a line from my gun to the target that people wouldnt have qqed so hard. the state of pvp atm is what it would be like if hunter was the only dps class. burst or be bursted. is it any surprise that hunters, who have been playing this burst game since they came to hunter, will do better than a bunch of classes who used to rely on defensive cds, cheap exploits like standing next to hunters pre mop, and self healing? not to me. by making burst this big from most classes they put the ball in our court. its always like this to us. maybe the other classes do need an advantage. the devs think so. i want our cc addressed. if we aren't bursting at the beta level, we should have the goodies they promised us, no cd on freezing trap, no shared cd with frost trap. all hunters got from mop was awesome burst. then they nerfed that.Ilke8 Oct 13, 2012
Oct 13, 2012 Good gear for hunters Hey, im a lvl 23 hunter and i was wandering where is a good place to get good hunter gear?Blkparadox2 Oct 13, 2012
Oct 13, 2012 The un needed nerf This nerf effectively killed any passion i had left for this game guess the 21st will be my last day losing a player that has loved the game since vanilla ruined the last video game i played thank youAyren43 Oct 13, 2012