Oct 10, 2012 Ancient Hysteria doesnt reset after a wipe Pretty much the title!Bledwarf1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 BM hunter glitch there is a glitch for BM hunters right now that causes them to kill any enemy they attack in PvP within 3 secondsMusicxd7 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 You BM Hunters... Which class/spec defeats you guys in 1v1?Newest6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Dear Blizzard Can we get some symmetrical shoulders for once?? Who the hell is designing hunter gear that they feel the need to make one shoulder pad look cool and then then have the other one be lamer than Stephan Hawking? Am I alone in thinking this?!?! Fix please. /endrantDirektiv10 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Soft cap haste Whats our soft cap for haste atm? Is it even reachable? If not should i just reforge crit over haste atm? Playing Survival spec atm.Dannyboone2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Need some help everyone! Alright well to make this short, because I can go on and on and on. I just got to 90, tried Spec'ing/Geming/Reforging best I could, etc etc. But when it comes to DMG in dungeons I'm not doing so hot here. I'm usually tied in last place or IF I'm lucky i'll hit 2nd place in the meters but that's about it. So my question was this, does everything look right on my profile gear list as it is at the moment? My rotation consist of SS, KC, my CD's and CS to reset SS and when I'm not doing that just AS? I don't quite understand FF? I heard not to use it when I use my CD's, so I pop it afterward but it's only up for 19s or something? Anyway, sorry for the nubbish questions but I was just wondering if anyone here could help me out? I would appreciate it, thanks. ÐraxÐrax5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Solo Boast Thread At 88 I just solo'ed Omnis Grinlok He droped his Golden Fleece /danceWintersgrace6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 BM PvP Regards Beautifly180 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 BUFF US! were to weak BM HUNTERS DO NO DMG! Let us kill shot whenever we want and buff kill command dmg by at least 100%, should fix the problemHeldrock3 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Aimed Shot & TSA Here's a new sniping idea. i would like to know what you think about this? it pretty much takes the power from chimera shot to do its extra damage from far, or from close. but if you have any questions that will challenge this idea, give it a try, so far im 99% sure that it's flawless. mainly cause i can't try it... [ true shot aura ] casting hunter's mark while at full focus activates TSA which allows the hunter to shoot AimS up to 65 yards away. TSA also doubles AimS' focus cost, casting time, and its critical strike damage. If AimS crits under TSA, ChimS begins a 10 sec CD, if it doesn't crit the next ChimS within 10 secs will cost no focus instead. (the buff for this effect is displayed as Resistance is Futile) TSA lasts while you have 100 focus and are standing still. only the range from TSA takes effect when AimS is fired with 3 stacks of MMM procs.Farsightrx6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 our pets Do absolutely nothing we want them to do lately, anyone else see this?Shàd0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 IF you going to nerf my hunter .... Just bring back the damage to my shots such as cobra and steady explosive I dont care about bm 4.3 hunters where fine being a non cd using class all I ask for is to go back to not being a CD base class. if it means it sucks for pvp so be it. AND BRING MARKSMEN PVP /PVE BACK :)Micheljföx0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 for pvp are you pvp bm hunters choosing powershot or glaive toss?Imarkedyou0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 best pve hunter dps spec? Heyy atm im beast mastery and im pulling like 30k to 40k dps in a raid finder so i was wondering ...... what is the best pve spec for dps????? and what ever it is whats its rotation, talents and glyphs.Goaran0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 "Hear's the Stampede dixie horn" Thinks to alter time, oh wait I'm silencing shot..1.5 secs go by Im at 35% realizing I should of just insta blocked. *Try's to run behind the pillar..nvm pet's finish me off. Yay.Xzilence10 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Regarding disarms So, correct me if I'm wrong, but since hunters can't equip melee weapons now, does that mean that we have to put up with 10 second disarms forever now?Restohunter2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Hydras as pets Think they will make the hydras tameable in the future? or do we need a petition to them tameable?Shockwaver0 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What level do pets get their special ability? I have tamed a few different pets and none of them have their special abilities yet (lvl 10). What level do pets get their buff / debuff? E.g Hyena 10% haste.Ganjin2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Whats the PvE spec these days? I havent kept up much on hunters since all my time had to go into my main, so any info would be fantabulous :D Is it worth lvling my hunter? I have 85 lock I could lvl as well if I wanted..but..mehEspeon6 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Spirit Beasts Anyone else getting really frustrated over the AMOUNT of people going after 1 spawn every 1 week it feels like? Any news that I'm not aware of on the spawn timers going down to the hours? or anything?Lïon1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What pet effects to chose? Hello. So IIRC all pets do the same DPS, yes? if spec'd into the same tree, but some, or all? Give out specific abilities So far I run with 4 pets, like all. A wolf, 5% crit. another wolf (cause it looked bad-!@# YEAH!) A tiger, 3k Mastery. and a Turtle, for when I want to tank Now that dungeons simplified the group buff window that shows what you're mission and what you're not, its easy for me to know What i need / don't need. So when we got 5% crit, I chose my tiger for the 3k mastery, and vice versa However sometimes I run into a group that has both of those buffs, so I just chose my cooler looking pet However I am wondering what other pets are there that are actually useful to us that I should be going with as a Survival hunter when there is both crit and master in the groupTrillon8 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Dismissing Pet I was just doing LFR. We were on Feng, and when the fight started the gate went up to close the area and my pet was locked out. I couldn't dismiss him and bring him back because he was out of line of sight. So he sat there for the entire fight. I wasn't able to Bestial Wrath or anything else involving him. I pulled around 22k dps lol. Obviously it's my fault for not getting him closer before the fight. I was just wondering what the justification is of not letting us dismiss pets when they are out of line of sight?Argantes1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Need a BM PvP spec Hi guys, I am looking to pvp as bm and need cannot come up with a good spec, stats and what stats to reforge. I have been looking and people are all over the board with their stats and I just don't know what I should be looking for now. Any help is appreciated.Sniper0 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 keep the size of the tamed beast please sometimes i see a big beast, like a large bear, not giant like a rare monster or a boss, but it looks cool. but after i tamed it, its size shrink and it's like only halved the size. it;s like i am having a little teddy bear. it doesnt look cool any more. i want to have a big bear or a big tiger.Viágro4 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Buff hunters Lets have readiness reset stampede. It would help our crap pve dpsLegonds16 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Why? Seriously man, Getting sick and tired of having hunters pull mobs for me when I can do it myself just fine. Also please, for the love of f'in god, turn off your pet's growl and threatening presence. I'm ok with you stampede pulling mobs, but for me to be having to taunt off your pet every 8 secs coz your pet taunting is annoying. Same goes for when you guys feel the need to pull for me when I'm not asking to. Stop giving you're class a bad rep. Stop being huntards and start being hunters.Leokoles17 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Mistake Hello everyone. I'm sure you've seen hundreds of posts on this, but I really want to level my hunter to 90 and main it for pve and pvp alike, but am skeptical. Is our pve dps really as bad as everyone claims? Also, is there likely going to be a nerf bat for us that kills our dps even more? I hear BM is very OP at the moment, but pve wise, as that is my primary focus, are we that bad, or is it more of a L2P kind of thing? Many thanks.Demonborn10 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Rate the xmog above you I know we had a thread about xmogs, but that was before MoP. Figured i can start a new one since every thread here is about how OP BM is in pvp. Scale 1-10 I know my xmog is ghey but it looks better than the Heroic crap =pRadrock3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Another hunter hate thread im not going to sit here and whine all day but... . come on.... really? Arena is going to be UNPLAYABLE this season. Atleast when i pop my cds im cc'able. just a little nerf please....Yeahbro27 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Gah, no stickies? I was going to heal this expansion, but I don't know, kind of getting discouraged. Hunter was my main through Cata and I keep hearing good things. Where can I find some info on all the new changes?Bootybear5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Offhand weapon slot idea for hunters Now that we don't use melee weapons, and there's this ugly offhand slot that is left unused, how cool would it be to see something like one handed pistols that we can duel wield, or some sort of quiver/ammo pouch that can be equipped with a bow/xbow/gun that actually shows up on your character? Just a thought, I think the offhand slot is ripe for exploitation on hunters, and hunters could use a little love in the graphic and animation department.Lyssa2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Scopes I remember threads saying MoP will have scopes with disarm reduction...what happened with that?Anser3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Xmog Help So, After toying around in Scholomance, I decided I wanted a mog to match Professor Slate. Any ideas would indeed be useful. I know, Mogit, but I'm being lazy atm (being honest here lol)Reise4 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Hunters and their Moses Call Alright which hunter developer at Blizzard Inc. thought it would be a good idea to give hunters the ability to call all of Moses' Arc. This is just silly, and I know all of you hunters know it's silly. I was doing arenas with a friend today and a hunter/ret paladin killed him within half of a 4 second stun.Skyrider16 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 I loooooooove hunters this expansion BUT! I think we're doing cool. No real big complaints. Stampede is a little meh but I still love it. But can we pleaaseeeeeee have more stable slots? Two pages isn't enough! I want to collect them all.... ;~;Panderosa3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Bows, Guns, Crossbows all ugly.... so blizzard since you screwed hunters out of having any weapons that look good. How long will you take before you at least put forth some effort to make guns, bows, and xbows looks better? and heck we don't even get to have any neat looking enchant glows and such. this makes me one sad panda.Phinsionzo14 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 [Video] Cruuxe Hunter Daily 1 (Quick Clips) Here's a couple of clips I acquired over the last couple of days playing with my buddy Pulsive. (Yes, I know BM's are OP :P) Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Dropping LW? Hey folks, been an LW since I created the toon in Vanilla. Dropped skinning years ago when Eng got the big Buff. LW is looking soo lackluster these days. So, I'm wondering, hunters, where have you guys been finding satisfaction with your (non-gathering) professions? I dont mind investing into something that would be fun and class-related. Looking for input of all kinds! DPS-Increases Monetary/revenue producing Just plain fun thingsGungadine3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 My pets can't be summoned. Hey I was out questing and I got killed. When I came back I could not summon a pet, as if I had no pets to summon. I could not dismiss or revive either, I checked to make sure. So I went to the closet Pet Stables and saw that I still have pets to summon. I tried swapping them out and summoning them as well. It did not work. So I /reload nothing changed. Logged out and logged back in, and I also logged completely out and exited WoW logged back in and still no changes. I really need help!! Anyone have any suggestions?Naphearia2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Size of Porcupines It is just... toooo small, is it a bug or something?Neoravenloft2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 I bet your mad Beacause you've never seen a giantstalker transmog look so, damn, sexy!Riceballs31 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 chose beast mastery as my spec is it good? I just chose my spec and had a real headache trying to think which would be better survial or beast but I chose beast. What are beast good for? Was it a good choice? Im not a noob Its just my first time being Human Hunter.Farchlord2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Non-PVP hunters pretty trolly. No pun on my race but i notice hunters out in the wild can misdirect mobs onto other players, Horde or Alliance. My friend was out mining and a dwarf hunter misdirected several packs of animals onto my friend suddenly and feigndeathed. My friend killed them all but the hunter stole all the mining nodes from my friend while he was being stunlocked by mobs so he couldn't tap it. In all honestly shouldn't misdirect be only usable on teammates and your own pet because it feels exploitable.Hooyuwamekil11 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Best in Slot Is there currently a compilation of BiS gear, LFR and up?Dium2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Need help on last 2 pet for its bonus effect? Dunno what they call it, but some pets have some sorta special ability, for instance my current line up is these 3 Wolf - 5% crit Cat - 3k Mastery Hyena - 10% haste What are 2 other good ones I should have that adds up? I have these pets out depending on the stiutation of a random dungeon, If we're missing crit, wolf. if mastery, cat .. etcLanenn1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Spirit Beast Bird Has the Spirit Beast Bird ( in hyjal been removed or possibly put on a longer respawn timer?Anpoa6 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Max-Geared Hunters come! If you're a max geared (PVP Gear, Glyphs, Gems, enchants, etc)pvp-focused hunter (Pref BM) could you please post so I can check out your armory for guidance? Thanks so much! -MenardiMenardi1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What pets for BM faceroll (PVP) ?? need to know so I can pick some up along the way to 90. What pets are best for stampede in pvp? Only have 1 pet scorpion from good ol' lvl 70 mana drain times.Sukriv2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Stampede As happy as I am that I can use 5 spirit beasts for a full heal and split roar of sacrifice in arena , I can't control the pets to attack the same target as me I'm even using scatter on the opposite target after summoning them and before summoning them and my panda racial to try and stop them from going on the opposite target is there a command that works to make them attack what you want or? It's just frustrating cause I was used to one shotting people with it and cds but ran into a actual team and couldn't kill the healer outside of cds without all my pets on him too got lucky the 3rd time though but that was 15 mins laterÇrom3 Oct 9, 2012