Feb 9 How viable is BM compared to MM? Is BM as viable as MM in a raid setting?Rintog24 Feb 9
Feb 9 MM single target needs a buff BM should not out damage MM especially considering how uninvolved BM rotation is.Chronnic24 Feb 9
Feb 9 Really enjoy MM now Thanks Blizzard It's not "perfect" but it's far more enjoyable than pigeonholed Sidewinders build I'm always top 3 DPS now and the rotation is very smooth. The arcane shot spam will be reduced in 7.2 with the focus changes which will only make this build even smoother going forward. My only concern is that you don't constantly revamp this spec every major patch... changing from 7.1 to 7.1.5 was a bold decision and many hunters were quite unhappy, but I think it's safe to say, once we got the 8% buff and everyone got used to the new rotation, the enjoyment (and dps numbers) hit the approval mark. Vulnerable is a mechanic most of us weren't happy with, but after mastering vulnerable with the new Patient Sniper, I'm actually enjoying timing my Aimed Shots for late Vulnerables for the massive increase in damage percentage from Patient Sniper. If you still think our current rotation/build is terrible, please start simming your characters, updating your stat weights and come join us in the Trueshot Lodge discord channel, most of us are more than happy to help those that are struggling and even if you don't wanna say anything, you'll learn heaps just by lurking and reading the discussions. Legion started off really bad for hunters.. I wasn't happy whatsoever, but after some tweaks and patch cycles, I'm a very happy Hunter. cheers.Rekuja46 Feb 9
Feb 9 Give survival a shot I know that MM is in a state of decay playstyle wise right now, and BM isn't much better. I also know the majority of hunters play the class to be ranged. I was of the same mind, but decided to give Survival a shot, and man, it's a really fun spec. I love using the traps, the burst is awesome, and the mobility also makes it super fun, harpooning to enemies and disengaging when things get shady. So if there are any other Hunters looking for a unique, fun playstyle, I'd recommend giving survival a shot.Jarraku238 Feb 9
Feb 9 BM Hati Swapper Blizzard... Any chance PLEEASE for the Swapper be available to Hunters level 100. I have this obssessive complusive tendency to have everything match. And it drives me nuts having a BLue Hati, and a Red Corehound. For one example with one of my hunters, and I have Thanks, and I hope you can read this ♥Rutarious5 Feb 9
Feb 9 Level 1-110 which spec? Hey everyone, I've been leveling this hunter and I've been survival from the get go. It's pretty fun, seems to do good damage, but was just wondering if you gain any speed losing the range? Should I be going BM or MM instead? Thanks for your time!Booncette2 Feb 9
Feb 9 Quivers Edit: When will hunters get quivers? Not all hunters are Marksmanship, wield Thas'dorah (transmog) or are lvl 100+. Let me get this straight: The quiver is solely for the Marksman Artifact? I cannot find screenshots of the Beast Mastery hidden appearance with a quiver, and I transmogged my artifact to my previous bow and it didn't have one. Is this a bug or pretty much an(other) oversight? I don't want to explain from where I get my arrows... =PAlsol23 Feb 9
Feb 9 Steel trap waylay bonus So the bonus damage is only achieved if some poor sap who hasn't attacked anything (out of combat) happens to run into your steel trap after it's already been placed for 2 seconds, correct? So how are you ever supposed to achieve this? I could probably get an enemy who is attacking me to follow me and fall into the trap, but otherwise this just seems impossible to achieveXaldrik4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Pvp I'm a level 58 dwarf hunter BM can someone tell me how I should play him in PvP just started it todayTylocks5 Feb 9
Feb 8 Hunter Class Hall Quests *SOLVED* Hello, I am completely at a loss for my class hall quest. I got all of my artifacts, I got the pet Swapper, I witnessed Illidan be reborn.. and there is no other quests. I was unable to find any information on what the quest chain is or what I should be doing. Is it bugged? I have 2 other level 110's and their class hall quests have been very straight forward. I even abandoned all of my quests and there just aren't any quests in my hall or anywhere that I can find related to the class hall. Anyone else have this problem? Am I just completely missing something? I reported it a while ago and haven't gotten any response and couldn't find any info that it was in fact bugged. What do I do? Thanks for the help! EDIT: It appears I accidentally abandoned the quest mid way through. If anyone made the same mistake I did -- check out -- and look through the list of quests and check your map until you find it!Metsatoll12 Feb 8
Feb 8 BM Hunter pvp Hi, I would like to know what 3s comp are viable with BM Hunter for 3s rated arena, thanks in advance.Jonhunter0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Hunter 4-piece MM contradiction? Aight, so i've had my 2-piece for a while and I was looking at the 4 set bonus. Doesn't the reduced focus cost kind of contradict the 2 set? I've asked this around and all I get back is "yea, it means you can cast more.". However, that isn't the point. Regardless of the reduced focus cost and more casts, I'm still using roughly the same amount of focus yet now i need to cast one more shot to match and slightly exceed just 2 set amount. I don't really understand the point of the 4-set as it only extends the amount of casts needed to drop Trueshot CDMavkta9 Feb 8
Feb 8 Everything wrong with (Marksman) Hunters Okay, so I know there are a billion posts just like this already, but I'm frustrated, and want to vent. My biggest question is, when will Blizzard acknowledge us? If ever? Sometimes the consumer is right, and sometimes your direction for something isn't the best. I really don't understand why they made us feel like such a poor, slapped together class. Every day something happens and I just feel like Blizzard just doesn't want people to enjoy, or be playing Hunters. They're tired of us, they don't play Hunter, and/or the people in charge of Hunter just don't give a damn. I really enjoy the idea of playing a class that y'know, is out lurking in the trees, melding in with the fog, lobbin' precise, deadly and accurate shots. What we have now is a class that will pull everything on the screen, because as a Marksman, we obviously have no control over what we're targeting or hitting... Why are we called Marksman again? I feel like I'm playing a class that is drunk and says, "*hic*.., whoops, hah!" when we pull 4 extra mobs unintentionally. Then I have to scramble around attempting to kite, probably pulling more mobs with my movement/sidewinders/barrage. A fumbling drunkard is a better description for our class. Dungeons are no fun, as we have to be ever so cautious to use our AoE's that don't even match the graphic (sidewinders). I could re-position myself between the group we're killing, and the next group, so they're behind me, but again, class fantasy... why would I be at the front essentially? That's stupid, and doesn't make any sense for me to have to do as a Marksman. I should be in the back, confident as a MARKSMAN, that I'm going to hit what I want to hit. Being outside killing mobs is the same deal, re-positioning myself, basically right next to the mob I'm killing so I can actually use my spells without pulling 4 extra mobs. It's not enjoyable, and of course there's always a few birds overhead that aren't on the screen that you'll pull. For a class that should be the most in control of what they're hitting, compared to all other classes, we're the least in control, which is just hilarious to me. Battlegrounds are okay, I'm usually top 3-5 on damage, but if anyone comes within melee range I usually can never escape. We have what, 3 tools we can use to escape? Binding shot probably being the best, it gets trinketed out of, okay, bursting shot! Oh, it missed, shocking, because it has no range, and again, the graphic doesn't match. Could be good though with that legendary I'll never get (800% more damage, 30 yard range). Alright, disengage, the thing Blizzard is so cheery about that gives us distance and break snares. Oh, but everyone has multiple charges/leaps, ranged stuns, ranged snares. What's the point? I guess we do get scatter shot back with honor talents. Probably my favorite talent from way back when, so I suppose I have that to look forward to. Cheetah is okay, but still trash with a 3 min cooldown. Aspect of the turtle. Seriously. It's so bad. Sure with the artifact talents to heal during it, it's a second heal to Exhilaration. Otherwise it's so bad. You can't do anything with it aside from disengage. You can't even binding shot. Why can almost every other class continue to cast freely during their defensive abilities? I'm at a loss, I can't kite anyone anymore, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it just seems everyone always has twice the utility I do, with half the cooldown. World PvP I usually enjoy, but when I want to use one of my hardest hitting, continuous abilities (barrage), I probably will pull a few mobs in to aid the guy I'm trying to kill. Sure i could Feign Death, but I honestly shouldn't have to worry about pulling all these random things. Half of my spells are broken, Barrage stops casting if something is stunned by Binding Shot, explosive shot is pointless if you're on a hill above your target, sometimes it travels through the world if you're at the bottom of a hill/staircase. I miss Chimera Shot. Too much of Marksman is based around RNG, and it's honestly boring, frustrating, and stupid. A Marksman doesn't rely on chance, they rely on their skill. Also don't understand the reasoning of camouflage being a talent, especially with one of our better CC's. Fantasy wise it just doesn't make sense that it's not a core ability. Anyways, I'm running out of steam. Agree, Disagree, add anything you're frustrated about. I would just love to hear SOMETHING from Blizzard regarding our distaste towards the changes to Hunters, but alas, it's always silence.Syvalla83 Feb 8
Feb 8 BM 54th trait bugged? with 20 points in "Spiritbound" we're supposed to receive 14.5% increased damage, correct? My tooltip is only showing 14%. I tried reloading, relogging, exiting, etc. Still says 14% screenshot: Feb 8
Feb 8 Best spec for mythic dungeons? Which spec do you think brings the most to mythic dungeons?Executioner6 Feb 8
Feb 8 Survival Hatred Ever since the change first released for Survival to go melee, I've been seeing posts left and right about how much people dislike it and think the change should be reverted. I feel that the melee version of Survival that we have right now is a great amount of fun and is quite viable in both PvP and PvE. I've been playing Hunter for a few expansions now, as MM/BM/OldSurv/NewSurv, and I have to say that NewSurv is my favorite. Before NewSurv came about, my go-to spec as Hunter was BM due to their affinity with combat pets. I greatly enjoyed sending my pet out to get up in my opposition's face as I shot them down from afar. It felt too disconnected, however. NewSurv fixed this issue for me. Now I get to fight side-by-side with my pet in epic fashion! I also have a great balance between abilities dealing damage over time and intense bursts. Yes, the archer class of WoW loses 1 of its 3 choices to be a ranged DPS, but now I feel as though Blizzard has opened all avenues of gameplay through the 'ranger' fantasy. Just have to accept it, y'all! Melee Survival is here, and there are people who are enjoying it! Now let them enjoy being a melee ranger while you play the other archer specs :)Elyrissa59 Feb 8
Feb 8 Marksmanship or Survival? I rerolled a hunter because i wanted some more mobility and instant casts as a ranged, but i also discovered survival I enjoy both specs, so i'm just askin from the dps point of view Survival has "inflated" parses on warcraft logs due to the low amount of them, so it's not a very reliable source (also on max category, MM outdpses survival by a huge margin) What do you think is the best spec for raids? and for dungeons? ThanksVzhary2 Feb 8
Feb 8 BM Advice Hello all, I recently made this hunter roughly 2 weeks ago and decided to make him my main. I just enjoy the BM play-style ( if you could believe that lol) and the mobility it provides is a breathe of fresh air compared to my mage. Anyways, my guild began progressing through H EN last week (it's a relatively new guild) and I've been parsing below 40%. I was wondering what I'm doing wrong. My stats are as followed: 21% crit - 15% haste - 72% mastery - 2% versatility Am I too low on haste or mastery? I tried finding guides to help with the %'s but couldn't find anything solid. My burst at the beginning of every boss fight: BW - AoTW - DB - Titan's Thunder - KC/CS ( I run Killer Cobra) until BW ends Once I enter sustain period I usually spam CS. Should I be prioritizing KC over CS? I've noticed that I enter BW as SOON as it comes up, even if I'm at half focus. Should I be waiting until I regain full focus to enter BW? The trinkets I'm currently using are: Nightblooming Frond (890) Caged Horror (845) I have a Silent Seashell (850) with agil/haste Should I be trading that out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Røman3 Feb 8
Feb 8 New Survival needs help I was reading the rotation on icy veins, i know what to do in single target, but i'm not sure about 2+ targets Should i keep Lacerate on none/one/all of them? How much the rotation change? I would use butchery on CD while keeping Way of the Mok Nathal up, and then proceed with the single target rotation, but im not sure if that's the best way to do itVzhary4 Feb 8
Feb 8 Survival Hunter PVE DPS Questions Ok so don't rage out on me team, I wanted to roll an alt and realized I could just try to be well rounded in my own class first. So I dropped some spare relics into my Survival Wep and got it over 900 ilvl. Got like 20 something traits into it and started messing around. Onto my question, if you are inside a MB window, do you refresh things like lacerate/caltrops? (I assume you keep up the 4 Stack buff at all costs already). Meaning do I do this inside the window and loose gloabals or ignore it in the window or delay opening the window in order to make sure these wont time out during the window. Please and Thank you, (any other tips would be great!)Vapinarrow15 Feb 8
Feb 8 simple fix on survival disengage needs to have roots removed and 60 percent speed, it says it but u don't get that it just leaps u back this does nothing when all melee has gap closers. if we give up the remove roots for harpoon which is offensive why not remove roots and speed for the more defensive move? it would give us a nice way to kite and launch some bombs instead most of our range abilities are used in melee range because as a hunter u are the target in almost every game. so u give other hunters the traps give us the right disengageMazathrakk3 Feb 8
Feb 8 duuude whats up with survival in instanced pvp lol way over tuned if you ask meThrasher9 Feb 8
Feb 8 Survival Legendary Help So I have these legendaries and no conflicting tier pieces yet with similar ilvl replacements for each if needed. That being said... which would be better to run with? Magnum Opus Shadow Hunter Mask Roots of Shaldrassil I'm thinking legs and necklace... the necklace for the survivability and the legs for the better secondary stats. Anyone have any thoughts? It will likely not matter once I get a helm or legs of my tier I suppose. Thanks!Daleandchip3 Feb 8
Feb 8 Nibbleh (brawler's guild) as BM Is this possible? I was able to get him to follow me by keeping my pet passive for a bit but eventually he pulls aggro just long enough to get a buff on the snake..... or somehow a !@#$ing dire beast gets it. My other weapons are woefully underleveled so any help would be appreciated here.Lokomachine16 Feb 8
Feb 8 Loren Stromhoof Sometimes Loren in standing outside of the west end of Trueshot Lodge next to Holt Thunderhorn, and sometimes he is not there. Where does he go? What does he do?Gymlea2 Feb 8
Feb 8 Survival the best DPS? Survival better DPS than the other 2 specs? I see on Simulationcraft with ilvl 910 and Nighthold pulling ahead.Hayted20 Feb 8
Feb 8 better hunter animations please now i dont know about you guys and im still new to wow but i feel like hunter has some of the crappiest animations at times when im useing different skills animation is almost always same aside from maybe arrow changing kind feels like doing the same thing over and over compared to melee classes who have different type of slashes and attacks hunter on the other hand just looks very clunky to me like sometimes my arm is going inside my character and my bow isnt even facing my enemy to shoot what do you guys think?Illumaniti9 Feb 8
Feb 7 Just coming back need hunter advice Just coming back to the game and looking to do dungeons and raids with my friends when I hit 110. What's the better of the two specs right now marks/beast for doing that content. Keep in mind I probably won't be playing enough to get super geared out.Dryce2 Feb 7
Feb 7 Is MM really that hard? I keep seeing people talk about how difficult it is to perform a peak efficiency as MM. As someone who has never played a hunter at current tier, whats the deal? Is it really that demanding?Headthrash31 Feb 7
Feb 7 Suggestions to improve Survival - Please Read **Notice: If you're here to attack me for making suggestions or to say the best way to improve Survival is to delete it from the game, this post is not for you.** Hello! I don't normally provide feedback for this type of stuff, but I had some ideas and I thought I could pass them along. Survival is a (mostly) fun spec that I enjoy playing casually, but I'm very aware that it is unpopular with most people and in need of some big improvements. The following is a list of changes (mostly minor) and adjustments that could be made to make the spec much more fun, less confusing and more appealing to a wider audience. Not a massive overhaul, just small fixes that could be done mid-expansion. 1. Give Dragonsfire Grenade 2 charges and have it replace Explosive Trap. Reason: The changes to make Explosive Trap behave like other traps has made it a little clunky and more frustrating to use in your rotation, so I think it would be nice to have a talent option available that allows you to use something else in its place. This change would also help with the button bloat that Survival has as well. 2. Remove Hatchet Toss and make Throwing Axes baseline. Reason: This would also help with button bloat a little bit and even improve the "class fantasy." Hatchet Toss is an ability I personally never use and I know other Survival hunters who ignore it completely. It exists only for tagging things from a distance, and for no other reason. Throwing Axes looks nicer, deals exceptional damage and fills the role of ranged ability. 3. Combine Raptor Strike and Flanking Strike into one ability. Reason: Again, there is some confusion about which ability to use and when. I know some hunters who never use Raptor Strike at all because they simply always have something else to press that does more damage. Removing Flanking Strike and giving Raptor Strike some synergy with our pet and giving it a slightly higher chance to proc a charge Mongoose Bite would be a nice Quality of Life change for the spec. They'd simply only need to adjust the focus cost accordingly. 4. Make Mongoose Fury/Fury of the Eagle more fun and less punishing. Explanation and Reason: One of the major flaws of the spec (in my eyes) is how punishing it can be if you lag, make a mistake or are caught unaware during a boss fight. One improvement Blizzard could do is to make the damage bonus Fury of the Eagle gets from Mongoose Fury stacks to be permanent. What I mean by this is that when you gain a stack of Mongoose Fury (up to six) the damage of your next Fury of the Eagle is increased accordingly. But instead of having to use Fury of the Eagle within that small window, you can use it whenever you want. That damage buff doesn't go away until you actually use Fury of the Eagle, at which point it resets and you have to build the stacks back up again. This would allow the spec to breathe a bit and it would prevent some major frustration when you miss the window by half a second. 5. Wishful thinking - A cool unique ability + Additional utility New Ability: Spider Trap (Or Scorpion Trap): Launch a trap at the targeted location. After 1 second the trap will fire chains in all directions and pull all targets within a 30 yard radius (except bosses) to its center. (Think mass death grip) Cooldown 1 or 2 minutes. The Improved Traps talent could make the trap explode, disorienting or stunning all targets for 2 seconds.Vax29 Feb 7
Feb 7 Kil'jadean's Burning Wish vs. Prydaz I just got KJ as my fourth. I'm curious if I am better with that and removing Prydaz or running Prydaz with a different trinket. I have Bloodthirsty 865 and Elemental Foci 875 to replace it with. Running the numbers they seem pretty close stat-wise. I am just unsure of the procs of the different trinkets. Sorry, I'm not good at simcraft, lol.Smoothiè8 Feb 7
Feb 7 BMs, do you focus on ST or AOE in Mythic+? Hello, This week, I ran a +4 Halls of Valor, where we get our first affix Raging. From what I understand, BMs are great on AOE and cleaving. The thing is, when I ran that Mythic+, because my mentality was to do great AOE, I kept focusing on multi-shot to get Beast Cleave up. That way, enemies die evenly but slowly. It presented a problem because the Raging affix causes the mob to enrage at 30% health and dealt double damage to our tank, who kept dying. We only had about 5 mobs per pull but we didn't seem to be able to handle it. From that experience, I started to wonder, should I go Beastial Wrath into Killer Cobra mode to burn down one mob after one mob? Or should I stick to AOE? My Skada meters tell me if I go the BW into Killer Cobra way, I do much more DPS than my multi-shot and Beast Cleave can. But isn't BM about AOE? I'm posting this to hear from experienced BMs on what you run with, especially at higher Mythic+ levels. Thanks.Farmtopo12 Feb 7
Feb 7 The Return of Masters Call? Looks like it's getting baked into Cheetah for MM via trait Feb 7
Feb 7 Draught of souls - Survival Hello friends, So I blitzed out leveling this toon to 110 trying to get it done before the reset in several hours and got my 4 mythics done for the weekly reward chest gave me the Heroic Draught of Souls Trinket. Whilst I've heard many good things about this trinket they're mostly based around warriors ability to cheese it, my question to you all is.... Is there a particular time or way I should be using this trinket as Survival? Such as using it in aspect of the eagle? Thank you for your time.Nerock6 Feb 7
Feb 7 pvp bm honor talents? what are the honor talents i should be using for a bm hunter?Wârlock8 Feb 7
Feb 7 BM still a dumpster fire I'm 900 ilvl, 53 traits into my weapon. I get out-dps'ed by demon hunter alts in my guild. 1.) Focus Focus Focus: The BM 4-piece is great, but creates major focus problems, forcing you to either delay BW to cap focus for it, or simply hit BW with 30 focus. In past xpacs, we had baked-in reduced focus cost during BW, which solved this issue. They took that away and put it in a legendary. We need it back. Solution: Take the effects from the legendary shoulders and belt and bake them both into the spec, as they should have been already. 2.) Lack of execute mechanic. MM has ramp-up crit at mob low HP. We need something... Maybe give us the Pvp KC spam mechanic in pve. 3.) Pet travel time. Still horrible. Even more horrible is having 2 pets that move at different speeds. I suggest getting rid of dash completely, and upping both pet's travel time by 30%. Also, lower the CD on blink and have it affect both pets. Solved. 4.) Across the board damage buff is needed: ALL BM abilities need a flat 15% increase, period. 5.) PvP: How is it acceptable that Kill Command, an ability that hits for 500k-1mil in Pve is hitting players for 50k in pvp?Noshelter47 Feb 7
Feb 7 PVP spec question Best Hunter Spec, PVE, and PVP talent tree builds?Hayted1 Feb 7
Feb 7 So about BM in 7.2 How well do you think it will be with that 8 focus cost reduction on Cobra Shot?Mergo6 Feb 7
Feb 7 MM Spec - Nighthold Felt Amazing I'm very sorry to say, this new build felt very very good last night. Topped the meters on a fight for overall and single target. I felt very consistent with competitive damage on others except Krosus, but I know I have room for improvement. Loved seeing those insanely high numbers at the end of the vulnerability window. Sorry guys. Feel free to down vote me. But I've changed my mind about these 7.1.5 changes on MM Hunter spec. Can't wait to get the trinket, set bonus, and hopefully the legendary gloves. Then I can start building BM. Most likely resubbing. I know some nasty replies are probably coming so... /cast Aspect of the Turtle /cast Feign DeathRaecared32 Feb 7
Feb 7 Marked Shot Spec and PVP This last BG weekend has convinced me that we dont have a normal pvp spec as marks and i am getting real sick of trying to tickle kite melee to death until they stun or permaslow me and annihilate me. Has anyone tried the memespec in pvp? Aimed shot is nowhere near hard hitting enough to bother with in pvp given the mobility loss, and explosive shot skillshots in pvp while kiting are a pain in the ##%*%*!@ given how easy it is for more mobile classes to dodge.Urchak21 Feb 7
Feb 6 Alternative to 4th spec? Hi guys! This is the first time I am posting on the forums, although I do spend a lot of time here reading. So I leveled this toon specifically for the new Survival, but decided to get my BM and MM artifacts just for the fun of it. Turns out, I really enjoy all three specs quite a bit, and I like that I can switch between melee and ranged depending on my mood, and still do pretty decent dps either ways. Mind you though, I am only a casual and my definition of decent dps might differ from others. But I digress. I find a lot of people mentioning they hate that Blizzard took a ranged spec which they liked and "mutilated" it into the melee "monstrosity" it has become today, and it got me wondering. What if Blizzard made the current survival an amalgamation of melee and range? We could have 2 different stances, for example "Stance of the Mongoose" and "Stance of the Hawk". In Mongoose, everything would function as per current Survival. In Hawk, your auto-attack becomes ranged. Mongoose Bite, Carve, Raptor Strike, Flanking Strike and Lacerate would all become ranged abilities but with exactly the same effects as its melee counterpart, maybe just changing the names to Mongoose Shot and Flanking Shot, etc. To prevent it from becoming too OP, there could be a deadzone and a shorter range on the ranged skills so it would be something like 5-20yards or 5-25yards. If blizzard does not like the idea of a deadzone, maybe all ranged spells could do 50% damage in melee range when in Hawk. Traps would automatically be placed in melee range in Mongoose Stance, and would have a targeting reticle in Hawk Stance. Butchery could only work in Mongoose Stance. You would be free to swap between melee and ranged stance any time you please, only incurring a GCD. They could change the artifact weapon to some sort of Gunblade, and the spec would then become some sort of melee/(mid)ranged hybrid, where you could choose whichever playstyle you prefer. This would not only make survival unique, but it could also give hunters 3 "ranged" specs and 1 melee, without having to introduce a 4th spec. Do you guys reckon this would work mechanically? And if so, would it make the Hunter community happier? Sorry if this idea may come across as stupid or offensive, I really enjoy the hunter class, especially Survival, but I hate that Blizzard took away something you guys used to enjoy and were so fond of, and was wondering how else everyone could get what they want.Leekuanpew40 Feb 6
Feb 6 holinka ion Why does blizz only answer useless help questions on mmo champion and the forums. Uh yeah what are we doing with the bm nighthold 2 piece set...well alex im glad u asked well be fixing it to work with dire frenzy as well...alex well be leaving bm hunter as a !@#$ box in pvp though as well as in pve single target...we feel bm is doing great at the bottom alex. We think its less mobile than any melee spec in the game and decided to make its overall damage equal to a mage pet due to its underrated mobility that cant gain more than 3 yards distance from a melee player in arena alex. Dont worry alex though in 7.2 well be keeping u as equal to dog %^-* as well thanks for asking alex. Back to you holinka. Yea thanks ion well looks like well have a small chance of rain coming in from the south...oh wait thats hunter tears woops. This is blizzard news reporting to u live from survival hunter head quarters where survival is op all the time. Back to you fred.Thuperduper32 Feb 6
Feb 6 MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer "Umm... alright?" Anyone have MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer yet? I got lucky and got it from emissary on patch day. I was so pumped until I found out it only lets you cast Aimed Shot on the move after every OTHER Aimed Shot. When I first equipped it I remember seeing a buff up top indicating my next Aimed Shot could be cast while moving (using the icon for the gloves as the buff icon), but it has since mysteriously disappeared and I get nothing that indicates it proc'd now. In order to use the aspect of it that would allow me to perform Aimed Shots while moving, I would either have to keep count in my head (1, 2! 1, 2! 2! oh wait no! AHH FINE ILL STOP MOVING.) or just -try- moving at the start of an Aimed Shot, 50% of the time realizing that was a mistake and I've lost potential cast time? Perhaps I just don't have the addons in place to properly track it? Or something else that would somehow indicate it? I'm pretty casual on auras and UI stuff nowadays, just ElvUI and g2g. Maybe I'll have to use powerauras or something similar to use the spellid to track it? ElvUI also didn't seem to have any options to whitelist/blacklist. I'm also assuming that the additional +15% crit only takes place on that 2nd Aimed Shot, so I do realize the impact the overall 7.5% additional Aimed Shot crit has on my DPS considering how huge Aimed Shot's share of the damage pool is now, but I feel like the movement aspect is just nonsense in practical purpose until I find a solution to displaying the buff.Haastav7 Feb 6
Feb 6 Class Suggestions Any hunters recommend the next class to try after mastering a BM hunter?Titahmae3 Feb 6
Feb 6 Anyway to track explosive shot timer? With explosive shot being a powerful and viable talent to use in 7.1.5 once again, especially for heavy Multi-Target encounters in Nighthold, I was wondering if anyone knows how to set up Tell Me When to track the time remaining on the Explosive Shot cast? not the cooldown of the spell, but the actual rocket that travels out. Unfortunately that rocket doesn't put any buff on you or any sort of icon indicating the time remaining until it fizzles away, so I'm a bit lost on setting up tellmewhen to keep track of this. Sometimes I want to shoot it as maximum range (50 yards) but often find myself not wanting to risk it fizzling away so I'll usually move forward closer to my target so I can detonate it at 30-40 yards. So does anyone know how to set tell me when to track the time/distance remaining? or possibly of a different addon that tracks this?Ravens3 Feb 6
Feb 6 [BG Commentary] Bursting with Piercing Shot Hello, This has nothing to do with hunter performance in arena or PvE. This is just about how you can get some pretty nasty burst with piercing shot in casual BGs. Arena and soloing in BGs require different builds, mindsets and skillsets. What works in one venue might not work in the other and vice versa. Also your playstyle has a huge impact in what build you use. I prefer smaller fights and going for off objectives, which leads to a lot of 1v1s and 1vNs. So, I go for a more mobile build. I don't think I've run across any other hunters doing this and I'm not sure how many people realize that if you cast windburst immediately into piercing shot that the piercing shot hits first, which allows you to manipulate vulnerability in some interesting ways. This is not tacit approval into how vulnerability works, which I know is not popular. I'm just showing how it can be used to get some big*** piercing shots. Feb 6
Feb 6 Please let us rename Hati Ya uh Blizz since you've destroyed our class like 5 times now (remember being mad when EoTB was removed? Lol).. Could you at least let us rename the stupid "Artifact" pet. You already let us change the appearance. Actually honestly why not just give us an ability to summon an additional pet. I highly doubt anyone gives a hoot about a Hati. Also to anyone compromising on the class changes by citing Artifact weapons... What about the 109 levels you don't have Artifact abilities? I used to like playing low level hunters for their cool utility and mobility.Gobbix11 Feb 6
Feb 6 Thoughts on MM and BM This is a response I made in the arena forums on the topic of MM in PvP, but I felt like I could make a thread out of it. I have my thoughts on BM added later on as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I despise this reliance on vulnerability. I despise the impracticality of a master archer not being able to aim a shot on the move. I despise the fact that for all the effort you put into casting aimed shot in pvp, you're rewarded with almost equal damage to a melee's instant damage ability (aimed shot with vuln does about = damage to shadowstrike, an instant gap closer with no cd; no I'm not claiming rogues are op). More than anything I despise the FEEL of both the ranged specs for hunter. For MM: Arcane shot does NOT feel like a good generator, and the GCD makes it feel horrifyingly bad (on top of how much we spam it). Vulnerability is just a mechanic to allow you to do normal damage, meaning you do no damage outside it's window (and you're punished for reapplying the debuff to early because of the new patient sniper). It's extremely aggravating in PvP. For BM: A spec that used to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite hunter spec. It's a spec that used to feel extremely fluid (especially in MoP/WoD variants), but it's been reduced to a spec where you spend a simulated 60% of your time doing nothing but looking at your opponent. Class fantasy wise, it used to be a spec where you would rely on your trusty companion, but you also had abilities yourself you could use. Now you summon random beasts that you don't even care about, and only have cobra shot as a reliable bow attack. Should have just renamed the spec zookeeper. For both BM and MM: Defensives are atrocious. Master's call needs to make a return, aspect of the cheeta needs to have an extremely lowered cd, and aspect of the turtle needs to be more reliable. Either reduce it's cd to 1.5/2min or give it two charges. This falls in line with previous expansions, as these were the exact cds of deter before readiness's removal (in which case, the cd was upped to 3min and it was given a second charge). I'd much rather have two charges with a lower duration than what we have now. Also our heals are pathetic in PvP. I don't even notice the shell's heal, which is a complete waste of traits imho. I haven't been in the mood to do anything serious this expac because of the state of hunters. I would reroll, but my old main also feels completely different (ret). It may be viable, but I will never enjoy the current brain-dead playstyle for it.Wyldval11 Feb 6
Feb 6 7.2 Champions... Rogue- Lillian Voss DH- The naga whos sat in the order hall forever Hunter- UN NAMED RANDOM HUNTER SCRAPED FROM LORE #27 Seriously blizz, stop giving us no named hunter followers, only 3 of our 8 were actually in the lore before legion!Rachit5 Feb 6