Jan 16 Devs: Why Hunter is no longer fun to play. The limiting factor on both BM and MM dps should be the GCD not Focus. Playing perpetually focus starved is not fun and has never been fun. Efficiently using the GCDs available to you should be what separates good Hunters from average ones.Triarah13 Jan 16
Jan 16 Volley and M+ trash So, I have been trying volley in M+ recently--I have avoided using it thus far. IT was buffed, so I figured "why not?" Now, am I doing something really wrong here? -- Because I don't notice any real improvement on trash compared to just using crows and relying on beastcleave/mutishot spam. Is there some magic number of trash that needs to be stacked/pulled for this thing to be worthwhile? It seems that unless you are pulling gargantuan size trash packs, it does very little but lower my ST damage on bosses. Even with volley, the monk/dk/shaman are doing like multi-million dps on trash packs and I am no where near them, even popping all CDs. Just wondering if I am missing a really key concept here.Zeldei7 Jan 16
Jan 16 Which Expac Most Fun for Hunters If you were to pick the best iteration of the hunter class / spec throughout all the expansions which would it be? For me, MoP survival I think was the most fun (with the 4 set bonus off Garosh). You had a couple dots that had to be managed and chained explosive shot procs where so much fun.Starbuxs24 Jan 16
Jan 16 Where is 2nd artifact quest? Hello - I am a level 110 BM hunter. I respecced to Marksmanship, but I can't find the quest to obtain a 2nd artifact weapon. I have looked all over Trueshot Lodge, logged in and out, but no luck. I am obviously doing something totally lame. How and where do I pick up the 2nd artifact quest? Thanks in advance.Otto4 Jan 16
Jan 16 Blizzard plz change mm hunter back!!!! I feel that mm hunter was awesome with sidewinders. We, as in mm hunters were not at the top of the charts. I feel like my spec has been destroyed by someone who has never played it and the changes coming with the nighthold raid is not going to change anything. I feel like a turret, and a bad one at that. Please blizzard change it back. Can I please get a blue post telling me why? I hate my spec that I put in a lot for and it hurts me to not be viable anymore. I understand why no one will take us for mythic plus and raiding cause we can't do any damage that is worth while. Please help, I am begging.Buzzintrip0 Jan 16
Jan 16 SV BIS Legendaries Soooo.... with the nerf to sephuz's ring not proccing on rangers net. What is our BIS legendary ranking?Elitetitan3 Jan 16
Jan 16 No love for Survival? I see lots of posts for BM and MM hunters. Are they doing anything to survival? I'm currently working on my artifact power for Survival. Just want to make sure im not wasting my time.Tifatha37 Jan 16
Jan 16 MM Changes Spitballing One thing you would change about our rotation if blizzard asked you personally Dont just say "Everything" Make marked shot not trigger the gcd, let me begin my aimed shots IMMEDIATLEY after using it. Obviously there would be more work required to make us fun again but let us spitball hereRachit0 Jan 16
Jan 16 Arans Relaxing ruby Heard it was nerfed.. True?Redseal1 Jan 16
Jan 16 Why can't I research past lvl 23? I have 13k resources. I don't have any unopened research paper notes. It doesn't give me the option to research anymore. I checked the WoW app and I don't have the option in there either. Wtf is going on???Captnslammit15 Jan 16
Jan 16 Just a few fixes to MM plz 1. Aimed shot cast while moving like it was in the past 2. Explosive shot, just make it hit your target and explode, lose the rocket launcher and trigger mechanic. 3. True aim, 10 stacks is too many, make it 5 stacks 4% per stack. Also please dont let Trick shot reset it. It should just stack on your target not on every ricochet. 4. Double the focus regen of both Arcane and Multi. 5. I think every hunter would love Kill shot back. 6. LnL sould be a baseline ability like it was before. 7. Please give us our old aspect of the cheetah, it sucks going from the fastest class to the slowest class. I think these are some changes that would make the class much more enjoyable and competitive.Kynnigos1 Jan 16
Jan 16 Hunters: Newish Player Perspective My fiancé kept a WoW account for me for years and I just couldn't get into it. Back 3-4 months ago I tried the new survival hunter and I was hooked. The gameplay is a blast. As I got to 110 in Legion and I got my other artifacts. I am absolutely delighted to be able to play a ranged hunter with no pet and then change to a melee hunter. I don't enjoy the BM playstyle but at the same time I am glad it's there for those who like that sort of thing. I also just love it that I can use a staff as a hunter. I hope that this dynamic can continue and numbers get tweaked for the raiders out there. It's important to me that classes can do different things. Especially when you play an all dps spec class, you need more than 3 different versions that end up still all being ranged or melee dps. Aside from the allowance for different playstyle of melee and ranged the hunter fantasy is also important but I have never thought of hunters as a ranged only class. One of the most fictionally famous hunters/rangers out there is primarily melee with a exceptional bow skill on the side: Drizzt. Aragorn also was not a bow fanatic while his floofy elf companion was. Hunter fantasy very much includes melee and I am glad WoW has included it. Thanks to the WoW devs for the diversity. ArkkadyArkkady17 Jan 16
Jan 16 A 13 year old class vs. a 6 month class. If you ever wanted to know, with certainty, if Blizzard cares about hunters, compare us to Demon Hunters. A 12 year old class vs. a 6 month class. Compare their DPS and survivability to ours. If Blizzard can't get us right after 13 years, they will never get us right. Every time I come up against a Demon Hunter, I feel like I am facing a terminator from the terminator universe. I just got nothing.Handewallin3 Jan 16
Jan 16 Everyone calm down about hunter. Blizzard will buff hunter next patch and make it a viable class.Skylim11 Jan 16
Jan 16 Re-Rolling isn't an option With Legion, I feel that Blizzard met their objective of making class and spec both matter. In fact, they’ve done very well at that I believe. This works great as long as your class is relevant. However, if you’re made irrelevant or ‘not-fun’ through either the lack of DPS, the lack of survivability, through poorly designed mechanics, or all of the above, then you’ve given the victim of such oversights very few choices. The fact of the matter is that they painted themselves into a corner so the only changes they’ll be left with are DPS and maybe a few nobs related to survivability; but… I doubt it at this point. I've considered rerolling. I even have another 110. But when I think about what it will take to get a toon to the point this one is at (especially for a casual like me), it's just not worth it. The opportunity costs and switching costs are just too great. So, for those of us that consider time as a currency to be invested, I quit to go do something else with it -- and no, you can’t have my gold. Go buy your own! :-) -- Hunter since 2005Diableshot9 Jan 16
Jan 16 sorry about the nasty nerfs hunters :( I can say this i will still invite hunters into my mythic groups still love them and they are great... hang in there it's not your fault ... your all great :)Rezniea9 Jan 16
Jan 16 Stop teasing your fellow hunters Since Lightning paw has been implimented, ive seen fellow hunters literally use pets with stealth ability troll the duskwood graveyard area and this is getting annoying as punch. Please stop this, Its utterly annoying and depressing as hell, to hear that stealth noise to spam the tag and tame macro to find its not LP, but rather something else or your recently tamed LP. QUIT IT ALREADY!Romire3 Jan 16
Jan 16 $@#% You, Blizzard. Respectfully. Ban me if you want. I don't care. You think a flat 8% damage increases fixes MM? You are so out of touch it's not even funny.Mariota35 Jan 16
Jan 16 5% Crit Loss - One Big Source of DPS Drop Title says it all. But that plus the "stat squish" made me lost like 11% crit. I'm seeing bigger numbers, but barely crit as often obvies.Raecared0 Jan 16
Jan 16 Explosive Trap now an "Honor Talent" NOOOO WTF!!! Just make it a trap! Like is use to be! Why? Why? Why? Stop pretending your making us better, then promising to put things back just to add extra mechanics on something we had for such a long time. STOP justifying your existence and admit that you screwed up and just put us back the way we were! You want to justify your existence? Stop !@#$ing with things! That would be impressive!Gridman8 Jan 16
Jan 16 Changes are inevitable A little history. Relatively new to WOW, 2years. Not a computer kinda guy. Have a wife , kids, house, business to run.. life. Wife really enjoys the game else I most likely would not play. Obtained a respectable level of performance in Draenor 2/13 M in HFC. I was a vital contributor to the group, now I’m an embarrassment. Enjoy dungeons, raiding.. hate questing, I find it infantile. Study Icy Veins for best rotation/gear/buffs etc. I use the recommended rotation, do not switch out gear, talents based on fights. Have no interest in other toons and grinding to replace everything that the MM hunter isn’t but was. I pay Blizzard to provide me with a spec that works if it doesn’t then they need to replace it/fix it with something that does just like every other product that I purchase. Tell me how this makes sense. Wow decides to make the EN environment extremely active, obnoxiously so. With that in mind they decide to make the hunter the slowest toon in the game and make his exhilaration useless. They do not give him anything of significance to shoot with once he moves and then make sure that his targeting doesn’t work so that he can maintain his reputation as a huntard by randomly pulling in bad guys that are 40 yards away and 80 degrees out of the fight. In their infinite wisdom they strip him of anything that worked in Draenor and keep changing everything they do give him so that what worked yesterday won’t work today. That way he can REALLY look stupid. They make sure that he never has enough focus so that he can stand there doing nothing while the bad guy is beating on his head and then when he can target they contentiously make sure that he shoots the bird above him and not the guy in front of him that he is targeted on. I sent 4 tickets to Blizzard on targeting problems it went like this. Me: I have a problem I never shoot at what I target but everything I shouldn’t. Response: Reload the game, kill all ads and you’ll be fine. Me: Nope, still can’t kill the guy beating on my head but no problem hitting that mob 35 yards away. Response: Geez your right, I ran your toon and I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn either. Talked with a developer. says that’s the way it was designed. Good luck and if you don’t like it you can go into your WTF file every time you play put in code to go back to how it was but we are not really sure if it will or not. Me: Dang that is the most asinine thing I have ever heard, so who got fired? Response. I’m still waiting. From what I see and read Blizzard is hemorrhaging money. I am confident that a time will come where they will be forced to simplify and dump the decision that was made with this expansion to so dramatically re-invent every toon. It cost a lot of money to task so many with so many problems. People (at the top) are going to lose their jobs for decisions made and from a business perspective it only makes sense to go back to what was successful. I would suggest that they simply revert to specs that existed before the expansion. A very easy fix that I believe would make most players happy and it might prevent people from abandoning the game $ which is their only concern.Brotherderr3 Jan 16
Jan 16 Nerf HUnters They are so good at dps! Make them no longer FOTM for us real hardcore arena people that do real good from skill. Hunters just summon a million pets and then I die. Blizzard always love hunters and hate paladins. I'm going to stop giving them my parents money anymore so goodbye Blizzard and have fun with your favorite hunters.Thadros17 Jan 16
Jan 15 BM Hunter after tuning Ive heard that after tuning our overall dps will be increased by 7-8 percent, will this still keep us about last in the dps charts still? Or is the BM nighthold gear going to pump us up higherXelkon0 Jan 15
Jan 15 The Beastmaster bandaid fix Hunter Beast Mastery Cobra Shot damage increased by 46%. Chimaera Shot damage increased by 10%. Barrage damage increased by 10%. Kill Command damage increased by 10%. This is nothing more than a bandaid fix and blizzard still refuses to look at the bigger issues with BM. so I will enjoy my focus starving spec still for yet another tier at the bottom of the meters playing bench mastery Thanks blizzard, Thanks for not fixing the bigger problems with the class and (specs)Manalès26 Jan 15
Jan 15 Who do I bribe to get WoD Barrage back? Because I will. Happily. I used to love this ability. Now it's an abomination. Thinking I have to switch to Crows.Sultriss5 Jan 15
Jan 15 Volley - does it break CC in PVP Anybody know?Revo2 Jan 15
Jan 15 New gloves So I do know that the new legendary gloves for MM only drop off Gurbog the Basher in Highmountain. Is he the only way to get the gloves or contained in the embassy cache and any other means to obtain legendary items. If he is the only way to get the gloves, does that mean farming him until they drop or only when his world quest is active?Silentéars2 Jan 15
Jan 15 1 FPS on my hunter. All other toons are fine I'm getting 1 frame per second in every zone I've been in since this morning, only on my hunter. Every other toon I've logged in with has been fine and averaging 60-90 FPS. Odd, but since I've basically quit playing my hunter beyond doing the daily emissary WQ's it's really not that big of a deal. Glad I started playing my mage again!Pyrosong13 Jan 15
Jan 15 Gutless @ The Devs , CM and other blizz employees who lurk Your gutless cowards, Unable to face your player base on your own forums and explain in your own words what the design ideas and reasons behind your blanket "!@#$ hunters 7.1.5 patch" I would understand if we were a angry mob outside the studios i wouldnt want to go out and face that either. But on your own forums you dont even have the respect to post a blue post explaining any of this, instead let us sit in the dark waiting with no information. Or seek the information on other website. the 8% buff is a joke. No discussion about why or how this crap made it though PTR, nothing. Its quite sad how far your company has fallen in terms of quality. This xpac looked great to begin with except you completly and utterly destroyed that with this patch. Nothing really left to say, If i didnt pay for wow time using gold god knows i would have unsubed but i still have a raid to make people i dont want to let down who put in their own time to help me. I dont like comming here and cussing anyone out but damn you devs sure are gutless. That Q.A was an insult. Lores little grin "Dont worry hunters" says to me and the others that you are aware, you have disused the "issues" and would rather keep us in the dark than have any type of open discussion.Scorchripper6 Jan 15
Jan 15 BM Hunter Shoulder Legendary What is the ideal talent setup if one has this?Nelius7 Jan 15
Jan 15 Watered down version of itself now You know back in the day LOTR was not that great of a game but fun none the less. You could feel when it was slipping away and going F2P. This feels the same from my perspective on the Hunter class. Dumb it down to as few buttons as you can, even out the damage and let it be. Its clear most of the original teams have moved on. If i wanted to play Boom Beach on my Ipad I would. My guild was right to move to GW2. I was wrong for staying.Gridman0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Sidewinders bugged with new "proc protection" Well now that they introduced "proc protection" for the new spam arcane shot spec, Sidewinders is bugged. Sometimes when you proc marking target and then use it, you will not get to use Marked Shot, because it does not consume the proc. This is very bad to have in place for sidewinders where you only have 2 charges on a long CD and need to use the proc right then.Ninjeff0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Talents 7.1.5w/ MKII Legendary Gloves Hello Fellow Hunters! I recently acquired the amazing MKII Gyroscopic Stabalizer gloves. I am still adjusting to gameplay with them but I was curious what talent builds others were using with the ability to move every other Aimed Shot. I am wondering if Lock and Load or True Aim are viable combinations with the gloves or if others have found success with different builds for M+ or raiding. Let me know your thoughts!Derelicte2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Please no just across the board buff I play 4 main toons. Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Warlock and Hunter(have played various Hunter and Lock specs depending on which release.) 3 of the four have the same basic core since WOTLK. Shadow with pain, touch, flay and death, Shammy with flame, lava, lightning and shock, Lock with conflag, immolate, incin and chaos. The odd step child is Hunter. Survival with black arrow, serpent, explosive shot lock and load gone Marksman with steady, chimmera, double rapid time, kill shot gone Beastmaster basics gone Please bring back our cores not the across the board buffs. If you feel you do want to feel like you wasted all your time with the new forms, I suggested the following: 1.) Make the current survival build more Tankish, with beast and hunter sharring health pool and damage sharring (the game could use more tanks). Allow through talent builds choice that allow players to be more dpsish and less tankish so that they can still PvP as the currently are. 2.) Make the current Markman build be called Lonewolf and make the talent base line. Allow players to either play the steady, chimmera kill shot, aimed shot of old through talent choices or play the 7.1 sidewinder build to be AOE mythic + players. 3.)Allow the Beastmaster build to go back to previous expansions. 4.) Call the new spec Marksman and allow it to be the old serpent, black arrow, explosive shot, lock and load build No class has gone through what we have from quivers to engenieering ammo , mana to focus , to special arrows, etc. This time you have gone way to far and have upset the entire community. A bandaid buff will not fix what you broke and saying it will be addressed in 7.2 or heavens forbid, 8.0 will not do. This needs to be fixed now and not a later patch and not a bandaide buffTuladran0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Headache (MM Changes) Any other MM hunters out there literally get headaches trying to perform the new rotation optimally? i have to say it feels clunky, and i agree with a lot of what i'm hearing With the current patch MM should be changed to TurretMode My mains concerns: Mobility - merely taking a few steps has a huge impact on your rotation, not only that, your dps also. (yes im talking about vulnerable - taking a step, makes you miss your current window, causing you to spend more of you starved focus to re-vulnerable, and thus leading to you being starved and having to arcane spam again, in the hopes you wont have to move by the time you 5 energy your way back up to 2-3 useful shots again.) The uselessness of Proc's - marked shot proc's are no longer used for damage unless spamming in aoe, witch you can only do half effectively if you use a large cool-down. to guarantee you can use it (i find this big issue, the spell lights up like "pick me pick me" when u should sit and wait till the current vunerable ends.) Focus Nerf - no one likes any of it, it made us feel worse. i would rather do less damage per hit, then feel starved, or unable to dump(unable to stand still) - cause my rotation to feels like i have moments i can afk, and other moments i should be doing things and cant. and a brief moment i feel ok, when i cast aimed shot. Fix - Vulnerable just doesnt work - hitting a target at the exact moment before vulnerable falls off with travel time, while following mechanics, and listening to the raid. decieding 2 or 3 aimed shots this time? do i have haste? Currently feels like logging in to solve the meaning of life. Please Fix I am a very long term player of wow, this is not my first expansion. i started in BC and have played on and off till now, and want to add, i have never felt the need to come on here and ask for a fix, i normally go with what you give me. but this time, its to much. yours truely - some dead alliance guy on bleeding hollow. PS you gutted my sidewinder build, witch i was perfectly happy with the play style. "WHYUDODIS"Öxÿ2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Marking Targets I know this is not Bug report , I just wanna know this is only my problem or everyone else got this So since 7.1.5 . Sometime when a Marking Targets proc ( make Marked Shot become useable ) and I use Sidewinders / Arcane shot , but it just reset cd of the buff instead of let me use Marked Shot Edit : another bug . Sometime I use barrage but it just make me stand still and didn't do any damageVnhunter0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Dwarf or Troll If you guys could be so kind as to chime in on what you like about either race, it would be immensely helpful. Stats, racials, mogs, mounts, aesthetics I don't care. I kind of want a Warcraft 3 rifleman with a bear, I love beards, ale, and bears. But I also love trolls, but have never been able to main one due to aesthetics. I feel like the hunter has the most "Troll" feel out of any class sans shadow priest, raptor pets, good mogs and glorious mohawks. I just hate Trolls on most mounts and the raptor mount 60 speed is like a friggin pogo stick. I could use some more pro/con love from the community. Please help!Torgr4 Jan 15
Jan 15 Seabound Mystics Not Spawning? Hello all, I am doing the quest "A New Invention" (the one where you can change Hati's appearance.) I have all of the items required for the quest except for the Essence of Pure Spirit which drops off the Seabound Mystics in Highmountain. I have looked at the WowHead pages for the mob itself, the quest, and the item that allows you to change Hati's appearance and I have seen a few comments talking about how the mobs spawn on the hour. I have been camping the mobs for the past 2 hours and 40 minutes and I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. I'm pretty sure I am in the correct location (Blind Marshlands) but I just thought I'd make a forum post to make sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Mayaslays58 Jan 15
Jan 15 Explosive Shot & Sentinel bugs Explosive shot - Not hitting some bosses such as Naraxxas in Nel's Lair and Helya in Maw of Souls. Sentinel - Doesn't always apply Hunter's Mark when its ment to. Bonus bug - Sidewinders not applying Hunter's Mark Bonus Bonus bug - Freezing traps will pull mobs that you aren't in combat with (when you trap in a dungeon the untrapped mobs agro onto you).Bennz7 Jan 15
Jan 15 Actual MM DPS when accounting for 8% tuning Okay so before my fellow Huntards burn me at the stake.. know that I am just as mad as you are at Blizzard right now. I was there spamming the QA, posting on the PTR thread, I even made my own thread on these subforums cursing them out. I hate the rotation we are being forced to use, the mechanics of this class/spec is cancer, and Blizzard turned us into a burning turd of a dumpster fire.... But math doesn't lie..... Keep in mind I didn't do so hot on the math portion of the GRE so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.. but here is what I found. I took a few moments to calculate out what my dps was on M Nyth last Tuesday versus what the damage would look like with an adjusted 8% damage buff. Note these numbers were found on my logs. The fight lasted 4 minutes and 10 seconds (250 seconds): Numbers during raid | Additional 8% Damage aimed 37,370,000 | 2,989,600 marked 14,680,000 | 1,174,400 arcane 11,510,000 | 920,800 crows 6,700,000 | 536,000 windburst 6,700,000 | 536,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total 76,960,000 | 6,183,800 = 83,143,800 Flame Wreath 5,870,000 Deadly Grace 4,980,000 Auto Shot 4,290,000 Hidden Satyr 1,210,000 Pepper Breath 662,600 Collapse 251,800 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total 94,220,000 | 100,408,200 Dmg/Time 94.220/250 | 100.4082/250 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 375k dps | 400k dps (adjusted for reality) My average on this fight prior to 7.1.5 was slightly higher than 400k but a slight drop can be accounted for by playing with new garbage class mechanics. My point in this is that while Blizz fkd up big time, and our whole class needs complete revamping.. with the 8% hotfix our damage should at least somewhat resemble what we lost. **TO THE BLUES READING THIS POST** The Hunter class was completely broken by you and your incompetence/unwillingness to listen to feedback in 7.1.5. This bandaid will not last and our core mechanics are rotten to the core... but at least this bandaid didn't come from the dollar store and this by no means excuses your actions.Jüicer33 Jan 15
Jan 15 8% lol So.. we have to stand still and no AOE unless for NH aoe fights we switch back and forth, we pre patch we cold just keep the same talent set up. This is a bigger joke, if they said 18% for MM I would be happy and tell with the clunky rotation. Another sick joke from WOWRedseal3 Jan 15
Jan 15 Final Road to 8 pvp movie Hey everyone .. Finally my movie is out!!! So stoked on this project. I learned a lot doing it and couldnt be happier about it. This is my first pvp movie and first real project that will lead into more soon Thank you everyone that watches it and plz like and sub for more content Jan 15
Jan 15 Is the 8% damage buff live? Is the 8% damage buff live?Handewallin3 Jan 15
Jan 15 Macro to Tame Ban'thalos So I have an issue with this macro /stopattack /cast concussive shot /stopattack I need it to prevent myself from autoattacking while I try to pull aggro, but for some reason, whether or not it deals damage is a toss up. After accidentally killing the owl, I tested it on similar lvl mobs, and it seems like a 50% chance of killing them. What I'm saying is: does anyone have a more reliable macro I can use to tame this thing? Edit: NVM I found the problem: For anyone looking to tame this owl THIS dumb thing is the bane of my existence. Keeping this post up to warn would-be Ban'thalos tamers.Rádyne2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Thank you for the overall dmg increase but.. While I appreciate the increase in damage and this will definitely help and bring us up to par with other classes, we still need two fixes that would help the MM spec immensely. 1. Focus regen of sidewinders, arcane, and multi shot need to be increased. I looked at my old logs and it was about a 1:3 ratio of sidewinders to aimed shot. This felt good as we were casting damaging shots the majority of the time. My logs since 7.1.5 have a ratio of 1:1 to about 2:1 arcane shot to aimed shot. I understand the downside of taking arcane/multi over sidewinders is that we will need to spend more time building focus, but the current ratio makes the spec feel less powerful no matter the numbers. Ideally a nice ratio would be 1:2 arcane shot to aimed shot. 2. This issue to me might be more important than the focus generators. The new patient sniper design feels very bad to play with. With the new ramp up mechanic, I needed to make a weak aura specifically to show me when to start casting my aimed shot for optimal damage. I am left staring at my addon, instead of focusing on mechanics, so I can perfectly time my aimed shots. Please revert patient sniper back to its old flat 150% damage increase. Edit: 3. For purely single target situations, marked shot is only used to refresh vulnerable (because of the new patient sniper ramp up and its lack of single target damage compared to aimed shot). Marked shot should do extra damage to the targeted enemy.Zurabeth23 Jan 15
Jan 15 Why would you change MM Hunters When it was working just fine? Why would you change it into this spammy mess? It was working just fine. How could you think this would be engaging and fun? It was working just fine. 8% is great, however it still is a really messy gameplay. Again, the spec was working just fine. Devs, did you make a mistake? Could we as Hunters encourage you to make more of an invested effort into more than a blanket 8% damage increase? Do you care?Sionz0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Hotfix likely won't solve the problem Rumors seen on mmochamp that we are going to be getting a hotfix won't change anything. Sorry to say it folks but our dps problems are beginning from the fact that the class is mechanically broken. Terrible rotation and complete clunkiness that doesn't work. There is a saying that perfectly fits this scenario. "If you are told to make chicken soup with chicken !@#$ it doesn't matter how good your other ingredients are. You can have the best veggies, best broth, best seasonings. But since your main ingredient is %^-*, the soup shall still taste of !@#$." Our rotation is the chicken %^-* :) Please give us real chicken Blizz. Thanks, Every Marks hunterIndecency4 Jan 15
Jan 15 Survival: Helbrine, Rope Of The Mist Marauder Why did this legendary go from second best for our spec to dead last according to icy-veins? I don't see any nerfs to it and can't see what would make any of the others(other than call of the wild) pull ahead. 30% damage increase for 10 seconds every new target is huge. Is this just more garbage information from IV regarding surv hunters? Can someone explain?Narnaru4 Jan 15
Jan 15 Suggestion: Give Hunters a Combo Point System I think this is the way to go, MM Hunters should not feel like casters, and BM for example could have a variety of interesting finishers that the pet does. I think having a decent tool box, with which we can control the severity of each ability through combo points would make the class more engaging and fun to play.Sargus19 Jan 15