Sep 7 Is Surv? I'm looking for a new class to play and was looking at surv Is it complex like rouges. I hate complex, I find it dull. Is it fun. I fine MM dull and I never play BM. I don't want be a zoo keeper user? Can surv pull more then 3? Are they squishy? Does it really suck where no one in the right mind would play a surv. Should I keep looking?Silvioo13 Sep 7
Sep 7 Relic: is it an upgrade? 935 wilderness expert over 925 Jaw of thunder?Ramose5 Sep 7
Sep 7 Ogdrul<The Seeker> What do we know? Do we know what's up with this guy yet? I just saw him while exploring the hunter class hall, and noticed something interesting on his back. He can be interacted with, and it's all very mysterious. Here is an image of what's on his back and the text that comes up when you interact with him: I figure he probably has something to do with a marksmanship weapon skin. Edit: Fixed linksTacohands44 Sep 7
Sep 7 strange hunter pet Just curious. I've seen a new 'hunter pet' running around with a few people but no one's given me a solid answer. Looks like its a feline.. but has stone (bone?) plates down its spine. I've tried googling and can't find anything.Mishkrar3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Extra Stable Slots? A little behind on the Legion news, has there been any word if we're getting additional stable slots for our pets. I'm a bit of a collector and a sucker for fashion so I have quite a few pets, some picked up cause they look cool, some for function, some even just to match outfits I have so believe it or not I'm getting close to full. Now with word of the mechs being added and surely some newer animals/models in the Broken Isle, I'm going to need more room :/Aihashi133 Sep 7
Sep 7 Syrenne and fall back button With her as my bodyguard there is always a huge "Fall Back" toggle button in the center of my screen. Anyway to get rid of this? If you press it, the huge button is still there, with a toggle for the other option.Kybeorie9 Sep 7
Sep 7 Your Action Bars Is there a certain order where you place new talents or specs in the action bar? Some are automatically placed in your action bar. Some, I've noticed I forgot to add to my action bar. I usually place my favorite ones together. What about you? I want to make sure I'm doing it right.Caseycross15 Sep 7
Sep 6 Call of the Wild with Tier 21? Looking ahead to the current state of tier 21 (knowing full well these things change). The wrist legendary, Call of the Wild reduces the cooldown of all aspects by 35%. The tier 21 4pc set bonus when you use Kill Command, the cooldown of Aspect of the Wild is reduced by 2.0 sec. One good round of Killer Cobra could almost totally reset the remaining CD of AotW. Pushing the most crit possible to keep One with the Pack proc'ing and getting more Beastial Wraths (and in essence more Killer Cobra uptime) could be very powerful! I might actually experiment with Big Game Hunter on raid targets that have a lot of adds. I can see Tier 21 being a pretty big game changer, not only for overall BM damage, but for a fun change of playstyle. Could the drastic increase in uptime on Aspect of the Wild put Call of the Wild into a top spot for BIS for BM?Dade4 Sep 6
Sep 6 Bm or MM for the new raid? So i've been play bm this whole xpac and I wanted to switch to MM but someone told me that mm 4set for the new raid is horrible and that I should stay bm instead of learning mm and grinding the legendarys is this true?Hunterjendre12 Sep 6
Sep 6 Survival is too complicated Those who say this have honestly no idea what they're doing. Hunter finally has a high skill cap spec and you nerds want to take it away? Survival is incredibly fun and like no other spec in the game. Blizzard aren't going to prune it for those with a low IQ. Mongoose bite is also the best ability we have.Runecrossbow16 Sep 6
Sep 6 Finally Solo Hym/Fen (m) And his friendly version did not spawn in either cave. :(Kabo7 Sep 6
Sep 6 8.0 replacements for the Vulnerable mechanic? Should vulnerable be replaced or re-tailored in 8.0? How so?Elvrathyr20 Sep 6
Sep 6 RoS help. None of the self cast macros ive tried seem to work? What macro can I use to easily cast RoS on myself?Ophinarian2 Sep 6
Sep 6 typical leggo rant.. "Blessed" with Qa'pla immediately after getting the Apex claw as my last leggo. Before that i was sitting pretty with my pre-nerf mantle, but now that the T19 piece is still crucial it makes it impossible to use my pretty shoulders even with the sorta lackluster new buff.... Understanding how much clearer my rotation would be with the Roar belt just bums me out in knowing i'm shafted for atleast another month.... gah /endrantBlackfuego1 Sep 6
Sep 6 8.0 Survival must haves Blizzard decide if you want survival to stay a melee spec or return to range because as of now the melee spec is failing. If you want to keep survival melee then please follow these designs. 1. Abandon the mongoose bite/ mongoose fury interaction, fun on paper terrible on live. Also having 14 seconds of using one ability is stupid and weaving other abilities in is just a mess. 2. Make pets more meaningful or remove them, unfortunately survival hunters only really have pets for mastery, other than that the pets are near meaningless. 3. Drop and never give us anything similar to Way of the Mok’Nathal again, warriors had something similar in legion and you removed it, why would it work on a spec which has even more buttons to worry about. 4. More meaningful talents, most of our talents are bland, not sure if there is a really cool visual talent which screams survival spec. Please keep butchery though. 5. Turn all DPS traps into grenades or throwing spears (if we need macros to use dps traps effectively something is wrong) 6. Make Disengage and Camouflage baseline for survival hunters. It is in the spec’s name. 7. Add a talent which turns freezing trap into a stun, every melee dps spec has a stun I believe, could be wrong though. (frozen stalagmite trap, there even gave you a name). 8. Make survival … survivable better cc, def cd, and please a major buff to exhilaration. 9. If other hunters get traps baseline, our baseline traps should be significantly stronger, with the choice of additional buffs via talents, (Waylay… still useless for a melee spec). 10. Please!!!!! better tier set bonuses. Survival Tier 20 is limping along and Tier 21 is a mess, I mean seriously, is this a bonus or just another spinning plate to manage. Just give us a flat dps % boost instead. 11. Lastly, everyone else please keep posts constructive, fix melee or new ranged ideas only. Oh if we could get a blue post acknowledging Survivals many problems and they are being worked on that would be great.Firexc198 Sep 6
Sep 6 Missing pet tab Character sheet no longer has a pet tab. Only Character, Rep and Currency. Anyone else having this problem? Already deleted, reloaded, redid UI no avail. TiAVelara2 Sep 6
Sep 5 Hunter Pet Ideas, Thoughts & Suggestions Hi. Arrowflash here wanting to make a discussion and suggestion to Blizzard's Dev's. Under the Subject of Hunter pets. Please Blizzard please. Put Beavers as hunter pet and place them in the rodent class. I've been wanting this since mop. And was disappointed that they were not a tameable pet. If this isn't to far out on left field could you guys bring back the Slime pet.. But also add them to aberration tree then you could tame aberrations as pets. Place them also within the Skills family make it a thing you have work for and earn with dailies or what ever. But Of course certain aberrations will not be tameable only ones that Resemble beasts and Slimes of course. Gotta have dem slimes. I love the hunter class not for its simplicity but for its Variety and Overall Aesthetic Beauty. If any of my fellow hunters want to make any suggestions and put their ideas and thoughts in are more then welcome too. PS. Does anyone know of a blizzard Dev for hunters on twitter. If it Exists.Arrowflash9 Sep 5
Sep 5 Second Artifact weapon quest giver As of 7.1.5 patch there is no longer, at least as hunter, the quest giver for a 2nd artifact weapon at Trueshot Lodge. The quest giver is no longer down at the fire pit. How do you try now for a second artifact weapon?Bullshooter3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Hunter Illusion Discrimination Marksman/BM are the only specs in the game that are unable to use Illusions on their weapons. There is no logical justification for the inability of Hunters using Illusions on Bows/Guns/Crossbows. This has been around since the release of Illusions. Bump for a hotfix, cannot believe this is still a thing. Yes, I'm aware of the bug on certain weapons, not going to elaborate for covert continuity. Good Luck w/ Karazan, LOL. Someone else also made a thread under class development that has more publicity here: Sep 5
Sep 5 Veiled Argunite? I've hit the max I'm allowed to have, should I hoard these and wait for the relic / netherlight crucible or buy just upgraded gear?Kirapandora4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Chimaera Shot Can we get a fix to this ability? Perhaps make it a baseline spell? The problem with Chimaera Shot is both mechanical and numerical in that it simply can not compete with the other options as a talent. This is because Chimaera Shot requires exactly 2 targets to deal it's maximum damage. These targets need to be within ~10(?) yards of each other and both must be within range of the Player Character. Chimaera Shot can not compete against Dire Frenzy in single target because you will only ever get 1/2 of the damage of a Chimaera Shot on a single target. Chimaera Shot can not compete with Stomp, particularly at 3+ targets because Stomp will damage all targets within range of your target. Chimaera Shot's extra Focus doesn't provide much benefit since the only Focus expenditure you can reliably use paired with Chimaera Shot is Cobra Shot/Multi-Shot neither of which deal that much damage. In terms of synergy with talents and mechanics: Killer Cobra and the baseline mechanic of Dire Beast/Frenzy lowering the cool down of Bestial Wrath coupled with the ICD of abilities combined would all lower the priority of Chimaera Shot in the rotation. Unlike Stomp or Dire Frenzy which are simply passive additions to a button you basically press on cool down anyway. Chimaera Shot's dual attacks should both strike a single target when a second target is not in range. This would help the ability compete tremendously. Chimaera Shot also would be much better off as a baseline ability as the extra player attack helps the flow of the rotation and helps the player character feel more involved in dealing damage. I would suggest making Chimaera Shot baseline to the Beast Mastery and replacing it with Lynx Rush on the level 30 talent tier. ... Lynx Rush's range could be adjusted to exceed the range of Stomp and could apply to Hati and potentially to Dire Beast as well. This would make the level 30 talent tier a choice between a single target ability, a stacked cleave ability, and a slightly larger spread cleave ability potentially beefing up Beast Mastery's lagging AoE ability.Guillotaur0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Something needs to be done about BM pvp Damage in instanced pvp is absolute garbage, survivability is garbage, give us something please.Jubilees11 Sep 5
Sep 5 BM legendary question I've come back from a break and am trying to gear my hunter again. When I left, I had four legendaries (the pants, helm, trink, and belt.) The trink was also considered one of the good legendaries for BM. Not the best. It wasn't the shoulders but it was okay. It was certainly better than Sephuz's Secret. So I look on icy veins to check up on the new legendaries and now the trink is in the "truly undesirable" list with Sephuz's Secret outranking it. How is this? On their list, the trink still performs better than any other. Should I be replacing the trink for the helm/pants? I haven't gone into the tomb yet so I don't have anything there (just came back yesterday.) Thanks guys. :)Conception5 Sep 5
Sep 5 How Blizzard Changes Hunters I think *spins wheel* hunter pets *throws dart* need to have *rolls dice* their abilities removed. We should *flips coin* also make *spins top* Beast Mastery *pulls paper from bag* RNG based. We also should *plays Enie Meenie Miney Mo* make Survival *throws ball at fishbowls* stupidly complex and melee. 7.3 Rolls Around... *Shoots arrow; misses target.* Meh. Guess we're not changing hunters this patch.Bamboohunts3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Hunter community I think are the only class that spits on other hunter specs. We have pro arena players who like to make fun of BM and wish we remain horrible. Instead of trying to help fellow hunters, they help the rest of the community who despise hunters alreadyEmfhthis3 Sep 5
Sep 4 Hunter or Reroll? currently switching factions on my server and since i switched all my old toons to horde i now have to remake most. thinking of making a hunter but just reading a lot of bad things since i last played. Is it worth leveling a new hunter right now if i am likely NOT going to raid in argus or until next expansion but do plan to PvP and try doing high mythic+? or should i just reroll a new class? im currently BM on this one so likely going to try the new MM or SV. my other option is a Mage, or Enhancement shaman. warrior i like but there are just too many atm.Lethadox20 Sep 4
Sep 4 Survival tactics Anyone else having bugs where it's not dropping dots when you feinEmfhthis13 Sep 4
Sep 4 Fix survival already... How have they gone this long with barely any changes? They have a ridiculous amount of abilities in their rotation to even be on par with average DPS. Trap placement and CD, Way of Mok'Thanol duration, Poison duration, Lacerate duration, Mongoose Fury stacks, Aspect of Eagle CD, Artifact weapon CD. Oh and don't even get me started on PvP... How did this actually make it past PTR... Did they have a bot running the spec through testing? I seriously love the spec but for the love of god change/remove/combine some abilities to make it so I'm not spread thin. You literally have to do nearly everything PERFECTLY to do DECENT DPS. I am literally sitting on 0 energy 99% of EVERY single fight.Kazqueue11 Sep 4
Sep 3 Seriously though Survival got their melee spec back. MM got to keep their bow. They even get more CC choices then BM. If you are really true to this "legion class fantasy". BM needs our pet cc back. And our masters call. All the melee cc, it wouldn't break this game to give me a choice of disarm pet, web wrap, or a web root. We are already the lowest damage dealers in pvp. A joke/meme to rest of the community. Please give us something. You don't even have to give their cc ability to make it automat. Make us bind and macro it. But please give BM some skill back. Why does frost dk always get buffed and never set down but bm does. Frost dk is now brainless unskilled spec with unhealable damage and that's ok. Top players will now be searching everywhere for a frost dk player to pve any heals down and that's ok. But you continue to want BM to be a laughing stock and that's ok? Why??Emfhthis0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Huntmaster's Loyal Wolfhawk Rejoice!!! Blizz finally fixed the Huntmaster's Loyal Wolfhawk's right wing!!!Maalik7 Sep 3
Sep 3 Mage Tower BM Artifact Skin STILL Broken The artifact appearance awarded to BEAST MASTERY hunters for completing the mage tower STILL has not been fixed to show the right colored Hati. Hati is meant to have a unique skin to be paired with each artifact appearance, however the appearance given for completing the mage tower is for some reason paired with the royal blue Hati skin; this royal blue skin was already assigned to the hidden artifact appearance. So we've got two appearances now paired with the exact same Hati color. The only unused Hati color at Legion launch was a white/grey skin, which was obviously meant to be paired with the mage tower appearance when it was introduced in 7.2 . I'm 100% sure that this is in fact the skin that is meant to be paired with mage tower appearance, especially because Blizzard has now confirmed that there will be no more new artifact appearances. This missing white white/grey skin is in my opinion the best looking Hati skin, and it's a shame that we're deprived of it due to a bug/error, especially when some people busted their a** to get it on day one of 7.2 . I made 3 different forums posts and submitted 3 different bug reports about this with no avail when 7.2 was first released but it's 7.3 now and maybe my luck will change. Here's a link to the skins in questions, with the white/grey skin being on top, and the royal blue skin being second to bottom. Sep 3
Sep 3 Imp Meat? Use: Creates a feast of stinky imp meat. Is this for taming a pet lol?Kabo5 Sep 3
Sep 3 7.3 plummet begins Early logs to be sure, but we can already see how far behind BM hunters are. It is almost as though buffing some bad classes and ignoring other underperforming specs was a bad idea. Ele shaman ST has actually surpassed us on Goroth! Its ok, we can still soak lots. Who even NEEDS damage? But I guess I'm just a big noob who should shut up cus BM are mooooooooooobile, and lets us run in circles while we do our terrible DPS.Waylander25 Sep 3
Sep 3 Ogdrul the Seeker updated text 7.2.5 Used to read ... now its ... Looks like hes a dead end, probably was part of the hidden appearance questline before they came up with the magetower system.Vaelkar11 Sep 3
Sep 2 Best Hunter pvp spec for 7.1-7.1.5? So I'm leveling a worgen hunter and will be working soon on getting into some competitive pvp. I was hoping to get an expert opinion on what's the best hunter spec currently for pvp right now and what will be the best spec come the next patch? I have heard that marksman is getting a major damage nerf which is rather unnecessary considering the public opinion on hunters atm. I've been thinking about giving beastmastery a shot and to be honest I'm a little hesitant to try survival considering it's melee based and worgen are really not the best choice for melee pvp atm. Thanks!!Artherdayne15 Sep 2
Sep 2 More crap looking hunter armor for 7.3 AMAZING blizz... If we would've wanted to look like a fish, we would've used one of the other millions of fish x-mogs or random Eyes for shoulder pads (gronnstalkers) for hunters you've given us... When are you going to give us something new and nice? Again, These "armor sets" are so inferior look-wise, when comparing to any other class in the game..... I dont know who you think the hunter population represents, but in my eyes, I feel you think we are all a bunch of hippie smoking players that want to throw fur and fish skin all over our bodies and say look at me I'm a dirty looking hunter! Its embarrassing to say the least.. You've catered to that style of armor EVERY expansion.. When are you going to start realizing people want to look flashy as a hunter, or maybe look completely evil, and complement the amazing bows like the one from Karazhan or Nax?? One is a complete "light, or good" side bow, and the other is completely dark and evil... If we want to use the "Light" looking bow's we have to use literally no armor, and random low level gold chain items as our xmog because we have nothing to compliment a type of "Hunter of the light" look.. Then if we want to use the Dark looking bow our choices are few and limited, I would know since thats what I look for in hunter looks, my xmog resembles that... You started to hit it right on the nighthold gear, (LFR Helm/Cape is nice) letting us at least resemble somewhat of what sylvanas looks like, but you still failed on multiple pieces of the set's .....The mythic gear of that same art, has me thinking you want me to be Shredder from teenage mutant ninja turtles... I am starting to believe our classes gear art comes from your volunteer artists or entry level artists trying to obtain an artist job in your company, and you just pick one out of the hat and say, here we go! TLDR: I am tired of having only fish and flowers for hunter xmogs..Mákjuice20 Sep 2
Sep 2 choosing legendary s i have 3 legendary's, i need to choose which two are the better, please help, the legendary's are :magnetized blasting cap launcher :the apex predator's claw :ullr's feathered snowshoes please tell me which of theses are the betterScherbeh2 Sep 2
Sep 2 Tips for hunters in random bgs? Hey all! I'm looking to run bgs more often and grind some honor. Any tips beforehand? I know ideally I shouldn't be looking for 1 vs 1 fights. I'm more bg objective based. I feel like I can hold my own better as bm right now vs mm by using terrain and using my pet to dish out some damage. Is that how it is? BM for slightly better surviving and mm for hoping no one focuses you so you can do some sweet damage? I like how MM gets the explosive trap and some nice cleave damage with sidewinders. I totally get melee really dominate in bgs and avoid getting in their range at all costs. Right now as BM I'm running WotC, DF, PH, OwtP, INT, AMoC, KC. Honor: GM, QS, CR, SS, TBW, DB:B Is that the ideal set up for random bgs? Thanks for any tips!Thodius3 Sep 2
Sep 2 best hunter spec for arenas is it surv or MM. thinking about picking up hunter in PvP. not super about it if i have to play survival tho.Garagelifts0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Aspect of the Beast??? Quick Question , for Aspect of the BEAST , as i see some BM hunters use that in mythic raids, whats the main stat for it? is it mastery/haste or is it the same as stomp spec?Hanali4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Tame Fenryr in 7.3 Are there any Huntmasters out there that have tamed Fenryr after the release of 7.3? LMK! I'd like to hear about gear stat balance from those of you who have.Kabo6 Sep 1
Sep 1 How to make Hunters fun Things that would make me much happier playing my Hunter is. 1. Every bow has a quiver appearance 2. Enchants make either the tips of your arrows glow or it makes the string of your bow glow. I worked hard for my 2.4 demonic enchant and not being able to use it makes no sense!!! 3. Add back kill shot and chimera shot. 4. Make any pet in pvp be able to have a mortal strike!Sürval0 Sep 1
Sep 1 I know people don't like hunters right now... ...but DAMN, BM is fun. To me, at least. Coming from my warlock, where I have to stand stock-still to do most anything, it's so fun to just be able to run and jump around while my pets maul everything. I enjoy the rotation, even though it's simplistic. I enjoy being able to solo almost everything I want, and I love being flanked by two big ol' core hounds! :D I'm sure the spec has issues in serious play, which I'll be the first to admit I don't do, and I'm not trying to detract from anyone's unhappiness. It's just super cool being able to maul the Burning Legion with my vicious pets!Anderol32 Sep 1
Sep 1 UNSEEN FATE BUGGED? I am currently doing the quest "Unseen Fate," where it asks me to place a work order for a seal of broken fate and when I attempt to place a work order for the seal of broken fate, it does nothing. I click accept and then the NPC doesn't do anything and doesn't give me any other chat options. And no I didn't already receive my three seals of broken fate for the week, I only have two and I even tried it before when I had 0. I also have purchased the ability to make seals of broken path from truelodge. On top of that, I checked dalaran and was able to place orders for seals there, but unfortunately those seals didn't count towards the quest. Am I doing something wrong here or is this quest bugged? Thank you for taking your time to read and respond!Kazual0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Please add a naga skull to tier set Every version of the Hunter tier minus the mythic set, looks like absolute garbage. the aesthetic of the set isn't even apparent with out the naga head on top, it just looks like generic uncommon mail gear. Just remove the tentacles that hang down, make that a mythic only feature, but the skull is necessary for the set to work as a whole.Grumar5 Sep 1
Sep 1 Space beaver kitty pet. This is the most adorable pet in game. I named mine Stitch because it reminds me of that movie. I wish that MM could use them though.Duckypoo2 Sep 1
Sep 1 Super annoyed, Argus Talbuks So, on Argus you can tame the Chitinous Cragscaler (green and purple, fel infused) but you can't tame the Wild Cragscaler (blue and white). They're the same animal, what gives?Ysmi3 Sep 1
Sep 1 A hunter and their pet. Kinda curious if anyone else has noticed you almost never see a hunter with a single pet. There's BM hunters with two pets, survival hunters with one pet ... but barely any of them if at all. Marksman hunters with no pets. Do marksman hunters use their pets at all anymore? What situations are viable, or at least comparable? I occasionally use my pet in pvp. I occasionally use my pet for a tank in world questing, barely needed. I extremely rarely will use my pet + black arrow to down an elite like the old days. You?Wyspers13 Sep 1
Sep 1 Trinket Questions So I got a 940 Obelisk of the Void today and apparently it is simming higher for me with my 830 Tome of Unraveling Sanity then my 915 Tarnished Sentinal Medallian and my 880 BTI with a socket. Now that I have to use two "on use" trinkets which should I use on pull and which should be the second one?Sunstride7 Sep 1
Aug 31 Bow animations Got on my hunter and was pleasantly surprised to see that she shoots like she has a real target now, as opposed to angled from the hip. Did only blood elves receive this update?Coverfire5 Aug 31