Aug 31 Do I need to change specs for 2nd arti I was going for BM artifact quest and it said it was designed for that spec and prompted me to change specs, but I have no quality ranged weapon, the best I have is a MoP level 90 Heirloom (not even scaled to WoD). Do I actually have to be in BM spec to do this quest chain?Lingula3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Feels like the hunter lost its identity? Was wondering if anyone else feels like the hunter class has lost its identity? Steady shot, trap launchers, aspect of the hawk, aspect of the viper, explosive shot. Kind of feel like the old identity of the warcraft hunter has been lost to time. Even some of the useless abilities I miss like Aspect of the monkey. Honestly makes me really sad every time I log in and remember what the class use to be. Just feel like the class as a whole has lost itself under the guise of "class fantasy"Succkid28 Aug 31
Aug 30 7.3 Survival Hunter Guide Hey all, I just wanted to share my guide for Survival Hunter for patch 7.3 There was some discussion the spec on Reddit and I just wanted to outline the spec and how it works. I hope this helps. Aug 30
Aug 30 How are hunters for pve? How's it going, decided I want to continue playing hunter but I have no idea how good they're for end game. I just enjoy the class in general but I don't want it to be hard for me to complete end game content if the class is weaker than other dps specs. Thanks a lot.Bitzi0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Nether ray locations I tamed the neon green and pink Ray in the 68, 64 area of Krokuun. Seems to be a few that fly around there. Where/how can I find the others?Litharus2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Ranged animations I've recently been trying to test the hunter class out to see if I wanted to play one, but one thing that I've noticed is that just about every ranged animation lags a bit behind where it's supposed to. (My character will flick his arm like he fired, but nothing happens, then 1-2 seconds later a rushing animation appears out of thin air). This happened for every ranged ability on my lvl 30 hunter, across all specs (even survivalist's axe throw), but the melee abilities worked just fine. I know I'm not the only person experiencing this since I've seen a video online showing the exact same problem. Another note, I decided to make a bunch of lvl 1 hunters across several races and noticed the problem seems to be race specific, as in on the dwarf/undead cobra shot acted fine 100% of the time, but on troll/night elf cobra shot had the same delay. Does anyone else have the same problem? I couldn't find any threads about this problem and It's very irksome and makes playing the hunter feel completely unplayable.Voldred12 Aug 30
Aug 30 Key Binding Suggestions? I've want to be able to key bind a few more of my abilities, but once you get past 1-5 and F1-3 it starts getting awkward to reach. Shift doesn't seem to be easily hit, and I do have a mouse side key that might work but it isn't syching up properly. Are there any other recommended keys besides shift and cntrl that are commonly used?Kirapandora7 Aug 30
Aug 30 is MM go to spec for 7.3? im sure there will be buffs and nerfs maybe a week or 2 after it goes live but i am wondering will MM likely be the go to spec still for both PvP and PvE? i don't see much talk about BM besides that it is bad and not much about SV in general except why people don't play it more often or like rotation is clunky or something like that.Lethadox9 Aug 30
Aug 30 Please. Please. Combat allies and pet taming. Blizzard, please. Can you maybe make combat allies not attack my pet taming targets. For real, this is frustrating. Thank you.Fauxpaw1 Aug 30
Aug 29 Mok'Nathal and pet. I was just curious if this affected your pet. I am unsure how pet scaling works, but if they scale off my attack power, then +12% attack power would make the pet hit harder as well, yea? :Casstiyan0 Aug 29
Aug 29 New spec? Chimaera Shot I've noticed on my gnome hunter I have a spec called "Chimaera shot" or something like that. I don't have it on my human hunter and its a much higher level. Is this new??? I love being able to strike two targets at once. I want to use it on all of my hunters.Caseycross3 Aug 29
Aug 29 What's the best hunter pet in Legion? I couldn't find any stats for this BM PVP/PVE . Anyone know? Thanks!Torromania100 Aug 29
Aug 29 MM Legend Question so I have the Belt and KJ Trinket. I just got the boots which are the best MM legend. which of the two I have atm should I replace? i have a 915 Belt to replace the belt, and a 890 relinquished trinket +crit and on equip fire attack.Trode3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Best gems for BM? Like the title says, what is the best gems for me to put in my 3 slot armor?Aesclepious2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Hunters and what is Blizzard thinking? It's fairly well established that BM is bottom of the pile for dps atm. Our Aoe dps is severely lacking, and our Single Target has started to drop off the meters (no joke, I don't think the meters record that low), as everyone begins to get better gear and better at the fights. I have played this game off and on for over a decade and have never seen it in such a bad state for gearing alts to be raid ready or swapping specs easily. The legendary system makes tuning need to be even more important with as long as it takes to grind out legendaries. This isn't like past expacs where it was MUCH easier to swap back and forth. The reveal notes (or lack thereof) and the buffs and reversions on the PTR are a legitimate slap in the face to every specification of Hunter. Balancing classes and making them closer is not as hard as blizzard makes it out to be. Lack of any announcement for hunters in general other than pets being labeled rodents is disrepectful for a class that is DPS only and to have multi role classes above it in dps.Darkfieranos11 Aug 29
Aug 29 Why does Blizz neglect our terrible Armor? If you were to take a poll, on which class has the worst xmog of any class in WoW, its almost always voted hunter as being the worst xmogged class around.. .. Ever seen the Gronnstalkers armor from blacktemple in BC? that thing has been redone, over, and over again... Our legion seasons 3 and 4 PvP gear and the PvE Tomb of sangeras gear is the exact same looking gear with a few minor changes to it. Its like blizz says, "Hmm lets change the color on this, add an arrow to it, and boom we are done, whats next?" Why are we neglected in terms of new armor being released? Its always the same crap. Crappy looking clothes, weird fur hats, raggy looking trash outfits... Every time I see a hunter, I dont know if hes max lvl or a lvl 10 because they look the same to me.... It would be pretty nice to at least look something like Sylvanas or the other awesome looking hunter NPC"s you can find floating around... I legit feel whoever is in charge of hunter armor design is constantly picking flowers while they design our armor... Say what you want, but have you ever noticed when people are rating hunter xmog's that the less clothes they have on, the better they "supposedly" look? We are the only class where we'd rather simply have no armor than the crap blizzard has provided us..Mákjuice23 Aug 29
Aug 29 Why are you complaining? My BM hunter is ilvl 917 and i'm pulling around 1.5M (sometimes more) ST with lust and cds and on average at the end of a mythic im around 1m dps overall and usually 1st on damage done if not second, sometimes those aff locks are pretty good :D With my Stomp/Volley build i'm dominating the meters in mythics, not sure why everyone is so salty.. All I know is im having FUN, don't really care if BM is topping the meters or is on the bottom. If thats all you care about is dps then you're playing the wrong gameNecrophobia38 Aug 29
Aug 28 Survival questions I'm on BM and think it's good for solo pve only. I've been thinking of switching to survival and wanted to know what people think of it. Never played survival before legion so I don't care how it used to be, only how fun/good it is now compared to BM. I know it is a lot different especially since it's melee, and I know there's mixed opinions. Can certain pets still proc mongoose bite, or in other words is there a really good pet to use with this spec? How is the class honestly in 3v3, since I've heard it's decent but unpopular. What about 1v1s and world pvp? I'm really tired of people walking all over me and harassing me while I try to do quests. And last it looks like almost top 10 in dps but is this inaccurate.Dognition1 Aug 28
Aug 28 WTB more than 3 pet types with mortal wounds Devilsaurs don't countBüshwacker1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Need all the advice and info I can get! Hey guys I just recently started my account back up after a few years and I'm giving my warrior a break. Now I've never played a hunter but I'm giving it a shot and I love it so far. Anyone wanna give me some good tips and advice for this role? Need all the information I can get!! Thank you!Mockíngbird1 Aug 28
Aug 28 BM Hunters and solo play questions Not played in a very long time. Just started back again. Run my Warlock through Legion to 110. It's alright. Did my Druid up to 110. More fun as a tank but I am just very laziy this go around. I don't care to tank the dungeons. No interest in raiding. Maybe a pick up here and there for something different but would be very little. I just want to world quest at my own pace. Maybe run as many raid zones as I can from past expansions. Which brings me here. I know anyone can run the world quests solo. But I like hunters and the pets. Gathering them up etc. all the other utilities they have. Since I'm not min/maxing. Not top tier raiding. Is what I read about for BM hunters still all that bad? With just general gear and 110 can I run all the old school raids, maybe things I never been to, on the BM hunter? Do I need to just play a tank class instead for that? Not wanting to do mythic or heck even heroic but could I run them all at normal? Up through WOD? I see videos of it but those toons are far better geared than I will ever be. Didn't know if that would be a requirement at a certain point. Don't know why but I'm just feeling lazy at this point. No desire to raid. Trying to find the best toon for screwing around at night and solo questing or running old school raids. I also want to dungeon crawl through Legion to see them but not all that interested in tanking. Hence why I'm looking at warlock and hunter over the Druid and DK I have sitting idle. ThanksGrummish1 Aug 28
Aug 28 spec change when does this butchering of character stop you made a hunter fun to play then turned around and butchered him. when does it stop do you know what you actually wantRemorsefull3 Aug 28
Aug 28 7.3 Rip hunters Zero changesSürval20 Aug 28
Aug 28 Spirit Beast Arcturis - RESPAWN 21 HOURS?!? So I finally saw Arcturis and started taming him, however a Rogue came out of nowhere and 1-shot him before it was complete. Really terrible people out there. Anyways, I was looking up comments on WoWhead, and they say his respawn is 21 hours?? I thought it was like 5 or 6 hours? That's quite a big difference. Has anyone here caught Arcturis? I know at what time he spawned last, I just don't know what his respawn timer is. Does anyone know?Casty37 Aug 28
Aug 28 Windwalker or Survival I'm interested in both classes but need a direction to go with this decision. Honestly I would like to play the class that has the least difficult time doing end game content, I've watched videos and I can tell I will have fun on both, I know both are in somewhat poor standing currently but would prefer to play the one that's in a better position.Deadlightt1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Question regarding MM PvP Fellow Hunters ! Recently I decided I'd go back to my hunter for PvP. I looked up guides and everything but it got me wondering. Why do everyone one go steady focus + sidewinders ? First I must say that I'm not the biggest fan of sidewinders. So since hunter comps usually consists on landing a big CC chains and killing fast, why not go for full single target damage? Here's my thoughts. You go piercing shot, lone wolf, viper sting. you land your CC chain and open with: 1. DoTs + vulnerability 2. Piercing Shot ( Dump all Focus ) 3. Trueshot ( Gives back focus ) 4. Windburst 5. The usual Aimed shot thing until target dies If you have not killed the target and the CC chains is done, you apply viper sting so you get that reduced healing while having that 18% damage from lone wolf and keep pushing. If the target still lives, repeat on cooldown. I understand that you lose quite the cleave and pressure + necrotic from pet but since its all about bursting every 30 seconds why not fully commit to killing 1 target as fast as possible. Thank you in advance !Pornthanos7 Aug 28
Aug 28 Hunter Looking for Help/Tips .Kogsworth0 Aug 28
Aug 28 BM Questions Hey All. So I decided to return to my hunter and go back to where it all began for me. Which was on my Hunter. I loved healing, and doing all the other stuff but kept being drawn back to my hunter and I finally said enough is enough and turning back to maining my hunter from here on out. With that said I am looking to push into raiding. I have done quite alot of research into the new specs, gearing and raiding for the current state of hunter but a few questions have popped up. 1) Zoo Build are the legendary shoulders a mandatory for this spec? Or Should I return to dire frenzy? 2) On the Zoo Build which is the best secondary besides crit? I have heard haste and mastery both. Which should be the primary aim ? 3) What are the soft caps right now? Should I always stack crit and then mastery and haste? Or is there a point its no longer valueable? Haste Soft Cap? (Is it even needed) and Mastery since I am BM Mastery does make alot of sense. Just a couple questions I am having a hard time finding answers to.Makatza1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Essence Swapper: Make ALL Seabound mobs... drop Essence of Pure Spirit. I know how the spawns for Seabound Mystics are supposed to work. Top of an hour, the normal mobs (Seabound Soldiers and Officers) are supposed to transition to Mystics. But I've waited two hours now and nothing but the normal mobs are spawning. Looking up "A New Invention" in the group finder turns up no groups doing the quest. So as of right now, it seems I will be unable to finish this quest thanks to hiding a rare(ish) quest drop behind a rare spawn. THANKS! EDIT: Top of another hour and still no Seabound Mystics, and still no groups for it on the group finder. EDIT: Top of another hour and you guessed it, no mystics. RNG behind RNG. Man Thanks Blizzard!Maxs3 Aug 28
Aug 28 BM is not designed for high end raiding By this moment we all should have already figure this out, Blizzard balance their raid tuning considering melee and casting range specs, BM is something that the raids are not tuned for and for this reason they are not designed to perform the same as the others at high end gear. They made a mistake when they designed the artifact weapon traits and that mistake increased when they gave us more trait points in 7.2, a mistake that made believe a lot of BMs that they could raid at high level, they already corrected that mistake in 7.2.5. Dont complain you are working as intended, a very decent option for heroic raiding, not so good for mythic raidingBlackniss13 Aug 28
Aug 27 How do I get to Class Hall? Hello Hunters! Newish Hunter here. Is there a shortcut way to get to the Class Hall, besides flying there or taking a flight path? I'm used to Druid with Dreamwalk or even Rogue and Warlock which are basically at Dalaran so they just use the Dal HS. Do Hunters get a shortcut thingy to their Hall?Sunflower3 Aug 27
Aug 27 Why not revolt? I don't understand why Beastmaster Hunters are not in full revolt against blizzard right now. Are all you Beastmaster Hunters happy and going to switch to Marksman Hunter? Are there no other dedicated BM Hunters that wants their class to be viable? Why does it feel like everybody's just silent does no one care? I am ready to quit I don't want to quit though I love the game but I do not want to play Marksman I don't like it. Bring back instant AimShot and Arcane shot with a cast bar to build Focus. Oh wait that won't even fix it cuz I like my pets and lone wolf is a must have. Anyway I hope a couple people wake up and start talking to BlizzardFuryeon54 Aug 27
Aug 27 Why does it seem that our CC isnt enough? In PvP I have the hardest time ever "getting away" or simply "staying away" from really anyone... I use my disengage, Aspect of the cheetah, Binding Shot, Bursting shot, conncussive for more slow, nope never works, other class has so much cc break or gap closing that if someone looks at me and decides time for you to die, im dead... Anyone know why this is? What am i missing?Mákjuice5 Aug 27
Aug 27 Rename survival hunter to martyr hunter Playing survival hunter for over a year now has made me realize a couple of things. It reminded me of playing ele shaman in 6.0, and warlock in 7.0. People wish death upon me and even ridicule me for playing the spec, as well as laugh at me in raids, but when i do more damage then them, i am either kicked or told i am a trihard. Just a friendly reminder to treat your fellow hunter as you would want to be treated.Bjoramier15 Aug 27
Aug 27 How does blizzard think BM is balanced? Ok, I'm not an expert at this game by any means, so please correct me if any of this is wrong, but this is my experience playing this class doing quests, dungeons/raiding and a little bit of pvp. I really want to like this class. I love collecting/pvp battle pets and I like the idea of collecting and fighting with hunter pets. But in terms of actual use, I have no idea how blizzard thinks this class is good at all. Yes everyones complaining, but there has to be a reason blizzard is ignoring this. They must honestly be convinced that there are pros to playing BM hunter. Okay... First of all, for pvp I have basically no way to keep myself alive. Disengage does nothing because all of the other classes are ranged or have like 3 gap closers, perma-slows and an arsenal of stuns. Exhilaration and aspect of the turtle have several minute cooldowns and are not enough to beat anyone in a 1v1. I can't even attack while in aspect of the turtle seriously? My only "sustained heal" the spirit bond in the artifact weapon may as well not exist. I'm not exaggerating at all that skill is completely worthless. You probably get more health in a fight from the stamina you get from putting a point into the skill. This is also annoying in pve because if you ever take damage you will not heal it back up without blowing a huge cooldown. Yes I know your pet tanks for you but come on, it's just silly. Alright, so you can't run away from anyone, which means no kiting while your pet attacks, and you can't heal yourself. That means this should be a damage class.. but you do low damage. I'm dead weight in raids, and I never beat anyone 1v1. They simply ignore my pet and kill me instantaneously. So seriously someone who works for blizzard do me and the forums the favor of explaining why you think this class is good since we're paying customers. Or someone on the forums that is doing well tell me what I'm doing wrong and give some tips please. It's like you think it's broken because "you can send your pet after someone and run away" except that doesn't work and the class is bad. How about make taunt a 3 second stun on other people? Maybe that would do something. Garbage mobility, garbage sustain, garbage damage, and you even ruined the 1 thing I liked in terms of fun that would make me overlook all of this: I can't have all 5 pets out anymore. No more dog squad, no more spirit beast squad or whatever, I get the stupid new stampede animals from the wild. Not even a glyph to make the stampede my own pets?Dognition1 Aug 27
Aug 27 Fenryr Post-Legion As a BM Hunter, I take it to myself to try and tame some of the rarer beasts out there (and especially since I cant raid effectively with my toaster laptop), I was wondering if potentially the whole thing for taming Fenryr might be removed post-Legion or if it will stay. I have taken my time to try and get to taming him, but the furthest I have gone so far is getting Fenryr to Phase 2 so he is sat in front of his cave. Mind you, I was at the time around ilvl 880 when I did this, so when Argus rolls around and we get better gear I might be able to finally do it, but if not and continue to be unable, I would like to go back and get him post Legion if it is still possible to.Leonar8 Aug 27
Aug 26 Do you use Pet or Lone wolf for solo content Title^ (MM Hunters) I am curious when doing broken shore and isles content if its easier to keep a pet, rather than take the 18% buff to damage. We all know PvP and Raids/dungeons Lone Wolf is best.. Some have said running lone wolf and using black arrow works well for them... So do you prefer to solo isles/shore with LoneWolf/Black arrow? Or Lone Wolf, Lock and load Or Steady focus, and keep your pet for dmg mitigation and tanking... I currently use a pet and steady focus, no lone wolf for solo content but am curious if anyone knows of a better way, even though the way I am doing it seems to be ez pz.Mákjuice10 Aug 26
Aug 26 Hunter Legion: Feedback In one sentence, I will summarize the problems with the hunter class and where they went wrong. BM: Pet AI. MM: Vulnerable. SV: Melee. Simple as that, every change you made in Legion was terrible. Revert them next expansion.Tinoco7 Aug 26
Aug 26 Seeing a new guild recruit trend starting today. Seen a few guilds asking for hunters but not bm or sv. They are starting to be specific MM only.Degame1 Aug 26
Aug 26 At least give rodents The ability to jump up biting a player in the nads, stunning them for 5 secondsFearmydrain2 Aug 26
Aug 26 How to Get Thas'dorah Artifact Bow? I'm a Beast Mastery Hunter, which uses a gun artifact. I have decided to switch to Markmanship mainly because it uses a bow artifact. The bow is called Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners. I have the artifact for Survival (the Talonclaw) but not the Thas'dorah bow. Maybe I never had it, or mistakenly sold it. I don't remember. How can I get this artifact bow? ThanksTimeshadow16 Aug 26
Aug 26 MM Leveling Talents So, I'm going to start leveling my hunter again. He's 100, currently. I'm going to level as MM, and raid as MM. What are the best talents in MM for leveling?Samael4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Argus Tier set bonus Is the set bonus for BM hunters from the raid coming with patch 7.3.5 still a cooldown reduction for aspect everytime we use kill command or have they changed it recently and I just missed it?Arithawn6 Aug 26
Aug 26 The time I almost had Lighting Paw Fellow Hunters, Today my heart mourns the loss of a beautiful pet that could've been added my collection. That pet would be the Spirit Beast Lighting Paw. I was camping the beautiful lighting filled Fox for several days until I ran across him no more than 30 minutes ago at his bottom spawn. I heard the amazing sound of stealth and I knew the time had come for me to finally tame him. I was maybe 3 seconds into my tame when the SALTIEST and most NOOBIFIED basket case, fellow Hunter, came along and killed him. Right from me loving arms!!! He then said, "i need him on both of my toons retard you seen me running around". Ladies and gentlemen for the next few minutes I decided to follow him and I took the throne of the saltiest human to walk the face of the Azeroth. Klawhammer - Kalecgos you sir, are a shame to the entire Hunter community. You killed someone's tame, not only that it is a rare spirit beast. You should never be able to target rares again, and for that matter, never be able to play a Hunter again. 9 years of playing WoW and you do this to someone. Shame.Xundes4 Aug 26
Aug 26 Survival PVP Hello all, brand new Hunter here who was originally an avid Enhancement Shaman player since Cata. With the changes in Legion, I find my self not so satisfied with the direction Enh has taken and have decided to give Survival a try. I probably won't be doing much Mythic raiding and will probably stick to Heroics, but I've always been the type of person who loves getting in other people's faces and being mean to them in battlegrounds and arenas. With that being said, I am acutely aware of the mechanical issues regarding the spec and how clunky it is, but regardless of that the general consensus appears to be that Survival does pretty darn good in pvp. All good so far, but a relatively small player pool for Survival is leaving me struggling finding resources and information for Survival (especially considering the even smaller playerpool who play Survival AND pvp). So here I am, hat in hand trying to find a direction to be pointed in.Santiksha11 Aug 26
Aug 26 Cold Yet Brief Hope! Cry cry sad wolfhawk! Your fangs a foolish error, a poor texture that somehow slipped past Blizz like a stretchy white ghost yawning in the gloom of night. It is a sign you hired an idiot, who needs corrective vision, hope you paid them nothing. And then there's the shoulders.Twonkie0 Aug 26
Aug 26 RIP BM and Survival, 7.3 notes are out Here are alle the changes in 7.3 for all 3 specs: Hunter The Porcupine family has been re-named to Rodent. Seriously blizzard?!Jexthika37 Aug 26
Aug 26 Terror From Below Trinket for Stomp BM? I have a 930 Engine and 915 Tarnished Sent for trinkets, but I also got a 915 Terror. I didn't really consider it until I saw another hunter in a raid getting massive numbers with the proc. It also has the extra benefit of crit for the stomp build. How do people feel about this trinket?Maguro4 Aug 26
Aug 25 BM in 7.3 Yep just ran a PTR sim and blizzard is not going to get away with just an aura buff. The class needs changes. I went from 1.224 million to 1.261 million from live to PTR. That does not even come close to my MM sim at 1.45 million. I have best gear for both specs but a lower item lvl of 927. a higher item level would put my base sim 1.3 to 1.35 but my MM would also go up. BM is hot garbage this expansion. In fact hunters are in general. MM not fun, SV is a joke , no one wants another melee in the raid. Blizzard FailedFuryeon28 Aug 25
Aug 25 Blue response to BM Lore said this: 'There are a few specializations (including Beast Mastery) that had some buffs removed or reduced in the latest 7.3 release candidate. Those buffs were added to the PTR to help adjust for the additional 15 item levels your Artifact Weapon will gain from the Netherlight Crucible, as some specs currently get more of an overall effectiveness increase from item level than others. Since the Netherlight Crucible won't be available immediately when 7.3 launches, these buffs have been removed temporarily from the latest release candidate build. They will be re-added via hotfix a couple weeks after release, once the Crucible can be unlocked. In the future, we hope to find a better solution for the disparity in effectiveness that weapon ilevel has between specs, but that won't be in 7.3.' source: __________________________________________________________________ Now, let me break this down. What lore ACTUALLY said was this: BM is currently at the bottom. When the crucible unlocks, BM will be EVEN FURTHER behind other classes because our dps doesn't benefit well from weapon ilvl. The 4% buff is going to be hotfixed in later in order to keep BM exactly where it is now: still at the bottom. Not acceptable.Noshelter5 Aug 25