Mar 3 Legendary Drop Sequence And Combos It looks like my legendary drops are in good sequence for my gear progression. My first legendary is Sephuz's last November. Then on the same week, I got Qapla. Then on December, I got Prydaz. I was already used with Sephuz's when Prydaz dropped. So I was using Prydaz-Sephuz's on AoE and Prydaz-Qapla on ST. Then on early January, I got Apex before the 7.1.5 nerf on Apex. My combo for AoE became Apex-Prydaz and my combo for ST became Apex-Qapla. Even after nerf, I found Apex powerful with Dire Frenzy so I kept Apex-Qapla on my ST together with the 4-pc bonus of the Eagletalon. Now, my 5th legendary just dropped and it's the Mantle. I am going to disrupt my 4pc bonus to accommodate the Mantle while I farm for alternate eagletalon setpiece to get the 4-pc bonus. Looks like I would use Mantle-Apex on AoE as DF user and I would use Mantle-Qapla on ST for now. The sequence of my legendary drops seems okay. How about you guys? I wish we could wear more than 2 legendaries. BTW, I only have 1 toon for Legion. I didn't touch my alts coz I want one toon to have better set of legendaries. In fact, I am going to continue to play this toon expecting to get the Belt legendary next.Jhannae14 Mar 3
Mar 3 Sephuz Received the ring today at a wq turn-in . Thought about it for a minute then deleted it. 2k plus crit on an MM hunter is the wrong stat imho. Half the hunters I talked to said good move and the other half said omg never throw away a legendary. So my question to my kin is this; Save a useless ring or toss it because it will never be more then a wq enhancement?Ocean24 Mar 3
Mar 3 Unerring Arrows (PTR artifact 4/4) Unerring Arrows: Increases the effectiveness of Vulnerability by 10%. (4 ranks) up to 40% So...does that basically makes aimed / piercing hit for 40% more damage? O.o holy !@#$. That + patient sniper at max stacks = 200% extra damage... Its sooo getting nerfed sadly.Malkîos7 Mar 3
Mar 3 War belt of the Sentinal Army I have this and a few other legendaries. Due to the nerfs to sidewinders, which did activate the belt's effect, and arcane shot not activating it, I switched it out for Prydaz. Am I missing something? Why are hunters still equipping the belt? I understand it is still a good item for fights with a lot of adds/AoE, but some are still equipping it regardless. Are people casting multishot to replenish focus while having the belt equipped even on single target fights? Any help would be great. Thanks.Teaches8 Mar 3
Mar 3 Bursting Shot I'm not quote clear on how this works. When I use it, especially in PvP, I feel like it's a very minor knock back (5 yrds, maybe?). However, I've been on the receiving end and gotten knocked way back? Is there a glyph or artifact talent I'm not seeing? Is it just buggy?Zarynjyn6 Mar 3
Mar 3 Really need help: Low DPS mm hunter I know you're probably tired to hear the same story over and over, but I've been studing raid logs, rotations, different talents and nothing helps. Seems like my dps stopped increasing at the point of 870 ilvl, although now I have 886 gear score. I make same 270-300k regardless of the place. NH, EN myth, key dungeons-all the same. I'm using regular rotation everyone uses, watch my target to have Vulnerable at all times, I don't shoot without it. True shot always has 10 stacks on my target. Flasks, potions doesn't help at all. First I thought my mastery was low, so I changed a lot of higher lvl gear to the lower gear but with higher mastery. Dummies proved dps got even worse, so mastery was not a problem, besides I've seen a lot of hunters with lower mastery who made a lot more dps(400-500k at least).I've also changed an addon from recount to skada, nothing has changed. I always choose the best place around every boss so I don't have to move much. Again makes no difference. People've been wispering what was wrong with my dps and I don't know what to say. Like I said after 870 ilvl something went wrong. By the way, I've changed factions twice at that time (from alliance to horde and back). Probably I am making some really stupid mistake, I hope someone can point out what exactly i am doing wrong.Pussum24 Mar 3
Mar 3 MM Spec for PVP What talents are people having success as MM spec? I'm playing around with talents and haven't found a setup I'm happy with. Thanks!Wrayith44 Mar 3
Mar 3 will there be MM buffs next week? just asking since i've been benched and theres too many fights in mythic NH that MM is bottom tier for, just wondering if i should persist or just give up on the game and blizzard as a companySqueeza29 Mar 3
Mar 3 Feathermanes all but require BM As of right now the Tome of the Hybrid Beast - the item that allows us to tame the various awesome pets in the feathermane family - is going to require a maxed out BM artifact (minus the final trait which is basically the same as the current 20 point final trait, I believe) in order to acquire for the cost of 10000 resources. I understand that Blizzard wants to give us something to work towards in the new patch. I suppose it's nice that they didn't make the tome a .1% drop from world quest caches or something obnoxious like they seem to enjoy doing lately. But I'm struggling to understand how forcing me to dump all my AP into a spec I have absolutely no interest in playing is good game design. This character is just an alt, albeit one I really love playing - which makes it all the more disappointing that I'm going to have to do a ridiculous amount of grinding, either maxing out two specs if I actually prioritize the one I'm going to be playing, or putting all of my AP into a spec I have no interest in just so I can have a cool dogbird or birdcat or horsebird or whatever.Rileyne14 Mar 3
Mar 2 SV stuns SV needs a stun please blizzard. Our only stun is freezing trap + waylay, which is synonymous for trash. Please give us a decent stun, and piss off with waylay please.Bjoramier20 Mar 2
Mar 2 Blizzard: Kill Command & Toys Noticed the new animations for Kill Command no longer look like a melee swing. One of the most fun things about recently switching from MM to BM is I get to use all the model changing toys I've collected over the years! As MM when you use a model changing toy arrows just fly out of your face, no animations at all..pretty goofy. Please don't change BM to do the same! P.S. Am I the only one that cares about this?Travisbob1 Mar 2
Mar 2 BM Hunters So I leveled my hunter to 105 as MM, decided to try BM I did the Artifact quest and all. I'm 108 now as bm and am having so much fun, they feel real bursty and I am top damage in dungeons atm. How is bm at 110? Viable raid wise and mythics?.Naethrorn8 Mar 2
Mar 2 Stable Slots Hello Fellow Hunters & Blizzard: So with the addition of the new pets that we will be able to tame in 7.2 the gryphon etc. those of us that have been collecting the rare, mechanical, spirit pets the stable slots fill up quick. I have been putting in a suggestion for a while to get more stable slots added. But I am not saying we be given more slots but make is an Order Hall quest, resource dump or minor gold purchase. I am reaching out to my fellow hunters to help get more stable slots. Put in a suggestion or post on the forum(s). I don't want to give up my Echeyakee or Gib the Banana-Hoarder because I have memories tied to them. All my pet that I have tames over the many years have good memories tied to them. So fellow hunter lets see if we can save those memories and get more stable slots. Thank you for your consideration: XenXentow2 Mar 2
Mar 2 BM minimum haste % hey guys, was wondering what the min preferred haste % is for bm currently im at 23% crit , 9% haste, 82% mastery and 3% vers, Currently have 3/4 tier set pieces aiming for the 4th and my legs, are the belt, prydaz and call of the wild (not sure which one to use of the latter two) Also if i have call of the wild, and also a convergance of fates, and a foci which one do i use Thanks for all the help! First time posting :)Fatshrek5 Mar 2
Mar 2 BM top pets What is a good pet to tame for bm?? Currently just have a cat and hati.Naethrorn9 Mar 2
Mar 2 Rerolling hunter, need help. Hello everyone.. i think i've decided to reroll hunter, Now my question is. Whats the go to spec now adays, I was thinking BM. Im not sure? Hows the dps like for BM in raids and such? I'd would love you're guyes opinion. would be awesome thanksBoomyourdead2 Mar 2
Mar 2 My Mastery Issues So, slowly improving my marks DPS, but still struggling majorly in some areas. Most importantly, my mastery stat is putting me at 13% mastery. Most hunters I see have around 25%. Will getting my mastery up that high make that much of a difference? Just curious. Thanks!Kelwess4 Mar 2
Mar 2 Crossbow Size & Grip Position I just noticed today that crossbows seem to shrink when sheathed, and then grow unrealistically large when you unsheathe. I love a few of the available crossbows but I can't stand holding this big honking thing. It doesn't seem like something that's intended to happen, but perhaps it is. Then there is the Stoneshatter from Dire Maul, that sucker is so tiny it might as well be a pistol. I know weapon scaling can be weird across all the races in game, one reason I don't use the BM hidden appearance bow, it's bigger than I am. A lot of the crossbows have a very weird stock, and typically my character doesn't hold any of them right, if I'm holding it all. Some of them barely have any contact with your hand when you're holding the weapon unsheathed. I know they're not the most popular ranged weapon, but I wish they were up to par with what the game is like today.Grizz5 Mar 2
Mar 2 Vullnerable is a MM Best Friend . Ok don't hate me ,in fact support this . If Blizz sees enough people like Vulnerable ,they will probably do what they do to things we like (break it) . Enough people said they hated it and they doubled down on it.Weidmann1 Mar 2
Mar 1 Can't summon pet? Bug? I'm Surv spec, just hit 110 yesterday. Just ran my first LFRs on this toon. After clearing the 2nd wing of EN, I noticed my pet was despawned when I left raid. My rez/mend button is showing the rez icon as if my pet were dead, but if I click rez, it says my pet isn't dead. If I click the call pet button, it doesn't even open the menu to show my available pets. Also I can't dismiss pet or anything, it's like I'm stuck without a pet. I've tried /reload without any change. Anyone got any tips?Jinriko3 Mar 1
Mar 1 Legendary Help After doing LFR ToV, Guarm was nice enough to give me The Mantle of Command. With that, I have 3 legendaries usable for BM - Prydaz, Roots, and now the Mantle. Obviously I should be using the Mantle, but what should my second legendary be - Prydaz or Roots? The non-legendaries I have for those slots are 875 Singular Chain Leggings (from Il'gynoth), and the 875 Talisman of the Shal'dorei (1450 stam, 840 crit/haste/mastery).Padrin2 Mar 1
Mar 1 This mog okay? Just got this toon up and turned back into a male. Now I gotta verify the mog. The belt looks off here but fits the set so perfect in game and on Model Viewer. I also have Colossus Illusion on the weapon to make it match the shoulders effect more.Ironmiketysn5 Mar 1
Mar 1 Why not try this out Blizzard Make a pathway option maybe around level 15 for BM and SV hunters to either choose Melee or Ranged weapon abilities and that will give players a choice whether they want to be Melee or ranged no matter what class they want.. obviously MM has be ranged.Ketjaro3 Mar 1
Mar 1 Mantle Vs 4pc Bonus as BM I just got my Mantle from Emissary Chest. But I only have 4 pieces of Eagletalon Battlegear: Shoulders, Cloak, Chest, and Gloves. Wearing my Mantle shoulders would disrupt my 4-pc bonus right now. While I farm for my 5th Eagletalon gear, what should I wear? The 4-pc bonus @ ilevel 893 or the Mantle with just 2-pc bonus @ ilevel 894? I also now have Sephuz, Qapla, Prydaz, Apex and of course the Mantle. Which 2-legendaries should I wear on each raid/dungeon scenario? To me, it looks like Mantle-Qapla for ST and all Boss fights of Nighthold. And Mantle-Apex for Dire Frenzy for AoE trash. For Mythic +12, I am thinking of keeping Mantle-Qapla coz many tanks pull bosses while the adds are still alive. I have no way to switch gear when it happens.Jhannae7 Mar 1
Mar 1 Admit your "Huntard" Moment. Ok, Let's hear it. You know you've done it. You've laughed and denied it. What is funniest Huntard moment. Mine has to be composed of two things. Leaving Growl on or having a stray arrow start a boss fight. I guess in some ways, us hunters can be a Leroy without knowing it.Goldenseal69 Mar 1
Mar 1 White Devilsaur Hello! Back in the game after a while. I went looking for a White Devilsaur to tame in Ungoro Crater, but all I saw were some other type of saurus. And no white ones. Is petopia out of date and white devilsaurs don't spawn in the crater anymore? I tamed the large brown queen as a fill in, but I miss my white one. :)Snotgrub4 Mar 1
Mar 1 Transmog Please help me with transmog. I personally like the golden look on my hunter. but I still can not find the legs and feet. Any suggestion? any other hood in this colour?Alaskansolo4 Mar 1
Mar 1 Anyone have Survival Macros? Wondering if anyone has created some useful SV macros? Love if if someone has made a /castsequence for ET Caltrops that way you can hit one button.Shikarika3 Mar 1
Mar 1 beast lore is causing aggro. with or without pet, ignoring tameability, in multiple zones. I put in a bug report, but is anyone else noticing this?Kariesa4 Mar 1
Mar 1 Glyph of Lesser Proportion question If I use it on a pet in Slot 1, does the glyph shrink whichever pet currently occupies that slot or just the specific pet that was in Slot 1 at the time it was applied? I've been looking for details about how this glyph gets applied before I commit any gold to it. Not a big deal, just curious. Thanks in advance. :)Gwendrazzley3 Mar 1
Feb 28 Is Marksman fun? I want a new character for Tomb. I'd like to stick with ranged dps. I've never played Hunter because I don't like pets but now that MM has Lone Wolf I'm interested. Are they fun to play? Is the rotation interesting?Masazumi24 Feb 28
Feb 28 7.2 and MM, meme spec Hey guys, just wondering for those of you who are maining MM and the meme spec right now, what are you going to do when 7.2 comes and you get shafted? Some guildies of mine are experimenting with not using patient sniper (using exp shot) but running trick shot for slightly more casted aimed shots (we have to weave in some aimed shots now anyway) but still playing with the marked shot spam as much as possible, kind of a halfway house between the meme spec and the pure aimed shot patient sniper spec. Not sure if that might be worth a shot. Depends if explosive shot damage + 15% aimed shot ST damage buff/30% aimed shot cleave compensates enough for the loss of patient sniper. Curious to see how many are going to re-roll BM, or another class altogether too.Authiel3 Feb 28
Feb 28 [A]Steadfast-Korgath LFM Dope RDPS Hello fellow hunters!!!! I'm looking for some more exceptional RDPS to join us in Mythic progression. <Steadfast> is a new guild led by 1/10M raiders looking to foster a competitive raiding environment. In need of competent individuals that want to continue to see the highest level of Mythic content available in the game. Tues, Thurs, Sun 9-12 server time (10-1am EST) Raids. If you're interested, we'd love to have you. Please reach out to one of us at Gidyeon#1546, Sepherin#1852, or RonSwanson#11991.Marçus0 Feb 28
Feb 28 Glyph of the Dire Stable Bug? My husband and I are leveling two hunters and we both purchased Glyph of the Dire Stable. At first, his was summoning his stabled beasts just fine but mine was always summoning a cat (the cat is not something I've tamed) We thought it might have something to do with my tiny pet selection, I only have 1 out of 5 pages filled compared to his 3/5. We went to Trueshot Lodge so I could look at my beasts and test on the target dummy. Every time I used dire beast, I was able to see a stabled pet without fail. But once we left to go level in High Mountain again, it went back to summoning the cat again and only the cat. Difference this time is that for my husband, it is summoning just the cat and wolf for him now and never summons any of his stabled creatures. We didn't know if this was a bug or something the glyph does? Maybe because of the area we are in? We like it when it works of course, especially since we had to pay a nice price for it. :P But, we didn't know if any other Hunters with the glyph are having any of these same problems or if it is just us.Tinkette4 Feb 28
Feb 28 CAN WE PLEASE FIX HATI!! i disengage post haste buff... oh cant do anything with hati, she is still 200 yards a way trying to figure out left foot right foot left foot right foot . Why is it so hard to jsut buff hati speed is it going to break the game if she walks faster than a passing snail? hunter dream isnt to have a retarded pet who sits beside you and licks her c*u*n*t, all the while your main pet is out fighting. LIVING THE HUNTER DREAM!!!Glytch11 Feb 28
Feb 27 Titanstrike - RP SPAM yawn fest Good grief. So much tedious RP chat . So emo at the oath. The horror. Worst one yet.Valhâlla6 Feb 27
Feb 27 Hunting for that fox is maddening. Gotta be one of the most formidable tames so far.Arkimus33 Feb 27
Feb 27 Hemet Nesingwary as a combat ally hi, i currently have Hemet set as my combat ally, is he supposed to randomly pop up during combat or be alongside you the whole time because i haven't seen him show up yet lol. i'm getting the resource bonus (i gave him double resource gain items) but i just don't see him;\ thanksTeemofeewho6 Feb 27
Feb 27 explosive trap change What are peoples feelings on the change to explosive trap. I liked it when I was able to press the button and it through the trap in front of me. If anything, I would like the ability to toggle between placing the trap in front of me and throwing it at a location.Rustyus10 Feb 27
Feb 27 BM hunter with low dps needs help I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help if you can. My sustained dps over the entire raid is 418782 My ilvl is 885. Agility: 30.153 Crit: 28% Haste: 20% Mastery: 61% Ver: 4% 47 AP ranks purchased. Shot rotation on pull: Potion of prolonged power Aspect of the wild Murder of Crows Dire Beast Titan's Thunder Beastial Wrath Kill Command Cobra shot. Back and forth between kill command and cobra shot. Then whatever comes off cooldown. I admit that sometimes I'm standing there with everything on cooldown and sometimes I'm standing there with no focus. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Moob24 Feb 27
Feb 27 Explosive Shot I'm still new to this talent . Can anyone tell me how to use it ? like It move so fast and really easy to missVnhunter7 Feb 27
Feb 27 Noisy Hunter Pet: Pandaria Yaks? The new Oxen pet family is super appreciated, but has anyone else noticed that the yaks tamed in Pandaria make a ton of ambient grunting? At first I thought it was a bug with some ability auto-casting, but after turning them all off it persisted. Then I thought it might be an issue with the Oxen family as a whole, but the Stormheim type don't have the same noise issue; it seems to be just the Pandaria ones. Has anyone else had a problem with pets like this?Luckyfoot6 Feb 27
Feb 27 Blood Elf Survival Hunter - PvP So i'm thinking of rolling a BE for Survival Hunter. The silence looks good, but i'm wondering how much focus is generated with it? Is the Focus generation good a game changer for the BE? ....or maybe Orc for PvP?Vult5 Feb 27
Feb 27 My MM wish list Some of this will apply to all 3 specs. This is just a hodge podge of things I would like to see changed/improved with the current design we have atm. Turtle............2 charges Cheetah CD reduction Disengage.....2 charges or 15 second cd Posthaste baseline....talent replaced by increased distance for disengage Masters call....we need it, baseline Lock and load, increase proc chance Black arrow, increase duration/damage slightly True aim...change to 4% stacking 5 times Make explosive shot a target-able ability Change camo to start CD when camo is used Aimed shot while moving Some will argue that some or all of this is too much,op, whatever. I would agree maybe, if it weren't for all the things I've seen that I can't unsee other classes/specs are able to do. I swear I've developed some sort of WoW ptsd this expansion =/Ranwalk12 Feb 27
Feb 26 Feels like im hitting head off wall. I've been using simcraft and i cant at all get anywhere near my DPS. It it says i should be doing 467k with out any buffs on a patchwork fight Im getting around 390k or even less. But im doing my rotation or what feels like the correct rotation, Im not just button mashing and I am consistantly hitting the correct thing. (Its only 4 buttons that you basically hit off cooldown with damage cooldowns you hit off cooldown) after hitting a training dummy with no buffs after 5 minutes i was only 386k. (Only had 2 procs of dire frenzy in the entire 5 minutes) my sim with out buffs or blood lust for a 5 minute fight is 461k. trained on a dummy for a second time and this time got 411k after 5 minutes. (This is with a lot more procs of dire frenzy) I seriously feel terrible and it makes me feel like i cant play the game worth a damn. So what should i be doing? in b4 git gud.Xanthine3 Feb 26
Feb 26 BM Pet Specs I was told I should be running a Battle Res pet and a Bloodlust pet. As I'm BM I have a Quilen for Battle Res, and a Core Hound for Bloodlust. I picked two exotic pets for their extra abilities. I am also running a Spirit Beast because I like it, a Carrion Bird for PvP, and a Water Strider for questing. My question is, what Spec should each pet be?Razari7 Feb 26
Feb 26 Why do I get disliked for liking SV? It seems that whenever I speak positive of Survival I get plagued with dislikes. I know a lot of people hate change but I just don't understand the hate.Ironmiketysn61 Feb 26
Feb 26 Useful One macro for Caltrops and Steel Trap Most useful macro I've ever come across. Let's you make 1 macro that will change (tooltip/icon/cd included) based on your talent selection. #showtooltip /use [talent:2/1]A Murder of Crows;[talent:2/3]Snake Hunter This is an example of a macro that will switch between a murder of crows and snake hunter for a survival hunter, based on their talent selection. the numbers in the [talent] bracket refer to the row, and the number in that row respectively. So in the first [talent] bracket, "2" refers to "row 2", and "/1" refers to "choice 1" in that row. You can add all 3 choices if all 3 choices offer an active cast. Passives don't do anything. If you want to add a target modifier, I'll give another example down below. #showtooltip /use [talent:4/1,@cursor]Caltrops;[talent:4/3,@cursor]Steel Trap This will switch between my caltops and steel trap talent, both of which will be cast at my cursors location, and not force me to use the targeting reticule that would normally pop up once ive activated either ability. Video exmaple:îxx5 Feb 26
Feb 26 I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I just cannot seem to pull the DPS that other MM Hunters are pulling even after weeks of praticing various builds and rotations. It seems like the DPS should be great but then the action starts and after the pull I can't seem to keep up. I'm pretty sure of the roattions when I look at wow logs and see other hunters specs who have a similar ilevel but I am still about 100k lower on certain fights. With the obvious exception of "git gud" does anyone see in the logs where I've messed up? There just aren't any good MM hunters I can ask in my guild, they're all BM. Feb 26
Feb 26 Trinket Question Ok so I have an 860 Haste Eye of Guarm 1421 Agility + 1016 Haste and a 865 Twisting Wind, which trinket has more of an impact on damage?Bojangaló2 Feb 26