Jan 4 Shadow PvP: Legion Season 4 Last Updated: 01JUL17 A special thanks to Lárisa-MoonGuard for reminding me that people enjoy this guide and I should update it. Note: I am a Lv110 Panda. My avatar is showing a Lv85 Goblin silhouette which won't change, and I don't know why. Welcome to Legion 7.2.5 Shadow PvP! I will try to focus on Shadow Priest PvP, and only briefly touch on the Legion PvP system. Sources are listed below the head of each section when applicable. The Legion 7.2.5 conversation begins on page 22, post 2. Please keep in mind that the best math and simulations to produce the most accurate numbers, and what talents should produce the best results can never be 100% accurate. Every situation is different, so please keep an open mind. This is a broad guide meant as a foundation to build upon. I encourage open dialog and discussions with professional debating, to better help one another. 1) Prestige System 2) PvP Templates 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? 4) Regular Talents 5) Honor Talents 6) Artifact Choices 7) Rated Rewards 8) Honor Rewards 9) Other 1) Prestige System The new “Prestige System” was designed to reward AP, gold, and unique rewards. During your climb to Prestige 1, you earn special PvP talents and the amount of honor needed is half of all other Prestige Rank. You start at Honor Rank 1 and can progress to Honor Rank 50, before "prestiging" to the next Prestige Rank. The higher you climb, the more PVP talents become available. (We’ll cover each talent further down). When you earn Honor Rank 50, you automatically rollover to the next Prestige Rank and Honor level 0. You do not lose any earned talents. You will earn an achievement, a reward, and a specialized icon next to your name in any Battleground or Arena. These Honor Talents make a massive difference in your gameplay and were intended to replace set bonuses. 2) PvP Templates To avoid a wide margin in gear as we have constantly seen in the past, a “Template” system was developed. Each Spec/Class has predetermined stats and values. The basic idea is that everyone has their gear adjusted to iLv900, and for each item level above iLv900, you will gain 0.1%. As an example if you have an item level of iLv920, when you enter you will get a 2% boost to your stats. All that matters are the item level in each slot and nothing else. You will see a buff when within instanced PvP called "Principles of War" that also explains this. These templates DO NOT apply in World PvP. 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? Concerning itemization. Remembering what we just covered, the only thing that matters within instanced PvP is the item level in each slot since your stats will be adjusted to predetermined values and enhance your item level. As an example, you might catch me wearing my PvP outfit which is a hot mess of random items that increase my item level to iLV923, some of the item ungemmed and unenchanted. But when I run my weekly mythics, I use a proper set of balanced stats that is iLv915. Enchants do not work. Equip bonuses do not work. Trinket functions do not work. And any type of bonus from gear does not work (such as [item= 137419]). This was to try and keep everyone in line with one another. In the past certain enchants, and especially trinkets, gave certain Class/Spec a massive advantage. 4) Regular Talents Tier 1: [Twist of Fate] comes out on top for damage every time. [Fortress of the Mind] is sub par in comparison to ToF, especially since MF is only a filler spell that is rarely cast to completion. [SW: Void] will allow you to enter quickly or maintain Void Form longer, but is another additional ability to use and doesn't compare to ToF. Recommend: Twist of Fate. Tier 2: [Mania] is generally useless because you are almost always perma-snared, which completely neuters this ability. [Body and Soul] is extremely useful because we are constantly casting PW:S, it is a good gap closer/opener that doesn’t require enemy combat, and is instant cast. [Masochism] is more for leveling and questing. Shadow Mend has a fairly high cost, only allowing us five uninterrupted casts. Although turning the post cast DoT into a HoT and reducing all damage by 10% for the HoT duration, it doesn’t do as well utility wise as [Body and Soul]. It should be noted that the DoT from [Masochism] falls off if you break combat, does stack the more you cast Shadow Mend, and is not applied out of combat. The HoT from [Masochism] stacks the more you cast Shadow Mend, remains in or out of combat, and most important is dispellable (and can be Spell Steal by a Mage). Recommend: Body and Soul. Tier 3: [Mind Bomb] replaces Psychic Scream and does a great job for control with its short cooldown, AoE application, and can be instant cast at range. [Psychic Voice] does well in certain situation in which enemies are tightly packed and don’t have a way to easily break fear (generally Arenas against non-melee heavy teams). [Dominate Mind] is useless as it does not work in PvP. Recommended: Mind Bomb. Tier 4: [Lingering Insanity] is almost always the #1 choice, which lets us maintain high amount of Haste. Do not use if you choose the honor talent [Edge of Insanity]. [Reaper of Souls] is a great ability that aligns with the honor talent [Last Word] flawlessly, allowing SW:D to activate at 35% enemy HP, which means you can double silence when they are in that range. [Void Ray] isn’t worth discussing as it is very rare to cast a full duration Mind Flay, coupled with the stacks falling off very quickly. Recommended: Lingering Insanity. Tier 5: [San’layn] is a good talent for smaller fights, like arenas. [Auspicious Spirits] is not worth taking since our template gives us <20% Crit. [Shadowy Insight] is a great choice for larger fights like RBGs, since casting SW:P off the back of VT with the Tier 6 talent [Misery) gives us many MB instant cast procs. This allows us mobility and great Insanity generation. Recommended: Shadowy Insight. Tier 6: [Power Infusion] is only taken in Arenas when the enemy team doesn't have a member that can dispell, purge, or steal it. [Misery] is the best talent for RBGs and Arenas as it lets you cast your DoTs very quickly, and recast them quickly if dispelled. This allows more procs from [Shadow Insight] and healing from VT. [Mind Bender] can be a useful ability, but is usually taken by Discipline Priests (when chosen). The issue with this ability is the Mindbender pet is susceptible to CC (fear, stun, etc). And if it is not attacking an enemy, it is doing nothing for you. Recommended: Misery Tier 7: [Legacy of the Void] is the most chosen ability as it allows us to enter Void Form earlier and more often and grants an additional 5% damage while in VF. This keeps Void Form more active at +25% amage, more access to Void Bolt (and Void Torrent if you can cast it freely), and more reliable stacks of Lingering Insanity. [Shadow Crash] is only taken when the honor talent [Edge of Insanity] is taken. [Surrender to Madness] is never taken due to how difficult it is to keep VF up in PvP coupled with a long cooldown. Recommended: Legacy of the Void. Honor Talents Tier 1: [Gladiator's Medallion] Crowd Control break ability on a 2 minute CD. [Adaption] Auto-Crowd Control break ability on a 1 minute CD. The problem with this is a smart player with spammable CC (Ex. Sap or Polymorph) will get this to proc by using their CC ability twice, and then open on you. [Relentless] All CC reduced by 20%. Recommended: Gladiator's Medallion. Tier 2: [Train of Thought] Not worth taking. You will always be taking damage as a Shadow Priest. [Mind Quickening] Great talent as more Haste is more success. [Initiation] Not really worth taking since our crit is low on our template. Recommended: Mind Quickening Tier 3: [Void Shield] Not worth taking anymore since the change in 7.2.5 to VT, SL, FE (etc). [Pure Shadow] Increases your Dispersion to 95% damage reduction during its duration and stops insanity drain for 6 seconds afterwards. Great choice for survivability and/or maintaining VF longer. [Fleeting Embrace] Since the change to this in 7.2.5, it isn't even close in ability to PS. Recommended: Pure Shadow Tier 4: [Driven to Madness] Great talent, but doesn't compare to the other two because Instant VF or EoF build is stronger than rapid Insanity generation. [Void Origins] This is the most common ability chosen to get into VF instantly. [Edge of Insanity] A good ability but requires a completely different set of Talents, Honor Talents, and game play style. (Will try and discuss this build below). Recommended: Void Origins Tier 5: [Mind Trauma] Steals Haste from your enemy per one complete cast of Mind Flay. That part in bold is why this ability is terrible and not worth taking. We rarely complete a MF cast because it is filler and we are constantly CCed or interrupted. [Shadow Mania] Good talent for Insanity generation, especially in large group fights like an RBG. [Psychic Link] With the aforementioned talent [Misery] and {Shadowy Insight], we can deal a lot of Mind Blast damage, and then have 30% of it hit everyone around us. Recommended: SM for Arena and PL for RBGs. Tier 6: [Psyfiend] Amazing ability to deal 15% HP of your enemy and inflict a -50% healing debuff. The major con about this ability is it has 10 HP and can be easily one shot, but cannot be targeted with macros. Used in conjunction with the talent [Lingering Insanity]. [Last Word] great way to destroy a healer who IS NOT on the silence DR for blanket silences. But it will still act as an interrupt if you catch them while casting. This ability is taken with the talent [Reaper of Souls]. [Void Shift] Generally Arena use only as a quick fix to being mongo-bursted by melee. Recommended: - Psyfiend if you are the only Shadow Priest in RBGs. - Last Word if you are one of two Shadow Priests in RBGs. - Void Shift if you are doing arenas against melee mongo keyboard facerollers. <More to come> Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Guardian, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance Prestige 15, The Unrelenting The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta & 94% of all PvP AchievementsMerrik425 Jan 4
Apr 11 Larisa's Holy BG/RBG Guide 7.3.5 ---Introduction--- Hi there. I’m Larisa, and I’ve been doing a lot of Holy PVP lately. It’s definitely the classic Priest heal spec this expansion, and its enjoyable and a bit more easy to play than Discipline to it’s fullest- Not to mention a lot more potent. If you’re looking to get into PVP, or looking for a break to try something new, this’ll be the guide for you. I’ve been prestige 21 a while, and have earned most of those levels through playing this spec. Holy is a bit more open to what talents to run in a battleground setting than Discipline is, and it really shows. Below I’m going to be listing the different talents, what they synergize with and where they shine best, as well as where they would be a poor choice to take. I’ll occasionally touch on the Arena setting, but this focuses more on a general battleground or RBG setting. 1 - Talents 2 - The 75 Synergy 3 - Artifact Traits to Keep In Mind 4 - Rotation 5 - General Information & Useful Tips 6 - Macros & Addons ---Talents--- ---PVE--- 15: ... Trail of Light and Enlightenment are both very useful options. I almost always run Trail of Light personally, but Enlightenment is fine if you aren’t good at keeping track of who your ToL target is. Enlightenment is also the go-to should you run Binding Heal, as ToL becomes pointless. Enduring Renewal is not necessary and a bit of a waste in all regards. 30: ... This row all comes down to personal preference. When I solo heal battlegrounds I tend to make use of Perseverance, to make myself that much tankier. In RBGs you should most always run Angelic Feather as the other two healers will keep you up, and the movement speed is much more important. Body and Mind is not horrible, but generally AF does the job better as you aren’t needing the speed boost every 10 seconds for minutes on end. 45: ... Censure is useful in maps like Battle for Gilneas, either of the 40 mans, Strand of the Ancients, and can honestly be used in any map in a random or low rated. Shining Force is very handy for knockoffs at BS or LM in Arathi Basin, roof defense in WSG (Or TP), and of course very very strong in EOTS (Less so in rated, but still the go-to talent for the map). Afterlife is useful in randoms where you’re solo healing and know you’ll die in the teamfight, I.E. Battle for Gilneas, Temple of Kotmogu, maybe SSMs (If you’re solo healing, you should probably take it regardless). It becomes much more useful with an addon to track the rez timer, so you can almost always heal and then end it right when you will rez. Afterlife is not as useful in rated though do to the static 25 second rez timer unfortunately. 60: ... Light of the Naaru always. 75: ... This row is the one that specs are built around. Each of the 3 talents can change how you’re played pretty significantly compared to any other talent you’ll chose. I’ll go a bit more into detail down the line, but it ends up coming down to personal preference (In rated, you’ll chose the talent- and therefore build- to best suit the situation you’ll be put in). 90: ... Divinity is most always taken. The other two simply don’t compare in battleground PVP. 100: ... Apotheosis is a very strong talent for solo healing and should most always be taken in situations where you will find yourself solo healing. Benediction is great for teamfight maps (SSM, BFG, ToK and to an extent WSG) as it saves you plenty of mana with the auto-renew, and does a nice bit of passive healing. ---PVP--- R1: ... Up to personal preference or racial choice. For instance as a human, against teams with plenty of stuns I run Relentless to minimize the amount of time I’m spent out of the fight, and use my racial to break out of one whenever someone absolutely needs me. As undead, I almost always run Medallion. Rarely do I run Adaption in random BGs as, honestly, it is too often broken by rogues sapping you before the fight even starts. R2: ... Defender you’ll find stronger against rot heavy teams. This means that the majority of their damage will be from dots, and spread across your whole team. The extra cast speed is very useful, but you’ll find yourself ooming faster. Works well paired with Benediction as it makes renew tick faster. You can make this work solo healing if the enemy is lacking in ranged interrupts. Vim & Vigor is stronger against melee or single target burst heavy teams. The less spread pressure generally means you’ll have significant uptime, and in this situation it far outshines Defender. Never run V&V in solo heal situations (Be it you’re the only healer in the battleground, or the only healer assigned to defense/offense in an RBG setting), as you’ll not be able to make use of it. Inner Focus is very strong in solo heal situations. Generally this is the talent I find myself taking when I’m put on defense with nothing but the tank (or maybe a DPS), as sometimes you simply can’t waste time juking. The guaranteed crit is also especially nice if you can get it to proc on Serenity, but don’t force it. R3: ... Holy Ward is what I always run. The other two might have their merits and if someone can point out to me a situation where they’d be better in a BG/RBG setting I will amend this section, but as it stands it’s simply more powerful, especially in solo healing situations. A 30 second cooldown, 30 second buff to consume the next crowd control effect you receive. Even at 2.1k, rarely do shamans/priests on the enemy team take the time to dispel this off of me. If you can dispel it off of the enemy priests though, without pushing in too far, do so. It helps quite a bit. R4: ... I switch between HC and GF depending on the enemy team comp. Against a more melee or single target enemy, GF will be much more handy for when they finally decide to switch to you. Against comps ample with mages, druids, spriests, warlocks or hunters HC shines. A kick is nothing more than a second delay most situations, and you’re right back to casting. HC is what you should take if you find you’re bad at juking, even in situations where a better player would take GF. If the enemy team finds you don’t spend time juking, they’ll simply make you eat all of their interrupts. (Some people will tell you to “get good”, but trust me- Trying to juke 5-6 6 second interrupts on the enemy team is near impossible and will do more harm than good. Healing is already an uphill battle in Legion, and you shouldn’t let people get you down just because of the way the game works). R5: ... Rapid Mending 80% of the time. The instant, unstoppable healing you do (especially combined with Benediction) is a major boon to your team. Even when solo healing, it’s not usually a bad idea to take. Miracle Worker is what I take in conjunction with Apotheosis should I find myself in a poor solo heal situation, and only in RBGs. (An example would be when I’m sent with 1 dps to spin the flag at Blacksmith, or I’m alone on defense with the tank in CTF. In these situations, instant prayer of mending isn’t going to help you at all). Greater Heal is pretty good to take when you use Binding Heal, for a stronger singular focused heal to cast when needed. R6: ... To a fresh priest, the first two might seem like pretty good options. This unfortunately isn’t the case. Ray of Hope is always- *always*- the best option to take on this row in BGs and RBGs. Redeemer sees a lot of use in arena, but denies you any healing after you die in BGs, which generally happens a lot. Try to save your Ray for when someone gets low, or if you’re astute you can Ray someone with the 50% mortal strike effect from warriors/rogues/priests, and heal them after they end (Most shouldn’t last more than 4 seconds, and Ray is 6- And normally applied after the MS effect was). (Recently RoH was nerfed to only buff the casting priest's healing by 50% for it's duration- It just works as a delay for all other healers. It is still unequivocally the best talent for RBGs and BGs.) ---The 75 Synergy--- The 75 row is the heart of a lot of holy priest builds in both PVP and PVE. a lot of the time what you take on this row will influence heavily what you take on many other rows, and so it’s important to know when to use what, or what to use with what you take here. It’s important to point out that, aside from a few situations, this row really comes to personal preference in PVP. Take what you enjoy best. --Surge of Light-- Very good to get out unstoppable healing, as well as saving mana. You’ll always take this with Apotheosis (But you don’t always need to take Apotheosis if you have this- It isn’t mutually exclusive). Good talents to run with Surge of Light tend to be : Trail of Light Apotheosis Miracle Worker (MW isn’t as important however- I normally run SoL with Rapid Mending in RBGs myself, again except in solo heal situations). --Binding Heal-- BH shines against rot comps, but is still strong in any map where you’ll be teamfighting often. The biggest benefit out of BH is that you’ll almost never oom, unless you stay in a fight for 6+ minutes straight. If you find yourself in a solo heal situation, it does tend to fall a bit flat. Good talents to run with Binding Heal tend to be : Enlightenment Perseverance (Dots basically won’t matter unless you get focused!) Benediction Rapid Mending OR Greater Heal (Lean towards RM on maps like BFG, EOTS, or SSM. GH on maps like AB, DWG, ToK).. --Piety-- This tends to be a more hands-on playstyle than Binding Heal, though not as inclusive as Surge of Light. Having much more uptime on HW:Sanctify means you need to be aware of your teamates exact location, rather than just if they’re close by you. (You won’t normally have HW:S up often w/o this talent as you shouldn’t be spamming Prayer of Healing in battlegrounds aside from very rare situations). Good talents to take with Piety tend to be: Trail of Light OR Enlightenment (leaning towards Enlightenment) Benediction (Actually, don’t run piety without this) Rapid Mending (Again, don’t run piety without this).Larisa13 Apr 11
58s BfA: Who is still maining a SP? The general forum consensus tends to be SP are not going to be good during BfA. That said, who knows they are maining one from launch and throughout the duration of the expansion? Also, why?Trathos18 58s
33m Shadow worth maining? I love Aff locks but I can not stand pets, seriously it's why I refuse to ever play demo. Ive been told shadow is a lot like aff minus the pets. Do you guys think it will be atleast somewhat fun and viable in the upcoming expac?Demonslayerz11 33m
2h 8.1 Waiting Room: Shadow Edition So what are you hoping for in patch 8.1?Reinokage0 2h
4h What race for shadow So I’d like to start a shadow priest, this priest heals so I’d be starting an other priest exclusively for shadow. any ideas and what races are the go to . I want one that looks good in gear and alliance. Suggestions apreaciated (:Thutmose0 4h
4h Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances? Six weeks ago I returned to the game after taking a year off. So its possible this topic has been discussed. But please explain to me why getting the Claw of N'Zoth is such a pain!! Even if I was in a guild that would run regular/heroic/mythic runs just for me to kill Il'gynoth more then once a week on LFR the drop rate seems to be off. Six kills in LFR and on each run a Holy or Discipline has received the claw and not any of the Shadow priests! On the other hand getting the Discipline hidden appearances was easy (once you farm the rep) and the Holy appearance is even easier when you consider you can run 7 heroics a week, mythic and of course you can farm a regular dungeon as many times a day as you can take it. I am sure some Holy priest out there is not getting the Crest to drop, but I got both the Holy and Discipline hidden appearances in a single day and I have not played Holy priest in over 8 years. The only appearance I care about is the one I cannot seem to get. Oh well, I guess the Blizz overlords are punishing me for letting my account expire after 12 or more years of uninterrupted payments. Soap Box rant over! back to the grind.Baelnes5 4h
7h Fixing Holy's disgusting talent tiers for BfA ======Level 30:====== Angelic Feather Places a feather at the target location, granting the first ally to walk through it (40%) 60% increased movement speed for (5) 4 sec. If the priest walks through this feather, you also take 10% reduced damage for the duration. Only 3 feathers can be placed at one time. Maximum 3 charges. Angel's Mercy Can stay as is. Is made stronger with a talent that I add later. (It is disgusting now) Perseverance When you cast Desperate Prayer, Renew or Prayer of Mending on yourself, it reduces all damage you take by 10%, for 15 seconds. Then to the next tier: ======Level 60:====== Scrap everything here and add: Divine Chorus Become immune to damage and crowd control effects for the first 2 seconds of Divine Hymn's channel, also allows you to move while casting Divine Hymn for this time. Prayers Answered Increase Desperate Prayer's cooldown by 100%. Desperate Prayer now will automatically trigger when the priest takes fatal damage, allowing you to survive it. Holy Word: Armor Whenever you cast a Holy Word spell, you take 10% reduced damage for 12 seconds, stacking up to two times. No more surviving issues. Holy Priest can now also do high end M+ dungeons for BfA at the rate of the god-king paladins and restoration druids, and we don't need a very unhealthy for the player and game effect like the cloak, that we for all extensive purposes needed for M+ in Legion. Good day.Kiwilemonade15 7h
7h Please change sw:shield in sp It turns me off everytime I see the old golden 2d shield on Shadow priest while mage got an improved version Also It looks weird having a Holy based shield while I am using Shadow and I am sure some people feel the same. Blizz should update our shield and change the animation to reflect which spec we are playing (Shadow/disc). Personally I would love to see a dark/purple shield that would Fit in our specMandrix0 7h
9h Holy Priest Issues Into BfA + Solutions So far, from notes and the current status of the BfA feedback and knowledge I have about certain issues with the status of the Holy Priest in a healing environment I have a few glaring concerns for the H Priest going forward. First off, I don't have a Beta access so I understand I don't have first hand experience with how it is currently playing, but in actuality my gripes are current issues that plague the Holy Priest that are not showing signs of improvement come BfA - not specifically anything in being slightly changed or healing numbers in Beta. Also please beware this is a LONG post. A TLDR has been provided at the end of this as well. I've broken down the main issues of the Holy Priest into three sections as follows: Lack of Raid Identity/Utility Lack of Mobility Lack of DurabilityKiwilemonade47 9h
16h Void Shield sucks now OLD- After casting Power Word: Shield on yourself, all damage you deal heals you for 33% of the damage dealt for 5 sec. New- all damage you deal Refills Power Word Shield. Refills a 2k shield that everyone pops in 1 gcd To much gameplay with the whole shield into burst for some nice heals *cough**Tohdohwhite2 16h
16h Excuse me... But I'm knocking on the Priest class door and I demand nerfs by next Tuesday, thank you!Mihaliz2 16h
16h Shadow priest in bfa = lol I Must say.. Shadow priest Is looking so damm awful in pvp for bfa. Much worse than live 1.Squishiest class with mediocre damage. More healing from dispersion. 3. Shadow word death Is a talent. 4. Void Torrent Is a talent as well. 5. Longest ramp up damage. What else could be worse? Have fun being trained by rogues and warriors. Unless you give up and embrace the lightside (healing)Mandrius29 16h
16h So I Made a Priest after 14 Years Possibly the worst experience I’ve ever had in WoW. I have each tank class at 110, varying from 901 to 927 iLevel (it’s hard to really iLevel up without a guild and constant alt-swapping, but it’s how I like to play). With BfA I had the option of getting another 110 for free. Sure! I’ll try Priest, I’ve never played one before. Back in Vanilla I was a Holy Paladin, and I could heal 5 mans great even though in the early days no one took Paladins for that. Maybe I’ve still got it? Man, I have no idea what it is, but I must be the worst healer on the planet. First I tried just spamming Shadowmend/Penance/PW:S. That barely kept the main tank up but everyone else was just dying. If tank has 4800 health, and at iLevel 884 my Shadowmend does 600k heal, it will take 8 casts to bring him from almost dead to full life? Over 10 seconds with the biggest heal I got? So I went back and looked into the mastery I originally frowned at. How can 50% of low priest damage really heal someone to full? Tried it out, worked much better than my originally Strat, but still tank taking half his health in damage basically means I’ll be trying to maintain his health around that halfway point while light healing everyone else. If anyone else takes big damage it just gets chalked up to expected casualties. On the one hand I now understand why it’s no longer tanks who get the extra loot for queueing, but on the other hand maybe I’m just that bad at its I hate not really inderstanding what’s happening, but every time I get healed to full health seconds after I get hit with “the big one,” I’ll just be baffled at how couldn’t do that no matter how hard I tried. Completely deflating. This is a public service announcement to PLEASE, use the 100 class trial feature before making your free 110. Because oh my god you might regret it.Faucheuse1 16h
21h I just don't understand Why do we still have useless halo and useless divine star as tier talents in bfa? They are putting Benediction on the same tier and its function is not even parallel to its useless counterparts. Halo and Divine Star = Useless AoE heals Benediction = Buff to spell (30% chance to apply renew with PoM) Can't they replace Halo and Divine Star with something more attractive so that we don't go back to the same old pick-that-one-cuz-its-the-only-good-one meta? Seriously, why not put Say Your Prayers or even DIVINITY - the current talent - that is taking the championship of our default choice right now. I really don't get it. I hope once the prepatch comes, they realize they are dumping holy in the trash once more.Osyras8 21h
23h Petition for Old Shadowform Glyph Title. many people don't like the new Shadowform. I'm among them. I think it looks gaudy. Why is there a constantly-exploding purple fart cloud in my chest. Why is the effect clipping on some pieces of gear. Why did they remove the original Shadowform animation which is one of the most iconic things I can think of for the last 12 years about our class. I rolled Priest specifically for how dope it looked. Please implement a glyph to revert to the old Shadowform so that those who do enjoy it may continue to do so, and those who prefer the old style don't want to gouge their eyes out in sadness.Worship248 23h
1d Recruiters bugged in class hall? anyone else experiencing an issue where you can't interact with the priest class hall recruiters for both the zealots and acolytes?Noobender13 1d
1d Disc Priest Talent PTR Feedback (PvP) (Note, this is a repost of mine from the PTR section. Decided to post it here though as well for more feedback) I've been playing with discipline priest alot lately on the PTR with War Mode active, trying out alot of the new talents and possibilities now that we can pick any Honor Talent. So far, I'm liking alot of the new additions. I like how we're able to choose between a more flat healing playstyle or an atonement based playstyle. When our old mastery got removed, I was worried a bit that atonement would be more of a side thing, and would lose its identity as time went on to become an absorption based healer like it was in MoP. The possibilities though with the new talents are almost endless, and they're very fun and engaging. You can do some neat combos like Castigation, Contrition, Searing Light, Ultimate Radiance, Archangel or Premonition, for a somewhat based atonement healer but healing directly with Penance for Contrition, and only casting Smite for small atonement heals and to lower cooldown of Penance to go for another direct Penance heal to work with Contrition, (and keeping atonements with Premonition or Archangel, and Ultimate Radiance for fast spread) You can also do Twist of Fate, Shadow Covenant, Halo, Luminous Barrier, Dome of Light, Ultimate Radiance, and Archangel for alot of direct AOE healing. There's atonement based talents that go well together as well, such as my favorite Sins of the Many, Archangel, Trinity, Searing Light, Lenience, Masochism, and Schism. The damage increase of Sins of the Many is 12%, and Trinity increases atonement transfer by 20% but atonement can only be applied on 3 targets through PW:S. Searing Light is a flat 15% increase to Smite, as well as reducing Penance by 1 second. Archangel for the 30% increased healing/absorb. Lenience and Masochism work well together simply because a 14% damage reduction, but then there's Schism, which I'm not sure how to feel about. Compared to it's Legion counterpart, on a 6 second cooldown, 30% dmg increase, and lasts 6 seconds. Now it's 24 second cooldown, 40% dmg increase, and lasts 9 seconds. I'm not too sure about the cooldown. I feel like it needs to be either reduced, or last longer. In Legion, I felt like 6 seconds was a bit short, and at times wished it would be a bit longer, enough to apply my atonements and heal up anyone else. 24 seconds though is way too lengthy. Putting it down to 14-15 seconds would be the perfect middle ground though, since it gives us enough time while it's still on cooldown to reapply atonement or direct heal someone. With the cooldown it's at now, Castigation and Twist of Faith will always be better, and this is a talent I've used this the start. I hate to see it go down like this. It was always fun going into Schism, SW:P/PtW with a Dark Side proc, into Penance and Solace and Smite casts. It was a great burst of damage. Please reconsider changing Schism. As it is, the other talents are simply better, and would love for Schism to be a more viable talent. Some things to note as well that I've encountered alot in PvP. Usually, if I was interrupted after casting a Schism, I could always recast it a few seconds later since the time spent locked out of Holy was half the duration of Schism. However, now that it's on a long cooldown, it doesn't feel good to be locked out of Holy after casting Schism and now it lasting 4-5 more seconds before it expires, then having to wait a whole 24 seconds to do it all over again. This is another reason the other talents just seem to be so much better, since they're passives. Making Schism on a shorter cooldown could help remedy this issue a bit. Other than that, keep up the good work! Thank you for making such a fun spec and giving us alot of options to choose from.Alphon10 1d
1d Shadow priest doesn't feel good I have been thinking about switching mains for BfA. I'm largely a solo quest/random BG player. Have not been happy with the Shadow Priest for a while now. It's a monotonous and quite squishy spec and I really don't like the Void Form ramp-up. (Orbs were better IMHO) I avoided World Quests in Legion mostly due to how slow and sluggish the spriest was. (Admittedly random BGs are kinda fun when you get into a multidotting groove while freecasting but that's kinda it.) I have a 110 Beast master hunter alt that I've been eyeing lately. I just tried them both in the BfA beta. They have identical gear level. The hunter just blows the spriest away on quests and random mobs. The hunter bulldozes through mobs easily and quickly without taking any damage. On the priest I am constantly shielding/healing on and between mobs and they take a very long time to die. Tried multidotting and died having just a few mobs on me. On the hunter I don't give a !@#$ if I pull large groups of mobs. I can totally decimate entire camps of enemies without even thinking about how many I am pulling. If things get hairy it's super easy to reset or get out of it. On the priest I am constantly aware of my surroundings because pulling more than two or three mobs will become a serious hassle. I just tested taking on a rare in BfA. Broodmother Razore in Greystone Relief. It took the hunter 34 seconds to kill her while the priest slogged through it in a little over 1 minute. The fight took half of the priest HP even though I used Vampiric Embrace. (I used no shield for testing purposes and because I don't like the gameplay of having to use shields for every fight) The hunter came away with full HP while the pet had about 80% HP. Blew all DPS cooldowns on both toons. I might be playing the shadow priest wrong (even though I've tried various BfA talents) but he's been my main since Vanilla so I should know that toon. The hunter is a rarely played alt... The difference is so stark that I am seriously thinking about abandoning the shadow priest. I feel that on the hunter I want to engage in combat while on the priest I try to avoid it and do only the bare minimum. What do you think. Should I stick with the priest? Thanks for letting me rant...Frygg10 1d
1d Trouble healing in Rating BG I get really nervous playing in groups and feeling like I let people down, but I can't seem to keep people alive even when using my cooldowns. I keep getting people saying i'm not healing the tank, when I can't even begin to keep him alive as holy. I told they keep stun me. They really piss off. Yes they were very hyperactive than I thought. I had nothing wrong on dungeon , Raid and BG but Rating BG ?Litha0 1d
1d 2018 - Rate That Priest Mog #1 Just continuing this thread: @ Inhell Sexy and elegant. 9/10Theola105 1d
1d So i have 3 of the 4 BiS Legs And im really confused on which to use. Looks like on WCLogs most use Trink/Neck I dont have the trink and just using the Neck and back. Seems best imo for now.Swansöng2 1d
1d short disc priest montage 1d
1d PW: Blink twice if Vixie made you make this *blink* *blink* Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on Discord! Power Word: Discord info: Should orcs be given access to priests?Nixxia286 1d
1d plz teach me how to shadow priest Im using my 110 boost on a shadow priest what talents should i use for PvE and for PvP? What races are good? Thank uShockazulu7 1d
2d Any Good Priest Updates? Has there been any fixes or issues that have been addressed somewhat in the recent beta?Grimsickle8 2d
2d New Shadow Priest, is this right? I'm level 56 now, and I just want to make sure I'm getting this rotation right, because it seems like I must be missing something. So I start by casting Power Word: Shield, then I cast Vampiric Touch to begin combat. I immediately follow that with Mind Blast, then Shadow Word: Pain. At this point, my target will be at about 60-65% health. From here, I use Mind Flay, and once that's completed, I do it again, because Mind Blast is still on CD. Then I use Mind Flay again because that seems to be all I have. After about 2.5 Mind Flays, Mind Blast is off CD and I can use that, and then finish off with Shadow Word: Death. My target has almost always reached me by the first tick of the first Mind Flay, so I'm getting beat on for the rest of the fight, unless Psychic Scream is off CD, which it is every 30 seconds. So it's not available every pull. Does this sound right? Or am I missing something? Thanks.Aongus5 2d
2d Are we going to be stuck With having to choose a mobility talent if we want to be just as mobile as every other healer in the game?Yersinpestis5 2d
2d Shadow is Back Ty Blizz Shadow looks GreatAnnock25 2d
2d Glyph of Cascade Hi, Was hoping that possibly a glyph could be made to change the appearance of Halo to the Cascade talent that was available in MoP. Sorry if this was mentioned previously, did not see any recent threads regarding this topic.Mint7 2d
2d Priest PvP In BFA? I've decided to play a healer in BFA and have both a low level Priest and Shaman I've yet to choose between and wondered if yall had any insight particularly for War Mode leveling and BGs? I have a little more experience with Shaman and prefer the Shaman aesthetic but Priest seems more engaging from an abilities/gameplay perspective. Any thoughts you could offer, especially anyone who is in beta? Priest Pros Disc looks rather capable of dealing with direct pressure having spammable shields and two spell schools to work with if one gets locked. Priest has two healing specs, allowing you to make Holy your dedicated dungeon healer and picking Disc talents catered to PvP/Open World. Related to the previous point, Disc has better damage than Resto. Getting Holy Nova looks rather nice for an instant cast. Shining Force & Mind Control look great for utilizing terrain to dispense with melee. Shadow looks like an incredibly engaging damage spec, especially for bosses Shaman Pros Resto Shaman has an amazing suite of defensive cooldowns which can't be overstated Shaman has better mobility/kiting. The new Spirit Wolf talent gives some hefty mitigation/speed when running away. Great utility with Purge/Bloodlust/Tremor Totem/Wind Shear. Elemental looks a lot more adaptable to adverse situations than Shadow, be it PvE or PvP. Are there any weaknesses or strengths I might have missed for Priest? Particularly Discipline. Thanks!Einduir5 2d
3d Trouble healing in dungeons while leveling? I've been having real trouble keeping people alive. I've tried it on several healing alts, not just this guy. I really enjoy healing, I would say I spent most of my time healing as a Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, and Holy Paladin. I get really nervous playing in groups and feeling like I let people down, but I can't seem to keep people alive even when using my cooldowns. The last few dungeons I keep getting people saying i'm not healing the tank, when I can't even begin to keep him alive as holy. The druid I've been leveling that is 90 and this guy are both in the same boat. I've been dpsing instead as shadow and feral respectively, but it's just not the same as healing has always been my passion. Has anyone else had an issue with healing in dungeons while leveling lately? Have I just completely lost it? I've been healing off and on for several years now, I've never been a raider due to the mentioned nervousness I get, but 5 mans haven't been a problem before.Soulmend22 3d
3d Need help with holy mage tower So i just tried the holy mage tower, easily got all the way to the end but wave 5 is where i'm having trouble. Even using all my cooldowns and drums I can't do enogh healing on the three npcs. 5 ended up getting through and i wiped it. How am i supposed to heal this? Spamming flash heal and serenity isn't enough, along with trying to keep my party alive.Marthiron11 3d
4d spriest mage tower quest? I cant seem to find it at all. I can find the holy and disc one but the shadow one isnt in dalaran. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.Gougeface3 4d
4d A suggestion for Holy Priest for BfA Dear Blizzard, I would like to make a suggestion for Holy Priest in BfA. I LOVE Holy Priest, I love the way they feel, I love the way they heal. I made my first in BC, I have seen its highs and lows through many Xpacs. The lowest was in MoP, and WoD where I either HAD to be Discipline spec or not get to raid or challenge mode dungeons. With the coming loss of the Holy Priest artifact, and the legendaries in BfA, the Holy Priest are losing a lot of valuable tools in their tool box, that made them cometitive with other healing classes. I am already hearing that Holy Priest are going to be the bottom pick mythic+ content, and a middle of the road pick for raiding. Once again – I fear – I will be forced to play Discipline or not get to play at all... I want to suggest just one modification to the Holy Preist spec: Please, bake in the legendary cloak ablity of X'anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus into the Afterlife talent, or something like it. There is already a PvP version of this talent (Spirit of the Redeemer), why not make it avalible to PvE talents as well. This one tool will help provide a good incentive to bring along a Holy Priest to mythic+ and raiding content. I feel it balances survivblity with other healing classes and specs. That is all. I hope my suggestion reaches the necessary ears, and is received well. Thank you for your time, Honeypaw-Zul'Jin P.S. I would post this to the BfA Beta forums but Blizzard has not seen fit to provide me with a beta key.Honeypaw7 4d
4d Blood elf shadow priest and void elves So, If I am a blood elf shadow priest, am I void elf? What is the difference, is there lore that actually sets them apart?Shadðwlîte19 4d
5d Norgannons Prowess - Disc Is this good to use as disc?Wheresmyface8 5d
5d New Discipline Priest 2v2/3v3 PVP Arena Guide Hey all, I wanted to share with you my new Youtube guide for beginners and new players looking to learn how to play Discipline Priest in 2v2/3v3 PVP Arenas. NOTE: I'm not claiming to be the best player in the world; but as someone with 2400xp on my main and multiple characters who hover above 2kmmr, I feel like I have a lot to offer newer players aiming to get their first 2k achievements, elite armor, and more! You can find the guide here: (Sorry for the nasty link; no custom URL yet). Cheers, JaredGlenne1 5d
5d Best spec for World Questing? Priest players, what spec do you like to use when your at a moderate or higher ilvl (110 obvs) for just running around doing World Quests?Grimsickle10 5d
6d Light-Based Caster DPS? I know that there are posts of this throughout the years, but it's absolutely killing me. I'm really dying to try and see if I can make either Holy or Discipline into a hardcore dps character (and before you ask, Holy Paladin was redesigned to work in melee in its dps, so it wouldn't be a true "caster"). I have known people who are real math whizzes who could cook something up in terms of an idea, but they haven't been available lately. So of the two, picking all the right stats and talents, which one would do the most damage of the two, and what would I have to do to get it to do that?Paumau8 6d
6d Hpriest looking for Disc arena advice I play a holy priest. I have spent most of the expansion mythic raiding or being casual, but I am looking to pvp again a lot more in bfa and have been dabbling a good bit toward the back end of the xpac. Couple questions about disc: What do you do when there is a hard swap to you and fear is on CD? I have been Shielding myself, casting shadow mend, which gets kicked, penance myself, stunned, attempt clarity of will and either die or barely get it off into a shadow mend. It just seems like I crumble so easily. Also is Clarity of Will now a holy spell? I thought it was a third school. Maybe I was mistaken on that.Eyelash3 6d
6d Shadowy Advice Please! I'm insane, which means I'm in the right place. More specifically I already have a 110 void goat - but I'm abandoning Alliance because Sylvanas is my Bansheefu (waifu with more murder screams and no creepy pillows). So, here I am in Horde without a Shadow Priest and this cannot abide. What do? Should I: Use my 110 Boost? Faction swap my goat? Reroll from level 1? /die Auraza5 6d
Jun 12 Discipline priest In other mmos I use to like to play the character that would give buffs to my group. I have heard that is what the Discipline Priest is like. You heal and buff? Figure I would ask the priest forum to make sure before I invested too much time into a priest. Thank you.Gerneroelber11 Jun 12
Jun 12 Actual BFA Disc Priest Spell Coefficients Hopefully someone else finds these useful. Noticed some of wowheads numbers were off, so tried to test all the main disc priest abilities. Shadowmend: 252% on beta, 180% on wowhead tooltip. Appears to be 180%*the hidden modifier of 40% Smite: 79.95% on beta, 79.95% on wowhead(when you combine the passive and base spell) Smites absorb: 50% of spell power on beta, vrs 53% of smites damage, so 42.38% or something on wowhead Penance: 40%/75% per bolt on BFA and wowhead PWS: 154% on BFA and wowhead Mindbender: 62.5% spell power per attack, seems to get 9 attacks without haste on beta, unknown on wowhead purge the wicked: 37.5% initial and 165% as a dot vrs 30% and 165% on wowhead, appears to be a hidden 25% modifier but just on the initial dot. Note sins of the many doesn't buff the dot component of PTW or SWP. Looks to be a bug. Maybe same bug preventing dot from getting that 25% mod. Pain: 25% and 120% on beta, vrs 20% and 120% on wowhead. Same 25% hidden mod that PTW seems to have.Werdner0 Jun 12
Jun 11 Any hope for sPriest changes in BFA? So far it's very sluggish in legion, it feels slow, and the numbers aren't all that great, with too much reliance on haste. Any chance it'll be viable/fun in BFA? I really want to play my void elf shadow priest because they are visually VERY impressive, gamplay wise? They just aren't that enjoyable, and the people of the How to Priest discord seem to agree. To be more constructive; Everything in the spec feels like a chore, without a massive amount of haste nothing flows very well, leaving it not feeling very involved.Kastilya9 Jun 11
Jun 11 Priest Battle Rez Idea: Second Chance So I was just leveling a new priest just to past the time till BFA, then I thought of something in the topic of battle rezs; why don't priests have any? (People who actually know why because of balance issues or etc please say so in the replies) ------------------------------------------- The spell would be called second chance, and basically you sacrifice your self to resurrect someone. In detail within holy, maybe its on a X CD, with a 30 second react time for the person to accept it or not and if not accepted, the cool down is reset. Once you sacrifice your self though, you would of course go into your spirit of redemption but with an extended duration maybe to 1.5 min or 2 min (just throwing stuff out for the sake of the idea) but in this situation, you are allowed to cast damage and healing spells for no mana and etc; maybe even allotted to resurrect one more person but you instantly die with no spirit healing, but that sounds to powerful. -------------------------------------------- Maybe for shadow priest, you sacrifice your self infusing someone by giving your self a buff for like a minute or two, die, then infuse the person with the void passing the buff on to them for maybe 5-7 minutes then they die as well again. --------------------------------------------- Maybe disc sacrifice themselves giving the person a chance to decide whether to accept a light or shadow enhancement: increase in healing done and received for 10 minutes or damage done and reduction for 10 minutes. --------------------------------------------- All of this is based off the surrender to madness talent choice from legion, i was just being creative and playing around with ideas, so please don't take what I am saying to heart. Please give criticism and maybe it can actually be a polished idea, or not, but especially thank you for your time!.Tanlantheron9 Jun 11
Jun 11 Joining the Priesthood Greetings, fellow priests and priestesses! My name is Matthew, and I'm fairly new to priesting. As you can tell by my level, I'll be exciting Vanilla content in the not too distant future and will be busting expansion content wide open. Now I've played a warrior throughout every iteration of WoW, but up until this priest? I've never healed. Which brings us to why I'm here! Partly it's to try and reach out to other priests out there and say, maybe grab a shake, reminisce on the glory days, smite people, you know the drill - the usual priestly business. The other is to ask for some tips & tricks, macros, and just general advice from vets of healing/priest. My wife is a phenomenal paladin healer and she's got me pretty well set on UI, basic mouse over macros, and things like that. What im looking for, though, is some priest specific advice that anyone may be able to provide an aspiring healer for BFA and onward! I did have a question, too; Regarding Renew, it feels very unrewarding. In 5 man leveling dungeons, I tend to keep Renew up on the tank and typically only cast it elsewhere if I'm moving and have nothing else to cast. I could be wrong, but it's mana cost for the healing it does in the amount of time it provides it seems really weak. How much priority should I put on Renew? Am I using it enough, or too little? Too much? So far I haven't gotten any complaints from anyone in my groups, and I've even been invited to tag along for requeues and such afterwards. I'd say my experience healing, thus far, has been positive. I'd like to continue the trend going forward, so thanks in advance for any and all replies toward helping develop a new priest! I'm gonna go catch some z's now, it's been a long day! I'll check this thread and reply to any comments in the morning. Good night, all!Mãtthew17 Jun 11
Jun 11 hpriest vs shaman bfa healing Which one do you think will be better for M+/raid healing? I don't have beta so I can't test out the new talent changes.Viserscha16 Jun 11
Jun 11 Shadow Priest BFA Hey Guys, Been playing spriest on and off since i fell in love in MOP. MOP spriest felt awesome, tons of CC, Tankyness and self healing but not so strong that even if you played poorly you will still be able to win. I want to see the orb system back and implemented in the game, i loved the single target damage and the damage/healing from devouring plague. I would also like to see spectral guise back, but with a twist. If Blizzard does choose to keep using Void Form then spectral guise should not only stealth you for X amount of seconds, but also provide you with a Void Shield. Maybe not as strong as Power Word, but something to increase our survivability in some way shape or form. I don't really enjoy the concept of Vampiric Embrace, feels slow and clunky. Yea if you spec into San'Layn and can actually do damage it works great but If you already use your silence (45 seconds CD compared to Rogue kick 15 SECOND CD) or any other of your CC for that matter what is stopping a druid from cloning you, what is stopping a mage from polying you. Basically the only true heal we have can be EASILY read and countered leaving us with basically nothing. Shadow Word Death should be baseline and replaced with something else. Does not sit right with me at all. Please Blizzard!Tikz0 Jun 11
Jun 11 Shadow Covenant Changes Recent changes on MMO: - Now heals as much as Flash Heal (with half the heal amount turning to a heal absorb) - and yes, I mean the Holy spec version (not Shadowmend) - Now costs as much as Flash Heal - 12 second CD It basically turned into Circle of Healing. Thoughts?Moringa7 Jun 11