Jul 24 Shadow PvP: Legion Season 4 Last Updated: 01JUL17 A special thanks to Lárisa-MoonGuard for reminding me that people enjoy this guide and I should update it. Note: I am a Lv110 Panda. My avatar is showing a Lv85 Goblin silhouette which won't change, and I don't know why. Welcome to Legion 7.2.5 Shadow PvP! I will try to focus on Shadow Priest PvP, and only briefly touch on the Legion PvP system. Sources are listed below the head of each section when applicable. The Legion 7.2.5 conversation begins on page 22, post 2. Please keep in mind that the best math and simulations to produce the most accurate numbers, and what talents should produce the best results can never be 100% accurate. Every situation is different, so please keep an open mind. This is a broad guide meant as a foundation to build upon. I encourage open dialog and discussions with professional debating, to better help one another. 1) Prestige System 2) PvP Templates 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? 4) Regular Talents 5) Honor Talents 6) Artifact Choices 7) Rated Rewards 8) Honor Rewards 9) Other 1) Prestige System The new “Prestige System” was designed to reward AP, gold, and unique rewards. During your climb to Prestige 1, you earn special PvP talents and the amount of honor needed is half of all other Prestige Rank. You start at Honor Rank 1 and can progress to Honor Rank 50, before "prestiging" to the next Prestige Rank. The higher you climb, the more PVP talents become available. (We’ll cover each talent further down). When you earn Honor Rank 50, you automatically rollover to the next Prestige Rank and Honor level 0. You do not lose any earned talents. You will earn an achievement, a reward, and a specialized icon next to your name in any Battleground or Arena. These Honor Talents make a massive difference in your gameplay and were intended to replace set bonuses. 2) PvP Templates To avoid a wide margin in gear as we have constantly seen in the past, a “Template” system was developed. Each Spec/Class has predetermined stats and values. The basic idea is that everyone has their gear adjusted to iLv900, and for each item level above iLv900, you will gain 0.1%. As an example if you have an item level of iLv920, when you enter you will get a 2% boost to your stats. All that matters are the item level in each slot and nothing else. You will see a buff when within instanced PvP called "Principles of War" that also explains this. These templates DO NOT apply in World PvP. 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? Concerning itemization. Remembering what we just covered, the only thing that matters within instanced PvP is the item level in each slot since your stats will be adjusted to predetermined values and enhance your item level. As an example, you might catch me wearing my PvP outfit which is a hot mess of random items that increase my item level to iLV923, some of the item ungemmed and unenchanted. But when I run my weekly mythics, I use a proper set of balanced stats that is iLv915. Enchants do not work. Equip bonuses do not work. Trinket functions do not work. And any type of bonus from gear does not work (such as [item= 137419]). This was to try and keep everyone in line with one another. In the past certain enchants, and especially trinkets, gave certain Class/Spec a massive advantage. 4) Regular Talents Tier 1: [Twist of Fate] comes out on top for damage every time. [Fortress of the Mind] is sub par in comparison to ToF, especially since MF is only a filler spell that is rarely cast to completion. [SW: Void] will allow you to enter quickly or maintain Void Form longer, but is another additional ability to use and doesn't compare to ToF. Recommend: Twist of Fate. Tier 2: [Mania] is generally useless because you are almost always perma-snared, which completely neuters this ability. [Body and Soul] is extremely useful because we are constantly casting PW:S, it is a good gap closer/opener that doesn’t require enemy combat, and is instant cast. [Masochism] is more for leveling and questing. Shadow Mend has a fairly high cost, only allowing us five uninterrupted casts. Although turning the post cast DoT into a HoT and reducing all damage by 10% for the HoT duration, it doesn’t do as well utility wise as [Body and Soul]. It should be noted that the DoT from [Masochism] falls off if you break combat, does stack the more you cast Shadow Mend, and is not applied out of combat. The HoT from [Masochism] stacks the more you cast Shadow Mend, remains in or out of combat, and most important is dispellable (and can be Spell Steal by a Mage). Recommend: Body and Soul. Tier 3: [Mind Bomb] replaces Psychic Scream and does a great job for control with its short cooldown, AoE application, and can be instant cast at range. [Psychic Voice] does well in certain situation in which enemies are tightly packed and don’t have a way to easily break fear (generally Arenas against non-melee heavy teams). [Dominate Mind] is useless as it does not work in PvP. Recommended: Mind Bomb. Tier 4: [Lingering Insanity] is almost always the #1 choice, which lets us maintain high amount of Haste. Do not use if you choose the honor talent [Edge of Insanity]. [Reaper of Souls] is a great ability that aligns with the honor talent [Last Word] flawlessly, allowing SW:D to activate at 35% enemy HP, which means you can double silence when they are in that range. [Void Ray] isn’t worth discussing as it is very rare to cast a full duration Mind Flay, coupled with the stacks falling off very quickly. Recommended: Lingering Insanity. Tier 5: [San’layn] is a good talent for smaller fights, like arenas. [Auspicious Spirits] is not worth taking since our template gives us <20% Crit. [Shadowy Insight] is a great choice for larger fights like RBGs, since casting SW:P off the back of VT with the Tier 6 talent [Misery) gives us many MB instant cast procs. This allows us mobility and great Insanity generation. Recommended: Shadowy Insight. Tier 6: [Power Infusion] is only taken in Arenas when the enemy team doesn't have a member that can dispell, purge, or steal it. [Misery] is the best talent for RBGs and Arenas as it lets you cast your DoTs very quickly, and recast them quickly if dispelled. This allows more procs from [Shadow Insight] and healing from VT. [Mind Bender] can be a useful ability, but is usually taken by Discipline Priests (when chosen). The issue with this ability is the Mindbender pet is susceptible to CC (fear, stun, etc). And if it is not attacking an enemy, it is doing nothing for you. Recommended: Misery Tier 7: [Legacy of the Void] is the most chosen ability as it allows us to enter Void Form earlier and more often and grants an additional 5% damage while in VF. This keeps Void Form more active at +25% amage, more access to Void Bolt (and Void Torrent if you can cast it freely), and more reliable stacks of Lingering Insanity. [Shadow Crash] is only taken when the honor talent [Edge of Insanity] is taken. [Surrender to Madness] is never taken due to how difficult it is to keep VF up in PvP coupled with a long cooldown. Recommended: Legacy of the Void. Honor Talents Tier 1: [Gladiator's Medallion] Crowd Control break ability on a 2 minute CD. [Adaption] Auto-Crowd Control break ability on a 1 minute CD. The problem with this is a smart player with spammable CC (Ex. Sap or Polymorph) will get this to proc by using their CC ability twice, and then open on you. [Relentless] All CC reduced by 20%. Recommended: Gladiator's Medallion. Tier 2: [Train of Thought] Not worth taking. You will always be taking damage as a Shadow Priest. [Mind Quickening] Great talent as more Haste is more success. [Initiation] Not really worth taking since our crit is low on our template. Recommended: Mind Quickening Tier 3: [Void Shield] Not worth taking anymore since the change in 7.2.5 to VT, SL, FE (etc). [Pure Shadow] Increases your Dispersion to 95% damage reduction during its duration and stops insanity drain for 6 seconds afterwards. Great choice for survivability and/or maintaining VF longer. [Fleeting Embrace] Since the change to this in 7.2.5, it isn't even close in ability to PS. Recommended: Pure Shadow Tier 4: [Driven to Madness] Great talent, but doesn't compare to the other two because Instant VF or EoF build is stronger than rapid Insanity generation. [Void Origins] This is the most common ability chosen to get into VF instantly. [Edge of Insanity] A good ability but requires a completely different set of Talents, Honor Talents, and game play style. (Will try and discuss this build below). Recommended: Void Origins Tier 5: [Mind Trauma] Steals Haste from your enemy per one complete cast of Mind Flay. That part in bold is why this ability is terrible and not worth taking. We rarely complete a MF cast because it is filler and we are constantly CCed or interrupted. [Shadow Mania] Good talent for Insanity generation, especially in large group fights like an RBG. [Psychic Link] With the aforementioned talent [Misery] and {Shadowy Insight], we can deal a lot of Mind Blast damage, and then have 30% of it hit everyone around us. Recommended: SM for Arena and PL for RBGs. Tier 6: [Psyfiend] Amazing ability to deal 15% HP of your enemy and inflict a -50% healing debuff. The major con about this ability is it has 10 HP and can be easily one shot, but cannot be targeted with macros. Used in conjunction with the talent [Lingering Insanity]. [Last Word] great way to destroy a healer who IS NOT on the silence DR for blanket silences. But it will still act as an interrupt if you catch them while casting. This ability is taken with the talent [Reaper of Souls]. [Void Shift] Generally Arena use only as a quick fix to being mongo-bursted by melee. Recommended: - Psyfiend if you are the only Shadow Priest in RBGs. - Last Word if you are one of two Shadow Priests in RBGs. - Void Shift if you are doing arenas against melee mongo keyboard facerollers. <More to come> Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Guardian, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance Prestige 15, The Unrelenting The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta & 94% of all PvP AchievementsMerrik424 Jul 24
2d [7.2.5] Focused Will | Disc Discord / Guides Due to disagreements with the Staff at H2P, I am no longer associated with them. Because of the recent events, many of the top theorycrafters, content creators, and community associated with Discipline have created a new Discord located here: 7.2.5 Discipline Guide Focused Will | Discipline Discord Focused Will Website (guide is located here) My apologies for the inconvenience!Mend389 2d
2m On Effective Healing So I ended up in Stratholme earlier today and I began to realize that as you level higher, the holy priest playstyle gets less and less intelligent. In dungeons like Razorfen and Wailing Caverns I actually had time to use spells other than flash heal and serenity. Now, though, when in every dungeon I go into the tank's health gets chewed through faster than butter in a woodchipper, my only choice if I want to keep them alive is to spam flash heal until serendipity kicks in and I can top off the tank again. The other problem with this is that if one - just one other player - draws aggro on an enemy, that person is as good as dead, since stopping my flash heal chaincast on the tank to heal them results in the tank dying straight away and then everyone else going after it. I want to be able to use my entire toolkit, and I feel as though that's something I need to do in order to be an effective Holy Priest. However, anything other than holy words and flash heal just doesn't have the throughput to keep anything alive. Is there a more effective method of managing my abilities and mana that will help me keep people alive longer, or is perma flash heal just the reality for any priest past lvl 40? Thanks, FijiFjorlinskarm3 2m
46m Shadow needs real AOE Honestly I feel like a burden in 90% of the M+ I do, You could replace me with a worse geared warrior/ele/rogue and be way better off except on bosses which are kind of meaningless. We need real AOE. I think im going to switch mains because its so bad.Dithus21 46m
1h On Effective Healing, Part the Second This thread turned out to be a duplicate. Advice on how to delete it would be much appreciated :p Sorry, I'm new hereFjorlinskarm0 1h
1h The future of shadow priests after legion With the introduction of the Alleria/Locus Walker storyline, and the next expansion's certain focus on the void and the old gods, the stage is set for blizzard to break some new ground (or old ground, as many would prefer) with shadow priests following the end of the legion expansion. Following is a rundown of issues with our spec that i'd like to see addressed, and things i'd like to see added in the next expansion. Because we don't know for certain whether we will retain our current insanity based gameplay going into the next expansion, brainstormed gameplay changes cant really be coherent with eachother, and are more just an assortment of ideas to play around with. Theme The old god theme makes sense in legion. We know nothing about the void, but the old gods have been a consistently present influence since vanilla, and being possibly the strongest antagonistic force we know of, it makes sense to draw power from them a la our trusty knife wife. But with the introduction of the Locus Walker, we now know about the void, and the fact that it offers power. To a spec that seeks ever increasing power, the old gods are old news. They may still be the preeminent threat on Azeroth, but they're just lackeys to a much higher power. The void is a whole new world, and it brings endless possibilities for new abilities and gameplay. Insanity/Voidform While the insanity mechanic of legion has had its fun moments, it often feels like as a spec, we've lost a lot in the transition. Personally my favorite era of shadow gameplay was Mists of Pandaria. We felt like a self sufficient caster with a hybrid kit of dots, nukes and great utility. If I had to choose, I would revert shadow back to its mop mechanics, but given the amount of work that's gone into making insanity work, as well as the graphical updates to voidform, I don't expect such a reversion to happen. As such it seems reasonable to me to meet halfway. A large part of the problem with voidform is in its scaling. Because we can theoretically reach such high haste and dot damage scaling (infinite at launch with surrender to madness), our baseline abilities necessarily have to be underpowered, hence the reason why intellect is far outclassed by every other stat we have. This puts us in an awkward situation where all of our damage is both completely backloaded and harder to maintain the stronger we get. While this works in theory, fight mechanics will invariably interfere with our ability to maintain our damage. While this happens with all classes, it punishes us harder. Most classes do a large burst of front-loaded damage on pull, when the fight is relatively calm and then shift focus to dealing with mechanics once their damage falls back down, whereas we are more often forced to deal with mechanics at times when our damage is highest. We also don't really have the option to delay our cooldowns in most situations due to how important maintaining our momentum is. This dynamic creates a very real situation where we start out behind, but also never reach our potential. If I had to sum up how it feels to be a shadow priest in certain situations, the word, "crippled" is foremost in my mind. This is exemplified in open world gameplay in particular. When questing, we start out weak, and almost never have the chance to feel strong. Anyone who leveled from 110 as shadow can attest to this. Insanity and voidform can be retained as mechanics, but perhaps the ramping potential of voidform stacks could be toned down in favor of more base damage and front loaded damaging abilities. perhaps voidform can be turned into a more standard dps cooldown that retains some ramping element, but otherwise shifts our focus away from maintaining voidform uptime, and more toward other elements of gameplay. Diversity and Versatility Continuing from my previous point, our current gameplay style is highly one-dimensional. Everything we do revolves around generating insanity. It leaves room for nothing else. Our talents are 100% set in stone to maximize insanity generation, bar misery, which serves as a crutch in lower level mythic keystones. Our rotation follows a set script from the almost unchanging void bolt, mind blast, mind flay cycle, to the times at which we use our main cooldowns, Void Torrent and Mindbender/Power Infusion. And again, we only use these abilities to generate insanity. We dont really care about the damage of bolt, blast and flay, so much as we use them to prolong voidform. Such a stiff rotation would be mind numbingly boring if it weren't for the pace at which we have to execute it. I think it would be healthy to introduce some diversity into our gameplay to shift us away from the overwhelming focus on extending voidform and ramping up our dots. Not only are we one dimensional, but due to our mechanics we are highly unadaptable. I can only think of one situation where I would want to have a shadow priest (prologned 3 -4 target cleave). I can think of many more where I would rather have something else (short fights, aoe, hectic adds, priority adds, spread targets, single target even). As the class's only damage spec, this is a terrible place to be. Because we don't have the option to change specs (or even talents, as it currently stands), we need to be in a position where the average competent player (and by that i mean you shouldn't need to be as good as Atroxe) can adapt to different fights, and comfortably deal with a broad range of encounter types. AoE Let's be honest, we're useless in this department. Our way of dealing with mass aoe and short lived adds is to ask our warrior to press whirlwind harder. Even in situations where we take misery, the most it usually does is let us feel good about being able to get dots on every target before they die. We usually still fall behind other specs of comparable skill and gear. We need a real, functional aoe ability (not shadow crash, shadow crash is useless). A lot of people have a lot of ideas on what that ability should be. Personally I like the idea of taking sphere of insanity (that artifact trait at the bottom of your damage meter), and turning it into an on use ability. for example: it hovers over a target location, every x seconds it pulses, dealing damage and applying both our dots to all targets within the radius (this way it also applies dots to targets that spawn and walk into it). casting mind blast on a target within the radius causes mind blast to deal x% of its' damage to all targets within the radius. 30 second cooldown. Mobility currently we're actually very good at stutter stepping and dealing with mechanics that require very small movements (volcanic is actually fun as shadow). However, anything that requires moving medium to long distances can completely ruin a voidform, and thus our dps. Body and soul is ok for quick bursts of movement, but isn't nearly enough. I think a cool idea for a movement ability would be the void tears that locus walker uses. it could function like a point and click teleport, similar to a warlock's demonic gateway, but without the delay, and it only effects us. Or better yet, make it kill any non-shadow priest that uses it, because as you've been told time and again, "every little death helps". In all seriousness though, an ability like this would be a wonderful addition to help with our mobility, fits with the developing void theme, and is neither as fast as a blink, nor provides the group utility of a lock gateway. If you really want to make it unique, you could make it so that when you cast it, you shift into the void, becoming untargetable and invisible, get a huge movement speed boost, and have a few seconds to run like hell to where you want to reemerge. Now for some small fish items.... Devouring Plague I loved this spell in mop, and I want it back in some form. I get that it doesn't fit our new theme, but give us a cool void themed nuke. it would help with front-loading damage and killing priority targets. Shadow Word: Death I wish this ability hit harder. We're clearly the execute casters, and the void is all about, y'know, death. But current SWD is underwhelming. I would like to see it become a proper execute, rather than our reliance on twist of fate. Power Word: Shield why do we still have a holy bubble? it looks silly, it clashes with our purple, it makes no sense. Give us Void Shield instead. problem solved. PVP utility I dearly miss psychic horror and spectral guise. I would like at least one of them back, preferably horror, since my void tear idea is actually pretty similar to guise. keep mind bomb though. that was a nice addition. With that I conclude this long and rambling post, and would love to hear input from the rest of the shadow priest community. In particular I'd really like to hear people's ideas on how insanity and voidform could be tweaked for the next expansion.Altrosa10 1h
4h I swapped to disc. I hate it. Help. So, I recently swapped to disc from HPally. The guild has another HPally, and no priests. So, I was ready made to swap. We did heroic last night for some trials and to get some gear. I absolutely hated it. Like, wanted to log off and delete my priest. Ive played disc since BC, and I've played it to about 2k in arena, and like it in that regards. I went shadow on priest this xpac as my alt. Ive never felt more unrewarded in my life. I tried keeping up attonements (about 5) and on fights like harj with easily predictable damage, I'd toss out radiance, and then evangelism, lights wrath. 300k hps max, about 189 sustained. I missed Mechanics non stop to having watch raid frames so much for atonements. I've watched a ton of guides, read a lot. Tried to apply it. How do people like this spec/class? What did I do wrong! How do you predict who to keep atonement on? I figure two tanks + 3 DPs, and keep my shield on CD on the tanks. It was so frustratingly bad.Keldora19 4h
5h Confusion with atonement?? So in reading some of my tooltips on how disc priest works, it says i have a 58% transfer from dmg to atonemeant healing, So 58% of the damage i do is healed by atonement. In thinking about that basicaly its saying that if i did a 100k dmging ability, i would heal for 58k through atonement, but im not seeing that.... When i use penance it hits for about 300k a tick, but yet my atonement heals for 70k ticks, not even close to 50% of the dmg dealth. so that brings up the question how does atonement actually work, how is the idea of how mcu it heals figured out, and in that case, from my stand point of it.. .does this basiaclly make our mastery obsolete since there isnt a real increase as the tooltip shows. im not tryign to down this spec at all im jsut trying to learn it, and when i see the tooltip telling me i should be doing x amount of healing from my damaging abilities, but hten my healing isnt even clsoe to that i get super frustrated and confused!! someone please help??? D;Sniffelz2 5h
7h New Healer I was wondering if I should power level through dungeons or just quest and do an occasional dungeon. Also what are the disadvantages and advantages of disc and holyGronak10 7h
7h Anyone have that old thread... The one where Dreamskull went and listed out the entire history of Shadow Priests and their lore? Just wantin' to find something to re-read.Mineus4 7h
7h Male Pandaren Priest casting AoE Heal I really really love the animation of male Pandaren priest casting AoE heals, it mimics the posture of Emperor Shaohao at the moment of his ascension, that moment makes me a proud panda. And it lifts my hefty body. XD Here's the said clip from Blizz's page: 7h
8h Holy Priest Legendary help? Hi there! I am pretty much a mythic + healer. I was wondering if my talents were best for that? On top of that I have three legendaries, so I was wondering which are the best to use. Prydaz, Rammal, and x'anashi. Thanks in advance for any tips! :)Lithena10 8h
8h When to use Velens as a HP What combos can I use with velen's to get the most value out of it? Do I use it when there is medium to low damage and when ik a spell is going to over heal? Recently got velens so not sure when it's best to use it.Callmeemp1 8h
9h Help with Disc, coming from Holy I'm thinking about trying disc again. I played disc up til the beginning of this expansion but changed to holy, just couldn't get the hang of the changes of disc. I know it has had more changes in the last couple patches so hoping I can get the hang of it again. I'm looking for help with stat priority (checked icy veins), target for stat percentages, talents, best way to use abilities. I also have the legendary bracers for disc. Before anybody says "look it up yourself" I have but everybody plays it differently, that's why I'm asking here. I know there are a lot of really good disc priests out there. Looking forward to hearing all the great advice.Harleypriest3 9h
10h Come MC Blast Furnace for me and get an easy 15K gold BRF Mythic :)Reverser0 10h
11h Disc Hidden Artifact So I start collecting the books to get the hidden artifact for Disc Priests. I started with the books in Dalaran. I have collected 3 of 4. The one I am missing is the one on the table behind Juvess the Duskwhisperer in the Class hall. I have tried for many days logging in and looking for the book on the table behind her. No luck. I cant see it. Is it on a spawn timer. I am in Disc spec if that makes a difference. There are two tables and the only thing I can mouse over that shows up is the Artifcat Research notes but I think thats the wrong table. What am I missing?Bearrepairjr8 11h
18h Shadow priests are officially Garbage. No survivability At All. 1 Aoe spell... Best you can do is spam dots and run. The second a warrior or a rogue is on you you're done. Blizzard found a way to take a decent casting class and just tear it to shreds. Total Crap.Darnasian28 18h
19h T21 Gilded Seraph Armor colors I'll be short and to the point I love this armor set, I really do. But I am truly dissapointed that the mythic version (or even the normal) weren't colored white. White is literally our class color and yet priests seldom see white armor, often superseded by Golden looks. Instead, we got yet another Gold-saturated set. It looks great don't get me wrong, but the current tier also has a Golden set at the mythic level and right after, the normal version of T21 is ALSO gold (just duller than the mythic version), it just seems like too much. A white armor version of this set would have been truly amazing for an angel theme, was it maybe so cool that it was never an option? Paladins routinely get white gear even though they are supposed to be Golden warriors , just look at uther and turalyon! or any classic paladin art, why!Alatheia1 19h
23h Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens14 23h
1d Shadow priest mage tower Has anyone been able to complete the mage tower challenge without using surrender to madness? Just curious because I've been using legacy of the void but get stuck at around the beginning of phase 3.Stanisha18 1d
1d How hard is spriest mage tower? So I'm a casual player and I think the way that challenge appearance looks is SICK. I know it's supposed to be hard, and that's what I'm worried about. I'm 916ilvl as of writing this, and my only legendaries are the belt and the shoulders. I have no tier pieces/bonuses. Can I do the challenge?Jirbex14 1d
1d Petition for Old Shadowform Glyph Title. many people don't like the new Shadowform. I'm among them. I think it looks gaudy. Why is there a constantly-exploding purple fart cloud in my chest. Why is the effect clipping on some pieces of gear. Why did they remove the original Shadowform animation which is one of the most iconic things I can think of for the last 12 years about our class. I rolled Priest specifically for how dope it looked. Please implement a glyph to revert to the old Shadowform so that those who do enjoy it may continue to do so, and those who prefer the old style don't want to gouge their eyes out in sadness.Worship61 1d
1d Why bring a spriest to raid? This is a legitimate question. We have literally zero utility. Look, I get the whole "bring the player, not the class" mentality and why Blizz pruned certain abilities from certain classes (I don't even miss the stamina buff, mostly), BUT doesn't it feel like shadow priests got the shortest end of that stick? We provide no buffs to the raid (except for that arificat weapon haste buff, but every dps has it built into their artifact weapon just with a different stat). Our Vampiric Embrace heal is frankly pathetic. It heals one other person. 1. I don't even know how it picks that one person. Is the closest person to us? Is it the person with the lowest health? Who knows. I've been maining spriest since beginning of this expac and I have no clue. Blizzard probably doesn't even know or care. What was so bad about having our VE heal more than like you know, ONE other person? Warriors get commanding shout for whole raid; DHs have darkness. Paladins retained a TON of utility. Rets provide a mana buff, an immunity and an off-heal (a targeted one unlike garbage that's VE). If you're going to prune classes, prune ALL of them, or better yet, don't prune at all?? Don't even get me started how we're in general useless when it comes to mobility, and how lackluster our dps is on anything except cleave fights. Are we the only dps spec in the game with no true AOE spell? Hell, even holy priests have better AOE than us. Throughout the years and tier raids, the shadow spec has always yoyo-ed from great to mediocre, but this expansion really hit the nail in the coffin with how pathetic this spec is and what a drag it is to play, in so many aspects. I mean have you tried leveling now or doing old content without Mind Sear? Beyond painful. But I digress. Next tier I'm bringing my lock because it's literally everything a spriest can do but 100x times better, and they have a portal (the most OP utility in raid, at this point).Sleepr7 1d
1d I feel like my dps is subpar So I am curious. Like I've read that the stat priority is Haste > Crit > Mastery > Versatility > Intellect, so does that mean Haste/Crit > Ilevel? My crit and haste are high but so is my mastery. I do roughly 550-600k on a target dummy. My rotation is as follows. VT/SW:P > VB > MB > Mind FlaY Should I clip my Mind Flay? Should I wait the .25 or .5 seconds for MB / VB to finish its CD or should I Mind Flay. If I mind Flay do I clip it at the GCD and cast MB / VB?Elísia2 1d
1d Power Word: Are we almost there? Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on Discord! Power Word: Discord info: Discuss: Argus here we come?Vixie165 1d
1d Holy priest tier 21 bonuses discussion I personally think holy priest tier 21 set bonuses are garbage. So what do you think? Leave your opinion below!Greenthings3 1d
1d Rate the Priest Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Nocturna480 1d
1d Netherlight Crucible Traits for shadow I was told Torment the Weak Shadow Bind Chaotic Darkness I know the 3rd trait is better but I have enough relics to the point where I have the proper 3rd trait secured on my relics no matter which I choose. My question is should I just stack 3 torment the weak? Or do I go with one each on each relic?Metricdotem1 1d
2d 2017 - Rate that Priest 'Mog #2 Last one capped out so thought Id start Pt 2. Last thread in link below. @Nyxontha ( last poster over there ) 8/10. I feel the belt is slightly off ( prob looks better ingame ) but great shadow mog.Kibeeto138 2d
2d How are Discs in raids? How are Disc Priests in raids? I'm leveling a Priest and I like the idea of healing while doing damage (I know, I picked the wrong spec for my first healing toon lol), but I heard that Discs still aren't really liked in raids.Priestseto36 2d
2d Shadowform Dropping I've been having this issue, and I think it started in 7.3 so i want to see if anyone else is noticing. Does shadowform sometimes drop? I've noticed it in the KJ fight, going into or out of Rifts. or just randomly I'll see the buff missing. Sometimes the visual and the buff don't match. So recently when it happened i went over to a target dummy to make sure the 10% dmg was gone, and it was. It's not acceptable for that to happen... PS. Bring back vanilla shadowform.Khazri5 2d
2d Priest Campaign Quest list? I want to know where I am in progression on my campaign in order of 1st to last.Villians45 2d
2d Disc absorbs not tracked in PVP? so i main SP but i also truly enjoy healing both specs in instanced PVP. but i've noticed without fail, when i go in as Disc, my healing is well beneath every other non Disc healer. i still put respectable healing up, but it's a significant difference between other healers and myself. even BGs when i (gonna be kinda selfish here) pad the meters by staying mid and not escorting the flag carrier or whatever, i still fall short. the only thing i can think of is that Disc absorbs aren't tracked in PVP? in comparison, when i go in as Holy, i'm usually top of the meters in healing, and keep pace or exceed other healers. i'm sure this difference can be partially attributed to Holy having a more traditional healing kit and also by virtue of having better AOE healing for cluster team fights, but the Disc meters still look underwhelming. anyone know for sure? sorry if it's been covered in another post, i couldn't find anything at a glance. are Disc absorbs tracked or no? and if no, should they be? i get that absorb effects aren't traditional healing, exactly, but i still think it's worth tracking if it isn't being.Kryss6 2d
2d Adjusting to disc, help please. Trying to adjust to playing disc and having a hard time keeping shields up for atonement and the shield itself, is there an addon that makes healing easier as disc?Eadoin4 2d
2d Disc Help So let me state that I will only be doing Mythic+ when I reach max lvl. And I'll be getting my +10/+15. Not looking to push high keys on this toon. I have another character I do that on. So allow me to get to my question. What the hell do I do with all these buttons! So I'm looking at guides and all my future abilities and it just seems like I have twice the number of abilities as other classes. So if I'm doing Mythic+ healing as Disc is it common for me to be using ALL these abilities (healing+dmg) all the time? Or for trash is it common to just use shadow mend? and most of the dmg abilities saved for bosses? Just feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the abilities I have to balance out and use! Could some more experienced Disc tell me if it gets smoother or am I correct and I should focus on Holy more?Singard6 2d
2d Can't stand shadowform I would actually love to play a spriest if it wasn't for the god awful ugly purple form. Druids get star glyph and it's pretty sweet, shadowform has always looked like an unrendered and unfinished model. If they allowed you to not look like a purple mine craft model I would enjoy priestMageandrage60 2d
2d How come holy priests have no defencives They are very squishy. Cloth with no movementUnlivable6 2d
2d Interested in Priest PVP I really am not a big fan of all the other healers, but I do like both disc and holy. I was curious on how well they are performing in RBGs as well as Arenas. I would like to give healing a go and its either priests or play easy moving monkosDattboi8 2d
2d What alts do you have? Curious if people have M+ alts or pvp alts or anything like that to cover Shadow weaknesses or just for a changeDithus24 2d
2d Holy and Disc Mythic+ Experiences? I enjoy both playstyles and my focus right now is mythic+ because I like it. I'm sure there are good arguments for both specs being fun and viable, but I'd like to hear some of your experiences if you have any. Thank You.Vaccinathan6 2d
2d Surviveability and Solo Just wondering how holy priests are when it comes to surviveability and being able to solo stuff. As a pure heal class im sure your heals can sustain you most of the time if your soloing but im hestitant about your dps.Sathyr1 2d
3d Toon swap So my guild is pretty causal and it really fits us, but sometimes attendance can cause issues. I'm looking at playing a range with a healing off spec for antorus since I'm one of the super nerds who plays a ton. Looking at priest and shaman, priest currently has some legendaries (twins, soul, wrists, boots, and shadow hat) so it's sort of in the lead. For is I find disc to be more fun but I'm worried that if you don't main it ( I would still be main DPS spec) you won't get it good enough. Looking for thoughts from the priest community on making that swap. I like elemental and shadow about the same so I'm looking for some solid insight and recommendations in which healing is to work up.Volhov3 3d
3d "Don't do low mythic+" This is most condescending, self-defeating and unrealistic piece of advice I have ever seen on this forum. Low mythics are hard built into PvE progression. The vast majority of players have no choice but to do low mythics for a wide variety of reasons, from upgrading their own key to simply helping a friend. "You simply cannot do the content your spec is bad at" is backwards thinking and I can't understand why anybody would advocate that design for their spec. My spec should enable me to complete content, not bar me from it; particularly easier content. If you compare shadow against any other DPS spec, it is plainly obvious we have too many lows and the highs do not compensate. The payout is not there for how demanding shadow spec is to both play and gear. I'm baffled by how many shadow players still defend the spec, particularly by telling other shadow players to reroll.Drynza27 3d
3d which trinkets to use - disc So I just got trinket off KJ and i'm wondering which 2 I should use mainly The 3 trinkets I currently have are 930 - Fierce Combatant's Insignia of Dominance 1321 vers 915 - Tarnish Sentinel 915 - Tome of UnravellingDaitoku2 3d
3d New sPriest So I just got my sPriest to 110, and I know nothing about them except they look awesome - honestly the best animations out of any caster I've played. I had a few questions in particular though - what is the best combat ally for doing world quests? Priest has a legendary gold/order resources per wq item that I want to put in one of my followers just not sure which one yet. Also, could anyone point me to any guides? Gonna be doing almost entirely PvPXanu3 3d
3d Penance Talent suggestion Small QoL thing I'd like to see for Disc: some kind of talent that works with Penance being used on a friendly target. I'm finding I'm using that more often for higher Mythic+ or when I'm helping with tank healing on small raids (like a 10 man). Something like 'Applies Atonement', or gives an instant-cast SM if used on a friendly target afterwards, etc. Would probably be nice for arena too. Anyway, just basically something that works off of a defensive Penance. There's a few fairly dead talents I think that could be used for it (like DS, etc).Mhezzo0 3d
3d Lost Artifact Quest Line Holy Please let me preemptively say I am sorry, because I can not find this information anyplace. I have returned to the game only to find it so much different than the vanilla WOW I played 10 years ago. My question is, I can not find my artifact weapon quest line, and I tried to retrace steps. Basically an entire day searching with no success.Triååge5 3d
3d Doing WQs and Dailies as Priest What spec do you use? To be honest it feels easiest if I just run around as holy and spam the holy aoe. Shadow I don't feel like I can kill fast enough (or maybe I have no practice as it) Basically I'm just curious what you all use to do open world content as priest. Loving priest easily swapped to make him my new mainUnmend9 3d
1d Yup is recruiting a Holy Priest! <Yup> Server: Mal'ganis Faction: Horde Progression: 6/9m Weekend 5/9m Weekday About us <Yup> is a two raid team raiding guild (one weekday team, one weekend team) that has high goals for progression. We pride ourselves on the community that comes with this guild. We are not only a mythic progression guild but also a great community with an active PvP and mythic + scene. All raids are streamed on twitch! Check out or the weekday raid Recruitment The Weekend team: Currently looking for highly progressed raiders to bolster out the mythic roster. Applicants should be ~10/10M NH and at least 9/9H 3/9m ToS with 63 traits. The Weekday team: Currently recruiting highly progressed players to Progress Furthur. Applicants should be at least 9/9H ToS 9/10M NH 3/9m ToS with 63 traits pref. Currently we are searching for quality players to compete and fill the following roles: Healers - Holy Priest & Resto Shaman DPS - Melee - Rogue/Warrior/DK - Ranged - Hunter, Warlock and Mage Tank - We encourage strong applicants to apply. We encourage all strong applicants to apply regardless of their roles being listed. Schedule: Weekend Team Friday - 8:00PM - 12:00 AM EST Sunday - 8:00PM - 12:00 AM EST Wednesday - 8:30PM EST (Optional Heroic Farm) Not the team I am Recruiting for if interested contact Kobena! Week Day Team Tues 8:30 - 12:00 AM EST Thurs 8:30 - 12: AA EST Wednesday - 8:30PM EST (Optional Heroic Farm) * We will use Wednesday for mythic during times of high progression. This will be reserved for rare situations and be planed in advance to ensure raiders can attend. * Expectations: - Be On-Time or Early - Theorycraft (Love and understand your class in detail) - Be Prepared (Raid mechanics & pots) - Enjoy the game outside of raids, be a member of the guild community! We also welcome all casuals who want to join our community! Please contact below apply: Kobena - GM: kimdaddy#11200 Jaxz - Weekday Team Leader: Jaxz#1663 Vincis- Vincis#1253 For additional information contact: Kobena - GM: kimdaddy#11200 Jaxz - Weekday Team Leader: Jaxz#1663 Vincis- Vincis#1253Vincis2 1d
3d Guardian spirit visual It's one of the most clutch things a Holy priest can do, but the life saving part of Guardian Spirit either doesn't have visuals or the visuals aren't noticeable at all. I'd probably even accept a slight nerf which has a guardian angel revive them.Undergeared2 3d