Oct 30 Shadow PvP: Legion Season 1 Last Updated: 16OCT16 At the time of posting I am Prestige 3, Honor Rank 31; all three gold artifact traits unlocked. Also note I am a Lv110 Human. My avatar is showing a Lv85 Goblin silhouette which won't change :( Welcome to Legion Shadow PvP! Below you will find the sections within this guide. I’m going to try and stay focused on Shadow Priest PvP, and only briefly touch on the new PvP system. Sources are listed below the head of each section when applicable. The Legion conversation begins on page 21. Please keep in mind that the best math and simulations to produce the most accurate numbers, and what talents should produce the best results can never be 100% accurate. Every situation is different, so please keep an open mind. This is a broad guide meant as a foundation to build upon. I encourage open dialog and discussions with professional debating, to better help one another. 1) Prestige Live, and upcoming 7.1 2) PvP Templates 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? 4) Regular Talents 5) Honor Talents 6) Artifact Choices 7) Rated Rewards 8) Honor Rewards 9) Other 1) Prestige: Live and 7.1 The new “Prestige System” was designed to earn “Honor Ranks”. You start at Honor Rank 1 and can progress at Honor Rank 50. As you climb up in HonorRank, you gain gold, Artifact Power, and new abilities. In most cases the higher you Honor Rank is, the better the rewarded talents are. (We’ll cover each talent further down). When you earn Honor Rank 50, you have the option to “Prestige”. You will earn an achievement, a reward, and a specialized icon next to your name in any Battleground or Arena. However, you will lose all earned Honor Talents. When Patch 7.1 is released on October 25, 2016, “Prestige-ing” will not remove your Honor Talents any longer. These Honor Talents make a massive difference in your gameplay and were intended to replace set bonuses. 2) PvP Templates To avoid a wide margin in gear as we have constantly seen in the past, a “Template” system was developed. Each Spec/Class has predetermined stats and values. The basic idea is that everyone has their gear adjusted to iLv800, and for each item level above iLv800, you will gain 0.1%. As an example if you have an item level of iLv850, when you enter you will get a 5% boost to your stats. All that matters are the item level in each slot and nothing else. You will see a buff when within instanced PvP called "Principles of War" that also explains this. These templates DO NOT apply in World PvP. 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? Concerning itemization. Remembering what we just covered, the only thing that matters within instanced PvP is the item level in each slot since your stats will be adjusted to predetermined values and enhance your item level. Enchants do not work. Equip bonuses do not work. Trinket functions do not work. And any type of bonus from gear does not work (such as [item= 137419]). This was to try and keep everyone in line with one another. In the past certain enchants, and especially trinkets, gave certain Class/Spec a massive advantage. 4) Regular Talents Tier 1: Generally, [Twist of Fate] comes out on top for damage every time, whereas [SW: Void] will allow you to enter quickly or maintain Void Form longer. [Fortress of the Mind] comes isn’t really worth mentioning. Recommend: Twist of Fate. Tier 2: [Mania] is generally useless because you are almost always perma-snared, requires enemy engagement to maximize the talent, and earning Insanity can be difficult at time. [Body and Soul] is extremely useful because we are constantly casting PW:S, it is a good gap closer/opener that doesn’t require enemy combat, and is instant cast while giving us an absorption shield. [Masochism] is more for leveling and questing. Shadow Mend has a fairly high cost, only allowing us five uninterrupted casts. Although turning the post cast DoT into a HoT, it doesn’t do as well utility wise as [Body and Soul]. It should be noted that the DoT from [Masochism] falls off if you break combat, does stack the more you cast Shadow Mend, and is not applied out of combat. The HoT from [Masochism] stacks the more you cast Shadow Mend, remains in or out of combat, and most important is dispellable (and can be Spell Steal by a Mage). Recommend: Body and Soul. Tier 3: [Mind Bomb] replaces Psychic Scream and does a great job for control with its short cooldown, AoE application, and can be instant cast at range. [Psychic Voice] does well in certain situation in which enemies are tightly packed and don’t have a way to easily break fear (generally Arenas against non-melee heavy teams). [Dominate Mind] is useless as it does not work in PvP. Recommended: Mind Bomb. Tier 4: [Void Lord] is mainly used for PvE when it is chosen. The idea being that if you have Lingering Insanity stacks when you enter Void Form, you can keep it momentarily which can allow for some devastating Void Torrents (as an example). [Reaper of Souls] is a great ability that aligns with [Twist of Fate] and the Honor Talent [Last Word] flawlessly. Plus, it will allow you to enter Void Form more quickly or maintain it longer. [Void Ray] isn’t worth discussing. Recommended: Reaper of Souls. Tier 5: [San’layn] is a good talent, especially if your loot luck only allowed you to have the relics that amplify Vampiric Touch damage. [Auspicious Spirits] is a great talent if you are 3/3 Unleash the Shadows in your Artifact Weapon. But this is normally used for PvE Insanity generation. [Shadowy Insight] is usually the top pick for PvP since SW:Pain spreading is mandatory, the instant MB casts allow us mobility, and the Insanity generation is excellent when it fires off. Recommended: Shadowy Insight. Tier 6: [Power Infusion] is hands down the best for Shadow Priests because it allows us much faster casting, passive insanity generation from the faster casting, and direct insanity generation from activating it. However, it is both dispellable and Spell Steal-able. It’s one thing to have it purged, it is another to give it to a Mage. If it is stolen and the situation permits, dispel it from the Mage. [Shadow Crash] is not worth discussing. [Mind Bender] can be a useful ability, but is usually taken by Discipline Priests (when chosen). The issue with this ability is the Mindbender pet is susceptible to CC (fear, stun, etc). And if it is not attacking an enemy, it is doing nothing for you. Recommended: Power Infusion. Tier 7 note, The Shadow Priest community has made solid arguments to the developers about this tier, and they have responded promises changes slightly after Patch 7.1. The TL;DR version (for) PvP is LotV and MS are severely lackluster abilities, while S2M is amazing (sans the guaranteed death) except it is too easy to lockdown a Shadow Priest in S2M. It is almost always a guaranteed death with little positive results. Tier 7: [Legacy of the Void] is the most chosen ability as it allows us to enter Void Form earlier and more often, which in turn keeps Void Form more active (more 20% damage), more access to Void Torrent, and more reliable stacks of Lingering Insanity. [Mind Spike] not worth discussing. [Surrender to Madness] or S2M. This hot potato ability is great but almost useless in PvP due to both the guaranteed death, ease of locking a Shadow Priest down with CC while it is active, and the long cooldown. Recommended: Legacy of the Void. Honor Talents More of this guide is coming soon as I produce it. Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta, 12+ Years and still goingMerrik420 Oct 30
2d [7.1.5][Raids][M+] Mend's Discipline Guide With my new ventures into creating Discipline Priest content on YouTube and providing video guides in addition to my written content, I will be referring people to use the link below to view my guide. This is meant to ease up the amount of work that is involved with updating a guide in 3 different locations. Written Guide - Video Raid Guide - This will also ensure I don't miss any updates in one location or the other and save me quite a bit of work from cross posting this in multiple locations. If you ever have questions please reach myself or any of the talented Discipline Priests in the HowToPriest Discord located here: 2d
16m Is Discipline design a failure? First off let me state that I'm not looking to create a volatile discussion by bringing this up and I would like honest opinions from people who have legitimate experience with or understanding in regards the spec and its place within the healing community. I've been a priest main since TBC and in my opinion the Legion iteration of Discipline has been the most disappointing and under performing playstyle to date. The entire concept for the spec is to have high burst phases of healing based on raid wide damage spikes. The issue with that is those damage spikes are often already being dealt with by more efficient cooldowns from other classes. By "more efficient" I mean in mana efficiency and time dedicated towards throughput recovery from the burst. The spec requires you to dedicate 5 casts of Power Word: Radiance to cover 75% of a mythic raid with atonement. Also, that is assuming the atonement is applied with max efficiency which is often not the case due to the smartheal/range mechanics of the spell. Five casts of PW:R is equal to 357500 mana (without mana reductions) at 110 and by the time you are done applying 5 casts of radiance you will probably have around 4-8 seconds remaining on your first applications based on your haste to actually heal during that burst phase. After which you are either going to be going into a recovery phase because you just blew around 30% of your mana to heal for around 8 seconds, or you will be entering a low throughput phase because you just used a large portion of your cooldowns to heal for 8 seconds. So realistically the class is designed around these fairly infrequent moments of large spikes of damage which have consistently been non-fatal because every single healer spec has cooldowns to mitigate/recover these occurrences with similar throughput to a discipline priest. The only difference is that Discipline requires massive time/mana investment to prepare for a burst while other classes hit a 3~ minute cooldown and channel it. The fact that the cooldown is longer than the frequency a discipline priest could be capable of getting a burst phase is irrelevant because you stagger your healer cooldowns between healers to cover each phase, as has been done for many expansions now. I'll move away from raid specific scenarios and focus more on the "class fantasy" that many people love to shill as if it really matters. Originally discipline designed in a way that they were probably the biggest hybrid spec within the classic MMO trinity as they were healers that were going to be doing damage for the majority of the healing throughput. While in beta testing, discipline was pulling VERY strong numbers, and I mean pulling 400k in early pre-raid legion gear. The way we scaled with dps procs was nerfed and now we're back to pulling dps numbers more in line with other tanks/healers. The issue I find with that and as we most recently saw from the recent and unimpactful nerf to holy paladin's Holy Shock is that other healers are fully capable of out damaging us in situations that our class fantasy would have you believe we are to excel. Discipline will practically never pull 250k+ in our ilvl without sacrificing a large amount of mana on inefficient atonement healing. I haven't seen Blizzard show any meaningful interest in Discipline balance and design since the beta. No one worth their salt is going to waste their time trying to advocate that the Shadow Covenant redesign has any impact on it's usefulness in this current state.Pitzman213 16m
1h Proposal for Shadow in 7.2 Below is a chart to help explain my understanding of the past, present and my hope for the future of shadow damage in Legion. In 7.0 every shadow priest worth their salt was pushing StM and reaping large returns, especially during the final 60-90 seconds of a given fight. However, during the rest of the fight before this, most spriests were near the bottom for damage. This resulted in a huge exponential final ramp up of damage in those last seconds, meaning that until the final moments of the boss, spriests were more or less wet noodles. Since 7.1 shadow players have mostly shifted in favor of LotV, partially because of the large nerf to StM (reduced by 1/3 insanity generation) and also because of the much longer fight length in Nighthold when compared to Emerald Nightmare. Both of these factors made Legacy of the Void more appealing. This damage cycle usual consists of a slow start for shadow priests, with a series of ramp ups, each one depending on maintaining void form for spurts of time. Usually the first void form is the longest and most damaging given the availability of both power infusion (PI) and shadow fiend (sf), followed by two small void forms without cooldowns, and then repeating. Currently given how short lingering insanity lasts, there is no carry over from one void form to the next, and each void form essentially starts from zero. This creates a shark fin style of damage output, but never an overall increase in baseline damage. What i would propose for 7.2 and beyond is a mechanic that allows shadow to continue to improve DPS and damage the longer the fight rages onward. This could be done by either allowing lingering insanity to last longer (drop off more slowly), thus enabling a small amount of haste to carry over into each subsequent void form. This would probably be a haste-based improvement, and I would expect to see the same number of void forms, but each one lasts a little longer than the last (i.e. 30, 35, 40). Another method to provide this would entail a brand new mechanic that could be added to boost the damage of each void form itself, sort of like an insanity or damage multiplier. I would envision this to boost the base damage or length of each void form (maybe 10% more damage each time you enter VF for that fight). This would reward shorter, faster void forms at the beginning of the fight, and then you would try to maximize the length of void forms towards the end when the multipliers are the highest, perhaps saving cooldowns until the end of the fight. Either way, shadow suffers from VERY very slow ramp in damage in the current build (in raids yes, and even more so in mythic+ or add heavy rotations), however, in the absence of StM, shadow also do not improve it's DPS or damage over time (only improves with more targets, e.g. Botanist). Either of the suggestions above (haste carries to next VF, or VFs % stack in damage) would greatly improve the play and feel of shadow, and make insanity a tight rope again to be managed and calculated. Just my two cents, and interested to hear what the community thinks about the redesign suggestions for shadow. Cheers.Bishopii0 1h
4h Disc priest question I have a lvl 108 disc priest and have a hard time keeping my dungeon team healed with just attonement healing and end up shadow mending a lot. Does this change as I hit 110 and get gear or will there be a lot of shadow mending? and also any tips/tricks are welcome! =-]Mcnuggert5 4h
6h Holy Trinket Help Looking for advice on what I should be using for trinkets. I haven't found many discussions about trinkets, aside from how good the cake is, which I don't have. I usually use pawn to determine whether or not something is an upgrade, but I don't think it takes procs into account. Been swapping them around but a little lost on which two I should be using. Right now I have: Aluriel's Mirror (875) Vial of Nightmare Fog (870) Fluctuating Energy (865) Nice but... my mana keeps spawning in danger zones..! Darkmoon Card: Promises (865) Unstable Arcanocrystal (865) Amalgam's Seventh Spine (855) Thanks!Emmry15 6h
6h Newbie Priest & Player So i'm new at the game, and to being a priest in general; obvi lol. But can someone teach me a little about it. Everyone I play with says i'm doing fine and am a good healer but I really want to do some damage. Healing non stop is pretty boring.Knia2 6h
7h ShadowPriest Terrible SingleTarget DPS AGAIN? I thought Blizzard decided to improve Shadow Priest single target DPS in Legion? Isn't that what they bragged about when they were introducing the changes they made to Shadow Priest Talents? Here comes 7.1.5 and Shadow Priests are back at the bottom of DPS ranking? I agree that before 7.1.5 SPriest Single Target DPS was high for a hybrid class, but breaking it to a point that its back to Mist of Pandaria all over again is disappointing!Arashpri14 7h
7h Holy PvP Hey guys, just a few questions.. How are people liking it? I typically WPVP and do RBGs. What are the go to talents? Is it crazy to level as holy through Legion content? Because I plan too. Also has anyone discovered the hidden ability for Holys artifact weapon yet? Thanks!Kratia0 7h
7h Is benediction worthwhile in five mans? I'm finding situations where Apotheosis is very tempting, particularly after my first first into karazhan, mana devourer gave me some trouble.Sérénity13 7h
7h Soo Over Holy... I know you guys are happy w/ holy but ever since patch it plays like Sugar Honey Ice Tea....Elwe17 7h
7h Question about DPS I'll start off by I'm mostly just curious. I don't do anything outside LFR really (I have been trying to step into normal raids when my Son is at his nanas). I'm just curious what my DPS should be at with my gear. No, I don't have logs, as I don't raid seriously anymore. Just curious really what someone with my gear should be looking at =). Who knows, maybe one day I'll be able to step into something other than LFR.Ilaexia0 7h
7h Rate the Priest Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Nocturna240 7h
8h Spriests to get some type of PVP buff? Do you guys think this may happen? Wpvp is pretty hard right now and the only thing that is not making me re-roll is some hopes that there will be some type of buff to our pvpGrancojones4 8h
9h When is shadowfiend affected by haste? If you have something that procs haste is shadowfiend affected by it when it is cast and you have the buff, after it is already cast, or it fluctuates with the buff being on and off you?Torvi9 9h
10h Does it get any better? (mild rant) Back during October I was maining shadow on my priest here and I was so overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do, to even kill 1 to 2 mobs that if I pulled 3-5 mobs like I used too in the past, I would die. To compensate for that I went disc and noticed it was actually faster to do world quests and I was able to start doing suramar quests again. While I was playing as shadow I just felt WAY too squishy and did no damage at the time. I was so annoyed and sad with my priest and the amount of time I put into her, that I just rage quit WoW....I couldn't take seeing all these melee, mages and hunters pull 8-10 mobs and 3 shot them while I'm still on my 1 mob waiting for it to die. I've played WoW for years, been proficient with every class and spec and I have never once had this amount of frustration in a video game. So my friend convinced me to come back saying that priests are "gods" now but I just don't see it. Do I need to be 880 + iLevel with 2 legendaries in order to feel amazing? I love my priest to death and I loved playing Shadow during WoD....but I just feel so discouraged and sad to even hang up my priest. Should I just keep pushing through, leveling up my shadow weapon and hope for a good legendary? I'm just at the point to where I want to reroll and then I want to have hope for my priest. At the moment I just heal to get fast queue times and feel like I'm contributing. Now with flying being introduced into Legion I feel so sad to even DO Suramar that I just have trouble fighting 1 mob. Even now it's hard for me to get into any Mythic + dungeon as most people want the highest gear possible for the fastest run possible even though I'm healing and not shadow.Heavenlydotr4 10h
12h T20 Set Bonus for Shadow, o rly? ... From MMO Champion. Ok, so I agree that shadowfiend is 99% horrible. I am glad to have anything that does dps, but it is a throw away ability. For a 3 minute CD, on GCD, to be so underwhelming is sad. Please don't do this in an attempt to "fix" it. Before you white knights chime in about how you are happy or whatever, think. Even if it affects our talented fiend, we have to give up something else to get a talent that makes a set bonus not suck. I am hoping this is just a placeholder. Also check out the other bonuses. The first two I checked (as I play them also) were frost mage and ret pali. They are very cool and boost your class in a natural, meaningful way. That bonus is not good.Corlegan57 12h
13h Holy: running away? I have never played a priest before. I have now played a Holy Priest for a month. As I quest, in the wild areas of Suramar, sometimes two or three mobs attack my toon. For years I played a Hunter, and that toon could often run away and escape without dying. The priest is always impeded by some spell, can barely move, and then dies. Is there someway to despell, and successfully escape?Gymlea7 13h
13h HOW do I play Holy disregard the pvp gear I have on at the moment, I do have a PVE set. No holy legs because I main disc. What talents do I use for raids, what spells do I use usually to heal? I know 100% I must be doing something wrong when I can barely get 200k HPS and I'm going oom trying to achieve that. I have around 33% mastery and 31% haste in my PvE gear HELP PLEASE!!!Dopsi1 13h
16h Holy stat weight > 40% mastery Looking for some advice with my current stats. Using a drape of shame so trying to keep my crit higher. Ditch some mastery for haste? Wish some one logged last night's heroic run pulled over 600k on 2ndays boss in NHMatsuflex2 16h
16h 2017 - Rate that Priest 'Mog! You know the drill! Rate the above users Transmog out of 10. Comment on what you like - what you don't like. GO!Tygahr151 16h
17h Prayer of Mending guidance i'm a new priest, never leveled one this high before. i play holy too (which by the way at this level with all looms is pretty powerful). but i'm trying to figure out when to use prayer of mending. maybe in the later levels it is better? b/c right now i don't it's worth the casting time in-battle to put it on somebody. so when i remember to, i'll just throw it on somebody while we're looting (or while somebody afk's to go get coffee). is there a good strategy to this spell, or is it just not very powerful at my low level? thanks!Miraeni2 17h
18h WA to show shadowfiend is active timer I have a weakaura that shows me when the fiend is on/off cd but I would like to have one that shows me it is active and how much longer it has. I am not sure how to do this. Does anyone know how to make this? THanksTorvi7 18h
18h shadow pvp feedback i don't know that it will get me or any of my fellow priests anywhere, but after another frustrating night of 2s with my buddy, i've decided that maybe i'll leave my 2 cents here on the forums. nothing that follows will be anything different than what every other priest has already said on here a thousand times before, but i figure saying something is better than saying nothing. i strictly pvp as a shadow priest. i've dabbled in disc in recent days, but only because shadow is so frustrating. all of my old wow friends from my pve days have long since gone and i have one friend remaining with whom i really love to pvp. so, we typically just play 2s and the occasional 3s session when we feel like trying to find a healer. i've seen a lot of blue posts offering feedback about our feedback. so to that point, i'm not here to offer any solutions to the problems (problems as i see them...). that's not constructive and i'm certainly no game designer. below is a list of things i don't find fun. -being killed by double melee so quickly that i can't even get dispersion off is not fun. -being killed by double melee immediately after dispersion ends is not fun. -having a giant ramp up for damage is fun. being the only player in the game who has to play like that is not fun. -having our artifact ability interrupted is not fun. -having a dot applied when we heal is not fun. -vampiric embrace is not a fun cooldown. great if i've got dots on 30 enemies. not when i've got SWP up on 2 targets and can't do other damage because i'm being trained into the ground. -double (or triple) kick and double (or triple) belf is not fun. okay, i've kind of lost interest in making that let me just say this. i don't particularly care for the legion style of shadow priest over the cata, mop or WOD versions. however, i believe that objectively it's a well designed class. and it's honestly how a lot of classes should be designed (in my mind...the mind of a non-developer). the ramp up time on damage is only annoying because every other class in this game has one (or multiple) buttons that require no cast time that go "DO MORE DAMAGE NOW." being a hybrid yet having a tiny amount of mana and super expensive spells is annoying. watching hunters and DKs and mages and rogues heal crazy to me. watching some of those classes passively out heal me while pumping out tons of damage is really disheartening. i can appreciate fast-paced gameplay. i'm not necessarily against that. and i'm not sure the old 45 minute games back in wrath are better. but at least back then, i could lose a long game, step away and think, "okay, here are the things i should have done here, here, here and here... and here are the things i'm going to work on next game." now when i leave a game that lasted 15 seconds, all i can say is, " time i hope i get lucky and press my button faster than the other player presses theirs..." I KNOW that this game is not balanced around 2s. AND I KNOW that shadow is not great in 2s. but why...? blizzard has said the first thing for years and second thing for all of legion. why are we only good in 3s? don't get me wrong, i've never wanted to be a god. i don't really ever pay attention to big numbers and i certainly don't want to be invincible. but why on earth has it been totally reasonable to just say, "shadow isn't meant to be strong in these areas of the game?" i don't think any of us (at least not all of us...) are asking to be "strong" per se, as much as just viable. seasons 1 and 2 of this expansion have been the first seasons in a long time where my friend and i have struggled to keep at least a 50% w/l. and we haven't even been NEAR 1750 this expansion. in mop and wod my same friend and i consistently hovered in the 1700-1900 range (without voice comm). we've not been close to that in legion. i know that's anecdotal and doesn't necessarily mean anything. and i believe arena participation is down a lot (getting really tired of facing arena masters in the 1600 bracket...). but the game just feels less fun. the expansion itself i think is a pretty big hit overall. but pvp'ing as a shadow priest, for me, has not been enjoyable.Gômez12 18h
18h Power of the dark side procs. Is it just me or does it feel like it procs much more frequently when using shadow word pain as opposed to purge the wicked?Coocooee1 18h
19h Phyrix's Embrace Does anyone that has a choice (as in has other legendaries) ever use this thing? It seems terrible. Maybe if it also reduced Guardian Spirit downtime to 2mins or something...but it just sits in my bank and probably well never be used.Fiftyonefidy7 19h
1d Help with low parse Crono what am i doing that is making me parse so low on M crono i was using the orb of destruction trinket instead of metronome for the fight 1d
1d Disc stats? Relatively new to playing priest. I have a simple question. What are the primary stats for Disc? Icy Veins says Haste is important (other than Int of course.) but I also use PAWN and for some reason it appears to prioritize Versatility for me.Äbsolvus8 1d
1d Shadow in chain-pulling dungeons So, I have been trying to choose between Priest and druid lately, and a situation came up today that gave me concerns about the priest. The tank was chain pulling like crazy (literally 12-20 mobs) and griping at the classes that were single target focused because they couldn't burn them down quickly. After it was over, I was thinking "what would I have done as a priest?" Multi dotting would not have worked obviously and mind sear would have been very little damage. What would have been the appropriate thing to do in that situation?Rylen5 1d
1d Could use some help with Disc raid healing I mostly just play my priest as an alt and I really enjoy 5 mans on it, Disc's a lot of fun there and it goes fairly well. Bit undecided on how I feel about raids on it, but not really the point. Took it to my group's normal NH today and uh.. Ouch. First raid I've been Disc on it for, and first time I've healed raids in general, but still. Gets a bit annoying when the entire clear is nothing but trash talking the spec and myself personally, so it'd be nice to be able to stop that. Is it mostly me not getting atonements out in time? Not a terribly big addon user in general so the weakauras everyone's got for NH mechanics don't really help, I do have em though. Anyways, logs: Should probably ignore Guldan cause 99% of it was me typing to friends going "help im lost" :^)Tyranova3 1d
1d Holy Weapon Proc So, when I go over my logs, I notice that my little guy does on average of 1.5% healing. I do get the occasional 5%. That seems kind of low. Is it just me or is my guy a bit of a window licker and not coming out as often? How much healing in raid is your weapon doing? Before you ask, I do cast my holy words almost on CD.Fangoria15 1d
1d Shadow Priest lore in Legion I don't like the new Old God slant to the Shadow Priest lore. To me, they are users of shadow magic not insane Old God cultists. Shadow and void magic are used by the Old Gods, however they are not the source of those types of magic. Darkened naaru, like M'uru and K'ara(the Dark Star), are an excellent example of non-Old God creatures/users of shadow and void magics. I know Blizzard is trying to make an identity for the spec. That's great, I love that they are doing that. Making us Old God cronies leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though. How about making Shadow Priests like the darkened naaru instead?Rhith150 1d
1d Holy talents I am a resto druid main, but got kinda bored of playing with HoTs and decided to create a priest and change the playstyle. What talents do you guys recommend for holy in Raids x Dungeons(m+)?Thrayarl2 1d
1d Atonement Tracking Addon? Is there an addon that will display the atonement buff above another players name tag in the world? (Not a partied up player. Just a random friendly target .)Codhit0 1d
1d Biggest Excitement About Next Expansion Wearing a staff on my shadow priest. Anyone else really, really miss staves?Maebe0 1d
1d Shadow wpvp is embarassing I made the mistake of picking a fight with a DH and a blood DK during a wpvp quest. Ill never do that again. Few times in the history of this game have I experienced a more one sided battle.Aldanis0 1d
1d How is disc doing? Been messing around with my priest today. In WoD I mainly pvp'd with him and played shadow about 75% of the time... I don't really like what they did with it, I don't HATE it now but I don't really feel like putting too much time into it atm. I played disc about 25% of the time in rbg's, always liked it, and I like what they did this xpac with attonement. I only ever used holy in like...ashran...I think, seemed like good for raid heals but I didn't like it that much. So I just did a few dungeons healing with disc, and I'm really liking it, but it seems like it's a bit of a pain when there's high spike damage. Is it doing well for mythic+ past +10 or does it get kinda hectic?Primeevíl2 1d
1d 200% on every Mission Mornin' folks. I'm not sure if this is posted elsewhere, but I figured out the perfect roster. The tough part is waiting for the equipment items to RNG into your bags. I hope this helps you. Active Followers 1) Calia Menethil 2) Natalie Seline 3) Sol 4) Zabra Hexx 5) Bodyguard (Anyone not listed above, I use Moroes) Equipment A) Sanity Edge B) Auspicious Fetish A temporary replacement for "B - Auspicious Fetish" can be "Bottled Sanity", as they are both +15%. The Auspicious Fetish is a flat 15% whereas the latter is 15% when grouped with Zealots or Dark Zealots. You will want "Communal Living" to ensure you always have a Band of Dark Zealots on standby, after you get all your items from utilizing "Armaments of Light". And you will need "Shadow Heresy" to have your Zealots become Dark Zealots. It is very rare that I cannot assign a mission lower than 200%. And when that does happen, I use "Blessing of the Order" which I have several mailbox pages full of. Furthermore, I can almost always have two missions running simultaneously. Bonus: Use the "Tithe" ability combined with giving your follower "Elixir of Plenty" and "Curio of Abundant Happiness" to get an additional 250 Order Resources per World Quest. It adds up very quickly. Best of luck and have a great weekend!Merrik0 1d
1d Priest vs. Mage? Why does my Disc Priest feel more like a mage than the mages feel nowadays? Fire is basically "cast instants that have 100% so you can spam insta-pyroblast" Frost is "throw paper airplanes at the boss until you get procs that do real damage" Arcane is "Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast...OOH! Arcane Missile! Woo! Arcane Blast...OOM." And the only one of those that actually feels like you're casting a spell is Arcane Missile. Yet Disc actually feels like what I think a mage should feel like. I see actual spell animations that fly from me to the target. I see consistent damage to the enemy. Is it as much as Shadow? No. But I like the way Disc (for questing) plays.Malacasta1 1d
2d Void Erruption: Renew Dots? (Request) Does it seem reasonable to ask for this to occur? Many times in mythic+ or other add heavy situations, I don't get all the dots up and void erruption and void bolt before the first SW:P starts to expire. It is reasonable to request VE add time to dots?Bishopii0 2d
2d Help with faster dotting My biggest issues for mythic+ and NH raids usually revolve around how fast I can dot adds or gain a benefit from SW:D at various points in the raid. Can anyone provide some tips about getting dots up faster? Is there something better than Elvui or tidyplates for tracking dot timers? I'd like to improve either my speed at applying dots or my efficiency at damaging adds to maximize TOF uptime. My hope is that with a better UI I can also learn to spread dots more prudently while keeping up with timers.Bishopii0 2d
2d sending mail cross realm,cross faction hello is it possible to send money,and or account bound items cross realm,and cross faction thank youLookitsdoc5 2d
2d Healing Raid Frames - Holy Priest What raid frames do you guys use on your holy priest? I need something that will work with Bartender as I'm fully set up there which is why I won't use Elvui.Eggochiggo19 2d
2d why am I terrible TT_TT I've been playing holy since the beginning of the expansion and I never had any trouble healing. Yet lately, for less than a month I noticed my heals dropping significantly and I'm always bottom healer in raids now. I'm confused about what's happening, since as far as I've seen holy priests haven't been nerfed. Yet I can never heal over 200k hps now and my mana burns down extremely quickly which has never happened before, wtf am I doing wrong?Alinà3 2d
2d Discipline Priests Need Haste For?... Why do discipline priests need haste? Isn't it for basically casting spells faster and attack speed and such? But Dis. are mostly about shields, how will haste affect shields? Shouldn't it be crit?Bebsi16 2d
2d Shadowy Apparitions ARMY! I lagged out in Karazhan for about 30 seconds, and when it finally "caught up", I summoned an ARMY. Enjoy! #spriests4lyfeMaebe12 2d
2d Spriest Relic help Should I always take the higher itm lvl in the relic slot or when is the lower level itm lvl better because of the trait?Thegam6 2d
2d Disc gearing question So ive been doing alot of looking into disc gearing trying to find BIS. From what i noticed on warcraft logs is that no disc priests are using teir 19, in staed using other things. Is our teir 19 !@#$? Should i not be using it? Also from what i gather disc is seeking 30% haste and 50% mastery. Thanks guys lemme know what u think and is my gearing wrong?Bustangr1 2d
2d Need some quick help spriest Hey guys Dusting off this priest after taking some time away from game and getting sick of melee. Can I get a quick rundown of stat priority and break points for raid. Also +/- for different builds if there are more than one. Yes I know I can find this on the intranet but wanted to ask people that actually play the class.Gozercrux2 2d
2d PW: Goodbye Spike Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on Discord! Power Word: Discord info: Discussion: Are you excited or tearful about Mind Spike going away?Priestescow200 2d