Oct 30 Shadow PvP: Legion Season 1 Last Updated: 16OCT16 At the time of posting I am Prestige 3, Honor Rank 31; all three gold artifact traits unlocked. Also note I am a Lv110 Human. My avatar is showing a Lv85 Goblin silhouette which won't change :( Welcome to Legion Shadow PvP! Below you will find the sections within this guide. I’m going to try and stay focused on Shadow Priest PvP, and only briefly touch on the new PvP system. Sources are listed below the head of each section when applicable. The Legion conversation begins on page 21. Please keep in mind that the best math and simulations to produce the most accurate numbers, and what talents should produce the best results can never be 100% accurate. Every situation is different, so please keep an open mind. This is a broad guide meant as a foundation to build upon. I encourage open dialog and discussions with professional debating, to better help one another. 1) Prestige Live, and upcoming 7.1 2) PvP Templates 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? 4) Regular Talents 5) Honor Talents 6) Artifact Choices 7) Rated Rewards 8) Honor Rewards 9) Other 1) Prestige: Live and 7.1 The new “Prestige System” was designed to earn “Honor Ranks”. You start at Honor Rank 1 and can progress at Honor Rank 50. As you climb up in HonorRank, you gain gold, Artifact Power, and new abilities. In most cases the higher you Honor Rank is, the better the rewarded talents are. (We’ll cover each talent further down). When you earn Honor Rank 50, you have the option to “Prestige”. You will earn an achievement, a reward, and a specialized icon next to your name in any Battleground or Arena. However, you will lose all earned Honor Talents. When Patch 7.1 is released on October 25, 2016, “Prestige-ing” will not remove your Honor Talents any longer. These Honor Talents make a massive difference in your gameplay and were intended to replace set bonuses. 2) PvP Templates To avoid a wide margin in gear as we have constantly seen in the past, a “Template” system was developed. Each Spec/Class has predetermined stats and values. The basic idea is that everyone has their gear adjusted to iLv800, and for each item level above iLv800, you will gain 0.1%. As an example if you have an item level of iLv850, when you enter you will get a 5% boost to your stats. All that matters are the item level in each slot and nothing else. You will see a buff when within instanced PvP called "Principles of War" that also explains this. These templates DO NOT apply in World PvP. 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? Concerning itemization. Remembering what we just covered, the only thing that matters within instanced PvP is the item level in each slot since your stats will be adjusted to predetermined values and enhance your item level. Enchants do not work. Equip bonuses do not work. Trinket functions do not work. And any type of bonus from gear does not work (such as [item= 137419]). This was to try and keep everyone in line with one another. In the past certain enchants, and especially trinkets, gave certain Class/Spec a massive advantage. 4) Regular Talents Tier 1: Generally, [Twist of Fate] comes out on top for damage every time, whereas [SW: Void] will allow you to enter quickly or maintain Void Form longer. [Fortress of the Mind] comes isn’t really worth mentioning. Recommend: Twist of Fate. Tier 2: [Mania] is generally useless because you are almost always perma-snared, requires enemy engagement to maximize the talent, and earning Insanity can be difficult at time. [Body and Soul] is extremely useful because we are constantly casting PW:S, it is a good gap closer/opener that doesn’t require enemy combat, and is instant cast while giving us an absorption shield. [Masochism] is more for leveling and questing. Shadow Mend has a fairly high cost, only allowing us five uninterrupted casts. Although turning the post cast DoT into a HoT, it doesn’t do as well utility wise as [Body and Soul]. It should be noted that the DoT from [Masochism] falls off if you break combat, does stack the more you cast Shadow Mend, and is not applied out of combat. The HoT from [Masochism] stacks the more you cast Shadow Mend, remains in or out of combat, and most important is dispellable (and can be Spell Steal by a Mage). Recommend: Body and Soul. Tier 3: [Mind Bomb] replaces Psychic Scream and does a great job for control with its short cooldown, AoE application, and can be instant cast at range. [Psychic Voice] does well in certain situation in which enemies are tightly packed and don’t have a way to easily break fear (generally Arenas against non-melee heavy teams). [Dominate Mind] is useless as it does not work in PvP. Recommended: Mind Bomb. Tier 4: [Void Lord] is mainly used for PvE when it is chosen. The idea being that if you have Lingering Insanity stacks when you enter Void Form, you can keep it momentarily which can allow for some devastating Void Torrents (as an example). [Reaper of Souls] is a great ability that aligns with [Twist of Fate] and the Honor Talent [Last Word] flawlessly. Plus, it will allow you to enter Void Form more quickly or maintain it longer. [Void Ray] isn’t worth discussing. Recommended: Reaper of Souls. Tier 5: [San’layn] is a good talent, especially if your loot luck only allowed you to have the relics that amplify Vampiric Touch damage. [Auspicious Spirits] is a great talent if you are 3/3 Unleash the Shadows in your Artifact Weapon. But this is normally used for PvE Insanity generation. [Shadowy Insight] is usually the top pick for PvP since SW:Pain spreading is mandatory, the instant MB casts allow us mobility, and the Insanity generation is excellent when it fires off. Recommended: Shadowy Insight. Tier 6: [Power Infusion] is hands down the best for Shadow Priests because it allows us much faster casting, passive insanity generation from the faster casting, and direct insanity generation from activating it. However, it is both dispellable and Spell Steal-able. It’s one thing to have it purged, it is another to give it to a Mage. If it is stolen and the situation permits, dispel it from the Mage. [Shadow Crash] is not worth discussing. [Mind Bender] can be a useful ability, but is usually taken by Discipline Priests (when chosen). The issue with this ability is the Mindbender pet is susceptible to CC (fear, stun, etc). And if it is not attacking an enemy, it is doing nothing for you. Recommended: Power Infusion. Tier 7 note, The Shadow Priest community has made solid arguments to the developers about this tier, and they have responded promises changes slightly after Patch 7.1. The TL;DR version (for) PvP is LotV and MS are severely lackluster abilities, while S2M is amazing (sans the guaranteed death) except it is too easy to lockdown a Shadow Priest in S2M. It is almost always a guaranteed death with little positive results. Tier 7: [Legacy of the Void] is the most chosen ability as it allows us to enter Void Form earlier and more often, which in turn keeps Void Form more active (more 20% damage), more access to Void Torrent, and more reliable stacks of Lingering Insanity. [Mind Spike] not worth discussing. [Surrender to Madness] or S2M. This hot potato ability is great but almost useless in PvP due to both the guaranteed death, ease of locking a Shadow Priest down with CC while it is active, and the long cooldown. Recommended: Legacy of the Void. Honor Talents More of this guide is coming soon as I produce it. Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta, 12+ Years and still goingMerrik420 Oct 30
Feb 12 [7.1.5][Raids][M+] Mend's Discipline Guide With my new ventures into creating Discipline Priest content on YouTube and providing video guides in addition to my written content, I will be referring people to use the link below to view my guide. This is meant to ease up the amount of work that is involved with updating a guide in 3 different locations. Written Guide - Video Raid Guide - This will also ensure I don't miss any updates in one location or the other and save me quite a bit of work from cross posting this in multiple locations. If you ever have questions please reach myself or any of the talented Discipline Priests in the HowToPriest Discord located here: Feb 12
1h Switching To Priest Good evening, My girlfriend decided to gift me with her lvl 100 priest she benched back in WoD and I haven't played priest since WoLK. So my question is, which spec should I be for healing? I already understand that disc is apparently best for leveling and shadow's only really good once you get gear at endgame, but I'm wondering which spec is ideal for; raid healing, mythics+ healing, BG healing and arena healing. I know one spec or the other isn't ideal for them all and it's about the feel but what do you guys think best suits you that would be fun for someone like me to pick up?Feldoriel1 1h
1h 7.2 Atonement useless now? So it looks like 40% damage reduction is going live, so is atonement going to be totally worthless now?Bellicostco14 1h
2h How is Spriest? (I'm a warlock) Hey priest out there! So I'll try to keep this short. I've been maining an Aff lock bc it used to be my favorite. And our dps has been buffed so we aren't terrible, however, I'm starting to not enjoy the rotation. If anyone else plays aff, they know that we spam seed of corruption a lot. And for me, honestly, I find it very easy to mess up the rotation. I get side tracked and when I'm multi-dotting, sometimes my dots fall off. And Im starting to not enjoy the "ramp up damage" gameplay. It's meh. And stressful (personally)... SO, could anyone tell me how shadow plays? In my mind they seem fairly similar because I know they have SOME dots. But in reality I have no idea how the rotation feels... Is it stressful? Fluid? Enjoyable? I love casters usually and do love my lock, but at time its just draining on me. This would be for any purpose, dungeons, mythics, raids... Pvp I would maybe stick with my lock but idk. And as a bonus: If you think I should go for a spriest, any race recommendations? :) Horde only of course :DGortar8 2h
2h Suggestion: Holy Priest Tier 21 I know it's a long way off, but if/when you're forward planning, could you perhaps look at something other than Holy Word tweaking for Holy priests. I understand the appeal of bigger and more frequent Holy Words. And I don't hate the spells or anything. Just maybe something a little more "ooh that changes things game play-wise" next time?Aerr0 2h
2h First legendary holy So i got my first legendary and its the back pice im going to wear it regardless because its my only one and the raise from being dead is pretty cool i was just wondering where if falls in at like one of the BiS or lower to bottom? ThxUnholyhelz19 2h
3h PW: Goodbye Spike Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on Discord! Power Word: Discord info: Discussion: Are you excited or tearful about Mind Spike going away?Priestescow187 3h
3h Holy gearing advice Just looking for a little help deciding on gear.. I'm wearing the 2 set piece bonus (100% extra healing from PW: Sanctify) I currently have: Muze's Unwavering Will Rammal's Ulterior Motive My question is do I sacrifice the 2 set bonus to wear X'anshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus? And if so, how do I use it correctly? dying on purpose is a foreign concept to me.. Thanks in advance :)Yvonnel3 3h
3h 2017 - Rate that Priest 'Mog! You know the drill! Rate the above users Transmog out of 10. Comment on what you like - what you don't like. GO!Tygahr129 3h
4h Useless Legendary I got Zenk'aram, Iridi's Anadem today... felt so disappointed. What's the point of this legendary anyway? Doesn't do anything interesting and it's attached to a 3 min CD because of the skill. Really wish they'd either make all legionaries a small dps increase, or make them all utilities. Being half and half creates opportunities for disappointment.Talleyran17 4h
4h In all honesty... without being rude. Can people with 0 arena experience stop making suggestions about how to improve priest PvP? The developers are scouring these forums for ideas, and your 1400 ratings imply you do not have a strong grasp on game mechanics. Not trying to be rude, your input is valued, but please wait until after they fix us to make your suggestions. Love from the new god of the priest forums.Zweet48 4h
4h Disc nerfed in PvP Dreams over boys Back to raiding only.Zweet1 4h
4h Is benediction worthwhile in five mans? I'm finding situations where Apotheosis is very tempting, particularly after my first first into karazhan, mana devourer gave me some trouble.Sérénity11 4h
6h Posts about spriest PvP deleted Anyone else notice the mysterious dissaprarences of posts containing all our complaints about the state of shadow ATM in PvP. Almost like somebody's trying to silence us...Ggwpnoob0 6h
6h (PVP) Spriest Blanket silence Can anyone tell me why spriests should maintain the blanket silence when all other caster dps lost it, even hunters? Spriests are extremely nasty right now in pvp due to healthy burst and even ok aoe with cascade, but blanket silence makes them an uneven fight vs other casters IMO. Can anyone justify it or is this just lazy developers not balancing some things correctly?Dextreme28 6h
8h Shadow - Anyone think it's fun? Just logged into my shadow priest for the first time since launch and thought I'd finally work on 110. First thing I noticed is my Mind Sear is gone. Well that blows. Now I get to multi dot. Yay. Next thing I notice is the spec is about as much fun as cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush. Anyone like it?Sultriss28 8h
8h need tips on disc - it's driving me nuts I'm having an issue of not being able to actually get atonement up on who needs it and then get into any semblance of a DPS rotation, mostly due to deeps standing in fire, tanks undergeared, and nobody following the mechanics of anything. it's just tunnel, tunnel, tunnel for meters and everyone is taking so much damage that I'm running around like a spaz spamming shadowmend and plea and bubble. I'm up to 848, so while still gearing up, I feel like I should start seeing things get easier, but they actually are getting more annoying and difficult. I always feel like I'm behind the 8-ball and trying to catch up, praying nobody dies. I main a resto-druid and that toon has comparable gearing and is so many light years better and easier for healing content than the disc priest is. anybody got any constructive tips on how to maximize the disc spec while working on gearing towards end-game?Kreval4 8h
9h Holy Legendary Advice Hola Priests, I'm a scrub casual. I have terrible luck. And I don't do much legendary worth content. But...somehow I've managed to get three legendaries to drop on this toon. Looking for advice of which ones to wear/upgrade. I have: Prydaz(910 version, fully enchanted and gemmed). Muze(910 version). Al'maiesh(940 version). I only need 3 more emissary caches to be able to upgrade one of the 910's. As far as replacements for the one I'll have to unequip; I have: (Neck) 850 Prizerock's Neckband(has 3 sockets and I'm wiling to spend the gold to enchant). (Wrist) 845 Bonespeaker Bracers. (Waist) 850 Terrorweave Cinch. Have at it. And thanks in advance!Pheelz1 9h
12h T20 Set Bonus for Shadow, o rly? ... From MMO Champion. Ok, so I agree that shadowfiend is 99% horrible. I am glad to have anything that does dps, but it is a throw away ability. For a 3 minute CD, on GCD, to be so underwhelming is sad. Please don't do this in an attempt to "fix" it. Before you white knights chime in about how you are happy or whatever, think. Even if it affects our talented fiend, we have to give up something else to get a talent that makes a set bonus not suck. I am hoping this is just a placeholder. Also check out the other bonuses. The first two I checked (as I play them also) were frost mage and ret pali. They are very cool and boost your class in a natural, meaningful way. That bonus is not good.Corlegan46 12h
13h PTR Feedback:Class Mount UGLY Don't do that owlbear crap to us, you know we want wings.Indulgences16 13h
13h A message to Indulgences Stop making spam threads. The mount looks fine and it's what we're getting, get used to it.Pixiehraam7 13h
14h PSA: Do Not Take Trail of Light Enlightenment is way way way better.Bigbag7 14h
14h metronome how low can sacrfice my haste because i keep getting crit/mastery gear can i use metronome to give me that 6-8 percent i lose so i can be 30percent haste? if i put on my mastery gear i get 60+ mastery but i only have 22-23 percent haste metronome pops me up to 30percent i also have forbidden grim and whisper in the darkNânâ4 14h
17h losing confidence in disc recently tried holy and i have to say wow it feels great to recover in the perfect world with the perfect group disc shines and it shines really well but if i play with a bunch of screw ups who dont cc enraging let murlocs boster to 10 stacks/ double pull scorps in lair. i will fall behind and most likely die but if that happens with holy i have a way to recover the group and keep moving its not that im awful as disc i do decent70- 80percentile for my bracket despite having no legendaries ( i have shadow legendary helmet and secrets) wondering if it better to just go holy in the long term?Nânâ118 17h
19h Fastest leveling spec? I'm boosting a priest to 100 tomorrow, and would like to know the spec that will get me 110 the fastest? Thx.Anacryss10 19h
19h Disc crashing the client - anyone? This might belong to the bug forums, but I'm posting this here to hopefully reach more priests. Currently I'm experiencing a high number of random crashes when I'm using only the Discipline spec (of all priest specs and even the 3 other classes I play); Anybody having the same issues? It usually happens when I'm casting Penance or Light's Wrath.Darkglare5 19h
21h Help me with Shadow in PvP? I fully understand that this particular character isn't geared yet and that life gets a little easier with gear, but I'm an alt-a-holic and have a small handful of 110s (this is just my most recent). When I compare my performance with this character to other alts at (or previously at) the same gear level, it's pretty far down the list. I feel like I do no damage, have no escapes, and have nearly no survivability. I assume it's because I'm clearly doing something wrong (or I'm just not meant to be a SPriest in PvP) So, I guess I'm just hoping for some help and advice (other than "get better gear" which I'm slowly working on). Thanks!Linnorra6 21h
22h Holy: Guardian Spirit?? Why does my Holy Priest get trapped inside a Guardian Spirit when he dies? Is there some in-game benefit to that toon? Right now I know of none, and it is so annoying to be trapped every time the toon dies.Gymlea6 22h
1d Level scaling in dungeons I chain-ran some dungeons the other night with a disc priest who was 102, I was 105 and the rest of the party was 109 (this sounds like a high school algebra problem, doesn't it?) Healing was fine, no deaths, maybe the tank was too GOGOGO! for my taste, but I digress. I'm curious how scaling is working for healers. If he's hitting a mob and to him that's a 102 mob, wouldn't the healing output be reduced? Or does it scale down to damage but back up as atonement healing? Any thoughts? This is what I think about on conference calls.Firstwind12 1d
1d Rewriting The Priest Campaign, Shadow-Style. After having gone through the Priest Campaign as a Shadow Priest, I won't lie - I'm a little disappointed at how it all worked out. We basically have to beg the Paladins to save us. They seem barely motivated to do it and, in the end, take all the credit and don't even bother introducing us to their Holy Dreadlord friend. It really doesn't make you feel good about being a priest. So in my mind, I've rewritten how the "request for Paladin aid" part went down... in an effort to make me feel good about being my spec. Feel free to do the same - I'll share my vision below. **** Liadrin: "Ugh - priests base is deep in Legion territory. It would be a great risk to us. All right, let's take it to a vote on whether or not to save them." *Paladins begin to think, musing to their stuck up, pompus selves. Spriest clears his throat. All look at him* Spriest: "Oh I'm sorry. Oh man, I am so bad at this. I gave you the wrong idea about this whole thing." *6 tentacles spring up from behind Paladins, rapping around them, entangling them* Spriest: "Did I lead you all to believe that this was a democracy? How clumsy of me!" *Tentacles tighten around the paladins. Popping armor and grinding bones can be heard* Spriest: "I do believe that's Xal'atath's way of saying she'd like to have a few words. By all means, darling - you have the floor." Spriest's Dagger: "Serve Our Will or see your souls devoured before the Void and your bodies left as husks." Spriest: "Oh man Xal. I'm sorry for her. You JUST CAN'T REASON with her when she's LIKE THIS! That said, I am SECONDING HER MOTION. Any of you sorry tin cans got a counter point?" Liadrin: "What... what is the meaning of- UNHAND US before-" *Liadrin is slammed face-first onto the table, knocking her out* Spriest: "-I like her. She got spirit. Xal, she twitches the wrong way, turn her soul into Artifact Power. Now, anyone else wanna have a little chin-wag?" *One paladin passes out from lack of oxygen. The others struggle.* Spriest: "Well any Light's damned time. It's not like the world's coming to an end or anything! ANY of you feeling like you're gonna sit this battle out, stay in your cozy little order hall, sippin hot cocoa by the fire? Speak up now! Xal appreciates honesty." *The other 4 furiously shake their heads* Spriest: "Now that's the kinda CAN DO COOPERATIVE SPIRIT that's gonna beat the Legion. I will see you all in our stupid floating prison. OH, and if you don't show up... after we wipe the floor with the Legion's little invasion of our sanctum, Xal and I are coming back. Because if there's one thing Xal don't like... it's being stood up on a date!" Spriest's Dagger: "*short chuckle*"Barrison17 1d
1d Something is Rotten... ...In the state of Shadow DPS when I can go into an older instance and AOE better in Holy than Shadow.Minaka9 1d
1d Spriest Feedback/Advice Hello, I've been playing spriest since NH release and I feel as if I perform very poorly. I'm linking logs from last night. I was dead during eli and tich but other fights should have insightful information regarding how I'm performing. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. All I ask is that it's constructive. Thx Few notes: My has is horrible atm but legendaries are good. Also only 5.5% bonus damage in darkening whispers. My best ilvl gear is all crit/mast and I have to take tier pieces because they are on average 20ilvls higher than other pieces that have haste/mas.Hørcruxe0 1d
1d Mind Sear- Give it back! Why was this taken away from us? I want to choose when I AoE or ST. Pros: -One less button on your bar -?? Cons: -Pulling every god damned mob around when you have dots up on a SINGLE mob. wtf -No more convenient AoE when farming old content raids or w/e (faster to spam Holy Nova as hpriest) -No more quick AoE tagging during WQ's. Has Blizzard even commented on this change? Did they make this change based off feedback from the community or was it just some water cooler talk around the office at Blizzard?Montolio3 1d
1d Switching Race Been playing undead since lvl 1 and have used WotF maybe 3 times. I don't PvP atm and I know PvE use of WotF is very minimal, but I've been considering changing to Blood Elf for the racials... Problem is I love and respect the Forsaken and don't know if I could betray them haha. Any advantage BE have ovet Forsaken besides aesthetics?Pycon4 1d
1d is 2 Hpriest too many? Logs included. TLTR: I'm thinking about trying out disc. Would it significantly benefit my group? And is there any advice you have that can improve my current holy play style? I'm now one of two holy priest in our main raid group. We have totally different play styles and I am aware she has 2 legendaries and I don't. She uses PoM spec and more flash healing. I use more PoH, I try to PoM as much as possible but somebody on this forum talked me out of that benediction spec. Is this too many holy priests for one group? I never leveled disc but I'm very tempted to build that up and try it in raid because of the unique play style. Is it worth it or am I grasping at straws/ uselessly worrying. My only fear trying to main disc is that I have 3 legendaries already so it's not likely I'll get more that fast... also if anyone feels like critiquing my current holy playstyle I am always willing to learn. I'm not embarassed to admit I'm not great. But there isn't a clear cut path to success here so I'll take any and all lessons as they come. Please be gentle. There is a human on the other side of this keyboard. LolHolydonut8 1d
1d Out healed by DK's So I just got out of a +12 EoA and I was constantly fighting with the tank for most healing done, even on boss fights...... is this normal? :cKraed13 1d
1d mind sear relics & traits I am just wonder why there is still a "Increase damage done by Mind Sear by 15%" trait and the increase mind sear damage relics when mind sear is not in the game? Getting those relics makes it completely useless and just waste a piece of gear. Also the mind sear damage trait should be replaced by something else because like the relic is is useless and there could be something else worth putting your points in.Blesedbertha2 1d
1d Holy Priest PvP Been thinking about getting into PvP to open up the game for myself more and getting the artifact skin. Was wondering where I should start as far as guides/videos. What pvp gear do I need to start off with? Does unlocking all of the pvp talents take a long time? Is Holy even viable in PvP??? Thanks for any input.Nagasis11 1d
1d Shadow Mage I understand that many will not agree with me, but i feel like this needs to be where spriests should go in the future. Blizzard has created a whole new class within a class. This new old god themed spriest is an awesome fantasy and i LOVE it!!! Its like playing a cultist or a shadow mage and i absolutely adore that style of fantasy. Unfortunately, Blizzard seems to be having a hard time figuring out what to do with spriests when it comes to single target/multi target scenarios. I believe they want us to be able to change our talents to "specialize" in one of these areas depending on the encounter, but with all the different variables when it comes to balancing classes.... we will always be good at one thing a mediocre at the other. I would love to see Blizzard remove Shadow as a priest spec and replace it with a ranged holy dps spec or another healing spec. Spriests would now become their own class called a shadow mage or a cultist. They would have 2 or 3 specs to choose from. Maybe theybcould be the first cloth wearing tank? Or maybe just one spec focused on dorect dmg and the other on DoTs? On a side note...our class mount doesnt resemble anything old god at all.... its just purple when you're speced shadow. I feel we deserve an awesome oldngod themed mount to go with our amazing new clas.... spec fantasy.Revstein11 1d
1d Shackle Evil Right now Shackle undead is not really useful in many situations at all, and in legion there's going to be a LOT of demons. I think it would let the move finally shine if it's demons, undeads, and aberation, just like a paladin's turn evil was changed from it's orginal turn undead. It's not like it would be overpowered either, it would just go from so rarely used to sometimes used.Velley6 1d
2d About the new Prayer of Healing ...Am I the only one that doesn't like it's now based on proximity rather than priority? I mean I can see its uses, but the change makes it a lot more annoying and reliant on coordination and positioning, I'm starting to miss when it was limited to party members =/Gardie0 2d
2d Enduring Renewal / Body and Mind synergy Hello fellow priests! So I was changing some talents, making some build tests and I realize that Body and Mind does not trigget Enduring Renewal. Body and Mind is a single target healing spell, so it should work the same way as Heal or Flash Heal, right? I didn't find any other threads about this and since my region forum (Brazilian) is dead, I'm looking for answers here. I've made a topic about this in MMO-Champ's forum and someone pointed out that Enduring Renewal could only be triggered by direct single target heal and Body and Mind applies a HoT. Binding Heal, which I don't consider a direct >single< target heal, does trigger Enduring Renewal. And Prayer of Mending's heal does not trigger it. So am I out of my mind or does this talent need some more design love? Thanks in advance!Sadraque1 2d
2d Glyph of Leap of Faith This was my favorite glyph. It made Leap of Faith pull you to your target, rather than pulling your target to you. With Priest having such pitiful mobility, we could really use it back in the game again -- and I'm quite upset that it was removed from Shadow's spell list entirely.Renascia3 2d
2d Tier 20 Set Hey all,I recently recognied that the tint that is similar to dark tier 6 tint is just for horde and its so bad because of being an alliance and please make that tint for heroic or even normal but not LFR because it too much for LFR and make our cries for new models worth But please make us priests happy and thank you all for reading this.Mohamount5 2d
2d Rate the Priest Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Nocturna219 2d
2d Holy 2-piece/4-piece Set bonuses At what point do we forego ilvl or secondary stats for set bonuses? ThanksPoms0 2d
2d Mind flay question. Just a quick question for the experienced spriests out there. Do you guys cancel mind flay whenever vb is off cooldown? Or do you wait until mind flay has finished it's course? I cancel it as soon as vb is up but I'm not sure if that's what I need to do. H2P states the rotations should be vb>mb>filler>vb>filler>filler. I believe. But vb refreshes way faster than the cast of a single mind flay for me usually. So I guess I'm confused on what they mean.. I could have it totally wrong. My single target usually tops out at 320k on st, with my gear I feel that to be a little weak. I know without numbers to show you guys you can't really give solid advice. Any advice on the rotation would be great. Especially on bosses with a lot of moving around mechanics. Those bosses just drop my dps into 200k region. Super pathetic :/Trìage5 2d
2d What are the basics of disc? It's such an odd spec. My disc is level 58 right now but I seems so uncomfortable to play. Sometimes when the entire group is being damaged I panic since I'm not sure where all my healing is supposed to come from. Do I just atonement everyone and start smiting?Mancleave8 2d
2d When wiping on a ST boss.. Does anyone choose Fortress of the Mind over Twist of Fate? Say.. Krosus, Trilliax, maybe Star guy with little overall adds. If the group is working on just trying to get the boss into execute range FotM must be a better option. It is kind of manipulating your DPS to be spread throughout the fight instead of execute loaded, although probably lower on a kill,... but it makes your meters better on most wipes? Thoughts on this? Also, I have the legendary belt - does that make FotM measurably better than without?Demodred3 2d