Jan 4 Shadow PvP: Legion Season 4 Last Updated: 01JUL17 A special thanks to Lárisa-MoonGuard for reminding me that people enjoy this guide and I should update it. Note: I am a Lv110 Panda. My avatar is showing a Lv85 Goblin silhouette which won't change, and I don't know why. Welcome to Legion 7.2.5 Shadow PvP! I will try to focus on Shadow Priest PvP, and only briefly touch on the Legion PvP system. Sources are listed below the head of each section when applicable. The Legion 7.2.5 conversation begins on page 22, post 2. Please keep in mind that the best math and simulations to produce the most accurate numbers, and what talents should produce the best results can never be 100% accurate. Every situation is different, so please keep an open mind. This is a broad guide meant as a foundation to build upon. I encourage open dialog and discussions with professional debating, to better help one another. 1) Prestige System 2) PvP Templates 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? 4) Regular Talents 5) Honor Talents 6) Artifact Choices 7) Rated Rewards 8) Honor Rewards 9) Other 1) Prestige System The new “Prestige System” was designed to reward AP, gold, and unique rewards. During your climb to Prestige 1, you earn special PvP talents and the amount of honor needed is half of all other Prestige Rank. You start at Honor Rank 1 and can progress to Honor Rank 50, before "prestiging" to the next Prestige Rank. The higher you climb, the more PVP talents become available. (We’ll cover each talent further down). When you earn Honor Rank 50, you automatically rollover to the next Prestige Rank and Honor level 0. You do not lose any earned talents. You will earn an achievement, a reward, and a specialized icon next to your name in any Battleground or Arena. These Honor Talents make a massive difference in your gameplay and were intended to replace set bonuses. 2) PvP Templates To avoid a wide margin in gear as we have constantly seen in the past, a “Template” system was developed. Each Spec/Class has predetermined stats and values. The basic idea is that everyone has their gear adjusted to iLv900, and for each item level above iLv900, you will gain 0.1%. As an example if you have an item level of iLv920, when you enter you will get a 2% boost to your stats. All that matters are the item level in each slot and nothing else. You will see a buff when within instanced PvP called "Principles of War" that also explains this. These templates DO NOT apply in World PvP. 3) Gear, enchants, trinkets, and bonuses? Concerning itemization. Remembering what we just covered, the only thing that matters within instanced PvP is the item level in each slot since your stats will be adjusted to predetermined values and enhance your item level. As an example, you might catch me wearing my PvP outfit which is a hot mess of random items that increase my item level to iLV923, some of the item ungemmed and unenchanted. But when I run my weekly mythics, I use a proper set of balanced stats that is iLv915. Enchants do not work. Equip bonuses do not work. Trinket functions do not work. And any type of bonus from gear does not work (such as [item= 137419]). This was to try and keep everyone in line with one another. In the past certain enchants, and especially trinkets, gave certain Class/Spec a massive advantage. 4) Regular Talents Tier 1: [Twist of Fate] comes out on top for damage every time. [Fortress of the Mind] is sub par in comparison to ToF, especially since MF is only a filler spell that is rarely cast to completion. [SW: Void] will allow you to enter quickly or maintain Void Form longer, but is another additional ability to use and doesn't compare to ToF. Recommend: Twist of Fate. Tier 2: [Mania] is generally useless because you are almost always perma-snared, which completely neuters this ability. [Body and Soul] is extremely useful because we are constantly casting PW:S, it is a good gap closer/opener that doesn’t require enemy combat, and is instant cast. [Masochism] is more for leveling and questing. Shadow Mend has a fairly high cost, only allowing us five uninterrupted casts. Although turning the post cast DoT into a HoT and reducing all damage by 10% for the HoT duration, it doesn’t do as well utility wise as [Body and Soul]. It should be noted that the DoT from [Masochism] falls off if you break combat, does stack the more you cast Shadow Mend, and is not applied out of combat. The HoT from [Masochism] stacks the more you cast Shadow Mend, remains in or out of combat, and most important is dispellable (and can be Spell Steal by a Mage). Recommend: Body and Soul. Tier 3: [Mind Bomb] replaces Psychic Scream and does a great job for control with its short cooldown, AoE application, and can be instant cast at range. [Psychic Voice] does well in certain situation in which enemies are tightly packed and don’t have a way to easily break fear (generally Arenas against non-melee heavy teams). [Dominate Mind] is useless as it does not work in PvP. Recommended: Mind Bomb. Tier 4: [Lingering Insanity] is almost always the #1 choice, which lets us maintain high amount of Haste. Do not use if you choose the honor talent [Edge of Insanity]. [Reaper of Souls] is a great ability that aligns with the honor talent [Last Word] flawlessly, allowing SW:D to activate at 35% enemy HP, which means you can double silence when they are in that range. [Void Ray] isn’t worth discussing as it is very rare to cast a full duration Mind Flay, coupled with the stacks falling off very quickly. Recommended: Lingering Insanity. Tier 5: [San’layn] is a good talent for smaller fights, like arenas. [Auspicious Spirits] is not worth taking since our template gives us <20% Crit. [Shadowy Insight] is a great choice for larger fights like RBGs, since casting SW:P off the back of VT with the Tier 6 talent [Misery) gives us many MB instant cast procs. This allows us mobility and great Insanity generation. Recommended: Shadowy Insight. Tier 6: [Power Infusion] is only taken in Arenas when the enemy team doesn't have a member that can dispell, purge, or steal it. [Misery] is the best talent for RBGs and Arenas as it lets you cast your DoTs very quickly, and recast them quickly if dispelled. This allows more procs from [Shadow Insight] and healing from VT. [Mind Bender] can be a useful ability, but is usually taken by Discipline Priests (when chosen). The issue with this ability is the Mindbender pet is susceptible to CC (fear, stun, etc). And if it is not attacking an enemy, it is doing nothing for you. Recommended: Misery Tier 7: [Legacy of the Void] is the most chosen ability as it allows us to enter Void Form earlier and more often and grants an additional 5% damage while in VF. This keeps Void Form more active at +25% amage, more access to Void Bolt (and Void Torrent if you can cast it freely), and more reliable stacks of Lingering Insanity. [Shadow Crash] is only taken when the honor talent [Edge of Insanity] is taken. [Surrender to Madness] is never taken due to how difficult it is to keep VF up in PvP coupled with a long cooldown. Recommended: Legacy of the Void. Honor Talents Tier 1: [Gladiator's Medallion] Crowd Control break ability on a 2 minute CD. [Adaption] Auto-Crowd Control break ability on a 1 minute CD. The problem with this is a smart player with spammable CC (Ex. Sap or Polymorph) will get this to proc by using their CC ability twice, and then open on you. [Relentless] All CC reduced by 20%. Recommended: Gladiator's Medallion. Tier 2: [Train of Thought] Not worth taking. You will always be taking damage as a Shadow Priest. [Mind Quickening] Great talent as more Haste is more success. [Initiation] Not really worth taking since our crit is low on our template. Recommended: Mind Quickening Tier 3: [Void Shield] Not worth taking anymore since the change in 7.2.5 to VT, SL, FE (etc). [Pure Shadow] Increases your Dispersion to 95% damage reduction during its duration and stops insanity drain for 6 seconds afterwards. Great choice for survivability and/or maintaining VF longer. [Fleeting Embrace] Since the change to this in 7.2.5, it isn't even close in ability to PS. Recommended: Pure Shadow Tier 4: [Driven to Madness] Great talent, but doesn't compare to the other two because Instant VF or EoF build is stronger than rapid Insanity generation. [Void Origins] This is the most common ability chosen to get into VF instantly. [Edge of Insanity] A good ability but requires a completely different set of Talents, Honor Talents, and game play style. (Will try and discuss this build below). Recommended: Void Origins Tier 5: [Mind Trauma] Steals Haste from your enemy per one complete cast of Mind Flay. That part in bold is why this ability is terrible and not worth taking. We rarely complete a MF cast because it is filler and we are constantly CCed or interrupted. [Shadow Mania] Good talent for Insanity generation, especially in large group fights like an RBG. [Psychic Link] With the aforementioned talent [Misery] and {Shadowy Insight], we can deal a lot of Mind Blast damage, and then have 30% of it hit everyone around us. Recommended: SM for Arena and PL for RBGs. Tier 6: [Psyfiend] Amazing ability to deal 15% HP of your enemy and inflict a -50% healing debuff. The major con about this ability is it has 10 HP and can be easily one shot, but cannot be targeted with macros. Used in conjunction with the talent [Lingering Insanity]. [Last Word] great way to destroy a healer who IS NOT on the silence DR for blanket silences. But it will still act as an interrupt if you catch them while casting. This ability is taken with the talent [Reaper of Souls]. [Void Shift] Generally Arena use only as a quick fix to being mongo-bursted by melee. Recommended: - Psyfiend if you are the only Shadow Priest in RBGs. - Last Word if you are one of two Shadow Priests in RBGs. - Void Shift if you are doing arenas against melee mongo keyboard facerollers. <More to come> Grand Marshal Merrik Hero, Guardian, Defender, and Soldier of the Alliance Prestige 15, The Unrelenting The Bloodthirsty, Lord of War Justicar, Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous Warbound, Original Rank 13 Field Marshal Shadow since Beta & 94% of all PvP AchievementsMerrik425 Jan 4
Apr 11 Larisa's Holy BG/RBG Guide 7.3.5 ---Introduction--- Hi there. I’m Larisa, and I’ve been doing a lot of Holy PVP lately. It’s definitely the classic Priest heal spec this expansion, and its enjoyable and a bit more easy to play than Discipline to it’s fullest- Not to mention a lot more potent. If you’re looking to get into PVP, or looking for a break to try something new, this’ll be the guide for you. I’ve been prestige 21 a while, and have earned most of those levels through playing this spec. Holy is a bit more open to what talents to run in a battleground setting than Discipline is, and it really shows. Below I’m going to be listing the different talents, what they synergize with and where they shine best, as well as where they would be a poor choice to take. I’ll occasionally touch on the Arena setting, but this focuses more on a general battleground or RBG setting. 1 - Talents 2 - The 75 Synergy 3 - Artifact Traits to Keep In Mind 4 - Rotation 5 - General Information & Useful Tips 6 - Macros & Addons ---Talents--- ---PVE--- 15: ... Trail of Light and Enlightenment are both very useful options. I almost always run Trail of Light personally, but Enlightenment is fine if you aren’t good at keeping track of who your ToL target is. Enlightenment is also the go-to should you run Binding Heal, as ToL becomes pointless. Enduring Renewal is not necessary and a bit of a waste in all regards. 30: ... This row all comes down to personal preference. When I solo heal battlegrounds I tend to make use of Perseverance, to make myself that much tankier. In RBGs you should most always run Angelic Feather as the other two healers will keep you up, and the movement speed is much more important. Body and Mind is not horrible, but generally AF does the job better as you aren’t needing the speed boost every 10 seconds for minutes on end. 45: ... Censure is useful in maps like Battle for Gilneas, either of the 40 mans, Strand of the Ancients, and can honestly be used in any map in a random or low rated. Shining Force is very handy for knockoffs at BS or LM in Arathi Basin, roof defense in WSG (Or TP), and of course very very strong in EOTS (Less so in rated, but still the go-to talent for the map). Afterlife is useful in randoms where you’re solo healing and know you’ll die in the teamfight, I.E. Battle for Gilneas, Temple of Kotmogu, maybe SSMs (If you’re solo healing, you should probably take it regardless). It becomes much more useful with an addon to track the rez timer, so you can almost always heal and then end it right when you will rez. Afterlife is not as useful in rated though do to the static 25 second rez timer unfortunately. 60: ... Light of the Naaru always. 75: ... This row is the one that specs are built around. Each of the 3 talents can change how you’re played pretty significantly compared to any other talent you’ll chose. I’ll go a bit more into detail down the line, but it ends up coming down to personal preference (In rated, you’ll chose the talent- and therefore build- to best suit the situation you’ll be put in). 90: ... Divinity is most always taken. The other two simply don’t compare in battleground PVP. 100: ... Apotheosis is a very strong talent for solo healing and should most always be taken in situations where you will find yourself solo healing. Benediction is great for teamfight maps (SSM, BFG, ToK and to an extent WSG) as it saves you plenty of mana with the auto-renew, and does a nice bit of passive healing. ---PVP--- R1: ... Up to personal preference or racial choice. For instance as a human, against teams with plenty of stuns I run Relentless to minimize the amount of time I’m spent out of the fight, and use my racial to break out of one whenever someone absolutely needs me. As undead, I almost always run Medallion. Rarely do I run Adaption in random BGs as, honestly, it is too often broken by rogues sapping you before the fight even starts. R2: ... Defender you’ll find stronger against rot heavy teams. This means that the majority of their damage will be from dots, and spread across your whole team. The extra cast speed is very useful, but you’ll find yourself ooming faster. Works well paired with Benediction as it makes renew tick faster. You can make this work solo healing if the enemy is lacking in ranged interrupts. Vim & Vigor is stronger against melee or single target burst heavy teams. The less spread pressure generally means you’ll have significant uptime, and in this situation it far outshines Defender. Never run V&V in solo heal situations (Be it you’re the only healer in the battleground, or the only healer assigned to defense/offense in an RBG setting), as you’ll not be able to make use of it. Inner Focus is very strong in solo heal situations. Generally this is the talent I find myself taking when I’m put on defense with nothing but the tank (or maybe a DPS), as sometimes you simply can’t waste time juking. The guaranteed crit is also especially nice if you can get it to proc on Serenity, but don’t force it. R3: ... Holy Ward is what I always run. The other two might have their merits and if someone can point out to me a situation where they’d be better in a BG/RBG setting I will amend this section, but as it stands it’s simply more powerful, especially in solo healing situations. A 30 second cooldown, 30 second buff to consume the next crowd control effect you receive. Even at 2.1k, rarely do shamans/priests on the enemy team take the time to dispel this off of me. If you can dispel it off of the enemy priests though, without pushing in too far, do so. It helps quite a bit. R4: ... I switch between HC and GF depending on the enemy team comp. Against a more melee or single target enemy, GF will be much more handy for when they finally decide to switch to you. Against comps ample with mages, druids, spriests, warlocks or hunters HC shines. A kick is nothing more than a second delay most situations, and you’re right back to casting. HC is what you should take if you find you’re bad at juking, even in situations where a better player would take GF. If the enemy team finds you don’t spend time juking, they’ll simply make you eat all of their interrupts. (Some people will tell you to “get good”, but trust me- Trying to juke 5-6 6 second interrupts on the enemy team is near impossible and will do more harm than good. Healing is already an uphill battle in Legion, and you shouldn’t let people get you down just because of the way the game works). R5: ... Rapid Mending 80% of the time. The instant, unstoppable healing you do (especially combined with Benediction) is a major boon to your team. Even when solo healing, it’s not usually a bad idea to take. Miracle Worker is what I take in conjunction with Apotheosis should I find myself in a poor solo heal situation, and only in RBGs. (An example would be when I’m sent with 1 dps to spin the flag at Blacksmith, or I’m alone on defense with the tank in CTF. In these situations, instant prayer of mending isn’t going to help you at all). Greater Heal is pretty good to take when you use Binding Heal, for a stronger singular focused heal to cast when needed. R6: ... To a fresh priest, the first two might seem like pretty good options. This unfortunately isn’t the case. Ray of Hope is always- *always*- the best option to take on this row in BGs and RBGs. Redeemer sees a lot of use in arena, but denies you any healing after you die in BGs, which generally happens a lot. Try to save your Ray for when someone gets low, or if you’re astute you can Ray someone with the 50% mortal strike effect from warriors/rogues/priests, and heal them after they end (Most shouldn’t last more than 4 seconds, and Ray is 6- And normally applied after the MS effect was). (Recently RoH was nerfed to only buff the casting priest's healing by 50% for it's duration- It just works as a delay for all other healers. It is still unequivocally the best talent for RBGs and BGs.) ---The 75 Synergy--- The 75 row is the heart of a lot of holy priest builds in both PVP and PVE. a lot of the time what you take on this row will influence heavily what you take on many other rows, and so it’s important to know when to use what, or what to use with what you take here. It’s important to point out that, aside from a few situations, this row really comes to personal preference in PVP. Take what you enjoy best. --Surge of Light-- Very good to get out unstoppable healing, as well as saving mana. You’ll always take this with Apotheosis (But you don’t always need to take Apotheosis if you have this- It isn’t mutually exclusive). Good talents to run with Surge of Light tend to be : Trail of Light Apotheosis Miracle Worker (MW isn’t as important however- I normally run SoL with Rapid Mending in RBGs myself, again except in solo heal situations). --Binding Heal-- BH shines against rot comps, but is still strong in any map where you’ll be teamfighting often. The biggest benefit out of BH is that you’ll almost never oom, unless you stay in a fight for 6+ minutes straight. If you find yourself in a solo heal situation, it does tend to fall a bit flat. Good talents to run with Binding Heal tend to be : Enlightenment Perseverance (Dots basically won’t matter unless you get focused!) Benediction Rapid Mending OR Greater Heal (Lean towards RM on maps like BFG, EOTS, or SSM. GH on maps like AB, DWG, ToK).. --Piety-- This tends to be a more hands-on playstyle than Binding Heal, though not as inclusive as Surge of Light. Having much more uptime on HW:Sanctify means you need to be aware of your teamates exact location, rather than just if they’re close by you. (You won’t normally have HW:S up often w/o this talent as you shouldn’t be spamming Prayer of Healing in battlegrounds aside from very rare situations). Good talents to take with Piety tend to be: Trail of Light OR Enlightenment (leaning towards Enlightenment) Benediction (Actually, don’t run piety without this) Rapid Mending (Again, don’t run piety without this).Larisa13 Apr 11
1h Shadow PvP: Please Contribute Morning everyone. I'm compiling a list of both "Good" and "Bad" with Shadow Priests in PvP. Then I will take all input, compile it, and post it to the proper forums in hopes a Blue sees it and takes our feedback into account before the 8.1 Shadow Priest rework. For now I'm going to focus on the (bad) issues surrounding us (my time is limited to cover both atm). Please limit yourselves from comparing us to other Class/Specs unless there is something substantial. Also if you find errors in my math, please let me know If you need by background (PvP resume), it will be at the bottom. Some people seem to demand this for whatever reason. Normal Talents Tier 1, Level 15 a. Shadow Word: Void - Choosing this talent only increases our damage from Mind Blast by ~9% and increases the recharge time by 1 second outside of Void Form, but then reduces it by 1 second baseline while in VF. b. If we have to choose between this and the other two, this would be my last choice. There is no benefit. c. Possible solution: Increases the damage from Mind Blast to SW: Void by 125% to 150%. (Ex. MB = 1,712, SW:V = 2,140 to 2,568). Tier 2, Level 30 a. Why is our Vampiric Embrace healing talent San'layn on a row that is about movement speed? b. Possible Solution: Remove San'layan from this row and replace it with a movement talent. Since the other two are on demand or passive, make this one about Root/Snare breaks. c. Mania is more a PvE Talent imo, but since we don't maintain high stacks of insanity for long periods of time as we did in Legion. Lacking Call to the Void with Lash of Insanity (Void Tendrils), Auspicious Spirits (if talented) coming from VT 60% baseline, and Void Torrent which are now gone (sans VT talent in the 6th Tier), I believe the speed increase should be higher than 35%. Tier 3, Level 45 a. Misery is the go-to PvP talent in this row, but losing Twist of Fate by putting them on the same row was terribly painful. Not to mention it is now 10% versus the old 20%. b. Possible Solution: Make ToF baseline and replace it with a new talent to get our DoTs out faster. Maybe something that has X% to spread to a nearby enemy within <10 yards. c. No comment on Dark Void. I can only see this useful in tight bottleneck maps like Hotmogu and Silvershard, or the center of EotS. Giving up Misery for this would likely be shooting yourself in the foot. Tier 4, Level 60 a. I love it. Last Word for PvE (anyone remember Mythic+ Medivh?), Mind Bomb is now a Disorient, and Psychic Horror is a stun so it doesn't DR our VT Horrify. Tier 5, Level 75 a. I'm baffled by why we lost SW:Death baseline. Furthermore, AS production got reduced by 60% baseline from VT losing it via Unleash the Shadows, and Shadow Crash would be fine here if it did more damage. It is softest hitting spell I can find per target, even if it is AoE. Only beneficial in large packs, plus low Insanity generation. b. Possible Solutions: Have SA proc based on a X% chance of SW:P dealing damage, maybe 50% or add VT into it and make it 25% per SW:P and VT tiks, totaling 50%. This comes at the risk of not maintain DoT uptime properly. My crit right now is roughly 42% chance in iLv246/973 gear. This will help alleviate low crit Shadow Priests, unless the end game will be Crit > everything else. --- Give us back SW: Death baseline but only one charge that does 150% of the combined two charges. So instead of two charges at 2,308 per, make it one charge at 3,462. Replace it with some type of damage dealing and insanity generating ability. Maybe bringing the Void Tendrils back in this slot would be a good idea. --- Also increase Shadow Crash damage and/or reduce the CD to 15 seconds and/or increase Insanity regeneration. Tier 6, Level 90 a. With VF only giving 0.5% Haste per second and Lingering Insanity giving 1% haste lost per 2 seconds, it seems like a wash. But since it is harder to maintain longer VFs (especially with the CC train), there's no point in taking this talent in PvP. It makes more sense to take Mindbender to get in and/or maintain VF, with the risk of it being CCed. b. Give us back Void Torrent baseline. This was a poor design choice. c. Possible Solution: Give us back Void Torrent baseline and replace it with something to maintain our haste as the other two abilities in this Tier provide. Perhaps an on demand +Insanity ability with a fair cooldown. Tier 7, Level 100 a. Legacy of the Void should lose the Void Eruption 40% and gain back it's +X% damage bonus. Revert it to how it was. (More on Eruption later). b. Dark Ascension increase the range to at least 15 yards. c. S2M, I almost like it but the 30 second "no insanity" is far too great a downside to choose this as a talent. We no longer have Mass Hysteria to feed S2M, so the ability took a double hit. I think this just needs more refining. Not that anyone would take this in high rated PvP anyway, due to CC. Other Thoughts (then Honor Talents) 1) PLEASE make Void Eruption instant cast baseline for everyone. We have to spend so much time building up the insanity to enter Void Form, then spend 1.8 seconds (or 1.1 talented via LotV) to erupt. We put so much effort and time into generating insanity, that VF that we shouldn't have a cast time. 2) PLEASE add the 10% physical damage reduction to Void Form. I don't know if a lot of people realize this, but when we shift from Shadowform to Void Form, we lose our 10% physical damage reduction. Not everything a Shadow Priest does should come at a cost. 3) PLEASE make Dispersion 90% damage reductiom and add back the 50% healing baseline at a minimum. It would be nice to have a speed increase with it too, because if we are using this defensively, we need an out. Being Cycloned, Stunned, Caged, etc. the moment we pop this generally delays the inevitable. And the way it is now, if you do not have a healer, you are guaranteed dead. It already comes with the drawback of not being able to cast, and when the healing portion did exist, a Cyclone or DH Cage would stop the healing. 4) PLEASE make our Shadow Mend not hurt us. We lost Masochism which was one thing, but as the true casters of the Void, we shouldn't suffer backlash from it if we cast it on ourselves. Leave the backlash to Holy and Disc Priests. Especially since we can only cast 4 consecutive SM's totaling 9% total HP for each cast (non crit) with the severe risk of being Shadow school locked. And it takes about 23 seconds to get back to full mana assuming we do not cast another SM or MD. This desperately needs help. Honor Talents The biggest issue is we are forced to take Pure Shadow and Void Origins, leaving only one slot for a PvP talent. See below. 1) Pure Shadow: As mentioned, Dispersion should be 90% damage reduction with our 50% heal back baseline. 2) Void Origins: This should be baseline for all Shadow Priests since it takes awhile to build up Insanity (even without CC chained on you) to enter Voidform, only to be easily locked from entering it. If those two changes were made, then we could choose from the other talents to choose from to be viable in competitive PvP. From there, we could replace Pure Shadow with abilities that affect Dispersion, like a Sprint or CC duration reduction while in Dispersion. And Void Origins could be replaced with a talent that reduces Magic Damage by 10% while in Shadowform and Void Form (just ideas to work off of). That's it for now. Please add your thoughts and I will compile them into a proper list for Blizzard before the 8.1 Shadow Priest rework. Thank you. Merrick's Background Original Rank 13 Warlord Hero of the Horde, High Warlord Bloodthirsty (330,219 HKs) Battlemaster, Khan, Gorgeous, Warbound, Conqueror Lord of War (As Shadow) Guardian, Defender, Soldier Prestige 23, now Honor 128. Legion Elite Seasons 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 222/259 PvP Achievements #1 Sticky on the Official WoW Priest Boards for Shadow PvP since Jan, 2011 --- Missing some Seething Shore, some Arena, and all BFA) --- Not a huge Arena Player (Again I only put this since those without a background in what is discussed are generally down voted. I prefer to keep quiet and off the radar)Merrick13 1h
3h Disc Priest is now EZMode I was actually enjoying my disc priest because it was balanced. It wasn't too easy, nor too wasn't weak or overpowered. Now that we are in the wake of an update, they've made it too easy to play. All of the iwin boys and girls are now playing my once exclusive class! Why do blizzard have so much trouble with balancing classes? Seems like every update there's a class(es) that is more overpowered than the rest and everyone seems to gravitate toward that class.Ðâwn8 3h
4h Discipline Arena / PvP Feedback Before I go into this, I'll start off by saying I'm a 2300 experienced Discipline priest. I've been 2.2 multiple seasons throughout Legion (so my experience is recent), and I've helped other people earn their 2k's, as well as taught other priests. I am no mythic raider. I'm a heroic raider. So I'm sure mythic raiders will have more knowledge than I involving pve, so I will leave that feedback to them, and simply discuss arena / pvp feedback. In truth, Discipline's direction in BFA is both solid, and concerning. How's that work? Well, it's solid because Discipline has been Blizzard's problem child involving a spec throughout most of the history of the specialization. They didn't know what they wanted to do with it, and it showed. MoP was a very different iteration than WoD, and WoD very different than Legion, just using some basic examples. In BFA, we're going into the expansion with a similar idea as Legion, and it shows through the playstyle. It feels refined a bit, and sleeker. However - now the concerning parts. We have two major problems involving the spec at the moment, both of them revolving around the CD management, and usage in an arena and pvp setting. The GCD changes are a primary culprit of this, but then there's something else that I realized today in my testing that I disagree with heavily. First, we'll discuss the GCD changes. In the current state of the game (which we've been told is what we'll have minus a couple of specs and some tuning) certain specs are hitting incredibly hard. Which isn't a problem in a lot of cases, but there are some outliers. And in the arena realm of things, those specs have now come out of the woodwork, a good example being assassination rogues. The GCD changes have put all defensive cooldowns on the GCD except for Pain Suppression. Rapture, Barrier, and Archangel (honor talent) are now all on the GCD, and when countering enemy burst, this becomes incredibly problematic when you factor in proper set-ups. A good team will set-up properly on a healer. If it's a rogue, trinketing the kidney (if he hasn't blinded yet) isn't a good idea yet. By the time you come out of this kidney though, with how much damage people are pulling, even if you go for the CD immediately, you're in the danger zone, and recovering is almost impossible. Penancing while in rapture isn't a good idea because it wastes the CD if you get kicked. And Power Word Shield is good for walling throughout the duration of an enemy go, but once it runs out, if you get kicked on shadow, you have a serious problem. Archangel being on the GCD as well follows into a similar problem where even if you get the CD off, you don't have a lot of answers. This leads into the discipline priest needing to be overly cautious, even more so than usual. Our entire point in arena teams has been the idea of reading things and reacting in a preventive manner. We're meant to stop the damage, and make it so we wall it so it's easier to deal with. When I play with my team, I coordinate their defensives, and my own. That way we never overlap, and we always have an answer. But discipline's answers take so long to enact now given the GCD changes in accordance with enemy set-ups, that chaining them together, or getting their proper synergy out of them has now changed extremely, and in general, feels awful. Secondly, we're going to discuss two tiers of talents. First, we'll talk about the Sins of the Many / Contrition / Shadow Covenant tier. Unless something massive has happened under the radar, and I don't know it, Shadow Covenant is still worthless. No one takes it. The healing absorption it puts on people, with the fact it doesn't apply atonement just isn't worth the tradeoff. Sins of the Many is good for something like arena, and Contrition is really nice for something like 5 mans. Shadow Covenant being absolutely worthless makes arena pickings boring though, and unfun. My suggestion is to remove Shadow Covenant entirely, and put Castigation on that talent tier. The reason is because Blizzard has made it clear they don't mind priests having Castigation and ToF (Twist of Fate) at the same time via the legendary ring. This combination is also good, and synergizes well for something like progression raiding, and gives the discipline priest active choices in multiple fields, leading to interesting synergies, and interesting talent choices for multiple choices of gameplay. So what about the top talent row then? I believe one of two choices would fit well. Either Cascade (from the MoP era) or Shadow Guise (also from the MoP era). Cascade (for people who remember) was a position dependent ability which resulted in a good amount of healing on a fair cooldown provided the priest put themself in a good spot, or picked someone to begin the chain who was also positioned well when discussing distance from other players. This lead to fun skillshots. Shadow Guise is the other skillshot I think that would work on the top talent row, and the reason for it is because of the arena / pvp potential (which is what this thread is revolving around) involving shadow guising a set-up properly. If you shadow guised at the right time, for example, the clone left behind would get kidney'd instead of you. This lead to very high skill cap, and intelligent plays. The second thing that's needing to be talked about is the discipline priest 100 tier talent row. On that row we have Lenience (3% damage reduc for targets with atonement), Luminous Barrier (PW:Barrier replacement) and Evangelism. 2/3 of these talents in a pvp setting when discussing arena are worthless. That being Lenience and Evangelism. However - here's the problem I was wanting to address. Luminous Barrier can be purged. This is a massive problem, as it makes the talent row worthless anytime you queue into either a shaman, priest, mage (spellsteal, arguably worse), demon hunter, or anything that's potentially a blood elf, due to the arcane torrent changes. That's a lot of people who can make this only-choice talent absolutely worthless, thus making it feel like the discipline priest doesn't even have a 100 tier talent going into an arena if the other team knows what they're doing. I know this isn't the arena forums, and I apologize if people found this overly wordy, but I felt the information was worth conveying. I hope people find this useful / helpful, and if Blizzard does come to these forums and manages a glance at this, I hope for words of encouragement involving either the state of the game and how tuning will be better, or possible ideas going forward. Cause as of right now, this just feels kinda bad and in a lot of ways, unfun. No class / spec should go into an arena and have an entire talent tier be virtually worthless, especially when it's the 100 tier.Shadina5 4h
4h Holy (im)Mobility, Batman! Am I missing something or have Holy Priest become plodding outside of the Angelic Feather, which I have never liked? I suppose that's why we can, um...why we can...PoM them before they go scampering off chasing the baddies... Has this proven problematic for anyone?Ouroborous3 4h
5h Mangazas Madness Just want to say spriest feels great imo. There is still room for improvement and the one thing id like to point out is how important having 3 charges of mind blast/shadowvoid is, really makes voidform feel complete. Lets get 3 charges baked into spriest before bfa launch!Freakazoid0 5h
6h For those who raid disc Who are you usually casting PW:S on prememptively to keep 3-5 atonement up during raids and actually having them be useful aside from the tank? Disc sounds super fun but I just feel it would be hard to anticipate who may be making a mistake and taking damage in a raid where you would then have to apply atonement instead of already having it on them. I don’t have any raid experience for disc but was just looking for some insight for people who have so I could see how they get the most out of who has atonement so they can heal most effectively.Somera3 6h
6h Disc V Holy V Shadow So did Blizzard just straight up hit solo questing players with a big " oh hey yeah !@#$ you guys"? Like with the nerf of schism that means discipline priest is basically back to a 3 or 4 button rotation(depending on if you use things like solace, which without schism isn't any more interesting), Holy actually went from a 4 button rotation down to a 3 with smite now having a chance to reduce holy fires duration and reducing chastises duration aswell, and shadow priest is the same 3 or 4 rotation. When i say "rotation" that's stretching the word thin as this "rotation" is "press 1 damage button and put it on CD then spam smite till the damage button is off CD, rinse and repeat". Personally i'm just crazy %^-*ing pissed about the schism thing, its so !@#$ing useless in questing now, its CD got quadrupled. I actually almost quit around level fifty because all 3 specs were the same boring button mashing until i re-talented into schism and solace, then they go and %^-* up schism.Saradomin1 6h
7h Shadow PvP Overall I like the new shadow priest design. Giving sp Psychic Horror back as a talent, and Leap of Faith back opens the class up for a lot of outplaying potential, which is amazing. There are a few problems I have with this spec in PvP though. I have only really played shadow in arena, so I don't know how it feels in bgs or world pvp. First, the cooldown on Psychic Scream is now 1 min. To me this feels really clunky and makes the game feel really slow. I'm not really sure why they increased the cd, its always been 30 seconds for shadow, and I didn't really think there was an issue with it. Second, Priests are VERY slow. Now with every class seeming to have some sort of crazy slow, the 40%, 3 second speed boost from power word: shield just isn't enough. I often feel like I spend half the match running to my fear target. For me an easy and amazing fix for this would be to have Fade remove movement impairing effects again. Third, dispersion seems really weak without the honor talent. Seriously 60% damage reduction? Feral wall is 50% and they have two charges. The only reason this wasn't that big of a deal in legion is because dispersion also healed for 50% due to artifact traits. Fixing this would be easy - either make disperse baseline heal, or revert it to pre-legion where it was 90% damage reduction. Lastly, Void Eruption breaks cc like crazy. This is something that can be avoided but its just something that makes the game feel clunky. Attacks that randomly do AoE dmg and randomly break cc aren't fun or good for PvP in my opinion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Sp in PvP, also let me know if you think my gripes with this spec seem valid.Aisperagonia16 7h
7h Disc BFA Question Hey guys, gonna try out disc for BFA. But did they just lose their dmg cds with the loss of artifact? Guess I don't get outside of the dot, smite, and penance, how they do dmg. (Mind bender too I guess, but no actual dmg CD?) 1 more, is there any AOE dmg spells I'm just not seeing? Thanks in advance!Nateshot1 7h
7h Healing addon question After years of using healbot I recently tried Clique with both the default blizzard frames and Grid. It worked fine except when I attempted to use the heal I had bound to right click brought up a drop down menu instead of casting. Having loot/legacy raid options appear over my raid frames was less than helpful. I assume there is an option somewhere to make this not happen? Do other healing addons have this issue?Brianara1 7h
7h Shadow Priest is dead. I am a fitly casual and my priest is only level 93. But I have played this game on and off since launch day and I do have 4 110s, so I’m not a total scrub. That said I can safely say Shadow Priest is in the worst place it has ever been. Clunky and slow. I didn’t think the rotation could get any worse, boy was I wrong. It just feels so off. YUCK!!! Oh and thanks Bliss for taking Masochism away from the Shadow Priest. We were so over powered with it. By the way the new Shadow Form looks like garbage. Thanks, have a good day!Kazroth44 7h
8h this new Shadowform .... this just gets worse with every iteration IMO. I would have been happier with the glitchy purple form, now we have far to much smoke, it looks really bad IMO. Could we please have our pre-legion Shadowform back?Rastfur55 8h
9h Current problem with shadow priests. Out side of numbers and playstyle shadow has a rather large problen. That's is to say why would you want a shadow priest in your dungion or raid group. There is really 0 reason to bring a shadow priest for any content they bring nothing to the table other then there damage that others bring to the table and they bring one or more of the below. They can kite. They can execute low health targets The provide blood lust/heroism They proved group movement They provide battle rea The one thing s priest did provide was heavy multi dot spread damage but that's been nerfed to the ground. Yay we bring fort but is that really enough to get a raid spot personaly I dont think so. So what's the point of lvling a spriest just like shamans that have little to no surviveablity just pray that blizzard gets it right in 8.1 honestly that's rough.Myrothis1 9h
9h Glyph of Angels Is this still a thing?Liltay0 9h
10h The shadow form effect is horrible! This effect of transparency is bothering me a lot, besides the energy that runs the body of the character is very polluted even using the glyph. My sight gets to get tired quickly with this new effect, it gives me a lot of discomfort very great if I stay in the specialization. The worst thing is that this transparency "blends" your character with the texture of the environment + the effects of fog, is very uncomfortable and ugly. Please return the solid character, or put a glyph with the Legion effect, I really can not play with my shadow priest.Arturyel33 10h
11h Disc BFA - Shadow Mend and Flash Heal I was planning on playing a disc in BFA and was wondering if Shadow Mend replaces Flash heal? Did it in Legion? Thanks!Slappy4 11h
12h Disc PvP - Burst heal I'm having some issue with burst healing in PvP. The shield spam only goes so far since it generally only stops about one hit. Don't get me wrong. With the 1.5 min+ CDs I can keep just about anyone up... especially myself. But then when they are on CD I can't seem to figure out a way to burst heal someone back to "safe" levels. I tend to just shield spam them waiting for my penance to come off CD which doesn't really net much overall health for the target since they are getting pummeled while I wait the 9 sec, sprinkling in casts when I'm not countered. Not a complaint thread. I like how disc pvp feels overall. I just want to improve in one of my favorite specs in the game! :) If anyone has found some good resources on disc pvp for pre-patch and beyond please post!Lyranna3 12h
12h Pre-Patch Disc How's everyone doing with it? I just did a arc 6 and it felt like hyper garbage. Either I'm undergeared or doing something wrong because I haven't seen much ill talk of disc. The only healing I could do was shadow mend spam or penance direct heal, everything else tickled.Discmain51 12h
13h Holy or Disc for New Healer + Dungeons TL;DR: Is holy or Disc best for dungeoning? No PvP or raiding done, either. I just like dungeons for leveling besides questing. Hi everyone, I am brand new to healing! I created this priest with the intention to go Shadow, but healed a player that I was questing with and fell in love instantly - just gives me good feelings overall. Anyway, I survived my first dungeon with blood pumping and heart racing fast. I have tons of respect for healers now; any who, I found on Icy Veins that they recommend Holy for newbies, but it seemed really difficult to keep anyone alive, I just kept spamming Flash Heal with the occasional Holy Word: Serenity once it cooled down. I luckily kept everyone alive, and nobody was close to death - but is discipline any easier for dungeons? I do not raid or PvP, and I don't know anything about add ons or macros, so I'm kind of out of luck with that portion of everything.Coreance8 13h
14h Bring spectral guise back Am I the only shadow priest that thinks we need spectral guise back? I feel like that would be a major survival tool. What do yous think?Vamptko4 14h
17h So.... Holy Priest.... So if i wanted to play holy priest and try to gear up the only thing that i see myself being able to do is low M+ keys and Raiding. im being given a bad impression of this spec in BFAJalani2 17h
17h disc last talent row....srssly LOL like really wtf blizz... the first one is useless to begin with and not sure why it is in the last tier at all...or any tier for that matter. Its about equivalent to what used to be a glyph. the second one in the row is the only viable option as I see it. Im sure the last one in the row could have a use....maybe, rarely...if at all Why is our last talent row complete garbage for choices. Throw prayer of mending in there so we can at least have a choiceMagicfingers7 17h
18h It's so nice to be back to playing Disc I've been a disc player since BC, I think. The first time I saw the Divine Spirit buff icon I knew I had to be the guy who was going to give that buff to the raid. (I still pine for it). But in Legion, I just couldn't. It just didn't feel like "disc" to me. I couldn't get a handle on anything that was going on, and no matter what I did I felt weak and ineffective. I know lots of people made it work, but I just couldn't. But with 8.0, I feel like disc is right back where I want it to be, and better than ever. I have holy nova baseline. I have a decently strong FWOOSH. I have bubbles I can spam to my heart's delight while zooming around the battlefield. Anybody else feel like BFA disc is a homecoming?Axebreaker15 18h
19h Shadow Form Effect Over the Top I've had my Shadow Priest for a long time and just started running her again after a hiatus from WOW. When I first created her and went to Shadow Form the effect was very subtle with a nice bluish color, slight smokey effect and my mount would be in Shadow Form as well. Blizzard then put a patch in that changed the color effect to a more purplish color, added more smoke to the effect and removed the Shadow Form effect from the mount. Now the Shadow Form is an even darker purple with even more smoke. Subtle is good but Over the Top is bad.Maymeena0 19h
19h Attonement Healing nerfed? I noticed a big difference in attonement healing since the patch. Just for leveling dungeons I'm having to use Shadowmend a lot (I'm currently leveling a 44 lightforged priest). I switch to holy and I noticed a huge difference, healing was so much easier. Offensive Penance barely moves ppls health bars. The shield gets eaten up almost instantly. I find spamming smite allows me to attonement heal longer than throwing in an offensive Penance at all because of the debuff smite gives. Is anyone else's experience similar? Is this the new Disc experience? Because if it is, I don't like it.Eschatul2 19h
20h So Excited for Priest I’m really excited to bring my OG main back as my main for BFA content. The changes to Disc, Holy, and Shadow have got me super excited for the live launch, and I finally feel at home on the Priest again after years of wandering from alt to alt testing things out. How are you guys feeling about Priest going into BFA?Myras1 20h
22h disc priest So I just did a mythic + 10 kara last night and I had so much trouble. I'm not saying anything bad about disc but I'm starting to think tanks take more dmg now or something. I've healed a few dungeons since bfa pre patch and every tank i've been with seems to be taking more dmg then the dps in the group. For example we were doing mythic + something kara couple of days ago and the tank seemed to have decent gear and he ended up dying because I couldn't keep him up. The shadow priest in the group ended up taking aggro and I some how managed to keep him alive.Rinheart17 22h
23h Shadow priest Is great. Thnx Shadow priest Is fantastic at the moment so I really dont understand why players are complaining. Maybe now it Is a Little bit slower but to be honest all the classes are slower now than legion. - We dont have that ugly damage ramp up anymore - Our aoe has improved alot - We got some utilities spells like fortitude - We got an adicional stun which Is nice. - Now we are able to nuke if we want. I dont want to be a freaking wannabe affliction Warlock! - We do not depend of void form to Excel which was the thing I hated the most. - Questing has improved alot I hope Blizzard does not change anything for some players who complained loudly. We are still very fun to play. At least We have More than 4 buttons to press.Mandrius22 23h
1d Best race? What’s the best race for a horde shadow priest that plans to do pve and pvp?Divinedeath3 1d
1d Do you agree? Bring back spectral guise!!! It will fix shadow priests.. anyone else agree???Vamptko1 1d
1d Naxxy pet with Shadowy Friends glyph? Anybody have a picture on what this looks like?Thorhammer0 1d
1d Halo/Divine Star target limit? I noticed earlier in a BG that Holy Nova seemed to do it's full healing to everyone around you (i.e. all 40 players in the starting area in Alterac Valley). Did Halo/Divine Star perhaps have their 5 target limit removed as well (or do they still do less healing beyond 5 targets)? Can't check right now but curious if anyone has tested this.Moringa3 1d
1d Vuhdo - Need Assistance Seeking aid from those experienced with using Vuhdo. (1) How do I set it so it does not show PW:S/Atonement from other priests? It was showing PW:S/Atonement cast by other priests in the BG I was playing earlier. (2) Also, how do I set bars to be "inactive" (like the out of range color) when the party/raid member is at full health. Currently, it is showing the same bar color whether they are full health or damaged for me (as long as they are within range). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.Moringa7 1d
1d Holy more difficult at level 34 Did todays patch re-balance to make lower level instances more challenging? I didn't see it in the patch notes...but dungeon healing at level 34 feels more difficult today (patch release). Even well geared tanks seem to be taking more damage, and my heals feel less effective. Yesterday I was breezing through content with my heirlooms and blues, and today I'm like tapping out on mana struggling to keep tanks alive on trash pulls. Or maybe its all psychological... patch day paranoia?Maile4 1d
1d Penance nerfed? My char has 25k right now yet my Penance spell does 438 healing 3 times when I use it offensively. Been a while since I played my disc priest but that seems low to me. Am I wrong?Eschdorii12 1d
1d Cool shadowform effect! I happen to actually like the shadowform effect, very coolDïn5 1d
1d PW: Blink twice if Vixie made you make this *blink* *blink* Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on Discord! Power Word: Discord info: Should orcs be given access to priests?Nixxia307 1d
1d BFA legendaries Is it true that legendary effects will still happen until level 115? What are some must-have legendaries for those first few levels in BFA? Can't decide what to spend my 1000 free WA's. I'm seriously considering the Holy cloak that revives you after Spirit of Redemption ends. How difficult are early BFA dungeons?Shaundel13 1d
1d Overpowered discipline Disc seems by leaps and bounds the most powerful healer right now but I do see some mana limitations. Does anyone think we will be nerfed?Jaewalk21 1d
1d How do you Penance? I only dabbled a little as disc in Legion but now finding myself really enjoying the plea removal and shields. I heal strictly with mouseover macros. I usually keep an enemy targeted at all times and heal with mouseover and then damage the enemy when I can. Every now and then I find myself needing to heal with penance. How do you guys do it? Do you just click on the friendly you want to penance and then tab target back to the enemy? Do you have a macro that helps with this? Thanks in advance.Jdpp11 1d
1d Voidform? Hey guys I posted this in general, but it might be more accessible here. On my priest I am not noticing the damage increase from voidform. My spells do the same damage out of voidform as they do in voidform. It says spell damage is increased by 10% but I am not seeing this on live. Can anyone else confirm?Caezstratha4 1d
1d Why is it still called Shadow? Just a question, we're very clearly Void Priests at this point, not shadow priests. Our shadowform is really no longer a shadowform but much more just showing we are splitting at the seems with void energies, we no longer have devouring plague, which was for awhile the last tenuous link to a death/vampire focused (this had a lot to do with gaining boons from hurting other's or taking from others like old vamp embrace that generated mana for your group, old baseline 10% leech, mana burn) shadow class fantasy versus a void priest one focused on madness and powered gained from peering into the void. I had always assumed the shadow name implied some link to the shadow lands. The Shadow Lands, the place where most people go first after they die in the WoW universe. Given current lore I do not believe the void has a link to the shadow lands, and if anything would view it as enemy territory as "death/Undeath" appears to be primed as a third malevolent force that scares both the light and the void. I believe the current theory was that death acts as an entropic force, the end of both light and dark energies. Not to imply I wouldn't rather see a return to old SP, and maybe in an effort to improve survivability maybe something that lets us side step into the shadow lands for a moment to run away or possition ourselves. In any case, ramble over, can we just be called void priests, I mean there didn't seem to be an issue changing the combat rogues to outlaw rogues, so why not?Skadus1 1d
1d Getting trained more than usual in BGs? I mean, I feel like the few times i try to throw a heal out I get swatted down by a melee death squad sent with the soul intent of shreking me 8 ways to Sunday. Since the patch they've had it out for us, or am I just paranoid I g2g, I think they're onto meAmbùlance9 1d
1d Contrition Anyone know if its intended for it to only proc when you target a friendly player with Penance? I figured it would be extra raid healing through Atonement, but I'm guessing it's supposed to give you the option of using Penance as a strong single target heal while not sacrificing your raid healing through Atonement if this is intended.Sufjan1 1d
1d Edge of Insanity Tooltip Mismatch? So I talented into the honor talent, Edge of Insanity, which says it should provide 20% damage reduction at 100 insanity when not in VF. But when I see the buff on my character at 100 insansity, it still shows the old edge of insanity buff and the old tooltip text, which says it grants 20% increased damage. What I want to know is whether the buff is providing the old damage increase or providing the new damage reduction and when will this tooltip be fixed to correctly display the correct buff?Linnithe3 1d
1d Spriest burst AOE How do you all feel about their current burst AOE? I'm not sure if it's a good representation but currently in heroics mobs die so fast that having our main AOE in 20 and 30 second cooldowns feels lackluster when other classes have it on demand? What are your thoughts?Iamrabbit11 1d
1d No weapon decided to level as shadow and when i changed my spec and learned how to use all my abilities i realized i didn't have a quest for the other artifacts? how am i supposed to be my spec without a weapon. Am I F~!@#$ till BFA?Datnicha5 1d
1d BFA leveling issues as shadowpriest? I'm a noob at priests, and while leveling in legion was hard (until I got the rotation down perfectly) - I could manage and I only died a couple times between 20 and 65. I logged on tonight and I've died 3 times and just logged off. Leveling in Northrend - I've come across mobs that hit for 2-3k a swing (I only have 6k health), and in just doing my opener I've run out of mana and the mob will still have like 75% of its health. How do you regen mana in combat in the next xpac? I assuming the mobs hitting for too much is a bug?Xaatrisa4 1d