3d Soul of the High Priest Stat Budget Has blizzard made any comment on why the stat budget for this ring is so low? Every other legendary ring i look at seems to have about 1.5k more secondary stats.Valdrasha4 3d
3d Shadow PvP Been hopping into arena skirmishes recently with my spriest, and 3s i do alright but 2s, holy lord pretty much stunlock silenced and dead in 30 seconds. is spriest just not a viable 2s spec anymore?Clemcy4 3d
4d Void Torrent usage question Greetings, was wondering about void torrent usage, mostly when to use it. All the how to play spriest guides ive read say to use void torrent immediately after going void form, i was wondering why? To my mind, it makes more sense to use it later into void form, for example the last 4 seconds of shadowfeind, for 2 reasons, firstly, its dmg scales with haste, at the end of shadowfiend we are at like 35-40 stacks. Secondly, when i use it for the last 4 seconds of shadowfiend i end up with a full insanity bar at the end of the channel. Obviously this wouldnt be ideal if you overcap on insanity due to shadowfiend as thats a waste, but you get the point, why use it so early where it does so little dmg and halts insanity drop while is basically doesnt move anyway? Thanks!Gâvel8 4d
4d Dropping Orbs in BG I have been doing the weekend BG (Temple of Kotmogu) and SOMEHOW i keep dropping the orb when i have it and i can not for the life of me figure out why? I know that using Spectral guide makes you drop it but what else that i am using makes me drop it? Is anyone else having this problem or what?Dizciple6 4d
4d Does Spriest bring anything to a raid? First mythic KJ kill had a priest, and method used one in many if not all fights Do priest bring anything aside from good dps? Im new to shadow priest so i honestly dont know. I dont think dispersion can cheese mechanics, and priests do have self heals but im not sure if they are worth anything to a raid ps: sorry for kinda misleading title, character limitTzhary8 4d
4d Log/DPS Help I just came back from a break and have been raiding on my shadow priest, and I used to parse in like the 90's, and since I've come back I've been hitting like the 60's to 70's. I'm pretty sure part of the problem is that my raid group is a lot more geared than I am so they pretty much instakill adds on fights like Harjatan in heroic so that severely limits my ability to push out more dps. But, having said that, I'm not hitting very high voidform stacks in each VF, I usually get somewhere between 49-54, which is on the lower side, but I'm not sure what I can do to get higher stacks. Here are some logs: I still don't have Mangazas or the shoulders, so I'm rocking the wrists/sephuz/helm/cloak. Thanks for any help!Hekait0 4d
4d Light's Wrath Bugged? Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue as me. I can click on the weapon but it eventually burns me down and I am unable to damage it or subdue it.Genësis45 4d
4d preist passes in player vs monster but i'd like to see some side effects for priest food and like some more halucaust preist fishing thank youHaneth2 4d
4d Holy Stats So. On my Priest, I have a ton of gear in my bags. I have 5 different sets of gear, based more by stat distribution as opposed to ilvl. though its almost all 880+. ANYWAY. I will list them as such: Set 1, 20% Crit - 10% Haste - 15% Versatility - 40% Mastery Set 2, 27% Crit/Haste - 25% Mastery with Star Map and Dreadstone of Endless Shadows (basically a slightly weaker Star Map) Set 3 22% Crit - 25% Haste - 8% Versatility - 26% Mastery And the other two sets are just all Versatility and MAstery, or nothing but Crit and mastery. Trinkets available: Velen's Future Sight Etraeus' Celestial Map Star Gate Dreadstone of Endless Shadow Aluriel's Mirror Charm of the Rising Tide Erratic Metronome. Legendaries: Velen's Future Sight Norgannon's Foresight Cord of Maiev, Priestess of the Moon I am looking for some advice and direct help. Not a link to Icyveins. Last time I went there, it dropped my healing. So I would prefer some actual help, if you can.Denestra22 4d
4d Which healing spec for random BG's? I might have titled my post "How is Holy for random BG's", since that's my preferred spec now. But I'm familiar for Discipline. Is one or the other significantly better for random battlegrounds?Karenthi9 4d
5d Darkmoon mana deck Worth it at this point if i can afford it?Nagasis14 5d
5d Dungeon Spriest DPS Hey all, I just got out of a 15 court of stars and I'm seeing strange things. On the three target dummies in the priest hall, I am doing 800k to over a million dps yet on identical trash packs in Court, I struggle to go past 600 then toward the end shoots up to like 700 due to twist of fate. I know the rotation, I do the exact same as the target dummies yet my dps is so much lower. I don't understand. Even if I had the rotation wrong, the two situations should still match up, right? Maybe my connection is bad during dungeons? I'm abotu 920 ilvl.Whisperrind1 5d
5d Disc in 20 man raids? Does anyone else find Disc depreciates in value as raid numbers start building past 20 + people? Other healers will benefit from having an increase in raid members but I feel disc actually gets WORSE as the raid numbers go up. I mean I can normally only put up 12-15 atonements for burst damage, and during small, selective, heavy burst damage (like hammers on maiden) its basically a guessing game to put atonements on the people receiving damage, which becomes increasingly more difficult as raid numbers go up. I can't really thing of an easy solution to the problem either. I feel increasing the atonement number on PWR would put disc into an overpowered territory. Then having something like a 10-20% of atonement overhealing is spread to the raid would be nice too but that would be difficult to implement.Popeshítwill2 5d
6d Quick question for Shadow Priests I'm thinking of leveling my priest, and focusing on Shadow. I see that the stat priority should be haste -> crit -> mastery, but is there any kind of cap where haste doesn't help anymore?Revelousio6 6d
6d Did I miss the memo again? So when I leveled my Disc weapon to Concordance I learned that Disc was crap and Holy was in. No I started working on my holy weapon and all I see on Ladder is Disc priests? Is Disc back in now??Dotcompz8 6d
6d How well do Spriest scales? I took a break not long ago from this priest, mainly because I was underwhelmed by my dps. I do not play a class mainly for dps, but it does get discouraging that on my warrior I do so much more damage with similar ilvl. I really want to give Spriest a real go and gear up, since it is probably my favorite spec in the game. I love the voidform and the abilities. I have a feeling that I upgraded the wrong gear to 900. I got told that it was haste-mastery. But everywhere I look it says haste-crit. Any info and tips would be appreciated greatly! At last, how is the scaling later on? Thanks in advance. Cheers!Carrigh13 6d
6d Light of T'uure Nerf Inc? From: Light of T'uure (Rank 1) Applies Light of the Naaru to the target, healing for [ 1 + 400% of Spell Power ] and increasing your healing done to that target by 25% for 10 sec. Maximum 2 charges. To: Light of T'uure (Rank 1) Applies Light of the Naaru to the target, healing for [ 1 + 400% of Spell Power ] and increasing your healing done to that target by 25% for 10 sec. Not exactly complaining but kinda curious why. I mean it has been compensated to increase its potency by 45% but I kinda prefer the 2 stacks of 25% not stacking up. I don't know. What do you guys think?Zîegler3 6d
6d Odd spell\casting issue (Vampiric Touch)... Ok. Can't for the life of me figure out WHY this is occurring. For some odd reason, when I cast Vampiric Touch.... it doesn't dot. I've only recently became aware of the issue and don't think it was a issue before, but not sure. It seems when I cast VT, it goes to the end of the cast cycle but doesn't dot. I usually HAVE to do it again to apply the dot. Needless to say, this sucks both in dungeons and pvp. Throws rotation and damage off. I've actually gone as far as removing and disabling ALL addons and that doesn't seem to be the problem. Currently i have only 3 addosn in use..... Tell Me When, Bindpad and Shadow Frames. None seem to be the issues.I've reset my UI as well several times and no go. I've practiced on dummies and it just isn't dotting like it should. Again... VT goes to the end of the spell cast but doesn't dot. OR if i'm lucky it will dot on the first cast but usually not. Very very weird. Suggestions?Dreja8 6d
6d Shadow High DPS How do you guys do it? I've noticed on meters that shadow usually doesn't have high dps at first, but slowly rises until they get to the top.Callmeemp12 6d
6d Rotation rotation rotation So I've been messing around with when I pop mind bender and my sisters owl trinket as it relates to lust. my guild lusts on pull for nearly every fight of ToS which doesn't help spriests dps at all... ideally they'd lust when I'm ~ 20 stacks so by 15 sec into lust when I pop mind bender and owl trink the 20sec would line up perfectly... I digress. As for now, the other spriest in my guild seems to pop his mind bender regardless when there's 20 sec left on lust, which on some fights is only ~10 insanity stacks so it would seem he's not making the most of void form potential...? I choose to wait, and pop mind bender at 35 stacks even if it means there only 10sec left on lust and I leave vf at about 55 to 60 stacks depending on if i disperse... I come out higher on meters despite our similar gear. Then there's the question of when to void torrent? I notice he is using it often at the start of entering void form which I guess let's it come off cool down sooner but I like to use it with 14 sec remaining on my mind bender with a 4 sec channel I can use my troll berzerking for the final 10 sec to boost my haste even more... What is your rotation when lust is used at the start of the pull?Lluvatar5 6d
6d Shadow vs Void I would like to voice my dissatisfaction with the choices of direction made for us the past few expansions and offer a suggestion. it seems to me that Shadow Priests have lost their way, thematically. I can best explain this as follows: Shadow - the opposite of light Void - the realm of demons Void-Demonic =/= Shadow The void, and the demons that reside there are the realm of warlocks. Priests are not so slowly turning into a variant of Warlock. I don't know if this is because Blizzard is out of ideas, or the 'lock Dev team doubles as the SPriest team, but we need to go our own way. So, on to the suggestion- (Not so Spoiler alert) We all know the boy king who would be a priest has taken up his father's sword. Therefore he is no longer a priest. Let his dilemma be a breaking point in the priest community. Split the Priests into 4 specs. Holy, Discipline, Shadow, and Void. Void can maintain the current 'insanity' buildup and the Shadow can return to a 'Purer' persuit of that darkness which defines the light. (Without darkness, there can be no light) For playstyle options, mine the 1200 post thread in the Class Development forum that has yet to receive a blue post.Wyrna13 6d
6d Shadow Priest Needs Change 1.) Good aoe is lacking for shadow priest. The following changes should be implemented to make our aoe a lot better and to add more fun to our playstyle. a.) Shadow crash should be baseline and should move faster. b.) Void bolt should deal splash damage like Fire mage's Phoenix Flames does through a talent. c.) Mindsear needs to be brought back, and should work like old mistweaver where you transform a cast time spell into an instant and can use spells while casting it (it would only be able to use VT and SW:P). You would channel mindsear on an enemy target, and at the same time you can apply an instant vampiric touch, and SW:P. If SW:P is already appled, or applied while mindsear is channeling, then it would spread SW:P to all targets in a 10 yard radius. This would allow for a smooth and effective way to deal aoe, and delay insanity from draining while spreading dots in voidform. (Mindsear would still do damage to all targets regardless if a DoT is active just like it did previously, and would still be able to be applied to friendly targets and remove stealth.) 2.) Void eruption in pve is annoying to use, and detracts from a smooth transition into voidform from shadowform. It should be an instant cast by default or by our talent tree, not pruned into an honor talent. Having an instant void eruption feels amazing compared to having a 1.9 second cast time, which is NOT EVEN lowered by our haste value, which it should be. It would especially make questing, world quests, and other open world content much more enjoyable and powerful. 3.) The shadowy insight talent should also be replaced with the talent we had in WoD, which made mind blast instant and lowered its cooldown. This would help increase our damage while in shadowform, and decrease the ramp up time to deal effective damage to our target. It would also synergize well with instant void eruption and void bolt. 4.) With the new shadowform and voidform animation updates, PW:S needs to become a void shield to match our aesthetic. Having a holy shield on our dark, violet appearance looks very out of place. Make it so that you can still use it if you are spell locked shadow. To have it be a holy spell, but have a shadowy void look, it should be called Power Word: Corrupted Shield or something like that.Xanadaar13 6d
6d DPS questions. Getting more than frustrated with shadow as it seems whatever I do doesnt fix alot... Any further advice would be greatly appreciated, I dont have any other shadow priests that are around in my guild. Tonights logs: Reference from previous raids: <> <> I just have no idea how to maximize this class and really push it. I'd hope I have the gear or at least just started to. again any help is recommended. (Note: I know on the heroic stuff my DoT uptime was horrid, Was missing them due to first time in heroic.)Elyvía9 6d
6d Why!? What am I doing wrong!? I feel like I'm doing my rotation to the best of my ability but for some reason my dmg is way too low! I did 425k on the Trillax boss in the Nighthold raid. I'm always keeping up dots, I'm always going into void form and using VB, VT and MB on cd Please help me out :(Qùill18 6d
6d Disc. Priest - Help I'm choosing a healer class and wanted your help. You could cite the disc priest advantage and disadvantage (good and bad side). What is missing in Disc toolkit? What do you love?Ukiel25 6d
6d Just a random question. Who is truly more evil? deathknight or shadowpriest. Lets be fair, this might be biased. i vote shadowpriest.Viletune3 6d
Jul 21 Holy Spec Howdy! I am very new to the Priest class. I am level 15 now and have a tough choice of what talent I want as my first one. I've been inspecting the armory of a few posters in this forum and I see a mix of Enlightenment and Trail of Light. I am curious as to which I should be going for. Usually when it comes to these questions I can do my research on my own but after doing my research I see high-end players using both. Personally the way I see it is that Enlightenment is nice overall. The extra 10% Mana Regen is helpful all around. I do like, however, to do random battlegrounds. Once I hit level 10 I immediately que'd and really enjoyed it. Yes I died like 8 times but I was top 3 in healing with 134k. I really like being that support role. Trail of Light seems nice for the BG role because I found myself just standing there nonstop healing everyone who was hurt. I can see how it would be useful to heal player A and then player B and as I heal player B, player A gets healed 40% of what I healed played B. I can just see how that would be helpful for my tanks/dps teammates.Headlight6 Jul 21
Jul 21 Disc priests what spec do you have your loot I did my mythic plus 15 this week and got my 930 loot... a dps trinket. 2 out of 3 weeks and I'm feeling jipped. I'm considering just swapping it to holy for the chests. What are other disc setting their loot specs as. CuriousDaketh7 Jul 21
Jul 21 Useful Disc Targeting Macro After some trial and error I've found a simple, but very useful, macro for Discipline which does the following: (a) If you have a hostile target, casts at that target (b) If you have a friendly target, or no target, targets the nearest enemy and casts at it I've tested it out a bit and it seems to work consistently. Here's the Smite version of it: #showtooltip /cleartarget [help] /targetenemy [noharm] /cast SmiteCoira3 Jul 21
Jul 21 An idea to give the SPriest a Permanent Pet Ok so I got this idea when I was doing the daily shadow well to obtain the Vial of Dark Shadows which gives you a faceless one to taunt and attack for you for 10 mins while its attacking or initiating a taunt it casts an aoe damage field and comes equipped with high regen. So the idea I came up with was to replace the Shadowfiend and Mindbender with this mock up ability and talent choice. Faceless Shadow (Replacing Shadowfiend) 2 sec cast time Requires lvl 40 Requires Priest (Shadow) Summon a Faceless one that taunts nearby enemies and causes X area of effect shadow damage to the enemies. Faceless Fiend (Replacing Mindbender) 2 sec cast time Requires lvl 90 Requires Priest (Shadow) Summon a Faceless one that taunts nearby enemies and causes +X area of effect shadow damage any enemies hit by the area of effect gives you 8 insanity each. Dominant Shadow (Replacing Dominant mind) Requires lvl 45 Requires Priest (Shadow) Faceless Shadow no longer summons a Faceless one instead you now gain an area of effect dot whenever you cast Mind Blast along with adding 25 extra insanity to your bar. If Faceless Fiend is taken increase the Area of effect damage and grant you 8 insanity with every enemy damaged. So the idea is that this pet would give you is some much needed AOE that we are really in need of which is not to say we aren't good at single target which the longer the fight goes on the better off we are, its just we are lacking the aoe damage for older or mob heavy areas. The pet on its own fills in the aoe damage space and gives you some breathing room to apply dots on without being forced to bounce between shadow mend or shields till they have enough shadow word pain on them. Now the Faceless Fiend has to compete with Misery and Power Infusion which are both very valuable for citations needed. So to make it viable to the other talents and just as good a choice it would get increased damage and have the ability to generate insanity as a way of competing for the talent slot. Adding more to this people have been voicing that they want to play a lone wolf style gameplay and that shouldn't be a problem to choose between the two. So I took the pretty much useless fantasy flavor talent dominant mind and made it into a usable talent that merely alters the gameplay choices you can do to be a solo lone wolf style player. The other talents themselves are convenience talents providing either a decreased cd or a useful stun that can be handy. So having a talent thats for convenience and changes how the Shadow priests gets its Aoe while still giving the lone wolf style gameplay is what the Dominant Shadow provides. i would love to hear feedback and critique on the idea itself or anything you think sounds too strong or weak. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Suggestions and Ideas from eveyone in the thread Jackofdemons ... Zeigfeld ... Sorina ...Kaelinai21 Jul 21
Jul 21 a question about addons Hi im new to healing and was wondering what are some good addons for changing the default friendly nameplates? I hate the default ones and i plan on healing bgs mainly and just want to click on the nameplates instead of having a huge raid frame blocking my screen.Hippy4 Jul 21
Jul 20 Disc vs Sisters of the moon How do we handle the phase 3 bubble thing? As far as I know we don't have any big healing CD. We got shielding CD in Barrier but nothing else. Should I go holy to handle this fight? Looking for some input.Yserastrasza11 Jul 20
Jul 20 Arena- Rapid Mending vs Miracle Worker Hey guys , which would you choose for 2s / 3s ? and why ? I tried them both out and they both seem viable.Insulin1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Came back after quite a few patches I love the shadow priest changes, You guys reworked some talents and made mind sear a passive ability with mind flay, thank you so much blizzard you won me back, im having so much fun and im barely level 101Liquidús4 Jul 20
Jul 20 shadow priest wings so i was just now in the class hall and saw this shadow priest with wings that pop out when he is in casting spells. looked like every time he spawned a shadowy apparition. does anyone know what this is and how i can get them. big nice leathery looking things. made my mouth water.Machiävelli9 Jul 20
Jul 20 Legs in mythic+ So I'm very new to holy priests and have been using the Surge of Light + Apotheosis build for most dungeons I've done so far. Today I just got the pants and I know It's pretty good for raids with the Piety + Benediction build. The question is, since I hardly ever cast renew during dungeons, should I stick with Surge of Light + Apotheosis build or should I switch Apotheosis with Benediction to make better use of the legs? Or do you guys suggest other builds for dungeons?Thrayarl2 Jul 20
Jul 20 How to Play: Disc Priest So I'm doing a series of streams on how to play classes in random battlegrounds with an effort for players to have a better understanding of their class and spec, as I am a multi-classes. Tonight on my stream at 10:30 EST I'll be broadcasting solo random queue battlegrounds as a discipline priest, one of my favorite specs in the game right now. I'll be going over and doing my best to give a cast by cast overview of what I'm doing for the first game or two. I'll also point out a few tips and tricks here and there. Basic understanding of how discipline priest functions will be somewhat expected, but I will delve a bit into talent choice setups before beginning to solo queue. Video of the match will be available after the stream. Stream is available at: I will start as close to 10:30pm EST as I can.Holypaladin3 Jul 20
Jul 20 World Quests: Do you priests shadow? Hi, just curious, do holy and disc priests run shadow when doing world quests?Sweetdivine33 Jul 20
Jul 19 Different specs class mount. On my paladin there's a vendor in the class hall where you can buy the different class mounts for order resources. this vendor is no where to be seen in the priest class hall and I have completed the quest.Qùill1 Jul 19
Jul 19 LF addon to help aoe heal (sanctify) Ive heard theres some addons to help target aoe healing spells such as sanctify. Does anyone here use an addon like this? Im not exactly sure how this would work since we cant mouseover sanctify on a friendly frame, but it seems like a beneficial tool to use if something like this exists. My current UI for healing is composed of grid (not grid2) and mouseover macros. I messed around with vuhdo for a bit while leveling my driud and noticed something called aoe assist, but i couldn't figure out how to work it and much rather prefer the simplicity of grid for healing with my priest. If this is something that i could use for sanctify tho, I might give it another shot.Amarra5 Jul 19
Jul 19 Echo of Light bug? Standing in the middle of Dal, no buffs, I cast Prayer of Healing three times and on the third cast my Echo of Light on myself starts to just spam refresh itself around 8 times. Anyone else experience this or is there a mechanic I'm not aware of?Yukimura1 Jul 19
Jul 19 The Balance of Light and Shadow Please please reintroduce this quest to the game. Its such an iconic part of being a priest, and those of us who still have both of our eye trinkets can complete this. Like most quests from the old world, they were re done, and still have the main themes of what they used to be. It seemed like during Wrath when the Ony revamp came out, it was handled with care as to move loot to nef and remake 80 versions of the rest(eg: quel serrar). Only wishing the same could be done for the missing MC loot. The bindings still exist, and so do the hand of rag items, why werent they removed as well? Not saying I want them removed, and heck I dont even care if I get an achievement for doing a newer version of Ben/Athema quest. Now I know there are lots out there like me, who still have both eyes and wanted to finish this quest. And yes its our own fault for not doing so, but why should our class be punished and others like rogues, and Wars, get to keep the glory of having such class specific iconic weaponry from the olden days. A simple re implementation of both the hunter items and priest items would bring a peice of that majestic character the game has lost over the years. Simple ways of doing this would to be just re add the items to domo in mc, move the sinew to nef, add the shadow eye to winterspring mobs, and bring back old/new npc's to fit the changes to the world. This post is for people that agree with me, and are in the same boat as me with having both eyes. So please if you agree feel free to share your thoughts, and if you dont agree, try to remain non toxic and don't put down those of us who would like to see this happen.Nezzaji5 Jul 19
Jul 18 holy priest leveling Hello all,i have a 100 priest i leveled thru the invasions and am looking to take her to 110 now that things are settled down on my 2 main characters. Im looking to play holy,wondering how the spec holds up questing and world quests. I do play alot of bg's as well. any guides or tips would be greatly appreciated!Boho8 Jul 18
Jul 18 Disc knowledge Hello all! I'm a MW main for my guilds raids as you can see. I've decided to make a disc priest as my main heal alt and once I hit 110 (at 106) ide like to prioritize my stats asap for raid readiness. That being said, any disc priests out there that can spare some good advanced level knowledge of the class?? Thanks in advance.Bigmonk1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Shadow Priest pvp (templated) Hello folks, What is your perspective and experience on shadow priest in pvp right now? I've been kicking around with this toon casually for just a week or so. So far i'm really happy with the performance of Shadow in pvp currently (casual pvp). I'm not sure i like the playstyle that much anymore. I really liked and miss the devouring plague days (and prior). The output seems good, but the flavor is a bit lacking (for me). Since i've gotten beginning decent gear (not good) and most my artifact completed (not final concordance bonus yet, close) i've found that i can hurt or beat most folks who hassle me. Are there any casters who counter us? Are there any casters who have a clear advantage vs us? I've found that against boomy and mage and lock i've done amazingly well (but i'm in the weird no prestige rank bracket and so might be playing against folks who don't know their class well). Against hunters we seem to just destroy them. I seem to destroy elemental. We seem to struggle vs a lot of melee, but do okay. Its an uphill fight vs most melee and a good rogue (seems to me) will win every time and twice on Sunday. Unholy Dk seems to just crush us. In terms of team fights and teamwork we seem to be AMAZING additions to a group. What is your experience and feedback on Shadow priest in pvp (instance, templated) right now?Dhakini3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Holy use Versatility? Is versatility a good stat for holy priests? Ive heard its not, but I think the game is trying to tell me otherwise. At least half if not more of the loot ive gotten has +vers on it. Ive gotten multiple trinkets with it and finally got my first with out versatility. I keep my loot specialization set to whatever im using, because im 95% of the time im holy anyway. Does it make a difference if I set my loot to discipline or shadow and maybe ill get gear without versatility so often? I know I would run the risk of getting a legendary not for my spec, but it might be worth it to stop seeing all this versatility gear...Walsebsby3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Is shadow priest not wanted in RBG's? Cannot find a single yolo group who will accept. Even if their title says low cr, no experience required. What is the deal?Uzael11 Jul 18
Jul 18 Reasons To Disc Yo, homies! So, I mained my Disc Priest for much of Legion, but eventually switched to a Resto Druid because it seemed superior in every way. A single click provided a hot, whereas on the priest that click just allows for hot-style healing once I begin damaging. Also, while I love the damage aspect, on the druid I would just throw out hots and do even more dps in cat form than I could on my priest. So, aside from thinking about which one I enjoy more, what benefits does Disc have over a Resto Druid? I've really been considering going back and seeing one on the Method kill inspired me more, but I'm still just not seeing much of a benefit. Thank you for any insight I may be missing!Hawthealz3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Priest PvP Guides I am new to the Priest spec and I was interested in messing around with all three. I am having a hard time finding up to date guides on classes nowadays and was wondering if there were any guides you would recommend for each spec. ThanksMohawk3 Jul 18