5d How does Disc feel? Greetings friends, I want to get back into healing after taking some time off. I loved holy in tos but the combination of new cast animations (hate the sound and the flying into the air) and the new tier bonuses has turned me away. I would like to consider disc or pally as they are the two specs I've never healed as before. My question here is how does healing feel as disc? I know it's supposed to be fairly challenging and requires mechanic knowledge and prep. But does it feel fun and rewarding to play? Does it feel effective like you're making a difference? I don't care about topping meters, but I'll most likely be pugging raids and doing m+ so it's important to at least show that I'm holding my own to not get kicked I suppose. Thanks in advance for your time!Desecrator21 5d
6d Priest Order hall followers to keep? I remember seeing a guide on reddit somewhere but i can no longer find it. Would anyone have it saved? Just trying to figure out which followers i should bother leveling.Halibel3 6d
6d Shadow CC Talents offensive. Psychic voice just seems like a lazy way to implement a passive talent that does not add complexity to a rotation. Psychic scream should be 30s baseline. Dominant Mind could have been fun without the 2 min cooldown. I would like to see both of those abilities reworked. We could have something like 1: Mind Flat can be cast while moving. 2: Mind Blast roots the target in place for 5 seconds. 3: Psychic Horror back. 4: Mind Control functions like a cyclone or sap effect allowing you to retain control of your priest with no cd allowing priests to have their own spammable polymorph style cc ability. Thoughts?Sahariel2 6d
6d Scrrrrred of raiding I’m not new to the game nor do I fail at mechanics (that much), but I have always been afraid of raiding. Yes, I have done high mythic + and love pvp, but I really want to get into raid healing. What advice do you give someone with anxiety not to wipe and entire raid and have fun?!?! Thank you for your time! Also, not doing Raid Finder :)Mihangel16 6d
6d BfA Disc Priest Suggestions EDIT: editing to replace old ideas and clean up on this post With BfA coming up, we don't know what changes disc will have. We don't know what will be added and what will be removed, but I have a few suggestions that would be really cool in my opinion. Since Discipline is a mix of the Light and the Shadow, and is a hybrid spec, I feel like we should be given more Light and Shadow options. There's not much Shadow variety in our spells, mostly Light, but there's alot of things they could do with our spec. In Legion, we're given a few glyphs which allow for this type of customization over the Light or Shadow. There's the Lightspawn glyph and the Voidling glyph. Two perfect examples of choosing whether we want to be more aligned to the light or shadow. There's also the Glyph of Dark Absolution, which makes our Penance lean more towards the Shadow rather than the Light. With our last row honor talents, we also have Archangel and Dark Archangel. There's also a neat toy for priests called Thaumaturgist's Orb, which is on a 10 minute cooldown and lasts 5 minutes. It shows your Affinity towards the Light or Shadow, having an orb rotate around you or crows fly around you. What I would like to see in BfA is more customization towards the Light or Shadow having to involve our talents. What if we had as last row talents 2 new options, assuming they made Power Infusion or Evangelism baseline, or did something with the talents. The first talent in the last row would be Light Affinity. Empowers you with Light energy for 15 seconds, replacing your Shadow Mend with Flash Heal and leaving an absorption bubble on the target for 50% of the amount healed for 5 seconds. As it is, Discipline Priests have Flash Heal until level 28, when it's finally replaced by Shadow Mend. It'd be cool to see this as a talent and bring back Flash Heal temporarily. The absorption affect would also be a throwback to the old talent Spirit Shell, or the absorption bubble you'd get when you crit a heal. The second talent in the last row would be Grace, which is what we currently have. It'd be something in between the two instead of choosing between Light or Shadow. The third talent in the last row would be Shadow Affinity. There's a few ideas I have for this one, so I'll list them down below. If they didn't want to make Power Infusion baseline, they could put it in Masochism's place for this suggestion: Empowers you with Shadow energy, making your Shadow Mend heal as a HoT instead of a DoT, and decreasing the targets damage taken by 10%. (As passive ability) While this may seem as useless, since you're baking a talent into another, you have to remember that Masochism doesn't affect other targets, and currently only works on yourself. The damage reduction and HoT only applies to yourself, while this talent would apply to all. Or, they could go with: Empowers you with Shadow energy for 15 seconds, replacing your Shadow Mend with Void Mend and increasing the targets damage done by 25% for 5 seconds. Another thing, if they decided to add Major Glyphs back, they could make the Glyph of Dark Absolution a major talent, having penance deal more damage than it does heal, since it leans towards the side of Shadow. They could do more with Glyphs like having the Lightspawn cast Smite instead of doing melee damage, or having the Voidling glyph summon 3 small Voidlings instead of 1 that would be immune to AoE and have a split health from the original health. Any thoughts on this?Alphon13 6d
6d Dropping ilvl for T20 So I have the hpriest T20 and it's awesome but it lowers my ilvl by 9 overall (946 as opposed to 955). Should I just stick with T20? I'm just worried that the decrease in intellect will affect my healing.Jacquerexinf28 6d
Jan 9 Are panda shadow priest good? I am an undead shadow and hate their appearance. I love the male panda but am worried their animations may look silly or just bad in cloth armor since they are chunky. I’ve had similar issues with my orc warlock. What do you guys think? Maybe between panda belf and troll?Gortar21 Jan 9
Jan 9 Glyph of Ghostly Fade - WTF? Why in the flux is this hindered from Shadow when FADE is a Shadow spell?Ceyx6 Jan 9
Jan 9 [Disc] Imaginary Question & Real Parse Still trying to dial in when to DPS and when to atone. So the hypothetical is: If only penance, plea, and smite were available, on an unlimited number of friendlies and one mob, what would the maximum HPS rotation be (with ~65% mastery)? Real question: Why is my HPS awful in my H-Argus kill with video? (video is only of P3...note that the meters reset in the video after I rez at the tree) Note that the two legendaries I have on (Kam and the argus-kill ring) are the ... best I have available. The only other one I have is the heal-people-inside-barrier-with-penance ring. I also must have mis-typed Titanforged buff as it should have been surpressed. I was panicked and not playing well, including when I had everything set up for a great Light's Wrath in the beginning, but didn't have my focus target set so it didn't cast.Calisten5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Legacy of the void vs shadow clash I would like somone to explain me which is better. I have read in Icy veins and it says that any shadow priest should be using void origin at pvp and pve instead shadow clash. I am running now with shadow clash and it seems that I am performing better in mythics than before since things tend to die faster. Also I tried in target dummy and my damage increased like 6-10%. So am i doing something wrong?Oswill3 Jan 9
Jan 8 Mouseover macro help What is the best way to make a macro like this heal myself if I have no one targeted or moused over? ...Sallibash2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Apotheohno So i have a question about Apotheosis. I only take the talent in dungeons (this was the common wisdom around EN/NH), and like...i NEVER use it. I run 15s pretty consistently (2-3 per week, and i've gotten a 16 done, including everytime they scale the difficulty up), and i can see situations in which that spell would benefit the especially spicy pulls. The problem is by the time i realise i would benefit from it, i dont have the GCD to waste casting it. I play with mostly 1-4 bound and a 5 button mouse, and i dont have a macro to activate it, or an "oh sh*t" macro at all. Should I always use it on CD, no matter the pull (especially in high keys, 16 and beyond), because the damage is so spiky having serenity after serenity would help? How do you use it, if you use it at all? Has the CW changed since the last time i overhauled my healing stuffs? (i have 2pc Antorus/ 2pc Tomb gear, and the rest for ilvl.) As an aside, i seem to be running much higher haste than most priests i see here (my haste hovers near 30%). Even dumping haste for other gear/stats, i only get it down to about 23%. And the other two dont change appreciably (39% crit goes to 41%, 47% mastery goes to 49%). Any thoughts?Renisha5 Jan 8
Jan 7 Disc Priest Trinkets Right now I am using these 2 trinkets. I have seen much different ones on the guides to use but I feel these are better. Or atleast working better for me. Acrid Catalyst Injector+2,858 Intellect Equip: Your damaging spells that critically strike have a chance to increase your Haste, Mastery, or Critical Strike by 195 for 45 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. When any stack reaches 5, all effects are consumed to grant you 2,224 of all three attributes for 12 seconds. Garothi Feedback Conduit+3,138 Equip: Your healing effects have a chance to increase your Haste by 996 for 8 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This is more likely to occur when you heal allies who are at low health. What do y'all think of these two trinkets? They both proc often. Here are my logs from last night. Jan 7
Jan 7 Glyph of Angels for Disc I wish they would allow Glyph of Angels to be used on Atonement so that whenever you apply an atonement, you get holy angel wings, and whenever you heal through atonement, you get shadowy angel wings. Maybe the 1 source of atonement healing that shouldn't give you wings would be SW:Pain or PTW since they constantly tick.Luxumbral0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Lack of Priest Class Hall missions I have come back to WoW and currently playing Legion with my Priest Druid and DK. While I have many missions that appear daily on the Druid and Death Knight, I can barely get one on the Priest. All characters are 110 and well advanced through campaigns but I can never get a mission for my Priest until hours after completing the only one available. Druid 6 mission choices, DK 3-4 mission choices, Priest no missions except one and never available until hours after completion. What is wrong here with this class?Tigermoth0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Shadow Mage Tower Any tips on this? I keep dying to silly things at the end like missing a rune or a grasp getting a cast off. Is there a way to manage the adds more easily? What advice can you give?Lustre4 Jan 7
Jan 7 Schism in Mythic+ I was watching the mythic+ invitational again and saw one Disc priest using schism. I tried it out myself and like it despite making the rotation a little more complicated. I understand that it less than optimal but I like experimenting with different play styles. Do you use use schism in mythic+ or have you tried it out?Vilitch31 Jan 7
Jan 7 I really don't want to go through this Man I came onto the forums to vent. I am leveling priest but I realize once I am 110 it's a grind of raid finder for weeks and weeks till MAYBE JUST MAYBE i get a decent legendary. What can you guys say to inspire me to keep going? Shadow priest 105Furryslice8 Jan 7
Jan 6 Why do Priests not make top 100 m+ at all? Out of the top 100 M+ runs there isn't a single healing priest. I could understand if there weren't any in the top 10 or maybe even the top 25, because there's a lot of different classes that heal and such. But to not even be in the top 100 at all as a class that is basically entirely centered around healing is a little strange to me. Pallys and Druids seem to run the show which is awesome for those players, i bet its a ton of fun to be included in those high level sessions but considering the class i chose is specifically centered around healing and yet we seem to be pretty weak compared to the other class choices is messed up a little bit. And in fact, i think the first time a priest shows up in the leader boards is at spot #221.... Am i just missing something here?Lììt35 Jan 6
Jan 6 Shadow - Sub 1 Million DPS Help So this is really my first time reading logs of any kind: But I'm really unhappy with my performance in Antorus. For my iLevel I feel like there's no reason I shouldn't be breaking 1 Million on at least some of the fights. Comparing myself to other Shadow Priests on the site (since I'm the only one in guild atm) I see that others with similar item levels are doing sometimes DOUBLE my 800-900k DPS. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I do not want to be dragging my guild down as we push into Heroic. Any help would be appreciated.Voyel10 Jan 6
Jan 6 Leveling a Disc Priest in Legion? I am considering getting Legion on sale, and it comes with a boost. While my default choice would be a Paladin, I am also thinking of Disc Priest. I generally don't play the priest class at all because I don't heal in dungeons, and I don't like Shadow. But with a boost, things change. I would be getting it in part for a profession boost (tailoring), and I might enjoy questing as Disc Priest. I have played Disc Priest to about level 35 or so, and I remember it hits pretty hard. I also would NOT be doing group content. SO, assuming I am going to mess around questing mostly (and doing some WOD Garrison stuff) is leveling in Legion fairly easy with Disc Priest. And once I get to 110, and start doing some Worlds Quests, does Disc do well for that? ThxZharanya14 Jan 6
Jan 6 Disc Priest as Tanks (Fun Idea) Currently Priest have two heal specs and it's just feels a little weird to me, so me and a friend thought it would be cool for Disc to change from a heal spec to a possible tank spec. I found another forum post about it else where, here a link. Just wanted to get the idea out there and want to know what others think about it.Thanatas25 Jan 6
Jan 6 Trinket Question So, I have a 950 Tarnished Sentinel Medallion, a 940 Prototype Personnel Decimator, and a 925 Spectral Thurible. Which two do you guys think would be best?Hekait1 Jan 6
Jan 5 When to use more abilities as a Holy Priest So i am leveling my first WoW toon ever nd I was wondering when i should start to rely more on other things aside from flash heal and the occasional holy word serenity. I just entered Wotlk content and up until this point that has been pretty much all I use in dungeons aside from a few of my aoes, and its worked well. I understand that thats pretty much the strategy in low levels, but in your guys experience, when should one start regularly casting other spells in order to achieve max healing efficiency.Thesenate2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Torn between a shadow priest or lock I've been around since TBC in which to this very day I've never played a shadow priest , ever. My question is compared to locks in general how are their end game numbers, are they mana oomer's like an arcane mage, are they basically overall competitive agains't say demo locks and such. Reason asking is I've left the LFR bandwagon and am now starting on normal with some casual pvp to boot, any feedback would be appreciated.Leafmealone16 Jan 5
Jan 5 Holy Challenge: Second to Last Phase I did the challenge on my Monk and didn't have any issue, Vivify and Revival were enough to heal the entire phase without an NPC falling. I tried a similar skill set with Priest, thinking Binding Heal (I have Soul of the High Priest) and Divine Hymn will do the trick, ended up failing miserably. I tried again with Apotheosis + Flash Heal/Serenity, still misses 1 or 2 per round, worse after Apotheosis went off. Anyone has tip on how to do this more effectively?Eredawn5 Jan 5
Jan 5 (Holy) Velen's future sight help So I FINALLY got this trinket to drop and im looking for some advice on how to use it the most efficiently. Ive read before that people macro it with Hymm, bit is there another spell I can macro it to that would let me use it more? Im also looking for a weakaura to track it in case I don't use it as a macro. Can you guys share your macros/auras for this trinket?Alleryin2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Priest second artifact Im currently trying to get the shadow priest artifact and im level 103 and there is no quest for it in my class hallCahlisto2 Jan 5
Jan 4 No Zealots? I"m having a bit of an issue, how do I unlock Zealots for my class hall?Dräven0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Question about a relic as shadow dps So I am wondering if Garothi Feedback Conduit gets proc'd by vampiric touch. Garothi Feedback Conduit: Equip: Your healing effects have a chance to increase your haste by 996 for 8 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This is more likely to occur when yo heal allies who are at low health. Vampiric touch: A touch of darkness that causes 1.4 million shadow damage over 24 seconds, and heals the priest for 50% of damage delt. I am just really curious if that 50% heal can proc the haste buff from the trinket. Anyone know if it works?Neyraevon4 Jan 4
Jan 3 Does Holy Lock not DR? It's been close to 3 years since i've been on here but I gotta say: I am having the hardest time on my holy priest in BGs.... I can do a ton of healing thanks to renew spam, but when I go to cast anything else with a cast time I am holy locked...due to at the opposite team being good and focusing healers...however it seems that there is no DR on it. I will get holy locked for 5 seconds and then cast when it's up and get holy locked again....I have counted almost 15 seconds of being completely incapable of healing/using my character. I understand some melee can sit heals and kick pretty much anything but what is the solution here? I have been in team fights where I can literally only renew spam because every single cast gets kicked which may sound like i'm a crybaby but then what's the whole point of having a ton of heals with cast times?Haste3 Jan 3
Jan 3 1st row of talents How often are you healing someone below 35% hp to make twist of fate really worth it?Xjd10 Jan 3
Jan 3 Rate the Priest Name Rate the Priest name above you on a scale of 1-10!Ava23 Jan 3
Jan 3 Disc: Imonar: How to heal crossing bridge? Tried several attempts on Mythic: Imomar the Soulhunter. I had difficulty to top up everyone while crossing bridge. Besides rapture shield on everyone, barrier in the middle of the bridge, single penance to heal, I can’t think of other method to top up everyone. Need to non stop dispelling. Winds blowing also disturbing on casting. Note: Please don’t tell me to change spec to Holy.Kouyuuken2 Jan 3
Jan 2 Disc in Antorus I noticed that according to the logs Disc is last again in heroic raiding and second last in mythic raiding. This is no way a disc is bad post. I'm stilling top on most fights in Antorus Heroic. But my comment would be that has anyone found or thought upon that the fights in Antorus are less disc friendly compared to the other 3 raids. Was just something I was mulling over.Daketh12 Jan 2
Jan 2 Acrid's Catalyst for Disc? Ended up getting a TF 950 and wondering how it compares with just a 910 haste stat stick. Would it be good in mythic+? I tried to find some comments about it but had no luck. Thanks for any help :)Crumpetz1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Have holy priests reached their peak? With T21 underwhelming to say the least, and T20 limited by vastly inferior raw ilevel (except for the comic-struck lucky handful), are holy priests now at a point where we're going to be left in the dust by other healers that have generous T21 tier bonuses? I'm just wondering. I think I've personally achieved all I feel like I wanted to in Legion so far, but (and I know HPS declines in a raid tier) I'm increasingly feeling the pinch from other healers in T21 sets and I don't see the appeal of carrying on trying to match them in T20/T21 hybrid and I don't see how we can compete long-term with PoH/binding heal weaving for most fights.Dliver2 Jan 2
Jan 1 Multiple Highfather's Machination If you have multiple healers in your raid group with this trinket, how does the effect interact with players?Sincorel0 Jan 1
Dec 31 [Disc] Simple questions I'm still learning how to disc, but have raided mythic the whole expansion and have CE:KJ on my healer main. I was in a heroic run with one healer (who it was changed on certain pulls) but on this one it's perfect, another disc that put up a 99% and I put up a 19%. Questions: 1. Is my penance uptime the #1 thing I gotta do? I did forget to switch to castigation, though, so the number of ticks is gonna be affected by that. 2. Is uptime on the DoT #2? 3. How the hell do I use Rapture? Is the healing coming from the shields themselves or the atonements I can wing out? What about Imonar with the bridge, where nothing is around to dips? 4. Can I net a big chunk of mana back if I bubble everyone with rapture and run shield mastery and all the shields break, a la The Lich King's Infest ability? 5. When should I be doing plea? Only when PW:S and Penance are down, and the DoT is up, and there's someone injured, but not enough people to Radiance? 6. I have PW:S macroed to my focus' target, and that's been working really well. Err I write this I'm realizing I could be overwriting it, and that wouldn't be overheal. How do I check that? 7. I think I might be smiting too much and spreading atonements too little. I tried to change it mid-raid, but I don't think that's my most pressing problem. I also made a similar post 2-3 weeks ago and have been trying to get my PW:S and Penance uptime up from the suggestions there, but looks like I still have a lot more practice. (I have the helmet, the ring from killing Argus, and some other Penance heals people inside barrier ring as my only legendaries.)Calisten4 Dec 31
Dec 31 Why was Mind Sear changed, how to cope? So, I know Mind Sear was changed a long time ago, but even looking through old forum posts, I can't figure out why. There had to be a reason this change occurred, but I can't see a problem where Blizzard felt it was so bad they completely changed it. The only possible justification I can see was that DoT's ticking AND a channeled AOE damage spell was too much damage, but you basically have that anyway. So, does anyone know why the change occured? In addition, how do you guys do world quests where you have to kill the swarms of enemies, like the talons where you have to defeat a bunch to get 100% completion for the wold quests? Do you try and DoT the highest health one and then mind flay? Surely you don't try to DoT each one. It's the primary thing holding me back from priest right now. I love the healing, but I'd want to quest as Shadow for faster quest completion (although I hear that's debatable until extremely good gear).Rylen16 Dec 31
Dec 31 Disc: highfather vs carafe So Carafe seems incredibly itemized to disc, but the highfather ability parses pretty well, especially in m+. Thoughts on which is better? Thanks!Snugglepooh1 Dec 31
Dec 29 Healing feels weak, am I doing it wrong? So I have a shaman, druid, paladin, and priest at 110 and have tried healing with all of them. While Priest feels the best to me it still feels weak. Like when im doing M+ 5 mans I am having to spam flash to keep people up and it feels like it doesn't heal for much at all to begin with. I keep PoM on CD and rotate my Holy Words. I haven't healed since Wrath but I mained healing from TBC to Wrath and never felt so weak before. IDK if its just how healing is in legion but at 891 ILV I feel like I shouldnt be struggling as much when doing a +2.Huntrxhuntr10 Dec 29
Dec 29 Leveling as holy Hello all What’s the best way to level as a holy priest? ThanksBaltazur3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Holy Priest DPS 'srsly wtf' Where's the world quest that melee can't do without bandages? All the healing in the world doesn't let me kill a damn mob. It's absurd. I want to see a Dev in front of all of the players kill at 7 million hp mob with 110 regular smite in ilevel 800 blues. NO DEVS want to take the challenge, yep. Because, you can't sell it. It isn't flashy it isn't even remotely fun. DK, DH, Pally do it in 2-3 minutes. Nice flashy animations, good damage, progress on the life bar... But a priest. Holy crap. Go get a snickers and file your taxes because it is a chore. Nobody around? All your guilds offline? Trying to farm up some of that addict rep? Smite is awful, awful, awful. Slit your wrists, drink the blood, throw the blood up, curl up in a ball, jump out the window, stand up and get hit by a truck picking your nose awful.Æirene44 Dec 29
Dec 29 T20/21 and aoe So, I distinctly remember a statement from Blizzard claiming that "old 4 pieces should not and will not be an option in new tiers". Here we are, one tier later and Shadow priests do more damage in 4 piece 910 t20 than 4 piece 960 t21. It's really fun being rewarded for getting a 960+ tier piece by losing a bag slot. Secondly, Shadow priests' aoe damage is ridiculous. Not just the actual dps, but the requirements needed to do any kind of aoe damage, should result in the entire Shadow priest dev team taking a looooooong look at why they have jobs. If anything dies in under 10 seconds or if there are just a lot of targets, you are completely useless. Like less useful than a holy priest spamming Holy Nova. Shadow Crash got buffed to "fix" this, but it is still atrocious. The best part of all, there was a spell that was perfectly fine that was at least relevant to think about using for some semblance of aoe damage. Next, why don't you guys remove Blizzard for mages and make frostbolt cleave only targets that they have frostbolted? Or why not make Warlocks Seed only damage enemies that have dots on them? Instead of 1 spell actually doing full insane damage AND putting a dot on all targets it hits? Why doesn't Mind Bomb apply SwP or VT?Deecaay14 Dec 29
Dec 29 Trinket Damage and Disc Does damage coming from trinket applies to atonement healing? Im deciding if I should use a trinket with more stats or one that shoots orb of energy occasionally when I cast spells.Eredawn13 Dec 29
Dec 29 NLT and 7.3 Why didn't we take Netherlight Temple to Argus along with with Vindicaar? I mean, its already floating around out there in the twisting nether...we coulda been the first on the scene.Melisity1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Why Complain? Why are people complaining so damn much about shadow priest? Like Jesus maybe you should just play an aff warlock if shadow priest is too complicated for you to understand. Then again maybe it's because I have sephuz and take the talent misery so I can mind bomb a mob and dot 10 in 5 seconds?Fearward19 Dec 29
Dec 29 Glyph for Male spirit of Redemption Form pls Believe it or not, some of us are Males and we play Male characters. It always feels strange when my male character turns into the Female spirit of redemption. Paladins were a glyph to make their defensive CD female, and Druids were given a glyph to make their travel form female. Please and thank you.Vidaar23 Dec 29
Dec 29 Void Bolt DoT Refresh A thing that I've noticed since this morning is that Void Bolt does not seem to be refreshing SW:P on the test dummies in the Class Hall. It's sporadic, but they do drop off. I've not had this happen before. Usually, when all three of the test dummies have DoTs on them, Void Bolt will keep them all refreshed within Void Form. Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone confirm if this is an issue with real world encounters (Mythic+, Raids)?Quellest6 Dec 29