4d Hidden Disc Artifact Skin After Curator On walkthroughs it shows a room after Curator that you can walk into and get the artifact book, but there was a portal blocking the way, which took us to fight Medivh. I figured I'd just finish the dungeon and go back later. But we wiped on Mana Devourer and the group left. Now, when I enter Karazhan, it puts me at Mana Devourer room, which I can't leave. What am I supposed to do here? Any help appreciated. So now I can get back to Curator room, but the portal is still blocking the way to the rooms behind Curator.Vaccinathan3 4d
4d cast renew harder. it's a decent spell, not as good as it was in WoD, but not the garbage people say it is. cast more renew.Frophy27 4d
4d Is Mind Spike Even an Option? I won't deny it, I like mind spike and the fast cast hard hitting nuke it can provide. My guild (newly joined) has asked me to go shadow for Rdps in raids and of course I have to roll with S2M. Yes, my damage is still terrible and I am working on the gear =p However, is mind spike an option in any situation right now to be comparable to S2M or even LoTV numbers? Is it strictly a cleave mechanic? Have a nuke based Priest seems like fun to me and would love to make it work...I just don't think it can. Even with a ton of Int/Crit...could it work? If only MS was boosted by mastery...Anurok7 4d
4d Disc 7.1.5 ideas, constructive stuff only Hello all, well wanted to create this post to share and discuss some ideas about Disc priest heading into 7.1.5. Is important to notice that I'm looking it form a PvE stand point. Want to start by saying that I think Disc is in a very good place overall and the class design is really really good, however the one thing I don't like is that priests (this also applies for holy) are not only one of the slowest but also the squishiest healer I feel we should have at least one of those things going for us. Knowing that theres just so much that can be changed for a content patch I would propose highest priority is lvl 30 talent tree and Shadow Covenant talent. After that if there's still time maybe look at 'The Penitent' and 'Clarity of Will' as they don't really work well with our kit. Ok so as I said constructive stuff right?, so here are some ideas I have that I believe could work well:Huesos38 4d
4d Been lurking. Just wanted to say ty Returned for Legion after many years. Did the class previews and fell in love with the disc priest play style.Became eligible for heroics and found myself struggling to keep people up. Came here studied mend's tldr ,played auto jacks videos while i washed the dishes and I headed over to HTP for some info. Man my QOL improved dramatically.Having different spec values in Pwn helped tremendously with having my best gear equipped for the for the type of content I was playing. I got clique.. omfg not having to change my target to heal off raid frames wtf took me so long? Imported some weak auras set ups ...straight up night and day. I still have a bunch to learn and commit to second nature but I just want to say thank you. /much respect p.s getting mouse over macros set up this weekendÆzæroz7 4d
4d Wtf is going on with shadow?? Can someone explain to me what the hell they are trying to accomplish with these shadow changes? From the ptr they feel so much worse and it's making no sense at all why they are doing it unless someone has some insight on this garbage. Surrender to madness is op we get it so why not just nerf the god damn talent and balance it around the class rather than nerf the entire spec to balance it around the talent??? Maybe I'm wrong but it feels like they continue to gut the spec over one stupid talent rather than just remove the talent that's causing all the issues.Bigorcbanana46 4d
4d Order Advancement: Altars of Blessing Does anyone know what the buffs you get are? I haven't been able to find any information on them.Chronormu16 4d
4d How difficult is Shadow for PvE? Hey folks, How difficult is the Shadow rotation for PvE, mostly solo with maybe some dungeons and LFR? Seems like Shadow (Troll race, maybe??) is a great way to go to the dark side without going all-out evil like Warlock! I feel like such a goody-good on this Pally, I need some balance! Thanks for any info!Walderson9 4d
4d Moonlit Prism for Discipline It seems like this question has been asked before and the answer is yes, if a discipline priest equips this trinket and uses a dps spell, it will proc the trinket. However when I try it I do not see a buff appearing no matter how many dps spells I cast. Are we sure this works for discipline and, if so, why doesn't the buff appear?Glorah1 4d
5d Haste/Crit scaling reduction. So we heard your quality of life was abhorrently bad until you hit haste and crit soft caps. And we heard the ptr gutted your quality of life and rotation even harder than before. So like, we are also going to reduce the crit and haste you get from items. We know this will severely cripple several classes, but we were worried you still thought you'd be middle of the pack of 7.1.5. Hopefully this debunks that naive notion. Thanks for your time : )Amína9 5d
5d Suggestions for Priest PvP CC If Holy could talent in to an option to allow Shackle Undead to also be used against players and beasts at the cost of it being a root instead of a total shutdown cc I think Holy would become a lot more self-sufficient. I also believe that Disc and Shadow should get Void Tendrils back as either baseline or a talent/honour talent for a root. Right now Shackle is only useful against Unholy Deathknights in PvP for their pets.Wisdumos11 5d
5d Best shadow priest names! Looking for cool names :DPurzu21 5d
5d Wishlist: WotLK Disc into Legion content... I miss WotLK Disc playstyle :( Wouldn't it be cool to be able to transpose previous class specs into current content? What would you play again if you could in Legion expac?Bishopxix15 5d
5d Legendary Rankings? (Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was unable to find information about how to rank Holy Priest legendaries via Google or forum searches.) I am curious if Holy Priest legendaries have been ranked according to effectiveness/desirability along with a good/detailed explanation for those rankings. My main is a mage, and I don't really have a lot of experience with healing this expansion (some heroic EN is the most I've done). Yesterday during raid time I got lucky and I received X'anshi, Shroud of the Archbishop Benedictus, and it seems fairly useful (since no one can avoid all deaths, especially movement impaired Holy Priests...). How do the others compare? I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!Zindus3 5d
5d After so many years...Illumination!!! Short story: I created a Draenie Priest when TBC came out, after level 6 I got bored to spam the same and unique button. I got back on my Rogue and left WoW in the late TBC. I came back mid WoD, took back my Rogue but in the late WoD I was looking at my Priest and told myself ''why not give a second try?'' and so I started to level up my Priest. Once again it was terribly boring, at level 45 I gave up. I bought Legion, of course I played my Rogue, reached the max level and started my favorite part of the game, PvP. Now there's no need to explain what's going on with the Rogue class, there's so many issues that it even became embarrassing to pay for that. Instead to cancel my subscription like many did (which would make sense) or whine like so many others (which is not a solution but still, normal), I used a level boost for my Priest. One more time I got bored , why the quest giver send me to kill stuff as my character is a healer? Beside the few First Aid quests there's almost nothing designed for healers in order to level up. Before login off, I queued up for a random BG telling myself that maybe it still possible to level up through BGs. Always in the front line, answering to distress call, at few occasion something weird happened to me, so strange... some players wrote ''thank you'' Then after few BG a guild member asked me to join a party for a random dungeon, before saying ''no'' because I always disliked dungeons for the slow pace of action and predictability of the monster's behavior. I said ''yes'', after all I won't be the one who will deal with the static content. Once in the dungeon, I felt something unexpected, pressure. Then something even more singular, responsability. Honestly I wasn't very comfortable, knowing that 4 players will rely on me to survive was a disturbing sensation. Against all odd, I did have a lot fun, after 4 dungeons I wasn't even tired I wanted to do more but I was out of time. Today will be my 2nd day on my Holy-Priest and I have only 1 regret, it's to have left my Draenie in a church somewhere on the Exodar, praying during the last 9 years.Mumiah1 5d
5d Discipline Prejudice I am a casual player that became an altaholic during WoD. Destro with a little affliction, Arms with a little protection, Discipline with a little shadow, Enhancement with a little resto, Windwalker, and Unholy are the specs I play. I healed three mythics with little trouble as disc. Yet at the start of two of those encounters tanks whispered "You should switch to Holy". The first tank dropped shortly after we started. He was a bad tank. Obviously me bouncing between classes is not going to make me the best Discipline priest. A lot of hate Discipline gets is from people wanting healers to be a crutch for bad game play. The spec is not hard. Keep atonement up then do damage. Basically if you like Disc then play disc. A lot of the times you are not the problem.Shonufoshiz37 5d
5d secondary stats We've all heard that secondary stats are getting a nerf. So what does this mean with disc and haste? Will we be less effective in 5 mans? I'm not really understanding how this will be a good thing for the spec. Can someone plz help me?Wubbabubble12 5d
5d Order Hall question I can't find the NPC who offers the armament work orders, I can't find a marker for him in the order hall, does anyone know where they are at?Adrestia1 5d
5d Balancing LotV and S2M - It can be done I believe it is possible to balance S2M and LotV so that they are both viable playstyles, and excel in different situations. Real quickly, let's address this first: ... Putting a cap on Mass Hysteria is healthy. ... LotV becomes the 'more Voidforms' option, with S2M being the 'longest Voidform' playstyle. The balance would be that LotV would look like a Pendulum on the damage charts, smoothly transitioning between it's peak (just before Voidform ends) to building Insanity for the next VF while S2M would do less initially, going Nuclear in a single huge damage spike when used (until the Priest is dead). S2M would pull ahead and excel in fights where the execution phase is critical, and damage can flow uninterrupted for the duration. LotV would be better for fights where mechanics interrupt or stop damage, CC is involved, or most of the damage is important pre-execute phase. What about the other lvl 100 talent? Honestly, just make it: ... I think the 3rd 100 talent should just be something fun, niche, and utility based since the other talents cover the 2 real competetive playstyle choices. It would be a decent questing talent, option for under-geared SPriests who don't have much haste, and play-style option. I imagine it as a perma-pet, that has a taunt you can toggle. It also offers a larger range of difficulty-throttle for Shadow, which is important for a spec to have. Vial = Easy, LotV = Medium, S2M = HardXerathos14 5d
5d Testing Shadow in the ptr So pretty much been playing on the ptr lately and theres a few concerns I have. With the set tier the VB spam lacks heavy in a pack of adds. I'm missing out on plenty of AoE damage spamming VB. On live with the ring I can have a group taking damage from my dots with the damage of Mind Sear on top of that. On the PTR VB can do enough damage on a few adds but after a certain amount of adds the damage of the 4 VBs isn't going to cut it. What sucks is having that sweet button light up and knowing you can hit 4 VB back to back but having to Mind Flay instead, to gain the aoe damage. I'm not liking this. I would want the set tier to have the 2pc bonus be what the 4pc bonus is now and replace the 4pc bonus with 'When you enter VF your VB does X damage to nearby enemies for 6s. That or make VB do splash damage baseline. I don't like having to hold out on free spammable VBs, it's counter intuitive. Also I haven't noticed but does 4pc bonus let VB extends our dots above max or to max cap? Lastly, I've been using Mania exclusively to get a feel for it and I think it's a bummer that it doesn't provide any extra improvement to your speed at 0 Insanity. I think Mania should have a passive bonus of 10% and scale up with insanity or have a static increase when inside VF. It feels like im running too slow when I'm trying to run from a hazard and about to fall out or starting the ramp up of VF.Míndplay3 5d
5d Healing OS So I main shadow on my priest, but at this point in time it's currently not 110 so I can't start researching AK yet, but my shadow weapon is already 13. Should I continue to dump the small number of AP into my shadow weapon, or should I start on my healing OS? In which case, I'm not going to ask which one is better.... They both definitely have a strong spot. I like that disc seems godlike for soloing anything out in the world you may have to solo, holy however seems a little more noob friendly. Would it be worth it to learn disc and put into that or do the latter?Saitamax1 5d
5d Legion:Disc Not Viable in Higher End Content? From a developer interview with Towelliee, SpartySmallwood, and Slootbag: ... So the spec has been made far more complicated than holy - which is described as being one of the most "accessible" healers - and is only viable at low level content? That doesn't sound promising for disc.Dliver48 5d
5d Rate the xmog above you let the judging beginFakéyou346 5d
6d Shadow after Legion I understand that there is a ton of confusion in regards to Spriests atm and our ability to even be a viable choice in any group setting, but has anyone taken into consideration after the shows over what will become of us? VoiT is one of the better ways we can stay in VF the longest, but our artifacts will not carry over with us into the next expansion... What then? Not just Spriests either mind you... Quite a few other classes will be in trouble and in dire need of a redesign in order to compensate for our lack of artifact weapons. Will blizzard "bake" the traits into our spells and abilities? I look at this coming patches design for our class specifically and laugh. The promise of no major game changing modifications happening yet oops... There goes LI... if we thought this whole expansions constant redesign of our spec every patch was bad, I can't wait to see the clown show that will be the transition into the next expansion. Just some food for thought, stand by y'all.Thrîve13 6d
6d Mythic ilygnoth and helya trinkets/leg Hey guys, I was curious to what trinkets would give me the best output for fights like ily and helya, the two bosses I'm facing in progression atm. Any additional tips would be great, as well as what legendaries are best for the fights. 880 Swarming plaguehive 860 arans relaxing ruby 875 wriggling sinew 880 twisted wind 865 bough of corruption 875 padawans unlucky charm 845 chrono shard Legendaries: mangazas madness mother sharahz twins torch thanks guys!Vìkt1 6d
6d Psillych gauntlet as Disc - any tips? In the withered training scenario, I'm having a hard time getting through the gauntlet of Psillych Spiderlings on my Discipline Priest. It's a piece of cake on my Moonkin, and not too hard on this character either. But I feel like my Priest just doesn't have good tools to deal with it. I try to DOT everything I can, but I just end up getting swamped. Can anyone offer any pointers? BTW I typically have 20-25 withered by that point, but they don't offer much help on the spiderlings.Zelintha7 6d
6d Tanks Dont Care about their healers anymore So frustrated. I play mostly solo, thus meaning I have to LFR/LFG a lot. I have noticed with the last two expansions that tanks are relying less and less on their healers to get the group through a run. Im looking at my recount as of my last "Time walking" dungeon, and the tank healed him self for 3 quarters of what I healed the whole group for. How is this right? He allowed ME the healer, to die twice because he had ran ahead aggro'ing everything up to boss...I heal...I get aggro, I fade...I die. I cant heal through the damage. I look like the idiot healer that cant heal. Allowing tanks to heal themselves have made it so, they dont care about the rest of the group. Back in Vanilla wow, tanks had to work for a good rep on the server so they could run a dungeon, They also gave a damn about their que, mash keyboard, get loot, leave. There is no structure in the group anymore, and I blame this mostly on tanks and being able to heal. ok....Maybe Im wrong, maybe its just some bad luck with random groups. Holy heals = Not really feeling good for much. Might be time to try out tanking....try to see it from that side of things. I can guaranty I wont leave my healers in the dust. Please help me understand why tanks need to heal that much. Thanks Worthless healerSpiritualsky17 6d
6d Help with logs I am looking for someone willing to take a look at my logs and help with my opportunities. Along with that for trinkets I also have a couple stat sticks, one with 1k haste, one with 1k crit, an 850 bough, 850 spiked tounge, 850 eyasu I appreciate any help!Tii0 6d
6d Trinkets for Holy and Disc So I have a bag full of trinkets, and would like your opinion on what the best ones to use would be for Holy, and what the best ones to use for Disc. Mote of Sanctification (840) (holy) Nightmare Bloom (845) (Disc) (Shadow) Vial of Nightmare Fog (850) (Holy) Swarming Plaguehive (850) (Shadow) Cocoon of Enforced Solitude (855) (Disc) That is what I have, the Item level, and what spec I have been using them for.Exercise6 6d
6d Rate the Priest Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Nocturna150 6d
6d Shadow pvp talents Hey guys I was just wondering what talents and honor talents to pick up for arenas/bgs? Anyone I could check out on the armory for a spec? ThanksAleonia1 6d
6d Spriest without S2M How's the DPS?Sietten13 6d
6d Disc Help Hello everyone, Ive been struggling with disc in the lower level mythics +5, Im sure its just me, but what ilvl should I have to be healing those as disc? should I be using different talents/gear? Most likely im just not very good at this style of healing. I dont really have any problem with mythic+ until I hit 5ish, is my gear plenty to be healing those? Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.Focushunter4 6d
6d is PWR more of a dungeon tool? whenever I use power word radiance in raid it invariably lands on targets that don't need any healing ... in raid it just seems like a total mana drain, with little or lesser benefit in theory, it could be useful in an aoe damage situation but it's so slow. by the time you get a couple or few off the atonement is already dropping off and you can't even take advantage of it. it's somewhat cool in dungeons, you can hit 3 of the 5 peopleZahruk9 6d
6d Okay, this is ridiculous Making it so void bolt only extends DoT duration by a measly 2 seconds instead of refreshing them will break the spec completely. Combined with the nerf to StM's insanity generation, StM will be unusable, and with that, shadow priests are going to be bottom of the barrel. I swear, reading these changes, it's like none of the devs have played a shadow priest since 7.0. You can't make shadow have to recast its DoTs during void form, it's the entire reason void bolt gives us a full refresh. Because otherwise, shadow priests can't maintain void form for an extended period of time. Maybe that's what you want. You want void form to feel like that state you enter a small portion of the time which massively buffs your damage for that duration, but isn't maintained for a long time, which is the opposite of what we have right now where void form is up most of the time. But that's the thing: If you want to make it that way, if you want void form to be a "sometimes" thing, then you're gonna have to give shadow priests some ridiculous compensation buffs if you want them to remain viable. You can't just nerf shadow's ability to maintain void form and call it a day. Yes, we know the damage top geared shadow priests can pull with StM's current iteration. But not only are you nerfing that as well, but we're talking about something which is only possible with absurd gear and the proper legendaries. What do you think the damage of non-top geared shadow priests is going to look like after these nerfs? Hell, even top geared shadow priests won't be pulling numbers now because they rely on three things: StM, the DoT refresh on Void Bolt and the insanity generation from Auspicious Spirits. You are nerfing all three. To a critical degree. Furthermore, how do you think PVP is going to feel? Shadow is already pretty much pigeon holed into either large scale PVP or teams filled with peels. We have cast time over cast time over cast time. Without diminishing returns on interrupts, 2 people can keep a shadow priest silenced almost permanently. Never mind that shadow priests are made of paper maché. I'll take the auspicious spirits nerf. I'll take the StM nerf. I'll take the lingering insanity nerf. But the void bolt nerf isn't a nerf, it's a break. You won't nerf the spec, you will downright break it. It's like removing holy power generation from crusader strike. It's like making it so warlocks are silenced for 0.5 seconds every time their pet attacks. It's like forcing druids to have full health to be able to shapeshift. It's like making it so sin rogue poisons aren't passively applied by auto-attacks, but must instead be applied by an ability which costs 60 energy and doesn't generate combo points. It's like making it so frost mages have 2 charges of ice lance, with a 30 second recharge time. You can't just make this change in a vacuum and expect the spec to function.Cognozzle42 6d
6d The crap traits on the holy artifact So, I'm down to the crappy points in the holy artifact (Trust in the Light and Focus in the Light) - the ones that are basically worth plus stamina and damage. How do you motivate yourself there? Needing to fill 5 traits before you get any healing benefit? I've been putting points into discipline for pvp and waiting for some research to come in... getting pretty much nothing until I fill the 5 traits (for the first hidden) isn't motivational to do it.Nzete12 6d
6d 7.1.5 Disc PvP changes Strength of Soul Your Power Word: Shield instantly heals targets for [ 1 + 200% of Spell Power ] and reduces all Physical damage taken by 30% while the shield persists. Discipline Priest - Tier 4 PvP Talent. Trinity The duration of your Atonement is increased to 30 by 5 sec and the healing transferred through Atonement is increased by 20%. However, Atonement can now only affect a maximum of 3 targets and can only be applied through Plea. Priest Any2 Role - Tier 3 PvP Talent. SoS sounds like it could be some crazy burst healing with Rapture. Hopefully it goes live, I have a feeling that Rapture abuse will earn it a quick nerfEmerus3 6d
Dec 2 prayer of healing Can we please remove the group requirement of prayer of healing? For those that don't know, if your in a raid group setting and cast prayer of healing, let's say on someone whose in group 3, then everyone in group 3 will get healed regardless if they are full health or not. Can we please change it to instead just heal nearby low health allies?Lunarfight15 Dec 2
Dec 2 7.1.5 Priests and Secondary Stats so I was lurking over in the rogue forums to grieve over the loss of my outlaw rogue alts aoe damage it appears that this build of the PTR has changed the conversion rate of secondary stats. a nerf across the board. (ie more points required for 1% increase) can anyone confirm this?Tynx32 Dec 2
Dec 2 A question about macros Is it possible to create a macro for Plea that prevents you from casting it past 6 stacks? It's so costly if disciplines make a mistake.Vollux4 Dec 2
Dec 2 Help me decide on Caster DPS/Healer class. Hi guys. So I decided I wanted to role a Caster DPS that has a healing spec Basically Healing PvE and DPS in PvP. Since Ele is "trash" as everyone is saying. That gives me the options of a Shadow/Holy Priest or a Balanced/Restro Druid. I would love if someone can give me some insight and how they both are doing this expansion so far.Shadogasm9 Dec 2
Dec 2 new priest i just tried all the classes in their little lvl 100 trial thing and disc priest immediately gripped me as the most fun thing ever! i have never healed in this game and had a blast doing it in a several bgs ive got to re roll lolSnackpup3 Dec 2
Dec 2 Mythic 15 plus completion Just curious how many of us have completed a Mythic 15+ in time to attain Keystone Master titled at this point.Prancingfox14 Dec 2
Dec 2 Spirit of Redemption stunnable? I am not sure if this changed before or after legion launched, but I don't recall Spirit of Redemption being affected by mechanics like stuns or sleep. Am I missing something and why would this be changed? I can only guess that due to all of the battle rez abilities added that the priest dying for a long non mana period followed but full mana potentially could become a type of exploit but I am not sure. Anyone have some answers?Slypope5 Dec 2
Dec 2 Mother Sharaz Seduction Nerfed. Mother Shahraz's Seduction (New) You gain 5 stacks of Voidform when you enter Voidform. in live, you get 7 stacks from this on average, with the possibility of more if you get into voidform quick. Imma just put this up for discussion.Drflaygood15 Dec 2
Dec 2 7.1.5-Fixing The 100 Shadow Tier (Suggestion) After reading many different posts about the current state of the PTR for shadow priests, I figured I'd add my opinion on ways that blizzard could fix shadow: Mind Spike - Honestly just trashcan Mind Spike at this point; it brings a terrible style of play that is just straight up clunky and "unfun". Shadow Priests are about dot up time and they will be for the rest of this expansion as long as Mass Hysteria is a thing. Stop trying to spice things up by bringing in the third wheel of a talent nobody likes. Legacy Of The Void - Buff it, keep it as is with the 70 void form availability but add something onto it to make it more attractive. Make it so your insanity drains 30% slower while in VF to actually make it competitive with Surrender. This is just an example obviously but something else can be done to it to make our early game stronger. Surrender to Madness - I really do love the play style that this talent brings. It gets me pumped to do longer fights just to see how long I can stay in VF w/o screwing up. The nerf on this is somewhat warranted but not to the extent of another 50% slashed off of it. Maybe make it 125% instead of 150? I feel like skilled players should still be able to reach 3 void torrents with correct itemization and enough practice / skill without requiring the legendary belt. Devouring Plague - I would like to see Devouring Plague make a comeback in place of Mind Spike (again this is personal preference). Have it only usable in VF as a special dot that eats your current voidform stacks to do % increase damage based on how many stacks you had maybe with increased dot time? I also wouldn't be opposed to a Clarity Of Power return but I personally think that would be too powerful especially with the belts running around. Void Bolt - I hate most of the changes on the PTR to this ability. Due to shadow being completely reliant on dot up time for dps, it ruins our single target damage while making our aoe not really that much better. Revert it back to completely refreshing your dots on the target you casted it on while keeping the aoe 4 second refresh mechanic to targets nearby.Again these are all just opinions, I am in no way saying I can fix shadow better than a developer. However playing shadow as my main since WoTLK I am proud that we're able to be competitive on dps for longer than a patch. I am not going back in the trash silently dammit. TL;DR Some ideas I came up at work to maybe save shadow. I'd love to hear your guys thoughts or maybe your own ideas to save shadow.Bremora16 Dec 2
Dec 2 The use of the new Mind Spike. I put this in the ptr forums but want to post it here as well. "The more I use Mind Spike in the ptr the more confident I become that this is an ability to very quickly push us into VF in aoe and Dotweave in ST. Dotweaving is def the way to go with the new mindspike and it feels smooth and very reminiscent of WoD's playstyle when used for ST. However, using it inside, even outside, of VF in an aoe situation is SUPER clunky and you lose damage from dots benefiting from MH when used on a target not already dying and takes away from using Mind flay's aoe component AND shadow word: death. At least in ST it pushes me closer, quicker, to my next VF when I dotweave in a much clearer and smoother way. Also this talent does not benefit from using any of the 5th tier talents as much as LotV and STM does. It doesn't help that our dots fall off a lot quicker and re applying dot's is very tedious to begin with. In aoe packs I can tab target mind spike and detonate all my applied dots which is cool and when done outside of VF i can very quickly enter VF again, which I think is the idea, but I then have to re apply the same dots (lose out on insanity gain if capped outside of VF) and lose out on damage from my dots (MH if in VF) if my targets do not die. The main problem is having to redot over and over again. It's annoying and not super smooth like blizzard is having us believe, at least for Mind Spike. To make it less clunky AND benefit in both ST and AoE, Mind Spike should be redesigned with the same concept but instead use SWD in it's place. Mind Spike - Shadow Word: Death can now be used on targets above 20% health dealing X damage and detonating your damage over time effects. For each damage over time effect detonated, Shadow Word: Death gains 50% damage and deals 25% of it's damage to all nearby targets. *Damage over time effects wont be consumed on targets below 20% health. This version of the talent will be used exactly the same way as it does in the ptr but with a much more efficient way of dealing with AoE and still be strong in ST and on fights with small add pops and a boost in our execute phase. It will also synergize with the new legendary cape (If the cape resets SWD's CD), Reaper of Souls and actually work in PvP. PTR's version of Mind Spike is way too clunky and adds more steps to an already fast paced and tight rotation. Additionally it makes people almost as confused, if not more, than how Mind Spike works on Live."Míndplay3 Dec 2
Dec 1 Reverse how Leap of Faith (Holy) works! It's no secret that one our main issues is mobility, both in PvE and PvP. So why does Leap of Faith pull the target to us? What if Leap of Faith instead pulled us to the target? I think this would allow for us to spend more time hard-casting in PvE, and would provide a much needed escape ability in PvP. I think this simple change would really improve the quality of life for all Holy Priests, and would also make the class more entertaining to play.Pariis14 Dec 1
Dec 1 Pew...Pew...Pew...Pew I just got Sphere of Insanity (re-rolled mains a few weeks ago) and it's driving me insane (pun intended). What was Blizzard thinking when they implemented the audio for this??Strokzit9 Dec 1
Dec 1 PTR changes "Void Bolt" I get the STM changes, but the void bolt change on top of the STM and lingering insanity nerf? FFS blizz! Why change our ability to refresh our dots with Void Bolt? It feels clunky as hell now when multi doting. Nerf STM and buff our other options instead of nerfing everything about the class over one talent. I know a bunch of people have already said the same, but i had to say my peace in hopes blizz actually reads our feedback.Chesties3 Dec 1