Mar 13, 2013 #showtooltip Holy Fire Is this code bugging out every time for anyone else when you log on? For some reason, every time I log on, it shows me the Power Word: Solace tooltip even if I don't have that talent learned. I would have to edit the macro slightly (ex. delete "e" at the end of "Fire" then add it again) for it to show the tooltip correctly. Not game breaking but annoying that I have to do that change every time. >.<Moringa1 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Soloing older raids. Hey guys, I've been trying to get some gear for transmog over the last week. Last night I went into Mount Hyjal for the first time fearing the worst but other than wrangling the mobs at the horde camp it was a cake. :) got my t6 gloves and helm, (Archimonde was way easier than I thought he'd be). Earlier in the week I tried BT and soloed up to Gurtogg, but I couldn't beat him so I had to bring my buddy in and we duo'ed the rest of the dungeon. I'm wondering, (for all you solo experts), if you have any tips on Gurtogg?Dealtheheals4 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 RPPM and Jade Spirit Can someone please explain the RPPM system in the context of Jade Spirit. I've read the standard blue post on RPPM but I just procced Jade Spirit 5 times in 60 secs on a dummy, despite it having a RPPM of 2. How does Jade Spirit proc 5 times in 60 secs when its RPPM is 2?Niks2 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 need opinions on disc plz I really cant decide if I want to bump up crit or haste. Crit would be great but crit is just so RNG. Im thinking haste would be a better overall choice, but the shields from crits could go along way as well. Granted no matter which way i go im prob only looking at 4-5% increase in either stat. Opinions?Edgeofdemise10 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Buff to SW:P damage not implemented SW:P is doing exactly the same damage as 5.1. Where is this change: Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Help with 2v2: FMage/SPriest Tips Hello, My partner is a shadow priest, and we've done arenas together in cata, but he was a disc priest back then. Now, in 5.2 he decided to go Shadow Priest. He wants to know, what does he have to do to survive when a dps is on him? He has trouble against rogues, and dks. Also, if you guys have any tips for this combo, I'd love to hear them. :)Zeus1 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 PvP Shadow 5.2 So is FDCL and Divine Insight dead? What is the spec right now? ^^Esebubblez20 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Shadow priest on 5.2 How are shadow priest in pvp?? are they getting Nerf on 5.2??Guerrerito10 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 greater heal is greater heal broken? my critical greater heals are only healing a target for around 125k, considering my regular gh heals for around the same amount the crit heal seems considerably low. was there something in the patch notes i missed that changed this or is it bugged?Talorîs2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Holy fire / smite macro Hi, I'm looking for a macro that will prioritize using holyfire/solace and then will spam smite until its off cooldown. I'm having issues locating something like this. Halp meh plox D:?Aiyanâ9 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 RBGs/Arena builds Hey everyone, I'm a little conflicted as I've been trying out DI, FDCL, PI and SW:I and can't decide which I should go with. What would you suggest for RBGs this season and possibly Unholyplay in 3s?Piitbb5 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Disc Atonement Heals? I read the patch notes for 5.2 and under pvp this is stated "Balance, Feral, Windwalker, Retribution, Shadow, Enhancement and Elemental now gain 25% of the bonus healing provided by PvP Power (was 0). Dedicated healers will continue to gain 50% of the bonus healing, and no bonus damage, from PvP Power." So with that statement above, as an atonement healer in rbgs arenas and the bgs, should I actually stack pvp power? I have not stacked resil except for the occasional gem with dual stats and it is almost impossible to take me down. However some of my best heals come from my holy fire, smite and penance, so if there is no bonus damage from those spells hitting players, is the mechanic of doing damaging heals being restricted? Are my heals healing less if the damage is not there? Since the beginning of Atonement healing it has been the most fun I have had playing my priest. Imagine doing damage to the opposing faction and healing your friends at the same time. I would love to continue using this spec over any others however, if there is a better way to take advantage of the mechanics of PvP Power I would love to understand more. Any intelligent feedback is most appreciated.Sunshien3 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 New to priest experience Any advice on how to be a really good priest? i want to try healing but think maybe i should wait until om higher level...Inella1 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Single Target DPS TOO LOW The problem is that you buff our SW:P to increase dps now you nerf it and the same problem isnt fixed. I agree our multi dot dmg was too high, but you are not fixing shadows big problem. OUR SINGLE TARGET DAMAGE!Tatik4 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Shield Absorb (Mastery) question Ive been checking some wow armory for disc priests and most have reforged to crit instead of mastery. I also notices that regarless of the mastery% it always reads 20% absorb when mouse over. Does this mean its 20% across the board now? Or am i reading it wrong? Just curious because i will respec/regem/reforge to spi and crit if it is 20% across the board, regardless of mastery rating. Thank you in advanceHaggris9 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Tier 15 - Cosmetic Opinions Just some rambling thoughts during maintenance. I was not so pleased when I saw our tier 15. The good: It feels like it fits the mogu / pandaria theme, especially the shoulders The bad: The shoulders and head look like mail or plate... In some sets that works, in this one I just don't know. /2centsVoxnor4 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 SPriest: Halo vs Divine Star I noticed that a number of WoL high ranking shadow priests are specced into Divine Star. Does the buff to the talent make it now the go to spell for single target dps fights? If it's at least comperable to Halo, it would seem that Divine Star would be preferable for no other reason than not to have to deal with keeping at a precise optimal range for dps. For example:öat11 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Shadow PvP question Hey Shadow Priests! I have a quick question about PvP Power vs PvP Resil At what point should I be stacking Power over Resil now? Or should I even choose power over resil? I am currently somewhere around 9.1k Resil and 11k Power I believe, and I seem to be doing fine in randoms so far, usually getting upwards of 15 KB's and less than 4-5 deaths a game, and putting out top or near-top damage and middle of the pack healing. I currently just use MrRobot to gem, enchant, and reforge my gear. (Ya I know thats lazy and nubbish). So yea, any tips would be greatly appreciated.Chickenheads2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Anyone Elses PW:S Bugged? Talked to a few other disc priests and their shields are about 20% lower than the tooltip is reading. Is it just a few of us? I can't imagine that the ~80k shields that I'm throwing as disc and the ~69k shields I throw as shadow are working as intended. My guess is there is some sort of calculation error due to Spiritual Healing. If you're noticing the same issue, post here so we can maybe get it resolved. It's pretty annoying that a thread about paladin Ulduar tier pants getting their graphic changed gets a blue response and a legitimate concern about a major ability in a priests tool kit gets ignored...Nurture4 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 can priest solo small dinosaur ? jest wandering if there's a way to solo the dinosaur on the Isle of Giants ... as a priest or is it a Isle of no priestKratomasy12 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Holy PvP Is it viable to play a holy priest in arenas? I just started PvPing on a priest this season and so far holy is really good in BGs. Since they gave focused will to holy in 5.2 it seems like they might be pretty good in arenas as well. We have two more instant heals than discipline (holy word: serenity and healing circle) plus lightwell which you can use while in CC. Also, with the glyph you get 25 seconds of uninterruptable spam healing after you die. Not to mention psychic scream -> divine hymn is awesome, even if you only get a few seconds of it off before you are interrupted. I think that divine hymn ignores terrain and line of sight so you can even get some good heals off from behind corners or under the bridge. What do you guys think?Burbeary15 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Disc PvP Tip: Evangelism With the new Evangelism mechanic now affecting Penance for both damage and healing, I've found that Evangelism is now greatly enhanced and there may not be a need to ever pop Archangel (which I used to do as part of my Inner Focus macro.) Quickly stacking 5 stacks of Evangelism is now a high priority, and with instant holy fire, it's now fairly easy to keep the 5 stacks going at all times. With various multipliers, this means that you can essentially keep a 25% more powerful penance and 30% cheaper mana cost for the spell for an entire BG / arena match. Recalling from memory since servers down, but with 5 stacks i was getting ~50k Penance ticks for ~7k mana cost (using Penance glyph, so even cheaper without.) This is vs ~40k without 5 stacks.Exhumé2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 disc priest gear question After playing Holy for ages I switched to disc and am mainly doing atonement healing now. But performing this sort of healing got me thinking - since my healing is based on the dmg I do, shouldn't I have Shadowpriest gear - aka int>haste>crit? I massed up a ton of mastery which I'm hearing is not great for shielding anymore and overall in raids I heal more than I shield. I know I get 15% hit with this spec so I don't even have to go for that. I researched this and theorycrafters seem to dislike the idea. There isn't any definite build for disc priests who do atonement healing, either. Most ppl will tell you to go the classic int>spirit>mastery build but I'm suspecting atonement is different. Has anyone tried this idea and seen some tangible results? TYKuduruk7 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 heals cut 20% off the top?! Are you serious? Poor Holy Priest (including myself) got most of their main heal spells cut 20% off the top is complete Bullcrap. Why?? Mine is geared pretty well, not yet 90 but geared well for the new panda stuff. Heals were great, was working on figuring out the problem of running out of mana in boss fights when you go and do this? After blizzard messed my shammy healer up my priest was my last. Don't mean to be a whiner, but if healings the only thing you like to do and they nerfed the crap out of all of them whats the point in it anymore? *simmers*Skyflower17 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Shadow Priest Pvp Hey all! I'm not here to complain or anything but has anyone noticed that we've got nerfed every patch? Our damage really hasn't been but all our counters (fade, spectral guise nerf) have been removed. Its like all i do anymore is dot, fear run spam heals on myself. Lets be honest its just not as fun anymore.Jenlol12 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 wtf @ holy nova being a glyph Why is this a glyph? This should be baseline. The other major glyphs are too good, and holy nova is too necessary.Bledfordays19 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Math re: crit/mast in conjunction w. SS/PoH? I just want to be clear on the technical in's and out's of this. Let's assume 30% mastery for nice round numbers of +15% heal and +30% absorb. Let's also assume all five party members are in range. Patch notes say this, for reference: - Spirit Shell now provides an absorb shield equal to the average healing and absorb of the triggering spell, including criticals and Divine Aegis. - Divine Aegis now causes critical heals to apply an absorb shield on the target for 100% of the amount healed instead of healing for twice as much. In addition, it grants Power Word: Shield a chance equal to the Priest's critical chance for the shield to absorb twice as much damage. Some specific questions about this, each worded a little differently: - If I cast PoH during SS, does the +15% heal bonus influence the size of the absorb shields that are subsequently created? (So essentially, does PoH+SS benefit from BOTH the +heal AND the +absorb bonuses?) - If I cast PoH without SS and there is a crit, does the +15% heal bonus influence the size of the absorb shields that are subsequently created? (So essentially, does PoH+DA benefit from BOTH mastery bonuses?) - Related: If I cast PoH without SS and there is exactly one crit out of five, is that one crit-portion averaged out and applied as an absorb shield split across all five party members? Thanks. Just want to make sure this is out in the open and that we're all clear on it, myself included.Maely0 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Best partner this season for disc? I know some people say lol 2s but I am just getting back into arena after a long time away from them. What was good for 2v2 last season and what do you all predict will be good this season? Will disc+rogue still be good? or forget healing in 2s and go shadow?Malkezadek6 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Just did my first Challenge Mode. And oh ehm gee was it fun. I was wondering if any priests had some tips healing Challenge Modes, I healed as holy but was wondering would disc have been better. We missed gold by about 2 minutes. I'm not sure how I should go about reforging, I threw in INT + Spirit gems where I had pure spirit as well as jammed a pure INT gem on my weapon. I figured I'd want more throughput to cast nice big heals and what have you since mindbender gives me a nice chunk of mana on every boss fight/trash pack I can cast it. Any tips are greatly appreciated <3Hitomiko11 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Divine Star bugging? Lately been some problems with my Divine Star where it will shoot through the ground under me rather than in front of me. It heals me for the 2 hits but its not healing the targets i'm trying to hit. Doesn't happen all the time but it does get rather annoying in BGs when trying to heal. Has anyone else had this problem? *Also when it bugs its not because i'm mid air or on a slope since I already know it wont go up the hill it will just float through itXria4 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Which glyph to replace Mind Spike? (pvp) Seems to me that in 5.2 the Mind Spike glyph will be useless since it won't work with the Surge of Darkness procs. I was debating between Mind Blast and Psychic Horror or even Levitate (make a macro that casts it then cancels it for the sprint, spammable?) What are you guys gonna do?Narthexx16 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 May I gain better incentive to use shield. As a holy priest in a PvP enviornment, power word shield seems to be something to cast under desperation and when everything else happens to be on a cd (star, serenity, PoM, etc) just to blanket myself a little bit because I've run out of instant casts , and I don't feel like I can afford a casting time. I remember in cata that I've only used it to gain the speed buff, but right now, without holy walk, body and soul is useless with many snares that will prevent the speed gain. It honestly made me feel more like a holy priest as I wasn't a tankish , bulky disc but a light as a feather, quick sparkly holy. I'm not asking for holy walk to be back, but I do wish I had more incentive for the spell.Wofye5 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Race Change What is the best horde race for a priest.. any input would be helpful..Cokestar17 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 PoM bug? Dueling a mage, this happened: Not complaining, but has anyone else seen anything similar? I am using Glyph of Prayer of Mending.Yomen12 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Couple of questions for healing priests So how does disc feel in PVP so far after the changes? Have you noticed a significant difference from last season? How does it compare with Holy? How is priest synergy with a death knight? Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer these questions. Much appreciated.Shaldarin2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Need some Addon Advice for Priests Hello forums, I come asking for advice. I recently have switched to Holy and am loving it! However, last time I used my healing spec was around level 30-ish so I have a ton of new abilities and I feel using some addons might help. So here are my questions: 1. Is there an addon to give the UI a really clean look like Skinner but maybe a bit different? I don't like Aurora either. 2. Is there a way to make Grid show only nearby people, instead of just making the people further away transparent? (so dynamically remove/add them as they get in range) 3. What do you guys recommend for other priest addons?Kircic3 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 How to Death Blinds (Best Guide) Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 PvE trinkets viable in PvP? (Shadow) Are any of the new (or old) PvE trinkets a good choice for shadow pvp, or is it best to stick with the pvp dps trinkets?Niks2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Mind flay clipping VS Mind flay macro. I really really like my mind flay macro since i'm able to spam it and i'm used to always spamming my keys fast. Taking the the time to stop makes me literally slow down.Queuequeue1 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 What will yall be running this season? What arena comps will yall priests be running this season? disc and shadow.Rubenblades1 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 No new dungeons in MOP (Forum ate my post) It was long enough that I was planning to break it into four seperate posts. I clicked preview and after a brief loading bar, came back to the editing page, which was blank. Gone. So, cliff notes version: This is in the priest forum because it reaches a cross section of the community rather than a specific type of player (i.e. raids and dungeons forum), and I know this forum well. There are many reasons why dungeons are more enjoyable than both Scenarios and LFR. (were included in original post, not discussed here, however, this should be conceded anyway: that some people like these things and they have reasons for it) I want to discuss the recent announcement that no new dungeons will be released in Mists of Pandaria. However, I want to state some common points made on both sides of the discussion, because they are repeatedly restated and I'm looking for fresh discussion. I give both sides of the discussion so that these points don't need to be discussed any more and the conversation can progress. Again, just cliff notes here. Dungeons are too easy. Boring. They are now. They don't have to be. They don't have to be bleeding-edge-hard to not be boring either. New dungeons invalidate old dungeons immediately. I have a few ideas to make that impossible. I do think the new dungeons need to be a separate queue from existing ones though. New dungeons on seperate queue mean repeating the same new ones over and over. Just don't do a tier of two dungeons again. Try... eight? Include 'refreshed for 90' dungeons if needed, and don't need a new tier every major patch. Scenarios have replaced dungeons. DPS enjoy short queues for scenarios. True about queues. I argue that leaving out traditional class roles makes a lesser play experience, though. So it's only a shorter queue for a worse experience. Scenarios, dailies and raids can do the storytelling - Dungeons not needed for that. True. There are plenty of other reasons that dungeons should still exist though. Dungeons exist only to gear players for raids. Afterwards, they don't have a point. Not true at all. Dungeons provided meaningful progression to nonraiders in 5.1 through valor, and historically, without raiders feeling like they were raiding for nothing. There shouldnt be any problem with nonraiders also accessing 5.2 valor gear from new dungeons, as long as there are barriers to new 90s going straight into new dungeons. So I want your discussion, sincerely, but just don't state one of the above points unless you can significantly expand on it. What's your opinion? For those who welcome the announcement, why should I like the new Scenario/LFR model instead? I'd really rather be convinced than eventually remaining unconvinced and stop playing...Dominish0 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 What'd I miss with atonement+dmg modifiers? Atonement heals are only slightly bigger with damage modifier fights like elegon, jin'rokh, etc. They're noticeably bigger but definitely not what it was last patch. Earlier I had a 450k~ hit heal for 80k. Is it a bug or did I miss something?Noxnzee2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Shadow PVE crit vs. haste tiers My question mainly involves stat weights and gearing. I am aware that 8085 haste is the break-point that I should be aiming for, but cannot reach it yet. If I cannot reach 8085 haste, am I better off reforging [crit > haste > mastery] OR would I be better suited reforging [haste > crit > mastery]? Most guides I have read simply say [haste breakpoint > crit], but if I cannot hit that break-point yet, my reasoning was to push into crit until 8085 becomes reachable at a future time. Hope to hear some insight into this or even some links to other sites that analyze the ideal relationship between crit and haste for shadow PVE. Thanks!Revjimbones9 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Disc Priest: Nerf strat toward balance? I understand why the Divine Aegis & Spirit Shells nerf was done, but to say it's because Disc Priests are using their only AoE heal that does not have a cooldown too much does not seem like that is going to fix that problem at all. If anything you could anticipate that Prayer of Healing would be used ever more post 5.2 nerfs, because their only AoE heal spell (that does not require glyphs or have a cooldown) is going to produce much weaker absorbs. What other spell are we supposed to use when a raid is taking massive AoE damage? Greater Heal X 10? that does not seem practical anymore than LH or FH x10. PW:S x 10? If that was truly the intention of the devs, why go through all the trouble to get Disc Priests out of that habit only to encourage PW:S spamming. That seems just as unlikely since if a shield breaks more than once every 12 sec, you're not regaining the full mana amount, making the spell less mana efficient for each additional shield more than once every 12 sec. That's a far cry from casting 10 shields every 12 sec or so. Holy Nova? Even if it did not require a glyph is heals for so little and the range is so limited it seems more like a spell that a level 80-85 would be casting not a level 90. Cascade- Cascade is a nice AoE spell on paper and with a 25 sec CD, that's not too bad, but it is still buggy where sometimes the spell will only jump one additional time and then stop. It seems more reliable when you have a group of 25 or more, but not hitting a player twice is also a drawback, and makes it less than useful in small groups. Holy Bolt- With an even shorter CD than Cascade, it is helpful, but requires everyone to be clustered together, it's basically a superior version of Holy Nova (in terms of healing power) with a CD. Halo- Halo is ideal when you can get the maximum distance away from most of the raid, however, since it's max distance is 25 yds and not 30 yds, you cannot use your spells to properly gauge this ideal max distance without using an addon, and addons are fine, but requiring an addon to get the most of a spell's healing isn't the way to get a ringing endorsement. The point is Holy Priests don't spam Prayer of Healing because they have multiple (not 2 options) for AoE healing. They even took away the glyph of Prayer of Healing, which actually rewarded a healing for not spamming PoH on hte same group, because the HoT portion did not stack. Unless I'm missing something what other spells are Disc Priests supposed to use to AoE healing a group? Even when a Disc Priest uses Spirit Shell, that spell usually is only for tank healing/absorbs or AoE absorbs. So even when using Spirit Shell, which other option is there besides PoH with or without Spirit Shell.\?Peacepriest11 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Crits bugged? I noticed tonight that my heal crits are only hitting for like a thousand more than my non crit heals. Anyone else noticing anything like this??Triflin2 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 PW: S Critical Visualization? Would anyone else like to see this implemented somehow? I would like to know when my shields receive a critical hit like we do when we see those huge green numbers flash on our screen and feel accomplished. Maybe that's just me. Thoughts? Flames? BeginSwânn6 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Spirit Shell~Flash heal, scrapped? Did they scrap the idea of Spirit Shell reducing the cost of Flash Heal? (Sorry lol if it's a scrub question ._.)Arke3 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 When do I use Spirit Shell? I never see a good use for this spell. (PvE wise) Any advice?Sorá10 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 MF: Insanity question First off I typically heal on my priest, but will be switching to shadow dps more often this tier. I've read that atm MF: Insanity is the go to dps talent choice for most situtations, having played around with it I noticed that dots often times fall off while trying to maximize casting 2x MF:I. Should I first reapply my dots before casting DP and 2xMF:I? If so, are there any situations where I should let my dots just fall off (perhaps because of an empowered dot due to trinket procs and the like)?Browncöat13 Mar 12, 2013