Aug 12, 2012 Holy word: sanctuary idea Why not make a glyph where it makes holy word sanctuary cause enemy players to whoever crosses it get feared automatically, or shackled?, or disorientated? or just not share a diminishing return with all the other fears, make it work like ring of frost, holy would be closer to pvp value with something like that.Wofye1 Aug 12, 2012
Aug 12, 2012 Mind Flay casting animation suggestions Hello i wanted to make this minor thread for the weird casting animations some of us fellow priests have as different races and to give my thoughts on the different races animations for the spell now im only going to be talk about the genders and races that i care about feel free to add Male Night Elf- um it looks ok i guess Female Night Elf- i like their the best for some reason their orb is the biggest too ? Male Blood elf - looks cool any one casting it with 1 hand looks fine its when they cast it with 2 hands we have problems like Female Goblin- maybe make the orb in the center of her two hand so it looks better Female blood elf- um i think their the only good looking one who sue s two hands the female night elf uses two hands also but her orb is really big and covers both hand why not do that with the other races that cast it with 2 hands pleaseVayè9 Aug 12, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 shadow mana problems i just got my Spriest to 85 and only have 3 pieces of decent gear (ruthless). i seem to have horrible mana problems, i can dot 2-3 targets and then i'm at like 10% mana. any advice on what i'm doing wrong or what i should do to conserve mana more would be greatly appreciated. thank you. Edit: for priest armory so you can see armory if ya want Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Shadow priests in MOP I recently lvled the priest to 85 and i must say, i feel stupid for deciding to lvl a priest this late. I never thought they would be this much fun. I am a little concerned of how shadow will be in MOP. Does VT still fear you when dispelled and do we still have archangel as shadow? Some talent trees show it, some dont.Sundayy8 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Undead or Goblin? For Shadow Priest? Also what professions?Yethspank8 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Devouring Plague Plague:1. A widespread affliction or calamity, especially one seen as divine retribution. 2. A sudden destructive influx or injurious outbreak: a plague of locusts; a plague of accidents. 3. A cause of annoyance; a nuisance: "the plague of social jabbering" (George Santayana). 4. a. A highly infectious, usually fatal, epidemic disease; a pestilence. b. A highly fatal infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Yersinia (syn. Pasturella ) pestis, is transmitted primarily by the bite of a rat flea, and occurs in bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic forms. tr.v. plagued, plagu·ing, plagues 1. To pester or annoy persistently or incessantly. See Synonyms at harass. 2. To afflict with or as if with a disease or calamity Why is devouring plague only usable on one target at a time? If it's the healing, make a danged glyph that lets us use it on multiple targets but takes away the healing received from it. It is a plague, treat it as such!Holyspecced10 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Ancient Ones I want to see who has been playing since Classic (Vanilla) WoW. I want to know why you have stayed with you're beloved class for so long & what gives you that drive to keep pushing. A little about myself. I originally was horde on Firetree server & an undead. I loved raiding & was not much into PvP at the time. I still remember my first raid boss kills & the day I obtained my Benediction. The day that BC came out I chose to keep this toon forever locked as a remembrance to our past & the days I had the most fun. Yours truly, Sergeant MonoriMonori3 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Having trouble with my Spriest H DS I'm getting beaten by an spriest with worse gear and no 4 set. My only guess is that I'm letting dots fall off or clipping the wrong things. Even on the target dummy when I practice, I feel like my dmg is lower than it should be. I have the most issues with multi-dot fights and keeping track of what is where. If you want to look at logs, look only at Thursday's 9 Aug: Any constructive help would be greatly appreciated.Eagan8 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 MoP Healing Priest Pre-raid Gear guide I put together a pre-raid BiS list for healing priests come mists. Its an extensive list because as healers we can mix an match items especially when making the decision to take spirit or to not take spirit, so I'm going to start with a table of contents. **on another note, this will look a lot prettier when I can start linking the in-game items into this post** TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Heroic 5m Loot II. Compare by Slot / BiS III. Tailoring Epics IV. Valor Point Epics V. LFR Tier Pieces I. Heroic 5man Loot Gate of the Setting Sun: Saboteur Kip'tilak: Head - 899 int, 626 spirit, 555 haste Striker Ga'dok: Hands - 668 int, 490 crit, 369 haste Commander Ri'mok: Legs - 899 int, 617 mastery, 570 haste Finger - 501 int, 354 spirit, 301 haste Raigonn: Mace - 385 int, 257 spirit, 257 haste, 5152 spellpower Shoulder - 668 int, 445 crit, 445 haste Wrist - 501 int, 344 spirit, 318 mastery Mogu'shan Palace: Gekkan: Back - 501 int, 262 crit, 377 mastery Xin the weapon master: Dagger - 385 int, 272 crit, 225 haste, 5152 spellpower Neck - 501 int, 363 spirit, 285 crit Shoulder - 668 int, 445 spirit, 445 mastery Feet - 668 int, 484 haste, 380 crit Scarlet Halls: Houndmaster Baun: Finger - 501 int, 363 spirit, 285 crit Flameweaver Koegler: Dagger - 385 int,283 mastery, 213 crit, 5152 spellpower Neck - 501 int, 293 crit, 358 mastery SCARLET MONASTERY: Thalnos: Shoulder - 668 int, 471 mastery, 401 crit Inquistor Whitemane: Staff - 899 int, 626 mastery, 555 crit, 5152 spellpower Head - 659 int, 497 crit, 450 haste, meta socket, yellow socket, 180 int socket bonus Legs - 899 int, 626 spirit, 555 crit Finger - 501 int, 377 mastery, 262 crit SCHOLOMANCE: Rattlegore: Wand - 385 int, 208 mastery, 238 haste, 5152 spellpower Lilian Voss: Legs - 899 int, 676 crit, 469 haste Darkmaster Gandling: Trinket - 847 int, healing spells grant 5k mana back SHADOPAN MONASTERY: Sha of Violence: Neck - 501 int, 277 spirit, 368 mastery Hands - 668 int, 391 mastery, 478 haste Taran Zhu: Chest - 899 int, 600 crit, 600 haste Finger - 501 int, 262 haste, 377 mastery Siege of Niuzao Temple: Commander Ro'jak: Wrist - 501 int, 309 spirit, 349 haste General Pa'valak: Hands - 668 int, 496 spirit, 359 haste Trinket - 847 int, On use: 4241 spirit for 20 sec Wing Leader Ner'onok: Staff - 899 int, 643 spirit, 526 mastery, 5151 spellpower Head - 899 int, 600 mastery, 600 haste Shoulder - 668 int, 484 mastery, 380 haste Stormstout Brewery: Ook-Ook: Wrist - 501 int, 301 mastery, 354 haste Trinket - 847 spirit, Healing Spells have a chance to grant 3386 int for 10 seconds Hoptallus: Offhand - 501 int, 344 haste, 318 mastery Back - 501 int, 254 spirit, 381 mastery, On use: 1k spirit flask Yan-Zhu: Waist - 668 int, 508 spirit, 338 mastery Finger - 501 int, 349 haste, 309 crit Temple of the Jade Serpent: Liu Flameheart: Back - 501 int, 334 crit, 334 haste Feet - 668 int, 458 spirit, 423 mastery Sha of Doubt: Staff - 899 int, 652 haste, 512 crit, 5151 spellpower Neck - 501 int, 358 crit, 293 haste Hands - 668 int, 471 spirit, 401 masteryZolvolt47 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 I shadow DPS looking good at 90? I don't have BETA access and currently in love with my shadow priest but not sure what my dps is as I don't have recount on PTR and for some reason I can't even play PTR anymore so yea....Crayon1 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Currently leveling a priest. Why the hell do I have to drink after every pull... QQQtpxl4 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 wanting to do some PVE well i got pvp gear so where should i start, do i need to start doing regular insteces and get some JP gear or should i try some HoT and some heroics and what spec would be best for healing in 5mans? disc or holy ty.Iownoobs7 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Pretty Panda Priests I'm trying to decide between a priest and a druid for MoP. I went onto the beta to check out pandapriests, and my jaw? it has DROPPED. Go, look at the panda mindflay animation. Splayed fingers, flaying from the center of your palm, fingers moving, brows going down in rage....HOLY SCHNIKES! I never thought I'd go and look at a panda that's built on an ogre skeleton(...or build like draenei after like twenty years of chow mein, and say "wow, that looks amazingly awesome". ) anyone else got thoughts on the roly-poly deathdealers that are pandapriests? Addendum: Worgen mindflays form claws. goblin fingers splay slightly. PANDA FINGERS ARE ALL AUTONOMOUS!Brightusk3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing Priests If you are looking for more in-depth information on stats and talents please check the Disc and Holy stickies on this forum! Hello! I'm Ashleycakez. I play Holy Main Spec and Disc or Shadow Off Spec - whatever my guild needs me to play to kill the big bad bosses! Many starting Priests stop by our forum looking for useful tips to help them as they progress through Priesthood. I've provided these pointers to help not only low level Priests but Priests at 85 who still feel uncomfortable healing or may be switching to healing from playing Shadow! These are tips for those of you beginning healing to help you in the dungeons and heroic dungeons you encounter in your journey. I would also like to say that these pointers are exclusively for PvE (player vs. environment). Which spec should I play? Either one works. Remember this when making the decision: Holy is a reactive healing spec. This means that your group will take damage and you will heal it after the fact. Disc is a mitigation spec, which means that you will prevent incoming damage on your group via absorption. Tips for Holy and Discipline: Prayer of Mending (PoM) is a particularly useful spell for area-of-effect (AoE) damage. The best use of this spell in dungeons involves casting it on your tank and monitoring when it fades or all its charges are used. PoM is not necessarily the best spell to cast on cooldown. It is in your best interest to use it only when AoE damage is going out, especially if your mana is suffering. Flash Heal is only to be used for emergencies! There are better spells to use for both Disc and Holy when you are not in an emergency situation (a player is at <40% hp). 4.3 brought a change to Divine Hymn. It now heals 5 targets, up from 3. As such it is now a great heal to use in a 5 man, especially for Holy (read below to see how!). Tips for Holy: Use Inner Fire. Once you spec into Chakra, make sure you are ALWAYS in a Chakra state. The best Chakra state to use for dungeons and heroic dungeons is Chakra: Serenity, which increases the chance for your single target heals to crit and more importantly, causes your single target heals to refresh Renew. Maintain Renew on your tank. It will be refreshed with single target heals if you are in Chakra: Serenity. Stick to Heal, Holy Word: Serenity, and Greater Heal for single target healing (player above 60% hp). If a player’s health drops below 40%, use one of the following methods to bring him up: HW: Serenity -> Flash Heal -> Greater Heal Flash Heal -> Flash Heal -> Greater Heal There is absolutely no requirement to keep stacks of Serendipity up. Think of this talent as a way of making Flash Heal ok to use when necessary. Note that HW: Serenity is not only an emergency spell, but also a low cost single target heal to be used at any time. If you and another player in your group take damage use Binding Heal. If 3+ players in your group take damage use Prayer of Healing followed by Circle of Healing. Throw in another PoH if needed. Always drop Lightwell for boss fights and politely instruct your group to use it. Lightwell is also a great resource for large trash pulls. If you heal in Chakra: Sanctuary (increases AoE healing) use Inner Will to reduce the mana cost of Holy Word: Sanctuary. Without Inner Will, HW: Sanc is a very high cost spell. HW: Sanc is best used when your party/raid will remained stacked in the heal for its full duration. While Power Word: Shield is ok to use at lower levels, at 80+ limit its use to only speed boosting group members around via the Body & Soul Talent. Group taking way too much damage on a fight in a dungeon? Activate your Chakra ability and trigger Chakra: Sanctuary via a PoM. As soon as this is done, begin to channel Divine Hymn. Best results when talented 2/2 into Heavenly Voice.Ashleycakez132 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Holy priest mastery: is it bugged or...? The problem I have about a Holy Priest's mastery: Echo of Light, is that it doesn't stack it's own effect. This is a problem that I beleive needs to be fixed. The reason I say this is because if I were to cast a healing spell such as Greater Heal, 22% of it will become a HoT. Cool right? Yeah, I'd say so. But what if I put Renew on that same target? Now the 22% of my Greater Heal has been replaced by 22% of Renew's healing. Cool right? #$%@! no! If 22% of my best heal, which has become an HoT, is replaced by a weaker effect, then there's a bit of a problem here. What I think Blizzard needs to do is make it where Echo of Light doesn't replace a previous effect with a weaker one, but rather become part of the effect. For example: my Greater Heal heals the tank for 25,903. Now, my tank receives an HoT that heals for about 5700 a second. Now I use another, but weaker healing spell on the same target, say Flash Heal. It heals him for say 14,894. 22% of that, which is about 3300. Instead of the 3300 HoT from Flash Heal replacing the 5700 from Greater Heal, what it should do is become part of the effect and heal for the combined total of heals placed on the target, stacking up to 5 times would be nice becuase I think that's not too overpowered or underpowered. Therefore, the tank receives an HoT that heals him for 22% of Greater Heal + 22% of Flash Heal which = 8000 (give or take a few). What do you guys think of this idea? Please comment :PAsith11 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 lightwells since it is so bloody hard to get people to click the damned things, lightwells should be reworked a little so how about this, lightwells keep their current mechanics, but will now also automatically fire a charge at target within range that's below 30% health, but the automatic charge's healing effect will be halved. sure beats having the lightwells wasting away in a fight >.> maybe this could be a new glyph in mop, or something, iunno. maybe also rename the glyphed lightwell into lightwheel too, with a new model to bootSylvestris12 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Darn 1 hit KO'S Help! What to do?? I have low HP for my level, but I'm a spreist so they say to go Intellect, well I have 3192 Intellect from the items.. but I get 1 hit KO'D and I know the healers are getting tired of rez me, I stay back too but the damn AOE kills the sh!t outta me!!! Any tips?Atheistbro11 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Power Word: You're the Inspiration Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic rules: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. We gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on IRC or in Vent! Vent info: 4492 teamlights IRC info: #wowpriests Topic: Ready for Mists? Anything you want to accomplish in game before it arrives?Ashleycakez500 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Vampiric Embrace Is there anyway to remove the numbers of healing done with this spell?Its so annoying when it heals the whole party, I cant see anything whats going on on the screen... thanks for the help!:)Burnyoursoul5 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 holy paladin, or priest? I've got an 85 priest and an 85 paladin. I've never tried healing groups before but I want to try. Any insight/opinions of which is more fun, useful, interesting?Riddle11 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Shadow: word insanity vs from Darkness ^Arcangelo4 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Shadow pvp in MoP thoughts from PTR So I have played shadow on and off as main for Most of wow, looking at our talents , I am finally seeing spriests where they should be. We are finally becoming mobile , yea it is still RNG but we can burst , for a lot on the move. Free spikes that don't remove dots at 20% more dmg, free instant blasts, 3 orb DP is looking good , I had to rework a burst cast sequence macro to now include pain , drop DP , so it mainly just pains, VTs, then goes through a few MFs, refreshing pain and VT. Just on a dummy I feel a lot more dangerous, i felt like I was getting enough spikes and blast procs, in full 378 on ptr doing 65k instant 3 orb DP dmg, RNG 2 back to back spikes, followed by a free blast, we can finally kite, just starting ptr last night it's hard to tell with void tendrils how much health they have, If they can just be one shot off like a totem, or are they stronger, either way it's a target dump off us and onto the tendrils , amazing. I really feel blizz stepped up and heard spriests, we are now a mobile powerhouse, RNG heavy but still mobile. We can kite now, we are no longer caster/range food. And I couldn't be more excited. Typos, from my phone at work ..Kqpro9 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 how du reserve mana in a BG so far at my level as a shadow priest, after i cast, pain, plague, and mana shield, almost 1/5 of mana is gone. i see shadowfiend gives mana but it has 5 mins cooldown, with talent, it;s like 4 mins. i usually run outta mana in bg in 1 or 2 mins. how du keep the mana? i have played other spellcaster, like mage, shaman, warlock. i rarely run outta mana in a bg.Talless8 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Leveling a priest. . .does it get better? So I'm leveling a bunch of characters at once, a Paladin, a Priest, a Warlock, and a Shaman. All of them are 36-39. I have blast on all of them except for. . .the priest. He's so much harder to level than the other classes. Speccing Shadow is a complete joke on all fronts. I thought it was the damage / solo / questing spec? It's trash. I can't kill more than 3-4 mobs before I have to sit and drink something. I don't even dungeon queue for damage anymore because I have to drink more than I cast spells, and I'm always 4th on damage by a large margin (only over the healer). Am I just doing it wrong, or is Shadow just for PvP or something? How is Discipline in soloing and damage dealing? Can I pump out more damage per mana by spamming Smite and Holy Fire than Mind Blast and Mind Flay? Can I steadily kill mobs without having to drink? It's ridiculous how I can just move move move kill kill kill on my Shaman, Warlock, and Paladin (Holy Specced even! Specced Exorcism + Holy Shock > Shadow Priest? Why!) but on my Priest I have to keep taking breaks. Also for healing. . .why is the PRIEST the most inefficient healing class? Now I certainly am not having any trouble performing that role (this game is very dumbed down) but I find that I spend a lot more mana than when I heal on my pally or shaman, and on super rare cases where my group overpulls or does something stupid and I have to pump out some big quick heals, I burn through my mana much faster. Does this change at higher levels? Am I going about my priest all wrong perhaps? Why you all play priests, and how was your leveling process? I feel like I heal better and deal damage better with the other classes, and this guy will probably only be leveled for professions.Geryth25 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Going oom while leveling I'm level 43 on my shadow priest and it doest take long to go out of mama. While other classes just go through mobs like butter I'm sitting to drink for 40 secs cause the low level water takes FOREVER to fill my mana bar. ;(Shizzyy9 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Sometimes I feel like jekl and Hyde Hello all, recently I had a shock. I came back to the game after 6 years and everything changed(omg really???). Of course I healed all through BC content as I did classic content(PW:S,Renew, Flash heal), and experienced no problems. People often complimented my "skills" for that simple rotation. As soon as I hit WotLK content I was flabbergasted, I couldn't use that rotation anymore without losing all my mana per pull. In Fact people started dying on me(due to mana loss), and calling me the worst healer they've ran into today. So I decided to go on Noxxic and look on holy rotations, so I JUST started getting used to using Heal,Chakra Sanctuary, Renew, PoM,PoH, and CoH. My guild started chain pulling mbos when I was at 25% mana and even start pulling boss fights at 30% mana just to teach me how to be a better holy priest. In Classic WoW, I was always 1-2 on healing charts in raids. i got through Onyxia, MC,BWL without problems(again with the rotation of Flash heal, Shield, Renew, PoH). My question is: How come sometimes I suck so hard that i cant keep a tank alive during a couple pulls, but when crap hits the fan and we accidentally aggro a whole room of mobs that fear you and the fight last 4 mins of nonstop fears, party members at 1%-25% frequently from high damage and lots of *LOS issues* That I can heal through that and keep people alive? I just feel like i'm 2 faced. Like my skills only shine when OH CRAP!! moments happen. Does anyone have any advice for this matter? I know It's long. But I do prefer constructive feedback as opposed to trolls.*winces*. I took a break from healing but started healing again once people started saying how mcuh my dps sucked in shadowform(note that I follow noxxic rotations to the teeth and it still happens)Çlassic2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 learning to be a Priest well I am leveling a Shadow Priest and having alot of fun and have a good idea with what I need to do with rotation and such. However I am looking to go Holy as an OS because I enjoy the ability to heal or DPS as needed. Just wanting to know what spells and whya are most used by a Holy Priest.Belyndina3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Disc Survivability Can someone explain the basics of disc in an arena and how? Please and thank you. <3Ravenclawx4 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Priest Talent Tree Anyone else but me feel like the priest talent tree is severly lacking in choice? Especially as a shadow priest i found myself picking talents without even thinking because it feels the other ones cant compare. Tier 1: Decent Tier. Only complaint is that Psyfiend DRs our fear. Void Tendrils were bugged, never got to use them, dont know its effectiveness. Mind Control is kinda lame since they took one of our tools and made it a talent with a 30 second CD. And this spell gets ruined a lot whether by bugs or you cancel it by accident, thanks for the faster cast time though. Tier 2: Garbage tier, Angelic Feathers seems to be a pve only or rbg only thing and even then it is extremely situational. Phantasm is amazing and blows everything away. Not being able to be counterspelled, spell locked, or any form of ranged cc while you get a global off on a pretty short cd is way to good to pass up. Body And Soul is pretty good but when compared to phantasm i would never get it. Unless its a pure melee comp you are against i dont think anyone will pick anything but phantasm. Tier 3: Meh Tier, Solace gives a ton of mana and beats mindbender spite its short cd. From Darkness Comes Light is the only choice for Spriests, Sanity doesnt do that much damage and you have to wait a while before you can use it. Mindbender for spriests might be good since we run oom so fast now without masochist and archangel (WTF REMOVED), FDCL, semes to be the only choice because it does more damage than insanity and with the right glyphs could make our next mind blast crit and a shorter cast. Mindbender seems like it could compete but insanity is just bad. Tier 4: HORRIBLE TIER, Spectral guise was such a let down, It takes barely ANYTHING to remove you from stealth, you could use it in stuns but dots still tick and remove you from stealth and since every class has one whats the point. It barely does what its supposed to which is to demotivate the enemy from training you all game, with a 30 second cd it isnt worth it. DP seems like itll be nice for disc priests but it takes a global and it has a longer cd than Angelic Bulwark. AB doesnt take a gcd and it is a free shield when you are near execute range, it has a shorter cd as well, Also lasts 20 seconds. Obvious choice. Tier 5: The Absolute Worst Tier EVER, Twist of Fate is the worst talent in the priest tree, it is way to inconsistent and the bonuses are barely worth it when you get them. Power Infusion would be good but our shadow orb generation is garbage and this is a 2 minute CD. Divine Insight while inconsistent, we need it to better our orb generation since the other two talents fall so behind in comparison this is pretty much needed. 24 seconds for 3 orbs for DP and another for Psychic Horror is way to long to be waiting in PvP. Also, Healers will seem to pick up Power Infusion for another cd they can use to save someone, the divine insight for healers seems kinda stupid. Prayer of Mending resetting cd on two long !@# casts wont work in pvp, maybe pve. Tier 6: I dont know yet, i truely havent tested them. But i will prolly go for Halo. I really want to play my priest but this talent tree disgusts me in every way, shape, and form. Also give us back some of our utility and take some damage. ):Síckness19 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 [Resolved] A question about DPS. Note: My question has been answered. Thanks! Leaving the original post so that people can laugh at me/satisfy their curiosity/etc. Hello all. I play an Affliction Warlock, and play with a friend who is a Shadow Priest. There is a large single target DPS difference between the two of us, even though we have similar gear (in fact the Priest has two average item levels higher than I- I have 378, the priest has 380). According to SimCraft, my average DPS is 29592; the priest has an average DPS of 24736. Granted this run was done with the priest in two pieces of PVP gear and missing a couple enchants, but that doesn't make that much of a difference. What does make the difference is this, found in the Stats section of Simcraft: The Intellect for the priest reads at: Raid-Buffed = 6673 Unbuffed = 5862 For me, Simcraft reports intellect as: Raid-Buffed = 7618 Unbuffed = 5586 (Note: I literally set up all the settings, imported my character, ran a simulation with 50k iterations, then imported the priest and ran the same iterations and settings). So my question is: Am I missing something? Why am I getting almost a full thousand more intellect compared to my priest friend? The only real difference in our gear is that I have DMC:V, and the priest has an Alchemist Stone, but that difference isn't worth 1000 intellect; the DMC:V proc only averages out to 436 int and has mastery instead of haste as its secondary stat. Any insight is appreciated.Jeas3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Just did my first DS I think it went fairly well. Was I top DPS? HELL no. But I was not nearly as some other people. Didn't win an intellect Trinket, which makes mes sad. Still waiting in line for Cunning of the Cruel but I am not sure no one else would ever want that thing... right? Any advice for raids would be appreciated.Bobbijitta9 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Atonement Disc. Weapon Advice I am currently having difficulty coming to a decision on which weapon would be most beneficial to me while I am healing as an Atonement Discipline Priest during Dragon Soul 10-man regular. I know each one offers benefits to my secondary stats, and that the differences between each would be minuscule; however, I would like to see what other priests have to say about this decision. My weapon choices consist of the following, all properly gemmed and enchanted with Power Torrent or Off-Hand Intellect as applicable. Ti'Tahk the Steps of Time Visage of the Destroyer Vagaries of Time & Ledger of Revolting Rituals (LFR Version) Currently I am weighing my secondary stats as follows (Haste = Mastery) >= Crit. Any suggestions for what you think would be the most appropriate weapon choice would be greatly appreciated.Safyr28 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Best priest race Alliance? As the title says, what would be the better race for Alli priest? I like to heal bg's, dungeons and quest.Lilyhellfire32 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 What Professions should I take? As a Disc priest?? Any advice would be much appreciated!Lañfear6 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Interesting grip. So, i was doing LFR on my tank..tanking the mutated corruption and i suddenly get gripped in between the middle of platforms and fall through into the maelstrum as me and the priest both died ...i didn't know it was possibleScatterrz0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Atonement... Do I have to? Do I have to switch to Atonement in MoP? I've personally never liked it. But I haven't heard anything besides changes to Atonement.Aeternium30 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Glyph of Confession In the spirit of the hilariousness to come. I sometimes use my hearth stone while in the same city just to save that few seconds.Bolishah9 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 MoP Priest: Suggestion for PW Solace Fix I've been reading the beta forums avidly. People don't seem to like PW: Solace as a talent. While I have not tried it, the idea of adding another dps spell to my atonement rotation does not sound appetizing. (Right now, I plan on taking FDCL.) I would like to suggest keeping the mana regen ability attached to atonement on live as a talent to replace solace. I LOVE the atonement disc priest is all about the bubbles and the mad dps! It is SO REWARDING on live! You invest the time to build stacks of evangelism (while doing less healing) and when the time is right...BAM! Increased healing and a small boost in our mana! I love the way this works and would be thrilled to continue using it in Cata. What do y'all think? Better than solace? A good solution? Too powerful?Wyndfall38 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 What on earth happened to the priest forums? Having been absent from the game for a long time, and the forums even longer, I must say that I was quite disappointed when I saw the priest forums today. Sure, we had a few trolls come over every now and then but we were clearly set apart from the rest of the community as a sensible bunch who liked to have endless philosophical debates about the intricate art of healing or over-crunch numbers as shadow. Where have those walls of text gone? Shame.Bottledwater6 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Just dinged 82 How am i doing thus far? No problems in normal catas, and i don't recall what level you need for heroics. Will I have many problems? Just wondering (from a view) if i was doing alright.Kittehz3 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Rate the priest's Transmog above you! Havent seen any threads like this and id like to see some unique ones guys, cmon!Nexuss500 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 WTB new minor glyph for... mind flay, to make it look like the old school animation, it was way better.Clicky1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 I've been watching videos... ..Of Shadow priests in the Beta and i've noticed that they now get MB and MS procs that make them instant. What is that from? Is it a talent? Or is it just the way they work now?Interactive2 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 3's arena kill target I have been playing sub disc unholy for a little bit and I am generally the person that has to decide who we will be going after first. Could someone please go over in general what should be picked in situations such as double melee with healer, and double range with healer, range melee healer,.... Etc. Are there certain classed that we should be focusing down regardless of what else is in the arena as well? Additionally, if anyone has some other recommendations I would be more than happy to hear them. Thanks in advance. Ps. Posting from a phone so forgive any Grammer or spelling mistakes.Larem4 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Blessed Recovery I kinda want it back for holy, it seems good for pvp. Even if I never used it considering I was always shadow, I was looking around the old talent trees out of curiosity and i find this amazing. "After being struck by a melee or ranged critical hit, Blessed Recovery heals you for 15% of the damage taken over 6 sec. Additional critical hits taken during the effect increase the healing received" Why was it taken away?Wofye7 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Beta Is it live for everyone already? Or do you still need an inviteArcangelo1 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Dispel protection, UA and Spriests (MoP) Has anyone seen a blue post which explains why aff locks still have dispel protection via UA and we don't? The changes to dispel mechanics doesn't explain the inconsistency with UA. I dont have a beta account so it would be great if someone could post this in beta classes. (maybe a blue will respond)Niks4 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Atonement healing lessons? Hello everyone. First off, I just started playing this toon again after having not touched him (aside from leveling to 85) since WotLK. And even then, I was just a BG healer..not much PVE experience. I'm completely in love with the idea of Archangel/Atonement healing. But it definitely takes some getting used to. For the most part, I haven't had many problems I couldn't immediately adapt to and rectify on the fly. I have yet to get a healing add-on, but I'll likely do that tonight at some point. I'll get to the meat of my post now: 1. Is there any way to Holy Fire/Smite mobs without dropping my tank as my target? I know there are mouseover macros and I guess I could add a target focus modifier to my heals, but is there any simpler way? Like an interface option or something? 2. Grace. Does this only apply with direct healing spells? Before a pull, I usually hit my tank with PoM, PW:S, Renew, and Penance which puts me at 3 stacks of Grace. And that typically gives me enough time to get my Archangel going before needing to hit the tank with another PoM. But should I be trying to Penance my tank on cooldown to keep Grace up? It doesn't proc from Atonement heals, correct? 3. Tracking buffs/procs. What is the best add-on to track things like Grace and PoM? I'm currently using the default UI with Bartender and though I'm usually not #1 HPS in LFR, I generally have overall most healing, most absorbs, highest damage/dps out of the healers and lowest overhealing so I feel like I'm doing okay, but I feel like I could improve greatly if I had a way to better manage my PoM and Grace uptime. I had a GOD AWFUL End Time run last night and it made me realize there are a few things I need to improve on though I don't think it was entirely my fault. Tank only had 165k hp fully buffed and I think he was primarily in DPS gear just prot for instant pop dungeons. I'd start with PoM, PW:S, Penance and Renew but I couldn't even get off Holy Fire and two Smites before he dropped to 30% hp and I'd have to start emergency healing. The rest of the group was also taking decent damage (mainly the other melee dps who I could have healed with Atonement if I wasn't focusing so much on direct healing the tank). We wiped four times before I left so they could get another healer. I've bookmarked the EJ Archangel/Atonement guide, but it's mostly gearing/spec/gemming/enchant advice so any advice from Priests here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, KirkwoodKirkwood10 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Shadow Priest in MOP Hello my priest friends. Currently playing a fire mage and pvping pretty much 100% of the time. With the release of mop and all the new and exiting abilities that classes are getting, i have decided to go ahead and either level a hunter or Spriest. My question to you guys 1) How is the playstyle(bursty, RNG, strong dots, ext)? Will this be the same in MOP from what we can currently tell? 2) How will they be in RBGS? I run alot of them on my Mage and we are currently on our way to pushing 2k so in the next xpak it would be fun to bring my priest in some games i believe if i lvl one. 3) Do they feel good to play at 85? This is obviously a personal opinion but let me know what you think. 4) Whats your opinion from what we have seen the direction the class has taken in MOP? For the record, im not FOTM class switching. My main will still and always be my fire mage(especially since fire looks awesome in mop). I just want some feedback to which class i will level to 90 first.Rikuno5 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 A lament about shadow orbs. The following was a thread I created on the beta forums with no response and I would really like to know if any other priests feel the same way, thank you. __________________________________________________________________________________ I'm sure every priest who plays shadow has thought about it: Why do the orbs on beta only show for the moment they are created? I say it is probably just a bug but worth noting. The second and just as important- if not more important- note is that shadow orbs should not display as "two" visually when you have *any*. With warlocks' soul shards/verdant spheres they proved that it was a completely realistic thing to have a visual of orbs like that accurately display the number of a resource by creating/consuming them visually as you do it with your spells. TL;DR Shadow orbs should display at all times and accurately reflect the number of orbs you have.Seriphan8 Aug 7, 2012