Jul 6 Overloaded with Light Was this changed recently? I used to get it quite a bit and now I swear I haven't seen it for a day or so. I just recently got concordance does anyone know if they changed it or if concordance messes with it? I couldn't find anything in the recent hotfixes. Thanks!Drhealgood4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Discipline or Holy Hey guys, I recently made a priest because I love the shadow priest theme. Who would of known, I actually enjoy healing a lot now that I'm 110. I don't want to start a debate or anything like that, but I'm fairly new to healing in general. Am I shooting myself in the foot for playing discipline? Or should I go holy for the more straightfoward healing type? I like both, but I'm leaning towards discipline at the moment. But If I'd know more about both specs I'd have a clearer input on what I want to do. I have been told by a friend that discipline is a lot inferior to holy, which made me create this post. Cheers!Carrigh11 Jul 6
Jul 6 New holy priest animations. This is amazing. I need to finish leveling my priest now.Marthir30 Jul 6
Jul 6 Choice between shadow or light story theme Think of it as being in DH breaking out of jail, your choice of 2nd in command depends on how you go about your operations. Wouldn't this be nice for priests as well? I certainly want a more shadowy old God way of getting things done instead of it mostly being lightly whitey. I think it could go superbly in the next xpac.Jackofdemons5 Jul 6
Jul 6 Mythic ToS Sup y'all. It's ya boy Tokû coming at ya wondering how's everybody's first week of mythic. Mine sucked, had to sit Goroth & Harjatan cuz I guess I'm bad. Got in for DI tho cuz tell me who does our job better than us? No one. Double prot dropped, feelsbadman. I'm the 5th healer for Sisters & Host & I'm fxcking panicking guys. I have conconcordance in Holy but like I was not ready for this but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. How was everybody else's first week of mythic?Tokû4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Patch 7.2.5 Holy Priest Arena Guide Hey guys, for those of you who don't know me I'm mostly known as Enviouso on wow and I've been lucky enough to achieve several rank 1 titles and gladiators on multiple classes. On top of that I've always had a passion for Holy Priest. I've played it since WoD and nearly achieved rank one last season on it playing Ele/Destro/Hpriest on Alliance (ended up missing by 1 spot @2823). This recent patch has brought a lot of changes to the class, and I would like to share my knowledge with anyone curious. I wanted the information to all be in one place however, so I go over some of the same subjects that I did in my last video. Some of it may seem redundant if you've already watched my previous guide. I highly recommend using the timestamps to swap around or pass topics you are already familiar with. A quick list of what I cover (timestamps in description of VoD) -Recent changes to Hpriest -Race choices -Talents (pretty in depth) -Artifact Trait Path -Macros -Addons -Healing/Being Trained/Dealing with Interrupts -How to beat Holy Priests (I'm not giving all my secrets away I still want to win games) -Comps Couple Notes: Most of the changes to the guide are in the Healing/being trained/dealing with interrupts, artifact trait path, talents, and how to beat holy priest sections. I think I sometimes explain some things further than necessary. I would have preferred it shorter on some topics, and I didn't mean to be as thorough as I was, but I'm happy enough for it being only one take. *let's call it in-depth :D If you have anything to add, or feel like I missed something, please go ahead and message me (or post here) and I'll put any revisions in the description of the VoD :) Feel free to follow my twitch page: for more holy priest content as well!Mywifeisokay3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Spriests, how do you deal with this? I made a Spriest, It's ilvl 840 and stats are 18 crit/haste 63 mastery, talents are ToF/LI/AS/Mindbender/LotV and I CAN'T BREAK 200k DPS! Outside of void form my DPS is 80k, right when I get to 25 stacks I stay near 200k and 210k when I reach 30 stacks. This is BS, how can you deal with this? If I don't fight one by one I get killed by invasion Imps!Siebenheim30 Jul 6
Jul 6 Shadow Priests need a real aoe spell I don't really understand the point of removing Mind Sear back when they did. We don't have a dedicated aoe spell anymore and it makes things like running legacy raids much more difficult when we can't aoe anything down due to our main target dying instantly from pain. In my opinion Sear worked fine and had other nice uses such as revealing stealthed enemies by searing an ally.Eylarea4 Jul 6
Jul 5 PW:Radiance I need some help with radiance im having trouble coating a decent chunk of my raid for burst with the new smart heal mechanic its very hit and miss on who gets my Atonement because of ppls positioning and or lack of damage taken its almost impossible to get a good coverage out before damage Ive tried timing my radiance to go out just as damage comes in so it heals ppl who are actually hurt but other healers just insta top those ppl up much more efficiently and quicker then the 2 step process disc needs to take Need help pls.... feelsbad when i dump 15% of my mana just to have the healing snipped by an instant cast raid heal that isn't a 2 step process and required no preparation or skill to cast I also feel im constantly more concerned with my own mana bar during pulls then any hp bars this is not a good mind state for a healerMythicâl1 Jul 5
Jul 5 Please bring back the mount sparkles! Please Blizzard, don't listen to the vocal minority with regards to the priest owl mount. The beautiful sparkling feathers were incredibly unique and made the owl my favorite mount. I'll still be using it now, but knowing that the sparkles are gone and not getting to see them trail after... I won't lie, this is legitimately disappointing because of how excited and delighted I was with regards to this owl. It felt like such a beautiful present, but now... Please, give us back the sparkles, or at least let us have the option to toggle it. It's such a small detail, but it adds so much joy to this little beautiful feature.Surala79 Jul 5
Jul 5 Spriest 2P/2P Is it better to wear the T19 2 piece with T20 2 piece rather than just the T19 4 piece? Don't have the T20 4 Piece yetSeungsta7 Jul 5
Jul 5 Shadow Priest soloing (legacy raids) What have you done? Pre-MoP is all extremely trivial. MoP raids: H MSV25: easy (Elegon is buggy though) H HoF25: need good dps for Amber-Shaper (should be easy though now with gear) H ToES25: easy H ToT25: I have no idea how to successfully do 25H Animus on a Shadow Priest. My Monk can do it just fine though. Haven't done Iron Qon/Twin Consorts/Lei Shen/Ra'den H25 since I haven't gotten 25H Animus yet. Nothing about those screams difficult though (adds on Lei Shen are annoying though with current Shadow AoE) M SoO: Bear Tartare for Immersus. Big boy dps needed for Sha of Pride (IIRC about 660k burst) and Iron Juggernaut. Paragons suck if you don't kill the right ones first. Warlords: (due to how WoD raid sizes work, normal and heroic will always be set to as if there are 10 players there) Normal HM: easy (keep moving for Tectus) Normal BRF: easy. Just watch for spears on the Hunter dude and trains on Thogar. Despawning issue is fixed on Hanzgar/Franzok Normal HFC: Bear Tartare for Hellfire Assualt. Next 4 bosses are easy. I haven't been there since before Gorefiend was soloable though. Haven't tried Heroic on any of those raids. Will get back to you on those.Byniri2 Jul 5
Jul 5 spriest questions. Hi, i didnt play WoW for about 2 months and I would like to know if spriest is in a overall good place for pve and pvp mainly 2/3s rated arena, did they got any buffs since 2 months and in 7.2.5 or not? I also have havoc demon hunter,retribution paladin, beast mastery hunter and warrior, thanks in advance for help.Jonshadow3 Jul 5
Jul 4 Divine Hymn on the move I wonder if there is any plans to make DH castable while moving. It was fine in previous expansion but I've noticed that Legion seems to constantly ask you to move for a mechanic or some others during raid bosses. Maybe DH on the move after mistweavers got their EF on the move...Ketarina12 Jul 4
Jul 4 My Lightseeker! Where did all the glitter and sparkles go? They were so much fun. :[Katherine11 Jul 4
Jul 4 3 VoiT on single target It's possible to 3 VoiT on single target again (just did it with belt and new ring) Just wanted to let people know :-)Steezynun1 Jul 4
Jul 4 two quick questions re:gears and stuffs well, actually about 17: 1. Was there a hotfix where our stats were recalculated based on our level? 'Bout two weeks ago, 10k haste was only worth 27%-28% haste. Today i have 10k haste but 30% on my CS. 2. Didn't school affinity used to affect damage effects from weapons/trinkets? remember that old wives' tale of a lvl 47 dagger making mages OP in vanilla? i was running normal Tomb as a healer with a friend and he got that spectral thurible trink. I clicked on it and the proc was crazy good for me (remember i was in healy spec), and so he gave it to me. put it on in shadowform and found out the proc lost about 200k. Further testing showed that in holy spec the thurible is good for over 600k, but in shadow is somewhat near 423 (and out of shadowform it's even less). Blizz was very careful to separate which spec could cast which spell (RIP disc and shadow, but i digress...), to the point where in Holy spec any damaging spells left are Holy damage. why would the thurible cause so much more damage for a holy priest and not a shadow priest? 3. Sort of related to this, why in Elune's name is that fire trinket from Botanist in NH even ON our loot table? Shouldn't it be a straight up mage trinket?Renisha0 Jul 4
Jul 4 Are priests FOTM? According to Venruki, Priests are FOTM. I want to level up a priest but leveling a char takes a load of time heh. It will probably take like a week to from 1 to 110.Feelzbrah8 Jul 4
Jul 4 Disabling particle effect on Priest mount? A minor gripe, but when using the Lightsworn Seeker, I often find my screen looking like this: due to the overabundance of particles coming off the mount. I know that there is a "particle density" setting in the graphics menu, but even turning that down to minimum, there's still a whole lot of gold flakes flying in my face. (and I don't want to degrade the quality of every other particle effect just because one is annoying) Can there be a way to disable them entirely? Please blizz?Vook69 Jul 4
Jul 4 Shadow- need some advice Hi guys, I'm looking for advice as I transition from my original SL mastery build to a AS crit build. I am currently 909 ilvl and as of right now i have the following stats for my AS build: INT: 47,653 CRIT: 7,769 - 24% HASTE: 12,631- 34% MASTERY: 4,992- 51% VERSE: 2,514- 3% I currently only have the t20 two piece equipped and unequipped all t19 pieces because of my simming results, although unequipping the t19 two piece only had me gain around 5k dps. The t19 pieces i have are all around 890-900 ilvl. The legendaries I have are: cloak (equipped), shoulders (equipped), wrists, trinket, prydaz and nargannons. I'm currently simming 757,627 with this setup. This seems a tad bit low compared to my other dps alts, but seems pretty decent considering it's just swimming single target. Is this where I should be swimming at my ilvl? I haven't been able to try shadow out in tomb that much because i've been healing most of the time. I'm just looking for any advice on my build, whether it be about stat adjustments, gearing, talents or anything really. Is there a certain amount of crit I should be aiming for? What is the lowest amount of mastery i should keep while trying to get my crit up? Is the t19 two piece worth keeping even though the ilvl is lower? Lastly, Which neck enchant is currently the best to equip currently?Amarra4 Jul 4
Jul 3 SPriest tips Contrary to the norm this isn't going to be a thread to !@#$% about the deficiencies of the class. While I can't speak for raiding I seem to be doing pretty good in dungeons since the new patch came out (even without the best stats or gear), and just wanted some helpful advice. Any stat amounts and or gear I should be aiming for? Certain legendaries/trinkets etc Or just any new nuances or things that would help Feel free to look at my toon and see what I need any advice would be helpful :)Demetir3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Affliction lock OR Shadow priest? Hey guys, i don't have as much time as id like to play wow. So i generally focus on one toon 100%. I feel like i poured way to much time into fire mage, which is not performing too well until somewhat recently. I enjoy S priest and affliction equally. That being said, i am going to be maining either a S priest or Affliction lock and i'd like the communities opinion. A: PVE endgame mythic raiding B: Fun C: opinion on long term viability in legionMichaelbaé7 Jul 3
Jul 3 Raiding : Mana conservation tips? So i started recently (today) raid healing on my holy priest. I'm totally new to raid healing but i was doing okay. The biggest problem i was running into was running out of mana. I feel like maybe i'm too loose with my heals. My guild leader is a druid healer and hes super cautious and conservative with his mana. Maybe i should try not using prayer of healing too much at every little bit of damage? Edit : Just a little bit of extra info, i'm not new to the game i've just always dps'ed in raids, but i wanted to try something new and different. Healing is fun for me.Rïna16 Jul 3
Jul 3 Improving My Holy Healing My GM praises my healing but I really think I could be doing a lot better, including better mana management. Every time I review logs is surprises me how many more PoM I could have done, so I think I'm going to create another WeakAura to basically say "hey dummy, cast PoM now". Logs from our last two raids linked below. We started dipping our toe into heroic. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jul 3
Jul 3 Struggling as Holy in Raids? Try this Spec... I've recently been asked by a lot of Holy priests on my server for help. They are struggling and feel really discouraged. The other healers in their Raid groups double or tripling their healing and they feel really bad about it. So here is a spec to help those that struggle. Tier 1: Enduring Renewal Tier 2: Angelic Feather (Macro'd to yourself, explained below) Tier 3: Afterlife Tier 4: Light of the Naaru Tier 5: Binding Heal (Use custom macro to get rid of blue cursor if you use clique, explained below) Tier 6: Divinity Tier 7: Benediction A - WHY?!?! ALL THE GUIDES SAY BINDING HEAL SUCKS?!?! Grumble grumble... Okay first off, Binding Heal is competitive. All of the current top Parses for Mythic Tomb kills have 1 or more people in the Top 10 running Binding Heal, so if you are really skilled, then piety will always be a tiny bit better, but Binding Heal is SUPER EASY TO USE. And this spec is for people struggling, not top parser Mythic Raiders. B - Now that we can talk constructively, here are the pros. Mana is almost a non-issue. And if you are worried about mana, then equip an Upgraded Darkmoon Deck: Promises (You can buy them on th AH, and upgrade with Obliterum) And then it's truly a non-issue. Every time you use your filler spell you heal yourself as well, so if you die a lot or have trouble seeing mechanics due to low graphic settings, this can help. Most of your healing is passive, so it's hard to screw up. You don't need specific gear or legendaries, though some are still better than others C - Here is the Basic Healing Rotation. 1 - Cast Prayer of Mending on cooldown on one of the Tanks (preferably the active one who is currently taking damage) 2 - Cast Light of T'uure on the Active Tank on cooldown 3 - Cast Holy Word: Serenity on cooldown targeting DPS/Healers at <50% hp or Tanks at <70% hp. For an average geared player Serenity will crit for 2-2.5 million, so very little overhealing should happen. 4 - Cast Holy Word: Sanctify on Cooldown targeting a group of damaged players (usually melee). If no one but the tanks are damaged and there won't be any more raid damage for 10-15 seconds, then drop it on the tanks, Binding Heal will get it off cooldown for the next burst but this is not ideal. 5 - Cast Prayer of Healing If the entire raid is damaged, This guarantees that you'll get full efficiency and not waste mana. Also note that casting Holy Word: Sanctify buff Prayer of Healing a TON for a few seconds, so when burst damage comes out Cast Sanctify and then 1-3 Prayers of Healing until the raid is not low health. 6 - Cast Binding Heal on the Active tank. Since it smart heals a close damaged ally, even if someone else snipes the tank heal, you get a small heal on someone. It is soooo forgiving if you cast it on the wrong target. 7 - Don't cast Renew, ever. Prayer of Mending does that for you. D - Your Big Cooldowns: Divine Hymn - To properly use Divine Hymn, you should cast a Prayer of Mending and a Holy Word, and THEN cast Divine Hymn. The Prayer of Mending will bounce without using charges during Hymn and you'll get the 12% healing buff from Divinity because of casting the Holy Word. If you are casting Prayer of Mending constantly and it's on cooldown then just make sure to cast a Holy Word right before Divine Hymn. Guardian Spirit - Cast on the tank if he is really low HP, or on someone who is standing in fire and gonna die, or on a random player if YOU are standing in fire and gonna die, since you get one too. F - Biggest thing, make sure you are always casting something. If the entire raid is full health, be casting Binding Heal on the Main Tank until there is a need to cast something else. It'll stack a large Echo of Light HoT on him for when he starts taking damage and it costs almost no mana now. FAQs: What about Blessing of T'uure? I won't ever proc it and it's a 20% healing increase!: True, but even spamming Flash Heal all day you only get like a 10% uptime, for a 2% overall healing increase. But if you are really struggling to keep up with your other healers, then 2% is the least of your issues, so who cares? But AutomaticJak said Binding Heal sucks! True, and he is an amazing healer and an awesome wealth of knowledge! Remember that his advice is more geared towards seasoned healers who are looking into doing Mythic Progression. If you are new, or really having a hard time, this spec is meant to be easy and effective, Yeah the other holy priests might always beat you, but they won't be beating you by much! Should I cast Renew? I have the Legendary Pants! No, Your Prayer of Mending casts it for you and Binding heal refreshes it. Don't specifically try to refresh them just let Binding Heal do it's thing. You CAN cast it on the Main tank if He doesn't have it or when you are moving, but that's the only time. What legendaries should I use? Any of em really. Cloak - Prydaz - Velen's - Pants are best, most of the others are okay. The only ones to stay away from if you have a choice are Phyrix's (Guardian Spirit Ring that has terrible stats and a kinda bad affix), Rammal's (You'll never cast flash heal), Al'maiesh (you should be using your Holy Words on Cooldown, they are your strongest spells), and the Soul of the High Priest (a few flash heals here and there is not really worth a legendary slot). The rest are at least decent. I'm already in the top 50th percentile very fight, why should I try this spec? You shouldn't you're doing awesome already! This spec is meant to help those who are in the lowest percentile, the people who are doing 200k hps when the other healers are doing 800k. If you feel like no matter how hard you try you can never improve, this spec is for you. It's easy and because it has a lot of smart healing and passive talents. As long as you are actively healing and using your Holy Words/Prayer of Mending on Cooldown, you will be decent if not good. Hey you may even top the meters on some fights! Lastly the Macros: #showtooltip /cast [@player] Angelic Feather /stopspelltargetThe above macro casts feather on you with one button press!, basically turning it into mini sprint. No one expects you to use feathers on anyone but yourself nowadays, your feathers are YOURS! #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover] Binding Heal /stopspelltarget This casts binding heal on whoever your mouse is hovering over and prevents the blue cursor (spell being stuck on your cursor so you have to click empty space to be able to cast anything else) if you accidentally target yourself. You can even use this macro with Clique if you choose to bind a custom macro to a key. PS I use this spec myself and love it! It's so much fun!Popeonarope27 Jul 3
Jul 3 How are priests doing right now in pvp? I want to roll one but I heard they are a PITA to level.Feelzbrah2 Jul 3
Jul 3 Funny: MIA Sparkles went to Vampiric touch So if you wondered, that's where your sparkles went. Go look at your cast animation.Positivity2 Jul 3
Jul 3 No holy uses Glyph of the Val'kyr? I've never seen anyone use it before, maybe it's not well known?Callmeemp11 Jul 3
Jul 3 Surviving Melee as Holy I am almost to 110 and having a hard time against melee. Does it get a little better at 110?Jensenx1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Questionable fog? I've been noticing that when I wander over to the shadow priests side of the ship that I'm up to my neck in smoke and crave sweetrolls.Positivity1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Barrier.... A love/hate relationship Let's face it, you either love or hate barrier. In some stack situations , it's amazing. But outside of those it's either a tank or personal oh s4@+ button which is kinda meh. What if it was changed to be: places a 30% damage reduction with 50% increased atonement healing for 10-15secs one one target. 10 nearest group members within 20-30 yards of gain 20% damage reduction with 50% increased atonement healing for 10-15secs. This would be weaker than barrier but it gives the option of more mobility(soaking,mechs,etc) while not being brokenly op. It would offer added benefit when melee and ranged have to stack seperately. If it's heavy melee cleave cast on tank. If it's ranged just cast on yourself.Wubbabubble7 Jul 3
Jul 2 Leveling as Disc I went a few levels as Shadow, but am now trying DISC so i can get insta-qued in dungeons. I started trying to solo PVE as well. I can pull a lot more than I did as shadow without getting close to dying. Disc healing is basically geared toward shadow mend and atonement heals. Can anyone give any tips or tricks on healing with Disc? My gear isn't the greatest, but it is getting better. It is so much fun, but when tanks and plate dps have 1000k hp, it is hard to heal with 20k here and there. I get a lot out of Holy Wrath (especially when it crits), but that is every few minutes. I haven't tried Disc pvp, yet. Shadow was a lot fun, at least. Are we more of a support healer than a primary healer like Holy or Resto?Nephilim2 Jul 2
Jul 2 S. Priest slow as molasses-suggestions? Hey everyone, So my wife is a Shadow Priest-but she's having some issues as far as being really slow. For instance, we just did Halls of Valor and she said she was having a hard time moving back and forth between Heminall's lightning because of her speed and out of Odyn's circle. I know Priests are a notoriously slow class: is there anything she can do to help increase her movement speed at all? I don't know, seems like a silly question but she's really struggling with it.Xaterian4 Jul 2
Jul 2 7.3 priest animations are amazing! i freaking love the new animations! i seem to like the female versions better and the larger races like tauren and draenei seem weird.Goatsmith7 Jul 2
Jul 2 Dis priest crit build? PVE Is there a crit build for discipline priest and if so what are the weightsWangtong17 Jul 2
Jul 2 Spectral Thurible Bug? So i got the Thurible on our first Normal clear and im honestly loving the hell out of this thing. Today i ran some Mythic+ and we started pulling things unintentionally and i end up getting told that its Spear of Anguish pulling these things. I tell them thats impossible because the description on the Trinket says "Launches a Spear at ITS TARGET and damaging all enemies it passes through" I take this as itll launch towards its target and any enemies between you and that procd target will catch the cleave. Doing some tests on a target dummy and i see this thing just cleaves through everything including the target and just runs on through everything until it travels off into space. Is this a bug? Tooltip error in the description? Working as intended? Similiar experiences? Or am i just SoL up the creek with never being able to equip this thing in a Mythic+?Fáíth5 Jul 2
Jul 2 7.2.5 SPriests All i have to say is, it feels good to be king :)Seungsta29 Jul 2
Jul 2 Which healing addon? So typically I heal as holy but have been wanting to play around with disc more, try to figure out the flavor and get use to it, but I use vuhdo currently and every time I swap from one to the other I have to completely reset it up despite saving two different sets. Is there an addon that's a little more user friendly in this department? What do you all use?Quickzy12 Jul 2
Jul 1 barrier can u pls make barrier a movement spell that can be placed on someone so that it moves with them been doing tos and other raids and maybe it works with those high end guild runs but i have noticed that when i use it in tos for pugs and other lesser guild runs that barrier is kinda worthless i even looked at other videos and read on other people experience with it and most dont even really use except for like an oh crap spell for tanks its not even useful for more then like 3 or 4 people because people are spread or dodging something. they would usually have atonements on there and dont even waste the time and just keep healing im in a low ally pop server so alot of my stuff is pugging and this spell doesnt even begin to actually do good work i would rather just use rapture then use it like everAliila2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Low DPS shadow? Any help? Im trying to come back to WoW after a short break and this is where im at with my gear. Ive put in hour trying to perfect the rotation but I still see everyone pulling at 700k+ compared to my 500K, I just want to know what im doing wrong and how I can fix it. I dont have many friends that play shadow priests that can give me advice and such so here I am! Armory page is current. Link to my last raid I went into (ToS): <> <>Elyvía8 Jul 1
Jul 1 New shadowform 7.3 Looks awesome imo. Jul 1
Jul 1 Disc Priest and keybindings/macros I like getting keybindings and macros worked out early so while I level I get accustomed to them. The plan is to be a dungeon/m+ hero and maybe potentially raid some (not progression raiding). I've perused through guides like Mends/H2P and I've used some Weak Auras (liking Ablution's); just curious how others do theirs and if it could work for me. How do other disc'ers keybind and macro? After a few tries of not liking mouseovers for healing and dps, I've separated spells into groups. -Healing/healing cd(using keys 1-5) -Damage(keys q/e/r) -Utility(z/x/c/v/f/t) Also, which addons for party frames do people use? I'm leaning to Grid2 and also just recently found GridClickSets. I wouldn't mind mouseovers if they were only usable on unit frames. I also would like if the frames stayed the same based on role, ie Tank - Healer - DPS1 - DPS2 - DPS3. Any help/thoughts/insight is appreciated!Czär14 Jul 1
Jul 1 Thrawting the Twins still broken. I tried this again today. Hands spawn inside the terrain rocks. Karem sinks into the ground terrain and chases you with his head only showing. When will they fix this?Rejuvenation2 Jul 1
Jul 1 7.2.5 Disc Priest - PvP ... Before anyone comments on this any further, damage has been modified over the course of this patch and some other few fixes. I have yet to notice any major changes with disc, or minor changes, but so far as it is I don't hate it nor like it. Currently in the middle, it's alright, could do better.Alphon40 Jul 1
Jul 1 New shadow animations. Jul 1
Jul 1 Disc animation changes? I'm excited for the upcoming Holy and Shadow (shadowform) animation changes. Curious if anyone knows if Disc is getting any visual face lifts? Some small visual changes to Smite would be greatly appreciated.Emerus9 Jul 1
Jul 1 Dpriest W/PvP Mythic+ Ive seen alot of threads out there commenting on the current status of Disc Priest in pvp/wpvp/mythic +. Ive seen people slam disc as a spec but i believe that you have to change the way you play to be competitive. My knowledge with 2v2 3v3 with this class right now is next to none. Ive heard in arenas every healing class is struggling. My rap sheet for this class is minimal i will be honest, but ive been pushing as much as i can in disc mythic + healing and trying to finish up my rep. Ive been jumped many times out questing and its a great feeling to DPS while keeping my health bar full. Its a awesome feeling to see people realize that they made a mistake on attacking a dpriest. The play is complicated compared to other healing classes, but the award of playing it right is amazing. No Trolls, just giving my 2 cents as of right now. CheersHëaven0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Idea for another Holy Priest legendary So, my idea for a new Holy Priest legendary is pretty simple. A back slot legendary that granted a new power to the holy priest allowing us to use gaurdian spirit to raise a fallen ally in combat. Gaurdian spirit would still function as it usually does if you wish to use to prevent a death. Alternatively, with the power of this proposed legendary, holy priests would have something we have wanted as utility for years; a combat rez. I definitely think it should be another cloak. Giving a holy priest the choice (if they have both legendaries) to either raise themselves or an ally in need. Being able to come back from the dead and then raise an ally could be potentially game breaking, in my opinion. Tell me what you think. Is this idea awesome? Is it worse than a noob in broken gear?Fleathulhu2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Future of SPriest pvp? Hello. I'm curious what other people's opinions are on our state of pvp. Do you think there will be any buffs in the near future? This patch is rough dealing with melee. Most matches you get run over by a train. Thoughts ppl? Or am I missing something. Thanks.Salamanth22 Jul 1
Jul 1 Need an alt healer different than priest. Hey guys- So Im struggling to find things to do in WoW once I get my raid lockouts for the week. I THINK I have enough free time to maybe juggle playing one other character while I main my Holy/Disc priest. That being said I REALLY enjoy healing and I'm looking to try out another healer to see how other classes are fairing. I currently have druid and paladin to 110 though not geared or anything. At the current moment I'm thinking of going down the Hpal route because I think the single target heal play style is something quite different than the AOE styles of Disc and somewhat holy. One thing I'd LIKE but I'm not restricting myself too- Id like a healer thats good in M+. It hurts me sometimes jumping into a M+ some weeks with a tough affix as holy and getting my cloth body kicked in. I've gotten much better at it- but being so immobile hurts. Based off that point alone I know I should go resto druid- BUT I dont want JUST a M+ healer and correct me if I'm wrong but Rdruid is a lot like Hpriest but with more hot aoe focused. At the moment I think I'm leaning toward ....Hpally>MW=resto shaman>Rdruid. but again- I'm very undecided as I'm not 100% sure how they play. Also- vanity stipulation. I'm put off to the Rdruid because of how common they are. I like being a special snowflake. Id love any input! Thanks all!Tinashexo6 Jul 1