Jul 10, 2012 What bothers me about shadowpriests in pvp Are we/they like a DoT class , or are we/they supposed to hardcast or something? If we are a DoT class why can't we transfer our dots as well as an affliction warlock? We don't have Soul Swap, we have to hardcast vampiric touch again. And not only that, a warlocks transferred bane will kinda stay on both targets ignoring the tooltip, but devouring plague must only be on one. Our mindflay only refreshes pain, while a warlocks drain soul will refresh both UA and Corruption [provided the target is at 25% or below health], but if they wanted to refresh UA anyway, they could just instant fel flame, We don't have that, so I guess we're not supposed to be a DoT class? I really doubt we're supposed to hardcast in pvp, since we'll get completely locked out of our spell school. I've been told to kyte... How are we supposed to kyte? Our only slow is mindflay, and we have to be stationary to cast it, not only that, compared to a warlocks curse of exhaustion, we're locked out of using anything else while the effect is a simple curse for a lock who can run away. Paralysis doesn't seem to be reliable because of a huge risk being locked out. Psychic scream is our only thing, but we have to be next to our target to use it, a lock can fear you from far away, and if that fails, a lock can teleport and gain a speed boost if soul burnt: we have no mobility. Our only unique things are -disarm (with a 3 second cc), provided they don't decide to cc you back to wait out the 10 second disarm to a melee (its useless on a caster) -Shadowy apparitions , they're kinda random, sadly I don't think they do enough damage, and they're kinda slow. - Mind control , not really reliable at all, I guess in a one on one situation you could make them run away and let the dots tick - Vampiric embrace , a talent, but then again ,that's just a spell for a lock [fel armor], which also gives spellpower - Dispersion, its nice, mana returns or 90% lowered damage taken, but then again, comparable to mages blocking themselves and a pallies bubble, you can still get cc'd Wanna know something that irritates me really badly though? : We can't lock someone out of their school of magic. A lock well timing their felhunters spelllock can do it A mage well timing their silence can do it But a shadowpriest? a well timed silence just silences, nothing more. Practically everything but a shadowpriest can lock you out of your school. If I'm missing anything let me know. The only ideas I can think of for being able to kyte and maintining a unique shadowpriestlyness is having your shadowy apparitions having a 50% chance to do a 1 or 2 second paralysis at least. If they pop up while you're trying to run away, make it more useful in that purpose right?Wofye24 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 leveling shadow priest stat priority? just started leveling a shadow priest, and wondering what the stat priority should be. thanks in advance!Deelex7 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Tips for healing Heroic Yor'sahj as Disc? My guild i currently working on downing 10m heroic yor'sahj and i'm not really sure how to approach the fight. It's mostly the purple ooze that's messing me up. I don't know how to deal with it and I don't know what heals add a stack of deep corruption and what ones don't. I've been told that the healers need to communicate like say whos healing what? And we tried that a few days ago but i'm really bad at healing and talking in vent at the same time. For me talking in vent during a fight = me not healing. Is there a way around that? Like splitting the raid so 1 healer gets group 1 and the 2nd healer gets group 2? Anyone ever done it like that?Keára7 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Shadow priest Macros Anyone have any good one they'd like to share with us? PVP or PVE. Thanks in advance.Elfkong1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 [Shadow] Refresh dot on trinket proc or not ? I got 2 question. Didn't play my priest since BC and I was wondering .. do I need to recast dot when a trinket proc to get the trinket "bonus" on existing dot ? Also When all dot are up and Mind Blast is on CD, with a target OVER * 25%, should I cast SW: Death or skip it and spam Mind Flay ? Thank you for your help.Earthz1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Complete garbage My gear...its just plain horrible. Where should I start? I am wanting to Disc heal and not sure where to start gearing. Would it be viable to use all the 377 pvp gear to start farming HoTs/VP? In that gear would it be possible to heal HoTs or should I go as dps untill I can pick up the gear from HoTs ? TY allMorianne3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 What's the Role of Discipline in PVE? I've originally created this Priest as a PVP Character, but overall I really don't like PVP that much, so I'm going into PVE again. With Holy and Shadow, the role of healer and DPS is clear, but what is the role of a Disc Priest in PVE? I mainly want to quest to 60 since there's a few revamped Vanilla Zones I haven't seen, but 60-80 will see me in 5-Mans a lot.Paleria12 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Some advice please So i am leveling a priest ive never played a caster i have a hunter and a dk. I want to know a good rotation as a shadow priest for good dps because right now i think i am doing something wrong.Samualjakson5 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 How fun are holy priests? I want to be a holy priest. Is it as fun as Discipline, which I am hearing is really fun? What is a discipline vs. holy priest, as compared to real life priests? LOL. I know that sounds confusing. If you were a monk, catholic priest, evangelist, angel, where would you classify a discipline, holy, and shadow priest? I created this priest to be like Castiel from Supernatural. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just let me know how fun holy might be. Right now for me, I am level 25, and it's power word:shield, renew, flash heal all the time for me. Get's kinda boring in a dungeon. And I focus on the tank the entire time unless others are losing health, then I run out of mana pretty fast. /sigh.Casstiel7 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Need help with DPS Is my spriest *can't post on it as account is perma banned from forums* I do around 20-24k dps in 5 mans/LFR and 17-19k in Raids (BH25/FL10) I feel like I should be doing more DPS as I did around 22-28k on my 372 hunter in those raids back in 4.2 Ignore the hit % I got a new item and haven't reforged yetBarrk7 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Tier 13 Shadow Question I am completely awful at disc for doing our heroic alt group, I am adequate for a regular run but my guildmates wanna push more heroics in our 3rd alt group. So I am switching to shadow (more comfortable dpsing, I hate healing.) Back when I was doing Heroic 25 man back on KT one of our shadow priests said Tier 13 four set wasnt that great for shadow? Was he full of it or???Snugglegasm2 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Pvp Gear questions as shadow. Well, i just hit 85, and it looks like the set with spirit is the set I want, but do I want every piece to have spirit? Or just the 4 set? I couldn't find anything up to date on the issue, so thanks in advance.Redimed4 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Isn't it kinda funny that... Archangel is an optional talent for Holy and Disc [especially for Disc as it is in the disc talent tree], yet it is a complete must for Shadow.Wofye7 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Priest Cosmetic Glyph Idea... Hey guys! I actually posted this in the MoP forums as well but I figured i would toss it up here to get some feedback. While playing Diablo recently I had a cool thought for a cosmetic priest glyph [Glyph of Tyrael's Wings]: Changes the appearance of your archangel wings. I was thinking since the wing appearance has already been created for Tyrael's charger it may not be a big leap to resize and position for priests! Since holy and Disc priests will now both be able to use atonement in MoP, all three trees could make use of it! It would also look awesome in shadow form! what do you think?Borna7 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Shadow Priests in MoP How are they looking? I've been taking a break recently so I'm pretty out of the loop. Good, bad, still in flux?Allikazam3 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Herald of the Titans Build? (level 80) Any recommendations for level 80 pve builds? I don't know my way around a priest really well. Looking mainly for shadow, disc also if it's viable for the fight.Dragomir5 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Disc pvp assistance Hello everyone, Starting to pvp on my priest and i honestly find shadow a complete bore. So im going dual healing. Holy is going to be my main pve build and pvp going to be discipline. Please take a look at my build and see if any changes can be made. Im just going for random battlegrounds for now.Mugetsurkai3 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Is holy priest with archangel viable? Our guild is progressing on HSpine.. We are using 3 healers in that fight so i do think i have spare time to cast smite/HF... I know this sounds weird but still... Is that worth for a holy priest to have archangel in this situation? (like Archangel can be used in every single roll and blow up phase coz it is just a 30 sec cd) or is holy priest with archangel just a completely stupid idea?Elliss4 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Reached 85 and realized I...(rest in thread) Had no idea how to play holy. I started this toon out as disc but I got to the 70s and it really just wasn't cutting it in dungeons at all. I tried holy and it's okay but there's so many tools for holy that it's either confusing on what to use or a tool is simply useless 90% of the time. I've healed as a druid for years, some on a pally, and a lot on a shaman (my other 85s) so I'm no noob to healing. Healing is my favorite role to play and I'm told I'm pretty good at it no matter the toon I'm on except this one. My gear level is very much pre-raid w/ some 378 BoEs and such. I'm not writing this to whine but to see what I'm doing wrong. I've read all the stickies for holy and none of them really give a good analysis for good healing or they contradict each other. One says heal is the bread and butter of a holy priest while another says GH is. It just seems that compared to other healing classes at fresh 85 that holy is a very under-powered with the similar mana throughput. I throw a shield up sometimes, time a renew for the last couple of seconds of a shield, PoM, and use Heal a lot while in Serenity. Use Serenity for some catch up healing as well. Heal just seems like a waste to use and GH sucks my mana down the drain but provides way better healing. Flash heal also doesn't seem to do very much in the way of healing despite its fast cast time. Lightwell is great and I love it but I always seem to be the only one to use even when I let my group know it's down because people don't realize it can be used at a distance and that it's actually useful now. Can someone give me some protips here? I'm tired of feeling subpar on my grind to better gear.Sparklegear8 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Shadow Priest PvE: Raiding F.A.Q. This F.A.Q. answers questions about Shadow Priest PVE. For PvP details visit Dusknoir's PvP Shadow Thread here: I will try my best to cover the most commonly asked questions about shadow PvE. What's my hit cap? The spell hit cap for a boss level creature (currently 83/Double Skull) is currently 446. This will increase once Cataclysm is released to 1742. I heard that spirit is now hit? What's that about? With the talent Twisted Faith all spirit on gear is converted to hit. This does not mean your spirit will physically show as "+X hit rating", simply that the amount of spirit you have on gear is the amount of hit rating you gain from said gear. What's my raiding spec? At the moment there is no definitive "raiding spec", however most end up looking like this with 2 points left over to put where you want. What are my glyphs of choice? Prime glyphs are the only glyphs we have which have an actual visible effect on our DPS. Feel free to stick what you want in Major and Minor, however I'd strongly recommend those shown. Prime Glyphs: Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Death Major Glyphs: Spirit Tap, Inner Fire, Fade Minor Glyphs: Shadowfiend, Fading, Levitate I hear Shadow Word: Death is great now? How so? Shadow Word: Death in conjunction with the talent Mind Melt allows us to use Shadow Word: Death as a sort of "execute" ability. You will use Shadow Word: Death when the target is at or below 25% health. What's Glyph of Shadow Word: Death about? The glyphs essentially allows us to cast Shadow Word: Death twice in a row on an opponent with less than 25% health, unless the first cast kills the target. Watch your health though, Shadow Word: Death's that don't kill can hurt you pretty badly! Shadowfiend got changed a bit, what happened? With the talent Sin and Punishment, every time you critically hit with Mind Flay you reduce the cooldown on Shadowfiend by 10 seconds. In conjunction with the Veiled Shadows talent, that means you can have your little mana buddy up pretty often! But I'm already full mana, why would I care about Shadowfiend? Although it was already used as an offensive cooldown for Shadow priests pre-patch, shadowfiends have gotten quite a buff and now hit quite a bit harder. Besides, who doesn't want free dps? Mind Sear seems terrible, is it just me? Nope, Mind Sear now hits like a wet noodle and only has very situational uses. So if Mind Sear isn't great what will I do for AoE?! Not to worry, shadow priest trash AoE is now even more fun than ever! Step 1 - Simply find your friendly Shadow Word: Pain spell and target an enemy. Step 2 - Cast it, and proceed to cast it on every target you see, even ones tanks haven't pulled yet! (OK, maybe that's not such a great idea, don't do that.); while proceeding to look crazy and run in circles/strafing back and forth. (This is necessary to increase the proc chance of shadowy apparitions.) Step 3 - Watch your shadow army moving towards your targets to do your dark bidding and profit on the damage meters! *Feel free to throw in some Vampiric Touches, and spam some Devouring Plagues while running in those circles!* They put reforging in; so what should I reforge? Generally you'll want to reforge any excess hit/spirit to haste or critical strike rating, and any critical strike rating or haste to spirit if you're under the hit cap. But how do I know which to reforge to? Generally speaking your greatest stat apart from spell power is haste. No, that does not mean reforge everything to haste. It simply means if an item has spirit on it and no other stats (no crit or haste) you'd reforge it to haste. Most items DO have either haste or crit on them however, so the choice is usually pretty clear. Ok, how about when I need hit? You'll want to reforge away from the stat you have the most of. You want to keep your haste and crit levels as close to each other as possible. This doesn't mean reforge your crit to haste and haste to crit if you're off each other by 2%, but it may not be a bad idea to think about if your haste and crit are quite far from each other. (33% haste, 24% crit for example) Yay mastery! That stat looks pretty awesome, I'm gonna go reforge! This topic is still being debated between the shadow priest community. At the moment Spellpower is your best stat, followed by Haste. Mastery and Crit come out pretty close to each other however it's been decently agreed that Crit comes out on top just barely. Just leave mastery alone 'til Cataclysm.Kalysun24 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Shadow Word: Death + Legendary? Within the last 30 minutes or so, a mate and I were talking about Shadow Word: Death and the damage it'd do to you after a 600k crit on Madness of Deathwing. I went to test it on a Raider's Training Dummy to give them an approximate answer. During my testing, I noticed that Shadow Word: Death was hitting twice, mimicking a legendary proc (the exact same damage on both hits), but upon further inspection in Skada, it showed as 2 individual Death hits. After 10 minutes of testing this, it happened randomly, just like the staff's proc would. And shortly after, it stopped completely. Any idea why this was happening?Xenolithic3 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Shadow DPS help When my MB is up should i stop in the middle of mind flay to cast it? Also When do i refresh dots, right after they end or before the last tic?Angemon7 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Power Auras Multi-conditionals? Lots of good resources around for a Priest using Power Auras. But that also means a LOT to sort through without finding my answer: I have a nice visual display going for Archangel so I know when I have 5 stacks, and it shows me when Archangel is off cooldown to press. I have an audio indicator for each right now, but would LOVE to change it so that the audio will only go off when BOTH are true at the same time. So conditioned on Evangelism Stacks >=5 as well as Archangel Cooldown available, then play a sound. Anyone know if that is even possible?Taayl7 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 SWD nerf , showing how Blizz never learns!!!! This was taken from hydra's blog I'm just reposting the info . Currently I have zero passion to write about World of Warcraft for various reasons, Blizzards attitude been number one reason on the list. The company has a god awful attitude towards its customers and does not understand the PvP aspect of its own game and this latest beta change highlights why: Shadow Word: Death damage has been increased by 300%. No longer does damage to the caster. Now also grants a Shadow Orb. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. If the target dies, you gain an additional shadow orb. If the target does not die, the cooldown is reset. Only one of these effects can happen every 6 sec. Shadow Word Death, one of the most iconic Priest spells, no longer does backlash damage to the caster by default. One of the most entertaining and skilful aspects of playing a Priest has now been thrown by the wayside. Congratulations Blizzard, your utter stupidity has ceased to shock me. “But”, some douchebag Blizzard fan boy remarks, “They’ve added a glyph that does backlash damage”. Here it is folks: Glyph of Devouring Plague has been renamed Glyph of Shadow Word: Death: Your Shadow Word: Death can now be cast at any time, but deals 25% damage against targets above 20% health and does not generate a Shadow Orb when used against them. Casting Shadow Word: Death now also does damage to you equivalent to the damage it would do to an enemy above 20% health. Now for anyone who has previously watched Hydra’s video, you’ll be aware there was already far too many glyphs to choose between before Blizzard felt it necessary to highlight their misunderstanding of PvP once again. Now Priests are forced to take this glyph in order to receive utility they already possessed as baseline. In fact, with the, albeit improved, version of Mind Control, this is the second skill or element of a skill Priests no longer possess as baseline. News flash: It’s not a new feature if the class had it before, you take it away and force them to pass over new mechanics to get what they already possessed. This part is interesting: Casting Shadow Word: Death now also does damage to you equivalent to the damage it would do to an enemy above 20% health In fact interesting is the wrong word, more like potentially infuriating. It no doubt means the ability will work even if the target is below 20%, but it will only do backlash equivalent to what it would have done if they were above 20% health. Then again we’re dealing with a company that thinks it’s a good idea to give DKs an offensive dispel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it only did backlash above 20% health, watering down the iconic ability even further. If anyone can confirm, please leave a comment. I’m especially interested if Disc still has access to the ability since it generates a Shadow Orb. Blizzard has once again shown it doesn’t understand the concept of utility in PvP. Utility is the core of skill and what makes PvP fun and distinct from PvE. It also very much falls back to their complete failure to balance abilities separately for PvE and PvP. Another reason why, for all its good points, MoP looks destined to repeat the mistakes of Cataclysm.ì25 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Heals Or Dps? I just hit 85 playing disc/shadow, and i've had alot of fun playing both. What do you guys think i should play? Which is more fun in your opinion with high end gear?Nymphö6 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Effective Burst DPS rotation for t13 SPriest I'm not sure if this was posted here but I did find a neat site that showed how to BURST DPS a raid boss using ur DPS/mana cooldown Shadowfiend alongside Dark Archangel ONLY VIABLE WITH THE 4 SET BONUS OF THE T13 gear LFR/10N/10HM. It works right off the start on any fight and it's good mid fight because not only do you get your MANA back from Shadowfiend and i believe 25% from popping Evnagelism but a massive DPS increase. SO if you have a 4 set t13 bonus this is a VERY viable DPS burst rotation for the beginning and mid fight or even at the end of the MADNESS FIGHT! :) This is because of the bonus that grants 3 shadow orbs for every hit your Shadowfiend does or your shadowy apparations. So according to this rotation-> DPS Burst Rotation 1. Mind Flay for 5 stacks of Evangelism 2. Pop Evangelism -> Mind Blast ASAP. 3. Pop Shadowfiend (will guarantee you shadow Orbs) 4. Pop Trinket -> Pots (if you have_(Spellpower or any for DPS increase) 5. NUKE MIND SPIKE for 3 stacks -> Mind Flay UNTIL MB is off CD 6. Mind Blast 7. REPEAT step 5 until dark archangel, shadowfiend, and your trinket/pots effects end 8. DOTs up and resume normal rotation Valastiri5 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Priest Mobility Survivability MoP Wishlist :) (Minor) Glyph of the Dominated Mind: changes the graphic of your Mind Control spell to a puppet on a string and causes the enemy to be knockedback 25 yards at the end of the effect. Increases the cooldown of Dominate Mind to 45 seconds and Mana Cost to 5%. (78 ability) Angelic Flight: Activates a ward on you for the next 20 seconds. When you drop below 10% health for the next 4 seconds you leap towards the 4 closest friendly targets, each hit healing them for 3% health and yourself for 6%. Maximum four times on one target. At the end of the effect you return to your original location. 1 charge. 5 minute cooldown. Priest pinball :D Allow Body and Soul to also apply to Dispersion. It would be our only speedy escape. Allow Spectral Guise to cause you to exit combat after 10 seconds. Like a Feign Death for Priests to help with PvE wipes. In this case only if you stop casting spells. Our mobility/survivability can be limited compared to other classes and these tweaks/additions would really help us out even if they end up on a long CD or high mana cost. Thanks ^_^Weegnome3 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 How much does DPS increase with better gear? Hello fellow Shadow Priests, Currently on a dummy I can get about 12k dps steady. I've read a lot of guides and stickies on gear priorities and rotation - but I'm not seeing results in my dps. I know it's a combination of skill and gear, both of which can be improved. In light of trying to improve my overall dps - how much will it improve as I acquire new gear? Or is it all about skill?Friggen11 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Quick question: Dispersion + PW:S I'm leveling my first priest, and am loving shadow. My question is that if put up PW:S, then Dispersion, does the incoming damage get reduced to 10% before or after it hits PW:S Basically if i'm about to take 100k damage, PW:S will take ~30k by itself. PW:S is consumed, and I take 70k damage If I pop PW:S, then Dispersion, does the 100k knock out the PW:S, leaving 70k, which then gets reduced to 7k by Dispersion? or does Dispersion reduce 100k to 10k. leaving 20k left on PW:S... Which is put on top, if I cast PW:S then Dispersion? EDIT: Actually, where would the 15% reduction from SF fall in this?Trïck2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Are you Dual Heal Specced? Hi guys! I'm leveling up a priest right now and I was wondering how many of you PVE priests are specced Holy and Disc? Is this expected at level 85? I'm just curious, because I don't really enjoy playing holy but I see a LOT of priests running both specs (I assume for different fights and stuff) and I just wanted to know what the deal is with that. Thanks for any insight :))Amityville23 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Help with haste mastery discussion... I am here because I have read several things on this topic and need a little insight. I have heard that I should be running at 2284 haste rating (with DI from a warlock and non goblin) and then reforge into mastery from then on. I have also been told to not go into mastery and keep stacking haste as much as i can. I cannot reach the 5th tier of haste cap in my current gear which provides another SW:P tick and nor do I ever see myself reaching it. SO,,,,,,should I keep stacking haste as much as I can or turn to mastery? which is better and why? Thank you for your help and discussions...Hellfallen9 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Power Word: Shield won't last morethan 2-3sec I am sure this is a silly question but I am having major issues since hitting lvl 80 with my power word shield dropping off the tank in 2-3 sec and not only that but also all my other heals that usually heal for a lot are doing minimal healing. I know I need to do more dungeons and quests to get more gear but someone mentioned needing more stamina? Can someone explain?Makabubble9 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Returning HPriest - Question Hey all, been away about a year and returning to WoW. Prior to taking a break I rolled holy (even in WoTLK), I consider myself a pretty good holy priest (not so great with disc but I can manage). Few questions I have in my head for those of you experienced in current content, mainly stemming from a discussion/argument I had with a badadin during a LFG about heal and Gheal. Do you use heal at all @ 85? I understand its less mana so could potentially be more mana efficient than Gheal. But my main point to the pally who was talkin trash is that: Before I left, my Gheal cost me 0 mana because with the amount of spirit/regen I had it would regen before I could even cast the next one. I didn't even have it anywhere ready to be cast, I simply did not use it. Ever. And I was successful. I mean I'm not the type of player that really cares about numbers. If the group lives, and they down the boss and nobody died, it doesn't matter if I only have 1,000 mana left (flash heal and others the only thing that drained me prior). I dont care about "overhealing meters" because in the end it cost me 0 mana to cast the bigger spell. Any thoughts on this?Pérféction1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Mind Sear initial delay. So I just finally got my priest alt to 74 a few hours ago and picked up mind sear, the ability itself is great, easy to use, good damage, good mana cost ect, so Im not really complaining. That being said, I could swear the ability itself doesnt do any damage for the first 1 or 2 seconds or so of its duration, but only on the first cast, if I chain a second one, or even just use it right after the first ends, that one seems to pick up and start doing damage instantly. Am I going crazy or is this an intended thing? I couldn't imagine it was a bug this far into the expansion, so Im more inclined to think its just a balancing tool, as it does allow me to put it up on the tank before he actually gets into the fray. ....Course I wouldn't need to if it just did its damage instantly <.<. Also for bonus points, does anyone know if mind sear benefits from empowered shadow or evangelism? A friend says no and Im inclined to believe him, but I could do with more testimony as Im not high leveled enough to test evangelism yet.Levier5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Best race for priest ? Hey guys was wondering what you guys think is the best race for priest for pve , and for pvp. Was thinking of goblin but is this the best choice ? ThanksZarakkii20 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Leveling as a Disc priest has been... ... my favorite leveling experience to date. I have 3 LvL 85's (Paladin, Rogue, Warlock), and playing a Priest has been an absolute breath of fresh air (Mostly because I haven't healed since Molten Core on my Pally). I forgot how much I like to heal and I plan on making this character my main for MoP. I can't wait to bring this Priest to DS (yes, the DS that I've run 1000 times already) to take on a new raiding role. Thank you Disc Priest! It's always fun to be excited about something in Warcraft during a dead period. CheersOkcomputer2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Help the Newbie Hey there. I'm a player who has recently come back to playing WoW after a long absence. I used to play a Holy Paladin in PvP at the start of Cataclysm, but when I came back I decided to play a priest instead. I'm playing a Disc Priest for PvP - as I plan on PvP being my main focus. However, I'm having trouble figuring out what heals I need to use in PvP. Granted, I know that both healing and PvP are largely based on the situation, but I would really like to know what people are using for an average rotation of healing. Right now I'm usually using PW:S -> Penance -> Greater Heal for starting - but I'm not sure what is the most efficient thing to do after that point. In addition, I'm struggling to figure out when it is beneficial to use abilities like Power Infusion and Pain Suppression. Furthermore, is there a go-to mana regen ability? For example, with Holy Paladins we had an ability to give us a boost in our mana, however, I have yet to find any spells like that for priests. If you have any other tips/suggestions of PvP I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading/helping.Omissive6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Shadow Word: My Vampiric Embraceable You Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic rules: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. We gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on IRC or in Vent! Vent info: 4492 teamlights IRC info: #wowpriests Topic: Talk amongst yourself. Did you get Midsummer done? Why not? edit: here's the song: Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Shadow priest burn phases/mana phases? My friend has an 84 shadowpriest which he's doing dungeons with. His rotation is Devouring Plague, Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, then Mind Blast, Mind Flay X 5 until he gets 5 stacks of Evangelism, then he hits Archangel and does Mind Spike X 3. Then he puts all his dots back up and starts the rotation over again. He does about 7-8k dps doing this rotation, but he burns up too much mana in the process. I'm not sure what his talents and glyphs look like, but is his rotation correct or does he need to develop a more burn phase/mana phase rotation? Or is there a burn phase/mana phase rotation for spriests o.oPhentesia4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 2h or 1h+oh in Arena for Disc Just wondering which would be better for Arena. Saving up for my S11 weapon and want to pick the one thats better.Arinod6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Question on why dps is so low. As you can see, im a 396 spriest, spec'd correctly.. Hit capped.. 31.54% haste.. Rotation: my 3 dots, mf mf mf, mb repeate, and cooldowns....... someone please help me out hereShadowszz29 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 I think Holy is underrated for pvp I see almost every priest playing disc in pvp, but Ive tried em both, and I find Holy to be far superior. Tell me why I'm wrong, and why I should start rolling Disc. The main reason I find Holy to be superior is much more instant casts. At my level with Disc the only instant cast I have is renew and shield. With holy you get Circle of Healing, an amazing instant cast multi target heal, and in Chakra state serenity your power word: chastise becomes holy word: serentity, an instant cast heal, that increases crit chance of future healing for 15 sec. Between those two instant casts and the after death angel of healing, i find holy to be far superior to disc for pvp. Now this could be bc of my level. but from what I can see of the disc tree now I see no more instant casts coming, if so not many. Will there be more later for disc? Or will holy always have more instant cast heals, if so I can never see a time where disc will be superior. Tell me where I'm wrong, or if I'm right.Remedey58 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 need advice from a full DS clear holy I was wondering what chakras do you use in what fights and why? do you switch chakras in different phases? do your chakras change based on what class your healing/tanking with etc. I've been playing a priest at max level for a few months now but I've only been Holy for about 1 of those so any advice on DS and Holy spec in general would be appreciated. P.S. not really related but would it be worth changing my OS from full heal Disc to Atonement Disc? for a lil extra DPS on certain fightsXenthia10 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 How to create pressure in arena? My problem (other than being a tad undergeared comparitively) is that i can't seem to create pressure other then when im able to free cast. Even then i don't feel like my thoroughput is very good. My general strat in 5's so far has been try to keep up vamp and swp up and at least 3 targets while trying to combo fears, silences, and disarm to healers to get kills. But when things become more 1v1 the pressure i can produce becomes closer to null. Any suggestions?Lfgbehealin0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 can you heal someone who is mind controlled? like if i say mc a warrior can his holy pally still heal him or is he considered and enemy and cant?Smallc4 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Dispelling in PvP New to priest and was curious what spells i should take the time to dispel off of the enemy. For shadow priest if that makes any difference.Angemon4 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 t13 Priest Set bonus Discussion Should I keep my 4 piece for a holy priest, or should I buy the valor gear?Doggler3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Disc healing question!!!!!!! Please help I am really curious on a rotation on disc healing in raids/5 mans. I would like to know how other disc priest heal in raids so i feel more confident in raiding. I am new to PVE disc healing, and I know disc priest are tank heals! Please help!Twstiqt2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Holy word serenity >.< It seems I have had nothing but problems with this spell lol. I love it, but jesus, is it a pain sometimes. I use Healbot and I'm using a macro.. I've had it working for most of the expansion. Then randomly it stops working, or it targets me instead of the person i'm hovering over. It targeting me is a big one lately. I either have to keep resetting healbot, or find another macro. Does anyone have a macro that works well, that i configure it into healbot? There is 1 that i find that works, but all I get are LUI errors continuously every second it's loaded into healbot, so i have to take it out. Here's the one i use currently: #showtooltip holy word: chastise /target [@mouseover, exists] /click ActionButtonX /targetlasttargetRinoá3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Shadow Priest Asking About Haste I have a question. When is it considered to have 'too much' haste? I'm currently at 22.23% Haste, without food buffs. Should I reforge into some extra mastery?Rosarie5 Jul 4, 2012