Jan 2, 2012 Haste vs Mastery In your opinion what is better for healing 10man? Haste build or mastery build?Healingpower90 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 shadow priest dps well i started my shadow priest about a month ago before that was holy/disc and atm i do 21.5k-23k on target dummies yet i see a fire mage blasting the dummy next to me pulling 26k any help on rotation that some have found good or on things i may have done wrong on my gear, i want to do more and know i can rotation is still being tested on starter with the 4 piece t13 shadowfiend mb msx3 mb msx3 mb then i run normal shadow priest rotation with all my cds on cd..just got engineering glove enchant so incorporated that recently sometimes i just do normal rotation with mind spiking but found damage to be similar if not a but lowerTylennol8 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Shadow Dps Help So this is my last result. I've been on countless forums watched countless videos talked to countless shadow priest friends trying to correct my problem and i just dont get it. I'm doing everything ive read and watched and still feel like i am not doing the dps i should be doing so im posting here in hope someone sees something that i am not Here is my armory I follow the gear priority Haste > Mastery > Crit (I dont have 1 piece of gear with crit on it) My rotation is like Pre-pot , SWP Then Flay x1 or 2 to get everything procced MB with orbs then apply my dots and continue with the priority Shadow Word: Pain Mind Blast (if Orbs 3,2,1) Vampiric Touch Devouring Plague Mind Blast (no Orbs) Shadow Word: Death (target ≤ 25%) Archangel Shadowfiend Mind Flay (Re applying dots on hero procs trinkets etc.) Doing all this i still can only manage 24k ish on Ultraxion fight and i just dont get it anymore. So if anyone looking over this can see anything im doing wrong please reply. This thread is not intended to be a joke or troll or E - peen flexing. I truly and honestly feel like i should be pulling more dps then i am. Thank youSwizzbeatz9 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Fail Control? or Mind control? Does anyone find that this spell break way to easy? Personally I hate the fact that if the person I MC has a snare it sticks with it. Last BG I tried over 10 times to MC someone successfully off a cliff, almost every time it got resisted, or missed or just broke right before they were about to reach the cliff. It only worked successfully once. Like the only time you can successfully MC someone is when no one else is near. The moment someone hits you it breaks. In my opinion the moment you MC someone all snares should be removed, and you get a certain amount of damage taken before the spell breaks. Just my opinion.Lastofuchiha8 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Discipline Healing Guide and Discussion Introduction To start, I believe that in the current state that discipline priests in primarily i346 gear or higher who correctly prioritize their healing can, with some knowledge of predictable damage, heal equally or better than all other classes providing they use the proper spec and healing rotations. This varies by encounter, as discipline really shines in constant, raid wide AoE situations where Divine Aegis from PoH can be fully utilized, whereas Holy Paladins have cooldowns on AoE healing but are capable of much larger bursts. One caveat is that at lower gear levels, it is difficult to maintain healing for long periods of time due to our major regeneration talents scaling directly with our mana pool. The below information is by no means exclusively of my own derivation, but rather has been taken from discussions with priests on my own server, on several forums (most importantly the forums at EJ), and testing done within the body of this thread (Special thanks to Khendra). The purpose of this thread is to provide a concise summary of helpful healing tips to those who are struggling to heal through heroic content and early raids. I'm not sure how Sticky Maintenance is dealt with, so please continue to "like" this thread if you find the information useful. Ideal Spec: There are two extra points which I put into darkness, but some prefer to place in soul warding to reduce cooldown on PW:S. Those concerned about longevity could potentially place those points into Veiled Shadows. How to Heal Efficiently: There are three basic healing styles for discipline which depend on the type of incoming damage, and are as follows. If you cannot heal the encounter with these strategies, you cannot heal that encounter at your current gear level OR you have DPS taking unnecessary damage. These rotations are produced by examining the efficiency of each heal in your repertoire, and considering the types of raid damage. Efficiency (highest -> lowest; no overheal): Divine Hymn > Prayer of Mending > Prayer of Healing > Penance > Smite (i346+) > Greater heal = Heal = Binding Heal = Smite (i333) > Binding Heal > PW:S > Smite scales very well with gear, and at raid quality gear outstrips Greater Heal and Heal. heals which have very poor mana efficiency given the spec and glyphs listed include flash heal, renew, and holy nova. These can be used situationally, but there are often better choices. 1. Low, predictable damage: Main heal: Smite (Atonement) + Penance + PW:S for Rapture ONLY. + PoM if sufficient AoE to benefit. At high gear levels, Smite will outstrip Heal in efficiency when combined with effective Evangelism management (see bottom of post) 2. High, single target damage (3 or fewer targets in raids): Main heal: Greater heal (making use of Train of Thought for reduced Inner Focus) + Penance + PW:S for Rapture ONLY, + PoM 3. AoE Raid damage: Main heal: Prayer of Healing (Inner Focus) + PW:S for Rapture ONLY + PoM. This is a good time to use Power Infusion. Inner Fire vs. Inner Will Because the above healing strategies utilize very few instant heals (PW:S every 12 seconds, PoM in AoE situations, and the very occasional renew) Inner Fire provides superior efficiency compared to inner will and should be used in almost all situations. Inner will can be situationally useful for the movement speed, and in fights with a large amount of movement, however. Miscellaneous (but very important) Healing Points: 1. Use Power Infusion on yourself exclusively, typically to boost throughput during AoE phases and increase your efficiency when you know you will cast a series of high mana cost heals (PoH/Gheal). 2. Renew is a low-efficiency heal, however can be sparingly used to top up raid members when you must focus most of your attention on tanks. 3. Make use of Pain suppression. It is very useful to give yourself breathing room to top a tank back up OR can be used to "catch up" by allowing AoE healing of the raid when the tank is still taking substantial damage. PoH will keep a pain supressioned tank alive, where one would normally die. 4. with Train of Thought, at i346 greater heal has the same efficiency as heal. For this reason, there is no reason to ever use heal, as you can be doing similar healing with Smite while adding damage. 5. Fade is a wonderful skill which will set your agro to 0 for the duration of the spell. Whenever you have adds on you, Fade and stand in Concecrate/DnD/Tclap range. This will allow you to keep damage on the tank and not yourself, making use of the tanks higher avoidance values to minimize healing. 6. Power Word Barrier is an excellent ability that can be used to mitigate large amounts of raid/group damage and can also be used as a tank healing cooldown if placed around the tank.Mnemo492 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Resto Shams... Wtf! Been doing 2s lately and having a lot of trouble with dps/resto sham teams. We have won a few but have lost more thanwe have won. I have been mana burning killing totems, CCing, Mind Control everything to try and stop a sham from healing.. We have burned a Sham to like no mana but still didnt die... Cant Seem to get the edge either on the shamans... Also How while they are feared they can drop tremor and get out of it. I Was trying to see how Disc Pvp priests Deal with them. I am running PR ( Priest Rogue) and we are just having alot of trouble... thx for the help :)Huevos1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 LF great guides for tuning PvE Disc or Holy I've been gone for 8 or so months and I'm looking for some good guides to retune my character for this new content. So can someone hopefully provide some helpful links?Demorah8 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 It's a bit ironic That my favorite class in warcraft is the priest, yet I'm the least religious person I know. I thought peoples classes were supposed to reflect their personalitiesSpringtotem37 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 *Looks around sheepishly* Umm...h-hello! I'm one of those umm..."Warriors" you sometimes see wandering around. W-while I'm not doing 1337 damage to our enemy, I'm taking 1337 damage from the same enemy. And when I'm taking that damage, you priests are always there to kiss my boo-boos and make me feel special. W-what I want to say is....I umm....I wanna be like you! I wanna be the one kissing boo-boos and making others feel special! But all I know is how to cave in skulls and wear the blood of my enemy to dinner parties, kidnapping alliance members and taking them to my cave where I...umm...where was I? Oh yes. I know only the brutish lifestyle of murder, and nothing of the peaceful lifestyle of the priest! Please teach me, oh holy ones? ((tl;dr: I'm thinking of rolling a priest but know nothing about them, or healing in general. Any tips for a new-comer?))Cystal22 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Need some help with my DPS My guild is going after Ultraxxion next week. I have recently started playing my shadowpriest seriously as we had too many melee and not enough ranged. I have been reading up on rotations and stuff and using askMrRobot for gemming and reforging so that I can maximize my dps. This is a link to a raid dummy. I had a food buff and nothing else Any tips and tricks to squeeze out that last bit of dps would be great Jeonhyosung1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Quick question Hello their fellow preist id just like to know does the human racial ( The human spirit ) equal to hit.. as a shadow preistHilnaga1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Stat Tips - Haste? Crit? I'm looking for some tips on how to gem and reforge. I've heard the Mastery stacking 1000 times but that's just not effective for me. When I switched to haste stacking, my healing went up significantly and I typically top my healing charts now. Some people have suggested crit stacking instead of haste, but I feel like that puts too much faith in the RNG. Any opinions?Absinth3 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 PvP Disc 4Piece not working against Hunters? I've noticed that it won't work against a hunters Daze and I still run at 50% even when it's procced. Anyone else notice it?Dethandra3 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Thinking of off speccing Shadow Well right now this toon here is Disc and Holy. It's an alt and was mainly used just to mess around with back when cata first came out and a little afterward. Well with the advent of 4.3 and the new Hour of Twilight heroics as well as 378 justice loot, I figure now's a decent time to gear this toon out a little in my spare time. However, I already have a resto shaman, and while I love healing as a priest, I'd kinda like to give shadow a shot. Problem is, the only real gear I have for this toon is mostly all spirit gear, which means if I were to change one of my specs to shadow I'd have like 25% hit. I'm no expert but I think that's too much. Any tips for how to get rid of a lot of that hit rating without compromising my healing gear? Or better yet, where to start with gearing for shadow seeing as how I'm all heals all the time? As a slightly related aside, I'd have to get rid of either disc or holy to make room for a DPS spec. Right now my disc spec is more set up for Tank healing whereas my holy is more AoE type... which would be best to keep for doing LFR and what not?Arcangelô2 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Please, critique me. I'm only a few days into this Priest business. Took a while off after hitting 85. Mostly I'm wondering about my gear (aside from that ring that somehow escaped enchanting) and my playstyle. I seem to run OOM constantly. It's not been uncommon to need to sit and drink after every pull, which was to be expected considering I had 800 spirit 1 or 2 days ago. But as my stats have risen, I'm still having a lot of mana problems. I'm Holy so I generally use a lot of Heal, PoM, Renew, CoH, and either Serenity or Sanctuary. I try not to FH or GH unless it's absolutely necessary. I use Desperate Prayer any time I'll get the full benefit and deploy Shadowfiend almost on CD so long as I'm under 80% mana when it comes up. I usually spam out Heals until someone gets under 50% (unless they're dropping fast) and then throw a FH or GH. I favor FHs for Serendipity, which I think is a problem and have been trying to correct, but it just seems very fluid and dynamic to FH once or twice and then top someone else off with a GH or hit the group with a PoH. But otherwise, I sprinkle Renews on people that'll get the full benefit, try to get Sanctuary under as many people as possible, and deploy my Lightwell within range of everyone on encounters that're likely to last a little while. Even groups that use up a Lightwell tend to run me OOM pretty often, though, and it's frustrating. I feel like even 60k GH crits are sometimes inadequate. Sometimes I'll drop a Serenity, two crit FHs, and a crit GH while Renew ticks and the tank's hp won't rise more than 10%. Is Holy just more about spot-healing and spreading around minor heals in a raid? Should I consider Disc for the Heroic grind? As for gear, I've been focusing on accumulating Spirit because of my mana problems, and otherwise splitting attention between Mastery and Haste, being mindful of the 12.5% mark, but I forget if that's supposed to be before or after any buffs.Ganic10 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 T13 Helm can go die It took me weeks to get T5 helm, but the T13 looks too good to Transmog. I don't know which to wear. :'(Redsnake8 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Does this setup have enough regen for DS10? I've decided to start healing again, and I've been healing 5-mans in my DPS gear with no mana issues. My stats are as follows: Combat MP5: 2068 Haste: 20.72% Crit: 13.71% Mastery: 14.44 Some hit that I'm gonna try to get rid of ASAP I'm having a blast, huge crits, big bubbles and ridiculously fast Greater Heals. However, I'm worried that my regen will fall short in DS, especially on more raid-damage heavy fights. So, do I have enough regen that I won't have to sacrifice throughput stats, or should I try to stack more spirit? Edit: Also, I'm specced into ToT if that makes any difference.Truelight11 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Discipline PvP - Getting Started... Gear: I am the process of acquiring PvP gear for this character. Up to this point I have based my item choices on the largest resilience increase available. Now that I'm at about 3250 resilience that will be slowing down quite a bit. Any advice regarding what order I should buy my Season 11 gear and what to emphasize in gemming/slot bonuses? What resilience would I need for RBG or Arena play? What are the secondary stat weights for PvP Disc. Spirit > Mastery > Haste is what I can gather, just wanted to check if this is in fact the case. Spec: Couldn't find a cookie-cutter recommended spec for Disc PvP, but I have played a few days of random BG so I put something together myself. Are atonement and archangel valid or recommended PvP talents? I really like Desperate Prayer and Improved Renew, what are the typical talents taken from the Holy tree? Playstyle: About 60-75% of my healing in a given random battleground comes from 3 spells. #1 is Flash Heal which I use whenever I can hard cast and someone is below 75% health. #2 is Prayer of Mending which I cast nearly on CD so it can bounce around. I love this spell, but I don't know if I'm casting it too often. #3 is Renew, which I cast whenever I want to heal on the move or when I think I would be interrupted if I used Flash Heal. Although it doesn't show up on the meter I'm also casting Power Word: Shield on anyone who is taking damage if they don't have the weakened soul debuff. I know I need to get better at using Pain Suppression, Power Infusion and Inner Focus. Any tips or macros for CD usage? Addons: Recommended addons for Disc PvP healing? I would like to improve my keybindings, so if you have feedback on which abilities you use the most often that would be helpful. I have everything bound, mouseover macros, and Shadowed Unit Frames. I also use Ingela's Rapture to track rapture procs, and Prayer of Mending Tracker. Some things I would like to be able to identify within my UI that I can't would be PoM indication on unit frames, Weakened Soul debuff on the unit frames, and even PW:S status on the unit frames. I'm not sure if any addons can handle that, but I'd like to have more information at my fingertips. Any generic addon suggestions and advice are welcome too! TL;DR: I'm new to Disc PvP, if you have any helpful tips or tricks please post them! Benelyn3 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Disc priest pvp haste>mastery? i started stacking haste and spirit didnt know is mastery was better.Sloppystab4 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 is attonment spec still viable in DS i took a break right b4 the next 4 bosses of ds came out and as attonment spec i did around 14k hps but i took a break and just wanted 2 know if it is still viable in raidingMorticsha2 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Questions about Holy/Disc 2,4pc set bonus Apologies in advance for being unable to find these answers in these forums and potentially making the same thread. I barely began playing again recently and have been unable to test the set bonuses on my own. 1. Does the 20% mana reduction from Power Infusion stack with the 25% from the set bonus? Or does the 25% mana reduction from the set bonus not activate until Power Infusion fades? 2. Does the mana reduction from the 2pc set bonus activate while Divine Hymn begins channeling or after it's done? 3. Does the internal cooldown of Rapture reset for the 4pc bonus? Or do we just have to luck out and hope the 4pc activates after Rapture resets on its own? I appreciate any and all answers, thank you :)Chavana7 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Death Knights: Is it possible to survive? I only have one question? How the hell am I suposed to survive against them? (wall of text and a lot of QQ incoming.) I am tired of being completely roflstomped by DKs with absolutely no way of escaping them. I do BGs and go as either holy or disc, and on both specs I always walk around with bubble on me and Inner Fire on. When DKs focus me, I am immediately slowed to oblivion. I try to fear them with Psychic Scream, but it simply doesn't work most of the times, probably they have some kind of fear ward. If bubble is not up, I bubble myself and throw a renew, and try to either mind control him or shackle his pet. Most of the times I do this so they'll waste brainfreeze on shadow school and leave holy/disc alone. They rip my bubble off so fast that its driving me nuts. Even blood DKs have no problem tearing my bubble apart. When pressure is too high I Pain Suppresion myself to relive it a bit, and after it goes off I use Power Word: Barrier. As holy, I throw Guardian Angel when I see imminent death and throw off a holy word: serenity. If I spent those resources, I use Desperate Prayer and hope to live. While my shadow is still locked, I use Inner Focus -> Flash Heal to reduce the duration of weakened soul and hope for a crit & divine aegis. As holy, I try to run and keep using HW: serenity on CD. All the time, I try to remove his plagues from slowing me down, but I've really given up on this. Frost has more slows than a frost mage, not to mention death grip and the damn root effect. Unholy seems to dispel shackle undead all the time. And, on all 3 specs, they destroy my 20~24k bubble in less than 3 hits, then crit me for a MINIMUM of 25k. Really, where am I failing? I try but I can't seem to survive DKs at all. Against all other classes and specs I know how to counter or how to survive against. There isn't a single class that obliterates me as fast as DKs. Even though I'm wearing full PvE gear rogues don't crit me anywhere close to 25k.Glov19 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Macro help Looking for a little help with a macro #showtooltip /cast [modifier;ctrl] Leap of Faith; Power Word:Shield This works fine until I try using the games alt selfcast option and I can't bubble myself that way anymore. I am not sure how to write a third modified for alt to cast power word shield on myself.Suppress4 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Tips for On Use Trinks? Just replaced my long time used ilvl308 Witch's Hourglass with the 359ilvl Core of Ripeness (Yuck!). Trying to get the Raid finder trink as of now (or in a normal raid), Just curious if anyone has any tips for what to bind on use trinks to? I am gonna try binding to my flash heal macro, and greater heal? Or since its spirit buff does it even matter? I have no experience with this sort of buff / mechanic so any input would help.Chayot5 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Dps seems lacking? I have a few questions about increasing my dps. I am Ilvl 378 and I seem to be only pulling ~16k dps on the raid dummies in stormwind. I was told that I just be doing 20k+? I haven't raided since wotlk and that was on a prot paladin so I'm not too experienced as dps. The rotation I use is sw:p and then mind flay until I get 1 orb. I then mind blast to activate empowered shadow and then I throw dp and vampiric touch. Shadowfiend and then mind flay until mind blast is about to come off cd and then I use archangle then mind blast. Then its just mind flay, mind blast when it comes off cd, and refresh dots. One of the questions I have is when my trinket procs that increases my mastery should I refresh dots after my next mind blast even if they arn't close to running off? My other question is would it be a dps increase to get rid of my 390 pvp shoulders and gloves? My gear and enchants are kind of bad because I have no access to raiding, I can do the lfr but that's about it. No one wants to take 16k dps to ds, plus I don't have the achievs yet which make it hard to get into raiding. I'm trying atm to get the best gear possible without having to raid. I'm also working on getting exalted for the helm and shoulders enchants and I'll have lavawalker on my boots later tonight. Thanks for the help in advance.Smokebarrage14 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 How the hell do YOU kill shamans? As a shadow priest, they're the hardest class for me to go up against. They can purge my shield, they have a totem that essentially acts as a fear ward, and an interrupt on a 5 second cool down. On top of all of that they do a ton of damage. How do I go about killing one? Edit: my armory page hasn't updated for 2-3 days, at the moment i'm in all pvp 390's except for 1 trinketShyr5 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Atonement PvE I've been away a while. The new heroics and LFR are so easy that I'm wonder if atonement is a viable choice. Back in 4.0 and 4.1 I didn't find myself casting smite enough to justify it. I'm not expecting to go in and just cast holy fire and smite and nothing else, but I would need to spend at least 1/3rd of my time doing dps to justify the 5 talent points.Garagun65 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Shadow Priest help please My shadow priest is pulling very low dps. I have a current ilvl of 377, yet i top around 14k. I have used many guides and videos on how to improve my dps, and tried everything, but nothing seems to help. On certain sites with a dps calculator where you enter you stats and it says how much dps you should be pulling, it says 13.1k. How is this possible? Please help. I am gearing, gemmed, specced, and glyphed properly, and i know my rotation inside and out.Jowey11 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Is it soooo hard??!!1 Hi, this is my first healer toon. He rocks my boat. Should've rolled him back in 06 when I started this game. Anyways... Is it so damn hard to know that if your healer (I'm leveling in Dungeons mostly) has no/is low on mana and/or not even close enough to heal you, that maybe you should all wait! I mean seriously, it's not fkn rocket science ppl. /end rant On a happier note, healing turns out to be as much fun as burning peoples faces off with my mage! And happy new year :) disclamer : I realise that the reading audience will no doubt already know this pain I speak off...Ihealsyou6 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Advice on talents for Disc PvP Hey everyone, I have been looking at other people's specs for Disc PvP and reading the forums and I am asking for some feedback on my current spec. I am still working on the grind of getting all Ruthless/Enchants etc and I am still figuring out this spec which I enjoy. Is it worth 3 points in Inner Sanctum and should I be using Inner Fire or Inner Will for PvP? I was thinking about taking the 2 points out of Inspiration and Surge of Light and moving them elsewhere. Perhaps into Divine Fury? Am I supposed to be using heal and greater heal for PvP? I have been mainly using PW:S. PoM, Penance, renew and FoL. For my glyphs should I get rid of "Renew" and replace it with PW:D or something else? Should I have 2 points in "Improved Renew?" Any constructive advice is appreciated.Vonyc9 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 HPS v Total Healing Done Ran DS 10 this morning, have a few questions... My HPS was around 16k for overall (DS 10 Normal, Morkchok - Haagara), which was the highest of the three healers (Holy pally, resto druid), but I was second on the healing meter for total healing done, and only .1% ahead of the druid who I was 5k hps higher than, and well behind the Pally, who was only 100 hps higher than me. Now, I don't put a lot of stock into meters as a healer, if my healing assignment survived the fight than I did my job. I was just curious about the discrepancy. I figured that with having the highest HPS I'd top the total healing done too. Feldoh3 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Power Word: It's a Wonderful Lifegrip Welcome to the latest PW: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic rules: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. WE ARE THE 99 PRIESTCENT. If you start the newest PW:D thread, I ask that you copy them into the first post of every Power Word thread. Feel free to add or subtract past the first three, but don't disturb that initial trio. Discussion Topics: It's Nixx2's birthday. Make an alt and spam his mailbox with wishes of a merry year as a twenty or thirty or sixty-something man. You can't really be sure these days. Either way, spam mailbox. Gogogo. Real Topic: Further discussion on the differences of 10m or 25, I suppose.Tweakx500 Jan 1, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 alright, need some pvp questions answered plz 1. staff, or 1h+offhand which is better, the extra stats or extra spell power 2. should i go full satin or full mooncloth, or keep mixing? is the extra resi worth losing the 4 piece bonuses 3. is there a spirit cap for disc priests to where other stats are more valuable, or just stack pure spirit? 4. did i mess up by going tauren?Dusknöir6 Jan 1, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 QQ about frost mages Psych OK, so I do want to QQ a little bit, but than I need some help after I vent my frustrations. OMG ROGUES OP CRIPPLING POISON IS AUTO PROC FOR 70%; STUNLOCK TO DEATH STUPID LEGENDARIES!!! OMG WARRIORS OP DOUBLE CHARGES PLUS HAMSTRING CAN NEVER GET AWAY!!! OMG FERALS OP THEY POUNCE AND STUN AND HAMSTRING AND BLEED YOU IN GLOBAL!! OMG BLOOD DK'S AR...well not so bad since I don't really hit them to proc their vengeance. ok, now that that's done; So, no doubt by now anyone still reading has armoried me - yes I have no resil. Yes I'm fixing it. Resil doesn't stop the snares. It's kinda funny to a point because most of these people have to beat on me continuously for a 10+ seconds. I've gotten pretty good at spamming myself, but I want to get away, not live longer. Anyways, I know priests have traditionally been the least mobile healers of the bunch, and after 2 second pops on my bg's for 2 days straight now, I don't really have a problem with frost mages as much, I seem to be able to actually get away from them. What I can't get away from is all these melee. Seriously, rogues especially have me wanting to throw my keyboard across the room. I can sit there and span cure myself and still can't range them (movement increase with body and soul). Crip-pois procs the second I cleanse it. So what do priests do? Having no resil and not much damage, I've learned to stay as far away as possible from the melee, but I still get trapped by them frequently. This is of course in random BG's where dps don't like to help their healers, but I'd like some advice from pro-priests on how to kite with this class. I actually like healing bg's alot, I just need some help learning how to get away. Thanks in advance :)Ashsavior16 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Disc Priest Rogue 2v2 comp help! We have been going good from 1k to 1600. But since we are at that push to 1700, we have been getting teams for some reason we cant beat! and it is really frustrating. Like Shammys. I have burn them down to no mana and we cant seem to get that edge. We just played Another Disc Priest Rogue comp and I was Running on NO mana like most of the fight and he couldnt do anything. I put fear ward on him Dispelled. everything and when the priest was out of mana i kept on him and he switched to rogue to keep him off me... Short story we lost! i am trying too see if there is any suggestions/guides to different comps. Like Any Resto Sham team and just over all healer comps. ( even tho some we dont have a prob with... Pallys priest druids.) Just need some help..Huevos4 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Benediction I've seen tons of threads discussing this, but nothing confirmed yet. Is this stupid staff still obtainable?Edyrem18 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Shadow Word: Death and T13 I've been doing a little searching on a few sites and have not found a clear answer so far...should SW:D be used on cooldown or more frequently outside of execute phase once you have 2-set t13? I'm not sure if the 55% additional damage is enough to earn it a permanent spot in the rotation, but taking only 5% of dealt damage means the healing involved isn't really an issue anymore. Thanks in advance for any help.Cyndaen1 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Questions About Discipline Hello =) I've been raiding as a Holy priest for awhile now and haven't been having any problems outside of burning through my mana pretty quickly. A few days ago I decided to try out the other side of priest healing and changed my secondary from Shadow to Discipline. I've been running Heroics trying to get a feel for Discipline and I'm coming across a few situations that I have no problem with as Holy, but they're giving me some serious problems as Discipline. 1. Undergeared tanks, spikey damage. I know the immediate response from most people would be to boot the tank, but I'd rather see it as a challenge to overcome, plus the guy might just be new to tanking and I'm not gonna fault him for that. Anyway, as Holy it seems very easy to keep up with incoming damage on one target, and I have a couple emergency buttons incase something goes bad, but as Discipline, the heals just seem smaller and the shields seem to burst as soon as they're cast, and if damage starts to outstrip healing, I don't have a last minute save button like Guardian Spirit, they just die. =( 2. Movement As Holy I can cast Serenity, Circle of Healing, and if needed, Renew or Shield. As Discipline I have... Shield? I gotta be missing something here, cause high movement fights give me no problems as Holy, but result in party wipes as Discipline. 3. AOE damage. This is my big one. This is the one that is really kicking my behind, especially if the group is spread out a bit. As Discipline I seem to only have spamming Prayer of Healing to get me through and it simply isn't doing enough. For example, Arcurion in Hour of Twilight. As Holy I can heal through his spam at the end of the fight. As Discipline, I lose people every time. I'm absolutely loving the extreme mana efficiency of Discipline compared to Holy, and getting to toss out a few damage spells when incoming damage is light, is pretty fun, so I don't want to give up on it. But if you could help me understand how to better handle these 3 problems I'm having as Discipline, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!Wispur15 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Holy priest Chakara - Serenity bug Im not sure if its a bug, but I'm very annoyed by it, The Chakara - Serenity (causes your direct heals to refresh the duration of your renew on your target ) Unfortunately this also erases your Echo of light on the talent, because when you get a crit heal with your flash of light , greater heal, ect, you can heal up to a whopping 1k heal per second with echo of light, but the refreshing of the renew on your target causes the echo of light to proc from your refreshed renew, not your other heal, So instead of doing a 1-2k heal per second it will do a mere 100-200 per second which is very annoying considering echo of light when you get a big crit can give you a moments rest on targets tanking while your echo of light heals them up. Im perfectly fine with the whole Refreshing your renew on the target, i just don't like that it nukes your echo of light on the target. If this is a bug or just working as intended I'd like to know, but for now it irritates me deeply.Shadowdmgftw2 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Use of shadow t13 in pvp? I've only recently started playing shadow and was interested to know if anyone had any thoughts on taking advantage of t13's 2 set bonus of 55% increased shadow word death damage. You do sacrifice a lot of resilience to do this (around 8% damage reduction I think?) but the numbers on SW:D seem huge. Another con is that you can't benefit from the disc amazing 4 piece bonus if you do this.Missdashwood6 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 [Need advice] Holy or Disc for 10 man? Hi guys, hoping I can get some advice here =D Here is the situation: Just started Dragon Soul- running 10 mans- 2 healing with a holy paladin. Questions: 1) Should I be running disc or holy? 2) Should I be tank or raid healing? **Any tips or further info would be very much appreciated too.** Lillith3 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 4.3 disc pvp: HELP!!! Im just getting annihilated even in sub 1k mmr when a melee gets on me. are we supposed to blow defensives asap since ms buff? I just tried some rmp today and any comp that jad ms buff just wrecked me in opener it seemed like. any advice?Prophette7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 disc or holy for Ultraxion? I wanted to ask what was better for eltra 10 man holy or disc?Littleheals28 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Bring back Spirit buff Why not bring back the spirit buff that was taken out with the cataclysm overhaul? I don't think it added an unfair advantage to the players but it was great to those that knew how to take advantage of the spirit increase.Undine2 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Prayer of healing still viable at 85? I have my disc priest at 79 and its one of the best skills i have, It bubbles everyone and heals the entire party including myself, and it ALWAYS crits.Memefighter7 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 4.3 Disc Priest BiS This best in slot list was compiled on my own time and for my own resources. I thought I would share it with the community as a guide for people wondering which pieces they should go after. This list is entirely composed of Heroic BiS Dragon Soul gear. The only excess posted in this list is a choice of 3 trinkets. The list is compiled by the source of the loot rather than the slot the item goes in. I personally find this easier although some people may disagree with me. If you'd rather see it by slot, here is a link: Morchok Petrified Fungal Heart Hagara the Stormbinder Mantle of Dying Light Bracers of the Banished Ring of the Riven Warlord Zon'ozz Finger of Zon'ozz Cord of the Slain Champion Seal of the Seven Signs Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Legwraps of Dying Light Ultraxion Robes of Dying Light Ledger of Revolting Rituals Warmaster Blackhorn Cowl of Dying Light Janglespur Jackboots Spine of Deathwing Heart of Unliving Gloves of Liquid Smoke Madness of Deathwing Maw of the Dragonlord Random DS Drops Signet of Suturing Windward Heart Valor Vendor Woundlicker CoverOnoudientt11 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Shadowy Apparitions change While having some illusions creep towards a target is all well and fun having it limited to 3 is pretty lame, in a raid encounter where your 40 yrds from the boss it'll take some time for those guys to get to the guy and till one of them reaches home plate another cant start its run. SO i have a better idea ready for the new xpac should blizz like it. Anyone else remember Nibelung? It had an awesome effect off dots to summon up to 3 of Charlies Angels to help you which was like a new 6th dot. ... I think your starting to get the picture right? ;) If not this then hell double the number of ghosts or make them get some pep in there step something.Sigra3 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Holy or Disc Hi, im a resto druid, have been for a long time. But for a while im not liking it too much (even when im in the top in every raid encounter). Im just not liking the way resto feels atm. So i made a lil goblin priest, im close to 85 and i just like some pointers for choosing disc or holy. Im holy atm, and its really fun. A bit overpowered. I just healed a boss and 1 group that got pulled without any problem, and my mana never went below 80%. I want to change my raiding toon, from this one to my priest, have read elitistjerks and other pages, but nothing beats experience. Thanks to all in advanceZorva6 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Spriest 4 pc T13 So i just got my 4 piece and have tried it on the dummys. I dislike it. Fiend + Archangel: (3 x mind spike > Mind blast*) x 2. *hitting each MS and MB with 3x Orbs. Now that we no longer have 4pc T12 to reduce our fiend CD - AA + fiend are rarely up at the same time. So i had to wait ~1min of saving AA for fiend to come off CD. I actually went oom on the dummys after 10-15 min. Even using SW:D off CD. How should we use our 4pc to best effect?Seraphy6 Dec 30, 2011