Jun 1 Pvp healing What's the better spec for healing bgs? Holy?Lillidan23 Jun 1
Jun 1 Is there a WQ autocomplet? I have been playing other toons and realized that this toon doesn't seem to have a auto complete a WQ every 18 hours option. Is it something I'm missing or do I have to do something more that I have missed or what. Just a name to start searching for it or does it even exist would be helpful TIA ChillyChilandry11 Jun 1
Jun 1 How is holy priest in raids? I haven't been in any raids yet but I'm worried that I won't perform well with holy priest. If its good, what spells are good for raids? If not, what classes are good for raids and dungeon?Callmeemp6 Jun 1
Jun 1 Shadow DMG Gap Hi there Shadow Priest community, Not one to normally write posts, but here goes. At the start of this expac i would have to say shadow priests were pretty OP with STM, so it was understandable we were going to be nerfed a bit, anyways time goes on and if you compare us with another class of the same item level currently there is a decent damage gap with Shadow Priest been lower. The class designers need to do something really because i can't be bothered re-rolling, suggestion, make Power Infusion Baseline to help fill that gap somewhat then throw in a new talent in the level 90 row, pretty simple to be honest. P.S that new lego chest on the PTR is terrible delete it and think of something better. EG ~ Lego Chest - Your Void Bolt Increases the damage of your next Shadowfiend/Mindbender by 5% stacks 20times or something. Anyways, Kind Regards, Peace. Blizz please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blackempire20 Jun 1
May 31 Where are the 7.2.5 changes for SPriest? Surely Blizzard doesn't expect us to be content with our lackluster performance in NH? Surely Blizzard doesn't expect us to be content that the only interesting talent we have has been nerfed into uselessness? Surely Blizzard doesn't expect us to be content with the fact that the spec only plays smoothly with very specific talent setups and legendaries? The only reason I rolled this class for Legion was because S2M is the coolest idea Blizzard has had in years. S2M was admittedly out of control in EN and deserved to be reined in, but rather than nerfing the numbers Blizzard gutted the playstyle. What with the AP and legendary grind, I'm now stuck playing a boring, clunky, underpowered spec. And they're doing nothing to help fix that in the balance patch!?Alyoza26 May 31
May 30 Evangelism Idea The first criticism that I hear when people see this talent is that, this is just flourish for priests. It is an on demand atonement extender. It seems it allows for disc to have burst windows similar to what we have now by allowing us to get to higher atonement counts. That's nice and all, but it still sounds boring. Contrition was also removed and it was boring too. How about we get something that acts somewhere between the two. Evangelism - Requires Level 100 (Passive) Gives your atonements a chance when they heal a target to spread to another nearby friendly target. Chance to trigger would need to be relatively low (2-5%) because of how many atonements that can be out at once. I imagine it would be balanced if you have ~10 atonements out 1 smite would create 1 new atonement. You could also balance it like the new radiance does with created atonements having a reduced duration. I would balanced on the side of having the trigger chance being higher and the duration of the new atonement being shorter so it would noticeably proc often, but not lead to having 100% atonement uptime on a large raid.Azuwish1 May 30
May 30 I want to go Shadow Priest, need opinions I've been wanting to reroll shadow priest for a while (since the beginning of expan lol) but never got the courage to do it, I spent too much time progressing with this Affliction lock and you already know how grindy this game has become. BUT I really really want to go shadow priest and I'm looking forward to hearing some of your opinions about the spec: Pros and cons How do you feel about the visual animations and tentacles! GameplayI'm not fully interested in dps meters I just wanna have fun playing this game, affliction lock is boring as hell it doesn't have visuals! only drain soul, I don't care if im not top dmg, i'm not into hardcore progression and I don't really grind mythic+ 24/7, I consider myself a casual player, raiding 3 days a week (not always due to work) yada, yada, yada... Interesting fact: My father is a priest IRL, yes.... A CATHOLIC PRIEST! and I can't stop thinking about playing a Spriest because of that lol, I'm not really into healing tho so f*ck that, hail darkness and satan! (forgive me father I like pew pew not heal heal :c) So, please convince me!Zanroth28 May 30
May 30 Anyone else think the order hall needs... ...a lot more priest NPCs in it to test mass atones+Light's Wrath? They don't have to take up too much space. They can just be sitting in a series of pews in the tiled semi-circle near the stairs with the voidwalkers.Poefosho3 May 30
May 30 Faceless Glyph This is just a small thing, but also a 'why not' thing. I really love faceless, I think they are the coolest race in the game. Unfortunately, they are very evil, and most likely will never be playable. However, wouldn't it be cool if every time we switched into shadow form, we would turn into a random, or fixed Faceless monster. It's a simple design, and would cover the basis of all those who actually want to be a Faceless race. It would make sense, since every time we go into Shadow Form, we kinda of lose control of our minds, and go insane. Also, if it's a glyph, it's optional. Only those who want it, can do it. It could be a part of the next Old God expansion, and be a really rare recipe or something. Kind of like how Shaman get a glyph to be either a ghost wolf, or ghost raptor. So to sum it up, I believe there should be a glyph for shadow priests, that turns them into a faceless every time they go into shadow form. What do you all think?Torrias6 May 30
May 30 Just hit 110 need advice Hi guys, Just hit 110. I like Shadow--the visuals, the tentacles, the lore, the artifact (has to be my favourite artifact), but I feel like Insanity could be a chore and a hindrance than fun. My main is a pure dps class anyway so I'd rather have gear/ level my healing spec. I like the disc artifact but the holy one is okay I guess. So my question, how many of you went disc/holy and then swapped to disc/holy because _____ reasons? I know disc is preferred in PvP but what about PvE? Does anyone here PvP as holy? Any priests who enjoy Shadow? Thanks in advance.Rayden4 May 30
May 29 Holy or Disc I am currently shadow but i really enjoy healing, which spec would be best to heal with, what are the difference between the 2 since they are both healing specs? WoofWoofwoofer18 May 29
May 29 Getting gear and level with Holy Hi guys :) So ... I just put a priest on the 100 (holy) and now that part of the legion starts and everything, what I wanted to know is this: To do world quests and everything that is not inside DG and Raid, what do you do? I want tips ... because I got a 110 warlock and I got the flight with him exactly to be easier the UP and also get me equipar (gear) with the priest... I don't like to think of doing world quest with holy spec(it must be tense, right?) And I imagine that toggling between holy and shadow just to do WQ is going to be boring hahahaha .. So the question is this: Can I get level (this is not so important...) and equip myself only going in dg and raids right now? Is this too hard or boring? What do you guys suggest? Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian <3 Love y all, bb <3Yakenzinha2 May 29
May 29 spriest QoL changes (PvE and mainly PvP) Now, this is not a biased "buff x/nerf x" thread, spriests are doing very well in arenas and (in some comps) in rbgs, but the main reason is that its doing too much damage and too much healing to counterweight the lack of mobility and ways to deal with train and melee. We dont need to selfheal that much if we are able to deal with slows/melees and have a tiny bit of mobility. This expansion is already automated enough: autobubble, relentless, old pure of heart,etc. Too many passives, too little buttons. Prune has gone far enough. Why dont we take off void tendrills as a passive and give it as an actual ability, off gcd, 1 or 2 stacks (just like old druids' force of nature treants), slow nerfed for pvp to last 5s, undispellable. Give fade a slow removal(not immunity)/damage reduction? Then you can nerf healing, since we are able to not take damage if required, instead of being an afk dummy. Having void tendrills as a spell also promoves QoL on pveing as a spriest: it generates insanity, procs mindsear, slows on demand. Smart usage of void tendrills would be a thing to boost your damage/insanity generation.Aerotrem6 May 29
May 28 The Alabaster Lady I'm having trouble tracking the proc rate of our artifact ability, but it seems like it may have been secretly buffed a little bit recently? If so, how do you feel about this new legendary? The fact that is gives our artifact ability some use is encouraging, and when combined with out t20 bonus I think this and the new ring could both make very interesting builds. What do you all think?Spiritualizd13 May 28
May 28 No more class hall missions? So I logged on today to finish my class hall stuff, got my items from my followers missions but there were none to send them out on. It told me to check back later. Okay, so I went and finished my world quests and the class hall storyline to get my third artifact, this took about 4 hours. Still no missions. Has anyone else run into this?Ânnora25 May 28
May 28 SP in RBGs, need advice Hey guys, Fairly new to Shadow World and looking for some helpful advice for RBGs. When I queue into 1500-1800 teams my damage is off the charts with spread pressure on dots, but every time I queue against 2k + teams full of decent players I am having a VERY hard time pumping damage with the constant dispels of my dots and focus interrupts. By the time I get dots out on 5-6 players, INC mass dispel from opposing teams SP and all dots are gone. Now I usually play with "Driven to Madness" to ramp up insanity faster but would it be better to play with "Void Origins" to get that insta cast quickly before everything gets dispelled so the burst comes out? And if I am in void form should I just continue pumping on focus single target for its duration or should i be wasting time trying to roll out all dots again assuming I am not getting constantly interrupted again? Against good teams with strong dispellers I just cant seem to keep good damage out. TY in advanceSdasdqwd7 May 28
May 28 DPS Question I dropped this in the Customer Service Forum and was told to try here. I was/am just curious if I just got touched by the bracer gods or if it was something that shouldn't have happened. I am a 900il Shadow Priest. I have not raided other than LFR and have nothing crazy as far as add-on's go, yet somehow during a Apocron fight about 15 minutes ago I broke 5 million dps with over 127 million damage. Again, I have not raided, but in Mythics and LFR's I have seen 1 million cracked a few times but this seemed way too high for my gear level. The next highest on my Recount was 770k. Not sure if this is the place for this, just thought someone might want to look into it.Vajo1 May 28
May 28 Discipline Priest Suggestions The other day I decided I wanted to finally download the PTR for World of Warcraft. I play a Discipline Priest on live server, and I'm loving it. Of course, there are things we could use here and there. Anyways, back onto topic. I played on the PTR and noticed something different about Plea. I'm sure I'm very late to the party, as 7.2.5 PTR has been out for awhile now, but Plea now costs like.. what is it, 1% of base mana or something, and no longer increases the Mana cost per atonement? The current version of Plea on retail is ridiculous which many of us can agree on. The increase of Mana cost per atonement is horrible right now, and while I am okay with the PTR version of Plea I can't help but feel we could've done so much more for Plea, even with the increase in Mana cost per atonement. The idea I had could've went along the lines of something like this: Keep the mana cost of how Plea is currently in retail, but with the Mana increase of 5% per atonement, HOWEVER Plea will also heal everyone who has atonement active, and will only apply/refresh an atonement on your main target. Something like this would've been I guess pretty nifty. Another suggestion could be with Power Word Radiance. I'm sort of sad that this wont be our main bread and butter, and while I don't have any MAIN suggestions for it, I'd like to hear your thoughts on Disc Priest and any suggestions to contribute.Alphon4 May 28
May 28 Farming Specific Legendaries Okay so I had this bright idea. I'm curious if I'm missing anything. I'm looking to get Prydaz. I have 1 artifact on Disc (the spec I play) and 0 on Holy or Shadow. I started Legion on Holy so I should have some decent bad luck protection built up. My idea is to farm shards to buy the neck and then switch to Holy before popping them. Because the only Legendary neck available to Holy is Prydaz this should ensure that I get it. Since I have 0 Legendaries on that spec and the 1 Legendary I do have isn't cross spec my chances should be relatively good.Claralux8 May 28
May 28 Atonement not healing for correct %? Hey everyone! I haven't played Disc much in legion but I've started to gear up to give it a try. I did a quick check of the forums if anyone had anything to say on this issue buy I came up empty. My question is: my Atonement (in the spellbook) say I'll heal people for 56.1% of my damage. My Mastery: Absolution is 41.1%. But my spells heal as below. Purge the Wicked: Initial damage: 71539 Atonement: 30866 (43%) Dot damage: 34339 Atonement: 14816 (43%) Smite Damage: 160963 Atonement: 69449 (43%) Penance Damage: 132379 Atonement:57117 (43%) Shadowfiend Damage: 132807 Atonement: 86834 (65%) Light's Wrath Damage: 958000 Atonement: 413342 (43%) So as you can see, everything except Shadowfiend heals for only 43% of the damage I deal, not 56%. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks!Toodirty1 May 28
May 28 How has disc been so far? I got this toon to 110 first, but didn't like the level of clairvoyance required to utilize atonement properly, and chose to go with a resto druid instead. I did, however, think that exceptionally good disc priests would be able to do amazing things and the DPS they brought would make some bleeding-edge guilds seek them out for the little extra nudge. Has that been the case? Also, while I'm here, is Disc really a tank-healing spec anymore, or am I stuck in Cata and previous expansions? What fights in NH has disc really shined in?Calisten14 May 28
May 28 Binding Heal Is binding heal good for mythics+ I currently use piety. Just wondering if it is any good.Elorr3 May 28
May 28 7.2.5 Talent Choices So, as it is on the PTR, What talent choices would you go with for each tier and why? I'm thinking of trying castigation angelic feather shining force Power Word Solace Shadow Cov Purge the Wicked Power InfusionAruuragemuul5 May 28
May 27 Is it just me or? Is Shadow Priest more about void form and way less about the Artifact weapon? I feel My weapon isn't so great, because I cannot even use it unless I become a Void Priest! I want to be a Shadow priest... Why and who came up with this go into Shadow Form and wait to build insanity to use your Voidform to use your artifact, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah jesus, other classes just run up and smash your face in with their Artifact power, nope not us, we have to change 3 different forms and hold an energy resource what a pile of !@#$! So Im a Priest trained in the arts of Shadow, I change from Priest to Shadowform priest I gain absolutley nothing but 10% physical damage mitigation and 10% Shadow damage? Then I do my Shadow stuff but oh wait i cnnot dps unless I become a Void priest now, but that can only last a short time.... Tell you what can this crapola fest and get the Fury Warrior Dev on Priest ok bye!Swëëneytodd6 May 27
May 27 Concordance rank 2 Hey all I know its generally considered an epic waste to go past the first rank of Concordance of the Legionfall in our weapon traits (disc for me) But I did, however I couldn't tell if my health increased along with the .5% dps increase for the rank. Does that stop at 52 traits? I was hoping it would keep going, as I don't play any spec but disc, the .5% damage increase was at least something to look forward toEmerus8 May 27
May 27 AS vs SL for my build I'm not sure which talent to use, AS or SL... my current stats are Crit: 19% (5595) Haste: 30% (10659) Mastery: 53% (5270) Verse: 7% (3092) I can switch up a couple of my stats with some gear but only like 1 piece to keep my haste above 10kSeungsta7 May 27
May 27 New Shadow Legendary ... Pretty bad honestly, the only place I could really see this being used is for M+ but even then I think the wrists/belt and sephuz would be better anyways. It needs something else to be honest, may be make void eruption instant cast with it or just change the item completely but as of right now I feel like this is going to be one of the worse off legendaries.Fiona16 May 27
May 26 "Overloaded with Light" As someone who makes extensive use of this in random BGs, let me clarify a few things: Overloaded With Light does not proc directly from Smite. You can cast smite a million times and it won't go off. It does not proc from Shadowmend/Penance healing someone directly. OwL (Or my owl proc, I like to call it) comes directly from atonement healing. Each time someone is healed via atonement, it builds up the charge. Each tick of Shadow Word: Pain damage counts towards it, and having multiple atonements out makes it build faster. It takes around 400 ticks of atonement healing to generate an owl proc. In Strand of the Ancients (everyone's least favorite BG I know), where you have 15v15 at the yellow gate a lot, having SWP on all of the enemies and atonement on all of the allies can generate a charge in less than 40 seconds. Just thought I'd clarify how to proc it, and how broken it can really be.Lárisa13 May 26
May 26 Healing addon for holy I'm currently using healbot with moderate success. What healing adding do you use or would you recommend for a new holy priest?Telsaro18 May 26
May 26 Comparing Logs To start, im really confused on the numbers some of these other spiests are putting out. Im unning same talens with roughly the same item level and this guy did about 200k dps more than me. His fight was shorter, but just looking at dmg done he still did more, can someone tell me why? My Log : Other : May 26
May 26 Can't get second artifact at 110 Hey everyone! I can't seem to get a second artifact :( I noticed the quest when I hit 102 but I ignored it and now that I'm 110 I can't get it back from Alonsus Faol. Any ideas?Instingkt9 May 26
May 26 Shadow AOE - Workaround Old Content Hey All, Just wanted to let you know of a work around I have been using for Shadow AOE in Old Content. If you use a Shadow Word Pain dot - its damage is instant and makes it pretty much impossible to use Mind Flay/Sear on the target. If you run with the Talent Choice Misery and cast Vampiric Touch, the Shadow Word pain dot DOES NOT deal damage instantly - This means you have a second or so to then use your Mind Flay/Sear on the target and AOE down the trash. I hope this helps if you were not aware !!Sajesstive11 May 26
May 26 Power word: Shield update requiered. Like mage shield were updated, power word: shield need to be updated. It looks awkward if you see it from up. Also It would be good if they add a purple/black shield to shadow priest since it looks weird as well because shadow and light doesn't fit in theme.Destroyax1 May 26
May 25 Int and Vers and budgeting for Shadow So here is the issue being covered many places in a nutshell....our scaling is bad. Now for some boring thoughts in no particular order, how something needs to change, and how int/vers scaling for us is a problem. 1) Int and Vers are the worst stats for us. 2) Since the primary benefit of an ilvl upgrade is the increase to primary stat, we have a limited ceiling relatively as INT scales so poorly. 3) Versatility is ubiquitous on PvP gear, disproportionately high on WQ gear (in Broken Shore especially). When my mage, paladin, DH and DK get a Vers+ item that is ilvl upgrade, it is almost a guaranteed upgrade. On shadow.... 4) An item with int/vers on an item, it would have to be approximately 25 ilvl's+ to scale with a haste/mastery item, depending on slot. 5) Has anyone notices we have zero class specific legendaries with our best secondaries on them? Also no "cross spec" items, like pala belt, mage ring, even throughput legendaries like leather such luck for us. 6) Our artifact and it's traits are boring. Most of the "gold traits" you get are so passive, you do not even notice them. Until you look at your dps logs, then you do notice how bad they are. Now for the question; can there be a "tuning" so that int and vers scale better for us? It would not "fix" everything, but it would at least make an item that is 10+ level upgrade an actual UPGRADE. I like upgrades. They are good.Corlegan6 May 25
May 25 Questing as a Priest Recently back to Wow and I'm looking to use my level 100 Character Boost on a Priest, because he's currently level 50-something and their toolkit seems a lot of fun. It looks like a lot of Legion levelling will be done via questing. Are priests good when out in the world solo or are they squishy? Is it possible / time efficient to level as holy or disc or do I need to go shadow?Apothik15 May 25
May 25 Disc Mana concerns 7.2.5 Looks like they are nerfing mana for Disc AGAIN this week, as plea is going up to 1.8%, from 1.5%, and up from 0.36% (doubling per atonement) currently on live. I currently run Promises and one throughput trinket. Do you guys think that given the disc changes we'll need to run double mana trinkets raiding to not OOM on longer fights? at 2.8% - nearly a net of 2.3% if you're running a high level A7S, it's looking like A7S may be THE TRINKET moving forward. If that's the case, I'll REALLY need to SPAM M+ BRH before M+ loot is nerfed INTO THE GROUND. Thanks for the input, SuperdonSuperdon5 May 25
May 25 Disc needs some kind of aoe damage spell... It'd be really nice if disc could get some kind of aoe damage spell. I'm not asking for it to heal or have any interaction with atonement, just want something I can use to aoe down mobs while questing and doing older content. I find it annoying that it's often easier to quest and run older content as holy, when disc is the spec I want to play.Ipwnwitlight6 May 25
May 25 Legion leveling as a priest? Hey guys, just hit 98 and about to get my first artifact for priest. Any recommendations? Ive heard shadow is just bad overall, disc I've heard is slow but you're a tank, and I've heard holy is slow but great AoE with holy nova. I am maining holy but that doesn't matter as I'll have caught up AK by 110, just not sure which direction to go til 110. Thanks!Yasodhara5 May 25
May 25 Concordance of the legionfall Proc when Heal Can i know when we using healing spell , will Concordance of the legionfall Proc? Do a testing it never proc for me when im using healing spell , but it proc when i use DPS spell.Junsszz1 May 25
May 25 Clique and Healers Boys and girls I have a question. With the basic clique setup lets say you have a spell on your left mouse trigger(clicker thing). In my parties/raids I can't access someones character portrait on unless I physically find their bodies or unbind the trigger. how do you guys get over that hump?Nagasis8 May 25
May 24 Disc crit me for 4mill in a bg Title says it all, I'm just wondering how this can happen, I was 1 shot from full health by a healer. Also nooby, so I don't know how to post my photo evidence.Pokojoyo16 May 24
May 24 Made a mistake. Named my shadowpriest ravenstune thinking " oh hey, shadowpirests have that dope raven that circle over there head right!! " Cant find them.... Should have named it tenticaltune.Ravenstune3 May 24
May 24 auspicious spirits i do enjoy the idea of shadow copies of myself. and with relics i can make it so that every time shadow word pain and vampyric touch crit i get a shadow copy. sounds like a blast. but this is a very different stats than the usual haste. it it viable at all? or a mindless pipe dream?Soymilk2 May 24
May 24 Have I become a Priest failure? (There's gonna be a TL;DR at the end I swear) I used to be good at this, in PvE. Ever since Cataclysm, I could do decent and above-average healing performance on raids, up to heroic content, even if doing so casually. I could always have fun with priest healing, may it be as Discipline or Holy, while never really having a knack for Shadow. My friends, guildies, started departing the game for various reasons ever since late-WoD. For Legion, I chose to go as Holy, and did fine up to H EN, but I ended up giving it a hiatus on the very start of NH progression (since I had nobody to progress it with). I got back on 7.2, to find myself alone and in search of a new guild. On finding one, I started doing H NH with them (I had cleared Normal before). But it is not the same. Far from it. My HPS is competitive with tank healing. I was competing with the prot warrior last night, but thankfully I won. I had never had mana issues with my dear Amalgam trinket, but now I do. And the legendary lifesaver cloak? I died a comple times to trash (I don't know if I was left to die intentionally or not), so when I reached the boss, it was on CD. The other holy priest had his healing for the entire raid comprised mostly by Renew, when every guide I have read considers it a only-if-on-the-move heal and not a spammable ability. Even considering the Benediction talent, Renew won't proc that often. I spend as much time reading forums and stuff like and icyveins as I do playing, and it's been like that for years. I am pretty sure I have my "rotation" and stuff nailed down. So what is it? The legendary boots are crap, but they are still providing good stats. My mastery-haste thresholds might not be exactly hitting the exact percentage the guides instruct, but they are in that direction. My talents are set up exactly as the other priest have them. I have 899ilvl, which is really ok for Heroic NH. Even on Krosus, which is an easy fight for healers and one that I know, I did HALF the healing as the other priest and the MW Monk (which, if you go to the monk forums, is considered the worst healing spec currently). I could switch mains (I can play anything but Druid), but every other class has a huge con if I look hard enough into it. TL;DR: I am seriously questioning my very ability to be a healer. What can I do?Deverill13 May 24
May 24 Spriest damage record Just curious, what's the spriest damage record, I just hit 364m. I think i heard someone say 450m but that's the highest i remember. Mine would have been higher but it was eots and i was spamming mind control. Gotta go full force next time, let those healers stay alive so I can pad the meters more note the over nerfed balance druid in the chat box wondering why his aoe ticklesKåmî0 May 24
May 24 Priest Macro help I'm having issues with a macro I'm using to use the Velen's Future Sight trinket with Divine Hymn. The macro I'm trying is as follows: #showtoooltip /stopcasting [nochanneing] /cast Velen's Future Sight /cast Divine Hymn About 20% of the time my divine hymn will stop casting immediately after the first tick. Keep in mind I am rapidly tapping my keys around the end of a spell cast to queue up the next spell. What I think is happening is sometimes the hymn will cast sometimes before the trinket use, and then an additional push of the macro will cancel the hymn to use the trinket. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm a decent healer but suck with macros :(Zertull2 May 24
May 23 A few quick questions Just a few quick questions for everybody. 1. How is Holy in M+? 2. How does Holy compare to Mistweaver Monk? 3. How's Shadow doing between raids and Dungeons?Elieth0 May 23
May 23 Shadow priest pvp Hi all, I was hoping someone could give me some insight or advice to making a shadow priest for pvp. I have been thinking about making a shadow priest alt, and I was curious to how shadow is in pvp right now? I don't heal so the other two specs I wouldn't play. I didn't know if I should level a different class, or if shadow is good in wpvp and instanced pvp, I would give it a shot. Thanks for any advice!Liallyn21 May 23
May 23 Questing Spec I'm planning to level a Priest soon since I'm trying for the assorted achievements and Feasts associated with leveling multiple classes. I do like to play on some max level alts occasionally, just for world quests as a change of pace. Since priest has a dot based spec and two healing specs, none of which seem quest friendly, I'm just curious what spec you guys use/recommend for open world content.Shockoholic6 May 23
May 23 Discipline Priest PvP Guide Any notable ones out there?Nagasis6 May 23