Jul 12 Say Your Prayers Ok... so all 3 relics now are SYP... That's 4 + 3 relic traits which means Prayer of Mending now has a 42% chance to not consume a charge when jumping to a new target. As a Holy Priest am I correct in assuming it doesn't get any better than this for relic buffs?Sindah4 Jul 12
Jul 12 Esprit 2/9M <Thaurissan> Cutting Edge! Hi Friends, Esprit~Thaurissan is a Casual +8 GMT Singapore based Guild that is looking for the below mentioned classes to enhance our Mythic Raid team for Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 2/9M and achieved 3 out of 3 Cutting Edges! If you are one of the below classes , we highly encourage you to apply and join the very welcoming and friendly team. We raid Wed Sun Mon - 830pm SG time and we are looking for the below main classes: Guardian Druid MW Monk Holy Priest Rogue Moonkin Mage All other classes and casuals welcome to apply. Add me on bnet @ pewpewpew#1884Ketupaat1 Jul 12
Jul 12 S Priest Hey guys! I'm new to shadow priest and I wanna know some things about the spec. First of all, how much haste I need to be competitive? (How much should I aim for?) Then I wanna know how much crit? And the last thing, what trinkets should I aim for? Also I would like to know which talents do you recommend me to start? Thanks in advance!Uzrogg2 Jul 12
Jul 12 To Make Spriest Better: 1) Replace bad talents with talents that make void eruption instant and for void bolt to do aoe splash damage, for mind blast to be instant and possible shorter cd, make mind flay work like mind sear where it can target friendly players and not require sw:p to do aoe damage. A talent also that brings back devouring plague and make it a cooldown. Oh and also a glyph that makes it so that you are permanently in shadowform so you do not have to keep reapplying it. Also make Power Word: Shield into a void shield, make its effect look like a violet arcane mage's shield. Replacing: (a) Shadow word: Void --> Talent that makes void eruption instant and void bolt do aoe damage. (b) Void Ray --> Talent that makes mind flay work like mind sear where it can target friendly players and not require sw:p to do aoe damage. (c) Shadowy Insight --> Talent that makes Mind Blast instant and possible shorter cd. maybe (d) Surrender to Madness --> Also adds the spell devouring plague to your spell book.Xanadaar13 Jul 12
Jul 12 Holy Priest Legendary combo Idea Hey guys. I have this idea for a legendary gear combo that i thought of and i would like to hear your guys thoughts. The combo is the "Entrancing Trousers of An'juna" which gives renew an extra 6 second duration. And "The Alabaster Lady" which has a 15% chance to give you Apotheosis for 8 seconds when you cast Prayer of Mending. This combo also works with 2 of our main raid talent choices which are "Piety" and "Benediction". I was thinking that part of our rotation is spamming PoM on cooldown, maybe this setup would work well. Velens and X'anshi cape will always have priority for most fights. But i think we can find a spot for this in some situations. So what do you guys think? Does it sound like it would be viable? And what ToS fights would you see yourself using it in if you were to use it? Thanks in advance!Dridolmar4 Jul 12
Jul 12 How Important is our 2 Set bonus (Shadow) I recently started gearing my shadow priest. Today I got my first legendary on this toon. Zenk'aram, Idiri's Anadem. It gives 3% damage boost to Void Form and increase Vamparic Embrace healing by 250% in void form. Doing LFR for some trinkets and I got two pieces of gear with the set bonus. Hands and Head. Problem is that with the Head piece I got from LFR. I get slightly more haste and I get my 2pc. But I need to trade out my 3% damage buff in voidform and the obvious higher base starts from an 970 peice to a 895 (Only 890 myself). TL;DR Do I put aside my meh Legendary for the 2pc?Crittany1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Timewalking and Shadow Eww.Soulpresit10 Jul 12
Jul 12 Miss Lightwell :( I miss Lightwell, wish it was a talent or the holy Artefact ability... Hopefully it may be back next expansionKetarina16 Jul 12
Jul 12 Shadow Priest legion Discussion I've talked to about 20 shadow priests in legion and they all hate it because there is no burst nor AOE... I can fix that with a few simple suggestions.... here they are: - Give us mind bender as a CD and power infusion BUT, make PI a 1 min cd and make it 15% haste and 15% extra insanity, - Give us insanity generation (10 every second out of combat, 1 per sec in combat) so that will help us by starting us at 100 insanity and this will allow us to have some sort of burst. that gives room for two more talents for lvl 75 these can be aoe based - these could look something like this - shadow crash of course - something that will buff our mind sear and have it make our dots tick - multi-dotting talent, (removes mind sear) buffs our dots flat rate when they are applied to more than one (or three ??? maybe) target(s) and extends their duration. there is also one problem with the artifact weapon, this is the sphere of insanity buff, I think that they could buff the dmg that the passive gives, that way there might be some more cleave potential, (maybe to 8-10%)??? that would seem more fit there is one more problem that I have with the shadow priest, and that is surviving while questing, there was at 1 point where VT would heal you for 100% of the dmg done, that was op I know, you could pull 20 mobs and live, now because it's at 50%, I can't even pull two mobs without almost dying, if you put that at 75% everything would be better that is what I think about shadow priest on legion so far, and if these all were implemented into the game for legion, shadow priest would be fair game unlike how it is now, (complete crap) thank you for reading, devs please respond <3Nephalem33 Jul 12
Jul 12 Interrupting Mind Flay every other GCD looks awful even with the new animationsYuugi0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Is T19 2PC worth keeping for Holy Priest? So last week I was lucky enough to get a 925 T19 helm from H Elisande. It got me thinking if it would be worth looking into working around my gear set to accommodate using the T19 2PC with the T20 set bonuses as there is some extremely strong synergy with the two. The major drawback for this is obviously I would lose access to using the Legendary Cloak, and lose having the ability to switch in the Legendary Pants if needed. I do incorporate the cloak into my playstyle, where, in intense healing moments I will occasionally not avoid mechanics in order to stabilize the raid, or for the free mana casting. While I know I would be losing a lot, has anyone else done any theorycrafting on the HPS increase of having T19 2pc and the T20 set bonuses?Zertull1 Jul 12
Jul 12 New Priest Looking for Advice from the Vets Hello, After years of playing DPS, and only DPS, in this game I decided it was high time I try healing. Afterall, I've enjoyed the role in other games so I can't imagine why I wouldn't enjoy it in WoW as well. And so I really was hoping some knowledgeable priests would be so kind as to answer a handful of questions I have. on the matter. Some are about the class and others are about healers in general. First, is it actually possible in this game to solo around as a healer? You know, doing quests, world quests, farming old content, getting old reps, what have you.. or must you play in a DPS spec and convert to your healing spec for dungeons and raids only? I don't mind sucking at killing stuff, so long as I can actually kill it. Eventually. But I wouldn't want something so painfully tedious that I end up diving headfirst out the window (on purpose) in a fit of rage one day either. Secondly, is holy or discipline a better choice for someone who wants to heal well, but also would prefer to be somewhat able to kill stuff as needed? Is one significantly more challenging than the other? I'm not really sure what separates these two specs except that discipline has more shields, I think, and holy priests are the ones that can still heal you after they die? That's it. That's all I know. :) Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply. Have a great day!Avanorah6 Jul 12
Jul 12 Quality of Life Change So I own Almiesh, the Cord of Hope. Blizz should change it so that it still stacks even when our holy words are on CD. Would give us a good if not great item to offset the cloak/legs/trinket/neck.Nagasis4 Jul 12
Jul 12 Cant shield teammates Whats up with joining some bgs and i cant shield or heal my teammates. No mind control on opponents. Whenever i shield or heal targeting my teammate the spell is applied to me. why does this always happen to priest early in legion casting mind control caused you to lose abilites in arena.Gbanky2 Jul 12
Jul 11 Holy Priest PVP 7.2.5 So, how do you all feel about the nerfs going out tomorrow? RoH's healing was reduced by 50%. Our (lol) damage was reduced, mastery was reduced, greater fade is now only 4 seconds (wut?) But! But! It's not all bad: check out the new buff to RENEW. Can you feel the PVP healing coming?! How do you think holy priests will be in 7.2.5 with these changes?Alisi7 Jul 11
Jul 11 Velen Future Sight + Macro? Disco Priest... Are people running a macro with this trinket? I'm curious if anyone has found a logical fire and forget system to use it. I'll equip it once I get a ring or boot replacement. I have Sephuz and Norgannons (Ring & Boots.) Thanks for your time.Unhuman6 Jul 11
Jul 11 When to heal with penance? It still feels really odd to me to have this back as a heal spell. How often should it be used to heal? I still use it mainly for damage as it seems like kind of a waste as a heal.Torvi9 Jul 11
Jul 11 S priest in mth +? I am currently leveling a priest, I plan to main it as an S priest and primarily do m+, no desire to raid and I am fairly burnt out on PvP. Can you DPS as priest in m+ or should I brace myself to a lifetime of healing?Chekyoursix18 Jul 11
Jul 11 [Lore/RP/Story] Elune and Discipline Priests? Hi All, I have a Priest specific question about Elune and Discipline Priests. I am wondering if anyone thinks it would jive with the Priestship (unisex term?) of Elune to be Discipline and tap into that LITTLE bit of Shadow. Thanks to anyone who reads and replies! 1/2SureHalfsure3 Jul 11
Jul 11 Gear Question (Hpriest) Ello, so i'm trying to get my healing up a bit and i noticed i had two tier 19 pieces in my bags (Shoulders & Cape) and i'm wondering if it's worth it to replace the legendary cape with the tier cape, both the shoulders and cape are 890 and if i replace the cape with the tier one i'd use pry/velens (or whatever else is recommended i have every legendary except the helm). I'd still use cape for some fights or when we're progressing through heroic but for the easy fights i'm wondering if it's worth it to use the tier 19 2pc bonus, i asked this in the discord to but i'm wanting to get some more opinions on it, thanks for any replies :).Seinaruhira4 Jul 11
Jul 11 haven't played disc in a bit. I played my disc priest near the beginning of the xpac, i felt like i did decent damage. Have they been nerfed? it feels like it takes longer to kill stuff.Finnikian1 Jul 11
Jul 11 Want to play Holy Hey, I'm a ret paladin but would love to play holy priest. Any guides/rotation would be greatQuuill8 Jul 11
Jul 11 I miss Cata Shadow Priest Title pretty much says it all. Devouring plague and shadow orbs. Even the beginning of MoP when we had mind spike procs (talent) and mind last procs (talent as well), I still found it enjoyable. I still play Priest, but I really just miss the Cata shadow play style. Not a fan of the insanity mechanic.Zombiézombie9 Jul 11
Jul 11 Should i go disc? I've been playing a monk and am not that excited I want to make an alt either disc or demon hunter tank. I aim to do m+ but also just a filthy casual. disc really appeals to me because it's a more active healing role where I don't feel like I'm afk watching netflix. Any input on the current state of disc would be a huge help. Thanks!Huejanis24 Jul 11
Jul 10 disc priest hidden appe.- BRH tome not there? hi buds i am experiencing one of the fun aspects of WoW gameplay; the seemingly unsolvable problem that possibly has an answer somewhere out there on the internet, but 99% of sources say i shouldn't even be having the problem in the first place... and the GM insists it is "not a bug" when it seems to be just a bug. it is just what it says in the title... i have a disc priest, read/watched guides on how to get the secret appearance, understood the guide, met any and all prereqs. i went out and collected 11 of the 12 tomes required, saving BRH for last. then i go into BRH (normal, group finder), go to the spot the tome is supposed to be, and... there is no tome there. i have seen photos and videos (multiple... ugh) of where it should be. it isn't there. i scoured the rest of the room just to rule any slight changes out. apparently this is a problem others have had in the past, but any and all mentions i've seen on the forums were never followed up on, if there is even a solution to this. here is someone else's photo who had the same issue as me: please keep in mind i am not like, helplessly lost, i got the other 11 tomes, i've been playing this game for years, it is not that I am not the right AK level or i can't follow a guide etc... if i made some mistake, it is something that is not mentioned in any guides, or some design aspect that guide-makers would have not encountered for some reason i can get that other tomes out "in the wild" may have something like a respawn timer but, this is one the appears in an instance, so none of that should apply. and there wasn't another priest in my group who snatched it up on me etc. i saw a single mention in one place only that said to be sure to do this entire thing (every step of acquisition of the disc priest hidden artifact appearance) from start to finish within a single weekly lockout cycle, though that person did not say why, got zero upvotes, and it is a sentiment that they neither explained, nor anybody else has echoed. and, of course, no indication of what to do if you allow that one week limit to lapse. is this the issue? is the "challenge" to unlocking this appearance that you have one week to do so and if you don't, you have to, idk, somehow reset the entire process? this is all very confusing and the GM response was so mansplainingly pedantic that i really don't think they did more than glance at my ticket and then copy and paste some stuff from an interface that mostly explained the definition of "challenging" which just kind of comes off as being a @!#%@!#% more than anything i really want the hidden appearance but more than that, i don't want the time i wasted on the first 11 tomes to be for nothing. any insights would be appreciatedInvisibles2 Jul 10
Jul 10 SPriest for KJ Fight (Normal ToS) After dedicating 1-3 days of 4-5 hour PUG sessions on this stupid fight with my SPriest I've come to realize (yet again) that somehow I need to be overgeared to match my fellow DPSers in this fight. Either that or I suck miserably. Atm I'm ilvl 902 with 12.9K haste and doing an average of around 420K DPS... which is subpar compared to a 500k minimum let alone 600K demanded. So is the issue ivl for me, or moar haste? What would be the ilvl/haste threshold for an SPriest to reasonably do well in the KJ fight for Normal ToS?Ieva14 Jul 10
Jul 10 Atonement Nerf??? Back when I was 830ish ilevel my atonement healed for 52%. Since then I've focused on haste and mastery and noticed in mythic plus that it's only at 39%? Did atonement get nerfed recently? I struggled in mythic because prior to getting my 3rd artifact relic my atonement heals were hitting for 120-130k with smite and each ticket of pence. Now they are hitting for 60-75k. Unless there's a buff for LFR/rdf that would double my atonement healing. But I remember hitting smites for 150k and healing for 75k...Elísia12 Jul 10
Jul 10 Caster Raid Dummy. Ok, stop me if you guys have heard this suggestion already. I was using the raid dummy to practice my rotation, like we all do, and noticed that this isn't a real representation of what my damage is going to be. With so many mechanics and such going off, we have to move around all the time, causing us to mess up rotation or drop uptimes on our buffs/dots. So why not make a different raid dummy that will put circles on the ground around you to simulate a raid mechanic that you have to move in/out of? Or occasionally make the dummy turn colors to simulate more/less damage needed to simulate a phase shift? I think a smarter training dummy will help so many casters learn rotation while simulating stressful raid awareness at the same time. Because let's be honest, all of us fudge up on mechanics while trying to keep VF stacks up and remembering to use our cooldowns at the right point. A raid dummy for healers similar to this would be great as well. I just feel a lot of casters struggle with basic mechanics because our rotations can be pretty involved sometimes. Especially when you need to remember when to cast, and when to run, or how much time you have left to squeeze out that nuke before the next mechanic comes out. Heck, take it a step further. Give us options to setup our raid dummy for certain situations. Make it simulate specific raid encounters so you can practice with out needing to wipe a million times to do it? If we had a better practice option, I feel raiders would benefit tremendously from it. Also, please don't say that's what LFR is for, LFR mechanics are hardly mechanics. It's a glorified stroll through the raid.Trìage2 Jul 10
Jul 10 At which point Spriest gets good? Viewing logs Spriest looks awesome on Mythic ToS, however with this character i cant even pull 400k sustained Is there a huge damage spike somewhere? (4P T20, stats, etc)Naaruk9 Jul 10
Jul 10 After Legion I want to keep Xal'atath I believe the current understanding of the playerbase is that after Legion ends (probably in the 8.0 prepatch) everyone will be losing their artifact weapons. Be it they are left behind/powered down/frozen/drained or we simply stick them in our banks like old legendaries. However I have seen it repeated that the devs have offered up (theoretically) the ability to keep the skins for transmog purposes. I want to be able to keep Xal's personality if possible, not just the look of the artifact skin on another dagger but continuing to proc the occasional snotty comment. I don't have any expectation for the development team to keep recording newer specific dialog for every new raid boss (I wouldn't mind at all if they did). I suspect some other classes like Demo Locks with their Eredar skull and BM Hunters may be in a similar boat wanting to keep the extras of those artifacts as well. Any ideas or feedback that might be helpful for the devs in this regard?Nìkto10 Jul 10
Jul 10 Jump while Levitating I've seen it said that on the PTR right now you can jump while levitating. If this is not an intention change it better be. Being able to jump while levitating would be awesome for going over those little bumps that block me from levitating EVERYWHERE. Does anyone have any video from the PTR of jumping while levitating?Wasselin3 Jul 10
Jul 10 4pc vs Legendary Cloak/Pants So at this point I've gotten the helm/cloak/gloves/pants in the normal versions. I haven't done any testing yet but I wanted to ask if switching out my legendaries for the Norg boots and holy priest ring and equipping 4pc would be more effective than just keeping my BiS legos and using 2pc(helm/gloves) until i got the chest and shoulder tier. Thanks for any answers.Nagasis7 Jul 10
Jul 10 Holy Priest Change in 7.1.5 HW:Serenity Can anyone shed any light on the wording on Holy Word Serenity in the upcoming 7.1.5. Cooldown changed from 1 min cooldown to 1 min recharge Charges changed from None to 1 Charges 1 min cooldown versus 1 min recharge? How does serendipity play into this? Is this just a simple wording change? Thanks for anything you may know.Squirral9 Jul 10
Jul 10 Phyrix's Embrace? I've been pretty fortunate so far with legendary drops... In 2 weeks since hitting 110 I've gotten the cloak and the bracers. Last night we down KJ... and after watching the cinematic I loot and get the 910 Holy relic... woot! People are like "grats on the legendary." I'm like "what legendary?" Totally missed the notification due to the KJ cinematic... I got the Phyrix's Embrace priest ring... 3rd in 2 weeks. So I'm wondering... how good/bad is this thing? Equip: Increases Guardian Spirit's duration and healing bonus by 50% and Guardian Spirit no longer terminates its healing bonus effect when sacrificing itself. Should I pair it with the cloak for heroic progression or am I better off with the cloak/bracers?Sindah6 Jul 10
Jul 10 +9 Grievous help I am ilevel 870 Holy Priest just got 110 a few days ago and pushed my key up to +9. The other ones 6 and lower I ran were very easy and then we run this and I just absolutely cannot heal spamming everything I have in BRH. Is my ilevel too low or should I reconsider my Holy career?Ahybtoo5 Jul 10
Jul 10 Could we please have mind sear back? Pretty please?Kainox11 Jul 10
Jul 10 Better praise before it gets "fixed" The new animations for the priest spells and casting forms are absolutely amazing!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to express my joy about this before there's a post saying they are too sparkly or over-the-top, or even just too distracting to other players. You know, I wouldn't want the same thing that happened to our mount relay on these amazing casting forms that I'm LOOKING FORWARD to, just to please the absolute minority of the community.Ateia19 Jul 10
Jul 10 Mind Sear I know the change has been out for a while, but when it comes to pvp, it's extremely annoying to have to worry about breaking cc with the new mind flay design. I'm not really sure why they changed it anyway. Plus mind sear was nice to try to get people out of stealth. Does anyone agree/disagree? I'd like to hear your thoughts.Aisperagonia1 Jul 10
Jul 9 FoS: Words of the Old Gods: Odyn's Wrath Just me or the achievement is gone (again)? ...Yharos4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Holy Priest Wish List So I just started to play my Holy Priest (mostly for her professions) and I have noticed something. HOLY CRAP she's really weak offensively. I'm not asking to 1-shot people or anything but can you do a couple things Blizzard to make it a bit less painful trying to kill stuff. 1. Please make "Invoke the Naaru" an ACTIVE ability with a short cooldown. Maybe make your "Holy Word" spells reduce it's cooldown or have a % to reset it. 2. Make Holy Fire stack to like FIVE. So eventually we can build stacks high enough to do at least SOME damage. 3. Redesign Holy Nova's interaction with Holy Fire. Currently it has a % to reset on each Holy Nova damage. Change it so it spreads the DOT from Holy Fire to targets hit with Holy Nova so everything in a group starts burning. That sounds really cool and would be really helpful. Nothing unreasonable I don't think. Those changes would make a world of difference.Zsigmond16 Jul 9
Jul 9 What do you guys LOVE about this class?? Hello friends! I'm a lowly start-up priest. I've always wanted to level/have one at max but I've always ended up having a bit of a hard time getting into leveling one in the past. So I wanted to know from you guys - DPS or healing - what do you guys love about the class? Might help get me excited about leveling this dude :)Hunyao29 Jul 9
Jul 9 New Glyph for Shadowform and Voidform For Shadowform: make no more purple glow on character but just spawn lesser purple smoke. For Voidform: Put Dark Wings on. what do you think?Suñ2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Rate the Priest Name Above You On a scale of 1-10!Nocturna434 Jul 9
Jul 9 I've never hated an NPC as much as Moira Thaurissan. Check yourself ho. Major attitude for no reason.Sqwibbles5 Jul 9
Jul 9 Spriest, most meaningful transformation Wouldn't a glyph that turns you into a faceless one also be awesome for it? Its also completely appropriate for spriest in void eruption. Would be neat to turn into a monster and have it be meaningful and not just every 5 mins like the DH:/Nyxontha22 Jul 9
Jul 8 More new spell animations! I think we can all agree that the new casting animations and updated spell graphics look awesome so far, but I want more! Some spells sound so powerful in their description, but the effect for them is very underwhelming (ex. Holy Word: Serenity, Prayer of Mending, Light's Wrath, just to name a few). One spell that I would LOVE to see updated is Mass Dispel. Anyone remember the original graphic for it when Burning Crusade was first released? The holy symbol was in the sky with gold sparkles and multi-coloured, swirling ribbons of light and it looked beautiful. Sadly it was changed to it's current graphic in just a patch or two after that and has stayed the same since. Blizzard, PLEASE bring this spell effect back!! Anyone have any other spells that they would like to see updated and perhaps some ideas as to what?Sperinia0 Jul 8
Jul 8 ShadowCovenant and Combat Hello all, looked around a bit and couldn't find an answer. That or google is too hard. I have a macro to use Shadowfiend(in combat) and Shadow Covenant(out of combat), yet sometimes when I SC the absorb still gets applied. I figured since I'm healing everyone that if I'm out of combat then they are too, so no one is in combat is keeping me in. I like the idea of PW:R the group and then on the run SC'ing them to full (with Grace talented), but if the absorb is going on them then it defeats the purpose slightly. Any thoughts?Czär14 Jul 8
Jul 8 Spriest changes. This is a thread for fellow spriest to come together and discuss changes for the class. Personally, I feel spriests should have a snap aoe again. This would help us contribute damage in situations where you are pulling a bunch of mobs that have low health and get killed pretty fast. Also, I feel that 'Lingering insanity' should be built into the class instead of a talent choice. My reasons for this is because while in the beginning of legion 'Lingering insanity' was op. I feel that if we had the 'Lingering insanity' of today at the start of legion then we would still have it in the class as a whole.Xrach11 Jul 8
Jul 7 Disc as dps only question Hello Priests We were asking this question in guild and I was looking for some info because it sounded like a fun idea. What if you built a disc priest solely to dps throw healing aside and concentrate on pure dmg. Full tomb normal set what kind of #'s could you push? The reason we were talking about it was in a Mythic reg we had a geared player 900+ we pugged who was in way low on dps sub 300k most times and we thought how funny would it be to bring a non-dps spec into an instance and then crush the meters and carry. So how about it?Yselth5 Jul 7
Jul 7 Hpriest 4 piece T20 Hey everyone, got a question on how the bonus works. When I do Holyword: Serenity, sometimes it does get a 50% cd reduction instantly. However, it never happened for Holyword: Sanctify...Am I bugged out? I tested it and casted Sanctify dozens and dozens of times and i never got that 50% compared to Serenity... It might be something very obvious but couldn't find the answer anywhere. Thank you all,Starfrozenn4 Jul 7