Jan 1 pve disc healing Talents should i use Shield Discipline or mindbender? for more mana?Graceffa5 Jan 1
Jan 1 Light's Wrath is heating up. So I've noticed the buff a couple times where it says Light's Wrath is heating up and your next Light's Wrath will do massive damage. I've gotten this buff on 4 seperate occasions that I noticed, each time it's dealt over 1million damage, this was at like lvl 103-104, this was mostly solo too so only 1 stack of atonement. Does anyone know what causes the buff cause I don't see any tooltip info or anything referencing it. My guess is it's after casting x amount of the ability over a certain time or possibly not using it for several minutes. I'm still trying to test it out and trying to find a pattern or something. I've had the buff come up mostly in open world but had it once in a dungeon. Anyone else noticed anything about it?Threedee35 Jan 1
Jan 1 Using plea in pvp? I've decided to level up my disc priest and a friend of mine we're gonna play disc/ww. I've tried to search about using plea in pvp so I thought I'd ask here. How often do you use plea in instanced pvp if at all?Iyzebel4 Jan 1
Jan 1 Questing as Shadow I apologize in advance if this just seems like whiny or misinformed post, but I'm really confused about the state of Shadow Priests. When I'm questing I'll target a mob and put my SW:P and VT up to get my DoTs rolling, then I'll throw out a Mind Blast (maybe I should start with this), then use flay/spike until Mind Blast is back up and my SW:P has fallen off, then I refresh pain and shortly after that I'll have a SW:D ready, which normally takes me both of them to finish the questing mob. (typically 15-20 seconds) I typically pull around 50-70k DPS, which is very similar to my Level 104 Enh Shammy, Frost DK, & Arms Warrior. All of those could do around 100K DPS on quest mobs as fresh sub-iLvl 800 110s. My SP is now geared at 825 and still underperforming my level 104 toons. Can someone explain what I should be doing differently rotationally to boost my quest damage. Or explain what talents should be chosen as essential for killing quest mobs? I know this is a noob question, but I really only use this toon for gathering, so killing random world mobs is really the only thing I fight, and it sure feels like I'm doing it wrong. Almost like I'm expected to go Disc or Holy for questing. /shrug Any help would be appreciated.Psynister14 Jan 1
Jan 1 Holy Trinkets So I've got a few trinkets to work with, and was wanting some opinions on what you guys/gals would go with if in my position. I have the following: An 855 Spine An 855 Promises An 850 Horn (this is what Robot is saying to use, I understand it's a chunk of mastery but still) An 865 Nightmare Fog An 850 Naglfar Fare (my kneejerk reaction is that this is a solid trinket, but I don't know). Any help is appreciated.Sacrament9 Jan 1
Jan 1 Who is hoping - Priest Class storyline. After the Paladins saved our class hall in the campaign, that we get to return the favour and bail them out of trouble? I think fair's fair... the pallies shouldn't get to have all the glory.Weresh13 Jan 1
Jan 1 Shadow & Haste Disclaimer: I'm new af I'm under the impression that haste is the main stat priority for shadow, but most gear I get from quests reward the contrary. Is this because its early? Or am I wrong and is haste not the main stat priority?Calígula10 Jan 1
Jan 1 Hello 2017 It's been a long time since I spent any time here on the forums. I hope to get back to spending time here, talking about all things Priest, ok, maybe not the healing stuff, I leave that to the pro's. Right now I feel like the soul has been removed from Shadow, and the road to getting it back has to start somewhere. I hope to be here to read what others have to say, and hope to learn how to be a great Shadowpriest once again, without having to take a talent that kills me.Marathal0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Why did Blizzard Ruin Disc? I decided to come back to WoW and haven't played in about 6-8 months and I mained in Disc. I come back to find disc priest has basically been ruined. There is no worthwhile healing in Disc anymore, flash heal and heal are now in Holy and they tried to make disc priests some sort of DPS than a healer it seems. I tried to do damage and get the buff on healing, but it's just not worth it. I stop healing people for a couple seconds and try to do offensive spells for the healing buff but the tanks health begins to drop and I go back to trying to half-assed heal him. And the cooldowns on disc for what little healing spells are left are too long to be viable. Why did they think ruining disc and handicapping Holy was a great decision?Sxlchocolate16 Jan 1
Dec 31 Hidden artifact Anyone know if transmogging the hidden artifact makes it so you cannot earn the new appearances?Shefboyz2 Dec 31
Dec 31 How is Disc spec? Hello, so originally I was gonna make my priest Shadow spec, but I've been thinking and considering I already have a warlock and balance druid, a 3rd dps spec would just be boring. I was thinking of going Disc since the idea of an offensive healer sounds neat and figured it would be a nice way to shift into healing from dpsing. So I was wondering how well Disc does and what it is unable to do content wise?Renkyo16 Dec 31
Dec 31 Legacy of the Void viability Legacy of the Void is being further reduced to 65 Insanity for activation. Instead of reducing the Insanity threshold, why not have Legacy of the Void just complete your cooldown on Void Torrent? (And if you're feeling generous, other cooldowns as well... Shadowfiend/Mind Bender, Power Infusion, etc...) Doing this will fulfill the need for jumping back into Voidform quickly.Havokk1 Dec 31
Dec 31 Holy Priest Change in 7.1.5 HW:Serenity Can anyone shed any light on the wording on Holy Word Serenity in the upcoming 7.1.5. Cooldown changed from 1 min cooldown to 1 min recharge Charges changed from None to 1 Charges 1 min cooldown versus 1 min recharge? How does serendipity play into this? Is this just a simple wording change? Thanks for anything you may know.Squirral7 Dec 31
Dec 31 Levitate bug? Has anyone else run into the problem where when levitating over some objects you get stuck and it looks like you sunk into the ground/water? Its getting very annoying.Aruuragemuul4 Dec 31
Dec 31 disc healing pve so i been trying to disc heal, and i think i am doing okay but i am not doing good on the healing meter's but i learn not to really worry about that as i do have two other good healing buddy's but i just feel as if i am to low still? hear is logs for EN log's for TOV Dec 31
Dec 31 Atonement change please. Can we just make atonement automatically heal the 5 closest? or the 5 lowest on health or something? Or perma until changed?Ahitophel33 Dec 31
Dec 31 Spell queue window too short? How can I increase my spell queue window so its like 250-400ms, right now its very small where I have to spam buttons which I hate. I remember seeing an option to change the lag compensation but cant find it anymore.Getitoffme2 Dec 31
Dec 31 is holy good?,is holy good? i have an hpally that's doing fine now after getting a bit of gear, but i want to try out priest as well. will holy start doing alot better with some gear as well? im not the hugest fan of doing damage to heal so i was wondering if holy was good enough to compete with other healers for doing mythic +, raids, etc.,i have an hpally that's doing fine now after getting a bit of gear, but i want to try out priest as well. im not the hugest fan of doing damage to heal so i was wondeeing if holy was good enough to compete with other healers for doing mythic +, raids, etc.Lites4 Dec 31
Dec 30 How is 7.1.5 looking for Shadow? Hey all, Been kind of following the 7.1.5 PTR information, but haven't kept up in the past few iterations. With that in mind, how are shadow priests looking if the patch released, say tomorrow? If you can point me to some blog posts or some other aggregated site, that'd be awesome. It's a bit difficult parsing through all the different builds in WoW Head. In particular, I'd like to know how they look individually, and how they compare to other classes at this point. I've heard some nice things (higher insanity generation -> more time spent in void form, better damage outside of void form, talent reconfiguration) and also some not so nice things (void bolt no longer resetting duration, mind flay, etc.). For context, I main-switched to priest because I liked the concept of S2M (I rolled a warlock and also liked to switch roles to keep things interesting). But after a few months playing it, the novelty's worn off to the point where I'm getting tired of dying on every single fight (and not contributing much to progression fights pre-execute). Thanks!Strokzit8 Dec 30
Dec 30 When to refresh DoTs? Heya, so I'm leveling as shadow spec and using Tell Me When to track my DoTs and wanted to make it so that it warns me that I need to refresh DoTs. My question is at what time remaining do I refresh SW:P and VT without wasting ticks and getting full benefit of the pandemic effect for dots?Renkyo4 Dec 30
Dec 30 Low DPS as shadow dunno why Using pawn, dot timer, missing weakauras but this is on a training dummy. Gearscore is 815/821 using Pawn. DPS is only 85k for 11million damage, 100% uptime, does this sound right? If so you can stop reading here if not here is my talents, ToF BnS DM RoS AS MB LoTV. The rotation isnt 100% perfect and I am using RNG trinkets but this DPS seems extremely low to me regardless its like I al missing a spell. So the recount breakdown is: VT dot 62 22% Mindflay dot 96 20% Mind blast 18 16% Swp dot 86 16% Void torrent dot 12 10% Shadowy apartition 32 6% Void bolt 7 6% Void eruption 6 3.1% I wouldnt be surprised if I am missing something on my bar because I havent played in a long time.Getitoffme9 Dec 30
Dec 30 Disc DoT / HoT question Hello... I main a Resto Shaman, but I was thinking about trying out Disc. I've just started reading up on it, and have a very basic question. With atonement, do DoT's become HoT's? i.e. if I cast Purge the Wicked on a target, will that act as a HoT on anyone with atonement? Thanks in advance!Nagafen5 Dec 30
Dec 30 Holy 7.1.5: Analysis This is a quote from a very good priest overseas, read it, upvote it, we need some Holy attention by the dev team. "Hello everyone, I'll try to keep this to the point and hope to get some more varied inputs from the hpriest community. Traditionally holy priest has been a "jack of all trades, master of none", usually not brought to the highest tier mythic progression but sometimes making a break here and there - usually when disc is in a comparatively bad state. Legion's redesign brought changes, most notably Flash Heal (low mana for high healing) + Trail of Light / Blessing of T'uure (multiplication of FH power) allowed holy priest to rival holy paladin for the first time in the "spot/tank healing" role that has been monopolized by our holy brethren since their introduction in TBC.. I'd like to argue that is healthy for the game and that trail of light's bugfix (no longer counts as flash heal, thus no longer procs blessing of t'uure and greatly diminishes the power of crit and flash heal itself for holy) will steer holy priests in the wrong direction. Healing in raids (from mythic Helya 23 on priest / 43 world rank as shaman) is all about meeting the spot and aoe healing requirements of each fight. Classes are not good at everything and thus you want a balanced setup. Pre-7.1.5 More Spot Heal focused ---------------- More Raid Heal focused Paladin > HPriest > Shaman = Mistweaver < Druid < DPriest Hpriest 7.1.5 changes push it at least to the middle, if not straight up into between druid and dpriest (especially when using renew legs which become nearly mandatory and already represent over 10% healing increase in Helya judging by the available parses in wclogs thus making them one of the legendaries that allow your class to be competitive) and it very well might be the case that disc VS holy will become a pure numerical + skill challenge in Nighthold - if holy outperforms disc then there is no reason to play disc other than pure love for its mechanics, the other way around means that people who can max out disc playstyle will have a large advantage. If anything, for the sake of the priest class (as the double spec healer) and the raid balance (which would benefit from some competition to holy paladin which is the only 100% must bring healer atm) I think holy aoe is not where the buffs should be happening, but rather in the spot heal kit which is actually being nerfed. This is a pure design problem with the class, which hasn't ever got a blue response that I can think of (unlike most others) discussing what is a holy priest supposed to be, raid healers, spot healers, balanced healers like shamans? TL:DR holy priest spot healing feels amazing right now and scratches a raid itch that only paladin fills at the highest level otherwise. 7.1.5 buffs aoe, nerfs spot healing, making holy priest less unique and more of a math problem to judge if deserving of raid spot. That goes counter to Legion's and WoW's current (great, love shaman/druid/paladin/disc changes, mw still needs work) ideals. Can think of possible solutions but peeps are Blizz usually ask for the problem and not solutions so here you go, thanks for reading!"Jojote18 Dec 30
Dec 30 3rd VT Am I the only person here who has trouble getting this consistently. I try to scan the forums for help but it is really starting to become demoralizing to think i am the only person who cannot achieve this with any degree of consistency. Im not sure why it is but when it happens it feels like it wasnt so hard to get to and other times i feel like im in a panic to stay in voidform right away after the 2nd vt. Im hitting that line where I feel like im letting my guild down by hitting so much lower than a sim says my dps could be at, it bad enough i feel like a carry at best in most mythic + dungeons.Shalim22 Dec 30
Dec 30 Healing as Holy: Bad? I got 2 tanks in a row that died even though I cast a renew, PoM and was spamming flash heal on them the entire fight. When they died, we wiped and I was called out for being !@#$ty. Are we underpowered nowadays?Puffs17 Dec 30
Dec 30 A letter to blizz A letter to blizzard As a disc priest I can say I have been enjoying my class after the legion, changes it took me a long time to adjust but I eventually did my biggest issue is these trinkets. I have every caster dps trinket from this current raid tier and they are all useless for my main spec because how nerfed they are for us. I can't understand why these are even in my loot table if they are unusable. today I got a 895 trinket from the dragons. Please do something about this.Emméry2 Dec 30
Dec 29 Shout out to Elana I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Elana, Draenei Priest, whose sole function in Netherlight Temple is to make me run faster and not do a dang thing else. We all have our roles to play, you perform yours adequately.Mishakal2 Dec 29
Dec 29 Recruiters bugged in class hall? anyone else experiencing an issue where you can't interact with the priest class hall recruiters for both the zealots and acolytes?Noobender7 Dec 29
Dec 29 Mind Blast Cast Delay I have Mangaza's Madness, and sometimes, when trying to cast Mind Blast, it will not start the cast and I sit there spamming it until it actually starts casting about 2 seconds later, which is an incredibly long time when in Surrender. This literally just happened to me as I was fighting Ursoc, and happened multiple times throughout the encounter. I nearly died way too early because of this. This happens frequently for me, no matter how many charges I have. I want to know if this is happening to any other Shadow priests, and if this bug only occurs with the belt. EDIT: In a Heroic EN at the moment, and it's happening at every boss.Funyuns2 Dec 29
Dec 29 shadowpriest how do you guys go day to day in general pvp stuff without wanting to delete your toon? i had madness potion and a DH jumped on me and out heal my 100stack dots and killed me i was so sad to lose my pot.Meltz5 Dec 29
Dec 29 Surrender to Madness critic I'm not a priest, but I want to vent some feelings I get around this mechanic. Lets roleplay a little around the idea of surrender to madness. It's a talent that you die... So you can, technically, use it once in your life. -But, sir, I can get resurrected. -So, it's a talent that requires you to have a personal ressurector? -Yea, that's the healers job, they resurrect people -So why din't someone resurrect Vol'jin? This talent far fetches the concept of death, we all know we can't actually die in the game, but from the lore perspective ,you can, death is real. As a talent, it brings the death concept into the surface, high enough to question the meaning of dying. ''It's ok to die, someone resurrect you'' or ''It's ok to die, you'll respawn''. In the DH prologue we can witness your undying nature, but it's explained in the lore, as you have a ''burden'' to be bound to your body forever. Outside this, everything else is supposed to live only once (maybe twice at most, as some can reincarnate). StM breaks the immersion (if there's still any left in the game) far fetches the concept of death. I do like to believe the resurrection spells are, like in our modern hospitals, a tentative to bring someone back to live, that means, sometimes it can't be done (that's why NPCs die, and death is real inside the game). Otherwise it becomes something like: ''Don't worry man, pick a fight with those 10 soldiers, if you die I ress you'' ''Jump off this cliff, I ress you down there'' That is just the most ephemeral perspective, there's also the balance perspective. The truth is that this talent is virtually impossible to balance, I'm not entering9o9 details because I don't think it's necessary, we all know that. STM. is. Impossible. to. balance. Is there a better solution? There's always a solution. If I could give one, why don't Surrender to Madness actually does what it says? a mad man don't die, he is just mad. Instead of die, you become ''Mind Controlled'' (you lose control of your character) and will attack your allies for X seconds, then you recover your lucidity. Feels way more easy to balance and more fun than the live version.Lori12 Dec 29
Dec 29 Insanity Bar Missing? Alright I'm not sure if something has changed or I'm just blind, haha, but anyways I rerolled a Shadow Priest because they looked really fun to give a try and once I hit level 10 and could change my spec I went Shadow. I was a little confused though because every Shadow Priest I talked to said they get a little bar showing their Insanity resource and another bar for their mana. I tried looking everywhere on how to display that Insanity bar but it just won't show. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is there something else that must be done to use it?Dìllìdan7 Dec 29
Dec 29 Nightmare Fog in Mythic +es Is this trinket better than a int/haste trinket such as Solemn Light...or worse? I really don't know how to judge how good the trinket is, I always figured in Raids it'd be better since the chance it'll proc around is much higher, and you don't need to blast heals like you do in mythic+es. However I am reading people feel it's really great for +es? Thoughts? Thank you.Velesta4 Dec 29
Dec 29 Funny how the two worst healing specs in pvp Belong to the same class :LLárisa7 Dec 29
Dec 29 Grid 2 track atonement? Does anyone know how to track atonement with grid 2? Grid 1 tracks it just fine, conveniently puts a little icon wherever you want but I can't figure out how to make it track for grid 2. Its not in the buff list and I don't know how to add buffs with their ID's to track (194384 is the ID). If someone could inform me of how to make it show up on grid itself, or what they use to track atonement on each person in the raid I would appreciate it.Ebrithill5 Dec 29
Dec 29 Help with Holy. Hello All, I am looking for a few questions to push out my gameplay coming into 7.1.5. Q1: Will out stat priority change what will be our new goals? ATM I am tracking into Crit/Mastery I am 33/42% respectively with 8% haste and have found this to be a good balance. With Nighthold coming out am I aiming for Haste/Crit or Haste/mastery? What % should I be aiming for of each? Anyone have any proof of why those stats yet. Tier suggests I should be haste something... Q2. What will be the best legendaries come for Nighthold mythic prog/mythic raiding? Q3. Will Int trinkets or offstat trinkets be BiS for mythic prog? Q4. Is there a way to make a macro that will cast Prayer of Healing if Holy Word: Sanctify is on CD. So i can bind it to same key? I would appreciate all advice greatly!! Thanks in advance.Rémember7 Dec 29
Dec 29 Shadow help Since i've swapped to shadow, i've noticed my damage is extremely subpar to my ilvl. Not sure what im doing wrong. Perhaps im just misusing my cooldowns. just wondering if you guys could give some tips/criticism. I know i'm still under 9.2k haste im slowly acquiring more gear if the loot gods are gracious towards me. Not sure how to filter the logs to exactly herioc en Dec 29
Dec 29 Goblin Priests I just noticed that there are zero goblin priests in our class hall. Even Blizzard forgets us haha. Why do you think people don't play Goblin as a priest?Eberly17 Dec 29
Dec 29 holy questions Gayspacegoat3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Shadow priest questions Hi friends just a few questions about M+. 1. Should i be taking S2M or LotV when doing Kara? 2. I usually always take the talent that allows SW:D from 35% in lower keystones even though I take LotV because it feels like I do more damage. Should I be taking the talent that allow lingering insanity to persist instead? Thanks in advance for your helpBelithil1 Dec 29
Dec 29 7.1.5 changes Does anyone know of a comprehensive and updated liat of priest changes that doesnt involve looking through months off mmo champio data mining? Trying to stay current and see whats coming up.Shalim1 Dec 29
Dec 28 Disc stacking mastery? So our worst stat at least for dungeons. What happens if you stack as much mastery if you can and just try keep high atonement healing, is it really a bad time?Getitoffme8 Dec 28
Dec 28 AP Refund/Legendary Exchange Blizzard doesn't care about holy/disc priests. Fine. Let me transfer my ap and trade my legendaries to a druid or paladin, Looking forward to this thank you.Ravikto2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Disc suggestions to improve for Blizzard Discipline is a great spec to play but has a few areas that could use improvement. 1) Mastery. Mastery is a very weak stat for disc priests in situations outside of mythic raiding. It only affects atonement healing, which is likely between 35-75% of our healing, depending on the encounter. The stat weight is about .7 rated compared to 1 for haste. I have 2 suggestions for improvement. One: mastery could additionally reduce the decay mechanic of shadowmend (or increase the heal component if high enough mastery, similarly to masochism). Two: mastery could additionally boost all healing / absorbs slightly as well as the atonement healing component, as I rather like the decay component of shadow mend. Either of these choices would balance mastery across all encounter types, where currently it is not a good stat choice outside of mythic raids. 2) Legendaries: Two discipline legendaries, happening to be the ones that dropped for me so far, both benefit more from a particular spec choice. I do not believe legendaries should benefit more from a particular spec, as the specification should be the player's preference. The waist has a 30% chance to reset the cooldown of penance for each smite cast. Choosing the talents schism and / or power word solace replace a smite in the normal cast rotation, reducing the chances to reset the duration of penance. I would recommend adding solace and schism to also have a 30% chance to reset penance. The gloves increase the duration of atonement on the healer or target by 3 seconds each time penance does damage. This is benefited by the castigation talent more than the other two choices. I would recommend making the total 12 seconds of atonement duration extension, either 3 penance ticks x4 seconds or 4 penance ticks x3 seconds. By making both of these changes, the talent specification would no longer affect the effectiveness of the legendary. 3) Schism / penance rotation. If you take the talent schism, the obvious thing to do would be to schism the target and then cast penance. If you cast penance right after schism, the first bolt of penance does not currently gain the 30% increased damage of the schism debuff. This reduces the effectiveness of the rotation when using the schism talent, which I believe was unintended. After casting schism and immediately following with penance the first bolt of my penance hits for about 105,000, where the next two bolts of the same penance hit for 136,000. 4) Shadow Covenant Talent. This talent is not worth using, and I would imagine no discipline priests touch it, since it replaces the valuable atonement spreader power word radiance and does not spread atonements. I would give the spell a cast time, a 12 second cooldown, and have it spread atonements to the 5 players. Then I would consider it more of a choice to take or not take.Bizniach26 Dec 28
Dec 28 7.1.5 Lingering Insanity change. What do you all think about it being removed as baseline then adding is back as a nerfed talent?Aruuragemuul2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Disc tier set "affected by pws.." Can someone elaborate on what that means. Does it mean someone with PWS still on them, or does it mean someone who had atonement put on them via pws. Hoping its the second option.Daketh5 Dec 28
Dec 28 Casting spells on frames? Is it no longer possible to cast a spell on a target while having the cursor hover over their frame in the party window? I'm not speaking of mouseover macros as I have that working fine I think. I can cast PW: Shield on someone while hovering over them "in the world" but if I have someone in my party and I try to cast that or something else on them and I hover over their frame inside the party window, nothing happens. Does that make sense? I hope I'm explaining myself properly....Esperer19 Dec 28
Dec 28 Can't find the second artifact quest? Hi, I leveled as Shadow to 108, didn't bother getting the other two artifacts, now Alonsus doesn't have the second artifact quest, he just gave me "The light within" which is just a HoV dungeon quest. Is this a bug? I'm trying to get the Disco artifact. Thank youJentlesister1 Dec 28
Dec 28 PVP S.Priests: HOW Do you do it?? I try to run BGs as a S.Priest for fun because I prefer DPS. However, once anyone gets out of my fear I have no way to get them off of me. They usually trinket the fear and then have 100% uptime on me. I have no way to get away because I have no way out of their CCs or their slows. I can't cast anything because they have 100% uptime on me. How do you S.Priests accomplish anything in PvP once a melee decides to not ignore you? I am not trying to complain I really would like to know because I like spriest and have since BC but this is painful and depressing.Seldaenna7 Dec 28
Dec 28 Penance + 4-5 smites vs 5-6 So for me clipping penance using spell queing and having it bug seems to be the same DPS as not clipping it and fitting one less smite in between each penance. What is the correct way to deal with this at a higher gear level when doing the deeps?Getitoffme1 Dec 28