Aug 14 Prayer of Mending Now prefers targets without prayer of mending regardless of range. Please and thanks.Mercucio16 Aug 14
Aug 14 lol LolUrakein5 Aug 14
Aug 14 Could we make Misery baseline? It would really help with our quality of life and the DPS from mindbender makes it a must have.Kainox12 Aug 14
Aug 14 MW monk vs Holy Priest Why play priest over monk? Was thinking of rolling a priest but what can they do better than monks?Feelzbrah8 Aug 14
Aug 14 help; when to dispel and purify? So one area of my priestly duties I'm still a little unsure of is when to purify and dispel. Firstly the default UI is not great at making it clear who has relevant debuffs on them, I imagine weakauras or something similar could help on this point? Secondly I gather there are at least a few situations where you should absolutely NOT dispel/purify because doing so could kill the target, is that just a matter of learning by error/inevitable group rage?Sylryn8 Aug 14
Aug 14 Vampiric Embrace Confession: didnt know this ability existed until a few weeks ago. No idea how it slipped past me either. I remember looking at the PvP talent where it improves it, and thought that it was the name for vampiric touch's life sucking part of the ability. To which I thought "wait a minute. How can this heal allies more when it only heals me? Im confused..." and opted not to use it. Dont ask me why i thought this either. No idea. Thought I would share this little funny as I look back...Jett2 Aug 14
Aug 14 rip new heal animation its gone now on ptrIkelim5 Aug 14
Aug 14 One-line tips for new priest Howdy priesthood of WoW! I just dusted of my old priest and I would love to get some wise counsel. Any information on any spec would be appreciated, as I find all of them vastly interesting. I would love to get your best tip or advice, something that you can't see on guides or videos. Something that you learned after years of priesting through the World of Warcraft. Anyways, thank you all for your help!Insanirust33 Aug 14
Aug 13 What made you become a priest? Let me be fair here, i did it for the blade. What about you?Ravenstune52 Aug 13
Aug 13 Schism in 7.2.5 I haven't logged onto this character, so I'm just wondering if it's worth while to continue practice using Schism. Previously it was my default choice for burst healing/damage when I need it, and occasionally helpful when holy gets locked down (PvP server here). Now Penance can cast on players by default, Twist of Fate is great for emergency, does Schism still has a place?Eredawn19 Aug 13
Aug 13 Frustrated with Shadow Priest "aoe" Back in 7.1 we lost Mind Sear as a dedicated AoE ability in favor of turning Mind Flay into an AoE if used on a target with Shadow Word: Pain. Leaving aside the fact that we STILL have an artifact trait that buffs Mind Sear, this change has been increasingly frustrating to me. Mostly, the reasons why all boil down to a single reason: it requires maintaining a DoT on a single target in order to deal damage to multiple other targets. Right off the bat, this means shadow priests have no dedicated aoe when running old raids; the application of SW:P will instantly kill pretty much any enemy before we have a chance to so much as think about using Mind Flay. But this problem extends even to current content; trying to aoe large packs of small creatures (such as imps or spiderlings) is made an enormous pain for a similar reason. While the initial target may not die right away, it IS taking significantly more damage than everything else leading to it dying more quickly. That means then having to reapply SW:P to another target, which is already weakened from the Mind Flay aoe and will die even quicker, and soon we're back to the same problem of essentially having to single-target the remaining enemies down because they won't live long enough for aoe to have any meaningful effect. Meanwhile they've long since chewed through Power Word: Shield. I understand Mind Sear had some balance issues with regards to Void Form and Surrender to Madness, but surely there's a way to resolve those issues while still allowing us to deal effective aoe damage.Celandia2 Aug 13
Aug 13 Do you need a actionbar addon for disc? I'm new to healing and I have a Naga mouse but I feel like I am struggling to macro all my abilities, usually use a macro where I press shift to change a spell to another. But my bars are so full of mouse over macros its eating up all my space! I'm starting to feel like the add on bartender or some such is required.Nyxontha12 Aug 13
Aug 12 Spriest on Avatar Spriest is highest dps on Avatar which I am doing well on, but not top dps for the encounter. I then watched some videos and found people dotting maiden. Since damage done to her is sort of irrelevant, isn't that just cheesing the encounter? I would think of dps as measured by actual damage that is useful toward ending the encounter but throwing dots on maiden is a huge amount of damage that does not do that but still makes you look good on logs. Thoughts?Sqwibbles17 Aug 12
Aug 12 Shadow For Last 3 On Mythic Anyone else kinda upset that we're being massively outshined on these fights? I'm kinda sad because I have to play my Warrior for those fights simply because guilds killing those fights are stacking Melee & that's how we are going to do it too. How are your guilds approaching these fights?Tokû2 Aug 12
Aug 12 Discipline seems extremely weak? I'm levelling this priest, and I started with the intention of maining Discipline. I try to use Atonement to its full potential, and I use Penance for both damage and healing when needed. However, in every dungeon group I join as Disc, sometime after the first boss, I inevitably end up spamming Shadow Mend and Plea on the tank, praying we don't wipe, and then going back to Holy at the end of the encounter. Is Disc this weak at max level too? If so, I might reconsider...Quynzen39 Aug 12
Aug 11 Atonement...How much healing??? Got bored and decided to do some tests on some Atonement figures. First, obviously I looked at my character sheet and Spell Book. From Spell Book Atonement: When you deal spell damage, you instantly heal all targets affected by Atonement for 58.2% of the damage done. Mastery-Absolution: Increases the amount of healing transferred through Atonement by 45.5% From Character Info Window Mastery: 46% I did a test by applying Atonement to myself using PW:S and then damaging a dummy. Using combat logs and such I then collected the data to compare the damage that I did versus the healing i received. I made sure to keep 100% uptime on Atonement. What i found is that the healing I received was ALWAYS equal to 32.3% of the damage I dealt. I did long DPS tests and just some simple 1 hit tests. Here is one good example to just show what i mean: Apply PW:S to place Atonement on myself. Cast Smite at dummy Smite hits for 232,580 Atonement heals for 75,177 (which is 32.3% of 232,580) Does anyone else have similar results? Would be very interested to hear.Moopoose10 Aug 11
Aug 11 Shadow feels too static After playing a bit of shadow, it's starting to just feel too static compared to other classes. By this, i don't mean the rotation is boring, just that we are nearly always doing the exact same rotation. Other classes can adjust their talents to have quite different playstyles, or adjust their play significantly for AOE vs single target. Spriest simply dots up all enemies, then proceeds to the single target rotation while trying to maintain dots. The rotation is always nearly the same. To me, the gameplay of maintain void form as long as possible is fun, but it feels like the only thing we do. Honestly it feels like the spec is unfinished; the core game play of playing around void form is there and solid, but the different ways to play the spec are not. One possible change is to remove shadow crash and put a more interesting talent that alters the AOE play style.Nimice36 Aug 11
Aug 10 2 Holy Priests in Raid (SOLVED) Is there any limitation about this? Will 2 Reniews work on the same target, for example? 2 Prayers of Mendings? Will they stack?Avedostra6 Aug 10
Aug 10 How are Shadow Priest balanced? Let compared them to Mages. Shadow Priests are shut down under any melee pressure. They can't kite as efficiently as mages or can do a lot of damage while moving like Warlocks. Mages do comparable damage to us but they handle melee pressure far better. same with warlocks.Feelzbrah8 Aug 10
Aug 10 All disc priest raid Hi Priests (both Horde and Ally), We are gathering data on who would be interested in coming to an all discipline priest clear of N/ToS. If you are interested, drop your details in here: EDIT: We have enough people for all 4 raids now, just need some raid leads. If you are also on the priest discords, sorry for the spam :)Fatsackoheal15 Aug 10
Aug 10 Disc Help Hi, I just recently came back and I've decided to switch over to Disc and I've been having a few questions. I tried doing LFR last night and all I was mostly doing was putting up Atonement with PW:Radiance and PW:Shield and then DPS'd that's mostly how I healed other than using Light's Wrath when I needed to do a big heal and using my Mindbender. Other than that it was mostly using Plea to put on Atonement and Shadow Mend when I had to actively heal. Is that the proper way to heal or was I doing it wrong? Also, I can't seem to get the timing to use Rapture. Should I use it every time it's up? The same goes with PW:Barrier. ThanksNatrea7 Aug 10
Aug 10 What race for an alliance priest? Can't figure out between female Draenei or Human. Which looks better in and game armor? Which facials are better?Leif20 Aug 10
Aug 9 Disc - How to Heal Demonic Inquisition As a discipline priest, I do not really know how to heal for Demonic Inquisition because most of the damages taken are aoe damage at most of the times. Unlike Goroth and Harjatan we can focus burst heal for certain spell. According to logs, the highest damage taken from Demonic Inquisition are Bone Saw and Fel Squall. I am thinking should I focus burst healing for both Bone Saw and Fel Squall or either one of it. The rest just the normal rotataton: shield plea pain penance smite. Anyone has better idea how to utilize discipline spell to heal better? Or positioning is the key for this fight? Thanks in advance.Kouyuuken10 Aug 9
Aug 9 Phyrix's Embrace This legendary item needs a look at by blizzard so as to perhaps bring it in line with other healing legendaries. Thoughts?Beagles3 Aug 9
Aug 9 An idea to give the SPriest a Permanent Pet Ok so I got this idea when I was doing the daily shadow well to obtain the Vial of Dark Shadows which gives you a faceless one to taunt and attack for you for 10 mins while its attacking or initiating a taunt it casts an aoe damage field and comes equipped with high regen. So the idea I came up with was to replace the Shadowfiend and Mindbender with this mock up ability and talent choice. Faceless Shadow (Replacing Shadowfiend) 2 sec cast time Requires lvl 40 Requires Priest (Shadow) Summon a Faceless one that taunts nearby enemies and causes X area of effect shadow damage to the enemies. Faceless Fiend (Replacing Mindbender) 2 sec cast time Requires lvl 90 Requires Priest (Shadow) Summon a Faceless one that taunts nearby enemies and causes +X area of effect shadow damage any enemies hit by the area of effect gives you 8 insanity each. Dominant Shadow (Replacing Dominant mind) Requires lvl 45 Requires Priest (Shadow) Faceless Shadow no longer summons a Faceless one instead you now gain an area of effect dot whenever you cast Mind Blast along with adding 25 extra insanity to your bar. If Faceless Fiend is taken increase the Area of effect damage and grant you 8 insanity with every enemy damaged. So the idea is that this pet would give you is some much needed AOE that we are really in need of which is not to say we aren't good at single target which the longer the fight goes on the better off we are, its just we are lacking the aoe damage for older or mob heavy areas. The pet on its own fills in the aoe damage space and gives you some breathing room to apply dots on without being forced to bounce between shadow mend or shields till they have enough shadow word pain on them. Now the Faceless Fiend has to compete with Misery and Power Infusion which are both very valuable for citations needed. So to make it viable to the other talents and just as good a choice it would get increased damage and have the ability to generate insanity as a way of competing for the talent slot. Adding more to this people have been voicing that they want to play a lone wolf style gameplay and that shouldn't be a problem to choose between the two. So I took the pretty much useless fantasy flavor talent dominant mind and made it into a usable talent that merely alters the gameplay choices you can do to be a solo lone wolf style player. The other talents themselves are convenience talents providing either a decreased cd or a useful stun that can be handy. So having a talent thats for convenience and changes how the Shadow priests gets its Aoe while still giving the lone wolf style gameplay is what the Dominant Shadow provides. i would love to hear feedback and critique on the idea itself or anything you think sounds too strong or weak. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Suggestions and Ideas from eveyone in the thread Jackofdemons ... Zeigfeld ... Sorina ...Kaelinai90 Aug 9
Aug 9 That Method disc priest Inspired me to stick to disc. I was going holy because its easier, but when I saw that video with the disc priest going toe to toe with the holy paladin, omg lol sick videoLiquidús18 Aug 9
Aug 9 should I learn to heal as holy and disc? or should I focus on one and shadow as an off spec? Im really enjoying all 3 specs and having a really hard time picking between disc and holy. I plan on raiding and doing mythics. I feel like I have grasped disc and holy rotation for the most part so im not worried about difficulty but more of what the community feels is the most well rounded of the two if not flat out superior spec for most fights. THANKS!Killsign6 Aug 9
Aug 8 Disc levelling experience So, I'm a mere 25 levels from max now, and I have to say, it's been interesting playing it all as Discipline. Being kicked from LFDs because they see me doing DPS instead of sitting in the corner with shiny hands... good times. The talents I have seem to have helped a lot... Twist of Fate helps me with those emergency heals that I covet so much, and Sanctuary has made LFDs "spam [Smite] to win." The only talent line I'm not so sure about is 60... I don't know if Mindbender is the right choice, seeing as the other two seem very useful as well. I might go for Solace, just for the extra help questing, and not having to worry about another CD. I use VuhDo for healing. It's very straightforward, but its a main reason I don't want to even look at Holy. I don't feel like destroying my keyboard looking for the right bind. I really hope it gets better at max level, because I feel like im getting progressively weaker as I level past WoTLK. Any thoughts?Quynzen8 Aug 8
Aug 8 Void Torrent doesn't activate I have been off for a while but when I came back I notice that Void Torrent doesn't work. I get to 100%, I'm in Shadow form and I have the Xal' atath dagger (trans morg). Any ideas why it is not working? thxKlistra2 Aug 8
Aug 8 How bad are priest at leveling? Heard that it is a pain to level.Feelzbrah10 Aug 8
Aug 8 H Priest we want you! <Project Cloverfield> is a Horde guild on US-Mal'Ganis! At our core we are a guild that has grown swiftly since the launch of Legion. Built out of multiple minor friend group and guild absorbs. We focus on current content within our raids, and enjoying our time together within and outside of raids. Always looking for: Fresh blood and veterans (open recruitment for non-raiders)! Potential Raiders: With limited hours to raid we expect strong communication for your raid attendance, regular log analysis and self-sims, strong understanding of your class, research into fight mechanics, and a positive attitude to fair and constructive criticism. Our core slots are also competitive as we continuously improve our capabilities and raid comp with a pivot into deep mythic progression. Performance and mechanics benchmarks are reviewed weekly. Raid Group - The Goonies 8/9H TOS | 4/10M NH Tue / Wed 8-11pm EST. Loot Council High need for competitive DPS, prefer ranged with a few melee slots left. Who might you be? Friendly / Chill - We're not your high school's old drama club. Attitude - Be a force for positive. Mature - Most of our members are late 20s through early retirement. On US-Mal'ganis Horde or willing to transfer overTo get in contact, drop us a line: Guild Lead: Bruneski#1367, or Icecarnage in game. Raid Lead: Crush#1768, or Crushfiend in game. Recruitment Lead: Ge3kin#1394 References: There will be trolls and I understand this isn't a recruitment forum but we need all OF YOU!!!Geekin0 Aug 8
Aug 8 Holy DPS 25% > than Disc DPS I was surprised to get this result. In general Holy DPS is 1.25 that of Disc. This seems odd from a "class fantasy" perspective...Novel34 Aug 8
Aug 8 Left for Dead ... again <3 <3 <3 Everytime some group thinks its okay to leave me to right click rez because the encounter is over this is what I am going to do. After healing you and dpsing just like everyone else in the group pulling my weight for a good solid twenty to thirty minutes which means watching all my counters... you get to feel how long it would take to have just stopped and took a deep breath and rezzed me. So I will be leaving queue to stage an online protest. Then you can feel how long it would have took. About 15 seconds I reckon, so appreciate a good healer and stop nit picking cuz I can do that all day long.Snooxopydawg13 Aug 8
Aug 7 New shadowform 7.3 Looks awesome imo. Aug 7
Aug 7 Aelthalyste needs a mute button So, I have been running Aelthalyste as my combat ally and just having her follow me around. It's really nice because as shadow I can just dot everything and she's just like "Here, let me tank all these things while your dots kill them." But holy crap is she annoying. It's bad enough that she doesn't follow you on a mount, so any time you are flying or just going too fast she appears with her super loud "I AM HERE TO HELP" or some other annoying phrase. But I was in Felsoul Hold yesterday in one of the cannons and she literally kept saying that every 2 seconds. I get it, you're here to help, you don't need to keep saying it. I like having Aelthalyste as a combat ally, I just really wish she didn't say something every time she appears.Ishallhealu27 Aug 7
Aug 7 Vuhdo problem: Won't save between spesc Anyone have a step by step solution? I keep reading a few posts on why it won't translate, but they like, list one step of the problem and it isn't the one that's keeping me apparently. it's ridiculous that we can't have something spec specific EASILY changed, but... what is it that we're supposed to do? I save keyboard assignments as disc and holy separately, but even when I save them as such, the moment I switch like from holy to disc, it's still using holy assignments. So I have to keep reentering the spells I want bound to each buttonShiyou6 Aug 7
Aug 7 Interrupts? Leveled this guy from a pup as Shadow. Am now trying Disc. Was wondering, since I obviously can't seem to find it...Do we have an interrupt?Fatherseamus6 Aug 7
Aug 6 Which spec do you personally enjoy the most? For me Shadow seems really fun and viable (I think?)Feelzbrah18 Aug 6
Aug 6 Shadow in mythic+ ? I just resubbed lately and cvapped my spriest, mythic+ seems pretty cool, and good for leggo's/gear and stuff. anyone know if shadow is alright? when i last checked it was not very good at it, since aoe is lacking, has 7.2.5 changed it, misery seems strong maybe? or should i gear a healer to get groups :P thanks people <3Drugsàrebad8 Aug 6
Aug 6 Stat priority Haste question. So Icy-veins used to say that you should get about 20 - 25% haste and then start gathering crit and mast. Now I go on there and it doesn't say to stop at those percentages. Do we need to focus solely on haste now or do we stop at about 20%. I'm trying to figure out what I should be focusing on since it changed to get the most out of my dps.Lunoria9 Aug 6
Aug 6 Holy Nerfs... I'm starting to understand why blizzard is so bad at balancing pvp. Holy has some problems in pvp. IMO most notably in the honor talent tree and how certain skills work. They needed changes for sure. Blizzards response? !@#$ it just turn down the intellect and mastery. This fixes NOTHING. Are they really this stupid?Neoneyes18 Aug 6
Aug 6 [Mind Sear] Post 7.1.5 My apologies if this post doubles up on previous submissions, I tried a quick filter and couldn’t see much pertaining to the in-built Mind Sear mechanic (now built into mind-flay). I also haven’t seen a comprehensive submission making cases against the change - and I’d like to attempt to put the new mechanic on the radar for revision. For those who are unware of the 7.1.5 change in question Mind Flay will act as Mind Sear if the current target has Shadow Word: Pain. --- 1) Synergies Mind Sear interacts with one of the spriest legendries “The Twins Painful Touch”. The item was originally designed with a separate Mind Sear cast in consideration. With the new in-built mechanic priests with this legendary consume the buff that the legendary grants (on entering Void-Form) with Mind Flay. This leads to the arbitrary consumption of that effect as priests perform their single target rotation. This was previously controlled by a separate cast. The priest here must either: a) Hold void-form until adds spawn (leading to less Void-Form up-time) b) Remove our primary filler from our rotation between casts. *both of these reduce potential/theoretical damage over an entire encounter 2) Mythic Affixes At a time when blizzard is encouraging dynamic play and content with the Mythic Plus system I feel that there is a mis-match in forcing a player to AoE incidentally. Affixes such as bursting and raging require mobs to be pushed in a controlled fashion. With the removal of mind spike to terminate dots, and now the introduction of an incidental cleave on single target, spriests cannot control their damage and seem at odds with the concept of dynamic play. 3) ‘That’ Priest The inverse of not being able to control AoE is that we also cannot control our single target, in that priests cannot perform their single target rotation without pulling all mobs within 10 yards of the current target. Consider here neutral mobs. This also applies to AoE. 4) Legacy Content With no AoE outside of shadow crash (on a 30 sec cooldown), and with Shadow Word: Pain killing enemies on its initial damage, priests do not have any AoE capabilities as we cannot meet the condition for the in-built Mind Sear. This means that for legacy content clears we’re required to global down as many enemies that have been pulled. 5) PvP Whilst I can’t make the case strongly myself (as I don’t PvP) there are submissions noting the clumsiness of a incidental AoE in the case of crowd control in PvP. If CC is applied to a secondary target in PvP who is stood near the primary target, applying Shadow Word: Pain will mean that Mind Flay cannot be cast as a filler. --- I’m currently at odds understanding why development believed that Mind Sear needed address; regardless the in-built Mind Sear now leaves spriest in a compromised position as per the above. I will still enjoy spriest as I have since WOTLK. However the lack of controlled AoE that shadow currently possesses presents as a dev. issue.Aszea1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Holy T21 Thoughts? From MMO-Champ: Priest T21 Holy 2P Bonus - Prayer of Healing increases the healing done by your next Flash Heal or Heal by 30%. Priest T21 Holy 4P Bonus - Flash Heal/Heal increase the healing amount of your next Prayer of Healing spell by 30%. How do people feel about this set? Are we really expected to alternate between Heal/Flash Heal and Prayer of Healing? Seems like it doesn't really synergize smoothly.Moringa15 Aug 6
Aug 6 Disc PvP? How is it these days for PvP? Worth leveling my priest up from 100 to 110? I'm coming back from a couple of months break.Verminator13 Aug 6
Aug 5 Timewalking I thought I would try timewalking this week but it lowered my haste to 9%. Trying to heal as disc with 9% haste with tanks pulling as if they aren't scaled down is terrible. Anyone using any specific items/sets for timewalking as disc or is it always this bad?Kursed6 Aug 5
Aug 5 Anyone else miss the old Shadow Apparitions? I really miss when your Shadowy Apparitions would actually look like your character. It was so funny when you'd DoT up a bunch of mobs and see like 10 copies of yourself running into the bosses.Byniri12 Aug 5
Aug 5 How is disc as a PvP hybrid spec? Do you guys feel that disc is an actual hybrid spec? I know they take a healer slot and I know they are supposed to have the best damage for a healer, but do you feel they can actually make an impact as a true hybrid in damage/healing/utility? Obviously they won't top either damage or healing, but can they actually be effective at both on the fly? I've never tried a pure healing spec before, and I have no desire to. I miss old school ele because I felt that even though I was primarily damage, I could walk into a team fight and do pretty significant healing if I felt the need. At the same time, tons of utility as well. Seems like disc is the most versatile spec on paper. Is this how it really is? I'm talking strictly PvP.Ievenliftbro4 Aug 5
Aug 5 Check my dps logs? Hey guys, Im trying to help a guildie shadow priest friend of mine who doesnt seem to be doing to good (~10-20 percentile on each boss) but she cant figure out what she is doing wrong, would anyone here be able to spare a bit of time to check out our logs and give us an idea of whats going wrong? Thank you! Aug 5
Aug 4 Vuhdo help I recently went back to my priest, playing as disc. I like vuhdo for its customability, but is there anyway to make it so when I click on a frame it actually targets them instead of casting whatever spell I have on that button?Àsche5 Aug 4
Aug 4 Aelthalyste Fail Aelthalyste as bodyguard keeps stalling and not helping when attacking mobs. Would there be a better bodyguard that is available to Priests?Accursedbro23 Aug 4