Feb 6 Disc healing 3v3 My disc is fairly new to arena, but a veteran player, played priest since vanilla so he knows his way around the class but he's getting burnt out so fast because he can't deal with getting trained by dh/ww style comps, or the spread pressure of scleave etc, or the sheer cc and damage of rmd were playing ret/sv/disc Just wondering what you other discs do to get through this tough time that is healing in legionFavortko2 Feb 6
Feb 6 Change in Holy Performance post 7.1.5 Hey all, Just curious to my fellow holy priests if you've seen a major drop in performance since Patch 7.1.5/Nighthold. I'm not a huge meter !@#$% but E. Nightmare and ToV I was topping meters or at least competitive. In Nighthold I am at best a VERY distant third on pretty much all fights. I'm trying to figure out what's going on? Am I an anomaly or are others experiencing a similar decrease in performance? just curious, thanks allElwe11 Feb 6
Feb 6 Doing WQ/Solo Content Greetings comrades. What spec is everyone running for WQ and such? My priest is ~845 and I've been doing it as holy. It gets the job done. It just doesn't get it done fast enough. I find myself picking and choosing WQ too often based on what I have to kill or how much I have to kill. Is shadow worth trying? Is there a specific ilvl where shadow really kicks in? I ask because I don't see many shadow priests out in the wild. Thanks for any input. :DLeesque11 Feb 6
Feb 6 Spriest first world problem I feel like the ring legendaryshould not cut the duration of SWP and VT from spamming VB with the 4 piece shadowpriest tier set when I use the effect of TWT's ring for mindflay. Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Also, the legendary bracers and the 4 piece tier set. They don't really seem compatible. at all. /endrantFendris12 Feb 6
Feb 5 Drape of shame vs 890 Cloak 860 DOS vs 890 Mastery Crit cloak Got the cloak from H TOV its a BOE debating if i should get some gold or equip it. ThanksMatsuflex5 Feb 5
Feb 5 Please Critique Me Firstly, I've been raiding since vanilla. I started priest healing in BC after we cleared BT on my mage main. I mained my priest through WotLK. Tanked on my bear the first half of cata, then took a break through Dragonsoul and all of MoP to come back for WoD (because I loved BC and outlands so much). I tanked through WoD, until my guild hated WoD so much they quit playing. I played the auction house through WoD and the first 5 months of Legion when my guild came back and started raiding again. So I decided to pull out my priest and raid heal. I've been raiding with them for 4 weeks now (heroic EN at first, now normal NH). I've watched all the guides. I've read theory. I feel like I'm massively underperforming. If you can look at the logs and offer some advice that will either improve my dps/atonement heals or general healing, my guild would really appreciate it. ThanksSlarrik3 Feb 5
Feb 5 Spriest and critical I have 27% yet sometimes I kill monsters without even getting a single SW: Pain crit I know I know, 27% is a lot but I'm only increasing ilvl for gearing faster and heck, I noticed this. Might as well go Haste/Mastery with SL instead of AS?Modem7 Feb 5
Feb 5 Shadow Mend Versus Plea? I was thinking about trying out a Disc priest as healer in some low level dungeons. I would like to know basically when to use Shadow Mend versus Plea, since I will have both abilities early on. Shadow Mend seems to heal more than Plea, but it can take some of the heal back. I assume you only Shadow Mend when the target will continue to take damage? Shadow Mend has a cast time, and Plea is instant cast. It would seem to me that spamming Plea would be effective. When is Shadow Mend used?Saranya16 Feb 5
Feb 5 FoTM 10/10H 7/7M LF Holy Priest for M NH FoTM is a well-established guild that has been clearing top-tier raid content since Cataclysm. We are semi-hardcore and progression-focused. As officers, we invest a lot of time into our team and expect the same of our raiders. Everyone is responsible for knowing all aspects of their class and coming to raids prepared with consumables and a strong knowledge of encounter mechanics. We will always work with players to improve but never tolerate bad attitudes or drama. Casual & M+ oriented players that are not interested in raiding are also welcome. We typically do alt / casual runs on Sundays during non-progression weeks that such players would be welcome to attend. Highly Sought After Classes: Holy Priest Balance Druids Ele Shaman Hunters Warrior DPSAll exceptional players will be considered! Raid Schedule : Tuesday 8 - 11 CST Wednesday 8 - 11 CST Thursday 8 - 11 CST Monday (optional, depending on progression needs) 8 - 11 CST If you have any questions about the guild or would like to request a raid trial, please contact any of our officers in game. All strong candidates will be offered a trial spot on Tuesdays, possibly continuing into the week based on performance. Officer Battletags: Cryptonïte (ï = alt 0239): Cryptonite#1685 Zgar: Zgar#1422 Rolanor: Rolanor#1859 Kreaming: Tkach#1448 Wreckie: Brutalgarden#11738Cryptonïte1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Surrender to the Madness, secret PvP talent? Imagine a redesigned Surrender to the Madness as a PvP talent. Only triggers on death. 2 second invuln while dead before turning into a Faceless One. Basically the same effect it has now, but with a 30 second duration(Maybe less if youre not generous) before their true death in the name of the Old Gods. Its kind of like the Fury Warrior hidden artifact trait, but not RNG and class themed. Just ad some old god speak dribbling from the tendrils of the faceless abominations lips as they try to avenge themself in the name of the Black Empire. I believe this creates an interesting concept of 'Dont kill the preist, they might win the game then! Theyre hard to kite if they die!' Im sorry Im just talking crazy here. We're all happy Surrender to the Madness got mega nerfed, disabled in PVP and doesnt turn you into the faceless one on its portrait. Ace work Blizzard. Do remember in responding to this, the concept is isolated. Dont assume the Priest class is exactly as strong as it is now + this change, imagine the fiction where Blizzard edits classes to have class fantasy and not be ludicrously overtuned like Balance druids currently are, and Windwalker monks. This thread is just to talk about the idea of having Shadow Priests get a PvP talent(Or even make it the same PvE talent, but useable i nPvP) where they get a Old Gods Crazymode when they die. (Again, not castable anymore)Vonvulviln1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Holy 4 piece set bonus I equipped my four pieces of tier last night, and the four piece set bonus seems rather....underwhelming. As in not really worth using and replacing with other gear. What's the general consensus on the tier? It doesn't appear that awesome but sometimes I'm a derp and get it wrong. Thank you!Adaíra6 Feb 5
Feb 5 Shadow or Disc for PvP Offspec? So, I heal PvP as a Holy Priest and love it. I've just completed my artifact and would like to work on a second. There are times where I'd like a break from straight healing on my priest. For PvP, which is less frustrating...playing a dps disc priest that heals with atonement or playing shadow? As I said, I heal with Holy so for Disc I wouldn't mind being a hybrid if shadow is that bad but even then I'd focus more on damage and healing through atonement than straight healing. Thanks for your input!Wetbear3 Feb 5
Feb 5 Channeling and Spell Queueing? Hey all -- I use Quartz, which shows me the ticks for Mind Flay and Void Torrent. Am I clipping a tick on VoiT if I try to spell-queue a Mind Blast? Should I be using something like "/cast [nochanneling] Mind Blast" to avoid the clip, if so?Maebe4 Feb 5
Feb 5 Help me w/ sPriest (has Warcraft logs) Help with Shadow Priest (has Warcraft logs info) So i've been playing Shadow since the launch of Legion, loving every second of it. My Item level is pretty high (887 equipped) i know should be doing a lot more dps than what i am currently doing. Can someone read my logs and tell me what i am doing wrong so i can get better with my numbers. Thanks, Feb 5
Feb 5 haste vs mastery confusion (Shadow) a little confused why 12k haste is the goal for us and what the point of haste is really. i'm assuming more haste makes it easier to stay in voidform longer and makes the rotation feel smoother, however i've tried with 12k, 11k, 10k, and even 9k haste with openers and 2nd/3rd voidforms and i am able to get to the same stacks of voidform, all 40-41 in first, 30ish in 2nd etc with every differing amount of haste but my mastery is higher so technically wouldn't that be more dmg if i'm staying in voidform the same length of time no matter my haste amount?Caxian10 Feb 5
Feb 5 Void Torrent vs Mind Sear Passive When dealing with trash packs (say 4-5+) in an M+, what is the cutoff for using VoiT vs MF? I have all mobs dotted, enter Void Form. When is it better to just keep flaying?Maebe1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Anything I'm missing to get back into healing ?Ragnorock0 Feb 5
Feb 4 mends weak aura for nighthold how does this work? all im hearing is horns and stuff >_< i dont understand itNânâ8 Feb 4
Feb 4 Drop legendary to complete 4 set? Shadow priest wondering if I should drop legendary shoulders to complete my 4 set. I don't have a legendary to replace it so I would only be wearing one. Also I'll lose a lot of haste/mastery and about 8 equipped item levels. I actually noticed a dps loss after equipping the 4 set. Unsure how I should proceed here, any help would be appreciated. Also dropping 890 haste/mastery legs with socket for the 875 tier piece, and the vers/mastery cloak just seems really bad. I've read quite a bit, but nothing that covers this. Anyone know of an addon to sim my dps in current gear or something like that?Keliarix3 Feb 4
Feb 4 I'm sad :[ I'm sad. Just got my 4th legendary. Sephuz :[ I have Prydaz, Norgannons, Sephuz, and the useless disc gloves. WHYYYYYY. I want a cool one :( Someone cheer me up!Vollux33 Feb 4
Feb 4 Hpriest competitive? So i was super excited to get my priest to 110 and started gearing out. A friend of mine just told me that he droped his priest becuase he can not compet on meters with same gear lvl healers. He was telling me since 7.1.5 his healing decreased by 20 percent is this true? Can hpriest still compeat at high lvl? Either way im still going to roll my hpriest this is the most fun healing i have had in a long timeUnholyhelz17 Feb 4
Feb 4 Knockback or roots for shadow plz Can shadow priests get void tendrils back plz Blizzard, or a knock back like the ele shams? I'll even take back the roots from mind blast crits, something that gives me a fighting chance against melee. Mind bomb is useless sometimes I die before the damn bomb goes off. LolNutward5 Feb 4
Feb 4 shadowmend dmg effect [pvp] Hi. Could someone clarify the conditions for making shadowmend deal dmg? I've heard of people using the shadowmend DoT to break CCs but I haven't been able to get it to work. It seems like the DoT doesn't occur if I cast it on myself at 100% health, so I've tried using premonition then shadowmending myself but then the DoT disappears prematurely and doesn't break incoming CC. How do I properly use it to break polies/traps/incaps on myself? ThanksDoodooheadjr5 Feb 4
Feb 4 Aluriel's Mirror for Holy Priest? As a Holy Priest im wondering how good is aluriel´s mirror (890). should i use ir instead "Perfectly Preserved Cake (880)" considering i have enough mastery with the cake? stats with the cake: crit: 27% haste: 11% mastery: 41% Item links: (mirror) (cake)Roilorcas1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Bringing Vanilla memories (Xelroh) I just remember watching this in Vanilla, old good times. Just sharing it with you fellow priests: Feb 4
Feb 3 Help me with sPriest (has warcraftlogs) Help with Shadow Priest (has warcraft logs info) So i've been playing Shadow since the launch of Legion, loving every second of it. My Item level is pretty high (887 equipped) i know should be doing a lot more dps than what i am currently doing. Can someone read my logs and tell me what i am doing wrong so i can get better with my numbers. Thanks, Feb 3
Feb 3 Shadow legendaries? So today I completed the two legendary research, but have somehow been gifted with three legendaries. I have bracers, shoulders and norgannons foresight. Now, I know that the bracers are really good, but I cannot decide between the shoulders or the boots. The shoulders dont seem like that big of a DPS increase, and the haste on the shoes takes me to 12k haste (11300 with shoulders) but the boots special effect seems even more meh than the shoulders. Could anyone give me some quick advice on what to use? I tried simming, and they don't seem to be too far apart but I've never simmed before so I could be doing something very wrong.Rahin10 Feb 3
Feb 3 Shadow priest help! Need help on my build till I reach 12k haste on shadow, currently at 21% crit and21% haste and 51% mastery, Should I be running AS or sanlayn at this point for optimal dps till I get more haste gear? Please any suggestions help!Hexncrit14 Feb 3
Feb 3 Priest mount Ok, we know that the purple one is for shadow. But which is disc and which is holy? I feel like Disc should be the white one, and Holy should be the gold one. But i think blizz has it the other way around.Aruuragemuul5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Shadow ST Issues Hi, I am 885 and have 2 sets 20% crit 31% haste 74% mastery for SL 25% crit 27% haste 74% mastery for AS (can push for ~11200 haste but lose some crit) My DPS on Boss + strong add fights (Spellblade, Tich etc) is fine, np there My DPS on ST fights (Trilliax, Krosus) seems to be extremely lacking. In Heroic Krosus prog today, I was struggling to stay at 400-450k (we did not get to 35% so there is that, but we also used lust + flask pot food) also with lowert ilvl spriests doing roughly the same (same dps legendaries too tho) One possible issue is my weapon has two +% dmg to MB relics which is AIDS vs % dmg to VT or SW:P or even % shadow dmg, but not sure how much difference it makes Pre 7.1.5 I parsed in 80-90+ percentile (primarily based around StM tho) and I know all the basics (shadowfiend at high stacks for haste boost to his attacks, VoiT off the bat in most cases, VB>MB>VB>MF etc, PI at 18-20 stacks to push VF...) and am comfortable with rotation so *shouldn't* be a L2P issue, although I would def love any tips and feedback you can throw at me. I run ToF, LI and PI or Misery depending on the fight, usually SL for ST fights, AS for AoE fights, but AS seems to be pulling ahead ST too even with less haste. I have noticed that I am struggling to get to 40 stacks for PI voidform for pure ST, not always but I might be missing something there. Also on a slight tangent, I have noticed sometimes (including Krosus today) my SW:P would not go on him until I spammed it half a dozen times (would not show on his bar, no damage on meter) and no idea why, right towards the start still during lust.Trino14 Feb 3
Feb 3 Guardian Spirit and Necrotic Does anyone know how the +40% Healing Increase from Guardian Spirit interacts with Necrotic? Say someone has 33 stacks of necrotic (-99% healing taken). Would he be taking 1% healing? 41% healing? 1.4% healing?Moringa3 Feb 3
Feb 2 PW: shield random numbers Hello, So I just started to mess around on my disc priest alt and have noticed something odd. My shield seems to at times randomly be much stronger then normal, the tool tip says my shield should be hitting for about 180k but it hits for about 210k however at random it will proc for about 450k+ I know there is the talent that gives +30% to targets with atonement stack however this happens even without that. Am I missing something? is there a hidden proc somewhere I dont see anything in the weapon artifact tree or talents that would cause this.Rigen5 Feb 2
Feb 2 Where is priest's utility? Priests seem to have a real lack of utility compared to other healers. While other healers bring lust, battle or self rezzes, CC or auras/blessings. It feels like priest healers have a real lack of utility. I think mind control and shackle are basically it. Divine hymn if you're holy and a little extra DPS if you're disc. Am I missing something? Is there something in the priest specs that warrants this dearth of utility? EDIT: I've been reminded of Mass Dispel, life grip and feathers. Do priests feel like these are comparable to other healer's utility? They seem rather niche. What do you guys think?Shoopuf43 Feb 2
Feb 2 Clarity of Will should apply atonement Title. I feel it doesn't get talked about enough, possibly my biggest complaint about the spec.Phÿsh10 Feb 2
Feb 2 New to Holy Priest Ello ^^, i just got my priest to 110 last night and i wanna go holy on her for raids and dungeons but i've never healed current content so i'm a bit nervous about screwing up so i have a few questions, Is healing as holy difficult and is there anything i should be aware of. Ty for any replies :)Itazurana5 Feb 2
Feb 2 Spriest Mind Sear I'm pretty sure Blizzard got rid of Mind Sear for spriests i just want to know why they would do that and continue to have artifact traits like Void Corruption and other talents/gear that still affect this ability we no longer have? If i am mistaken on any of this please fill me in.Excercist3 Feb 2
Feb 2 Atonement Calculation Anyone have a reference to how atonement healing is calculated with all the Light's Wrath bonuses? Or is there a hidden diminishing returns? Offhandedly, I noticed that my atonement heals are not scaling with the "Atonement" listed in the spell book. The listed value is 53.1%, the actual heals are 42.4%. If I remove Light's Wrath, the atonement healing matches the listed value of 53.1%. So, anyone know what is at the heart of this reduction? Really would like to know for determining gear.Geomasochist17 Feb 2
Feb 2 Edge of insanity and spriest pvp I posted this in the class dev forum, but I figure I should post it here to get actual priests feedback as well. I would like to talk about edge of insanity (EoI) and its future in spriest pvp. For those who don't know, EoI increases all our damage done by 30% while we are at max insanity. The trade off being, we don't use void form (ie. No void bolt dot refresh or stacking haste), miss out on the effect of 2/3 of our gold traits, and our artifact ability (which needs buffed in pvp but that is separate issue). I imagine EoI's original intent was to allow spriest to opt for a more caster based, bursty playstyle in pvp. But what has ended up happening is that EoI is best for our damage over time playstyle (while our casted damage is abysmal except for shadow crash) because while using EoI, we don't have to worry about being interrupted/stunned/pseudo interrupted out of void form, thereby losing all our damage. As good as that sounds, I don't think any talent or ability should be best when it causes you to ignore the main mechanic and artifact of your spec. However I like the idea and freedom of being able to choose between a caster vs. Dot playstyle, so I propose these two paths: Option A: re-tune EoI to increase the damage of our non-dot spells and pets, and significantly buff them in pvp (especially shadow word:void). Option B: remove EoI and replace it with a talent that causes us to gain void form stacks faster (ie. x2 stacks per second). Option A allows blizzard to actually give us a viable casting option in pvp, while solidifying void forms focus and role on our dot playstyle. Option B cements us as a damage over time spec, and allows us to get something more out of void form, and keeps in theme with the tier. I personally like both options, but I lean towards A because having multiple playstyles is always better.Adíos19 Feb 2
Feb 2 Thinking of rolling a spriest.. Typically play solo. But I did finally get in with a guild, and wanting to know if spriest would be solid when it comes to raids, and mythic dungeons. Any input? Smart move? Looking for a caster and mage just doesn't feel rightVazzy11 Feb 2
Feb 1 Advice for a future Holy Priest Hello, I'm thinking about boosting to 100. My goal is to spec holy for raid healing. Not sure what the best path is to level to 110 without making it more difficult to gather artifact AP. I figure speccing shadow to 110 then respeccing is the way to go as usual. Double checking with you smarterer than me folks before I do though. Any advice on the best path to 110 for a hopeful holy priest? =) Thanks! p.s. anything else "I wish I would have done..." type stuff super much appreciated.Reflection14 Feb 1
Feb 1 Disc in wPVP - what did I miss?? Ok, admittedly I've not spent a lot of time this xpac playing priest, so I'm certainly very rusty. I am getting absolutely destroyed in wPVP even in 1:1 - against casters especially. is that the current state of affairs for disc in pvp? i remember not long ago nobody even bothered us in wpvp as we were impossible to kill short of 2:1 so a couple of things, certainly my gear is low (858 ilvl), and i'm admittedly rusty. but generally speaking is disc no longer the wpvp healing spec of choice? essentially it seems like we get locked out of our direct heal, our shield is laughable and our mobility is limited. just looking for some others who have either the same experience or perhaps i am completely out of touch on the changes to pvp and how we function.Hugodog11 Feb 1
Feb 1 RMP Healing Question Hey Guys. I've been queuing RMP as this priest for a few days now and I've played it a lot in the past, but I"m having trouble recently (I just started like 3 days ago.) My main problem is mana issues, I seem to go oom if a game goes longer than like 4 or 5 minutes, particularly vs Wizards / any kind of caster cleave. do I need that level 34 honour talent? Or what am I doing wrong?Elanar2 Feb 1
Feb 1 What spec should i level as? Ello ^^ I decided to level one of my priests from 100 but i haven't played her in a bit and i'm not sure what specs good for leveling. At the moment i'm shadow but it feels kind of weak and i'm considering going holy or disc for questing but i haven't played priest much so i decided to make this post, should i stay shadow or just change specs?Itazurana15 Feb 1
Feb 1 help with gear So I'm wondering of the 4 items below (the best I have atm I believe) which two/three I should be wearing ? I'm still trying to figure out all this gear... Also, what is more important? ilvl or the actual stats? I've been going after mostly items that boost my crit and haste. In that order. Any advice/suggestions most welcome. :) thanks! Ring of Exclusive Servitude Norgannon's Foresight Sephuz's Secret The Twins' Painful Touch and this is what I have on right now Sephuz's Secret The Twins' Painful Touch Unstable Horrorslime Brinewater Slime in a Bottle and a link to my profile if it helps :) Feb 1
Feb 1 State of Disc Priest in 3v3 7.1.5 So I've wanted to heal in 3v3 since forever and ever. I tink I'm finally going to do that. Priest has always been attractive to me. What are your opinions on the state of PvP disc as it compares to other healers in 7.1.5, specifically in the 3v3 bracket? I am aware of the fact that they were underwhelming from launch until now, but I have heard some hype about this patch in particular and the buffs it gave to disc. Looking at the ladders, it seems the 2300 to 2500 bracket is populated mostly by rdruids/mwmonks. Should i turn back before it's too late? Whatcha thinks? <3Lovesìck7 Feb 1
Feb 1 Disc DPS? Assuming for the moment that I'm in a 5-man and I never have to heal for whatever reason. Can anyone with an 860+ ilvl give me a ballpark of what kind of DPS to expect as disc? Like what can you hit on a target dummy at that ilvl if you optimize your rotation for DPS (penance, arti, smite within schism debuff etc.)?Rapstar19 Feb 1
Feb 1 Spriest 2s So guys, some of the higher rated spriests, 2k+ , what comps do you run in 2s? and what sort of comps give you trouble? I'm having alot of issues even staying alive let alone get any dots up etc. I'm constantly getting kicked way more often than 15s and I find it pretty close to impossible to be decent . I'm a 1900 player on all my other toons. Any tips?Yeshewa13 Feb 1
Feb 1 Disc gear PVE help. so i just got my haste to 28% witch i love but having a hard time with gear, Cragshaper's Fitted Hood (haste 28%) 875 item lev intel 1719 crit 623 haste 881 Purifier's Gorget heroic (haste 26% does give me 2 set) intel 1997 557 crit 1034 masry 682 leach i want to drop a mana trinket as well Cocoon of Enforced Solitude normal for H warforge Swarming Plaguehive but i do use the cocoon a lot in raid for the mana.Graceffa1 Feb 1
Feb 1 Why the change to holy ward They changed it from having infinite duration to 30 sec. Makes no sense to me. Just a quality of life degrade.Xtraice3 Feb 1
Feb 1 Shadow Priest Changes in Legion I just came back to WoW, two and half weeks ago, after about a year break. I noticed quite a few class changes, and yet some classes hardly changed. The bigest changed I personally noticed on my toons, is on my Hunter and Shadow Priest.. I used to love my Shadow Priest, but now I'm not sure if I will play on him this expansion. They changed it so much.. The one thing I can't figure out, is why remove the healing spell ? They left the ablity to rez people, but took away a most basic function.. The only way to heal now, is to creat dmg on the mob. Maybe I gotta play on him so more to get used of the changes, and get a feel for the class. They used to be pretty simple, but now they seem complicated. Yet they are the top dps on the charts right now..Replicator2 Feb 1