Sep 11 Shadow and Disc devs Find new jobs, because these specs are terrible. At least try to get out of these roles before the next xpac. Maybe you could go try to add some cumbersome mechanics to holy pally or moonkin to make them "unique" or "fun" or whatever other word you want to use to describe the garbage you have made here.Saseko60 Sep 11
Sep 11 Holy pvp talent options limited Is it just me or is there one choice in every row of talents for holy priests that is far superior to the others? This seems to run counter to Blizzard's intentions that every talent row offer an interesting choice. Glad medallion is mandatory. Inner focus to avoid the ridiculous amount of interupts. Purification is mandatory. Greater Fade is mandatory. Rapid Mending is one of the few talents that maybe could be replaced...but i wouldn't give up my instant cast PoM. Ray of Hope is mandatory. Are any other holy priests using the other talents at all?Undergeared1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Spriest always in shadowform?!? I am wanting to reroll and play from 1 as a priest, but I absolutely want to be able to see my sweet gear! I don't understand why you wouldn't allow this? I have no doubt this is a constant complaint from priests...Poetree3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Suggestions for my Disc Would you folks mind checking out my priest and suggesting where I could improve (Disc) gear wise. Thanks a bunch!Frankzåppa6 Sep 11
Sep 11 Interested in Discipline Priest Hello everyone! I'm currently thinking about making a healing class, but I'm also a big fan of doing damage. I heard that Discipline was a hybrid of sorts and was wondering if it would be solid choice for this.Queldrin20 Sep 11
Sep 11 Tier 20 Set and Castigation So the tier 20 first set bonus says the first bolt of penance does 100% of the damage and healing. If you are specced into Castigation, its actually the second bolt that receives the bonus. Before 7.3, it worked the other way and has only recently changed to this. How does this get fixed?Brope0 Sep 11
Sep 10 Guardian Spirit Rated Arena Help I've done about 15 arenas now as holy priest and every time I use guardian spirit my target just dies anyways. I know there's a damage threshold and its supposed to be 200% of MAX health but there's no way everyone in arena's is hitting me or my DPS for 6m+ even with execute abilities I've never seen a hit that high in arena. Anyone have any insight into what might be happening? And yes it IS casting on them and IS UP when they take lethal damage. TL:DR: Guardian Spirit wont save lives. why?Årryn1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Guardian Spirit not triggering in 3v3 arena I've been having an issue where Guardian Spirit doesn't trigger in 3v3 arena and I just die instantly. Video of the issue happening: In this video I use it with about 25% hp, it has 6 seconds left when I get taken to 0% hp and I just die instantly. Needs to be fixed ASAP I'm losing points because of this.Grizdale7 Sep 10
Sep 10 Healing Spec PVP Bug? Hey all, I'm fairly new to PVP and just want to casually do battlegrounds but I can't switch specs as Healer in PVP. I'm more familiar healing groups as Holy spec, but when the game starts it locks me in as Disc and I dislike the play-style and much rather prefer Holy. Is there a way around this?Serena2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Enemygrid broken? Can't target? Updated Enemygrid to latest update for today, but I can't target enemies using it, nor can I use mouseover macros on the windows. Did they nerf this? Going to be HELL for me multidot in dungeons now if they did.Alcsear8 Sep 10
Sep 10 Help with Spriest Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I know my ilvl is not that high and I need more haste but I just feel I am missing so much more. I have gone over my rotation over and over and I have picked up some suggestions on this site. Here are my most recent logs could someone perhaps provide some suggestions Sep 10
Sep 10 Help with shadow priest I have been a Disc priest up until now and I want to try shadow priest, I was looking up some rotations and they say to cast void bolt but it is a passive and a skill like I'm not sure how to use it once i get into voidform.Inomz5 Sep 10
Sep 10 PLaying my Spriest r they even good at higher levels, i rarely see them in bgs and while playing one i barely kill someone before running away to heal before imminent deathJoshuagross5 Sep 10
Sep 10 Reality Breacher Received a 955 Titanforged Reality Breacher in the weekly chest this week and wondering if anyone has any numbers on it on if its any good or not. Seems to proc a lot and for Mythic+ atleast makes up a noticeable chunk of damage of packs. Wondering if any testing has been done on it for raids. Howtopriest doesnt seem to have it included in the trinket sims and Publik's youtube channel has nothing current, only that its being tested. Anyone else in the same boat more or less with this trinket?Fáíth1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Question regarding shadow covenant If I use shadow covenant on a target with atonement while I have the Grace talent, does the heal absorb also get increased by 30% along with the healing, or is it a fixed amount? For example, lets say it does 1000 healing and 500 heal absorb is applied. Would it be 1300 healing 500 heal absorb, or 1300 healing 650 heal absorb?Luxumbral7 Sep 10
Sep 9 Getting a little bummed on Spriest :( The sky is falling threads I'm constantly running into, being told they are garbage for M+, that people will skip them for M+ and raids etc etc etc. All the negativity is just making regret playing a class I thought was interesting and now. Is it really this bad? What class should I switch to you think? was thinking maybe frost mage/mm Hunter or feral druid? I also have a 905 WW monk.Dithus4 Sep 9
Sep 9 So if disc heals by damage... does a shadow priest still do the same, just less healing i suppose? at least i remember shadow used to heal a bit via its damage. thanks!PlayerVQCPYK2 Sep 9
Sep 9 To all the trolls and pandaren out there Just came back and trying to decide which to boost. Lemme see those armories.Shabalala14 Sep 9
Sep 8 Looking for Assistance with Shadow First off, I know I'm missing a gem and my enchants. I basically replaced everything last raid, so I haven't had time to get those things. I also only got the four-set that last raid. But I'm looking for feedback on where I should focus on finding upgrades for my gear (have the crystals for a couple Argus items), and where I can improve on my rotation. I don't have a ton of logs, but I do have a few from our last raid. I was playing as Shadow from the Sisters of the Moon through KJ. On most of our KJ wipes I was shadow, but on the kill I played as Holy (needed that extra bit of healing that night). I feel like I'm following the rotation as best I can, but I'm still sitting pretty much at the bottom of the meter. This is a pretty fresh 110, so I can understand starting out low, but now that my gear has broken over 900 I feel like I should at least be able to compete with our other lower DPS.Aryänna5 Sep 8
Sep 8 Wanting to heal again.. Will my current gear work for healing? I main Shadow, but lately I've been getting that itch to heal, and the best way I know to cure it is to heal for a bit >_> Would my shadow gear be OK for healing just basic stuff like LFR, and possibly Normal raids?Ellwindris7 Sep 8
Sep 8 Permanent Shadow Form We need a glyph that allows to always re enter shadow form upon respawning from death or changing talents. I don't see why they changed it back in the first place.Nagasis5 Sep 8
Sep 8 Voidform & Shath'yar Speak. Can we please have a way to glyph out of this...? Many of us use addons that /say the mechanic that we are currently being affected with so everyone else can see, including ourselves, but since we don't really understand the gibberish we are saying it makes mechanics that much more of a problem when some of us rely on reading the /say message. Sure it's class fantasy...but who actually /says something during voidform when all our focus is to stay in voidform other than an addon trying to announce a mechanic?Spongebob29 Sep 8
Sep 8 Does the new shadow affect your sight? I have to zoom out as much as possible so my priest is small, but if I'm closer for some reason I start to squint and have to rub my eyes a lot with this now shadow form effect. I had a similar issue with the priest mount when it'd fly and that sparkly !@#$ would get all over the screen before they tuned down the effect. It might be the ugly dusty looking poofs of shadow that keep happening but it's so annoying.Arthemisa8 Sep 8
Sep 8 New Voidform Model Any chance we can get the model for Voidform changed? The current one is stupid looking and kinda sucks. Maybe into the model of Decimatus. That would be pretty sweet. Since we float around now the animations wouldn't be an issue. Sep 8
Sep 8 Sisters of the Moon and Xal'atath post fight. Any1 notice the pop up button after you beat the Sisters of the Moon? it casts your weapon and you take a ton of damage...are you suppose to have your healers heal you through that?Rivernia7 Sep 8
Sep 8 Levitate + Jump D/C bug I have noticed in the past couple days, if I am levitating on my spriest, then i jump while levitating down some stairs, or off a pier, but jumping while levitating from a higher level to a lower one, more often than not I will disconnect from the server upon landing. It has happened at least 7-8 times in the past couple days, and the pattern is very recognizable. The error i get is WOW51900319.Invisibles7 Sep 8
Sep 8 Should Shadow get the Moonkin fix? (Posted in "Class Dev", but ghost town there) I played Priest for many years. Switched to Boomie for WoD and Legion. Heroic raider. The new shadow animations finally called me home to Priest again. Early on in Legion, Boomie was awful for decent on-demand AoE, especially in small group content. Bliz fixed this for boomies through adjusting talents without breaking ST. It's not perfect. It's feast or famine. But Boomies can at least have an option now with a choice between a competitive AoE spec, or strong ST. Now that Blizz has proven this is possible, why not give shadow the same treatment? I know Shadow is more effective in higher keys, and the same can be said with Boomies, but druid AoE isn't as completely laughable at low levels, as shadow is-especially since talent choice with shadow is so abysmal overall. It's ripe for a similar adjustment. Curious what the longer-term shadow folks this expansion think since I admittedly just started getting my feet....shadowy..again. TLDR: Boomie AoE woes in small group content fixed with talent adjustments to provide real options. Same approach for Shadow due?Kralyn14 Sep 8
Sep 8 Glyph of Lightspawn Doesn't work with Mindbender. /sighUlyia1 Sep 8
Sep 7 Holy Priest - BiS Legendary Question What are my 2 best legendary items? Maybe give me a top 5 list. I assume Velen's is one - which I have. Is the 2nd the cloak? I have the cloak, but my neck was only 875 so I swapped to Prydaz and plan to try not to die much.Avabelle28 Sep 7
Sep 7 Disc priest Look... this is just unfair. Why on Earth do holy and shadow get a cool kneeling animation when they summon their class mounts, but disc just uses the standard casting animation?!?!? Please Blizz, these are the real issues with the game!Venjren13 Sep 7
Sep 7 Question about Mind Flay Greetings fellow priests! I have a question =) I was wondering if, during Void Form, it is worth canceling Mind Flay to use Void Bolt and Mind Blast. I do it out of habit (I also do it when not in Void Form whenever Mind Blast is off CD...) and I'm just wondering if that's correct.Ellwindris3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tracking atonement issues hey all. I have been doing some reading and most people in the community track atonement using the default blizzard UI frames. I recently decided to stop using elvui and have a more 'simplistic' UI without 230478923 things on my screen, so now that I'm using the default UI, I'm having issues tracking atonement. The standard at least for my game, is by just putting a small green line next to the raid/party members frame indicating atonement is active on them. With other icons showing my bubble etc it's really hard to see it. Do any of you have a simplistic Weakauras or other addon to help you track atonement on group members? I saw an addon for it but it was a highly detailed bar that I'm not interested in. Maybe just like a blue square on a corner of their raid frame or something like that. I'm not very good with making my own Weakauras so if someone could post a import string I could use that would be great. Thanks! -From a bored warlock trying a new class to spice things up.Litharus5 Sep 7
Sep 7 Shadow Priest- When to use Void Eruption? So while running dungeons and stuff, I’ve noticed it doesn’t take me long at all to get to 100 insanity, but right now I typically wait till I get to a boss or longer trash fight to use Void Eruption, since it has so much potential to go for a longer period of time, and because I don’t want to waste it on a short fight. I’m trying to find a mid way point of when to use it and when not to use it. I know that as I get to higher level dungeons the adds usually take longer anyways. Obviously, if I use it more my DPS will probably go up. I still want to only use it effectively, however. So, when do you guys typically use void eruption? I hate wasting damage cooldowns, so I’d like to use it at least semi frequently and get more use out of it.Arrandevyn6 Sep 7
Sep 7 Penance effect - Pillow fluff Old Penance : VLOOOM VLOOOM VLOOOOM! New penance : pft.... pft... pft I want it back!Peganistica20 Sep 7
Sep 7 How is the new 935 alchemy trinket for holy? I made one last night and it seems quite strong. 10.5k not is almost a 20% int and it procs all the time +40% mana potions is nice. It's especially good when combined with the legendary cloak as you get to benefit from it twice. My priest was low on vers (2%) so a little extra vers is welcome. Thoughts?Daywatcher5 Sep 7
Sep 6 Am I missing something? Fellow Priests: I have a question about healing style. My friend is in a mythic guild that has a priest whose main heals are echo, renew, serenity (in order of most healing done). Is spamming renew the new way to heal this patch? If so, I need to get with the program on my own priest-but I thought renew was inefficient and not really worth it. Thanks.Opiana7 Sep 6
Sep 6 Levitate Disconnect Issues Seems i am getting disconnected after casting levitate quite a bit. Thought it was limited to bg's, but it did it in the class hall just now as well.Bocodlock4 Sep 6
Sep 6 Non voidform damage feels so low? Is this normal? Normal every day questing on argus I notice If I pull one mob, mind blast -> dots -> flay -> mindblast im still forced to pop voidform or the mobs die so slow. Is it my gear causing this? why do I feel so !@#$ty outside of voidform? Lack of legendaries?Dithus8 Sep 6
Sep 6 Annals of Light and Shadow bug FIX Hello my priests and priestesses, After getting over the required 12 Annals (by a lot), sending in 3 tickets, making 2 phone calls, and countless hours put into eating my emotions away with McDonalds while every other class around me gets their Hidden Artifact Appearances, a GM finally told me what the bug is that was preventing me from getting the dialogue with Archivist Inkforge. Basically, Annals are on a weekly reset, meaning a single Annal is a weekly quest that resets when raids/weekly quests/seals, etc. all reset. If you got AK knowledge 4 and started your Annal hunt the day of reset like I did, but didn't get all 12 before the reset occurred, then there's a good chance the bug hit you over the head. The bug is simple: When the weekly reset occurs, one or more of your Annals will bug out and you'll have to go get it again. For me, I had to speak to Archivist Inkforge again to make Annals lootable, and I had to go back to loot the SCARLET HALLS book a second time. To figure out which Annals of Light and Shadow you're missing, use this script: /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(QUESTID)) You can find the quest ID's for the Annals here: Run the script for each Annal, and see which one is missing for you. Even if you know you have looted it, there's a very good chance one or more bugged out during the weekly reset and are no longer valid, thus needing to be looted again. GM ticket copy pasta for validootery: "Hello Kyle, I am Game Master Eilyndae. I hope you’re doing well. :) I've read over your ticket and I can understand your frustration on this issue. These hidden appearances are a bit of big deal. There is actually not much I can tell you about these. We are all kind of in the same boat when it comes to them. The dev team likes their mysteries and they guard them closely. There are many guesses right now on how to get these items but just like the recently unlocked World Boss the devs are not going to tell us how to get these. The idea behind them is for the community to work together and puzzle out how to get them. But I can confirm that you are missing one of the books that is needed to trigger that dialogue option from Inkforge. The books are a on a weekly reset, this was done so that if someone accidentally destroyed them, they would not be forever unable to complete the progress. However it also means that it is completely possible to get more than the required 12 books but you do need to have completed all of the book pick up quests to be able to trigger Inkforge's dialogue option. Now for the even more frustrating part, I know you are missing the quest to pick up one of the books but I don't know which location that book is in... You can even check your progression on these books by using the command below in game. (I use this all the time to check if I have completed a quest or not. While there are many ways to look up quest IDs, I prefer WoWhead for this since the quest ID is always the number after quest= in their URLS) /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(QUESTID)) So for say the first book you get that is quest ID 44342 the script would look like- /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44342)) I also found this link that might help you narrrow down which book is missing as it has the links for each of the books The bug the first Game Master was likely talking about was that Inkforge could, for some unknown reason, offer that first book to priests under level 110, that issue seems to have already been resolved and doesn't appear to be affecting your character. I hope this info helps to clear up your situation, and I appreciate your patience while I looked into it for you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you require any further assistance. Have a nice day!" ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't know why he called me Kyle though. My name is nowhere near "Kyle".. Silly GM's. I don't even know a Kyle. Who names their kid Kyle these days? Parents as silly as some GM's I bet. If you have any questions hit me up; I know this is a little confusing. Summary: Weekly reset buggedand gets rid of some tomes' validity. Run script to see which ones you need to loot/re-loot. Have an awesome day.Glimmer28 Sep 6
Sep 5 Random disc thought So I have more or less tried to main priest since tbc in one way or another and I know saying this is super random and likely super unpopular... but I'm sitting here on the pot after waking up from a wicked dream to nature's call. I think disc would make a better tank than healer. The idea of reducing incoming damage or healing through damage dealt if tweaked a tad bit could really fit a tank. PW shield could apply % damage reduction that tapers off from a large number to a smaller number as our active mitigation. Give it a couple stacks and make timing it essential. Atonement is placed on the priest and provides either shielding or self healing (or both even). Atonement could be placed on the other tank as well even as an external CD. Barrier could stay the same all together for raid utility. And they simply have a passive through their discipline to have increased damage resistance or armor. Target with the dot on them could radiate damage taken by penance as the aoe grab and a psychic scream/mind control could be turned into aoe/single target taunts. I know most people haven't made it this far through the post, I just am pained by the happenings of the holy vs disc discussions year after year. 1 day your a noob for playing disc and the next your a noob for not playing disc. It would also save the healing meta from the danger that is a spec with a ton of absorbs (they mostly dealt with that this expansion but with the hate toward disc this go around I feel the storm of change growing again.) Plus a clothy tank I can put in a sweet sweet mechanic mog and ride around as a fat panda engineer tank!Ultraplush12 Sep 5
Sep 5 WHY DO WE FLOAT SO MUCH NOW?? Like half the spells have us sparkling and floating up what is this twilight? I'm no vampire.......Bershalar25 Sep 5
Sep 5 Problem with disc dps macros not working. Disc dps macros would randomly stop working in dungeon. Any idea why? I mean, they would work one second and not another. Then at some point work again.Randalflag11 Sep 5
Sep 5 Pvp healing I just curious how holy priest can do 150 mil healing in a 10-15 man bg. I'm disc and I do very little compared since I'm all about preventing damage. I tired holy but I got owned all the time since I could never survive an attack.Whiteflamez3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Priest class mount I think this thing looks awesome and am tempted to level up a priest just to get it, but it's come to my attention that's an unpopular opinion. Do a majority of priests really find this thing to be stupid looking?Plagueborne68 Sep 5
Sep 5 Buying boost Are you allowed to use battlenet cards you buy in a store(Gamestop) to use on a character boost. Can you use only 30 dollars of credit and pay the rest with a credit card?Whiteflamez0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Starting Holy Late I have found I like the healing style of Holy better than Discipline. But I have a lot of AP invested in my Disc weapon. This late in the game is it even worth it for me to start on my holy weapon? Should I just stick to Disc at this point?Stori3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Quest lvling 98-110 Best spec to make it as quick as possible? Not particularly inspired by Shadow at this point, is it still the better option?Sylrael2 Sep 5
Sep 5 What its the point of Gliph of Lightspawn When Mindbender overwrites it because it doesnt work for Mindbender at all? I mean, Balance's Gliph of Stars doesnt disappear when you use Incarnation and it actually adds extra particle effects, so Mindbender should either give another cooler model, or at least dont overwrite it at all.Rianlor3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Mastery: Absolution. Wouldnt it be better if the mastery portion of atonement gave a shield instead of a heal? It would help towards what i think is the problems of our class design. 1.- Would help us with burst damage (since we would effectively raise the health of our party through atonement), this is specially concerning with things like grievous which are hell for Disc priests. 2.- Would allow us to be more competitive in raid enviroments (where you cant control the whack-a-mole, which leads to us being masters of overhealing ATM). 3.- Would keep us with mana management and doing consistent damage. Right now if nobody is taking damage it makes no sense to keep spending your mana attacking, while other healing classes are doing almost as much damage as us by using their off-spells during these phases (1% extra damage through traits have really added up). We no longer have a big advantage of bringing damage to the party while still face the same limitations. 4.- It would make atonement in general our primary heal, which in turn would make mastery an overall more useful attribute and it would make grace less of a must have when being a solo healer.Rodruun12 Sep 5
Sep 5 Recruiters bugged in class hall? anyone else experiencing an issue where you can't interact with the priest class hall recruiters for both the zealots and acolytes?Noobender12 Sep 5