Jul 13 Rogue Leveling FAQ (7.x) Updated: 12/17/16 for 7.x. This FAQ is for new rogues. It is full of simplifications and generalizations. The focus is on optimal leveling speed and viability. This is not how things will work for end game pve/pvp. Be sure to read though the notes, as I've tried to explain major exceptions and caveats. Bold/underline is direct question answer. But, as you will see, many choices can not be made in a vacuum. If any class is about experimentation and situational planning, the rogue class is and to fully understand the class, you will need to think this way as well. If you'd like, you can join the Ravenholdt discord server to chat with other rogues here: Or you can contact me on twitter or email. Twitter/Gmail: wavefunctionpAeriwen399 Jul 13
Jun 19 Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's (Last updated March 4, 2017.) Raiding. Gear. Stats. Secrecy. Poison. Murder. Deceit. There's so much to know about being a rogue! What's a pirate-spy-ninja-sassin to do? Nothing. You're screwed. You'll never be any good. Oh! Sorry; force of forum habit -- I meant the opposite of that. Whether you're new to the class or a grizzled veteran, there's always more to learn about playing a rogue. In this thread, I’ll do my best to answer commonly asked questions on a range of rogue topics. At present I'm keeping this thread focused on end-game PvE questions only (i.e., primarily raid-relevant stuff). If you've got any suggestions, Q's you'd like to see A'd, corrections or general death threats, feel free to post in this thread, flip me the bird at @SvelteKumquat or email me at I look forward to completely ignoring your heartfelt messages.Rfeann230 Jun 19
Feb 3 Jo's Compendium of Mutilating: Seeya in 7.0! DISCLAIMER: This guide is outdated currently! It will likely not be updated until a few weeks after Legion launches. Until then, I will be changing things over time, so don't be surprised if things don't make sense! The tell all guide to assist you in plunging two daggers into the heart of Archimonde! Learn how to maximize your defense! Be the envy of the other melee in the raid! Live through extreme damage! Pull more burst than ever before! Be the prize member of your raid team! (Warning: Do not attempt any of the practices in this guide unless you are an Assassination spec'd Rogue!) ~Changelog~ 10/16/14 - The Iron Tide crashes into Azeroth! Made my first pass at updating the guide for the new patch and decorated the hidden gumdrops with spikes of iron and bone. 10/18/14 - Herped my derp and missed some things with the 6.0.2 patch update, changed the stat section. Began the Great Changelog Purge to prevent having the changelog become half the guide. 10/22/14 - Found more missed parts of the guide, mostly wording to things that aren't around anymore like profession bonuses. Updated gem section and some talent descriptions. 11/10/14 - Updated rotation section to reflect the pandemic changes affecting Envenom. 11/14/14 - Started updating the guide for Warlords of Draenor. 11/17/14 NEW N' TASTY! Finished updating to level 100 Warlords. Combined enchant and gem section, eliminated some outdated wording, added new glyph recommendations, added new talent tier, reworked stat priorities, changed rotation guidelines and covered everything in a delicious Lemon Zest. Removed Herobrine. 11/19/14 - Made some changes to the 100 talent tier section. and expanded on the rotation section to accommodate for Shadow Reflection. 11/21/14 - Changed the enchant recommendations, elaborated more on multi-target section. Released the Molten Corgis. 12/02/14 - Expanded on the rotation section. 01/06/15 - It's a new year! Finally got off my lazy butt and updated example fights for talent descriptions. Also updated the enchantment section. 01/17/15 - Added a paragraph on Vanish and Premeditation into the rotation section, expanded on Vendetta section. Changed some syntax and grammar choices. Removed all parasprites and sent them back to the Everfree Forest. 02/02/15 - BRF OR BUST! Began updating the guide for Blackrock Foundry. Lamented that 'Blackrock n' Roll' doesn't fit as the new tag line. 02/19/15 - Stopped being lazy and updated enchant section to reflect Shattered Hand losing value. 02/25/15 - Updated Leeching Poison for the new changes in 6.1. Removed Herobrine. Or added. I forget at this point. 03/02/15 - Updated the foreword section with another communication option. 06/29/15 - Patch time! Started updating the guide for 6.2: Fury of Hellfire. 09/3/15 - I'm still alive! Finished updates for 6.2... Almost three months after the patch came out. Changed references to Premeditation to Preparation. 04/27/16 - Since there's very likely to be no update until Legion, I had some fun with the title. Compendium of Mutilating 1. Your Initiation - Foreword (J1): 2. Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2): 3. Your Build - Talents and Glyphs (J3): 4. Your Gear - Stats, Enchanting and Gemming (J4): 5. Your Cunning - Common Tips, Tricks and Strategems (J5): 6. Your Victory - Afterword (J6): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Initiation - Foreword (J1) The first spec on your left, Assassination has classically been a bit of an oddball spec. Originally following the same path as the Arcane spec for Mages, in the early days of the old talent point system, most Rogues only ventured into the tree for Seal Fate, a talent that gave extra combo points on critical combo point generating moves like Backstab and Sinister Strike, or for Cold Blood, a now deprecated talent that used to ensure a critical strike on your next ability. As it went through expansions it slowly began to gain traction until Cataclysm, when Assassination was able to hold it's own against the other two specs. Now, Assassination is as competitive, if not more so, than Combat and Sub. The rotation is simple and requires less management than the other two specs and pulls exceptional numbers. Assassination has come a long way from it's origins. This compendium will help you identify common Rogue terms, maximize your gear, talents and glyphs, and perfect your strategy in raid encounters during patch 6.0.3: Warlords of Draenor. Most of the advice in this guide will focus on preparing you for Blackrock Foundry (Which releases on February 2nd.) but should apply just as well to previous raid tiers and other content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to leave them in a reply to this thread! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I also have a Twitter! Just send a tweet to @JoTheRogue to chat! ... Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2) Common Terms AP - Attack Power Crit - Critical Strike Rating Mastery - Mastery Rating Multi - Multistrike Rating Vers - Versatility Haste - Haste Rating CD - Cooldown GCD - Global Cooldown Common Assassination Abilities and Abbreviations (Stuff that should be on your bars) Mutilate (Mut) Dispatch Marked for Death (MfD) Shuriken Toss (Toss) Rupture (Rup) Garrote Cheap Shot (CS) Kidney Shot (KS) Envenom Slice and Dice (SnD) Recuperate (Recup) Shadowstep (Step) Burst of Speed (BoS) Sprint Deadly Poison Leeching Poison Crippling Poison (Crip) Gouge Blind Kick Feint Evasion Combat Readiness Stealth Vanish Fan of Knives (FoK) Crimson Tempest (Tempest) Vendetta Smoke Bomb Cloak of Shadows (Cloak, CloS) Sap Venom Rush (Rush, VR, Lemon Zest) Shadow Reflection (SR) Death from Above (DfA) Non-Assassination Abilites and Abbreviations (Things that can't be on your bars, for reference) Hemorrhage (Hemo) Backstab (BS) Shadow Dance (ShD) Sinister Strike (SS) Blade Flurry (Flurry, BF) Killing Spree (Spree) Revealing Strike (RS) Adrenaline Rush (AR)Jokaste264 Feb 3
Nov 1 Shadow Dance and the Stealth Bar We’ve been reading all of the feedback throughout beta regarding Shadow Dance and the desire to have it use the “Stealth action bar.” To get right to the point, after an upcoming hotfix, Subtlety Rogues will find that Shadow Dance swaps their main action bar to the alternate bar that is used while in Stealth. For a bit of context on the late change to our thinking on this: we rarely allow automatic functionality (such as action bar swaps, or macros) to choose between core damage abilities on the player’s behalf. We believe it’s important that the player has to make those choices themselves. The Rogue Stealth bar has always been a minor exception to this, but for many years, the Stealth bar was only active for the single ability you used to open a combat, and was not seen again for the duration of combat (other than with Vanish). The ability to bind your openers to the same buttons as your rotational abilities was a convenience that didn’t affect your use of abilities in combat. However, the new Shadow Dance (and to a lesser extent Subterfuge), has resulted in some Rogues regularly using openers during combat, as elements of their rotation. In this case, the Stealth bar changes from a minor convenience that lets you place once-per-combat buttons on more convenient keybinds, to actually making regular, mid-combat decisions for you. That said, after following the ongoing discussions and carefully considering your feedback, we understand the desire for consistency with other abilities that allow Stealth-only actions. Given the gray area that Shadow Dance is in, and the widespread feedback that using the Stealth bar would be more consistent and intuitive, we’ve decided to go ahead and allow Shadow Dance to once again swap your main action bar. This hotfix is scheduled to live with weekly restarts in each region. A few details for players who use macros to further manage their buttons: Shadow Dance will be treated similarly to Subterfuge for the purposes of macro conditionals. It will not activate [stealth], but it will activate [stance:2]. If you want to make a macro that mimics the behavior of the main bar (i.e. swapping when you have any of Stealth, Vanish, Subterfuge, or Shadow Dance), you can use the macro conditional [bonusbar:1].Ornyx127 Nov 1
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Rogues: Please Read! Welcome to the Rogue forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the rogue class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
13m The Thief, The Shadow For a while now I've been feeling that Subtlety is in need of a good rework, and perhaps others have too. A rework that carefully considers what it means to be a Subtlety rogue beyond the generic fan service assumption of being a Japanese Ninja (even though their form is comparable) So what does it mean to be subtle? Often we equate this to being "sneaky", hiding amongst the shadows. While that thought does hold merit, this term can be further analyzed for a greater understanding. To be subtle is to have great Mastery, to be deft or skillful in your art. Therefore Subtlety does not mean that you are being sneaky or quiet, but rather, your mastery of the shadows is what draws you to be so great at it. Maybe few consider that this also draws down to combat in terms of weapon-mastery (which does so happen to be a Subtlety talent in the first tier). A person who bothers with such skill is likely to be very artful in their fighting, taking pride in their art which is only slightly different from the operations of an Assassin or Outlaw rogue. An Assassin looks for a means of strategically executed elimination, someone who may have access to some of the best available tools/devices or methods to get the job done and therefore would require adequate training or specialization in these methods. This is someone who favors efficiency over flare, knowing they must stick to the plan or risk failure. An Outlaw rogue likely takes life by the day as it comes, beyond their good footing and swordplay; do not care to invest too much into perfecting more "academic" alternatives. Guns therefore make for an effective immediate upper-hand in a fight. And are willing to resort to dirty methods to improvise. They're rough enough to go toe-to-toe and skilled enough fencer to exploit their foes, but it wont be enough on its own to take them down. Subtlety no doubt has it's expertise in all things hidden and deceptive, fitting into a variety of roles, from thieves, infiltrators, illusionists, masters of the shadow. But it is less considered --even if seemingly contradictory; that a stealth rogue would potentially be flamboyant in their technique (Outlaw coming next on the list) like a Blade Dancer. Consider that to be subtle is to have finesse, which can be thought of an artful quality of refined delicacy, I therefore made the deduction that a subtlety rogue would to varying degrees, be the kind to take pride- sometimes excessive pride, in what it is they do. The kind to be bragging about places they've broken into, any manner of heists they've pulled off. But letting their fighting martial-art do the talking for them as they use flare to distract and pull off some impressive feats that don't necessarily make it the most powerful or efficient fighting style, but one of skill and fun. Now I'm aware these are all very comparable attributes to a Ninja, but Ninja's are in part one cultural angle of this that doesn't need to be embody what is reflected in a subtlety rogue's play style. I by no means would suggest that Subtlety should ditch all what it has now for a "dagger dancing" fighting style, but these are thoughts I've had over the last year which I never got around to writing out, in thought of new ways to approach changes and reworks to the specialization, likened to what they've done with Combat. To me Shadowdancing lost its appeal once the hide-in-plain-sight rotation was cast out after TBC, and to me it has felt like it's simply there as a rotation piece without achieving too much of what it's meant to be done. Using stealth skills outside of stealth? It felt to me we had replaced backstab with another backstab just they made one weaker and this time you need to use a cooldown which can be horribly interrupted.. but also has the convenience of using other in-stealth abilities. I could never set my mind on what sort of abilities I would suggest or add to give more vision to the subtlety class given the 3 talent system, as it makes it hard to keep all of them relevant. So, these have been my thoughts, hope it's been enjoyed!Velrhûn5 13m
22m SnD for Outlaw? I've took a break during the beginning of 7.3 and seemed a little burnt out on my enhance shaman, and I've been hunting for a replacement to run around Argus with. I have an old Outlaw Rogue that's at level cap. I switched off of her because I wasn't a tremendous fan of Roll the Bones, and SnD was a terrible replacement. So is it viable enough to get into Mythic Dungeons and Raids, or should I just wait for the atrophy to run its course and keep playing my enhance shaman?Sepset0 22m
23m OUTLAW vs Agatha guide (Mage tower Challenge) Hey guys! This challenge is very, very hard for us Outlaws, so here is a short guide on what worked for me, and a video of my kill. Agatha is all about add management. Kill the adds correctly and efficiently, and you will have time left over to DPS her. I cannot stress enough that this fight is about the adds above all else. The video: RTB STRATEGY Bones values in this fight are as follows: 1. True Bearing 2. Grand Melee 3. The rest On the pull, try to fish for True Bearing. This will give you frequent Adrenaline Rushes, providing more than enough energy for Crimson Vial (if needed), frequent Sprints to reduce damage (feint) and get to the different adds, and of course, additional damage from MFD. Grand melee is an obvious one, as the leech will save you in many situations but is not required.. You can get plenty of self-healing from Greed procs, Crimson Vial, and good use of Cloak. Basically go for True Bearing, anything else is an added bonus. Sticking with Grand Melee for too long will cause your damage to drop off and you'll just fall behind on adds (more on this in a sec). GEARING STRATEGY Basically, go with what you've been using and what you're comfortable with. I experimented with Will of Valeera, an intuitive go-to, but it didn't work well for me. Sure, I healed through stuff, but at great energy cost, causing me to fall behind on adds. Instead of using Will, try and rely on good Bones RNG to keep you alive. My go-to's are Mantle, and Greenskins. Mantle provides you with very strong burst on adds when needed (via Vanish), and Greenskins provides that single-target boost to chew through her absurd 103M health pool. But again, go with what you're comfortable with and have the most practice on. You DO NOT need Valeera for this fight. TALENTS General raid talents. Nothing unconventional is needed here; however, I did experiment a bit, so here's what I found. Dirty Tricks is a must, for free Gouges on the Imp Servants. Grapple vs Acrobatic Strikes: I feel that Grapple is a trap. Do NOT use it here, as you will have trouble positioning around the green puddles and killing adds that inevitably spawn on top of them. Rely on True Bearing to refresh Sprint, and that is all the mobility you'll need for when she teleports. THE FIGHT The pull: On pull, she spawns three Smoldering imp adds that fire spells at you. Cleave these down with your opening burst on the boss. Shortly after, she spawns two of the next type of adds. These ignore you, and instead attempt to channel a heal onto Agatha. Kick one, bring it to the other. Gouge the second one since your interrupt is down. Make sure you have MFD up for these, and all subsequent add spawns. Good MFD usage is how Outlaw can get through this. Umbral imps: after a little while, she will spawn a new round of imps, Umbrals. When these are alive, Agatha is immune to damage. Kill these as quickly as possible. They will periodically teleport a short distance, so have sprint ready. These imps also chain shadowbolts at you, which are quite painful, so cloak can be nice here. Dark Fury: Periodically, Agatha channels Dark Fury, giving her a shield while she channels stacking damage on you. Break the shield, then interrupt the channel ASAP to minimize damage taken. If you're falling behind here, it's another good spot for defensives. Fuming Imp: throughout the fight, she spawns imps that charge at you, and upon getting to you they drop patches of ground that slow you and damage you. It's super important to keep the patches to a minimum: if they build up, it eventually becomes impossible to run around killing the other adds, and dodging boulders in Phase 2. Try to strategically lure these imps to a good spot for their ground patches. The best spot is directly under Agatha's body. Phase 2: At 50%, she will teleport to the end of the corridor, and start throwing boulders at you that roll down the hill. These boulders are exactly like Krosus beams: two will never spawn at the same location in a row, meaning when one spawns, dodge it and then move to where it was: that spot becomes a safe zone. Repeat with each boulder. Continue managing the adds while dodging boulders, and she will eventually teleport again. Try to have sprint ready. Keep doing these mechanics, focus adds down ASAP. If you can stay ahead of the mechanics and not get overwhelmed, she will eventually die. All of this is incredibly difficult to execute. I'm Mythic geared, and it took me over 20 attempts, though I did have an embarrassingly high amount of Boulder deaths. If you end up bashing your head against a wall, take a break and come back later. Perhaps give it some time and gear up a little more - if you're below 900 ilvl, your damage might not be there yet. Either way, keep at it, practice the mechanics, and you'll eventually get a pull where the Bones shine on you, giving you everything you need, when you need it. Be ready for that pull. Have your mechanics ready. Don't waste that pull. Good luck!Zzat107 23m
45m Artifact Challenges Its kind of !@#$ty in the range of difficulty from the Assin to the Sub challenge. ( i cant speak on outlaw since i havent done that yet ) I achieved my Sin skin Pre t.o.s ( 04/14/2017 ) with less then 900 ilvl ( 896 if i remember) . Using KJBW & Shoulders. I recently did my Sub skin in the last week with approx 910 ilvl with a mix of prydaz/ shoulders / kjbw and found it to be much harder. The sin spec took me about 20 attempts with no drums ( i didnt realize you could use drums in this at the time ) and the sub took almost double at 45 attempts with full flasks/pots and drums. For anyone struggling with the sub one, it is a pain in the behind in comparison but it can be done if you need any tips let me know !Sugi13 45m
52m Dying really fast in PvP My gear isn't the greatest, and I'm not really sure what my stat priority should be for world/battleground pvp. I see some sites saying vers/haste/crit after agi, and others say haste is key. I just want to not get one shotted while hanging out in dalaran sewers. I just hit 110 a few days ago, and outlaw is fun for the most part and during WQ's the AoE is godly. Since I got over the 900 item level gap, I can do most things solo and I kill things pretty quickly but I do little to no damage vs other players. Should I switch to sub? I've never played that spec and have no idea if the gear I have is okay. I don't do arena and mainly just wander around and attempt to gank badly and do world quests. Thanks for any advice.. even if it's just to git gud.Qùîét9 52m
1h how to kill a rogue plz help bobos with your thinking on what r rogue weekness bobos like to try lern best way for bobos to deal with rogues bobos will ask same of all the classisBobos33 1h
1h Why is Assn&Outlaw dead last in dps? Assasination, and Outlaw have been dead last in DPS across literally every skill level since the beginning of TOS. Yet.. classes far above us have received numerous buffs... this really doesn't make a bit of sense. First off rogues are frickin' PURE DPS CLASS. They should NEVER be dead last in DPS.. I mean, what else are we going to do? HEAL? Tank?! What the hell? It's understandable to be last for a while, but we just spent an ENTIRE RAID TIER LAST.. Why have we not been buffed?! I mean, would it not make sense to at LEAST buff us to be somewhere in the middle of the pack.. considering as I Said, we are a PURE DPS Class?! And for those who say: "Just Switch to SUB" -- No. Sub is a terrrible spec, and I don't find it fun in the least. It's literally the same as when SUB was dead last for the first 2.5 raid tiers without any real reasoning behind it. Most Sub players simply waited it out, and I likely will too.. but It's really starting to get annoying. There is really not a single reason for assasination, and outlaw to not get some big buffs soon.Hombre54 1h
2h i want to be a pirate.. but a good one. Does that fit the lore? i dont RP but i enjoy the idea of having a background for my characters.... any ideas?Corvûs4 2h
4h Master Assassin Title. Is there a way to unlock this title? or did it get removed completely?Clashtonus1 4h
8h The First of the Dead Got a new lego today, i'm assuming its a pretty big upgrade over prydaz?Taylorgangxo12 8h
11h 7.3.2 outlaw slight buffs no fixes so far here it is just some slight buffs for out slaw will still be last in dps since every other class is getting dps increases. isnt the pattern blizz con next expansion announced then no content for a year until it launches?we mite get a pre patch like before legion.or will we have a mid patch 7.4 some time next year i doubt it. outlaw wont be fixed until next expansion if at all. it will still be last in dps.but you know pirates and roll your dice for class fantasy.Lusent9 11h
12h How do I get the class mount? Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this X-pac, and I was wondering if someone could give me a brief summery of how to go about getting the quest(s) for the Rogue class mount? *Yes, I have a L110 rogue; but I just hit it on him and haven't does much questing other than leveling in the regular zones so far*Naradenath1 12h
14h Is sub too squishy now? After the hotfix about a week ago, we lost our baseline dodge chance along with other things. I believe it was a good change as it removed alot of the RNG-ness of hitting a rogue from the front and randomly dodging key abilities like leg sweep, bash, etc. But seeing as how every sub is taking thief's bargain for reduced stamina, I'm wondering if the net result is a rogue that's so squishy that he's always exposed to the risk of dying. Now I'd say even this could be fine since we still ratain our burst and CC to kill someone in a setup before we die. But there's more: Thief's Bargain's cooldown reduction of vanish has been nerfed which not only means less cc/gap closer(via shadowstrike), but also less chance to use it defensively and avoid death. I don't think sub is necessarily in a bad position because of this, even though I DO believe that RMP is in a bad spot right now and this is one of the contributing factors. IMO this is a change that really drives me to either reroll human or orc(which is still not as favorable as human imo) because I'll just die in a 4+ second stun as a belf once my only trinket is blown. Thoughts?Highkick2 14h
15h Rogue has topped Hunter as my favorite The Hunter was my favorite up til today. I broke down and started a Goblin Rogue earlier today. Ive tried to NOT power level. For some reason leveling too fast absolutely ruins the game for me. I think Im going into areas like 3 levels too high sometimes and its taking some of the challenge from the game. Dont change anything, Blizzard...i like it as it is because sometimes I want to level up quicker. The Rogue gets to level 14 and he can sneak up behind someone, freeze them in place, rob them blind, then beat them into a puddle before they get a shot off. Funny as hell doing it to NPC's. Wouldnt want a real player to be on the receiving end, if it does work the same way. I always avoid the 'thief' professions in these games, generally going for a more adept killing machine, which the Hunter does in a most fashionable manner. Most games Ive played just dont do the Rogue/Thief character in a way that I am expecting it to be. Not WoW though. It was actually FAR better than I would have expected. Kudos to Blizzard. I finally found a game that does the class/profession the right way.Heagnin6 15h
15h Fan of Knives killing whole groups Just read a CD post complaining about Rogues being able to wipe a group of Horde 110's at the Warden towers using Fan of Knives.....hitting crits of 3 million + HOW are they doing it??Onorlus16 15h
15h Tricks of Our Trade: Green Marble Best Marble ... So, hows Argus O(≧▽≦)OÀya139 15h
18h Why is haste still so bad 4 straight weeks of haste gear from my m+ chest. I got a 945 ilvl neck which is a 30 ilvl boost. Of course its going to rot in my bank because it is a haste piece and therefore not an upgrade. I can deal with bad rng however this is just plain bad design. Why has a secondary stat done nothing for us this whole expansion.Bclmj18 18h
18h Tricks of the Trade Macro help Hey guys, Does anybody have a tricks of the trade macro that I can steal? I'm always playing with new partners. Need a tricks macro that is easy to use. Is the best way to use a focus target macro to make the best of this? Thanks,Wrayith14 18h
20h *dies inside* 20h
20h Assassination Buffs that are reasonable. Personally I think both Assassination, and Outlaw could use some buffs. I am not, suggesting we should be top DPS, or even close. I do however think a couple buffs are in order. I do not know much about outlaw, so I will stick purely to Assasination. I have played both major Assn talent builds. (Poison, and Bleeds) In so far as bleed build is concerned, it has a slightly weaker Single Target emphasis, and is much better in the high HP Add fights. Short lived add fights, are terrible for bleed. More so than poison build. I think a couple small buffs would fix this build. My Suggestions: -- Reduce the cooldown on Exsanguinate. By how much? I think quite a bit. Either a pure reduction, or perhaps give us a passive that gives a chance at lowering the cooldown. Maybe something like "For every 45 Energy spent it reduces the cooldown by .5 seconds". -- Nerf Poison damage in bleed spec, and significantly buff the DPS that our two bleeds deal. This way, the different gearing strategy for this build would be more effective. So long as the dmg evens out only a bit ahead I think most would be happy. (With it obviously scaling higher dps the better your stat balance is. (Crit/Vers Primarily). -- Perhaps even make choosing Exsanguinate switch our +Mastery Buff Passive to Versatility. Ok, For Poison Spec, I think these changes would work out very great as well: -- Make poison bomb a guaranteed proc every (X) seconds, and keep it alone otherwise. For example, if 35s have passed in combat, and PB has not proced, perhaps we can gain a buff that gives us +100% chance of PB procing on the next Envenom. Changing this would allow us to pick and choose WHEN to proc it, (when we get an unlucky streak, thereby making up for some of the bad dps output)- it would make bad luck less a factor in poisons AOE output. -- Increase auto-attack damage by some margin, maybe making up a 3-5% overall dps buff. This isn't flashy at all, but it would be effective, and requrie much less tweaking overall than a skill change. Final thoughts I am not suggesting all of these changes, but perhaps one or two of them, balaced out to give us a slight DPS increase I belive would make many who play Assn very happy. (And of course keep us from !@#$% posting all day, haha). I really do not believe most who play rogues out out of line when asking for buffs right now. (Sub excluded, sorry guys! :) ) We want to feel at least a little mighty going into the next raid content, so that when the RL starts up the group, he's looking for those yellow names a fit faster. That's all! :) Thanks for listening.Hombre7 20h
20h Have I been hacked? Got bored at work. Decided to check out my rogue. All my gear says it's level 1000? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks :)Slyye2 20h
20h Outlaw vs Combat i know i know i'm a hunter, but i'm generally curious, what was better?Timmothy12 20h
21h Rogues and nuclear weapons So, I've made a video proof that subtlety rogues actually carry nuclear weapons in their hands, and not daggers. It's almost like we're a ghost in Starcraft. How awesome would that be? Seriously, tho. When almost a full raid dies to a Shuriken Storm in WPvP, people can get pretty upset. Check it out, it's a 3 min video. I did put some effort on it, just for fun!älerie13 21h
21h Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens0 21h
22h Sub Leg - Mythic Plus Hi guys wanted to get some opinions on the legendaries some of you guys use in mythic plus dungeons (keys 15 +) I've been using cloak/shoulders which is really nice burst between packs but i was wondering if the vigor ring would see better use and more sustained dps increase. Cloak while phenomenal at the burst, after doesnt add much value while the vigor ring i can foresee it balancing energy regen very well on the higher key trash pulls. I was wondering your guy's/gals opinion on the matter.Cryxuss1 22h
22h xylem challenge I need help. This feels absolutely terrible. I've made it to the last phase 3 times and I just don't get what's going wrong. It doesn't even feel like a skill challenge it feels like either I'm lucky and make it there or I'm not. Anyway, frustration aside, this is what I'm doing. Phase 1: pop cd's, burst him down, save 1 charge of shadow dance to use with shuriken storm each time for the blizzard aoe, chase him, rinse, repeat. This part has been easy because I have the cloak and the belt legendaries, so this half of the phase is healing me. Then he does his arcane half of the phase and the first one is no problem. The 2nd one, I either die or I don't depending on if cloak is up yet. Is there any way to make him hold off on this phase happening or is this all just timed/or random? I have a total lack of consistency with surviving the 2nd one, it's just either I do or I don't. Then the shadow orb part is easy, not giving me problems. Phase 2: This is another part I'm kinda stuck on. Do you interrupt his channel or not? I've tried both ways. My biggest problem is the floor aoe is making me lag out. ik the adds that heal him spawn off the dot you're given so I've tried running from the boss so they spawn further away, but I still have problems killing them in time. This whole challenge feels like a complete mess, any tips would be great.Sacredsorrow6 22h
1d @pvp rogues sub: do i take phantom over theifs now?Sícarii6 1d
1d class fantasy vs class mechanics the issue i see with most of the rogue player base is they soo no issue with rtb or they want it gone.the ones that say there is no issue with it give no reason on how to fix the rng but buff everything else. the issue i see is most players that like rtb like it for class makes them feel like an outlaw and they must smile when they rtb.then they look and see if they get the buffs they want and if they dont get it re roll or blow cd's.meanwhile every other class is our dpsing you.but hey you like you class fantasy of outlaw right? rtb need to be removed from outlaw or reworked to always give the attack speed buff that slice and dice gives then you roll for extra buffs or just remove it.the rng is so bad that rogues are saying its ok because its class fantasy. rework or remove rtb.Lusent18 1d
1d y old sound effects butchered? I mean literally every sound except for stealth and kidney shot and sap was altered in legion and made worse. There is a thread from last year that nailed it with everything went from cool to Swish swish noises. I don't mind the new visual effects one bit but the sounds should of been left alone. To hear the old backstab sound you have to be wandering the broken shore with vanessa vancleef. Been searching and searching for a way to modify something or make a macro that replaces the new sound of spells with the old sound to no avail and I have suggested it twice that the old sounds come back in the suggestion box or return as Glyphs.Sêvén2 1d
1d Greeting Rogues I come in peace. So please put those swords, staff and daggers down and hear me out. Yes please come out of stealth. I'd like to see who I am talking to and no a puppet will not do. Guys what is Outlaw rogue potential in pvp? I get my butt kicked a lot on my outlaw rogue than my warrior. I fought this enhance shaman and the way he did damage to felt like he was using boulders as his fist pun intended. Is there a specific build to go or should I just roll with another spec? I do like outlaw rogue a lot and the gameplay, but I feel like it didn't make the cut as the other specs.Brutalistica15 1d
1d Finisher Macro So I was wondering if there is a macro setup that uses Rupture, if it is not on the enemy you're killing. And when it is on, it just uses Envenom......I know Warcrafts macro system is not as complex as Rifts are, but I think a macro like would not be that hard or bad to allowBalthazzar3 1d
1d Rate the Rogue Name Didn't see a thread like this for a bit, thought I'd try to get one started.Nyxle147 1d
1d Rogue artifact weapon I recently made it to lvl 100 with my rogue and I am about to pick my artifact weapon. I play both sin and sub. Between those two, which artifact weapon boosts its spec's playstyle the most?Calippus6 1d
1d Roll the Bones - Where's 3 & 4? After playing an outlaw rogue for the majority of this expansion I've had one question that I still can't figure out. Why the hell cant we roll 3 & 4 buffs at a time? Its either 1 buff which is negligible in most cases IMO, 2 buffs which is Sub-par to Solid (Depending on rolls), and **5 buffs which is momentary God status once a week for 50 seconds. **I have terrible luck with rolls and usually only see a 5 buff once a week if that.. and its usually when I'm doing something random out in the world. If i remember correctly we could roll 3 buffs at one time which they did away with. If we're going to have 5 dice we should be able to roll 3 & 4 buffs at a time. Give us something like: [74% 1 buff // 18% 2 buff // 6% 3 buff // 1.5% 4 buff // 0.5% 5 buff]. Curious to see if anyone has an answer to why we currently cant roll 3 & 4 buffs.Severny3 1d
1d Rogue Outlaw low DPS Hi im currentlu 928 ilvl and i dont know why my dps is too low, is generally like 700k and sometimes i reach 800k, i recently did a dungeon with another rogue (sub) who was like 1.4M DPS and was only ilvl 931 so i dont know what im doing wrong, i read a lot about the rotation but that only lifted the dps from 650 to 750Cevatron29 1d
1d Sub Artifact Hidden Effect Has anyone figured out the subtlety hidden artifact effect yet? I cant find anything so far.Helora21 1d
1d Embrace of darkness artifact talent Is there anyway to get rid of the sound/visual of this with an addon or something? It's really quite annoying.Skywarp1 1d
1d Request for S&D Why lock it at a 100 talent? it completely outweighs rtb in my opinion and makes leveling an outlaw a painstaking processGrïhm3 1d
1d idiot rogue streaming rbgsøwvanish5 1d
1d PTR Update So, it's been basically confirmed that this is how it's going to be going into Antorus, and what was widely believed (and touted) as the tuning pass that 7.3.5 was supposed to be, instead they've scrapped it as I guess everything is ok as it is. #7 - 2017/09/21 12:08:00 AM 09/20/2017 04:56 PM Posted by Thecheat Wait, so does this mean that there won't be a 7.3.5 balance patch prior to Antorus release? There are so many problems that various specs need addressing; leaving them in their current ToS state would be borderline insulting. I'd say we're highly likely to make at least some tuning changes surrounding the raid's release, but that would be via hotfix, not as part of this patch] The bolded is a quote from Lore on Essentially what's being said is "they'll probably make some tuning changes SURROUNDING the raids release, meaning we're going to be treated to what happened in tomb where sub/arms got nerfed early on. They're going to release it AS IS and wing it from there. Absolutely ignorant. Further, the only changes for rogues were a completely new 2p for Sub and a PVP NERF for outlul. Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus Name changed from "Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus - Combo Points Spent Buffs Backstab" to "Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus". Backstab damage increased by 30%. Each Combo Point spent reduces the cooldown of Symbols of Death by 0.2 sec. Dirty Tricks Gouge, Blind, Cheap Shot Cheap Shot, Gouge, and Sap no longer cost Energy. Outlaw Rogue - Level 75 Talent. I'm tired of this "lol maybe we'll fix your problems maybe we won't" these devs are approaching dumpster fire status.Worgandonor15 1d
2d Worgen or Nelf rogue? what do you guys think makes the cooler looking rogue?Critine21 2d
2d Mantle of the Master Assassin Hey all, Outlaw Rogue here- So after getting "Lucky" with a Prydaz and Will of Valeera, I finally got a dps Legendary drop this morning- Mantle of the Master Assassin. I also got 3/4 raid set pcs -Shoulder, Cloak and legs and I guess it's wise to at least keep 2 on equipped to get the 2 pc buff. Question is: - use Will of Valeera and Shoulders but lose the 2/4 on the set - use Prydaz and Shoulders and keep cloak and legs 2/4 I didnt get the chance to test these combos out yet since I am at work but any feedback would be great. Thanks!Harara27 2d
2d Shadow Techniques I don't see this info being widely spread among the rogue community so I'd thought I'd post it here. From the Shadow Techniques tooltip, "Your auto attacks have a chance to generate a combo point", one would think that every auto atk has a 50% chance to proc a combo point(s) but that is completely wrong. Here's how Shadow techniques work: The extra combo point(s) has a 50% chance to proc on your 4th auto atk swing and if it fails then on the 5th auto atk swing it will be 100% chance to proc, then it will go on an internal cd of 3 auto atks. meaning your 1st 3 auto attacks can never proc shadow techniques. All this can still be delayed by parries, dodges, and blocks. Bear in mind that with the artifact trait (Fortune's Bite) or relics you can receive 2 combo points from shadow techniques. So how can you apply this into your gameplay? Simple, Weakauras 2 is your answer. With weakauras you can track this mechanic. I will post the weakauras string down below but you must know this, the string is out of date and will give you lua errors. You can hide these lua errors with the following addons: -BugGrabber -BugSack -ErrorFilter Shadow Techniques Weakauras string: For anyone confused on how the weakauras work, each box represents your auto atks. The 1st 3 green boxes will never proc shadow techniques. The 4th yellow box has a 50% chance to proc, and the 5th red box is 100% chance to proc. If the boxes reset it means that your auto atk was blocked, parried, or dodged. With this weakaura you don't have to guess when your next free combo point(s) will come, hence saving energy or not wasting combo points. learning and applying this into your gameplay is night and day in my opinion. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and hope this has helped you.Rekkaa0 2d
2d Please tell me why I suck Aside from the obvious... fat, lazy, dumb, etc., I am trying to ascertain why my DPS sucks. Here is a Sisters parse from me: Here is a parse from a buddy who just picked up SUB a couple of weeks ago: What am I doing wrong?Corve9 2d
2d Rate that mog part 3! This one capped: I'll pick up where it left off. @Diusus Amazing mog. Looks good on a gnome. 10/10Jodelle358 2d