Feb 24 Rogue Leveling FAQ (7.x) Updated: 12/17/16 for 7.x. This FAQ is for new rogues. It is full of simplifications and generalizations. The focus is on optimal leveling speed and viability. This is not how things will work for end game pve/pvp. Be sure to read though the notes, as I've tried to explain major exceptions and caveats. Bold/underline is direct question answer. But, as you will see, many choices can not be made in a vacuum. If any class is about experimentation and situational planning, the rogue class is and to fully understand the class, you will need to think this way as well. If you'd like, you can join the Ravenholdt discord server to chat with other rogues here: Or you can contact me on twitter or email. Twitter/Gmail: wavefunctionpAeriwen400 Feb 24
Jun 19 Roguedom: Common Rogue Q's & A's (Last updated March 22, 2018.) Raiding. Gear. Stats. Secrecy. Poison. Murder. Deceit. There's so much to know about being a rogue! What's a pirate-spy-ninja-sassin to do? Nothing. You're screwed. You'll never be any good. Oh! Sorry; force of forum habit -- I meant the opposite of that. Whether you're new to the class or a grizzled veteran, there's always more to learn about playing a rogue. In this thread, I’ll do my best to answer commonly asked questions on a range of rogue topics. At present I'm keeping this thread focused on end-game PvE questions only (i.e., primarily raid-relevant stuff). If you've got any suggestions, Q's you'd like to see A'd, corrections or general death threats, feel free to post in this thread, flip me the bird at @SvelteKumquat or email me at I look forward to completely ignoring your heartfelt messages.Rfeann230 Jun 19
Feb 3, 2017 Jo's Compendium of Mutilating: Seeya in 7.0! DISCLAIMER: This guide is outdated currently! It will likely not be updated until a few weeks after Legion launches. Until then, I will be changing things over time, so don't be surprised if things don't make sense! The tell all guide to assist you in plunging two daggers into the heart of Archimonde! Learn how to maximize your defense! Be the envy of the other melee in the raid! Live through extreme damage! Pull more burst than ever before! Be the prize member of your raid team! (Warning: Do not attempt any of the practices in this guide unless you are an Assassination spec'd Rogue!) ~Changelog~ 10/16/14 - The Iron Tide crashes into Azeroth! Made my first pass at updating the guide for the new patch and decorated the hidden gumdrops with spikes of iron and bone. 10/18/14 - Herped my derp and missed some things with the 6.0.2 patch update, changed the stat section. Began the Great Changelog Purge to prevent having the changelog become half the guide. 10/22/14 - Found more missed parts of the guide, mostly wording to things that aren't around anymore like profession bonuses. Updated gem section and some talent descriptions. 11/10/14 - Updated rotation section to reflect the pandemic changes affecting Envenom. 11/14/14 - Started updating the guide for Warlords of Draenor. 11/17/14 NEW N' TASTY! Finished updating to level 100 Warlords. Combined enchant and gem section, eliminated some outdated wording, added new glyph recommendations, added new talent tier, reworked stat priorities, changed rotation guidelines and covered everything in a delicious Lemon Zest. Removed Herobrine. 11/19/14 - Made some changes to the 100 talent tier section. and expanded on the rotation section to accommodate for Shadow Reflection. 11/21/14 - Changed the enchant recommendations, elaborated more on multi-target section. Released the Molten Corgis. 12/02/14 - Expanded on the rotation section. 01/06/15 - It's a new year! Finally got off my lazy butt and updated example fights for talent descriptions. Also updated the enchantment section. 01/17/15 - Added a paragraph on Vanish and Premeditation into the rotation section, expanded on Vendetta section. Changed some syntax and grammar choices. Removed all parasprites and sent them back to the Everfree Forest. 02/02/15 - BRF OR BUST! Began updating the guide for Blackrock Foundry. Lamented that 'Blackrock n' Roll' doesn't fit as the new tag line. 02/19/15 - Stopped being lazy and updated enchant section to reflect Shattered Hand losing value. 02/25/15 - Updated Leeching Poison for the new changes in 6.1. Removed Herobrine. Or added. I forget at this point. 03/02/15 - Updated the foreword section with another communication option. 06/29/15 - Patch time! Started updating the guide for 6.2: Fury of Hellfire. 09/3/15 - I'm still alive! Finished updates for 6.2... Almost three months after the patch came out. Changed references to Premeditation to Preparation. 04/27/16 - Since there's very likely to be no update until Legion, I had some fun with the title. Compendium of Mutilating 1. Your Initiation - Foreword (J1): 2. Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2): 3. Your Build - Talents and Glyphs (J3): 4. Your Gear - Stats, Enchanting and Gemming (J4): 5. Your Cunning - Common Tips, Tricks and Strategems (J5): 6. Your Victory - Afterword (J6): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Initiation - Foreword (J1) The first spec on your left, Assassination has classically been a bit of an oddball spec. Originally following the same path as the Arcane spec for Mages, in the early days of the old talent point system, most Rogues only ventured into the tree for Seal Fate, a talent that gave extra combo points on critical combo point generating moves like Backstab and Sinister Strike, or for Cold Blood, a now deprecated talent that used to ensure a critical strike on your next ability. As it went through expansions it slowly began to gain traction until Cataclysm, when Assassination was able to hold it's own against the other two specs. Now, Assassination is as competitive, if not more so, than Combat and Sub. The rotation is simple and requires less management than the other two specs and pulls exceptional numbers. Assassination has come a long way from it's origins. This compendium will help you identify common Rogue terms, maximize your gear, talents and glyphs, and perfect your strategy in raid encounters during patch 6.0.3: Warlords of Draenor. Most of the advice in this guide will focus on preparing you for Blackrock Foundry (Which releases on February 2nd.) but should apply just as well to previous raid tiers and other content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to leave them in a reply to this thread! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I also have a Twitter! Just send a tweet to @JoTheRogue to chat! ... Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2) Common Terms AP - Attack Power Crit - Critical Strike Rating Mastery - Mastery Rating Multi - Multistrike Rating Vers - Versatility Haste - Haste Rating CD - Cooldown GCD - Global Cooldown Common Assassination Abilities and Abbreviations (Stuff that should be on your bars) Mutilate (Mut) Dispatch Marked for Death (MfD) Shuriken Toss (Toss) Rupture (Rup) Garrote Cheap Shot (CS) Kidney Shot (KS) Envenom Slice and Dice (SnD) Recuperate (Recup) Shadowstep (Step) Burst of Speed (BoS) Sprint Deadly Poison Leeching Poison Crippling Poison (Crip) Gouge Blind Kick Feint Evasion Combat Readiness Stealth Vanish Fan of Knives (FoK) Crimson Tempest (Tempest) Vendetta Smoke Bomb Cloak of Shadows (Cloak, CloS) Sap Venom Rush (Rush, VR, Lemon Zest) Shadow Reflection (SR) Death from Above (DfA) Non-Assassination Abilites and Abbreviations (Things that can't be on your bars, for reference) Hemorrhage (Hemo) Backstab (BS) Shadow Dance (ShD) Sinister Strike (SS) Blade Flurry (Flurry, BF) Killing Spree (Spree) Revealing Strike (RS) Adrenaline Rush (AR)Jokaste264 Feb 3, 2017
Nov 1, 2016 Shadow Dance and the Stealth Bar We’ve been reading all of the feedback throughout beta regarding Shadow Dance and the desire to have it use the “Stealth action bar.” To get right to the point, after an upcoming hotfix, Subtlety Rogues will find that Shadow Dance swaps their main action bar to the alternate bar that is used while in Stealth. For a bit of context on the late change to our thinking on this: we rarely allow automatic functionality (such as action bar swaps, or macros) to choose between core damage abilities on the player’s behalf. We believe it’s important that the player has to make those choices themselves. The Rogue Stealth bar has always been a minor exception to this, but for many years, the Stealth bar was only active for the single ability you used to open a combat, and was not seen again for the duration of combat (other than with Vanish). The ability to bind your openers to the same buttons as your rotational abilities was a convenience that didn’t affect your use of abilities in combat. However, the new Shadow Dance (and to a lesser extent Subterfuge), has resulted in some Rogues regularly using openers during combat, as elements of their rotation. In this case, the Stealth bar changes from a minor convenience that lets you place once-per-combat buttons on more convenient keybinds, to actually making regular, mid-combat decisions for you. That said, after following the ongoing discussions and carefully considering your feedback, we understand the desire for consistency with other abilities that allow Stealth-only actions. Given the gray area that Shadow Dance is in, and the widespread feedback that using the Stealth bar would be more consistent and intuitive, we’ve decided to go ahead and allow Shadow Dance to once again swap your main action bar. This hotfix is scheduled to live with weekly restarts in each region. A few details for players who use macros to further manage their buttons: Shadow Dance will be treated similarly to Subterfuge for the purposes of macro conditionals. It will not activate [stealth], but it will activate [stance:2]. If you want to make a macro that mimics the behavior of the main bar (i.e. swapping when you have any of Stealth, Vanish, Subterfuge, or Shadow Dance), you can use the macro conditional [bonusbar:1].Ornyx127 Nov 1, 2016
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Rogues: Please Read! Welcome to the Rogue forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the rogue class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
1h How would rogue be as a main? (With rambling) I mostly play solo. Questing, old raid farming, random bgs, lfr raids, stuff like that. I'm kind of tired of Death Knight. Being an immortal god gets tiring. For questing I can just run up to the 150 million health rares and wait for people to come around to help me kill them. I'm in no danger at all. The only raids I do are LFR, and it's like herding cats. I'd rather just sit there and do my dps. And in rBGS I'm either an unkilliable god thats the bane of my enemies or a small annoyance depending if people wast their time trying to kill me first. I've also been an altoholic for quite a while now, I can't decide what to play as. I've played the most as death knight by far. I've got several other classes at 110 and they just don't mesh well. Shamans are way to squishy / rooted in place for me. Druids have too much going on with no real focus for me, feels like it forces me to go bear or go home. Monks are ok I guess. "Just punch everything" seems kinda boring to me. I also have a priest, but they are god awful at questing and have the "rooted in place" problem So I was thinking either Hunter or Rogue. I'm thinking Rogue looks like more fun with stealth. Pets seem like a hassle. Plus with 3 melee specs at least 1 is gonna be alright. How are these stabby bois as mains?Veigr0 1h
1h Having trouble Dpsing... I just got kicked from an Antourous group on normal. I checked my Dps and I was 20th in group dpsing about 770k. Another Outlaw Rogue was in group and he was dpsing about 1.2 mil. and he was 19th. Is there something wrong with my rotation? I know his gear couldn't have been much better than mine. Please help!Nosferátu0 1h
1h mage tower appearances so 1. im a noob, what is the mage tower and where is it lol i just see this term used a lot. 2. can they be transmogged? and can they go in between specs, like can i be in subtlety and have my weapon look like the kingslayers? will the appearances still be available to use, if not available to acquire once bfa launches? ty, and how do you transmog stuff.Istealthl4 1h
1h OUTLAW vs Agatha guide (Mage tower Challenge) Hey guys! This challenge is very, very hard for us Outlaws, so here is a short guide on what worked for me, and a video of my kill. Agatha is all about add management. Kill the adds correctly and efficiently, and you will have time left over to DPS her. I cannot stress enough that this fight is about the adds above all else. The video: RTB STRATEGY Bones values in this fight are as follows: 1. True Bearing 2. Grand Melee 3. The rest On the pull, try to fish for True Bearing. This will give you frequent Adrenaline Rushes, providing more than enough energy for Crimson Vial (if needed), frequent Sprints to reduce damage (feint) and get to the different adds, and of course, additional damage from MFD. Grand melee is an obvious one, as the leech will save you in many situations but is not required.. You can get plenty of self-healing from Greed procs, Crimson Vial, and good use of Cloak. Basically go for True Bearing, anything else is an added bonus. Sticking with Grand Melee for too long will cause your damage to drop off and you'll just fall behind on adds (more on this in a sec). GEARING STRATEGY Basically, go with what you've been using and what you're comfortable with. I experimented with Will of Valeera, an intuitive go-to, but it didn't work well for me. Sure, I healed through stuff, but at great energy cost, causing me to fall behind on adds. Instead of using Will, try and rely on good Bones RNG to keep you alive. My go-to's are Mantle, and Greenskins. Mantle provides you with very strong burst on adds when needed (via Vanish), and Greenskins provides that single-target boost to chew through her absurd 103M health pool. But again, go with what you're comfortable with and have the most practice on. You DO NOT need Valeera for this fight. TALENTS General raid talents. Nothing unconventional is needed here; however, I did experiment a bit, so here's what I found. Dirty Tricks is a must, for free Gouges on the Imp Servants. Grapple vs Acrobatic Strikes: I feel that Grapple is a trap. Do NOT use it here, as you will have trouble positioning around the green puddles and killing adds that inevitably spawn on top of them. Rely on True Bearing to refresh Sprint, and that is all the mobility you'll need for when she teleports. THE FIGHT The pull: On pull, she spawns three Smoldering imp adds that fire spells at you. Cleave these down with your opening burst on the boss. Shortly after, she spawns two of the next type of adds. These ignore you, and instead attempt to channel a heal onto Agatha. Kick one, bring it to the other. Gouge the second one since your interrupt is down. Make sure you have MFD up for these, and all subsequent add spawns. Good MFD usage is how Outlaw can get through this. Umbral imps: after a little while, she will spawn a new round of imps, Umbrals. When these are alive, Agatha is immune to damage. Kill these as quickly as possible. They will periodically teleport a short distance, so have sprint ready. These imps also chain shadowbolts at you, which are quite painful, so cloak can be nice here. Dark Fury: Periodically, Agatha channels Dark Fury, giving her a shield while she channels stacking damage on you. Break the shield, then interrupt the channel ASAP to minimize damage taken. If you're falling behind here, it's another good spot for defensives. Fuming Imp: throughout the fight, she spawns imps that charge at you, and upon getting to you they drop patches of ground that slow you and damage you. It's super important to keep the patches to a minimum: if they build up, it eventually becomes impossible to run around killing the other adds, and dodging boulders in Phase 2. Try to strategically lure these imps to a good spot for their ground patches. The best spot is directly under Agatha's body. Phase 2: At 50%, she will teleport to the end of the corridor, and start throwing boulders at you that roll down the hill. These boulders are exactly like Krosus beams: two will never spawn at the same location in a row, meaning when one spawns, dodge it and then move to where it was: that spot becomes a safe zone. Repeat with each boulder. Continue managing the adds while dodging boulders, and she will eventually teleport again. Try to have sprint ready. Keep doing these mechanics, focus adds down ASAP. If you can stay ahead of the mechanics and not get overwhelmed, she will eventually die. All of this is incredibly difficult to execute. I'm Mythic geared, and it took me over 20 attempts, though I did have an embarrassingly high amount of Boulder deaths. If you end up bashing your head against a wall, take a break and come back later. Perhaps give it some time and gear up a little more - if you're below 900 ilvl, your damage might not be there yet. Either way, keep at it, practice the mechanics, and you'll eventually get a pull where the Bones shine on you, giving you everything you need, when you need it. Be ready for that pull. Have your mechanics ready. Don't waste that pull. Good luck!Zzat149 1h
1h Rogue 2Hander Spec? Anybody else think it would be cool if rogues had a spec that was like a blade master off warcraft 3. Like a mix between rogue/warrior a spec that uses short bursts of Stealth, mirrior images/evasion. 2 handed sword ninja that uses dashes, mirrior images, (no longer has stealth but can activate it for short bursts of stealth) like a samurai. Would you prefer this over the current stealthy pirate spec?Zetsuboui10 1h
6h Rate the Rogue Mog Above You: Part X Because we all know there's been so many, but yeah, what better way to come back from a 9 month break than to start this?Tapion322 6h
7h Sin and Outlaw Alpha Impressions I've spent a good amount of time playing outlaw and sin of the alpha and I think that both of these specs are a lot of fun to play. I wanted to make some comments on both the specs. Outlaw- At first I was really worried about blade flurry being on a charge system but I really feel that this adds to the game play and works. It was annoying having to always toggle it off when switching from a multi-target pack to a single target, it feels powerful to activate it now and the recharge occurs frequently enough that you have plenty of uptime for cleave situations. I really enjoy killing spree, it deals 100% cleave damage when blade flurry is up which makes this a fun and powerful cooldown. Restless blades also gets this cooldown back up quite frequently which is a lot of fun. I enjoy how roll the bones changes the pace of the spec depending on what is rolled, it's also a lot of fun to get multiple buffs. It's great that loaded dice gives you a 50 second window to allow you time to choose when to roll and gain your next set of RtB buffs, there's situations where I've gotten lucky and already had two good buffs and adrenaline rush comes off CD and if I only had a few seconds after popping AR to RtB, it would feel bad to have to waste my loaded dice, it would also feel bad to have to sit on the AR cooldown. Outlaw is fun and fluid, its cooldowns feel impactful and restless blades makes them available frequently. Sin Sin is also a lot of fun to play right now, the reduced cooldown on marked for death really works with the spec. Mastery scaling with bleeds and poisons is an excellent move. I feel like there are a few different interesting playstyles that are available through talents. Poison bomb still feels awesome when it procs ( happens more frequently than live), I do miss kingsbane but I can live without it. Defensives for every class have been nerfed, but I still feel like the rogue brings plenty of utility and defensives, cloak is still awesome and feint still has a place ( you just cant cheese as hard with it) Cheat death still saves me frequently. Rogue brings plenty of stuns and blind can interrupt mobs that most other classes can't. I'm seriously considering a rogue as my main for BfA and I hope these changes make it all the way to live.Aildric32 7h
11h Tricks of Our Trade: Jealous of Sargy's beard ... Most of our toys are now dead, right? No need to keep that chain of stuff going any farther.Andrraste354 11h
12h Best spec for World PvP Hey there! I just boosted this guy specifically for World PvP (Hence the realm I chose :p) What do you guys suggest the best spec for World PvP assuming I have the correct legendaries (pants and neck)? Appreciate it! :)Jorgenx4 12h
15h Mythic Tier 21 Hey guys, I finally finished my mythic tier set! Doesn't it look so cool? 15h
16h Video Comparison of Sub PvP Then vs. Now Cata: Legion: Need I say anything else? I dare anyone on this forum to name one interesting play in that Legion video. It's practically unwatchable after watching the incredible fun and skill based playstyle of Cata Subtlety. There's a reason the author of the second video (our pal Sativ, btw, a one time regular on these forums who has been much less active lately) is quoted in the comments saying "wow is zzzz" because that's the opinion of anyone who was good at Rogue PvP before Legion.Himwhogazes91 16h
16h rogue needs fixing and buffing. hi there i have been playing all legion long and i think the spellbook needs to be better with balances what we need to do damage is in spellbook. artifacts is nice but its going to be paved over. Hunter, warrior, Priests, Warlocks, Druids and monks. are alll very powerful compared to rogue hard to counter. this is in consideration that you have about seventy four artifact levels. about 900 item level gearing. rogue shines in rogue vs rogue its pretty much who ever can kill us the fastest is the better rogue. what i would like to see More energy efficiency so spellscasts costing anywhere from 15- 20 energy. evasion and sprint costing energy. damage dealing abilities cause combo point generation and something new like shadow,poison,eviscerates. damage for every combo point spent. the current limits that you can reach just don't play up to the class fantasy or experience. perhaps giving shadow blades a 45 second cool down would be good. rogues needs to have an adjustment in energy something like giving sprint and evasion adjustments. costing energy lowering cool downs 1 minute. Cloak of shadows needs to last about 4 seconds. Cheap shot Has to be removed from the rogue and why i say this is because they have too much control. kidney shot is a well balanced stun. this is a nerf but unfortunately Cheap Shot proves useless in rotation since it diminishes. i accept any changes coming from new globalcooldown changes in bfa.Naiattavain1 16h
17h Shadowstep needs a shorter CD? Other classes have a shorter CD on their gap closer, but for rogues it's 30 seconds?Assassynate13 17h
18h Pistol Shot Cosmetic Glyph? I know I'm in the minority when I say this, but I'm not sold entirely on the idea of having a gun on my rogue if I wanna be the spec holding swords. I would never suggest changing it. It does create a lovely identity for our most faceless spec. That said, what would everyone think of having a glyph or some form of cosmetic option that changes it into a throwing knife if we're not keen on having a pistol?Falkoen9 18h
18h Outlaw or Assassin Been wanting to level a char only doing questing and a rogue seems like a good fit for it. However i just can't seem to decide on a spec. I'll list what i like and hope you more experienced rogues can help me out. Outlaw is a very fast paced spec with a good theme and abilities that just scream awesome. Assassin is just metal with bleeds and poisons and maybe its because sin has alot to push and keep track of but it seems more active to me.Dewtt6 18h
18h Blizz Logic Designer 1: Ok... let's give them one of the best looking mounts we've ever done. Designer 2: Great! Then I'll just add this stupid little hat here... Designer 3: Ooh! Then I'll make it so it has no walking animations whatsoever! All 3: Perfect!Boléro7 18h
23h How to macro picpocket? This is my first ever character, finally reached lvl 110, how do I set up a macro for pickpocket cuz I wanna start doin the lamp thing for the weekly gold. tyIstealthl9 23h
1d How to fight Fury Wars? I posted this in the War forums, figured should try here also. Maybe some of you Sub Rogue can give me some insight. I stopped playing around Cata and started back a few weeks / a month ago. (because of this, my knowledge of other classes is expansions old by now) (my warrior is currently 102 and prot) So I know my gear (ilvl) is not the most awesome for instanced PVP. Basically...every time I run into a Fury War in the battleground...they just demolish me. I mean while I lose to other classes...I dont lose/die in 4 seconds. As a Sub Rogue... 1) what are Fury Warriors doing to "crush me before them"? (conan reference) 2) Aside from not fighting them / running away (if I can)...what can I do VS Fury warriors to not die damn near instantly? This might be more of a question for rogue, but how do sub rogues usually put up a fight or give Fury Wars trouble? Thanks for any insight.Smokingbinge3 1d
1d New Finisher Suggestion: Assassinate Hey all -- I dropped this suggestion in the BfA Alpha forum based on my impressions from Alpha so far but it got overlooked, so I figured I'd drop it in here for some feedback. Class design seems to have taken a bit of influence from Hearthstone, notably Demonology Warlocks summoning Imp armies and such. So with that in mind, there is one particular Rogue card that would be a perfect fit for a new ability: Assassinate. It could even share the same smoke + red cross-slash animation, which would be badass, especially that "ringing blades" sound effect on it. Since it shares a name with an existing spec, I figure that's where it belongs, and with the recent change to Assassination mastery focusing on bleeds in addition to poisons in BfA, it seems like a great fit. Assassinate Finishing move that deals instant damage, increased by combo points. Deals X bonus damage per bleed on the target. As for actual numbers, it would be worse than Envenom at base, but better than Envenom at a certain threshold of bleed procs, and about equal with just Garrote and Rupture active. Beyond just Rupture and Garrote, with this finisher we'd have a reason to seek out bleed proc traits on Azerite armor, and it would really seal the deal on giving us the option of focusing on either bleeds with Exsanguinate / Assassinate / Crimson Tempest, or poisons with Toxic Blade / Envenom / Poison Bomb. There could be a whole build built around it where you take all the bleed talents, Exsanguinate, Crimson Tempest, and Internal Bleeding. And your prime windows of opportunity would be the extra bleed procs from Azerite armor for that extra debuff to add bonus damage on Assassinates. Only issue I can see is Exsanguinate operates kind of counter intuitive to this, I feel like you'd want to keep bleeds up as long as possible to maximize your number of Assassinates rather than make them run faster. Maybe have Assassinate consume your bleeds? I dunno. Also I'm not entirely sure if it should be a talent and replace Envenom, or be baseline and be useable alongside it based on the situation (maybe you want to go half poison / half bleed, I dunno). I also feel like it should probably have more of an "execute" focus, kind of like how Marked for Death interacts with killing your target, but I'm not sure how it should work. Thoughts?Malefic6 1d
1d Assassination rogue stats Okay so I understand my stat priority. However is there a certain percentage of mastery where vers becomes more useful? What do you like to keep your stats around? I try to keep my crit at 35%, mastery around 215%, and vers around 7%. Also is it worth it to take off tier set bonuses to boost mastery by about 20% or would the energy loss be too much?Eloro1 1d
2d Void elf rogue PVP Hi all! Thinking of going void elf rogue for lore purposes. Thing is, can anyone suggest to me a good PVP application for their teleport racial (Spatial Rift)? The thing is, we have to pre-pick where we are going to teleport to and click the ability again to blink to that location. I can imagine it being awesome for ranged classes (teleport to escape melee), but what can a rogue do with that ability? We cant really know where the ranged class will go to and if we are lucky then we teleport to where he is? The only method I can imagine some usefulness is teleporting behind a pillar for a re stealth. Or if we are lucky the caster has his back on our teleport location, so we teleport when he is hard casting and it interrupts his spell. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to use spatial rift effectively as a melee? Can anyone view this as a gap-closer?Juno16 2d
2d The jump spin kite and why You do it as melee because giving somone your back gives you zero chance to dodge. Even if you have evasion up you have zero dodge when you give someone your back as you kite away. You are still traveling at the same speed as running but keep your frontal cone dodge chance up while kiting away. Now new players know it’s not just jumping around arbitrarily.Kodash8 2d
2d Class Hall Quest Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail Have this problem. Class Hall quest named above will show completed successfully, but the 'next' link/button is not highlighted, happened on the fourth quest for Highmountain. Abandoned it, but the quest was still there in class hall map. Finally it cleared......picked it up, AGAIN. First time, Azsuna, successfully completed, 'Next' button/link not highlighted......What is wrong with this?Magalou0 2d
2d Rogue Class Mount Questline Rogue quest is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous... NONE of my other toons have had any difficulty getting their class mount, then I get the rogue quest to assassinate mobs IN HORDE Capitol Cities.... and it's absolutely #*)%% ridiculous. I died 6 times armor is wrecked just on the first one, over 400 gold repair bill and the location in Undercity is just unbelievably hard to get to. I DUMPED the quest... screw it, i'll live without the GOD #%#@ mount. Absolutely disappointed with WOW and STRONGLY considering just quitting the game completely at this point. Yes did read wowhead and other strategies and most didn't work or were vague on how to reach mob and successfully gank. For the other classes to have a straightforeward quest line and rogues to get this nightmare beyond belief is absurd in the extreemLoistenna44 2d
2d Assassination Kingsbane and Toxic Blade Hey all, so based on my impressions from BfA alpha, I'm swapping from Subtlety back over to Assassination in the expansion. Subtlety isn't really being changed up at all and I've always wanted to go back to Sin anyway. So, over the past several days I've been pouring AP into Kingslayers to get them up to speed. But I'm feeling a little awkward on the rotation the few times I've really dived into it. My main question is, when should I be applying Kingsbane and Toxic Blade? Should I stack them? Is there a window where I should sit and pool energy beforehand? Also, once I do apply KB / TB, should I just go ham on Mutilate/Envenom to get as many poison procs as possible? I don't have a problem with keeping Rupture / Garrote refreshed inbetween Mutilate/Envenom management, but these two abilities just feel weird to me right now. Thanks in advance!Malefic2 2d
2d Looking for numeric energy timer Instead of watching a bar, I want an addon to give me seconds left to 40, 80, 100. Can’t find one on Google. Any recommendations?Kuulhaine2 2d
2d Outlaw rogue worth playing in PVP? So far, I cannot find a reason. Sub/Assassination seem much better. Can't find a real guide for being a leet Outlaw rogue. Spec lacks so much compared to the others that I know it can't possibly be just me.Lôthloria7 2d
2d Is rogue the most difficult class or what? It has to be. Juggling combo points, stealth abilities, non stealth abilities etc, I just cant get it. Vanish seems worthless as right when I need it it doesn't work. Evidently if I have any spells on me I just pop right back out again (if I even stealth in the first place) My stuns don't seem to have a long enough effect and my damage while ok on a dummy seems like nothing against a real player. Although their damage to me makes my health go down very fast. So can I get some tips on what I might be doing wrong? Or maybe just some tips that might help a new rogue? With all the abilities a rogue has it should be OP, should be able to stun lock with a couple of SS, CS and KS with some GB's and evis mixed in but it seems like after the first couple seconds nothingShortstab24 2d
3d Dagger suggestions! Having a bit of a conundrum figuring out what daggers I want to use with T3 Bonescythe. Anyone have any suggestions? Currently running with Titansteel Spellblade.Barnobus7 3d
3d VE Sub Rogue Backflip? VE Sub Rogue here... Am I crazy??? I swear that sometimes he does a backflip during some finishing moves. Its totally random and seems to happen during eviserate but not often. Doesn’t seem like a glitch as it looks intentional but once again... randomly (like every 15 minutes or so I catch it. Googled it and couldn’t find anything. Please tell me I’m not losing my mind after leveling him 86 mind numbing levels. Side note... loving rogue. Can’t believe it took me this long to roll one.Orbeez2 3d
3d rogue and ret 2v2 hi how well is a rogue with a ret in 2v2Kheng5 3d
3d Do you always go for five combo points? For Assassination. If you are at 4 do you spend it for using rupture and envenomed?Feelzbrah8 3d
4d I need help with my rotation! Can a fellow rogue take 2 mins to give me advice on the best rotation for a assassination rogue. I beennin lfg a few times and i know there is something im not doing right. Just some advice if anyone dont mind or even a site i can look up.Zoheff14 4d
4d My hopes for BFA rogue. First off, who is the lead class developer responsible for rogues? I would like to tweet at him, and hopefully he see's my tweet while pooping or something. Coins of air were a major let down in my opinion. Im not complaining just to complain, the reasons I personally felt coins were useless is a few points. 1. Despite being easy to farm, the items that turned into coins are completely useless. they may be purples or blues, but ultimately it just adds up to a currency that is relatively useless. 2. The rewards are very weak, there's a couple of re-colored bandanas we've had since burning crusade, then a weapon illusion that we had access to in WoD. Overall the coins were easy to farm, and the rewards were pretty lackluster. I would love to see a return of the MoP style lockboxes. They were fun to farm, not too op in terms of profit, but didn't feel like a waste of time either. They also had some cool weapons in them and overall it just felt good to experience. I would also like to see a return of the world spawn chests and lockboxes that they used to have in BC. Lockpicking is an ability in the game, but I honestly can't tell you the last time I used it for anything outside of opening lockboxes for my guild. I love where rogues are at as a class right now. I just think we are starting to fade into dagger warriors instead of stealthy rogues. A huge part of the class identity is the tricky lock picking, pocket picking, stealthy burst aspect, and I hope we see it return in Battle for Azeroth.Kurama3 4d
4d Sub vs Ret - how? is this doable if ret pally is competent?Erk14 4d
4d 110 Rogue Spec? Hey I was wondering which spec was best at 110 for PVE (Raiding/Mythics)? I tried looking online but it changes depending on the site.. so I figured i'd ask here. Thanks!Hime1 4d
4d Victor's spoils quest. So I'm not an avid PVPer buy I have just recently reached Prestige level 1. I'm wondering where to find or how to trigger this quest so I can get my new weapon skins. Any help is appreciated.Xiangyu1 4d
4d PvP Help? I hit like wet noodle Hi guys, Casual random BG player here. As the title suggest, is there a way for me to not suck? I know the fundamentals of my class, but everytime I dip my toe in casual BG, I’m usually one of the last in terms of damage output (wouldn’t be surprised if a healer out damaged me). On that note I target the healers when they come, but I feel like wet tissue paper trying to cut log. I avoid plate wearers cuz LMAO. I’m also fairly squishy in a melee and usually one of the first to die. I figured the reason why my DPS is so low is I’m usually waiting for the spirit healer (cuz yknow opportunity cost). I don’t have a main spec, but I’ve been playing Assassin lately and stacking DoTs to a MfD kidney is fairly satisfying. I do like all the spec and rotate every other BG cuz I’m a filthy casual. I notice that I don’t seem to have this problem with my ele sham free casting chain lightning and spamming frost shock -> ghost wolf kite when those warriors try to charge me. But I have more attachment to Rogues and want to get gud. Any tips? Thanks all,Rhaxxes15 4d
4d Sub vs Assassin Everyone is telling me to go Assassin but I like Sub more.. How much better is Assassin or Sub in BG's, Arenas, and Duels? Also Which one is better in mythic dungeons and raids and by how much more is each one better? Are both Viable? What bad match ups does each spec have?Rythreen6 4d
5d Assassination Help On Assassination if you have 4 Combo Points, do you mutilate to go for the 5th combo point knowing you could waste two, or do you go ahead and use your finisher with the 4 points?Sômething13 5d
5d Remaking Rogues, need your help Hello Rogues, I want your advice. I have been making threads where I remake classes for BfA in an effort to show blizzard that our classes could be so much better than they are letting them shrink to. I've made a pretty solid effort on alot of classes, and whether you like them or hate them, it has sparked alot of ideas. I have two classes left to go, and frankly, I'm not even close an expert on either class. I made an attempt at creating a 4th (or 3rd for DH) spec for every class and here was my attempt at your class. I thought the specs were at least interesting, however that was making something from the ground up (ish). Rogue Now I want to make a revamp for your class and I need some advice to get a really good feel for your specs. Please feel free to crap on my work if you so choose, but if you feel like being helpful I'd like to know a few things: 1) What spec do you play the most of this class? 2) What do you find the best about that spec moving into BfA, and what do you find the worst? 3) What abilities do you wish you had (or had back) to make your spec work better? 4) What do you have that you wish would go away? 5) If you had to change something about your spec, what would it be? 6) Any other pieces of wisdom you have from being familiar with your class/spec. I'd like to make remakes that you'd go "gdamn I'd play that in a heartbeat" because they are well made and fun, not so much because "OMG STUPIDLY OP".Gumble14 5d
5d Gearing up spec Just hit 110 and would like some input from others on the best gearing up spec for running around Argus etc... I've been playing around with all three specs and enjoy all of them just looking more for a survivability standpoint. ThanksZerran0 5d
5d RMP tactics/guides arena! hey guys novice rogue here started getting involved in arenas more & more since legion launch. prior to legion only random bg's, i am really trying to push to 2k and beyond ( highly ambitious) however always struggling to find groups or people not happy with the way i play and they kick me, i sort of plateu around 1800cr... aside from getting good right is there any tips or tricks you guys have or recommendation's for streamers & youtubers i should be watching? im always looking at guides however they dont break down replays slow and mythodically so i can actually see whats really happening and the mindset of the rogue, when to cc? when to burst? whos the priority? and best cc chains? majority of the guides i see are outdated or not in enough detail as i stated im very much a pvp noob would love to queue with players who would be willing to discord etc and criticise my gameplay on what i could have done better than just kicking me when i have no idea what went wrong i feel being a rogue people have very high expectations of you to be awesome lol. looking forward to some replys!! thanks in advance.Drool7 5d
5d High Fash-Djinn So, after hours of farming over three days (more than ten hours in multiple locations, instances, and everywhere that was recommended by every source), after finally getting some progress made on the rogue pickpocketing quest, why can I not find the Glitzy Mana-Chain? I've read forum posts and WoWhead comments specifying different areas, checked the WoWhead drop rate info, and tried everything. I'm not high enough level for Suramar, but it seemed like if I could obtain the quest AND complete the previous steps in the chain at a lower level, AND get five out of the six items, why shouldn't I be able to get the last item to drop? It sounds like I'm not alone, I see people posting about farming for hours for a quest item in max-level zones, instances, and various quest areas. I possibly could have leveled to 110 and tried in Suramar at this point, but again, if I can get the quest at a lower level, I should not have to be 110 to complete it. The drop rate on this is so inexplicably, abysmally low that it is positively staggering. Everything else has dropped and redropped multiple times. Multiple mana-forged worry chains, mana-cloaked chokers, and of course, all the green and white items. Several Lockets of Magical Memories, the other "epic" loot. The RNG on this QUEST ITEM is appalling. And it's not just me, like I said. Other people are circling Suramar in other futile exercises trying to get one item or the other. It's not just the mana-chain, some people need the locket or one of the blue items. One more item. Hours of farming for a quest item. That's just plain bonkers. I have one hundred and seventy thousand coins after turning in the ten thousand for one quest and one thousand for the other. I can't buy the pets and other items, of course, until I complete this quest. Why is the drop so low? Why do I see some people saying "whoo, got it in fifteen minutes!" on WoWhead when I've spent ten hours and can't complete it? Why allow characters under 110 to even obtain the quest if you apparently need to "farm" the quest items in Suramar anyway? Why are we farming for quest items, anyway? I don't know if I've stressed that enough, this is worse than zhevra hooves, plainstrider beaks and Mankrik's Wife put together at this point. I could have collected enough hooves and beaks in the same amount of time to make an arrow pointing to her corpse's location in the old Barrens. I'd have gone less mad as a result. Is this somewhat of an isolated incident of abysmally bad RNG, or is there something legitimately borked in the numbers? What the actual hell?Luchaka20 5d
5d 2.7 exp LF Btags BogdanNG#1633Lazyturtler1 5d