Jul 31 Specter of Betrayal - Outlaw Just got a Heroic 925 Specter of Betrayal out of a Heroic chest. It is BiS for me I know. However not 100% sure if I'm suppose to just use it on CD or sync it with CDs? Any insight on this?Dún3 Jul 31
Jul 30 Trinket Question (abnormal) Here's the gist: I took an Oakheart's Gnarled Root from a pug in a DhT to see if it would proc on poisoned knife / fan of knives just for some experimentation. To my surprise, it was proccing all the time, but seemingly off of autoattacks and envenom. Is this something with the trinket, or are some Sin rogue moves considered range of spells? Just curious for some oddball theorycrafting.Gucciunicorn2 Jul 30
Jul 30 Hello Rogues, any alt suggestions? Hi my fellow rogues, If you main a rogue, enjoy playing rogue the most, which other classes do you also have a lot of fun with?Spikiera15 Jul 30
Jul 30 How are Rogues now? Hey everyone, I'm just now getting back into the game after a two year break. I quit back in may of 2015 and just started back up a day ago. So much has changed since I last played so I'm still adapting to it all. My question is just one of curiosity though. My Rogue's been my main toon since vanilla, I've played through the majority of nerfs and buffs we've ever had as Rogues. Where do we currently stand? Good? Great? Bad? Terrible? haha. I left this game as an Assassination Rogue so that's what I jumped back into, and given my makeshift spec and talent configuration I seem to be doing pretty well leveling at least, I feel like I can two or three shot most non elite monsters. Anyway, good to be back! Hope we're in good standing.Elfís5 Jul 30
Jul 30 Trinket rank for Subs Rogue So i've been checking icy veins for some gear guide for all 3 rogue specs, for outlaw and assasin they got the trinket tier list best for that class, meanwhile there is no info for subs tier trinket, so i wonder if maybe anyone can list me what is the good trinket for subs other than cof and scepter.Ianlotheron2 Jul 30
Jul 30 Best rogue spec Hello to all I am thinking of playing my old rogue back (have'nt played since 2 Xpac..) I was wondering what would be the best spec to do in this order; Mythic > PVP > raid I don't have much time to level all spec so I was wondering which spec is the best to do this Also, if at all possible, a good guide link for the spec in question (I will have to relearn the class) Thanks in advance for your help and good day ;)Ketosis7 Jul 30
Jul 30 Got both tfury bindings today Not sure if I'm incredibly lucky, or they upped the drop rate, but I got both bindings to drop today while doing LFG custom groups full of rogues. We had paths and strats down by the second run and within 2 different groups, I saw 1-2 different people get each kind of binding. Took me 3 VOW runs and about 25-30 NL runs, both on normal. Happy hunting! Jul 30
Jul 30 SStrike Vs. Gloomblade whats wrong with this picture Jul 30
Jul 30 SnD and KS I feel like using my talents to get SnD and KS since I am used to them on my old rotation, but I see that almost every Outlaw Rogue doesn't select them. Are they that useless now?Nosferátu1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Sub Legendary Gloves Just got these... anyone using them? Haven't had shoulder or bracers drop yet. They seem alright, especially with the DfA build, since you can 6 point nightblade -> SoD -> backstab for full combo points -> DfA -> dance -> etc.Tynsil3 Jul 30
Jul 29 Just got Shadow Satyr's Walk Legendary? I checked Icy Veins and they rank it the second best legendary but I just don't see how 3 energy is anything special (considering Shadowstrike was changed to require melee range I feel this legendary's usefulness has plummeted dramatically. Is it still good?Scyllu17 Jul 29
Jul 29 Practice areas for better dps Hey all, I wrote out a long post trying to figure this out but it is lost to the twisting nether, anywhoo. Short story I am not doing a good job in raids and tonight it climaxed with being accused of AFK I was so bad. I only have myself to blame but want to get better. So the question I have is this, where do I go besides the proving grounds( which isn't a very good practice area to me apparently as I got silver damage easily) to get better so I don't disappoint people in raids or dungeons. I genuinely want to do better without practicing at the expense of others during a dungeon or raid. So if anyone knows a place I can practice or a way I can check my dps to see if I'm getting better it would be appreciated very much. P.S. To the group I was running LFR Maiden and Avatar with today, sorry I was really trying and I really sucked sorry it drug you down.Rogarethylak35 Jul 29
Jul 29 Subtlety Rogue Hidden Artifact Appearance Hi friends, big subtlety fan here. I was hoping someone had some insight on the sub rogue hidden artifact appearance: Venombite. I used to love running the Troves of the Thunder King scenario and I was wondering if you HAVE to enter the scenario through Taoshi in your order hall to have a chance at the appearance. Could I go to the Isle of Thunder and farm trove keys there and do it from that location? Thanks all!Ineedatowel34 Jul 29
Jul 29 behind the curve I been fishing for the sub legendary drops a lot this expansion. It spent a long time trying to get shadow satyr's walk to make sub 'viable'. But by the time it dropped, it had already nerfed beyond recognition and nobody was playing sub. With sub 7.2.5 improvements it was time to go after denial of the half-giants. I started pouring my AP points into sub and going after that drop. Was crushed hearing last week to learn it was getting nerfed too. Got random nightmares about terrible method rogues who finish 10th in dps posting that rogues are 'broken'. Denial of the half-giants finally dropped for me last night finally on a boss kill in LFR. A random warrior in raid immediate types 'I hope you rot in hell invasive. I've been trying to get that drop on my rogue for a month.' I didn't say anything. I felt like I was already in hell and the rotting had started on the tuesday reset. This warrior needed to read patch notes more. You know that confused numb feeling when something you've wanting finally drops. It was followed with this incredible indifference knowing I'd just received damaged goods. The damn legendary sat in my bags for a couple of hours before I even thought about equipping it. But to be honest I can't even look at it now without feeling frustrated.Invasive5 Jul 29
Jul 29 Noob Rogue Questions Hey all, I will apologize in advance for asking a bunch of questions at once as I am a first time rogue. So firstly I would like to address the outlaw spec. I originally started with outlaw and to for me this was a super fun spec to play. I thought it was relatively simple to learn and play which was great because I always thought rogue was a more complex class to play. I had a love hate relationship with roll the bones, the RNG of the ability provided some excitement as to what you would roll, and if I got lucky with the buffs I got the outlaw spec would play fantastically and smoothly. I think I got like 4 buffs at once one time which I didnt even know was possible, but boy was that fast and critty gameply and I loved it. However, if the rolls wernt as good, which was more often than not, the gameplay was not as fun; the damage was no there and I found myself starving for energy sometimes. My question regarding the outlaw spec for you dedicated rogue players is how to you keep good sustained damage and how do you feel about the class mostly revolving around RNG? Now for Sub. I switched to Sub after playing outlaw because I was not satisfied with the damage I was seeing. Playing sub definitely gives me more of a true feeling for rogue with more bursty damage, which I wasnt seeing much of playing outlaw. Sub is certainly more complex to play then outlaw it seems and as a freshly boosted rogue it makes it all that more difficult. However, Im a fan of the bursty damage and although it seems I only tickle players in pvp, Im sure that is just because Im still learning the ropes. And dps in dungeons doesnt seem to be an issue as long as I spam shruken storm for now haha. I guess my question for sub would be what is a good basic rotation that I should follow as a opener? Right now Im just breaking stealth with shadowstrike building up combo points for either nightblades or stun(which ever comes first) and then shadow dancing here and there fitting in more shadow strikes and evisecrates. Overall Im just kind of torn between Outlaw and Sub right now. I love the feel and class fantasy of outlaw and the simplicity of it but I also like the bursty damage from sub. I also know that Im only 103 and have basically now artifact stuff completed yet but will there be significant changes to either outlaw or sub gameplay at endgame content with a fully completed artifact and appropriate leggos? Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance. Im loving Rogue so far and Im excited for what the future holds!Backsûrgeón11 Jul 29
Jul 29 Which Spec For Survival Hi I'm newly 110 and haven't settled on a spec. I'm not the best player and one of the things that is important to me is being able to stay alive. I'm really looking at PVE here. Being melee it seems I'm always in some poop or getting knocked around. I'm undergeared and very squishy but before I start committing to a legendary path, I want to consider which spec will allow me to stay alive in heroic content. Once you have the gear, which spec has the best defenses/healing? Thanks for any repliesShii4 Jul 29
Jul 29 Knowing when to attack What determines you to open up on an enemy in PvP? Are there certain classes you refuse to attack? Perhaps certain classes you refuse to solo?Saehen4 Jul 29
Jul 29 Not doing full damage with abilities When i mouse-over an ability like Run Through, Eviscerate, or Envenom you can see the damage the ability should put out. When i cast Run though or and ability for that matter, my damage is coming up short of the listed damage value. This wouldn't be a problem if it were a small amount of missed damage, but I'm missing up to 20% damage on my finishing moves and 10%-15% on my regular abilities ex: Backstab, Saber Slash, ect... Is this normal? Is the value that is listed under the ability description sort of a maximum cap on its dmg besides crit?Abali7 Jul 29
Jul 29 Shadowstrike not working in pvp? All day my shadow strike hasn't been teleporting me to my target. Anyone else been experiencing this? It seems to work initially when I open on a target, but after I hit shadow dance and use shadow strike it is no longer teleporting me. VERY frustrating when fighting mages... literally impossible to stay on them at this point.Femragge7 Jul 29
Jul 29 Bleed Spec.. Has anyone had any sucess with the Bleed Build for assn? I tried it earlier (with OKish stats, 34% crit / 8 % haste / 90% mastery / 15.5% versitility. As well as the 4 set Tier Bonus from ToS. The build doesn't seem to be very good. Even playing it poorly, it seemed like it should play a bit better than it does. I think the cooldown on exsanguinate is far too long. With hemo/exsang, it feelsl ike the CD would be more appropriately placed at 30second or so. 25~30seconds. I find it odd, because blizzard seems to be shoving that build in our faces with the new tier set bonuses, and the tiers stat weights. (heavy vers) Hell even a majority of the non-set gear in ToS is heavily vers biased. Crit/Vers. For so much blatant pushing us in that direction, the build feels very lackluster. Admittedly, all three of my relics are for Vendetta / Leg Boots build. However, I don't even think using 3 rupture relics would help the build out that much tbh. The playstyle is more or less two burst phases, Vendetta burst, and Exsang burst, other than that the playstyle is similar to the poison build, more or less. Aoe is weaker due to less poison damage, and to get closer to the same damage bonus as running EP, you'd need to hemo each mob that you rupture/garrott. Which obviously takes too much time with the GCD, I think if hemo had less energy requriement, and no GCD it would feel better to play. (obviously removing the combo point generation of hemo.) That's just my take on it, has anyone had better success with it? If so, how did you play it?Hombre12 Jul 29
Jul 29 Rogue Class Mount Questline Rogue quest is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous... NONE of my other toons have had any difficulty getting their class mount, then I get the rogue quest to assassinate mobs IN HORDE Capitol Cities.... and it's absolutely #*)%% ridiculous. I died 6 times armor is wrecked just on the first one, over 400 gold repair bill and the location in Undercity is just unbelievably hard to get to. I DUMPED the quest... screw it, i'll live without the GOD #%#@ mount. Absolutely disappointed with WOW and STRONGLY considering just quitting the game completely at this point. Yes did read wowhead and other strategies and most didn't work or were vague on how to reach mob and successfully gank. For the other classes to have a straightforeward quest line and rogues to get this nightmare beyond belief is absurd in the extreemLoistenna27 Jul 29
Jul 29 Shadowstep and Dresaron DHT bug Did anyone else run into the issue of not being able to shadowstep dresaron the dragon in dht? kept getting "cant use that in here" when i tried to get under him causing me to run into a bunch of eggs on a +14 leading to a wipe. Is this intentional or just a really cheap bug? because this is extremely unfair to rogues and should be fixed. figured all this stuff would be ironed out by now especially with the mythic plus invitational right around the corner.Yosifui3 Jul 29
Jul 29 How reliant are sin rogues on legendaries? Just need some tips. I'm ilvl 917 I'm 8/9 heroic. But I am missing both BiS legendaries. On single target bosses I pull okay DPS but I am never near the top 3. I range from 800-950k but on KJ between phases I know a lot of people drop DPS because of sky phase etc... but after he lands I have a rough time getting my DPS back up and I end up with around 700k and I'm not too sure why. If I had shoulders and boots/bracers will this help? How else could I help this ? Thanks all.Dyine5 Jul 29
Jul 29 Sub PvP Hey all, I have a few questions on some builds for sub. Mastery of Subtlety vs Gloomblade, Master of Shadows Vs Mark for Death and Phantom Assassin Vs thief's Bargain. When would I use either talent, Thanks :DCryptstalker3 Jul 29
Jul 28 Question on rogue 4 set bonus. I'm currently sin ilvl 917. I have the 4 set but I do not use it this is why. My mastery is 146 using the 2 set and if I equip my 4 set I go down to around 125 if not lower. Which seems to be a Huge DPS loss. Is there something I'm missing? Why is 40% damage to garrote worth losing so much mastery. Thanks all.Dyine6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Troll Racials I am rolling a Rogue for the first time ever. I want to learn and have fun. I chose Troll because I've also never had a Troll as a race. As I was doing further research on Trolls, I noticed that Trolls have Increased regeneration rates Does that mean the rate I will generate Energy will be increased from the get go? Also do I favor haste or crit? I noticed Trolls have like a 1% haste increase.Theme2 Jul 28
Jul 28 Pickpocket Quest Done Quick (new rogues only) This won't help people who have already gotten their Assassination artifact, but it will help new players / rerolls. You can complete the entire lamp quest line and get every item for sale in about 2 hours. During the Assassination quests you are taken to Stormwind to get into SI:7 with Garona. There are hostile guards swarming the streets looking for you. You know what that means: a pickpocket's dream! Here's why you can complete the quests so quickly: work your way from the Stormwind gate to Old Town pick pocketing every guard. By the time to get finished with Old Town, you should run back to the Stormwind gate and the guards will become pickpocketable again! Each run will get you from 50,000 to 75,000 coins once you have he final lamp. Each run takes 10 minutes or so.Alphasneak0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Tier 19 or Tier 20 Will a 4pce tier 19 and 2 pce 20 give more dmg then the reverse (unless using shoulders then its just tier 19 or tier 20)? Been using 4pce tir 20 and 2 pce tir 19 (obv dnt have shoulders) and i run into no energy problems alot, even with 32% haste and about 10% vers. As well as the 4pce tier 20 is anyone else having a hard time timing keeping the energy less then 1/2 each time Adrenalin is at its last second (or am i diong it wrong)? The tier 20 4pce set confuses me a bit can anyone shed some light on it for me!!??Shockadinz5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Sword Spec? I am thinking of leveling a Rogue but was curious if there was a swords spec? Only because I have the Heirloom Agility Swords with nice enchants on them and they'd be helpful.Journey1 Jul 28
Jul 28 arathi blizzard is a rogues wet dreamTaylorgangxo7 Jul 28
Jul 28 Grappling Hook instant cast macro? I've tried the things that I found from google searching, and theyre not working for me. could someone post it exactly how its supposed to be, so i can straight copy/paste it? Thanks :)Beemac4 Jul 28
Jul 28 Under the table - combat ally Does Under the Table work with all combat allies or only bodyguards? Will this work with Jorach Ravenhold?Owce0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Loot Specialization: Subtlety Why is this so broken? Leveling up WoW kept trying to suggest that cloth items and stuff with stats that did nothing for me were upgrades. Now that I'm 110 I'm consistently getting relics and things that I can't even use.Hellshäde0 Jul 28
Jul 27 DFA bug 7/25 Since Tuesday I've been having this weird issue where DFA puts me in places where it shouldn't on same bosses I've already done before. Example on KJ 5 out of 10 times it will put me behind the bosses legs while those other 5 it will land me directly in front (while he's being tanked in place) causing me to take fel swipes. This also occurs on Goroth where 5 out of the 10 times it will land behind his legs and the other 5 directly under him which if there's a bowling ball going out at the moment = death Also upon landing if I press "S" to walk backwards it will actually make me walk forward making me go further into the bosses face I find that clicking a friendly target and then clicking back to the target ur going to DFA remedies the issue landing you in safe spots. This is definitely something new for me, let me know if you guys are having similar issues. I have no idea how they could've messed up DFA when all they did was nerf some legendary items.Relanium7 Jul 27
Jul 27 Shining lamp of al'abas I just got this for turning in the pickpocket quest, what is it for? its sold for 500g, but it has no description of what its used for.Stabbingju6 Jul 27
Jul 27 New rogue need help, PvP/PvE/Racials want to main a rogue since it is literally the less played class for me in history but i am confused. 1. Which specs are the most viable in PvP and for PvE? most classes have to duel spec for both Arena's and RBG's and maybe even PvE but i was wondering if this is the same for rogues and if so which are the go to specs for each type of content? 2. What are the absolute best racials to min max for PvE, PvP? PvP wise most people usually go Orc for stun duration but i was wondering if Belf silence would be better since im melee now and maybe would be best for me to lock casters/healers rather then fighting melee head on for PvP.Lethadox8 Jul 27
Jul 27 The Empty Crown I have the wrists and boots and then had this drop the other night. When I run Sims it says Crown/Boots is best combo. Ask Mr. Robot agrees as well. Anyone do any testing at all with this? I don't raid again til next week, but was curiousHamburglar31 Jul 27
Jul 27 Issue with Honor Among Thieves I've notice Honor Among Thieves sometimes keeps me in combat and prevents using Stealth. Other times while I'm in stealth, it puts me in combat. Is this a bug or intended?Tavlina4 Jul 27
Jul 27 Vanish/Shadowstrike macro I'm trying to make a macro that casts Vanish and then immediately after casts Shadowstrike. I tried the following one and it only seems to cast both if I press it twice: #showtooltip Vanish /cast Vanish /cast Shadowstrike I get the warning "must be in stealth" whenever I cast it and I'm guessing it's because the Shadowstrike cast goes off before the Vanish is resolved. Does anyone have a way around this? I'm supposing a similar macro is used for Vanish Rupture in assassination.Whatagoon10 Jul 27
Jul 27 Pick Pocketing - The Best Places? So I'm doing the Lamp questline and such. Got me thinking about where best to pick pockets. Originally I thought the vampires by Grey Watch... they respawn fast enough was my thought. Though not bad, I'm pretty lazy -- what if I don't have to fight? That brought me over to the Skold-Ashil area. Since I'm an Assassination main, I've still got the buff giving me protection from them. So, I just made a path through and got 2 of the rares for the quest. Now what? I don't want to kill them, too lazy. Where else can I find neutrals? That leads me to Suramar. With the disguise, there are a ton of neutrals to pick from and since we're rogues... escaping detection from those pesky guards is no sweat. I think I've found the jackpot -- anyone else got some good ideas on where to farm pick pocketing? :DAttedneva10 Jul 27
Jul 27 Best Alliance race for PVP What do you guys think it is?Gortician27 Jul 27
Jul 27 How to min/max rogue dps Factoring in gear upgrades, trinkets/relics/legendary drop rates, and analyzing every possible talent spec and rotation available to rogues, I've calculated out how rogues can improve their dps. We need to just get down on our knees and beg Blizzard to stop nerfing us every time we show an improvement. I'm actually not joking, this would make the most mathematical sense. I tried to put this to a song (to the tune of 'the 12 days of christmas). It listed every important rogue legendary, relic, and talent that was nerfed this expansion. I ran out of days because it was in the neighborhood of 16 legendary items, relics, and talents (and counting).Invasive1 Jul 27
Jul 26 Looking for my Boots of Displacement when... Good times!Ulgrim0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Hidden Outlaw Skin Has the drop rate or anything regarding obtaining this skin improved over the last 5 months? I haven't played in a while, but am contemplating it when I hit 110.Outrunthesun3 Jul 26
Jul 26 What with the nerf on shoulders? THIS IS LIKE THE 2ND NERF TO IT NOW. Granted, the first nerf was solely dues to a bug but jesus christ man. I'm still positive its going to be best but damn. This is some horse !@#$ going on.Diusus14 Jul 26
Jul 25 Legendary Nerfs unreasonable Blizzard, please hear me out on this. I understand the perceived intention of the shoulder nerf. I understand that you are trying to not make one legendary so much stronger than others. But the way that you are handling this, quite frankly, is terrible. Shoulders should not have been nerfed for all three specs, especially without any sort of compensation. Maybe the nerf to the shoulders was inevitable, but that fact that it effects both assassination and outlaw is ridiculous, as neither spec is exactly topping meters at the moment. So in regards to outlaw and assassination, either revert the shoulder nerf for the two specs before it goes live, or give either of them some sort of small aura buff, because right now the two specs are going to receive a nerf that they don't need, assuming you have the shoulders. In regards to subtlety, the nerf to the bracers is very confusing as well. It's effectiveness is going to be cut down by 33%, while the legendary boots for example have been buffed/fixed since all the changes sub got in 7.2.5, something that I feel needs to happen. So please Blizzard, think about the changes you are about to make, and the effects that they are going to have on rogues for raiding. As it stands, rogues are literally only going to be brought to raids for cloak, assuming that they are brought at all.Varolyn32 Jul 25
Jul 25 New bis legendaries for sub So in the event the huge hit to the wrists make it no longer our go to legendary with the shoulders, what do you all think will be now? I feel the new hands are meh and would require anticipation talent to make it worth while. KJ burning wish is just not good. Lol. The Insignia would be good if not for the fact we don't use single target abilities with any aoe to be had. The new ring seems like crap because vigor for sub is very underwhelming. And let's not even talk about sephuz. And the back I believe would only be good on KJ if you need to help burn those adds more quickly. So do we just go for Prydaz as a stat stick for the 3rd best legendary? I really hope not. Oh yeah. And the boots are still useless. Thoughts anyone?Evielth10 Jul 25
Jul 25 Upcoming Class Tuning July 25th Items Rogue All Specs Mantle of the Master Assassin Mantle of the Master Assassin duration reduced to 5 seconds (was 6 seconds). Subtlety Denial of the Half-Giants Denial of the Half-Giants cooldown reduction reduced to 0.2 seconds per combo point spent (was 0.3 seconds).Ashoryn52 Jul 25
Jul 25 Death from above animation and shadow dance So im pretty new to the rogue class. I was just wondering if i were to cast death from above with 1 second left on shadow dance, will i still be able to get the increase in damage from dark shadow on the damage from death from above if shadow dance runs out during the animation?Tyennie7 Jul 25