3d Crazy Outlaw Event Medallion? This medallion that's going to drop off of one of the bosses during the anniversary event adds "39,500% weapon speed as fire damage to your auto attacks." For Outlaw's 2.60 speed swords, that's about 102.7k damage PER auto attack? My 917 Orc Rogue does 51k/25k (main/offhand) per auto now. Pair this with SnD and... ? Do you think it will be changed when the event drops? Nerfed immediately? EDIT: I also notice that Ghostly Strikes affects white damage now? I thought at one point it didn't... (It also affect Nightblooming Frond, so it would probably also affect this medallion) EDIT2: I notice that WOWHEAD's entry state 395%, 300%, 163%, "2% fire damage", "2 fire damage," and others hmm (Some of those values are on the old ilvl 68 version though) and old versions of the item increased in damage based on Spell PowerAlondaar3 3d
4d Random BG Spec Hello, I've been running Sub for a while in random BGs and have a question. Icy Veins indicates a few choices such as MfD and Elusiveness but the text is flavored more to Arenas. So, does it matter much in BGs if I were to say take CD and DfA instead or am I gimping myself? I mostly run AV and AB but use the random occasionally for the extra bonus. Thanks.Baringrey4 4d
4d Hunter pet Vanish bug Can we get a fix...its slightly annoying. By slightly I mean...really? Someone needs to get sponsored because ive smashed 3 keyboards in one evening on argus.Larryfine0 4d
4d combo points finishers im constantly at 5 points.... instead of 6 as sub should i go ahead and use a finisher or go for 6 combo finisher?Nânâ1 4d
4d Ranged Rogue Spec With the addition of demon hunters and the change of survival to a melee spec, I can't even fathom that a ranged rogue spec wouldn't be in the works, but it is blizzard we are talking about. From what i hear assassination and sub are very similar specs. Why not scratch one and add a spec that uses bows/guns/ and maybe even lets you dual wield daggers as a ranged weapon (throw throw throw)? This spec loses the ability to stealth (in pvp only maybe? or maybe not. i have questions about the balance of this spec if it still had the same stealth). With the over flooding/crowding of melee (which absolutely do not get as many slots in a raid as ranged because of the way fights inherently work in raids) there needs to be another class that is allowed to step up to the plate and plunk at things from afar. Rogues seem like the best candidate. Any one have more ideas? I've never exactly played a rogue, i just know this needs to happen.Intervals40 4d
5d AoE as assassination? am i doing it wrong Is there a proper way to do AoE damage as assassination? I feel like im doing something wrong. FoK until 5 combo points, apply rupture to a target, rince and repeat until all targets are DoT'd? Is that right? I really have no clue. I miss crimson tempestTeleqraph6 5d
5d 7.2.5 best Sub Rogue macro Ok need to run Subterfuge for this to work right.. #showtooltip Shadowstrike /cast Shadowstrike /cast Pick Pocket Cycle targets and mash that button. You pick all mobs pockets. Also remember to cycle targets during Shadow Dance.. Before you know it you'll be swimming in Coins of Air.. GL happy huntiing.Misdonya10 5d
5d T21 Rogue dps bottom of pile for all specs. According to simcraft rogues are dead next tier. We're in the bottom 1/3rd of DPS for all specs. How in the heck is a pure DPS class so trash on the meters? Looks like my rogue is getting shelved for my warrior next tier.Strîck18 5d
5d A Rogue Timeline: PVP Through the Ages Just trying to compile the best and most amazing rogue pvp vids of all time, any others that you have just link with a name and who it features. Comedy videos are also acceptable just point that out in your post. Also, remember to vote sticky so these vids aren't lost for future generations. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!!!!! Here is a playlist of all the ones available on youtube, I will try and add more as time goes by. First, my personal favorite, World of Roguecraft. One of the Greatest Compilations of all time, Six Silent Shadows Now Reckful Most of reckful's videos are arena based pvp only. Reckful 1 Reckful 2 Reckful 3 Reckful Warglaives 2v2 Next up Akrios, his site helped so many learn to pvp. Most of the Eviscerate saga focuses on world pvp and duels until it gets to the Eviscerate Arena videos. Eviscerate Eviscerate 2 Eviscerate 3 Eviscerate 4 Eviscerate 5 Eviscerate 6 Eviscerate 7 Eviscerate 8 Eviscerate 9 Eviscerate 10 Eviscerate Arena Eviscerate Arena 2 Eviscerate Arena 3 Eviscerate Arena 4 Eviscerate Arena 5 Eviscerate Arena 6 Eviscerate Arena 7 Aeias and Akrios Neilyo V Akrios 5d
5d Irrelevant in Raiding and Arenas so... Pugging a normal TOS is too hard because I can't even link whatever the achievement is so late in the instance. I haven't done arenas all expansion and don't know anyone who does them anymore so finding a meaningful team is out of the question So I have decided to take the hardest challenge of all my time of playing WoW making an original mog that doesn't suck.. SO what do you think of my Mog?Brutain8 5d
5d PvP 1v1 Matchups What classes give you the most difficult time 1v1?Eledor13 5d
5d Q&A Discussion: Rogues: Then, Now, & in BFA Q&A Discussion Regarding Class Changes in BfA: Question: ... Response (Ion Hazzikostas, AKA Watcher): ... I appreciate Watcher starting to open up and share some reflections on the Legion class changes with some level of transparency. This is a discussion which has been badly needed, and I would like to continue this discussion by engaging the community. Starting with several points raised by Watcher's well formed thoughts on this topic we can arrive at a question: If the designers and product managers understood that (A) major class changes are extremely disruptive and expensive, and (B) it's very likely that some major class changes will fail to execute on a mechanical level and leave specs in a worse state than they were in previously, and (C) even when the changes get through without noticeably degrading mechanics, there will be many loyal fans who have loved their spec in some cases for well over a decade who are going to respond and have responded with apathy, loss of trust, and even negativity, then: (1) What was the upside to offset the apparent downside, and what processes and metrics were used to evaluate that against the costs? (2) How is it and how should it be determined which specs were unsuccessful experiments and need to be reworked again? (3) Which specs other than Demonology and Survival are judged to have missed the mark?Overpruned7 5d
5d Vanilla Rogue Hype hype hype! Vanilla Rogue! Vanish powder! Poison crafting! Yes!Mafic60 5d
6d Mythic/Raid DPS. Okay so as you can tell by my history/ilvl/etc I'm new to Legion. I used to play rogue pretty casually from Vanilla to Cata but never got into real raiding content or serious PvP, though I'm very familiar with competitive gaming in other aspects. I'm trying to get into this because I have a lot of fun playing the game and it's very challenging for me (which is even more fun). My question, as a newbie, is this; HOW DO I RAISE MY DPS AS SUB?! I really really like this spec and almost everything about it. I really like sin, too, but I used to play that all the time. Was never very good at it but, like I said before, never really put serious effort into it. In heroics/mythics I tend to cap out around 400-500k DPS. This is pitiful and is starting to frustrate me. Is it simply my gear? Is it my talents? Is it my rotation? I was actually thinking about maybe switching to sin for a while and seeing if I don't get some better numbers with that, but I would feel clunky and awkward after playing sub so heavily. What do you guys think? Any advice for a sucky rogue? Everything is appreciated, really.Nÿmphetamine4 6d
6d Honor Among Thieves Is this talent suppose to keep you in combat? It's kind of annoying....Darthchode0 6d
6d Is rogue worth rolling? I am wanting something new to try out and rogue has caught my eye on more than one occasion. In the past I always avoided it because I felt it was more PVP-orientated and I prefer PvE content so I usually steered away from it but with how all classes got reworks and legion I figure I might give it a try but I wanted to hear from the rogue community itself. As someone new to the rogue play style, what would be a good spec to try out first to give me a decent experience as a rogue? As I said before I mostly PvE but I will PvP on occasion but nothing truly serious.Revizul10 6d
6d Returning player Hi uncrowned, So I quit the game when my guild broke back in FEB and just came back now, from what I got Sub is the new thing which I have zero legos for, is it still possible to play as Assassination? If so in what order shoudl I upgrade my legos? I have boots, bracer and Ravenholdt, no mantle :( ThanksKinshasa0 6d
6d Combat Flag Change? Okay, so I've been gone for a while and haven't really pvp'd at all in legion until this last week, but has being flagged for combat changed? I thought I remembered that when you killed the person you were in combat with you would drop combat? Now it seems like I'm still having to wait the 6 seconds to restealth. Even wowpedia says that in pvp you leave combat after all players that have attacked you are killed.Redfang6 6d
6d Nearest target macro Does a nearest target macro exist? I got the boots on my outlaw so I run the speed buff rather than acrobatic strikes. Unfortunately that means I frequently find myself out of range and tab target is garbage. Is there a macro that would target the closest enemy?Bclmj9 6d
Nov 16 Assassination: Mastery vs Versatility Help me understand. I see mastery as being the top recommended stat, but some of these high rated rogues are prioritizing versatility, such as the top one in rated bgs. Why is this?Smoov7 Nov 16
Nov 16 Assassination Buffs that are reasonable. Personally I think both Assassination, and Outlaw could use some buffs. I am not, suggesting we should be top DPS, or even close. I do however think a couple buffs are in order. I do not know much about outlaw, so I will stick purely to Assasination. I have played both major Assn talent builds. (Poison, and Bleeds) In so far as bleed build is concerned, it has a slightly weaker Single Target emphasis, and is much better in the high HP Add fights. Short lived add fights, are terrible for bleed. More so than poison build. I think a couple small buffs would fix this build. My Suggestions: -- Reduce the cooldown on Exsanguinate. By how much? I think quite a bit. Either a pure reduction, or perhaps give us a passive that gives a chance at lowering the cooldown. Maybe something like "For every 45 Energy spent it reduces the cooldown by .5 seconds". -- Nerf Poison damage in bleed spec, and significantly buff the DPS that our two bleeds deal. This way, the different gearing strategy for this build would be more effective. So long as the dmg evens out only a bit ahead I think most would be happy. (With it obviously scaling higher dps the better your stat balance is. (Crit/Vers Primarily). -- Perhaps even make choosing Exsanguinate switch our +Mastery Buff Passive to Versatility. Ok, For Poison Spec, I think these changes would work out very great as well: -- Make poison bomb a guaranteed proc every (X) seconds, and keep it alone otherwise. For example, if 35s have passed in combat, and PB has not proced, perhaps we can gain a buff that gives us +100% chance of PB procing on the next Envenom. Changing this would allow us to pick and choose WHEN to proc it, (when we get an unlucky streak, thereby making up for some of the bad dps output)- it would make bad luck less a factor in poisons AOE output. -- Increase auto-attack damage by some margin, maybe making up a 3-5% overall dps buff. This isn't flashy at all, but it would be effective, and requrie much less tweaking overall than a skill change. Final thoughts I am not suggesting all of these changes, but perhaps one or two of them, balaced out to give us a slight DPS increase I belive would make many who play Assn very happy. (And of course keep us from !@#$% posting all day, haha). I really do not believe most who play rogues out out of line when asking for buffs right now. (Sub excluded, sorry guys! :) ) We want to feel at least a little mighty going into the next raid content, so that when the RL starts up the group, he's looking for those yellow names a fit faster. That's all! :) Thanks for listening.Hombre20 Nov 16
Nov 15 Legion and Lockboxes I've leveled 3 characters to cap and haven't seen a single lock box. You main rogues seen any? I waas just wondering if it was worthwhile leveling my lockpick alt.Superpeon3 Nov 15
Nov 15 Rogue PvP? I was considering playing rogue and I mostly do PvP, now are rogues usually always in good standing every season in some aspect? and also if I was to play what spec would be the best after the seasons end "guessing" and the current preferred spec!Zingfer1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Female dwarf rogues Where are you all hiding? Come forth, my sisters.Arri4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Outlaw PVP amazing with self heals Greetings all, Today I went into Blackrook Rumble. Usually I die every 5 seconds, but I had the Will of Valeera legendary equipped that lets you heal with Feint for 20% of your life over 5 seconds. What a difference!!!! Our spec is supposed to "go toe to toe" and I could finally do it with self-heals. I fought for what seemed like ages against a warlock and two pallies. I was actually able to hold my own without dying in seconds!!!! Outlaw desperately needs some sort of self-heals like this in battlegrounds. I get mashed by certain classes without the self healing and elusiveness only helps so much. I tell you it was so refreshing to be able to stand and fight like our spec is supposed to be able to do according to the description. It was like night and day, I enjoyed Blackrook Rumble for once instead of dreading it. I want Blizzard to give us a viable self-heal in templated BGs so we can actually keep pace with pallies, DKs, DHs, warlocks, etc. (Crimson Vial does NOT cut it). Right now we die WAY too easily and quickly with some of these classes. Anyway, do use Will of Valeera if you are going to do world PVP like Blackrook Rumble. The difference is astounding, I only died once or twice the whole time I was fighting as I used Grappling Hook to whisk myself to safety if I started getting too low on life. Self-heals and mobility, imagine that for our class?? I felt like I had a real chance for the first time in Blackrook Rumble. Like...I was a real Outlaw...instead of a messed up loser spec. LOLFornzarn1 Nov 15
Nov 15 The future of Rogue Specs Disclaimer: This post contains some things I don't like about rogues at the moment. TLDR: Please go back to PVP/Raid Single Target/Raid AOE builds I just play rogue. It has been a fun class to play and it just feels like everything else doesn't suit me. This is the class I want to always play. As a 3x melee dps class - I expect some benefit for the lack of ability to swap roles and help out my raid team. Side note: I want smoke bomb back - there was nothing like having a raid leader call out my name to help the team out. Everyone runs into my smoke bomb and I save the day! Yippee, I'm helping! Even for dungeons, the tank wanted to LOS something? I'm was your guy. But my main urgh point is that previously we had pretty clear lines for what spec to play. We are the only class with 3 melee dps specs and Blizzard have a lot of room to play on this. Sub was previously the primary spec for PVP. It mean they could freely change things to suit PVP and you wouldn't have people complaining about it in raids because we could just go to one of the other specs. This was a good situation. Assassination was a great single target for raids, big dps and some cool utilities that brought the spec to life. You were so well tuned that if you kept all your ticking stuff up and pooled at the right times you could really push the boundaries of what dps output you could hit. Combat (not Outlaw) was the spec you swapped to when you wanted multiple things around you to die. This is still useful but the RNG plague that was cast on rogues when Outlaw dropped meant we could go anywhere from 60% efficiency to 200% (that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the eighth house of Aquarius - Count Duckula intro). Instead, we now have basically one viable spec for PVP and Raids. It's Sub all the way right now. Warcraft Logs has both Assassination and Outlaw at the very bottom. Even playing Assassination efficiently will only put you in the bottom 3rd of an efficient team of players. Outlaw seems like a fun option but with all the work you would need to have as a backup spec in most situations, it's hardly worth it. Something really needs to change. I usually tell people that Blizz will fix things and just wait for a patch if you think your dps is weak due to it's mechanics.. but it seems like we have been waiting too long now. It doesn't look like it's going anywhere and I don't have the motivation to completely swap away from the play style I like. I just don't get the same feel with Sub that I used to with my rogue, it doesn't feel close to what I like. Blizz don't need to compensate for me alone - but I really don't understand the push to make only one viable spec on a 3x melee class. It just feels like they are trying to kill off everything but Sub. Is there any news so far of a revival of the class? Can anyone offer me some insight into where it is heading and if this is felt by others as well? Thanks for your time. Stay sneaky rogue kin.Azramon14 Nov 15
Nov 15 WPvP changes - fok/ss ya'll see this? enjoy that fok/ss raid wiping burst while you can. sadly i never got the chance :( With this week’s maintenance, we’ll be applying some hotfixes intended to slow down damage in world PvP: Non-tank specializations now take 40% less damage from enemy players while engaged in world PvP We have reduced the PvP effectiveness of a number of trinkets and Legion Legendaries that contributed to excessive burst damage: Draught of Souls now deals 70% less damage to enemy players Cold Heart now deals 75% less damage to enemy players Kil’Jaeden’s Burning Wish now deals 60% less damage to enemy players Insignia of Ravenholdt now deals 50% less damage to enemy players Pillars of Inmost Light now increase Eye of Tyr damage by 150% when attacking players (was 300%) Scarlet Inquisitor’s Expurgation now increases Divine Storm damage by 3% per stack when attacking players (was 6% per stack) The Dreadlord’s Deceit now increases the damage of Shuriken Storm by 6% per stack when attacking players (was 25% per stack) Fiery Red Maimers now increase Maim damage by 165% when attacking players (was 500%) Our intent with these changes is to reduce the amount of initial burst damage dealt by players in world PvP, especially when using certain legendary items or trinkets, giving the player being attacked more opportunity to react. While we want to maintain the “anything goes” nature of world PvP in Legion, we do want you to have at least some chance to retaliate, even when caught by surprise.Macktheknife11 Nov 15
Nov 15 4 GCDs during Shadow Dance? :( I can't seem to fit 3 Shadow Strikes + Eviscerate into a single Dance. Additionally, Dance ending and shifting back to my normal bar almost always delays my next ability (I press Shadow Strike while it's still up, bar reverts to Backstab, action cancelled) What do?Crìosa1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Deadly Brew or Mind-numbing poison? Can anybody tell me which one of these is better? If I use Deadly Brew do I get all the benefits of Wound Poison, including DPS increase? Or do I just get the healing debuff part of it? It's not clear from the tooltip. Thanks if you can advise.Fornzarn2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Debating Boosting a Rogue I am debating boosting a rogue for both PVP and PVE (I guess more PVP). I am just coming back from a 3+ year break and need some input before I waste a free boost. I just need more input from people who play the class.Fatheroflies2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Music ^^^ i need stuff to listen to while I grind lvls. Please help.Shadøwvanish8 Nov 15
Nov 15 Suggestions for Rogue Professions. I am ilvl 929 and got 72 points in my weapon. Yet I have not chosen a profession. Keep leaning toward Alchemy but I am tired of the RnG system it has. Sure I get double time flasks but I still have two Alchemist characters that have not learned a single rank 3 flask. It is kind of crap. What do most of you go with on your Rogues these days? Looking forward would you have chosen different professions? Should I consider just not bothering until we see what is going to happen with professions in BfA? I mean I am not suffering at all since professions don't offer any combat benefits anymore. So again what do those of you on Rogues in current content recommend? Thanks!Coriakin6 Nov 15
Nov 15 So how bad are rogues right now? You heard the question.Brutain23 Nov 15
Nov 14 Is there a way to level lock picking? Currently reached level 101 and have a couple of boxes that read requires 101 I try to open them it says Skill not high enough [Leystone Lockbox]Iceacid17 Nov 14
Nov 14 Sub rogue help Hi, Im after some advice from a decent sub rogue. I have always played assasination and am struggling a little to get maximum results from sub. My main queries are with DFA rotation. Now when DFA is up do you chase Finality buff get to 6x combos then symbols of death, the DFA and on the drop from DFA pop shadow dance into 2x shadowstrike, 1x evis, shadowstrike? Or do you build 3 combo points, pop symbols of death and shadow dance, 1x shadowstrike, evis, 2x shadowstrike and then DFA? Icy veins doesnt seem to make it to clear atleast in my mind to make sense off it. Also do we always want to hold back the DFA to line up with the symbols of death? Any good rogue advice would be much appreciated. ThanksAgrezz9 Nov 14
Nov 14 Sub Rogue Energy Help I'm always energy starved after my two shadow dances are down, my shadow blades, symbols, and goremaws, are gone, I need help on sustaining dps and energy after my opener, what talents should I take, or rotational changes should I make?Mònksolstice4 Nov 14
Nov 14 Assassin or Sub t21/Antorus? Which spec is better for Antorus raid?Chrønøs8 Nov 14
Nov 14 Any videos of 2300+ Usage of sin in RBGs? I want to see the moments where Assassination completely outshines Sub. I am very confused what Blizzard's developers want me to do to succeed with Assassination when sub can do what it does plus way more. It just feels horribly gimped. I need video proof showing otherwise.Ryval9 Nov 14
Nov 14 I suck I suck and my dps sucks, send help. I average about 600-700k dps on bosses in +10 +11 mythics and I feel like that's !@# for my ilevel I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong would just like some tipsDoughbetch10 Nov 14
Nov 14 As' or Sub? How important is deciding? Hi. I've just come back to WoW from a good few years away, decided to have a crack at playing rogue which I've never really done before and currently levelling through the 80's. I'm seeking some advice on which spec is better between Assassination and Sub. It seems like you kind of pick a spec and run with that for endgame content on account of the artefact weapons which are spec specific (although I will admit I haven't actually played any legion content as yet so I don't fully know how it works). I have been playing Assassination from the start with this character, and after reading some Icy Veins they seem to think that Sub outperforms As'. In the past I've not been that bothered by which spec I level or play endgame as, because you can fairly easily respec.. But in Legion's case it seems like you get a spec-specific artefact weapon while levelling that stays with you for the rest of the game. I don't want to be pidgeonholed into a below-average spec if its just an easy case of respecing before starting the Legion questline. Is it actually all that important of a decision? Can you respec and get the other artefact weapon? Is As' actually that much worse than Sub? Or was Icy Veins wrong and As' is actually the spec to play..? Playing through levelling content generally isn't really that good of an indicator as to how that spec performs at max level, so its hard for me to know based off my levels 1-87 experience so far. But if I am going to have to learn a whole new spec I'd rather do that during the 100-110 levelling rather than AT 110, and potentially having to re-do some kind of weapon quest. Any advice here is good! thanks. Side note, thematically/RP wise I'd probably rather play As' than Sub but only slightly, not overly not really interested in outlaw. But I'm more interested in which spec is best to run in the current/upcoming endgame content in terms of DPS and raid utility.Linvale2 Nov 14
Nov 13 Sub questions So i have been trying to learn to play sub for a few weeks now and there are somethings that i dont quite get and would love some advice on. 1) Should I be using DfA on CD or wait for my SoD to be ready so i can combo them into Shadow Dance? 2) Should I delay my Shadow Dance windows for after I use Nightblade?Felbaine2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Hear me out on Outlaw Ive been reading bout upcoming BFA changes to rogues and it seems like Outlaw is not gonna be fixed. Just hear me out on this... Outlaw DPS is pretty simple build ur combo and use a finisher, to add flavor to that you can opt to Roll the Bones (get buffed) or SND and these 2 options is what supposed to give us the edge over the other two spec. Sub has its shadow dance, and assassination has its poisons. Problem with RoTB is that too much RNG. RNG on WHAT BUFFS we gonna get and RNG on HOW MANY buffs we gonna get. Sure the buffs are fantastic if we get the right buffs at the right time, but those comes really rare, in my experience i get the buff that i want around 20% of the time I RTB and im not even aiming for 3-6 buffs i just want 1 or 2 of it (leech or broadsides or energy). On top of that we spend combo points now that is a loss in DPS so we can buff ourselves and be happy about it in my exp 20% of the time?! now others maybe luckier than me but anything more than 50% of dissappointment is not fun. So here's what I suggest. 1.) Let us control the RNG on what buffs we get. All in all we get 6 slots of buffs. Let us choose what we want on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.. you get the idea. You can limit us to choose on up 3 slots or 2 slots its up to you. The way it will work is give us a button that works like pet utility with hunters, if we click it will pop out the buffs and then we can right click on the buffs that we want and it will highlight it with a number or circling color. So lets put this into perspective, lets say im doing quest and killing continously, so I would like the leech buff all the time so there be low downtime. Now if im going for bosses in dungeons then I would switch with broadsides to build up combo much faster. You see where im getting at? with this solution we are assured that we are getting at least 1 of the buffs that we want everytime we spent combo points on RTB. Now the number of buffs is still an RNG so theres ur RNG part. Check this out, do some test, if its OP then just adjust the buffs percentage. Now if you dont like that suggestion here's another one. 2.) RTB wont cost combo points, instead it will be an instant with a cooldown. Just add a passive that our auto attacks or skills can reset RTB or heck make it a talent if you want. In these one it will work like toppings on whatever skill we have at only the cost of a global cd. These are my thoughts on Outlaw, instead of giving us LOADED DICE in which we can only use every 3 min since adrenaline rush has a 3min CD. I hope these will get to the devs, I like outlaw specially them swords! but RTB's RNG is killing it for me.Aldóus10 Nov 13
Nov 13 Outlaw is so fun, but so gimped. Just adding a voice to the throng. Please help this wonderfully envisioned, but terribly implemented class. And please get rid of RtB or make it proc passively when you spend cbo pts on other abilities. Too clunky.Raajin1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Do rogues get a fast travel to order hall? Or... have I been spoiled by warrior? ._.Aggnicia9 Nov 13
Nov 13 Throw Ability HI there, I just resub'd after a long break. I created a new Rogue character and I am unable to find the Throw Ability? The one where you can basically spam a throwing dagger but it only does extremely minimal damage. I used it for Pulling at a distance or for fun in the past. A quick google/wowhead search says its available at Level 1 automatically as a rogue, yet its nowhere to be found in my ability lists? Maybe I'm just looking too hard but at level 3 I only have about 2-3 abilities total so I'm pretty sure I'd see it. Thank you.Phaenix4 Nov 13
Nov 12 Class Mount I just got mine. I thought it changed colors per spec? I swear I remember seeing a green one. Maybe I'm crazy...Bilbodo3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Struggling in PVP with damage I'm not the best assassination rogue. I hold my own, but sometimes I feel so squishy. I watch Dalaran and other rogues videos out there for damage in bgs, and I am struggling to get there. I do play objectives so I know that could be the reason. I feel I'm doing the correct rotation, as much as there is a rotation in pvp. Some frost DK's I take down np, same with DH even a warrior if I play it right. And then I can get obliterated from the same classes like im not even there. I suspect sometimes I'm just not consistent as a player.Aonachmor19 Nov 12
Nov 12 BTE So I was testing the damage of this ability to check if it was worth including in the rotation and found that it's doing almost half the damage the tootip says. So my tooltip for a 6 cp not buffed by rtb or anything says 639600 dmg but when I use it, it seems to be doing a pistol shot damage and I read the combat log and the damage it does is around 400k. Is it monster armor that reduces that much the damage? because other abilities like saber slash is doing damage fine. Or does the tooltip goes for the quadrupled crit?Sazzy1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Sub rog artifact challenge tips & tricks Backwards rogue here to give you guys a heads up on how to do Archmage Xylem challenge. For some reason bnet forums are buggy and my toon is missing, but here I am below, completed at 897 ilvl. Therefore, you do NOT need 920-930 ilvl to do this. (Check armory link for more details) Legendaries used: Deceitful Cloak, Mantle of Master Assassin (shoulders) Trinkets used: Urn, Nightmarish Frond Talents used: Master of Sub, Soothing Darkness, Master of Shadows Step by step, the fight is all mechanical with a small dps check at the very last phase of the second boss. Archmage Xylem Phase 1 Start out strong, Soothing Darkness will generally keep you at full health even if getting hit by frostbolts. When ice wall comes out, sdance and one shuriken will blow up the whole (if cloak @ 30 stacks). If not at 30 stacks, two shurikens. Overall, for the ice rings, just be careful where you move. You dont have to kill them all, just break a line out for yourself. You also have the option of shadowstepping/shadowstriking an outer edge ice target, or Xylem himself (although I would not recommend this as it is risky). After getting out of the ice rings, shadowstep or shadowstrike through the iris to the boss to avoid beam damage from the iris. Pop crimson vial to keep your health up. I would not use cloak here, I'd save it for emergencies and phase 2. Phase 2 Arcane Annihilation! This phase is extremely easy. Save your cloak and sprint for this phase, pop them immediately during transition (you have 1-2 seconds of not being slowed to get to the boss). Xylem will be hidden somewhere in the area, and he can be found easily by just looking for the sparkly image. All you have to do is run to his range and he will end this phase and start the next. Phase 3 Starts out with Arcane Barrage, an interruptable/stunnable spell that will not really hurt you much. I would suggest only stunning this if necessary to not die. He will cast Shadow barrage soon after phase starts, it is a spell that cannot be interrupted or stunned to stop. During Shadow barrage, all you have to do is strafe and dodge and dps while you strafe. During this phase, Xylem will occasionally cast Drain Power (during my encounter he does this twice) from the center iris, which must be stunned/interrupted ASAP to avoid him buffing his own dmg (5% per stack per tick of channel). Xylem will also do another Arcane Annihilation in this phase between switching from Arcane to Frost. My cloak and sprint were both on 10 sec cds during this phase, and I would just shadowstrike between the adds and stay in bubbles until I could go run to the boss. At around 20%, he started casting Frostbolts again and went back to ice rings. Same concept, just avoid death with cloak if necessary. Once Xylem reaches 10%, he goes neutral and out comes the second boss. Corrupting Shadow/Abberation This boss is a bit more tricky. You will want to use drums for a lust on the start of combat for this guy, and try to drag him out to the edge of the arena. The shadow will drop pools of darkness that can NOT be stood in. If you find yourself necessary to stand in there, save cloak for that specific moment (I cloaked through for the kill at the end). The point is to kite the shadow gradually around the outer ring. Be careful, as shadowstrike can port you behind him if you are outside 5yd. The shadow will cast a channel spell that after 5 seconds or so will spawn 3 voidwalker adds on your body. These adds walk over to the channeling shadow and heal him to full if they reach him. The key to this part is to sprint immediately after the channel comes out, run a fair distance away (I ran about 15-20 yd). You will vanish in sprint if you do it right, and trigger 100% crit and cloak to maximize your burst on the adds as they drop. What I did is Nightblade two of them, and Goremaw's Bite the third then gradually shuriken/evisc them to death before they reach the darkness pool and boss. At this point, the adds die, and boss stops channeling and it's a rinse and repeat. I went through three add phases. After the third add phase, boss does a mini-berserk and can no longer be stunned. You want to save evasion for this part. Evasion and kill boss. Eugor's Tricks of the Trade Rotate your interrupts and stuns to avoid dim returns and also make use of a 6-7 second kidney shot (very useful to heal yourself back to full) You cannot cloak through the ice rings/shadow barrages, but you can cloak everything else Combat drops briefly between first and second boss coming out. You can use this time to eat or change talents if necessary. Be sure to use potions for damage boosts when applicable (I used two prolonged pots on Xylem and two on second boss) Second boss's melee is irrelevant until his berserk after 3rd set of adds, SAVE EVASION FOR THIS Overall, do the fight enough times and it becomes routine. It's just a dance, all the spells come out approximately at the same time as the last run Have fun with it. I'd like to thank Blizzard for introducing this challenge, as I found it challenging, yet extremely rewarding knowing a lot of people are complaining at 908 ilvl... Ilvl does not matter for this encounter. I am proof of that. All the best, Backwards rogue outSasusage28 Nov 12
Nov 12 Shadowdance and subterfuge Is it better to subterfuge so I have longer stealth windows, or shadowdance right from stealth so that I get the 30% damage increase at full energy?Arri0 Nov 12