6d Is it possible to create a macro 4 this rotation Rupture maintained with >= 5 Combo Points. Hemorrhage to maintain the DoT (if selected). Garrote to maintain the DoT. Kingsbane on cooldown. Exsanguinate on cooldown (if selected). Envenom to dump excess Combo Points. Mutilate to build Combo Points. Im new to macros so I really dont know how it would work if any of these are GCD, or on CD so another skill is selected from this rotation instead.Nephrites13 6d
6d How much AP to save before flipping. So I recently "upgraded" my monks artifact and was dismayed to see that I don't have nearly enough AP to maintain my 10% damage buff. The additional ranks of the old attacks do nothing to alleviate this and I'm determined not to make the same mistake on my rogue. How much should I save provided that my artifact is currently maxed out?Gongfuren2 6d
6d Lose 10% mastery for 4k increase dps worth? So I just started simming my character for this current patch and the gear that sims the highest dps puts me at a 10% loss in mastery for a 4k increase on dps. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I'd like a second opinion. At the moment I am sitting at 139.03% mastery 26.97% crit and with the optimized gear I am at 129.37% mastery 31.27% crit, both putting me at the same item lvl. What do you guys think?Olabe8 6d
6d Rouges Partner I have a friend who is playing a Assassination Rouge (Apparently this is non negotionable :/ ) and I am looking to find a class that I can do both world PvE and Arenas with I am looking for something (A class AND a spec please) I'm willing to do anything I'm very flexible when it comes to my class and specBloodkale4 6d
Apr 18 shadow dance i keep hearing this ability go off in ALL pvp about every 10ish seconds, and i mean ALL of the time like 10ish seconds, meaning theres NO cooldown or anything on itAzshauanna4 Apr 18
Apr 18 Sub or outlaw for pvp? Hey guys, I just rerolled a rogue and i'm enjoying the game like I haven't in a long time. I have been leveling outlaw since it is the one I most enjoy RP wise (who doesn't want to be a freaking pirate?) I find the play stile really fun, especially the gambling part. Now, to my question, I do plan on doing a lot of PvE when I hit 110 and I will def be outlaw but I also want to focus a lot on PvP, my question though, is, is sub better than outlaw for PvP? I mean, don't get me wrong, I would love to play Sub and be in the shadows while I kill my enemy with a stunt chain, then disappear and kill him again, but I want to make sure that sub is worth my time cause I would invest not only artifact power but time into learning the spec and perfection it. I don't want to go really hardcore into PvP but I do want to be able to do 2's and 3's, RBGs and WPvP (all of them casually). So, which one is better? Thanks :)Brôri20 Apr 18
Apr 18 Crimson vial - pvp Didn't know if i should post in here or battleground forums but crimson vial is the most terrible heal in pvp it heals 15% over 6 seconds and 30 second cooldown I dunno about anyone else but they might aswell take it away it doesnt even heal more then a dotAssasin9 Apr 18
Apr 18 Assn rogue new Hi I'm starting a new rogue, this is my second they took away my combat :( But anyway... I want to learn from scratch assn... and my question is Does assn rogue need 2 daggers. Or do you want best DPS in off hand even if it isnt a dagger? LIke if a mace is better choose the mace over a dagger? Sorry for simple question but I always you want 2 of the same typePeepeesock5 Apr 18
Apr 17 Rogue playgrounds Suramar, literally my favourite place to be with a rogue right now (urban/city, alleyways... so many things to do). Anyone else feel amazing as a rogue in any particular zone?Zarnis6 Apr 17
Apr 17 Sin Rogue Help i have a question about Poison Knifes talent in assassination rogues. i currently brought a point in this talent before i brought it it said increases Agonizing Poison's Damage by 2% however after spending the point my agonizing poison damage increased by .1% is this a bug?Lïlìth3 Apr 17
Apr 17 Hemo vs MP So if rupture is our main damage why wouldnt we take hemo over MP? Taking MP means poisons is our main damage doer.Rednekognize12 Apr 17
Apr 17 What spec for mythic+? For raids? Do people prefer a diff spec for each? I'm assuming you'd be hard pressed to keep up with very heavy aoe burst classes no matter what you didUnbeatabull3 Apr 17
Apr 17 Best way to group for thunderfury skin? Am I missing something? I am having trouble finding people who will want to farm them with me, and can't seem to find the groups on LFG. Thanks in advance!Twoinchdink5 Apr 17
Apr 17 Multi-Target Sin I've been building this rogue slowly. He is 866 currently and I haven't stepped in a raid and was lucky enough to stumble into 1 mythic carry. Having said that, I want to learn how to improve multi-target dps. I'm trying to get rupture up on up to 3 targets, fan of knives to build combo points and use finishers but want to make sure I am not missing anything? Any help is appreciated. I know Sin isn't the best on this front but want to be the best I can be. Thanks!Boardwalk3 Apr 17
Apr 17 Thunderfury farm group Looking to organise a farm group for the Thunder fury hidden artifacts, probably forming in the next few weeks and running nelth and vow on a weekend aussie time. Let me know if anyone's keen and we can get a cool weapon.Vigilem2 Apr 17
Apr 17 Best Heirloom Weapon So i'm thinking of starting a Rogue to mess around on and was wondering what the best heirloom weapon would be to level up with. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.Karedis2 Apr 17
Apr 17 With Loaded Dice... (opener) Does popping AR as you are moving to engage the enemy, then MoD > RTB > CotD > Any other dmg inc CD make more sense as the opening line-up? I figure this completely nullifies ever having to worry about starting a fight off with a weak 1 roll, but at the same time you don't have Loaded Dice for the 2nd roll when that inevitably comes around unless you had TB in your first. Thoughts?Zipzzo1 Apr 17
Apr 17 Battleground DPS What kind of dps do you pull (total) on average for instanced pvp over the course of a game? On my main outlaw spec, I'll go between 60-90k on average depending on the game while running randoms. I'm curious how that adds up to other rogues, (even ones besides outlaw). I've seen a couple outlaw rogues pull a pretty solid 100k since I've started paying attention. What spec and dps do you pull?Tyrantor3 Apr 17
Apr 16 The God-Queen's Fury - A few tips Hello everyone, After 166 attempts, I finally completed the challenge today. I saw a bunch of issues, and I picked up a few tips along the way. I would like to share them with everyone. I had on 4pc, Pants, and Boots for this challenge. I am 895.25 equipped with 3.32M health. I ended the fight with 410m damage @ 574k. I chose Unstable Arcanocrystal and Entwined Elemental Foci. I found some issues using trinkets like Arcanogolem Digit, as the AOE proc would knock Sigryn out of her Blind (this can be bad). I used flat stat increasing trinkets. Trinkets like Draught of Souls would sometimes leave you in a puddle (this is bad too). Convergence of Fates is a good trinket, but I find its usefulness rather bleak here. You are saving your Vendetta for bursting the Bubble, and having Vendetta of strange CD's toward the end of the fight makes it confusing. But there is a positive to this, you can Leave a vendetta for 1 bubble, then use Kingbane on another bubble, and swap back and forth and usually have 1 or the other on CD ready to go. But that is up to you. I ran Subterfuge, Leeching Poison, Prey on the Weak, and Alacrity. I chose Prey on the Weak because of the many times you sapped Sigryn, or Kidney Shot Jarl. I also found using Deadly Poison over Agonizing Poison made it a bit easier on the rotation. I found Agonizing Poison as a DPS loss, and it just seems to add to the frustration by having to keep up 5 stacks on all the mobs at once. I found myself many times soloing each of them exclusively, at different times, throughout the fight When you begin the battle, the first thing you should do is pull Runeseer to the middle of the room to the center ring. Put DoTs up on both and blow CD's if you prefer, they will be ready for the first bubble. During this Jarl will be slinging Hammer Bros. fine hammers at you. A trick to this is to stand still. The Axe always aims for where you are standing when it leaves Jarls hand (most of the time). The trick is, when you see the axe start to get close to you, sidestep. The axe will breeze right past you. As you slowly start working Runeseer and Sigryn to the back of the room (you may lose Runeseer, thats awesome), and Jarl will enrage. Make sure you have 5 CP's ready to Kidney shot him. Let him chase you until the yellow bubble appears. Let him get close to you, Kidney Shot him, and Shadowstep to Runeseer, now you have some freedom to grab the runes that just popped. I noticed a lot of times I was running on the runes and they were not popping, or they would explode on contact. I usually saw them explode on contact is when the rune would spawn directly under me. Also, I found a nice fix to the issue with the runes not popping. Run right through them. Actually, run a circle around the room and collect them. Use the center ring as a guide. if you run and stop on the rune, it may not pop. Run all the way through it (like first base). I found NO defensive CD like Evasion protects you from his Enrage. He will kill you regardless so only use Feint if you have the pants, if not, just stay away from him. As Sigryn begins to Empower, Blind her before the cast. You will see her flash green. Once you see that You're good to lay into her again. Now it's getting hectic. During the encounter she will be throwing spears at you. 90% of the time the spear will land directly behind you. I found a good trick here too. If you will kite the adds around the outside of the center ring, back to the wall at all times, the pools will land behind you, and keep the center of the arena clean. This way, you can keep strafing around the ring, pools behind you, and it makes grabbing runes easier. Use major offensive CD's on the Runeseers bubble, and kick his cast. As the fight progresses, you will hear Jarl yell about tasting his fine Hammer Bros. axe. If you Kidney Shot him as he is talking, you will completely interrupt the whirlwind, then his dumb self will stand there, stupified, for around 10 seconds. You can also Kidney Shot the Enrage if you can slap him before he flashes red (just like blinding Sigryn). But I found my kidney Shot on CD when it was time for Whirlwind again. She will also be casting the Valkrys. I found some bugs with this. Sometimes she would yell, and the Valks wouldn't come for around 6 seconds after she yelled. Blizz did do some tweaking to it though from last time, and we have a bigger gap now. Eventually the fight will get insane around 50%. they will be casting abilities all at the same time, over and over. This is where to remember to breathe, and calm down. Remember, this is not a DPS race, it's about survival. Once you hit the point where Jarl and Sigryn BOTH enrage at the same time, you're almost there. Be sure to save CD's for this. After they both enrage, 1 more Axe swirl from Jarl is on the way, then it's nothing but Valks and bubbles. If you prefer (I didn't use this), you can TRY to keep Sigryn blinded for the rest of the fight. I found keeping the extra Rupture on her was beneficial to my Energy Regen, to burst the bubbles when I didn't have CD's. Once you are at this stage, it is for sure a DPS race. Remember, try to always keep your back to the wall and stay around the edge of the circle. Once you see Jarl fall, the bubbles end, and you are home free. Beat those !@#$%es until they kneel. I hope I helped a bit!Woylfe9 Apr 16
Apr 16 Poisons being removed/Timer Anyone else feel is really annoying when queue for pvp/timewalking ect and having to reapply poisons every time you join a match Is there any point to have a duration on poisons which you can only apply to yourself?Belaera2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Sub rogue dps currently. So I'm watching people linger in the 800k-950 dps range in a NORMAL NH pug. I'm in the 750k range. raid leader whisper (Are you even trying?) Damn it feels good to be a sub rogue.Yougotbelfed6 Apr 16
Apr 16 Class Hall Upgrade bugged? Ok, i took the tier 7 upgrade <Ravenholdt's Finest>, but I have not been able to recruit any of those troops, and I am already 3 days into my last tier upgrade. Is there something I am not doing, or just not doing right? or is this just a bug that no one else has noticed yet? Please help Blizz folks.Taras3 Apr 16
Apr 16 Which Rogue Spec Hey I'm getting back into wow and I'm gonna main rogue. What's the most powerful spec and strengths and weaknesses to each spec? ThanksDredais6 Apr 16
Apr 16 anyone killed Xylem yet? I just tried a few times and am getting wrecked.Muggler7 Apr 16
Apr 16 What would it take to make outlaw OP (PvP) ? Seems like this spec has been trampled since beta, what in your opinion would it take to make them a goto spec in PvP? Mega-burst? More control? Mobility? Whats holding it back from being a viable contender?Kayellno2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Pvp! Hey guys, just curious I just finished leveling my rogue for straight PvP only. One question I have is are all the specs atleast viable for bgs and 2s arenas? I'm not a try hard at all just casual PvP. What's the suggested spec or should I wait until 7.2.5 to pick a spec for my main artifact?Nataliè4 Apr 16
Apr 16 Sub OP 7.25 Have you guys seen the patch notes on MMO champ? Subtlety Developers’ notes: Our overall goals are to remove uncontrolled player teleport from the baseline DPS rotation, to reduce the frequency of teleporting in PvP, to allow players to choose between more frequent or more impactful Shadow Dances, which equates to more frequent CC/utility or damage in PvP, to keep the PvE rotation engaging, and to make Symbols of Death more engaging. All damage dealt increased by 20%. Shadowstrike now hits at melee range (was a 15 yard range). Shadowstrike, when used out of combat, now deals 30% increased damage and teleports you up to 25 yards behind your target. Shadowstep now has 2 charges for Subtlety. Backstab base damage increased by 35%. Backstab damage bonus from being behind the target reduced to 20% (was 30%). The Quiet Knife (Artifact trait) now increases damage dealt by Backstab by 5% (was 3%) per point. Shadow Dance now has 2 charges (was 3). Shadow Dance is no longer on the global cooldown. Shadow Dance’s base duration increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds). Subterfuge’s duration increase to Shadow Dance reduced to 1 second (was 2 seconds). Deepening Shadows now causes your finishing moves to reduce the remaining cooldown on Shadow Dance by 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds) per combo point spent. Enveloping Shadows redesigned. Deepening Shadows reduces the remaining cooldown of Shadow Dance by an additional 1.5 second per combo point spent. Shadow Dance gains 1 additional charge. Deep Shadows now causes all damage you deal to be increased by 35%. Master of Shadows moved to level 90 row. Premeditation moved to level 100 row. Marked for Death’s cooldown reduced to 40 seconds (was 60 seconds) for Subtlety. Developers’ notes: This is to balance it against Premeditation, which is now on the same row. It’s a buff in a raid setting, where the talent was very weak. Symbols of Death redesigned. Costs 25 Energy and has a 30 second cooldown. Invoke ancient symbols of power, empowering the next cast of several of your abilities: Shadowstrike: Generates 2 additional combo points. Nightblade: Deals 30% increased damage. Eviscerate: Critical strike chance increased by 35%. Focus Shurikens is a new passive talent available at level 70: Each enemy you hit with Shuriken Storm increases the damage of your next Eviscerate by 25%, stacking up to 5 times. Developers’ notes: This aims to remove maintaining Nightblade on every target from your AOE rotation on 4+ targets. Instead, Subtlety will deal increased damage during AOE by focusing it into one target. If this makes it to live ... are we all basically forced to play sub? Am I reading these wrong, or does this seem amazingly good? For both PVP and PVE.Cottonmouth31 Apr 16
Apr 15 Talents: While you're at it... I'm excited that you are revisiting the Subtlety talents and wanted to comment my thoughts on the subject. The level 75 talent tier for rogues is almost entirely useless for raiding. While that makes sense for some other classes, since there is usually a tier of talents that bears little to no effect on raid encounters, rogues have more than one (Subtlety being the least impacted due to tier 30 being useful outside of vanish). Rogues have 3 tier talents that have little (or no) impact on raiding (2 in the case of Subtlety). Usually, these tiers are dedicated to survival (fury warriors have damage reduction, healing, and evasion options, mages have mobility options, etc) and only take up one tier of talents. These talents usually have one that is semi-useful (a.k.a. autopick), but the one tier of talents rule is only broken (**as far as I know**) on the rogue talent trees and all feel like PvP talents: bonus damage to stunned targets, stun targets, and slow targets. I would love to see talent options move in that impacted rotation and gameplay rather than passive and ultimately useless options (again, PvE raiding.) Talent row 60 is the usual suspect you find in other class' talent trees, being dedicated to survival options, which is as it should be. I'd like to see changes made to talent row 30 as well, though. These talents bear very little variety and are almost always auto-pick items. There's always one that is best for the spec. That said, I think that this row could be done away with and players forced into a baked-in option (i.e. Nightstalker for Assassination, Subterfuge for Subtlety, and Shadow Focus for Outlaw). This is also the tier that most (not all) other classes have their survival tier, so level 60 would make more sense to be moved to level 30 and have a whole set of options available. This would give room to add some truly intriguing talents that would greatly alter gameplay and (maybe) remove the need to buff their overall damage dealt by 20% as it currently is on the PTR. Thanks for reading :) -G P.S. If this comment is in the wrong spot, feel free to remove it. I will post a copy of it in the PTR forums, but I wanted a larger community of rogues to give their opinions and thoughts than just the ones playing the PTR.Graulm0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Grappling Hook Inconsistency I notice it the most in BG/Arena, sometimes you can GH up different levels on the map, sometimes you cant. Going up slopes/stairs? good luck, down them.. 50/50.. anyone notice this?Gball6 Apr 15
Apr 15 Disarm... why we should have this too. it would seem now, that some classes have this as a talent (i'm guessing, idk), so why would we not have this too? I also think that weapon chains should be brought back.Muggler5 Apr 15
Apr 15 my rewards for doing weekly skirmishes... 3 swiftness potions from the champions strongbox. yep, all that for like 20+ skirmishes.Muggler1 Apr 15
Apr 15 Assn rogue new Hi I'm starting a new rogue, this is my second they took away my combat :( But anyway... I want to learn from scratch assn... and my question is Does assn rogue need 2 daggers. Or do you want best DPS in off hand even if it isnt a dagger? LIke if a mace is better choose the mace over a dagger? Sorry for simple question but I always you want 2 of the same typePeepeesock6 Apr 15
Apr 15 God-Queen's Fury finished, but bugged. Just defeated Sigryn for The God-Queen's Fury achievement, and it never finished the role playing. Now I can't turn in the quest to her. She is just kneeling behind Runeseer Faljar.. Opened a ticket, has anyone else experienced this?Rabgg3 Apr 15
Apr 15 Do you guys think shoulders are op? Kinda hard finding logs in the top 300 without them, non-shoulder logs make up less than 1% of the top 300, ilvl900-903's with shoulders are on AVG doing ilvl910+ non-shoulder DMG. Even the logs without shoulders that are in the top 300 are mostly obnoxious poison bomb procs along with nightblooming frond, shoulders can reach that dps with the avg amount of procs and less. So basically on a 910's best parse with INSANE procs it's possible to do the same dmg as a 903 with shoulders with average procs. what are your thoughts on this? overpowered or in a good spot? I've spent countless hours on my rogue, I always run into rogue alts that have been playing for a week or so that somehow already have shoulders and are 895+ equipped doing almost the same dmg as me when I have 1000x the time played on my rogueVeranova14 Apr 15
Apr 14 Pickpocket Kind of feel like there is no reason to pickpocket at the moment, am I missing something? I've been picking pockets for a while in the past few days and all I have to show for it is piss poor amount of coin and a fair amount of food that you could sell for some coin were it not for the cooking profession... Is there going to ever be any change to account for the in game economy? I mean, 20 copper on average? I didn't just pickpocket a beggar did I? Feel like there could be so much to expand on here. Thoughts?Zarnis2 Apr 14
Apr 14 Assassin rogue trinket sim question So i got an 860 CoF, a 905 Frond and the 940 legend kil jaeden trinket. I was reading up that having a CoF regardless of ilvl is my best in slot. but when i sim it, 860 CoF gives me 50k dps, 905 frond gives 70k dps, and 940 kiljadens gives 95k dps Does the CoF not sim correctly? or am i missing something? On the flip side, if i sim with my alternative legendary (the 30% bleed and posions under 30%HP bracers) and run with CoF and Frond, i get a 30k dps loss. Compared to when i use 890 bracers with kiljaedens and Frond. I read that kiljaedens is a very underwhelming legendary, but besides the shoulders that i have, its the 2nd best simmed legendary i have at the moment. are the bracers simmed incorrectly as well? Thanks for the feedback :)Pàrt8 Apr 14
Apr 14 Make Cracker permanent on shoulder? I don't mind to /whistle at Cracker all the time, but I would loooooooo<3<3<3ooove it if he just stayed on my shoulder at all time!Destrose1 Apr 14
Apr 14 Trinket Help I currently have an 885 Nightblooming frond & 875 COF that i can use but I only have 2 legendaries one being Kil'jaeds burning wish ( the other luckily is the shoulders ) Is it better for me to use Frond & COF together. OR use one of those and Kil Jaeds leg trinket until i can get ( hopefully ) a better 3rd one to use somewhere elseSugi9 Apr 14
Apr 14 Best spec for bg's? Currently sub, feeling lack luster. Wondering if its worth while to change? Will probably wait till 7.2.5 to see if things improve, hate to lose AP.Zannibal19 Apr 14
Apr 14 Help from the Rogue Community Hello, I have pretty much played every class either as a main or an alt since launch of this game - except rogue. I mained rogue at launch but by that december in 2004 and my first MC decided i didnt care for squishy melee and mained both a mage and a warlock for serious, 7 days a week raiding through vanilla. I have mained or seriously alted every other class since then except shaman and rogue. I am leaning towards making and boosting a rogue right now. Raiding is not an option for me really as my real life does not allow me to deal with a something with a set schedule every week - well outside of watching The Expanse. I have a few questions. 1) I played around with a rogue a bit in the legion beta both on the pve server from 100 and on the pvp server with pvp gear at 110. Then, assassination was not only a crap ton of fun but it did very well overall. Is this still the case? 2) I almost never see rogues in the queue's. Hell I almost never see one in the LFR either. Is there a reason why so few people are playing them in pve? 3) how painful is the 100-110 route and which is the fastest/least painful spec to deal with the leveling? As i have a few 110's i dont really care about early leveling of artifacts at this point. 4) how is the class and/or the spec's in mythic+ dungeons. I am not likely to be pushing mythic+1337 but I would like to not be turned down for a mythic +3 just cause my dps bar in recount is colored yellow Thanks. Probably asked and answered elsewhere but from what Senor Google tells me it's the most recent thread with similiar questions is a few months old.Jadsea3 Apr 14
Apr 14 Low key flickering shadow/Mantle nerf •Subtlety: Increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 sec. Usable while stealthed. Allows you to run over water. Instant. 2 min cooldown. Nothing major, just pointing it out Possible bracer/boot BIS? WHO KNOWS! 7.2.5 sub sounds amazing so far.Drgreghouse0 Apr 14
Apr 14 Akrios- I miss you Anyone remember Akrios? I've always wondered where he went and came across his final post. Oh the days of world PvP were amazing. One of the first rogues I looked up. For those who don't know who he is. He's a vid of his works. Enjoy! posted by Akrios on July 25th, 2010 Let me preface this by apologizing for not posting sooner. I’m also sorry if the following isn’t something you’re interested in, but it’s just my personal thoughts and feelings summing up my experiences revolving around the game. Some of this is from an article I drafted but never posted a few months ago. I haven’t been posting any of the comments that you might find in some of the articles under my name. What am I doing now? So as most of you have probably assumed, I’m essentially finished with the game, and have been for a while now. I never “quit”, which I always found ridiculous for people to say. Quitting makes it sound like an addiction. I played because I enjoyed playing, and I gradually lost interest. Since about last summer, I began playing more and more casually until I simply didn’t log on at all. There’s a lot of reasons for this. Personally, I’m kind of moving on in life from wanting to sink a lot of time into gaming, my interests have just gradually changed.The game itself has also changed and become undeniably worse than it was in the past, both from a raw gameplay and game experience standpoint and from a community standpoint (I’ll detail my thoughts on this below). The Decline of the WoW Community and its Understanding of PvP When I refer to this, I’m not just talking about numbers, but about attitude. Maybe I personally changed, but over the course of this expansion I felt I witnessed a really decaying community that both didn’t understand what used to make this game good, and didn’t really help make the game more fun. What really made the game for me was the people I interacted with, and this had become abysmal. One of the things that made me realize how much the pvp community specifically had changed was the reception I saw when Drakedog 9 was released. Here’s my take on that video. The editing was incredible, first and foremost, from Vurtne. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into it and it shows. The video looks and feels beautiful, even if you forget the PvP content itself. It flows extremely well. It’s not the best editing I’ve ever seen but it’s comparable to the highest caliber of PvP video editing. The content itself is world PvP. Having made a world PvP video in this expansion, I know how tremendously hard it is to find content, but Drakedog did, and having managed to do so is really a testament to him wanting to make the best product. Arena clips are vastly easier to procure, with some effort a solid arena video can be finished in a month; a mediocre one in a week; an unedited one in a few days. The content itself was solid, exciting 1vn that demonstrates control. What was the reaction of most? People hating on world PvP. Really? What the !@#$? You may say that this is just one video and you can’t base your views of the whole community on just one example, but what this critique leads me to is a deeper understanding that a large percentage of WoW’s current player base has no %^-*ing idea what this game was and why it was so good. That epic PvP encounter in the roaming world, a random battle behind some mystifying scenery that will only happen once, where the only reward is pride. World PvP is WoW as a game, as a memorable experience. And THIS was one of people’s biggest complaints about the video. Players who have no idea what world PvP, is who would prefer a scripted arena match that can be decided before the gates open. I love(d) arena but it can NEVER be seen in the same light as world PvP to me. It’s just not the same experience and 99 percent of the time doesn’t even come close. Things used to be much different. I felt like I was gearing my character and spending the time and practicing to become better so that I could kick !@# when that moment came, whether in dueling or in world PvP or even in Arena. But at this point in WoW? People blindly accept that arena is synonamous with PvP and Skill, and they are happy to sit idling in Dalaran until their partners log on, and are willing to call this a game. You can blame Blizzard all you want for ruining wow, but the community let it happen and gradually accepted it, and what hope is there for the game to improve when the community doesn’t even know what the problem is. A lot of players who never played before WOTLK have no understanding of this game or its potential depth. They are told that 3v3 arena is all that matters in understanding skill and they follow this idea pretty blindly. This all leads me down another path of thought. People talking about skill who have no $%^-ing idea what skill is or what they are talking about. This isn’t really a new trend but it’s one that has expanded greatly. You have this entire segment of the player base that only see this game through arena and arena ratings and gear scores. A lot of these players are elitists, and they don’t even know why. A big reason is that they emulate what they see from peers I suppose. These are the players that base skill entirely on meaningless arena rating. Not on reaction time, timing, control, movement, consistency, coordination, but arena rating. So here’s a quick explanation of top level arena in WoW and how it relates to skill, because I think a lot of people don’t understand this. Skill is not the major factor in success in WoW arena. It may have been in BC, or even earlier in WOTLK, but as the expansion has progressed, what determines your success in arena is moreso the following factors: What Comp Do you Play? What class do you play? What Spec do you Play? Since the inception of arena, this has always been true to a certain degree, but in the past (TBC) skilled players could overcome the fact they were playing a weaker comp or spec or even class in arena. Today? Look at the trends of beast cleave or wizard cleaves. Want to succeed as a rogue? Make an RLS. I played RLS early this season for less than a week and barely knowing the comp got 2750+ mmr with cirranis who clicks out of his spellbook and shoewhistle, an alt warlock. I exaggerate because they are both competent players, but the key is certainly the comp. I’m fairly certain I could play with any competent RLS and succeed at the moment. I think any two decent healers and a warrior can achieve ratings for the same reasons that DK/Pally dominated 2s early in the expansion. Is skill a factor? Yes, but what’s much more important than that is the people you play with and the classes you play with. Which brings me to my next point in this rant. The Other Big Factor in Success in Arena is Who you Know in WoW and Who you Play with You know what’s more important than skill in this game? Playing with the most well connected players and socially networking with them. When I was looking around to get sponsored in the past, I got a first hand look at what it took. Step one is be friends with other people who are sponsored. If you are not, you will almost certainly not succeed. That’s it. If you aren’t good friends with the handful of sponsored players, don’t expect to do anything unless you can qualify for that once a year tournament realm, and can find the right comp and committed players for it which can be almost impossible. Look at the example of EG tryouts last year. Myself, perplexity, scythe, and litreacola were all passed up in recruitment in favor of a rogue named smatin. Not even speaking for myself, but smatin was a pile of *!@# compared to any of the other rogues I mentioned, but since he was friends with tenderloin (eg’s shaman at the time to replace kollectiv), he was selected. That’s just a single example, but I’m sure many players trying to break into top pvp can attest that who you know is much more important than how well you play. You can argue that WoW is an MMO and social aspects are part of this, but I still think that skill should be the most important factor in your success in arena. Unforunately, it is far from it. This is one of the big reasons I no longer care about WoW, because I don’t want to spend time wandering around guilds and ventrilos trying to find a good resto shaman just to succeed. Some Final Thoughts Now don’t let the above rant fool you, most of that was written in frustration a few months ago. The game obviously wasn’t all bad. As lame as this may sound, I learned a lot about people and life and had countless amounts of fun playing on and off over the years. At its best WoW was an engrossing experience and I feel like it had a lot to offer. I probably had the most fun in this game making videos, it was a unique experience and it let me be creative. I made them because I enjoyed making them, BUT I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT! I’ve had a ton of support both with videos and this site over the years, and I hope that I’ve been of some help and offered you some entertainment along the way. Although I’ve always tried to keep my personal life separate from gaming, I will mention that things are going really well for me. I never felt that WoW stopped me from having a social life and that this was just a myth because so many gamers are social disasters, but it was a time investment and it did affect my lifestyle. Since I moved away from playing over this past year I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, done better in academics, smoked a lot less weed (although you might argue this isn’t a good thing), and I’ve gone from meaningless one nighters to more meaningful things. On the off chance you care, life is good. So thanks for the support along the way, and helping to make my personal experience with the game more than it would have been. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next in terms of gaming, or if I’ll ever come back, I may continue to update the site intermittently regardless. Thank you and good luck.Schísm9 Apr 14
Apr 14 Rogue Role in WoW. Is this true? Sub for pvp Outlaw for solo/dungeons Assassination for raids. Im barely lv7 but im tring to find which role to play as a Rogue.Nephrites10 Apr 14
Apr 14 Valeera or Ravenholdt? Never been one who could figure out how to sim, so I can't check this out for sure. With 7.2, Will of Valeera has 658 mastery added to it. Not sure if it's better than the weak 15% increase to mutilate from insignia of ravenholdt. Anyone good at sims that can help me out?Ramzey7 Apr 14
Apr 14 Vacant UI - Become a Better Player (Legion) Old Thread: The old thread reached its post limit so I thought I'd make this to let people know that I'm updating the UI for the Legion pre-patch that released today. Hey. I'm Vacant! I've played a Rogue on Tichondrius for 10 years. My goal with this project is to provide a visually appealing UI that clearly and cleanly presents pertinent information to immensely improve awareness in PVP and PVE situations. This UI is currently tailored for Rogue, Feral Druid, Survival Hunter, Arms Warrior, Frost Mage, Retribution Paladin, Affliction Warlock, and Frost Death Knight with other classes and specs on the way! Regardless, the UI is still extremely good for each and every class. Updated: Mostly everything is working. Grid and Tidy Plates are both still buggy.Vacant50 Apr 14
Apr 14 SUB 1V1 Guide? Anyone got some tips on what to avoid and do vs the various classes ?Ralazzar3 Apr 14
Apr 13 Sub Rogue 7.2.5 Suggestion Edited: Apr 10, 2017 With the impending changes coming in 7.2.5 I was hope we (the Sub rogue community) could take the opportunity to add some suggestions for change. With this in mind, I'd like to emphasize that this should be forward thinking. I understand the sentiment amongst some players that previous iterations of Sub was amazing. Whether or not this is true (I took a long hiatus after WotLK), the point is that it's changed and it will continue to change. This is fact. Anyways moving on, currently I don't believe Sub is in a bad place. I think the major disinterest is the fact that Sub requires more work for ultimately less than the sister spec Sin. Also the dependence on the legendary boots is substantial for an overall smooth rotation. I can also wholly agree that Sub lost it's distinct heavy burst feel. What is our burst window is actually our standard rotation. There's a few things I attribute this too: 1) Symbols of Death 2) Damage disparity in/out of stealth 3) Talent choices (specifically Subterfuge and Premeditation) Individually, all these amount to very little. However, the feedback loop these three attribute causes is what makes Sub as it is now, which is: Extreme reliance on Shadowdance -> which feeds, Extreme reliance on SS to build combo points. To the point that it's wiser to avoid using Backstab -> which feeds, Being crippled when out of stealth/SD charges -> which feeds, Loss of rotation and potentially further crippling ourselves if we lose Symbols. So the subject I'd like to tackle is Symbols of Death. I actually don't hate this ability, I hate the execution of this ability. Yes, I understand you need to be cognizant and have foresight to account for this in your rotation. But it's not fun; it's not interesting. Its negative feeling (I've just lost 20% damage) heavily outweighs its positive feeling (I'm dealing 20% more damage). But I believe a better Symbols execution can solve many issues with Sub right now. With the insight from Blizzard that they want to change Sub's AoE to extreme single target damage, I think this presents a great opportunity to change Symbols. For reference the idea on the table is Shuriken Storm causes Evis to deal X% more dmg per Y target's hit. I really, really like this idea. However if taken at face value, it has the potential to cause Shuriken Storm to be included in a ST rotation which doesn't make sense. My suggestion is having two different Symbols, one for standard rotation and another for AoE. Symbols should be active until swapped. They can be swapped anytime, but at a significant cost outside stealth + a CD. Then a final empowered version for Shadowdance to effectively become our burst. The goal is to removed Symbols as a maintenance buff - and more of a forethought of how to address a given situation. Symbols of Shadows - 10 energy in stealth/60 energy outside stealth Increases damage by X% Increases proc rate of Shadow Techniques by 30% Active component - Next two autoattacks (honouring internal cooldown) will proc Shadow techniques 20 sec cooldown. Shared with Symbols of Assault Symbols of Assault - 10 energy in stealth/60 energy outside stealth Energy Regen increased by 10% Shuriken Storm increases Eviscerate damage by 25% per target hit stacking up to 4 times. Buff overwrites and do not add to the previous buff. Active component - Next Eviscerate will critically hit. 20 sec cooldown. Shared with Symbols of Shadows Sub rogue should be prepared for a given scenario. Swapping should be a chore but not excessive - It should be done in stealth/SD. This is the purpose behind the hefty cost out of stealth + long cooldown. The distinction between these two Symbols should be crystal clear: Single target consistency vs heavy increase on single target "AoE." Shadow techniques - I actually like this passive. It fits and it should help augment our rotation by assisting with combo point generation. Currently ST has a proc rate of about 1CP/5 hits. I think this should be upped a little to proc around 3-4 hits. Note that there is an internal cooldown of 3 hits. The goal is that every combo bar rotation should have at least 1 CP generated from ST. This is meant to address the current heavy reliance on Premed for CP (which also effectively locked up to a SS/SD spam) Symbols of Death - Baked into Shadowdance. SD now costs 10 energy. Empowers your current Symbol to a Deathly variant. Symbols of Deathly Shadows Increases damage by X + Y% Increases proc rate of Shadow Techniques by 60% (reduces internal CD to 1 autoattack) Shadow Techniques procs deal X shadow damage. Next two autoattacks (honouring internal cooldown) will proc Shadow techniques Lasts the duration of Shadowdance. Symbols of Deathly Assault Energy Regen increased by 20% Haste increased by 20% Shuriken Storm increases Eviscerate damage by 25% per target hit stacking up to 6 times. Buff refreshes and adds to previous buff. Next Eviscerate will critically hit. Lasts the duration of Shadowdance. Shadowdance should be were our burst is. It should be the small window where we can unleash everything we have. So I think it's natural that Symbols of death should be baked into SD to achieve this. It should turn us into a beast for a few seconds. Symbols of Deathly Shadows should be a pure increase to everything. The suggestion to include shadow damage is to augment our output. The final point is that we should be overflowing with combo points during this period - the only limit should be the GCD. Since we are losing a charge of Shadowdance and losing the refund rate, Shuriken Storm's extra 200% dmg becomes negligible. The extra regen and haste is meant to target the GCD to hammer out as many Evis as possible to compensate. Also with the stacking, in certain niche scenarios it might make sense to pop this version with SD on ST. This should be a cognizant and interesting choice when made (for example during period of heavy increased damage - Curator/Skorpyron).Sephiron66 Apr 13
Apr 13 Loaded Dice buffed to 45s Loaded Dice stays up for 45s now. Keep your good buffs and get a 2 buff later on XD.Dlog0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Cant untoggle Blade Flurry? Anyone else getting that !@#$ where you can't untoggle blade flurry? Im using base UI so that shouldn't be the problem?Zorop3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Sub Rogue pvp issues The 15% increase in evis and night blade were nice for pve making sub a little closer to balanced with the other 2 specs. As far as changing the stupid stealth bar back. It is irrelevant. If you aren't used to your new binds and the stealth bar by now then you need to step your game up. The real issue right now that needs to be adressed is the lack of dmg sub provides compared to the other specs. Without preperation all rogues are much more squishy. A major issue right now is the fact that nightblade is shadow dmg and can be stopped or dispelled very easily. Considering it's one of the 2 major finshers for sub it makes subs dmg much less effective forcing you to focus on evis and just keep the slow from nightblade up. Either nightblade needs to be undispellable, harder to stop, or increase evis dmg in pvp. Sub has great crowd control, but the lack of dmg when you consider the amount of dmg other classes do is not is not worth the crowd control sub has.I have played since the game first came out. I have played all specs over this time. I have primarily played sub rogue and have played high end in both pve and pvp it is dissappointing to see it in the state its in. Esspecially for pvp. I hope the devs view this post and take it seriously to fix the real issues at hand instead of some petty stealth bar change. Thank.Darkkris24 Apr 13