Nov 8 New to wow, which rogue talents to use? I'm asking this with the immediate question of whether I should use weaponmaster, or master of subtlety. From reading online it seems like Weaponmaster allows for slightly more dps on average while master of subtlety allows for better single target damage. At the moment it doesn't really matter all that much so i'm leaning towards master of subtlety but I was wondering which one is better long term. Is gloomblade worth considering? I would also appreciate any advice for the other talents as I unlock them. I'm only lvl 16 right now so I only have the first options but I would like to have some idea as to what I should choose as I lvl up. thanks in advanceIstealthl7 Nov 8
Nov 8 Glyph Idea: Take a Swig Replaces Crimson Vial with "Bottle O' Rum": Take a swig of rum, restoring 30% blah blah blah, also makes you slightly tipsy for 30 seconds. "His Bottle-O, His Bottle-O, The sailor loves his Bottle-O! So Early in the mornin'!"Murkeye0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Prep rogue for BfA or focus on current mains? I am returning to WoW after about a yr off. Prior to leaving I had leveled this DH as Vengeance & a Shaman as Enh to 110 because I like the ability to hop right into grp content as a tank or healer. In the new BfA, I am considering playing through mainly as a Rogue, my Rogue is currently 90. That said, should I focus on finishing Legion's current content on either the Shammy or DH (are there "must do" things I should focus on seeing/completing) or should I start leveling my Rogue to get him ready instead?Venthrilax2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sub PvP help I'm currently maining a sub rogue with an ilevel of 921. I have no trouble with any mobs and can solo most Argus World quest bosses without a lightforged war frame. however in BGs and arenas it feels like i'm attacking with wet paper towels. I've looked at icy veins and youtube for advice, but didn't find anything helpful. I am usually good at this class except for this expansion. I did notice that all stats are reduced for pvp eg. my 98% mastery is cut down to 30%. Is it just building up my artifact the cause of this?.. any help is much appreciated.Gulkenn1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Outlaw will be still dead on 8.0 I really wanted some new changes for the spec! come on Blizz! next exp will be about pirates, so why the hell do we will still have that! the RNG is terrible!... i really dont understand why is RTB still working on 8.0, .. i just hate RTB too much!! SnD is still better but is not enough to dps more nor pve or pvp! I had the hope that Blizzard would remove RTB from us but seems that wont happen...Blackmønt12 Nov 8
Nov 8 What is using Energy like? So, I've been trying to pick a class and had completely left out Energy classes. In the small stint where I tried Feral Druid in the class trial, I didn't know how to manage energy and thus hated them. Though, Rogue looks cool so I have to at least inquire about it. What is using energy like? Is it annoying? Which spec is most fun?Jathel2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sub DPS Help I ran my first heroic run last night and I obviously could have done some things better; I feel as if I could have done better. Raidbots state I should be 1.14M for a 5 minute fight with light movement with my current gear, switching out Engine for Astral was a dps loss. Could you please scour over my logs and let me know what I could have done better. Is my opener good? Just whatever you can find to help, I would greatly appreciate it. Nov 8
Nov 8 Tips how to maximize sin damage? Hi everyone, I just started playing rogue and decided to go with assasination. I watched a few videos and read a few guides and I noticed that they all mention the use of envenom during kingsbane for surge of toxins. Should I be using envenom at 4-5 combo points like usual or is it okay to use it at let's say 3-4 so SoT will have full uptime and won't fall of during kb duration? And also before using kb off cooldown is better to envenom right before or right after?Jinxsy6 Nov 8
Nov 8 Outlaw 8.0 Design Suggestions I main an outlaw rogue and I've been doing a fair bit of thinking about how I would like to see outlaw redesigned in the next expansion. Some of the ideas are ones that have been floated before by other players, some may not have. Thanks in advance for reading. 1) True Bearing Buff is made baseline and damage is tuned accordingly. 2) The effect of Greenskin's Bracers is made baseline, so Between the Eyes continues to be strong part of the rotation. 3) Between the Eyes and Pistol shot both tweaked to have a portion of their damage become part of a stackable dot, to help mitigate time off target on boss fights. 4) Between the Eyes and Pistol shot also benefit from Blade Flurry. 5) Between the Eyes damage is increased if the target is immune to stun. 6) Grappling Hook and alacrity are made baseline. 7) Killing Spree is significantly buffed and is given the "Blade Dance" treatment to avoid the unnecessary deaths it used to cause. 8) Iron Stomach is replaced by the Leech Effect from Grand Melee. 9) Mastery is changed. Main Gauge is replaced with Armor Penetration, making mastery a desired stat again. 10) Adrenaline Rush buffed back up to it's pre-nerf state. 11) Either of: a) Roll the Bones changed to only provide 2 buffs at all times baseline (and each buff tuned to be within a percentage of each other damage wise) and with a cooldown on the ability that is 5 seconds shorter than it's duration so the ability can not be re-rolled early. If this is adopted, then Slice and Dice is eliminated. b) Roll the Bones eliminated entirely and replaced with Slice and Dice. The goal of these changes would be to eliminate a large portion of the RNG in the current rotation and address a few of the mechanically annoying aspects (like Blade Flurry only benefiting from some of our attacks, lack of damage when off the boss, lack of baseline mobility, and a completely horrible mastery.Quickfuse0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sub Rogue hidden artifact skin Hello, ive been trying o get the venonbite, hidden artifact appearance for the sub rogue. I watched a video and i had togive the giblin in the order hall either a vault ticket or lucky coin, ive given him 3 lucky coins so far and the key hasnt showed on he wall, is there RNG involved whit these keys or they lucky coin sis nto working anymore? plzz any help would be appreciated.Icooldude5 Nov 8
Nov 8 Subtlety Artifact Quest Bugged? I can't pick up the subtlety artifact quest from Valeera Sanguinar, not sure if she is bugged or not. None of my other toons have had this issue. Can anyone offer any info on requirements to attain the quest?Niné1 Nov 8
Nov 7 Slice and Dice Tier 21 Set Bonus? Anyone test SnD with the Tier 21 4 piece set bonus? Will you still get a random RtB buff while you're using SnD? Just curious.Varaxeus2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Sin Rogues I am seeing more Sin Rogues nowadays. Why ? is it better then sub in pve ? (btw I don't care about pvp :P )Backintoit20 Nov 7
Nov 7 Rogue Keybinds - Explained I wrote this wall of text for another person on on the rogue forums, took me about an hour. Figured I would put it in a new thread, I hope it might help a new player. I wish someone woulda made me aware of binds when i was clicking in season2... Peace! -Nova @OP Introduction Firstly, use Feint more than just when a monk stuns or bladestorm. Use feint ANY time you are being attacked for -30% dmg. It is by far one of the best tools you have. However I am not saying spam the ability - anticipate large spikes of damage. When you are snared in frost nova and you know you will not escape the snare, feint. You will get the -30% in just as you are put into Deep Freeze, cutting the mage's shatter damage. When you flee/attempt a "RE" (getting a re-stealth), as you run with coop ticking, feint. A skilled rogue knows when to MFD->Recuperate and then Feint/BoS(remove slows & sprint to LoS quickly) and go for a RE. I have won many duels and matches with less than 10% HP popped a coop, gouged then Feint/BoS the hell outa there and got a RE. The re is so important because regaurdless of your HP, if you get a clean restealth you reset the terms combat, and if your re was in-fact clean you are now taking no damage and in stealth. Don't be afraid to stay stealthed and wait for your cooldowns to become available again. Also, after a clean RE, let that coop tick and be patient. Use a MFD->Recuperate and if you have LoS or distance, eat food and re-stealth quickly (glyph of stealth is awesome for resetting). Food+Recuperate+Stealth = You just reset the fight. Keybinds is the difference between being a rogue, or just a bad player peroid. Any rogue that clicks or keyboard turns no matter how fast they tell you they are, or how long they've been clicking, is garbage and will never make it in arena. There is a HUGE difference between binding keys, and setting up a keybind system that makes sense. Especially when it comes to muscle memory, and in fact you will find now that blizzard has been nice enough to give every class every ability (basically) that you can often share keybind layouts between different classes, for abilities that share similar mechanics. This helps A LOT. Example would be, on your rogue Stealth keybind is Shift-D... On your priest, you could make Spectral Guise, Shift-D. In your mind you just remember "my stealth button". Here is an example of a Rogue Keybind layout that makes sense: *Remember you will not use A, S or D for movement any longer. You are a keybinder now.* ` 1 2 3 4 5 TAB Q W E R CAPs A S D F Shift Z X C V Ctrl (alt) (spaaaaaaaaacebar) These are the main keys you need to focus on using to start until you find what you like best. Movement Keys *Movement keys are to be used in conjunction with both mouse buttons* *You will find yourself alternating between double mouse to walk forward, and W* Use QWE for Strafe Left | Forward | Strafe Right (respectively) Your middle finger should always rest on W, with your pinky resting on TAB to switch targets. (It's a good idea to change the default TAB keybind to: Target Nearest Enemey Player to avoid having to tab between 9 targets when pets are involved, ie: snake trap/stampeed) Additionally you need to get used to using the MOUSE to pivot your camera but also MOVE your character. If you are walking forward to attack, you may need to lift your finger from W to press an important bind, in which case you momentarily hold BOTH mouse buttons, press your keybind and return to Idle Position. You will also benefit from making it a habit of constantly holding the RIGHT mouse button. This allows you to look around, while you are using you QWE to move. Also, if you pivot your camera to look behind you as you are running forward holding W (effectively running towards yourself from your monitors perspective) while holing the right mouse button, a simple tap of the left button while holding the right button will send you int he direction you were observing via the mouse pivot. (Disable smart camera pivot in settings too... Enable activate ability on KEY DOWN, show target of target, and Shift-M is your BG/Minimap SHIFT-V nameplates, CTRL-V all nameplates. DONT FORGET THE NAMEPLATES. HUGE. you can show castbar on them also if you like) Combat KEYBINDS (Finally) Whew The 2 Key should be your main combo generating ability, Mutilate. Its easy to get to and spammable, and you should always try to bind the abilities you use most often, to the keys that are closest to your Idle position (middle on W, pinky on tab). The 3 key should be your main finishing attack, Envenom. The 1 key should be your Kidney Shot. (Generally you dont want to put something with a cooldown in such a close/important location because you dont use it as often as "Whatever" spell, but in the case of kidney shot its okay because its a clutch ability and you dont want to be fumbling with modifiers etc when the time comes to peel) Your Tilde ``` key depending on how comfortable you are with pinky pressing, can be another important ability, I suggest Recuperate. The 4 key should be Gouge. (very comfortable location given Idle Position) The 5 key should be Shiv. (furthest stretch because used least, a slight stretch for a quick root/snare with paralytic or Enrage removal. You can also use Redirect here.) Now, since you're not a scrub keyboard turner/clicker anymore A S D are available and very close to Idle Position, so lets put some VERY important abilities here that you need in a split second. The A key is Cloak of Shadows The S key is your mobility key, no more backpedaling. Burst of Speed or ShadowStep here. The D key is your Vanish A and D should feel natural, move your ring finger down one, or index down one from idle position. These are your most important abilities as a rogue hence their location and access/ease of use. S, I have always used as my optional key... so if i switch specs from Shadowstep to Burst of speed, sometimes I put Shuriken Toss there on a modifyer, whatever. But it makes VERY good sense to put a mobility ability there. Your first keybinds with modifiers are also going to be A and D. Since your two prized abilities cloak and vanish are there, let me illustrate what I meant by logical/fluid keybinds. The Shift-A is your Evasion. The Shift-D is your spammable Re-Stealth macro. The Shift-S is your secondary mobility keybind. Ie: Sprint, perhaps Mount up, etc. Since A is your avoid magic damage button, Shift-A is now your avoid melee dmg bind. Since D is your vanish button, Shift-D is now your I wish I could vanish but ill spam stealth. Since S is your mobility button, Shift-S should also have something to do with mobility. The Shift-1 Key is your Slice and Dice. The Shift-2 Key is your Aux Attack (Since 2 is Mutilate, Shift-2 is now Dispatch. as Sub-Spec 2 is hemo, and Shift-2 is Backstab. As Combat-Spec 2 is Sinister Strike, Shift-2 is Revealing Strike... etc) The Shift-3 Key is your Rupture. ***Now you may realize the only logic-paired set there is 2 and Shift-2, but SnD/Rupture are both responsible for your energy regen so its somewhat logical to have them directly next to your main attack (2) keybind.*** Now for the lower row. So far you have Tilde/1/2/3/4/5 & A/S/D bound. Time for ZXCV The Z key is your Dismantle bind. (Or similar ability, ie: Purge, Dispel, Spellsteal) You are taking something from them - quick pinky tuck. The X key is your PVP Trinket (If you are undead, use Shift-X for Will of the Forsaken) The C key sets your Focus Target (there is a reason, explained below with BLIND) The V key is a stretch, but you can memorize it... since its so far away make it something you will not use very often. I use it for MFD->KidneyShot. You could also put a Shadowstep->Teammate-Healer macro here to eat traps. V, as I said is a ways away so make it a once/twice an arena utility bind, like eating a trap, ToT on your teammate etc. Focus Target CC There are 2 keys we didnt cover in the original crappy Image I made up top, F & R. F is going to be your Focus CC. Make sure you do not put your Focus-Blind(F) Bind on your swapping action bar, as there will be occasions where you need to Blind from Stealth and stealth/swapbar are buggy at times anyway and Blind is clutch. Cant mess up. The R key is your interrupt. Put kick here. Notice gouge is right above it on 4. Additionally when you spec for Deadly Throw, and Deadly Throw is an interrupt, it only makes sense to: The Shift-R key is your Deadly Throw (or alternate interrupt, ie: Arcane Torrent) More Information & Binds This covers the basic binds you will need for your Rogue, and a streamline way to get started. Get in the habbit of making the stretch to F1/F2 also... if you keep your index finger resting over E in the Idle Position, you will find that you can KEEP your finger @ E and stretch your middle finger straight up, and you will arrive @ F1. Simply memorize that movement and go one to the right for F2. These 2 keybinds use for things you bearly ever use. Personally I use them for ShadowWalk/Shroud seeing as I use shroud once a match 99% of the time... Make ShadowWalk F1 because you will use that with more frequency at higher ratings while having sap-offs with other rogues (and you can consider later a better place for shadowwalk especially if you chose to glyph it... which no one does.) You do not HAVE to use CONTROL or ALT however... you should train yourself to use Alt-1, Alt-2, and Alt-3 for some infrequent once-a-match keybinds. Personally I feel Alt is a slightly more comfortable modifier than Control, because control requires you to curl your pinky so far down that you actually have to leave Idle Position to use it, so I dont. Stealth Keybinds For Stealth abilities, simply put: 1 Cheap Shot 2 Ambush(i prefer Mutilate to ambush as Assination) 3 Garrote 4 Sap 5 Focus Sap Shift-5 Distract *Make Macros for Cheap/Ambush/Garrote to cast premeditation with them as sub.* *You will also probably need a premed SnD macro, or make a Premed bind and do it manually* Major Cooldown Keybinds Now, there is still the issue of your Burst Cooldowns. Simply bind your Shadow Blades macro (if you use trinket with it etc) to MOUSEWHEEL DOWN. Bind Vendetta/Killing Spree/ShadowDance to MOUSEWHEEL UP. Now your burst cooldowns are simply up/down on the wheel, very easy to do. If you have a Right-Thumb button on your mouse, make that SMOKE BOMB, because it is a very important and CLUTCH ability and needs to be on an fast/easy button. SWAP-BAR WARNING Do not Put any cooldowns in the swap action bar. Things like Vanish, Cloak, Blades etc should always be on Bottom Action Bar Left, Bottom Action Bar Right etc. Never the Swapping Steath/Combat bar. Cleaning Up Clutter and Recognizing Cooldown Times Once you have memorized your keybinds 100%, you can put your abilities and cooldowns that would normally be on the Bottom Left / Bottom Right action bars, on the two action bars to the right, and then HIDE those. Then simply put only your most important COOLDOWNS above your swap-bar so you can easily see them and track what is avaible for use. Use OMNI CC addon to put numbers over the buttons. Extra Binds Lastly, you can use the shift modifyer with your QWE movement keys for 3 final binds, for your leftover abilities that arent as important... Shift-Q for Feint Shift-E for Tricks or HealthStone or Battlemaster Trinket Shift-W for Fan of Knives Last but not least, bind your MOUNT to ALT+Foward, because you wanna go forward! so: ALT-W is MOUNT. You can also SHIFT/ALT mousewheelup/mousewheel down for things like food, bandaid, etc. I hope this helps! Remember, keybinding... memorizing your binds, having them be efficient and second nature/muscle memory is THE KEY to your Rogue, because you are a responsive class, and need to have fast reaction time to steer the direction of an engagement. -Victor Vaughn The Vaudeville Villan Rep% Overthrown and KJ & My friends on Bloodlust BG! *Shoutouts to Fox, H-Bday man!* *Peace out to Broxx... ULL B BACK NIGGY!* Take care! -Nova aka NobleezyVaudville10 Nov 7
Nov 7 Worlds & Warcraft 5e I have a problem. Over the years, I've burnt out on WoW's gameplay. It just doesn't do it for me anymore. Instead, I've picked up 5th edition D&D, and gotten really into it. The problem is that I still love WoW's universe and lore, moreso than D&D's. The solution? FULL HOMEBREW CONVERSION, MOTHERFLUXER. I've been working on and off for a long while now on homebrewing a WoW -> D&D conversion, complete with rebuilds of WoW's classes from the ground up for 5e's rules and mechanics. However, my familiarity with each class in the game isn't quite up to the task. To that end, I'm asking around for players of each class to answer some questions to help me figure out how to capture the core of each class and spec. I'm especially eager to hear from longtime players who may remember older versions of their class. What I'm looking for: * Defining themes... * Iconic abilities... * Defining mechanics... * Personal favorite aspects... * ...for the class overall... * ...for each spec individually... * ...both past and present.Lokka3 Nov 7
Nov 7 "Leaked" Sin talents Randomly came across this video of leaked Assasination talents for the next expansion. Of course these talents may very well change in the coming months, though I'm hyped regardless. - I never played rogue during the era of Crimson Tempest and I'm excited to try it out. - If Sin's mastery remains the same, I wonder how good poisons will be at the beginning of the expansion vs exangunate/crimson tempest bleed build. Nov 7
Nov 6 Low parse subt I dunno what the hell to do. I play Assa most of the time but switched to Subt to try and eke out more dps. Followed Icy Veins guide, read up everything I could but I keep !@#$ing up subt. I got my shoulders AND bracers and still I'm down in the ditch with my DPS for it. My build is: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3. I originally took Subterfuge to give me more time during dance but it's totally thrown all of my parses out of alignment. I used Shadowcraft to test each talent and it told me that Subterfuge would be an upgrade - it wasn't. Last week I was green, this week I'm grey. Literally fugging grey. I've mained a rogue for three expansions. I follow the opening rotation from Icy Veins but I'm a little unclear about some bits. I know to always use Shadow Dance with Symbols AND DfA, but outside of that when should I use it? I usually drop it at the same time as Bite to try and have a lot of CP and energy to go into dance. Othertimes DfA isn't up, and bite isn't up - so I ever use shadow dance during times like that since it's always ticking over, or should I just hold off to line it up better?Where3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Rogue spec (help me pls) Hello everyone, I've just gotten back into wow, I stopped playing during ToV because I got bored I've always played a rogue and I don't want to stop but I've sunken all of my AP and good relics into outlaw only to learn it's !@#$. I need your help deciding what I should do I've never really liked sub but it's the best spec I liked assassination but it's not as good as sub should I just suck it up and switch while I still have time or should I just keep putting everything into outlaw and be "okay" I also don't ever see myself doing mythic raids or high end arenas just heroic and bg's Does it even matter what spec I am if I'm not doing really hard content?Qisy6 Nov 6
Nov 6 New to wow, beginner tips for rogue? So I've always wanted to play wow, done a couple free trials several years ago that I enjoyed. After seeing the battle for azeroth trailer which was lit af, i decided i wanted to start playing seriously. Through some research ive settled on subtlety rogue as what I want to play. Only lvl 8 so far cuz i just started last night, but I would appreciate any and all tips and insight that the community has to give. Such as professions to make gold early? Proper skill rotation(once i unlock them lol)? Also I have a free mount from hearthstone, but I really like the look of the raptors and it seems I need to be exalted with the trolls to buy one. How and when should I go about thi? Or is it a waste of my time. I'm a blood elf btw if that matters, FOR THE HORDE!Istealthl6 Nov 6
Nov 6 The best way to use Sub Boots? I am curious if using DFA is the best way to utilize these. I seem to lose 1 shadowstrike because of the animation and my parse difference seems to be close to 0 when using the other two passives. I did notice during fights with cleave that vanish + shoulders + DFA did put my parse a bit higher, but I have yet to try MFD which may be better for fights with adds. Anyone have thoughts on how to best utilize the sub boots? I think they are a decent leggo and I rlly want to give them a chance. It's them or the ring with extra passive.Msfurrybutt4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Outlaw is on its death bed. Blizzard, the outlaw community (dozens of us) would like a response to the current state of affairs regarding the development of the spec. As it stands outlaw is not an asset to a raid, dungeon party, pvp group, or any form of content in WoW. Id like to give a very short list of our issues (and encourage others to add on in the comments of this post): -poorly designed RNG on a large part of our kit -Low damage and mediocre damage on good RNG -CD reliance due to CoF -Passive talents that contribute to boring game-play -Lack of talent diversity -Extreme reliance on legendaries These issues are all symptoms of a bigger issue, outlaw (in its current state) is just poorly designed and lacks actual game-play balance. In fact most outlaw rogues have simply given up. Switched to sub or sin, we are bleeding members of our community not because the class is unfun, but because it is draining to continue to put effort into a class and only get AT BEST mediocre return. Outlaw has been praised for its class identity, its lore, and its fantasy. But the performance is just so bad people are refusing to play it. These issues do not vanish with Antorus. Outlaw currently on the ptr is simming 200k dps AVERAGE behind sub with equal gear. The class is on life support and blizzard is ignoring us. Please PLEASE give us a response, something, anything. Just let us know you are listening. Give us some hope.Django123 Nov 6
Nov 6 Rogue Stories Hey Guys, i didn't want to necro an old thread but wanted to share a rogue story with you that happened the other day. This may be more for the battleground thread, but i figured i'd share here with fellow rogues. So, i should start by saying Rogue is the absolute last class i picked up and leveled to max -- that was back in WOD and full disclosure, i spent my WOD boost on him, so technically i have never fully leveled up a Rogue. This isn't because i don't like rogues, i personally was never good at them. Pre-legion a sub rogue in the right hands was awe inspiring and quite impressive to watch. Anyway, i started leveling this guy through legion in 7.3 and love the subtlety spec. Its bursty, has utility, virtually all the tools you need, etc. I should also say i mainly PVP, so take that for what its worth. Anyway onto the story -- I was in a 100 - 109 WSG and I was carrying the flag up around the right side to go up the ramp and into the base to capture. I had a disc priest running with me and for the most part we were untouched until we got in through the break in the Warsong fence. As we were heading up the ramp right after we got through the fence i got stunned by a Feral, right after that, a second Feral stunned and they were both opening on me. The priest kept me alive so most of the credit should go to him, but anyway, the priest knew to run ahead and stay out of harms way so we both wouldn't get slowed and trained. So i shadow stepped to the priest (felt like that was first pro move). Both Ferals got on me again but by now we were at the top entrance into our keep. The alliance just dropped the flag and one of the Ferals saw that and made a break to grab our flag before i could cap. As i saw him running down the hallway, being aware of this as well, i shadow stepped to the feral, activated shadow dance into cheap shot while on the platform about to jump down into the flag room, jumped down and capped the flag. It was rewarding that i was able to pull that off (i usually don't make clutch plays like that), but what was even more satisfying was having the toolkit to pull something like that off. Put me on virtually any other class and that druid grabs the flag, or might have even killed me before i got to the base. Anyway, feel free to share your rogue stories. I'm enjoying this iteration of the class in its current state, though max level may bring me back to reality.Fortyseven5 Nov 6
Nov 6 Tried Combat Hello, I've played combat for the past month and the spec is very fun to play, any idea why is it not viable for raiding right now? Are they going to balance the spec or is it meant to be played more of a side spec due to design complications or something? Thank you.Dremlin5 Nov 6
Nov 6 Is Sin currently viable? For heroic raids and pushing M+ in pugs. I like poisons, I like bleeds, I like daggers. I don't want care for sub or pirates. Am I sol? What about Antorus set?Esoterikk3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Best spec for PVE? Just coming back to rogue. Not sure if Assassin is still holding up. I just wanted to ask what is the preferred spec for PVE. I don't do hardcore raiding. I do LFR at times but mostly dungeons, and questing ect. Don't get much time to play. Any advice to a returning rogue would help a great deal. If assassin is still rather good. What talent route is best to go with? Thanks so much!Sulväin15 Nov 6
Nov 5 Best Outlaw Rogue NEWEST RACE This Race would make the perfect rogue, swift, nibble, cute yet DEADLY!!@ärkz4 Nov 5
Nov 5 Ninja Kicked! This happen to anyone else? I only post this in the Rogue forum because i think me being kicked has to do with rogue abilities. I wish I had logs. But I dont. So the best thing I can do is a good description of what happened. Just to get some feedack. Tank starts the pull timer for Demonic Inq. I pop tricks, viel. With that the tank and a few others huddle in close to the boss and we go at the end of the count down. Two interrupts in I get ninja kicked. No warning. No explanation. Any and all attempts to find out what happened were responded with rudeness ( "I dont know and I dont care" etc. ). So this bothered me. Ive no true clue as to why I was removed. One of the tanks did say afterwards " DBM says you pulled before the tank" ... So on a countdown timer is it natural to kick people who pull 0.0001 seconds too early with a misdirect up? Is there anyone that can share a similar experience? Ultimately id like to find out exactly what happened so i dont make the same mistake again. Because if I did make a mistake that warranted my removal from the group then fine, so be it. But to get ninja kicked without an explanation? Ive been playing this game for coming up on ten years now. Not ever have I see such blatant rudeness. Even in pugs...Arcturus9 Nov 5
Nov 5 Woop de woop, nawmsayin Yo So, ah'm uh pimp-tight mang an' ah try ta do well, but ah can't seem ta do any DPS. ah know muh motha mang gear sucks, but ah'd think it'd be higher than 650-800k, nahh? all ye damn hood ratz.. otay buh weetJaidenger5 Nov 5
Nov 4 High Fash-Djinn So, after hours of farming over three days (more than ten hours in multiple locations, instances, and everywhere that was recommended by every source), after finally getting some progress made on the rogue pickpocketing quest, why can I not find the Glitzy Mana-Chain? I've read forum posts and WoWhead comments specifying different areas, checked the WoWhead drop rate info, and tried everything. I'm not high enough level for Suramar, but it seemed like if I could obtain the quest AND complete the previous steps in the chain at a lower level, AND get five out of the six items, why shouldn't I be able to get the last item to drop? It sounds like I'm not alone, I see people posting about farming for hours for a quest item in max-level zones, instances, and various quest areas. I possibly could have leveled to 110 and tried in Suramar at this point, but again, if I can get the quest at a lower level, I should not have to be 110 to complete it. The drop rate on this is so inexplicably, abysmally low that it is positively staggering. Everything else has dropped and redropped multiple times. Multiple mana-forged worry chains, mana-cloaked chokers, and of course, all the green and white items. Several Lockets of Magical Memories, the other "epic" loot. The RNG on this QUEST ITEM is appalling. And it's not just me, like I said. Other people are circling Suramar in other futile exercises trying to get one item or the other. It's not just the mana-chain, some people need the locket or one of the blue items. One more item. Hours of farming for a quest item. That's just plain bonkers. I have one hundred and seventy thousand coins after turning in the ten thousand for one quest and one thousand for the other. I can't buy the pets and other items, of course, until I complete this quest. Why is the drop so low? Why do I see some people saying "whoo, got it in fifteen minutes!" on WoWhead when I've spent ten hours and can't complete it? Why allow characters under 110 to even obtain the quest if you apparently need to "farm" the quest items in Suramar anyway? Why are we farming for quest items, anyway? I don't know if I've stressed that enough, this is worse than zhevra hooves, plainstrider beaks and Mankrik's Wife put together at this point. I could have collected enough hooves and beaks in the same amount of time to make an arrow pointing to her corpse's location in the old Barrens. I'd have gone less mad as a result. Is this somewhat of an isolated incident of abysmally bad RNG, or is there something legitimately borked in the numbers? What the actual hell?Luchaka17 Nov 4
Nov 4 Playing combat/outlaw since 2004. WTF? All I have to say is, wtf? Seriously. Been playing rogue since 2004 when sword spec had a chance for double swing. Those were the days. We were way out in front of DPS back then, but suddenly we are at the absolute bottom. I just returned from not playing since Feb, and this class and spec has taken a massive downfall. I don't mind not being at the top, but why does a raid need rogue? For mechanics? Not from what I've seen. Back in the day, we'd be needed for saps, kicks, stuns, and distractions even for some boss fights. Every class should be a necessity for a raid environment. In my opinion, all DPS classes should be close in DPS, with the difference being a player's skill in focus, positioning, and experience.Yougotgot4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Open with Garrote or Mutilate?(PVE) Leveling right now but just want to know if I decide to get into a dungeon, do I open with Garrote or Mutilate? Still trying to knock the rust off my training wheels lol. Only been back a week. Thanks!Sulväin4 Nov 4
Nov 4 Shadowmeld use Had a question around shadowmeld. If you use shadowmeld during trash/boss does it instantly drop you from combat? and if so can you gear swap mid trash?Cryxuss5 Nov 4
Nov 4 Did the Uncrowned grow on anyone else? I posted a thread on them in the Story Forum, but I figured I'd ask here among my fellow Rogues as well. I'll admit -- I was part of the Ravenholt Manor crowd when they first started teasing Class Halls, and I was convinced that Ravenholdt was the only place to host our Class Hall due to its history with our class. But, I'll admit. The one we got really grew on me. I like the secret society aesthetic. Gave a really convincing way to put all types of Rogues in there -- from assassins to pirates. I'm not really unsatisfied with the sewers, either. I love the flavor of getting to it by showing our Insignia and getting our "order in the back room" or being treated to the "VIP room".Malefic33 Nov 4
Nov 4 Getting The Uncrowned Insignia I am asking for a friend....honest. I got my insignia to get into the rogue hall so long ago I don't recall how I got it. Some time ago he seems to have stopped the opening quest chain or whatever it is and now can't get back into the hall. Any ideas? Links? Tips? Most appreciated.Cutepurse1 Nov 4
Nov 4 BoA Assassination talent tree leak Venom Rush - Changed to give back 5 energy for every Mutilate against poisoned target. Crimson Tempest is back on row 100 Poison Bomb also a 100 talent now. Master Assassin is now a talent at level 30 (basically legion shoulder legendary is a talent for Assassination in BoA). Iron Wire is an extended silence for garrote (8 seconds) and a damage debuff.Mafic0 Nov 4
Nov 3 Any of you keep your Stylish Spy Glasses? If you sold them before turning in the campaign quest and buying them back you get to keep them for good. This is one item that I'll never remove from my inventory. I just love wearing it strolling through Dalaran while being praised by various NPCs. I wonder if other players can also read the text?Flík5 Nov 3
Nov 3 Outlaw question Hey guys, I've been looking for a specific answer to this question but can't really find anything out there. Been playing some outlaw and was curious about RtB. I know before the change that you would reroll for true bearing. From my understanding, now a days you only reroll if you don't get true bearing, or if you don't get two buffs. Is this correct? I have similar item level on my rogue as this shaman but I pull a good 100k more as enhance so I was wondering if I'm doing it wrong. I also noticed that I'm pulling more dps when running SnD, but wasn't sure if that's because it's simply better or if I'm playing RtB wrong. Thanks for the help!Rainmáker2 Nov 3
Nov 2 Best questing/WQ spec? I'm going to try out this rog i've had sitting at 110 for like a year. What spec is best for doing wq and stuff? Also what talents.Wârlock6 Nov 2
Nov 2 Finally got that legendary! So I rolled Rogue as an Alt to my Druid. I really like the stealthy combo point generation play-style. I've played Druid since BC though. I leveled this character relatively fast. I was leveling as Outlaw because it seemed to flow faster. Not 5 minutes after dinging 110 I got the gloves legendary for Outlaw from emissary cache. I've since switched to Sub. Now with better gear it seems to rek Open-World content. I can burst stuff down really quickly and i'm beginning to like the play-style more. I've read all over that the Shoulder legendary is really important so i'm hitting every chest on Argus, killing all the Rares and doing Invasions like no one's business. I did a few LFRs but no Mythic dungeons. Then on a Lesser Invasion, a Legendary dropped for me in Sub spec. KJ's Burning Wish. I hate life.Aloora11 Nov 2
Nov 2 7.3.2 outlaw slight buffs no fixes so far here it is just some slight buffs for out slaw will still be last in dps since every other class is getting dps increases. isnt the pattern blizz con next expansion announced then no content for a year until it launches?we mite get a pre patch like before legion.or will we have a mid patch 7.4 some time next year i doubt it. outlaw wont be fixed until next expansion if at all. it will still be last in dps.but you know pirates and roll your dice for class fantasy.Lusent15 Nov 2
Nov 2 Grappling hook pain? Anyone else playing outlaw suddenly notice their grappling hook is good for nothing? I used to hook between the entrance way in the wine shop, to the mission board - can't do it anymore. Decided to test it out on a few other things, and all of it was broken. Couldn't even grapple from the bank down the steps. I've been noticing its pretty much useless to the point of having to have a flat, clear surface line to use. Wasn't like this yesterday - what happened, and is it just me?Joyia41 Nov 2
Nov 1 Leggo bracers question So, I recently picked up the bracers and I have a question. Is it worth using them without CoF? I have it, but it's low item level so I was wondering if it was worth it to use them without it.Delovath7 Nov 1
Nov 1 PvE Talent Questions. Okay so I'm just coming back from a VERY long break and I have some questions for maintaining competitive DPS in PvE environments. For example, is a DFA build the top DPS route right now? I feel things like Gloomblade/Anticipation/MFD is a more consistent style for DPS output. Obviously DFA talent build hits like a !@#$ing truck, but is that kind of burst really optimal?Nÿmphetamine2 Nov 1
Nov 1 Leveling Tips I am trying to find a guide for lower level rogues. I need some assistance figuring out which talents to get and what rotation to use. As of now, I am Assasination Solo PVE. Thank youVisandra2 Nov 1
Nov 1 37 attempts later... And I have the Outlaw challenge appearance, and therefore, all 3 challenge artifact appearances! OMG that was painful, I felt like it was largely dependent on how I rolled.... Please God Blizz, make Outlaw (combat) great again...Zilslyce6 Nov 1
Nov 1 Pvp spec? Hey ppl, Im getting back into leveling my rogue. Hes 64. I know leveling spec doesnt matter, but id like to play the top pvp spec currently, so i can get used to it as i level. So whats top right now?Koritora15 Nov 1
Oct 31 1v1/Wpvp VS Plate's (Ret,War,DK) How is it now when equally geared? 1-Sure win? 2-So So depends? 3- Avoid them?Kiiroisenko29 Oct 31
Oct 31 Specter of Betrayal tips Picked this up last night, summons a sweet blue blob. Understand the need to use it on cooldown for the double blob goodness. Also figure it's best to tie in with symbols and dance for damage modifiers but the 45sec cooldown means it doesn't quite line up right with either symbols or dance. So how do you guys go about it?Macktheknife13 Oct 31
Oct 30 Agatha? Advise please. Well, I know the fight I just can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong on my Rogue. I just don't have the on demand damage I need when I need it. The adds overwhelm me. My Feral Druid got threw this much smoother and way faster. I have tried both RtB and a SnD build. Now I sadly only have two survivability legendary items. That's what the game has dropped for me so that is what I use. I also do not raid on this character so I have no raiding set bonuses to rely on. I am ilvl 922. I understand that this is a bit difficult for Outlaw but it should be doable for me right? As I said at this ilvl I was more then able to do it on a Feral Druid. I just can't get the BANG I need because my DPS is based on a random RtB proc that could very well not be in my favor. Now maybe it is simple and I am handling some aspect of the fight wrong. I know for tanks that Kruul is different. I have killed him both with my Paladin and Druid. So maybe there is something in the Outlaw Rogue's toolkit I am missing or something I need to do and I just don't see it. I am getting Agatha to about 70% before I die and her bubble goes back up before I get much DPS in on her after killing the first wave of smaller adds. The adds need to go down faster and so does her shield. I just can't seems to get the damage I need out of my Rogue during this fight. Doing WQs things fall over in two or three shots. Then on Argus if I get a good RtB proc, Adrenaline, and Curse of the Dreadblades going. I am doing 1 million DPS for that window of time. The window of time is too small. The rest of the time is like 600k to 700k if I am lucky. So any tips or advise any of you might be able to toss my way would be great. I know Outlaw is under performing right now in raids but I also know this encounter is doable with some luck and proper add management. I want me some Sabers!Coriakin7 Oct 30
Oct 30 Noggenfogger turn-in junk? I just need to know if anyone else has just gotten trash from Noggenfogger? I remember back at the beginning of the expansion there was a good chance at getting gold along with some of the items he offers. The past two months or so I've only seen him offer the smokey bombs, tea, shoes, etc. Am I just RNG'd to hell, or has anyone else been having the same issue? Just curious, because at this rate I don't even care enough to turn in the items. There's only so many packs of the above mentioned goods I want. For the record, I have -occasionally- received a key to lei shen or the smaller box of gold. I think once I received the large sack of gold, but other than that it's all been the items (in the past two months or so, that is).Joyia4 Oct 30