Apr 13, 2014 Why did they say to do this? So, BOTH Shadowcraft and Askmrrobot suggest using the legendary meta gem in your helm, because it will supposedly give you quite the boost to your DPS. Item weights are pretty clear cut, this gem is supposed to give something like a 1000 pt boost to your DPS according to shadowcraft, and askmrrobot gives it similar weight. Yet, when I tried it out yesterday I noticed no real improvement to my DPS or my damage done. The question is, why do both sight's recommend using it then? Was I a fool for using it in the first place, or a fool for replacing it near the end of the night? Are the rules for RBG's different than for simple randoms (which I know there are some differences....yes, lay on hands I'm eyeballing you) as I have seen the legendary cloak proc in RBG's, but never in randoms. Would a similar thing happen with this legendary meta gem, with capacitence proccing in RBG's but not in randoms? Somebody please help me out, I'm drowning here. (my sprint is on Cool Down so I can't run on the water for another 15 seconds) Also, is there a third site I can use for gear optimization and stat weights? I know about Noxxic, and I don't use it anymore as it doesn't appear to have been updated for some time.Dallabar8 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Large easily farmed daggers? Currently got a level 64 Female Night elf rogue.. im maining Assasination and i cant explain how much it irritates me to be using such small daggers anyone got some good easily farmable large daggers for transmogs?Vitoee6 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 How important are daggers? Will my damage be reduced in sub spec? I love fist weapons but I wouldn't use them if my damage is reduced by alot. Is there a spec that I dont need daggers in?Magieck4 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 DPS sucks - need advice Could anyone offer some advice? I am currently pulling 90k-95k single target stable dps as sub. Not going to post entire rotation, let's just say I always have SnD/Hemo (Glyph) up or Rupture for dmg boost and DoT. Regular enchants (80+ stats on chest not showing). Hit cap 7.50% and 7.50% Expertise. Shadow blades when available, and vanish for Find Weakness when possible. For enchants I believe I have the regular recommended rogue enchants and regular sockets. Is this normal dps for sub single target? I am feeling ashamed when running a flex on this toon I can't seem to keep 100k+ dps on bosses. On my warrior I am doing about 180k single target dps with !@#$ty gear. Do you guys recommend I try another spec? Haven't tried assassination since 500ivl or so. Never been a big fan of combat, only back in BC/Wotlk.Aciid2 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Leveling PvP spec After much deliberation I have decided on rolling a Rogue, mainly for pvp purposes as my RL schedule has turned to !@#$ over the last couple of weeks and I can no longer commit to a raid schedule. I have decided to give Rogue a try and am after a bit of advice. 1. Which spec is best for leveling PvP wise? I am leaning towards Sub, I have heard its sorta complex (rotation wise) but I played Feral Druid until the end of last year so I am no stranger to more complex rotations, I actualy sorta enjoy them. 2. I only have pve heirlooms, which enchants would be best for them? As I plan on leveling mainly through pvp I want decent chants so I can remain competitive without spending a fortune on AH gear. 3. End game wise which spec is best? While I am currently leaning towards Sub I would prefer to learn the spec while leveling... I realise this changes every season, just want a rough idea on which spec for end game. Any other info/advice would be much appreciatedDiscordia3 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Prolonging toxicologist 4 set bonus, tier 16 Any advice/suggestions for maximizing my 4 set tier 16 bonus for mut rogues? "abilities used on a target with vendetta gives you 250 mastery for 5 secs, stacks up to 20" So, during vendetta, if you don't use an ability your mastery buff will fall off (toxicologist) and then restart. If you continue using abilities every 5 seconds (at least) it will eventually grant you 5000 mastery. So the idea is to prolong stacks (5 seconds) of my mastery buff. Using an ability every 4.9 seconds would make toxicologist last longer. Vendetta (glyphed) lasts only 30s.. Well if I use a GCD from the start of vendetta for 20s, I'll get 5000 mastery for 5 seconds (with previous stacks lasting 1s) . Alternatively (this is where my brain hurts) If I slow down at some point I can use ie 4250 mastery for 5s, 4500 mastery for 5s, 4750 mastery for 5s, then 5000 mastery for 5s. This would prolong the mastery buff yet I would have to ignore over lapping envenoms, energy capping, and so on in a regular rotation. TLDR So is there an effective or even noticeable difference if you prolong your last stacks of toxicologist vs continuing on with a regular rotation. I don't see many dps discussions on the rogue forums which is unfortunate. Most talk about patches, best names, best transmogs. So I hope someone can give me some insight, or lead me to another website that might talk about these things. I know I'm a bit late to the show.Reflëx9 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Sub or Assassination? So I am starting to play my sub rogue again and was wandering if sub is the right spec for PVP or if Assassination would be the way to go. I have played very little Assassination but many people have told me that Sub isn't what it used to be I am just curious if this is true?Aldiren2 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Combo Point change<3 Am I the only one that seems to like the idea of combo points being on the rogue? I think it's fair. Locks get embers. Pallys get holy power. Priests get shadow orbs. I personally like this change. Makes it a lot easier to swallow the subterfuge nerf.Tyinarian20 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 PVP gem bonuses I see a lot of rogues forgoing the gem bonuses in order to stack agility. Is this a personal preference thing? Or is there some real value in doing this?Shaudang35 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Let's kill a Mistweaver Monk We'll need to kill it together, cause I don't know how. I can kill the average mistweaver all day. However, every once in a while, you run into that one, that seems to have unlimited movement, almost never casts, when i kick a cast he leaps 100 yards away, etc. As far as I can tell, you don't want to stun them, unless you are just cc'ing and not targeting, otherwise miss chance is 100% during stun. I feel like i've seen them get stunned repeatedly, and some hits seem to go through. So i'm not sure that I understand that relationship between stunning and missing them quite yet. Second, what is this big giant green bubble. Is it pointless to do damage while they are in it? Or can you dps through it? Or is it similar to a warlock's bargain spell where some of the damage is applied as a dot afterward? My typical strat is a normal opener using garrote instead of cheap shot. During the fight, I essentially keep up SnD, my bleed(i glyph hemo), and I just try to keep the pressure on. I typically use my evisc/mfd/evisc on the opener to try to force some defensive cds. When DR is down and I feel like they've used up all their flying kicks, or bubble, or whatever the !@#$ it is that they do, then I try to get a dance/sblades to garrote/ambush. There's typically a vanish in there somewhere to get another garrote/ambush in there. (typically just a shadowmeld/stealth if i'm not rooted, but that's only for the cool kids) Anyway, what is the strat against these guys, I was on a break through wotlk, cata and most of MoP, so I wasn't around when they came out and still haven't understood their abilities exactly.Silren6 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Trouble with Armor I have had many people recently telling me that my armor is all wrong and they seem surprised that I made it this far with it. So as a noob in wow. I ask for help. Any tips in where I can get better armor and what I need to change. I'm a combat rogue. So apparently most of my armor is wrong. Some even laughed at me :/ Thanks for the help ! :DChilii15 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 Addon with voice I've seen a video where this rogue had an addon telling him what cooldowns the enemy was using with a voice. This would be so much more helpful than having to try and read the cds being used. Does anyone know what addon this is?Jonathonsky6 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 13, 2014 The Plight of Rogues I kind of alluded to this idea a few days ago, in a much less organized way than this article does. I know it's been mentioned about the skill cap of rogues, but does anybody see this as a challenge Blizzard can successfully address? Specifically, I imagine that the slope of Skill vs Strength is much higher than most other classes. So at lower skills, rogues feel underpowered, however, at higher levels, they are gods. Unlike other classes that have less to micro manage, rogues have to line up a number of abilities to land a devastating outcome to their opponents. I'm just curious what other people think. Decreasing the slope would mean that rogues have a more similar potential at all levels of player skill. There are pros and cons to this. Raising or lowering the line would mean that at any given skill level, the rogue is stronger or weaker, but the difference between lower skilled players strength and higher skill players strength is relatively the same. Edit: Duh. I forgot the linkLocke4 Apr 13, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Would a change like this work for us? So I was thinking about Burst of Speed and Sprint. I feel like with BoS my Sprint has become my water walking button and that's about it. I also feel that BoS as is may be a teensy bit too powerful. So how bad would it be to replace Sprint with BoS and tone it down into something with charges like roll? Maybe 3 charges with 25 second cooldowns and 4/5 second durations. Gives it down time and makes us think a bit more about snare removals. Yesno? I think I'd be fine with it. Goes in line with their whole "removing redundancy" schtick this expansion.Sereven8 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Hunter's Seeing Through Stealth in BG? Hey fellow rogues... Figured I'd start asking around because this has been happening so much lately it's really frustrating me and I'd like to know if maybe it's my imagination. Lately it seems that hunters can occasionally see me as if I wasn't even stealthed at all (when in fact I am). This happens constantly in random BG's, RBGs, duels, and arena. Sometimes even with Shadow Walk, do they have some type of new ability that allows them to see me? I've been back for a few months now after a 2 year break but I don't ever remember this happening at all in the past. And no, I wasn't walking through a flare or anything like that. :) -LemonLemonscented7 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Differences between the three rogue specs? Hey everyone, I'm planning on rolling a rogue for PvE mostly. Can someone give me a brief summary of what the differences are between the three specs?Jakki10 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Dismantle and Bladestorm I've started play my rogue in pvp again late and last when I played it a lot in pvp the best time to use dismantle on a warrior was during blade storm but now I'm seeing a lot of immunes when I try, I know a lot has change so did I miss this one?Lisara11 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 softcaps? Is there a haste, mastery, or crit softcap I should be aware of for my PVE set? I'm trying to maximize my DPs for my raid progression so we can get to heroics. Thinking of trading out my shoulders for slight boost to DPS that askmrrobot says it will give me, and it's making me wonder if I should possibly regem or if anyone has info on stat weights that isn't on askmrrobot or shadowcraft. Any info would be appreciated.Dallabar3 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 what rogue spec should I learn I see that its still situation but im trying to get back into the raid scene is it still worth mastering sub or just sticking to the easier other 2 specs?Dertert1 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Oh no I appear to be lost. No one seems to be around. I'm just going to land and read my map.Loverboy3 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Which professions for WoD? So since WoD is removing all bonuses to professions which professions would be the most convenient? im thinking along the lines of Enchanting/JC, when i get new gear i just wanna be self sufficient and not spend a ton of gold. This Rogue will be my main come WoD.Borachi3 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Use of Defensive CDs in PvE Hello all! I need a little guidance regarding the use of my defensive CDs in PvE. I try to help the healers out by being self-sufficient with my damage mitigation and avoidance. I am just a little unclear on where to use what. I would appreciate any input from some experienced PvE rogues. Here is what I think how each CD should be used: CoS - Hard-hitting spell about to hit me, spell DoT is on me. CR - Sustained physical melee damage on me. Feint - Unavoidable AoE about to hit (physical or spell) Evasion - Sustained physical damage on me. Smoke Bomb - Big damage inc, targeted by ranged when movement not required/possible. Am I pretty much correct with these? Thanks in advance!Intravenøus11 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Question for PvP Rogues So I'm planning on taking my rogue straight in to PvP and I'm wondering. are Two PvP trinkets better than One PvP trinket and a PvE trinket? Since there are so many selections on PvE trinkets that is. Like If I were to use a proc trinket with TeD or Haromm's would the Multistrike and overall Mastery outweigh the PvP Resil/PvPPower/Agi proc you get from that Second PvP trinket?Äkanda3 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 Boa wep enchants So i have my weps for sub and im curious what the best low level enchants are atm. Elemental force, mongoose, or dancing steel for both weps or even a combination of 2? Heard different things from friends so just thought id post on it.Steezed1 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 6.0 Nerf to Combat? Rupture is no longer available to Combat Rogues. Shadow Blades has been removed. Revealing Strike now deals 20% more damage, but no longer advances Bandit's Guile. For single target, 5-point rupture out damages 5-point eviscerate if you let the whole rupture tick. This is a damage nerf and a "dumb-down", as Blizzard has labeled it. Shadow blades removal is a straight nerf. Yes, we always casted it with adrenaline rush in a macro, because you gave both 3-minute cooldowns. Did that warrant removal? I know the lower combo point generation is going to really hurt rogue burst. The revealing strike changes makes sense, but you need to make revealing strikes also proc revealing strikes. You are forgoing not only Bandit's Guile but now you are also losing potential combo point procs. Of course, this is just from reading and will need to be played to understand. As well, everything is relative, so maybe other classes' burst has been brought down as well. Just some initial concerns as I wasn't impressed by any of the changes. Please share your thoughts. This is not meant to provoke a flame war.Rathez22 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 12, 2014 On the fence female orc or troll Hey guys I like both and really cant decide what sets them apart I cant pick :(Liquidwarf1 Apr 12, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 ROGUES GOT KILLED I have been playing warcraft since vanilla days and I am not known for raging but I will have to say this to blizzard. You killed the rogue class with WOD alpha notes. You talk about balance? what balance is there in a class that just got nerfed even though they are currently the least played class because of being so weak. Just because people complained about [Subterfuge] you will kill it? I can tell you that because of this I am going to play until my playtime expires then I will quit playing all my accounts. I am pretty sure that everyone that had a rogue as a main is going to quit the game like i will.Pudgee59 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Delete FinishedSnozoverlord0 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Is WoW prepared for WoD rogues? And PvP I love 2s arena. I can play with my brother, and keep in touch with friends while chatting on skype and pvp'ing across country. However, arena 2s are often a frustrating struggle, for rogues, and my optimism for WoD is overshadowed by apprehension. Here's my problem: Often 2s comes down to a 1v1. As a rogue, I get a sick feeling in my gut, as I stand before the lone survivor on the opposing team - two combatants fighting to virtual death. The reason I become uncomfortable in 1v1s is because the roots, snares, and cc's are out of control. I fought a warlock, today, after both our partners were killed, and I felt like half of the fight, I was either feared or stunned. Many times, I'd be feared into a fear - wtf is that. By the time I ran the crucible getting to him, he'd port away, and it'd start over again. Then I had a similar situation against a boomkin. I was rooted, cycloned, pulled into that vortex thing, and by the time I did get close enough to start doing some damage, he'd blink away, and heal up. To make it worse, even if I do cloak off the fairy fire and vanish, the vision crystals prevent me from from going invisible. Here's my concern: People hate rogues. I think rogues are the most hated class for one simple reason, we can jump people when they are most vulnerable and vanish when we're losing. We will continue to be the most hated class too, for as long as this is true. This causes people to rally together against us on forums, especially when we become strong. I know we are strong in 3s currently, but not all of us like 3s, and while 2s are difficult to balance, 2s and world pvp actually generates a lot of our lost love expressed in forums. Because, realistically, people don't like the idea of having a class capable of ganking them when they are minding their business. My Prediction: If ranged classes lose the cc's and instant casts like what's being suggested, and we get a back stab, that essentially has a 180 degree lager hit box, while also losing the positional requirement completely for ambush and getting 2 more seconds on shadow dance, we will hands-down be the most abhorred class in the game. Blizzard will have to cave, and do something to us, to appease the masses. We will continue to be effective in 3s - due to our utility and burst window, however, I believe we will continue to suffer as a stand alone fighter. In the world we can run, but in 2s, we are stuck, with nowhere to go, and the ever-looming vision crystal taunting our strongest defensive CD.Locke6 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 The Simplest Ability Bloat Reducer BoS replaces Sprint. The waterwalking glyph works for BoS. Cost: No more free sprint since BoS costs energy. Benefit: No more clunky relationship and complete overlap between the two. Also QoL improvement with water walking.Silren5 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Stat Priority For Assassination Hey so ive been told multiple things ive been told crit is the best secondary as well as mastery? witch one works better should i try and get mastery as high as possible or work off my tier bonus and use crit? thanks for the helpAlivenjarce5 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Focus Kidney mod;shift Regular Kidney Issue I had a perfectly working macro that was a Regular Kidney Shot and a Focus->Redirect Kidney shot in one shift modifier macro. I can't seem to replicate it. Can anyone provide assistance? Edit: Seems like my Shift Modifiers are really screwed up..testing and not working efficiently anymore. Could anyone provide me with these shift mod macros Kick -> Focus Kick Dismantle -> Focus Dismantle Gouge -> Focus GougeDrogo6 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Deadly or Wound poison Not sure when to use wound poison? I mostly do 2s currently and deadly seems to be more appropriate there, maybe wound on EFC?Kicks3 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Recuperate is horrendously glitched for me! Has anyone else been getting significantly reduced heals from recuperate? Recuperate usually heals me for 30k HP...When I'm fighting mobs, most of the time it does the full 30k. BUT..when I PvP (where it actually matters) I get 12k HP per tick. I have no debuffs on me of any sort. Dueling, Arena, Battlegrounds...all of them make Recuperate only give me 12k a proc..this is seriously hindering my ability to PvP. Anyone have any similar issues? I'm not sure if it was always like this. I'm sure it healed more. Maybe I just noticed it now.Drogo7 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Making the class more fun, or rerolling I just can't seem to connect with my rogue, I'm not feeling the thrill that I've been seeking. I feel slow and too bound to stealth, I want to play at a faster pace and feel like I'm doing more damage. Is there any fix to this boredom? I'm still very new to this game, and I'm willing to try different things until I find what I'm looking for.Skello8 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 I have no idea how to deal damage I play a mage and warrior as my mains. I decided to use my boost on a rogue. I understand the concept of resetting, burst vs. cc windows etc since mages have that too, but dear god I have no !@#$%^- idea what openers I should be using and what finishers and when and the how. Sweet baby tom cruise is it confusing! I still dig it but damn.Delandel31 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Warlords of Draenor and Killing Spree Good morning, afternoon, or evening, I am a very infrequent poster on the wow forums. I hope this doesn't dissuade from my argument however, as I feel it comes after much internal debate and, hopefully, of sound rationale. I want to say that I have played combat rogue as well as assassination rogue, at a very high skill level for a very long time. Personally, I have preferred assassination much more than combat, but will, like many, choose to play whatever spec provides the most dps and/or utility on a fight to fight basis when it comes to heroic progression. I have even played sub for fights like heroic bethilac and spine of deathwing, but don't particularly enjoy doing so. I say these things not to flex or prove anything; as there are many others just as or more talented than myself. I say these things to give an idea of how long I've played rogue, and how much I enjoy it. I do however have a request for warlords that revolves around killing spree. Killing Spree is indeed in many ways a very unique spell, but I do believe it is unique for all the wrong reasons. It has many upsides to it in pvp, however from a pve perspective there are so many downsides to a integral part of your damage in a raid setting it is almost laughable at times. I understand that this provides a level of complexity and requires an extra few seconds of planning to essentially not die whilst using this ability, but with the exception of Alter Time, which, as of 6.0 will no longer benefit mage dps, is the only dps ability I can think of that poses even the slightest risk of killing you. Even failed rocket boot leaks in raids kill less than this ability does. To give a rough idea of what I'm referring to, I'll break down scenarios on a fight by fight basis in H Siege that kill you. Immerseus, if you are to use this ability and the boss casts a puddle, you will take at least 2 ticks equaling ~200k, and unless you are using the glyph you are then placed behind the boss ~100 yards from your nearest healer. Fallen Protectors, using this ability with Blade Flurry up can result in taking one or more ticks of He Softfoot's poison on the ground depending on where it lands in relationship to where you start, regardless of glyph or not, generally I have to cloak during this to prevent this from happening. Norushen, killing spree during Blind Hatred results in getting one hit, I have to use cloak of shadows with this ability to ensure this doesn't happen. The alternative would be to wait for 15 seconds and lose upwards of 30 seconds of killing spree time depending on if it's during adrenaline rush or not. Sha of Pride, killing spree with glyph as you get sent into the "pacman" phase will result in you getting teleported randomly to the equivalent location you were in, resulting in a one shot by the walls. Galakras, relatively no concerns. Iron Juggernaut, if timed poorly with a returning Saw Blade can result in taking 300k + dmg, usually not an issue as the other mechanics are easily avoidable as melee, but if I was to be targetted by laser simaltaneously would result in death, cloak of shadows is necessary to prevent this. Shamans, probably one of the worst offenders. We 3 tank 3 heal this strat, and not only will I get hit by Foul Stream, requiring me to feint before all killing sprees where the timer is about to come off, you can also get melee'd by mobs in the ashen wall line as you come out of killing spree. I have also killing spree'd through the floor 3 times on this fight falling into the "ragefire chasm" area of the instance. Nazgrim, relatively no concerns. Malkorok, I have the unique role of absorbing the melee puddle, so my perspective is a bit skewed. However, during an Arcing Smash with the glyph you can be placed back into one if poorly timed, you can also killing spree yourself into a Breath of Y'Shaarj if a "void zone slice" is behind him as he casts it. This has to be covered with a cloak. Spoils, the mantid side makes me clench my butthole with force great enough to neatly cut cigars. Not only do you run the risk of having random tornadoes rip through you, you can also get the kuchong's ground effect. Generally any time a kuchong is up I have to cloak to avoid randomly porting into its ground effect. The mogu side is a bit less obnoxious but I can get ported into a golem's pool, this timed with not being topped will generally result in death, cloak is again required. Thok, during the kite phase hitting killing spree gets you turned into a pile of meat faster than Diqimus in my guild can flay me with his Gin-Ji knife set. This isn't a terribly large issue as generally I'm baiting kites. Siegecrafter, can't killing spree overcharged crawler mines for fear of getting targetted by another and not being able to run away, even with the cancelaura macro I have, sometimes it's not enough, you can at times be clipped by magnetically pulled saw blades, or being placed back in its path once killing spree is done, or just get hit by the saw blade he shoots out at a ranged member while in the middle of his hit box. Casting kspree as the mob casts death from above will result in more butthole clenching as I try to sprint out afterwards to avoid getting nearly one hit. Paragons, an interesting interaction. Obviously using this during rapid fire while on hisek is a bad idea. But during the time when both korven the prime and karoz the locust are down, we cleave these mobs down to get them both ~50%. If I am targetting karoz, and blade flurrying to korven, and hit killing spree, and korven is casting or begins to cast his vicious assault, I will get hit by this frontal as it stems from the center of his model. If, however I am just on korven with no blade flurry and hit killing spree this does not occur. Garrosh, haven't seen this on heroic quite yet, but if I killing spree with glyph on normal during the various port up phases, I will get sent to the floor, the glyph will port me back into the realm, and then get sent back down with everyone else. Additionally, if I use this ability as the port up starts, I will simply get ported back out and be unable to complete the phase with the other members of my raid, whilst twiddling my thumbs in Garrosh's empty room. I put all of these down today, not to nit pick design of encounters, but hopefully to evoke change from a mechanic that's plagued my and I'm sure others' existence(s) since wotlk. Simply not losing control of my character and being ported to the middle of the mob's hitbox in exchange for not being untargettable via a glyph would make all the difference. This would allow the ability to still maintain all of the benefits in PVP while not making me play roulette with my life in PVE. If there were other abilities that had a ridiculously high chance of killing you in PVE I wouldn't complain, but there aren't and the one that is is getting fixed. Looking forward to what changes you will be making in regards to this ability.Terenna11 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 The future of combat Hey rogue community, I've got a couple questions for y'all that I'd appreciate having answered. Traditionally, I've played ret pally, enh shaman, and frost dk since BC. Never got a rogue past lv 21, ever. I just recently resubscribed, and am looking for something new. Combat rogue has always been a favorite of mine, lore/concept wise, but I've never actually tried it out. So: 1. How are combat rogues currently performing in all forms of max level pvp? 2. How do you predict combat rogues will do in WoD pvp? 3. Is a combat rogue subject to a large learning curve for someone like me, who is used to straight on damage dealers? 4. How is combat rogue survivability, in both pvp and soloing? Thanks guys.Blackwöod3 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Rename Enhanced Vendetta? To Cold Blood?Timat5 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Recommended Rogue Race I am really interested in leveling up a Rogue for the upcoming expansion in WoD and I was wondering which would be the best class to use Rogue with? I do not mind being able to try out Alliance since for all the years I've played, I've always stuck with the Horde. I'm open to suggestions! ThanksVoidpro5 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 I am very confused, regarding reforging.. First of all, I'm just coming back to my rogue (whom I missed dearly) after playing on a retribution pally and an elemental shaman for a couple years. I always played assassination on my rogue, because I just like it. Websites such as Noxxic and Icy-Veins say that mastery is more important than haste, but when I optimize my gear on Askmrrobot, it wants me to reforge for haste. I even tried Shadowcraft, and the way it suggested I reforge, made me lose pretty much ALL of my expertise. Gems/enchants/upgrades I need aside, it is very frustrating not knowing how I should reforge my gear whether it be mastery/haste. Any suggestions or tips would be very helpful and I would appreciate it very much.Spòrk7 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Gemming and reforging Hey All, Just got my last pieces of last seasons pvp gear. Working on prideful now. Started to read up on gemming and reforging and it seems to be difference of opinions. I've seen people go all agility and forgo pvp power bonuses and then seen and read about hitting each bonus. Would like your thoughts. With reforging, is mastery still large and in charge or do you want crit/haste? Thanks ahead of time. (Gonna use shadow craft tonight) : )Boardwalk2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 why assassinnation's low dps on garrosh i notice my dps low by 200k start lust on garrosh. i figure something what i did wrong with 5 combo?Bloodsap7 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Sub for PvE now, bad ? ?Cloudhart2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Heroic Malk blood rage strat Hello there fellow rogues my guild is going to start giving heroic malkorok attempts for the first time sunday. obviously anyone who has done it before knows how hard the bloodrage phase can hit the tanks. i was curious as to how viable it would be for me to help soak damage during bloodrage phase with feint. i would be spec'd into it so it would be 80% aoe damage reduction. has anybody tried this and had any success? also how important would it be for me to pick up engineering for orbs, seems like it would make it alot easier, but is it possible without eng boots if im one of the dedicated people to soak orbs? any tips for this would be greatly appreciated.Swarlestho6 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 How do you guys find raiding groups? I'm practically in full flex gear and have been unlucky with Ordos drops. Either way, Ordos drops and flex raiding isn't going to get me to 560+ gear to where pugs would even consider a melee DPS in their raids. It seems like EVERYONE wants to be carried these days and only look for people who are overqualified for the role or difficulty, which from my experience and point of view makes it very difficult for melee classes such as Rogues to find a spot in a raid group.Abme2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 WoD Bandit's Guile Deep Insight does 20% more dmg. RvS deals more dmg and doesn't advance Deep Insight. Does this mean Blizzard expects us to spam RvS during Deep Insight? Kinda seems like the rotation goes from RvS only to keep the debuff up to RvS spam during Deep Insight. Basically, during Deep Insight, you're never going to want to do more than 4 SS's. And basically, you want them to be the last 4. To me, that seems like it makes the Combat rotation needlessly complicated. I don't think it's going to work like Blizzard thinks it will -- "RvS to delay Deep Insight cycling." People will just spam RvS instead of using SS at all (or the very bare minimum of SS) to get the 50% increased dmg to all attacks for a longer period of time. It won't be about delaying Deep Insight cycling--it'll be about having Deep Insight go full duration. It also seems punishing, because outside of Deep Insight, any RvS you do is a DPS loss. The ideal rotation with this setup it -- SS all the time until Deep Insight. RvS through Deep Insight. Your last 5 hits during Deep Insight should be 3 SS, RvS, SS. I don't think this solution is better than the problem it's trying to solve.Kop7 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Instead of "perking premed" How about the perk removing premed as a skill, but lowering the CP count to 4? Essentially a 1cp Evis would be the same as a 2cp Evis without the perkr. 4cp Evis would be the same as a 5cp Evis without the perk. This may cause issues with things like Cheap Shot clipping CP, but mut rogues have dealt with that for a while.Timat9 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 frustrated with shadowcraft nvm :)Psikoe0 Apr 10, 2014