Sep 1 What is the best Spec for 7.3 in PVE? I wanna know.Xulai12 Sep 1
Sep 1 Outlaw slice and dice To make this talent better how about make it so that it also increases saber slash/run through damage by 10% or increases the effect of restless blades to 1s? All in addition to its current effectKage12 Sep 1
Sep 1 New to the game need help with spec I'm new to wow just started today and was wondering what is the easiest spec to build for PVE also is there a basic guide somewhere i could use?Arrege7 Sep 1
Sep 1 thiefs bargain nerf... vanish had a 30 sec cd now its 45... sick stealth nerfs lmao.Shadøwvanish17 Sep 1
Sep 1 I want that T21 Mythic set so bad! But with OL being the whipping boy of the expac I just don't see it happening. I have no desire to play sub/sin. I spent weeks farming Nelth for the thunderfury skin, look it up if you don't believe me almost 500+ runs. T21 is the best looking set Blizz has ever designed in my opinion and I want it so bad. I would be willing to do almost anything to obtain it but I just can't bring myself to give up Outlaw. What should I do GD? Should I put on some Eye of the Tiger and give it my all only to be disappointed when OL isn't welcome in serious guilds or just sigh and accept the fate of abandoned specs?Gahtsu15 Sep 1
Sep 1 Outlaw PvP Suggestions I'm sure that its viable with some comps. Keep in mind that I don't plan to be 2400+, I will probably sit around 2k. What are your talent/comp suggestions?Defaces20 Sep 1
Sep 1 Vanish Bug Is it just me or has vanish been really buggy. It's gotten to the point I cant even play. With melee cleave abilities hitting for 1mil+ in arena im having a hard time staying alive. I consistently get hit with execute through vanish for insane amounts of damage. Back in the day if you vanished it de targeted you but ever since wod ive been getting hit through vanish with rends/dots/executes. Im really just thinking about rerolling warrior because of this.Twochains2 Sep 1
Sep 1 Artful dodging set Jenni in the order hall is supposed to sell the artful dodging set Currently he only sells 3 out of 5 of the possible items according to the wardrobe. Can anyone buy the mask of artful dodging? It isn't even listed in the vendor for me. Is it an achievement unlock?Zagor37 Sep 1
Sep 1 Confession of a Fat Rogue Confession time!! I don't think I am a great Rogue, but I know its great being a Rogue! I love the play style, I love being a sneaky bastard, I love jumping on healers in pvp bgs (even if I can't bring em down, I can tie em up!). I love jumping off mountains. I love sneaking through enemy cities and zones. I love it all. My wife (who plays a healer) loves to watch me doing my thing while she is logged out, laughs every time I fire off DFA, and digs my cool outfit. (its the little things in life) The only drawback to being a Panda Rogue is that we are....well...fat. Big !@# easy to target fatties. Ok that's the price I pay for being so damn sexay!! I read a lot of posts here (but don't post much) and I always get a wee cranky when I read some people complaining about being a Rogue; how its hard, how its limiting, how we squish well etc etc etc. To them I say: don't be a Rogue. Or learn to get around it all. It is after all a game, have some fun people!! Fatty out!Rollypolly10 Sep 1
Aug 31 Nuke! Fel Armory is my playground come have fun :DRidén0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Adrenaline Rush 100% Up-time? Hi fellow Rogues. Just wondering if anyone has thought of this already or not... I'm thinking taking SnD + Soul of the Shadowblade legendary ring could potentially result in a 100% up-time on Adrenaline rush (well, kind of). Keep in mind I'm looking for other people's opinions on this and I'm not trying to make any statements here, so spare me the downvotes please. If you use SnD at 6 combo points with Loaded Dice active, that will give you 52 seconds of SnD at 162% attack speed and also increased energy regen. Combine that with the Vigor talent from the SotS leggo ring, it'll increase your energy regen be an extra 10% - this effectively gives you the same buff as Adrenaline Rush. By the time SnD falls off, your real Adrenaline Rush should be off CD, and you can repeat this process With this build, I'm guessing Versatility will be our #1 stat, period. I'm also going to guess that Insignia of Ravenholdt would compliment this build very nicely. Thoughts? I don't have these leggos to test for myself otherwise I would.Dandelíon12 Aug 31
Aug 31 Agatha Tips Sup it's ya boy Astrylan I just beat Agatha, as usual I'll post everything I learned about beating mage towers bosses (this is the 3rd!) Spec: Swordmaster, Acro, Vigor, Elusive, Dirty, Alacrity, Slice and Dice (RTB SUX!!!) iLvL: 920, tier 2 set bonus Legendary: Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish, Valeras Legs. Off Trinket: Umbral Moonglaives Phase 1: Prepot, hit the boss once with ambush and get S@D up. How rude of me, I need to explain why I am using S@D. It's 1000% better than RTB, actually shreds in this fight, and completely eliminates RNG from the fight minus where adds spawn. Get with the times. I like to use my trinkets on separate cooldown, they make dealing with the adds MUCH easier. Cleave the opening fire adds (they hurt A LOT) than switch to the servants. If you place your belf racial right you can actually hit both of them. Pop riposte after you silence them for cp/hp/dmg benefit. Fuming Let's talk about fuming adds. Take gouge off your action bar and replace it with this macro: #showtooltips /tar fum /cast gouge After you gouge the !@#$er always off it with your between the eyes. save BTE and Gouge just for fuming. You can make a blind macro too but I didn't use the spell once for my kill attempt. Umbrals, I like to use my Kil'jaden's Wish on them since it is like a seeker missile and follows them even if they teleport. Phase 1 is pretty ez, especially if you are using S@D. Vial/Feint often to keep your hp up. Make sure you stay ahead of your hp bar, always try to heal up when you aren't killing critical adds. For agatha's dark fury shield, yes it is the most dangerous time in the encounter but usually 2 Run Throughs take it down. Phase 2: This phase is difficult if you cannot manage the damage you take. Dealing with fuming adds is ultra important, especially when you are up top. always kill them or else you will get seriously cucked with their pools when trying to dodge rocks. Also don't leave smoldering adds up, they will shred you up. From what I can tell when Agatha teleports it's based on her hp%. So you will have 2 times when she is up top and two times when she is down low with the kill being the 2nd time she is low. Save your potion and drums for the 2nd top phase because top is higher risk than bottom, mainly due to umbrals spawning below where the fire rocks hit you. If Agatha teleport and adds are up, finish them off first. If she is using dark fury after a teleport and adds are still up I hope you saved cloak of shadows. ALWAYS ALWAYS stay ahead of your HP. Hope this helps Cheers! AstrylanAstrylan15 Aug 31
Aug 31 Assassin Rogue PvP dmg NERFS?? Did assassin Rogue get some damage nerfs for PvP???? Seriously, the damage output for Sin in PvP is now absolutely laughable! I got freaking out damaged by a damn disc priest in arenas!!! WTF!!!! Did Sin get some damage nerfs for PvP?Verminator12 Aug 31
Aug 31 What changes with a SnD build? Can't take the rng of RtB anymore, most info I have found says SnD comes close enough to be ok for me. But I am wondering if taking it changes any other talents or stat goals? Mostly wondering if Vigor becomes better to stack with the energy regen of SnD. Thx for any info.Molari10 Aug 31
Aug 31 Stupid question of the day? I have all 3 artifact weapons. So far I've only tried Assassination. I was thinking of trying Sub this week. Can all of my artifact upgrades be moved from one weapon to another, or do I need to go out and earn upgrades for each weapon?Slyye8 Aug 31
Aug 31 Tricks of Our Trade: Friends in Fel Places ... So how's ToS?Verilyse500 Aug 31
Aug 30 Artifact Power in the Bank? Anyone besides me keep a stash of artifact power in the bank in case the nerf stick slays your build? I have 300 million pts in the bank just in case.Rollypolly6 Aug 30
Aug 30 7.3 Fangs of the Devourer Seems like some crazy damage buffs, haven't had time to really test it out yet but got all the way to concordance and maxed everything else out in about an hour. What does everyone think? Does it scale against other class's artifacts?Mainstay6 Aug 30
Aug 30 Sin Bleed Build Before I get to upper tier raiding I've been experimenting with different builds for this guy. I'm currently running a bleed based build and it's fun for now, maybe not viable at higher levels, but mobs go down very fast. My issue is that there doesn't seem to be a place in my rotation for Kingsbane. Am I dumping a lot of DPS by not fitting it in somehow?Slyye11 Aug 30
Aug 30 Quick Sub PvE Question Do I want to use DfA and Symbols solely together and never use one off CD with out the other? Or should I be using symbols when it's off CD rather than when DfA is up too? Side note: Ignore my warlock for some reason I can not select my rogue as my character.Cethreepeoh1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Thank You Blizzard Although this took you guys a few years, I'm super glad that I the PVP recolor of Deathmantle Helm is finally the right color. This and the earlier addition of correctly colored boots to complete this set really warms my heart, even if it doesn't really have much to do with current content.Steellotus0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Just how bad is Sin comparatively? Obviously looking at logs it shows sub at top but Ive seen a few progression streams using sin rogues, is it really going to be that much of a difference? I don't actually play my Rogue anymore because Im under the impression that Sin is bad and I don't like the other specs.Kerromar24 Aug 30
Aug 30 Rogue T21 Thoughts Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony Stuck a feather in his cap And called it macaroni. Yankee Doodle, keep it up Yankee Doodle dandy Mind the music and the step And with the girls be handy. Father and I went down to camp Along with Captain Gooding And there we saw the men and boys As thick as hasty pudding. Yankee Doodle, keep it up Yankee Doodle dandy Mind the music and the step And with the girls be handy There was Captain Washington Upon a slapping stallion A-giving orders to his men I guess there were a million. Yankee Doodle, keep it up Yankee Doodle dandy Mind the music and the step And with the girls be handy Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony Stuck a feather in his cap And called it macaroni. Yankee Doodle, keep it up Yankee Doodle dandy Mind the music and the step And with the girls be handy Yankee Doodle, keep it up Yankee Doodle dandy Mind the music and the step And with the girls be handyDefaces1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Visual Indicator for Blade Flurry Range Hi, It would be nice if there were some in-game indication of the range of Blade Flurry (both with and without Acrobatic Strikes). If you have an addon or WA that does something similar, I'd appreciate it!Elegies7 Aug 30
Aug 30 No shoes in new raid? Looking through the loot table there doesn't appear to be a set of rogue boots on the drop list. Is it really not possible to complete our set this tier with the exception of the normal skin (since the boots will drop from invasion points there).Jerrod5 Aug 30
Aug 30 Rogue or Demon Hunter or Warrior? I'm returning to this game after 7 years and I don't know which class to play. My friends are playing on a new server, so I'm starting over. I'm most likely going to boost a character to 100. Which class is better at PvP and more fun to play, a Rogue or Demon Hunter or Warrior? I plan on mostly PvP, but I may do some raids in the future. Thank you.Vashnuga19 Aug 30
Aug 30 Does T214pc work with SnD? It gives you rolls so does it not even work if you are running SnD?Molari4 Aug 30
Aug 29 70 Twinking Hi there, I'm thinking about turning of XP at 70 and twinking. I want to gather as much info as possible before doing so. What has changed in this bracket since legion and what can I expect? Is pvp gear on par with pve gear? Gems and Heirlooms? Any information would be really appreciated. - FoeFoe2 Aug 29
Aug 29 7.3 Patch notes Lawl, no rogue changes Aug 29
Aug 29 Arya the assassination rogue Too bad for Littlefinger, her Vendetta and Exanguinate were off cooldown.Ånavar2 Aug 29
Aug 28 Bag of Tricks Procs Now I know it says 2.5% per combo point, which equals to about 12.5%. I get that its roughly 1 in 9 to proc the poison puddle. I am posting to ask does it seem even less? I just cleared a lfr Kj with it only proccing 3 times. Then followed a maw of souls where it only procced once. I feel since 7.5 it just doesn't proc anymore, seeing how its one of our big 3 traits. Is anyone else noticings this?Deadlysin0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Need help with dps as Rogue I like sub because I find it fun to be sneaky... But I feel like I have barely anything to click. For small mobs like WQs, or PvP, its great... But for longer fights, like LFR, I usually use all my energy in the first 10 seconds and then I find myself just doing nothing but auto-attacking...until I have enough energy for another attack. I also like to do outlaw. To be honest, I find assassin to be the easiest, when I struggle with some solo fights in game, I die a lot in sub/outlaw but as assassin I can get it done with some strategy. Any tips for sub or should I go a different spec? My ilvl is 834, and I did 114.6K/sec I don't get how I can get to 900k by just 75 ilvls...(i am comparing myself to a war with a 915 ilvl and did 965.2k/secVedelem11 Aug 28
Aug 28 Weaponmaster Talent in Upcoming Patch Anyone see the patch notes for "weaponmaster" talent on wowhead? I don't know if it is a typo (and I can't see how it is NOT a typo), but it says the 6% chance for abilities to hit the target twice is being buffed to 100% chance. Any thoughts on this? Wouldn't this make the spec ridiculously OP?Rumguts9 Aug 28
Aug 28 Rogue - The Dying Class Posted by Miseriey, Illidan-US, Horde. I've been playing a Rogue, along with 5 other level capped classes(Shaman, Hunter, Death Knight, Druid, Warlock) since The Burning Crusade, both PVE and PVP aspects, and this is the worst experience I have ever had with the Rogue class due to the fact that the class is no longer unique to it's design. For an example, we are one of the two original stealth classes(other being Druid.) Our abilities that once made us unique has been stripped away and given to other classes and we've yet to receive anything in return. Stealth has been given to Hunters as Camouflage, yet we got nothing from them. Priests received Spectral Guise (30 sec CD), used in and out of Combat, yet we got nothing from them as well. Our Vanish (3 min. CD) has been given to Druid's Prowl, springing them forward and putting them in Stealth while in Combat. Our single-target Blind (3 min. CD, 8 sec. duration, breaking on damage) has been given to a Paladin (Blinding Light, 2 min. CD, 6 sec duration) as an AOE effect. Our signature move, stun-lock, has been improved and distributed to Warriors and Feral Druids. Last but not least, the thing that we have always asked for, as a Rogue community, is to let our combo point system stack on the Rogue and not the target. Paladins, Monks, and Enhance Shamans all have received the ability instead. Now, I knew this would happen with the Monk class being introduced with the expansion, but that's no reason for the Rogue class to suffer. This expansion has really made the Rogue class completely useless. Not to mention the fact that the class can offer multiple roles much like the Druid including much higher damage and DPS. I'm not even going to waste the time talking about our damage/dps output since we don't have any. Out of the three classes that offer an ability to reset CD's(Hunter; Passive. Readiness, 5 min. CD. Mage; Passive. Cold Snap, 3 min. CD. Rogue; Talent. Preparation, 5 min. CD.) Rogue having Prep on a 5 min. CD, yet having to choose between mobility and a reset. I understand all classes are supposed to be different, no two classes being exactly alike, but the thing I don't understand is how my Throw does 500 damage compared to a Mages Ice Lance doing 20k+ damage. I can reroll another class, it's just I choose not to. I'm not asking for a nerf to any class or any ability, I just want to know where the balance is that was promised. Out of the Rogue design with this expansion, we are completely energy starved (Overkill). We lost our energy regen abilities and passive combo point regen(Sealed Fate) and it was replaced with Shadow Blades, 3 min. CD, 12 sec. duration. Why not change the Rogue class to be called a 3 Minute Class? With the lack of improvement, an expansion released 3-to-4 weeks ago, it makes me really disappointed in the class and the unique-playstyle that's being neglected by Blizzard and it's developers. The lack of improvements is completely undeserved and unacceptable as this point. I will be unsubscribing up until there are improvements made upon the Rogue class.Aggrivation11 Aug 28
Aug 28 Some Random Thoughts About Rogues, Mostly Sub First of all, anybody else REALLY miss Shadow Reflection...? Secondly, since our class fantasy resembles a ninja, would it be at all appealing to use a sword and dagger/short blade, kinda like Genji? Last but not least...since we're the shadowy Rogue spec, would it be fun for us to also tie a bit into the whole "madness" deal of Shadow Priests? Or is our shadow actual shadow, and their shadow actually some misnamed Void Lord/Old God power? As a really trivial side note...anyone else kinda miffed that us rogues, THE stealth class and black ops of Azeroth, do not have a single transmog set that's pure black?Steellotus7 Aug 28
Aug 27 Stat priority and Weights Currently Icy Veins has the stat priority at AGI, MASTERY, VERS, CRIT, and HASTE fos assassination. Does anyone know the weights of these stats or know where I can find them? I am trying to determine gear application. Thank you.Augustine17 Aug 27
Aug 27 7.2.5 Symbols of Death animation Like most rogues I never liked this ability, but if there was one cool thing about it was it's unique animation that sounded like sharp steel and made your rogue cut through the air with his daggers. In 7.2.5 you changed it to a normal spell casting animation which doesn't even fit rogues. Why? Why not just keep the old animation?Dagann5 Aug 27
Aug 27 Assassination Artifact Quest Trouble I'm at the point where i'm invading stormwind... and i can't seem to deploy the smoke bomb in the trader's hall. i'm in the hall, but it just "clicks" when i click on the smoke bomb. Anyone else had this issue?Arclite23 Aug 27
Aug 27 Sin and Sub So I'm having a really hard time right now. I've been testing both assassination and subtlety. I like assassination a bit better but I feel like sub pulls ahead of sin by a huge margin. I realize at my ilvl it probably isn't that much but I am just wondering which one is stronger in m+ and raids? Is sin better in raids and sub in M+? I only have about 3-6 dungeons as sin and I feel like I pull pretty low. Tonight I will test Sub for about the same amount of dungeons. But I was just wanting some input. I realize in the Longevity of things, having fun lasts longer than just picking what is FOTM. But if I was worried about that I would play lock or fury warrior. At least according to wowlogs anyway again any input would be awesome!Tessique5 Aug 27
Aug 27 How do you use specter I have the shoulders and do more burst, even single target, opening with moonglaives instead of specter. Everything I read says for sin and sub specter is top trinket yet it does so little dmg for me. If you had moonglaives and specter, which do you open with? I know you will say "sim is your friend" but I'm talking about real world use from real people vs a simulator. How is specter so much better than glaives and most others when (in my case) does so little dmg? I do like the fact that it has a short CD, but with tanks thinking they have to run the boss in circles all over the room in high speed, specter suffers bad.Proslicer2 Aug 27
Aug 27 Rate this mog so, what do you guys think?Shadowvil2 Aug 27
Aug 27 Sub - Opener Sub - opener: I've read both sides, to start with a Potion of Old war and also to start with a prolong power? Which have you guys use at opener? which do you find gives the higher dps gain?Cryxuss2 Aug 27
Aug 27 PvE Outlaw DPS Help Hi all. I am looking for help to increase my dps. I currently doing roughly ~500dps. iLvL 900 LFR 4p T20 and Legendary pants and craft boots Stats 24%Crit 16% Haste 17% Vers 34%Mast I am not sure what I am doing wrong.Shinobistorm20 Aug 27
Aug 27 Xylem fight. Trying to pick up the challenge skins on my alts but this one is bugging out hard. I've done the havoc version twice so I know what is going on. But randomly when he does the clone phase he will just not come out. Normally reaching him is enough to bring him out of stealth but I keep finding that he will randomly not come out. I'll get to him, run in circles and even shuriken storm but he will not come out and I'll just die. Anyone else have this problem? How do I get around it?Orisari5 Aug 27
Aug 27 Spent 3 hours getting Agatha to phase 3... EDIT: 72 attempts, FINALLY got her down! My goodness, I haven't felt this accomplished in WoW since my first Nefarian kill in Vanilla... Thanks everyone for the tips and the pep talks! WOO! *puts on party hat* - - - ... I really hate myself right now. Stupid fat long fingernail having three chin having tiny wing using JERK.Revaks20 Aug 27
Aug 26 could the denial of half giant be buffed back It's really a rubbish now. See, both outlaw and sin have 2 super legendaries other than the mantle, but we subtlety have nothing!Ebycco13 Aug 26
Aug 26 Boots of Artful Dodging Anyone knows where we can get Boots of Artful Dodging? Is it also from the small chest in the vault? thanks!Nommi8 Aug 26
Aug 26 Easiest rogue spec Hey guys I haven't played my rogue since WoD and know that the classes have changed a ton. I am not going to be pushing hard content so I am not looking for strength, but for simplicity. What rogue spec has the easiest rotation that is hard to bungle up?Cquigley6 Aug 26
Aug 25 Another 3 hours of Agatha... still zip. Okay what the HELL. another 3 hours tonight, and nothing. I'm doing just dandy, taking almost no damage and getting her to phase 2 really quickly... and then suddenly there's the imps that heal her, she casts Dark Fury and she summons the other imp squad all at the same time. I start prioritizing kills as follows Fuming Imp > Umbral Imp > Dark Fury shield/interrupt > Smoldering Imp > Healing imps. It would be fine if they stay bunched up but the Umbral imps teleport far from the smoldering imps and I can't cleave them fast enough. On top of that, the rolling rocks are annoying. I am starting to get frustrated to the point of not playing the game at all, which is silly, I know... but this whole thing makes me feel like I just suck at WoW after 12 years. Am I really so dependent on having an RNG legendary that I haven't gotten yet? Is this really so difficult as Outlaw without Prydaz? Ugh.Revaks8 Aug 25
Aug 25 Rogue Followers Can't find a good, recent consensus on the best rogue followers as of 8/17/2017, most stuff is over a year old. For a combat ally, I would have enjoyed using Jorach Ravenholdt for the 10% combat ability, but I tried him out and it seems that the ability doesn't work in pvp anymore, unless I'm doing something wrong. It also seems to not work on any of the rarer bosses and elites, which are the only ones I really need any help. I also don't like a physical npc following me around as a rogue so that leaves out a lot of the others like Vanessa. I've tried out Mathias Shaw, which seems to work really well for now, but he is worthless after getting the legendary shoulders. So who's the best to take before and after getting the shoulders? How's Garona? Here's my list of active followers right now, I'd love some opinions and suggestions. Mathias Shaw (Combat Ally) Marin Noggenfogger Garona Taoshi Valeeria Jorach Still haven't got Moroes or Meatball, looks like a lot of people like Meatball, but still, another NPC following me around.Guinnes17 Aug 25