Jul 8, 2013 Rogue Spec's - revamp thoughts/wishes Due to the similarities between the specs, what changes would you like to see to rogues, either baseline changes to rogues in general, or changes to the specs to mix it up and give use more favor? Changes: Combat: I would like to see it become more of the swashbuckler description. More reliance on dodge/parry as stats or avoidance abilities similar to tanks, but not as strong. Less reliance on stealth and no vanish/poisons. Keep the use of swords/axes/maces/daggers. Medium AOE. Assassination: Change it to be more "assassin", such as a copycat of Monk's "Touch of Death" (which rogues should have gotten in the first place), more emphasis on stealth/vanish, C&D, Shadowstepping, high damage attacks and single target attacks. Heavy use of stealth/vanish before and during combat. Daggers only. Weak AOE. Use damaging poisons only. Subtlety: I would like this to be the dirty tricks spec, making the most use of poisons, gorge, blind, smoke bomb, distractions, explosives, low blows, and every other win-at-all-cost tricks. Very strong AOE abilities. Uses utility poisons only. Engineer friendly. Things to keep: All three specs should keep some similar abilities, such as non-combat stealth, sap, pickpocket, distract, and open lockboxes. Feel free to show us your own ideas, agree with mine, or flame me to pieces.Sinstrike5 Jul 8, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Help a brotha out? Whats up everyone, i'm gonna be pretty blunt with this. I suck on my rogue right now, i was great in Cata now i'm absolutely awful haha. I'm not a bad player i just obviously havent grasped the concept of MOP rogue PVP. So can you guys out there give me a full run down on rogues? Rotation? Gems? Chants? Specs? ANYTHING to make me a better player? I'm open to all ideas guys, i appreciate any reply's!Spodermanpls6 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Which of these trinkets for pvp? Which of these should I use for pvp? Tyrannical Gladiator's Badge of Conquest Relic of Xuen Bad Juju Renataki's Soul CharmNigelo0 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 How to fix your Shadow Dance bar. Update: 5.2 PTR has a fix for stance:2 (vanish). I still need to confirm if this is on live yet. Lots of people are having trouble getting their shadow dance bar setup now that dance and stealth bars are now combined. If you preferred to have different abilities setup for dance and stealth separately, you can use the [stance] options on your macros. I should note that the simplest solution is good bar management, and using [nostealth] conditionals on the stelath bar for dance specific stuff. It should get you where you want, without much fuss. So, if you have a button that you like to be dance only, but something else in stealth, simply macro that looks like this: $showtooltiip /cast [nostealth] <dance specific ability>; <stealth ability> For the dirty details, here's the goods: [stance:3] is still good ol' dance. So, you can simply use it in any place that you want an ability to be only used during dance. ([stealth] is not true in stance:3.) [stance:2] is Vanish. ([stealth] is also true in stance:2) [stance:1] is plain ol' stealth. You may be able to get away with using [stealth] also. [stance] applies to any of our stances besides 0 (Which alternatively is [nostance] and [stance:0]) Examples: #showtooltip /cast [stance:3] Gouge; [stealth] Sap; Blind #showtooltip /cast [stance:1] Sap; [stance:3] Gouge; Blind #showtooltip /cast [nostealth] Blind; [stance:3] Gouge; Sap #showtooltip /cast [stance:3] Gouge /cast [stance:1] Sap /cast [stance:0] Blind All of those do the exact same thing. In dance and vanish, it will cast gouge, else if in stealth it will cast sap, else it will cast blind. So, as you can see, you have a fair ammount of flexibility. So, fear not brave souls, you can indeed have your shadow dance bar, and still not have to set it up in 8 seconds, or wait around for 60 seconds. You have not lost functionality. You just need to adapt. :) Hope this helps. Feel free to drop some lines here if you are having issues rewriting your macros. Note: The macro is an example. I didn't say it was a good macro. Remember you can prefix any [option] with "no" to negate it. For instance, [nostealth] is the same as stance:0, or more correctly is true when [stealth] is not true.] TLDR Notes: ...Aeriwen22 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Macro suggestion? I need help with a macro. /cast [noform] Gouge; Sap I want this macro but will cast at mt mouse over if it exists. Follow up question: I use subterfuge and I was wondering if it is worth it to use separate buttons for these abilities. Maybe I will encounter a situation where i need gouge over sap while subterfuge is up. I use the same macro for Cheap Shot and Kick. I have not used separate buttons up till this point just because I simply don't have enough buttons. I use like 50 or so keybinds. I know I could use more but I don't have a Razer Naga. Thanks :)Mylíttlepwny1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 5.4 for rogues combat vs sub whats going to be better for arenas come 5.4? combat gets Killing Spree changed so unless you have blade flurry up it only attacks one person which gives you AMAZING burst. but is sub still going to be better for 2s/3s? talking about mainly RMP for 3s and mage/rogue for 2sJinloka10 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Top rogues discuss our class In this podcast the top rogues discuss how blizzard can make our class better but balanced they also discuss top rogues for each expansion and discuss why the rogue class needs a redesign they also continue to discuss how even the littlest buff could push rogues to being overpowered. Rogues included in this vid are Samx, Ayume, Woundman, Akaishuichi, Pikaboo, Rzn and Mimmick.øxiç12 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Rogue or Monk I'm having a very tough time deciding on which i want to play and main. I enjoy both classes but don't know which i should put my time and effort into leveling and gearing. I mostly PvP with some raiding on the side. Please help, thank you!Pxp12 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Rogue questions spec wise Mine is still sitting at 85 at the moment. Belf specced assassination being the only spec I've tried. My question is about the homogenization/diversity of the specs, since I realize rogues suffer this as much as my hunters do. I play BM and SV. Sans procs they both have a very similar rotation. Switching Black Arrow for Kill Command, talents on cooldown, with lots of Arcane and Cobra. I was researching the rogue specs today, and it read pretty much the same. Open with ability A, keep up Slice and Dice, specials with combo points. But at least with hunters I kinda of get the themes: BM=wild lands ranger with uber pet; Marksman=hard hitting turret guy; Survival is a bit iffy as I don't feel much like a survivor/guerilla/mountain man or anything else. Just some guy who shoots wicked magic arrows. So what are Combat and Subtlety supposed to be? I get Assassination's theme. And I get why they can't be too powerful. Combat says swashbuckler, but I don't get that vibe from the toolkit. Subltety is a shadow stalker? But doesn't combat still break stealth while Vanish resets mobs? Meaning you're not attacking from "in and out of shadows" as much as ambushing then proceeding as normal? TLDR: What do full time rogue's consider the themes, strengths, weaknesses of the specs? And how would you enhance them to make them more unique from each other?Bareflanks6 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Sub PvP: to what extent mast > crit? Sorry if I made the title confusing, but basically I was wondering how much mast is better over crit? Say I had to switch an item that I would get 1% crit but lose 2% mastery or vise versa. I sort of want to have more crit, but then again I'm not fully geared so I can't express my concern about not critting as much. Basically I want to get the Crit/Haste cloak instead of the Mast/Hit cloak, if I did I would get about .9% crit while lose 2% so I don't know if it's worth the payoff.Abme4 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 New and wanna be rogue so i have been toying with different classes for a while... and sort of sick of play lock or a pure magic class... so no lock or mage... want something unique and put people in awe when i kick !@#... aka the rogue. As of now with 5.4 coming up, how are they looking? Also, in regards to the three specs... are they all three very different? viable? I know rogues are great in pvp i am assuming... how are they in dungeons and pve?Grazley10 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Rouge spec question PvP So currently I see so many people playing so many different specs and I hear the good and bad side of each. So between Sub, Combat, and Assassination whats the best spec for PvP. I do casual arenas for cap and some BGs but mostly I WPvP. Thanks!Ellemenopee2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Rogues in MOP How are rogues in MOP? I have taken a long hiatus from WoW (last time I played was in Wrath on a DK, last time I played my rogue was BC raiding), and I'm looking to come back. Wondering how rogues are doing this xpac. I remember back when I played my rogue it was always a bit of a pain trying to find a group just due to the overabundance of DPS (which I'm assuming is still somewhat true). I've got this rogue, a DK, a paladin, or really anything else to choose from. In the opinion of the esteemed rogue forum (I consider myself a rogue at heart, and as such have an affinity for and trust the rogue community most to shoot me straight), what's the most fun/needed class to be playing right now? Thanks for the help.Vugo3 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 The old "Throw"/ Throwing weapons Does anyone miss this ability? Sure it wasnt used at all, but neither is the throw we have now. I guess I just like the feeling of winding back and tossing my dagger, seeing it sail through the air and land a kill. And having a thrown weapon was fun too : 3Brrox7 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 assassination and haste I see top end rogues reforging into haste rather then crit, I always thought for PVE you wanted crit over haste?Naniwa2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Blade Fury Seems kind of like trash. I remember in BC / Vanilla it was great for the 100% extra damage and full regen. Now with this 60% damage reduction on alternate targets it seems kinda week. I'm not even sure if the 40% it does deal even includes a bonus damage reduction from armor, since it is technically hitting two targets? I clear out a lot of old raids from bc weekly and I find that when i'm using blade fury, i'll kill 3 or 4 mobs before the 'group' of them start to get low. Seems kind of weird how it's "40%". I think it should be reverted to the cd form lol Doing a killing spree and watching bc mobs live through blade fury is ridiculous.Cryonics4 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Backstab position requirement Does anybody else reckon they should remove the "behind the target" requirement backstab has, or at the very least, make a glyph that removes it? I've always wanted to competitively play sub in a PvE environment but it's just too much of an issue to get behind the target, especially on fights like Heroic Council, H Tortos, Megaera etc. I mean really, we get no bonus from attacking from behind anymore, I can't see a reason for the position requirement to still exist. You can't even do the damn brawler's guild in sub because of the requirements.Hitorì87 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Slow OH weapon in PVP as sub. I was wondering if it is viable for a BG hero rogue alt I have.Ezlevels5 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 When will Subterfuge get fixed? The ability is still buggy, you break out of stealth sometime for no reason. You can't use trinkets with it, because you pop instantly out of stealth. This has been an issue since the start of MOP, and I haven't heard anything since day one of them acknowledging the issue.Jettia16 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Cloak of shadows failure rate? Just curious - anyone know what the failure rate is on cloak of shadows? Aka, the chance of it NOT resisting a spell? I thought it was 100%, but I just used it on Muerta(one of the PVP rares) while she was casting Wrath of Light...and it went right through it. I've used it before on the same spell and it always resisted it.Pitch20 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Assassination PvP Is it viable? I've been playing on the PTR as assa, and tbh, it feels so much more fun than combat or sub in pvp, and I do a little better for now, but I'm wondering if it's viable. I know sub is the preferred spec, and if I practice at it, i could prob be juts as good at it as assa... but if assa is viable, I'd like to play that. Would sub be a LOT more damage/survivability? I wont pretend to know much about rogues. as you can see im only 88 on live, so i have room to learn before 90. Just looking for some friendly tips on the differences and what i would be lacking/gaining. :3Stelfy10 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Whats the best rogue spec for pvp? I recently made a rogue on a pvp realm and would like to know the best spec for bgs and pvping in general.Draationn7 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 5.4 rogues (pvp) so the killing spree change is pretty good but is it enough to make combat viable in 2s/3s? or will sub still dominate it? what chu guise think?Jazzy1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Rogue best spec for duels? Herro. Seeking some advice from pro rogues. Which spec is best for duels as a rogue in 5.3? How about 5.4 predictions? Best spec for raids? Noxxic accurate or no?Gnimish13 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 (A) Looking for rogues and druids! What's up rogues? I know a lot of you must be feeling a little annoyed at blizzard for the state rogues are in but I like to make the best of what we got for my favorite class. I'm gathering a cross server army of stealthies to do fun things. Such as battlegrounds, RBG's, and most fun of all world pvp against the horde in various zones. If being in a giant raid filled with like minded stealthers excites you add me on battletag for more information. Illisade#1245Illisade11 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 hunter mark glitch?? I noticed hunters mark was STILL on me as I vanished. Is this a glitch or working as attended? Side note: This has happened to me more than once.Ohaistab9 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Hemorrhage/Backstab needs a buff I believe Blizzard should check into it. I find we lack the damageScatta6 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Shuriken Toss vs Marked for Death (Sub pvp) Title. Which is currently better at the moment?Vendhetta20 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Gloves enchants Hi there! Recently i´ve been searching for the best professions for rogue and decided LW and Eng are the bests (imo) and decided to put Sinapse Springs on my gloves. The thing is, it doesnt appear in the armory (nor the parachute or the grenade on my belt) so i started to check out other rogues, to see if its just me or whatever. It seems like nobody uses it, i see a lot of ppl with mastery in their gloves. Is it better? i mean, for PvE, it provides a better dps increase? PS: yeah i know, there are better enchants than a parachute, but i have problems with my mounts, sometimes they run away in mid-air (?)Anguirel3 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 hemo works with saunguinary vains!!!! Ok, if you guys havn't checked mmo champion, then you should. You should because blizzard created a bunch of new glyphs for rogues, and one of them is that hemo now works with saunguinary viens with means you get that huge damage buff with out having to use garrote or rupture....Datstikk4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Sub vs Assassin PvP Which is better at the current moment or are both viable? im leveling a rogue for arenas and RBGs, so im just wonderingJantho20 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Best weapon for killing spree? I was wondering if going for 2 maces would help killing spree damage more than 2 swords or 1 mace 1 sword.(would the damage be normalized?) Follow up question: If 2 Maces is better is it worth giving up the extra auto attack speed to apply poisons and other procs? Edit: This is for pvp btw if that makes any difference.Pumpdragon10 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Cheap Shot Diminishing Value? Does CS have a DV?? When did this start? and how long does it last? I cant lock down someone with CS from Shadow Dance....Cillgen7 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Backstab while stealthed macro Looking for a macro that will backstab when stealthed and ambush when dancing. Nothing I make seems to work 100% and im out of keybinds. Thanks :))) Yes I know I am lazy and I don't care.Underjoy8 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Subterfuge I'm new to the rogue PvP thing but I've noticed Subterfuge breaking too soon. When questing, I can get off a Cheap Shot, Garrote, Ambush and Rupture before stealth fades. In the BG's I've been in tonight, my stealth has been fading after Garrote. Are any other Rogues experiencing this or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!Jushin8 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 My Soon-To-Be Rogue Greetings, deadly rogues! I have been planning myself a rogue for quite some time. I'm almost finished collecting all of the heirlooms that will give him/her an edge in battlegrounds but I just can't decide on the race or specialization. The Undead look interesting but I don't want to join the million other Undead rogues in Azeroth. Being Blood Elf has come to my mind but I heard the racials are not all that well for my desired class. A goblin, you might suggest. Well, I hope you don't take this personally short people but I can't stand the height of that race! A troll? That has been my first choice for a druid and a shaman. The lore is just so boring to me now. I will not make an Orc or Pandaren, all right? There is nothing wrong with being so big, just I can't get over being so fat or so muscular. Do not DARE suggest making an Alliance character! I despise every race on that faction... (By the way, I have collected the Stained Shadowcraft Tunic, Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders, Stained Shadowcraft Cap, Stained Shadowcraft Pants, Inherited Cape of the Black Baron, and the Balanced Heartseeker. Is that okay for a rogue heirloom set? Do I buy another Balanced Heartseeker? Oh, I would appreciate it if you told me the right heirloom trinkets.)Sizuarl23 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Tips to avoid detection - Stealth Mechanics Still enjoying rogue so far, but I had a question about stealth. I know it's not invisibility, and there's always a risk of being detected (makes it exciting IMO) but how does detection work exactly? What factors are involved? In BGs I seem to ALWAYS get detected really easily. It didn't happen so much from 10-25ish, but now it's happening all the time. Sometimes I'm not even near the player, not moving, and they'll spot me. I'll also pop out of stealth every once in a blue moon, it's weird and random but doesn't happen often. I don't know if players are just spamming tab or have some kind of addon or what, but it's getting to be a real nuisance. I noticed NPCs also detect me pretty easily as well. I'm just confused on how stealth on a rogue works, because on my feral I didn't have this problem at all, and I wonder if it's because rogue's lack feral's passive ability that makes them harder to detect while prowling, I think the passive is called "feral Instinct" Also...vanish, doesn't work with NPCs? I was in the barrens yesterday and wandered into an alliance area (I think it was fort triumph, don't remember) and was stealthed but still managed to aggro a couple NPCs so I vanished and...they kept on attacking me and chasing me. Kind of stupid IMO. But, if vanish doesn't work on NPCs does it work for hunter's pets? If I have a hunter on me and I vanish is it's stupid pet going to follow me around still?Dathantsu15 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 What's on a Combat Rogue's Mind I know their aren't a lot of full time combat rogues left anymore that live with the quirks of the spec and really know the in's and out's of the spec, and that mainly has to due with Blizzards recent tuning of the spec and how easy it is to near maximum damage playing assassination. Tho I feel as if the difference in dmg between the specs is some times exaggerated. But, all that being said, I'd like to comment on the current change to Killing Spree and suggest one other change that was made after cata that I think should be reverted. ... The Good Bravo Blizzard! This has been loooong over due, Killing Spree has always been one of the riskiest cooldowns to use in wow, especially during progression on a new fight. Though you can sort of control what it chooses to target with careful positioning, It is still a crap shoot. The Bad While the first part of this change is amazing, and addresses how KS has been broken, I don't quite understand why Blizzard chose to have KS revert to it's current "I'm just as likely to kill you, as hit the target you want to," state when Blade Flurry is active. Why not just make Sinister Strike target random mobs while BF is active as well. Combat Rogue Raid Buff Whose idea was it to get rid of Savage Combat? I understand that Blizzard wanted to consolidate buffs, but I feel like Combat should at least bring the melee buff that benefits them the most (I'm aware that spell damage done is a pretty substantial buff, even for combat rogues). This is a pretty nit picky thing, but it would be nice to be able to bring a missing buff in a 10m raid depending on the spec I'm playing. Full disclosure, I doubt I'd of even noticed this change when I came back to wow in MoP if I was raiding 25 man still, But our 10m doesn't have a hunter or a str dps (cept on 1 tank fights), so it really brings it to my attention. :P All my complaining aside, I'm pretty excited to see what happens with the all the rouge specs in 5.4, I'm especially curious to see how the Cooldown reduction trinkets play out for combat ;DNinjawhite3 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 The point of Rogues in raids? Or melee dps in general? I main a ranged class so I'm just curious what you see as the benefit of being melee is? Damage on the move? Cause as ranged I avoid most of the aoe and cleave type damage so I'm curious what benefit there is to playing a rogue or melee other than enjoying the particular playstyle. Thanks!Jutsu8 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Questions about a few skills: Evasion & Smoke So I think I've gotten used to most of the skills and when it's appropriate to use them, but I'm still unsure on when to exactly use these. Evasion is nice with the 15 sec duration, but when is the most ideal time to use them? When I'm getting peeled on and don't feel like using Vanish or something? Generally if I'm waiting for the stun DR to wear off and I know they're going semi hard to hard I'll use it then to buy me some time, I don't feel that's maybe the best though? I don't know. When is the best time to use smoke bomb? I've heard some people tell me to use it right after opener, and others hardly use it at all meaning either they don't need it or know when to use it.Abme2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Combat pointers Hey Blacksad, I recently read one of your posts and I saw that you played combat. I prefer combat over assassination by a great amount but I feel like I'm bad at it and making it clunky. Could you maybe give me some pointers about how do play it effectively?Exetie40 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Race Changing, need help with transmog So I'm race changing from a goblin to either an Orc male or Blood Elf female. Here are the transmogs I came up with for both: (hair/skin color/face for both not official, can't figure out how to change that with MogIt). I feel like the Orc screams badass while the Blood Elf is pretty cool, but in a "I might look slutty but I'll global you" kind of way (not saying I can global anybody of course). I just need help deciding which looks better. Racials don't matter. I know in the end it's going to be personal preference but I'd like to see what other people think. Also, if anybody knows a good alternate for these boots that might look better with the set, I'd appreciate if you'd give me a heads up. I definitely think I can do better with those. Same for the Cursed Vision of Sargeras - I love it but it's so OU.Bufonidae6 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Combat rotation Do combat rogues include rupture in their rotation in pve situation(s) <br/>in general? How do I achieve this so called high dps with this gear? Someone told me I am under preforming my gear -_- Advice and help?<br/><br/>P.S I usually play for pvp mutilate, trying to gear for my main spec combat :PRororuby7 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 5.3 Burst of Speed or Shadowstep? So with the impending doom that is the Cloak n Dagger nerf almost apon us. I'm wondering which tier 4 talent you PvP rogues are planning on taking now. My best guess is that most people are leaning towards shadowstep (even though Burst of Speed can be handy, the energy cost is wack). I know I will be taking shadowstep. This nerf does suck, because really the only time I used CnD (other than when I'm being lazy) Is when I shadowdanced and needed to close the gap. But because of this, and the fact that I didn't use it more than once every 24 seconds, I really think it's not that big of a deal and shadowstep will get the job nicely. My only problem is having to find another damn key bind and get use to pressing a button BEFORE garrot/CS/ambush. But other than that I really think people are making too big a deal out of all this. Yes it's a frustrating nerf, No we won't be ruined we will still own. Honostly what i'm most heated about in 5.3 is this freakin iLvL Normalization. I have no idea why there isn't more of an uproar about this communism-ish type ordeal. But that's another argument for another day on another forum. I guess for the TL:DR crowd, Shadowstep or Burst of speed?Aryaofblades20 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Arena PvP 2v2 Video Some Arena Based PvP in the 1600s. Enjoy. Sub Rogue + Fire Mage. Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Assassination battlemaster trinket for pvp Standard pvp trinkets: Tyrannical Gladiator's Insignia of Conquest Tyrannical Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity 41562.8 DPS (Shadowcraft pvp mode.) Switching to this: Tyrannical Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity Tyrannical Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity 41105.4 DPS (-457.4) (Shadowcraft pvp mode.) Its a loss of 1152 pvp power, but a gain of 1152 mastery and some survivability. The DPS loss is very small, roughly a 1/80th of my DPS making this trinket really good for assassination rogues looking for a bit more survivability. (Of course this would only apply to assassination rogues because our mastery is epic.)Ghostmourn9 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 I'm now a Forsaken I feel my skill cap already increased from ditching Belf.Varka26 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Horde Rogues in Arena I'm currently leveling this rogue to play 2s with my brother, and from what I've seen, I may have chosen the wrong race. Primarily, I'm wondering whether WotF outperforms Hardiness and Da Voodoo Shuffle, seeing as Orcs and Trolls both have damage increasing racials in addition. Secondly, supposing that either of these abilities outweigh WotF, would the Orc or Troll be more effective in arenas? I'd appreciate any help I could get.Nyghtmarish22 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Tier 16 Armor Here it is, so what do you think? ... I think it makes us look like a cast iron stove but that's just me.Jadefang43 Jul 5, 2013
Jul 5, 2013 Suggestions for the class Combopoints Combopoints generate on the target, monks have a similar system that builds chi points on their character instead of on the target they are hitting, this small difference separates the classes chi/combo point mechanics greatly and we should continue that thought process. Perhaps combopoints could be changed to no longer only be on one target, you could build combopoints on up to three targets and they will stay for up to 1 minute and if not used they expire, similar to how marked for death works. This will change the current feel of "just use recoup / slice and dice whenever points are on a target" to "You must have a target to use your combopoints from said target" which will add skill cap to using basic things like recoup / slice and dice that are so easy to juggle right now and also allow rogues to do those quick switch kidneystuns on targets they have built points on prior without always having to rely on redirect. Energy Energy has not been looked at in a while and has just been thrown on the back burner. Why you ask? Because many skills have had their original energy cost reworked and changing one small factor about energy could make or break class synergy. Right now we are able to do quite a few things before we truly feel the "Out of energy" burn, I believe certain skills that are weak as hell should have energy cost straight out removed. Dismantle(25e) Shiv(20e) Gouge(45e/0e Gouge is an exception here because there is a talent that makes it cost 0 energy) It is also my belief that certain finisher moves should also be reduced in energy cost, things like kidney shot, if kidney shot was down to 10 energy or 0, it would literally solve the energy starve issues we go through in many occasions. I have many things to say about energy but I am reserving them, I have a feeling this thread wont be taken serious anyway per usual with my posts. Stealth Ah yes, good old stealth, its what makes us rogues after all. I believe stealth has gone far to long the way it is and either needs some small tweaks or an entire overhaul to change the basics of how rogues play in PvP.....On the one hand we have the complaint that stealth is to OP and the other hand many say with stealth detection it is useless. I believe that giving us some key abilities that allow allies to stealth or vanish are what could really change up the basics for how rogues feel and play in PvP. A simple vanish team mate ability on 5 min cooldown, or changing shroud of concealment to a 30 sec CD could actually make our stealth MATTER other then escaping nuke or roots, it could be used as an escape or assisting tool. My biggest idea for stealth is to change it to no longer be constant and not work the way it does now, we would be able to stealth for like 30 seconds, with a 5-10 second cooldown, and vanish would be made into a 45 seconds skill, considering stealth doesn't last as long..... this would 100% change how rogues stealth but could make room for the team mate vanishes ETC Weapons First off I want to say that the requirements of backstab need to be 100% reworked. Here is what I propose: If you have the skill "backstab" and you switch to a non dagger mainhand, the skill itself changes to "backsmash" basically this allows blizz to change the values of damage applied to the skill VS the weapons used. They removed dagger requirement for ambush long ago for logical reasons and all weapon requirements need to go other then mutilate which is semi cool / makes actual sense. 2h Rogue spec.... WHAT!?! Yes, rogues need a 2h spec, know combat is the least used spec and needs a rework, and my idea is based around heavy 2h weapon rogue using special restealth abilities that are based on discarding your 2hander and stealthing in range of it, similar to warriors flag thingy bob they can throw and charge to.. and I want to talk more about this but I know I will only be eaten alive, so I will keep it close to my heart where its safe and sound, if anyone actually wants to hear it I can go into detail. Or give combat a shield ability and make it tanking spec(ROGUES COULD USE SHIELDS IN BETA)Gankhard46 Jul 5, 2013