Oct 8, 2013 When to use Blade Flurry at how many targets is it better to use BF?Methalos8 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Combat Rogue Questions Hi there. A few questions regarding combat rogues. I've seen so many videos of Combat Rogues on the PTR absolutely destroying others. I know you can't judge anything off the PTR but does anyone know if they nerfed any of that? Is combat a liable spec for PVP? I looked at the top ranks for rogues, and out of about 1000 rogues, about 85% of them are sub, about 10% assassin, and 5% combat. Is sub really still that much better than the other two? Or just the most popular. I'd like to try something new on my rogue as I start gearing up and was thinking about Combat but don't want to make the wrong choice. Thanks! (secondary question. If I do roll combat, am I looking for sword/sword, or sword in mh and dagger in off hand? And does it have to be sword? Can it be mace, axe or fist weapon? Is there a benefit to one over the other in the mh?) thanks!Spårta13 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Dual Wield Daggers. Any particular reason the dagger drops in-game aren't just twin-sets of daggers now? Daggers are really only optimal for Assassination spec. Just seems silly--other specs/classes have other options for dual-wielding one-handers, which makes upgrading them much easier.Jose4 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Spec and play style I was wondering if anyone had any insight into which spec might complement certain play styles and which glyphs complement those specs. In regards to PvP, I am seeing good rogues with Sub specs and good rogues with Assassination specs, and there is quite a bit of variation as to which talents they take and which glyphs they use. I admit, I'm more than a little confused. I know I need to do more research, but I do have some specific questions: It was just wondering last night why more Sub rogues don't take Cloak & Dagger when they have Shadow Dance, or don't those two work together? Does leeching poison not make enough of a difference in PvP? Why don't more rogues take Burst of Speed? It seems like a "free get out of jail card" when it comes to slows, or is there another way to get out of slow that I'm not seeing? I primarily do BGs and world PvP. I'd like to move into RBGs once I get some gear and possibly an arena sometime in the way future. I've read the Sub rogue guide, but I haven't seen much in the way of Assassination guides. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Gwenhavare6 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Comparing Current BiS trinkets. so, im having alittle trouble with this, i cant decide with to use this trinket for a main spec trinket or not, currently i have Heroic Bad JuJu and Renetakis, i take out Renetakis and replace it with Sigil of Rampage, im not too sure on this, it messes with my stat weigh quite significantly, however, my concern is, main spec it? or is it a switch in switch out trinket? is it even worth doing such? which 2 trinkets would you personally consider full time BiS? im looking towards, single target/multi cleave bosses, AS an assassination Rogue. i was considering as a full time main slot Sigil of Rampage and Assurance of Consequence. hmmm, thoughts?Hellock4 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Mastery vs Crit in PvP Sub I'm having doubts about mastery being stronger than crit in PvP, as sub spec. My reasoning is: Mastery affects your finishers I.E. Eviscerate, Rupture, and Slice and Dice. However, with the new hemo glyph, sub doesn't use rupture any more. And slice and dice is more of a damage over time effect that requires 100% up time for max effect. So if you're only on your target 80% of the time, slice and dice is only 80% as effective as it should be. Also, many times you don't even use eviscerate with your combo points. A lot of times, your combo points are spent on Kidney shots and in some situations recuperate. So ultimately, you get stronger eviscerates and a little more effective slice and dice (depending on your up time). With that in mind, crit effects all your strikes, including eviscerate. But on top of that, it effects hemo, back stab, and ambush...which mastery doesn't. So my question is, in PvP, where you're being rooted, snared, cc'd, and you spread out your finishers on non dps abilities, wouldn't it be better to go with crit?Locke6 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Bug or working as intended? Was in a twin peaks last night and I was FC. As I was running the flag back to the base I began to come up to the river. I have the minor glyph of blurred speed which allows the player to run on water as sprint is in effect. I pop sprint to cross the river and the glyph didn't work. I had to swim across; I tried jumping a few times to get myself above water lvl to run and still nothing. Working as intended or blizz bug?Ñemesís3 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Monk and Rogue comparible for pressure? I liked playing my warrior in arena because of the aoe cc which applied pressure. IMO pressure = stressing the enemy, stress = better chance to make a mistake. Can monks match rogues in pressure? what are the key differences that both classes excel at? I quit in Cata and my rogues 85 but im enjoying my monk!Zunpoe2 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Shadow Dance bar help! I know I'm like two years late on this, but I dusted off my Rogue and forgot Blizzard changed it so when you Shadow Dance it uses your stealth bar instead of it's own. Not using any add-ons, don't want to use Bartender. Any way to macro and/or fix this so when I pop SD it has (or I can make) a bar again? Or maybe macro specific abilities to only use "X" in stealth but "Y" during SD? Thanks.Gibemonipls4 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 2s Rating My warrior has a higher rating than my rogue. I feel dirty.......Huberto1 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 God help us... Warriors getting their grievous weapons tomorrow. /cryGaank12 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 stop necro me pls deletedPeer42 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Which grievous gear to buy first? I've seen some people upgrade trinkets first, others just buying armor. Obviously mainhand is a priority once I unlock it, but when should I get grievous shanker for my off-hand? Im assassination.Sogui3 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 wht is a good 3v3 set up for rogue Was just wondering whats a good 3v3 setup to hit 2200 with this season for rogues.Zhogloc11 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 PvE Rogue chat! Hey guys I will be in my stream waiting on your questions about PvE rogues. I have mained my rogue since I have been playing. I love talking rogue. I can help with the following: UI Add Ons Macros Talents Specs Stat priority Come check it out @ Don't leave me lonelyTheatious3 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Removing Bleeds I cannot find my Rogue to post with for some reason -- apologies. However I have running around the Timeless Isle with the censer and have opened on a Rogue twice now with garrote followed by rupture in anticipation of vanish. Twice this Rogue has vanished and never bled. This Rogue is Undead so I know it's not stoneform or some other racial. How is this Rogue doing this? Can anyone explain? The Rogue is IllenaEzræil17 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Tricks of Our Trade: Train the Dark Shaman In an attempt to bring the rogue community together, I say we follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem, Mangle: Bear, and more recently Power Word: (for those who don't know, explains this. Link and info taken from Elethia's Power Word: Threads) and try to keep each thread up and running to cap. The Archives for the Tricks of our Trade threads can be found nowhere, because it was deleted many moons ago. It lives on in spirit. So, down to the business! Rules of the Thread are as follows: 1. Play nice! We're here to help boost the community, not rip it to shreds with our daggers! Every rogue has the right to come post on the forums, so please no bashing other players in the thread (or any others for that matter). Disagreements will happen, but don't let them turn into screaming matches. 2. Its all about having fun with your fellow rogues! Try not to change the subjects to hating whatever the flavor of the month class is or whatnot. We want the rogue community to look good! (at least, on the surface :P). Casual chatting between the rogues is encouraged. 3. Try to help out your fellow players! Whether it be for pve, pvp, soloing content, 1v1ing, stealthing through Orgrimmar or Stormwind for giggles, or whatever may come up. After all, it'll only make us look better as a whole. 4. More to be added if needed later. Rogue vent: We have a vent server now, kindly donated by one of our own! IP: Port: 3823 No Password We have a Reddit (that noone ever posts in) for all the bums without a subscription: We now have a Rogue Guild! US-Bleeding Hollow Horde <Tricks of Our Trade> We welcome our [friends] from all classes! Please take a seat and heed no mind to the fact that the doors have locked behind you. Topic: Favorite Siege of Orgimmar fight so far!Frai500 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Rogue FlagCarrier help request. I am "For Fun" looking to make a FC spec for my rogue. I was looking for suggestions on gem/enchanting/reforging I have a spec kinda put together for it, but any tips will be read and appreciated. I almost considered just following the Bear Druid spec off noxxic but idk yet. Thanks for the help my fellow Rogues.Anherö2 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Best horde rogue class? Thinking about going back horde if I can find a good raiding guild and I'm curious as to what other people think is the best race for a rogue. I'm torn between Goblin, Orc and Troll. If you think something else lets hear it!Cruelix7 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Best pvp weapon enchant Hello all, What is the best weapon enchant you can gave for pvp? I'm using both "dancing steel" currently but I see some people using some call (not sure) living steel chain. Is 2x dancing steel the best you can have? ThanksBaltazur6 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 assassination poison I do believe that most of assassination dps is from deadly poison and deadly poison dots. I do believe that monks pally and druids can all dispell poison. Not to mention some classes can go immune to poison. I wouldnt want to count on dps that could be dispelled.Savagenation1 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Reasons why Combat Rogue is bad for PvP Hello all, I have been one of the biggest enthusiasts of Combat Rogue spec, especially for the sake of PvP. My original goal was set to prove others that it is viable in the PvP Community, but alas...I come with heavy heart. I have had plenty of time to analyze what it takes to be a class designed for PvP...and here are the 3 criteria's: 1) Armor Piercing - - - Arms Warrior (Colossus Smash) WW Monk (Tiger's Palm) Sub Rogue (Find Weakness) 2) Magic-On-Hit - - - Hunters (Arcane Shot) Ench Shaman (Melee imbued with nature and fire damage) Muta Rogue (Poison Application more common) DK (Just about any DK ability) 3) Residue - - - Bleeds and Nature Damage left on classes. Something as free as a Deep Wounds for Warriors = Rupture 5 CP for Combat Rogues. This means to take more energy and CP just to be equal in their damage, without counting their Colossus Smash. So you see...outside of CD's Combat Rogue is pretty much a lame duck from here-on-out. One thing we do have is extra mobility with Killing Spree and dps increase with Insight, going from Shallow to Deep, but no actual components that make Combat ready for PvP. Some of the ways to fix this: Either make Sinister Strike deal shadow damage, give rogues a free bleed that simulates deep wounds, or make revealing strike go through armor, maybe same as that of Monk's Tiger's Palm. So here is my report ladies and gentlemen. Combat Rogues and their place in PvP...sub-par. Please feel to voice your opinions and comments bellow, want to hear what you guys can make of this. All comments and views shared will be acknowledged.Dalaranxd23 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 New 90. Starter Armor done. Daggers? I hit 90 a couple days ago (first character) and had a plan to create a set of starter PVP armor. I was wearing woefully bad quest armor. I have little gold, no PVP skill, but MAD skinning skills. So I went on a skinning rampage and collected enough leather for a set of Crafted Malevolent Leather armor. I just need boots and wristguards and am waiting to find a leatherworker who can make them. Now that that's almost done, I'm turning my attention to my daggers. Again, I'm using woefully bad quest daggers. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like either my skinning skill or mining skill will help me improve them. So what path should I take to get a set of good daggers to at least get me to the point where I'm somewhat less impotent in PVP and PVE? Dungeons? LFR? BGs?Dresgar7 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 pvp gearing so I just got my grev chest and bracer, what is the best way to go now for gearing wise? would It be best to get both my weps now, do they up our dmg (as sub) the most? tyPrezze4 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Kinda quit Cutter made around 2004 as a night elf swordsman. There is one ilvl 540 agility sword now. Guess combat rogues are dead.Cutter17 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 50% slow proc from pvp gear When the cripple procs from non lethal poison i hardly notice any enemy slowing down at all.When i use cripple and give a shiv i know it gives a 70% slow and i really notice enemy move like they are stuck in quick sand. With only 20% differnce in slow why dont i notice the 50% more to enemy.. I remeber when non lethal proced from fok i would use it on a mob and they would move so slow and that was at 50%. Now cripple at 50% looks like it does nothing is it broken?Savagenation1 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Dem Crits? just curious to know which of our class specializations provides the biggest crits? I ve had quite a lot of fun with Assasination and Sub.. hows combat doing?Martherius15 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Sub rogues. Hey all, I know it's weird for a foreigner to be posting here. But I want some criticism etc from all skill brackets. Are sub rogues even on par anymore? When I played my rogue (Both my warrior and rogue are cycling mains, not a FOTM retard.) Sub was nearly always the go-to pvp spec and I enjoyed it a lot! But now it just didn't seem like it has the damage or control it should have. And it seems like you have to be facerollretardassasination and kill someone in your vendetta. I know I may sound stupid saying all of this, but I am a tad bit rusty when it comes to rogues. Info?Averios26 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 I always feel like... Somebodies watching meeeeeeeeee...from stealth. Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 [Sub] Rotation help (repost) i posted this in general, i thought i was in the rogue forums (wrong browser tab) So i'm looking at help with the rogue to ensure i am doing the rotation correctly SINGLE TARGET: Ambush > Expose Armor > Backstab (hem if i cant backstab) > SnD @ 5cp > Rupture @ 5cp > Evis @ 5cp i try to keep up at all times SnD, Recuperate, Rupture, Expose Armor MUTLI TARGETS - Ambush > SnD > FoK > Crimson Tempest @ 5cp If im on Less than 5 targets i will try to Backstab > Rupture @ 5cp on every target and once they all have Rupture i use FoK and Crimson Is there anything else others use, or something i'm not doing right to get my DPS up i know i'm not 90 yet but would still like to see myself higher on the DPS rank so when i get to 90 i know my RotationThisguy3 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Death Knights How the heck do I deal with this class? I find myself at the point where my gear and stats are good, but almost everyday I fight DKs, unholy and blood. I want some advice on how to defeat this class. If any of you great rogues out there could help me out, that would be great. :)Luckless9 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Quick questions for Combat pvp.... Is appreciate the help. 1. Is it better to take 2 1hs ? And if not: 2. Which hand should it be in? Main hand or off-hand?Eurios3 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 expose armor shouldn't have an energy cost or it should be baked into rvs or even sinister strike.Ryck16 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 T16 2pc set for assasinate Rogue T16 2set Bonus it not give stack buff when Multilate deal critical damage and get cp from Seal Fate ex. I have 2 stack buff and my next multilate deal critical damage it should be 3 stack buff but that 2 stack buff is gone and get new 1 stack buff instead anyone have a same problem with me ?Salvare12 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Should I play Rogue? (Give your 2 cents) So hello, I'm John, new to WoW just got it some time ago. And in this short time I've played about 3 classes mostly, Monk, paladin and rogue. Monk was definetly easy, and it was fun at first, and I can't say the fun ran out but it just felt like it wasn't gonna grow into something I was gonna have too much fun with in the future. So I switched into paladin. And they are a pretty respectable class I admit, strong and such, can pull a lot of mobs and do fairly good damage, just...Wasn't all that fun for me, and there's rogue. Whenever I think about one or see one I am seriously attracted to it, but even getting to level 41 (I haven't done pvp or any dungeons yet, afraid I won't be any good :P) I'm still not convinced if I should be playing this class? like, it really feels like it's a harsh class at high levels, since right now, for me, it's the weakest class I've played yet at PVE and man, I say weakest with confidence. The amount of work you put in to kill each thing without any AoE spells is harsh, yet the class is still fun. So I ask of you, should I just keep grinding like a mad man till cap (remember it's my first time :P) or do you think this is not the class for me? Cheers to all of the rogues out there, you look like some cool & interesting folk :)Sthaboutus35 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 assasination energy regen feels really, really, slow. feels awkward and off balance until way into the fight when you get buffs up. felt really good end of last patch. Has something changed or is my low hit (2.8%) crippling me. damage feels good except when fighting warriors/'ll never live long enough to get buffs/debuffs up on warrior unless he is playing without a keyboard...well, and he didn't keybind oneshotmacro/bladestorm to mouse before he lost said keyboard.Fargnarshole18 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Trinket Question So I have a couple of trinkets and I'm not sure which I should use. I currently have: Assurance of Consequence (flex) Haromm's Talisman (flex) Disciplineof Xuen: Assurance I think is a must use but I'm not sure between the other two, is the proc rate on Haromm's good enough to give up the mastery proc of Xuen? Any help would be appreciated = /Kotys3 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 I'm sad. I forgot to save conquest points for my weapons, so while I'll have the season total next week, I'll only be able to buy one. Just felt like venting. Am I the only one?Halfkneazle15 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Rupture Does anyone else thing that our rupture is pathetic? Im getting 3k off it, unless im doing something wrong its just not good enough.Wep11 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Sub rogue PVE wep choices Hey Guys, I've been having issues trying to find a def answer to why sub rogue would have dagger in the oh. I recently went sub from assassination and tried using TF Iron qon boot knife in the oh to start with, but when I got the flex Seismic Bore I tried it and saw a pretty decent dps increase. My question is, should I look for a dagger for the OH or use whichever weapon I get that has a the highest damage on it? This is for PvE situations.Gerny3 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 5.3 Rogue Stat Priority (PvP) just asking about rogue stat priority for PvP Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > Agility > Haste > Crit > Mastery Or Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > Agility > Mastery > Crit > HasteToxine12 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 5.4 + current gear stat priority (PvE) These are usually overdone, sorry. I'm seeing two stat prioritys/stat weighs. Have also browsed a few end game raiding Rogues (Method, etc) to also find multiple stat weighs. Which is correct? Which will provide me the most dps. Have Cloak, Gem. No 2set Tier bonus, yet. I've been gemming/reforging Mastery > Haste > Crit for most of this expansion. I'm seeing Mastery > Crit > Haste and Crit > Mastery > Haste on AskMRRobot. Can someone clarify this? Last nights raid I went Haste > Mastery > Crit and was still fluxing between 1st and 2nd on meters on most fights. Sorry for lengthy post, any feedback will be appreciated.Xepa5 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 returning player... just came back a few weeks ago and decided to lvl my rogue up,playing as assassination,are rogues still better off using 2 daggers or are any weaps pretty much all the same now?Behindja2 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 5.4 are rogues already nerfed? Is it me or since a couple of days since the release of patch 5.4 rogues abilities have been significantly nerfed? I feel I don't do as much damage as before, I mean, I know they buffed us in almost everything at the beginning of the patch, are we already nerfed in a secret update or something? Am I paranoid?Annet2 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Djpikaboo already 2500 again Is he some sort of rogue god?Brrox76 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Which Main Hand would give me better dps? Hey Guys playing my assassination rogue and I received Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker (the mop version isn't in the armory). I already have the Scaveneged Pandaren Dagger ( ). Since the Shanker is 2.00 speed and the Dagger is 1.70 which would be better in my main hand or off hand? Thanks in advance! Edit: to link armory and post on my rogue: Wannabealive on MuradinAkinoa5 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Hot keys for Assassination Rogue Help So i have been searching and searching and i cant seem to find anything about hotkeys to use for an assassination i ask this...what are the best spells/abilities i should use to fill these keys? Stealth 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,+ Main 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,+Phennixx3 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 This is getting out of hand....(rouge bugs) Im in nh today, preparing to attack a hunter. He flares, which if i'm not mistaken, has a 10 used radius. Im outside of it waiting for it to leave which means i'm at least 11-12 yards away from him. (he flared a choke point btw on eots). All of a sudden, his pet ports behind me and attacks. Really? In this same bg, against the same hunter, while i'm fighting him his allies come and attack me. So I vanish and BoS away....he is still shooting me. What the hell? Also, what is up with kidney shot? In so many duels against various races/ classes, KS just doesn't connect. It goes on cd like it did. I've seen threads on this and I can tell you it isn't missing. Im hit capped, well over the expertise cap. I had the wow thing that shows dodges, parries or misses...nothing is coming up. What is going on? Is this what rogues have become to blizzard? Any word on these things being looked at?Eurios9 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Prepot in Stealth and Procs on Redirect/SND I know there was some talk of allowing rogues to prepot without breaking stealth - is there any particular design resign there hasn't been movement on this? Additionally, it's terribly annoying when redirect or Slice and Dice (off a premed) ends up procing your trinkets...Graffin2 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Sim Craft So I am a hardcore rogue player. I play tons of classes but in my heart i am a rogue. I need myself a simcraft buddy to talk spec/talents/gear. I wouldn't even mind if we started a little simcraft community for rogues. add me on battletag if your intrested theatious#1814Theatious10 Oct 5, 2013