Jul 23, 2013 Suggestion: A tradeoff for vanish in cities Give rogues the ability to vanish from normal guards back, and in turn quadruple the number of stealth seeing patrols. Also, up their health if they're soloable as is, I don't know if they are because I haven't really played my rogue since he hit 90. Bring this back and I might go back to playing my rogue. Seriously, isn't that like the point of rogues? Having the ability to infiltrate behind enemy lines? Just make it so you need to know what you're doing to do it.Yahweh4 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 new spec for rogues instead of sub... So on the hunter forums they all want a scout type of class but that class is based around their pet. So I was thinking of replacing sub with scout(bows only.) Maybe even keep the sub class but add bow as primary weapon and anything with in 5 yards or 10 yards the rogue would pull out one hand weapon to attack. damage would less but maybe relies on DoTs from bow. I think it would add more of raid utility for rogues and just a fun aspect to the game. anyone thoughts? maybe its been suggested on rogues already and I just didn't see it.Ottomo24 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Focus So, I've decided I must learn to focus macros. In order to make room for them, I was thinking I would need to unbind WASD and learn to move with only the mouse. (I normally just held right click and moved about with W, A, and D.) I was also thinking the best way to focus would be a mouse-over focus. Without WASD though, I would just have to stop attacking in order to focus. Do I need to keep WASD and just find other keys, or is there a better way? Thanks. Also, I don't play arena's seriously so there really is no "focus before attacking", I would just use it in WPvP, BG's, and 2's when I cap. So it would mostly be for I just randomly get teamed up on. TL;DR Best way to focus?Posiblyurmom7 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 AoE WTS! Gimme a dang break with the seemingly MASSIVE amount of AoE. I'm talking strictly PvP and BG's. DK howling blast and AoE frost fever Multiple players running around with AoE 'bombs' on them Healers AoE heals which also do a small amount of damage. Warlock literally filling up a fourth of the entire BG with RoF. (Please feel free to add your favorite AoE that unexpectedly busts you out of stealth) I'm just tired of either 1. Being gimped because I've been unsuspectingly AoE'ed out of stealth Or 2. Having to waste a precious vanish or preparation bc I got AoE out of stealth. It's just a peeve of mine lately. I still overall enjoy the rogue, however I find the AoE problem distressing as it happens quite frequently over the course of a BG. Agree or disagree? Or am I just being a troll face whiny complaining girly man?Ozburn6 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Feedback/Advice Please Hi Guys, Thursday I finally hit 90 up my rogue that I haven't played since TBC. I also took a break from mid WOTLK until shortly after MOP launch. Both of these things combined have really sent me for a loop on Rogue'ing. I've been to icyveins (they have seemed to be the best advice for my other classes) and am trying to implement everything I can but my single target damage seems low. My AOE using their strategy actually seems stronger than it should be (70-100k) but before I got the spiritsever (which was last night right before I logged off) I was only pulling 45-55k dps with the dual windreavers. There used to be a site called shadowpanther that was pretty good for rogues but there are SO many sites out there purporting to be optimization sites but most of them give different advice. Also the Rogue 5.1 thread seems like it's not being updated and I know we're getting some changes in 5.4 so I'm looking on some feedback on my current rogue situation as well as some advice as to which "Rogue" site is actually accurate nowadays. Oh, also... I haven't had a chance to reforge since getting my upgrades last night so my hit/expertise and whatnot is a bit off. Thanks in advance.Buckcommnder2 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Valor Upgrade ? Need help deciding. I'm going to have a max of 1750 vp this week and I was wondering on what to spend it on, I have 3 476 pieces, but I do not have the shado pan trinket yet. Which I was wondering would help my burst out quite a bit as well as a decent bit of sustain. I figured I wouldn't buy cloak because I will be getting legendary cloak eventually, and the bracers have haste which isn't assa's best spec. So i've narrowed it down to the 522 ring / 522 trinket and or belt. I need some opinions as to what would be better to buy. Please and thank you fellow rogues.Refute3 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Gladius Clicks I'm curious if anybody utilizes the on-click options with gladius or if you keybind everything. I have all of my abilities keybound but I still feel like sometimes it is easier or more fluid to quickly throw a blind by shift-right clicking the proper gladius frame. Or gouging an off target with a quick right click. I have a few focus macros (from you fine people), but given our true arena role of control artists, one focus doesn't even seen to work out. Any gladius tips would be appreciated.Invictius1 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Floating rogue? I was in a surprise attack at Seven Star trying to drop unlucky allies. I had just knocked an ally rogue off the top of a tree (human assassin rogue). He vanished part way down, then reappeared floating without any visible mount and at full health. Considering the direction he was falling, it would have been a fatal fall without any slow fall, bubble, parachute, or glider. It was not parachute or glider (I am eng myself), rogue doesn't have any slow fall type spell, and he never landed on the ground so he couldn't have summoned the mount. Even if he did survive the fall, he wouldn't be at full health right away. Was there something I didn't know about or did the player use something illegal?Shimatta11 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 I <3 my rogue Best class ever. Nuff said. Through thick and thinDothrak18 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 raising lockpicking skill Easy question...I started Mists area and the lockboxes I pickpocket are 450. My skill is 425. When I went back to Twilight Highlands to farm, those lockboxes are 400 and not raising my skill. Where's the in between boxes so I can get my lock-picking caught up?Playdoh4 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 5.4 Glyph of Recuperate buff ... So, I guess I can only speak for myself, but unless i'm doing solo quest I hardly ever have the energy or combo points to waste on something that heals for so little. I just see it as more productive to either try and end the fight in PVP or do more damage in PVE. The only situations I use recup in other than solo questing is in a arena match if I am very low life and I just managed to reset. Other than that, recup is the last thing on my mind. I don't see me picking up this glyph for that reason, and this makes me wonder if blizzard actually has a feel on how to buff rogues, or if they are just trying minor tweaks. Anyways thats my rant, any constructive thoughts and/or critiisim is welcome. ThanksJettia1 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Legendary Cloak Quest Questions No I am not just at it yet, but I am close. I read up, and I just want to double check the strategy. It seems most use combat but I am sin/sub and hoping to do it as Assasin. First off, has anyone done it as assassin? Glyphs: Usually PVE ones except I'll take shiv for more 5% heals. Strat: 1. Keep up recuup and shiv off cd. 2. Avoid his cone attack, interrupt his cast that drops the aoe pools 3. Kill adds. Save evasion/cr for this. Now as sin can I burn them down comfortably or do you have to kite with Shuriken toss since we have no cleave like combat? That's my main question. 4. Phase 2: Use burst of speed and fan of knives all images asap. If you don't get wrathion one in time, use CLOS if they get off an attack. I am 514ilvl sin atm, is this strategy sound?Secondtime17 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 5.4 Rogue pvp PTR so far Iceyy4 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Fairly NEW Rogue Two Questions I have been doing a lot of BGs and Arenas to learn the ways of the Rogue. I am having problems or should I say have questions with two things. If you all could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. 1. REDIRECT - In PvP it seems I am constantly switching targets and I am having a hard time using Redirect. Many times I have 4-5 Combo and the player dies or I just need to switch targets and before I can redirect it seems I lose the opportunity. Is there an Easy Way? Is there a Macro? PVP is so fast paced hard for me to get a handle on how redirect really works. 2. CLOAK of SHADOWS - If I am in a solo situation and it doesn't look like I am going to get the kill or other enemy players show up I go defensive to make my escape. SHOULD I always use Cloak of Shadows (if Up) with Vanish? Or should I glyph it an use it strictly as a defensive? thanks in advance any help is greatly appreciated.Zorkle2 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Can Monks Out DPS Rogues? I'm going to get right down to it, A friend in my guild is trying to get me to roll a monk because he say's that Monk's can out DPS a rogues, but in raids, LFR, 5 mans and what ever, I've never seen a monk to out DPS me, not say they can or can't but was looking for some feed back from other rogues. And it's not because my DPS is low (I'm either 1 or second DPS) he just think having a monk with high DPS and being able to do other things that a rogue can't do would be better. Thanks YouGravestalker4 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 What happened to rogues blizz? This thread isnt to QQ complain or cry, im legitimately asking why it is that my warrior, and druid who are both more under geared than my rogue critting and hitting consistently 2 and 3x harder than any of my rogue abilities? My ambush if im lucky hits for 30k, occasionally. While my druids ravage hits for 40-50, and 60k respectively. (My Druid is lvl 88 and this is in BG's). My warrior with colossus smash does considerably more as well. Yes my gear is not maxed, it isnt fuly enchanted, or reforged. My Tyrannical and malevolent gear will be. But regardless of all of those things, every other class regardless of gear seems to hit WAY harder. My Mage even pyroblast crits for up to 70-80k at lvl 85 in dungeons. Im curious as to what is happening? Where is my damage? Why do i hit so weakly? Anyone with constructive criticism?Sipjin10 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 23, 2013 Professions cooking I sit in the middle of hellfire peninsula, after a long day of walking and killing daemons for unappreciative stormwind soldiers, I haven't eaten for days, no where to fish from, no lake for fresh water. I am cold and alone, far from the nearest inn due to a raid group of horde ransacking honor hold. I made a fire to keep me warm but I have no food to cook over it. In the distance I see a shadow of a large object on the ground. I look up to see a fairly large mount that is heading towards the ground. I shudder in fear from the thought of whoever has the pleasure of keeping me company. Or if I will even be alive to see the next day. The stranger dismounts and walks towards me, my vision is scued, I am delirious from lack of water and food. I can't tell what race this person is but the kneel down next to me and the voice whispers, "are you alone out here elf?" "not any more" I reply casually as I try to straighten my sight long enough to distinguish who I have the pleasur of being accompanied by. Friend or foe, the company was kind enough to feed me, what it is I don't know, weather this meal saved my life or it is my last meal. What happens next is up to you...Phadera0 Jul 23, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 new at rogue everyone seems to kill things faster and not sure if i'm using the right skills in the dungeon. i do sinister strike and make combos. I'm not sure if I'm doing any damage.Ershin3 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 New glyph of recup + shiv + leeching poison Has anyone tried this out from a pvp perspective? Glyph of recuperate Glyph of shiv Leeching poison I'm not on the PTR, just wondering if we can actually heal decently.Onoh8 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Need 2s tips Hey guys I am having a hard time with my rogue in 2s. my highest rating with him in the bracket is 1714, but i cant seem to get past that. I think my biggest problem is that i am popping alot of my CDs off of my opener. But my rationality for doing that is i play with a warlock, so neither of us can off heal the other. But i think this is the wrong thing to do... allow me to explain: The affliction warlock i play with is ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that we both need to blow everything on our opener (aka i pop SB and SD, he does Demon Soul and full dots) to get us a kill. The problem is, that got us only up to about 1714, then it stopped due to facing teams more frequent healer/dps teams, and more teams with bubbles/blocks (pallies, mages, etc). I dont think this is the best strategy at all... There needs to be a better way. Whenever i tell him that this isnt working and we need to do something else, he just gets mad and says "what else can we do? by the time you dance ill be dead." Is there any tips you guys could offer for a strategy for us?Regicyde5 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 To Blizzard: Regarding Rogue Changes I created a thread on the ptr discussion forum that is of interest to the rogue forums as well. Here is a link and my original post: ...Lucin26 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Subterfuge Opener Help (combat pvp) Depending on class. I typically garrote > cheapshot > SnD > pool energy or revealing strike (depending on pressure needed). It feels far from optimal and I tend to trust my instincts. With that said, I'd appreciate somebody providing some guidance on how they work their opener utilizing subterfuge as a combat rogue. Thank you.Invictius3 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Rogue or Druid Hello, i am new to the posting on the forums. I just got the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, which increases xp gain by 300% . I have both a level 70 rogue and druid. I am not sure which class I would like to use it on and level up to 90. I just came back to WoW for MoP not very long ago, and so I don't really have a good idea of what each of them are like at level 90. On my druid i would most likely roll Feral/Resto, and on my rogue, i would be doing Sub/?. If i leveled the druid I think i would focus on PvE, if i used my rogue I would definitely play PvP. I am going to post this both on the Druid and Rogue forums. Thanks in advance.Gillinar5 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Well needed rogue changes. Recupe: 1% increase, glyph 1% increase + .5 seconds off ticks (tick every 2.5 seconds) Shadowstep: break root, make cooldown line up with blink/disengage Eviscerates crit scales with usage of combo points, 5% or 10% per point (dependent on honor among thieves if it is given back for 5% baseline crit) Subterfuge redesigned: now allows usage of stealth abilitys for 3 seconds after breaking stealth, no longer remains stealthed. Shadow dance: now allows ambush to be used without facing requirement. *Prior to 5.4 patch notes The thoughts on these changes have derived from Arena Play-style. First: The recupe buff, It's simply a slight increase to rogues self healing, now 2% may seem a bit large at first glance, however with battle-fatigue and minimal damage mitigation and no other means of healing, the buff will be barely noticeable but a step in the right direction. The .5 seconds off ticks would only generate 2 extra ticks total on a 30 second use of recuperate. Where as hyrbid classes and most non hybrid classes have major self heals, along with defensives. Second: The shadow step buff! As we all know, rogues along with warriors have been plagued since vanilla with roots. Now, as a rogue you can however cloak or vanish a root, but why should a rogue need to use a 1 or 2 minute cooldown for something that is for most classes a non-cooldown ability? Third: Eviscerate buff. Now this may also seem a bit scary, however at the core it truly is not all that bad. As we all know, rogues damage outside of blades/dance is completely a noodle. And currently, eviscerate without cooldowns hits for noodlish amounts. All jokes aside, this would make eviscerate a more powerful finisher, and render it a bit more useful. Now the amount of crit given from each combo point would be dependent on if rogue gets the 5% crit buff back on honor among thieves. Fourth: Subterfuge redesign! If you've ever played against a rogue In PvP you'll see that it is impossible to peel/stop a rogues opener, which is not ok. This encourages bad gameplay, meaning lowering the skill-cap of which a rogue is required to have to be successful. And of course, Shadow dance. I would like to see this buff happen as it would heighten the shadow dance's damage to the equivalency of Incarnation King of the Jungle (feral druid ability) Not only that, but it makes the play-ability of a rogue much more enjoyable. Due to MS, and simply the lack of mobility a rogue currently has, this buff along with the shadow step buff would be a very good step in making rogues mobile and competitive. HOLY BLOCK O' TEXT! That was a lot to read eh? I'll be really glad to hear your thoughts and feedback.Ko24 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Night elf or Human rogue for pvp is shadowmeld+stealth+subterfuge+burst better than double dps trinket?Ifapwhenisap58 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Opinions on 5.4? Post here! Seriously contemplating rerolling or calling mop for pvp, in my opinion 5.4 doesnt do anything to the meta game that mop hasnt already seen and ptr game play still feels like 1 shotting meta game in arena. I am pretty sad i thought we would see some balance like 3.3.5 with this patch but the game thinking i might reroll a feral as it reminds me of old rogue control and play styleReset3 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Rally My Rogues! It has reached my realization that many of you want changes for your class: smoother rotations, combat fixed to be viable, and for a small percentage Subtlety back up there in PvP and viable in PvE. Sure we can't cap out a thread with our opinions like Warlocks and Mages can, since hilariously, we do not have the population for that. I remember, you remember, when Unholy DK were bottom of the barrel; small in number and a dying breed due to many faults ignored. What did they do to earn their buffs and changes? Certainly they didn't slump away stealthed with the common excuse "Blizzard hates us!" No, they rallied together, providing parses and data the developers can use. They provided reasonable (and I stress REASONABLE) changes to both quality of life as well as needed buffs, and most importantly, they did not fight amongst themselves (well a few did) nor did they succumb to a trolling community. The point is: They were vocal. What I'm saying is, sometimes the developers want us to point them to the direction that we the players think are the problem . You want Combat viable, get your logs, theorycraft and point them to the direction. You want Subtlety viable in PvE; Start switching your talents and provide data to them, proving the spec isn't where it should be. You want ACTUAL talent choices? Give them feedback on what you don't like. You want more energy regeneration for Assassination... well... why you would baffles me, but whatever! PS: Get vocal, be reasonable. Get some!... without making a thousand threads.Ackt33 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 rogue pvp spec 5.3? what spec is better or should be used for arena because sub seems ruined im thinking combat for the burst but either assassination or combat thoughts?Snahkk17 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 I know this isn't the place but.. Where would you guys recommend transferring to? I'm tired of waiting for a spot on one of the two guilds that actually raid on my server to open up lmao, so whats a server with a lot of raiders? any opinions appreciated, thanks.Mermaìdman7 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 To rogue or not to rogue So I just hit 90 on this toon and started the pvp gearing process, and been running into alot of negative feedback about rogues right now. Been hearing its not worth it to be a rogue right now and to roll something else with the nerfs to sub. Just trying to get some imput if I should put time into this guy or focus on another of my classes. Thanks!Zerran6 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Combat PVP and DW hit cap ... I recently picked up playing my rogue and with the incoming KS finally making combat a bit more fun than it used to be i might be playing him a whole lot more. One small change i did last night was i reforged to the DW hit cap, around 9-10% instead of the 3% that is typical for pvp. It was a huge difference in my opinion. i think lost 4% in mastery, and a small bit of crit, but it seems like my total dmg went way up. Has anyone tryed DW hit cap over the typical 3%. I used reforge lite and they have a DW hit cap check box, that is what i used, which is 7480 rating, instead of the 1020 that is typical.Woa10 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Help with Gems? Im trying to figure out how to gem my rogue twink. Someone told me to stack all agility, but another said to mix it with resilience. I'm coming further and further to full BiS (Best In Slot. Socket), So I just need to know how to gem the gear so I don't get the wrong ones. Here's my Rogues armory : Thanks!Onyxrose3 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Clipping envenom with shadowblades So, recently i have been having a hard time with not clipping my envenom with shadow blades, honestly it hurts my dps, then actually getting them out faster, so i was wondering what can i do to prevent my 4 set from overwhelming with CPs, and keeping it from continuously clipping my envenom? Thanks for the help fellow rogues.Dixi5 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Suggestion: changes for combat Here are the changes for combat in 5.4: -Sinister Strike deals an increased 190% of weapon damage (up from 145%), but now costs 50 Energy (up from 40 Energy). -New passive ability, Ruthlessness: This passive ability is learned by Combat Rogues at Level 32. The Rogue gains a 20% chance per combo point (100% chance at 5 combo points) to immediately regain 1 combo point while performing a finishing move. Now this may seem like a buff but in all honesty it really isn't. I guess for those who do not have perfect latency it will be because to reduces the spamminess during AR+SB, but for those with 20-40ms it really isn't. I forgot who, but someone calculated these changes it doesn't change our dps by much. So my suggestion is to change ruthlessness. It is a very passive talent which basically means we only have to generate 4 combo points for our finishers. Make it a proc passive. The Rogue gains a 4% chance per combo point (20% at 5 combo points) for eviscerate to make our next finisher free and casted as if it had 5 combo points. Or a 35% chance when using sinister strike on a target to make our next sinister strike free and do 20% more damage. (the percentages are subject to change) Anyways what do you guys think about my suggestions?Ubiquiti10 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 SnD question? hi,,, in pvp and when one on one, do yall use SnD at all or is it mainly for pve? I am new, but trying.... seems that when given the choice to use eviscerate or SnD I go for the former. thanks in advanceBoogerito5 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 TF RoRo or LFR talisman Pretty much the title. Tonight I got a Rune of Re-Origination and I'm not sure if it is better than Talisman of Bloodlust. Simcraft says it is a 3k dps gain to use RoRo, but when I get a proc my energy regen crashes. Is the mastery worth it over the haste and energy regen I have normally?Sob5 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Rogues not up to your standards? Post here, we need a !@#$ ton more threads in PTR in regards to this. Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 I need to QQ Subtlty requires slice and dice to be up be be effective. It also requires a perfect opener really if you get into combat prematurely seconds tick off of subterfuge and you are usually jacked in the opener, hope you get off a garotte. Outside of stealth subs damage is sh**, you have to keep snd and rupture on the target to do and damage and have energy regen, which leaves no room for combo points evis. So the solution they say? Restealth. See complaint 1. Subtlety also requires everything to go perfect, and I can only get it to be good if the target stays completely still, any blink/leap/sprint and find weaknesses loses most of its time and you have to waste a vanish or shadow dance right there. Assa is easier to play, has good damage, but the burst needed for a double dps comp is really only there during the shadow blades trinket macro, other than that I'm only keepin good pressure applied/ccin while my ret goes hard. All that on top of setting focuses in the beginning, CCing, using premed>snd before opening, and I really have some problems in the arena.Siickxshotz19 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 What weapons do combat rogues use? Swords, daggers?Daverr17 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Rogue PvP Assassination Video Hey All! I just wanted to link a video I put together recently! Most of all, I love to make videos and mess around with video editing while learning as much as I can, but I also wanted to show some cool tips for other Rogues who love PvP as much as I do! I hope you enjoy, Thanks in advance! Alot of my time on WoW consists of Dueling and Bgs, But have recently dived into Arenas and RBG upon returning to the game =D Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Tricks of our Trade: TOO SOON EXECUTUS! In an attempt to bring the rogue community together, I say we follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem, Mangle: Bear, and more recently Power Word: (for those who don't know, explains this. Link and info taken from Elethia's Power Word: Threads) and try to keep each thread up and running to cap. The Archives for the Tricks of our Trade threads can be found nowhere, because it was deleted many moons ago. It lives on in spirit. So, down to the business! Rules of the Thread are as follows: ... Rogue vent: We have a vent server now, kindly donated by one of our own! IP: Port: 3823 No Password We have a Reddit (that noone ever posts in) for all the bums without a subscription: We now have a Rogue Guild! US-Bleeding Hollow Horde <Tricks of Our Trade> Topic: Get it? The thread title is a joke! If you're reading this after the last one caps its probably not funny anymore.Gyroscope500 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Tips to becoming a better rogue in the arena Creating this thread to pool ideas on how to be better in arenas, specifically 2v2 and 3v3. If you want, just throw in things you have done to become a better player and improve your skills, I'll start with how I improved myself, this is what I can think of right now -Learn to keybind -Create focus macros, a sap macro, a go hard macro. -Try different specs this is what I can think of right now, all input welcome.Siickxshotz6 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 Rogue DPS need some help. I've just recently hit 90 on this rogue and I've been researching like mad trying to get good because I like doing competitive dps, but so far i'm sustaining like. 72kish on raid target dummy and around 85k in raids, is that correct for my ilvl? I've been hearing rogues have a sweet spot when it comes to gear, and I really hope so. It's depressing logging on to my mage with 483 ilvl and a pvp trinket and doing the same dps. I would appreciate some tips and tricks, glyphs, reforging ideas. Yadda yadda, please help. ~Sincerely, Rogue in distress.Refute2 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 reforge help I am trying to make sure my stats are at there highest they can be for my item level. Does anyone see any of my gear i should reforge? also everyone tells me that hit should be 7.5% percent but what does that mean? cause some people in game tell me my hit is till to low but it shows 8% ? so im confused on that part. Or can someone tell me what my mastery, crit, hit, and etc, should be at or what my goal should be. I am trying to get up to doing raids with my guild and i want to optimize my dps outputOttomo7 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Raging blow hits you for 125k Uhm. I guess this is legal? My mutilates hit clothies with no buffs for 30k. Average. I haven't seen a single above 50k since uhm ever. When is blizzard going to get off their lazy duffs and remove stealth and just make us a regular dps class.Cryonics41 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Combat rogues need a buff... I used to play combat in PvP while I still failed, and it sucked until I could pop every cd possible. I know combat rogues have some of the best bursts In-game, but between the cool downs... It's basically a priest trying to go melee in PvP. Either I'm not doing something right, or does combat really suck that bad? (without CDs) Combat at least needs to get some of its old talents back, like increased dodge/attack speed or increased energy regen.. Then I would play combat more. Thanks for the help in the future!Ddestroyer4 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Combat feels.. empty *This post was created from a PVP perspective. I am currently unaware of how any class does in PVE.* I recently switched my Rogue's sub spec back to Combat (what I usually play as rogue) and did some random BGs for fun. I always like playing Combat, the style itself is fun enough, but I can't help and think there's something missing in the spec. Combat characteristics.. less focused on stealth, more on open fighting, great match versus melee while a poor match versus ranged. The "Combat Rogue" type of class in a LOT of games are entitled to increased dodge chance, increased overall defense than the average rogue and extremely consistent damage output. With that being said, the Combat Rogue in WoW is less focused on stealth, but only because it has way less options; Assassination utilizes Garrote for extra damage/Wounds procs, and Sub revolves around the stealth mechanic, leaving Combat with nothing. This would be fine if we were more adept in actual combat, which we clearly aren't outside of a broken ability everyone knows as Killing Spree. The Combat Rogue also does not possess any extra defense as opposed to a Sub or Mut Rogue, or any extra dodge chance. Shadow Dance is up way more than Adrenaline Rush is, and is simply better for PVP anyway.. Vendetta has a long CD but it brings the pain and it lasts way longer than Rush so you don't just get cc spammed. To top it off, the spec is realistically the simplest to play of all three. As Sub, you need to prep your openers, time your Dance in terms of Find Weakness and CC, and stick behind your target at all times to maximize damage. Mutilate has to keep track of Rupture, SnD (not so much), and time Envenoms to maintain 100% uptime (in a perfect scenario that is). Combat needs to keep up Revealing Strike, spam SS for combo points, and keep SND up. Eviscerate hits for like nothing as Combat, as does Rupture, so you're left with white attacks and SS for damage.. it provides a very low amount of pressure. With Rush up, of course the damage goes through the roof because you can fit WAY more SS's in, so they start to add up in damage because there are so many being thrown out. What is the niche of Combat? I simply do not understand, I love playing the bandit-type spec but it seems arbitrary in this game. You do not fare better against anything else except for your much longer stun. I don't see the point.. I mean yeah, you can probably go Combat and if you're amazing you'll get a rating, but the spec is clearly gutted. It possesses no advantages either in Combat or out of it. Can someone help me clarify this if I'm wrong? I don't always main a rogue, I normally play my MM. The spec has way too little buttons. Revealing Strike and Sinister Strike have the SAME sound file. I mean cmon, its like after TBC Blizzard has automatically dropped Combat from its radar. Thoughts?Ronpauladin12 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Current state of rogues I recently got back into WoW and I was just wondering whether or not I should get this character to max level. How are rogues fairing in PvP currently? The general consensus doesn't seem to be too great, but after playing a rogue nothing feels as fast paced and thats what I want; a face paced class. I have a feral druid at 80 that I'm also considering, however I'd probably rather stab things, than claw at them.Jeux2 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Rogue worth leveling for 5.4? I've always wanted to play a rogue, and I'm growing tired of playing my DK. I do 2s for conquest and that is all so I will need a class that is capable in 2s and decent 1v1 for world PVP. I know a lot of people are down on rogues right now due to their low damage, but I have always been intrigued by the idea of picking and choosing my battles when and where I want them. Are the changes in 5.4 enough to make rogues a viable choice to where I won't feel underwhelmed from switching from a DK? Also, I always played casters before my DK so I have always been a fast playstyle person. I sometimes have trouble with the energy mechanic and what is the best way to go about understanding it better and how fast I should play and how i should pool my energy best. Any advice would be great. Sorry for so many questions.Mugix11 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 Help me out with my rogue in pvp? Okay so basically I have had this rogue for forever, I leveled him to 64 in Burning Crusade then I just stopped because Death Knights and my Hunter, who was my main at the time. I didn't pick my rogue back up until a week ago, and I just sat down and got him to 90. So I'm a fresh 90 now, by a couple of days, maybe 4 now, and I have 4 set, some nice boots (not pvp though) and a dagger that is PvP. Now I was wondering why I don't do much damage, I have heard mixed results varying from "Oh you're not Muti!" or "Oh you're not sub." or rarely "Oh you're not combat." I have decided to roll Primarily Sub with Muti as an offspec for fun. Now this is where I need help, the low damage I do sorta freaks me out, I open on anyone and I barely scratch them and they burst me down fast. Is this because of my gear? Are rogues really as gear dependent as people say? Or do I need to fine tune my skills? If you would like to see my rogue he is the one my profile is displaying. Say anything, if I am reforging or just failing somehow tell me. Also, another question, I would only prefer answers with LEGITIMATE reasoning, no fighting. I want to make 2 specs, 1 for arena and 1 for bgs, I will re-buy and reforge gear and gem the new gear for the 2nd spec, what spec is best for what? I am probably going to run 3s with a DK and a Pally friend of mine. Please give me detailed reasoning as I hate when people go "SUB BECAUSE SUB IS BEST."Whispyr10 Jul 20, 2013