Jun 5, 2013 Shroud of Concealment Anyone having troubles with enemy players seeing through Shroud? This is a huge problem for me in arena. Having shroud active and having them being marked or seen through it and usually getting pulled outEmicslol10 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Mogu Coins I noticed that in the dungeon journal if you filter for assassination now it doesn't include axes/maces/fist weapons. Anyone know if coins no longer win you weapons you wouldn't use for your current spec?Daed2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Best pvp spec at 85 Hello all, Anyone can tell me what is the best pvp spec for a twink rogue at 85 please? Currently i'm sub ThanksBaltazur3 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Crippling Poison Glyph and 2 piece PvP gear So, the 2 piece bonus for PvP gear says that whatever non-lethal poison you have on will also apply crippling poison. I assume that the Crippling Poison glyph that increases the chance to apply crippling poison by 20% does not apply to this situation? Which makes the Crippling Poison glyph pointless with the PvP gear correct? Not sure how these properties overlap and didn't see anything about it where I've looked, I'll keep looking and update if I find something before someone else responds. Thanks in advance!Snique2 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 "Infection" - Epic Combat Rogue PVP [VIDEO] Here it is finally, the sequel to my first and coincidentally most popular ::wink:: theatrical/pvp video. Includes: -Combat rogue PvP -Entertainment -Epic music -Visual enhancements and slo mo stuffs -60fps 1080p (?) (not sure what happens when I upload to YT, but rendered in 1080p 60fps) Does not include: -Arena -Steven Spielberg production skills -Death scream murder metal or wubwubwub -Rank 1 perfect play -Chaos bolt I made this film shorter than my first but I am happier with the result overall. There are one or two graphical glitches that I can't get rid of from the rendering process and effects used, so I apologize in advance. I look forward to replying to as many comments as possible. Please take a moment to comment/upvote my video; I put a lot of hours and effort into making it something special. My goal isn't to impress anyone, just to entertain.Fearoff2 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 durumu Lots of wipes on this guy last night, and looking for some pro input/suggestions. Surprisingly the maze was not much of an issue. What kept happening to us was when someone would run in to take over for life drain, they would get targeted for force of will at just the worst time. The result was that the guy who was originally stunned from life drain can’t get out of the cone and is killed by force of will. How do other groups avoid this? We were also finding that people taking over for life drain were unable to move or do anything while being drained. I thought only the original victim was supposed to be stunned? This only served to exacerbate the issue with force of will. Finally, (and largely unrelated), is there any way to lock your camera in an overhead (or near overhead) position? A lot of videos seem to be recorded from that perspective, but whenever I put my camera at that angle, it shifts down quite a bit as soon as I move. If I hold it there by holding right mouse button, it makes movement awkward and makes it difficult to do all the other things I need to do. Thanks!Vaelarrus1 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Sub PvP Question I had a question, it may be obvious to tell by looking at other rogues, but would using a Sword/Axe/Mace & Sword/Axe/Mace/Dagger work as well as Dagger/Dagger for sub?Reizer2 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Combat for PvE - Viable? Hi guys, Everyone is wondering why I play combat as its the lowest dps spec for rogues but is that true? How viable is Combat in high end raiding? I don't want to hold my raid team back... Also do I use Rupture? Lastly has blizzard ever hinted at making slice and dice auto refresh like in assassination? its just so annoying and lame to have to rebuff myself constantly.Dmgctrl7 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Increasing base energy. Hello I rolled a rouge a pretty long time ago and at lvl 10 I some how increased the base energy by 10 I'm now on a new rogue on a new server at lvl 32 and still can't find how I did it. I'm in much needed help for this is driving me mad. Thank you for reading and if you help resolve this issue thank you very much and have a great day either way.Gradley4 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Does aoe dmg reduc from feint work in pvp? I remember at some point they took away the aoe dmg reduction from feint in pvp. Is it still like that in mop?Muahahahahar8 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Loot Table Fix Any one else have a issue with weapons, unusable by your current spec, dropping in the cache from heroic scenarios? What the flak Blizz? If I'm assassination spec'd, and wanting to assassination loot, giving me a sword is just dumb. What do you guys think? Any chance blizz will give us some clarity on loot for each spec?Vênôm1 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Random combo point bug I've noticed this for awhile (since at least 4.3) that sometimes when I open out of stealth with ks or ambush, the 2 combo points for it appear on the tracker and then go away when I use SS or any other combo point builder. Doesn't seem to happen very often, except in the brawler's guild. Any one else seen this or is just me?Fenrisulr0 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Rogue Sap Problem I like to do bgs and in many occasions i had to go 1v1 against another rogue. I just ding'ed 90 a week ago and in pre-90 bgs when I went against another rogue I could always sap him/her first or sometimes we sapped each other at the same time. But in 90 bgs things changed, when i go against another rogue, especially those with very high health (so I assume they are more experienced than the pre-90 rogues I fought), very often they could sap me even before I could hear them. Why is that? I know it's not because of shadow walk because it only lasts for 6 sec and this happened several time even while i was using shadow walk! Can any experienced rogues explain? Thanks in advance.Ramune9 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Does Nightstalker effect Killingspree? Does the damage buff from Nightstalker boost all 14 hits of killing spree?Cheatcodes1 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Opener with Shadow Dance.. I've read a couple things but looking for more input. New to sub. Would premed/S&D Dance/garrote/CS/Ambush/evis/mfd/evis work? Sorry as I'm sure this stuff gets asked all the time.Opeatz22 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Shadow blades...tooltip fail? Perhaps I am reading this wrong. "causes your blades to deal PURE shadow damage". Yet, killing spree still does physical damage with Shadow Blades up. So, tooltip fail?Ilt7 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 PvP Weapon Enchant? In high end Arena, which main hand weapon enchant is considered the best? I know a lot of it comes down to personal preference, but Rogues are a bit squishy in MoP and I was thinking Enchant Weapon - Colossus would be a good choice because of how often it procs and how it could help you from getting pulled out of stealth. I was also thinking Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force for the lack of sustained damage rogues have. Any suggestions?Coolon10 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 boa question hey guys i am working on my rogue weapons. he is human and is going to be lvling as sub. i was wondering if or is better than sorry i dont kno how to post the actual weapon yet im still new to wow. my question is for human with the +1% expertise for using mace/sword plus the stamina on mace/sword outweighs the 2% damage i get from daggers. i will be lvling through pvp if that makes a difference. ty in advanceNecrönomicön4 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 mutt --PVP power vs agility-- for 5.3 OK I'm a mutt rogue (Assassination spec --aka I waddle.) However this week I've been practicing sub for arenas so i re-gemmed from PVP Power to Agility (Same mastery crit pvp reforge basically) Last night I went back to mutt for a bit and I'm noticing that gemming Agility seems to now give better (OR @ least the same dps) than PVP Power did. This was not the case in 5.2: For mutt pvp power was far superior and for sub agility was better due to there passive 30% agility buff) If i'm right this is awesome as Rogues can now swap from mutt to sub during and have optimal gem's and reforges without swaping: 1)Agility+ mastery (Or res) gems 2)Mastery+ crit reforge (websites like ask mr Robot & Noxxic will say haste, that's crap)Ghostmourn10 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Which rogue spec is viable at 90... after watching enough gameplay its clear sub and mut are i really forced to RNG 1 shot with killingspree now??Skillcapped1 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 How to get Onyxia down? I play Assassin and thought about soloing Onyxia. But how do I get her down in her flight phrase? Use "Throw" or spec for "Deadly throw"? ThanksNommi10 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Assassination or Sub for casual PVP? Hi all rogues! I just decided to bring my rogue alt to 90 after I dinged my main. Im sorry for posting this thread though they are everywhere, but I just wanna kniw your opinions. So how do Assa and Sub perform in casual pvp in 5.3? I mean random bgs, arena 2's, world pvp... which spec should I focus on? Since I know rogue is one of the hardest spec to master due to their fast pace and tricky rotations, I just want to invest my time and effort to learn and to be decent in 1 spec. I dont like Combat, so just narrow it down to Assa and Sub. I have tried them both and they all seem to be fun to me, way more fun than leveling my pally and DK (which I stop the DK, sooo boring). For me, Sub provides more utilities and their damage type is "burst and control" which they have Shadowdance. While Assa is more a "Dots" spec which most of their damage sources are from poison. They both seem appealing to me, and Im a very casual player, who just want to enjoy casual stuff, no serious business like 2k2 rating in 3's 5's or RBGs at all. Which spec do you guys think is more suitable for a casual like me, in term of learning and "friendly" or "more forgiving"? Thanks for any advice! And sorry for my English! :)Imaloner10 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Rouges Transmog Ideas Dear Rouges Now I think there are some great rouge transmogs out there. But I think the Hellequin from ACB (Assassins Creed Brotherhood). I think this would be bad !@# for rouges. For Male I think these would fit perfectly on the rouge style. From ZulhinZulhin4 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Burst of speed water walking is it too much to ask? :(Nemesìs14 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 dude, what the glyph. Rogues in sub spec. Shout out to all the girls who play rogue in the 1600 to 1750 ratings. This thread is dedicated to y'all. TL;DR I was inspired by rolling wpvp with 8 rogues into Badlands. Combat, Mutilators and subs. items discussed include: Enchant Weapon - Colossus Glyph of Recuperate Glyph of Feint Glyph of Cloak of Shadows Adept Vermilion Onyx Hey guys its crow here posting from his phone to recommend some fabuloussss oh yeah baby, tips for 5.3 sub pvp spec for survival, longetivity and resistance so that you can rain on their parade and afk in duels until they self inflict damage onto themselves and lose. First, try cloak of shadows glyph. Short cd on cloak makes this usable quite often with damage % reduction for the physical aspect. Good vs warrior one shot (or hero, as i call it) and good vs rogues who try to burst you down in a stun (lol). You play it smart, you shant die. Second, try feint glyph. This extends feint up time and my favorite when you know a feral or rogue is guarding a flag you want to cap. What you do is hit feint in stealth, start capping, they try to burst you but you don't die. Porque? Well given you're full pvp, 30% dmg reduction is amaze....zing! Also, i recommend spamming it every 5 seconds while pvp any class. You just don't die in 3 sec. Thirdly, something i no longer see rogues i duel use is glyph of the recouperatuhhh. .05% is USELESS MON!!! I know you thought that with battle fatigue 5.3 buff, huh? Well, you're a damn rogue! CC, stealth, heal, sap target and blind while recoup ticks and you are afk from combat. This way, they say you are op and a noob. Yet, you profit. Concerning yellow gems, haste wont fix it. Its a waste. Energy gained faster or more=hit more.... Uhmmm LOL. Clearly, it fixes nothing. We are rogues, not casters. Yellow gem for resilience is useless. Pvp power...meh you have purple gems to fit blues. To cut to the chase, try agi+mastery gems. Extra damage on finisher is whats good. We cant bleed to death, but we can drain their last breath of hope whenever we evis. Mastery is more beneficial than any other secondary stat. Try it out. I have tried full agility, haste, pvp power, intellect at some point and mastery. Agi+mastery= high crit with good executioner. Let's see what else....oh for weapon enchants. Everyone is a hero player now, but i refuse to join them. Burst is good if you're into it but im no fanboy warrior. I like medium lenght witty fights, where i can shame my opponent. Such as with a blind, sap, pop from stealth, and /dance for 2 seconds and commence execution sequence. Because of my girls gone wild routine I have taken into dual enchanted colossus. It pops quite often, even from recoup and absorbs 8k damage. Recoup can trigger two colossus at a time so that's 1.6k absorption shield. What the hell do ya mean ol' Packy? Simple, you know those annoying ticks of bleeds or dots? Well, if you can cc long enough or smoke yourself into stealth, then with colossus up, you might be able to sit in silence facing the wall with colossus eating one of the ticks or two if they soft like a pali's. In turn, you can mark for death recoup or xtra CP recoup without da battle fatiguo. Pop back out and have your opponent login on his alliance and qq, "When did rogues get a bubble?" QQ. Hope it's helped ladies and gents. ~PackofcrowsPackofcrows3 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 If 4th specs happened for all classes. What spec/role would you like to see? Personally I would like to see a Tank or a Healer Rogue spec. EDIT: Or possibly a ranged DPS spec.Kincayd56 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Quick question regarding thistle tea Can new rogues still get this recipe from a quest or vendor?Muscleheals6 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 And then, and then..... Shout out to Xanatia-Fizzcrank I cheap shotted the mage (named like ezbam or something like so) and eviscerated for 132k with full burst and zerker and he died. So he logs over on his ret pali and duel me 4 times, only wins last time we duel and says, "you blow. l2p, stop hiding to recoup..." I love this fame. Anyone else love how classes qq about us being op when we have nothing to grasp to;other than our wits that is. /winkPackofcrows7 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Combat PvP Questions Dear combat rogues, I am ashamed to admit my time amongst you was spent running around like a mongoloid and blowing killing spree in the first seconds of a fight. I'd like to return to the spec, soon (I've played sub for far too long an would like a change of pace to sin/combat styles, more in-depth rogue experience and fun > optimal play styles being my reasons). Do you have any tips? Openers? Suggestions? Would it be better to start, say subterfuge speccing combat rogue, with an opener like RS -> SS -> SS -> SS, so by the time you leave stealth a shallow insight is already built up, or...? How useful is rupture and bleeds as a combat rogue? So on, so forth!Nøsaj16 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Killing Spree should be tweaked Why is it that even if I seperate a healer from others and use it, it hits the warlock portal (yeah, I know we can kill them now). It shouldn't hit things like that, pets included (unless I used it while targeting them I guess, but who killing spree's on a pet?). Some tweaking would be nice. Maybe a glyph like everyone recommends, idfk just please do something with it. It's so awkward in BG's :(Rongen4 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 First Solo IoT Scenario - Boss fight So having freshly hit 90 on my assassination rogue, I hit the Isle of Thunder. I am having a devil of a time with the Boss for the first solo instance, Arcanital Mara'kah. I get that you need to be in a bubble and he needs to be out of the bubble to win the fight. The problem is, I keep getting my !@# handed to me, while barely doing any damage to him. I fought him last night and died so many times. I have looked online for tips, and a lot of the things that are talked about have either been fixed or just aren't true. Its claimed that if you die he doesn't regenerate his health, that's bull, he was at full health when I got back. I thought that this may be a wait for rez vs corpse recovery thing, and both ways, he had full health. They say that if you run in the tent, the mask can't silence you, Also, untrue. There is a pile of gnome bones in the tent that says otherwise. I have tried luring him down to the NPC archer (Who, conveniently, refuses to engage in this fight at all) and that didn't work. So what is the rogue trick here? I don't remember this being a big deal when I did it with my guardian druid.Ætheon21 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Rogues > WW Monk? (PVE and/or PVP) Just curious how rogues stack up compared to WW monks right now. I posted in Damage forums as well but thought I'd hear from the rogues. I haven't played the rogue for more than a moment (to look at spells) since I dinged 85 way back during cata, but this was my main for a while for PvP purposes. I'm interested in primarily PVE, but also just curious on PVP how the two classes compare. Not really looking at arenas seriously though, if at all.Atroxis8 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Need help with rogue so i have a lvl 70 rogue and i just started arenaing with a friend i noticed that most rogues with suberfuge when they attack can kill u or get u very low before breaking stealth but for me when i attack i can only get ppl halfway or quarter of the way my rotation is Premed then i CS garrote do a evisc then ambush any suggestions please helpZyphêr1 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Blizzard, buff combat rogues please. I'm not asking for much, just a slight buff so we are not sitting with low-pack pvp spec players in dps. Like combat was originally MEANT for pve.. not pvp.. that is sub.. Assassination should be for pvp to.. Give us back our rightful dps.. please D:Deathmantled6 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Shroud of Concealment is bugged Can you please fix this its really sickening when your 5 minute cd doesnt work for 4 seconds, sometimes not at all and im getting marked/my hunter getting marked from across the map. I know hunters have detect humanoid and everything but It doesnt work from 50 yards away. And yes I used shroud before Mark And yes I actually used Shroud And yes I even tried using Shroud before the gates opened and I still get marked And yes I tried using shroud and LOSing the hunter for 3-4 seconds and then STILL getting marked Please 2's is bad enough playing bm/disc every single game with everything working, but preventing openers every time cause stealth/shroud is bugged. I didnt have ANY problems before 5.3 with shroud/subterfuge. /end rantVirus4 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 Tips for Ahoo'ru (brawlers guild R9 paladin)? I've been stuck on the last fight in brawler's guild (ahoo'ru the paladin) for a few days now; does anyone have any tips or tricks for defeating him as a rogue? Specifically... In phase 1, what's the best approach to handling the angels? Try to spawn three then dps them (so they hopefully charge at the same time and direction) or dps each one after it spawns (hopefully letting dots damage it further while you run off to spawn the next one) In phase 2, what build has the best burst - combat or mut? Would picking up the ToT 4pc set bonus change this answer? Is there anything else I should be aware of or trying to do for this fight? Thank youKurogasa1 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 More questions So, posted a while back about improving my gear, and got some good tips. Thanks. Questions for the moment: 1. When does the raid "loot lock" expire? How many days until you are eligible for loot from a raid boss again? Does the loot lock apply to Nalak/Sha/Ghalleon like the bosses in LFR? 2. The mogu runes/rolls on bosses loot - which bosses does this apply to? Does it only work once per boss? Once a week? Is the mogu rune quest repeatable? 3. The sigils for Wrathion - do multiples of these drop and you just loot them, like the Claw of Anger, or are these awarded as loot? And do you have to have Wrathions quest active to loot them? 4. What is the consensus on item upgrading? Worth it? Or do you just replace things so fast why bother? I feel like it's already hard enough to keep up with enchanting and gems, financially, and while JP/VP are free, Valor is harder to come by. 5. PvP gear - what does the PvP power do? How significant a difference does it make? And do most of you who do PvP switch gear sets for PvE or just use the PvP stuff (Malevolent is comparable to rogue 476 PvE stuff, just with a bit more STA rather than AGI, + sockets). But since the Malevolent is not upgradeable, it seems I would get better stuff shortly and it would just be for PvP. 6. Why OH WHY are the Claws of Shek'zeer on the assassination spec loot table? Under what situation am I gonna use this? Mutilate won't work with it. Dumb. It looks cool, but it is gonna sit in my bag. Is it any good for Combat or Subtlety? 7. When doing random battlegrounds, I sometimes get Conquest points in addition to Honor. What is the circumstance for this additional reward? Thanks.Khazhin13 Jun 3, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Combat or Muti good in pvp? I've been thinking I'd like to do one of those, I guess just because everyone is sub, but do they actually compare to sub at all or is sub so dominant that you have to use it to be serious about pvp?Brotégé7 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Tricks of Our Trade: Hassen Demands New Page In an attempt to bring the rogue community together, I say we follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem, Mangle: Bear, and more recently Power Word: (for those who don't know, explains this. Link and info taken from Elethia's Power Word: Threads) and try to keep each thread up and running to cap. The Archives for the Tricks of our Trade threads can be found nowhere, because it was deleted many moons ago. It lives on in spirit. So, down to the business! Rules of the Thread are as follows:... We now have a Rogue Guild! US-Bleeding Hollow Horde <Tricks of Our Trade> Topic of discussion: Can we see if we can keep it clean for at lease half the thread?Hassen500 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Anyone try mastery>crit? Recently that is. I'm thinking of going mastery but dont want to lose agility... Stuck a bit on 1300's arena bc of my i hit a afk warrior for 53k w/ five combo points... /cry Mastery adds damage to finishers....crit only crits here and there This is for Sub of course. I have yet to return to mutilate pvp or combat since wotlk.Packofcrows47 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Energy pooling Do any PvP Sub rogues typically pool energy like a majority of the time(besides bursting) Like instead of just spamming Hemo/Backstab,do you let yourself get more energy that is required to use the spells? Or do you just spam a skill until you use it? I know to pool energy before a burst and then just spam buttons for the kill,but outside a burst do you pool energy?Sappitysap7 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Combat PVE Weapon Choices Is it more beneficial is it to use MH/slow OF/dagger as Combat in PVE situations? I'm mainly asking in refrence to Combat Potency.Xepa16 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Shadowcraft stat priority for PVE Mutilate Is there some reason why shadowcraft is showing Crit as a higher EP rating / DPS boost than haste for reforging? It's been quite a while since i've played as Mutilate but, i'm still curious why it's showing Crit as so much higher than Haste. In fact i've seen it suggesting in some places that instead of reforging the Crit on my gear into Mastery or Haste that I reforge OUT of Haste and leave the Crit on that piece alone (for example if I look at it's suggested reforge on my bracers, which I have reforged from crit into mastery, it's saying instead to reforge from haste instead of crit). Other times it's told me to reforge haste into crit. From what i've read from both here and elitistjerks, the stats should go in this priority Agi > 7.5% hit > 7.5% expertise > Mastery > Haste > Crit, then at higher BiS-ish gear levels Mastery and Haste swap places. So what am I missing?Arminus2 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 522 ToT trinkets worse than 476 Bottle. So I finally replaced my 476 Bottle of Infinite Stars with 522 Primordious and 522 Reorigination. Tested both out, Bottle beat Rune by 3k dps, and Bottle beat Primordious by 500 dps. Ran several more dummy tests and the results are still the same - both trinkets get slightly beaten by Bottle. It's just embarrassing. These trinkets need a buff, otherwise they're just... subpar. Not sure if Bad Juju or Renataki's compares too, will test out when I get them.Keithsrogue5 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 PVP: Basic "Rotation" for Burst DPS? I haven't touched my rogue in ages and never played him for more than questing and dailies with the occasional BG to kill time. Now that I've got my other 90s PVE geared, I'd like to play this character more. I've never PVP'd enough to learn anything and am coming to you for help. I'd like to play around in BGs and do some world PVP in the opposing faction areas but don't really know how. I'm looking for a basic guide to bursting a target down. I understand that there is no such thing as a real "rotation" in PVP and that it is entirely situational but I'm not looking for a cookie cutter form to work 100% of the time. I'm simply looking for a starting point. Assuming I walk up to a caster and everything goes perfectly, what do I do? A plate class? I have no idea what openers to use or anything. I'm completely ignorant of my class (when it comes to PVP) and am asking you guys and gals to help educate me. Even if it's just pointing me to a good resource other than shadow panther and arena junkies, I would be very thankful. Thank you all for the time and the help -NarcNarcism10 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Rogue mobility Is fine. Have you tried Burst of Speed? Its amazing. Have you tried Paralytic Poison? Its ridiculous. "But that means those are mandatory for PVP! That's not fair!" Some talents are good for PVE, some for PVP. C&D was only good while bursting (Arena) And Shadow Step just flat out sucks with its CD, leaving you to cloak roots. With BoS and PP, a fight against a frost skilled mage breaks even. If he blinks anything other than a Kidney, you've got the fight won. Hunters are easy unless they magically see stealth from 40 yards away and get stupid lucky with flare. These talents are best in RBG's but are still pretty good in arena if your opposing team isn't watching the PP stack.Badjuicy14 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Shiv Mind Numbing bug? When I Shiv MN on a target its suppose to increase the next spell cast by 100%, debuff lasting for 8 seconds.... but If i stay on the target my weapon swings procing MN overwrite the Shiv version of the spell setting it back at 50%... Shouldnt it wait for the 100% debuff to be gone before overwriting it?Gameofrogues2 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 offhand for sub pvp Is there any MAJOR reason to use a dagger in offhand for sub? Just in case they ever decide to buff combat or what not I would like to have a sword ready to go. TL;DR: is there a big difference between using a sword and a dagger in the offhand for sub?Nemesìs3 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 1, 2013 Low Envenom damage Has anyone experienced this. Been running some recount numbers in random battlegrounds and my average crit on it is only 50k. Seems really low since the evis one is closer to 80-100k. I have approx 72% mastery unbuffed aswell. Am I missing something. Considering rogue crit is lowish around early 20s you can imagine the gayness of 20k 5 point envenoms on non crits.Dirtydancin7 Jun 1, 2013
Jun 1, 2013 Brawlers Guild Leona =( So, I've decided to work on my Brawlers Guild on my Rogue, and I seem to be stuck on Leona, I've tried killing the adds, kiting them (I use my PvP gear to kite them due to the crippling from the FoK) I get her to around below half before she sprouts to many but I just get over run =(. Any suggestions? I'm also doing this as Assassination.Lunaira2 Jun 1, 2013